Top 21 Games Similar to Sniper Assassin : Army Attack

Soldier Games Operation - Counter Terrorist
If you like war games and soldier games, the best in policegamesYoushould must gun and armor for defense.Are you ready to bea hero andbattle for revenge?During the war, equipped with specialweaponshidden enemy soldiers in war operations, our best soldierin ourarmyand our best weapons were seized.To be a hero soldier,play awar gameThe most successful team of undercover soldiers inour army,to take revenge after the defeat in this war, our troopsand ourweapons backThey want to getEnemy soldiers havesuccessfullycompleted the special assault team training in the useof weaponsand especially with the best talent in the use ofsniperweaponBecause it is so successful, this brave soldiers of ourarmy,you need your support to save the country and weaponsFightlike ahero and defend against enemy soldiers.* GAME FEATURES *Bestfirstperson controller (FPS) system8 different weapons options (youdonot need weapons system purchase)Target enemy soldiers inthenumber specified in the game, pistol, rifle, shotgun, sniper,youmust kill your or knifeMore of the enemy soldiersapproaching,skillful in the use of sniper weapons, especiallyweaponsThe enemysoldiers with sniper weapon or shotgun shot in thehead can killyou faster* WEAPONS OPTIONS *- Military commandoknife- Speciallytrained soldiers secret gun- 3 different seriesrifle shooting- 2Ammunition for shotgun- Sniper weapon with thebest binoculars
Extreme Terror Sniper Hunter 1.1
Locations were identified terrorist campsSoldiers takingsniperrifle, headed to the terror ofThis adventure to be sharedandtrying to divide our country do you want to fight againsttheterrorist organizationHurry up and take the sniper gun offtheright to terrorists to the terror campsWhen there is aterroristtraining camp will not be easy to work because they knowvery wellall the terrorists hiding places in their respectivecampsYou haveto keep the sniper rifle is always ready to find theterrorists andthe camps should go towards further divisionThe tasknow is noteasy to be prepared for you in the terror sniper gun isyour onlyfriendEnemy soldiers ambushed them at the door.Beforethatyoulocate the enemy and destroy them.We offer the best 3Dsniper gamein HD quality.Fear has no place here.The smell of bloodis going tobe your favorite fragrance.A set of binoculars and thesniper readthe lives of the enemy soldiers.Calibration andprecision with ahandy interface for hours and hours without gettingboredis asniper game where you can play.-HD quality-Military snipergame-3Dsniper game-Destroy enemy camps-Handy gun controlandmovements-Easy interface-Multiple tasks-Increasing degreesofdifficulty-Different map options
Sniper Direct Hit
Come on, now remove the sniper rifle to blow the doors totheenemy!* SNIPER DIRECT HIT GAME FEATURES *Easy to use controlsystemwith with sniper, you can direct hit point shotSniper directhitgame, compatible with your device operates in the bestgraphicsperformanceSniper game due to the ease of use, you canplayanywhereEvery android device runs smoothly* SNIPER DIRECT HITHOWTO PLAY*Each section consists of 4 different stagesIn eachepisode,the goal shown to you early in the game, you need to shootwithyour sniper gunYou can kill every enemy you see but thetargetpointDo not forget about 6 accurate shots in each sectiontheremust have hit the target direct which 4 of them mentioned*WHAT ARETHE GOALS HIGHLIGHTS *Head Shot = Hit in the head with theenemysniper weaponSpine Shot = Hit in the spine with the enemysniperweaponLeft Leg Shot = Hit in the left leg with the enemysniperweaponRight Leg Shot = Hit in the right leg with the enemysniperweaponLeft Arm Shot = Hit in the left arm with the enemysniperweaponRight Arm Shot = Hit in the right arm with the enemysniperweapon
Sniper Bad Cop Hunter
Are you ready for bad cop sniper huntKill bad cop officers foundtheillegal workers and targeting with your sniper gunHiding badpoliceofficers in the cityFind Stored police, kill them withoutillegalworkMake the upgrade your sniper gunMuch easier to find badcops
Sharp Shooter Terrorist City 1.0
Immersive, fun, vibrant,rich-bloodedkillersniper gameCity of enemy soldiers besiegedPrepare your sniper weapon and save the cityfromenemysoldiersDo not forget to raise the level of your sniper gunInnocent citizens' needs youYou have to kill the enemy soldiers that as fast as possible
Eagle Sniper Assault Team 1.2
Are you ready to play the best snipergamethisyear?Quality graphics40 level optionThe best control for mobile and tabletsRealistic weaponsRealistic enemies
Destroy Bosses
The city is under control of enemy soldiers. Fight using toughanddangerous weapons. in the end of every level you will face tofacewith a cruel Bosses.The place where the Bosses are will beundercontrol if you will fail a level.Get know better your enemysandfollow your strategy.You can use a sniper gun to kill a foe whoisstanding far.
