Top 24 Games Similar to Slither Snake Classic ♛

Snake Muncher 1.0
Hang Out around with your little snake, eat dots to grow andkillother worms!Eating agars will make you longer and bigger. Avoidtohit others snakes with your head.Try to let the enemies runintoyour tail to kill them. So you can kill a snake which isbiggerthan you. Eating their remains gives you a growing boost andhigherscores.Develop your snake io skills and try to survive asmuch asyou can and try to be the biggest worm. [HOW TO PLAY]- Eatlittledots and agar to grow- Try to let the enemies run into yourtail-You can Eject mass to get extra speed with the speed button-Try todefeat around enemies and become the biggest wormpossibleHave Funwith Snake Muncher ![Game Features]+ Joystickcontrol+ Relaxing& smooth gameplay, No lag !+ Variousbackground and skins.+Internet connection is not needed, playwherever, you are offlineor onlineYour reviews are precious for usto make this gamebetter!Have fun!
Crawl Battle 1.0
Slither Snake
You are a little snake, slitheraroundlookingfor food to eat to get longer.If your head touches another snake's body, you will explodeandthenit's game over.But if you get other snakes to run into your body, thentheywillexplode and you can eat their remains!So, you have a fighting chance even if you're tiny!If you're a nimble navigator, you can swerve in front ofamuchlarger snake to defeat them - no matter what sizeyouare!Develop your slither io skills to survive as much as you canandtryto be the biggest snake.How To Play:- Eat to grow longer- Don't run into other worms.- Swerve in front of a to kill them and finally eat them- Eject mass for a speed boost.Game Features:- You can play without internet connection againstadvancedA.I.robots.- Smooth snake movement with mobile controls with joystick- Relaxing & smooth gameplay, No lag !- Various background and skins.- Have fun!
Slithering Snake Hunter 3D 🐍 2.1
★Slither Snake Hunter 3D 2016★Vemon Rampage!!Kill! AnacondaSlitherSnake is on Rampage!! Shoot to kill it before it devour youwhole.Agigantic anaconda snake is slithering on sandy surface ofsilentsloppy island, mutating, getting more powerful with eachslither.Now A number of them are crawling there teaming, slitheringtokill. Island is remote, sea is filled with hungry sharks, fishandsnakes, wild snakes are rising, and grand battle is tobegin,between Anaconda snakes and brave war hero Sniper. This isnot justSnake Simulation or Shooting Simulator, its Crazy ActionwithPrecise controls. Beware of Deadly Viper Attack, withmostdangerous Venom in this world & Its Always Hungry toStrike,hunt with gun & survive the wave attack.A world ofevolution,killing snakes, in a haunted world of venomous reptileson beachislanda.Take your Rifle, go out in the world of Angry WildAnacondaSnake, and kill them to survive. Shoot with Accuracy, hitmultiplebullets. These Slithering monsters are on theloose.Slitheringedition with different snakes. Kill all the hardsnakes to sparemore time and attack the others. There is nowhereyou can run orhide from your enemies the monster merge of snakes.In this SnakeClassic sometimes different types of snakes workstogether forprotection and attack you with unity. This happensoften and youwill feel yourself as if in Hunting World but life isalwaysunpredictable. Slither Snake Hunter 3D lets you hunt thebiggestand most dangerous snakes in the world. With access topowerfulguns you will rely on your marksman skills to killsnakesThis isnature rules and something that cannot be avoid inreal life.Let'sbegin the cold battle with Slithering Snake Hunter3D!✸ HungrySnake Reptile Hunter 2016 Slither & Crawl- GameFeatures ✸ ★Live life of hunter★ Earn Point, Make High Score inlimited Time.★World of snakes & venom★ Become the best Soliderto protectshores of your sea & Islands!★ It will Train you asPro FirstPerson Shooter ★ Mini Machine Gun rounds to fire★DownloadFree andHave Fun★ No Wi-Fi No Problem!★ Shoot & Kill✪ Free PlayActionGame ◉ Contain Ads ✪
New modes - Dogar! v1.3.9
Play classic online game enhanced with power ups, meme skinsandachievements focused on team game. The game has two newmodesdedicated for team - paint and soccer mode.You can create yourteamin FFA mode and cooperate with your friends on the map! Eatotherplayers and cheat them by using powerups Game modes:*deathmatchand team mode - eat smaller dots and run from biggerdots* Paintmode - paint area on the map with your blobs* Soccermode - pushball and shoot goals with your dots Some tips andtricks:* hackother players by pushing viruses into them* push otherplayers whenhaving shield power up into virus* feed viruses withbombs andpoison to make another one* push other players into yourfriendwith virus* help players in your teams by pushing poisontoenemies* ... and lot lo more hacks and possibilities!:)Recommendedfor people who love io games.Game requires goodconnection with theinternet.Good luck and let doge be proud of you!
