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Fast Adhar Card Scanner – Adhar Card QR Scanner 1.0
Adhar Card Scanner – Now there is no need to read and type inyourgeneral adhar card details, simply scan your Adhar card QR codeandget all adhar card details with the help of this fast adharcardscanner app.Adhar Scanner – it’s very easy to get youradhardetails in smart phone in one click and you can check youradharcard status online. Now you can easily download and shareyouradhar card information or detail with the help of this fastandinstant adhar card scanner. Just scan qr code and save it forlateruse. You can also share Adhar detail with any one thatyouwant.Point your camera to QR code that you want to scan andappwill automatically detect it from adhar qr code. Scan yourAdharCard QR Code and get all mAdhar details like UID, Name,Gender,Date of Birth, Address, Postal code etc. Adhar card issometimesmisspelt as Adhar card, Adhar card, Adhar card etcChecktheinformation mentioned or included in Adhar card and keepyourselfupdated. You will get all of the details while you scan anyAdharcard.Key Features Of Fast Adhar Card Scanner App:- Quick,instantand fast scan of aadhar card qr code.- User friendlyinterface withthe use of material design.- View, share and save anyadhar card toyour android smart phone.- No internet connectionrequired to usethis adhar card app.- Adhar card detail or user datais not storedanywhere on our servers. It only stores in your mobilephone. So,no one misuse it.Disclaimer: This is NOT an official appof theUnique Identification Authority of India (UIDAI) and we arenotaffiliated with the Unique Identification Authority ofIndia(UIDAI) in any way. The purpose of this app is to make as apublicservice to help Indian residents view their Aadhaarinformationusing mobile device.
Smart Aadhar Card Scanner 1.0
Smart Aadhar Card ScannerAadhar Card Scanner is very easy andsimpleto use for android devices, you can turn on the aadhar cardapp thenscan aadhar card QR code by your smart phone camera.AadharCardScanner – there is no need to read and type in your generaldetails,simply scan your Aadhar card QR code and get all aadhardetails fastand instantly. With the help of this aadhar cardstatus check appyou can easily check your aadahr card detail inyour androidmobile.Aadhaar card is sometimes misspelt as Adharcard, Aadharcard, Adhaar card, Aadhaar Card details etc.AadhaarServicesprovides details of your aadhaar card by scanning theaadhar qr codeand you can also share your aadhar card detail.AppFeature of SmartAadhar Card Scanner:- Quickly, Fast and Smart Scanof Aadhaar CardQR-Code. - Scan your Aadhar Card QR-Code and getall aadhar detailsin on your mobile phone.- Good User-friendlyinterface and design.-No internet connection required. It runswithout internet.- AadhaarDetail or user data is not storedanywhere on our servers. It onlystores in your mobile phone. So,no one misuse it.How Smart AadharCard Scanner ApplicationWorks:Point your camera to QR code that youwant to scan and appwill automatically detect it. Scan your AadharCard QR Code and getall mAadhaar details like UID, Name, Gender,Date of Birth,Address, Postal code etc.Disclaimer:This is NOT anofficial app ofthe Unique Identification Authority of India (UIDAI)and we are notaffiliated with the Unique Identification Authorityof India(UIDAI) in any way. The purpose of this app is to make as apublicservice to help Indian residents view their Aadhaarinformationusing mobile device.
QR & Barcode Scanner 1.5.3
Gamma Play
QR & Barcode Scanner is the fastest QR / barcode scanneroutthere. QR & Barcode Scanner is an essential app foreveryAndroid device. QR & Barcode Scanner / QR code readerisextremely easy to use; simply point to QR or barcode you wanttoscan and app will automatically detect and scan it. No needtopress any buttons, take photos or adjust zoom. QR &BarcodeScanner can scan and read all QR / barcode types includingtext,url, ISBN, product, contact, calendar, email, location, Wi-Fiandmany other formats. After scan and automatic decoding userisprovided with only the relevant options for individual QRorBarcode type and can take appropriate action. You can even useQR& Barcode Scanner to scan coupons / coupon codes toreceivediscounts and save some money. Scan product barcodes with QR&Barcode Scanner in shops and compare prices with online pricestosave money. QR & Barcode Scanner app is the only QR codereader/ barcode scanner you will ever need. ► Like us onFacebook: ► Follow us onTwitter:
MSH life
PAN CARD STATUS CHECK - Simple check your Pan cardstatusSmoothFirstSimplePlease Share This App
Free QR Scanner: Bar Code Scanner & QR Code Reader 0.97
EZ to Use
$4.99→FREE! Download Now to Save $4.99! Super fast & safeQRscanner, bar code reader & QR code reader for Android!Scansall QR code & barcodes! Very simple & easy to use!Featuresof our QR Scanner(QR Code Reader): ●All-in-one scanner& readerapp: scans all standard 1D and 2D code types (includingalmost allQR code & barcodes) ●Simple & easy to Use●Instant scan●Internet connection is not required for scanning QRcode orbarcodes ●Flashlight supported ●Scan history saved Amust-have QRScanner(QR Code Reader) for Android! Download now!【COPYRIGHTINFORMATION】-QR Scanner All app icons used in screenshotsandfeature graphic have gotten authorization from its companyinadvance. If there is any other question or advice, please feelfreeto contact us: [email protected] If you haveanyquestions regarding our QR Scanner, you can contact our QRCodeReader team: [email protected]
Barcode Scanner 1.33
Looking for a powerful QR code reader and barcode generatorthatsupports all major barcode formats? If your answer is yes,thenBarcode Scanner is just the perfect app for you right now.BarcodeScanner is the fastest and most user-friendly QR codescanner&QR Code Reader app available on the play store. Byusing thephone's camera, our barcode reader will quickly scan andrecognizethe information of barcode. When scanning a QR Code, ifthe codecontains a website URL, you'll automatically be taken tothe site.It’s fast, easy and secure. The best thing is that our QRCodereader app is Free, Fast, Secure, Easy and you can use itwithoutlimits! How Barcode Scanner Works: 1) To work with our appandstart scanning your barcode, you will have to simply open theapp,point the camera at the code, and you’re done! There is no needtotake a photo or press a button. QRCode Reader willautomaticallyrecognize any QR code your camera is pointing at. 2)When scanninga QRcode, if the code contains a website URL, youwillautomatically be taken to the site. If the code just containstext,you'll immediately see it. For other formats such as phonenumbers,email addresses, or contact info, you will be prompted totake theappropriate action. Want to create your own barcode orQRCode? It’svery easy with our app and you can create yourpersonalised barcodewith your information easily and fastly. Youcan decode text, urls,ISBN, email, contacts information, calendarevents and much moreusing your smart phone camera. So, what are youwaiting for?Download Musicpad and find & promote events nearyou in a fewseconds! We are always striving to provide the bestuser experiencefor our users. We are also looking for yourfeedback, suggestion orrecommendation. Please, feel free to let ushear from you at"[email protected]" so we can continueto bring you thebest experiences and updates.
