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My Dex Complete: Alpha & Omega 2.0
Welcome to the Complete Pokedex for PokemonXand Y. Gen 7 and all previous versions!Full details for all 718 pokemon across all generations!FEATURES- Beautifully designed Tech table, Type defenses and Statsforall pokemon- Completely OFFLINE, no internet connection necessary.- ALL EV's and IV's listed with number values- Full Evolution charts with pokemon images and levels- Routes and locations for each pokemon!- Full move list, shows moves learned from Leveling up,Egg,tutor and TM and HM! (with stats for each move)- Search function lets you search by types, and namesDisclaimer:-This is an unofficial guide for Pokemon. We are not affiliatedorrelated to Pokemon company.-This app adheres to the terms set out by Pokemon-All items, names, places and other aspects of the gamedescribedwithin this application are trademarked and owned bytheirrespective owners. We make no claim to and do not have anyrightsto any of the foregoing. This application is intendedforeducational purposes only.
Pokedex Pro 2.0.1
A Pokedex app for Pokemon Go, Pokemon Sun, Moon, Omega Ruby,AlphaSapphire / XY and even 3rd Gen.- 802 Pokemon from BulbasaurtoMarshadow.- stats calculation- Item, move, ability,location,stats, egg group, type, nature, strategy and cry dex!byJohn jwChen
Dragons: Defenders of Berk
* Ride along with Toothless, the coolest of the Dragons, andhisbest friend Hiccup in a brand new reading app experience* Theappincludes 2 great deluxe stories featuring the courageousvikingteenagers and dragons from the hit television seriesJoinyourfavorite dragon trainer Hiccup, along with his fire-breathingpalToothless, on another magical adventure in the deluxestorybookDreamWorks Dragons Defenders of Berk, as seen on theCartoonNetwork. The dragons are up to a lot of mischief,includingeatingall the food and making super icky messes. The vikings ofBerk havehad it and want them banished! Will Hiccup and his bestfriendsfind a way to train their dragons so they can stay?FEATURES•Includes the popular How to Start a Dragon Academy storywithcolorful images from the TV series• 3 reading modes (Read toMe,Auto Play, Read to Myself) for young fans of all ages toenjoy•Customize your favorite vikings, Hiccup and Astrid, with coolgearand act out your own story!• Bonus action-packed A View to aSkrillstory from Defenders of Berk Season 2, featuring yourfavoriteviking friends through amazing artwork, fun sound effects,andmusic
How To Train Your Dragon
The Vikings of Berk Island were used to nightly attacks offlamingfireballs...Norse CodeJoin Hiccup and the dragons forsomerollicking Viking fun with this interactive book app. Based ontheDreamWorks movie "How to Train Your Dragon," this engrossingstoryis now fully optimized for your tablet.Read along with thestory,enjoy real pictures from the DreamWorks movie, and listentoautomated narration.Brains Over BrawnHiccup isn't yourtypicalbrawny Viking, but he still wants to help protect hisvillage fromraiding dragons. Find out how he uses friendship andcreativity toturn destruction and fighting into something muchmoreinteresting.Interactive StorytellingThe How to Train YourDragonMovie Storybook includes images and audio from the movie,automaticnavigation and narration, and highlighted text to helpearlyreaders make associations between the words they hearandsee.Choose from three reading modes: Read it Myself, Read toMe,and Auto Play. It's perfect for readers of all skill levels.
Pokepraiser 1.2
DISCLAIMER: This app is currently only in ENGLISH. In the futureIwould love to have a greater internationalization.Now Open Source! is the premiere app for trainers who love tobattle.This app requires no internet connection and stores all dataaboutPokemon, Abilities, Attacks, Natures, Items, etc. offline andonyour phone with ONE download. Also, no ads!- All X/Y Pokemon, the moves they learn and how they learnthem,abilities, X/Y images- All Attacks/Abilities, ALL detail (priority, snatchable,etc.),and all Pokemon that get them- Advanced pokesearch to query numerous criteria at once.Everwonder which Flying Pokemon learn Earthquake?- Team builder that lets you customize held items, ability,movesand EVs.- Easily export any of your teams to Pokemon ShowdowntextformatPlease report any bugs to the Pokepraiser google group inthewebsite below!DISCLAIMER!Pokémon © 2002-2014 Pokémon. © 1995-2014Nintendo/CreaturesInc./GAME FREAK inc. TM, ® and Pokémon characternames aretrademarks of Nintendo.
