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Catawiki Online Auctions 3.23.6
Buy and sell unusual objects in over 80 categories, includingluxurygoods, classic cars, collectables, art and antiques. UsingtheCatawiki App, you can take part in our unique auctionsanywhere,anytime. You can: ✔ Bid, buy, sell and celebrate yourlove of theunusual ✔ Access the latest auctions ✔ Upload yourobjects to sell ✔Add objects to your “favourites" list ✔ Receive anotificationbefore your favourite auctions end Our auctions startevery Fridayand are supervised by specialised experts. Thisguarantees variedand high-quality lot listings while our paymentmethod lets you buyand sell securely. Download the app to find outmore about what kindof objects you can buy and sell. Classic Cars:Cruise through ourcollection of truly unique classic cars,accessories andautomobilia. Home Decor: Revitalise tired interiorswith our HomeDecor collections. Including rugs, lights, designerfurniture, andthemed-auctions. Watches: Spend some time browsingdesignertimepieces, vintage watches and pocket watches. Jewellery:Adornyourself with our huge variety of rings, bracelets,necklaces,earrings and brooches. Modern Art: Spruce up your blankwalls withsomething beautiful from our Modern Art collections.Stamps: Uncoverhidden gems from our stamp sellers. Fashion: Riflethrough racks ofdesigner labels, from classic Chanel, Armani andGucci, right up tocontemporary labels. Video Games: Play aroundwith retro video gamesfrom companies like Nintendo, Sega and Sony.Books: Develop yourlibrary with literature, travel, art, scienceand nature books,manuscripts and leaflets. Antiques: Explore ahuge range of stylesand categories, incorporating specialisedcraftsmanship and valuablematerials. Whisky: Sample a single maltscotch or a rare whisky fromJapan. Comics: Sort through classicDutch, Italian, French and U.S.comics. Wine: Discover unique andrare Sauvignon Blancs,Chardonnays, Merlots and CabernetSauvignons. Street Art: Supportand appreciate contemporary artistsby buying or selling in ourStreet Art auctions. Download theCatawiki Auction App now and startbidding and selling today!Feedback: If you have any questions orcomments, please contact usat
Copart – Salvage Car Auctions 5.1
Access to Thousands of Vehicles Browse over 125,000 cars,trucks,SUVs and more with the Copart App. Scan barcodes at aCopartlocation to quickly find details for any vehicle. Addvehicles toyour Watchlist and place bids in Copart’s online autoauctions. Usethe Vehicle Finder tool to quickly find vehicles orsearch ouronline inventory by type, year, make, model, location andmore fromany mobile device. The Copart App gives you access tothousands ofsalvage and clean title cars in vehicle auctions everyday. Bid andBuy from Anywhere Log in using your existing Copartaccount orregister through the app and quickly upload IDs andlicensesdirectly to your account. Create and manage Watchlists andSavedSearches. Get notified about the results of your auctions andstayinformed about vehicles on your Watchlist. The Copart App givesyoufull access to participate in our online auto auctions to bidandwin your next vehicle! Global App Select your country toviewvehicles on,,,,,, or allon oneapp. Find the vehicle auctions closest to you from anywherein theworld. Features: • Search, bid and buy with the tap of afinger •Receive instant activity notifications • Manage yourWatchlist,Saved Searches and Pre-Bids on the go • Find RecommendedVehiclesbased on your location, or on specific vehiclescharacteristics(Recommendations Engine available in the app for US& UK only)• Use Voice Search by simply speaking your searchcriteria • Getquick access to Today’s Auctions, Vehicle Finder,Locations andLast Searches from the enhanced dashboard • Search forauctions bylocation and date • Quickly search our global inventoryfor anytype of vehicle by make, model, year, location and more •ViewAutoCheck vehicle history reports (when available) andCopartCondition Reports • Receive notifications about counterbidoffers,lots won, lots lost and Watchlist vehicles up for auction •ViewPayments Due and Payment History • Pay through the app viapersonalcredit or debit card (domestic accounts only) • Access theQR codefor the gate pass – with the Copart Mobile App, printing thegatepass is no longer necessary • Learn more about the app withtheWelcome Tour
Tophatter: Fun Deals, Shopping Offers & Savings
Searching for auctions on fashion items, gadgets, or even acamera,or shopping for hourly deals? Searching for auctions orshoppingfor hourly deals on fashion items, gadgets or even acamera? WithTophatter, finding savings and gifts couldn’t beeasier! Auctionsand fixed deals on Tophatter are the best way tofind fun offers,discover savings, or buy items at a fixed price.It’s bargainhunting made easy. Shopping for discounts, findingdeals and fixedprice offers, or bidding on online auctions is fastand excitingwith Tophatter. Looking for fun shopping discounts oran auction?Or do you love bargain hunting for the latest fashion orfungadgets? There are thousands of fun offers and savings waitingforyou! Find savings & shopping discounts on fixed deals -it’snever been so easy! Win big on a camera offer or save onelectronicgadgets! Or, scroll through an array of shopping dealsand fixedpriced offers. Plus, if you’re looking for fun offers ongifts fora loved one or simply gifts for yourself, shop fun fixedpriceoffers in an instant! Discover savings on gadgets for yourselfor acamera for a loved one. When it comes to fixed priced offersandshopping deals - the sky’s the limit! Check hourly deals anddailyexciting auctions for chances to win big on one of a kindgifts. 5Ways to Win Big Shopping Discounts with Tophatter 1.Bargainhunting is fast and fun! Hourly deals start at $1, bids arefree -you only pay when you win an auction. 2. Shopping for acamera,gadgets, or other fixed deals? Simply log into your account!3.Offers, shopping discounts, and new auctions are postedeveryday!4. Fixed price items are available wherever you are, getinvolvedin the auction action. 5. Savings, fun offers, and shoppingdealscouldn’t be easier to find. Find an auction for everything -fromgadgets to accessories like rings and necklaces! Plus,Tophatterhas fixed price offers, hourly deals, and other discountsonproducts to suit any budget. Tophatter puts the fun andexcitementback into online shopping and finding fixed pricedoffers. Win bigwith the latest hourly offers, discounts, and fixeddeals at yourfingertips! It only takes one click to discover fixedpriced offersand exclusive auctions. Explore fun shopping dealsthat areguaranteed to add a spark of joy to your day. This isbargainhunting with a difference. Download Tophatter to find funshoppingdeals, shopping discounts, and hourly offers now! TechnicalSupportand FAQ Buyer Protection Guarantee: Returns: How to bid onTophatter: How to pay onTophatter: Terms of Service:
IAA Buyer Salvage Auctions 8.4
IAA’s exciting live internet bidding is available on yourphone!Manage your Watchlist, place a Pre-bid, or bid live usingI-bidLIVE while on the go. Find vehicles by searching throughourextensive inventory or preview specific auction lists.Setnotifications to stay informed on what’s happening withyourvehicles and get branch contact information when you need it.Don’thave an account with IAA? Visit our full site at www.iaai.comtoregister as a guest or buyer. Guest Accounts are free and allowyouto manage a Watchlist and view live auctions. Buyer Accountsenableyou to bid. Vehicles available to Public and LicensedBusinessbuyers vary by state and branch. See our full site formoredetails. Features: - “My Account” provides an overview ofyouraccount and is a direct link to your vehicles. - “Vehicles”allowsyou to search for specific vehicles or certain types ofvehicles. -“Auctions” allows you to browse through auction saleslists andaccess our mobile version of I-bid LIVE. - “Locations” isyour linkto branch location and contact information, includingdirections. -“To Be Paid” allows qualifying buyers the options topay with I-Payor AFC financing. - “Won History” allows you to viewvehicles thatyou won recently. - “Lost Pre-Bids” allows you to viewthe finalselling price of a vehicle where you placed a bid but didnot win.- “Notifications” allows you to keep track of relevantaccountactivity. Turn on these notifications in “Settings”. -“Settings”gives you the option to set notifications and create aPIN forquick access to the app.
