Top 24 Games Similar to Pet Run For Pou Adventure

Masha and the Bear Child Games 3.0.2
A girl in an exceedingly pink sundress is asking you toplaylearning games for toddlers! This can be a set of thirteenminigames free for kids based on famous cartoons series «Masha andtheBear». If your child love baby games for girls and boys thenthisone is should have! If you wish good games for free for yourkid,you may love it! Masha and the Bear have many funny things todo inthe forest and they definitely need some help from your kidinthese fun games for kids. Collect berries and sort them tocreatejam in kids educational games! Keep the hungry bees awayfromhoney. Save animals from the river in our learning gamesfortoddlers. Don't forget to sort the logs (good - forconstruction,bad - for fireplace) in these fun games for kids.Dinnerpreparation is another cool task in baby games for girls andboys -you need to search for food all around the house inside ourminigames free. The world of Masha and the Bear baby games forgirlsand boys is a magic place where children can fly an airplane.Walkwith Masha into amazing forest, count butterflies and help herbeatPenguin in hockey and other kids educational games. Andonceevening comes, it’s concert time! You can find all thecharactersof the «Masha and the Bear» cartoon in these good gamesfor free -so children will love to be the part of favorite story.13 minigames free provide children with many hours of joy andfun,moreover learning games for toddlers weaved into the gameplayandstories. Baby games for girls and boys assistdevelopconcentration, visual memory and investigation skills withnumbers,thus adults don’t have to be worry regarding their kidshanging anexcessive amount of time with a tablet and learn nothingnew. Ourkids educational games contain a baby intuitive interfaceandappropriate for boys and girls from two to nine. So what is ontheagenda nowadays, Masha and the Bear? There’s help coming backfromtoddlers in fun games for kids! Before downloading Masha andtheBear good games for free please make sure you have empty 250 MBonyour device. Thank you! App features: - 13 mini games free-talking Masha with the genuine phrases from the cartoon -learninggames for toddlers aged two to nine years - fun games forkidstrain memory and visual memory - good games for free whichbased on«Masha and the Bear» cartoon series - all characters fromthecartoon in mini games free - kids educational gamesdevelopcerebration - teaches numbers and basics of math; - babygames forgirls and boys develop reaction and coordination -intuitiveinterface in these learning games for toddlers and goodgames forfree with Masha and Bear. We create fun games for kidsabout Mashaand the Bear. Indigo Kids is a whole world of kidseducationalgames and quality baby games for girls and boys! Webelieve thateducation should be free and accessible, and theknowledge gainedthrough mini games free absorbed quickly and forgood. We haveconfidence that the time spent by a baby with a tabletand learninggames for toddlers can become an extra supply of newdiscoveries.If you have questions write us! E-mail:[email protected]:
Kiloblocks Lite 2.0.0
Build your own base, mine, castle or whatever youimagine!Kiloblocks is a game - editor which allows you moving,building andtransforming the terrain in the 3D environment. ***NOTE *** 1.Kiloblocks Lite is a free version of Kiloblocks game. 2.The fullversion of the game allows save and load game state.
Miles From Tomorrowland 1.8
Get ready to take your space adventure to the next level asyououtrun tidal waves and escape the Flickorax with Miles Callistoandhis robo-ostritch best friend, Merc, from the new DisneyJuniorseries, 'Miles from Tomorrowland!' Journey with Miles onrescuemissions, and use cool tools and tricks to dodge asteroids,collectrare space rocks, and turbo boost your way through thisblastasticdeep-space race! FEATURES:•Set new speed records as youadventurethrough missions on Thurio, Calandra, andCalpurnia!•Collect rarespace rocks and challenge endless mode toboost your highscore!•Harness the power of your laserang and heatray to fight offorbital debris!•Pull off stellar tricks and speedboosts as youride space ramps on your blastboard!•Compete againstthe cosmicexplorers for a high score in the Cosmic Chase!•Originalandhilarious character voices from Miles from Tomorrowland.•Someplanets and Cosmic Chase require in-app purchasecontent.Before youdownload this experience, please consider thatthis app containsin-app purchases that cost real money, as well asadvertising forthe Walt Disney Family of Companies. If you'reexperiencingdifficulties with audio, please check the audiosettings withinyour device to see if your device is muted. Don'thesitate tocontact customer care at [email protected] additionalinformationabout our practices in the United States and LatinAmericaregarding children’s personal information, please readourChildren’s Privacy Policyat
Chicken Pou Adventure
Chicken Pou AdventureBest Crash Run Adventure is the Bestplatformadventure for your Android. Enjoy the platform Awesomelevels thatwe made for you!Chicken Pou is a fast and supperaddictive game. Itlead you to enter a fantastic world without thecontrol by thegravity.There has never been a better time to playChicken Pou., sobe a warrior and see what’s new in the game thatstarted it all.This is still just the beginning – we can’t wait foreveryone tojoin us!This point-and-click adventure game has sometwists, turnsand hidden objects here and there, but nothing toochallenging.After some trial and error, playing time shouldn't bemore than 15or so minutes - hopefully fun filled ones!Exploredifferent worlds,collect coins and tap to jump over the obstacles!