QR & Barcode Scanner 7.9
Qr Code Reader and Creator App easily fulfil requirement forQrScanner App for different Barcodes formats likeDatamatrix,Code128, Azte Code, UPC-A, Codabar,PDF 417, ITF, EAN-8,Code39 andmore. No Need for a separate app for Aadhaar Card Sacnner&Bharat QR Code. QR Code scanner is very easy to use, you turnonthe app then watch QR code or Barcode by camera. You willseeinformation of QR code or barcode. After fast scan anddecodinguser is provided with only the relevant options likesearchparticular product, website or related data in particular QRorBarcode type and can take appropriate action. Its best app touseQR & Barcode Scanner to scan coupons / coupon codes toredeemdiscounts and save some money. How to use QR Scanner & QRcodeMaker: Just Open Scan option top of screen and simply point toQRor barcode you want to scan, app will automatically detect andscanit. QR code will automatically save in the history page. Noneed topress any buttons, take photos or adjust zoom. Select Qrmakerfeature. Chose your desire option to make QR Code. we havegivenmultiple different options. Save or share it. That's it!!AppFeature: Qr Scanner: - Scan Any Qr code 2018 or Barcode. -Flashlight support to scan in dark. - Automatically saving inHistoryTab. - Scan Aadhaar Card, Bharat QR Code or Jio codes. -Decode QRcode/Barcode from Saved File. - Decode QR directly fromURL or Webaddress. - See your past scanned QR codes in history. QRCreator: -Generate QR codes from multiple options - QR code for :Phonenumber, URL, Email Address, Location, Post Address, FreeTexts,Bookmark & Calendar Event. - Save Generated QR code in SDcard.- Share QR image on social network. Please, You can givefeedbackand we would love to listen your suggestions by E-mail,Facebook,Twitter or Google+. E-mail: [email protected]: Note: - We have takencare todevelop app, If you would find any kind of mistake thenkindlyplease mail us. Email your helpful suggestions and commentson thefollowing address: [email protected] By downloadingthisapplication, you agree to our terms ofservice Your use of QR & BarcodeScanner isfree of charge in exchange for safely using some of yourdevice'sresources (WiFi and very limited cellular data), and onlywhen youare not using your device. You may turn this off from thesettingsmenu. Please see our TOS for furtherinformation.
QR Code Scanner - Barcode Scanner & QR Code Maker 3.3
This is an app that scans one-dimensional code (Barcode)andtwo-dimensional code (QR code). It is scanning using yourdevice'scamera so it take very less time to scan when you hold thedevicein proper way. A QR Code generator that can generate Codesfromscratch. It is used to create those rectangle codes that youscanwith your mobile device - QR codes.This application willcreatecodes for you and than save it in the history. You cancreateVCard, Website codes, normal text codes, and product codes.Abarcode is an optical machine-readable representation ofdatarelating to the object to which it is attached. Originallybarcodessystematically represented data by varying the widths andspacingsof parallel lines, and may be referred to as linearorone-dimensional (1D). QR code (Quick Response Code) isthetrademark for a type of matrix barcode (ortwo-dimensionalbarcode). It is an optically machine-readable labelthat isattached to an item and that records information related tothatitem. FEATURES: - Scan, Decode and Search with QR BarcodeScanner.- Scan all major barcodes and QR codes also scan forproducts. -Generate QR Codes for VCard, websites, product codes ornormaltext. - Easily find the prices and review for the productwithProduct search. - Able to decode codes into URLs to visittheirwebsite and get the Contact information. - Store search resultasthe History of searches. Your use of QR Code Scanner is freeofcharge in exchange for safely using some of your device'sresources(WiFi and very limited cellular data), and only when youare notusing your device. You may turn this off from the settingsmenu.Please see our TOS for furtherinformation.
Easy To Apply Pan Card 1.2.4
NTSS Pvt Ltd
EASY TO APPLY PAN CARD PAN denotes “Permanent Account Number”. Itisa 10 digit Alpha-Numeric Unique ID number issued byNationalSecurities Depository Limited (NSDL), Income Tax DepartmentofGovernment of India. This “PAN CARD” app is all in one appwhichprovides you to get a complete registration for your PAN Card.Youcan check PAN Card status or apply for new PAN Card with thisonemobile app. You can share this “PAN CARD” app to Google, Facebookand Google+ and with whom you want to share. Key Features:- *APPLYNEW PAN CARD * APPLY NEW PAN CARD FOR MINORS * CORRECTIONS INYOURPAN CARD * APPLY DUPLICATE PAN CARD * APPLY NEW PAN CARD IFYOURSLOST * APPLY NEW PAN CARD IF DAMAGED * PHOTO & SIGNATUREDEMO *NRI PAN CARD * CHANGES OR CORRECTION IN NRI PAN CARD *REPRINT OFLOST OR DAMAGED NRI PAN CARD Declaration : This APP onlyacts asweb browser for browsing web pages. All informationdisplayed inthis application is loaded from other websites. Thisapplication isdeveloped for convenience of App users to get allhelpful andimportant links, information and help at one singleplace. * We arenot responsible if any wrong information provided.Also, we do notown any content shown in web view of this App.We donot claim anyrights on any content provided on any of the sites. *We are nottaking any money or we are not responsible for any kindoftransaction fail or success or any kind of payment related issue.*We don't take any kind of payment from users. * We arenotresponsible for it. If any suggestion please mail [email protected]
Pan Card 1.4
How to apply for pan card step by step detail providingoverapplication.that application are guide for pan cardonlineservice.Permanent Account Number (PAN) is a ten-digitalphanumericnumber, issued in the form of a laminated card, by theIncome TaxDepartment, to any “person” who applies for it or to whomthedepartment allots the number without an application.APPLY fornewPAN card. TRACK STATUS of application (track both NSDL &UTITSL) ★Features:- Check Your PAN Card Status- Check Your PANCardTransaction- Apply for New PAN Card for Citizens of India-Applyfor New PAN Card for foreign citizens- Reprint / Duplicate /Lostof PAN Card- Make Changes / Correction in PAN Card Details suchasName, Address etc- Search / Verify PAN Card by PAN Number- Search/Verify PAN Card by Name- Check Income Tax Refund Status by PANandAssessment Year- Check Income Tax Refund Status byAcknowledgementNumber- User friendly and Fast interface.
Fake Pan Card ID Maker
Fake PAN Card ID MakerFake PAN Card ID Generator takes you throughaquick process where you enter information that you would liketoappear on the PAN Card ID. PAN Fake ID Generator comes withfullycustomized ID card templates which you can save and sharewithfriends, or edit until it's perfect.Make an PAN Card IDforyourself if you wanted to. Fake ID Card Maker makes it easyandfun. For entertainment & fun only.You can even add yourownphoto, and draw your own signature. If you don't feellikeincluding a certain bit of information, no problem, just leaveitblank.Please note that Fake PAN Card Maker or Fake ID GeneratorForPAN ID Card is meant for entertainment purpose only and this isaprank app that generates FAKE PAN ID Card.Download our FakePanCard ID to make lots of pranks and get fun. The best fakeappavailable on Google Play. We are working to update the appwhichwill include more new Pan Card ID templates so that you nevergetbored.How to Create Fake PAN card ?:* Tap on generate andselectPAN for your id* Now add photo, fill details and wait fortheanalysis.* Your successfully generated your country fake PANcard.*You can share the result with friends also.Please make notethisFake PAN Card ID app maker is meant for fun andentertainmentpurpose only this is a prank app.If you have anycomplain,suggestion for our app to be better or want to help ustranslateapp to your language, Contact to us.Share, Rate and giveyourcomment for help to develop more creative apps like this.FakePANCard ID app to your friends and family circle and enjoy.
