Top 49 Apps Similar to E-com Заказ Ингушетия

Checkers Free 1.52
★ ★ ★ Featured in the Google "Nexus 7: Camping" TV commercialThebest-selling mobile checkers application of all-time isnowavailable for Android. Checkers (also known as Draughts) hasbeenaround for centuries, but it has never looked this good inapackage this small. Take a great-looking game of checkers withyouwherever you go with Checkers Free. Intuitive touch controlsmakeit easy to play checkers on your phone, just tap a piece andthentap where you want it to go. If you accidentally hit thewrongspot, an undo button lets you take back your move and tryagain.Checkers Free supports both 1 player and 2 player gameplay,so youcan play against friends or test your skills against achallengingcomputer opponent. Checkers Free includes a host ofexcitingfeatures, including: ✓ Great graphics and awesome soundeffects ✓Configurable player names and score tracking ✓ OutstandingAIengine provided by renowned AI researcher Martin Fierz ✓Fullyconfigurable 1 player difficulty level ✓ Undo function ✓Option toenable / disable forced captures ✓ Automatic save when youexit theapp or receive a phone call Checkers Free currently playsaccordingto American Checkers / English Draughts rules. CheckersFree issupported by unobtrusive banner advertising. With millionsofdownloads across Android and iOS, Checkers Free is one of themostpopular mobile applications of all time. Download CheckersFreetoday and find out why!
Literary terms 8.5.4
The application contains a description of literary terms.
Genius Quiz 15 1.0
Features:-50 unique questions-Sometimes the answers are not inthealternatives-Only 2% of people finish this game
Gallery KK 2.0.3
★ NEW VERSION 2.0 ★Gallery KK is an improved version of theGallery& Photo editor app included on KitKat (Android 4.4)Ourgoal isto allow any Android phone or tablet can enjoy this greatgallery!This app is also perfect for Nexus or Android One devicesthat havelost the classic gallery app with the last upgrade toLollipop(Android 5.0). We are working on improving thecompatibility tosupport more devices. --- FEATURES ---● GALLERY:-Ultra fast photo& video viewer- Configurable thumbnailsize/colors- Photo tagviewer & editor- Grid view/Filmstripview- Custom actionbuttons (edit, delete, tags,...) in photo view-Scroll:Horizontal/Vertical- Animated GIF support- Hide unwantedfolders(customizable)- Configurable screen orientation- Show/hidestatusbar- Slideshow animations: Fade, zoom, slide & flip-Photosphere support (Settings→General→Photo sphere support)- Trim&mute videos- More cool features soon ...● PHOTO EDITOR:-Highquality photo editing- New exclusive filters (thermal&mosaic)- Crop, Straighten, Rotate, Mirror, Draw & morecooleffectsIf you prefer the old gallery (Android 4.0), youcandownload "Gallery ICS (classic version)"forfree:● What are tags? What is its used for?Tags are keywords thatyoucan attach to your photos to categorize and organize them.Abuilt-in tag editor will help you to manage them quickly.UsetheTags view to see all photos classified by tags. You can evenimporttags from the photos that you have in the gallery.Tags arestoredin the metadata of the photos and are not lost if youuninstall theapp.● What are the Action Buttons? How can I customizethem?Actionbuttons are two buttons that appear on the bottom of thefullpicture view.You can customize these buttonsfrom"Settings→Pictures→Action Button(left/right)" to assignyourfavorites quick actions (edit, delete, crop, rotate, ...). Ifyouprefer you can disable them to better fit your needs!● How canImove or copy files between albums?Unfortunately we have notyetintegrated this functionality into the current version.Anyway,youcan use apps from other devs that are compatible with GalleryKK,like “Gallery Folder Plugin” from "Tatuas Apps"dev:●Whydo you show ad banners within the app?Ads help us to make moneyandkeep working on improving and adding new features to the app.If youprefer you can remove the ads with an in-app purchase(“Removeads”).We use device identifiers to personalise content andads, toprovide social media features and to analyse our traffic.We alsoshare such identifiers and other information from yourdevice withour advertiser (Google Admob) and analytics platform(GoogleAnalytics). If you use this app is understood that that youacceptthese policies.The in-app purchase (“Remove ads”) alsodisables theshare of info with our analytics partner.● Why isrequested theapproximate location (network-based) permission?Onthe Locationsview the photos (if geotagged) are sorted based onyour proximity tothem.--- THANKS ---● Thanks to everyone who usesour applications.Your support helps us to keep working hard onthis project. Pleasecontact us at if you haveany issue. We aredelighted to receive any feedback.● Thanks toGoogle for releasingthe Android open source project. Without theirgreat contribution tothe developer community our work would not bepossible.--- NOTES---● Android is a trademark of Google Inc.● Thisapp is notaffiliated or endorsed by Google Inc.
Kitab Sawti Arabic audiobooks 3.0.17
Kitab Sawti
Listen to high quality Arabic audiobooks and experienceyourfavorite books like never before. Kitab Sawti's audiobooksarerecorded and narrated by professionals so that you canenjoylistening to your favorite books. Our audiobook catalogueisupdated regularly. If you think we are missing a must-havetitle,please reach out to us at
Call recorder - New Version - 1.2
Did you even say after you finish a phone call, it was animportantphone call I should keep it in my phone record With ournewdeveloped application « record call new version »,youwill never lost any phone call received in your phone, youcanrecord any phone call you choose which calls you like to save,ofcourse you can set which calls are recorded and with are not,gavesome reviews and test the sound with possibility to share it ifyouwant, and the important new features is the integration withgoogledrive and dropbox allows calls to be saved and synchronizedto thecloud as wellGoogle Drive integration works on Androidversions 3.0and above. certain handsets does not work for callrecording thatwhy you should note that point, it can result ininferior qualityrecordings,You can set a phone call conversation isimportant, saveit and it will be stored in the importanttab. If not, oldrecordings will automatically be deleted whennew calls fill up theinbox.Characteristics:The recording willrecord in your selectedformatYou can enable / disable notificationto startrecordingChoose audio format for phone call You can alsosave theselected call recordEnable / Disable password lock andchangepasswordShare recording to Bluetooth, Message etc.Play, saveanddelete, call recordingsIgnore recording for specific contactorphone number call recording Add caller phone number tocontactsSeecaller history phone callRecord your call or calls inWAV, MP4, AMRor 3GPP encoding / format.You can play back, or saveyour files onyour SD card im mp3, wav, mp4, amr or 3gppformat.Audio Sourceoptions for both incoming calls and outgoingcalls are alsoavailable. Try to change audio source only whendefault audiosource does not work or does not recordscalls.Different options ofaudio quality are available. You canchoose 44.1kHz (It might notwork on some devices) for high qualityor select lower sample ratefor low quality audio recording. 8kHz isrecommended for callrecording.Notification with callerimage.Vibrate device on start ofcall recording.Call Recording ON /OFFIntegrated audio player toplay your recordingDelete the recordeditem for callrecordingAutomatic callrecordingGoogle Traduction pourlesentreprises :Google Kit du traducteurGadget Traduction
League of Berserk 2.307
Socket Games
League of Berserk: An RPG with a classic touch [ Game Introduction]League of Berserk is a classic RPG style mobile game in whichyoucan enjoy real- time PVP, just like in good old 2D MMORPG games.[Key Features ] - Real-time 1: 1 PVP - Character levelingandRanking - Get weapons / equipments for your character - Buildyourown strategy by choosing different weapon/equipments - Buildyourown strategy through your own choice of Potions [ StrategyElements] - Pick your choice of weapons from a variety of weapontypes -Buy powerful weapons and armors from the Shop - Strengthenyourweapons to make them stronger - Choose how much of whichpotionyou’ll take with you into the battles - Use potions wisely attheright time to win the battle - You can get Golds from winningintrainings, and Upgrade Stones from winning in duels (and eventheopponent's weapon at a low probability) [ Weapon Types ] -Dagger:Attack speed / Accuracy are very high but Damage /Criticalprobability are very low. - Sword: Attack speed / Accuracyarepretty high but Damage / Critical probability are pretty low.-Axe: Damage / Critical probability are pretty high but theAttackSpeed / Accuracy are pretty lower. - Mace: Attack /Criticalprobability are very high but the Attack Speed / Accuracyare verylow. * All weapons are meant to be held either by 1 hand /2 hands* You can wear a shield along with a 1-hand sword but yourstatswill be somewhat lower than when you equip a sword for2-hands. [Developer page ] FacebookLink: [ RequiredAuthorizationRequests ] 1. Access to Address Book (GET_ACCOUNTS) -Used for thepurpose of blocking abusive players through theirGoogle accountinformation. 2. Access to device photo, media, andfiles(WRITE_EXTERNAL_STORAGE /READ_EXTERNAL_STORAGE): - Usedtotemporarily store various options (ex: sound, optimization,etc.)to your device for better gameplay experience. [ Sound Credit] -Presence of Music - Bayaba - [e-mail]
