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Color Blindness Test 2.0
You Labs
Color blindness test is completely free and will surely tellthecondition of your eyes, color blindness is also know ascolorvision deficiency, red–green color blindness is the mostcommonform, followed by blue–yellow color blindness and totalcolorblindness. Red–green color blindness affects up to 8% of malesand0.5% of females of Northern European descent - There are25questions to answer by seeing the colour figures - Wide varietyofcolor figures are chosen - After completion of test resultisdisplayed according to the users eye condition - A new colorgridtest is included to check attention of eyes on colors Note:Firsttest is most important, we advice you please be careful andfocuswhile taking test
Real Color Mixer 1.5.0
Real Color Mixer simulates mixing real paints (for example oiloracrylic paints) in different proportions; making it possibletopreview the newly created colors without actually mixingthephysical paints. The colors are not mixed additively (which istheprocess used in RGB color models). However mixing the colorsred,green and blue in the Real Color Mixer does not achieve whiteorblack colors. Depending on which tones are used for mixing,youcan, for example, get a dark khaki color. Real Color Mixer usesthespectrum of light and a range of reflected and absorbed light ofagiven color as mixing information. Features: - ability to defineupto 10 colors for each palette - ability to save up to 30mixedcolors for each palette - possibility to copy the palette-database of 430 predefine colors - ability to set the textureandform of the brush - create (from color picker, RGB or HTMLcolorcodes) and delete your own colors - edit color name -importing andexporting a palette To add a color to the 'mixercolor' panel,press and drag the desired color. To change the mixingratio, useplus (+) or minus (-) buttons. Pressing on the plus orminusbuttons increases or decreases the amount of specific color byoneunit. Pressing the button slightly longer will change the ratioofthe color by 10 units.
Color Grab (color detection) 3.6.1
Color Grab is the ultimate on-the-go color tool. Pick, captureandrecognize colors simply by pointing the camera.Leadingandworldwide used by designers, artists, professionals, developersandcolor-blinds.#1 MUST HAVE APP FOR DESIGNERS & ARTISTS.FREE(no-ads)!KEY FEATURES:● Real-time color measurement(colormetering)● Extract colors and maps from your photos.●Colorrecognition (color-2-name).● Real-time calibration mode -usereference white object.● Custom white balance.● Color palettesandharmonies themes generation tool.● Colors blending tool -mixcolors.● Tune tool - refine your colors.● Find the perfectcolorcombinations.● Discover and reveal matching colors.● Colorlockingindication.● "Instant Picking" - tap-2-capture.● Viewfindersmartprocessing.● Supports most-common color models (RGB, HEX, HSV,LAB,see below).● After-shot color analysis.● Various export options(toPhotoshop, Illustrator, PaintShop, Gimp, Inkscape, AutoCAD,etc).●Color conversions.● Accessibility; hear the color by pressingthevolume buttons.● Copy color to clipboard. ● Share colorswithfriends.● Paint your wallpaper background with asolidcolor.ADDITIONAL CONTROLS:● Turn flash light inlow-lightconditions.● Smart color stabilizer.● Smart colorlockingmechanism.● Motion-sensed auto-focus.● Zoom control.●White-balancecontrol.● Camera switching (use rear orfront).SUPPORTED COLORHARMONIES:● Analogous, Monochromatic, Triad,Triad Pro,Complementary, Compound, Pentagram, Tetrad, Tetrad Pro,Shades,Hues, Inca, Gaudi, Butterfly, Europa. SUPPORTED EXPORTOPTIONS:●Adobe Photoshop and Illustrator● Samples PNG image● CorelPaintshop/ CorelDRAW● GIMP● Inkscape● AutoCAD● Krita●CinePaint●TextSUPPORTED COLOR REFERENCES:● RAL Classic● RAL Design●RALEffect● NCS® 1950● Federal Std. 595C● AustralianAS2700SUPPORTEDCOLOR MODELS:● RGB & Hex● HSV / HSB● HSL● Lab●Greyscale,Lightness & Darkness● Web-Safe● CMYK● CIE XYZ● CIExyY●Hunter-Lab● LUV● LCH(uv)● LCH(ab)● YIQ● YUV SD & HD● YCbCrSD& HD● YPbPr SD & HDJust grab it, - Loomatix Team.
Colorblind - An Eye For An Eye 1.2
Meet Right Eye,He is in love with Left Eye and the two of themlivehappily together, blind to the perils that lay just outsideofperipheral vision. One day the dusty Pirates kidnap LeftEyeleaving you to suffer retinal detachment and a bit dilated.Withouther, your world is without color….literally! It turns outthat youare color blind and many things are not visible to youanymore!Don’t be a lazy eye! Lift the lid on the Pirate's plotandsave Left Eye in the ultimate eye test!Features:• A platformerlikeyou've never seen before• Go sight-seeing through 3 uniqueworlds•Use paint to patch the full spectrum of colors in the world•Useblue eye, red eye and eye• Collect all thecoinsto unlock "Awesume Glasses"• Don't get cross eyed staringatpuzzles • Rescue Left Eye and bring color back into the world•Lots of eye based puns….seriously could this get any‘cornea’?-Important information-This game contains third partyadvertisingand cross promotion for other nitrome games, both whichcan beremoved via a one time In App Purchase.
Screen Flashlight 1.2.5
Screen Flashlight uses your screen's light to convert yourdeviceinto a handy flashlight, owns brightness control and has anelegantdesign. Screen flashlight also offers more functionalitythan acommon flashlight, as it has Strobe and SOS (an internationalcodefor help) mode. Screen Flashlight features: - Flashlight -Strobe -SOS - RGB mode for screen color customization. - Presetscreencolors. - Strobe frequency changeable - Brightness controlWarning:some people may be sensitive to flashing lights.Photosensitiveepilepsy (PSE) is a form of epilepsy in whichseizures aretriggered by visual stimuli that form patterns in timeor space,such as flashing lights, bold, regular patterns, orregular movingpatterns.
CSS Color Names 1.0
CSS color names application consists of 140 color names definedinthe HTML and CSS color specification.Selected color isdisplayedwith its name, HEX and RGB values, preview and shadestable fromwhite to black.To copy the value to the clipboard, justclick onthe appropriate value field.CSS color names app can be usedwithHTML, CSS and graphics editors, and as stand alone handbookaswell.
