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Hairstyles step by step Offline 1.6
Hairstyles step by step is a great and absolutely FREE collectionofbeautiful hairstyle tutorials for women and girls with longhair.Hairstyles step by step works OFFLINE! Doesn't need networkandInternet connection, all hairstyles are in the box. Lookingforfashion and unusual braids or hairstyle? Install ourHairstylesstep by step app, choose the best hairstyle for today anddo ityourself! The app contains tens of very nice and fashionhairstyleand braids tutorials with the high quality photos. Wecarefullyselected the most fashionable and modern hairstyles,tested andprepared tutorials specially for you! Hairstyles step bystep isabsolutely FREE! All hairtyle and braids DIY tutorials areopenwithout any payments, registration or SMS. Good choise to findthebest hairstyle for any special event: - Hairstyles for wedding-Hairstyles for birthday - Hairstyles for party - Hairstylesforimportant business meeting - Great girl's hairstyles for School-Hairstyles for college and university You are the mom or alittleprinces? Our Hairstyles step by step tutrials is speciallyfor you!Make unusual braids and unique hairstyles to yourdaughteryourself. Enjoy the most fashionable Hairstyles step bystep DIYtutorials on Google Play!
Photos To Directories By Date 1.31
Photos files to directories by date is ideal for quicklysortingvideos and photographs into directories according to date.Withthis programme you can organize your photos and videos withoneclick into a DCIM directory of internal storage or an SDcard.Yourphotos and videos will be sorted and organized intodirectoriesaccording to date with just one click . The programmekeeps yourphotos and videos well-organized in a DCIM directory, andisespecially useful before back up because it does all the workwithphotos and videos for you. Choose the data format in"Settings",click on the button and that's it! You can rename thecreateddirectories but to work the application properly it isnecessary tokeep the name format "date_yourtext". Maybe you were ata partythat finished late and now you want all the photos in onedirectoryNo problem! The application even offers the possibility toorganizephotos and videos to a certain time on a previous day. Withthisapp you can quickly organize your pictures and videos.Suitableforall devices:Lenovo, Samsung, Sony, HTC, Asus, and other..
Pulse by Zerodha 1.1
Pulse by Zerodha - Latest financial and market news from allmajorIndian news sources aggregated in one place
Pixel Art - Color by Number 1.3.15
Brainit Games
Pixel Art - Color by Number is an anti-stress sandbox games.PixelArt - Color By Number helps you relieve stress and anxiety inworkand life. Pixel Art - Color by Number is favored by all ages.Youjust need to draw color by the right numbers and you will haveafunny masterpiece. It doesn’t need any skills! Pixel art alsohelpsto develop children’s concentration and recognition of numbersandcolors.Massive interesting pictures in the pixel art games,waitingfor you to discover! Include: ★ Save your pixel art worksand sharewith your friends ★ Simple and easy to recolor sandbox ★More than800 pictures in different kinds ★ Pixel Art - Color ByNumber fitfor all ages Pixel Art - Color by Number is free and thebest forall! What are you waiting for? Download the "Pixel Art -Color ByNumber" and start your coloring journey! Enjoy a relaxingandrestful coloring sandbox game!
Invoice by Wave 2.9.2
Wave HQ
Easy invoicing on the go for freelancers, consultants,contractorsand small business owners. Send unlimited customized,professionalinvoices, for free! (Not just a free trial.) Addoptional creditcard and bank payment processing to get paid evenfaster. MILLIONSOF CUSTOMERS More than 3.5 million customers aroundthe world useWave’s award-winning cloud software and apps to managetheirbusiness finances. MOBILE INVOICING With Invoice by WaveforAndroid, you can easily: • Create and send beautiful,customizedinvoices, with your business logo and your choice oftemplate •Receive notifications when you've been paid • Checkinvoice status(sent, viewed, overdue, paid) • Record payments •Send invoicereminders and payment receipts • Works with Payments byWave toaccept credits card and bank payments to get paid evenfasterDESIGNED TO GET YOU PAID FASTER Wave invoice templates andemailmessages are designed to get paid faster by your customers.Sendingprofessional, beautiful invoices inspires confidence fromyourclients, encouraging prompt payment and repeat business.FREESOFTWARE FOR YOUR BUSINESS Mobile invoicing synchronizesinstantlywith Wave’s full suite of cloud accounting, receiptscanning andinvoice software. Go online at to do evenmore: •Easily and automatically track expenses using free bankconnections• Generate accounting reports you’ll need to understandyourbusiness, file taxes and more • Take advantage of theGuestCollaborator feature, making it simple to work withyouraccountant, business partner, or staff • All your invoice dataisbacked up and stored securely in the cloud; work wherever youare,on any computer, any time ACCEPT CREDIT CARDS IN SECONDSInvoice byWave works seamlessly with Payments by Wave: Gettingstarted is aseasy as a couple of clicks. In seconds, you’ll be ableto acceptall major credit cards (Visa, MasterCard, AmericanExpress,Discover) for only 2.9% + 30¢ per transaction, and bankpaymentsfor 1% per transaction. Most Wave invoices paid by creditcard andbank payment get paid in 2 days or less. Create your freeWaveaccount right in the Invoice by Wave app, or
Quran audio by Yousuf Kalo 1.0.2
Holy Quran by Yousuf Kalo (offline) need no internet I hope youwilllike itplay in background in cloud Juz'a Amma , Alfatiha,Alkahf andsora yousufI hope you will like this appfeel free toshare it andyou can support us by rating thanks
eBird by Cornell Lab 1.9.4
eBird Mobile makes it easy to record the birds you see in thefield,and seamlessly link these observations with eBird--a globalonlinedatabase of bird records used by hundreds of thousands ofbirdersaround the world. This free resource makes it easy to keeptrack ofwhat you see, while making your data openly available forscientificresearch, education, and conservation. eBird Mobile isthe only appthat passes information directly from the Androiddevice to youreBird account on the web. Features - Track your birdsightings fromanywhere in the world. - View your Life, Year, andMonth lists forany region or nearby location. - Full globaltaxonomy based on TheClements Checklist of Birds of the World. -Common names availablein 41 languages and regional versions (e.g.,Portuguese names inBrazil or in Portugal). - Checklists customizedfor your locationand time of year, showing most likely speciesbased on eBird data. -Real-time feedback on whether a sighting israre in the area. -Quick entry tools to make note-taking fasterthan ever before. - GPSenabled location plotting and trackingoptions. - Map tools thatshow you hundreds of thousands of eBirdHotspots. - Full offlinefunctionality, enabling use in places withlimited or no Internetconnection. - Entire app translated toBulgarian, Czech, Danish,German, Spanish, Finnish, French, Hebrew,Croatian, Khmer,Norwegian, Dutch, Polish, Portuguese, Russian,Serbian, Swedish,Thai, Turkish, Ukrainian, Chinese (Simplified),and Chinese(Traditional).