Pet Run For caracol Adventure 1.0
Pet Run For caracol AdventureThis game app recommended for kids, toddlers, girls, boys,men,women and all persons in your family.This game improvesstimulatememory, cognitive skills, logical thinking, and so on.Pet Run is a simple and funny game, ideal for yourchildrenbecause it will train their brain, imagination andcreativity whilehaving fun.*** If you share this Game with yourfamily and friend,I believe you will give them a surprise.WithPet Run For Pou you'll run win races so in a fun way. Oneachoccasion it will further complicating the race and you'll findmanymore obstacles, so you'll have to prove you're an experiencedriderand you're not afraid of anything! Good luck and may thebestwin!play free run games.The game has can play without have to avoid score points you need to collect article.If you have been disqualified it will start again atthebeginning.adventure game.
Siberia Winter Craft : FREE ...4
Best Sand App
A new awesome Winter Craft : Survival in forest "Siberia" isthebest "break and craft" sandbox game. Full resources, armor,weaponand items crafting in Survival mode. Will Po stay aliveinSiberia?Evil sorcerer Herobrine freezed a voxel world and onlyPoable stop him. Survive in severe nature: snow, storm, wind.Yourhero need to protect of monsters waiting him everywhere. Afterthenightfall monsters will start hunting for Po.Yeti - hugesnowmonster attacking with snowballs; Golem - sand monster ablekillyou within 2 hits; Ghost - able pass through the walls toyoushelter, and many other monsters waiting for you inattractiveWinter Craft : Siberia Survival. But the night will endand afterthe sunrise monsters will go away. You could continue toexplorethis amazing voxel world. Find majestic dinosaurs andfunnyanimals.Create everything you want with item crafting systemusingblocks, ore, glowstone, quartz and other resources. Don'tforgetabout food. You need hunt for wild animals to feed. Also youcouldcreate a garden or build a farm with chickens, pigsandsheeps.Features of the game- Farming- Stable hunting- Dinosaurs-Alot of monsters- Survival and Creative modes- You're ablecrafteverything you want.- Extended inventory. Glowstne andquartz!-Nightfall and sunrise.
Benji Bananas 1.37
Benji Bananas
The best action adventure game on your Android! Andit'sfree!Exciting and fun physics based adventure game!Fly fromvine tovine, but watch out for dangers lurking in the jungle. Earnbananasto get upgrades, specials and power ups.Features: -Beautifulcartoon & hand drawn like graphics - Fun physics basedgameplay(swing a monkey along ropes to get forward) - Make your runthroughvarious landscapes (temple ruins, waterfalls and jungles) -Collectfruits like bananas and chilis to gain more upgrades -Unlockspecial powers such as a jetpack, chili speed boost and eagleride- Cloth your monkey differently (ninja costume, gas mask)-Different kinds of ropes (vines, snakes, burningropesetc.)Download now and experience the joy of flying along thevinesthrough various environments!If you have any issues with thegame,please contact our support at [email protected] outtheBenji Bananas website at developed by TribeFlame Ltd. and published by FingersoftLtd.
Zombie Dash 3.2
Italy Games
Welcome to Zombie City. Where it all began.When your town isoverrunby the walking dead, there's only one thing left to do -cut downwave after wave of zombies in this endless shootingadventure! Hearthe sweet season screams of the zombies as youstrafe them withsubmachine gun fire or explode them with specialweaponpickups.Zombie Dash combines the timeless appeal of classicarcadegames with stunning graphics you have to see to believe.HowtoPlay:- Touch bottom left to Jump- Touch bottom right to Shoot-Runas far as possibleGame Features:- Visually stunningupdatedgraphics, character and weapons- Gameplay optimized fortouchscreen devices- Countless hours of gameplay with 4differentadventure world- Two Modes: Classic mode & BossmodeNotes: Thepermissions required in this game is only used foronline leaderboard. Thanks.