PAN Card Online Services 1.31
Check PAN Card status or apply for new PAN Card with this onemobileappKey Features-Know your panPAN card statuspan cardRefundstatustinnsdlPAN StatusUTI Pan uti pan statusOtherServices-1.Check Pan cardStatus2. Check Pan card Transaction3.Apply pan for Citizens ofIndia4. Reprint / Duplicate / Lost of PANCard5. Changes /Correction in PAN Details6. Search / Verify Pan byPan No7. Search /Verify Pan by Name8.Income Tax Refund Status
Link PAN Card With Aadhar
A PAN Card is necessary for filing Income Tax returns inthecountry, and all individuals and entities that pay tax,includingforeigners are expected to have one. And The Aadhaar Cardis aunique identification card that is assigned to everyIndiancitizen, Issued by the Unique Identification Authority ofIndia.Asper the new Finance Bill from Income Tax Department ofGovt. ofIndia,it is now compulsory to provide Aadhaar and permanentaccountnumber (PAN) details while filing tax returns. And AadhaarandPermanent Account Number (PAN) must be linked. In case, theyarenot linked, then the PAN number will get cancelled. The Ruleisgoing to be applicable from 1st July 2017, therefore every PANcardholder must link his PAN card with Aadhar card.Link PAN CardWithAadhar application will help you to link your pan card withAadharcard within seconds. So, Download our app and start linkingyourPan card with Aadhar card within seconds from your phone.Alsowiththe use of this app you canyou can know complete informationaboutyour Aadhaar Card and also book an appointment for yourAadhaarCard.Download, update and check linking status of yourAadhaar cardfrom your mobile phone instantly. You can also correctyour PANcard details as well as your Aadhar card details. You cancheckyour new PAN card or corrected PAN cards status too. Features:-☆Easy to link your PAN Card with Aadhaar Card.☆ Correct yourPANcard details as well as your Aadhar card update details. ☆Linkyour Aadhar with Pan Card.☆ Find Aadhaar Linking Status.☆ LinkLPGGas with Aadhar Card☆ Link Aadhaar Card With your Bank Account☆Download e-Aadhaar Card.☆ Download Aadhar Card on Mobile.☆UpdateYour Aadhaar Profile and Upload Documents.☆ Check Status ofYourAadhar Card Application with Enrolment Number / ID.☆ FileNewComplaint through Aadhaar Card App.☆ Check Complaint StatusviaAadhaar Card.
Voter Card and Pan Card Get 4.18
Sandeep App
The Indian Voter I.D Card is issued by the Election CommissionofIndia. Its main purpose is as identity proof while castingvotes.It also serves as general identity proof, address proof, andageproof for casting votes as well as for other purposes suchasbuying a mobile phone SIM or applying for a passport. It servesasa ID in Elections.Voter Card and Pan Card Get:Now no need towasteyour time in searching details about Voter Id Card on Google.Getall the details about Voter Id Card in one place. Want tosearchVoter Card Status or apply online or Duplicate Voter Card orVoterList or any other information you will get through thisapp.Download Voter Id Card app and save time and enjoy benefits ofthisappFeatures for Voter id :-______________________________1.Applyfor Registration of New Voter.2. Search your Name inElectoralRoll.3. Online Application Status.4. Search your Name inElectoralRoll.5. Apply for Registration of Overseas Voter.6.Correction ofentries in electoral roll.7. Know your booth AC andPC.8. Know yourBlO.ERO and DEO. 9. Link to State/UT CEO’s.10. VoterEducationChannel.11. Polling Process.12. Electronic VotingMachines.13.Complaint Suggestions.14. Voter List.15.Go towebsite.16.Linkaadhaar with your Pan Card.Features for Pancard:-_________________1. Apply Pan For Foreign Citizens.2. ApplyPanFor Citizens of INDIA.3. Track PAN Application Status.4. ChangeorCorrection in existing PAN Data/ Reprint of PANCard5.Reprint/Duplicate/Lost of Pan Data.6. Search/Verify PAN byPANNO.7. Go to website.8. Link aadhaar with your Pan Card.
QR Code Reader 1.2.8
** If you are looking for a powerful QR code reader andbarcodescanner that supports all major barcode formats such asISBN, EAN,UPC and others, QR Code Reader is the one. ** QR CodeReader is thefastest QR code reader / barcode scanner app outthere. QR CodeReader is an essential app for every Android device.QR codes andbarcodes are everywhere; you can now scan and read themwith theuse of QR Code Reader. QR Code Reader was designed withaverageuser in mind. We made it extremely user friendly and easy touse.All you need to do is point your device to QR or barcode youwantto scan and QR Code Reader will automatically scan and read it.QRCode Reader can read all widely used QR or barcode types suchasISBN, EAN, UPC and many others. QR Code Reader can readdifferentQR types such as text, url, contact, calendar, email,location,Wi-Fi and many others. QR Code Reader will provide youwith onlythe relevant options for individual QR or barcode typescanned soyou can take appropriate action. You can even save moneywith QRCode Reader! How? Use QR Code Reader to scan coupon codes(coupons)to receive discounts and save money. QR Code Reader alsoallows youto scan product barcodes in shops and compare prices withonlineprices to save money. QR Code Reader is the only QR /barcodereader / scanner you will ever need!
Link Aadhar Card to Bank Account, PAN & Mobile. 10
Link Aadhaar Card to Bank Account, Mobile, PAN andInsurancePolicies. Check Bank linkage.PAN Card Services. PAN CardStatus.Apply for New PAN Card. Correct/Change PAN detailsOnline.The appprovides the following services;* Online Shopping.*Pay Bills.*Pre-book JIO Phone.* Indian Railways PNR etc.* IncomeTaxServices*Check any Bank's Balance.*Check Provident Fund(PF)Balance.*Link PAN card with Aadhaar card for IncomeTaxreturns.*Aadhaar Card Services.*Check Vehicleregistration(RTO)Details*Check Aadhar-Bank Link(Seeding)Status.*Send and ReceiveMoney using NPCI's (National PaymentCorporation of India) securedservices.Get following PF details:UAN, Name, DOB, AADHAR link, PANlink, Bank Details, LastContribution and Total Contribution.IncomeTax Services;*Check ITRStatus*Know your PAN / TAN / AO*Link PAN toAadhaar*Submit IncomeTax Return*Calculate Income Tax*Check IncomeTax Refund*Check ITrelated important datesThe following AadhaarCard services areprovided;*Locate Enrolment Center*Check AadhaarStatus*DownloadAadhaar*Get Aadhaar On Mobile*RetrieveUID/EID*Check Aadhaar-BankAccount Linking Status and UpdateAadhaar Details.Not required toLogin to any PF website or app alsoit works without Internet / Dataanytime anywhere.