Listen AudioBooks 3.7
Listen AudioBooks you can also browse and listen from awideselection of genres: • Fiction favorites including romancenovels,literary short stories, mystery, and science fiction •Textbooksand reference titles for MCAT and other exams and courses• Makethis your go-to Bible app for full-length audio versions oftheKing James Bible and other religious audio books, meditationsandprayer books, including the Quran • Learn a new languagewithhundreds of new educational audio courses for 45+differentlanguages • Huge selection of family-friendly books forkids,toddlers, and teens Thank you
Genius Quiz Royale 2 1.0.1
Features:-50 unique questions-Sometimes the answers are not inthealternatives-Only 2% of people finish this game
Launcher 2020 Full Version 1.308.1.76
With every new smartphone manufacturer your menu and backgroundwilllook different but if you choose a launcher theme, you aresure toget the same layout with each new phone! Try Launcher 2020FullVersion, our new Launcher 2020 theme and start using anyphoneeasily! The Launcher 2020 Full Version is an improvedthemelauncher new 2020 version that improves the menu layout,changesapp icons and gives your mobile interface a new look! Try ittoday!✱What do you get when you download Launcher 2020 Full Version✱ Ifyou want to download this Launcher for Android, you can: •Changethe phone theme this this amazing design and fantastic colorsasyou can see in the HD screenshots; • Customize app icons andchangethem all on your phone to match you preferred style; • Havegreatvisual effects that you can choose from and apply to thisHDLauncher; • Change the font and color to match the look ofthisfree theme launcher. ★How to install this amazing Launcherthemefree★ • Download Launcher 2020 Full Version; • Open theLaunchertheme app and swipe to begin the activation; • Follow theshort andeasy installing steps that you will see on your screen; •Customizethis amazing Launcher theme how you like; • Set theLauncher as'Activate Theme' on your Android device and enjoy! ★More awesomeLaunchers for Android! ★ ✱ If you want to install otheramazingLaunchers, you can visit our developer page! We havehundreds ofamazing Launcher themes for Android! Choose the Launcherthat matchyour personal style. ✱ Don’t forget, if you like this appLauncherfor Android, please rate and review us! ✱ We've createdLauncher2020 Full Version to give you a unique personalizationoption foryour phone! With new customization features, Launcher2020 FullVersion will become your favorite Android phone or tabletnewamazing Launcher. End User Licence Agreement Read to find outtheconditions for downloading, installing, using andaccessingfeatures of this app - PrivacyPolicy We donot store personal information. See what data weanalyze and how itis used -
Genius Quiz Craft 1.1
Features:-50 unique questions-Sometimes the answers are not inthealternatives-Only 2% of people finish this game
Galexy Dual Photo Frames 1.0
“GALAXY DUAL PHOTO FRAMES "is an app where you can keepyourmemorable pictures in your own style in space photoframes.Decorate your photos with these incredible galaxyframes.GalaxyPictransforms your images with beautifulGalaxy&SpaceeffectsDevice compatibility: Our photo frames hasbeen tested onlatest devices such as Nexus 6p, Nexus 6, Nexus 5,Samsung GalaxyS5, Galaxy Note 7, Nexus 7, HTC One, Motorola Moto G,Moto X Forceand Sony Xperia Z. All ❤‿❤Features❤‿❤1. Select imagefrom cameraand gallery.2. Crop: The perfect photo is just one cropaway! Tapto resize and trim3. Photo Filters: From the romantic tothedramatic, we have dozens of special effects to make yourpictureslook good.4. This photo editor, enables you to, edit yourpics byaltering the size of its border and by changing its colorandpattern.5. Adjust images, within a photo frame, for makingsomeunique image.6. Supports plenty of photo effects, there arearound31 photo effects7. Add Text With Many Fonts, Size,Rotate,Scale& Color Options On The Frame.8. Export yourfavoritephotos directly Facebook, Instagram or Twitter9. Rotate,scale,zoom in-out,flip or drag the photo to fit the frame as youlike!10. This app supports all screen resolutions of mobile andtabletdevices. 11. Set your masterpiece as HD wallpaper.12. Nointernetconnection required.13. Smooth & Simple UI Experiences.
Best Full HD Camera (New version) 1.1.4
Create high-resolution HD photos with excellent effects, photosandvideos designed for videos and videos.You can take topqualitypictures with the professional camera which is prepared bypayingattention to user satisfaction.Professional Camera Fullfeaturedand completely free Camera app for Android phones andtablets.Youwill get the best and best quality photos.Variousfeatures ofPerfect HD Camera application make your photos moreattractive andproduce high quality images.The Perfect HD Camera isa photoapplication with a complete and excellent photoeditor.Features:+Take high quality Ultra HD photos, record 1080Pvideo.+ It iscompletely free. works without internet.+ For thosewho like to dobreast shots, this app comes with a wide range ofcolor, text styleand customizable size options as well as theability to add photostext. You can also easily share all of thesocial media that comeswith your friends free picture sharingfeature.+ Beauty FeaturesPlus The Selfie Camera turns smootherimages and looks brighter andactually creates a look to make yourpictures look great andimpressive.+ Adjustable volume knob.+ Selfieshooting front camerathat can take open-face and HD quality.Self-timer.+ Perfect HDCamera is a free applicationIt is the bestcollage maker and photoeditor to help you combine multiple photoswith various framemodels and photo frames+ Location of targetingfeatures. Wipe withmulti-touch action and one-touch control.+Option to lock photos orvideos portrait or landscape.+ MakeupFeature. You can make goodmake-up make-up that will make your photobeautiful.+ Simple, easyto use interface. Extracts and funny iconson + 5000+ Stunningvisual effects and filters. A very powerful toolphoto editor+Provide the photo to be blurred. Photo Effectsavailable for allyour image results+ If you use our application HDBeauty Camera,very nice and attractive frame options for yourphotos.+ PhotoEditor feature manages brightness, smoothness, detailand contrastmanually.+ Take excellent 4K quality photos and sharethem onsocial media.+ You will become the phenomenon of socialmedia withFull HD camera. Thank you.* Capture photos and videos inhighresolution HD quality with superb camcorder.* FaceDetectionAlternative. * Front / rear camera selection.* Selectscene modes,color effects, white balance and exposurecompensation.* Selectcamera and video quality and resolution JPEG.*Video recording time(with optional audio). Burst mode withconfigurable delay.* To turnoff the optional shutter sound.* TheGUI works in any directionwithout any pause to change thedirection. Optimize your choice forright and left handed users.*Keys Adjustable volume (to takepictures, zoom, or to changeexposure compensation).* Open camerafunctionality: support forfocus modes, scene modes, color effects,white balance, ISO,exposure compensation / lock, face recognition,torch.* Videorecording (supports all resolutions including HD).*Convenientremote control: timer (optional audio countdown timer),automaticrepeat mode (with configurable delay).* Adjustable volumekeys. *Switch between front and rear camera. * HD image capturefeature*Location targeting feature. * Multi-touch gesture andone-touchremote control.* To lock the portrait or landscapeorientation forthe desired photo or video.* Photo effects. *Disabilities shuttersound.* Optional GPS location tagging(geotagging) photos andvideos; For photos, this compass direction(GPSImgDirection,GPSImgDirectionRef) contains.* Apply a date andtime stamp, locationcoordinates, and custom text to photos.* Alsoknown as front camera(selfie shooting). * (Some) externalmicrophone support.* Widget totake pictures automatically afterthe launch.* Manual focusingdistance; manual ISO; manual exposuretime; RAW (DNG) files. Thankyou..
