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IIJ SmartKey 2.1.2
Only enterprise user needs to register your device. You canskipregistering your device, if you don't need it. The IIJ SmartKeyappproduces one-time passwords that conform to TOTP (RFC6238)standards and can be used in the 2-step verificationauthenticationprocesses of a variety of online services supportingTOTP.Strengthen your online service security by linking thisapp,installed to your smartphone device, with yourID/passwordverification processes. Slide authentication can be used(ver 2.0).When logging in to a service that supports slideauthentication,you will receive a push notification on yoursmartphone. Then youcan pull the service icon for 2-stepverification. For details,please visit . * To useslideauthentication, you must register your device. ■ SpecialFeatures *Protects against unauthorized access by allowing the userto lockthe app using a passcode. * Supports device changes anddatabackups by handing over settings between devices. * Compatiblewiththe Google Authenticator (TOTP authentication). * Supportsslideauthentication. * Easy to see and read, simple and refineddesign.■ Confirmed Supported Services (TOTP authentications) *Amazon WebServices * Dropbox * Evernote * Facebook * GitHub *Google Accounts* Google Apps for Work * IIJ Omnibus * IIJ Secure MXService *Microsoft Accounts * Slack * ■ ConfirmedSupportedServices (Slide authentications) * Additional details onavailableservices is expected soon. ■■ Please make sure to readtheinformation below before using the app. * When switchingdevices,please check the app help page ( service settings from your old device to the newone.* Please ensure that you confirm service restoration proceduresforthe various online services you utilize in advance toprotectyourself against cases in which you are unable to completethe2-step verification process due to device loss oraccidentaldeletion of service settings. ■User Agreement All usersof this appmust consent to the User Agreement found below beforeusing theapp.■ToService Providers If you are considering addingslideauthentication to your service, please inquire through theURLbelow. ----- Mentioned company names and service names arethetrademarks or registered trademarks of their respectivecompanies.
Authy 2-Factor Authentication 23.2.8
Authy brings the future of strong authentication to theconvenienceof your Android device. The Authy app generates secure 2stepverification tokens on your device. It help’s you protectyouraccount from hackers and hijackers by adding an additionallayer ofsecurity. Why Authy is the best multi factor authenticationapp: -Secure Cloud Backups: Did you lose your device and got lockedoutof all of your accounts? Authy provides secure cloudencryptedbackups so you will never lose access to your tokensagain. We usethe same algorithm banks and the NSA use to protecttheirinformation. - Multi Device Synchronization: Are yourre-scanningall your QR codes just to add them to your tablet andsmartphone?With authy you can simply add devices to your accountand all ofyour 2fa tokens will automatically synchronize. -Offline: Stillwaiting for an SMS to arrive? do you travelconstantly and loseaccess to your accounts? Authy generates securetokens offline fromthe safety of your Android device, this way youcan authenticatesecurely even when in airplane mode. - All of youraccounts: Wesupport most major multifactor authentication accountsincludingFacebook, Dropbox, Amazon, Gmail, and thousands of otherproviders.We also support 8 digit tokens. - Protect your bitcoins:Authy isthe preferred two factor authentication solution to protectyourbitcoin wallet. We are the default 2fa provider fortrustedcompanies like Coinbase, CEX.IO, BitGo and many others. -What istwo factor authentication? "Two-factor authentication is oneof thebest things you can do to make sure your accounts don't gethacked"- LifeHacker Are you a fanofAuthy? - Follow us on twitter: - Likeuson facebook: - Officialwebiste:
Google Authenticator 5.00
Google LLC
Google Authenticator generates 2-Step Verification codes onyourphone.2-Step Verification provides stronger security foryourGoogle Account by requiring a second step of verification whenyousign in. In addition to your password, you’ll also need acodegenerated by the Google Authenticator app on your phone.Learnmoreabout 2-Step Verification:*Generateverification codes without a data connection* GoogleAuthenticatorworks with many providers & accounts* Support forAndroid Wear*Dark theme available* Automatic setup via QRcodePermissionnotice:Camera: Needed to add accounts using QR codes
FreeOTP Authenticator 1.5
Red Hat
FreeOTP adds a second layer of security for your onlineaccounts.This works by generating one-time passwords on your mobiledeviceswhich can be used in conjunction with your normal passwordto makeyour login nearly impossible to hack. These passwords canbegenerated even when your phone is in airplane mode.FreeOTPworkswith many of the great online services you already use,includingGoogle, Facebook, Evernote, GitHub and many more! FreeOTPalso maywork for your private corporate security if they implementthestandardized TOTP or HOTP protocols. This includes greatenterprisesolutions like FreeIPA.FreeOTP is open source and freesoftware!Licensed under the Apache 2.0 license, you can obtain thesourcecode for FreeOTP at forreview ormodification. Contributions are welcome!
