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Violetta Tini FAN APP 2.0
App for fans of TINI and the series!In the App you have:* Story of the series* Description of all of the characters* Lyrics of all the songs of Tini and Violetta* Memory Game* Test Questions* Images of Tini and Violetta* Access to all tweets of Tini!Whether you're a fan of Tini Stoessel and Violetta, you can notmissthis app!Enjoy this easy to navigate with simple interfaceapplication.PLEASE SHARE YOUR VALUABLE OPINIONS AND RATE THIS APP .WEAPPRECIATE THIS !Disclaimer :* It's an unofficial app for Martina Stoessel Information, it isnotauthorized or created by the original creator.* All the Information on this app is collected from differentonlinefree sources, the information on this app is property andcopyrightof their owners.* All the Information is provided for educational purposesanddistributing the knowledge only. We are not using it foranycommercial or selling purpose. We have no liability if anyoneusethis illegally .* This application complies with US Copyright law guidelinesof"fair use". If you have the feeling there is a direct copyrightortrademark violation that doesn't follow within the "fairuse"guidelines, please contact us.* This is NOT an official but a fan made app. All thelogos,trademarks and sources are the properties of theirrespectiveowners.
Violetta Music Letras 2.1.9
It is a must have app for violettamusiclovers. You can listen to the songs while viewing the lyrics.Itbecome a major difference from with any other app that comeswithwith integrated music player.The design is simple, just choose and scroll the lyrics/songsyouwant to view and listen.Some of them maybe familiar in you ear, but with both musicandlyric, you will surprised that how easy they are.Please note : If you intend to view the lyrics only, you canrundirect from the app. In order to play the songs, you have tomakesure that your internet connection is on. Please give usyoursupport by giving us your positive feedback for futureimprovementof our app.
Musica de Violetta
Deitch ben
This is the story before she becomeastarHave you heard about an Agency called Pop Star ?This agency make people become STARS. This time you will becomeaManager for a young star called Violetta. She isreallyHappy-go-lucky, outgoing and have bizarre personality. Butactuallyshe is actually quite depressed and serious. She alwaysthink thateverything happened to her is a bad-luck situation.You, as the manager need to help Violetta practice.ActuallyVioletta is a commoner but this time she really wants totryentertainment world. As her manager you won’t stop herright?There is a big problem, Violetta won’t practice if you arenotthere! OMG ! Yes, you must be with her every time. You don’tmindit right ? your priority is to Set her ready to his BIG Concertandget more fans.Your work as a Manager:★ Help Violetta practice in pop star agency just by tap-tap★ Buy Her all of the stuf her need such as : Camera forrecording,Guitar, Piano, mic, etc★ Give her passive income by marketing like from poster,accessoriesThe pop star agency will prepare some booster for you. It willhelpa lot in your work such as★ GOD THUMB : you dont need to tap-tap★ Double Marketing : Will Double your passive income forcertaintimes★ Double Concert : Will Double your earning from mini ConcertMusica Idol : Violetta Features :★ Tasty ways to play : earn money , buying stuff , doingmarketingand evenmore★ Help Violetta in the world of pop star in cutest way★ Best Time killer ever★ Animated graphic that will make you happy★ Collect super booster to help you manage the agency★ Connect to Facebook and ShareThis is the storybeforeshe become a starHave you heard about an Agency called Pop Star?This agency make people Become STARS. This time you will becomeaManager for a young star called Violetta. She isreallyhappy-go-lucky, outgoing and have bizarre personality. ButActuallyshe is Actually quite depressed and serious. She alwaysthink queeverything happened to her is a bad-luck situation.You, the need to help the manager Violetta practice.ActuallyVioletta is a commoner but this time she really wants totryentertainment world. The her manager you will not stopherright?There is a big problem, Violetta will not practice if you arenotthere! OMG! Yes, you must be with her every time. You do notmindit right? your priority is to set her ready to his BIG Concertandget more fans.Your work as a Manager:★ Help Violetta practice in pop star agency just by tap-tap★ Buy Her all of the stuf her need such as: Camera forrecording,Guitar, Piano, mic, etc.