Card Scan -Best apps 4.4
Card Scan application supports load scratch card andcheckingaccount quickly with the camera phone on android phones,Cardscanning is considered the best apps for android withcardrecognition feature code from the image from scratch cardsofferingcomplete submission syntax extremely convenient when youneed toload the card. Normally when you have to execute thecommandsubmission * 199 * or * 100 * card code # and press the callkeynew load, so also take some time for the implementation ofcriticalload and can tag you press the wrong but scan using yourcardcompletely resolve it, when you need to submit cardscanningapplication will perform less than 2 seconds and fullypaid, theaccuracy, the app has a special algorithm to scan 100%accuratewhen absolute. In addition the app supports checkingaccount isextremely convenient, you just swipe from left to rightiscurrently checking account framework prepaid and postpaid ease,inaddition also has the function scan card after paying thencheckthe account screen will automatically switch to the user andcheckjust one tap. Not only that charges for prepaidpostpaidsubscribers still pay and checking accounts as prepaidinstalled bygoing to edit and manipulate the commandsyntax. Card not onlyhelps users scan fast, but also pay forthe elderly supporter filedeasy, you just download the app and onlyone time that they canfully recharge yourself .... Advantage:-Load Quick scratchcard- Support for elderly easily pay for notreading the card codeby eye- Check account quickly- Share code cardto others- Load andchecking accounts prepaid, postpaid, paymentnetworks are thelatest in the world by changing the paymentoperations in thesettings.Disadvantages:- Government must scratchedsilver gradeside code for all otherwise the algorithm willnotrecognizeCurrently supported scanners card scan the code cardfrom12 to 19 card code number, the default when you install thedefaultapplication to read 12 13 14 number (over 14 cards tochoosenumbers if this does not appear shall be), if the card codelengthof more than 14, you need to install the enhanced increaseaccuracywhen scanning and select the appropriate card code length:14 card14 you select, you choose the card 16 16 finished logged.For thenetwork card viettel 13-digit code, if you only use the simviettelshould choose 13 numbers mode in the settings, the accuracywillincrease to 100%. Currently applications are consideredloadedscratch card or the latest applications for android 2016.P /Srecommends: To scan standard and the most accurate you mustinstallthe "increase scanning accuracy just how many of scratchcard?" Onthe scratch card viettel 13, you select 13, for scratchcardvinaphone 14 then you should choose 14 numbers and othersimilarnetworks. If the scratch card blurry, fuzzy numbers, smalldots inthe lack of light, it will be difficult to scan algorithm,so youshould check it to scan the card with the camera is thefastestscratch. Card Scan not only supports network load Vietnambut alsoall over the world network settings by going to editmanipulaterecharge ...Also you can increase scan speed by choosingadvancedintelligent character recognition: You select the "i" willshow thenumber "1", "u" to "0", the reading speed will increase sogoodincluding but must also be aware that if this recognitionenabledapplications quickly scratch card recharge card scan canhavelittle flaws confusion.Card Scan If you feel as cavalier orfreeandroid then rated 5 * + share offline.
Aadhar Card Scanner 1.2
DD Developer
QR Code AadharCard Scanner - No need to read and type inyourgeneral details, simply scan your Aadhar card QR code and getalldetails , QR Code AadharCard Scanner - Get Aadhar Card Scanneryouraadhar details in excel format in one click. Aadhar CardScanner -Download Aadhar Card Scanner, update and check status ofyourAadhaar card from your mobile phone instantly. Aadhaar Portalisyour one-stop solution to view and manage yourAadhaarinformation.QR Code AadharCard ScannerQR Code AadharCardScanner /Aadhar QR Code Scanner Features :* Scan your Aadhar CardQR-Codeand get all aadhaar details in on your phone. Aadhar CardScanner*View/read your Aadhaar card in PDF format Aadhar CardScanner* Showyour Aadhar card on your smartphone or send it othersAadhar CardScanner.* Check you Aadhar application status and aadharcardcorrection details Aadhar Card Scanner* This number will serveas aproof of identity and address, anywhere in India AadharCardScanner.* The app also shares updates from time to time aboutthelatest information regarding Aadhaar and Digital India fromHon'blePrime Minister of India and other sources Aadhar CardScanner.
Barcode QR Scanner 2.8.0
"Barcode QR Scanner" is totally free. Your life must haveapractical APP, is the only thing you need is a barcode scanner,because it will scan all types of barcode !Use "Barcode QRScanner", you only need a simple operation can be completed on barcode andtwo-dimensional code scanning , decoding, create and share! Letyour smartphone rapidly becoming a powerful two-dimensionalcode ,bar code scanning tool . Open this application, keep yourcamera ata barcode can be scanned!Not only that , "Barcode QRScanner" isalso a handy barcode creation tools to help you createQR code orbarcode images. You can use it to create QR codes fromyourcontacts , bookmarks , clipboard , and favorite applications.Afteryou successfully created, you can share with our friends QRcode orbarcode images. Contact cards can be converted into a QRcode image, immediately makes you a very professional person , isnot verycool ?"QR Barcode Scanner" very smart , is your lifegoodhelper.When scanning two-dimensional code , if the codecontains awebsite URL , you can directly open the link to thewebsite. If thecode contains only text, you will immediately seeit. For otherformats , such as telephone number, email address , orcontactinformation , the program will prompt you to takefurtherappropriate action to complete the dial-up, open or save,Nowtwo-dimensional code scanner barcode scanner can readbarcodespecified UPC, EAN, barcode scan your collection ofproductinformation, so you can more easily investigate productprices ,and can search out a place to purchase products or website, so assoon as you have your favorite products.Using barcodescanners,two-dimensional code scanner lets you easily decoded text,URL ,barcode, e-mail, contacts, calendar events, just simply usethecell phone camera can do .We currently support thefollowingformats Code:UPC-A and UPC-EEAN-8 and EAN-13Code 39Code93Code128ITFCodabarRSS-14 (all variants)RSS Expanded (mostvariants)QRCodeData MatrixMain features:★ supports most barcodeformats on themarket★ Fresh and Beautiful HD graphic design, has afriendly userinterface★ quickly from camera to scan atwo-dimensional code andbar code , automatic detection scanningwithout manually to capturebarcodes.★ You can create your own QRcodes and barcodes , veryfast !★ via SMS , e-mail , socialnetworking share your own QR code( on Facebook, Twitter, Flipboard, and Google + )★ Scan resultscan be very intelligent handling★History feature , you can displaythe list of all past scans* To usethe "Barcode QR Scanner" , yourdevice must have a built-in camera.If the scan codes to onlinecontent ( such as websites ) , you willneed internet access. Toscan product bar code , the device musthave an auto -focusfunctionDisclaimer:- "Barcode QR Scanner"development based on opensource ZXing library . While adhering toApache License 2.0 .