Yandex.Key – your passwords
Yandex.Key is an authenticator generating one-time passwords(OTP)for Yandex, Facebook, Google, GitHub, Dropbox,, andotherservices with two-factor authentication (2FA). To log in toYandex,enter this one-time password instead of your regularpassword, andto sign in to other services, with your normalpassword. — Fourdigits You no longer have to invent complexpasswords to protectyour Yandex account. There are just four digitsto memorise:they’ll be used by Yandex.Key to generate a uniqueone-timepassword valid for less than a minute. — Data protectionYandex.Keysafeguards your account from being hacked and yourpersonalinformation from being stolen. One-time passwords will beavailableonly to you, on your mobile device. — Easy setup You canaddaccounts manually, by entering the data from the service youwantto use, or automatically, by scanning a QR-code provided bythisservice. — Offline use Yandex.Key doesn’t need internetconnectionto add accounts and generate one-time passwords, and youdon't needto wait for an SMS with your password. — Additionalfeatures TheKey can general six- and eight-digit passwords,depending on theservice’s requirements. Besides, the Key can updateone-timepasswords at different intervals, not necessarily once inevery 30seconds (this depends on the service). — SecuritystandardsYandex.Key supports two-factor authentication (ortwo-stepverification) on all services using RFC 6238 and RFC 4226,exceptfor services which only use sms. — Backing up Back up thedata inYandex.Key on Yandex's servers, to use in case somethinghappens toyour device. It's secure: you backup is encrypted using apasswordthat only you know. For more detail, pleasesee
Zemana Antivirus & Security 1.7.6
Zemana Antivirus & Security is designed to protect yourAndroiddevice and tablet from any kind of latest mobile threatssuch asmalware, spyware, virus, keylogger, trojans and to keepyourpersonal data safe with its famous anti-keylogging feature.JoinZemana Antivirus & Security community and: ✔ Scan yourAndroiddevice 5x faster ✔ Efficient adware scanner ✔ Protect yourdevicefrom for malware, spyware, virus, trojans, and phishingattacks ✔Preserve your private data, with our anti-keyloggingfeature*, bycatching malicious keyboard applications, passwordmanagers and SMSapplications(NEW) ✔ Stay safe from latest threatswith ouralways-up-to-date virus database Zemana Antivirus &Securityhas been tested and certified by #1 Antivirus testing houseAVTEST.With Zemana Antivirus & Security your Android device andtabletwill get the most efficient antivirus and privacy protection.It isa lightweight security app that has no impact on your batterylifeand it’s easy to use. ANDROID ANTIVIRUS SECURITY – PREMIUMFEATURES(Try 15 days FREE) ★ Real time protection Automaticallyscans newlyinstalled applications. There is no need to initiatemanual scan inorder to stay safe. Your Android device is protected24/7 fromvirus, malware, trojan, spyware, adware, keylogger and anyothersecurity threat. ★ Automatic DB updates Keeps your Androiddevicestay in sync with the up-to-date threat database so youstayprotected from the latest security threats. ★Anti–Keyloggerprotection* Detects and blocks malicious keyboardapplications,password managers and malicious SMS applications(NEW)that are ableto track everything you type. ★ 24/7 Technical SupportStayworry-free. If a threat emerges that doesn’t want to go away,ourengineers will connect to your Android device and clean upthemalware manually. Install Zemana Antivirus & Security FREEandscan your Android device with the fastest and mosteffectiveantivirus scan and your Android device will always bemalware free.► Upgrade now to Premium version of Zemana Antivirus& Securityand protect multiple devices in your household withadvanced andproactive antivirus security solution. Zemana Antivirus&Security is available in 16 languages: English, Turkish,Spanish,Russian, Italian, Indonesian, Polish, Vietnamese, Bengali,Dutch,German, Portuguese, Bosnian, Croatian, Korean, Hungarian *Somelegitimate keyboard applications are modified by hackerswhichgives them access to track everything you type; due totheanti-keylogger they will be detected and blocked byZemanaAntivirus & Security as malicious. For the latestantivirus andsecurity updates see:
RSA SecurID Software Token 2.5.0
RSA Security
Make your Android device a convenient, cost-effective RSASecurID®authenticator. Protect your most sensitive networkedinformationand data with RSA SecurID strong authentication. Thisapp requiresa software token for generating one-time passwords(OTPs). Your ITadministrator will provide instructions forimporting tokens to theapp. The RSA SecurID Software Token forAndroid includes thefollowing: - Supports up to 10 tokens. -Supports phones andtablets. - Help for each screen. Tap the Helpicon. - Importing atoken by tapping an email attachment containingan SDTID file. Theapp accesses the device file system to retrievethe SDTID file. Thefile system is not accessed for any otherpurpose. - Importing atoken from a QR Code. The app accesses thedevice camera to capturethe code. The camera is not accessed forany other purpose. - NextCode button. Installing version preservesexisting tokens. If youneed further assistance, please email [email protected]
LastPass Authenticator
LogMeIn, Inc.
LastPass Authenticator offers effortless two-factorauthenticationfor your LastPass account and other supported apps.With one-tapverification and secure cloud backup, LastPassAuthenticator givesyou all the security, without any of thefrustration.ADD MORESECURITYSafeguard your LastPass account byrequiring two-factorauthentication codes when signing in.Two-factor authenticationimproves your digital security byprotecting your account with anadditional login step. Even if yourpassword is compromised, youraccount can’t be accessed without thetwo-factor authenticationcode.You can even mark a device as“trusted”, so you won’t beprompted for codes on that device whileyour account remainsprotected by two-factor authentication.TURNINGIT ONTo turn onLastPass Authenticator for your LastPass account:1.DownloadLastPass Authenticator to your mobile device.2. Log in toLastPasson your computer and launch “Account Settings” from yourvault.3.In “Multifactor Options”, edit LastPass Authenticator andview thebarcode.4. Scan the barcode with the LastPass Authenticatorapp.5.Set your preferences and save your changes.LastPassAuthenticatorcan also be turned on for any service or app thatsupports GoogleAuthenticator or TOTP-based two-factorauthentication.LOGGING INTologin to your LastPass account or othersupported vendor service:1.Open the app to generate a 6-digit,30-second code OR approve/denyan automated push notification2.Alternatively, send SMS code3.Enter the code into the login prompton your device OR hitapprove/deny request FEATURES- Generates6-digit codes every 30seconds- Push notifications for one-tapapproval- Optionalencrypted backup to restore your tokens on anew/reinstalleddevice- Support for SMS codes- Automated set-up viaQR code-Support for LastPass accounts- Support for otherTOTP-compatibleservices and apps (including any that supportGoogleAuthenticator)- Add multiple accounts- Available on Androidand iOS
Duo Mobile 3.23.2
