Top 28 Games Similar to Guess The Animal Name

kr.caramel.quiz_stickman 4.0.0
Solve trivia questions on the run! 1 vs. 100! Be the lastsurvivor!Choose between true or false in 5 seconds! Those who chosethecorrect answer survive! Those who are wrong are punished! Youcanswitch answers freely within the given time. Better trustyourinstincts! Solve trivia questions to level up froma"Kindergardener" to "God"! Collect our fun and uniquecharacters!Learn fun facts Addictive and Unique Trivia Game!Nerve-wracking!Thrilling! Don't stop until you're the last onestanding!
Hot Hands! 1.0.340
Hot Hands is the new fast and furious tip-of-the-tongue gamefromThe Ellen DeGeneres Show and the makers of Heads Up!, combiningallthe fun of celebrities and pop-culture savvy with a big redbutton.Choose from a variety of categories, from TV Stars toAwardWinners, and Musicians. See a picture of a celebrity on thescreen,say their name, and press the red button, but hurry! Youhave onlythree seconds to identify who each celebrity is! Ifexcitedlyshouting celebrity names isn’t an option, you can alsoplay inMultiple Choice and Initials modes. Think you’re hot?Challengeyour friends to compete in Multiplayer mode. May thehottest handswin!
94 Seconds - Categories Game 6.0.14
1 category, 1 letter, 1 word to find and score higher thanyourfriends. A fruit with B? A sport with T? A mammal with D? Wanttoplay? Then download fast 94 Seconds categories game right now!Morethan 50 different categories: countries, fruits,musicalinstruments, tools, cosmetics... *** INSTRUCTIONS *** * 1categoryand 1 letter: find as many right answers as possible! Areal brainchallenging free app * 3 different jokers are availableto help youto find a right answer or to set higher scores. * Typosandspelling errors are allowed, within reasons... If you have awronganswer or skip (3s less), you can take a look at the examplesatthe end of a game. (""""I knew it"""") * Rare or hard response:1point if answer is easy, 2 if it is rare or difficult. Example:Afruit beginning with P? Peach 1 point, 2 points for Persimmon!*Series: Right answers in a row give additional points andwillboost your score! * Too easy ? Change the language and use theappto learn foreign words ***6 LANGUAGES AVAILABLE - GAME THATWORKSWITH OUT WIFI / NO INTERNET CONNECTION*** You can play inEnglish,French, German, Italian, Portuguese and Spanish. Game willworkwithout internet connection. App loads fast: perfect gamewhenbored or offline Facebook:
Givling - Win Real Cash!
Givling, Inc.
NEW! There are now FOUR way to win playing Givling 1) a dailycashprize for simply playing 10 FreePlay trivia games in a 30dayrolling period. 2) play the free trivia game to win fourandfive-digit cash payouts to spend as you please 3) play thefreetrivia game ten times every 30-days to be included in the$10,000random drawings that are held every time the fundingthermometerraises $35,000. 4) collect Queue Points and work yourway up eitherof the two Queues to get $50,000 in student loan ormortgagefunding. Givling is The World’s Most Incredible TriviaGame. Nearly$3 million paid out and growing! What are you waitingfor? Downloadthe game now for your chance to become our nextwinner! Join ourcommunity: - Facebook: - Twitter:@givling - Instagram:
net.wouldyouratherapp.wouldyourather 1.7.1
Would You Rather is a simple trivia casual game where you needtochoose would you rather scenario 1 or scenario 2. You can alsoaddyour own would you rather questions. Every would yourather(either) question have it's own question number that you cansharewith others and they can enter it and play that question andseewould they rather smash or pass scenario 1 or scenario 2. WouldYouRather is completely free to play and can be played by youngandadult. You can play it alone or with your friends at houseorparty. Just pick would you rather this or that scenario andseewhich scenario is higher and which scenario is lower voted.Foreach either question you can see how other people voted, howmanymen, woman and other would rather scenario 1 and how manymen,woman and other would rather scenario 2. You can also playGuesspercentage and Guess answer games with other players. InGuesspercentage game you need to guess what percentage of peoplevotedfor selected option. In Guess Answer game you need to selectyouranswer and then guess opponents answer. Whoever guessescorrectlymore questions wins. Win more games and climb up top type of game is played by many youtubers,vloggers,celebrities and others. Would You Rather game is inspiredbypopular youtubers like jacksepticeye and luzu. Enjoy in bestWouldYou Rather game!