WahackDex - VI Gen. Pokédex 1.8
(Note: older androids can't connect to the dex, sorry,seeinstructions below)You are facing the best species encyclopedia.Dont't let it go.This is the only one updated to X / Y.ө Newest information has not been realeased yet, please staytunedbecause the new data will be announced here priorarrival.ө Coming features: kalos locations, improved attackdex.Send errors and information at this website:Planned features, coming very soon:1. Abilities info2. Improving information about the attacks3. Where to find every pokemon in Kalos (encounter locations).Pokémon Pokédex Kalos DexCredits:This app is posible just because of the help provided by:ө Info: Veekunө Info: Elite2000ө Info: Serebiiө Sprites: zerudezө Sprites: NosciumOlder versions of Android can't access to the informationinsidethe app, but you can check it anyway using you mobile browserandpointing to the app website:
How To Train Your Dragon 2
GET READY TO EXPERIENCE ANOTHER MAGICAL DRAGON ADVENTURESTORY!*Join cool dragon hunter Hiccup and his dragon Toothless in adeluxestorybook experience based on the DreamWorks’ film intheaters,June 13* Interact with your favorite pet dragons in 2awesomegames: Dragon Hunters & Dragon Racing* Be creativewithcoloring pages and stickers!The dragons are back with theirbestfriends, the fearless dragon trainers, Hiccup and Astrid, inthethrilling DreamWorks’ How to Train Your Dragon 2 (TheOfficialStorybook App), featuring a great story and characters fromthefilm. Stoick the Vast, Chief of Berk, is ready to crown hisson,Hiccup, as the new Chief of the Viking Island of Berk, butHiccupis not yet ready to lead. Through a series of misadventures,plusan eye-opening revelation and an epic dragons battle, willHiccupbecome the chief he was always meant to be with hisclosestfire-breathing pal Toothless by his side?How to Train YourDragon 2(The Official Storybook App) was developed by CupcakeDigital inpartnership with DreamWorks. FEATURES: Includes a heroicadventurestory filled with dramatic imagery, music and featuringeveryone’spopular Viking teenagers and their dragons Play withdragons ininteractive, leveled games for hours of fun:DRAGONHUNTERS: HelpToothless scare off the Dragon Hunters to earn a highscore. But becareful not to hit the sheep!DRAGON RACING: Selectyour favoritedragon, Toothless or Stormfly, and race across Berkagainst otherdragons while collecting sheep for points andavoidingobstacles.Bring to life scenes from the movie using plentyofcreative coloring tools and stickers (save to camera roll tosendand share with family and friends from parent-gatedsection)Formore stories about Hiccup and Toothless, check outDreamWorks’Dragons: Defenders of Berk in the provides free downloadable activitiesbasedon the story to further the educational value at home.Parents’ andTeachers’ Guides are also available with helpful tipsfor gettingchildren ready for school and for utilizing appstoreinforce learning in and out of the classroom.We careaboutyour kids and their safety. This app contains gated areas toensurethat only adults can access anything that would take yououtside ofthe app. To view our full app privacy policy,
Learn Japanese Phrasebook 3.3.0
The most easy to use mobile phrasebook aims at tourists andbusinesspeople visiting Japan. Turn essential words and phrasesinto nativevoice which you can practice or play it to local peopleto getaround with confidence. Learn Japanese is recorded usingnativespeaker and we have tried our best to be authentic inthepronunciation whilst ensuring it is easy to understand.Recommendedapp for tourists and business people visiting Japan. Werecommendyou to use Wi-Fi connection the first time to downloadthedatabase. FEATURES This lite version contains about 400commonwords and phrases for FREE. Upgrade and unlock all 800phrases in18 categories. * Carefully translated list of essentialphrases *High quality audio pronunciation by native speaker * Playallphrases automatically in each category * Ability to adjustfontsize * No internet connection required * Highlight importantwordswith tips * Store frequently used phrases in favourites *Search bykeywords * No adverts or annoying popups The LITE versioncontainsabout 400 essential phrases in the following categories *Greetings* General conversation * Numbers * Directions and places*Transportation * Eating out Upgrade and unlock all 800 phrasesinthese categories. * Accommodation * Time and date * Shopping*Colours * Towns and provinces * Countries * Tourist attractions*Family * Dating * Emergency * Feeling sick * TonguetwistersFEEDBACK If you like this app and find it useful pleasetake a fewseconds to give us a rating in the Android Market. Forcomments andsuggestions please send an email to lovegetting feedback from users of our apps. Follow us ontwitter : ALSO AVAILABLE FORIPHONE,IPOD, &IPAD
com.erakk.lnreader 1.1.52