Link Aadhar to Pan Card & Bank Account 1.5
Ranjan Apps
Date of Linking Aadhar Card to PAN Card Has Been Extended"LinkAadhar to Bank Account and Pan Card" application provide veryeasyway to link your aadhar number to bank and pan card , readguidefor linking aadhar number, Features.Aadhar card LinkWithBanks.Internet banking for almost all INDIAN banks .Bankbalancecheck through missed callGet Mini statement through missedcall orSMS as provided by banks.Call Custmer care for all banks.Hindi(हिंदी) & English supported.Note : This is not anofficialapplication,All information contained in application arecollectedfrom INTERNET and developer has tried his best for itsaccuracy.But the accuracy of this information is not guaranteed anduser cannot challenge the developer for the accuracy legally or inanyother way
Barcode to PC: Wi-Fi scanner 2.0.0
DOWNLOAD SERVER: to PC turnsyoursmartphone into a real barcode scanner.Supportedplatforms:Windows, macOS, LinuxFeatures:•Keyboard emulationYoursmartphonesends real-time keystrokes directly to your computer, nocopy-pasterequired!•Wi-Fi readyConnect to the same network of yourPC and theapp will pair automatically•CSV supportYou can exportyourscannings in a CSV format•QR CodesBarcode to PC works also withQRcodesFAQ:
QRbot: QR code reader and barcode reader 2.0.3
Scan all kinds of QR codes and barcodes with the QRbot QRcodereader. Quickly access functions relevant to your scans:Forexample, add contact data to your address book or connect to aWiFihotspot with a single click. Easily share arbitrary data suchaswebsite links by displaying them on your screen as a QR codeandscanning them with another device. ALL COMMON FORMATS Scanallcommon barcode formats: QR, Data Matrix, Aztec, UPC, EAN, Code39and many more. RELEVANT ACTIONS Open URLs, connect toWiFihotspots, add calendar events, read VCards, find product andpriceinformation, etc. SECURITY AND PERFORMANCE Protect yourselffrommalicious links with Chrome Custom Tabs featuring GoogleSafeBrowsing technology and profit from shorter loading times.MINIMALPERMISSIONS Scan an image without giving access to yourdevicestorage. Even share contact data as QR code without givingaccessto your address book! SCAN FROM IMAGES Detect codes withinpicturefiles or scan directly using the camera. FLASHLIGHT ANDZOOMActivate the flashlight for reliable scans in dark environmentsanduse pinch-to-zoom to read barcodes even from far distances.CREATEAND SHARE Share arbitrary data such as website links withthebuilt-in QR code generator by displaying them on your screen asaQR code and scanning them with another device. CUSTOMSEARCHOPTIONS Get specific information by adding custom websitesinto thebarcode search (i.e. your favorite shopping website). CSVEXPORTAND ANNOTATIONS Manage unlimited history and export it (asCSVfile). Import it to Excel or save it to any cloud storage suchasGoogle Drive. Annotate your scans and manage product inventoryorimplement quality assurance in your small business! Enjoy oneofthe best QR code reader apps available for smartphones andtabletsrunning Android 6.0 or higher. Supported QR codes: • websitelinks(URL) • contact data (MeCard, vCard, vcf) • calendar events •WiFihotspot access information • geo locations • phone callinformation• email, SMS and MATMSG Barcodes and two-dimensionalcodes: •article numbers (EAN, UPC, JAN, GTIN, ISBN) • Codabar orCodeabar •Code 39, Code 93 and Code 128 • Interleaved 2 of 5 (ITF)• PDF417 •GS1 DataBar (RSS-14) • Aztec Code • Data Matrix
QR Code Reader 1.2.6
Scan Mobile
100% FREE! Download Now and Save money!QR Code Reader is the bestQRand Barcode scanner for Android. Scans all types of QR andBarcodesand is extremely easy to use.QR Code Reader has: ●Beautifulminimalist material design ● Scans instantly● Simple touse●Flashlight for scans in low visibility● Scan history● Nointernetconnection requiredQR Code Reader can scan and read all 1Dand 2Dbarcode / QRcode types including text, url, ISBN, product,contact,calendar, email, location, Wi-Fi and many other formats.After scanuser is provided with only the relevant options forindividual QR orBarcode type and can take appropriate action. QRCode Reader app isthe only QR code reader / barcode scanner youwill everneed.Download QRcode Reader now!
Aadhar Card QR Scanner 1.8
Hotapp Studio
Aadhaar Scanner - Get aadhaar card details in your mobile deviceinone click. No need to carry Aadhaar card always. Just scan qrcodeand save it for later use. You can also share Aadhar detailwithany one that you want.Point your camera to QR code that youwant toscan and app will automatically detect it. Scan your AadharCard QRCode and get all mAadhaar details like UID, Name, Gender,Date ofBirth, Address, Postal code etc. Aadhaar card is sometimesmisspeltas Aadhar card, Adhar card, Adhaar card etc. Aadhar Card QRCodeScanner Features:- Quickly scan Aadhaar Card QR-Code.- GetallAadhaar details in on your mobile device.- Check youAadharapplication status and Aadhar card correction details.-VerifyAadhar Card detail.- Verify email and mobile number linkwithAadhar Card.- Lock/Unlock Aadhar Biometrics.- Check yourAadhaarand bank account linking status.- Share detail with other ifyouwant.- Good User-friendly interface.- No internetconnectionrequired. Run without internet.- Aadhaar Detail or userdata is notstored anywhere on our servers. It only stores in yourmobilephone. So, no one misuse it.If you like Aadhar Card Scanner2017then shares suggestion how to improve app and make it better.Staytune for next update.Disclaimer:This is NOT an official app oftheUnique Identification Authority of India (UIDAI) and we arenotaffiliated with the Unique Identification Authority ofIndia(UIDAI) in any way. The purpose of this app is to make as apublicservice to help Indian residents view their Aadhaarinformationusing mobile device.
Scan MyPeugeot App 2.5.1
A user guide at your fingertips. This application is availableforthe Peugeot models New 3008 SUV, 308, 308 SW and 108. OtherPeugeotmodels will soon be added to this list. With Scan MyPeugeot,youcan access your vehicle's handbook on your smartphone. TheScanMyPeugeot application enables you to quickly access alltheinformation from the corresponding user guide, using thevarioustabs: - "Scan" your vehicle with the smartphone's cameralens,click on a recognised component to display information on it-"Visual search" using identification markings on images ofthevehicle, click to display the details - "Warning andindicatorlamps" provides you with information on each type of alertanddisplays the initial advice to be followed Apersonalisedapplication: Once the application has been installed,you will beasked to enter details of your vehicle and to selectsome of thedistinctive features of your trim level to download therelevantinformation from the handbook. Advantages of the ScanMyPeugeotapplication: - Visual recognition - It can be used in"offline"mode, after you have downloaded the information from thehandbookfor your vehicle - User guide for the warning and indicatorlamps -Access to information on all the functions of your vehiclebynavigation using the visual search Once you have downloadedtheapplication, refer to the legal notices for more details abouttheconditions of use of the application.
Renault Radio Code Generator
Scan the barcode from your Renault Radio to generate thecode(Barcode Scanner by ZXing team needed). It's also possible totypethe code yourself (by clicking thesearchlighticon).Permissions:Internet - Needed to show ads.In-apppurchases -Needed to remove ads.