Snake (Slither) 1.0
Develop your skills and try to surviveasmuchas you can and try to be the biggest worm. You start asasmallworm, and try to get bigger with eating others who aretryingto dothe same. How long can you survive?Get front of an others to beat it. No size matters.From the creators of Cel, Snake (Slither) has nolagissues,performance problems and also have controls designedforeverymobile device.Game is still in development. Your reviews areimportantforus!
Germinate 1.9
Germinate is a game where germs attack.Do you hate germs? Doyouwant to become a germ buster? Well now you can in thisactionpacked, challenging, fun high score chaser! Update: Nowchallengeyour friends and family with leaderboards. How to play:Help Boddefend his body against evil germs! Each time you splat agerm Bodwill grow. Try to stop germs from hitting Bod as you willlosehealth. Pick up antibiotics to decrease Bod's size keeping himawayfrom the germs. Pick up hearts if you are low on healthtoregen.Follow me on twitter
Happy Jump_Endless Arcade Dash 2.0
Hongzhe Ming
◈ How to play ◈1. Crossy Jump modeTap on the left side of the screen the sprite jump to topleft,tapon the right side of the screen the sprite jump to topright.2. Dash Up modeTap on the screen make the sprite twist jump and passthewhitegates. Atp.Sometimes the player needs to tap on the left, sometimesneedstapon the right, so avoid white bar and rotating brick, passthewhitegates.Each passed a white gate can get 1 point, catch a goldcoincanget 2 points.When you broke own best score, you can share in thesocialnetworkingservice with your friends!◈ Game modes ◈1. Crossy Jump mode2. Dash Up modeTap on "Mode" button to switch between following game modes:◈ Features ◈1. Very addictive and hard gameplay2. Easy to learn but requires skill to fully master :)3. Classic style amazing arcade games4. Uncluttered, minimalistic retro 2D graphics5. Simple geometry obstacles◈ How far can you jump? ◈Dash the sprite as far as you can to beat your friendsscore!Becareful of those white gates and bricks don't let it closeonyou.They are Dangerous!Don't be deceived by its simple look, It'sdifficultandaddictive!! Once you start, you can't stop!Let the mr jump higher, survive longer and never give up!Little cute player need you more than ever before!◈ Twitter ◈ Creative Labs
Crawl Snake 1.0
No lag! Joysticks! Easy Control!Develop your crawl skills!Weave through a maze of enemy snake.Crawl Snake is a skill-based strategy game.You are a worm or snake or grub and you crawlingaroundlookingfor food to eat to get longer.Other worms, likewise, crawl around you seeking for foodandtryingto cut in front of you.When your head hits another worm you become food for worms.Try to intercept your enemies as they crawl to kill themandeattheir have a chance to win even if you're tiny. You can swerveinfrontof a much larger player to defeat them,no matter how big you are!● No lag.● Optimized joystick input.● Sometimes can get a bigger snake at start.● Crawl through dangerous snakes!● Eject mass to get speed with one button.● Lots of Skins and Eyes.● Popular Memes● Various Antennas● Crawl up the leaderboard!