Display Test Full 1.1.2
Display Test Full is the best tool to check the health status ofthescreen of your smartphone, tablet, or any LCD display, LED,OLED,AMOLED, TV, projectors (requires connecting device toexternalsource) and all types. Check with test for: - Dead pixels.- Stuckor lit pixels. - Color subpixel, which is each of thecolorcomponents of a pixel. - Test for touch screen. Supports allbrandsand models of screens for: Samsung Galaxy, Sony Xperia,Google(Nexus, Pixel, etc.), Huawei, Motorola Moto, LG (Phoenix,Style,Stylus, Wine, SPree, Fortune, etc.), HTC (One, Desire,etc.),Lenovo, Xiaomi (Mi, Redmi, etc.), Nokia, ZTE, OnePlus,HP,Panasonic, AT&T, Nec, and all other brands andmanufacturersare supported. Includes support for the new SamsungGalaxy S8Infinity Display. Check the status of your InfinityDisplay as thefull screen test supports the 18.5:9 aspect ratio forboth thepixel tests and the touch screen test. All this makesDisplay TestFull the ultimate utility to check the display of yourdevice. Theideal partner for the manufacturer's warranty, as itserves todetect manufacturing faults or subsequent use covered bythewarranty of screens. Use the Display Test Full now and againfromtime to time to check the health of your screen, for your peaceofmind and to demand the guarantee if necessary.Translatedinstructions to 27 languages: English, Afrikaans,Arabic,Bulgarian, Czech, German, Greek, Spanish, Finnish, French,Hindi,Italian, Hebrew, Japanese, Korean, Dutch, Norwegian,Polish,Portuguese, Russian, Thai, Turkish, Vietnamese, Chinese,andKlingon (tlhIngan Hol) for Star Trek fans ;) To beunderstoodwherever you are and speak the language you speak.
Extreme Monster Stunts 3D 1.2
Extreme Monster Stunts 3D welcomes you to the ExtremeRacingBackyard!Have you ever dreamt of having a freaky and CrazyDrivingExperience on a Monster Truck? Here is the best AdventurousStuntgame for truck driving lovers. Monster Extreme Stunts gameplaywill thrill you with its extreme performance and amazingMonsterstunts. Anyone can enjoy this Monster Stunt game, if youhave acourageous mind and a craving for thrill. More Trucks &Tracksare awaiting here in Monster Extreme Stunts, to make youmoreexcited with wild jumps and insane experience. So what areyouwaiting for? Start jumping over stimulating hurdles andspeedthrough scary loops. This Monster truck stunt game isextremelyfree from the developer of Train Simulator, Angry Shark3D, Sniper3D and Goat Simulator Free.Features of Extreme MonsterStunts 3D:-•Stunning Monster trucks to Drive• More fun run Tracks.•Real 3Denvironment with awesome graphics.• Thrilling stunt missionswithincreasing difficulty.• Smooth touch and tap controlswithrealistic physicsHow to play Extreme Monster Stunts 3D:-Tapyourphone/tablet on your right side to race, brake and controlthespeed.Tap your phone or tablet on your left to controlthetilt.Monster Extreme Stunts is suitable for all kind of genresfromkids, girls and boys of all ages.Install and Play your new gamein"Racing" game category – Extreme Monster Stunts 3D for freeonAndroid now!Extreme Monster Stunts 3D is COMPATIBLE with allthemajor mobile devices of android phones & tablets likenexus,Samsung, LG, Nokia, Motorola, Panasonic, HTC, Sony etc above2.2and up.Find us onFacebook- any problem in installation, please report to We will try to fix it as soonaspossible
Rooty Pict's a Heart andLOVE&PEACE.It Shines. The Ganja and Peace mark is Rasta colorThis isTrialFull version is chenge background[Setting]Home >Menu >Wallpaper > LiveWallpaper > REGGAELOVE+PEACE--Setting andUpdate--Please try again when becoming anerror. (After settingother wallpapers. )- Landscape mode Doesn'tsupport -
Tanze Ashena 1.6
Ally Unit
"Tanze Ashena" meaning familiar satire, is an animatedapplicationwhich is composed of Persian literature and universalculture. Inthis application, satirical situations and literaryanecdotes arepresented with caricatures and interesting animationsalong withharmonic music in the form of short videos. Dr.HosseinElahiGhomshei is the cultural consultant of this collection whohastried to create a treasury of insightful and delectable piecesofsatirical tales from rich sources of Persian literature andworldculture. He and his son (Hossein and Shahed) are the narratorsofthis series.
उपन्यास Hindi Books 61.0
Our app provides over 100 amazing classic and modernHindiliterature for free. No internet required to read books. Wehavebooks from famous authors such as Premchand, BabuDevkinandanKhatri and we also have some really new crime and Horrorfiction.Some of the books are - Serial Killers of the World -Reincarnationstories - Mystery Stories (3 volumes)Acknowledgements: - The applauncher icon is purchased from - The content inthe app is translated fromWikipedia or is copyright free as perIndian copyright act 1957 -Mystery stories, Serial killer storiesand Reincarnation storycontent is licensed from the authors ofthose books.
Song Cutter 3.5
Song Cutter is reduce the satisfactory a part of your audio songandsave it as your ringtone/alarm/tune report/notification tone.thecut consequences are stored in "/mnt/sdcard/media/audio".SongCuttermake your personal mp3 ringtones rapid and smooth with thisapp. youmay even document a stay audio and this mp3 editor canedit and trimthe nice parts from it free of charge. helps mp3,wav, aac, amr andmost different track codecs. this app is likewisea trackeditor/alarm tone maker/ ringtone cutter and notificationtonecreator.exceptional utility to apply as ringtone maker orchristmassound modifier and also as track slicer.useful for musiccutter voice editor.specific feature of ringtonemaker♪ you mayalso make small clip from tool’s default audio filesand defaultdevice's music cut and merge also as track cut up.♪there may be nosuch software on play save which offers you thisparticularfunction. so this ringtone maker is an specificandroidapplication.♪ thru baseline set any cutest audio reportasfavorite, it’s simply audio trimmer,ringtone maker,audio cutterandmp3 cutter, track slicer and merger,reverse,use with videoeditorand tabemate.make cutest video clips, christmas tunemixer,songsplit.other salient functions:Song Cutter :-make ringtoneforandroid.♪Song Cutter multi-languages supported withsoundenhancing.set,shorten song to make ringtones.the use of asmusicreduce and paste app,best tune cutter app for android.♪ SongCuttercut any format type music,reduce mp3 music,cut wav music,allcodecssupported.♪ Song Cutter use for ringtonemaker,mp3cutter,creator,editor,christmas waveform,reverse, trackslicer,songsplitter,track merger.use audio parellal to video cutterfortabemate,music cutter and mixer.♪ Song Cutter report andmakebeautiful and cutest tone and set as catering alarm,notificationand set as touch tone attention n filter out.make extraaudio filecollectively.merge also.♪ Song Cutter reduce track andreduce tunedocuments stored on the tool,higher then tone downloadermake acreative tone or edit tune,slice tune.track tageditor,musicmixer,track cutter and mixer.♪Song Cutter helps alltune formatsmp3, wav, aac, amr, 3gpp, 3gp, m4a,ogg.♪ Song Cutteradditionallyuse as track mixer,track cutter and paste,musicseparator.♪SongCutter woks flawlessly as song cutter andmixer,voice editor.♪SongCutter use as nice ringtone maker.♪SongCutter set any songdocument to as default tone or cateringnotification or alarm uptobaseline.♪Song Cutter audio enhancingfeatures filter atmillisecond-level perfect tune reduce, andmerge,two music mixerafter reduce.♪Song Cutter first-class workingas tune cut and pasteapp.just like wiz app.♪Song Cutter option torename the new createdsong whilst saving it,merge it withtabemate,mp3 cutter,use afterringtone ,tune cutter and mixer.♪SongCutter make creative and newchristmas tone to impress your friendsand additionally percentagewith them.track tag edit.use as voicemixer,tune separator.the wayto use:step 1: selectsearch any trackdocument to edit and cut orto make small compact songs.step 2:edit,song cut upnow, contactand drag markers to set proper timingof music. press the playbutton to preview the chosen tone earlierthan saving it.additionally you could manually edit begin and stopfactors ofdesire music report.reduce music.cognizance track andclear outit.ringtone maker,mp3 cutter.great song cut,pasteapp,trackseparator.step three: shopsave the record and you couldconvert itto an alarm or a ringtone or a notification tone. andultimatelyset cutest tone to your beloved,first-class tune reduceand pasteapp for android