★ Give her passive income by marketing like fromposter,accessoriesThe pop star agency will prepare some booster for you. It willhelpa lot in your work such as★ GOD THUMB: you dont need to tap-tap★ Double Marketing: Will Double your passive income forCertaintimes★ Double Concert: Will Double your earning from mini ConcertIdol Music: Violetta Features:★ Tasty ways to play: earn money, buying stuff, doing marketingandevenmore★ Help Violetta in the world of pop star in cutest way★ Best Time killer ever★ Animated graphic que will make you happy★ Collect super booster to help you manage the agency★ Connect to Facebook and Share
Fan Luna Soy Songs Games 3.0
If you're a fan of Luna, you must have thisappwith games, phrases, songs and more!Are you really Luna Fan? If you think yes, then you can notmissthis application is the best App for fans of Luna, withthisapplication ABLE:- All about season 2 of "Soy Luna".- Songs of season 2.- Find out which character you look like with theCharacterTest!- New questions for the games!- And as always, many games, the amulet and more!Are you a fan of "I am Luna"? Then this application can notbemissing!* Check how much you know about the series with our games!- Read Luna Tweets without any special application.- Browse the gallery phrases.- Establish phrases as wallpapers.- Full Luna lyrics, including all their albums.- Show that you know everything there is to know about Luna withourquiz.Enjoy this easy to navigate with simple applicationinterface.Please share your valuable feedback and evaluate this APP. Wethankyou!
Tini violetta music and lyrics 3.0
Martina Stoessel at its maximum splendor inthegreat change tini Violetta !! This new app music, videos andlyricstini violetta includes videos tini Violetta with the bestsongs withlyrics movie, new music videos, photos tini MartinaStoessel andinterviews with the actors in the film Jorge Blanco,Mercedes Lambreand Adrian Salzedo.Discover the new application of the great change of violettawiththis application for android, the music video with lyrics oreverwill shine you i love you white jorge. Lyrics of the filminspanish and english with which you'll be able to listen tonewsongs from the film tini and make your own karaoke tini violettainyour cell phone.Melodies tini violet film in an application that includes thebestmusic from violetta online radio from where you can meetnewdevelopments with music tini current Martina Stoessel andwatchmusic videos online.The best songs in video and lyrics tini:- Born to Shine- Great escape- Don't cry for me- Finders Keepers- Still Standing- Losing the love- My stupid heart- Handwritten- All You Gotta DoThis is an unofficial app, internet connection is required.Thecontents have been compiled as a guide links to content whereallvideos and audios are provided by services in the public domainonthe Internet and sites like youtube. This app includesthecollected best moments of your favorite tvseries and the newfilmvioletta tini.
Guess the violetta 3.1.2dk
Sei un fan della famosissima serievioletta?Indovina tutti i suoi personaggi!Osserva le immagini e tocca le lettere per comporre il nomedelpersonaggio.Non preoccuparti se non riesci a superare un livello, puoi usaregliaiuti:-MOSTRA una lettera del nome;-ELIMINA le lettere in eccesso;-RISOLVI il livello.Inoltre, potrai chiedere aiuto a tutti i tuoi amici!Buon divertimento!!Are you a fan ofthefamous violet series? Guess all his characters!Look at the pictures and touching the letters to thecharacter'sname.Do not worry if you can not pass a level, you can use theaid:-Show a letter of the name;-PURGE excess letters;-RISOLVI level.Also, you can ask for help from all of your friends!Good fun!!