Curves FREE 1.0
Curves is a great game for all ages. Play Curves with up tothreefriends on parties, in lectures or at school - Everywhere!Curvesis as brilliant as it is simple: Cut off the way of theotherplayers and survive as long as you can, without hitting anobstacleyourself. + Instantly addictive+ Play against up to 4 CPUenemies.Alone or with your friends!+ Super multiplayer fun for yourAndroidphone or tablet+ Exciting power-ups, which make everymatchunpredictable+ Share your best matches with your friendsinstantlyand show off who's the bossCurves is a competitive snakelike game.There are no In-App-Purchases or other catches in thegame - justpure fun!Get Curves now and compete alone or with up tothreefriends on your Android phone or tablet!
Spinny Color Switch 1.0
Tap your way up through each spinning circleorobstacles.The rules is very simple:Follow the color pattern on eachobstacleto cross it !You will dash through geometry hurdles at great pace.Be careful not to pass through the wrong color, or you’ll havetostart again.You will need fast reactions and nerves of steel!The more stars you collect, the better score you have!Take on this amazing agar ball jump game alone or play itwithfriends to see who can get the highest score!Keep on tapping and jump up. Simple to play, hard to master.
123 Slaughter Me Street Retro 1.0.1
Nate Sanders
Based on our Steam game, 123 Slaughter Me Street, 123 SlaughterMeStreet Retro is an action packed mobile side scroller! Unlike123Slaughter Me Street on Steam which is 3d, Retro is 2d withadorablepixel art for the whole family to enjoy! Are you new to theSMSfamily?! For those of you unfamiliar with 123 Slaughter MeStreet,you are a criminal on the run from a heinous crime! You findrefugedown a dark alley after climbing an old fire escape. As youmovealong the roof top, you fall through the roof of thisabandonedapartment complex. You wake up, to find that the policeare off inthe distance, now all you have to do is get out of thisbuilding,oh.. and you are not alone! With a flash light as youronly item,will you make it out alive?What is different in Retro?Alot!UnlikeSMS for the PC, Retro has an entirely different flashlightmechanic which is battery based instead of.. broken!There arebossfights!Extra creatures!Extra floors!Hidden Easter Eggs!Ingamecurrency + In game store front! (You have to beat the gamefirst tounlock the store)The store consists of different items andskinsfor your player and will be updated on the regular! : free your wings 2.2
Fight against other planes, free yourwingsandget into incredible dog-fights, try to survive anddestroyotherplanes and have fun!.. Avoid crashing others! You startasabeginner war pilot and fight your way through the bestandbecomethe wing master!.. Become the greatest plane pilot ever!Howfarcan you fly? Are you up for a wing to wing challenge?From the creators of no other game at all, herecomesthe"" with no lag issues, performance problemsandtightcontrols designed especially for mobile device screens.Anawesomealternative to other fast-paced action games!.. Downloadforfreenow and don't miss the FUN!..No lag on any device, race against other planes, controlfire,getnew guns, blast your enemies, flex your wings, crawl yourwayto topand become the king of wings!..Featuring:- No lag on any device- Continous and fast support & updates- Beat high score and become the king of the wings- Share on facebook- No internet connection required play where ever,offlineoronline- Google Play achievements, apprentice, dogfightveteran,megakiller, dominator, i am the king- Google Play leaderboards king of wings- Compatibility and support- Amazing planes, aircraftsGame is still in development!.. Your reviews areimportantforus!.. Send/mail us any feedbacks all will be takenseriouslyLike us on facebook:
Flies 1.15.1
Flies - The fly exterminator game Kill the flies before theylayeggs and the worms eat up your machine. Points: 2 pointsforkilling a fly 1 point for crushing a fly (cleanup compensation)-1point for fly that fly away -2 points to miss. You can adjustthedifficulty by increasing the number of flies or by reducingtheliving time of the flies
Bouncy Balls & Slitherio Tiles 1.0
Game Thorn
Fun, challenging and the most addictive color switch gamewithbouncing ball. Tap to bounce ball and keep it afloat in theairwhile crossing multiple obstacles like slithering bars. Theflightnever ends until you crash the color ball in the tiles. Asyouprogress in this endless action game it gets more challengingandfun. Speed of slithering bars increases with power ups as longasyou don’t strike color balls in the tiles. Don’t getfrustratedwith the changing colour patterns in the background as ittestsyour ability to focus on moving objects. Have fun playing themostfrenzied gameplay.Beware! Bouncy Balls & Slither-io Tileshasthe most addictive, sometimes irritating and the mostchallengingaction paced gameplay. Enjoy the unending fun whiletapping toscore maximum points. Compete with friends &colleagues andshare your best score.