Duo Mobile works with Duo Security's two-factorauthenticationservice to make logins more secure. The applicationgeneratespasscodes for login and can receive push notifications foreasy,one-tap authentication. Additionally, you can use Duo Mobiletomanage two-factor authentication for other application andwebservices that make use of passcodes. Note: For Duo accounts,DuoMobile needs to be activated and linked to your account beforeitwill work. You will receive an activation link as part ofDuo'senrollment process. You may add third-party accounts at anytime.Additionally, we will request access to use your camera forthesole purpose of scanning QR codes when activatingaccounts.Accounts can be activated by other methods if you choosenot to doso. License agreements for third-party Open Sourcelibraries usedin Duo Mobile can be foundat Forthelatest Terms and Conditions see
Blizzard Authenticator 1.1.3
Protect your Blizzard account and games using our freeMobileAuthenticator app! The app offers two factorauthentication,protecting everything from your most storied Worldof Warcraftcharacters to your meticulously crafted Hearthstonedecks. Theauthenticator app provides a one-touch button experienceso you canapprove or decline any login attempt. With theMobileAuthenticator, you can rest easy knowing that your Blizzardaccountis more secure. Internet connection required. For moreinformationon how to add the Blizzard Mobile Authenticator to youraccount,visit Note:this app isnot compatible with some classic Blizzard games (likeDiablo II andWarcraft III). Languages Supported: * English *Français * Deutsch* Español (Latinoamérica) * Español (Europa) *Português * Italiano* Polski * Русский * 한국어 (Korean) * 繁體中文(Traditional Chinese) *简体中文 (Simplified Chinese) * 日本語 * ไทย ©2018Blizzard Entertainment,Inc. All right reserved. Android is atrademark of Google Inc. Allother trademarks referenced herein arethe properties of theirrespective owners.
GoToTraining 3.2.1
LogMeIn, Inc.
Now with support for the Trainer! As a Trainer, you canaccessinformation on your upcoming and past training sessions onthe go.View valuable information and connect with your students atanytime. Trainer Features include - Viewing upcoming and pasttrainingsessions - Inviting new registrants - Resending theJoininformation to registered students - Viewing who has registeredandattended your sessions - Simple analytics on your past sessions-Email your students Want better attendance for yourGoToTrainingclasses? Tell your learners about the free GoToTrainingapp so theycan attend from anywhere. Learners, now you can attendcoursesonline, chat with the trainer and other learners andparticipate inpolls and tests from your tablet or smartphone. Nowsupports“In-person” trainings with the ability to turn off audio,but stillparticipate in the polls, tests, view materials and chat.FEATURESFor Learners Actively learn using built-in collaborationfeaturesthat mimic on-premise classroom resources: • Speak andlisten usingone-touch dialing or VOIP. • View and respond toin-session pollsand tests. • Raise hand to pose a question orcomment. •Communicate with your instructors and other learners viachat. HOWTO JOIN AN ONLINE TRAINING SESSION There is no purchasenecessaryto use the app to attend a GoToTraining session. Two easyways tojoin: • Tap a training link in the invite email or yourcalendar. •Tap the GoToTraining icon after you install the app andenter thetraining ID. AUDIO • Upon joining a session, you will havetheability to select if you are In-Person or Remote. In-Personwilldisconnect from audio so you can participate in polls, testsandsee screensharing up close. • By default you willautomaticallyconnect to audio through your Internet connection(WiFi or 4G/3G) •For the best audio experience, plug a headset intoyour Androiddevice. • If you prefer to dial in using your phoneline, you cando that with a single tap after joining the training.• At anytimeyou can update your audio options in the settingsREQUIREMENTS •Android 4.4 or higher. • We recommend devices with a1 Ghzprocessor or higher. If you have questions, feedback or issueswiththe app, please email us at [email protected] If youlikemobile learning with GoToTraining, please take the time to giveusa nice review.