Pregnancy Week by Week 1.0
Pregnancy Week by WeekAre you pregnant? Are you an expectantmother?We have created this Pregnancy Week by Week app to help youandre-assure you during your pregnancy. Our aim is to becomethebest pregnancy week by week app. Follow your pregnancy everyweekwith this complete guide.Pregnancy is a wonderful andexcitingexperience. There is lot of information available inbooks,websites to consume whilst you are pregnant - but this is toomuchto go through - by creating this app we aim to ease thisprocess sothat all pregnancy related information is one place.Findout whathappens each week with your baby’s development and yourbody’schanges while you’re expecting. Track your pregnancy.You willalsofind information on antenatal diet, pregnancy care,antenatalexercise, where to have your baby, what happens duringpregnancy toyou and your baby, your health and your baby's healthlabor andmore. Week by Week growth and changes in you and your babywillkeep you update about pregnancy. Every week providesinformationabout your body and baby's, symptoms, thoughts, feeling,weight andtips. Find out what's going on with this week by weekpregnancyguide.This pregnancy week by week app for expectingparents alsoprovides a community of expecting parents, where youcan ask andanswer questions about your baby's and pregnancydevelopment.In theapp, all info about pregnancy is divided into thefollowingsections:How to ConceiveHow to Maximize your chance ofgettingpregnantGive up smokingAnd manymore….SymptomsSorebreastFatigueNauseaFrequent urinationLateperiodsIn the app, allinfo about pregnancy is divided into thefollowingsections:pregnancyPregnancy week by weekby dayofpregnancypregnancy after cesareanMonthly pregnancypregnancyafterbirthpregnancy by trimesterpregnancy after 40Pregnancywithendometriosiscalculate pregnancypregnancy dream bookpregnancyafterabortionFirst pregnancyFirst signs of pregnancyPregnancytestEarlypregnancyDefinition of term pregnancyStomach duringpregnancyWhatis and what is not during pregnancyPregnancyandchildbirthTrimesters of pregnancyteenage pregnancycounselingsignsof pregnanciespregnancies testPain duringpregnancyPregnancycalculatorPregnancy symptomspregnanciessymptomsPregnancy week byweekDeciding to have a babyContraceptioninformationCalendar ofpregnancy by weeks.Pregnancy test checkerfreePregnant or trying toget pregnantPlanning pregnancyGettingpregnant(conception)Confirming you are pregnantpregnancy fromconception tobirthpregnancy plusetc.If you are future parents tryWeeks Pregnantfree app. Please rate the app and provide us feedbackso that wecan improve the app, as we aim to do the following withthepregnancy week by week guide app.Hope you will love thisPregnancyWeek by Week app.
Pocket Workouts by DAREBEE 2.1
Pocket Workouts app is a collection of DAREBEE workouts inyourpocket! Ideal for offline and on the go access. Thecollectioncontains 250 routines arranged by seven categories:strength, highburn, combat, abs, stretching, yoga andmicroworkouts.This is anofficial DAREBEE app. It was developed bythe DAREBEE resource( and the DAREBEE Team, thecreators of the visualworkouts. The paid version of this app andthe free version arecompletely identical. By purchasing thisversion of the app youhelp the resource and its fundraisingefforts. Read more aboutDAREBEE here:
Free VPN Proxy by Seed4.Me 1.1.3
Seed4.Me Inc.
Keep your mobile activities safe & private. encryptInternetsurfing data, and protect online privacy when using theInternet inpotentially unsafe locations, such as unprotected WiFihotspots inhotels or cafes. Seed4.Me provides a safe andtrustworthyconnection by configuring an encrypted and securechannel betweenyour Android and the target website using VirtualPrivate Network(VPN) technology. ■ Protect privacy, hide your IPaddress ■ Noregistration and no any log kept ■ Access any websiteanonymously ■Unlimited data transfer ■ Easy proxy and VPN setup ■Fully encryptsinternet traffic Check out our privacy policy andterms of use: Unfortunately we couldnot keep thisVPN proxy free forever, as we have to pay forhigh-speed servers tokeep your data secure.
PixBox Coloring - Color by number Sandbox 1.3.2
PixBox Coloring - Color by number is a free number coloring APPforeveryone. Draw pixel art images by numbers, relax, learn andenjoy!Easy to use! A huge amount of free images to paint! Justchoose apicture and draw!
Playbutton by Indo-Russian Cinemas 2.1.2
PlayButton is a product by Indo-Russian Cinemas, Chennai, topromoteshort films, documentaries of upcoming young filmmakers.Appcontains hand-picked short films submitted by makers of theseshortfims.