eBay: Auction sniper bid sniper 6.7
Ever wondered why you are always outbid at last minute at eBay?Hereis why: People are using our eBay bid sniper app Baytomat! Thegreatfeatures: ★ Automatic bidding at eBay (bargain hunt) ★Placing ofyour bids in the last second(s) ★ Saving a lot of timeand of over20% of the auction price ★ Place always the last bidwith our ebaysniper ★ Bids also while you are sleeping / onholiday / at work ★App doesn't need to run while bidding ★ No morebidding wars usingour auction sniper ★ Multiple award winning bidsniper tool TRY ITNOW FOR FREE After the testing period you onlypay for auctions won,from 70 cents on. More features: ★ Importyour watch list ★ Biddinggroups (bid on multiple auctions untilyou win) ★ Placing bids whileyou are offline. ★ Find ebay bargains★ Push- and Emailnotifications Test the mobile sniper Baytomat fora professionalbidding method for all your eBay auctions. You willget 10 freeauction points while registering. You can use these forup to tenfree auctions won. After that you pay only from 70 centsper auctionwon. The auction points will never expire so you canuse themwhenever you want. We have more than 250.000 pleasedcustomersworldwide making eBay bargains each day. You can reach usas well at
com.myibidder.aclient1 0.15.09
Snipe to win on eBay. Myibidder Bid Sniper is a sniper foreBaybuyers that places the last seconds bids to increase yourchancesto win. No need to watch for auctions anymore, just set asnipe andlet the sniper do the job for you. Once the snipe is set,you don'tneed to keep the app running for the snipe to work.Required tostart: 1. Create an account for sniping from within theapp orusing 2. Link youreBayaccount to the sniper from within the app orusing Step by step instructionsonhow to add an item forsniping: thosewho never used eBay sniper in the past: 1. SNIPING DOESNOTGUARANTEE WINNING. YOU HAVE TO MEET EBAY'S ANDSELLER'SREQUIREMENTS IN ORDER TO WIN. ALSO, YOUR SNIPE MUST BEREADY (ADDED& ACTIVATED) AT LEAST 3 MINUTES IN ADVANCE. 2. YOUCAN STOPSNIPING IF YOU HAVE AT LEAST 1-2 MINUTES TO GO BY SETTING"OFF" ON"Activate Snipe" AND SAVING YOUR CHANGES. 3. IT'S ALSOTECHNICALLYNOT POSSIBLE TO SHOW THE CURRENT BID IN REAL-TIME IN THEAPP. IT'SPARTIALLY AVAILABLE IN PRO VERSION. THE CURRENT PRICE DOESNOTAFFECT SNIPING ANYWAY. Questions? Want to get answers? Pleasefeelfree to ask: a. No Groups management (Get the Pro version ifyouneed Groups) b. Does not refresh information automatically soifyou miss snipe status, you have to do "Refresh" from the MyMainMenu ========================================================Theapplication uses service ( to place your snipes, so you can turn off ordisconnectyour phone after you scheduled your snipe. Currently, theserviceprocesses over 150,000 snipes weekly. Sniping is done usingeBay USby default. Make sure you have at least 3-4 minutes beforeauctionends when scheduling your snipe. Security tokens has verylimitedsupport. It's recommended not to use it when sniping.Pleasecontact support for more details. By using Myibidder.comserviceyou have to agree to the followingterms: Please note the commentsonAndroid Market are NOT for bug reports and suggestions. If youwantto suggest something or found a bug to be fixed, please usethefollowing official forums for bug reportsandsupport: not be fixed if you don't let us know on theforums.Permissions used: Internet connections: the app needs to beable tomake connections in order to schedule snipes, retrieve yoursnipesinformation, etc. Read logs: the app reads its own logs anderrormessages in order to properly address each crash. It doesNOTaccess your personal information.
Public Auto Auctions
No membership or registration required to view cars for sale Buyaused car or truck the FUN and EXCITING way! * AutoAuctionInformation * Addresses and directions to nearest autoauctions *View auction inventory online with pictures of auctioncars *Auctions are a fun and exciting way to buy a used car! *Searchused cars from auctions in your state * Includes car auctionswithonline internet bidding * Bid on trucks, vans, SUVs, and carsbyHonda, Nissan, Ford, Chevy, Hyundai, Kia, Mercedes, BMW andmoreIt's FREE and it's EASY! Includes auto auctions with cheapusedcars in these US states: Alabama Arizona CaliforniaColoradoFlorida Georgia Illinois Indiana Louisiana MichiganMississippi NewYork New Jersey North Carolina Ohio OregonPennsylvania SouthCarolina Texas Virginia West Virginia Washington2018 - Nitro WebProductions, Inc.
Auction Wars : Storage King 2.10
Become a professional buyer and make big money in AuctionWars:Storage King! Visit the storage auctions and battle againstotherbuyers, make the right call and walk away rich! Can you findhiddentreasure and beat your friend's score on the leaderboard? -EIGHTSTORAGE AUCTION LOCATIONS Start out on the road to richesbybidding at the storage auctions. Make money and earn your righttocompete at the world’s most prestigious auction houses! Workyourway up through the ranks to trade in only the finest qualitygoods.- LEADERBOARDS & ACHIEVEMENTS Auction Wars: StorageKingfeatures global leaderboards and eleven achievements. Tradeyourway to the top of the top of the leaderboards and beat thescoresset by friends and strangers alike! - BEAUTIFUL RETINADISPLAY HDGRAPHICS Auction Wars: Storage King takes full advantageof retinadisplays with beautiful and crisp high definitiongraphics. - RAREITEMS & INVITE ONLY AUCTIONS Play well andyou’ll receive aninvite to a mysterious auction house that dealsonly in the world’srarest items! Collect each of these items toearn BIG money! -ONLINE MULTIPLAYER (*Requires an in-apppurchase)Play online withyour friends and strangers alike in yourown virtual auction. -REALISTIC AI CHARACTERS Compete againstrealistic AI competitors,each with their own uniquecharacteristics. Enter into quick firebidding battles and face latecalls. Hold your nerve to make theright call and walk away with bigprofits! - COLLECTIONS Collect arange of items. Keep track of youritems on the collections menu.Can you hunt down each and everyitem? - MORE TO COME We make acommitment to supporting this gamewith regular updates. We promiseto add more great items, morelocations, more characters and morefeatures very soon! Music byKevin MacLeod.
Emirates Auction 1.5.9
EA IT Team
Emirates Auction (EA) is the largest auction company in theMiddleEast. It has exclusive contracts to auction severalgovernments andbanks’ assets. EA built its reputation in thedistinguished numberplates where the company achieved several worldrecords. EMIRATESAUCTION diversified its activities with the samesuccess into realestates, and used vehicles with expansion to itsphysical andonline bidding. EA app is It allows you in real timeto: · Take youto a secure bilingual site; · Register, pay deposit,and placebids; · Browse through different categories of availableauctions;· View each auctionable item’s image and specifications,andmonitor bid placement movement; · Review auctions’ results; ·Takeyou to view location of auctionable property and our yardonGoogle® map; · Email our staff directly.
eBay: Online Shopping Deals - Buy, Sell, and Save
eBay Mobile
Buy, sell, and save with the eBay app! Shop deals - or listitemsyou want to sell - in just a few seconds. From home and gardentotech, fashion, and more, get the best deals every time witheBay.Shop Halloween costumes, Fall fashion, and more! Geteverything youneed right here, on eBay. Buy and sell securely withyour favouriteshopping app. Browse millions of listings and findclothes, DIYpower tools, cars, best-selling electronics, or stylishfurniturefor your home. Come on in and take a look! Buy and sell onthe go -5 reasons you’ll love the eBay app: → Save money withshoppingdeals at your fingertips → Clothes, tech, garden furniture,&DIY: Do all your shopping online → Buy top brands inelectronics,tech and phones → Sell items with ease: Simply scan thebarcode& list → Used cars & parts: Buy and sell safely&securely FALL & HALLOWEEN • Decorate your yard withHalloweendecor and find the scariest Halloween costumes • Get readyfor Fallweather with leaf blowers, fire pits, DIY tools and more!FASHION& ACCESSORIES • Shop for the freshest trends in women’s,men’sand kid’s fashion • Discover shopping savings on clothes,fitnesswear, shoes & accessories SELL IN SECONDS - MAKE MONEYON THEGO • Clothes, electronics, cars, tech - you can sellalmostanything with eBay • Get your listing online in under aminute!TECH and ELECTRONICS • Save money on top brands like SonyorSamsung • Buy your next TV, laptop or mobile phone in just afewsteps HOME & GARDEN • Save money on garden furniture,homedecor and kitchen appliances • Shop for DIY tools &suppliesfor your garden SPORTS & FITNESS • Browse fitnessequipment& tools for any sports type & any fitness level •Buy thelatest shoes, running gear & more from leading sportsbrandsUSED CARS & AUTO PARTS • Sell your used car or auto partsinjust a few steps • Shop for vehicles, car parts, accessories&more Take the eBay marketplace with you wherever you are.Discovershopping deals and savings, shop the best brands at amazingpricesor bid on an auction on the go - just download to your phoneormobile device now! KEEP IN TOUCH Your feedback &suggestionsare really important to us. Get in touch on Twitter@askebay or
G-Mart : E-Auction 1.0.5
The pioneer and leader in the Malaysian automotive auctionbusiness,G-Mart has crossed over from the traditional methods toanelectronic one. Car buyers can now view listings of vehiclesonlineand participate in an online bidding process. Buyingvehicles belowmarket prices have never been easier. Bank auctions,trade-invehicles, ex-corporate fleet, ex-government/glc fleet,ex-rental,pre-registered and private sale vehicle make up thethousands ofvehicles on offer every week. Bidding happens daily,so get the appand bid for the next great deal on wheels online.G-Mart's E-Auctionapp allows you to:# View daily auctionlistings.# Inspection reviewof each vehicle.# Bid for vehiclesonline directly from yourdevice.# Submit and sell your vehicles tothousands of bidders.# Getall the information about the vehiclesin E-Auction listing beforebuying your target car.# Acquire allthe information, terms &conditions and FAQs about G-Mart'sE-Auction and many more!Get thelatest news and updates: our appnow and start winning! 7.6.10 AG
Buy and sell on, the largest online marketplaceinSwitzerland. Sports and technology freaks, designlovers,collectors and every family member can find their favouriteproductamong the 1.5 million new and used products. You can alsosimplysell what you no longer need to one of our 3 millionricardo.chusers! - Filter the search results by condition,availability,price or delivery options. - Discover products fromCHF 1 nearby orbrowse through the most popular or latest products.- Buy yourfavourite products directly or bid at auctions todetermine theprice yourself in an exciting way. - Simply place yourmaximum bidsif you do not have time to bid during an auction. -Sell yourproducts easily, quickly and safely – no matter where youare. -Ask and respond to questions directly in the app and increaseyourchances of selling. - Rate your buyer or seller. This willhelpothers to recognise good and serious sellers or buyers and itwillincrease your own trustworthiness. About us: - TraditionalSwisscompany since 1999 - Security thanks to buyer and sellerprotection- Local community with more than 3 million customers -Uniqueproducts you cannot find anywhere else - Swiss customerservicealways happy to assist - Quick and easy buying and sellingprocess- Unique and exciting auction format Link
