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Ghost Town Adventures: Mystery Riddles Game
Welcome to Ghost Town!Start an incredible journey into thecursedcity and unveil the story of haunted houses! Adventures,riddles,unsolved secrets and mystical stories await you!Key gamesfeatures🎃Side stories If you like narrative and want more, you willlikelots of the side quests that reveal all aspects of game.Everyupdate brings new exciting stories and episodes.🎃 Uniquegameplay:Explore mysterious houses and reveal the secret of GhostTown.🎃Detective plot and beautiful story of the mysterious GhostTown.🎃 Anew friend: Meet Anna — brave little witch who can solveanyriddles!🎃 More than 100 characters with mysterious storiesandriddles - only you can reveal their secrets!🎃 Dangerous enemies—Tricky ghosts, mysterious spooks and the main villain -theDramatist.🎃 Exciting alchemy — Mix the magic ingredients andgetmagic potions.🎃 Hidden objects — Look for and find loopholesandhidden paths, secrets, treasures and magic gems!🎃 Dialogues —Talkin many episodes with characters, make you own choices.🎃 Fight—Fight evil spirits, zombies, carnivorous plants, frozen giants,mysinging monsters, etc.The plot of our game is quite simple andatthe same time extraordinarily challenging. The mysteriousDramatistsent a spell to a mysterious city populated with kind andaffableghosts. The villain forces the unfortunate ghosts toperformunfamiliar roles in his mystical production. Together withthefearless sorceress Anna help them to throw off the terriblemasksand return peace to the city!You have to go through a lot oftests,solve many mysteries and reveal the veil of secrecy thatenvelopedthe city. Only then good will finally be able to triumphoverevil.Meet new characters and enjoy the best gameplay inGhostTown!Enjoying Ghost Town? Learn more about thegame!Facebook:
Escape The Ghost Town 4
Solve the puzzles and find all the hidden objects that you havetouse in the locations in order to Escape The Ghost Town.Challengeyourself with the amazing puzzles in many differentlocations.10challenging locations are waiting for you!
Escape The Ghost Town 2
Solve the puzzles and find all the hidden objects that you havetouse in the locations in order to Escape The Ghost Town.Challengeyourself with the amazing puzzles in many differentlocations.10challenging locations are waiting for you!
Escape Impossible: Revenge!
An escape game that takes you into a haunted house. The game isfullof puzzles in a scary atmosphere.Can you escape this place, itwillnot be easy I assure you! Are you up for the challenge?Anaddictiveand scary adventure game! We hope you will loveit!EscapeImpossible:Revenge features:* Awesome graphics anddifficultpuzzles* Quick to learn, with hours of fun challenges*Eye-catchingand scary gameplay* Ghosts and many more scaryenemies!* Hiddenobjects, locks & keys and more challengesawait* Easy and funto play, but a challenge to fullymasterContactinformation:Webpage:http://fungamesmobile.comFacebook:
Escape The Ghost Town
Solve the puzzles and find all the hidden objects that you havetouse in the locations in order to Escape The Ghost Town.Challengeyourself with the amazing puzzles in many differentlocations.15challenging locations are waiting for you!
Spotlight: Room Escape
Are you ready for the thrilling experiencewithlots of drama and adventures? “Spotlight: Room Escape” isathrilling app based on the theatrical drama scene. What wouldyoube up to if you have been kidnapped and locked up in a strangeroomwith no clue about how you reached there? You literallyhaveforgotten everything and your only aim is to escape from theroombefore time runs out. Start your investigations and findtheanswers to various questions like who kidnapped you, the purposeofyour kidnapping and lot more on the process of finding thewayout.!The game “Spotlight: Room Escape” is beautifully designedwithmysterious graphics and thrilling sound effects. Every objectinthe Room is placed with clear logic around it and eachscenedescribes deep meaning.! Observe, Analyze and use yourlogicalskills to escape the mysterious Room.Get ready for the most adventurous thrilling journey of yourlifewith “Spotlight: Room Escape”. Collect the clues and startbuildingthe plan to escape the way out. The game has intuitivegamingcontrols perfect for players from all age groups. Find outthenecessary things hidden in the room like Torch, Rope and lotmoreto have your Escape plan ready. The game has lots ofmysteriouslevels each designed with unique exit plans. Explore thelocationcarefully and combine various clues to find the wayout.!Check out your detective skills and investigate every sceneandobjects to find the clues. Put on your logical hat and solvethevarious number and letter puzzles to open the locks. The cluescanbe hidden anywhere around you. Solve the riddles and wordsbyinvestigating the clues found. The game requires completepatienceskills and analyzing skills along with the logical thinkingtosolve the scenes quickly and escape out. The game “Spotlight:RoomEscape” is a perfect game for all those who loveinvestigatingitems around and have awesome analyzing and logicalthinkingcapabilities.************************FEATURES************************✓ Awesome 3D graphics with mysterious sound effects✓ Intuitive touch mode gaming controls✓ Lots of challenging levels✓ Thrilling scenes and hidden clues✓ Interesting riddles and puzzles✓ Exciting ways of investigation to find the escape planDownload the most addictive detective game “Spotlight: RoomEscape”and have the adventurous exciting journey while exploringthelocations to find out the escape plan. The game will helpyouimprove your logical thinking and increase the efficiency tosolvepuzzles. Push out your brain and exercise your mind to solvethechallenging puzzles. Complete the levels successfully andunlockthe new crime scene in a new room for morethrillingpuzzles.!************************SAY HELLO************************We are constantly working hard on making the “Spotlight:RoomEscape” game better with more advanced and thrilling features.Weneed your constant support to get going. Please feel freetocontribute and email us for any queries/suggestions/problems orifyou just want to say hello. We would love to hear from you. Ifyouhave enjoyed any feature of the “Spotlight: Room Escape” game,donot forget to rate us on play store and share amongyourfriends.