co.qunami 2.0
Nazara Gamez
Qunami is India's first quiz platform that provides a one of akindexperience with upto 5 players playing together. Our quizzescovera wide variety of categories ranging from Science,Geography,History to Entertainment and Culture. Immerse yourself ina uniquequizzingexperience.********************************************************************************************Qunamirespects your privacy, does not store any personalinformation anddoes not allow you share this information. We dorequire a fewadditional Permissions to function: 1.READ_EXTERNAL_STORAGE &WRITE_EXTERNAL_STORAGE Thesepermissions are needed to cache andread ad content during the gameplay2.ACCESS_COARSE_LOCATION/READ_PHONE_STATE/ACCESS_FINE_LOCATIONThesepermissions are needed to show suitable ad content fortargeteduser for better ad experience 3. GET_ACCOUNTS Thispermission woulduse your google account name and picture to show iton theleader-board once you sign in 4.RECORD_AUDIO This is requiredtoanalyse offline TV viewing data and servemedia-targetedads.Granting this permission is optional.
com.dozcore.mathew.biblequiz 8.1
Bible Quiz * Over 1250+ Questions and Answers withreference*Questions from all Books of Bible * 3 Modes of Quiz * 83Levels *Old Testament ,New Testament and Random Quiz
Wonders of the World 2.2.1
Zeus Lab
How well do you know the Wonders of the World? From the StatueofLiberty to the Golden Gate Bridge, the Grand Canyon toYellowstoneNational Park, the Pyramids of Giza to Mount Everest,the EmpireState Building to the tallest skyscrapers in the world,this apphas them all! ★ Quiz: 10 game levels ★ 200 wonders of theworld ★Photo of each wonder with relevant information and linktoWikipedia ★ Save any picture to your device or share it withyourfriends and family! ★ Earn achievements and compare your gamescoreto other players!
ATTENTION! THIS GAME IS MEANT TO BE PLAYED WITH FRIENDS INPERSON(FROM 2 TO 10 PLAYERS). IT WORKS IN TURNS, GIVING THE MOBILEORTABLET TO THE NEXT PLAYER. SO IF YOU ARE ALONE YOU CANNOT PLAY!Youanswer questions about you and then your friends must guesswhatyou answered. Do they know you as much as they think? Do youknowthem? The winner will be the one that best knows the otherplayers!You will find questions of all kinds: what would you taketo adesert island? What super power would you like to have? Whatwouldyou never do? We are pretty sure that you will be surprisedwiththe answers. The number of players goes from 2 to 10 (inperson)and there are more than 195 questions.
com.brightsolid.trivialist 1.3.9
1905 Games
TriviAlist! is a new offline trivia quiz game about the biggest,thebest, the most famous and the most infamous. Playing our quizissuper fun, requires no wifi and will keep you hooked for days.It’sa game all about the ‘A - list’ of life. Can you SORT, MATCHandSELECT all the lists we throw at you? In this new type ofgeneralknowledge trivia game, rather than choosing one correctanswer fromfour options (boring!), you instead manage a list ofitems based ona question we ask. All you need to do is SORT,SELECT or MATCH eachlist: SORT items by year, weight, length,value, distance, mass,speed and many other ways. For example,‘Sort these cities bypopulation’, ‘Sort these football teams bytheir net worth’, or‘Sort these kids’ TV shows by when they werefirst broadcast’ MATCHitems together – for example, ‘Match thesinger to their album’,‘Match the country to the flag color’,‘Match the quote to themovie’, or ‘Match the animal to theirfavorite food’. SELECT 5 itemsfrom a list of 10 things – forexample, ‘Select the 5 actors whoappeared in the Harry Pottermovies’, ‘Select the 5 objects that aresmaller than the Moon’,‘Select the 5 events that occurred beforethe US Civil War’ or‘Select the 5 celebrities who married more than5 times’TriviAlist! will test your knowledge like no other game.Get testedon a wide variety of subjects: - Movies (all genres,movie actors,directors, studios, history of film). - Music(singers, bands,singles, albums) - TV (shows and TV actors) - TheArts (visual andperformance arts) - History (military history,political history,royal history, US history, ancient history, etc.)