Color Blind Pal 1.0.1
Color Blind Pal helps people who are color blind see thecolorsaround them. It also lets people with normal vision see whatit'slike to be color blind.Want to know what color something is?Nowyou don't need to ask a friend - just open the Color Inspectortoget a descriptive name, like "bold brown".Want to see allcolorsmore clearly? Use the Color Filter to shift colors that arehard todistinguish toward colors that you can easily distinguish.It'll beas easy for you to spot an orange pumpkin in a green fieldas it isfor everyone else. Or, do you have normal color vision andwant toknow what someone who's color blind sees? The Color Filtercan alsosimulate any type of color blindness. Open the preferences(withthe ⓘ button) to select your color blindness type.Press"InspectingColor" or "Filtering Colors" to switch between the twomodes.Simplyopen the app and point your device's camera at what youwant tosee! If someone gives you a green form and a yellow form andasksyou to fill out the green one, open the Color Inspector totellwhich is which. If you're struggling to read a color-coded map,usethe Color Filter to make the colors easy to distinguish.WithColorBlind Pal, you can do the following and much more:* Findoutexactly what any color is* Read any color-coded map, chart,orgraph* Pass a color vision test (it turns out there reallyarenumbers in those dots!)Color Blind Pal is packed withpowerfulfeatures to make sure you never need anyone else's helpseeingcolors.Additional features in the Color Inspector include:*Choosebetween different types of names for a color, includingCommonnames, Scientific names, and Colloquial names (like "beige")*Seethe color's hue, saturation, and value, as well as its exactRGBcolor code* Freeze the camera and inspect different colorsacrossthe imageAdditional features in the Color Filterinclude:*Highlight a selected color* Select a color by pressing iton thescreen or by dragging the color spectrum slider* Draw astripepattern over all reddish colors so you can tell whatcoloreverything is without changing the colors* Freeze the cameraandexperiment with different filters to get an exact sense of whattheimage really looks like* Hide all the buttons on the screen soyourdevice becomes a portal through which you see the world inrichercolorDon't be held back by color blindness ever again - getColorBlind Pal today!
RGB - colors mixer 1.5
Minimalistic program to mix colors by RGB. From black to white,fromblue to red, from green to brown and all other colors. Swipedown toget scroll bars down and swipe up to get scroll bars up.
Munsell color chart
One of the color system, Munsell color chart (Munsell colorsystem,Munsell color system, Munsell color system, Munsell colorsample)equal hue surface of, to display the color wheel, thecolorsolid.And shake the screen to the left and right, equal huesurfaceand the color wheel, a color three-dimensional will bechanged.Inthe equal hue plane, Munsell value and sRGB values, todisplay theJIS conventional color name.Based on the XYZtri-stimulus values​​of the Munsell color chart under the C lightsource, we have tocalculate the RGB value on the assumption thatthe sRGBstandard.Cherry color to color, mustard color, Tokiiro, isequippedwith a nice name, such as azalea color, conventional colorname isspecified in JIS.Conventional color name is very effectivein colorcommunication.Etc. hue planeAnd change the hue in the leftandright flick, full screen to display the Munsell symbol and theRGBvalues ​​and the JIS conventional color name when you tapthecolor.It displays the complementary color of the hue plane upanddown flick.Specify the Munsell values ​​directly, registration,youcan make calls.Saturation in the left and right flick at thetimeof the full-screen display, it is possible to change thebrightnessup and down flick, you can select colors in considerationof thearea effect.Since the effective hue button in full screendisplay,it can also be used to tone-in-tone color scheme.The colorwith JISname is displayed ○ mark.You can switch the display /non-displayof the ○ mark in JIS button at the bottom right.When youtap theJIS name to find the JIS name you tap on Googlesearch.ColorschemeIt displays the color of the color scheme youhave selectedwith an equal hue plane.Color scheme, will be thetone-in-tonecolor scheme by the color theory of JohannesItten.Dyads, Triads,Tetrads (square), Pentads (pentagon), todisplay the Hexads(regular hexagon).When you tap the color,full-screendisplays.Color wheelChange the display angle of thecolor wheel onthe screen scroll.Color theory of Johannes Itten, todisplayharmony theory of the Moon-Spencer (the Harmony / ambiguous)in theoverlay.Color solidIt will be displayed in OpenGL.Change thepointof view on the screen scroll.Pinch, expanding in a pinch out,andthen reduced.
RGB 1.6.3
Create colors through different options such as CMYK, RGB, HSV,HSL,and HEX code. By adjusting the CMYK, RGB, HSV, and HSL scales,youcan create colors through their respective methods. Simplyslide thescales and the color will appear automatically on yourscreen withthe information. You can also click on the numericvalue next to theslider to input the value for the respectivemethod. The HEX modeallows you to input hexadecimal RGB codes forcreating colors. Ifthe button turns green, then it is anacceptable code and it can bepressed to generate the color. If thebutton turns red, then thecode will not be accepted and the textfield will be reset whenpressed. The vectorscope allows you toadjust the color by tappingor sliding your finger to the desiredvalue which will then populatethe CMYK, RGB, HSV, HSL, and HEXcodes. As you switch between thedifferent color creating optionssuch as CMYK, RGB, HSV, HSL, andHEX, the color will persist andthe scales will adjust accordingly.Anetwork connection is notrequired for this application and it willremain ad free.ABILITIES•Create colors through red, green, and blue(RGB) sliders• Createcolors through hue, saturation, and value(HSV) sliders• Createcolors through hue, saturation, and light(HSL) sliders• Createcolors through entering the numeric values forRGB, HSV, HSL, andCMYK• Create colors through CMYK sliders• Createcolors through HEXinput (3 or 6-character amount accepted)• Createcolors through thevectorscope• Ad freeFUTURE UPDATES• Fix layoutissues with largerscreens• Update HSL and HSV slider colors• Doubletap color to fillwhole screenSUPPORTIf you encounter any issueswith text oranything appearing off screen, please let me know andI'll try andfix it. Also, feel free to send me any ideas, feedback,or thingsyou would like added. Hope you enjoy the app and find ituseful!
RGB Tool 1.4.3
RGB Tool lets you find out all the colors you need in a verysimpleand quick way.It features RGB and HSB color models pluscolortransparency and it displays HEX value.You can take a picturewiththe camera or open an image stored on your device to getcolorinformation.It is also possible to extract image palette dataof apicture.Save your preferred colors, so you can easily pickthemlater or whenever you need.When you have found your color, youcanalso print it in a PDF document or using a printer.This is anopensource project, code can be foundat
Pipette - Color Picker 1.9.2
This simple tool let's You load an image, pan around, zoom inandget the color code just by tapping the wanted area/pixel.FeaturesRGB and HEX color codes.Pipette Plus-Features:-No Ads-Huemodifier/ Color modifier-Save favorite colors -More functionscomingsoon...Icon design by Greg Ives
Screen Balance 7.8
❝Exercise complete control over your screens white balance, tintandbrightness level - Finally!❞ I initially made Screen Balanceforpersonal use - I am extremely pleased with the result and I amsureyou will like it too. ❝Root NOT needed❞ UPDATES ★ Auto-sleepswhenincompatible windows encountered (e.g. Package Installers) ★Toggleon/off from notification tray - in Android Jellybean (4.1)and over.★ Save color profiles. ★ Due to popular demand, I haveadded RGBadjuster to allow you to create your own color filters. ★Again dueto popular demand, I have added option of adjusting thescreencontrast ... This vastly improves the readability of yourscreen atnight. It also allows correction of harsh or over vibrantscreencolors. FEATURES ✓ First Android App to allow adjustment ofthescreens white balance - this will allow you to define howwarm/coolthe screen appears and can be useful to correct odd tintsthat canbe found on many screens. ✓ Reduce brightness levels tobelow whatAndroid normally allows - prevents night time strain,especially onAMOLED screens. ✓ Apply color tint to the screen -this is used toapply a color filter, e.g. a red tint such that youcan use it inreally dark environments, e.g. star gazing or simplyreading atnight. ✓ Safety feature to auto reset brightness if settoo low byaccident. ✓ Dark and Light themes - allows you toaccurately testwhite balance and prevent eye strain at night andto test your colorbalance. ✓ Independently adjust brightness andtint as per yourrequirements. ✓ Due to popular demand, I haveensured that the Appstops from appearing on the Android task list.✓ Apply settingsautomatically on device boot. ✓ Save colorprofiles and settings. ✓Inherently low resource use with nonoticeable impact on performanceand battery.