Ghost House Escape
Challenge yourself with the amazing puzzles in manydifferentlocations. Mysterious house with a lot of great puzzlesand popularmini-games. Can you escape from this horror house?MainFeatures :↗Great Sounds↗ FANTASTIC graphic!!↗ Great, challengingand funpuzzles!↗ Complete utilization of your devices features!↗Hiddenobjects, locks & keys and more challenges await!↗Addictingmini puzzles!↗ Gorgeous graphics and different themedrooms!↗ Easyand fun to play!↗ Different themed floors!↗ it’sFREE!VisitFacebook for HINTS and BUGREPORTS: you have problems or comments with the app.
Escape Titanic
Can you Escape the Titanic before it's too late? Join over 3millionfans who've taken the escape game challenge. Get ready -there areno instructions, it’s just you and your smarts as youface theultimate test of wits, cunning, and speed in this uniqueadventurepuzzler. No two scenes are alike, so be prepared foranything as yourace to escape the world's most infamous oceanliner. Put yourdevice through its paces as you pinch, twist, tap& swipe yourway through ingenious room-puzzle challenges.Escape the Titanic isa FREE-TO-TRY app. You can play the firstchapter for free, if youwant to unlock the epic FULL version,there is a one-time fee topurchase. * SOLVING PUZZLES * Need alittle assistance, but not thesolution? Don’t worry; unlocking thegame includes all Hints thatoffer clues through the game. Ifyou’re stumped, there areadditional Solutions too.Prove that youhave what it takes tooutsmart, outrun, and outmaneuver anyobstacle. Good luck! *FEATURES *• 50 clever puzzles; no two alike• Challenging levelswith integrated hint system • Hidden objectsaid in your escape
Can You Escape - Fear House
The game is full of puzzles in a scary atmosphere.Can youescapethis place, it will not be easy I assure you! Are you up forthechallenge?An addictive and scary adventure game! We hope youwilllove it!Game features:- nice graphics- solve puzzles- find,combineand use items- find hidden objects- kill zombie- use yourbrain andyou mindEscape this fear house and win thegame!Facebook:
Can You Escape - Rescue Lucy from Prison
The game is full of puzzles in a scary atmosphere.Can youescapethis place, it will not be easy I assure you! Are you up forthechallenge?An addictive and scary adventure game! We hope youwilllove it!Game features:- nice graphics- solve puzzles- find,combineand use items- findsolutionsFacebook:
True Fear: Forsaken Souls I
You are walking down a street you don't recognize, the fogslowingyour pace to a crawl as darkness blinds you. You pause andlook upto see a house; candles flicker in every window, like abeacon.Climbing the few steps to the front door, you realize manyyearshave passed since it was last opened – it has been sealed withrustand purpose. Inexplicably, just as you know the candles areforyou, you know someone waits inside. Someone who has remainedinthat house since before the iron began to rust. They havebeenpatient. Waiting for over two decades. Waiting foryou.TrueFear: Forsaken Souls takes the best of the psychologicalthriller,blending in fun and intuitive gameplay mechanics. Thecinematics,puzzles and hidden object phases have been carefullydeveloped andare steeped in a unique and oppressive atmosphere.Episode 1, thefirst in a trilogy, will long be remembered.Mainfeatures-Anintense adventure brimming with psychological suspensein a storyfilled with diabolical twists and turns.-A compellingstorylinewith action-packed gameplay! Follow the clues, findevidence andsolve the mysteries to uncover more about your sister'spast… andyour own!-Choose your adventure! Play with or without thehiddenobject scenes: it's up to you!-Unique cinematography!Astonishingcinematic sequences lead you ever deeper into theoppressiveatmosphere.-Includes the bonuses from the Collector'sversion ofTrue Fear: Forsaken Souls: an additional level, thestrategy guide,wallpapers andextracut-scenes.
Adventure Escape: Cult Mystery
Detective Kate Gray’s best friend Melissa, has gone missingafterher “too good to be true” date. Kate investigates only todiscoverthat Melissa has disappeared into a mysterious cult. Useyour witsto solve puzzles and break into the cult. Meet other cultmembersand decide who is friend or foe. Go undercover toinvestigate theshadowy past of the cult and escape withMelissa.Join millions ofhappy Adventure Escape players and see ifyou can solve the CultMystery!Play this premium escape game!-Beautiful graphics bringhaunting scenes to life!- Explore the cultgrounds and unravel thestory behind this mysterious place!- Solvedevious puzzles andriddles!- Get the whole game for FREE! You’renever forced to pay!-Gather tools and items to aid in your escape!-Memorablecharacters!- Find hidden objects that help you breakfree!- It’sfree! No registration, no hassles, just download andplay. Uncoverthe secrets of Adventure Escape: Cult Mystery! Can youbring downthe cult and escape before it’s too late?
Prison Escape Puzzle
You find yourself locked in an old city prison. Solve puzzlesandfind items that will aid you in your escape!Challenge yourselfinthis fun and addictive puzzle game.Features• Tricky andchallengingpuzzles!• Gorgeous graphics !• It's FREE!• No signup'srequired,just download and install!Enjoy this fun adventure escapegame!