Extreme Army Sniper Assassin
Our military sniper who secretly took place in the MilitarycampYouhave to kill all the enemies in order to advance in thearmycampKiller soldiers must die before the sirensIf the sirensworked,you dead...Notice the sniper killerSet a good sniper gunscopeInthe military camp, Your time is limitedArmy assassinsoldiers inthe camp can detect your locationLearn the best sniperweapons, thearmy camp progresses, your weapon is going to be youronly friend-If you love sniper attacks or the war games you'll lovethis game-Army camp and soldiers are quality HD- The game containsviolence-The army is among the best games sniper games- Each updatehasadded new weapons and new levels
Assassin Sniper Zombie Hunter 1.2
After a nuclear attack has turnedpeopleintozombiesThere are zombies all over the cityThe city with the most advanced weapons the Army is tryingtocleanup the zombiesAlthough the soldiers are very powerful weaponszombiesstillcontinues to create chaos in the cityOne soldier was killed when the hero discovers that thezombieheadshot from justZombies are needed advanced sniper gun to shoot in the headArmy gave this brave hero and the most advancedsniperweaponsoldierCity of Heroes soldier trying to clean itself fromthebrutalblood-smelling zombiesBut this horrible zombies, they multiply very quickly andcontinuetostray on the streetsOther people in the country from turning into zombies needtorecoverfrom this bloody cruel creatureOur brave military continues day and night to killthiskillerzombie, but not enoughPrepare your sniper gun at you and kill zombies, helpingtheherosoldieryou you can be a hero if you kill enough zombiesZombies are very powerful sniper weapon without so dontforgettostrengthen your
Soldier Zombie Hunter 1.1
FPS zombie game that will leave you alone with yourfearsEnemiesserum mixed into the drinking water of the cityallpeople in thecountry turned into a zombieNo more escapeCity brutal,bloody daysof waiting and fearfulThe army was helpless in the faceof thesebloody creaturesOnly the best hero soldiers were sent tothecitybrave soldiers began to hunt zombies in the cityArmytrainssoldiers specially trained commandos for these killerzombieThiscoma military sniper in hand, gun, shotgun, rifle, thesezombiesare scattered everywhere with automatic rifle weaponscontinues tohuntDay by day the number of brave commandos in thecity andreduced the number of our weaponsArmy commando troopspermanentlyin this region and bloody gun, sniper, shotgun, rifle,sending theknife and sending medical suppliesThe injured soldiersretreatingfrom the bloody area full of fearThe number of our troopsisdecreasing every fallIt can send some more troops will clearthearea of ​​these bloody zombieYou and other people in the citytorecover from these monsters and zombies to survivevolunteerolurmusunuzRemember, zombies are getting stronger everydayMorecountries need to clean without wasting time and needtosurviveYour weapons are too many varietiesVindication:Redesignedfor you all kinds of military weaponsYou can use it ifyou likewhat weapons
Sniper In The City 1.0
* SNIPER IN THE CITY FEATURES *Easy to use control system with with sniper, you candirecthitpoint shotSniper in the city, compatible with your device operates inthebestgraphics performanceSniper game due to the ease of use, you can play anywhereEvery android device runs smoothly* SNIPER IN THE CITY HOW TO PLAY*Each section consists of 4 different stagesIn each episode, the goal shown to you early in the game, youneedtoshoot with your sniper gunYou can kill every enemy you see but the target pointDo not forget about 6 accurate shots in each section theremusthavehit the target direct which 4 of them mentioned* WHAT ARE THE GOALS HIGHLIGHTS *Head Shot = Hit in the head with the enemy sniper weaponSpine Shot = Hit in the spine with the enemy sniper weaponLeft Leg Shot = Hit in the left leg with theenemysniperweaponRight Leg Shot = Hit in the right leg with theenemysniperweaponLeft Arm Shot = Hit in the left arm with theenemysniperweaponRight Arm Shot = Hit in the right arm with theenemysniperweaponAre you ready to go on a top secret mission? The city'scrimerateincreasing day by day and the security forces are forcedtointervenein this situation.The former special forces soldier John, it's going toworktoensure the safety of the city. Intelligenceagentsinvolvedoffenders who decipher between the civilianpopulation withaphotograph of the offender.Without harming civilians, you need to giveconsiderationtocriminal penalties. Please note that this is asecret mission,youshould not decipher for yourself camouflaged.