Castle of Illusion 1.2.0
Mickey Mouse returns to star in Castle of Illusion, afantasticalreimagining of the Sega Genesis classic. When the evilwitchMizrabel kidnaps Minnie, it’s up to Mickey to brave thedangers ofthe Castle of Illusions to rescue Minnie. Gather yourcourage andtraverse enchanted forests, take on hordes of rebellioustoys andnavigate mazes of living books. Play as Mickey and saveMinnie fromMizrabel’s evil clutches!GAME FEATURES – - Play asMickey Mouse inthis reimagining of the classic Sega Genesis/MegaDrive game!-Experience a world of wonder, brought to life withall-new graphicsand magical adventures!- Journey across fivemagical worlds filledwith Mizrabel’s powerful minions!- Completehidden challenges tocustomize Mickey with classic costumes!You canupload and savecontent from this app to your device.Privacy Policy- Children’s Privacy Policy- - https://disneytermsofuse.comFor additional informationaboutour practices in the United States and Latin Americaregardingchildren’s personal information, please read ourChildren’s PrivacyPolicyat
Bunny Skater 1.5
Candy Mobile
Bunny Kim is back in his MOST ANTICIPATED adventure ever tohitAndroid! Bunny Skater is #1 exciting skateboarding game onGooglePlay.Grab the board and get ready for a kick-flippin'adventurenow. Bunny wants to become a hollywood star likeKardashian so heneeds the carrots to grow more attractive. And itis your job toguide Bunny to shred through the obstacles to collectall thecarrots. The more carrots you collect the more point youscore!Howto Play:- Tap bottom left button to accelerate- Tap bottomrightbutton to jumpGame Features:- 3 beautiful skate worlds to getlostin- 72 challenging levels and more to come- Realistic physicstoensure a familiar skateboarding experience- Multiple paths oneachlevel for extra replayability
Westbound:Perils Ranch 1.9.5
Rockyou Inc.
Your wagon train has broken down on its way out to Oregon!Nowyou're stranded in a canyon with a motley crew of settlers.It'stime to build a new home and turn it into your ownbeautifulfrontier ranch town! Saddle up your horse and come along!Explorethe lush woods and western mud bay in this Cowboys ranchtown.Challenge yourself and build your own Cowboys township, cityorvillage by clearing out a blissful obstacles and debris.Ventureinto this western island and create your own vivid bay. Havefun inthis western farm simulation game. Things to do in thisCowboysadventure town filled with joyride: ● Use a sword or axe toharvestthrough the vivid woods and venture through obstacles. ●Make yourown fortune town- grow and harvest crops, fruits andvegetables tosurvive and win daily rewards in this powerhousefortune town. ●Harvest through wild ranch and build cowboys westperil township. ●Forge your own mud fortress of venture in aparadise city. ● Dareyourself to Team Challenges, mini games andother Limited Editionexpedition. ● Get bonus resources during timebound sales events orby harvesting debris. ● Board the force anddraw honor rewards likesword, gold, spirit and silver coins toprogress in the game. ●Build a muddy township or city from the landfor your neighbors inlush frontierville. ● Customize the land asyou want it. Make atreasure dairy ranch farm, an enchanted villagecity or a townshipout of this adventure bay. Enjoy the original ofall role play,multiplayer RockYou games (Shipwrecked, Westbound,Goldrush,Volcano Island, Skull Island & New World). Supportedon mostsmartphones and tablets. Note: You must be at least 13 yearsof ageto play or download this game. For more information, pleasereferto our Terms of Service and Privacy Policy. There are nocheats forthis shipwrecked game. ~~~~~ NOTE ~~~~~ IN-APP PAYMENTS:The gameis free to play, but you can buy special items to use inthe game.NOTE TO PARENTS: This game may include direct links tosocialnetworking sites that are intended for an audience that is atleast13 years of age; direct links to the internet with thepotential tobrowse any web page; and advertising of RockYouproducts andproducts from select partners.
Transformers: RobotsInDisguise 1.9.0
Hasbro Inc.