slither zig zag 1.1
mohamed moaed
Play against other pink ballsCan you become the fastest ?Watch out - if your head touches another balls orwalls,youwillexplode and then it's game over.tap the screen to slither zig zag
Grow your snake by slithering around space collecting dotsplacedthroughout the game or intercepting and devouring othersnakes.Avoid other players attempting to do the same. Compete withotherplayers to become the longest snake in the universe! Features:☆Find Groups, Play With Friends, and Join a Clan! ☆ Over 325skinswith unique ways to unlock them and more coming! ☆OnlineMultiplayer ☆ Offline Single-player ☆ FFA, Timed FFA, FFAClassic,Teams, Timed Teams, Capture the Flag, Survival, SoccerandDomination Modes! ☆ XP, Achievements, and Stats! ☆ Clan SystemwithClan Wars! ☆ If you are feeling competitive try the Arenas! ☆Spaceor Grid Theme ☆ Multiple Control Schemes ☆ Global LeaderBoards ☆Use plasma earned in Orborous in our other game, Nebulous,and viceversa! Controls: ☆ Touch the control pad to move ☆ SpeedButton -Move faster at the cost of some of your mass. ☆ EjectButton -Ejects some of your mass in your current direction. Tips: ☆If youare clever with the speed boost you can gain a big advantage.☆Eject mass into a black hole to move it ☆ Black holes willconsumeyour snake until they fill up. Find out what happens then:)Multiplayer Connection Tips: ☆ For multiplayer you need at leasta3G cellular connection or high quality Wi-Fi ☆ Select thenearestserver ☆ Try several different internet connections (ifavailable)and make sure no one else is using your internetconnection ☆ Closeapplications in the background that might use theinternet or slowdown your device New features and improvementscoming soon.
Snake 2 1.0
Snake 2 is game inspired by gamesfromyourmemory like and's designed in retro style. You can bringbackyourmemories.Play game and get as good score as you can have lots of great features in this Snake game:- Snake speed for difficulty level for Slither labirynths to make that game more entertaining- You can choose from 3 backgroundYour task in this game is to catch as many Snake foodasyoucan.Game is similar to and other great games in store.You can get additional points when you eat bonus agar food.Just download and play that great game andnevergiveup!