Winter Night Adventure
A free point and click adventure game. Escape your dailyroutinewith this beautiful quest with hand drawn art in a snowycoldwinter city.The story mode takes us back to the USSR oftheeighties. This retro adventure with typical Sovietsettingincluding cars and appartment blocks. The quest for a lostkeybegins. * Cool story graphic novel* Great hand drawngraphics*Free, funny puzzle game* Hard to find hidden objects*Urban theme*Funny hero* Mind relaxing, no time limit* Dark snowynight setting
Time To Escape
Can You Escape - Holidays - Out Now!We are glad to present youthebrand new puzzle game - Time To Escape! This room escapeadventuretakes you to the strange museum with many interestinglocations andmind blowing riddles. If you think you are cleverenough to escapethis place then download this amazing game andstart the journey...because it's Time to Escape!↗ Amazing riddles!↗Unique roomdesigns!↗ Tricky brain teasers!↗ Interesting storyline!
Horror Hospital 2
Are you ready to face your fears?You are in a hospitalcorridorwhich fear and horror in nested.You are feeling which fearanddeath pester to you in every step.In a haunted hospitalwhichcontains paranormal activities, it is very difficult tosurvive ifyour nerves is not hard as steel.You can't determine whois angelwho is devil.Extraordinary atmosphere, nervous scenarioandblood-curdling flow, you are one step ahead of comic bookhorrorgame.In second story, young girl couldn't get rid ofnightmares andcuriosity. There is only way to get rid of this hellwhich threatenher mental health. Face it! Of course young man won'tleave alonethe girl and our story continues from where it left.Ifyou havecourage, what are you waiting for?- Amazing graphics-Detailedareas- Unique musics- Completely freeNote: We recommendthat playthe game with headset.★ Twitter:★Instagram:★ Facebook:★Web:http://www.heisengames.netHeisen Games © 2018. All RightsReserved.
Adventure Escape: Carnival
You are Maya - a witch with magical powers investigatingthemysterious Midnight Carnival on All Hallow’s Eye. You’vebarelyarrived when you witness the kidnapping of Emily - a younggirl inthe wrong place at the wrong time. Her uncle Jack needs yourhelpto save her. But almost immediately your investigation leadstodanger. Could her kidnapping have been a trap to lure you deeperinthe carnival? Why do illusions and magical spells appear ateverycorner? Follow the trail to rescue her and put evil spirits torestin Adventure Escape: Midnight Carnival! Join millions ofhappyAdventure Escape players and see if you can rescue Emily!Playthispremium escape game!- Beautiful graphics bring Halloween tolife!-Explore the Midnight Carnival and unravel its past!- Solvedeviouspuzzles and riddles!- Decypher magical spells and runes!-Get thewhole game for FREE! You’re never forced to pay!- Gathertools anditems to aid in your escape!- Memorable characters!- Findhiddenobjects that help you break free!Solve the mystery inAdventureEscape: Midnight Carnival! Can you rescue Emily beforeMidnight?
Escape game:home town adventure
Classic Room Escape Game "Escape game:home townadventure"Released.This is a classic puzzle game,You must not missit!Manydifferent styles of rooms,Let you constantly observe,judge,calculate, until escape.A lot of fun for you ,Definitelyworth yourdownload.When you are confused,Humanized hints,Help youtoescape.Exciting adventure, so you can not stop ...
Room Escape Game - EXITs2
This is a free room escape game.You are locked up in astrangeroom.Explore the room, find hidden items and solveriddles.Then youwill be able to escape from the room.Let's escape!6challengingrooms available at the moment.How To Play : TaponlyWalkthrough :
The Fear : Creepy Scream House
“Something had started happening to Marta. She was actingstrangely.A couple months later, it was diagnosed that she waspsychopath andits cure had not been existed. She was performingscary behaviors.She had started damaging herself. The only choicewas taking her tothe asylum and breaking up with her. I was sodesperate but it wasthe best thing for our family. I met withSerena after taking her tothe asylum and I married with her toforget Marta. Me and mydaughter have been happy, but its like Ifeel something at nights. Ihave dreamt suicide of my ex-wife for acouple days. I sometimeshear some weird sounds and all of thesemake me scared. I don’t talkabout that with my girl and daughterbecause I don’t want to makethem worried. I don’t know what to do.The only thing that I know isI can’t stand all of these anymore...Mike”Suddenly everythingstarted going wrong. Someone is followingyou and your family is inthreat. You should come back home quicklyand see if your wife anddaughter are fine. Don’t let your fearbeat you and arrive your homebefore getting late for everything. -Deeply affecting story- Highgraphics- Fearful and tensionatmosphere- 8 different languagesTurkish , English , Russian ,Chinese , German , French , Japaniese, Spanish - Plug in yourheadphones for the best- Do you have phobialike horror games andwant to lurch because of horror sounds- TheFear is a paranormalhorror and creepy game- Live in the horrifichorror stories andfeel the scream sounds- If you are a fearlessplayer, you will facewith your phobias in a terrible and hauntedhouse- Do not lookscared in front of your demon enemy. Because sheis like a satan-You will feel the terror in your bones- That devilslender enemygive the creeps- Your evil enemy fled out. Find her orshe willcome back to haunt you. Because there is no inner angst inher eyeslike hell
Mystery of Haunted Hollow: Escape Games Demo
Do you love escape games, adventure games, and Point &ClickGames?If you love Escape Games, Adventure Games & ClassicPoint& Click Adventure & Puzzle Games, then you will lovethisthrilling & haunted - Adventure & Escape Game!Escapefromthe town of Haunted Hollow, embark on an adventure, and explorethedeep dark secrets of this town - solve puzzles & riddlesinthis Escape Game & Classic Point & ClickAdventure.Youarrive at the footsteps of Hollow alone.Armed withonly an emptysuitcase, and faint memories… you are determined todiscover thedetails of the life you once lived here.At thefootsteps of theentrance, a familiar apparition appears, leavingyou few answers,and an obscure note shunning you away fromtown.Haunted by visionsof your past, and suffering from amnesia foralmost ten years, youembark on a quest to discover buried secrets,putting the pieces ofthe puzzle together of the life you once had,and to find out onceand for all, what happened to your missingfamily, and this oncethriving village.With only a few tools at yourdisposal, you roamthe desolate area of Hollow, picking up clues,solving puzzles andriddles, & finding journal entries withclues to your past.Willthe secrets you unveil be more than you hadever imagined?——————————————————————Intuitive Design:Designed withthe player inmind, it’s easy to navigate the world of Hollow withpuzzlesdesigned for both the novice, and hardcore player.Stunning&Realistic Artwork:The world of Hollow looks hauntinglyrealistic,with scenes, and locations full of stunning detail&character.Professional Music & Sounds:Professionallyrecordedaudio and sounds make Hollow come to life with unnervingeffects,and music.Addictive & Compelling Gameplay&Story:Compelling even for non-gamers, the story and puzzleswilldraw you in, inviting you to finish this game to discoverthetruth, and secrets behind Hollow!