The BakaReader EX is a new project for reading LightNovelstranslations from the website. Enabling youtodownload the Novel content and read it offline, whilealsoproviding other features: - Keeping track ofyourfavorites/wishlist; - Bookmark feature for multiple novels; -Getback to reading your last viewed novel with the click of abutton;- Check the teaser list for a preview of what's to come; -Downloadentire novels, or only the parts you want. Having problems?Afterrecovering a backup, some novels might not displaycontextproperly, or after an update. Just re-download thenovel'sinformation (go to the novel list, long touch on the novelanddownload novel info) For chapters not displaying correctly,attemptto re-download the chapter (long click on the chapter>download). Regarding other languages: Added alt. languageparserfor Indonesian, Polish, and French, visit baka tsuki forumforother language. Complete changelog can be checked fromSettings> Version orcheck: You can alsohelpwith coding, ideas or bug reports by accessing the GitHubwebpage(, sendinganemail to the developer or accessing baka-tsuki.orgforums:*Note:I rarely read the comment section, please go to baka-tsukiforum.*
Italian for AnySoftKeyboard 20101125-better-layout
Italian for AnySoftKeyboard. At about 50.000 italian wordsforsuggestions in your AnySoftKeyboard! This is an expansionlayoutspack for AnySoftKeyboard. Install AnySoftKeyboard first, andthenselect the desired layout fromAnySoftKeyboard'sSettings->Keyboards menu. -improved layout
Disfruta cuando quieras y donde quieras de mejores series de Clanentu smartphone o Tablet: Trolls, Peppa Pig; Ricky Zoom,Simón,Gormiti, Pocoyo,... Montones de episodios, concursos yactividadespara los más pequeños en un entorno seguro. En la nuevasección deextras podrás acceder a nuevos juegos, actividades ysorpresas. Lanueva versión de la app es más estable, rápida y fácilde usar.Pudiendo configurar las preferencias de idioma, edad yfavoritos.Incluye acceso directo a los concursos para que no sepierdan unaoportunidad. Para más información sobre los concursos,entra --------------------------- Clan is awindowto the best of the web content for children of RTVE and theSpanishTV kid's channel. A selection of shows like "Pocoyo","Trolls","Peppa Pig" and many more. Watch videos in spanish andenglish tohelp your children learn and coloring. Cualquiersugerencia oproblema, envíenos un correo a movil.irtve@rtve.esMuchas graciasEnjoy whenever and wherever you want the best Clanseries on yoursmartphone or Tablet: Trolls, Peppa Pig; Ricky Zoom,Simón,Gormiti, Pocoyo, ... Lots of episodes, contests andactivities forthe little ones in a safe environment. In the newextras sectionyou can access new games, activities and surprises.  The newversion of the app is more stable, fast and easy touse. Being ableto set the preferences of language, age andfavorites. It includesdirect access to contests so you don't missan opportunity. Formore information about the contests, go Clan is a windowto the best of the webcontent for children of RTVE and the SpanishTV kid's channel. Aselection of shows like "Pocoyo", "Trolls","Peppa Pig" and manymore. Watch videos in spanish and english tohelp your childrenlearn and coloring. Any suggestions or problems,send us an emailto Thank you
PkmnDex Pro (+7ª gen.) 1.0.3
Álvaro S.
PkmnDex is a light applicationthatlinksPokémonto the most popular wikis in various languages.ItincludeallPokémon, even the new released seventhgenerationandMega-Evolutions.It include a search function tofilter Pokémonbynumber or name.Supported websites:BulbapediaPokémon CentralPoképédiaPokéWikiSerebiiSmogonWikiDexWhy it requires internet connection?Keep all information up-to-date is a difficult taskthatrequiresmuchtime and dedication. That is why the best waytohaveeverythingupdated is to visit the different websitesthatmanypeople around theworld edit and matain up-to-date.
九九クエスト~ポケットモンスターバージョン~ 1.0.0
【九九を“正確に、速く”解けるようになる学習アプリ】~ピカチュウと一緒にめざせ “九九マスター”!~進研ゼミ小学講座「チャレンジタッチ」の九九学習アプリの「ポケットモンスターバージョン」です。★「チャレンジタッチ」の知見を生かした設計で、お子さま一人でも無理なく取り組めます。★お子さまに人気のポケモンが九九学習を応援!単調になりがちな暗記も楽しみながら反復できます。◆「算数が好き!」につながる九九学習「かけ算九九」は小学生の算数の土台となる学習。九九を“正確に、速く”解けるようになることで、「計算ができる!」「算数がわかる!」ことへの自信にしてほしいという想いで開発しました。◆出題される九九に答えて相手のポケモンを攻撃!くり返しで飽きがちな暗記も、トレーナーやロケット団とのポケモンバトルで、楽しく取り組めます。◆習熟度に合わせた出題形式「じゅんばん」・「さかさま」・「ばらばら」と徐々に難易度を上げながら暗記。学校での学習時期に合わせて長く使える内容です。間違えた問題も各ステージ終了後に確認できるので、「正確で、速い」計算力が着実に身につきます。【注意事項】・お子さまの取り組み結果を後から振り返れるよう、ステージクリア時に写真撮影ができます。撮影内容は開発サーバーには連携されません。・本アプリを他のかたに紹介したい際に、SNSをご利用いただけます。お子さまの取り組み結果は、SNSの投稿には自動で連携されません。【推奨環境】Zenfone2 ZE551M,NEXUS 5,ARROWS NX F-04G,XPERIAZ2Tablet(Wi-Fiのみ),MeMO Pad8,AQUOS PHONEXxmini,AQUOSPHONE,EX(SH-04E),ARROWS,NX(F-01F),GALAXY S4(SC-04E),Galaxy S6edge(SCV31)Android 4.4.2以上【お客様の情報の取り扱いについて】「ベネッセアプリケーションプライバシ―ポリシー」もあわせてご確認ください。1.GPS による位置情報、電話帳、スマートフォンに保管している写真や動画は取得しません。2.