Myibidder Sniper for eBay Pro 0.15.07 Pro
Snipe to win on eBay.Myibidder Bid Sniper is a sniper foreBaybuyers that places the last seconds bids to increase yourchancesto win.No need to watch for auctions anymore, just set asnipe andlet the sniper do the job for you.Once the snipe is set,you don'tneed to keep the app running for the snipe to work.The Proversionadds Groups support (set a bunch of items for sniping in thesameGroup, set limit how many to win. The sniper willstopautomatically after it reached your limit).You have toenableGroups in Preferences (open the menu on "Main Menu" screen,click"Preferences", check "My Groups").It also adds "Current bid"field.This is not a real-time update, this is the current bid ofthe lastmanual Refresh of the listing.To start:1. Create an accountforsniping from within the app orusing Link your eBayaccount tothe sniper from within the app orusing by step instructionson howto add an itemforsniping: never used eBay sniper in the past:1. SNIPING DOES NOTGUARANTEEWINNING. YOU HAVE TO MEET EBAY'S AND SELLER'SREQUIREMENTS IN ORDERTO WIN.ALSO, YOUR SNIPE MUST BE READY (ADDED& ACTIVATED) ATLEAST 3 MINUTES IN ADVANCE.2. YOUR SNIPING LISTIS DIFFERENT FROMITEMS YOU PLACED YOUR BIDS ALREADY.3. YOU CANSTOP SNIPING IF YOUHAVE AT LEAST 1-2 MINUTES TO GO BY SETTING"OFF" ON "Activate Snipe"AND SAVING YOUR CHANGES.4. GROUPED ITEMSMUST BE AT LEAST 1 minuteAPART FROM EACH OTHER, OR YOU MAY WINTHEM ALL.5. IT'S ALSOTECHNICALLY NOT POSSIBLE TO SHOW THE CURRENTPRICE IN REAL-TIME INTHE APP. THE "CURRENT BID" IS THE BID SINCEYOUR LASTREFRESH.Questions? Want to get answers? Please feel freetoask: Market is notforquestions or suggestions. We have no way to contact you backandanswer youthroughfeedbacks.========================================================CURRENTLIMITATIONS:a.Does not refresh information automatically so if youmiss snipestatus, you have to do "Refresh" from the My MainMenuTheapplication uses service (originally place your snipes, so you can turn off or disconnectyour phoneafter you scheduled your snipe.Currently, the serviceprocesses over150,000 snipes weekly.Sniping is done using eBay USby service is completely free. No monthlyfees, noper-auction fees, nothing.The service is supported bydonations ofour users (such as purchasingthisapplication): in Beta stage, it's a proof of concept and testinguserinterface design. However, it's capable of placing real snipesonreal eBay listings.There are few bugs here and there, but itshouldnot affect sniping.Make sure you have at least 3-4 minutesbeforeauction ends when scheduling your snipe.Security tokens hasverylimited support. It's recommended not to use it whensniping.Please contact support for more details.By usingMyibidder.comservice you have to agree to thefollowingterms: comments onAndroidMarket are NOT for bug reports and suggestions. If you wanttosuggest something or found a bug to be fixed, please usethefollowing official forums for bug reportsandsupport: be fixed if you don't let us know on theforums.Permissionsused:Internet connections: the app needs to beable to makeconnections in order to schedule snipes, retrieve yoursnipesinformation, etc.Read logs: the app reads its own logs anderrormessages in order to properly address each crash. It does NOTaccessyour personal information.
Bid Wars - Storage Auctions and Pawn Shop Tycoon 2.21.1
Tapps Games
The greatest risks always lead to the biggest payoffs, but onlyfewbold enough will become a storage gambling tycoon! Venture intothehigh-stakes world of garage auctions, run your own pawn shopandbuild your reputation as the smartest and quickest bidder! Useyourstrategy to maximize your profit with the smallest bid! Canyoutake the risk and become the biggest winner? Going once,goingtwice.... Sold to the very first one that gets rich in thisbetsimulator of money games! Enjoy the bidding battles of one ofthebest idle money games. Bet at the bid wars and let the dollarsrainon you in the best of earn money games! Think ahead of theotherbidders and gamblers, manage your cash, design your plan forthebidding games and buy and sell your treasures! Only thesmartestplayer will turn into a famous tycoon or billionairethrough bidand garage auctions in this hit among get rich games!Are you readyto spend thousands of bucks in your race to be awealthy bidder,the star of the auction and the richest pawn shopowner? Createyour own empire out of pawn shops and becomemillionaire! GAMECHARACTERISTICS AND MILLIONAIRE SIMULATORHIGHLIGHTS -OUTBID youropponents in thrilling storage auctions withyour gamblingstrategy! Time is money in warehouse games, you onlyhave a fewmoments to make your decision: use your intuition and bequickerthan your rivals! Invest wisely your bucks and become theultimateauction tycoon! -COLLECT hundreds of items from diversewarehousesor a container: you can get everything from oldbasketballs to rareantiques and even alien artifacts! Sell them atyour pawn store andget cash to keep up the bid wars and moneygames! -PROFIT from yourpawn shop, lucky choices and get invited tothe most exclusivegarage auctions of lots in many different cities!Earn money fromyour victory at this storage wars game! -BECOME therichest tycoonand challenge legendary gamblers to show them no onecan beat youin an auction and warehouse games! Fight your rivals inferociouscontainer wars and win the most profitable warehouse!-DEAL withopponents in this bet simulator of earn money games. Geta bargainor maybe a loss in your race to become millionaire whilecompetingagainst other dealers and pickers! -SHOCK the auctioneerwith yourbids and bets! Set your profit strategy in this simulationand buythe best storage! Bet with your friends who will be the kingof theauctions and tycoon in the most thrilling of get rich games!-BIDin the auction and push the other buyers to the limit with mindandmoney games! Act like a real rich tycoon and show no mercy withtherest of the billionaire gamblers! You never know whatpreciousantiques you will sell at this pawn shop games or whatincredibletreasures might be hidden behind those container storagedoors.Every single one of them is a chance to earn tons of cash ingetrich games and make a name for yourself as a top profit makerinone of the best strategy games! Maximize your earnings and winthebidding wars in these free games! Get rich games, warehousegamesor pawn shop games: call it what you want, you’ll have tons offunregardless” Find and buy the perfect storage in this simulationofcontainer warehouse games and money games , better thanmanystrategy games! Get ready for the bid wars and become arichmillionaire in this auction apps! Please, note this pawn shopandidle business simulator from Tapps Games is free to play, butitcontains items that can be purchased for real cash. Somefeaturesand extras mentioned in the description of this garage warsandauction games may also have to be purchased for real money.
Gemporia Jewelry Auctions
Gemporia Ltd.
Gemporia Use this app as a companion to your TV viewing. Viewfullproduct details, bid instantly and interact live with thestudio.Everyone pays the same lowest price for our limited runauctionpieces. Our brand new Gemporia app makes viewing andshopping withus even easier. See what’s currently live, share yourviews withthe studio and purchase our limited edition jewelry atexclusiveprices. Enjoy a full screen landscape viewing mode andsimplenavigation options. A brilliantly interactive experience, for24hour access on the move. Download the app now and indulge inourlatest styles while they last. - Shop and Save. Shopping Deals & Coupon is one of the largest e-commerce online shoppingplatformin Malaysia offering the finest selection of products anddedicatedto providing the opportunity for you to own the bestonlineshopping experience to shop and buy hassle free. Enjoybrowsingthrough our amazing categories of rare and unique items toshopevery day. With the Lelong online shopping app, you will beable toaccess the latest trends, jaw dropping deals, discountvouchers andlots of seller coupons. Download the app now for anutmostexperience today! What's special inside: - Wonderful productsfromour comprehensive range of categories including gadgets, homeandgardening, fashion and accessories, beauty and personal care,toysfor kids and many more - Lmall Official stores and products-Experience incredible coupon deals with the lowest priceguaranteed- Discover our daily star deals and weekly campaigns likeneverseen before - Enjoy free shipping on our selected productsfromdifferent stores - Explode with attractive promotion deals foreachcategories every day - Unbelievable coupons and deals atyourfavourite stores Secure Payment Service - Fast and safe checkout -Numerous choice for your preferred method - Pay with FPX,paypal,credit and debit card or bank transfer App Spotlights: -Sellerrating from actual Buyers - Easy communication with sellervia inapp chat - Access to Lmall Official stores - In app feedbacksystemwith responsive customer service team on the other end -Track youronline purchases - Daily product recommendations anddeals - Manageyour order with ease - Open to everyone to shophassle free For anyinquiries, has a dedicated customersupport team to serveyou and answer your questions. You are ourhighest priority So, start your online shoppingexperience with us!Remember, we will always be there for you. Dropus an email or call 603-8090 5060 (Mondayto Friday,9:00am to 6:00 pm - except public holidays)Website: Instagram:@lelongmalaysiaYouTube:
TIMEPEAKS Luxury Watch Auction Pre-owned & New
Buy luxury swiss watches at super discounted price! Timepeaks isaJapan-based luxury second hand watch auction. All watches aresoldworldwide from Japan . All watches are certified asgenuineauthentic by Timepeaks watch experts. You can safelypurchaseexpensive watches online. Timepeaks deals luxury wristwatchesonly. Some watches are brand new but almost all watches aresecondhand. App is available for free. We deal more than 50 watchbrands.We mainly deal the brands below. Rolex, Omega, Breitling,IWC,Panerai, Patek Philippe, Tag Heuer, Zenith, Hamilton watches,etc.Especially, We deal a lot of Japanese timepieces such GrandSeiko,Galante & Citizen Campanola watches because we are aJapanesecompany. Our strong point of sales is middle range pricedwatches,such as Omega Speedmaster watches, Omega Seamaster watchesor RolexDatejust, Submariner etc. In Japan, there are a lot ofgreatcondition pre-owned watches and brand new one also.Depreciation ofYen makes it easier for you to buy watches fromJapan Timepeaks AppFeatures ◆List watches sorted by time left.◆List watches sorted bybrand ◆Show watch specification ◆ChangeLanguages (16 languagessupport) ◆Change Currency(15 currencies)◆Bookmark your favoritewristwatches ◆Place a bid ◆Messaging ◆Itemthat I Want (Setting ofyour favorite watches ) ◆Sell your watchesin 2 min. ◆Manage yourselling items If you want to sell your watch,Timepeaks can helpyou. Timepeaks is a auction, everybody can sellwatches quickly.Auction fee paid by the winner is only 5% of thewinning bid.Timepeaks auction is a very fast and reliable watchdealingplatform.
