Top 21 Games Similar to Mod Iron Man

Mod Iron Man 1.0
The Iron Man Mod adds an armor suitandgadgetstrying to replicate the popular superhero’shightechnologymechanical superpowers. When you put on the armoryourskin willturn into Iron Man and you will have super awesomepowersjust likehim.First you will need to craft the Mark-42 Armor.Thentap on theground to activate the armor suit and turn intoIronMan.As Iron Man you will be indestructible, be able to fly andrunextrafast and zoom in your view point on things aheadofyou.
American Iron Avenger 1.4
American Iron Avenger is the hero of this awesome free Androidgame,from a series of amazing superheroes from the future thatfight tosave the worlds in the Bad Wolf Universe! American IronAvenger isthe new identity of Steve Willow, a former policeofficer of theRosewall Police Department, that almost lost hislife whileinvestigating the murder of his late partner. Stevebecomes thevictim of an accident at an experimental testingfacility which ledhim to his prime suspect, whom will eventuallyprove to be Steve'ssavior and help him become American IronAvenger. Now he must trainto become the protector we all needagainst injustice, violence,corruption and apathy. American IronAvengers armor is made from amix of strong metals with a steelbase, powered by a small nuclearreactor that gives him mobility,speed and strength to capturevillains. American Iron Avenger usessuper jump abilities to getfast from one destination to another.Our robotic cop is in hisfinal test stage, to see if the realsteel armor can hold up to hisextreme power and speed. Play thisnew amazing game for free andenjoy! By constantly supplyingAmerican Iron Avenger with nuclearpower cells, you ensure to reachthe greatest of his capacity. Maybeonly a little extreme, but forsure it is fun to play and hard tomaster. Jump from building tobuilding at increasing speed whilecollecting as many power cellsas possible. Beat your friend'shigh-score! Test your endurance andreflexes! Take huge leaps fromrooftop to rooftop! Enjoy!
Iron Bat Gravity - Maze Run 1.1
Get the Iron bat suit and rock theGravitywithyour Super powers !In a world full of super villains you need a super suittosurvivethe assault of ultimate evil bad guys ! in a newlyplottedjokerattack you are trapped in a maze and only way to escapethatmazeis to use your ultimate dark knight super suit ,theironbat.onlydrawback of that iron bat super suit is thegravityproblem.ultimate armour with super hero capabilities istrapped nowuse itand run for your life against on-coming laserbeams andmanydangerous obstacles !This ultra prototype super suit has the capabilities tocontrolthegravity, run at super speed, suit energy blasters andsomanyexciting things !Made for kids who love iron man,batman ,superman,flash,krish,spiderman and many other awesome superheroes,purposeisjust to give entertainment and excitement foreveryoneSo be the crime fighter but first escape the mazewithfunnygravity and get it now and fly away or run away withyoursupersuit in this maze runner!
Flying Adventure 4.0
Take a look at our brand newAvengersAdventuregame!Are you tough enough to handle flying heroes? HelpincredibleHulk,mighty Thor, Iron Man and Captain America to avoidobstaclesduringthe dangerous adventure. Give a hand to yourfavouritesuperheroand head him to upcoming hero clash.This unofficial fan app was developed to praise probablythebestcomics series about superheroes ever - Avengers.FEATURES:● 10 powerful avengers ready for clash such asincredibleHulk,mighty Thor, Captain America and Iron Man andother.● 5 different locations● Fascinating clash and lovely graphicsThis game not for IphoneThe future updates will provide even more realisticgraphicsandgameplay. Work in progress. Have fun!Contact us with any questions or comments.Take a look atourbrandnew Avengers Adventure game!Are you tough enough to handle flying heroes? HelpincredibleHulk,mighty Thor, Iron Man and Captain America to avoidobstaclesduringthe dangerous adventure. Give a hand to yourfavouritesuperheroand head him to upcoming hero clash.This unofficial fan app was developed to praise probablythebestcomics series about superheroes ever - Avengers.FEATURES:● 10 powerful avengers ready for clash such asincredibleHulk,mighty Thor, Captain America and Iron Man andother.● 5 different locations● Fascinating clash and lovely graphicsThis game not for IphoneThe future updates will provide even more realisticgraphicsandgameplay. Work in progress. Have fun!Contact us with any questions or comments.