Anti Theft Alarm -Motion Alarm 2.1.4
Jorli Apps
NEW UPDATE!!! Added 2 audio options for the alarm sound. TheAntiTheft Alarm acts as a motion alarm and protects your phonebysounding an alarm when someone moves your device or unplugsthecharger from the outlet. When the alarm is triggered, a photoistaken and sent to your email address. Awesome and fun way toscareyour friends, and secure your device at the act of being takenby apotential burglar, thief, or anybody intending to use yourphonewithout your authorization. Catch your friends and sneakypeopletrying to snoop on your phone with Anti Theft Alarm! Doyourfriends hack your Facebook status when you leave the room?Doesyour girlfriend read all your texts when you take a shower?WithAnti Theft Alarm, thieves and up-to-no-gooders are greeted withaloud car alarm! It is fun way to catch friends, kids andfamilymembers accessing your device without your consent, and, atthesame time, prevent your cell phone or tablet from being stolenby athief or burglar. It has also been used as protection and asanextra security measure for your cell phone. We have receivedlotsof emails from users that have successful avoided their phonefrombeing stolen, by catching the thief in the act of trying togetaway with the user's device. Features: Mute function so you cansetup the alarm secretly - NEW!!! Phone Charger Unplug Trigger-NEW!!! Revamped Web interface for locking and unlocking theAlarmremotely - NEW!!! Share the photos of the Snooper - ThiefviaFacebook, Twitter or Instagram - NEW! Receive an Email with aPhotoof the Snooper - Thief! Choose your own Alarm Sound!RemoteActivation by Internet (lock and unlock) Paranoid Mode(Soundsalarm even if in standby). Motion Alarm (Alarm Triggeredbymovement) Adjustable Sensitivity Password Protected Unlock 6UniqueSkins Trigger Activation Delay Control Trigger DeactivationDelayControl Lost Password Recovery Price: FREE! What can you dowithour app: Scare/joke with your friends Stop curious peoplefrommessing with your phone when you are not looking Phoneprotectionand defence against thieves and burglars Ghost Hunting :)(whetheryou believe in ghosts or not, our app has been used forthat)Protect your computer, purse or personal belongs while you arenotlooking (by placing the phone with the locked Anti Theft Alarmontop of the computer) Protect your phone while it's beingcharged(plugged in an outlet) Add an extra layer of security, bystoppingthe burglar at the act of stealing it As a Motion Alarm -MotionSensor - Motion Detector - Detect any movement If you likeAntiTheft Alarm, check out Anti Theft Alarm Pro! Includes allthefeatures above, but without ads. Experiencing problems withtheapp? Please let us know at Check us out on Facebookat Follow us on Twitterat Have Fun! -The Jorli TeamP.S.Thisapp uses the Device Administrator permission. The AntiTheft Alarmacts as a motion alarm / motion sensor / motion detectorandprotects your phone by sounding an alarm when someone movesyourdevice or unplugs the charger from the outlet.
New SMS Theme 2020 1.311.1.17
If you love SMS 2020 is the year you will become addicted toitbecause we have just released the amazing New SMS Theme 2020,atheme that changes the text messaging app look withaprofessionally designed one! Sending text messages is anefficientway to communicate so the amazing New SMS Theme 2020, anew sms2020 theme, will make it fun as well. Changing the way yourtextmessenger looks will surely be a great way to personalizethispopular way of communicating. ★ How to use this new SMS app ★•Download New SMS Theme 2020 This free theme for SMS works onmostAndroid versions; • Open the app and swipe; • Select "SetActiveTheme", wait a few seconds and you are done! • Don't forgetto rateand review this SMS personalization app! Tell us what youthinkabout our new SMS theme for Android! • Enjoy a new way to sendtextmessages. Try a new theme for SMS app theme. ★ When using NewSMSTheme 2020 you get all the features of the messaging app: •messageencryption and privacy protection, • keyword blockingandblacklisting to filter spam and unwanted messages; With NewSMSTheme 2020, you also get: • more new SMS free themes, •amazingfonts that you choose. Change the font for reading andwriting textmessages! ★ Important notice about our new SMS themesfor Androidfree ★ This custom SMS theme works with the some of themostpopular SMS apps. If you don't have a compatible app installedonyour device, don't worry at all. Our SMS themes free willsafelytell you the easy steps to obtain one of them! When you openNewSMS Theme 2020 you will receive complete instructions todownloadit. ★ Do you want more SMS themes free for Android! ★ Visitourdeveloper page! We create some of the best SMS themes, andmanyother personalization apps just for you! Choose the theme youlikefrom all our new SMS themes or just try them all! New SMSTheme2020 is a beautiful SMS app theme that will offer a fabulouslookto your phone or tablet. End User Licence Agreement Read tofindout the conditions for downloading, installing, using andaccessingfeatures of this app - PrivacyPolicy We donot store personal information. See what data weanalyze and how itis used -
English Novel Books - Offline 1.4.0
English Novel Books is a very convenient software applicationforreading books ,classic works of English literature andcoversalmost all genres: fiction, philosophical treatises,memoirs,children's books and others. You do not have to search abook justdownload our app and you will always have a massivee-bookcollection of the best English-language writers within reach!Inthe list authors you will be agreeably surprised to find notonlythe famous names like Charles Dickens, Arthur Conan Doyle,JaneAusten, Lewis Carroll, Mark Twain, many others. Features :*Display a list of all the stories. * Select a category ofthestories. * Offline Reading; No Internet access required*Easy-to-use interface All our stories are from open sources. Ifyouhave rights for a story and you right wasn’t indicated or youareagainst its using in our application please contact us. Wewillcorrect data or delete it as soon as possible.​
Poems 1.9
Poem is an application where you can find thousands of poetryandpoems from World literature.With this application;- You caneasilyfind poems and poets by searching.- You can add poems andpoets toyour favorites, then you can easily access this favoritepoems andpoets.- Every day the most popular poem by the users comesto thepocket as a notification.- You can share poems on anysocialnetwork you like, such as Facebook, Twitter. You can sendyourfriends as messages.- You can follow the most popular poemsandpoets.- You can move as far as you want between poems,poets,unforgettable poems, literary words, author words, legendarybookwords.Tags: poetry, poems, poetry reading, poetry readingprogram,poetry books, poetry book, poetry book.