AppSales: Paid Apps Gone Free & On Sale 9.2
AppSales offers an easy, convenient way to discover and downloadthebest apps and games on sale and keep an eye out for apps gonefreedeals. Our manual review process ensures that only the hottestsalesare published and a price history provides transparency andgivesyou the right information to make a purchase, with theability tocompare prices over time before making a purchase. ✔*NEW* Discoverpaid apps that are free for a limited time Googlerecently made itpossible for developers to make their paid appsavailable for freefor a short time which wasn’t possible before.Our new “Now Free”tab highlights those deals so you can grab theapps while the offerlasts. ✔ Search for your favorite apps withour new SEARCH function!Add apps, games, and wallpapers to yourpersonal Watchlist (watcherfeature). Monitor prices and receivenotifications or alerts whennew apps go on sale or are heavilydiscounted. Save money anddownload the top apps for Android withAppSales! ✔ App pricemonitoring has never been this easy! Features• Modern, intuitiveuser interface (Material Design) • Keep an eyeon the store at alltimes with our price tracker, allowing you toreceive notificationsand alerts when the app you want gets adiscount • Get notifiedabout the new best sales on the Google PlayStore and apps gone free• Weekly app-deals (if available in yourlocation) • Exclusiveoffers, voucher codes and launch sales • Onlythe top hottest apps,games, and wallpapers free deals and offers •A price historyprovides transparency, allowing you to compareprices over time aswell. • Discover other versions of a discountedapp (e.g. free,lite, HD) • Search for your new favorite apps andadd them to yourWatchlist • Get notified when app prices drop onthe Android market• Use filter and categories to personalize yourexperience • Syncyour Watchlist across your Android devices •Share sales with yourfamily and friends ✔ Your Personal Watchlist:Use our newest searchfunction or add apps directly from the PlayStore to your Watchlistto monitor prices and get notified aboutprice drops, discounts andwhen apps change from paid to free. ✔Price History: A Price Historylets you easily view the min, themax, and the average price duringthe last 60 days (360 if you area Premium user). Validate sales anddetect price-patterns to savemoney by purchasing an app at the besttime, usually during a pricedrop on the Google Play store. ✔Watchlist Charts: Grouped into 3sections (Last 24 hours, last 7days, and all time) you can easilydiscover brand new trending appsor the overall best paid apps. ✔Latest Discounts: Our manual reviewprocess ensures a high qualitysales list, but it also means thatsales are not publishedinstantly. The ‘Latest Discounts’ sectiondisplays an unfilteredlist of the most recent discounts. ✔ Filter:Use filters topersonalize the list of sales by defining yourminimum discount anddownload threshold. You can also choose to hideexpired apps fromyour sale list. ✔ Categories: Not interested inapps of certaincategories (e.g. Games or Wallpapers)? No problem,you can disablenotifications for specific categories or completelyhide them fromyour sale list. Special categories for NVIDIA SHIELDor root appsare also available. Why Should I Download AppSales BestApps OnSale? (tl;dr) AppSales lets you discover the best apps andgames onsale thanks to smart features and a manual review process.Otherfunctions, like a price monitor or Watchlist Charts, makesAppSalesan all-in-one solution for apps gone free deals andoffers.Suggestions? Feedback? Leave us a comment or rating in theGooglePlay Store or contact us at: Please note:Actualprices may vary depending on your location and currency. 1.3.14
Buy goods in online stores cost-efficiently! Smarty.Sale isanabsolutely free service that obtains a reward from shops foreachorder and shares the reward with you. Try it right now! You cangetthe saved money in any convenient way, from mobile top-up to abankcard or a payment system. Welcome to a new world of onlineshoppingthat saves your money.
Ritchie Bros. 4.0.6745
Ritchie Bros.
Search, register and bid at Ritchie Bros. auctions around theworldon your Android mobile devices! Buy new and used heavyequipmentand trucks for sale at our live unreserved public auctionsfromyour home, office or jobsite. As long as you're connected youcanbid. - Browse tens of thousands of items for sale - Trackequipmentand get notifications with watchlists - Check detailedequipmentinformation & photos - Bid online in real time - Viewliveauctions and see what's selling - Hear the auctioneer withlivestreaming audio Ritchie Bros. is the world’s largestindustrialauctioneer, conducting hundreds of live unreserved publicauctionseach year, with both onsite and online bidding. Learn By tapping the button or by downloading theRitchieBros. app published by Ritchie Bros., you agree to the appUserLicense Agreement [] and consenttothe installation of this app further described above and toitsfuture updates and upgrades. You can withdraw your consent atanytime by uninstalling the app. To request assistance for theremovalor disabling of this app, please contact us. You acknowledgeandunderstand and agree that this app (including any updatesorupgrades) may (i) cause your device to automaticallycommunicatewith Ritchie Bros.’ servers to deliver the functionalitydescribedabove, to record location-based information (if enabled)and torecord usage metrics, (ii) affect app-related preferences,and(iii) collect personal information as set out in ourPrivacyStatement []. Contact usat formore information: Phone: 1.778.331.5500
Storage Auction 2.0
Mark Roskam
Enter virtual storage unit auctions. Look inside when the doorisraised and decide how high you will bid. Touch items andcontainersin your purchased rooms to empty them and hopefully findtreasureinstead of junk.• No in-app purchases! None!!!!!!!• No ads!None!!!!!!!!• Photo Realistic Graphics• Random room generation•3Difficulty SettingsWhen tenants of self-storage facilitieshavefailed to pay their bill, the storage facility is allowed tohavean auction of the contents of that locker. These auctions areopento the public and allow bidders an opportunity to attempt toprofitby reselling the items within.Before the door opens, you willseewhich bidders have shown up for that round. Some are nicerthanothers. So watch yourself when the aggressive ones are around,andbuy more when they are not. Once the door opens, a timer willcountdown for 5 seconds. Then the bidding will begin. Theseauctions arepart strategy and part luck.• Strategy Look at thecontents of theroom and consider the value of the large visibleitems. Does thebidding match your thoughts on the room’s value?•Luck How manyboxes and storage tubs are there? Remember that eachone is openedindividually and the items within can add up fast,especially whenyou find some of the more valuable items that arepossiblyinside.If you think the competition is bidding too high,let yourfellow bidders have the room; and at the end of the round,ENJOYseeing how much they lost on it. If you think the room isbeingunderbid, be sure to get it. This will be the best way to growyourmoney. Each round has 3 rooms for sale. Once all 3 rooms aresold,you are allowed to go through and empty each roomyoupurchased.Touch each item, box and storage tub individuallytoremove that item and see how the room adds up. The cost andthecurrent value of each item removed is displayed as it istouchedand a running tally is generated. Of course, you are hopingthevalue is greater then the cost.Some rooms have a rare iteminside.Sometimes they are in plain sight. Sometimes they arebehindsomething or are inside a box or storage tub that looks likeanyother. You can view your rare item collection before startingeachround and should consider them a source of pride in how youhaveplayed.You start with $2,000 bidding money. When you get ahead,youput the bulk of your money in the bank. 10% of the value youhavein the bank is added to your bidding money. If you play well,boththese values will grow over time.The contents of every roomarerandomly generated. This random selection includes not onlywhichitems are in a given room and where they are located in theroom,but also which items are in the boxes & storage tubs.Thismeans no matter how many times you play the game, no two roomswillbe exactly the same.