Day by Day Organizer 4.1.3
Day by Day is a planning application designed to fullyimplementGoogle Calendar and Google Tasks as an all-in-oneAndroidapplication. With its help you can plan your future scheduleusingany Android device and this schedule will be available for allyourphones and tablets connected to Internet. Features: ▪presentationof events and tasks in one list ▪ synchronization withGoogleCalendar and Google Tasks ▪ incorporation of yourcontacts’birthdays into the common list ▪ easy-to-handle agenda andmonthview ▪ text month view, text week view, day view ▪interactivewidget on the device desktop ▪ configurable widgetlayout ▪ lockscreen widget in Android 4.2+ Jelly Bean ▪ birthdayreminder ▪voice input ▪ search function Demo mode in free versionhas thefollowing functions (after demo mode is over, only infullversion): ▪ text month widget, week widget - Android 4.1+supported▪ ability to use different profiles in widgets and the app▪invitations for events and check of guest list ▪ Tasker appissupported. E.g. you can have a task reminder to go off whenyoucome towork.▪subtasks or todo lists in your events and tasks ▪ rich setofoptions for recurrent task ▪ priority in tasks ▪ users cansharetext information from another app with Day by Day, forexample,when creating task or event (full version only) You will beable tocreate the events with fixed beginning and end, as well astheevents which due to a certain time or which could be postponed,inany case you will be prompted to set a reminder which will helpyoukeep track on your schedule. This organizer is so simple thatnofurther explanation is actually needed, just download andenjoy!Use our Chrome (Chromium) extension to add tasks and eventsquicklyright from your desktop! For more details visit Chrome WebStore: team wishes you more interesting events and tasks youwouldlove to accomplish with a little help from Day by Day! Youcan makea translation of the application to your languagehere: You can vote fornewfeatures or suggest your own onehere: Day team
Saddle Adjust by BikeComputer 1.1.4
Feeling a bit experimental with your saddle but you are afraidtotry something new so you won't mess up its current setting? Oryoumight have bought a new saddle for your bike, and don't know howtoadjust it to your old favorite position? Saddle is here to put all these problems in the past.Itallows you to save all your favorite saddle positions andtakepictures of them. Afterwards when you are feeling likereverting tosome of these settings, you can just select one fromthe list andapply it, no need for any other equipment except yoursmart phone.Customizing your saddle has never been easier! Weinvite you tovisit, ride with locals and meetcyclists allaround the world!
Person Tracker by Mobile Phone Number in Pakistan 2.4
Use Person Tracker whenever you want a people tracker bymobilephone number in Pakistan. Our technology & intuitivepeoplephone tracker will enable you to find mobile phone locationbynumber fast and easy. In that way you can either find andtracksomeone you care about or find your lost/stolen phone. It’s agreatfree real phone number tracker tool that can be of extreme useforyou in many instances. Download now for FREE & find anyonewiththe best Pakistani people tracker & devicelocator.************************************************ LOCATE& TRACKANYONE You won’t believe how easy it is to track someoneby phonenumber. Our app requires from you to just enter the correctmobilephone number and it’ll do the rest. In seconds you will see agreatmap of the exact location giving you clear overview of theperson’scurrent location. A SAFETY & FINDER TOOL Not only it’sgreat tolocate & track someone by their phone number, thePersonTracker app can also serve as a great finder and safety tool.It’sgreat for safety because you can see where your kids or familyarelocated if you can’t find them. Also if you lose or someonestealsyour phone, if you act fast you can see the exact location ofyourphone and the person that took it and get it back. WHYPERSONTRACKER? ☑️ Easiest and most comprehensive people trackerinPakistan ☑️ All you need to do is enter a phone number ☑️ Theappacts like a human gps tracker and will find phone numberlocation☑️ It’s completely free of use monetized through ads ☑️Serves as afast way to track people & find mobile phonelocation by number---- See why we are the best way to track someoneby phone numberin Pakistan. Download now for FREE!
Best Hairstyles step by step 2.1
Best Hairstyles step by step is a great and absolutelyFREEcollection of beautiful hairstyles tutorials for women withlonghair. Best Hairstyles step by step helps thousands of girlseveryday. Do not know what hairstyle to make today and how? Installourapp, choose the best hairstyle and do it yourself very easy!Theapp contains tens of the best hairstyles tutorials with thehighquality photos, and everything for FREE! All step by steptutorialsof hairstyles are made by professional stylists andphotographers.You will be excited of the quality of pics and howeasy to make ourvery beautiful, fashionable, stylish & unusualhairstylesyourself! All hairstyles step by step instructions areFREE! Noregistration, no coins, no payment, no purchases arerequired. Justset it up and use! Dozens of hairstyles for alloccasions: -Wedding Hairstyles - Prom Hairstyles - Hairstyles forbirthday -Hairstyles for holiday - Hairstyles for sports - OfficeHairstyles- Hairstyles for a business meeting - Hairstyles forSchool -Hairstyles for college and university - Hairstyles forevery dayand for any other events in your life with steps bystepinstructions! You are a parent of girl? Try our app tohairdressyour little princess very beautiful and unusual. BestHairstylesstep by step will definitely help you do this. Enjoy theBestHairstyles step by step tutorials! Do it yourself and be thebestevery day with the Best Hairstyles tutorial on Google Play!Versionfor iOS:
Write SMS by Voice : Voice Text Messages 1.3
Write SMS by Voice: Voice Text Want to convert voice to textwhilewriting sms messages? This sms messenger provides you apowerfuland easy in use voice sms messages input system. Write yourSMS byusing your voice! Now it's very fast and easy to write andsendyour messages with Write SMS by Voice app! Write SMS by Voiceappprovides you the powerful and easy in use system to write yourSMSby voice.This application flexibly configured to your needs andhasthe most complete functionality. This app convert the voice totextusing the Google Speach Recognization API. After getttingtheresponse ( voice text ) from google voice api this willapplicationwill show you the voice text on app screen. Then onclicking themessaging button you will be able to send sms toselected peoplefrom contact list. No writing just speak and sendmessages. Amessage could be a form of sms to send to the mobilephones of yourdear ones with a lovely thought invoking yourfeelings andexpressions. It’s a thing that lasts so long. Allmessages are 160characters or less, so are the perfect size toshare with friendsor your beloved via sms. Write Sms By Voice appmakes you moreconvenient in texting the messages usingvoice. FEATURES:  - Create SMS by voice and comfortablyedit them. -Saves your time by capturing your voice as a message. -Usesaddress book to select appropriate contacts. - Able to sendmessageto several contacts. - Ease to use. - Share in Social sitesas welPlease remember to speak slowly and clearly. In order to usethisapp you need to install "Google Voice Search" and haveworkinginternet connection. Thank You…………….!!!!!
Shri Krishna by Ramanand Sagar 2.2
Watch all episodes of Shri Krishna by Ramanand Sagar withenglishsubtitles.Krishna (also called Shri Krishna) is anIndiantelevision series created, written, and directed byRamanandSagar.Shri Krishna is an adaptation of the stories of thelife ofKrishna, based on Bhagavat Puran, Brahma Vaivart Puran, HariVamsa,Vishnu Puran, Padma Puran, Garga Samhita, Bhagavad Gita&Mahabharat.Shri Krishna was produced by Ramanand Sagar,SubhashSagar and Prem Sagar under the banner “Sagar Enterprises”anddirected by Ramanand Sagar, Anand Sagar and Moti Sagar. The roleofyoung Krishna was played by Swapnil Joshi and adult Krishnawasplayed by Sarvadaman D. Banerjee.