HTML Color Picker 1.5
HTML Color Picker is a very handy color selection tool suitablefordesigners, graphic artists and programmers who need an easyandquick reference of HTML Color using different color modes.Itsupports different modes with RGB, HSV and HEX values. Useeitherpalette or sliders to select colors.With this application youcaneasily select and preview colors in background and foregroundforuse in a web page or logo. Useful when you are experimentingtochoose a good combination of colors to decide foregroundandbackground color matching. With this app you can quickly changeandview foreground and background colors and see how TextandBackground works together.You can select Text or Backgroundandchange their colors with sliders (Red, Green and Blue) orselectcolor from 147 HTML colors name list. These colors aredefined inthe HTML and CSS color specification. Also you can easilyshareyour final color selection with other users.** If you wantmake asuggestion or find a bug, e-mail me and I will fix it. Ifyoureport bugs in a Market comment I CAN'T help you. **
Color Detector 3.0.9
sadens Studio
Detect colors in your environment using the camera! and thisappshave 1000+ color name! MAIN FEATURE: DETECT COLOR BY CAMERA:detectcolors from camera is a awesome tools for graphic design andotherpeople that's have Color blindness! this tools have 1000+colornames and will detect the color names and color codesautomaticallyfrom your camera! HOW TO USE? use the camera option todeterminecolors in your environment! You can tap different spots onthescreen for the color at that point, as well as pause the cameratolook at one frame more closely. COLOR CHOOSER: 1. In theColorChooser, tap the color picker at the color of your choice. Toshowmore colors, pinch your fingers across the color picker or movetheslider to add or subtract the color blue. All colors in therainbowcan be created in this manner. 2. Submit a specific hexcolor byclicking the (Enter Hex) button. for example (#xxxxxx) or(xxxxxx).( ! ) Search any color as you want, this apps have 1000+colornames. ( ! ) Set colors you are choose as wallpaper.COLORCONVERTER: You can convert RGB value to HEX and also ConvertHEXvalue to RGB. NOTE: for Example RGB and HEX with "Whitecolors"value is: RGB: 255 | 255 | 255 HEX: #FFFFFF
RGB Color Wallpaper 3.0
Simply drag the 3 seek bars to blend red, green and blue andcreateyour own unique and beautiful color. Then tap a button to setyourcreation as your amazing minimalist color wallpaper.That'sit.Solid color wallpapers use less memory, less battery, andmayeven speed up your device. But you can also use the app forcolortherapy, as a fun tool to play with the kids and teach themcolors,or as a color picker.There is also a list of over 1500 namedcolorsto use as inspiration, so you can easily set your wallpapertoAntique Bronze, Apple, Bittersweet, French Rose, JungleGreen,Royal Blue, or Torch Red, with just a few taps.You can alsoshuffleand get a surprising random color, and preview the color inall itsglory by going full screen, and by setting it to itsmaximumradiance. And, last but not least, you can copy any colorname andcode to reuse it in any other app or site.RGB ColorWallpaper istiny and completely free, doesn't show ads, andrequires noInternet and no extra permissions whatsoever.
Chromatic Vision Simulator 3.0
"Chromatic Vision Simulator" is an experience tool whichsimulatescolor vision of color vision deficiencies.This softwaremakes andshows you a simulated video from built-in camerainreal-time.Features- Shows you how people with a specific typeofcolor vision deficiency (dichormat) see the world.-Supports"Normal Color Vision," "Protanope," "Deuteranope" and"Tritanope"color deficient type.- Recommended for people who treatcolorscarefully, such as artists, designers, etc.- Developed byKazunoriAsada (Ph.D. Medical Science and Media Design) based ontheresearch in color science.
Color Namer 2.32
Katie Dektar
Ever wondered what the name for that color is? Or wanted a setofcolors that could be described as 'dusty'?Color Namer lets younamecolors in the world around you using your camera. You canalsoexplore the whole named colorspace with a color picker,searchthrough color names, and find names for hex values.The namedcolorsin the app were taken from the results of the XKCD This huge survey asked real people tonameswatches of colors. After some data processing by XKCD, thesurveyresulted in some pretty funny color names, like "uglypurple","boring green", "vomit yellow" and "barney".
Flashlight Bright White Screen 1.0
Dark, white, RGB screen.Adjusting the minimum andmaximumbrightness.Support for Android 2.2 (Froyo) andabove.Displays awhite screen, which can be used as a backlight.Donot go to sleep.
Color Lab 1.2
Vilka Studios
This application is an indispensable assistant for anyone whoworkswith color.An incredible app which contains such tools as:paintscolor systems, color picker, eye dropper, color spaceconverter,image palette generator, color harmonizer.Color Labcontains 118colors systemswith over 112 000 color int them. Suchcolorssystemsas: Benjamin Moore, British Standard, Caparol, DIC,Dulux,Dupont and more.Eye dropper works both with images fromgalley andfrom camera real time.Color Space Converter can convertfrom onecolor space to another. Color spaces available toconvert:CIE-L*ab, CIE-L*CH°, CIE-L*uv, CMYK, HSL, HSV, Hunter-Lab,RYB,sRGB, XYZ, Yxy.Color Harmonizer contains 11 types ofharmony:Complementary, Split Complementary, Analogous, AnalogousAccent,Triadic, Square, Tetradic+, Tetradic-, Clash, Five Tone,SixTone.Color info contains a list of 5 closest colors from eachColorSystem.Color Lab is the best choice for anyone who workswithcolors!
Wallpaper Color 1.03
Single color wallpaper.Select Your favorite color from RGB.