お客様の興味関心にあわせた広告を表示するため、google社が発行する広告用のID(AdvertisingID)を取得し、お客様のアプリの利用履歴とあわせ、広告配信サービスに送信します。各広告配信サービス提供者では、これらの情報の第三者提供や、個人情報との紐づけは行いません。3.本アプリでのお客様の情報の取り扱いについては、以下の窓口まで お問い合わせください。▼個人情報に関するお客様ご相談窓口▼0120-924721※通話料無料※受付時間 9:00~21:00(年末年始は除く)※まちがい電話が増えております。番号はよくお確かめのうえ、必ず保護者のかたがおかけください。※一部のIP電話からは042-679-8372(有料)へおかけください。【本アプリについてのお問い合わせ】ベネッセコーポレーション 進研ゼミ小学講座0120-88-2222※通話料無料※受付時間 9:00~21:00(年末年始は除く)※まちがい電話が増えております。番号はよくお確かめのうえ、必ず保護者のかたがおかけください。※一部のIP電話からは042-679-8562(有料)へおかけください。©benesse corporation©Nintendo・Creatures・GAME FREAK・TV Tokyo・ShoPro・JRKikaku©Pokémon[Theninety-nine"accurately, quickly" learning app that will besolved]Aim with ~ Pikachu "ninety-nine master"! ~Of Shinkenzemi elementary course ninety-nine learning app"Challengetouch" is "Pokemon version".★ in the knowledge design that takes advantage of the"Challengetouch", it tackled without difficulty even onechild.★ popular Pokemon to children cheer ninety-nine learning!You can also repeat while enjoying monotonous to tendtomemorize.◆ ninety-nine learning that leads to "love math is!""Multiplication ninety-nine" learning to be the foundationofelementary school arithmetic. The ninety-nine "accurately,quickly"that it will be solved, "the calculation can!","Mathematics isseen!" Was developed by the thought that I want toin confidence tothe thing.◆ to attack your opponent's Pokemon to answer ninety-nine thatwillappear on the exam! Also tired tend to memorize in repeatedly,inthe Pokemon battle with trainers and Team Rocket, wetackledhappily.◆ question format that is tailored to the proficiencyGradually memorize while raising the degree of difficulty asthe"order", "upside down", "loose". It is longevity contents tosuitthe learning time in school. Since the mistake was a problemcanalso be confirmed after the end of each stage, "accurate,fast"computing power attaches to steadily seen.【Notes】- So that it is look back from after the children ofinitiativesresult, you can be photographed at the time of the stageclear.Shooting content will not be cooperation in thedevelopmentserver.- This app when you want to introduce to the other person, youcanuse the SNS. Children's efforts result will not be cooperationwithautomatic Posts of SNS.[Recommended environment]Zenfone2 ZE551M, NEXUS 5, ARROWS NX F-04G, XPERIA Z2 Tablet(Wi-Fionly), MeMO Pad8, AQUOS PHONEXx mini, AQUOS PHONE, EX(SH-04E),ARROWS, NX (F-01F), GALAXY S4 (SC-04E), Galaxy S6 edge(SCV31)Android 4.4.2 or higherAbout handling of your information]"Benesse application privacy - policy" Please checkalsotogether.1. The location information by GPS, phone book, photos andvideosthat are stored in the smartphone does not get.2. In order to display the ads tailored to your interests, togetthe ID for advertising google the company issued (AdvertisingID),is combined with the usage history of your application, andsend itto the ad delivery service.Each ad delivery service providers, third party provision andofthese information, but does not string pickled withpersonalinformation.3. For more information about the handling of your informationinthis application, please contact the following office.▼ and customer consultation regarding personal information ▼0120-924721※ toll free ※ Hours 9:00 to 21:00 (New Year I except)※ telephone has increased mistake. Numbers carefully on yourcheck,please call always guardian. ※ please call from part of theIPphone to 042-679-8372 (surcharge).[Inquiries about this app]Benesse Corporation Shinkenzemi elementary course0120-88-2222※ toll free ※ Hours 9:00 to 21:00 (New Year I except)※ telephone has increased mistake. Numbers carefully on yourcheck,please call always guardian. ※ please call from part of theIPphone to 042-679-8562 (surcharge).© benesse corporation© Nintendo · Creatures · GAME FREAK · TV Tokyo · ShoPro · JRKikaku© Pokémon
Cameras Ohio - Traffic cams 8.6.1
Smart Cameras
★ Cameras Ohio - Traffic cams is free application that allow youtowatch traffic cameras from Ohio. ★ Application contains morethan200 cameras (live images, webcams, CCTV)! ★ Traffic camerasforCincinnati, Cleveland, Columbus, Dayton, Toledo and more!Camerasare mostly traffic but we have other types of cameras aswell. Youcan search for a group, or for camera inside selectedgroup. ✔ Apphave widgets for cameras, so you can place some of thecameras youuse the most on your home screen.  ✔ You canplay/stop/changecamera directly from your home screen. ✔ You canmark cameras asfavorite for fast access when you need it later. ✔You can takeimage from any of camera with share button. Image willbe saved onyour SD Card and you can share it with any app that canshareimages. ✔ You can choose between 5 color schemes(Menu->Colors)
Kobo Books - eBooks & Audiobooks
Kobo Books