Easy Hairstyles step by step DIY 1.9
Easy Hairstyles step by step DIY - a collection ofbeautiful,fashionable, stylish, unusual and at the same time veryeasy tomake hairstyles for owners of long hair. Do not know whathairstyleto choose for today? Install our app for absolutely freeand youwill definitely choose a cool hairstyle. Using our step bystepinstruction you will make it easy. Easy Hairstyles step by stepDIYcontains dozens of hairstyles and instructions how to makethem.All photos of hairstyles are made by professionalphotographers andpresented in excellent quality. All hairstyles andstep by stepinstructions are free, does not require an internetconnection!Dozens of hairstyles for all occasions: - WeddingHairstyles - PromHairstyles - Hairstyles for birthday - Hairstylesfor holiday -Hairstyles for sports - Office Hairstyles - Hairstylesfor abusiness meeting - Hairstyles for School - Hairstyles forcollegeand university - Hairstyles for every day and for any othereventsin your life with steps by step instructions! If you're a momofgirl, this app will solve your problem with a daily selectionofhairstyles for your child. Just download the app EasyHairstylesstep by step DIY and your little princess will always bethe mostbeautiful girl with her new and charming hairstyle that youmadeyourself easily! Install the app Easy Hairstyles step by stepDIYand enjoy how easy it is to braid the most fashionablehairstylesstep by step!
Indian Express - Latest & Breaking News + ePaper 22
Get on-the-go access to breaking news, India news, livecoverage,photos, videos and more. The Indian Express is yourone-stopsolution for news on the go. Stay updated withEntertainment news,Tech news, Gadgets news, India news, Politicsnews, Sports news,Cricket news and Bollywood news. Enjoy beautifulvisual storieswith Express Stream, a first of its kind in NewsApps. Get livenews coverage on major events including sports,reviews, cricketand more. Get News for you local cities thatinclude Delhi News,Mumbai News, Kolkata News, Pune, ChandigarhNews, Bangalore News,Chennai News, Hyderabad News, Ahemdabad News,Lucknow News,Ludhiana News, Srinagar News, Jammu News, Shimla News,GuwahatiNews, Bhubaneswar News, Goa News, Bhopal News and PatnaNews. Ourrevamped home feed gives you instant access to the latestnews withan aggregated news experience across your most lovedtopics. Thisleads to better content discovery and performance, andalsoenhances the overall user experience on the Indian Expressappthrough a clean, seamless and ad-free interface. The keyfeaturesof the Indian Express App are - Express Stream -Experiencebeautiful and appealing visual stories from across theworldCustomise you home screen - Set your home screen to showthecategories that matter to you the most City news - Select youcityand get stay updated with the local news from your cityCollatednews experience - The new home screen gives you the bestnewsacross your favourite sections i.e Latest news, Opinions,Audio,Videos, Technology, Entertainment and Sports in India andacrossthe globe Dedicated Audio/Video and Photos section -Experience thebest podcasts, videos and photos from our richlibrary ePaper - Getinstant access to our e-newspapers andmagazines Text-to-Speech -Listen to your favourite stories on thego using this featureOffline Reading - Bookmark stories and readnews in offline modeeven without internet Night Mode and Fonts -Toggle to the darktheme for reading articles to reduce the strainyour eyes. Also,choose a font size that best suits you whilereading Swipe for Next- Swiping left & right from the articlepage gives you instantaccess to other stories for a seamlesslyreading experience Share -Share stories with your friends usingFacebook, Twitter, WhatsApp,Email & more! Indian Express is oneof the largest englishnewspaper website in India, with an expandingrepertoire andrapidly expanding presence. Write to us & shareyour feedback& suggestions at [email protected]
Vishnu Puran by B R Chopra 3.0
Vishnu Puran is an Indian television series directed by B.R.Chopra. It aired in 2003. It is based on the SrimadVishnuMahapuran, an ancient collection of stories and scripture.VishnuPuran tells of 10 incarnations of Lord Shri Vishnu, as wellasother stories, such as the Legend of Dhruva. The chief rolesareplayed by Nitish Bharadwaj as Lord Shri Vishnu and VaidehiasGoddess Lakshmi. Nitish Bharadwaj previously played the roleofLord Shri Vishnu's eighth incarnation, Lord Krishna, inChopra'stelevision adaptation of the epic Mahabharat. The music iscomposedby Rajkamal who also worked on Mahabharat. 10 incarnationsof LordShri Vishnu are: Matsya Avatara Kurma Avatara VarahaAvataraNarasimha Avatara Vamana Avatara Parashurama Avatara RamaAvataraKrishna Avatara Buddha Avatara Kalki Avatara (prophesied)
Day by Day • Habit Tracker 1.3.0
"Day by Day" is a beautiful, material-design polishedimplementionof the classic "Don't break the chain" / X effectmethod forbuilding and tracking habits, setting goals or breakingbad habitsand addictions. Choose a new habit to improve your life,and everyday mark it as complete when you successfully followthrough it. Asthe days passes, build a motivating streak and keepit up withoutbreaking it! Marking a checkbox has never felt sogood! Set a goalfor yourself and welcome new and positive habitsinto yourlifestyle.• Modern material design interface withseveralcaptivating color combinations• Customize your habits andgoalswith multiple options and personalize the app to your liking•Writeprogress reports and customizable notes for different days ofyourhabit-building odissey• Set up daily reminders to keepthediscipline goingDay by Day will help you getting motivatedtobecome a better version of yourself!Unlocking the fullversionallows you to track more than 2 habits and enables a fewextraaesthetic options, on top of supporting the developer intocreatingmore useful apps.