The Insecticons are everywhere and we need your help to defeatthem!Take control of your favourite Transformers, collect energon,andunlock power modules to gear up and defeat the Insecticons.▶TAGTEAM GAMEPLAY:Bumblebee can’t take them all on by himself.Select ateammate to take into battle with you. When Bee gets tiredhisparner can take over and finish what he started. Discover lotsandlots of new Autobots and Decepticons characters to unlock alongtheway from ▶CUSTOMIZE your character with new weapons and boostsbycollecting Power Modules throughout the game.▶TRANFORM intoVehicleMode, rev your engines and smash into your enemies,knocking themout of action! COMING SOON During 2015 you’ll be ableto unlock yournew Transformers “Robots in Disguise” Toys in thegame by scanningthe new Transformers “Shield” icon. (See game formoreinstructions). All unlocks are available through play, nopurchasenecessary to enjoy the game.INFO FOR PARENTS Other thanfordownloading and updating the game, Transformers Robots inDisguisegame does not require an internet connection (3G or WiFi)and resteasy, it has NO in app purchases.Hasbro, Transformers andallrelated logos and character names and trademarks are trademarksofHasbro, Inc. © 2014 Hasbro. All Rights Reserved.
Leo's Fortune
Leo’s Fortune is an award-winningplatformadventure game where you hunt down the cunning andmysterious thiefthat stole your gold. Beautifully hand-craftedlevels bring thestory of Leo to life in this epic adventure."Leo's Fortune is one of the most dazzling platform games I'veseen,with graphics that rival recent-gen consoles." - CNET"Leo's Fortune is special in every way. It's equal parts gameandart; a likely contender for mobile gaming's Hall of Fame. 9.5outof 10" - Phone Arena"Leo's Fortune is a masterpiece. 100 out of 100" -Duuro.net100%"Leo's Fortune is an excellent platformer...controls fit tabletplayperfectly, and the clever, gorgeous design is evidentthroughout." –Joystiq"This is very close to the perfect touchscreen platformer, soit'sdefinitely something you should consider picking up...The gameisso insanely gorgeous, I just want more of it." -AndroidPolice“I just returned home to find all my gold has been stolen! Forsomedevious purpose, the thief has dropped pieces of my goldlikebreadcrumbs through the woods. Despite this pickle of a trap, Iamleft with no choice but to follow the trail. Whatever lies ahead,Imust recover my fortune.” -Leopold• VOYAGEthrough lush environments from mossy forests and arid deserts,topirate cities and snowy mountains.• SURVIVEvicious traps and solve physics-based puzzles through 24 levelsoftreacherous platform adventure.• FOLLOWthe trail of gold and uncover the truth behind Leo’s stolenfortunein this award-winning platformer.Finish Leo’s Fortune to unlock Hardcore Mode: try to beat thewholegame without dying, a rare feat among players of this epicplatformadventure! Compete with your friends to beat as many levelsas youcan in the fastest time possible.Leo’s Fortune supports Game Controllers and Gamepads madeforAndroid devices, Cloud Save, Leaderboards andAchievements.Check out our Rube Goldberg trailer featuring the levels of thegamebrought to real life: of Leo? Join our community at:, suggestions, or need help? We would love to hearfromyou! Reach us at [email protected]*Certain Game Controllers and Gamepads have specific minimumdevicerequirements. Check compatibility with your game controllerorgamepad manufacturer. Android TV users only: a compatiblegamepadis required to play. A gamepad is not required for play onhandhelddevices.If you experience issues after "Content has finisheddownloading"and cannot continue, please try the following:On your device, go to Settings > Apps > Google Play andpress"clear data" and "clear cache". After this, restart thegame.Privacy Policy:
Racing Cat Runner: Speed Jam 1.0
Racing Cat Runner Speed Jam is one of the most addictiveandentertaining physics-based running & racing game evermade!Free, hyper fun, easy to play and very "addicting game"fortoddlers, kids of all age and adults as well!Family fun thatwillamuse you for hours to come!Get your "speed racer" fired up:runthrough the playroom "race track", swiftly switch sides toavoidthe obstacles and rapidly control your cat runner when itreaches"top speed"! Turn every day into a race day and rush throughthekids playground! Dodge balloons, toy cars & trucks,rubberducks, building block toys and other tricky obstacles on yourwayto glory! Dash through this rally! There is no finish line sorunas far as you can and feel the asphalt burn under yourfeet!Satisfy your need for speed with this "free racinggame"!***HYPERFUN RUN & RACE GAME!***Turbo fast running in anever-endingplayroom!***SUPER-EASY CONTROLS, KID-FRIENDLYINTERFACE!***One tapcontrols allow you to drag your cat left orright and dodgeobstacles!Collect batteries to keep runningintensely and reachfurious speeds!