Marathi Books and Sahitya 39.0
This app is a collection of 100s of Marathi books, sahitya ,novels,story books, poetry collection and speeches. We havemanaged tocollect all the popular marathi authors and their booksunder onesingle app. Some of the authors include but not limitedto: 1. SaneGuruji 2. Pu la Deshpande 3. Veer Savarkar 4. GopalGodse 5. Tukaram6. Babasaheb Purandare and many more marathibooks. If you arelooking for any specific marathi book do let usknow. All the booksare free and you can also share them easilywith your friends andfamily. This app does not need internet afterthe first download. Wehave managed to collect all the popularmarathi authors and theirbooks under one single app. Some of theauthors include but notlimited to: 1. Sane Guruji (साने गुरुजी )2. Pu la Deshpande (पु लदेशपांडे) 3. Veer Savarkar (वीर सावरकर )4. Gopal Godse (गोपाल गोडसे) 5. Tukaram (संत तुकाराम ) 6.Dnyaneshvar (संत ज्ञानेश्वर ) 7. VaPu Kale (व पु काळे ) 8. BahinaBai ( बहिणाबाई ) and many moremarathi books. If you are lookingfor any specific marathi book dolet us know. All the books arefree and you can also share themeasily with your friends andfamily. This app does not need internetafter the first download.Some of the books provided in this appinclude: 1. Kekavali 2.Shaymachi Ayi 3. Sundar Patre 5. Esop'sFables (Isap Neeti) 6.Maharahstrache Shilpkar (biographies of greatmarathi people). 7.Pu La Deshpande's speeches and jokes 8. SinhasanBattishi 9.Marathyanchaa Itihaas (History of Maratha Empire) 10.Nivadak Va Pu(Va Pu Kale's selected work) 11. Manache Shlok 12.Geet Dasayan(Very simlar to Geet Ramayan) 13. Harivijay 14.Daasbodh 15.Shanimahatmya 16. Pouranik Katha 17. ShetkaryachaaAssud 18.Gautama Buddha For children we have special books like :1. VikramVetal (विक्रम वेताळ ) 2. Sinhasan Battishi (सिंहासनबत्तीशी ) 3.Panchatantra (पंचतंत्र ) 4. Esop's Fables (इसापनीती )
Multi Touch Painting Demo 2.6.0
Little app to draw using multi point!a lots offeatures:effects,colors, pics loading/saving ...multitouch worksonly with 2.Xdevices! (so, no hero!)nexus and droid/milestone canonly handle 2touches.Aboutpermissions:-android.permission.ACCESS_NETWORK_STATE"-android.permission.READ_PHONE_STATE"-android.permission.INTERNET-android.permission.ACCESS_COARSE_LOCATION"allabove are used foradsandroid.permission.WRITE_EXTERNAL_STORAGE isused to save yourdrawings.
nRF Connect for Mobile 4.24.3
nRF Connect for Mobile is a powerful generic tool that allows youtoscan, advertise and explore your Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE)devicesand communicate with them. nRF Connect supports number ofBluetoothSIG adopted profiles together with Device Firmware Updateprofile(DFU) from Nordic Semiconductors and Mcu Manager on ZephyrandMynewt. Features: - Scans for Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE)devices -Parses advertisement data - Shows RSSI graph, allowsexport to CSVand Excel formats - Connects to a connectible theBluetooth LEdevice - Discoveries and parses services andcharacteristics -Allows to read and write characteristics - Allowsto enable anddisable notifications and indications - SupportsReliable Write -Parses number of characteristics adopted byBluetooth SIG -Bluetooth LE advertising (Android 5+ required) -Read and update PHY(Android 8+ required) - GATT Serverconfiguration - Supports DeviceFirmware Update (DFU) profile whichlet the user to upload a newapplication, SoftDevice or abootloader over-the-air (OTA) -Supports McuMgr, profile that letsthe user control and updateZephyr-based devices - Supports theNordic UART Service - Allow torecord and replay common operationsusing Macros - Allows to performautomated tests defined in XMLfile on Bluetooth LE devices. Visitthe GitHubpage: formoreinformation about automated tests. Note: - Supported onAndroidversion 4.3 or later. - nRF5x Development kits can beordered from - The nRF51and nRF52SDKs and SoftDevices are available on-lineat Works well with nRFLoggerapplication, that will store your logs in case somethingbadhappens with nRF Connect. Download nRF Loggerfrom:
Phone Lock + Volume Control (OFF+)
You could using ultra-thick cases and don't need to concernthathard to press physical button - Legacy Mode (5 secs softwarelock)- Accessibility Mode (Lock immediately) - No more needsphysicalbutton now ! - Support Power Menu - Long press on App iconthat youwill got pop up sub-menu -- volume control and power menu(some ofLauncher is not supported this feature) Special thanks:Samsungusers provide continuous feedback and support for this Appthatbecause of the upgraded App is not 100% compatible withSamsungdevices, but Samsung users still give me full support, I'mfixingto resolve this issue may take several weeks * Samsung users: Mostof Samsung users still needs 5 secs software lock, pleasedownloadLegacy version 1.8.35 (prevent Play Store auto updateversion) fromwebsite : * Xiaomi /Redmi users: Please put this App into Locked apps list to ignoredwhilerunning Boost Speed thanks! You can lock phone immediatelynow!Please enable this app at Accessibility -> Downloadedservices-> Phone Lock -> On (Don't worry, App only observephone lockactions) Android Oreo or older version, I'm still using 5secondssoftware lock (it is the best solution now). Please allowmodifyingsystem settings. NOTE : This app haven't user interface,your phonewill lock immediately when launch it, first 5 sec issoftware lockafter then hardware lock - Support most of thefingerprint unlockwithout PIN code - Support notification bar pulldown panel quicksetting tile widget to lock phone and volumecontrol - Battery 0%usage, background 0% RAM usage not only protectyour physical phonebutton but also protect your battery and phoneGoogle Assistant :"OK Google, open phone lock" voice command Pleasejoin our Betaprogram to get more benefit Protecting the power andvolume buttonof mobile phones from intensive use by reducing thefrequency ofpressing physical button. If your phone doesn’t havethe doubleclick lock built-in soft screen lock button or theleather coverlock, then you may consider using this App Pleasedon't forget torate and give your valuable comments. Yoursatisfaction isimportant to us, this encourage us to work harderand better.Improvement suggestions are most welcome, let us knowwhat you needand we will provide updates as and when ready
Learn Poem 4.4
LearnPoem - this app is for those who by force ofcircumstancesshould regularly teach poetry and other artisticworks. Of course,the main category of consumer applications will bestudents fromschools that are in the literature suffer from thefact that theycan not remember a verse that one of these days willneed to tellthe blackboard.The main idea of the application toteach you tomemorize key phrases gradually. You find on theInternet you need apoem and copy it to the clipboard, then returnto the applicationand paste the text into it. In the initial themanual describesthat first you need to read the product, and thenclick on thebutton below. The marker is removed and some of thewords you needto repeat the verse, but using their memories of it,even if small.And so, step by step until the marker is not crossedout all thework.Special thanks to Denis Moklyakov (@mDenis) for thehelp indeveloping.
ComicRack Free 1.80
cYo Soft
ComicRack for Android is the companion for the best eComicReaderand Manager for PCs: ComicRack for WindowsOptimized forphones andtablets it allows you to read your eComics anywhere youwant.Whenused together with ComicRack for Windows it allowsautomaticsynchronization of eComics with your Android device viaUSB,including reading positions, reading lists and bookmarks.Yoursynchronized eComics will also be converted and optimized sotheycan be read fast an reliable on your handheld device. And bestofall, this way you can read all the formats ComicRack forWindowssupports (PDFs and even WebComics). Optionally the eComicscan evenbe size optimized during synchronization which usuallymakes themhalf the size without noticeable qualityreduction.ComicRackincludes a Live Wallpaper that shows randomcovers from yourlibrary. You can even start reading by doubletapping thebackground.ComicRack also includes a highly configurableapp widgetthat allows you to glimpse into your library and startreadingimmediately if you see something you like.Short featurelist:•Optimized for phones and tablets• Reader with single anddoublepage viewing• Advanced zoom modes• Auto scrolling• Right toleftreading mode for mangas• Color adjustments• Automatic pagecroppingfor small devices• Full library management with listsandsearching• Management of reading states (unread,completed,bookmarks etc.)• USB synchronization with ComicRack forWindows•Reads CBZ and CBR natively• When used together withComicRack forWindows it supports CBZ, CBR, CB7, CBT, PDF, DJVU andWebComics•Live Wallpaper• App Widgets• Twitter integrationThis isthe addsupported free version. If you like the program and want toget ridof the ads, get wireless synchronisation and in general do agoodthing, please buy the full version.Troubleshooting:If you wanttouse your external SD Card to store Comics on Android 4.4 andabove,please follow the the guide in the FAQ.If you experience anybugsit is best to post your problems in the appropriate section oftheuser forum.Online Resources:Documentation islocatedat Forum is at ifyouhave no problems you can join and talk to other ComicRack users.