سيارة - حراج سيارات السعودية 1.9.72
Best application for buying and selling cars in Saudi ArabiaCarApplication Features: 1) Free App, where you can post yourcarwithout any commission 2) Search for cars by car brand, modelcar,the price of the car, the car lane, and the condition of thecar(new / used). 3) The application of the car provides the userwiththe address of the car showrooms and exhibitions. 4) TheCarApplication provides the user with contact information forfullauto showrooms and lounges. 5) The application of the carisupdated with the latest offers, prices of cars directly fromtheexhibitions, and instantaneously. 6) You can buy a carininstalments through the application and shipped to yourplaceeasily. 7) Car application allows a user to browse car adswithease. A Syarah application is a market and garage for the saleofnew cars used in Saudi Arabia in cash and instalment. SyarahApppresents over 100 thousand new cars used car has been offeredforsale at prices are the lowest in the market and forest SaudicarsIt is estimated through the application of a car choose thecarcompany, for example, Toyota or Hyundai and then choose the typeofLand-cruiser, nitro, Sonata or Nissan. You can choose themodelyear or even several years. You can also look at the walkway,forexample, cars that are less than 50 000 km in diameter. Thescopeof the search is limited to the type of lime and cylinders andallthis in a car application according to your needs. Do not forgettoshare the application with your friends to shorten the timeandeffort. You can now browse the latest offers of new cars andusedcars from Saudi auto showrooms and galleries directly onyourmobile phone through the Syarah application. Syarah ApplicationThecar advertisements for sale in the Kingdom's car showrooms, aswellas car specifications and prices, with full contact informationareavailable. Browse cars for sale in Haraj Al Nasim and HarajAlShifa and various car showrooms in Riyadh, in addition tocarshowrooms in Dammam and car showrooms in Jeddah. TheCarApplication Team welcomes your suggestions and feedbackvia"Contact Us" in the application, or via: - Standardnumber:920033106 - Contact Us via WhatsApp -SnapeChat: -Instagram: -Facebook: - GooglePlus: -Twitter: This app presents you withgreetingsfrom the car website
com.mzadqatar.mzadqatar 10.4
MzadQatar is the #1 marketplace to buy, sell and swap in Qatar.Youcan buy or sell whatever you want free withoutcommission.MzadQatar is the most popular APP in Qatar. MzadQatarconnectssellers with buyers to make deals for free. Sellers cansell theirpersonal and commercial products easily. Buyers canbrowsethousands of daily-added offers for both new andsecondhandproducts. Why MzadQatar? By downloading MzadQatar APP youget thelargest platform to buy and sell in Qatar, Startimmediatelyselling your products and what you don't need anymore,Or searchwhat you need to buy easily in MzadQatar's variouscategories.MzadQatar provides a smooth and easy advantages superiorto similarapplications: 1- Multilanguage to ease buying and sellingforusers. 2- Simple registration process by phone number. 3- Speedandease of adding ads and description, price and images. 4-Controland editing of personal profile, favorites and ads easily.5-Precise and fast results of any search process withintheapplication, saving time and effort on the user. 6- Directcontactbetween seller and buyer, via comments in the application,or bycalling and texting him to close the deal. It can’t get anyeasierthan this! 7- Buy smarter with distinctive price thousandsoffersavailable in MzadQatar, so you don’t have to lose time,effort andmoney to catch the best bargains. All of that withoutcommission orbrokers. 8- Distinct Categories that app provides tomeet allneeds. If you face any problem in MzadQatar please help ustoimprove our self by sending to us email on:
Geoship - Search for eBay 1.5.19
GeoShip Apps
Geoship - Search for eBay is a search engine basedon service which presents global eBaysearchresults on the same page. Want to search all internationaleBaysites at once? Want to get offline notifications for watcheditems?Want to block untrustworthy sellers? Wish to know what otherbuyerssay on the item you want to buy? If the answer is yes thenthis appis for you! The key features: * Search all eBay sites atonce fromone page * Offline notifications for ending of watchedeBay items,even without internet connection * Block unwanted eBaysellers andcountries * Unlimited saved searches with configurablenotificationengine * Find eBay item feedback left by other usersthat havebought the item * Completed and sold eBay items filters(useful forsellers research) * Prices are displayed in user definedcurrency *Unique search filters: seller feedback range * Uniquesortingcriteria: total price, shipping, bids count, item location*Friendly and simple interface Important note: We are nottheproviders of the products, we only search stuff on eBay,theproduct itself shipped and bought from eBay sellers. Please helptomake the application better by reporting any bug you havefound.Any suggestions are also welcome.
Bid Wars: Pawn Empire 1.13.4
Tapps Games
Bidding on storage auctions is a very good way to make money,ifyou’re not afraid to test your luck and instincts, that is. Gofullhigh-stakes, outbid your rivals and turn a profit by sellingyourvaluable acquisitions in your own pawn shop. You’ll be richandpowerful in no time! HIGHLIGHTS 💸PROFIT from your smart dealsandunlock new buildings in town to expand your business and makeevenmore money! 💸OUTBID your competition in edge-of-your-seatstorageauctions. Enjoy intense gameplay as you choose, analyze andbidfaster than your rivals in auctions all over the world! 💸RUNyourown pawn shop and display your rare and valuable acquisitions.Makecustomers come from all over the world to spend money onyourbusiness and make you rich! 💸LIVE through a gripping storywithengaging characters on your quest to turn your rundownfamilybusiness into a city-wide business empire! 💸GET KNOWN intheauction world and be noticed by big names on the scene: youneverknow who might want to do business with you! 💸COLLECT a widerangeof exotic items, from rare antiques you can restore to carsandboats you can renovate and sell at an epic profit! Take partinevery auction and don’t miss a single opportunity to bid: someofthese musty old garages hide treasures beyond your wildestdreams!Try your luck, but never ignore your instincts: they canmake orbreak a bidder’s career! Become a rising star as you takepart inbigger auctions and deal with the good and bad attentionyou’llget: some big pawn shop moguls might not like the competitionyourbusiness represents, and they’ll pull out all the stops tohinderyour path! Such problems come with the territory when you getrichand notorious, so be prepared to deal with it! Start yourpawnempire now and get ready to bid! Please note! This game is freetoplay, but it contains items that can be purchased for realmoney.Some features and extras mentioned in the description mayalso haveto be purchased for real money. 1.38
DEAL is a marketplace to sell, buy, trade anything. JoinDealmarketplace for local buyers and sellers. Shop for the bestdealson anything you need and shop for a nextdoor deals, whetheryou'relooking for used or new cars, used or new iPhone orSamsung,PlayStation, Air Jordan sneakers and much more dealsnextdoor.Forget garage sales and old school classifieds sites! Whenyoustart browsing Deal, the Deal app displays an assortment ofnewgoods and services for sale within the area around you ofyourcurrent location and give you an optionto offerup and letgoyourstuff. Buy and sell goods easily within the Deal app. Bestgoodsfor sale nextdoor, offerup your stuff by taking a photo. DEALmakesit easy to find great deals on the things you want and makemoneyon the things you want to sell. DEAL helps you to letgoyourunwanted stuff and make money. DEAL offer an easy way to postyouritems for sale and browse local deals. DEAL shows you whatpeopleselling nextdoor, right in your neighborhood. DEAL offerssecurecommunication between sellers & buyers happens throughthe app.DEAL is better than a garage sale; find anything you wantright onyour phone or tablet. With DEAL you can find a great offersanddiscounts on cars, clothes, furniture, accessories, phones,boats,electronics, baby and kids items, pets and pets supplies,books,jewelry, and free stuff. See who you’re dealing with and seeusersrating. Browse local items for sale through Deal everydaythousands of new goods post on Deal. Letgo your unused stuff&meet new people. Message buyers and sellers from within theapp.Browse items by image and sort by category or location. WithDealyou can deal easily with nextdoor sellers and buyers, justofferupand letgo your stuff with Deal. Join people using DEALacross theworld. DEAL is a marketplace to sell, buy, tradeanything. JoinDeal marketplace for local buyers and sellers. Shopfor the bestdeals on anything you need and shop for a nextdoordeals, whetheryou're looking for used or new cars, used or newiPhone or Samsung,PlayStation, Air Jordan sneakers and much moredeals next door.Forget garage sales and old school classifiedssites! When youstart browsing Deal, the Deal app displays anassortment of newgoods and services for sale within the area aroundyou of yourcurrent location and give you an optionto offerup andletgo yourstuff. Buy and sell goods easily within the Deal app.Best goodsfor sale nextdoor, offerup your stuff by taking a photo.DEAL makesit easy to find great deals on the things you want andmake moneyon the things you want to sell. DEAL helps you to letgoyourunwanted stuff and make money. DEAL offer an easy way to postyouritems for sale and browse local deals. DEAL shows you whatpeopleselling nextdoor, right in your neighborhood. DEAL offerssecurecommunication between sellers & buyers happens throughthe app.DEAL is better than a garage sale; find anything you wantright onyour phone or tablet. With DEAL you can find a great offersanddiscounts on cars, clothes, furniture, accessories, phones,boats,electronics, baby and kids items, pets and pets supplies,books,jewelry, and free stuff. See who you’re dealing with and seeusersrating. Browse local items for sale through Deal everydaythousands of new goods post on Deal. Letgo your unused stuff&meet new people. Message buyers and sellers from within theapp.Browse items by image and sort by category or location. WithDealyou can deal easily with next door sellers and buyers, justofferup and let go your stuff with Deal. Join people using DEALacrossthe world.