InfosysIT 1.6.11
Single unified app for Infosys employees to access news andblogs,manage approvals, view dashboards and other microapplications.Application uses Multi-Factor authentication. Keepyour personalPIN ready. You can create/change phone or PIN fromwebapps->MFAportal Application features: 1. News - News, Leadersblog, Zerodistance 2. Approvals on the go - Attendance, On Duty,WFH, Singleswipe, Status unknown, Late Stay, Night Stay, IndiaLeave, IndiaLeave cancellation, Accommodation, Local Taxi, Advance,ORF, InPipe, Loans, OMS-CSG, Field Force 3. Dashboard - Leave,Averagehours, Holiday list, Personal Data 4. Micro Apps -Directory, Buzz,ID card on demand, Accommodation, India Leave, OnDuty, Late stay,Night stay, Local Taxi, WFH Note: Kindly, reportthe issues to [email protected] before rating theapplication in playstore.
Microsoft Authenticator 6.3.7
Sign in is easy, convenient, and secure when you useMicrosoftAuthenticator. Use your phone, not your password, to loginto yourMicrosoft account. You simply have to enter your username,thenapprove the notification sent to your phone. Your fingerprint,faceID, or PIN will provide a second layer of security in this twostepverification process. After, you’ll have access to allyourMicrosoft products and services, such as Outlook, OneDrive,Office,and more. Microsoft Authenticator also supports multifactorauthentication for work, school, and non-Microsoft accounts.Theapp provides a second layer of security after your password.Whenlogging in, you’ll enter your password, and then you’ll beaskedfor an additional way to prove it’s really you. Either approvethenotification sent to the Microsoft Authenticator, or entertheverification code generated by the app.  Sometimes your workorschool might ask you to install the Microsoft Authenticatorwhenaccessing certain files, emails, or apps. You will need toregisteryour device to your organization through the app and addyour workor school account. Microsoft Authenticator also supportscert-basedauthentication by issuing a certificate on your device.This willlet your organization know that the sign-in request iscoming froma trusted device and help you seamlessly and securelyaccessadditional Microsoft apps and services without needing to logintoeach. Because Microsoft Authenticator supports single sign-on,onceyou have proven your identity once, you will not need to loginagain to other Microsoft apps on your device. Enroll in ourbetaprogram! Follow this link for an early preview of ourlatestupdates:
DP4Mobile Enterprise Sec. 4.14.0
DIGIPASS for Mobile Enterprise Security® This version can onlybeactivated with Enterprise Security activationcodes.Two-Factorauthentication provided by VASCO is now in yourpocket! DIGIPASSfor Mobile Enterprise Security allow online usersto safely connectto your enterprise application or networks fromyour mobileequipment.Help on using this application is available onVASCOwebsite via the DIGIPASS for Mobile EnterpriseSecurityapplication. If you want to use DIGIPASS for Mobile Demo,please goto or get thedemonstrationapplication from Android market.