Bunker: Room Escape
After a car accident on a quiet highway our hero finds himselftiedin a strange room.He doesn't know who brought him here, butknowsexactly he needs to get out of the room!You are going tosolvefascinating brain teasers and the mystery of the place!Lookfor thenecessary items, combine them and find a use for them tomoveforward to the way of freedom. Will our hero be able to findoutwho and why kidnapped him and get out alive.Features:-Gorgeousgraphics- Exciting puzzles- Search for non-standardsolutions- Useyour brain to get out of the room
Adventure Escape: Framed
A student has been murdered and his body dumped in yourmentor’soffice!Detective Kate Gray’s mentor, former Police ChiefSylvia,finds the dead body of a college student in her office.Kate’sinvestigation uncovers suspicious activity on campus. Couldthegang problems, drug deals, and vandalism be related? Broadenthepool of suspects and uncover hidden connections between them.Matchblood samples with evidence gathered at the scene. Has afalsearrest been made? Is a deeper conspiracy afloat? Use your witstosolve puzzles in Adventure Escape: Framed for Murder!Joinmillionsof happy Adventure Escape players and see if you can findthekiller!Play this premium escape game!- Beautiful graphics bringtolife!- Explore the the university and unravel its historyofcrime!- Solve devious puzzles and riddles!- Get the whole gameforFREE! You’re never forced to pay!- Gather tools and items to aidinyour escape!- Memorable characters!- Find hidden objects thathelpyou break free!Solve the mystery in Adventure Escape: FramedforMurder! Can you clear your friend’s name and crack the casebeforethe murderer strikes again?
Abandoned Mine - Escape Room
Ever been trapped in abandoned mines? Buckle it up and get readyforthe most adventurous escape of your life.! “Abandoned Mine -EscapeRoom” is designed with thrilling abandoned mine scenes withkilling3D graphics and lots of stories hidden behind the oldmines.Discover the hidden clues and solve the puzzles to find theonly wayout to escape from the abandoned mines. This is your onlychance.Stay focused. Keep your eyes and minds open.!“AbandonedMine -Escape Room” gives the best experience while investigatingthescenes with mysterious and thrilling sound effects. The gameisperfect for all age group players from kids to teens to adultswholove solving logical puzzles. The game is best mind exercisinggameand requires complete concentration skills. Analyze every clueyoudiscover and find the way out to solve puzzles, crack thenumberpuzzles, open combination locks, remove the rocks and lotmoreexciting puzzles to finally discover the only escape route.Thegamecomes with simple touch mode gaming controls andfascinatingbackground scenes to investigate different objects inthe abandonedmines. “Abandoned Mine - Escape Room” is the mostaddictivetheatrical gameplay with lots of exciting and countlesspuzzles tosolve. Play the thrilling stress buster game anytime andanywhere.The game is super exciting and will never let you getbored. Thegame will help your brain to work faster andefficiently.************************FEATURES************************✓ Greatuser interface with thrilling graphics and mysterious soundeffects✓ Fascinating abandoned scenes and background ✓ Loads ofhiddenpuzzles to discover the only escape route ✓ Countless cluestocrack before finding the exit ✓ Exciting and addictivegameplayWith deep hidden stories and lots of adventurous levelscoming upyou will have the ultimate fun. Get the game now and getyour mindworking to unlock the hidden clues, find suspicious hiddenobjects.Download the game “Abandoned Mine - Escape Room” and enjoytheunlimited adventures. The only way to get out of the darkabandonedmines is to solve the puzzles, find the solution anddiscover theonly escape route out to the fresh air. Put on yourlogicalthinking hat and use your powerful analyzing skills to solvethethrilling levels. The game will improve your concentrationskills,analyzing skills and logical thinking. You will surely loveplayingthe game investigating clues to get out of the darkabandonedmine.!************************SAYHELLO************************Weare constantly working hard onmaking the “Abandoned Mine - EscapeRoom” game better with moreadvanced and thrilling features. Weneed your constant support toget going. Please feel free tocontribute and email us for anyqueries/suggestions/problems or ifyou just want to say hello. Wewould love to hear from you. If youhave enjoyed any feature of the“Abandoned Mine - Escape Room”game, do not forget to rate us onplay store and share among yourfriends.