Color Blind Check 0.7.0-1602051918
About Color Blind Check (CBC)With Color Blind Check you get anewkind of color vision deficiency test right in your hands. Thetestitself is simple and easy: just find the differently coloredspotswhich start to show up and touch them. That's all.Thiscolorblindness test can be installed and used right away. As it iseasyto understand, simple to use and you don't need to recognizeanynumbers, letters or forms, Color Blind Check can be done byyoungchildren as well. It is even fun to play! You can try to beatyourhighest CBC Score whenever you like and compare your resultswithyour friends and family.With Color Blind Check you get a toolathand to share with everyone insights about your color visionorpossible color blindness. People can watch you while you'retakingthe test and see instantly what it means to be colorblind.Theystart to wonder, why you don't see the differently coloredspotsappearing and maybe even want to give you hand!How CBCworksColorBlind Check is based on the scientific knowledge aboutcolors whichcan be seen and which not by the people who aresuffering from thedifferent types of color blindness. To get moreprecise results,the test is based on four different main colors andas evencolorblind people are quite good in spottingbrightnessdifferences, Color Blind Check is shiftingbrightnessconstantly.Compared to other well known tests with ColorBlindCheck it is NOT possible to learn something by heart and getbetterwhile retesting.What CBC measuresCBC Score: An overall scoreof thetest; easy to compare with others.Duration: Elapsed time fortakingthe test.Severity: A severity score between 0 (notcolorblind) and100 (strong color vision deficiency).PDT Score(Type): A specificscore (protan-deutan-tritan) showing thetype.Check Statistics:Detailed performance statistics of thecheck.Color Blind CheckFeatures• Testing color vision deficiency intwo to four minutes.•Quick CBC for testing color blindness in 30 to60 seconds.• Simpleto handle, no special instructions needed.•Pause, restart wheneverneeded during testing.• Cancel/stop duringrunning test.• Measuringtype and severity of color visiondeficiency.• Statistics of howmany tests have been taken.• Directlink to most recent Color BlindCheck result.• Direct link tohighest Color Blind Check score.•Left-hand mode for easy testing.•Testing in portrait or landscapemode possible.If you would like tolearn more about color blindnessplease visit For further detailsto Color BlindCheck you can always visit and evenleave a message or givesome feedback if you like.Thanks for tryingColor Blind Check.
Red Green Blue 1.2.4
Michał Z.
Red Green Blue is a beautiful, relaxing, minimalist gamewithchallenging gameplay and calming music!Elegantly simplegameplaymakes the game addictive and very playable. Calming,ambient musicmakes Red Green Blue very climatic and also soothingexperience.Game aesthetic is based on three colors. Your goal is tomake asmany laps as you can but be careful - don't run in yourtail! Youonly collide with squares that has the same color as you.Your tailcan be destroyed by running into bombs. Every three lapscolor willchange. Earn highest score, share it with your friendsand inleaderboards!Features:• Elegant, challenging gameplay.•Minimalist,ambient aesthetic based on RGB colors.• Beautiful,calming music.
Color Mixer 1.1.4
Color Mixer is super fun application. Practice till you arethemaster of Color Mixing. Change difficulty if you think thatit'stoo easy. Mix freely till you found your favorite colormixture.Try to beat the ten round game in minutes. There's nothingto stopyou! Features • Free Mixing with color value conversions andvalueoutput. Color circles are customizable and for top of thatuniquecolor is possible to be picked via device camera.• Practicemodewith difficulty settings.• Close Call game mode.• Game modewithrounds and online scoreboard.• RGB Sliders mode.• SpeedMatchinggame mode.• Common colors chart for people interested incolors.Camera Color setup • Open Color Camera and download OpenCVmanager.Camera feature seems not to work on some devices.• Menu'sColorCamera can be used to pick color as hex to clipboard.• ColorCamerahas not work on any of my Android 4.4 devices due problemswithOpenCV library. It may work on some devices. Works on Android5.0 +os versions. Vibration • Can be turned off fromsettingsPermissions • Camera permission if you want to use Cameracolorpicker.• Internet connection.Feel free to contact onanycircumstances, for example feature request or bug reports. Ifyouwant to give me feedback without play rating, when ever it isgoodor bad feedback, I will respond and take your mail seriously!Usethis contact form: Igotmessagesinstantly!Credits•
EyeBerry 1.6
Trainer for your eyes. Takes off eyestrain, restores vision,helpswith myopia, hyperopia, colorblindness
ON Color Measure 6.0
ON COLOR MEASURE is an amazing way to detect and recognizedcolorsby using the camera of your mobile device. It lets you grab acolorand save the complete informations of the color in thesimplest andeffective way.It is very handy and easy to use. Youjust need topoint your camera to any object and this applicationwill identifythe color automatically.ON Color Measure allows you todetect thecolor in real time live camera mode or capture the imageand movethe aim pointer to detect the color. You can also do thecolordetection on images loaded from the gallery. The colorinformationswill be displayed on the dashboard on the screen. Itincludescolor, RGB value, HSV value, Hex code and HTML color names.It letsyou grab and save the color information with just one click.Youcan open the previously saved records and image anytime.ONColorMeasure is very useful especially for graphic designer,interiordesigner, material engineers and artist to find out theperfectcolor match for any object. It is also important for thecolorblindpeople to recognize the color of any viewed object.KEYFEATURES:★Real-time color detection★ Load image from Gallery★Movable coloraiming cursor★ One click grab and save colorinformation★ Openpreviously saved image & color records★ Colorinformationdisplay: RGB, HSV, Hex, Color sample, Color names★Lock/Unlockscreen in camera mode★ Auto focus when click on anywhereon thescreen preview★ Camera flash light★ Keep screen awakeONColorMeasure is a free instrument on android with more and morefeatureswill be added in future. We hope that this tool will beuseful toyou whenever you want to check for a color, save colorinformationor compare colors. If you have any comments, suggestionsorquestions, please feel free to contact [email protected] Thank you!!
ColorMeter Free - color picker 1.0.3
ColorMeter: take live color around you with your camera and useitfor you design projects or for your Android customization asawallpaper.ColorMeter is a free useful camera color picker toolthatallows you to pick live colors around you.It display RGB coloronthe screen and the hexadecimal (HTML) color code that usedingraphics, web design, Photoshop and other picture or photoeditors.Point cross-hair at different objects and see real timeresult onthe screen.You can use currently selected color for youAndroidphone or tablet personalization and customization.Long touchon thecolor bar sets your current screen WALLPAPER tochosencolor.Features:- live color analyzer- make snapshots- whitebalance(PRO*)- load pictures from gallery(PRO)- average window sizeoption(PRO)- RGB color on the screen- CMY color model (PRO)- flashlight(PRO)- hexadecimal HTML color code- preview color (fullscreenmode) (PRO)- use color as WALLPAPER- AutoFocus button- ZoomViewoption- select colors from any point on the uploaded picture(PRO)-color palette(PRO)- save, delete and preview colors incolorpalette(PRO)- save/export and share palette using HTML file(PRO)-find closest color sample in the color palette to thecurrentlyselected with color finder(PRO)- Help- ad free*PRO -available onlyin paidversion. colorpicker,color picker, color analyzer, detect, phone personalizationandcustomization, web design, room design, graphicscolormeasure,camera measure, RGB, HEX color, hexadecimal color,wallpaper, colorwallpaper, color selector, find color, camera app,skin tone,android
Kuku Kube - Eye Test 1.0.3
KUKU KUBE!This simple puzzle game will test the quality ofyourcolor vision.You need to identify one tile which is not thesamecolor with the other tiles.Easy to play, self describedpuzzlegame!Enjoy!