- Science(astronomy, physics, chemistry, biology, geology, etc.). -Sport(Soccer, Golf, American Football, Baseball, Olympics,Tennis,Cycling, etc.) - Celebrities - Cooking - Nature -Geography(countries, cities, natural world, etc.) - Video Games -Business(economies, companies, products) TriviAlist! is free toplay!TriviAlist! does not require a connection to play! You canplayoffline / with no wifi connection! (you need to connect only onthefirst play, then you are able to play offline). TriviAlist!issuitable for all ages to play, adults and kids alike!TriviAlist!has over 1000 lists to keep you engaged for weeks, witha varietyof questions and answers to test your generalknowledge!TriviAlist! will top you up every day so there’s alwaysnew liststo play. If you like TriviAlist! then we’ve alsoreleased‘TriviAlist! 2’ and ‘TriviAlist! Showbiz’ for more triviapackedlists. Check them out today! It’s totally free to play,howeversome game features can also be purchased for real money. Ifyoudon't want this optional feature, please disable in-apppurchasesin your device's settings. If you have any problems orwould liketo make any suggestions, you can reach or find us on Facebookat
com.gedev.flags 1.8.14
“Flags of the World” is a quiz game (trivia) that teaches theflags,capitals, landmarks ( monuments , tourist places ) andcurrienciesof all world countries in the most fun way possible.You will alwaysremember the flags and the capital cities youlearned with thisgame. You can play Multiplayer games with peoplewho are from allover the world. There are 200 flags, 200 capitalcities, 5 gametypes and 11 levels which will get harderprogressively in thisflags quiz game. Every level has 20 flags, 20capital cities or 20currencies and you have 20 seconds to matchthe flag and country foreach question. If you choose a wrong flag,you will see the name ofthat flag. You will also learn detailslike capitals, currencies andpopulations while guessing a flag ora country, every question. Youcan play Landmarks mode andlearn/guess 20 touristic places of eachcountry from pictures. Listthe flags by levels (according todifficulty) in Practice section.You may study and learn all flagsand countries’ names with ourfunctional flashcards at every level.Guess the country name from 4flags or guess the flag from 4countries. Guess the country flag ofgiven capital city name. Noconfusing mechanics. Simple and moderndesign. You will feel likeyou are competing with yourself.Additionally there is a leaderboardof players around the world.Try more and put your name in Top 100List. You will also competewith other players in multiplayer mode.There is a leaderboard ofmultiplayer players around the world. Tryhard and put your name inMultiplayer Top 100 List. Don’t forget!You will learn all theflags by finishing all the levels with 3hearts in 2 modes. With awide range of languages, learn in yournative language or any otherdesired language. You can use our funand educational app “Flags ofThe World Quiz” in 25 differentlanguages: English, Turkish,French, Spanish, Russian, German,Portuguese, Polish, Italian,Dutch, Swedish, Indonesian, Danish,Norwegian, Arabic, Czech,Persian, Romanian, Ukrainian, Hungarian,Finnish, Korean, Japanese,Bulgarian, Azerbaijani.
Thunderdogs 1.1.7
Thunderdogs is a competitive online battle game where youamassbones to climb the leaderboards. Use a variety of awesomeweaponsto smash other players and steal their bones! Be careful -thebigger your haul, the bigger a target you’ll become! Survivebydashing and out-maneuvering a hail of bullets to fight back.Starteach session as the underdog, climb the charts to become thetopdog! FEATURES: * Intense real-time multiplayer battles * Useavariety of power-ups and weapons * Unlock more than 30aircraftsand dogs * Different arenas * Offline mode availableThunderdogs isan .io styled multiplayer game and requires internetconnection toplay online. 1.27.0
Romain Lebouc
One puzzle, one phrase : try to identity the meaning hiddenbehindeach drawing. Train your brain by solving the puzzles. And ifyouhave some difficulties, you can ask for clues or help fromyourfriends to solve those wacky wordies. Have fun recognisingorlearning new idioms through the levels of the game. Newdingbatsare regularly added to the game. If you have a puzzle inmind andwould like it to be featured in a next release of the app,you canalso send it. A lot of the puzzles are based on Britishsayings soit might be more challenging and difficult if you are notBritish.