Marvel Pinball 1.8.1
Zen Studios
Marvel Pinball combines the greatest Super Heroes of alltimewiththe definitive videogame pinball experience of all time.Useyourpinball wizardry to help the legendary Marvel Universeheroesridthe pinball landscape of notorious Super Villains inanepiccombination of superhuman might, immersivegameplay,andunprecedented table visuals! Marvel Pinball supports awidevarietyof Android powered tablets and now supports Android TV!TheinitialMarvel Pinball download comes with Marvel's TheAvengerstable.Other Marvel Pinball tables can be purchased asin-apppurchases.**For players already enjoying Marvel Pinballtables inZenPinball, we want to give you a heads up that there isno way forusto transfer purchases or make tables available in bothapps.Thanksfor your support!** Tables include Spider-Man,Wolverine,Iron Man,Blade, Ghost Rider, Moon Knight, Thor, X-Men,FantasticFour,Captain America, World War Hulk, The InfinityGauntlet, FearItselfand Civil War. Download Marvel Pinball now!
Iron Avenger 3 Bomber 1.0
Take control of our jetpack hero andflythrough the combat zone. Dodge obstacles and drop bombs onyourenemies.Simple one tap control.Fun and addictive gameplay.
Super Blox Hero for Iron Man 1.0
Be an iron man superheroandsubstantiateyourself in this new game for your mobile phone.This game is among the most addicting arcade gamesandactiongames that you can find nowhere. This is just an amazinggamewhichwill leave with a feeling of wow!How To Play:The Iron Man must avoid the zombies and go through theportaltocomplete the game.Features:* Many levels full of action and adventure.* Easy to play and controland other feature I leave you a chance to discover them.***********************SAY HELLO***********************We are constantly working hard on making the Super Blox forIronMangame better and more entertaining for you. We needyourconstantsupport to get going. Please feel free to email usforanyqueries/suggestions/problems or if you just want to sayhi.Wewould love to hear from you. If you have enjoyed any featureoftheSuper Blox for Iron Man game, do rate us on play storeandshareamong your friends.
Prepare for one of the greatest platformers on mobile nowforFREE.How to play: • You must race through the levelscollectingitems. •Defeating cunning enemies. • Solving puzzles mapbefore theclockruns out. • Jump and action at the right time toavoid yourdeath.Features: • Beautiful High quality Graphics. •Easycontroller andauto attack system. • Stereo sound, BGM andeffects.• IncrediblyFun Physics to make interesting puzzles. •Variety ofEnemy Typesto Overcome • Multiple Worlds with More toCome! To allplayers: Wewish you lots of fun playing! 
 Updates tothis gamemayautomatically add add-ons within each group. This appcanaccess:Cell phone (required) -read phone status and identityPhoto/ Media/ Files (Required) -read the contents of your USBstorage-modifyor delete the contents of your USB storage APIs andSDKsused: Thisapp properly implements any APIsandSDKs.-Context.TELEPHONY_SERVICE-android.provider.Settings.Secure.ANDROID_IDAds:-This app onlyuse Google Play certified ad networks to displayadsto thoseusers. Privacy Policyurllink:
Iron Robot Battle 1.0.2
Iron Robot Battle is super robot gameofkidscome to play!Robot is a transformer man who become a big hero.Earthisunderattack of aliens, hurry up to save the humanity!Beat enemy, like aliens,rayman monster of the space.collectallcoinsto use powerupssuperhero is waiting for you in Iron Robot BattleFeatures:- High-quality graphics.- mobile games, phone games and tablets !- 105+ Challenging Levels Survival .- Different Game Modes .- Free kids , girls and boys games .- Lightweight Game .- High Speed character !BE THE FIRST TO END THE GAME CHALLENGEYour friends are playing Iron Robot Battle - can you beattheirhighscores?!Explore the mysterious space
Stickman Ironman Challenge Lit v1.9
Stickman Ironman Challenge Liteisafun,addictive game that let you jump, fly, swim. Avoidobjectsandstay on alive as long as possible. You can zig zagthrough, flytothe top or dive under water. Get in line for the herotoachievethe impossible.Now with the new updated second game. Enjoy!