Music Violetta Lyrics 1.0
Are you ready to enjoy this best app andthisonly one on playstore?New feature, new idea and this app only one on playstoreyou can listen Music Violetta lyrics favorite musicMartinaStoessel. with the integrated music player and lyrics, youcanlisten the music while singing with the lyricshow to use? it's very easy. just do simple tap in theintegratedmusic player, you can play and hear your favorite musicsong youwant and singing with the lyricsNote:To listen to the song music, you must have in a good bestareainternet connection on (via wifi/3g/HSDPA/4g). and don't forgetifyou like this app please give us your feedback/review/starsforfuture developmentDisclaimer Legal Notice:This is an unofficial Violetta. All logos, characters, theirnames,places, aspect of this game are trademarks of theirrespectivedevelopers
Violet Photo Sticker 2.0
Meme GenerApp
Violet Photo Sticker is one ofphotographyapplication that can help you create your creativephotosticker.This application contains preloaded sticker, combine withviolettacomics art image. You can add text, you can add violettasticker toyour photos. Save to your gallery also immediately shareto socialmedia.Note :All images is gathered from internet and has been edited withcomicsart sense. if there is any picture contains of violence, iwillremove it from this application. This application is justViolettafans apps, feel free to rate this.
Soy Luna - Your Story 1.0.10
Lincun SA
Experience the world of Soy Luna fromtheinside! Create your character and go to the Blake. Be friendswithLuna, Nina, Simón… Meet everyone! Make decisions and find yourownway in this new interactive story.Before downloading this experience, please note thatthisapplication features offers to be paid with realcurrency,notifications that inform you about our latest contentreleases,and advertisement from The Walt Disney Family of Companiesandthird parties.We respect your privacy preferences. You can control andconfigureyou privacy settings by reseting your IDFA under thePrivacySettings menu in your device.
iVioletta Radio Musicas 1.0
iVioletta Radio Musicas - Violetta radiononstop hits for violetta fans. This apps is free for personaluse.You can enjoy violetta radio, violetta musicas, violettaletraslyric, wallpaper, images and many more.Disclaimer :This application does not intend to violate the trademark ofthemusic companies. All lyrics in this applications areforentertainment and educational purposes. This application doesnotcontain audio or video. It only contains the lyrics, the titleandthe name of the artist. Please contact us at the e-mail if youhaveobjections to the publications.This is an unofficial app. This app and its content arenotofficially endorsed or produced by, nor associated withoraffiliated with the music artist(s) or any associated entitiesofthe artist(s)
Karaoke 1.1
Diviértete cantando tus canciones favoritasdeVioletta. Apréndetelas y estate preparad@ para todossuconciertos.Con esta aplicación tendrás las letras de las canciones deViolettay podrás practicar con el modo Karaoke o ver sus videos deYouTube. Podrás encontrar éxitos de todas las temporadas.No tendrás que andar buscando en You Tube. Aquí tienesunarecopilación de los videos de You tube de Violetta ordenadosporcanción. Disfruta de los éxitos de Violetta, las cancionesdeLiudmila y las actuaciones de Pablo y León junto al restodelgrupo.Aplicación no oficial. Recopilación y organización devideos,Karaokes y letras disponibles en You tube, de manera que elaccesoa ellos se mas rápido y cómodo.El contenido proporcionado en esta aplicación está alojado enYouTube y está disponible en el dominio público. Esta aplicacióntansolo proporciona una manera organizada para localizar losvideosque mas te interesen.Todas las marcas comerciales y derechosdeautor son pertenecientes a los respectivos propietarios delosvideos que aparecen.Have fun singingyourfavorite songs of Violetta. Apréndetelas estate and make ready'forall his concerts.With this application you'll have the lyrics of Violetta andcanpractice with the Karaoke mode or watch your videos fromYouTube.You can find success all season.You will not have to go looking on You Tube. Here is a collectionofvideos Violetta You tube ordered by song. Enjoy the successesofVioletta, Liudmila songs and performances by Paul and Leonbesidethe rest of the group.Unofficial application. Collecting and organizing videos,karaokeand lyrics available on You tube, so that access to themfaster andmore comfortable.The content provided in this application is hosted on YouTube andisavailable in the public domain. This app only provides anorganizedway to locate the videos you most interesen.Todastrademarks andcopyrights are owned by the respective owners of thevideosdisplayed.