WhatTheFont 1.1.1
Identify fonts in a snap! Take a photo of a design you love-WhatTheFont is a font identifier that will tell you what fontswereused. Great for designers, crafters, anyone who lovestypography,and anyone who's ever asked "what the font?!" Perfectfor when yousee a great design and want to identify the fonts, orwhen yourclient sends you an image but doesn’t know what fonts wereused. -Type out words in the fonts you find – enter your own textto trythem out on the spot. - Get ideas and inspiration for fontoptionsfor your own projects. - Learn the names of cool fonts. -Browsefonts similar to the one in your image. WhatTheFont ispowered byAI, making it fast and easy to use. Brought to you by thefriendlypeople at MyFonts.
History Time 1.1
Do you want to put your world history knowledge to the test?HistoryTime offers a big selection of history facts that aregettingupdated continuously, its fun and addictive gameplay willhelp youlearn some new history facts or give you better insightand put intoperspective human history. History Time'sCharacteristics RankingPlay and compete against people all overthe world in daily, weeklyand all-time rankings! Achievements Getachievements and pointrewards for completing specific tasks! Greatcontent This trivia appincludes hundreds of facts from history allover the world,including civilizations, science, war, religion,architecture, artand much more! History Time, the perfect way tokill some time whilelearning or to play as a drinking game withyour friends!
Pigeon Pop 1.2.5
Fortafy Games
The ultimate bird game, timing is critical! This fun tappingnewgame craze is insanely addictive. Control the pigeon as itdancesand pops it’s way through the fruit. Avoid popping the badthings.You can also choose various birds such as parrots andpeacocks.There are over 200 levels!
de.elasticbrains.whu 2.5.6
The West Ham United App brings you closer to every Match, Playerandall exclusive App content through a robust and user-friendlyAndroidexperience. Features include: • Official breaking news fromtheheart of the Club • Live match day hub with live audiocommentary,stats and more • Fan Zone, including the Selfie Cornerand HammerJeopardy Quiz • The best content from social media • Getpushnotifications so you can hear the news first • West Ham TVvideocontent • Online store and ticketing Never miss a kick,download theWest Ham United App now!
com.premiumsoftware.memoryanimals 4.0
Memory Game: Animals - memory game for all will help trainyourmemory and ability to improve concentration, relax and calmdown.Aligning images with animals in the game memory improveslogicalthinking. Pronounce of animal names by teachers inselectedlanguages ​​promotes learning languages. Find and matchanimals andhear the sound of the animals. Animal sounds encourageto explorethe next levels and learning new animals. If you haverememberingproblems, quickly distracted and unable to concentrate,you shouldpractice memory and concentration. To achieve excellentacademicresults, you will ensure that your memory is properlydeveloped.Playing memory game with the pronunciation of animalnames is alsoa great way to learn English and foreign languages.Applicationproperties: ● More than 140 animals, ● Learning animalnames inforeign languages, ● Pronounced names of animals byprofessionalteachers, ● Three levels of difficulty, ● Exploringsounds made byanimals, ● Support Google Game to save score and tocompetitionwith friends, ● Science and learning about animals, ●Photos ofreal animals in HD, ● Understandable and non-dispersibleattentiongraphics, ● Support for over 40 languages, ● Freeapplication.Matching Game: Animals is a great workout supportingtheintellectual development of brain. Memory exercise is theperfectway to keep a efficient brain, which stimulated to regularjobfunctions better every day. Train your memory, develop selfandhave fun learning new animal sounds. Improve yourconcentration,attention and speed of reaction by playing in memorygame.