Soldier Wars and City Sniper
From 12 weapons , make your selection You can fight in the city ,orin the sniper mode you can play40+40 Total 80 combat dutyKillenemysoldiers and win extra prizes
Ogress Shooting FPS Game 1.0
OGRESS SHOOTING FPS GAME____________Ogress kills and conquer the city...*** Easy to use*** HD picture quality*** Each phone compatible
VR Counter Gunner City Gun War - Modern Commando
Virtual Reality - VR Counter Gunner City Gun War - ModernCommando2017 is a top free gunner shoot war game. Kill theterrorist inElite Commando Action gun war shooting games and cleanthe cityfrom the criminal gangsters in survival missionThe enemyhasattacked your city and with the help of one of the largestarmyofterrorists, they are about to enter in your city. They needto bestoppedbefore they invade the whole country. Enemy is backedby theapache helicoptersand their special team is on the tanksandHumvee. Now its your duty to protectyour countrymen fromtheruthless army, attacking everyone.Being equipped with thelatestmachine gun, rocket launcher and others arms.Destroy allenemies inthe battlefield of blast and gun smoke. you need toeliminatetheenemy by crushing there Tank and Air Force.The Gamecomprises offull time Action & Thrill!! Soldier you need tosave yourselffrom Land Attacks and Air Strikes.You need to survivethe enemyattack and devise a counter attack strategy.Features ofCounterGunner City Gun War - Modern Commando 2017Realistic FPS(FirstPerson Shooter) scenarioReal Crime city EnvironmentBestsoundeffects & stylized graphicsSuperior Gunner gunDrive thebattletankUse the RPG to shot down battle helicoptersBestThrillingDestruction War GameEnjoy the Action game Counter GunnerCity GunWar - Modern Commando 2017 !!PS.We work hard to ensure thatourgames run properly on every major android phone andtablet.If,however you encounter any issue which doesn't let youenjoy ourgames, please report it to smartgamesfree@gmail.comIf youlove toplay our games and would like more addictive games or wouldjustlike to say hi, please like our Facebookpageat
Border Army Sniper
One Man Army Front line Combat Strike Attack Real Border ArmySniperIt is a brand new action-packed world cross border issuesfirstperson sniper shooter game. IGI Commando Battle War elitethrillingmission cross border Ambush and kill the enemies Ultrarealistic 3D.Elite Commando Secret Spy Mission Before few hoursyour opponentarmy attack on your border with tank, armor vehiclesandhelicopters. Commando Adventure Shooter Stop your enemies tocrossthe border world war II| (Third world war). Commando SurgicalStrikeOperation It is a big attack on the hub root of yourbaseline.Intelligence Headquarter Red Alert Ambush and kill theenemiesYour commander and other leader have been fallen. Enemysoldiersare very clever in gorilla war.Your army needs your helpbecauseyou are a brave soldier. Army shooter warrior You arepromoted yourjob anti-terrorist squad to border army. You are amodern sniperand ready to play your role in dangerous attacks. Thisis the timeto pay back your soil and save it from badterrorists.Grab your gunand breathe slowly aim and shoot on yourtarget in silent assassinmission. Sniper Warrior Trust on yoursniping skills and go forhead-shot. The enemies are fully equippedwith modern weapons keepsafe yourself from them. Use the besttactic to hit the tanks orHumvee. In these convoys a huge number ofmodern weapons.So SniperKiller must be very carefull when he ismaking his first target.Their destruction is important because theenemy’s mission is touse these weapons against your country. Don’tworry about that youhave enough arsenal to fight back them anddestroy all those whocomes in your way. Navigator helps you insearching of you target.Fight as frontline commando until youachieve your target. Don’tallow your enemies to cross the borderand hold control of yourbase. Play your sniper duty, eliminatethese terrorist squad andkill them in stealth mode. This operationis like cold war.Takeclear Head-Shot when your enemies are tooclose to you don’t missyour target. Play the role of patrioticnational hero. Use modernlong range sniper gun to kill enemysoldiers by taking clearhead-shot. Always stay calm it is not aneasy mission as it looks.Mountains will restricts your sightvisibility and time is veryshort so you will get no time to waste.Just ready to shoot youraim and be a phantom in the battle field.Hunt your enemies like aprofessional sniper hunter.This completegame is totally free forall peoples all over the world.Features:•#1 FPS (First PersonShooter) game• Ultra realistic 3d graphics•Smooth game control.