Bomb Me Brasil:Shooter Lords
Imagine um jogo o qual você poderá se juntar com os seus amigoseenfrentar vários desafios juntos, este é o Bomb Me Brasil!Aquivocê encontrará uma das comunidades de jogadores maisreceptivas,logo você fará muitos amigos os quais lhe ajudarão nasbatalhas. Acada dia você terá novas missões e novos chefes paravencer, que aequipe do Bomb Me Brasil constantemente adiciona aojogo. Baixeagora e curta essa aventura! A nova atualização chegou.Se preparepara a batalha Cross-Servidor, Seja o melhor jogador detodos osservidores! Ganhe honra para a sua guilda e recebarecompensas eprêmios especiais! "Bomb Me Brasil é um excelente jogode tiro noestilo Gunbound que chega à plataforma Android oferecendoa mesmaexperiência que já era vista na edição para PC." - Baixaki"O BombMe Brasil é um jogo de tiro épico que apresenta uma sériededesafios. No controle de um personagem munido de umarsenalgigantesco(...)" - Tecmundo "Com uma grande comunidade aoredor domundo, Bomb Me Brasil oferece uma jogabilidade de tiro eelementosde um MMORPG mobile." - IGN Brasil Jogadores famosos, taiscomo:Irmaos Piologo, Ei Nerd, Gameplay RJ, Sidao do Game e oAdeh.Jogaram e recomendaram o Bomb Me Brasil. Comece a suaaventuraagora! A aventura começou... Explore fortalezasmisteriosas,masmorras perigosas e lute ao lado de seus amigos.Colecionemáscaras, estilos de cabelo e parte de roupas para seprepara paraenfrentar 150 desafios Bomb Me. Escolha, construa eencante armaspara batalhas com inimigos mortais que estarão em seucaminho.Junte os membros de sua expedição... Crie uma expedição,oujunte-se a uma, e convide os seus amigos para participar.Batalhecontra outras expedições e aumente sua Força de Equipe,explore omapa para encontrar tesouros raros. Lute pela honra de suaequipe!Derrote o Chefe... O Dragão Escuro ainda controla o mundo evocêdeve lutar contra ele para restaurar a paz no reino. Porém,umanova ameaça surge nas sombras, o malvado Conde Vampiroestátentando tomar o controle do mundo. Monte sua Guilda e formeumexército para destruir seu plano maligno antes que ele setornepoderoso demais. Batalha Justa Trave batalhas contra jogadoresdeoutros servidores que possuem o mesmo nível que o seu. Ganhaquemtêm a melhor estratégia e técnica. Seja o Rei do Bomb Me ...Entrena Batalha PvP cross-servidor e prove ao mundo que você é onúmeroum. Há uma incrível recompensa esperando para ser recebidapelocampeão e é a sua vez de recebê-la! Junte-se a nós e sejaumTanker. Seja parte do exército mais legal do mundo! Reúna osamigose comece a sua própria aventura! Características: ◇100%emPortuguês! ◇Arena PvP, Duelos, Desafios e Batalha deGuilda.◇Desafie outros jogadores via cross-server e prove ao mundoquevocê é o melhor. ◇Desafie o Chefe do Mundo, o Dragão Escuro ◇Crieuma expedição ou se junte a uma, batalhe e fique maisforte.◇Derrote o Chefe da Guilda e adquira grandes recompensasjuntamentecom seus aliados. ◇Sistema de casamento, você só precisaseapaixonar! ◇Colecione itens e crie seu estilo. ◇Melhore suasarmase itens, seja mais forte! ◇Treine seu pet e deixe-o paraajudá-lodurante batalhas ◇Grave sua batalha e compartilhe o vídeocom seusamigos ◇Jogue a qualquer hora, em qualquer lugar, nãoimportaonline ou offline Você é um atirador de elite? Vocêconsegueacertar seus oponentes com um tiro crítico? Comece a suaaventura econecte-se com seus amigos! Imagine a game that you canjoin withyour friends and face several challenges together, this isBomb MeBrazil! Here you will find one of the most receptiveplayercommunities, soon you will make many friends who will helpyou inthe battles. Each day you will have new missions and newbosses towin, which the Bomb Me Brazil team constantly adds to thegame.Download now and enjoy this adventure! The new update hasarrived.Prepare for battle Cross-Server, Be the best player of allservers!Earn honor for your guild and receive rewards and specialprizes!"Bomb Me Brazil is an excellent Gunbound style shooting gamethatreaches the Android platform offering the same experience thatwasalready seen in the PC edition." - Baixaki "Bomb Me Brazil isanepic shooting game that presents a series of challenges. Incontrolof a character armed with a gigantic arsenal (...)" -Tecmundo"With a large community around the world, Bomb Me Braziloffersgameplay and MMORPG mobile