World Clock by 2.2.8
Keep track of the current local time in 5000+ cities aroundtheworld. A team of professional researchers continuously updatestheinformation displayed in the app. Also includes alarms andwidgets.Contains • A home screen widget for easy access to citytimes. •Automatic detection of your current location. • Timezoneinformation. • Daylight Saving Time (DST) switch dates &times.• Latitude and Longitude coordinates. • Flags per country.•Foreign currencies. • Dialing codes (country and area codes).•Clock faces which change to show day & night. • Theappsupports the Gregorian calendar The free app is fundedbyadvertising. The upgrade (in-app purchase) removes all adsandprovides widget functionality without limitations.timeanddate.comcame online in 1998, and we have more than 15 yearsexperience asthe number one online provider of accurate andreliable time anddate related information worldwide. 3.7.6
VOODOO ! Check out the latest game by Voodoo. Your goal isprettysimple to get ? Conquer the largest territory. It seemssimple atfirst since the game is very easy to handle. But beware itmight bea bit harder to master. Whether you’re bold or careful,outwit youropponents by finding the best strategy to conquer thelargestspace. And stay cautious, you have a weak point : your tail.Ifever it is touched by an opponent, you are dead. Also make suretoguard your territory because in nothing is sure as longasyou do not own the whole territory. Stealing is legal andyouropponents won’t hesitate to do so. After the success of QuizRunand Bool, Voodoo offers a new and fun experience inspired byiotype games (popularised by Find the simplicityandstrategy on an io game in within a unique is for the whole family and requires noInternetconnection.
Best Video Songs By RFAK 1.0
Rahat Fateh Ali Khan (born 9 December 1973) is a Pakistanisinger,primarily of Qawwali, a pious music of the Muslim Sufi. Heis thenephew of Ustad Nusrat Fateh Ali Khan and son of Farukh AliKhanand also the grandson of legendary Qawwali.The Lengent ofRomanticand love songs of RFAK singing with defensivemood and everyuserare listen with full concentration.Best video songs byRFAK:>Watch and listen to the latest and best video hits songsby RFAK.> The songs will be updated automatically.> Instantlygetaccess to a bigest library of high quality best video songs.>Asingle click access to get the latest content!> No needtobuffer & stream! > Enjoy the greatest musical treatswithpopular Romantic Video Songs> Easiest app to use with themostrange of Best Music Videos!> Latest romantic video songs arenowat your fingertips .> Get them anytime, anywhere if youwantRomantic video songs.> If is the best way to decreaseyourboredom then Just one click and entertainment is on.> Rahatbestsongs ,Romantic video songs by RFAK and ISPR best Videosongs.>Wide range of playlists of favorite Hindi Love Songs ofalltime.> Change the video songs streaming quality based onyournetwork speed.> Just choose any track to play and hit nextorsimply slide the screen from left to right to change thesong.>While playing one song, it also tells you the next songinqueue.> You can repeat a song you like or just hit shuffletoplay songs in any order.Best Video Songs By RFAK:Tumain DillagiBolJani,Bol na halky halky,<> Koi Mairy Dil Da HalNajanrhy,<> Ye Jo Halka Halka,<> Mein TenuSamjhawanKi,<> Tere Mast Mast Do Nain,<> Mein TenuSamjhawaKi,<> Zaroori Tha k hum dono,<> ChaapTilak,<>Man Kunto Maula,<> Tere Mast Mast DoNain<> MeRaqsam<> Teri Meri Kahni<> Ye Jo HalkaHalkaKeyFeature:Free Download video songs by Rahat Fateh AliKhanTop 50Best SongsHd Video SongsBest video songs 2016PakistanivideosongsRahat fateh ali khan all songshindi video songsBollywoodvideosongsStage Video songsRomantic video songs by RFAkTop FreevideosongsPlay videos easier, fasterSimple To Use and easyNavigateUseFriendly interfaceWorks with 3G, 4G, WIFI network aswell.LatestVideo songsSongs save and share optionNOTE": That it isfreedownload from google play store and if you can play it and youlikeit then youcan comment on app will soon we are update it.
Hits Video Songs By Raju Punjabi (New) 1.0.4
Hits Video Songs By Raju Punjabi (New) Raju Punjabi RajuPunjabihits video songs Raju Punjabi songs Raju Punjabi video songsRajuPunjabi top video songs Raju Punjabi latest video songsRajuPunjabi new songs Raju Punjabi new video songs Raju Punjabiandanjali rahgav video songs Raju Punjabi and anjali rahgav songsRajuPunjabi and sapna Raju Punjabi and sapna choudhary video songsRajuPunjabi and sapna dance video songs Raju Punjabi and poojahoodavideo songs Raju Punjabi and pooja hooda songs Raju Punjabiand rcsongs This app is specially designed for the fans of HitVideo SongBy Raju Punjabi Welcome to Hit Video Songs By RajuPunjabi app.Raju Punjabi and Sapna is a popular dancer and singerso lookingbeautiful. he and she is new in the entertainment world.Sapna madeher own ‘Acrkestra group’ and now her group on top ofother groups.Dancer Sapna best video song- ♫ Solid Body ♫ Gora Gora♫ Sara RolaPathli Kamar Ka ♫ Bahu Zamidar Ki ♫ Rate Vade Ge ♫Kahrboje Si TeriJawani ♫ Dahta Marna Raju Punjabi and SapnaHaryanvi is a Verypopular dancer from Haryana. Sapna Haryanvi is aDancer as well asSinger also. She is very realistic, energetic,authentic dancer froharyana State India. Sapna Dancer is veryfamous artist and lookingBeautiful. Dancer Sapna Haryanvi best songare Solid Body, GoraGora, Sara Rola Pathli Kamar Ka, Bahu ZamidarKi, Rate Vade Ge,Kahrboje Si Teri Jawani, Dahta Marna etc.. SapnaHaryanvi DanceVIDEOs App is set of Various Sapna Haryanvi VideoSongs. SapnaHaryanvi is a dancer and singer in the haryanvi musicworld. SapnaHaryanvi dance and songs videos is of all types in hugecollectionis available will get here now following videosin thisapp So thankyou for using and install this app And enjoy therajupunjabi new songs
News TUT.BY 2.12.6
"News TUT.BY" - is the ability to read news in a convenient way,discuss events, share them on social networks, watch differentTVchannels and relevant videos. The following live sportsareavailable in the application: soccer, handball and basketball.Youcan read news, look through the photos and videostailoredspecifically for the touch screens of Android-smartphones:you canbrowse the photos one by one, watch the video in fullscreen, in aword, keep abreast of breaking news in a convenientformat for you.In the application, you can configure your personalnews feed:change the order of news columns, leaving only the newssectionsthat you are interested in. If you have witnessed aninterestingevent, you can share it with the TUT.BY audience,sending a messageto the editor via the "Send news" section. You canattach pictures,videos and audio files there. "News TUT.BY" offersa number ofconvenient services that will help you keep abreast ofthe latestnews: - Notifications of the latest news in the statusbar; - Twonews widgets for each specific category. Widgets can beupdatedautomatically (every hour, every 3 or 6 hours) or manually;-Widgets with weather and exchange rates.