Violetta Music Letras 1.2
This application you can use to listentothesong Violetta. A lot of interesting stuff you get. Not justasong,it contained the lyrics to karaoke as well asnewsinformationabout the artist.Note:Use the headset to get better audio quality.This application is just a song player Violetta is notofficial.Soenjoy!
De Violeta Games 1.0
Get free de violeta puzzle game with 25HDvioletta galleries, this game very simple and asy to playjustslide part of image to finish the puzzle.In this games can use hint for help to finish the puzzle.Note :This isn't official app
Dress Violetta 0.0.3
Download right now the new Violetta gamewithnew clothes, save dressed up Violetta images and share themwithfriends!!The new Violeta game has new clothes too! We will add newclothesevery Friday!! Enjoy the game and comment us telling us howmuchyou love Violeta and what you want in next Friday’s version:DThanks for playing and for your opinion!!-Dress her up with beautiful blouses, pants, shoes,andnecklaces-Share on Facebook-Throw the dice and let Violeta dress up on her own, you'll seehowfun it is!Save an image of Violetta game as screen background and shareitwith friends!!Now have fun, and come back next Monday for new clohtes, colors,andmore....... :D :D
You like Soy Luna? This application helpsyouto play music Soy Luna. All the songs had lyrics to sing.Inaddition, there are some songs Violetta as an extra.Please note that the application MP3 Soy Luna does not haveadownload feature for copyright violation. The app is afan(unofficial) and no relationships with artists and everythingthatis copyrighted. Send comments and suggestions to ouremail.Thanks.
LaVioletta Música y Letras 1.5.0
Y si es para losaficionadosfanáticosLavioletta ?¿Sabe realmente Lavioletta ?Dou te amo estas canciones tan bellas como: Como Quieres ,ViolettayLeón Ahí Estaré , Violetta 3 Abrázame y veras ,AlcancemosLasEstrellas Violetta , Código amistad , etc.¿Estás listo para jugar y disfrutar de ella ?And if Laviolettafansforfans?Do we really know Lavioletta?Dou I love these songs as beautiful as: As you want,ViolettaandLeon There I'll be, Violetta 3 Hold me and see, usachieveStarsVioletta, friendship Code, etc.Are you ready to play and enjoy it?
Video / Music-Violetta 1.0
The latest app from Violetta to youmusicfanswith the best collection of many new features in it.Applications for collection and listening to the mostpopularmusicwith new song updates! Let's invite your friends tosing alongandenjoy the music!This app is very user friendly, Download free and enjoyyourbestmusic!note:- This app is for entertainment purposes only and isnotaffiliatedand linked by any party- All media, images, songs are owned by the copyright holderandmaynot be owned or downloaded
Brother of POU 1.0
circumvents many obstacles , jumps the mostfunplatforms becomes bubble and avoid the most difficulttraps.The Adventures of Pou brother in platformer game in the pureststyleyou be able to reach till the end ?