Adventure Escape: Xmas Killer
Detective Kate Gray is back in a new holiday murder mystery!Ahomicide victim is found downtown holding a familiar calling card-a snow globe. Kate realizes she is on the trail of thenotoriouslydangerous serial murderer, “The Christmas Killer.” Willthe killerstrike again in seven days? Or can Kate and her teamsolve thismystery in time for the holidays? Put your wits to thetest now inAdventure Escape: The Christmas Killer!Join millions ofhappyAdventure Escape players and save the day!Play this premiumescapegame!- Gorgeous graphics bring the holidays right ontoyourscreen!- Explore the city, question suspects, and hunt downthekiller!- Solve devious puzzles and riddles!- Get the whole gameforFREE! You’re never forced to pay!- Gather tools and items to aidinyour escape!- Memorable characters!- Find hidden objects thathelpyou break free!Solve the mystery in Adventure Escape: TheChristmasKiller! Can you track down the murderer before he killsagain?
Memories: Escape The Room
Memories: Escape the room – an adventure text quest in thestyleEscape the room.The main hero Leo finds himself in a hospital.Hedoes not remember who he is, he doesn’t know where he is, whohisfriends are, whom he loves and why some people put him inthishospital. You will have to find answers to all thesequestionsduring the game. The game is taking place in the format ofamonologue of the main character who describes all what ishappeningto him. Besides, he can find and use the items and enterthe codeswhere needed.The game is also “escape the room” game.Escape room -is an adventure in which players are locked in a roomand have touse elements of the room to solve a series of riddles toescapefrom it. In our case the rooms are memories. Your task – isto helpLeo to get out of his memories, understand why and how hehasappeared in this place and what he needs to do next. Whilepassingthe real places of far corners of his memory together withLeo youwould solve the riddles and the puzzles in order to finallyfindout what has been hidden in the depth of his memory.Give himahelping hand and he would help you to remember what is themostimportant! Memories: Escape the room is the quest withperfectmusic and design that would help you to immerse completelyin theatmosphere of the game and to complete it till the veryend.Attention! Riddle in the plane. Time difference between NewYorkand Tokyo - 13 hours
Adventure Escape: Murder Inn
Search a snowy winter lodge to solve the dark mystery of amurderamong friends!College friends reunite at a remote mountainlodgewhere mysteries and secrets run deep. Last year, one frienddied ina tragic skiing accident. This year, another friend ismurdered inher guest room. Everyone claims their innocence, butsomeone islying. Detective Kate Gray must search the inn andinterrogatesuspects to gather clues and find the culprit!Joinmillions ofhappy Adventure Escape players and see if you can solvethis wintermystery!- Beautiful graphics bring the winter setting tolife!-Explore an eerie ski lodge and venture out into the snow!-Solvedevious puzzles and riddles!- Get the whole game for FREE!You’renever forced to pay!- Gather tools and items to aid inyoursearch!- Memorable characters!- Find hidden objects that helpyousolve the case!Unravel the mystery of Adventure Escape: MurderInn!Will you find the killer before they strike again?--- ABOUTHAIKUGAMES ---We are a small indie game studio that loves makinggames.Our Adventure Escape™ series has been played by tens ofmillions ofplayers. Solve a celebrity murder in Starstruck,discover ancienttreasure in Hidden Ruins, and investigateparanormal phenomenon inMidnight Carnival. Search for “haiku games”to find us!
Eyes - The Horror Game
Face grave danger in the form of ancient haunting phantomCharlieand bloodthirsty, vengeance-seeking monstrosity Krasuewithmacabre, bizarre appearance (more ghosts and monsterstocome).Explore and plunder the eerie abandoned mansion, a creepyoldhospital and other scary places.Use location's unique featurestoyour advantage - use mystical powers of Eye runes to gaininsightinto monster’s twisted mind, drink apothecary potions togaintemporary enhancements, consult hand-drawn map to plan yourriskyendeavour.Experience deep, dark atmosphere of horror andterrorwith unsettling ambient music and freaky, unearthly ghostvoicesand sounds.Compete with other players in the challengingendlessmode, gain numerous achievements and take the first spot intheglobal leaderboards.
Room Escape Game - EXITs
This is a free room escape game.You are locked up in astrangeroom.Explore the room, find hidden items and solveriddles.Then youwill be able to escape from the room.Let's escape!6challengingrooms available at the moment.How To Play : TaponlyWalkthrough :
Adventure Escape: Murder Manor
Can you solve the murder and escape?Detective Kate Grey isinvitedto the famous Wickham Manor when her car breaks downoutside. Sheis shocked to witness a murder occur before evendessert is served.Join hundreds of thousands of happy AdventureEscape players andsee if you can crack the case and escape!Playthis premium escapegame!- Beautiful graphics bring the luxuriousbut creepy Manor tolife- Complete 9 chapters - all FREE - each withunique escapechallenges!- Gather tools and items to aid in yourescape!-Discover the mystery of the manor. Can who is the murderer?Andwhy?- Hilarious story with memorable characters like Fontana,whois convinced she can see the future!- Solve devious puzzlesandriddles!- Find hidden objects that help you break free!- It’sfree!No registration, no hassles, just download and play. Discoverthesecrets of luxurious yet mysterious Wickham Manor. Will moreguestsbe murdered? Will you be able to solve the case and escapebeforeit is too late?Like us on!
Fantastic Beasts™: Cases
Fantastic Beasts™: Cases From The Wizarding WorldMaster yourmagicalskills as you delve into your wizarding world toinvestigateunexplained happenings. In an new adventure inspired byJ.K.Rowling’s Wizarding World, enjoy all-new experiences as youdiscoverhidden objects, interview witnesses, analyze evidence, andcastspells to uncover and protect the magical creatures at thecenter ofevery mysterious case.Solve All-New MagicalMysteriesClues tounlocking the secrets of your wizarding world arehiding in plainsight. Only you have the skills and talent to findthe answers asyou dive into the elusive world of magicalcreatures. You’ll castspells, brew potions and decipher hiddenclues to investigate andsolve all-new mysteries.Help the Ministryof MagicThe Ministry ofMagic is relying on you to crack the caseas one of the brightestnew recruits of the Department for theRegulation and Control ofMagical Creatures. From nifflers tounicorns, centaurs to dragons,you protect them all. Use yourtraining to investigate beastlyhappenings and prove yourself asthe smartest, sharpest wizard.MakeMagic With Your FriendsJoin themagical community and unravel thesecrets of your wizarding worldtogether. See how you stack upagainst your fellow recruits, andlend your friends a helping hand.