•Efficient controls• Amazing sound effects•Single sniper war•Advanced weapons rocket launcher & snipinggun• Sniper scopeview• Enough Sharp bullets• Challenging shootinggame• It is 100%free game.• Play anytime anywhere withoutinternet.How to Play:1.Slide right of the half screen to adjust thedirection of theshooting.2. Use both hand to control yourcharacter.3. Guns show onright side of the screen.4. Use yoursniper rifle or rocketlauncher to aim at terrorist from adistance.5. Touch right belowfire button to shoot.6. Shootterrorists on legs, arms and head.7.Guns are reloadedautomatically.8. If you don’t respond quickly theenemies attack onyour base.9. Press any time back button to pausethegame.Compatibility:Android 2.3 or later all Android phonesandtablets run the game smoothly and ready for further improvementifrequired. If you have facing any problem contact us.Yourratingsand reviews are our motivation to make more enhancementsinit.Note:This free game is supported by advertisement Ads withintheApp only as per Google Policy.Like and Follow us for newupdateson:Facebook:
Modern Gunner Simulator 1.0
Modern Gunner Simulator is a top free gunner shoot war game.UseModern missiles and guns to counter strike in the gunnerbattle.Best action of 2016 is waiting with modern and latestweapons. TheBest Army training game is here for you.Modern GunnerSimulator isa realistic battlefield scenes based game withrevolutionarystrategic and tactical campaigns epic survivalmissions game inwhich you have to Destroy the invader modern 3Dshooter tanks,static turrets and naval warships with guided andballisticmissiles. The game has Smooth Controls in the Realisticwarzonewith shooter animations and Strategic Warfare havingRealisticPhysics and addictive war zone In mission one you have todestroystatic turrets, in mission two and three you have to destroystaticturrets and moving enemies tanks. Demolish enemies in threediversechallenging missions to win the game in secret operationsmission.Ordeal you’re shooting skills in a real 3D environment withintenseand superb graphics.Your duty is to protect your countrymenfromthe ruthless army, attacking everyone. Being equipped withthelatest machine gun and rocket launcher, you need to destroytheircarrier, soldiers, motor boats and fighter planes. There arewavesafter waves that won't let you settle down. Its insane and madmaxfury.Loosing this battle is not acceptable, you need to win atanycost. Don’t be afraid, they are not made of steel. Whoever wins,will be remember as champion.Modern Mission ImpossibleGameFeatures:-Multiple new weapons-Shields to protect-Airstrikes-TopMilitary Counter Combat-War of nations-Enemies withGunshiphelicopters, motor boats-Challenging missions-Machine gunandupgraded RPG-Ballistic Missiles-Optimized controls-Realistic3Denvironment-Real sound effects
Ocean Heroes Underwater 1.0
Clownfish, red-eyed giant fish,goldfish,fighting fish, octopus, sea horses, jellyfish, seasnake,pufferfish, queen fish, and awaits you a fun time withotherseacreatures in the oceanGames matching the animals in the ocean combines cuteanimalsofthe same type and start fishingIn the sea and in the ocean is very important to be quickSiz balıkları avlalamadan zaman biterse büyük beyazköpekbalığıbütündeniz ve okyanus hayvanlarını yiyecekBüyük beyaz köpekbalığından daha hızlı olmalı ve bütünsevimlidenizhayvanlarını birleştirerek avlamalısınızWhether you're new to fishing, and even join youinsideinstructorgöstericek way is instructive fishing andfishpairingGreat sound, playing with animals, music and the joy youwillfeelthe effects more games* GAME FEATURES *Great graphics and cute fish can see more detailed oceanOcean Heroes game works on all android devicesFun sounds, music and visual effectsSea Hero game like any other game does not end immediatelyTotal 3 100 different maps and a section on each mapGames throughout the 300 section, so you can go fordayswithoutbeing bored* OCEAN HERO and MARINE ANIMALS *Clown fishRed-eyed giant fishGold fishfighting fishOctopusSeahorseJellyfishKrakenPuffer fishQueen fish
Army Basecamp Sniper Shooter 1.13
