Top 9 Apps Similar to Fox Face

Collage pip square
Pip collage Maker Layout & InstaSizeSquareNo Crop Photo Editor* Pip collage maker Photo Editor is the newest and most fun Appformaking creative Pic-in-Pic mode collages.* Pip collage maker Photo Editor lets you combine ordinaryphotosinto worth-share photo collages with perfect design layoutforInstagram;* Pip collage maker Photo Editor lets you createone-of-a-kindlayouts by remixing your own photos and sharing themwith yourfriends.* Insta size square no crop Photo Editor is the newest &abetter way to post square photos with blur backgroudtoInstagram* Insta size square no crop Editor is the easiest way to posthighquality full size instashot photo on Instagram without croppingandtens of funny emojisKey Features:Pip collage maker:+ Import photos from gallery or take from camera.+ Many photo in photo frames with different shape and style tomakeyour photos in glass, camera, magazine, grid and so on.+ Blur automatically for background photo+ More than 20 collage frames. Collage your photos with awesomegridlayouts and frames+ Build in a fast and beautiful camera+ Photo editor: with contrast, brightness, saturation,beautify,aperture, sharpness etc.Insta size square no crop editor:+ Insta square size and no crop photo, post entire photostoInstagram+ No crop insta pics+ Blurred background+ Emoji stickers+ Add filters and text+ Corner mark and signature watermark+ Focus and intensify your photo with vignette+ Simple user interface+ Share to social network* Our Facebook page:* Our Instagram: entire photos to instagram, make square photoswithoutcropping and resize photos to fit instagram!
Spinly Photo Editor & Filters
Studio 8 Apps
Spinly photo editor app provides youhighquality photo filter effects for your Android photography.Spinlyoffers simple, powerful photo editing tools to help you tocreatemost beautiful photos. It's the perfect photo editing appforquick, but powerful editing.Apps simple design, paired with powerful tools, will giveyoubeautiful pictures in seconds. Spinly comes with big collectionofhigh quality photo filters. Don't be limited by one filter.Spinlyoffers option to use infinite number of filter on the samepicture.Combine filters in most creative way to make your ownunique photostyle.FEATURES:✔ Collection of photo filters for any kind of photos.Filterstrength is adjustable to perfectly match your needsanddesires,✔ Simple yet powerful editing tools: rotation, verticalandhorizontal flipping, contrast, brightness, exposure,saturation,vignette and many more,✔ Intuitive navigation,✔ Save images in high resolution to your gallery,✔ Share images on Instagram Twitter, Facebook, Tumblr and toothersocial platforms,✔ Beautiful light leaks and color gradient overlays,✔ Crop your photos with quick and easy cropping tool withdifferentpresets,✔ No shady permissions.
SWAG Animal Face Photo Editor 1.2.5
SWAG is here is to make your time more fun! Photoshop funnyanimalhead stickers like Panda, Tiger, Lion, Cow, Pig, Cats andDogs!SWAGAnimal Face photo editor with auto face detection androtation! Allyou have to do is: - grab your phone - take a photo -swag it -laugh hard like a hyena! Swag offers you the opportunityto achievethis pleasure in few steps: - Create a photo aboutyourself bycamera or choose an existing one from photo library. -Facedetection done by SWAG is automatic! - Faces can be swappedwithanimal heads randomly by pressing the refresh button. -SWAGrecognizes EVERY face in a photo, not just a single one! -Addadditional animal faces to your photo from the animal store.-Resize and rotate animal faces like you want. - Save yourswagimage on your sd card or share it through Instagram,Twitter,Tumblr, Flickr, email or post to Facebook!Follow [email protected] get fame by tagging #swagappMakeyourmoments more meaningful, share it with your friends and maketheworld happy!Laugh, joke, have fun, and spread the smiles!Freeandpurchasable funny animal head stickers of cat, dog, pug,giraffe,cow, grumpy cat, insanity wolf, white tiger, bear,chimpanzee,jaguar, pug, leopard, koala, panther, raccoon, pig,monkey, deer,gorilla, fox, boxer, cheetah, eagle, lion, germanshepherd, goldenretriever, puppy, pussycat and a lot more! Theseanimals have swagfor real! Try SWAG Animal Photo Editor, and you'llknow this is thebest app with animal faces to have real fun!Getswag app, theAnimal Face Photo Editor for instant awesome!SwagAnimals! Enjoy!