Extreme Coupon Finder
This is a MUST for any EXTREME Couponer. It has all the weeklysalesfor popular grocery stores and drug stores in your area.Wheneverand wherever you are, you can know all the best dealsbefore any oneelse. If you see any add or coupon you want and needyou can send itstraight to your email, Facebook or friends. Andwhen you go to thestore and have your pile of coupons and theCashier is confusedabout the store coupon policy.....Its on yourphone! No more havingput your items back or feeling discourage.The power to be the BESTEXTREME COUPONER IS IN THE PALM OF YOURHANDS! Top features: 1.Store coupon match-ups for Albertsons Bi-LoCVS Dollar GeneralDollar Tree Family Dollar Fry's Fred MeyersGiant Harris TeeterKMART King Sooper Kroger Publix Meijer RandallsRedner Rite AidSafeway ShopRite Stop Shop Target Trader Joes TomThumb VonsWalgreens Walmart WinCo Winn Dixie Whole Foods Weis2.Add toShoppinglist feature 3.Top online store deals 4.Couponpolicies forthe stores we cover. 5. Corporate phone Numbers foreach of thestores we cover. 6.New Black Friday and Cyber Mondaydeals. 7.Newproduct scanner and product Voice Search Please note:we are notaffiliated with any of the above Entities.
Zeek: Buy discounted gift cards 4.1.9
Buy and sell gift cards. Up to 25% off gift cards for hundredsofhigh street stores. Sell gift cards you’ll never use quicklyandsafely. Featured on Money Saving Expert. Popular gift cardsincludeStarbucks, iTunes, Debenhams, John Lewis, Boots, Argos… Savemoneywith Zeek Buy discounted gift cards for stores, restaurantsandmore Instant savings whenever you shop Safe, secure, reliable –wecheck every voucher Make money with Zeek Smart – sell unwantedgiftcards for cash Easy – take a photo of the gift card & setyourprice Fast - 9/10 vouchers sell in less than 24 hours You cansellgift cards, gift vouchers, eGift cards and printed e-Vouchers.Findus at or say hello at
JThomas Auction Prices
JThomas Auction Prices is an app for viewing auction pricesforcurrent and last auction sales.
AuctionTime 3.13.3
AuctionTime is the leading resource for auctioning and biddingonequipment. Now available for Android! Featuring hundredsofauctions from dealers in North America, AuctionTime forAndroidlets you search and bid on equipment in real-time. Findyourequipment, contact the seller, and get the best deal – all onyourAndroid phone! Auctioning and bidding on equipment has neverbeeneasier or more cost effective. Powered,, and, bringstogether buyers and sellers to move equipmentat auction values.Sellers list equipment on for alow flat fee.Bidders pay no buyers fees whatsoever. The result issavings foreveryone. The items appearing on arelisted byconsistent advertisers with whom Sandhills Global hasdeveloped abusiness relationship. Unlike conventional auctions,bidders candiscuss specifics about the auction pieces with theactual seller,or go see the auction machine themselves. Auctionscome to an endeach Wednesday with live bidding open 24 hours priorto the auctionend time and proxy bidding open 7 days prior toauction end time.Features: --Browse equipment and attachmentsacross theconstruction, farming, and trucking industries --Searchlistingsand attachments by category, manufacturer, and many otherdetailsspecific to each industry --Search equipment you've seen bylotnumber --Sort listings by lot number, year, manufacturer,model,category, location, and time remaining --Bid on equipment,rightfrom your phone, instantly --Keep track of current andpreviousbids --Add equipment to your Watch List to track them allin oneplace --Browse high-quality photos and videos for eachlisting--Tap to call or message the seller --Map directions totheequipment’s location --Login and register without using acomputer
hotukdeals - Vouchers Codes, Deals, Freebies, Sale
The official hotukdeals app is your access to deals, vouchercodes,freebies and savings right on your mobile device. Joinourcommunity of consumers who freely share offers, sales,discountsand tips that often aren't advertised in stores or flyers.Neverpay retail again! 😎💰 ~~~~~~~~~~~ APP FEATURES: ~~~~~~~~~~~ ⭐Viewthe hottest deals our community voted as ‘Hot!’. ⭐ Submit dealsortips from anywhere, as you find them. ⭐ Share the hottest dealsviaFacebook, Twitter, Whatsapp, email or text message. ⭐Keywordalerts: Get notified as soon as a deal you're interested ingetsposted* ⭐ Find up to date voucher codes from trusted retailers⭐hotukdeals keyword alerts allow you to enter a descriptivewordlike “Xbox", “TV”, “Laptop” or "Lego" and get a notificationwhennew deals match your interests. If you have a specific iteminmind, this app also allows you to search offers by keyword.Forexample, gaming fiends can find the hottest PS4 or Xbox Onedeals,whilst others might be looking for a cheap tablet orsmartphone.~~~~~~~~~~~ Join our community: ~~~~~~~~~~~ Sign up fora freehotukdeals account to unlock additional app features. Memberscangive and get genuine advice on deals, merchants, products,servicesand more. Joining the hotukdeals community lets you: ✔Comment onshared hot deals, discount codes and questions ✔ Rateothermembers’ deals by voting hot or cold ✔ Follow the activity onyourposts and keep up to date with your favourite users ✔ Plus,yourActivity Feed helps you easily keep track of dealupdates,comments, votes made by other members, and deals posted byyourfavourite merchants Additionally the app helps you keep trackofall the major shopping events like Black Friday, to make sureyouwill find the best Black Friday deals Further events: ·JanuarySales · Boxing Day · Prime Day · Cyber Monday Hundreds ofhiddendeals are being posted everyday, so don't miss out and findthebest deals of the day. Install the app and get hooked onhotukdeals- guaranteed 100% free and without ads! 13.16.10
Jiji Group
Time for something new? Whether you're buying or selling, OLXcanhelp you make the move you've been meaning to make. Here'swhatmakes OLX special: + Create great ads Snap a pic from in theappand finish up your ad in less than 2 minutes + DiscovertreasuresLooking for a special item or a special price? You'll findit onOLX + Chat in the app Keep your mobile number private, andmake allyour deals right from in the app
Depop - Streetwear & Vintage Fashion Marketplace 2.66
Buy and sell your clothes, sneakers, streetwear and more onthefashion community’s ultimate streetwear & vintagefashionmarketplace, Depop. Shop streetwear brands, rare vintagepieces anddiscover the latest trends, all from your phone. Mobilefashionmarketplace ⎼ How does it work? • Buying and selling ⎼Browselisting from +15M users or create your own in just a fewsteps •Streetwear brands ⎼ Yeezy, adidas, Supreme, Champion,Off-White...find all your favorites • Vintage fashion ⎼ Buy andsell rare andone-off vintage pieces • Sneakers galore ⎼ Nike AirJordans, adidasUltraboosts, Vans and more; buy and sell your kickshere • Fashioncommunity ⎼ Connect with people who are buying andselling fromacross the globe Find fashion inspiration, followfriends andconnect with people who inspire you. From vintage piecesor thehottest streetwear brands, Depop has them all. Whetheryou’rebuying the latest Yeezy trainers or selling accessories fromUrbanOutfitters, our fashion marketplace makes everything easy foryou.CLOTHES SHOPPING Use in-depth filters to find the clothesyou’relooking for; search by item, brand, size, price range, andmore.You can also view the clothes or accessories we’ve chosen foryoubased on your interests. So if you’re a lover of brands likeUrbanOutfitters or you prefer Yeezy or Supreme, we’ll find piecesyoulove. STREETWEAR BRANDS From Nike and adidas to Supreme,Off-White,Champion and more ⎼ buying or selling your streetwearcouldn’t beeasier. Get creative with your look or let othersinspire you.Before the trends hit the streets, they land on Depop.SNEAKERSFind an amazing collection of new and vintagesneakers.Sneakerheads will love our vast collection of kicks andsellers.With everything from Off-White, Yeezy to Nike, come on inand takea look ⎼ your grail sneakers might be closer than youthink. BRANDS& LABELS Our fashion marketplace, lets you findthe brands youlove ⎼ at the best prices. Whether you’re casuallyclothes shoppingfor pieces from Urban Outfitters or looking foryour sneaker grail,we’ve got you covered. Buy and sell popularbrands like: ChampionAdidas Nike Champion Off-White Supreme VansUrban Outfitters Yeezy...and many more DEPOP COMMUNITY Depop alsohosts a range of eventslike local meetups, Lunch & Lists, andDepop parties across theglobe, so you can meet and chat withsellers, artists, andinfluencers. Join the Depop community andconnect with +15Mstylists, designers, artists, collectors, vintagesellers,sneakerheads and more. Follow up-and-coming fashioninfluencers andbe the first to discover the latest trends. DownloadDepop now! Seeyou on the Explore page.