You are an American Army Sniper Shooterinthe war to eliminate a mob of enemies, US Army . Pull thetriggerof the sniper gun to shoot your lethal enemies from agreatdistance. Aim for accurate head-shots to preserve your ammo.Keepyou self safe form unseen lethal strikes, Cross-fire may causeyoudeadly injuries, so stay alert on these killer missions. Youarehired to infiltrate secure locations and eliminatehigh-profiletargets. Its a warfare b/w US Seals & Terrorists.Eliminate theenemies and enjoy the glory of success, No doubt youhave acapability to become a master sniper assassin.Storyline of Army Basecamp Sniper Shooter 3DIn Army Basecamp Sniper Shooter Game is the famous stayalertzonefor army sniper shooters because of unseen danger. In armybasecamp operation you will experience lethal crossfire strikesandterrorist attacks. The dead zone mountain near this base campiscaptured by the top killers & enemies. Stake out targetsfromlong-range, take them down with well-placed shots, assaultenemybases head on or infiltrate enemy lines without compromisingyouridentity. So you have enough brave commando and lethalassaultsniper rifles to kill the enemy. But this sniper assassinassaultmission needs a sniper hero to lead the army attack missionsandeliminate terrorism. You will be the leader now. Fight hard,killthe enemy on hillside and win the war against terror.Use the sniper scope to aim for a perfect killer headshot &bodyshots of your enemy with your sniper rifles. The enemy is notawareof your presence, so be careful while shooting them down.Ultimatesniper skills are needed to fire them so make sure youkeep yourselfwell focused while firing your first shot. Don’t letthe enemy hearyour gunshot, else they get a chance to shoot youright away. Giveup your life but dont give up the honor of yourcontract. Its yourduty protect your self and eliminate targets asthey have weapon forthe base defenses. Disable sentry guns,detonate explosive objectsand avoid incoming fire.How to Play• Touch the screen to aim your enemy
• The enemy will not attack you until your first fire with asniper3d
• Use shoot button for killing your enemy
• Use sniper scope to aim your opponent from more distance• Shoot Accurately and aim for the head
shot• Destroy Army tanks and Jeeps of the enemy
• Zoom-in to kill your enemy, then zoom-outAmerican Sniper Game Features
• Exhilarating Action FPS 3D Game
• Amazing Sounds for army sniper shooter 3d gunshots
• Real-life 3D Graphics
• Equipped Rifle with unlimited Ammo
The Bravo Commando:Delta Army
Soldier, Enemy is going to Attack your base now! Are you ready?Yourpeople are under attack. You are the last hope survivor sniperleftin to protect your camp, its war situation. It is indeed callofyour people to stop and kill the insurgent enemies, let thedeathbecome their ultimate destination. The Bravo Commando isawesome FPSshooting game with great and amazing graphics and supersmoothcontrol in all free sniper games 2016. It is not one of thebests;it is the best and recommended in all sniper shooter mission3dgames.You’ll be given modern sniper guns and machine guns atthelast levels; the game gives an exhilarating experience tocompletethe missions. Aim for head-shot to preserve yourammo.Massivenumber of enemy army units will assault your base zonewith everypossible deadly weapon available to them. Warrior enemiesare fullyarmed and very expert commandos with guerrilla warfareskills. Youare a last hope and last man standing having limitedbullets inyour guns .Shot to kill should be your strategy. -Missions withamazing sound effects - Use Joystick and to aim at theenemy.- Useyour Sniper scope to aim at enemies from a distance.-Amazing 3DSniper guns, unique in all army games,- Awesome and great3Denvironments- Realistic gorilla/army attack ,you’ll love it.-Bestshooting game in free army games 2016,- Real sniper and machinegunshooter missions.
Marine Troop Attack
Military Marine Sniper has always difficult field Life. Theirlifeis full of day to day challenges. Their goal is to fullfillextreme war missions. Military Marine Snipe always facechallengesthrough out his life. In this game you duty will be inthe formMilitary Marine Sniper.So be ready yourself. In this gamedifferentsniper missions will be assigned to you in battle fields.Your aimis to crush the enemies before they respond to you.Becarefulbecause your life will be in extreme danger.Now you have doand diesituation in these missions. In your missions either will beonground or in air on helicopter or in water. Your goal is tokillenemies and free the occupied area. If you succeeded inyourmission then you will be awarded with honor and next missionswillbe assigned to you. Every next mission will be going hard andhard.but remember don't loose your patient and courage, Because youarenow in the acting as Military Marine Snipe.Good Luck to yourmarinelife.- EASY CONTROLS- 3D graphics- Series of ArmyMissions-Multiple TARGETS and Scenarios!- Improve your skills andaccomplishEXTREME MISSIONS- Good HD Graphics- More Weapons comingsoon- MoreMissions coming soon!- Layout fully optimized forsmartphones andtablets!Don't miss a single Shots!Looks awesome onsmartphones andtablets!Download Marine Troop Attack.More Updatesare coming soon