Escape Games: Fear House 2
The game is full of puzzles in a scary atmosphere.Can youescapethis place, it will not be easy I assure you! Are you up forthechallenge?An addictive and scary adventure game! We hope youwilllove it!Game features:- nice graphics- solve puzzles- find,combineand use items- find solutions- kill zombie- use your brainand youmindEscape this fear house and win thegame!Facebook:
100 Doors Horror
Do you need some scary stuff tonight? You're welcome to thegamewhere you can experience the most horrible brain challenge inyourlife! Forget all other horror door games and get ready to openallsecret doors in our new horror quiz where you’ve got 100 doorstounlock and find an escape! LET YOUR FEARS GO OUT Do you liketorattle your nerves while playing horror adventure games? Feelthethrill and stay in suspense throughout the whole scary story of100doors 2017 while opening the doors one by one. Imagine aperfecthorror in the darkness where anything can happen wheneveryou wantit! THE MOST POPULAR OF HORROR APPS What kind of horrorgames freedo you prefer to play on your phone or tablet? Maybeabsorbinghorror story games with riddles and brain-teasers ingalore? Nowyou've got a great opportunity to walk through plenty ofexcitinglevels to get out of the horror house alive. Don't miss thechanceto play one of the most desirable horror games for girls andboys.Come here and enjoy the horror on screen of your androiddeviceanywhere you go! This game of 100 doors won’t be an easy gamebutyou won’t mind while it’s so addictive! ATMOSPHERIC HORRORROOMESCAPE Start the unbelievable quest of terror with lots ofpuzzlesand surprises! The sinister interior design of the roomswill makeyou feel lost and damned like in the top horror mysterygames. Andthe fear will never leave you with cool ambient creepysounds inthe horror night within the games location. Get scaredwith our newhorror house games! If you look for 100 doors key, waita bit!Playing in 100 doors with such mind boggling gameplay willbeaddictive and challenging! STRAIN YOUR BRAIN IN THECHALLENGINGDOORS GAME You've got a perfect opportunity to findyourself in theheight of horror detective games. Growing suspense,unexpectedturns and overwhelming curiosity are guaranteed! Testyour skillsto resolve puzzles and brain games in the horror storiesapp. Whatcan be more refreshing for your intellect than unlockingdoors androoms in games of 100 doors locked with no end? So,you'lldefinitely stay involved in the horror puzzle games forever!Openour Horror Doors and you'll get: - frightening horror newgamesfun- perfect training to check your wits and courage-eeriesurroundings for more pleasure Install the most extraordinaryofpuzzle horror games for free! You'll spend your time withgreattrembling and delight with 100 doors free if only download it!
501 Free New Room Escape Games
HFG brings you this point and click type latest new roomescapegames especially for the escape games lovers. 501 Free NewRoomEscape Games is a combo of 501 room & door escape gamesofvarious locations. After playing all these 501 Free NewEscapeGames, surely you will have the feel of escaping in a logicway andgive reality. That kind of experiences is assured by theseEscapeGames. Almost all room escape games have players lockedinside theroom and how they escape from the rooms by open thedoors. But this501 Free New Room Escape games will give you moreexcitement thanother room escape games, as the rooms are filledwith crypticpuzzles that have to be cracked. So, these Room Escapegames willsurely make all the players addicted to it and it willdefinitelytest your intelligence through your escaping skill.Highlysuccessful room escape game in this year 2018. You haveeverdreamed to escape in this 501 levels is easy. If you thinklikethat then don't wait to try and start your mission. Readywithconfidence to face challenging different varieties oflogicalpuzzles, mysteries journey continued from each and everyrooms,thrilling twist in the stories, more struggles to find thehiddenobjects, need high memory power to arrange objects. If youarecrossing all these stages then only possible to unlock thedoorsand locks.Giving more exciting action and hard brainchallenge.Most helpful to increase the memory power.You are anescapecategory games lover then first verify thisYou are an expertinfacing brain challenges, start playing today.Your eyes aretoosharp then try to find this hidden objects.FEATURES: 501Levelswith different doors & exits Tricky Challenging brainteaserBeautiful graphics designs and sound.Addictive Gameplay(150hours).Riddling Logic Puzzles waiting for unlocking.Free gamecoinsare given dailyCharming rooms with lots of hidden cluesandsolutions.FollowUs:Facebook:
The lost paradise-room escape the challenge
It turns out that life is so easy to kill when the misfortunecomesto us.I can hear the voice, the echo of the heaven or the callofthe hell? Why we have to suffer?There is nothing wrong withlove,but love can be dangerous sometimes.The end could be sad butit'sall up to you...Features:Horrible 2D hand drawn style.Newpuzzles!New challenges!A new story about the family! You can playdifferentroles in the game!The sequel of the Lost Paradise! But youdon'thave to play preceding production.