LOCO Ladoo 4.2
Anti Tech
LOCO Ladoo App contains LOCO - The Live Trivia Game show's twohintsi.e. Ladoo. This app help in winning cash prize in Daily LocoQuizShow. Daily update of Ladoo will be available to users beforethegame. Ladoos will be available to users 15 minutes beforestartingof the game. So, Keep enjoying, keep winning.
com.androbaby.firstanimalsforbaby 1.9
Do you want to introduce animals to your toddler, kid or baby?Thisapp is great to teach animals to your babies, toddlers andkids!Animal flashcards will help them to learn many of the animals.Itincludes more than 80 carefully selected animals. - There are8animal flashcard categories and more than 80 animals(BabyAnimals,In the Forest, Pets, Creepy Crawlies, Safari Animals, WaterLovers,Birds, Farm Animals). - Colorful high quality pictures keepyourbabies' interest level high. - Professional pronunciation ofwordsfor child's correct learning. - Nice animations and realsounds ofanimals! - Baby first animals has a simple andintuitivenavigation. - Your toddler will learn much faster withthis uniqueapp! - This app is designed for kids educationalpurposes. - Animalflashcards can keep your kids entertainedanywhere, anytime! Thisgame is ideal for parents and children toplay and enjoy together.Playing is so easy that even a baby can doit without the help ofan adult. Baby first animals is a first wordsapp for yourtoddlers, children and kids.
com.even.harmony 7.2.22
Even helps you turn your paycheck into progress. Get paid ondemand,master your bills, and save money—all with the Even app. —Get paidon demand In a pinch? Send your pay to your bank accountin onebusiness day, or pick it up instantly at any Walmart. Nohiddenfees, no loans, no interest. Available through selectemployers. —See how much you need for bills Even detects whichbills are comingup and how much you need for them. There’s nosetup work or math todo. — Safe and secure Even keeps yourinformation private andsecure, and never advertises to you. Howmuch does Even cost? Even'sbudgeting features are free to use.Even Plus, which includesInstapay, is only available throughemployers that Even haspartnered with. Even Plus costs $8/month,though some employers maysubsidize some or all of that cost. DoesEven work with any bank?Even works with over 18,000 banks, butsome smaller banks take along time to send data to the Even app.If you use one of thesebanks, your experience with the app may notbe great. We wish wecould make things faster for this set ofbanks, but there’s only somuch we can do. Does Even offer loans?No, Instapay allows you toaccess the wages you've already earned.There's no interest, andit's not borrowing because it's yourmoney.
MyRide 1.4.4
MyRide has been created with you in mind, the rider. Theappprovides you with functionality to enrich your riding experiencenomatter the bike you ride. This first release offers you: -trackyour ride and store them under your own account - create aminijourney of your ride by adding the pictures you want during oratthe end of the ride. - Share your experience on social media -Dataon riding features like leaning angle, acceleration, speed,brakepower, elevation - ability to keep a list of all the brandsandbikes you own(ed) and tested Enjoy your Ride!
Swagbucks LIVE 1.6.3
Swag IQ is now Swagbucks LIVE - the interactive livestream appwhereyou can win $1000s every week. Download now to enjoydaily10-question IQ trivia games with $1000s at stake plus bonus SBforeveryone! Stay tuned for exciting new features and programs tocomeon Swagbucks LIVE! * Prizes are paid to winners in the form ofSBpoints, which are redeemable for popular gift cards or PayPalcashat
com.mrcooper.apollo.beta 3.8.0
OWN YOUR HOME LIKE NEVER BEFORE The fully-rebuilt Mr. Cooperappwith Home Intelligence℠ goes far beyond simply making payments.Itgives you all the tools you need to make informed decisionsaboutyour Mr. Cooper mortgage. • Track your home value and equity•Discover how to unlock cash using your home equity • Find waystopotentially lower your monthly mortgage payment •Explorestrategies for using your home equity to pay off debt Seeyour homemore intelligently and start owning it like never before!SEE YOURHOME LIKE A REAL-ESTATE EXPERT Get the intel you need tomakeconfident decisions about your home. Use the new HomeSnapshot℠tool to track your home’s estimated value and tax history,as wellas local housing market trends. TAKE CONTROL OFHOMEOWNERSHIP’S“WHAT Ifs” Stop worrying about what might happen andstart dreamingabout what could. Our Tune-Up tool gives you an edgethat mighthelp you • Discover new ways to put your equity to work •Calculatehow to own your home sooner • See if your payments couldbe lower •Run bundling scenarios to get rid of higher-interest debtNOT TOMENTION… Of course we’ve included all the basics you need tomanageyour home single-handedly. Sign in with your face orfingerprint,access FICO® Score monitoring* as well as importantloan documents.COOPERS ARE STANDING BY Want to talk to a realperson? With our newapp, you’ll have access to a Mr. Cooper homeloan professional whenyou need it, where you need it. *FICO Scoreavailable for primaryborrowers only Nationstar Mortgage LLC, d/b/a8950 Cypress WatersBoulevard Dallas, TX 75019 Equal HousingOpportunity, NMLS: #2119NMLS Consumer Access(
Ripplex Inc.