elements." - IGN Brasil Famousplayerssuch as: Irmaos Piologo, Ei Nerd, Gameplay RJ, Sidao of GameandAdeh. They played and recommended Bomb Me Brazil. Startyouradventure now! The adventure began ... Exploremysteriousfortresses, dangerous dungeons and fight alongside yourfriends.Collect masks, hair styles and some clothing to prepareyourself toface 150 Bomb Me challenges. Choose, build and enchantweapons forbattles with deadly enemies that will be in your way.Join themembers of your expedition ... Create an expedition, orjoin one,and invite your friends to join. Battle against otherexpeditionsand increase your Team Force, explore the map to findraretreasures. Fight for the honor of your team! Defeat the Boss...The Dark Dragon still controls the world and you must fightagainstit to restore peace in the kingdom. However, a new threatemergesin the shadows, the evil Vampire Earl is trying to takecontrol ofthe world. Ride your Guild and form an army to destroyyour evilplan before it becomes too powerful. Fair Battle Lockbattlesagainst players from other servers that have the same levelasyours. Win who has the best strategy and technique. Be the KingofBomb Me ... Enter the Battle PvP cross-server and prove totheworld that you are number one. There is an incrediblerewardwaiting to be received by the champion and it is your turntoreceive it! Join us and be a Tanker. Be part of the coolest armyinthe world! Gather friends and start your ownadventure!Characteristics: ◇ 100% in Portuguese! ◇ Arena PvP,Duels,Challenges and Guild Battle. ◇ Challenge other playersviacross-server and prove to the world that you are the best.◇Challenge the Chief of the World, the Dark Dragon ◇ Createanexpedition or join one, battle and get stronger. ◇ Defeat theGuildChief and earn great rewards along with your allies. ◇Weddingsystem, you just need to fall in love! ◇ Collect items andcreateyour own. ◇ Improve your weapons and items, be stronger! ◇Trainyour pet and leave it to help you during battles ◇ Recordyourbattle and share the video with your friends ◇ Playanytime,anywhere, no matter online or offline Are you a sniper? Canyou hityour opponents with a critical shot? Start your adventureandconnect with your friends!
Super (Multiplayer) 1.0
Spil Games
SUPERSNAKE.IO IS AN AWESOME TWIST ON ARETROCLASSIC!Escape ravenous reptiles with smooth, wave-like movementsandsurvive and thrive in the endless onslaught! Turn your snakeinto agigantic super snake with an appetite to match the fiercestofsurvivors.Your opponents won’t stop chasing you until they swallow youwhole.It’s mealtime and the hunt is on in the relentless! Do not hiss-atate to strike with speed, spitpoison,use spikes to your advantage and swallow your opponents tobecomethe scaliest and scariest of them all!SURVIVAL OF THE FITTEST!Eat or be eaten! Use strategic moves to avoid ending up inthestomach of your enemies. Feast on other snakes, swallow red dotstogrow then gobble up blue dots to boost your speed.Supersize your snake! The bigger you grow, the tougheryou’llget…but keep an eye out for spiked walls and, of course, yourowntail. Collect boosters and spit venom to dodge and dominateyourcold-blooded competitors. Turn the scales in your favor withagilemovements, the right speed and your unrivalled instincttosurvive.Collect 5 rare golden dots to enter SUPER SNAKE mode andbecomeimmortal! Use it wisely to wipe out the toughest opponents,nomatter what their size. Watch as other snakes recoil in fear asyoublast around the board, killing everything in your path.FEARSOME FEATURES:• Get hooked on the non-stop action and addictive gameplay• Compete worldwide in this free real-time multiplayer• Slither your way to the top of the leaderboard• Spit your venom and kill as many snakes as possible• Eat boosters to maximize your speed• Activate the mighty Super Snake mode• Unlock cool & funny skins for your snake!• Earn awesome achievements• Play wherever you want across all platforms (phone, tabletanddesktop)This snake pit is not for the faint-hearted! Escape thevenomousattacks of lethal snakes controlled by opponents fromaround theworld in this exciting remake of the classic Snake onNokia 3310!Use speed-ups and deadly venom as you battle to stayalive! You’dbetter become the most vicious reptile FAST, or facethe slitherywrath of the feeding frenzy.