Join millions of booklovers across the globe and access yourveryown portable reading world. Go shelf-less and take yourreadingadventures on the go. With over 5 million titles to choosefrom,there’s something for every type of reader andlistener.Introducing audiobooks from Kobo—our brand new expertlycuratedcollection. Discover the best deal on audiobooks whenyousubscribe. You earn Kobo Super Points every purchase. With allyoureBooks and audiobooks together, the Kobo App is all you need.**TheKobo App allows you to browse our growing collection of theworld'sbest eBooks, audiobooks, graphic novels, and children'sbooks, toenjoy instantly on your smartphone or tablet. Search byauthor,title, topic or genre to discover your next great read.Check outKobo’s free eBook selection to discover a new favourite.Take alook at our most popular and trending eBooks, updatedhourly!Browse now on the Kobo website. The Kobo App makes readingevenmore comfortable and convenient: • Customize the way youread.Enjoy crisp, clear text in the size and style you prefer. TryNightMode to make reading easier on your eyes before bedtime, andlockthe screen in portrait or landscape mode. • Ourbeautifullydesigned, easy-to-use player makes it simple for you tomovethrough your audiobook with a single touch. Never worryaboutlosing your spot, and see how much time is left at aglance.Schedule it to turn off after a set amount of time—perfectforlistening before going to sleep. • Discover recommendationsjustfor you for eBooks and audiobooks we think you’ll love.Readthousands of free eBook previews or listen to audiobook samplestohelp you find your next favourite. • Start reading on onedeviceand pick up on another. The Kobo App always remembers whereyouleft off, so you can keep reading across all your devices. •Rateand review the books you’ve read or read reviews frombookloverslike you! • Read in English, French, Spanish, Italian,German,Dutch, Portuguese, Brazilian Portuguese, or Japanese.**Audiobooksavailable in the United States, Canada, the UnitedKingdom,Australia and New Zealand. You can listen to audiobooksonsmartphones and tablets running Android version 4.4 or higher.
Wattpad - Read & Write Stories
Wattpad. Where stories live. Discover the world's most-lovedsocialstorytelling platform. Wattpad connects a global community of80million readers and writers through the power of story. Downloadittoday to start reading or writing original stories. Get yourstorydiscovered Have your own story to tell? Get it discoveredthroughthe power of community and technology on Wattpad. Share anoriginalstory on Wattpad and share it with our community who arethere tocheer you on throughout your writing journey. Think yourstorycould be the next blockbuster? Wattpad Studios discoversuntapped,unsigned, and talented writers on Wattpad and connectsthem toglobal multi-media entertainment companies. Read originalstoriesDiscover stories in over fifty languages from writers aroundtheworld! Whatever you’re into reading—romance, sciencefiction,mystery, comedy, action adventure, fantasy, young adultfiction, orfanfiction—it’s all on Wattpad. So whether you’relooking for moreLGBT meet-cutes, cyberpunk fairy tales, or newtechnothrillers todevour, you’ll find it all, and so much more, onWattpad. Connectwith a community of story-lovers When you joinWattpad, you becomea member of an international community ofstory-lovers. Connectwith other passionate readers & writers,comment directly instories as you read them, and support writers asthey create andshare their original stories. You can even readtogether and shareyour library or create reading lists so yourfriends always knowwhat you’re reading. Start your own free librarySave your favoritestories to keep them with you wherever you go.Hooked on a story?Simply sync your account to easily pick up whereyou left off,whether you’re on your laptop, tablet, Kindle oriPhone. Read thestories that inspired blockbusters If you’ve seenThe Kissing Boothon Netflix, streamed Light as a Feather on Hulu orread New YorkTimes best-seller Anna Todd’s series After, you maynot know—thesestories were first discovered on Wattpad. Join theplatform theentertainment industry scours to find its next big hit,and startreading tomorrow’s box-office sensation today. Already aWattpadfan? Follow us on Instagram, Facebook and Twitter tostayup-to-date on your favorite writers, stories, contests, andmore!Instagram:
APN Settings 3G 3.1
Si por alguna razón decides viajar a otro país o se tedesconfiguroel celular ya sea por flashear o cambiar de operador yno teconecta el internet pues con APN Settings 3G y 4G es unaaplicaciónllena de guías para poder configurar tu celular con surespectivonombre de punto de acceso, por ahora solo esta disponibleparaciertos países en un futuro colocaremos mas países esto ya coneldía a día de acuerdo a las actualizaciones que iremosrealizando.Características: Favoritos: se agrego un botón paraagregar eltutorial a favoritos, si no estas conectado a internetpuedesguardar la configuración solo haciendo click en elbotón.Compartir: si por algún motivo quieres enviar laconfiguración a unamigo puedes hacerlo mediante un boton y podráscompartir porwhatsapp, facebook, correo, SMS, MMS y muchasaplicaciones mas.Ayuda: se agrego un pequeño tutorial para quepuedan utilizarnuestra aplicación. si por alguna razón quierenalgún tipo de ayudapueden ingresar a