Colors List. Catalog of paints 1.1
A simply App which contains large amount of colors systemsandcolors in it. This app is a best solution for designers. ThisAppprovides a complete RGB and COLOR search engine. All you needtomatch your RGB and color data with paint, inks, real productsandcommercial color collections.FEATURES:- Over 30 colorssystems,such as: Benjamin moore Caparol DIC DULUX FOCOLTONEFederalStandard Humbrol MONICOLOR Model Master Moscow Pal PANTONERALSherwin Williams Sikkens TIKKURILA TOYO TRUMATCH W3C ColorsWebcolors Websafe Colors- Over 35000 colors- All colors datainformat: RGB CMYK HSV HSL CIE-L*ab CIE-L*uv Hunter-Lab XYZ- Forallcolors - similar colors from other systems- For all colors-matching combination of colors from same system. Alghoritmsofharmony matching: Monochromatic Complementary SplitComplementaryAnalogous Analogous Accent Triadic Square TetradicClash Five ToneSix Tone- Sharing colors dataFeel free to contact uswithsuggestion of improvement.
Color Detector 1.6.1
SpeakColor is a tool that identifies colors. It hasspeechcapability for accessibility of blind people.Just focus onpart ofan image that the application detects the color.Useful tooltoreveal color codes for designers, engineers andartists.Translatedinto three languages (Portuguese, English andSpanish).Features: -Detects colors of an image in real time ( ColorDetector ); -Speaks the color identified with speech synthesizer(TTS); - CameraFlash On / Off; - Vibrates on Flash On / Off(accessibility); -Toggles the display of the images by the Stop /Play button; -Identifies color codes in Hex, RGB, HSV, CMYK; -Multilingual(English, Portuguese, Spanish, Italian and French); -Talkbacksupport (accessibility).
MagicLight RGB LED Remote PRO 4.2
v4.2New 3+ Remote Profile (Briloner,21 Key,CAR MATE) v4.0New4+Remote Profile (BaseTech,HitLight,Lightme,SuperNight Lite)Removedunused storage access rightv3.6New 14/20/25 Keys RemoteProfile3xmore independet widgetSelector Bug Fixed v3.3New 24 KeyMusicRemote / Better IR Code for (isunroad & mcl remoteprofileFixindependet widget remote listv3.224P / 44P Keys RemoteProfileadded Compatible with PaulmanIRC240S Profile AddedBackGroundAlternative (Dark,Medium,Light)New 1x1 / 3x1 independetwidget Youcan now change remote type via widget with Up & DownArrow .FixDimm Up / Down&Settings-----------------------------------------------------------------------------v2.8NewRemoteProfiles (24D / 24M / 24Z ) added LG G3 & LG G4 enabledforBetaTest.-----------------------------------------------------------------------------v2.5NewGUI,MusicRemote Profile added Renamed Widget Colors .Shiftkey BugFixed.Delay between commands greatly reduced. Some internal bugfixed.-----------------------------------------------------------------------------v2.244-KeyRemote Profile now supports full keys. 40-Key RGBWRemote ProfileAdded.Puzzle Color Widget Added Puzzle Each ColorKeys worksstandalone.Now you can use your favorit colorswithwidgetmix-----------------------------------------------------------------------------v2.1Redesignedwidgets for compatible other launcher Small WidgetSize NowCompatible with GoogleNowLauncher-----------------------------------------------------------------------------Simpleunoffical RGB LED Bulb IR remote control for phones andtablets withbuild-in IR blaster(Samsung Galaxy S4/S5 Note3/4 andtablets) .Thepurpose is not to replace the original remote,but itis handy inemergency situations (original remote is lost,etc).Thisapp usesbuilt-in infrared port(IR-blaster) and Android 4.4.2 =>and upversion (Yes 5.0 too)if your phone/tablet doesn't have it IRor noncompatible version then software not works.Works withSamsung phonesand tablets with built-in IR senderNo full screenads,no pushnotification ads or pop-up ads .No support on otherbrand phones andtablets like (LG,etc)Before buy you can test firstfree version withlimited remote type.You can even send a requestfor non-supportedrgb remote model support via email.Before requesta cancel trycontact us via email with your wishDisclaimer/Trademarks:This appis NOT affiliated with or endorsedbyMagicLighting,APA1616,OEM24-44Keys,IRC160N-1,MCL,Sylvania,ISUNROADorother RGB LED Maker Companyor Owner.Warranties:This software isprovided by author "as is" andany express or impliedwarranties,including,but not limited to,theimplied warranties ofmarchantability and fitness for a particularpurpose aredisclaimed.In no event shall author be liable foranydirect,indirect,incidental,special,exemplary orconsequentialdamages(including,but not limited to,procurement ofsubstitutegoods or services;loss of use,data,or profits,orbusinessinterruption) however caused and on any theory ofliability,whetherin contract,strict liability,or tort(includingnegligence orotherwise) arising in any way out of the use of thissoftware,evenif advised of the possibility of such damage.