***ENDLESS FAMILYFUN!***Fast-paced non-stop actionadventure racing game!***BEAUTIFUL& VIVID HD GRAPHICS!***Vividgraphics: colorful backgrounds andcheerful game characters!4different playrooms for kids: Run freelyand enjoy thescenery!Various types of obstacles: rubber ducks,building blockstoys, beach balls, and much more!***FUN ANDEXCITINGGAMEPLAY***keep changing lanes to avoid obstacles andcollect milkbottles to fill up your energy!Racing Cat Runner SpeedJam is arunning & racing game for kids and adults will let youfeel the"race rush" as you dash & dodge through theplayground!IF youlike FUN RUN games this racing cat game will stunyou!Let theadrenaline rush move you and race like crazy in thisrally!Giveyour best to become the fast and furious speed runner andrank No.1on our leaderboard!Power up your cute kitty by collectingall themilk bottles and take the endless joy ride through theexcitingenvironments! Experience the insane speed boosting as youprogressin Racing Cat Runner Speed Jam - fun race game for childrenandadults. Feel the speed heat with this epic racing simulatorgamefree! Test your driving skills with this "running game for boysandgirls", steer your cute cat by tapping on the screen and try nottocrash into tricky obstacles along the racetrack.Prepare forthemost intense running & racing game, most stunning visuals,anda completely new simulation of a speed race. Rush throughtheplayroom racetrack and beat all your friends! This "mini race"withthe cutest cat runner will win your heart!Cute and crazyarcaderacing game for kids starts with Racing Cat Runner Speed Jamand itwill show you what some serious speeding looks like!Downloadthis"free running game" and warm up for a turbo fast race!"Miniracegames" are the "best racing games of 2015"!Acquire thisfunnyrunning race game and entertain yourself and your friendsandfamily!Cool "action games for kids" without violence aredifficultto find - take this "race game" and freely let your childplay. Itwill enjoy playing with our cute kitty! Kick off on thisnew andchallenging action-packed adventure run. * Find more cute"racinggames free" to play on our channel and enjoy every funrunadventure of our sweet animals!
Terraria. 1.2.12785
505 Games Srl
DIG! FIGHT! EXPLORE! BUILD! Join the community of millionsofTerrarians!“Terraria so damn engrossing. And it makesthosecomparisons to Minecraft seem a little half baked.” -PocketGamer"This is the full version of Terraria, built from thegroundup... If you loved it on PC or consoles, you’ll love ithere.” -Slide To Play“Terraria takes a different approach to aformulaproven by Minecraft in perspective, combat,immersive-storytellingand – most importantly – moments ofdiscovery.” - TouchArcade**Requires Android OS 4.0.3 and above and512MB RAM (1GB RAMrecommended).*****If your device has less than1GB of memory, youmay experience performance issues if you createan Expanded World.The option to create Expanded Worlds is notavailable on deviceswith 512MB RAM or less.***In Terraria, everyworld is unique --from the floating islands in the sky to thedeepest level of TheUnderworld. Adventure to the ends of the earth,and battlevillainous bosses along the way. The world is your canvasandaction-packed, sandbox adventures are just a pickaxe swingaway!-MULTIPLAYER - Local WiFi games support up to 4playerscross-platform on any mobile device!- 1360+ CRAFTING RECIPES-weapons, armor, potions, and more!- 450+ ENEMIES!- 100+ BLOCKTYPESto build anything you can imagine!- 30+ PETS!- 20+ BOSSES!-Over aDOZEN environments to explore!- Dynamic water & lava,day/nightcycles!- Create worlds as large as 4200 x 1200 tiles("Small"worlds on PC)!Every pixel of Terraria has been crafted forthe BESTpossible mobile experience!Follow us on [email protected]_Logic [email protected]_GamesLike us on Facebook us on the
Swordigo 1.3.8
Touch Foo
Run, jump and slash your way through a vast world ofplatformingchallenges and embark on an epic adventure! The #1mobile adventuregame and a 3D platformer, now also available forAndroid phones andtablets. “Swordigo is a love letter to theplatforming andadventure games of the past.” — SlideToPlay, 4/4“There’s never adull movement as you hop between platforms andslash your swordagainst a plethora of enemies.” — Apple’n’Apps,4.5/5 “Honestly, ifyou only buy one game this week, you shouldchoose Swordigo.” —AppAdvice A GREAT ADVENTURE • Explore a magicalrealm of dungeons,towns, treasures and devious monsters. • Gainexperience and levelup your character. MAGIC AND SWORDS • Findpowerful weapons, itemsand spells to defeat your enemies. • Ventureinto gloomy caves anddungeons to discover powerful hidden swords.SIDE-SCROLLERPLATFORMER GAME • Fluid and challenging platforminggameplaydesigned specifically for mobile devices. • Precise touchcontrolsoptimized for smartphones and tablets. • Customize thecontrols toyour preference.