UDS App 3.14.0
Do you like points? We do! That’s why we have created UDS - theappwith great offers, bonus points and cashback near you. And wecan’tlive without making our users happy:) UDS lets you: - findoutabout the greatest deals in your city. Moreover, you can useUDSall over the world! Check it out! - earn points from eachpurchase.By the way not only from your purchases but also from yourfriends'purchases; - recommend awesome places to your friends. Donot keepthem just for yourself! Find more goodies in the app :)Come on!Download it!
todocoleccion auctions 2.19.1
todocoleccion offers a catalog with more than 24 millionuniquelots, in direct sale and auction, that make you go back intime,remember your childhood or complete your beloved collection.✓ Buy,sell and auction with total facility, security and speed,fromanywhere and at any time. ✓ Track your favorite lots and bethefirst to know about discounts. ✓ Ask and make offers tosellers.✓ Chat to close the sale successfully. ✓ Stay informedofcommunications, orders, queries or alerts for lots. ✓ Use PayPaltoconclude your purchase if you like. ✓ Follow the shipment withatracking number by Correos directly from todocoleccion.✓ Uploadlots for the Thematic and Extraordinary Auctions.ONLINE-AUCTIONSMore than 20,000 lots are auctioned every day! Inaddition to thedaily auctions, we organize Thematic andExtraordinary Auctionswith really exceptional objects. OFFERS TOSELLERS Most of oursellers accept offers, so you can propose aprice that you think ismore adequate. PRICING GUIDE In our app youhave free access to thePricing Guide, our guide of sold lots. Ifyou wonder how muchcertain antique, inherited or second-handobjects cost, or if youwonder what price to put on a lot for sale,then the Pricing Guidehelps you to know the market value of allthese things. In the appof todocoleccion you can finally buy whatyou have been looking forso long: antique and second-hand books,old toys, dolls,action-figures, antique furniture and jewelry,watches of allbrands and time, vinyl-records, religious art, oilpaintings,antiques, soccer stamps, cameras, coins and stamps,vintageobjects, old postcards, comics, movies on DVD and thousandsofother exclusive articles that you won’t find anywhere else.Weconnect people with their history, experiences and emotionsthroughobjects that they love. Download now the app oftodocoleccion tobuy, sell and auction easily in this largecommunity where thememories live. TALK TO US We would like to thankyou for yoursupport to the community of todocoleccion and we wouldalso like tocontinue growing together, thanks to your opinions,proposals forimprovements and suggestions. We are always at yourdisposalthrough,android@todocoleccion.netand our social network profiles(Facebook, Twitter, Instagram andYoutube).
Cashify - Sell Old & Used Mobile Phones Online 3.3.1
Cashify is a smooth, smart & easy-to-use platform where youcansell old mobile in just 60 seconds. To sell a smartphoneonlineusing the Cashify app, you can get a price quote for yourusedphone instantly. Browse through our mobile listing or simplysearchfor your model, get the accurate price on minimum effort andsellthe mobile phone right from your doorstep. How CashifyWorks?Cashify is designed to be user-friendly and help you sellusedphone quickly at the best price. Here's how simple it is:1.Download the app 2. Select your City 3. Go to the mobilephonecategory 4. Select your mobile brand and model 5. Answer afewquestions about your old phone 6. If you like the pricequoted,click on "Sell Now" 7. Pick a date & time for devicepickup 8.Hand over the old phone to the pickup agent and getinstant paymentWhy Sell Your Old Mobile Phone On Cashify? If you’rewondering howto sell your mobile phone for best price, Cashify isyour go-toplatform that brings along the following key benefits:InstantPayment We believe in instant returns. Cashify deliversinstantpayment at the time of device pickup. You can opt for anyotherpayment mode, such as Internet Banking, Paytm Wallet Transfer,orAmazon Voucher as per your convenience. Risk-free Security isofparamount concern to us. So, when you sell used mobile oranythingon Cashify, you’re not required to post any ad thatmightcompromise your personal details. Similarly, every device soldtous is wiped out completely to ensure full data privacy forourusers. Quick & Convenient Cashify is all aboutconvenience.Selling any device on Cashify takes just 3 simplesteps: simplyinstall the Cashify App on your phone, run your devicethrough anautomatic diagnosis process to get a quote, and placeyour request.Smartphone Diagnosis Cashify mobile application runscomplexalgorithms at each step of smartphone diagnosis to finallyprovideyou with the best price of your old phone. Our algorithm isquiteefficient and quickly runs all the software and hardwareleveltests required to calculate the best price to be offered foranyphone. Free Pickup We know how annoying those hidden Terms&Conditions can be. That’s why our pick-up service isabsolutelyfree and involves zero hidden charges. Refer and Earn Webelievethat having a friend pays you at times. Therefore, we have arefer& earn policy that entitles you to earn points, every timeyourfriends sell their devices. These points can be redeemed asmoney.All you need to do is share your referral code with a friendwhoneeds to sell his/her smartphone, which he/she will have to usetoinitiate a transaction of sale. Buyback/Exchange PartnersAtCashify, we have strong business relationships with allsmartphonebrands and other leading E-commerce companies in theIndian market.We are the official buyback partner of many of thesebrands aswell. Amazon : : OnePlus: Samsung: Nokia: Vivo: Are few to namealongsidePaytm, Apple, Xiaomi, Huawei, HP & Dell. DoorstepScreen RepairThat’s not all! You can even use our 30-minutedoorstep mobilescreen repair for your broken phone at the click ofa button. Logon to or simply download the CashifyScreenPro appand get screen repair with up to 50% discount. Apartfrom mobilephones, you can also sell laptops, tablets and gamingconsolesonline on Cashify.
Gilt - Coveted Designer Brands
Designers You Always Look Forward To. Value That Never Goes outofStyle. Download our app and discover Gilt'sever-changingassortment of top designers and one-of-a-kindexperiences – allright at your fingertips. Shop on the go and getincredible stealsfor women, men, kids and home to inspire everyfacet of your life.Plus, find deals for unforgettable experiencesavailable in yourcity. Shop our app for: • Luxury and more designerbrands at up to70% off retail prices: Valentino, Stuart Weitzman,John name a few. * Easy sorting by designer orcategory to find theitems you want most. * New Sales with thelatest inventory everyday, plus longer-lasting shops arranged bystyle, trend andcategory. * Real-time reminders when Sales are on,so you nevermiss out. * Offers and exclusive experiences for yourcity. GiltCity has national deals and local offers in New York, LosAngeles,Chicago, San Francisco, Seattle, Boston, Atlanta, Houston,Dallas,Miami, Philadelphia, and Washington, DC. Questions? EmailCustomerService at
Amazon Seller 6.3.1
Manage your Amazon business on the go with Amazon Seller!Analyzeyour sales, fulfill orders, find products to sell, manageoffersand inventory, and quickly respond to customer questions.Captureand edit professional quality product photos and createlistingsright from your mobile device! The Amazon Seller app helpsyou: •Analyze your sales. Tap a bar in the sales chart to see abreakdownof sales by ASIN and tap a specific ASIN to review itssales trend.• Fix critical issues. Quickly act on criticalpricingopportunities, inventory alerts and growth opportunitiesfromAmazon Selling Coach. • Manage your inventory. Easily updateyourprices and available quantities. • Access SponsoredProducts.Monitor performance and manage existing SponsoredProductscampaigns. • Manage your orders. Get notified when yourproductsells. View your pending orders and confirm shipments. •Manageyour returns. Authorize or close returns, issue refunds, andmodifyreturns settings. • View next payment balance. See how muchandwhen you’ll be paid by Amazon. • Respond to messages. Numbersthatappear next to Communications inform you of how manycustomermessages await a response. Use customizable email templatestoreply even faster to common customer inquiries. • Capture andeditprofessional quality product photos using the Photo Studio.•Create new offers to existing products and create newcatalogproducts to sell on Amazon. • Find new products to sell.Searchwith visual image match, text search or scanning bar codes.Checkcurrent prices, sales rank, competing offers,estimatedprofitability, and customer reviews. • Share the app withyour teamand have more attention on your business. User permissionsset onSeller Central also apply in the app. • Have a questionaboutselling on Amazon? Use the app to contact SellerSupport.Requirements: • An Amazon Seller account
Clothes Outlet - Big Sale & Best Deal
Fashion Deals
Women's discount clothing including cheap clothes for juniors,topson sale, jeans for cheap and discount dresses. Featuringaffordablejeans under $10 as well as many styles of women'saffordablefashion from cheap tops and dresses to cheap jeans.✨Search Deals✨Search by keyword, category, brand, or anycombination. ✨Featured✨All the good deals from today, vetted bydeal experts. ✨BIG SALE✨Last Chance Up to 80% Off. ✨Hot✨ Hottestdeals, rated by all theusers ✨Get incredible deals in categoriesincluding✨ CLOTHING:Women’sjeans,jackets,dresses,shirts,sweaters.... SHOESWomen’shigh-heels,running shoes,boots, slipper, ...ACCESSORIES:Necklaces, rings, bracelets, wigs,watches,sunglasses…BAGS:Handbags,packsacks,leather bags, wallets… Don't hesitate.Justtaping the download button with one finger easily you wouldstartto save a large sum of money! Join us the deal revolutionrightnow! You don’t need to be rich to be stunning! 3.14.4
With the DBA Android app you have both Denmark’s biggestmarketplaceand the easiest way to create listings in the palm ofyour hand. Sonow you never have to miss out on a great deal –regardless ofwhether you’re buying or selling. You have instantaccess to searchthrough more than 1,5 million listings each dayand find exactlywhat you’re looking for – both new and used. Youcan use the loginfrom on the app and get access to write inQuestions &Answers, create and manage your listings. FEATURESWith DBA’sAndroid app you can: * See listings near your currentlocation *Activate/Deactivate and delete your listings on DBA *Get yourlisting promoted through our products on DBA * Access yourlistingsand latest searches * Log on to your DBA account * Contactseller byphone, text, mail or Questions & Answers * Questions&Answers for both buyer and seller * Synchronize favorites *Searchfrom the front page * Do a detailed search using filters *See yoursearch result in the new gallery with bigger picturesWecontinuously work to improve the app and we are verymuchinterested in hearing your opinion. Choose Feedback in the menuandtell us what you think and give us any suggestions to improvetheapp.. We hope you will enjoy the app – happy buying and selling.