Animal Face
The brand new style of Animal Faceapplication!Now Animals have your eyes!Animal Face application allows you to show your wilde side!Animal Face is the best photo editor application to add animalfaceto your photo!Animal Face application allows you to turn any of your photosintophoto with Animal Face and make people look funny with animalface.Animal Face is very easy to use1. Take a new photo or select one from your gallery on whichyouwant to add animal face.2. Select the animal face using Animal Face makeup tool3. Select other funny Animal Face stickers which you want to addtothe photo4. Share your photos with hat with your friends and familyinFacebook, Instagram, Twitter, WatsApp and othersocialnetworks.5. Add Animal Face to your friends photos!Animal Face application contains more then 40 differentanimalfaces★ Tiger animal face★ Panda animal face★ Bear animal face★ Monkey animal face★ Fox animal face★ And otherAlso you can adjust every hats photo aspect★ Lot of customized magic mirror effects.★ Brightness★ Contrast★ Saturation★ Blur★ Temperature★ Shadows/Highlights★ Crop★ FocusEnjoy and have fun with Animal Face application!
Panda Face 1.1
Oleg Frolov
The app is created for all who loves Pandas!Panda Face is a photo editor specifically made for thosemomentswhere you need to let your inner animalout.Included are a handpicked selection of real animal stickerstoplace over your photos, custom hand drawn frames invariousdifferent styles, and finally a nice selection of filterstobasically make unlimited possibilities for creativity.We even included an Eraser and Draw tool to either blendyourface into the animal's, or have objects in front of thestickers,to give it that extra realistic vibe.Thanks to all the Tumblr photographers and photo editorsthatinspired this app, we hope you enjoy it!
Animal Face 2.5.3
This app is made for all the people out there who have a bit ofa...wild side. Animal Face is a photo editor specifically made forthosemoments where you need to let your inner animal out. Includedare ahandpicked selection of real animal stickers to place overyourphotos, custom hand drawn frames in various different styles,andfinally a nice selection of filters to basically makeunlimitedpossibilities for creativity. We even included an Eraserand Drawtool to either blend your face into the animal's, or haveobjectsin front of the stickers, to give it that extra realisticvibe.Thanks to all the Tumblr photographers and photo editorsthatinspired this app, we hope you enjoy it! Whats your SpiritAnimal?!
Photo LabText on photos editor 2.2
**SEND GREETINGS WITH NEW FONT AND STICKERS**Text on pictures-PhotoLab editor Free is the app for addingandoverlaying text on your photos.Over 300 fonts/typography and 300 artworks to add onyourpictures!PhotoLab Features:• 300+ FONTS- Choose from a wonderful collection of fonts to add onyourpictures.- Easily resize,drag, and adjust the opacity of text.- Multiple text layers to create beautiful effects- Add shadows,underline,italics and bold to your text.• 300 ARTWORKS-Say happy birthday with our hand picked doodles-Cutest Doodles to decorate your pictures- Wonderful and handpicked artworks- Add uniqueness to your photos• PHOTO EDITOR-Full fledged photo editor with frames,filters- Apply gorgeous photo filters,efx,HD effects.- Adjust the brightness, saturation, contrast, blur, and exposureofyour photos.•SHARING:-When you're finished with your picture you can share itdirectlyvia email, text message, Twitter, Facebook, Instagram,Pinterest,Path, Tumblr and more.Designed with creativity in mind, Text on pictures-PhotoLabfeaturesstandard and custom-made fonts and well-crafted artworkcombinedwith a sleek design, easy-to-use functionality, andimmediatesharing to facebook,instagram,pinterest,etcDownload Text on pictures -PhotoLab free to addbeautifultext,artworks,apply stunning filters and text on pictureeffects,textures, borders, and more to your pictures and share themto yourfavorite social networks on your android phone!Add beautifultextand artwork on pictures and share them on Facebook, Twitter,Tumblr& Instagram.Create inspirational, informational and funny images tosharequickly and easily. In only a few seconds you can addcaptions,quotes, jokes, memes, poems,text or anything else you canthink ofto a picture.