Like Ironman 1.7.2
Hi Games
Like Ironman is a simple game to "kill time" whileyou'rerelaxing.This game can train the ability of your reflexes,makingquick andprecise decisions, and to know how big your luck is.Howto play it? you just take as many coins to increase yourscore,energy iconfor your flying ability, life icon to extend yourlife,and avoidthe meteor that will hit you and all enemies thatwillattack you.If your life runs out or you fall down because itranout of energyyou will lose. The longer you fly the more likelyyourscore andthe more meteors will hit you and also more andmoreenemies willattack you. But do not worry, we also giveyouabilities so thatyou can survive, use wisely all of yourabilities.I hope you enjoythis game. i love u 3000
Superheroes Zig Zag Racing 3D 1.0
Superheroes Zig Zag Racing 3DSuit up with the Avengers of croonsol!? Compete with friends on a zig zag road for highestonlinescore!? Turn arround the zig zag road in serious super hero style!? Dynamically created levels (never play the samethingtwice!)? Challenging scenarios!? Awesome roster of cool Heroes!? Collect money on the go.? Awesome heroes.? list of cars:1. Superman car2. Batman car3. Ironman carWelcome to the world's most heroic endless zig zag roadracinggame!Super challenging, but fun for any age!*** Extreme zig zag Road Racing***This game packs tons of the things you've come to love aboutroadracing games. Superheroes Zig Zag Racing 3D brings the roadracinggenre to the next level! You'll marvel at the diversechallenges.There are cars, road, ice and money!*** The Age of Heroes ***It's the age of super heroes! No super villain would be so boldasto threaten the world when there are such powerful heroes todefendhere. Or would they? The evil soldiers of marcolus have theireyeon hostile takeover! Unlock all of the Avengers of croonsoltodefeat the marcolus threat!*** Compete with Friends ***Compete with your friends online for the highest score andprovethat you are the greatest Superhero of them all. Check yourscoreregularly and improve your game. Show your friends who therealSuperhero is. Climb to the top of the online GooglePlayleaderboard and let them marvel at your greatness. As you levelupand improve your team you'll become unstoppable!*** Superheroes ***There are tons of superheroes to unlock! Each hero has theirownunique ability. Each time you play your character willgainExperience Points to increase speed. Levelling up will unlocknewsuperheroes with new abilities. Unlock all characters tocompletethe Avengers of croonsol team!This is a super fun, lovingly crafted zig zag game. And bestofall it's totally free!Welcome to the world's Coolest super hero racing game!
Geometry Rush - Block Dash 1.2.3
Fuky Game
EASY TO PLAY,WITHOUT THE LIMITGeometry Rush - Block Dash is a simplicity endless runwithinteresting gameplay,what is similar dextris game.Just control two blocks avoid the spikes and get more coinforunlock some new characters.But actually not so simple, you must to prepare for a newimpossiblechallenge in the world of Geometry Rush - Block Dash.Enjoy thefeeling of speed and beat your friends high score.Game feature of Geometry Rush - Block Dash- The spikes is look nice with colorful graphic- More cute character, we have 6 characters, such as: alienman,viking man, iron man, ninja man and orb man. You must to getmorecoin for unlock all of characters and enjoy with them.- Interesting sound and perfect effect- Leaderboard to challenge with your friends in GeometryRush.What is your best score?Thanks for choosing Geometry Rush - Block Dash.
Grim Run Game 2016 1.0
Grim Run Game 2016 is an arcade game ofGrimtrying to achieve a defined goal. Haddi is a real skeletonandrules the hell.Billy and Mandy are two moronic but enthusiastic children. Oneday,while they are celebrating the tenth birthday of Billy's oldpethamster, Mr. Snuggles, the Grim Reaper appears. He comes toreapthe old hamster's soul, but, to his surprise, Billy and Mandyarenot afraid of him at all. Mandy refuses to give Grim thehamsterand offers to play a game for its soul (a homage to theclassicfilm The Seventh Seal). If the Reaper wins, he would getthehamster's soul. Grim, assured of his victory, says that, iftheywin, he will be their best friend "forever and ever." GrimtakesBilly and Mandy to limbo to play, where they compete inGrim'sfavorite game—limbo. However he loses because Mandy cheatsbymaking Mr. Snuggles attack him, and Grim is doomed to be the"bestfriend" of these two children, a task he suffers with nosmallamount of disdain and mockery from other supernaturalcreatures.Grim is very depressed in the first days of hisservitude, but asthe time passes, he gradually adapts to the newlife. Despite this,he has a love-hate relationship with Billy andMandy and desiresthat he will eventually break free from hisservitude (he mentionsfantasies of killing them multipletimes).Grim Run Game 2016 is best arcade and adventure game.Downloadnow!