The Bait 1.13
Pinnatta Inc.
• Become the bait in this intense survival adventure.• Swing ontherope and dodge as many fish attacks as you can.• Use yourstaminawisely or soon you will become a dangling shell.• Overcomeyourfears and collect the magic coins to improve your skillsovertime.•Join the leaderboards and compete with the best fromaround theworld. How long can you survive?• Above all, beware ofThe GreatWhite...
Snake Chase Attack Simulator
Stalk your prey, slither your way through the wild jungle andkillwildlife animals. Make them the victim of your viciousbite.Python, Cobra and Anaconda are top vicious snakes that stayinsidethe forest and attack other animals to get their food. Jungleisfilled with wild animals like a horse, snakes, tiger, lionandcrocodiles. It’s time to fight the underwater predators andthosewhole rule the forest. Your deadly nature is what makes youaruthless killer. Be a killer snake and inflict venom biteswithyour razor sharp teeth. Beware all because the ruthlesspredator ishere to kill animals with vicious bites. Slither aroundto findyour prey and kill them. Get into fights with the junglepredators.Slither around near them, find the right time to attackand be akiller snake. Show your aggression, power and speed as theruthlesskiller in this snake chase attack simulator. Survive thecrocodileattack and chase down other wildlife animals and make themyourprey. Be a wild anaconda, a ruthless cobra or a vicious pythoninthis snake attack simulator. It’s amazing hunting downotheranimals in this survivor FEATURES===============• Be aViciousJungle Predotor• Chase, Bite & Kill Animals• Play as aRuthlessSnake• Amazing 3D Graphics & Environment
Worm Shredder PRO 1.5
Mutex Media
Worm Shredder is like boxing, but with guns. Your mission istofight against 7 enemy worms and avoid getting killed. Funandunique casual gaming!The winner is the worm with the highestscorewhen the final round ends. Different kinds of scoreitems,power-up, health, ammo, and guns (shotgun, minigun,bazooka..) canbe collected.When you shoot at a worm its body getsdamaged andeventually gets cut. If the length of a worm becomesless thanthree the worm dies. Collecting enemy body parts will makeyoulonger.There are three difficulty levels and round count canbeselected among 1, 3, 6, and 12. Player's name can be changedandhighscores are saved. Game music included.Buy once and getaccessto all guns and future updates! No ads or expensivein-apppurchases. Just the game.No worms were harmed when creatingthisgame.
Snake Fast load No lag io 1.0
Play with other people or by yourself.Watchoutfor flashy white enemy dots because if you touch themyoursnake willexplode and get killed. Swerve pass enemy dots andyoursnake willgrow bigger. However biggest snake is not alwaysbest soeat dotsthat match color of your snake to become smallerand morenimble soyou can navigate easily pass enemy dots. Thereare alsoothergameplays for you to discover and play!Instructions:1. Touch and hold screen to drag your snake and swervepassenemywhite dots. Eat little dots that match color of your snaketobecomesmaller and more nimble. No need for ulterior joysticktocontrolyour snake. Your thumb is the dictator of speed andvector.Thelonger you survive the bigger you grow.
Bird Snake Attack!
On no! Snakes are attacking chicks! Only bombing birds canstopthem!Bird Snake Attack is a physics based action-puzzle game.Usingyour eggs as bombs clear all the snakes out without harmingthechicks.There are two different types of birds - yellow birdsarecool, and red birds have super bouncy eggs.If you likebird-basedaction or puzzle games then give this a try!