Glitch! (glitch4ndroid)
Luca Grillo
The best photo editing app for quickly glitch your picture atyourfingertips! Photo editing app that allow you to quicklygeneraterandom and real glitch in your picture without usingphotoshop orcomputer! Upload photos from camera or gallery, editwith multipleeffect and filters. Save your artwork or share it witheveryone.Become a digital artist, create real and completely randomglitch,to add that "nerd" touch to your pictures!★★★★★ Amazing app★★★★★ Awesome updates ★★★★★ Sweetapp. Keep up the greatwork Imperfection creates uniqueness out ofdiversity. By changingthe paradigm, that which standardisationviews as an error, to thefree thinker becomes the unexpected sourceof a new beauty. -Gaetano Pesce, Italian sculptor, designer andarchitect Social ♥ ♥♥ ----- HOW TO USE ----- Youcansimply swipe several times the image with your finger in X andYcoordinates for generate errors in your picture. • Touchingthescreen on the BOTTOM-LEFT you'll have your originalpicture• Swiping on the TOP-RIGHT you'll increase number oferrors• Change resolution and image quality for generatestunningcombination of glitch! • Try different effects ( VHSscanlines, 3D,Window Lag, Pixel, Wave, Hacker, Triangol) • Make Mp4or GIFanimations and share it via Whatsapp, Facebook orInstagram• Hashtag #Glitch4ndroid ----- LEARN MORE ----- In severalusagesin information technology, the therm "glitch" is asystematicerror, typically found in an electronic or computingdevice. Thisbugs, usually keep devices from completing their mainfunctionproperly ----- WHAT IS THE INSPIRATION ----- Just likedoors ofperception, glitches are everywhere and all around us, evenif youcan't perceive them: lagged digital decoder signal, TVscreens inmetro, broken DVD players, bad mp3s or old and damaged SDcards.Thanks to cyberpunk and sci-fi movies, this concept createdandevolved in subcultures and music influences.
Super photo editor!⇒RIPIC 1.3.2
This Camera app is a free color splashphotoeditor breakthrough smash hit 500 000 downloads in two months!Themonochrome filter, such as sepia or mosaic, you can be thestylishimage of senior ordinary photos for free.You can edit aphoto thatyou shot with the camera or that is put into thealbum.------------------------------------------------★ Photo editor of advanced fashionableBy using this photo editor app, you can free and easy be editedintoa fashionable impressive photo taken with a camera and a photoalbumof you.- You can filter effect in monochrome external, such as sepiaormosaic image.- You rub your finger on the part you wish to restore fromtheimage, which is the effect- You can scale the image by a pinch gesture with twofingers.------------------------------------------------This app is like a magical color splash camera app thatordinaryphotos you shot or in the album would easily be transformedinto anice picture!Appearance photo editor application you can edit like a pro inveryfashionable image free images that are stored in albums ortaken bysmartphone in six different monochrome filter effects, suchassepia or mosaic!You should post on the blog and SNS Twitter, facebook,instagram,Tumblr, Pinterest and other photos that I edited with thefilter ofRIPIC. In addition, you should appeal cute and imagesedited withthis app your profile picture or icon image also! Theywilldecorate a nice piece to your album collection.First of all because it is free, please try to downloadtrial!------------------------------------------------[Function introduction]Pen, eraserPhoto-scaling shift functionImpressive effect of sixAfter you create a shared image and Twitter, inFacebookeasily------------------------------------------------