Boys and Girls Craft 3.0
Superheroes, princesses, boys and girls, all in new uniquesandbox!Download free craft and choose for whom you will play: doyou wantto plunge into atmosphere of superheroes or into fabulousworld offantasy and magic - it's your choice. New system ofchangingcharacters plunges you in amazing game, explore mysteriousworldand meet with cute characters, find new friends amongcuteprincesses or meet cool superheroes as a man with spiderabilities,full-metal man and many other cool heroes! Three gamemodes:classic, creative and new mode "Township", where you cancontinuedevelopment and building your own city, which inhabitedbydifferent characters, communicate with townspeople, build yourownhouses, fortresses, shops, cafe or other creative buildings.-Absolutely FREE game for child and adults. - Big range of choiceofinterior and furniture. - Two texture packs and new blocks. -Newinhabitants: from superheroes with super abilities - to thelovelyprincess. - Explore the mine, mining treasures and makenewfriends. - Mobile edition includes new maps andcharactersinhabiting this world!
Super MiniPix 3.01
Jump, shoot and go as far as possible withthisfun, easy to learn and very addictive game.Get ready to play something completely different!Give it a try and you won't want to leave this pixelenvironmentwhich is full of crazy characters.Strengths:- Super quick loading time ;- Optimized with no downtime ;- A perfect 'Old Skool' atmosphere ;- A funky 8-Bit soundtrack ;- Infinite gameplay...
Awesome Iron Drone Strike FPS shooting game with lotS ofAction,adventure!--Streets are invaded with robots from other earths!!! allyouhave are your two guns with infinite power and adigitalcompass!!!, so shoot every robot with precision!! gethead-shotsand everything!!have fun with destroying the robots!!**** GAME FEATURES****-- Awesome FPS Trigger Gunship game with gunship battles-- cool 3D environments , enemies and lot of gun power!-- easy to pick up and play but really hard to master!!!-- amazing enemy waves from every directions of streets!-- Best VFX of robot explosions ,streets lights etc!-- Great looking game for your Great looking Device!so download this amazing fps Gunner game and have funwithIt!!
Battle of Iron Spider 1.0
Battle of Iron Spider is a majoractiongames.World in danger, with the help of the hero Iron SpiderYouhave thepower to destroy the monster.On the way you collect gold coins to unlock characters Iron.Battle of Iron Spider games have a lot of obstacles,useyourskills to evade them.Battle of Iron Spider Ranger features:- Fun graphics and addictive gameplay- Many Stunning Iron Spider to open- Great and smooth user interface- Endless game- Share Your ScoreEnjoy it and Have fun.By. Dekson Media Apps.
IronDroid vs Robots - 2D
"IronDroid vs Robots" is a free to play2DRetroArcade Game and currently under development.You can move IronDroid with the joystick on the left andshootwiththe Action-Button on the right.IronDroid vs Robots currently offers a endlessSurvival-Modewithincreasing difficult.Your aim is: dont die! and kill as many robots as you can.Will you defeat as many metal droids as possible?Comming updates:- Better 2D GUI (better Menu handling)- Power Ups, Blocks- Minibosses and Bigbosses- Statistic System- Store to individual your Iron Droid- Trophies- Google Play ServicesThe game is currently under development, pleasereportbugs.All In-App 2D graphics are made by: Ardian Shala.All In-App sounds are made by: Edon ShalaStay tuned for a upcomming "Mega Man" style storyline.Iron Droid Robots 2D Retro 8-Bit Arcade Survival IronmanMask
Superhero Mod Craft 1.0
United SS
Superhero Mod Craft is one of the world'smostadvanced Mod image of super heroes and when you combine itwithyour creativity just get pure and exciting fun, SuperHero ModCraftis a game for your creativity that enables you to imagine modanddevelop the heroes with a variety of different types: iron,captain, spider, and many more.Have you ever wanted to become a Super builder? Well with thisModimages called the Superhero Mod Craft games, you can become asuperbuilder. Superhero Mod Craft is Free.This is an entertaining and educational puzzle game whichintroducesvarious mod image superheroes. 
Break Blocks [Pixel Art] 1.2
ZV Games
Break Blocks was made for those wholikepixelart styled games and enjoys playing arcades.The game includes many different levels withinterestingcharacterslike batman, iron man etc.We are going to add several new levels each week foryou.Staywith us and check for update at the end of each week. Letusknowif there is something you want to be in the game :)We hope you will like it :)