You Must Escape
Your one and only mission in this room escaping puzzle game istofind the way to open different doors and exit each and everyroomthe adventure has to offer.Features:↗ Challenging puzzles↗Logicbrain teasers↗ Easy to start – impossible to put down↗Exploredifferent themed rooms!↗ New rooms added frequently ↗ 100%FREE forAndroid!How to play:Find and combine objects to solvepuzzles. Beateach level by unlocking the door and escapingtheroom!Walkthrough:
Treasures of Mystery Island 3 1
A young journalist is sent to a beautiful island to reportonmultiple ghost sightings in the area. Upon her arrival sheisgreeted with her first paranormal encounter. Help her divedeepinto this mystery that will task her with hunting hiddenobjects,solving challenging puzzles, and shining a light on themysteriesof ghostly apparitions that are terrorizing the people!The answersare waiting under the eclipse in The Treasures ofMystery Island 3:The Ghost Ship!GAME FEATURES:- Four massivechapters- 60spine-shivering locations- Unlimited hints and tips tohelp you onyour adventure- Interactive tutorial to get your off andrunning
201 - New Room Escape Games
201 New Room Escape Games is a combination of point and clicktypeclassical room escape games of different locations and itisdeveloped and released by HFG Hidden Fun Games. These Escapegamesare logically developed with tricky puzzles, adventurelocation,messy clues, and obscured-hidden objects to enter into theclue ofBest Escape games. These games will surely test your brainlogicaland analytical skills. These Free rooms and doors escapegames aredesigned in the sense of real fun, hi-fi scenes, morethrillingtwist, challenging and exciting soundtracks to make youaddictedand crazy for the escape game lovers. One of the best andpopulargrowing room escape game in 2017 with 201 games bunch.Try tobreakthe all doors and mysterious locks through your long memory.Itwill definitely give the huge challenge to your brain. Enjoythisfull 201 games journey mission Once you completed all the gamethatyou impossible to forget the real escape rooms. Are you readytotake this challenge, you will definitely find the differencefromother escape game.FEATURES: Fascinating Collections of 201GamesPolished animation and graphics. Addictive Gameplay(100hours).Riddling Logical Puzzles.Picturesque Doors, Floors,andRooms.FollowUs:Facebook:
Slendrina:The Cellar (Free)
This is the story of Slendrina The Cellar. Now she has becomemoreevil than before and hates it when someone intruding onherterritory. She will do anything to stop you. Whatever you not look back!Try to find 8 missing old books in the darkcellarand then run to the exit.You also need to find keys to opencertaindoors.Look everywhere, for they could be anywhere.If youlikeSlender Man, then you will love this horror game.If you wanttosend an email to me, please write in English or SwedishThankyouall for your kind ratings you have given me! You are thebest!Thegame is free but it Contains advertising.It is now possibletounlock all levels with STC-points, which you can earn in thegameabsolutely free.Have fun!
Room Escape Game - EXITs3
This is a free room escape game.You are locked up in astrangeroom.Explore the room, find hidden items and solveriddles.Then youwill be able to escape from the room.Let's escape!6challengingrooms available at the moment.How To Play : Tap only
Escape Puzzle: New Dawn
Join Samantha and Gordon in an all new adventure! Obtain thevaccinefrom the New Dawn facility, claimed to be the only chanceofprotecting people from the devastating effects of theTorrotovirus.Features• Tricky and challenging puzzles!•Gorgeousgraphics!• It's FREE!• No signup's required, just downloadandinstall!Enjoy this fun adventure escape game!From the creatorsofPrison Escape Puzzle.
Can You Escape 5
Can You Escape 5 - room escape games just reached the newlevel!Letus present you the fifth episode of the legendary Can YouEscapeseries!Can You Escape 5 brings the classical room escape backtoyou! This time we have prepared 18 different rooms for you -allstuffed with high-end puzzles, amazing graphics, mindmind-blowingriddles and much more! If you think you still have whatit takes toescape all those rooms then go on and download the bestCan YouEscape episode ever made!↗ Gorgeous graphics!↗ Smoothstoryline.↗Highly addicting!↗ Innovative puzzles.↗ World Class roomescapegame!
Adventure Escape: Time Library
Can you solve the mystery and escape the Time Library?Bored outofher mind in snowy Littleton, Alice decides to go to the librarytorestock on some books. She meets Hiro, a self-styled“internetpersonality,” and together the two become unwillingpartners in atime-travelling adventure that has consequences farbeyond whatthey imagined. Join millions of happy Adventure Escapeplayers andsee if you can solve the mystery of the TimeLibrary!Play thispremium escape game!- Beautiful graphics bringhistorical scenes tolife!- Travel through the past and find longlost treasure! Butwatch out… there is something sinister brewingbeneath thesurface!- Complete 9 chapters - all FREE - each withunique escapechallenges!- Gather tools and items to aid in yourescape!-Discover the mystery of the Time Library!- Hilarious storywithmemorable characters like Hiro!- Solve devious puzzlesandriddles!- Find hidden objects that help you break free!- It’sfree!No registration, no hassles, just download and play. Discoverthesecrets of the Time Library! Travel to the past and escapewithlong lost treasure. But watch out… there is somethingsinisterbrewing beneath the surface.
Can You Escape
The purpose of this game is to break out of the rooms. Solvethepuzzles and find all the hidden objects that you have to use intherooms in order to advance to the next floor. Challenge yourselfinthis fun, addictive, free and popular puzzle game.12challengingrooms available at the moment!↗ Smartphone puzzles!↗Addicting minipuzzles!↗ Gorgeous graphics and different themedrooms!↗ Constantupdates of New Rooms!↗ it’s FREE!Can You Escape 2available now!