Zavia by Ashfaq Ahmad 2
The Famous Urdu book "Zavia" by Ashfaq Ahmad. This book consistsof3 segments and this is the 1st part of the book. In the saidbookyou will find very attractive words about every thingexperiencedby him during his life. There are many interestingtopics discussedby him. Some of topics, writings and words fromZavia are alsoincluded in the Urdu text books by the government ofPakistan.
Zooper by BEARD 2 1.5
Brought to you by Tha Muthafuckin BEARD NEEDS ZOOPER PRO 2.40ORABOVE INSTALLED TO USE(widgets are made on a 10x5 gridlayout...ifyou use a different grid you may have to adjust thewidgets toscale correctly)after you install open the app andinstall fontsfrom the dashboardThis is a set of IDK how manyanymore minimal,yet thoughtfully crafted Zooper widgets tocompliment any homescreen or icon pack you can pair them with.Allwidgets were made byTha Muthafuckin BEARDThis is not a stand aloneapp. In order forthese to work, you must have Zooper Pro installedon your device,without it these will be of no use to you.On somedevices you mayhave to reboot your device after installing for thewidget to showup in the widgets list.If you are having a issue.Please contact methrough the provided email address instead ofleaving a bad review.I will gladly help you. I can not providesupport through the playstores review section.How to install:-Download and install ZooperWidget Pro 2.40 or above- Download andinstall Zooper by Beard II-Add a Zooper widget to your homescreen(via long press onhomescreen if you are using a launcher or viaappdrawer if you'reon stock ROM)- When Zooper widget skins listpops up, choose ZooperBy Beard II- Select the widget you want toadd-you can resize thewidget by long pressing on the widget andselecting resize.You canadjust the scale and size within zooper aswell as many otherthings.Zooper by beard by:Tha MuthafuckinBEARD more of what Iamworking on, you can find me on Google+.Special thanks toTimaustin(Drumdestroyer) Dev:
Butterfly Pixel Art - coloring by number 1.06
Butterfly Pixel Art - coloring by number for adults and kids isthebest game to have fun and relaxation. Color by number pages areagreat way to teach your kids or students basic numberrecognition,how to use a legend, and it will give them theopportunity to workon their fine motor skills."This pixel coloringbook as an pixelart therapy helps you relieve stress and anxietyfrom reality.Butterfly Pixel Art - coloring by number app offersmany of pixelart :--**categories**:ANIMALSCATS DOGSCARSThis is agreat activityto practice your drawing skills. It’s also fun forany age to tryto finish the drawing..........Trains yourconcentration andsteadiness Or just want to color your own way,practice yourdrawing and coloring skill.
Tap - Chat Stories by Wattpad (Free Trial) 5.10.1
🏆 BEST OF 2017 WINNER 🏆 Watch as a story unfolds throughtextmessages, phone calls and videos. TRY FOR FREE now!EXCLUSIVEonTap: HIDE, Selfie, and HUNDREDS of suspenseful, hilarious andscaryseries with Tap by Wattpad. Brought to you by the world'slargeststorytelling community - Wattpad!FEATURES:* TAP to revealthe storyas you go* DISCOVER stories for any mood - spine-chillinghorror,steamy romances, nail-biting dramas and more...* WRITE yourownchat stories* SHARE your favs with your friendsDon’t miss outonthe new app everyone is talking about. Download it today andseehow TAP brings stories to life.
Balance BY Pro 6.1.246 Pro
Paid version of Balance BY without ads and limitations.Automaticchecking account balance of mobile network operators andInternetservice providers. Possible balance for: money,preferentialminutes, traffic, multiaccounts. Widget: 1x1, 2x1.
Alice's Nap Wallpaper Theme 1.6
The adventure in Wonderland has just begun! Here, the CheshireCatand White Rabbit are taking a quick nap with Alice.To usethistheme you first must install +HOME.■What is+HOME?Personalizingyour wallpaper, icons and widgets has never beeneasier with +HOME,the FREE customization launcher app!With morethan 1,000 differentthemes to chose from, you're sure to find adesign to suit yourevery whim!■InquiriesandRequests:[email protected] images used aresimplyrepresentations and may differ from the final product.
Draw by flowers - Name Paint 2.0
PTD Studio
Draw your name, message or any art types by beautiful andrealisticflowers. This app is for people who love drawing and loveflowers.It contains 16 types of brushes and will be add more in thefuture.Features: - Draw on pictures: You can select from gallery ortakephotos from camera - Different brushes seperate by flower typeandcolors + Type: Rose, orchid, daisy and mix of many types +Color:Red, orange, yellow, green, blue, violet, pink, white andblack -Highly customize for size and ocpacity of brushes -Customizebackground color (Select picture background will beimplemented inthe future) - Be able to undo, redo many steps - Savepicture todevices or share it with your friends Many new featureswill beupdated soon We will update monthly with new functions,improveperformance and fix if it has any issues. So let us knowyourexperience and keep in touch with us. Contribute: All ofclipart weused are from many sources and they are free undercreative commonlicense. If you have any suggestion or issues withthis app.Contact to us by email: [email protected]
Scan Refill Card - Recharge mobile card by camera 1.9.9
With Scan Refill Card - Recharge mobile card by camera, you willnothave to strain your eyes to read numbers like scratch cards,gamecards, refill card … and do manual typing on the phone.Instead,just open the application and put the camera into acontainer code,the application automatically scans the code anddisplays theresult. You can completely revise the card code if thecameramisrecognizes (the error rate is extremely low). -Applicationsupports special scan selection by card length, forexampleVinaphone card in Vietnam usually have 14 numbers, youchoose "Only14 numbers", or Viettel 13 numbers, you should choose"Scan 13numbers ". This is extremely necessary to increaseaccuracy to 100%*** If “Scan Refill Card - Recharge the phone bycamera - Card Scan”is a great app, please support us by rating 5 *and share with yourfriends. Thank you very much!