woody super woodpecker Adventure Game 2.0
woody super woodpecker Adventure Game iscoolJump and Run addictive non-stop old school arcade jungleadventuregame!woody Super woodpecker Adventure Game is a super classicadventureand legendary side-scrolling arcade platformer.How to play woody Super woodpecker Adventure Game Game:• To move the Super woodpecker click on right or left on thecontrolpad!• Press Jump-button AND right or left for running; press Jump andBtogether for a higher and wider jump!• Press B-button to make Super woody funny woodpeckerjumping!• Click down for ducking or on some tree stumps to get to abonuslevel!• Super woody super woodpecker swimming: press A-Buttonmultipletimes to swim higher ... release your finger from button togodown!Features of woody Super woodpecker Adventure Game Game:• 4 different amazing worlds• +50 beautiful, well-designed and challenging levelswithincreasing difficulty• 8 awesome boss fights (angry scorpion, dangerous spider, beegolemand crocodile boss) in 8 different castles• Over 20 different, great animated enemies such as crocs,frogs,spiders, snails and many more• Addictive, thrilling and challenging jungle adventure hit• High resolution graphics - great mix between 2D and3Dgraphics• Old school jump and run platform / obstacles runner• Classic platformer for kids, children and adults• Side-scroller gameplay with easy game console pad controls• Easy and free to play - hard to master• Classic jungle retro running and jumping adventure• Retro arcade music and old school sound effects• Many power ups, bonus levels, hidden blocks and bonus items• Simple & Intuitive game control through retro control padlikeon console games• Special woody super woodpecker surprises hidden indestroyableblocks and bricks• Amazing gameplay reminding to retro classic gamesEnjoy this brand new woody Super woodpecker Adventure Game ForFREE,Download Now!*** woody Super woodpecker Adventure Game is one of the bestnewestarcade gamesThis Super woodpecker Game is really addictive for boys and girls,kids and adultesyour opinion of this game is really importat for us please leaveareview .
Fabio's Adventures
Fabio's Adventures begins his journeyandadventure through an amazing worlds. You will enjoy averyentertaining gameplay with one of the best 2D platformer games.Getready for the variety of enemies and obstacles. Challengingyourskills by finishing all levels and achieve thedestination.FEATURES:- Nice graphics.- Addictive gameplay.- Challenging level design.- Fun for all ages.The game includes:- Control Fabio's Adventures smoothly in the way you like.- Stomp on enemies to get rid of them.- Get ‘magic Ball’ and throw the magic balls to enemies.- Collect 500 coins to get 1 extra life.We hope all our players have a great time playing it, pleaserateand thanks a lot for playing!We will keep working and updating more levels!
Arcade Mayhem Juanito 2.1.8
Arcade Mayhem Juanito is a new arcadeadventurefull of fun and crazy challenges, frenzy action andretrolove.Enjoy the story of Juanito and his unexpected friend Gluk tryingtoprotect the old retro video games from those slimy anddangerousClonocells.Unlock new weapons to pop your enemies, dash to avoid beinghit,collect stars and feel awesome.// Game features+ 8 unique worlds with ingenious game modifiers.+ More than 80 different levels to overcome.+ 8 bosses and 1 incredible mega boss!+ 10 powerfull weapons, powerups, upgrades and items tocatch!+ Survival Mode! Compete against the whole World!+ More than 75 crazy achievements to unlock!!!+ Beat the game in 3 different difficulties. Easy, NormalandHardcore.+ Show off your skills in Juanito's leaderboards.+ Gorgeous 2D animations, colorfull backgrounds andawesomecharacters.+ 15 original music tracks inspired in all your favouritearcadeclassics.+ Plenty of clonocells (whatever those are...)+ Fireworks, bricks, monkeys, dragons, snowballcharacters,minimalists tennis...+ A very talkative bipolar friend-ish alien.+ Available in 6 languages: English, Spanish, French,Italiano,Portuguese and Simplified Chinese.Let us know if you like the game!Rate 5 so we can keep working on Juanito Arcade Mayhem! :D
Jungle Adventure - Naru Adventure 1.0
Naru’s Adventures is one of the mostpopularand enduring series of all timeSuper boy Naru will have to jump and run over obstacles,fightagainst bees, snakes, snails and a lot of other monstersindangerous jungle, climb up huge stairs and mountains, and explorealot of jungle, castle - adventure world .Features:- Classic gameplay- Simple yet beautiful graphics- Easy and intuitive controls- Ability to double jump- More than 80 unique levels- Ton of boss battles- Suitable for all ages- 20 enemies: snakes, spiders, ghost, king kong... etc.- So Many items: Bullet, Powerball, burger, tennis ball...How to play game:- Press Left or Right to move- Direct crash enemy- Eat fire to shoot the enemy- Collect all the coins and bonus items to earn more pointsNaru's Adventures is a new journey of super boy, in thisrunninggame, you can Run through mysterious & magic darktomb.Thereare many levels and you will graduate to higher levels asyou getbetter.We guarantee jungle adventure game and super boy will keep youbusyfor hours regardless if you are a casual or an expertplayer.Download now and enjoy it!We hope all our players have a great time playing it, pleaserateand thanks a lot for playing!