Over 3 million users love Scene: the best app for organizingandsharing your photos. One of Google’s Best Apps of 2014 and 2015inJapan. ■ SCENE’S FEATURES ■ ● Snappy Photo Browsing-Super fast, simple design - Photos arranged by date - Findpastphotos easily with Calendar View and Smart Slider - Yourentirecollection, at your fingertips ● Intuitive Organizing - Sortyourphotos into albums quickly and easily - Create unlimited albums-Add captions to photos - Up to 1,000 photos per album ● ShareOnYour Terms - Share albums privately with friends and family-Invite friends and family to collaborate by adding their ownphotos- Share with anyone, even if they don’t have Scene (or are onPC orfeature phone) - Share albums to Facebook, Twitter, and more●Scene Can Handle Your Entire Library - Use Scene ConnectforPC or Mac to import photos from your computer or SD cards-Organize and view your digital camera shots with Scene onyourAndroid device * Scene Connect requires a registeredSceneaccount ■ SCENE IS GREAT FOR WHEN ■ - You have somanyphotos you can’t find what you’re looking for - You wanttoorganize your photos quickly and easily - You’re on vacationwithfriends or family and want to share pics - You’ve got hundredsofphotos from an event, and want an easy way to share themwitheveryone who attended - Saving photos one-by-one from yourfriends’emails or chats is a pain—Scene to the rescue! - You wantto sharephotos privately, but aren’t 100% sure about Facebook’sprivacysettings - You’ve got photos of your hobbies and want toshare themwith the world - You want to share photos of your kidswith yourextended family
Traverse - Block Bouncer 1.4.0
Good Catch
Tap to lock rotating blocks and make a flat path foryourbouncingadventurer in this game of timing and skill! Can yougofurtherthan your friends and get the top score?Collect coinstounlock 40unique adventurers and traverse 6 zones – from therollinghills ofthe countryside to the industrious heart of thecity.Master thebounce, time your taps to lock the blocks and skimyourway toglory. The block locking is system is unique to Traverse–BlockBouncer and provides challenging, butextremelysatisfying,addictive gameplay. ■ FREE stickers with thisapp, getall 40adventurers from the game in iMessage now■ 100% FreetoPlay■Simple 1 Touch controls■ 6 different zones – how far canyouget?■40 characters to collect■ Game Center AchievementsandLeaderboards– can you beat your friends?Like us
Khmer Riddle Game : Quiz Game 1.0.3
Khmer Riddle is a great popular Khmer game. Khmer Peopleatcountryside always play when free time or rest time. We createdforpurpose: -conservation Riddle Khmer -Want to spread thenationalidentity, culture, civilization Khmer to young generationforremember Features: -Support Khmer Unicode -Multiple choiceanswerwith only 1 correct answer -Have 30seconds to play with 1questionor you can off time to play -Share score to Facebook Let'sInstalland enjoy Khmer Game! Thanks for supporting Khmer Game.
Lightning Alarm Weatherplaza 1.5.2
Lightning Alarm will not only let you know if there’s going tobelightning, but it will also tell you where. Thunderstormmovementand intensity is displayed on a simple, elegant map. At aglanceyou can see how close lightning is allowing you to decide ifyoushould stay outdoors or be safer inside. Using the latest datafromglobal weather models combined with high-resolution lightningdata,Lightning Alarm is a highly reliable, predictive thunderstormAppthat will provide accurate alerts if lightning is is close toyou.No matter what you’re doing this App will make sure that you’llbesafe if there’s lightning nearby Key features of Lightning Alarm-Thunderstorm movement and intensity forecasted up to 2 hoursahead- Message alert sent 15 minutes before lightning is expectedatyour location - Service uses high quality weather datacombinedwith high-resolution lightning data to accurately predictwhenlightning will occur