Display Tester 4.10
DisplayTester makes it possible to test almost every aspect ofyourdevice's LCD/OLED screen. Using Google Cast it is possible totestthe display quality of your TV. It is designed to allow fullscreentesting also on devices with soft keys (hiding the soft keysin ICSand later, immersive mode in KitKat and later). ----- -=Freefeatures =- ◆ Dead pixel test: detect "dead pixels" bydisplaying aseries of solid background color pages ◆ Color tests:contrast,gradient (banding) and saturation tests ◆ Gammacalibration tests(grey/red/green/blue) ◆ Viewing angle tests (Thisis useless forOLED displays) ◆ Wide gamut color test ◆ Multi-touchtest ◆ Displayperformance tests ◆ Repair burn in - scrolling black& whitebars ◆ Display measures info: screen size, GPU type,dpi,density-independent pixel size, OpenGL 1.x info, pixel format◆Real world pictures for reference and comparison ◆ 4-colorgradienttest with orientation change correction (Android 2.2 andhigher) ◆Pixel format & dithering tests ◆ Built-in font stylestest ◆Manually DPI measurement ◆ Color charts ◆ Touch screen deadspottester ◆ System Fonts tester ◆ DIP / PX calculator -= Profeatures=- ◆ Full Google Cast support ◆ Repair burn in - noise(white,b&w, red, green, blue) -= Soft key hidinginICS/Honeycomb/JellyBean =- Use the preferences menu option forthisor simply long touch the display during a test is running.-=Gestures =- ◆ Slide left-right: change test image ◆ Slideup-down:change brightness ◆ Long touch: switch between full screenandnormal screen (Android 3.0 and higher) ◆ Double tap: hide orshowthe test specific settings dialogue (if available) When thesoftkeys are hidden it is not easy to advance to the next screen:Firsttap to make the buttons appear, then a quick swipe for thenextscreen before the buttons are hidden again. ----- Pleaseconsiderpurchasing the Pro version to support further development.If youare having a problem or you have a suggestion about amissingfeature, the ONLY way it will get done is if you email me!:)
Real Colors, palette generator 2.0.2
AB4 Systems
Used by 400.000+ creative people all over the world, Real Colorsisthe leading color palette generator from photos. We helpdesignersto get inspired from real life. Starting from Real Colors2.0 youcan get inspired from palettes posted by other creativepeople. “Adesigner’/s must”, Miguel Maria Colon del Rey, ProductDesigner,Barcelona “Fantastic work”, Gina Chacon, Digital Artist,Mexico“Love it”, Adam Bjurstrom, Freelance designer, LouisvilleFeatures:- Automatically generate harmonious color palettes (colourschemes)from photos using our unique algorithm - Colors from thecolorpalette (color scheme) can be easily edited - Post yourfavoritecolor palettes to the Color Palettes Feed and let otherlike andcomment on it - Explore color palettes from other creativepeoplearound the world. Like and comment their work - Share yourmostbeautiful color palettes to Facebook, Pinterest,Whatsapp,Messenger, email and many others Real Colors is used bycreativesall over the world for web design, interior design, colourmatchingfor clothing and creating color themes. We appreciate anykind offeedback that will make this product better. Send us yourideas [email protected]
Color Wallpaper Color Picker Color Grabber Paint 3.0
Color Wallpapers is specifically for color lovers as well asforDesigners who want to have color codes for any colorsurroundingthem. Color Wallpapers Make you android colorful. Setany plaincolor wallpaper in a single touch.Pick colors from anyimage youhave. Get all the material colors. Color Wallpapers hasmost of allthe features you wish to Have.Make your favourite colorslist.Match the real world colors with your android colorwallpaper.Bringyour mood back in a second with your favourite colorin yourwallpaper.Color wallpaper has all the beautiful features youwishhave1. Its Free Color wallpaper app2. only 1.5 MB size3. YouJustTouch any color and set in wallpaper3. 100000+ plain solidcolorsprovided4. Make your own colors using RGB Color Mixer5. Youcantake colors from Palettes 6. You can take colors from yourcapturedPhotos7. You can take colors from live worlds around youand set aswallpaper in a second 8. All the Material colors9. MakeyourFavourite color list10. You can do paint also11. Get Hex colorcodeand RGB code of any color in the world.12. Automaticcolorwallpaper changeColors color HD, color Wallpapers, colorcodes,colors, colors HD, plain color Wallpapers, solid colors, HDcolors,all colors, color pellets, colorful Wallpapers,Color HD,plaincolors, Solid colors, plain colors, color codes, awesomecolors,grab colors, live colors, color Wallpapers, colorsWallpapers, HDcolor Wallpapers
Color Sense Master (Color Test) 2.9.0
This game, Color Sense Master, shows blocks of the same colorexceptone block. Look for one box that appears in a differentcolor. Total150 various colors are supported. Each color name isdisplayed belowduring game play.There are two game modes;- Tapcount limit mode -Time-out modeThe 'Statistics' menu displaysuser's cumulative colorperception score, which is based on user'sentire game play.You cancompare your highest level to the level ofother players around theworld. Challenge the final level 100 tobecome a master of color.Let's start testing your color perceptionability![How do peopledifferentiate colors?]The color isidentified by the 'cone cell' inthe human eye's retina.There arethree types of cone cells todistinguish colours. One isparticularly sensitive to red lightwavelengths, another to greenlight, and a third to blue light. Conecell distribution ratios forthe 'red region', 'green and yellowregion', and 'blue region' aregenerally composed of [40]: [20]:[1]. Due to the relatively smallnumber of cells that detect blue,many users in this App review sayblue identification is thehardest.[About Statistics feature]- AtLow difficultyIf the answeris correct, slight score is added.Ifthe answer is wrong, arelatively big score is subtracted.- At HighdifficultyIf the answeris correct, a relatively big score isadded.If the answer is wrong,slight score issubtracted.-------------* Please take a break afterthe game for acertain amount of time to protect your eyesight.*This game isfree, and does not contain any stimulating content, soanyone canenjoy it.* Comments on translations are always welcome.*If youhave any questions or bug reports, please [email protected]://
Designer Tools 2.1.0
Developers, have you ever wanted to verify that you’veimplementedUI designs to spec? UX Designers, ever wanted tovalidate whether acolor or layout is correct? Designer Toolsprovides a suite offeatures to review and validate appspecifications. Whether it bechecking your keylines or that shadeof blue, you’ll definitelywant to add this app to your toolkit.Even if you provide redlines,these are a great way to verify eachand every pixel.Grid Overlay -Quickly toggle on-screen grids tocheck layouts for inconsistentspacing or mis-aligned elements. Youcan even customize the gridsize and line colors.Mockup Overlay -Display a mockup image overyour app. This gives you a high-fidelityopportunity to see how thedesign spec matches the developed userinterface. Choose fromportrait or landscape overlays and tune theopacity for aneffective comparison.Color Picker - Use your fingerto drag arounda loupe and identity the hex codes of colors at thepixellevel.Screenshot details - Add a panel to all of yourscreenshotsthat displays information regarding the device, screenand Androidversion. QA teams will LOVE this.Have ideas for anothertool thatwe could include? Let us know by sending us anemail!Source codeavailable on GitHub at
Digital Clock Widget 3.0.2
Digital clock widget is a home screen digital time anddatewidgetfor Android. It looks just like the one on theiPhoneunlockscreen.Features:· Lots of customizations· Supportwidgetresizing(long tap to enter resize mode)· Changes take effectinreal-time·Select millions of colours for the time and date withaRGB colorpicker· Select different background colours· Displaynextalarm·App picker for selecting widget shortcut·Supportdifferenttime/date formats· Supports Android 4.2 or above·MaterialdesignUI· Android tablet friendly!
HEX Color Generator 1.1
Hex color code are mostly used by developers and designers. It'saimportant part of designing. Getting desired hex code iscomplex,our application helps users to generate hex color codeeasily.