Demonic Manor- Horror survival game
Grabs your camera and get into the paranormal seekersYoumustcollect diaries and keys, to escape the manor.You are ajournalist.Search all manor and escape from there. Lots of horrorandparanormal activity. There is a evil in the manor. If shecatchesyou, she will kill you. Run away from that haunted housewithoutlosing time. There were many paranormal and frightfulincidents athome. It can not be said to be a very uncanny place.Manor has beenhaunted by a devil. And he does not think goodthings.Diary fromJessica"My father is reading books about demonsall day. He broughtan another psychic to our house, the name isDavid. He put charmseverywhere. I'm scared as hell. It's too hardto sleep at nighttimes. Sometimes I catch my mother watching mewhile I am sleeping.Her face got even uglier. She doesn't eat much,drink water much. Idon't want to lose her."beware of the evilspirit of a woman whowas killed in the manorYour quest is to escapeand finally find away to banish the ghost.Solve the mysteries!Collect pages
Ghost Ride 3D
Integer Games
Embrace the horror of Ghost Ride 3D. TheGhostsof the nether realm are after the Blaze rider; escape thehell fullof killer zombies in this scary super heroes game. Becomethe ghostof a chopper rider and dodge bone crushing blades. Thegames haveExtreme Physics and responsive controls that will helpyou burn,smash, steer through crazy obstacles and take on a daringrider yousimply wouldn't believe!Upgrade your bike abilities to be the best. Improve your ‘ontrack’performance. Customize with the most death metalstuffavailable.Play as multiple Ghost characters in this wicked newracingsport.Don't wait download now and If you want more fun content andupdatesthen please feel free to contact us through ourmail!!How to:*Tap right to accelerate and left for brake
100 Doors Journey
Most interesting and exciting escape game 2016 is here!Fromthedevelopers of 100 Doors, 100 Doors 2, 100 Doors Full, HiddenEscapeand other great escape games.Can you escape from 100 floorsand getout the sinister mansion?! It's time to show what you cando!In 100Doors Journey you will be able to solve unique puzzles,riddles andsecrets of the game world on the all of 100floors.Features:-constant updates with a new puzzles and riddles;-hand paintedlevels with beautiful graphics;- unique help system;-addictivepuzzles and riddles;Tips: to escape the room you need tofind allthe hidden objects and use them. You can use all thecapabilitiesof your device (like: shaking, tilting, swiping andother). Solvemany puzzles to escape the rooms on 100 floors.Mansionescape gamein 100 doors games stylistics. It's time to escape fromthe most ofmysterious mansion in the world!Follow us onFacebook:
Forest 2
Forest 2 is the remake of my first game I've made in 2012calledForest. It includes a new AI, upgraded graphics, bettercontrolsand a bit more content. This game is basically a hauntinggame butthe difference is that the evil one is a white ghost withlongblack hair. Your quest is to escape and finally find a waytobanish the ghost.Be careful and quiet. You can hear her breathwhenshe approaches.
35 Free New Escape Games
HFG brings you the bang of 35 Free New Escape Games which isacomplete collection of point and click type latest new roomescapegames developed and released by ENA Game Studio. These Freeescapegames have a wide variety of all genres from Roomescapes,adventurous escapes, puzzle escapes, outdoor escapes and soon. Youmight have played many games from various categories likeAction,Adventure, Arcade, Board, Racing and so on. But these 35Free Newescape games available here would make you feel that kindofexperience and enjoyment here. These 35 Escape games arethecomplete pack of 2 major games, namely, Tittu and Annie –18episodes and Steal the Wheel – 17 episodes which arelogicallydeveloped with tricky puzzles, messy clues, andobscured-hiddenobjects to enter into the clue of Best Escape Games.These gameswill surely test your logical and analytical skills.These Freeescape games are designed in the sense of real fun, hi-fiscenes,more thrilling and exciting soundtracks to make you addictedandcrazy for the escape game lovers. These 35 escape gamesareuncomparable to other escape games in all aspects. 18 episodesofTittu and Annie game is all about the story of an annoyingcatnamed Annie and a cute little boy named Tittu. All the episodesinthese games revolve around them. This story gives you thecleardepiction of how the Annie annoys him initially and how theybecomefriends and helpful to each other. The puzzles in theseescapegames are very tricky and innovative brain teasers which willmakeyou like it. All the episodes are beautifully designed tobringlavishness for the gameplay. Challenge yourself to solve allthetricky puzzles. On the whole, these best escape games giveyouenormous pleasure in the gameplay. Be first, before yourfriendknows the interesting story inside this free escape games.17episodes of Steal the wheel game is all about the story of thehowthe streetracers steal the bikes and how they escape from thecops.If you want to feel the ultimate escape games, surely you needtoplay 35 best adventurous escape games. Its because of itsengagingstoryline with unexpected twists. The same kind ofeagerness willbe created inside you, while you start playing thesefree escapegames. You could not stop in the middle, as all thegames aredeveloped in such a way to fulfill your expectations. Allthepuzzles that are used in here are the 'best pickedpuzzles'especially for you. Prove that you are the master in escapegamesby playing all the games in 35 Free New escape games. All thegamesin this 35 games will definitely test your brainstorming. Allthegames have lots of puzzles and it will appeal to those who likethebest escape games. The fantasy games available here are theverybest room escape games, that will make you the real feel as ifyouare inside the fantasy world and trying to escape from it.Weassure that these fantasy games will be inspired by allfantasygame lovers because of the traits of fantasy available. Weassureyou that, once if you give a try to play the first game ofthis 35Free New Escape Games, you can't give up without finishingall the35 games of this Free Escape Games. TFEATURES: - Offlinegamesadded - 35 games of different picturesque locations. -Polishedanimation and realistic 2D graphics. - Auto save optionenabled. -Brilliant escape tricks and various puzzles. - Thrillingtwists andengaging stories in all 35 games. - Amazing andchallenging logics.- Addictive Game play and Great scenario.