iSoft Studios
Download All NCERT Textbooks or CBSETextbooksfor free from your Android Phone or Tablet.NCERT textbook of class 1 to class 12 is available. Easy touse,just open, download and read.Score high in Exams by reading in you android Device.This apps contains the all the NCERT Hindi Books, NCERTEnglishBooks and NCERT Urdu Books.NCERT Books are very useful in for preparationofUPSC,IAS,CSAT,PCS,MPSC,RPSC,SBI,IT OFFICER,Railway,PostOffice,Rural Bank, We are providing Daily New Questions andLevels.ThisCurrent Affairs and GK Also useful for NDA,CDS,IES,STATEPSC,CWEEXAMS PREPARATION.
50000 Free eBooks & Free AudioBooks 5.29
Oodles has Free English classics and English audiobooks. Oodlesisan easy to use application to read or listen to english classicsorhindi books and stories. You can also import any ebook inepub,mobi or txt format from your phone. Oodles has apersonalisedreader. You can customize the font size, style,background, linespacing, and other reading features according toyour preference.Books are organized in various categories and tagsthat help youdiscover your next read easily. You can also see thetop books andpopular authors in separate sections. Each book islinked with thecorresponding audiobook if it is available onOodles. Thedownloaded books and audiobooks will appear in yourpersonallibrary. You can read or listen to them anytime offline.Oodlesdoes not have the modern books or bestsellers. We only haveenglishclassics that belong to public domain. Features + Read booksandstories in English and Hindi for free + Discover the greatclassicsand some of world’s best authors + Import books from yourphone andread in Oodles reader + Take your library anywhere in yourphoneand read offline + Personalise your reading experience +Shareebook files with friends through email Top categories -Fictionbooks, Romance books, Fantasy books, Adventure books,Sciencefiction, Christmas books, Horror books, Short stories,Lovestories, Religious books, Humor books, History books,Poems,Poetry, Travel books, Detective Books, and many more !!!Mostpopular authors - Jane Austen, Dostoevsky, Charles Dickens,OscarWilde, Mark Twain, Lewis Carroll, Wodehouse, James Joyce,Aesop,Victor Hugo, HG Wells, Plato, Jack London, Sigmund Freud,ThomasHardy, Premchand, and others Most popular books - Aesop’sfables,Peter pan, Sherlock holmes, Moby dick, Alice in wonderland,Prideand Prejudice, Kama sutra, Dorian gray, Beowulf, Grimm’sfairytales, Anna karenina, Don quixote, Hamlet, Macbeth,Pinocchio,Chanakya Neeti and thousands more For Hindi languageusers: Oodlesalso has Hindi language books. We have books by someof India’sgreatest writers such as Premchand, by modern hindi storywritersand amateur authors. Hindi authors: Munshi Premchand,RabindranathTagore, Devki Nandan Khatri, SharatChandraChattopadhyay, BhartenduHarishchandra, Jayashankar Prasad, etc.Famous books: ChanakyaNiti, Ramayana, Mahabharata, Godaan. हिंदीकिताबें : मुंशीप्रेमचंद, चाणक्य नीति, गांधी, टैगोर, महाभारत Oodlespar muftkitabein padhein. free kahaniyan aur hindi stories. We hopeyoulike the application and share it with your friends! In case ofanyfeedback/issues with the app, reach us at
Free Books – Novels, Fiction Books, & Audiobooks
Free Books app is a place to discover the best FREE good readswithfresh, modern app interface and design. Here you can readunlimitedebooks in our ebook reader. We have a huge collection ofclassicliterature including the most well-known romantic novels,fairytales, epic books and fantasy books from classic novelists.Thereare also young adult and science fiction titles thatinspiretoday’s dystopia genre. There is also a banned bookssection! Youcan also find audiobooks within our app so you canenjoy theclassic literature audibly while you are doing somethingelse oryou are too tired to read. What do you consider good reads?Sciencefiction? Young Adults? Epic books that will immerse you inthestories? Romance novels that will move your heart? You canfindthem here on Free Books, an ebook reader app loaded withthousandsof classic literature titles that you can read for free.Thesefiction books by the classic novelists are as thrilling asmoderngenre such as dystopia. You can even read banned books -books thatare used to be banned or still banned in some countries.Now theyare legally free to access by everyone and so we compilethem in aFREE ebook reader so you can enjoy them anytime youwant.Furthermore, we have the audiobooks section where you canenjoythese titles audibly too. === WHY CHOOSE FREE BOOKS: === ●Read forFREE