Love Color by Number 1.5.7
32 pixel presents you a Love Color by Number to help you drawinganunique handmade artworks for your boyfriend or girlfriend.Heartcolor by number contains daily updated coloring book with alot ofbeautiful images for boys and girls, for men and women: •Romanticand cute images for valentines day • Love letters, funnymessagesand quotes for adults • Valentines cards and stickers withheart,kiss, lips and bouquets of flowers • Kitten, puppy, panda,teddybear, etc. Surprise your boyfriend or girlfriend on birthday,14February lovers day, wedding or any other day by makingthemyour-own artwork and tell them how much is your love. Howtocoloring with Color by Number Love: • Select one of thousandsofimages • Fill up the blank pixels with prepared colors frompalette• Personalize your own love postcard with the differentshapes ofpixels • Save and share your gift with someone you love byemail,on Facebook, Instagram or Twitter Color by number heart is agreatmobile app where it is very easy to create your own beautifulpixelcoloring love card. Express your love for someone you love onSaintValentine's Day with Heart pixel art! Surprise! Just now as agiftalong with the downloading pixel art heart app you are gettingafree unlimited access to premium content. Hurry up to seehowinteresting it is!
Free VPN by FireVPN 1.9.27
Browse the Internet freely and without restrictions and changeyouraddress to the country of your choice ---- Do you need afreevirtual internet fast special! (VPN) that can hide your addressbybypassing a firewall hotspot at work or school, also getsecureaccess? Well here is FireVPN Advantages : - Simple one-clickVPN -List of countries around the world to choose from which wetest andupdate every 20 minutes! - No need to login or register -Hosted byvolunteers from around the world by the VPN Gate Project -Fastfast fast - No configuration or root required! - Free of charge$Free of charge $ - Secure and protected access why ? - Use thefreeinternet or Wi-Fi hotel in a safe way - Overcoming arestrictivenetwork at work or school - Netflix access and streaming- Use avirtual private network (or VPN) to secure your traffic """" Ifthe connection is not working properly Switch to anothercountryand try again "" "" Licenses * VPN GateProject( *OpenVPN by OpenVPN for Android projectbyArne Schwabe (
Marathi Alphabet By Tinytapps 1.0
Marathi Marathi Mulakshare, Aksharmala or Varnamala is ourfourthlanguage app after English, Hindi and Arabic, forLearningAlphabet. Marathi is an Indo-Aryan language spoken by about90million fluent speakers worldwide. It is the official languageofthe state of Maharashtra (India). There are 13 vowels and36consonants in Marathi. These 13 vowels when combinedwithconsonants form actual sound of the language. Some ofthehighlights of the app: • The picture/words have bothtranslationand transliteration in English. • The VO is nativespoken Marathi.• New & Soon: Marathi Barakhadi: Putting vowelsand consonantstogether. • A joyous experience for both younglearners and firsttime learners. The six sections in the app are:1. Swar: There are13 Swar/Vowels in Marathi. 2. Vyanjan: There are36Vyanjan/Consonants in Marathi. The child learns to identifytheshape and sound of the Swar & Vyanjan. The child learnstoassociate picture with the sound of the letter. 3. Writing Swar4.Writing Vyanjan The child learns to write the letter correctly.Theformation arrows, choice of colour pencils, eraser and thebluelines makes writing easy and fun to learn. 5. Activity:LetterRecognition and Picture Recognition. All activities areanexcellent reinforcement. 6. FREE Letter Game: is learning withlotsof fun. Our apps are a great way to build the foundationskillsthat today's preschool curriculum requires. The look and feelofthe apps is just perfect for preschoolers, kids and toddlers.•More than 60 preschool apps • More than 500,000 users globally•Excellent for kids 2-5 years • Learning & Evaluation•Reinforcement & Reward • Available across various appstores.For Feedback: Contact-us to you by TinyTapps- a redbytes software brand
Hairstyles step by step 2.0.5
Yamayka Apps
Catalog contains pictures of step by step instructionsforhairstyles. You can: - watch detailed instructions of hairstyle-save instruction hairstyle to your device - share pictures itwithfriends.
Sweet Wallpaper-Macarons!- 1.0.1
Satisfy your sweet tooth with these deliciousmacarons!PersonalizeYour Wallpaper and Icons With +HOME,the FREECustomization App!Touse this theme you first must install+HOME.■What is+HOME?Personalizing your wallpaper, icons and widgetshas neverbeen easier with +HOME, the FREE customization launcherapp!Withmore than 1,000 different themes to chose from, you're sureto finda design to suit your every whim!■InquiriesandRequests:[email protected] images used aresimplyrepresentations and may differ from the final product.