LEGO® Juniors Quest 4.0.2
A little girl’s cat has disappeared - andsohas a dangerous robber who escaped from the nearbypolicestation.In this story-based game for juniors aged 4-7, your child willhelpcatch the robber and find the missing cat.During the search, your child will meet lots of friendlyfolks:creative construction workers, a nice lady, a princess in acastle,an unlucky businessman, a gas station mechanic, a coolsurfer girl,and of course there is also time to play with thepolice dogs.Quest is using fun mini-games to tell a rivetinghappy-endingstory that will provide inspiration for hours ofreal-life creativeplay, both with and without LEGO® bricks.Features:*No in-app purchases*NEW: Unlock new, free content with studs earned*NEW: A fun map that always shows where you are and where togo.Once all levels have been unlocked, your child can playtheirfavorite quests over and over again.*NEW: Extra beach level – surf the waves to collectmorestuds.*Bright, fun and friendly animations and soundtrack*Intuitive icons and navigation for easy gameplay – no readingorwriting skills required*Virtual building with LEGO® bricks*No third-party advertising*No links to websitesAbout LEGO® Juniors:LEGO® Juniors is designed to give children age 4-7 a greatfirstexperience with the LEGO® brick through iconic, fun and EasytoBuild models. LEGO Juniors sets contain quick start elementsandnumbered pre packed bags that can be built without help from MumorDad – which makes any small builder extra proud.For app support contact LEGO Consumer Service.For contact details refer to privacy policy and terms of use for apps are accepted ifyoudownload this app.Read more on and the LEGO logo are trademarks of the LEGO Group.©2016The LEGO Group.
Isabelle Adventure Run Game 2.2
******** Free Isabelle Adventure Run Game! *********IsabelleAdventure Run is a super adventure and is a cool game. It'saneasier version. This game can be played by any user of any age.Youwont find any violence throughout the game (Suitable for kidsandchildren). If you begin to play Isabelle Adventure Run game,youwill be addicted to it. You will enjoy a very entertaininggameplaywith one of the best 2D platformer games. Challenging yourskillsby finishing all levels and achieve the destination. Surf andjumpthrough 105 beautiful levels. The game is free on play store.Howto play : - Just tap the screen to let Isabelle jump. -CollectCoins as many as you can,do not fall off the ground. - Runto theend of map to pass the level. - Run and finish all thelevels.Features : - Have +100 crazy and challenging levels. -Nicegraphics. - Great Sounds. - unique and easy gameplay - Smoothuserinterface - Phone and Tablet support - Fun for all ages. -NoViolence, crude pictures in the game (Suitable for kidsandchildren) - Game is free, no purchase required. -Addictivegameplay. - Simple tap controls - Beautiful Isabelle stylegraphicsthis is one that is well worth your time as it featuresfungameplay, beautiful visuals and a fantastic soundtrack. Thankyoufor playing Isabelle Adventure Run. if you want to give any typeoffeedback, kindly send.
Garfield's Escape Premium 1.0.2
Web Prancer
The world’s favorite cat-and-dog duo is back! Forever lazy fatcat,GARFIELD, and kind-but-clueless dog, ODIE, come to life inanaction-packed RUNNING game!Taking good care of your petsinvolveskeeping them clean at all times. In the Arbuckle household,it'squite a challenge. One day, Jon Arbuckle chanced upon aTVcommercial for a new and amazing gadget: the Bath-o-MaticRobot!The robot chases and catches dirty pets and scrubs and washesthemclean. Once the robot is on the loose, the crazy chase begins!WillGarfield and Odie outrun the robot? And will Garfield actuallygetsome exercise in the process?• 15 CHALLENGING LEVELS IN 4DIFFERENTPARTS OF GARFIELD’S HOUSEYou play the role of Garfield andOdie.Run through different areas in Garfield’s house, dodgingthehousehold obstacles in your path. Jump over or slideunderbarriers, dive over high obstacles, and swing over obstaclesbygrabbing things in the ceiling! Avoid obstacles by jumpingdownstairs that will bring you to the basement. As you unlockhigherlevels, the obstacles become more difficult, whichdefinitelychallenge your reflexes!• ENDLESS MODES!Want more fun? Inthe twoEndless Game Modes, see how long you can keep Garfield andOdiesafe from the bathing robot! (Garfield: It’s mynever-endingnightmare!)• AMAZING SMOOTH-RUNNINGEXPERIENCE!Outstanding,beautiful 3D in-game graphics and fantasticcontrols! Running hasnever been this visually stunning and smooth!•LAUGH-PACKEDGARFIELD STORYThe fun-filled story of Garfield’s Escapeunfolds asyou play. Humorous story moments and excitingstoryboardillustrations provide you with additionalentertainment!•COLLECTIBLES, WALLPAPERS, ACHIEVEMENTS, BONUSLEVEL!!!Collect allitems in each stage to unlock a special bonuslevel! You can viewyour collections on the display table. Completeeach stage toreceive special-edition Garfield wallpapers as reward!Completeachievements to make each b/w picture show itstruecolors.Features:* The most popular cartoon fat cat in theworld, inan epic action running game* Beautiful 3D graphics fromyourfavorite Garfield comics and cartoons* With 15 challenginglevelsin 4 different parts of the house* Enjoy the Endless Modewith twolevels of difficulties* Intuitive and responsive controlsforsmooth gameplay* Follow the story as you play* Collect alltheitems to unlock a bonus level* Complete each stage torewardspecial-edition Garfield’s wallpapers
Skull Island: Survival Story 2.2.1
Rockyou Inc.