Ski Crazy Safari : Adventure World 1.0.1
Frantic skiing and adventure betweentheendless mountains but you should escape before theavalanchefalls.Welcome to this ski trip, Ski Crazy Safari: Adventure World isawonderful adventure game which combine animals, avalanche andallkinds of traps. To escape on the skateboard and enjoy thebeautifulscenery around, animals forest!Feel free gliding in this rich scenes, frozen Kingdom, Empireoffire, candy Kingdom, forbidden dungeon and mysteriousmountains,that nice beautiful winter screen will around you . Itseems to bewaving to people who are adventurous.Each scene have different animals play with our panda skiingtraveland escape. Every animal has different attributes to helpthemescape faster.The more dangerous with more rewards. Take advantage of yourpets:Tianyi Horse, Ninja Cat, Monkey King, Moon Rabbit will alwayshelpyou to overcome huge challenges and destroy the enemy may stay in dangerous environment, extreme storm,apocalypticmeteor and blitz. But you can overcome thosedifficulties with yourfriends, and arrive at the final camp.Make a wonderful skipping in the snow, drive the wild animalsandbuild a perfect skiing team! Of course, don't forget to callyourmounts : Small flying elephants, Snow Moto, Little Dragon...Youcan even roll yourself into a snowball, which will make youbetterthan your friends at the fastest speed!Come to join the skiing adventure, occupy the camp, and seizetheglory of your own.Features:Free control systemAmazing HD scenesFree crazy show operationFull dynamic lighting and weather effects, includingrainstorms,Blizzard, etc.Rich mount and pet system
Run Kukuli Run
In this adventure, help Kukuli to pass trough4seasons...Run Kukuli Run...
Spider Hero: city adventure 1.0
Spider hero: city adventure isnew,free,amazing classic platformer game: run, jump, and crash allsortofmagic enemies, supernaturals, extraterrestrials andaliencreatures(scorpions, …) who try to attack and destroy yourcity.Collectweapons from street spotlight to crash and fillthemwithspider-silk to beat it easy.You can also meet spiderman s wisdom grandmother who can helpyouandgiving instructions and tips to fight your enemies ormaybewere youcan find something important in you secret missionintothecity.This free sweet game similar to retro platform games andcombinestheold school game with modern game-play where you canCollect asmanycoins and the most important the tree diamonds: red,blue,green.These are your key to make venum’s mission failed andsaveyour citylike all superheroes do. Make people, survivals andallthe cityhappy.Spider hero: city adventure had an amazing game-play wereyoucandouble jump across city’s walls and buildings roofs toreachmanyplaces where you can find your targets(venum,scorpion,aliens,…)you can also swim in deep sea to collectcoin anddiamonds. Don’thesitate to try this amazing adventure gamethatwill let youfrequent lot of experiences in one game: wildcity,roofs, new andcrazy enemies and magic creatures,treasure,diamonds, battleagainst superheroes, and late nighthunt.Help spiderman Unleash its silks correctly againstenemiesandaliens. What are waiting for its adventure time!!!!--------------------------Features:--------------------------Easy exciting gameplayAmazing graphic designRun, jump or double jump across walls, swim deep and dodgeDifferent levels with different difficultyAmazing arcade style gameCollect apples to buy some itemsFind diamonds so you can finish spider mission.Awesome experience for all the levels Super effects and super soundsFree and without internet Disclaimer: ----------------------This is an unofficial Spider hero: city adventure game wearenotaffiliated in any way to other games team trademark.Pleasedon’thesitate to contact us for informations.Don’t forget your reviews to our game. Your opinions help us.