UPSC All Question Papers - Optional & Essay 15.4.8
Features : 1. Contain answer key for preliminary papers . 2. youcandownload all civil service question paper in pdf format. 3.Open PDFin google drive to enjoy more feature. 4. You can downloadquestionpapers and make print of it. 5. You can save them offline.6. Youcan save it to google drive. 7. You will get all importantquestionpapers just in your pocket. Other Important : Material istaken , you can visit official website for moreupdate.Contact : For any query mail us # एकमार्गदर्शन राष्ट्र निर्माण के लिए -Link of the Book-
Inkitt – Free Fiction Books, Novels & Stories
Find thousands of new fiction books on the Inkitt App and readthemfor free. Fantasy books, scifi and thriller novels, horrorstories,mystery, romance and more! Discover hand-picked novels fromallgenres and join us on our mission to support aspiringauthorstaking their first steps towards publication. *** MostDownloadedFree Reading App in 5 countries. *** • Discover and readupcomingfiction books by indie authors for free (all in English) •Downloadfiction books and read them offline • Personalizedreadingrecommendations based on your favorite fiction genres•Customizable background colors and fonts to meet your preferences•When reading a story, tap & hold to autoscroll Over700,000readers have discovered new novels from indie authors on theInkittreading app. From Fantasy, Scifi, Thriller, Mystery, Horror,Actionand Adventure to Drama, Romance, Erotica, and YA,discoverhand-picked novels and books from all genres. -- AboutInkittInkitt is the perfect free app for reading fiction books onyourAndroid phone or tablet, especially for avid readers wholovediscovering upcoming novels from new and talented authors onthego. All stories published on the Inkitt app are ourreaders’top-picks. Books and novels are our passion and we want toshare itwith you. Join us on our mission to support rising talent!Findfantasy, scifi, thriller, mystery, horror, action, dramaandromance books and novels also on Interestedinknowing more about upcoming titles, learning writing tips,andreading author interviews? Visit our blog
ProNamaChan Pose Lite 1.0.2
Flying Whale
-- Product introductionCharacter "Kei Kurei"(Japanese highschoolgirl) of "the programming live broadcasting" (Japanese"ProgramingNAMA-HOUSOU", for short "PRO-NAMA").You can move her ina favoritepose.Please enjoy "Pro-NAMA CHAN" only for you.Choosemovable bone,and move a pose with a axis slide button.You canoperate even onehand if used.Screen center part for horizontalrotate / movement /extended / reduction.** Because it becomes hardto use it when Imix a vertical turn, it is taken off. (it functionsif I hit ongood UI, and do I add it)When you turn it to theverticaldirection, you choose anchor Bone among Bone menu (It looklike theground) and turn it.-- Preset pose : Default pose + 11kinds--Preset hand pose : 5 poses of hand-- Expression : 5 kinds--Bonemenu : 21 joints + AnchorHead, Neck, Chest, Abs, HipShoulder,UpperArm, Forearm, HandThigh, Leg, Foot, Tiptoe* Hip is the centerofthe model. Anchr is ground. A whole body of "Pro-NAMA CHAN"turnswhen you move hip or anchor.-- ResetReturn a camera (rotary/movement / extended / reduction) to the initial position.Returntheleft leg, the right leg, the left arm, the right arm to thedefaultpose each.** The lite version cannot use the followingfunctions.--Save-- Edit mode (Expression, Hand pose)-- Changecostume--Photographand others...-- License, instructions*Thesecontentsdeveloped and shown under "Pro-NAMACHAN"guideline.*Iusethe voice of "Kei Kurei" with consent (licensed number:28).Iprohibit the extraction of the voice and the secondary usesuch asprocessing it, and showing it.When you download thisapplication, Iconsider that you consented to this.When you do notconsent, pleasedo not download this application.*These contentsdeveloped andshown under"UNITY-CHANLICENSE". no indication of the advertisement entirely.
iDickens: Ghost Stories. Immersive Experience 1.1.1
iClassics Collection
iClassics: Beyond EngrossingiClassics unites the old and the newtocreate immersive experiences that inspire and moveeveryone.CharlesDickens is perhaps the most canonical of allwriters from theWestern literary tradition. iClassics Productionshas become famousfor its artistic and technological enhancements ofgreatliterature, and our collection of Immersive Entertainmentappswould be woefully incomplete if it did not include the worksofCharles Dickens. Enter the iDickens Collection, which includessomeof the most famous ghost stories penned by the master ofVictorianliterature, including A Madman's Manuscript, ChristmasGhost, TheIvy Green, and The Lawyer and the Ghost. In thisinnovativeImmersive Entertainment app, these masterful andplayfully chillingshort stories are lovingly and artisticallyenhanced withinteraction, illustration, animation, FX, and OST. Bycasting amodern glare on these child-friendly ghost stories, theresult is aspectacular and wholly original experience that utilizeseveryfeature of modern mobile devices (gyro-perspective,flash,vibration). TILT to see moreTOUCH to transform TURN todiscoverwhat's in the shadowsAPP FEATURES:✓ 78 pages (tabletversion) / 126pages (mobile version)✓ Available in 4 languages:English, Spanish,French and Portuguese.✓ More than 70 interactivepages.✓Illustrated by César Samaniego and directed by David G.Forés.✓Over 25 minutes of Original Soundtrack by Miquel Tejada.✓Extras.The Charles Dickens’s Biography.✓ Original tale from thewriter –no cuts, no adaptations.Additional features:✓ Jump to anypage inthe book with our handy table of contents.✓ Page Memory.Leave theapp at any moment, and come back to the same page.✓ Easyto useinterface.With the lovingly constructed enhancements forwhichiClassics Productions has become famous, this creativelychillingImmersive Entertainment app makes Charles Dickens morereadable andenjoyable thanever.-----------------------------------------------------------------AbouttheiClassics Collection:The iClassics Collection is arevolutionarycollection of book apps where you’ll discoverliterary classics suchas Edgar Allan Poe and Charles Dickensthrough a unique interactiveand immersive experience. REVIEW below. It means a lot to us!We'd Love To HearFrom You!-Need tech support? Contact us hello to us on FB!
Round Clock Widget 1.0.4
Round Clock WidgetDifferent beautiful round clock widgetsdesignedfor your Galaxy and Nexus phones.Features. Beautiful,simple andclean. 20 different styles of round clock. 12 time fonts.Secondcircle animations. Alarm Clock shortcut. EveryeasysettingsMultiple languages support.Date and weekday will changebyyour language.Support English US, English Canada,EnglishAustralia, English United Kingdom, Spanish, Portuguese,Arabic,German, French, Hindi, Indonesian, Japanese, Korean,Russian, Thailanguage, Vietnamese, Chinese Simplified, ChineseTraditional,Turkish, Italian
Photo Gallery & Editor 1.1.7
The most effective, fast and stable Photo gallery andphotoeditor.Photo Gallery is an Android native image browserincluded onKitKat(Android 4.4.2)Key Features: Photo Gallery* Quickaccess allyour pictures and Videos* Set picture as ...* Slideshowplaypicture* Picture details* Delete* Group by Location, Time,People,Tags* Share photo or video via SMS, email, facebook,twitter,etc..Photo Editor* Quick adjust(Fill Light, Highlights,Shadows,Auto Fix)* Photo effects(Cross-process, Posterize,Lomo,Documentary, Vignette,Film Grain, Fisheye)* Photoeffects(Warmth,Saturation, B&W, Sepia, Negative, Tint,Duo-tone, Doodle )*Photo Rotate* Crop* Remove red eye* Face Glow*StraightenWe wishall the Android phone or tablet can enjoy thisgreat app!We believethat this android official Gallery app isperfect to meet yourneeds. Here only as a supplement for thosedevices are notinstalled android native system provides anadditional option.------------------Disclaimer:This app is based onAndroid Gallerycode, and licensed under the Apache License.Gallerycode:,Version 2.0:
Myth Playlist Maker 1.7
Random generated playlists just for you! Random generatedplaylistsjust for you!
गरुड़ पुराण हिंदी में 1.0.4
Garudpuran is one of eighteen Puran genre of Sanskrit textsinHinduism, and part of the Vaishnavism literature corpus.itprimarily centering around Hindu god Vishnu but praises allgods.itdeals specific issues of Hindu philosophy connected withdeath,funeral rites and reincarnation.there are 28 Deadlypunishmentsmentioned in Garuda Puran that is deeply described inthisapplication in simple to understand Hindi language. If youfindthis app useful then please don’t forget rate us and leaveyourvaluable feedback and comment. Your suggestionregardingimprovement of the app is always welcome. Thank you.