Qr Code Scanner - Qr and Barcode Reader 1.5
Jigs Utility
Qr code scanner - Qr and Barcode Reader is a free and best appforandroid device. Qr code scanner scan many type of data format.Likewebsite link, contact, vCard, WiFi hotspot, locations,Barcodes,two-dimensional codes, EAN-8, EAN-13, UPC, JAN, GTIN-13,Code 93,Code 39, Code 128, PDF417, Aztec Code, GS1 DataBar(RSS-14),Interleaved 2 of 5, Data Matrix and much more. We developthis QRcode scanner app that very helpful to end user. We add somemorefunctionality in this app that really need it and make yourtaskeasily. For example, when you scan the contact Qr code, addtocontact button display. When you scan WiFi Qr code, WiFiconnectedin a single click. When you scan Link (URL), open in webbrowserbutton display. With QR code generator you can create yourown QRcodes and save them for later use or print it. Also sharewith yourfriends through social networks, email and other apps. Wedevelopour app with multiple functionality and try to put allfeature in aone app. So, you don’t need to download many app for QRcode andBarcode related task like Qr code scanner app, Qr codereader app,Qr code generator, Bar code reader, qr code creator, Barcodescanner, Barcode reader and scanner, QR code generator andscanneretc. Best feature: - Create and share own QR codes - Verysimpleand easy to use - Scan image from gallery - Flashlightsupported -Generator own QR code Our app contains other featurecalled Barcodescanner. Barcode scanner useful for scanning orreading barcode.This Qr code reader application is well design andfree of charge,It also developed with good UI and better UX. Getyour own QR codereader! We are always happy to provide bestfunctionality of ouruser. Share your questions and suggestion howto improve appfunctionality. Send email at [email protected]
QR & Barcode Scanner 8.1.0
📼 Barcode Scanner is the fastest and most user-friendly QrBarcodescanner & QR Code Reader app available on the playstore. Byusing the phone's camera, our barcode reader will quicklyscan andrecognize the information of barcode. QR Code Reader Whenscanninga, if the code contains a website URL, you'll automaticallybetaken to the site. qr code generator It’s fast, easy andsecure.The best thing that our barcode reader app is Free, Fast,Secure,Easy and you can use it without limits!📷 QR Scanner isdesignedwith a few spells code reader. If you are very concernedaboutpersonal privacy, this is the application you need. It is safeandcompletely compatible with Android 6.x and 7.x or on Android.📼QRscanners are widely used to decode QR codes and barcodes: suchasISBN, EAN, UPC, Datamatrix and others.If you are concernedaboutsafety, this QR light scanner is the only QR code reader youneed.scan qr code not just simple, but free.🔨 Main function:🛠 ScanQRcode from WARP🛠 CAMERA🛠 Image files🛠 Paths🛠 CREATE YOUR CODEQRCoding:🛠 EMAIL ADDRESS🛠 PHONE NUMBER🛠 CONTACT INFORMATION🛠EVENTCALENDAR🛠 GEOGRAPHIC INFORMATION🛠 Simple text🛠 Bookmarks🛠CREATEYOUR OWN "oldy" CACHE CODE (EAN8, EAN13, CODE39, Code 128)📲Howdoes it work?It's easy: just point your camera at the QR codeandour QR Code Reader will immediately display the scanned content!Donot waste any more time typing a free web-address,contactinformation or password on your smartphone's Wi-Fi.🔤Language:QRBarcode scanner supports the following languages:English, Spanish,Portuguese, Russian, Vietnamese, Indonesian,German and Francis -Korea.👱 Support:If you have any problems whileinstalling or usingthe application, please contact our applicationdeveloper team atemail: [email protected] We willcontact with you andsolve the difficulties as soon as possible.Ifyou like the app,please help me rate 5 star. Thanks.
QR & Barcode Scanner PRO
Gamma Play
This is ad free (no ads) version of myapp: Barcode Scanner is the fastest QR / barcode scanneroutthere. QR & Barcode Scanner is an essential app foreveryAndroid device. QR & Barcode Scanner / QR code readerisextremely easy to use; simply point to QR or barcode you wanttoscan and app will automatically detect and scan it. No needtopress any buttons, take photos or adjust zoom. QR &BarcodeScanner can scan and read all QR / barcode types includingtext,url, ISBN, product, contact, calendar, email, location, Wi-Fiandmany other formats. After scan and automatic decoding userisprovided with only the relevant options for individual QRorBarcode type and can take appropriate action. Scan productbarcodeswith QR & Barcode Scanner in shops and compare priceswithonline prices to save money. QR & Barcode Scanner app istheonly QR code reader / barcode scanner you will ever need.
Qr Code Reader, Barcode Reader & Qr Code Creator 3.0
Create and Scan Qr Codes with Qr Reader and Maker App fordifferentBarcodes formats. No Need for a separate app for AadhaarCardSacnner. You can scan different kind of codes e.g.Datamatrix,Code128, Azte Code, UPC-A, Codabar,PDF 417, ITF, EAN-8,Code39 andmore. Its too easy to use Qr code scanner, Just pressscanningoption and place your camera over Barcode or QR code.That's it. Infew moments it will give you all information saved inthatparticular code. After fast scan and decoding user is providedwithonly the relevant options like search particular product,websiteor related data in particular QR or Barcode type and cantakeappropriate action. Its best app to use QR & BarcodeScanner toscan coupons / coupon codes to redeem discounts and savesomemoney. How to use QR Scanner & QR code Generator: JustOpenScan option top of screen and simply point to QR or barcodeyouwant to scan, app will automatically detect and scan it. QRcodewill automatically save in the history page. No need to pressanybuttons, take photos or adjust zoom. Select Qr Genereatrorfeature.Chose your desire option to make QR Code. we have givenmultipledifferent options. Save or share it. That's it!! AppFeature: QrReader: - Scan Any Qr code or Barcode. - Flash lightsupport toscan in dark. - Scanned History option with delete,share, copy toclipboard. - Scan Aadhaar Card or Jio codes. - DecodeQRcode/Barcode from Saved File. - Decode QR directly from URL orWebaddress. - See your past scanned QR codes in history. QRGenerator:- Make QR codes in Multi colors. - Make QR codes frommultipleoptions. - QR code for : Phone number, URL, EmailAddress,Location, Post Address, Free Texts, Bookmark & CalendarEvent.- Save Generated QR code in SD card. - Share QR image onsocialnetwork. You can give feedback and we would love to listenyoursuggestions by E-mail, Facebook, Twitter or Google+.E-mail:[email protected]: Your use of Qr CodeReader,Barcode Reader & Qr Code Creator is free of charge inexchangefor safely using some of your device's resources (WiFi andverylimited cellular data), and only when you are not usingyourdevice. You may turn this off from the settings menu. Pleaseseeour TOS for furtherinformation.
Product Origin 1.5
Requirement: Camera's resolution is 5.0 MP andabove.Appdescription:Scan the product's barcode via your phone'scamera andthen this app will tell you where it is from based on theGS1standards. You can also copy the scanned barcode quickly andsearchfor it in GEPIR website (more details in How itWorks).Support meby rating the app if you feel it is good. Thankyou.
Text Scanner [OCR] Pro 2018 2.2.2
[What the Text Scanner can do]• Converts an image to text.•Scanhistory results.• Support photos of your album.• Copyextractedtext into the clipboard for use in other apps.[Features ofTextScanner]• Free and no ads.• World highest speed reading.•Worldhighest accuracy reading.This Text Scanner is stillindevelopment.If you like it or have any other comments, pleasetakea moment to write us a comment, or simply email [email protected], which can help us improve our productsandservices.Feature suggestions or bug reports aregreatlyappreciated!
QR Code Scanner - How to scan qr code?
