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Parrot Games For Kids Free 1.0
Most kids like parrots and they willlovehavingfun with Parrot Games For Kids Free. They can playslidingtilepuzzles, flashcard memory games and a clever throwinggame.Plus theycan hear the sounds associated with parrots indifferentsituations.These interactive parrot games for kids are designedforchildrenaged 3 and over.Download the free childrens parrot games app and they’llgetawonderful world full of pleasure with thefollowingactivities:Parrot Sounds FlashcardsParrot Matching GamesParrot Sliding Tile PuzzlesParrot Throwing GamePARROT SOUNDS FLASHCARDSFirst to try in this parrot games free for kids aretheParrotSounds Flashcards.When they select a picture from the Sounds screen bytappingone,they are taken to a lovely interactive moving picture.Whenthey tapthis moving image a sound will play related tothepicture. Thesounds they can hear include parrots tweetinghappymusic, theflapping of parrot wings, a parrot tapping on akeyboardandmore.The noises and moving pictures of the parrot games freeappwithsound will leave your kids entranced.PARROT MATCHING GAMESParrot Matching Games are great fun in the parrot gamesforkidsapp.Their memory development is helped as the player attemptstomatchpairs of flashcards. Matching Games include singleparrots,groups ofparrots, flying parrots and funny parrots.To play, they select which matching game they wish to openfromthepictures on the Parrot Matching Games screen. They arethentakento a screen where all the pictures are uncovered and theytrytomemorise the location of each picture card. When theytapStart,the pictures are covered over. To play the game, they tapthebackof two cards and hope to reveal a matching pairofpictures!Mums and dads should be able to help out on this freekidsparrotgame!PARROT TILE PUZZLESParrot Sliding Tile Puzzles is the next area of funinParrotGames Free.These gorgeous puzzles are great for ages 3 and up as thereisnotime limit. They simply concentrate on completing thepuzzlewithoutworrying about the clock. As well as being greatfun,sliding tilepuzzles promote motor skills, reasoninganddevelopment plus theyhelp the development of earlymathsskills.To play, they select a picture on the Parrot Puzzlesscreenbytapping one and they are then shown their chosen image.Whentheytap “Randomize”, the picture tiles are shuffled. A tilewillbemissing so they can slide the pieces around tore-createthepicture. At any point they can start over againbytapping“Randomize”. Plus, whenever they want during a puzzle,bytapping“Preview” they are shown a reminder of the picturetheyareattempting to complete.Easy, yet irresistible, your children will enjoy the feelofthesliding tiles in these free parrot games to play.PARROT THROWING GAMEKnocking over tin cans at the fairground sideshow is agamethatgoes back centuries.The Parrot Throwing Game is a modern example ofthefairgroundsideshow game and is one of our new parrot gamesforkids.The Parrot Throwing Game lets the player lob up tofivepiratehats at a pyramid of parrots. Knock all the parrot over,andtheywin!A simple game to play, and an easy game to win – yourkidswilllove this parrot app game.Design Team: Pat, Tina, Simon & BrianMost children love parrot, and they can play along withimagesofparrots in this Parrot Games For Kids Free. Your childwillhavelots of fun learning through play with this activityappfromBayGames.
Parrot Vs Chilli 1.0
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This parrot is crazy about chilly.Heloveschilly. Wherever he finds chilly this parrot cannotcontrolhimselffrom hitting on those hot chilies.The parrot is so hungry. To appease his hunger she needstoeatchilly now. HE found lots of chilly piled in the farm.Thisparrothas so strong beak. He hits on the chilly with hisstrongbeak, andstarts smashing it. Parrot hits the lowest partandsmashes thatinto pieces. Then the upper chilly falls down andhehits thatagain and smashes that too. This game keeps going onlikethis.Break the chilly into pieces one by one.But be aware!!! It’s not as easy as it seems. Thesechillieshavelethal dangers also. These dangers could kill parrot atonce.Thereare two lethal hazards for the chilly lover.First is time. Yes, the time is draining. Parrot shouldkeepstrikingand cutting chilly one by one. Don’t stop, don’trest.Just keepstriking and smashing because time is draining. Ifparrotstops, thetime will drain out and the bird dies!!! So keepcuttingthe chillyand earn more time. If you keep hitting thechilly, youwill earnmore time for you.Second hazard is lethal chilly branches. These chilies arenotalone.They have dangerous and lethal branches. When thelowerportion isdestroyed the upper one falls down, and with thisfallsthe dangerousbranches too. This can hit the bird and killhiminstantly. So alwayskeep an eye on the lethal branches.GAME FEATURES♦ Endless gameplay♦ Cool Graphics Along With An Awesome Cartoon Style Character♦ Cute & Nice Environment♦ Sweet Background Music♦ Nice Sound Effects