Pignus 1.0.4
Daniel YU
How does Pignus help to improve your device performance?1.Cleanjunkfile2.Optimize battery function3. Remove APK, andresidualfiles4.Antivirus and Manage appsHighlight of Pignus★ JunkCleanHelpto analyze and safely remove the junk files that take upyourmemory and storage space. Clean with only 1-tap, free up spaceandboost phone speed. ★ CPU Cooler Analyze CPU usage andstopoverheating apps to cool down CPU temperature, with only1-tap.★Phone BoostHelp to accelerate your phone with 1-tapoperation, thephone will get rid of slow response.Pignus isdedicated to developthe most useful Android Phones tools, and it iscompatible withmost Android devices, such as Samsung, Nexus, Moto,LG, Huawei andmore…. if you have any concern and complains, pleasetell us via[ ]and we will replay as soon.
A Better Camera 3.52
All-purpose, full featured camera for Android:* HDR: brightcolorsand rich detail, the pictures look like a professional camerashot*Panorama: up to 360 degrees to 100 MPix* Multishot: Groupportrait,Sequence shot, Removing unwanted objects with one click*Nightmode* Video recording + pause* Video and photo timelapse*Pre-shot: pictures are taken before pressing* BurstandExpo-bracketing* Timer* Different kinds of focusing* ISOoption*White-balance.* RAW capture (Nexus 5 with Android 5currently)*Focus and expo metering by separate points* Timestamp*Manualcontrols (focus and shutter speed priority) available forNexus 5,6 and LG Flex 2+ full access to all Camera controls,settings andfunctionsUnlocked version ABC Unlocked.Try our ABCWidget. Fastaccess to any mode from your home screen!Forget abouthaving dozensof camera apps. A Better Camera does everything youneed.A numberof top ranked Android camera apps such as HDR Camera+,NightCamera+ and HD Panorama+ have been melted into A Better Cameratoprovide you with the best, all-purpose, full featuredcameraapp.Video has great features, such as time lapse, and can beusedwith focus lock, exposure lock and white balance lock!Beingopen to3rd party developers, this application aggregates theexperience ofAndroid developers community to provide you with themost completeset of the best imaging features ever!Join us onFacebook're onGoogle+
Rainbow Cube 1.0.16
Fun to play, click on the cube to crush them, solve allthepuzzlesMatch the same cube and turn it into a powerful boosterthathelps you through hundreds of levels!Countless kinds ofmatchingpuzzles that need to be played with your smart talent tomaster thekey to completion+500 easy and fun game points!Staraward: Amazingrewards when your level improvesDaily Turntable forfreeprizesNumerous boosters and powerful combinations to help yousolveall the problems.The rankings compete with friends and playersfromall over the world!
MONOO Icon Pack Black & White 3D HD 4.8
This app contains only the MONOO Icon Pack Widgets are used inthepreview screenshots are not a part of this Icon Pack. MoreWidgetsor Themes from the MONOO Collection available on Google PlayStore.Important This is an icon pack and it requires a customandroidlauncher like Nova Launcher, Apex Launcher, etc. towork.Compatible stock launchers: LG Home (Marshmallow and earlier)•Sony Xperia • Asus Zen UI, more compatible launchers pleasereadbelow. Not supported stock launchers: LG Home Nougat • HTC •GoogleNow • Samsung Touchwiz and most of Chinese/Mediatek. Beforeleavinga review that it does not work, kindly install one ofthecompatible launchers and try applying it. Features • 2415 HQicons• 13 HD 2560x1440 px cloud-based wallpaper • XXXHDPI Icon256x256px • Regular updates • Support 32++ launchers • See &Searchicons • Smart Icon Request • Many folder category icons tosortyour apps • Masking for unthemed ones • Alternative icons tochoose• Many system Icons: Samsung, HTC, Nexus, LG, ASUS and more•Support main dynamic calendar (eg. Google, Today, Touch,Sunrise,Biz, Business Calendar, pre-installed calendar and manymore) •Help section, contains FAQs • Report bugs via email • etc.How touse this icon pack? • Install supported theme launcher • OpenMONOOIcon Pack and Go to Apply section and Select Launcher toapply. •If your launcher is not in a list make sure you apply itfrom yourlauncher settings Personal Recommended Settings andLauncher • UseNova Launcher • Set Icon Normalization Off The NovaLauncherSettings • Icon size Icon Pack Supported Launchers ActionLauncher• ADW Launcher • Apex Launcher •Atom Launcher • AviateLauncher •CM Theme Engine • GO Launcher • Holo Launcher • HoloLauncher HD •LG Home • Lucid Launcher • M Launcher • Mini Launcher• NextLauncher • Nougat Launcher •Nova Launcher(recommended) •SmartLauncher •Solo Launcher •V Launcher • ZenUI Launcher •ZeroLauncher• ABC Launcher •Evie Launcher • L Launcher Icon PackSupportedLaunchers not Included in Apply Section Sony Xperia •EverythingMe• Arrow Launcher • Themer • Hola • Launchy Widget •Trebuchet •Unicon, and may be more that have icon pack support Note• NextLauncher supports icon upon but only system apps but manualapplywill change the rest • LG Home may working unstable forsomedevice. If you're not sure DON'T PURCHASE! • Go Launcher, itdoesnot support masking. Contact If you have any problems oranysuggestions for our Icon Packs, please do not hesitate to tellus.We will help you! E-mail: SocialMediaInstagram: copyright© all rightsreservedMemscape memscapeiconpack memscapemonoo
OOF! Phone Drop Scream 2.7.1
OpenGate Apps
Not for intentional phone dropping! Your phone will scream whenyoudrop your phone. An app you never knew you needed.Availablesounds: - OOF sound from Roblox - Roblox Death Scream -Minecraftoof (minecraft death sound) - I've fallen and I can't getup! -iDubbbz - Wilhelm Scream - Windows XP Shut down sound -ScreenCrack - Yeet - Sad Violin - REEEEEEEE - GTA 5 Wasted Sound -NowThats a lot of damage! - I can't believe you've done this -WTFRichard - Peter Griffin hurting his knee More sounds coming inthefuture! Note: - the sensor recognizes the drop best if youdon'ttwist / rotate the phone mid-air while falling. Disclaimer:Thissoftware does not encourage any other than normal using ofyourdevice. You are not to cause damage to your or other'spossessionsby including, but not limited to throwing your phone inthe air,intentionally dropping it on any surface that could damagethedevice etc. By installing this application, you agree to useitsafely and responsibly. OpenGate Apps is in no way responsibleforany damage you may cause by intentionally throwing your phone.Thisapplication is not meant for this and we do not urge users todroptheir devices on purpose.
Ultra instinct Wallpaper 2.0
Ultra instinct Wallpaper there are many wallpapers to beautifythesmartphoneUltra instinct Goku Wallpaper, Goku Super Saiyan,GokuLimit BreakerFEATURES:* Wallpapers in full HD quality.* Nicedesignand intuitive user interface.* Wallpaper can be used in oneclick.*Use the images as wallpaper or background.* AutomaticallychangeUltra instinct Goku wallpaper.* The high speed oftheapplication.Don't forget to rate and review us.To use: Home->Menu -> Wallpapers -> Set WallpaperWe truly appreciateyourkind comments and high star ratings. Thank you so much foryoucontributing, using and sharing!NOTE: This is an UnofficialApp.All trademarks and copyright protected to the respectiveowners.-DISCLAIMER -This app is not officially endorsed byVictorMiller.Jason Voorhees is the main character from the Fridaythe13th series.All wallpaper content is copyrighted and ortrademarkedto their respective owners and use for this wallpaperapp isincluded in the fair usage guidelines. This app is aimedsolely forfans of Jason Voorhees characters and helps them find aneasier wayto organize images as their mobile wallpaper.