Welcome to Skull Island! Explore the hidden mysteries of a wildanduncharted paradise town. Challenge yourself and build yourownadventure town. Create your very own simulation village whereyoucan grow fruits, vegetables and garden plants. Venture intothisadventurous bay and create your own vivid isle. Have fun inthisblissful farm simulation game.Search the debris on the bay isleanddig into the woods. Build the town with Tarzan and exploretheisland. Create a township on the bay side. Tinker withfellowexplorers.Things to do in this treasure island filledwithmystery:● Use a sword, axe or machete to breach through thevividwoods.● Forge royal houses and royal buildings fromcraftbuildings.● Uncover the secrets of the mysterioussurroundingjungle environment.● Make your own food by growing andharvestingcrops, fruits and vegetables to survive● Take a joyrideto your ownblissful bay isle.● Forge your own muddy fortress ofventure intothe green paradise city.● Dare yourself to TeamChallenges andother Limited Edition expedition.● Get bonusresources during timebound sales events or by harvesting debris.●Collect rewards likesword, gold, spirit and silver coins toprogress in the game.● Playmini games, quests and team challengesto be the winner.● Competewith friends on social team challengesand win big rewards.● Spawninto your country and escape the digo .●Build a muddy township orskull city on the beach side.Whether youare adventurous or want topass time... Take time to challengeyourself down this lushadventure road. Explore the characters whoseek your help torestore it from a tiny paradise village to a greatcity/town!Enjoythe original of all role play, multiplayer RockYougames(Shipwrecked, Westbound, Goldrush, Volcano Island, SkullIsland& New World). Supported on most smartphones andtablets.Note:You must be at least 13 years of age to play ordownload this game.For more information, please refer to our Termsof Service andPrivacy Policy.There are no cheats for thisshipwreckedgame.~~~~~NOTE~~~~~IN-APP PAYMENTS: The game is free toplay, butyou can buy special items to use in the game.NOTE TOPARENTS: Thisgame may include direct links to social networkingsites that areintended for an audience that is at least 13 years ofage; directlinks to the internet with the potential to browse anyweb page;and advertising of RockYou products and products fromselectpartners.
Mia and Me 1.8
Will you help Mia the elf girl save the Kingdom of Centopia?Life in beautiful Centopia is threatened by the evilQueenPanthea – it’s your mission to stop her wicked plans andprotectthe happy life of Centopias Elves and Unicorns. You need tocollectas much Unicorn dust as possible and assemble theTrumptusinstrument, but watch out there might be obstacles on yourway!- Collect unicorn dust to heal the country and to buygreatboosts that can help you on your quest to save Centopia.- Once you have collected Unicorn dust you can go to theboostarea shop and buy helpful boosts.- Assemble the mysterious Trumptus instrument and use it inthefinal battle against the wicked Queen.- Have fun shooting your waterglare at the army of muncsanddragons you meet.- Explore the exciting fairytale land of Centopia – fromtheFields of Flowers to the Great Jungle.- Maybe you already know “Mia and Me” from TV? Now you canmeetMia and help her save Centopia right here on your iPad!- Mia and Me is a side scroller game for girls in the age of5-8years and is based on the TV-series “Mia and Me – It’sAnotherReality”.LegalMia & Me and associated trademarks, are owned by, andusedunder license from Hahn Film AG and m4e AG. The Mia and me appisdeveloped by Egmont Publishing Digital A/S in cooperation withHahnFilm AG and m4e AG under license of m4e AG.Mia and me (R) and MIA AND ME (R) are registered trademarksofLucky Punch GmbH.(c) 2014 Lucky Punch / Rainbow / March EntertainmentAll rights reserved
pink trolley panther 10 3.0
pink trolley panther 10 2016 Gems is a cool running and jumpingisan amazing runner gamethe Most Addictive.Super trolley 10 run game available free onplaystoreThe official adventure games pink trollry panther 10for2016Help pink trolley to collect as many Coins You Can and try toavoidobstacles in same time,that you play in so try to be fastandQuick-wittedthe Super pink trolley runner 10 has been busy and confusedandneeds your smart and fast use your mind run andflying.How to play this funny and comic game1 Tap to jump2 Just tap the screen to the pink run adventure jump hop .3 avoid obstacles4 Collect Coins5 Run to the end of map to pass the level.6 Collect Coins and banana many as you can,do not fall feature :- +100 levels and new obstacles in each level- Clean and colorful graphics- android devices support- tablite support- Jump and Run game.- Smooth Graphic.- Nice Music.- Smooth user interface.So what are you waiting for..just go and download your copyofthis amazing game ( pink trolley panther 10 ) and have fun.Last but not least, a big THANK YOU to everyone who hasplayedslug trolley 10 and pink trollry panther 10 .you can check is not pink panther :)enjoy!