Pixolor - Live Color Picker 1.3.4
Pixolor is a circle floating over your apps showing a zoomed viewofthe underlying pixels, including color information andcoordinatesof the central pixel. One of Android Police's 20 BestAndroid Appsof 2015 If you like the app, please considersupporting us bypurchasing the "Remove Ads" feature. QUICK FAQ: ifyou want to copythe code to clipboard please use the Share buttonin thenotification. Alternatively, tap just outside the circleoverlay(bottom-left or top-right corner). This app is mainly fordesignersto know technical pixel-level information. It is alsouseful forpeople with poor eyesight who want to effortlessly zoomin on partsof the screen (e.g. to read text more easily). RequiresAndroidLollipop (5.0) or higher. Note: For Xiaomi (MIUI) devices,pleaseenable the overlay permission in the app's system settings.YouriPhone friends will be jealous when they realise thistechnology isnot possible on their devices :) Benefits: ★ Know thecolor code(RGB) or coordinates (DIP) of any pixel on the screen ★Know thesize (DIPs) of any region of the screen - before yourelease thecircle you will see the x/y distance dragged ★ Know thenearestMaterial Design Color to the focus color ★ Study pixelarrangement ★Share screenshot or circular image to another app(e.g. send byemail) - long press on thumbnail ★ Enlargehard-to-read text. Veryhandy for those with not so perfecteyesight ★ Generate colorpalette from latest screenshot or latestcircular zoomed section ★Share a cropped area of the screen -focus overlay on one corner,then drag overlay to opposite corner.You will see thumbnail of thedragged region in the main screen.Long-press to share the image!Other features: ★ Pinch-to-zoom ★Fine panning using two fingers(thereafter, free to release afinger) ★ Tap outside circle(bottom-left or top-right) to copycolor RGB to clipboard ★ QuickSettings Tile to toggle on/off ★ HueWheel color picker ★Notification allowing you to: hide/showoverlay; quit application;share latest color code with other appsPlease note: this app showsads after an initial ad-free period.You have the option to disableads by making a small one-timein-app payment. Thank you for yoursupport. Privacy: ★ Pixolortakes a single screenshot each time youplace your finger on thecircle. This is indicated by the briefappearance of the Chromecaststatus bar icon. When the Chromecasticon is not visible, you canbe sure no app is reading the screen. ★Captured screenshot data isnever sent (in full or part) from yourdevice or made availableoutside of the app. The only exception tothis is when youexplicitly share the image (long-press onthumbnail), in which caseit will be shared in the way you request.Here is a list of knownunsupported devices (they are unable tocapture screen contentsproperly): * Any device running pre-Lollipop(5.0) * Cm_MicromaxCanvas A104 (HOL-U19) userdebug 5.1.1 LMY48W *Huawei P8 (GRA-L09)(5.0) * Samsung Galaxy S3 (m0) (5.1) * SamsungGalaxy S2 (CM 12.1)(5.1.1) Credits: Launcher Icon (v1.0.8 andlater):VukašinAnđelković
Color Wallpapers Lite - 1 Billion Color Wallpapers 4.3
I guarantee you that you will not get such wonderful colorwallpaperapp in the play store. Color wallpapers is created forcolor loverpeople.Using color wallpaper one can set any shadecolor inwallpaper. It will make your phone look better and you canmatch thecolor with your surroundings and with your dressingalso.Even if youlike any color from your surrounding you can grabthe live colorusing the color grab feature. Just move your phonecamera towardsthe desired color area. It will give you the exactcolor with itscolor code.Also you can set plain color wallpapersby making yourchoice color using the Red Green Blue (RGB mixer)mixer feature.Alsolots of default plain colors provided in theapp. You can also makeyour favourite colors list and set them asplain solid colorwallpaper.Incase you have color birds or animalsor wallpaper imageand you want to take colors from that image youcan easily takedesired color from your desired image orwallpaper.extract beautifulcolors from images.Only 1.5MB andeverything included. Colorwallpaper has following best Featuresincluded.1. only 1.5 MB size2.Thousands of Default Solid colorwallpaper4. RedGreenBlue ColorMixer5. Take colors from Palettes 6.Take colors from your capturedPhotos7. Grab colors from liveworlds around you 8. All the Materialcolors 9. Make your Favoritecolor list10.Included Paint11. Hexcolor code of any Color12.Automatic color wallpaper changePlainColor WallpapersSolid ColorWallpapersColor CodesHex CodesUsing thisapp you can match yourdressing colors with your mobile colorwallpapers. While travelingyou can take any photo and take colorfrom it. For graphicsdesigners this app provides color codeseasily. Provided defaultmillions of Solid Plain colorwallpapers.Make you favorite colorslist.Kids can learn Colors usingthis app, they enjoy color paintin this app.Grab live Colorwallpaper is unique feature this appcontains.Jut keep your phone infront of any scene or person orimage and get the live color pixelcolors.Most important is thesize of color wallpapers app. It isonly 1.5MB.And No bannerAdvertise.Keywords:Colors color HD, colorWallpapers, color codes,colors, colors HD, plain color Wallpapers,solid colors, HD colors,all colors, color pellets, colorfulWallpapers,Color HD, plaincolors, Solid colors, plain colors, colorcodes, awesome colors,grab colors, live colors, color Wallpapers,colors Wallpapers, HDcolor WallpapersColor color Wallpapers colorworld
RAL Colors Simple Catalog 20.0
Alex Oliinyk
RAL Colors Simple Catalog with official colors names in7languages.English, German, French, Italian, Spanish,Russian,Dutch. + HEX, RGB, HSB (free) CMYK(C), CMYK(U), PANTONE(pay)
Lighting Text Photo Frames 3.2
Lighting Text Photo Frames is nice app that lets you customizeyourphotos. Choose a photo from your gallery or take it with thecameraof your device, select a frame and generate your photo. Youcanprepare your photo easily in few clicks. + Capture photousingcamera or select existing photo from gallery. + Rotate, scale,zoomin, zoom out or drag the photo to fit the frame as you likewithyour multiple finger touch. + Choose from 15 frames indifferentshapes and colors and try them all out. + Place Text asyou want inany style and color. + Swap photo directionhorizontally. + Addcolor effects to photo. + This app supports allscreen resolutionsof mobile and tablet devices. * 75+ nativelanguage support added *Brightness * Saturation * Sepia * Contrast* Threshold * 100+ imagefilters Hope you enjoy our Lighting TextPhoto Frames app. Thanks,PhotoAppzone
Eye Care - Blue Light Filter 1.1
- Reasons you feel eyestrain and need Blue Light Filter takeyoureyes: ● Night shift: your eyes in the night when you use thephonefrequently, you feel tired, have difficulty sleeping.Bluelighthelp you protect your eyes ● The visible light on thephone'sscreen is 380-550mm so your eyes will feel uncomfortable.-Solutionto protect your eyes is Reduce Blue Light: ● Blue lightFilter isused for reducing the green light by adjusting the screenlight tonatural colors. ● The screen switches to mellow mode toreduce thestrain on the eyes. ● Many colors to use EyecareBluelight Filter ●You can choose the right light mode and color, ●The applicationoffers 5 natural colors to filter out the light thatprotects youreyes like red, brown, black, yellow, white. ● You caneasy toadjust the intensity according to your eyes the purpose andusefunctions.- Some features of the Bluelight Filter Application:●Easy to customize and adjust lighting easily. ● Greenlightfilterwith natural color: you can Facebook surf, listening musicandwatching youtube with large time without any eyes care. ● Notethatfiltering green light does not reduce the brightness of yourphone,● Adjust the brightness according to the needs of users. ●Remindyou to rest regularly- Protection your eyes by auto adjustthelight of the phone screen: When you use the phone too much,Bluelight filter eyecare assured you will not forget to rest. Asmartwarning makes your eyes more comfortable and adjusts the colorofyour screen to reduce the light blue and help care your eyes.