and enjoy it anytime and anywhere. ● Huge Collection:We haveover 50,000 ebooks to read from authors all around theworld. Wehave all the timeless literature, epic books, fantasybooks,thriller books, classic fairy tales, mystery, and romancenovelsfrom classic novelists. ● Featured Content: Enjoy freshcontent andreading recommendation. We work hard to make sure ourusers canenjoy something that suits their reading preference andtaste. ●Audiobooks: Unlike the other ebook readers, we haveaudiobookssection so you can listen to the stories instead ofreading them.Or you can read and listen at the same time, which isa greatexercise for people who are learning English! ● Fresh AppDesign:We’ve just created a new design for you! It looks fresh,clean, andvery user friendly. There are also new features and newbooks addedto make reading a lot more comfortable. FEATURES OF MYBOOKS: - Geta recommended read from us! - Read the gems of Ancientliterature -Read Quotes of the day by classic novelists and authors- Enjoybooks audibly by listening to our popular Audiobooks -Browse bychoosing Authors, Categories - Use Search function to lookforspecific title or author - Save books to My Library CATEGORIES:●Best & Most Popular Novels of All Time. ● Adventure●Autobiographies & Biographies ● Banned Books ● Drama ●English101 ● Epic Books ● Fantasy Books ● History ● Horror Stories●Mystery ● Myth and Legends ● Philosophy ● Poetry ● Politic●Romance Novels ● Science Fiction ● Theology ● Thriller Books●Travel ● US Presidents ● War ● Western stories ● Young AdultFreeBooks is simply the best place to find good reads. Download itnow!--- Free Books is free to use. Therefore your support ishighlyneeded to maintain and improve our app and content. Pleasetakejust one minute to leave great feedback to us by writing areviewand rate our app. Help other people discover our app bysharing ourebook reader to your friends and family.
Audible Audiobooks: Stories & Audio Entertainment 2.55.0
Audible, Inc
Start a new routine with Audible. Your place for listening totheworld’s biggest selection of audiobooks, kids stories,andbite-sized audio content, anytime, anywhere. Listen toinspiringaudio entertainment and ebooks from a variety of genres.Hearstories told by the voices you love. Listen to the audiobooksthatspeak to you, at home, while working, or when taking a break.Starta free Audible trial for 30 days and widen your worldoneaudiobook, kids story, ebook, or original audio series at atime.You can cancel whenever you want. YOUR AUDIBLE ROUTINE 1.Sci-Fiand Fantasy, Self-development, Mysteries, Thrillers,Memoirs,Documentaries, and more audio content to help you unwind.2.Working from home audiobook library - virtualcollaboration,productivity, and communication titles and ebooks tostreamlineyour day. 3. Kids stories including classics, bedtimestories,bible stories and modern young adult literature toentertain yourchildren. 4. Audible Originals such as exclusiveaudio books,documentaries and scripted shows that you can’t findanywhere else.5. Daily updates from the NYT, Wall Street Journal,and TheWashington Post to keep you informed. LISTEN WHILE YOU WORK.Ourlibrary of audio entertainment is always open. So come on inandchoose from a wide range of genres, ebooks and audio contenttotransport you as you cook, walk the dog, run, work or foldlaundry.Download and listen to books offline, learn new skills andstayproductive with topics such as virtual collaboration,productivity,and communication. Or, dive into engrossing fantasy& sci-fiseries, mysteries & thrillers, memoirs,bestsellers,documentaries, and Audible Originals. UNPLUG BY TUNINGIN. Enjoysmall listening bites such as short stories or bookchapters frombestselling titles. Find calm in your day by escapinginto acaptivating story. Go ahead, download audio books &ebooks,listen offline and take your break with Audible. KIDSSTORYTIME.Kids stories and young adult audio books to keep yourchildrenentertained. Share storytime together, or set them free onanadventure narrated by mesmerizing voices. JOIN AUDIBLE LISTENERS:-Browse the entire collection and use credits to add toyourlibrary. - Own your library. Your titles are yours, even ifyoucancel. - Easy exchanges. Swap any audiobook at any time.-Download and listen to your audiobooks offline. - Set a sleeptimerto stop playing your audiobook if you get sleepy. You won’tmiss aword. - Use Whispersync to easily switch across yourdevices,including your Alexa-enabled devices, Amazon Kindle, andanyBluetooth speaker. - Stay captivated with ad free listening.-Access Audible Daily Deals and get audio books from $2.95. -Freemonthly titles. Get 1 credit for any audiobook, and 8AudibleOriginals for the month of April. - Plus, get 30% offanyadditional titles. Discover a new routine with Audible, anAmazonCompany. And fall in love with books all over again.Happylistening!