Best Wallpapers & Backgrounds
Wallpapers & Backgrounds HD gives you the best wallpapersforyour Android phone and tablet. This app allows you tosearchCreative Commons wallpapers from some well known imagesharingservices. - Fast, unlimited wallpaper scrolling interface toeasilybrowse through awesome HD backgrounds in many categories -Allwallpapers are free and HD / high quality (suitable for tablets)-After choosing an image, you can personalize and customize itinthe built-in image editor. Apply image effects, adjust thecolors,contrast or hue for instance. - Convenient preview featurethatshows wallpapers on your homescreen before setting it.Justdownloading for later use is also possible. - For Android4.4(KitKat), includes a Storage Provider interface / live imagepickerfunctionality to select your background image. - Alsocontains alive wallpaper that cycles through images that are storedon yourdevice. - Choose your wallpapers from Beaches, Nature,Abstract,Animals, Pink or any of the other 16+ categories. Pleasecontact usdirectly if any wallpaper infringes your or through the flag function in the app.Thisapp was tested on Samsung Galaxy S2, Samsung Galaxy Nexus andNexus7 devices, please contact us if you have any problems.
LitRes: Read and Listen online 3.31.1
New - search for book by photo of its cover! Take a photo of abookin traditional book store and buy it for less in LitRes! •Books inRussian — reading and learning the language is a snap. Allthegreatest works of Russian literature in one App • All thelatestinternational bestsellers translated to Russian • The #1readingapp in the GooglePlay • Over 10 million of happy customers •Thelargest catalog — over 200,000 books in Russian Welcome toRead!It’s a great way to read your favorite books on yourSmartPhone orTablet. For you: · Access to 200,000 books in yourfavorite genres:fantasy, science fiction, business, Russianliterature, DIY,romance, mystery, action, business,self-improvement, psychology,and much more. · The first 20% of anybook is free. What if youdon’t like it? Read and choose which booksto get. · The hottestnew releases. Be the first! Most new releasesappear in the LitRescatalog at the same time the paper book isreleased. · Over 32,000free books — read to your heart's content! ·Enterregularly-scheduled drawings and win valuable prizes forregisteredLitRes users. Special features: · Your books are alwayswith you —all the books you have purchased are available to you onall yourdevices and the LitRes website (as long as you use thesameaccount) · Start reading on your SmartPhone, pick up where youleftoff on your Tablet! All your bookmarks will be synced acrossallyour devices and the LitRes online reader (as long as you usethesame account) · The convenient search function lets you searchforbooks based on various criteria. Do you only know the author'slastname? Or are you trying to find a new fantasy novel to read?Oursearch function can help! · You can sign up in a single tapusingyour social network account To select a book: · Read largefreeexcerpts before you buy the book (up to 20% of the book) ·Readbook reviews by other users or write your own · Study theauthor'sofficial web page with biographies, critiques, and easyaccess toseries of books While reading, you can: · add the pagesyou need toyour bookmarks · see how many pages you’ve read and howmany youhave left · fine-tune your reading experience for maximumcomfort —adjust book background, screen brightness, and font size ·accessyou entire library in offline mode even when roaming oroutside anetwork area (you will have to download the booksbeforehand) ·enable nighttime reading mode with a single button Ifyou like abook, you can: · buy it with a single tap or put it inyour cartand buy it later from your current device or a differentone ·share information about the book with your friends on asocialnetwork Note: the LitRes app may collect anonymoususagestatistics. Should you have questions, suggestions ortech.problems- let us know through (с) 2011-2020LitRes
Ruler 3.6.2
Xalpha Lab
A simple, user-friendly and accurate ruler for your phone! Useacoin or a credit card to calibrate the ruler anywhere, whenyoudon't have a real ruler with you! - Ad free, for real, forever!-Pick your units: fractional inches, decimal inches, centimetersormillimeters - Calibrate your ruler with a credit card to getyoustarted anytime, anywhere - Don't have a credit card withyou?Calibrate your ruler with a coin! - Calibrate your ruler withareal ruler to achieve the best precision in yourmeasurementtransfers - Manually set the ruler to a known length foraccuratemeasurements - Night mode to save battery (on AMOLEDscreens) andto relieve your eyes at night - Save your measurementsfor futureuse - No permission required Update history: 3.5 --Millimeters,set to predefined length 3.3 -- Calibrate with a creditcard,remove saved measurements from history 3.2 -- Fractionaldisplay ofmeasurements in inches 3.0 -- Android Material theme andnew scalefor measurements in inches 2.1 -- Calibrate with a coin,defaultcalibration button (reset) 2.0 -- You can now saveyourmeasurements 1.7 -- Night mode to save battery and/or readmoreeasily at night 1.6 -- Added default calibration for commondevices(Nexus series, Galaxy S series, Galaxy Note 1, 2 and 3)
Nexus Revamped 1.99.24
This livewallpaper shoots brightly colored particles acrossyourhomescreen screen.* Touch interaction - tap to createmoreparticles* Multi-Touch interaction - works with several fingersatonce* Change the speed, colour and appearance of theparticles*Power saver settings to help save your battery* Daydreamsupport -show this livewallpaper while docked / charging* ManymoresettingsPro version has:* Reaction to battery level (Colorandspeed)* Custom background images * CustomparticlescolorsPermissions: Internet permission is for anonomoususage datato help improve the app, can be disabled in settings >advancedand unobtrusive adverts to help fund development oftheapp.External Storage/SD: Used to load custom background images(proversion)Languages: Danish, English, French, German,Norwegian,Russian, Spanish & Swedish. Email me if you'd like totranslateinto another language.Development: You can follow thedevelopmentof this live wallpaper on facebook
Battery Percentage Motorola 1.02
Enable hidden Battery Percentage overlay feature on yourdefaultbattery indicator on Motorola, Nexus and all othersmartphoneshaving Stock or Vanilla Android UI.Battery Percentagefor Motorolaapp is specially designed for users having followingAndroidsmartphones,- Motorola Moto E Series (E, E2, E3, E3 Power,E4, E4Plus)- Motorola Moto G Series (G, G2, G3, G4, G4 Play, G4Plus, G5,G5 Plus, G5S, G5S Plus)- Motorola Moto X Series (X, X2, XPlay, XForce)- Motorola Moto Z Series (Z, Z Play, Z Force, Z2 Play,Z2Force)- Motorola Moto C Series (C, C Plus)- Motorola MotoM-Motorola Droid Turbo (Maxx) and Droid Turbo 2 (Maxx 2)-GoogleNexus Series Smartphones (Nexus 3, Nexus 4, Nexus 5, Nexus5X,Nexus 6, Nexus 6P)- All other smartphones that doesn't haveOEMModified UI.How to use this app- Start the app- Click onEnableBattery Percentage button.- If you have phone which haveandroidversion KitKat (4.4+) or Lollipop (5.0+) then you will needtorestart your phone in order to display Battery Percentage.- Ifyouhave phone which have Android Marshmallow (6.0+) or Nougat(7.0+)then it will display Battery Percentage Immediately when youclickon Enable Battery Percentage button.- That's all. Enjoy theapp.Appis very small in size (~1.5 Mb) and it also doesn't occupyMemoryor Battery in background. This app is totally free to use. Ifyouface any issue, or need any help regarding this app thenpleasesend email on arcaneappstudio@gmail.comIf you like this appthenplease rate this app and share this app with your friends.Sharingis Caring :-)Disclaimer:This app doesn't affiliated withMotorolaand Google Nexus smartphones or not owned by them. This appisdeveloped to provide enhanced user experience on mentionedbrandsmartphones.
Picture Book: Baby's First Word Books 3.6
Picture Book is for toddler to learn spelling as well aspronouncingwords. More than 600+ spellings to learn with pictures.We havedesigned especially for kids so they can understand easily.Firstword books help small kids to learn commonly used word aroundthemlike fruits, vegetable, flowers, colors etc. Kids canlearnalphabets, numbers, body parts, shapes and birds’ pictures.All thepictures are beautiful and with English spelling. Kids canlistenthe word by clicking on it and it pronounce the word inEnglish. Ithelps toddler to improve their word vocabulary usingthis picturebook They can learn three, four, five and six letterswords withpicture. They can also learn animal, insects andtransportpictures.