Day by Day Organizer PRO 4.1.3
Day by Day is a planning application designed to fullyimplementGoogle Calendar and Google Tasks as an all-in-oneAndroidapplication. With its help you can plan your future scheduleusingany Android device and this schedule will be available for allyourphones and tablets connected to Internet. Features: ▪presentationof events and tasks in one list ▪ synchronization withGoogleCalendar and Google Tasks ▪ incorporation of yourcontacts’birthdays into the common list ▪ easy-to-handle agenda andmonthview ▪ text month view, text week view, day view ▪interactivewidget on the device desktop ▪ configurable widgetlayout ▪ lockscreen widget in Android 4.2+ Jelly Bean ▪ birthdayreminder ▪voice input ▪ search function The paid version features:▪ textmonth widget, week widget - Android 4.1+ supported ▪ abilityto usedifferent profiles in widgets and the app ▪ invitations foreventsand check of guest list ▪ Tasker app is supported. E.g. youcanhave a task reminder to go off when you come towork.▪recurrent tasks. The function is well-suited for recurrentpayments.You can try it out in free version ▪ task prioritieswhich allow theuser to differentiate between urgent and lessimportant tasks ▪subtasks (to-do lists) in events or tasks. Youcannot add more than3 subtasks in free version, but the full onehas no limits ▪ no adds▪ users can share text information fromanother app with Day by Day,for example, when creating task orevent Although Google servicesdon’t support these extra functions,we found a way to enablesynchronization by means of Google, soyour calendars and to-dolists are visible in our app on yourAndroid devices. The app allowsyou to create events, tie them to acertain start/end time and setdue date. An event can be postponedif needed. When creating anevent you are prompted to set areminder which will keep youinformed of your schedule. Day by Dayorganizer brings variousaspects of your life together in anattempt to simplify the tasksyou have to deal with throughout theday. This calendar with to-dolist is so simple that no furtherexplanation is actually needed,just download and enjoy! Use ourChrome (Chromium) extension to addtasks and events quickly rightfrom your desktop! For more detailsvisit Chrome WebStore: team wishes you more interesting events and tasks youwouldlove to accomplish with a little help from Day by Day! Youcan makea translation of the application to your languagehere: You can vote fornewfeatures or suggest your own onehere: Day team
WedSocial by WeddingWire 2.4.5
Make your wedding fun and engaging for your guests with WedSocialbyWeddingWire. Collect and share unlimited photos taken by guestsatall your events! Plus, share all the event details included onyourWeddingWire wedding website.Here’s why your special daydeservesWedSocial. You can:- Capture every memory with our easyweddingphoto sharing app- Encourage guests to share photos duringyourevents by uploading them into a live photo feed for all tosee-Enhance pictures with photo filters to add distinctive styleto yourwedding photo stream- Get notified when guests like andcomment onpictures- Manage photos directly from your weddingwebsite andeasily download them to share after your big day-Ensure your guestsare on time and in the know. The WedSocial appallows your guests toaccess all your wedding event details - evenoffline.- Keep photosof your special day private. #Hashtags can betoo public.- All forfree!WedSocial is the free and fun way toinclude all your friends,family, and wedding party in the magic ofyour special day. Justhave them install the app, find your weddingand start sharingpictures. It’s that easy. Now your weddingmemories can live onforever in the palm of your hand.Use WedSocialfor all your weddingevents, from your engagement party to yourwedding shower,bachelorette party, rehearsal dinner and evenyourhoneymoon.Managing your wedding has never been easier! Formorewedding planning help, check out the WeddingWire app.Ifyou'regetting married:- Create your unique wedding code by visitingyourwedding website dashboard.- Share the app and your unique codewithguests.- Keep your wedding details up-to-date.- After theevent,log into your wedding website, download your photos, andenjoy!Ifyou're a guest:- Join with Facebook or your email addressand enterthe wedding code given to you by the couple.- Take photosdirectlyin the WedSocial App or upload from your phone.- Comment onandshare the photos your friends and family upload!
Percentage Calculator by MES 2.0.5
Percentage Calculator is the Android version of the very popularwebapplication made by MathEasySolutions. Users can see the formulas for each calculation (inrealtime) by clicking the '?' button beside each calculation.Users canalso create multiple copies of the same calculation byclicking the'+' button beside each calculation. Any features youwould like tobe added? Feel free to leave a review!
Pray by Day 1.0
"Look to the Lord and His strength; seek His face always."1Chronicles 16:11Prayer is powerful, yet it is often difficult.Prayby Day helps Christians Start, Strengthen, and Sustain adailyprayer habit. • The app will take you through a 15 minuteprayertime, including:◦ a reflection on scripture◦ worship songsandsongs based on Psalms• There’s also time to: ◦ give thanks◦repent◦intercede◦ You can even add your own intercessions andthings togive thanks for!• Features:◦ Designed with commuters inmind: ▪Pray by Day is audio-based so you can listen to it on yourway towork or school◦ 105 days to pray through:▪ These areorganized into15 themed weeks. ▪ Check these out – they’re writtenby amazingauthors!◦ Completely Offline ◦ Free and Ad-Free◦ Easy touseFindthe iOS version here:
Eifel Tower Wallpaper Paris & Girl Theme 1.0.0
The retro and girly atmosphere is fantastic. A Paris sceneryandgirl theme.Personalize Your Wallpaper and Icons With +HOME,theFREECustomization App!To use this theme you first mustinstall+HOME.■What is +HOME?Personalizing your wallpaper, iconsandwidgets has never been easier with +HOME, the FREEcustomizationlauncher app!With more than 1,000 different themes tochose from,you're sure to find a design to suit your everywhim!■Inquiries andRequests:[email protected] used are simplyrepresentations and may differ from the finalproduct.
Alice's Tea Party Wallpaper 1.2
Attend a tea party with Alice in Wonderland! Sweet coloringcreatesa fairytale-like atmosphere.Personalize Your Wallpaper andIconsWith +HOME,the FREE Customization App!To use this theme youfirstmust install +HOME.■What is +HOME?Personalizing yourwallpaper,icons and widgets has never been easier with +HOME, theFREEcustomization launcher app!With more than 1,000 differentthemes tochose from, you're sure to find a design to suit youreverywhim!■Inquiries andRequests:[email protected] used are simplyrepresentations and may differ from thefinal product.
Cool wallpaper-Winter Pattern- 1.0.0
Get this stylish pattern with a wintery twist! The perfect themeforsomeone who wants to LIVE winter!Personalize Your WallpaperandIcons With +HOME,the FREE Customization App!To use this themeyoufirst must install +HOME.■What is +HOME?Personalizingyourwallpaper, icons and widgets has never been easier with +HOME,theFREE customization launcher app!With more than 1,000differentthemes to chose from, you're sure to find a design to suityourevery whim!■InquiriesandRequests:[email protected] images used aresimplyrepresentations and may differ from the final product.
Smart Vizag by GVMC 2.7.6
Citizen Services Mobile Application from GVMCAllows citizenstoaccess following services - Payment of Taxes ( Like PropertyTax,D&O Trade Licenses, VLT - Vacant Land Tax, Water Taxetc)-Provides access to other services like Request for WaterTank,Property Assessment, Tap Connection- Details of GVMCpublicamenities with Map location like Parking Lots, Sportsfacilitiesetc
DAILY DAY - D-Day Schedule Widget 3.0.5
[ DAILY DAY Features ] ● Various types of calculationsD-Day,Anniversary, Monthly, Annually, Months and Days ● Makeyourcustomized D-day cover Provide basic cover photos and make yourownD-day cover with the pictures you want ● Home screen widgetTwotypes of widgets ● D-DAY Notification bar Keep your D-DAY alwaysonnotification bar. ● Anniversary notification 100th day, 200thday…and 1st anniversary, 2st anniversary... ● Arrange your D-DAYlistSort events by upcoming date, older date, or manually ●Countanniversary automatically The 100th day, 200th day… and1stanniversary, 2nd anniversary... automatic calculationforanniversaries ● Passsword and Fingerprint Keep your app safewithpassword or Fingerprint. ● Share D-Day event Share your D-daywithSNS