Jiji Ghana - Buy & Sell
Jiji Group
Jiji is the best place to sell anything to real people. It isthebiggest free online classified with an advanced security system.Weprovide a simple hassle-free solution to sell and buyalmostanything. How to sell on Jiji? 1. Register 2. Make photos ofyouritem. 3. Press SELL. 4. Answer the messages and calls fromyourclients! How to buy on Jiji? 1. Search for the item. 2. Contactaseller. 3. Take your item or order a delivery. 4. Leaveyourfeedback about the seller. Safety 1. General We are highlyfocusedon the security and can solve any issues in short-terms.That’s whywe ask you, kindly, to leave a review after purchasing.If you runinto any problems with a seller, you can report us andJiji Teamwill check this seller as soon as possible. 2. Personalsafetytips. - Do not pay in advance, even for the delivery - Try tomeetat a safe, public location - Check the item BEFORE you buy it -Payonly after collecting the item Sell like a pro! 1. Pay attentiontothe details. Make good photos of your goods, write clearanddetailed description. 2. Answer quickly. Don’t make your buyerwaitfor your message for days. Be online or get SMS notificationsonyour messages.
Marktplaats is the Dutch number one classifieds destinationonAndroid. Fast and easy buying and selling of used and new goodsandservices on mobile. Selling • Place your ad in free orpaidcategories and include up to 8 pictures directly from yourphone •Edit or delete your ads from My Marktplaats • Promote yourad byplacing it on top of a category list • Include your ownwebsite inyour ad • View your ad and received bids in MyMarktplaatssynchronized between the app and the website • Contactthe biddersdirectly by phone, SMS or email Buying • Easily searchand browseto find items in the entire Marktplaats inventory •Refine searchresults on distance, price, category and productattributes •Contact seller directly by phone, SMS or email • Saveads tofavorites in My Marktplaats and check them out later on yourphoneor desktop • Place bids and manage your active bids inMyMarktplaats • Find offers closest to you with distance search•Speed up your search with automatically saved recentsearches.Thank your for your feedback, which is very valuable tous. We willkeep working to improve the Marktplaats app. Send yourcomments viathe app in Mijn Marktplaats/Instellingen/contact or goto 1.73.1
Popsy is a Free mobile application where you can Buy &Sellsecond hand products Great Deals available around you! It’s100%Free, Easy and Fast! Buy on Popsy • Find discounted productsaroundyou • Chat instantly with sellers and seal the deal! • Browse&Search quickly for items you love Sell on Popsy • Post itemsyouwant to sell in less than 5 seconds! Take a picture and youritemis ready for sale! With image recognition, we cansuggestautomatically title, category and price! • It’s 100% Free:nocommissions or transaction fees • Chat instantly withinterestedbuyers and get offers within minutes! • Make money onitems youdon’t need anymore Download NOW the best mobileapplication to Buy& Sell second hand products! Connect withPopsy:
MetroDeal 4.0.9
Welcome to the world of MetroDeal: Unbeatable offers withdiscountsup to 90% for restaurants, buffets, spas, hotels, gadgetsand moreawait you. Every day, we introduce exciting new deals withdeepdiscounts for things to do in your city. Download the MetroDealappto browse endless offers, tailored to your preferences. Fancyamouthwatering buffet, a new hair-do, or a workout at the gym?Ourdeals help you discover your city for less. See dealshappeningaround you Are you out and about in your city and want tosee whereyou can wine and dine for 50% off? With our Deal Mapfeature youwill never miss a deal happening right now, near you.Real-timedeals, which can be redeemed right away, and exclusivediscountsawait you. Unbeatable travel deals Whether you are lookingto relaxat an exotic island or looking for a quick weekend retreatnearyour city, check our travel deals to get the best price onyournext vacation. Lowest prices on gadgets Browse the best oftablets,phones and more with exclusive deals on new gadgets andotherproducts. Manage your vouchers View your e-vouchers and redeemm ongo! No more printing required (selected merchants only). TermsofUse: PrivacyPolicy:
Bikroy - Sell, Buy & Find Jobs 1.1.64
Download the official free Bikroy app on your phone for easyaccessto the largest classifieds marketplace in Bangladesh whereyou canbuy, sell and search for a wide range of products, all onthe go!Buy and sell anything from cars, motorcycles and othervehicles tomobile phones, laptops, TVs, cameras and much more.Search forproperty for rent & sale or apply for jobs inBangladesh orjobs overseas, all on Bikroy. Shop in categories like:Electronics• Buy and sell brand new and used mobile phones,tablets, laptops,cameras, TVs, video games, consoles, audio gear,lighting • Compareprices • Find accessories like cases, headphones,adapters and moreCars & Vehicles • Buy and sell brand new andused cars,motorcycles, scooters, trucks, buses, vans and even boatsand heavyduty vehicles • Compare prices and search for vehiclesfrom popularbrands like Toyota, Honda, Nissan, Kia, • Mitsubishiand more •Filter your search by the vehicle's’ condition, modelyear, mileageetc • Find parts and accessories for your vehiclesProperty • Buy,sell and rent your property through Bikroy • Searchfor houses,apartments, flats, land and commercial property •Compare pricesand property size Jobs • Find jobs in Bangladesh andoverseas withBikroy • Post job offers for your company ororganization • Searchfor full time, part time or contractual jobsand internships •Browse through offers in the marketing, sales, IT,administrationand customer service industries With Bikroy you can:• Browsethousands of local ads in Dhaka, Chittagong, Sylhet,Khulna,Rajshahi, Rangpur & Barisal on one easy-to-use app •Search bycategory, location and keywords to find exactly what youwant •Connect with sellers in just one tap to make great deals •Saveyour favourite ads for later • Purchase select items fromsellersdirectly on Bikroy using Buy Now feature • Promote your adsbyusing Bump Up and Top Ad • Find all categories combined intothesame app • Post ads fast directly from your phone • Manage allyourposted ads in one place • Save on data usage with ourdata-savingmode Download the free app now and do all of your onlineshoppingon the largest marketplace in Bangladesh. Welcome! Want toknowmore about Bikroy? Visit English, Bangla
Best Deals - Don't miss any deals! 1.0.9
We want to help you save much more money on your every livinggoodsso that improve the life standard, don't waste yourhard-earnedmoney any more! Feature ✨Today’s Best Deals✨ The day’shottestdeals, vetted by deal experts. ✨Search Deals✨ Search bykeyword,category, brand, or any combination. ✨BIG SALE✨ Last ChanceUp to80% Off. ✨Reviews & News✨ All the latest product reviewsandroundups that are at the right price, on-trend, consumerfavorites,and timely. ✨Get incredible deals in categoriesincluding✨ FASHION:Women’s and Men’s outfit essentials &inspiration, clothing,shoes, boots, tops, pants and accessories...HOME BASIC:Appliances, grocery, crafts & sewing, homeimprovement tools,and patio lawn & garden... TECHNOLOGY:Electronics, phone &accessories, computers… CUTIE: Baby, toys& games, and petsupplies… IMAGE MANAGEMENT: Beauty, Health& Personal care...Don't hesitate. Just taping the downloadbutton with one fingereasily you would start to save a large sum ofmoney! Join us thedeal revolution right now!
ikman - Sell, Buy & Find Jobs 1.1.64
Download the official free ikman app on your phone for easyaccessto the largest classifieds marketplace in Sri Lanka where youcanbuy, sell and search for a wide range of products, all on thego!Buy and sell anything from cars, motorcycles and other vehiclestomobile phones, laptops, TVs, cameras and much more. Searchforproperty for rent & sale or apply for jobs in Sri Lanka orjobsoverseas, all on ikman. Shop in categories like: Electronics •Buyand sell brand new and used mobile phones, tablets,laptops,cameras, TVs, video games, consoles, audio gear, lighting •Compareprices • Find accessories like cases, headphones, adaptersand moreCars & Vehicles • Buy and sell brand new and usedcars,motorcycles, scooters, trucks, buses, vans and even boats andheavyduty vehicles • Compare prices and search for vehicles frompopularbrands like Toyota, Honda, Nissan, Kia, • Mitsubishi andmore •Filter your search by the vehicle's’ condition, model year,mileageetc • Find parts and accessories for your vehicles Property• Buy,sell and rent your property through ikman • Search forhouses,apartments, flats, land and commercial property • Comparepricesand property size Jobs • Find jobs in Sri Lanka and overseaswithikman • Post job offers for your company or organization •Searchfor full time, part time or contractual jobs and internships•Browse through offers in the marketing, sales, IT,administrationand customer service industries With ikman you can: •Browsethousands of local ads in Colombo, Kandy, Galle, Kurunegala,andall over the island on one easy-to-use app • Search bycategory,location and keywords to find exactly what you want •Connect withsellers in just one tap to make great deals • Save yourfavouriteads for later • Purchase select items from sellersdirectly onikman using Buy Now feature • Promote your ads by usingBump Up andTop Ad • Find all categories combined into the same app• Post adsfast and for free directly from your phone • Manage allyour postedads in one place • Save on data usage with ourdata-saving modeDownload the free app now and do all of your onlineshopping on thelargest marketplace in Sri Lanka. Welcome! Want toknow more aboutikman? Visit
com.Caseys.finder 5.0
Order a famous made-from-scratch Casey’s pizza, for carryoutordelivery, with the all-new Casey's app. Browse our menu,customizeyour pizza, and place an order – fast! And when it's timeto orderagain on Friday, you can reorder your favorites with just afewtaps. Download the Casey's app today – and create an account –topick your favorite store, save orders, set a default creditcard,and search for nearby gas prices.