Do you want to know How to create qr code?Do you want to know Howtoscan qr code?Do you want QR Code Scanner to help you solvetheproblem How to make qr code?orDo you want to know How tocreatebarcode?Do you want to know How to scan barcode?Do you wantBarcodeGenerator to help you solve the problem How to makebarcode?How doI scan a qr code? or How do i scan a barcode? is soeasy for QRCode Scanner.QR Code Scanner is the fasting barcodescanning app.QR Code Scanner is free (No ads, No specialpremissions) andoptimized for QR code and Barcode decodingBest QRCode Scanner, barcode reader & QR code reader for Android!Scans all QR code& barcodes! Very simple & easy touse!Features of our QRCode Scanner(Free QR Code Scanner):★QR CodeScanner is all-in-onescanner & reader app which can scans allstandard 1D and 2Dcode types (including almost all QR code &barcodes).★QR CodeScanner is simple & easy to use.★QR CodeScanner supportInstant scan.★QR Code Scanner don't require Internetconnection forscanning QR code or barcode.★QR Code Scanner supportflashlight.★QRCode Scanner can save scan history.★QR Code Scannercan scan Any Qrcode or Barcode.★QR Code Scanner can scan AadhaarCard, Bharat QRCode or Jio codes.★QR Code Scanner can decode QRcode/Barcode fromSaved File.★QR Code Scanner can decode QR directlyfrom URL or Webaddress.★QR Code Scanner can see your past scannedQR codes inhistory.★QR Code Scanner can add your QR codes inFavorites.★QRCode Scanner can support like zxing etc .QR CodeGenerator:★Generate QR codes from multiple options★ QR code for :Phonenumber, URL, Email Address, Location, Post Address, FreeTexts,Bookmark.Supported QR codes:★ website links (URL)★ contactdata(MeCard, vCard, vcf)★ calendar events★ WiFi hotspotaccessinformation★ geo locations★ phone call information★ email,SMS andMATMSGBarcodes and two-dimensional codes:★ article numbers(EAN,UPC, JAN, GTIN, ISBN)★ Codabar or Codeabar★ Code 39, Code 93andCode 128★ Interleaved 2 of 5 (ITF)★ PDF417★ GS1 DataBar(RSS-14)★Aztec Code★ Data MatrixHow QR Code Scanner Works:1) Towork with QRCode and start scanning your QR Code or barcode, youwill have tosimply open the QR Code app, point the camera at the QRCode orbarcode, and you’re done! There is no need to take a photoor pressa button. QR Code Scanner will automatically recognize anyBarcodeand QR code your camera is pointing at.2) When scanning aBarcodeor QR code, if the QR Code contains a website URL, youwillautomatically be taken to the site. If the code just containstext,you'll immediately see it. For other formats such as phonenumbers,email addresses, or contact info, you will be prompted totake theappropriate action.3) Want to create your own barcode or QRCode?It’s very easy with our app and you can create your personalQRCode or barcode with your information easily and fast.4) QRCodecan save all your QR Code scanning history and your QRCodegenerate history.5) QR Code can add all your QR Code or barcodetoyour favorates.6) QR Code can decode text, url, ISBN,email,contacts information, calendar events and much more usingyoursmart phone camera.QR Code Scanner design for Android phoneandtablet for free!!!So, what are you waiting for? Download andfindQR Code in a few seconds!We are always striving to provide thebestuser experience for our users.We are also looking foryourfeedback, suggestion or recommendation. Please, feel free tolet ushear from you at "[email protected]" so we can continuetobring you the best experiences and updates.
Document Scanner Pro 2.1.1
Document Scanner Pro is an app for scanning documents, images, isascanner of bar codes and QR codes using the camera of themobiledevice.Document Scanner Pro is tiny scanner app (only ~10MBdownload) to make your phone become a amazing scanner (or calledbyother names as CamScanner, Tiny Scanner, PDF Scanner, etc...)toscan photos, PDFs, receipts, reports, or just about anythingineverywhere. Document Scanner Pro uses best algorithms todetectdocuments edge, enhance texts, graphics, and easy to manageorshare in PDF, JPEG formats.It is like incorporating a scannerwithextensive functionality to the mobile to use it at any timeandplace, file, edit, make lists and share the files obtained inPDFformat.The new version of Document Scanner for smartphoneandtablet mobile devices is now available.Document Scanner Pro islikean easy-to-use and fast-access toolboxDocument ScannerProFeatures:★ Mobile scannerTurn your device to a scanner,scaneverything as photos, reports, receipts,...★ScanAutomaticallyDetect document edge automatically.★ OptimizescanqualityEnhance texts and graphics look clear and sharp.★Speed& quality optionScan with higher quality mean thatdecodingspeed is slower (3 options : slow, medium, fast).★ PDFsettingsSetpage sizes for PDF (Letter, Legal, A3, A4, A5 andmore).★ DocumentsOrganizationName and organize documents in foldersand easy tomerge, move, copy or delete.★ Quick searchEasy to finddocumentwith search tool, or sort by modified time, creation time,name.★Apply effect4 modes for scan document : Magic, Original,Grayscale,Black & White.5 levels for adjust contrast, textbold.★ Userinterface2 modes to view : GridView or ListView.★ SharePDF/JPEGfilesEasy share doc in PDF, JPEG formats via social,email,...★Print & UploadInstantly print out docs in DocumentScanner Prowith nearby printer by Cloud Printing Service.Or uploadto GoogleDrive, Box, Dropbox, Evernote,...You have at yourfingertips a freedocument scanner with a simple and intuitiveoperation, since witha simple and fast download you will transformyour mobile deviceinto a pdf scanner camera.How to use DocumentScanner Pro App:1.Select document you need from Gallery or capturewith Camera.2.Select a part of document or full. Rotate document tocorrectdirection.3. Apply effect with 4 modes : Magic,Original,Grayscale, Black & White.4. Press done! and you canmanage yourdocuments easy for now!We also offer the option to shareDocumentScanner and to contact us with any questions, contributionsorrequests.Document Scanner Pro offers all this totallyfree!Downloadit now!
Lightning QRcode Scanner 1.9.3
QRcode Reader free is optimized for QRcode / Barcode decoding.QRcode Reader is an ultimate barcode reader app for anyAndroiddevice. Enjoy all the benefit by scanning QRcode / barcodefromeverywhere to access promotion and coupon . QR code readerwasdesigned with camera only permission granted. If you areveryconcern about personal privacy , this is right QRcode scannerappyou need. It is safe and fully compatible with Android 4.xorabove. QR code readeer is widely used to decode QRcode &barcode types such as ISBN, EAN, UPC , data matrix and others.QRcodereader with Zoom feature , easy to decode small or far awayQRcode.If you are concern the safety , this Lighting QRcode scanneris theonly one QR code reader you needed. not only simple , butalsofree. Key Feature : -- Robust decoding rate. Move camera tofocuson QR code / bar code object is the only things to do. --Takeappropriate action. By decoding QR code , you can searchproductinfo or browse the website even connect wifi withoutpasswordtyping. -- History You can export all link via e-mail orreuse thelink. -- Flashlight Darkness ? not worry . Just turn onFlashlightfunction -- Zoom Easy to access small QRcode With Zoom In&Zoom Out feature. QRcode reader design for Android smartphoneandAndroid tablet for free.
QRCode Barcode Scanner - Barcode Reader & Creator 1.2
Today digitization of products is imperative, Each createdproducthas an identification code called barcode or QR Code.Barcode andQR code generated by the manufacturer and registered.Barcodestores product information of national origin, business name...Therefore, it is imperative to look up product informationquickly.We have developed a barcode scanner application, also knownas a QRCode reader . Features of barcode scanner - QR Codereaderapplication. - QR Code Scanner can scan and read barcodes ofanyproduct information including one-dimensional bar codes andbarcodematrix. - QR Code Reader can scan and read barcodes from animageavailable on the phone. - Barcode Scanner can create barcodesfromthe application, bookmark, contact list, memory or any textline -Barcode Reader can view barcode scanning history. - QR CodeReadercan look up product information barcode scan on google orinternet.Extensive features of Barcode scanner - QR Code scannersoftware -Selectable scanned barcode formats such as1-dimensional,1-dimensional industry, QR Code, matrix data, Aztecs,PDF - Set thesound after a barcode scan with a card with sound orbeat. -Automatic configuration setup after successful barcode scan.-Automatically copy links through the search to the phonememory,then just paste the results search and use. - It is possibletoconfigure barcode auto-recognition or manually. - Configuringtheselection of product barcodes by country. This is afreeapplication for scan, copy, read, or create barcode QR CodePleasevote 5 * support us, Thank you!