Smoky Text Photo Frames 3.2
Smoky Text Photo Frames is nice app that lets you customizeyourphotos. Choose a photo from your gallery or take it with thecameraof your device, select a frame and generate your photo. Youcanprepare your photo easily in few clicks. + Capture photousingcamera or select existing photo from gallery. + Rotate, scale,zoomin, zoom out or drag the photo to fit the frame as you likewithyour multiple finger touch. + Choose from 15 frames indifferentshapes and colors and try them all out. + Place Text asyou want inany style and color. + Swap photo directionhorizontally. + Addcolor effects to photo. + This app supports allscreen resolutionsof mobile and tablet devices. * 75+ nativelanguage support added *Brightness * Saturation * Sepia * Contrast* Threshold * 100+ imagefilters Hope you enjoy our Smoky Text PhotoFrames app. Thanks,PhotoAppzone
Vibrance HDR 1.7
Mark Harman
Vibrance HDR allows you to create high dynamic range (HDR)images,either from a single photo, or from multiple* autoexposurebracketed (AEB) photos. High-dynamic-range imaging is atechniqueused in photography to reproduce a greater dynamic rangeofluminosity. This works best in conjuction with a camera appthatsupports taking photos at multiple different exposures.HoweverVibrance HDR also supports creating a "Fake HDR" effect fromasingle photo. [*] Some devices support up to 7 images; others upto3 images. Note that Vibrance HDR is not intended to be ageneralpurpose photo editor - there are already plenty of free appsforthat. Features: * Create HDR effect from either single photo,ormultiple input photos at different exposures. * Editor allowsyouto modify contrast enhancement strength, brightness,contrast,saturation, white balance temperature. * Quick display oforiginalimage for comparison. * Pan and pinch to zoom. * Works inportraitand landscape. * Exif metadata is preserved by defaultwherepossible, with additional options to control what metadataispreserved. * HDR tonemapping options include Reinhard,Exponential,Filmic, ACES. * Auto-alignment and ghost removal forprocessingmultiple input photos. * On-screen histogram. * Built-inhelp(including guides on how to take AEB photos on variousAndroidcamera apps). * Share to and from other apps. See thepictures forexamples of what Vibrance HDR can do. The before/afterimages showthe results on a single input image (some are withdefaultsettings, some are with using the post-processing sliders).Notethat creating HDR images from multiple inputs is memoryintensive,and even though Android devices may have GBs of RAM, onlyafraction of that is available for a single application touse.Vibrance HDR includes ads served via the Google Mobile AdsSDK(Admob). An In-application-purchase (IAP) is available toremoveadverts. You can view or edit your ad settings, or opt outofpersonalized advertising, via Google's Ads Settings( ). Also see "How Googleusesinformation from sites or apps that use our services".
Night Mode 2.0
Rahul Kamma
Night Mode is a Material Design Application which can protectyoureyes from being hurt by bright screen at night, creating a maskatthe top of screen in order to make screen darker. . Even thoughyouare using our application to make screen darker, you shouldreducethe time watching screen(while watching a movie or playingagame)The application has two modes:· Default mode: It needsnopermissions, but it couldn't cover the status bar and lockscreen.·Overlay Status Bar mode: It needs permissions in somesystems(Example: MIUI 6+ and Android 6.0+)( Enable permission inAndroid6.0+: "Settings" app - "Apps" - The gear icon - "Draw overotherapps" - "Night Screen" - Then enable it )** Added supportforAndroid 7.0 and 7.1
My Eye Doctor 1.47
This game will take you on a doctor adventure full of fun. Turnintoa professional eye expert and help kids with various eyeproblems.Treat all sorts of eye diseases and make children feelbetter andhealthier. Hurry up, kids are waiting for you! Sight isone of themost important human senses, so help children cure theireyes, passdifferent eye exams and test their vision or check forpossiblecolor blindness. Give your patients a warm welcome andtake care ofthem using different special medical tools, just likea real doctor.• Checking vision: Use eye charts with letters tomeasure how wellthe kids see from the distance. Find out the bestdiopter for yourlittle patients and choose some funky color lensesor eyeglasses. •Color blindness: Ishihara color plates will helpyou diagnose colorblindness. After that you will have to choosethe right shade offruit colors and tap to connect broken wires. •Eye diseases: Usemicroscope to find foreign objects in children’seyes. Lasereliminates yellow bumps on the eye, tweezers removemidges andeyedrops treat inflamed red eyes. When you complete thetherapysuccessfully choose an eye patch for a girl or a boy. • Eyeexams:Enjoy playing 3 fun mini-games for testing and improvingeyesight.Check if you have an eye for details by tapping what iswrong andneeds to be corrected. Be precise and throw paper ballsinto thetrash can or find all the differences between 2 images.Welcome tothe colorful eye clinic where you can have fun!Features: •educational and role-playing game for kids • practicemedicine as areal doctor • special real life medical tools • earnstars and enjoyentertaining activities • fun & popularmini-games • friendly HDgraphics with vivid and shiny colors
Night Owl - Screen Dimmer & Night Mode 3.01
Do your eyes feel tired while you're reading at night on thephone?Are you having trouble falling asleep after a long timelooking atyour phone screen? Night Owl may be the solution for you!WithNight Owl you can reduce the brightness of your screen lowerthanyou can achieve with the default settings in order to avoideyestrain or headaches in a dark environment or at night. You canalsofilter out blue light which causes eye strain, inability tosleepand headaches. Features • Display backlight dimming • Bluelightfilter • Advanced color filter • Auto start and stop timerPremiumfeatures • Ad free • Sun timer Permission details • Displayoverother apps Used for putting a filter on your device screen.•Modify system settings. Used for setting the system brightnesstominimum. • Access Location. Used for determining your locationforsunrise and sunset time. • View network connections andfullnetwork access. Used for serving ads and loading the locationmap.
Night Mode Screen Dimmer 1.1
Night Mode Screen Dimmer: lowers screen brightness lower thanyoucan do it by default brightness settings in android.EyesProtector: It protects your eyes and gives you comfortwhilereading or playing. This feature makes it one of theirreplaceableapps for night readers. Energy Saver: This appalsoreduces yourphone's power usage and saves your battery. Usethis feature whenyour phone is low on battery. How it works?NightMode App appliesnew transparent black solid layer of screen filter.Which reducesyour screen brightness. You can regulate thisbrightness byadjusting transparency of black layer.