NOOK: Read eBooks & Magazines
Get the FREE NOOK Reading App for your Android smartphone ortabletto start enjoying Barnes & Noble’s award-winningeBookdiscovery and digital reading experience. Access ourvastonline library of over 4 million eBooks, magazines, graphicnovels,and comics; plus, enjoy recommendations just for you curatedby ourexpert booksellers. Customize your experience withmultiplefont and page styles and robust organization and socialsharingtools. Put down your reading and pick up where you leftoff—even asyou jump from one device to another. The NOOKReading Appsyncs across all your devices. Barnes & Nobleat YourFingertips • Shop the latest new releases, bestsellers,andpromotions. Browse expert recommendations just for you! Themoreyou use NOOK, the better our suggestions. • Over 75,000freetitles! Try a new author or start a new series risk-free. •Enjoythousands of kids’ interactive picture books. Use the “ReadandRecord” function and never miss story time, even when you can’tbethere in person. • Download free eBook samples and add favoritestoyour Wishlist. • Try any newspaper or magazine free for 14days*.Rich, Customizable Reading • Adjustable font styles, linespacing,margins, page animations, background color and screenbrightnessfor more comfortable reading. • Add notes, bookmarks,andhighlights as you read. Share favorite highlights withfriendsacross social networks. • Organize your Library intocustomcollections. • Search inside the book and look up words withthedownloadable in-app dictionary. • Use ArticleView™ to easilyreadmagazine articles using customized font settings. • EnjoyComicswith Zoom View™ for a guided panel by panel readingexperience. •Accessible to blind and low vision users leveragingAndroidassistive technology that includes screen magnificationandTalkBack. One App for the Whole Family • With Profiles,familymembers can share an account while still enjoying theirowncustomized NOOK experience. • Share eBooks, magazines,newspapers,and comics across Profiles—no need to purchase again!Readingposition, bookmarks, highlights, and notes are saved toeachProfile. • Child Profiles come with full parental controls, soyoucontrol what your child sees. Discovery Delivered Daily •VisitB&N Readouts for daily streams of free book excerpts,magazinearticles, and all kinds of bookish news—including reviewsfrom ourcommunity. Share on social, email, and other apps.  •Join thethousands of NOOK readers on Serial Reads, Barnes &Noble’slatest free reading program. Enjoy a book every month,delivered infree daily chapters directly to your device. Titles arehand-pickedby B&N editors across genres. • Enjoy our FreeFridays eBookselection every week. *NOOK account and credit cardregistrationrequired.
Ebook Reader 5.0.20's Ebook Reader lets you read your favorite books onthego. Choose from a massive collection of popular books that youcandownload in a jiffy. Ebook Reader is free, and optimizedforAndroid devices. - Epub3 format support - User-createdcollectionsfor sorting your books - Turn pages with a tap or swipe- Neverlose your place in the book - Landscape or portraitorientation islockable - Easy navigation inside the book - Searchfor text insidebooks - Night-reading mode is easy on the eyes -Adjust font sizewith a tap - Login with your existing eBooks.comaccount - Syncyour online bookshelf with all yourdevices - Onlinesynchronization for bookmarks, highlights, notesand currentreading position with all your Android and iOS devices -3rd-party(imported) book support - Free classics at yourfingertipsimmediately - Shop for ebooks within the app - Buy NewYork Timesbestsellers as well as technical, professional andacademic books -Online backup - your online ebook library is alwaysaccessible, soanytime you get a new PC or phone, your books areready to downloadfrom your bookshelf
Free Facetime Call Guide 2.0
Do you want to make Free Calling Now? ifyouwant, how should we choose them?, how to use them? ThisVideoCalling Free Application is the best video calling free appforyouFree Facetime Call is a cross platform app with a wide rangeofcommunication features includingfree messaging, file transfer, push notifications,audio/videocalls. Use instant messaging, voice or video callsfeatures to keepin touch with friends and family.FaceTime for Android is still not available as of thismoment.Though it is not possible to use FaceTime on Android, thereareother applications that work like Face Time that Android userscaninstall on their device.This app is guide to make a face time call on mobile.Thisapplication will make your phone for video call withapplicationsuch as Skype, ooVoo, Tango or other things.