QR / Barcode Scanner "ICONIT"
ICONIT is a free QR code Reader with more than 28 million usersallover the world. ★Main features of ICONIT ・Read QR code・Readbarcode (JAN code) to product search ・Scan QR code / Barcodefromimages stored in Album ・Store and manage read data ・GenerateQRcode easily ★Easy to use 【Read QR code】 Just set ICONIT “SCAN”modeand hold your device over QR code. 【Read barcode (JAN code)toproduct search】 You can choose either “Google” or “Amazon”uponproduct search. 【Scan QR code / Barcode from images storedinAlbum】 Just select one of QR code /barcode images in Albumthroughtapping “Album” icon upper left on “SCAN” screen. 【Store andmanageread data】 ・Read data will be automatically stored in“History”.・Once you store read data in “Favorite“, you can accessto itquickly afterward. 【Generate QR code easily】 You can maketexts /Address into QR code. If other apps don't work well atreading QRcodes, try scanning them with ICONIT. “Google” is atrademark orregistered trademark of Google LLC. “Amazon” is atrademark orregistered trademark of, Inc.
New pan card apply online 1.1
CrApps Team
Online pan card application is provide all information about howtoonline pan card apply .
QR Code Reader Extreme 2.3.5
The app is a advanced QR code scanner not only simple butalsopowerful , Scan and Read Bar code , QR code , even Data matrix,UPC-A , UPC-E , Code 39 or 93 or 128 , EAN-8 , Aztec , EAN-13,Codabar , PDF 417 , ITF , RSS-14 , RSS-Expanded . Just one steptoscan it. Place QR code in center , scale the window to fit thecodesize in case it is small . Auto copy the text to clipboard foranyapplication sharing. FEATURES of QR code reader / Bar codescanner: - The most secure reader with a few permission was granted. -Extreme fast . - The url can be opened via a web browser . -Todetect the code with torch even in Low light environment . -ScanQR Codes from taken pictures from album . - Multi-Typesupported ,include Wifi ,Wifi-hotspot , map , address , phone no ,e-mailaddress . - Export history . The app is full optimizationforsmartphone and tablet for Android OS .
Camera Scanner Image Scanner 1.3.3
Camera Scanner turns your mobile into an incredible scanner.UseyourCamera as a high definition scanner. Take a picture of anypaperdocuments and digitize it. Easily share the scanned documentsviaEmail, Cloud Print, fax or upload them to Cloudstorage.Features*Fast Document scanning* Auto photo enhancing*Smart cropping* Sharescanned file with people nearby
QR Code Scan & Barcode Scanner 2.5.0
SCAN, DECODE, CREATE, SHARE with QR BARCODE SCANNER! BarcodeScanner& QR Scanner is completely free. Change your smartphoneinto apowerful QR Code, Barcode, and Data Matrix scanning utility.Openthe app, point the camera at the code and you’re done! Byusing thephone's camera, Barcode Scanner will quickly scan andrecognize theinformation of barcode. When scanning a QR Code, ifthe codecontains a website URL, you'll automatically be taken tothe site.If the code just contains text, you'll immediately seeit. For otherformats such as phone numbers, email addresses, orcontact info, youwill be prompted to take the appropriate action.Barcode Scanner& QR Scanner now reads regular barcodes—UPC,EAN, and ISBN—andgathers information about the products you scan,allowing you toresearch and find places to purchase the productsyou love. You canDECODE text, urls, ISBN, email, contactsinformation, calendarevents and much more with a single clickusing your smartphonecamera, image files, online codes. Afterdecoding you will beredirected to webpage links, books review,multimedia and calendaronline informations. You can CREATE YOUROWN QR Codes and Barcodesvery fast! SHARE them with your friendsthrough apps, socialnetworks, email, text messages, save them forlater use or print.Key Features: - Fast and easy SCAN QR CODES ANDBARCODES from CAMERA- CREATE your own QR CODESencoding:Applications, Email Addresses,Phone Numbers, ContactsInformations, Bookmark, Clipboard - SHAREyour QR CODES through:Email, SOCIAL NETWORKS , TEXT MESSAGES - Jumpdirectly to WEBADDRESSES decoded - History logs and displays of allof your pastscans in a list - Touch-focus camera (requiresautofocus) -Customize how Scan works in Settings All the featuresyou wouldexpect to have, and more, are right here! QR Droid is trueto itsroots: a first class scanner. Notes: In order to use Scan,yourdevice must have a built-in camera. When scanning codesthatredirect to online content (such as websites), you willneedInternet connectivity. To scan product barcodes, your devicemusthave autofocus. DISCLAIMERS: - Barcode & QR Scanner base ontheopen source ZXing Barcode Library. Apache License 2.0.ZXingBarcode Library: ApacheLicense,Version 2.0:
QR Code Scanner (Recommended) Free, FAST & No ADS 2.3.135
Q Inc
The scanner is a skillfully advanced but simple app designedtodo exactly what it claims – Scan, Decode & Read QR codes, inalightning fast, reliable, dependable AD FREE way! UNIQUEBENEFITS:•The first QR Code scanner in the world with hypersonicspeed.• View“In-App Preview” before opening the site in a webbrowser.• Easilydetect the code even in low light and lowresolutions.• Easilydetect the code from off-angle pictures.• ScanQR Codes stored incamera’s library from previously takenpictures.WHO CAN USE the ADFREE SCANNER?• Anyone who issearching for an intelligent QRCode scanner.• Also is perfectfor people who looking toperform Advanced QR code scanning anddecoding without anyunnecessary additions apart from exactly whatyou need.The Q.tkScanner is also completely Free of Charge. Thankyou and PLEASEEnjoy!
BEST Recharge Card Scanner NTC & Ncell 1.0.5
Susankya Tech
Recharge Card Scanner NTC & Ncell is a fast, light-weightandsmart application that saves your time by scanning rechargecard'sPIN and activating data and voice packs with a single click.*FEATURES * - Scan NTC and Ncell recharge cards very quickly-Checkbalance- Transfer balance - View and activate data and voicepacks-See your recharge history- See all important and usefulnumbers inone place such as Police, Ambulances etc.- Earn REWARDSsuch asmobile balance by completing tasks (COMING SOON!)- Viewlatest dataand voice packs every day. You don't need to update theapp to seethe latest packsRecharge Card Scanner NTC & Ncelluses yourdevice's camera to scan for the PIN. The app also uses"Phone"feature of your device to make balance transfer andcheckinginquires. Please allow the required permissions to accesscameraand phone if prompted by the app. *TIPS*- When you scan arechargecard, please make sure that the card's PIN area isproperlyscratched and all the digits are visible. - Balanceinquiries andother features work best with single SIM.- Select themost used SIMas the default SIM to avoid "Choose SIM" dialog. Forexample,select NTC from NTC and Ncell if you use NTC more often.-Cover orbend the area of the card where there is serial number sothat theapp scans recharge card only for the PIN.Please leave yourfeedbackand suggestions in the reviews and do give your honestratings tosupport us.Note: Currently, features of NTC and NcellPrepaid areavailable. We will add more options very soon.
Made in 2.0.5
"Made in" is the best way to know the origin of productsscanned(automatically or manually). This free application providesanopportunity for those who wish to support and promote thelocalproducts at this time of deep crisis.Note : sometimes, thebarcodecan indicate the country where the head office of thecompany islocated.