Dog run
Dog run is a classic game for all ages, fun and easy to playwithawesome graphics and great music and sounds.Dog run is and funoneof the games that don t need wifihow to play Dog run?just taptomake the Dog run and jump ,it's easy! Features:+unique andfungameplay+A lot of crazy levels on this game+old classicgameplatformer+great sound and awesome graphics dog run is a funandeasy adventure game, sometimes speed increase or decrease andthedirection will change.commect apples and tap to run andjump.Enjoy
Fly and survive through the 🏆 Game oftheYear -winning action adventure BADLAND.More than 50 MILLION players and counting!★ 5/5 - AppSmile★ 4/4 - Slide to Play★ 5/5 - AppSpy★ 9.2/10 -★ 9/10 - Destructoid★ 4.5/5 - TouchArcade"BADLAND is one of the most beautiful games on Android and oneofthe must download games of 2013." -- AndroidAuthority“BADLAND is a standout game that we can’t stop playing.”--AppSmile“BADLAND’s unique gameplay and atmosphere make it amust-download.”-- Slide to Play“BADLAND doesn’t simply look pretty, it’s an absolute treat toplay”-- AppSpy“A hallmark of excellence.” -- Destructoid🏆 Outstanding Mobile Game -- Satellite Awards 2014🏆 Grand Prix -- the International Mobile GamingAwards2014🏆 Nordic Indie Sensation Award -- Nordic Game 2013🏆 Apple Design Award 2013🏆 Apple iPad Game of the Year 2013OVERVIEWBADLAND is an award-winning atmospheric side-scrollingactionadventure platformer set in a gorgeous forest full ofvariousinhabitants, trees and flowers. Although the forest appearsto beright out of a beautiful fairy tale, there’s somethingterriblywrong. The player controls one of the forest dwellers tofind outwhat’s going on, and discovers an astonishing number ofimaginativetraps and obstacles on the way.BADLAND takes side-scrollers to the next level with itsinnovativephysics-based gameplay combined with stunning,atmospheric graphicsand audio.BADLAND also features a highly original local multiplayer modeforup to four players on the same device, where the name of thegameis survival of the fittest with no rules. It’s totally OK topushyour rivals in front of spinning circular saws to survive. Or,ifthat's too rough for you, you can also cooperate with yourfriendsand play the modified single player campaign with up tofourplayers.FEATURES• SINGLE PLAYER campaign with 100 truly unique levels andmorecoming in updates• MULTIPLAYER mode for up to four players on the same device in23levels and more content in future updates• COOPERATIVE mode for up to four players - Survive themodifiedsingle player campaign with your friends• LEVEL EDITOR: Create levels, share & play!• LEVEL WORLD: New levels to play all the time• Intuitive one-touch controls combined with innovativeleveldesign• Full support for game controllers 🎮• Highly immersive audio-visual gaming experience• Designed for Android phones, tablets and Android TV• Supports Cloud Save and Immersive mode• More levels and content coming in updatesNow featured on NVIDIA TegraZone. Plays great with fullcontrollersupport 🎮 on NVIDIA SHIELD Portable and SHIELD Tablet,and AndroidTV.Follow usFacebook - - / www - http://www.badlandgame.comBADLAND Forum -