Keeper: Free Password Manager & Secure Vault 13.1.2
Stay protected with the leading secure password manager anddigitalvault offering unlimited password storage for all users.Keeper’spassword manager generates, stores, and autofills strongpasswordswhile protecting you on all of your devices and securelystoringyour private documents. Don't get hacked. Get Keeper. WhyUseKeeper Password Manager? • World's most trusted and #1downloadedpassword manager with a 4.9 rating from 75,000 reviews. •No limitsto the number of passwords you can store in our freepasswordmanager. • Our premium version offers unlimited passwordstoragefor yourself or the entire family and enables passwordaccess fromany device you use. • Never forget a password again.Trade in yoursticky notes and spreadsheets for a secure encryptedpasswordvault. • Keep hackers at bay with strong, random passwordsusingour automatic password generator. • Securely shareindividualpasswords or files with people you trust. Stop texting oremailingyour private information. • Save time, stay organized andincontrol with our autofill feature, KeeperFill™. Both convenientandsecure, KeeperFill™ makes signing in to your favorite websitesabreeze on any of your devices. • Not just for passwords.Keeperlocks your confidential files, photos, and videos in asecureencrypted vault. • Increase organization with foldersandsubfolders • Assess password strength with just one click usingourSecurity Audit. • Biometric fingerprint and facial recognitionfora convenient and secure way to easily access your vault. • Ifyouever delete a password, don’t worry. Record History providesavaluable audit tool allowing you to view the date a recordwasmodified, revert to a previous version, or permanently deleteitfrom your vault. • Elect up to 5 trusted individuals to accessyouraccount in case you can’t with our Emergency Access feature.WhatMakes Our Password Keeper The Best? • Keeper strives to keepourapp as simple and intuitive as possible. Our 5-star reviewsbackthat up every day. • Every user is provided a secure andprivatevault protected by our unmatched zero-knowledgesecurityarchitecture with multiple levels of encryption. Eachuser's vaultis guarded by a master password which only the userknows. •Keeper’s Security Audit feature helps you identify whichaccountsrequire a password update and can generate a strongpassword foryou with a single click. • Share passwords or filesdirectly withanother Keeper user or with a group of people youtrust. Behind thescenes, information is encrypted with therecipient's public keyand decrypted with their private key. •Easily switch betweenmultiple Keeper accounts (like a business andpersonal vault) whenyou log in. • Keeper uses multiple layers ofencryption by storingyour data in our own secure cloud versuscompetitors who usepartial encryption on their cloud or rely onthird parties forpassword storage. With Keeper your informationremains 100%encrypted 100% of the time. Most Secure PasswordManager in theIndustry • Built with zero-knowledge securityarchitecture. Whatdoes that mean? All your data in Keeper’s cloudis fully encryptedand only accessible by you. • Integrates withtwo-step verificationproviders (SMS, Google Authenticator, DuoSecurity, or RSA SecurID)• Utilizes AES-256-bit encryption andPBKDF2 technology • Onlypassword manager to be certified TRUSTe andSOC-2 Download the mostsecure password manager in the industrytoday! Keeper, PasswordKeeper and the Keeper logo are registeredtrademarks of KeeperSecurity, Inc. U.S. Patent No. 8,656,504,8,868,932 and 8,738,934.Patents Pending. * If you need assistance,please [email protected]
Myki: Offline Password Manager & Authenticator v1.22.0
Myki, Inc.
Myki: The only secure Password Manager, Password GeneratorandAuthenticator designed with privacy in mind. Login to all ofyouraccounts with a fingerprint. Point to point UltraSecureEncryption. Myki is private by design in a way thatpreventsintruders from accessing your accounts. Myki does not storeyourpasswords in the cloud. Instead, it relies on point topointmilitary grade encryption to securely push your passwords fromyourphone to your computer. You do not need a master password tousemyki. Military Grade Encryption, Strong Random PasswordGeneration.Myki automatically fills two-factor authenticationtokens. Login toany account with your fingerprint. No need toremember yourpasswords ever again. Featured in TechCrunch, The WallStreetJournal, Forbes and the MIT Tech Review. For more informationabouthow myki protects your identity, visit: Password Manager andAuthenticator: Store passwords withAES256 and PBKDF2 encryption. Nomaster password to remember.Fingerprint Login. Login on anycomputer by downloading the browserextension. Login to any accountwith your fingerprint Auto-fillpassword in apps and websites.Generate Strong passwords for anyaccount. Share access with yourfriends and colleagues withoutsharing the password. Built-inPrivacy: Your passwords are notstored in the cloud.( Myki doesn’teven have access toencrypted passwords. Myki keeps your passwordssafe from intruders.Point to point AES256 PBKDF2 encryptionbetween your phone and yourbrowser. Secure backup of passwords onyour computer. Secure backupof passwords on a friends myki app.Fingerprint Login: Login to themyki app using your fingerprint. Nomaster password. Login to anyaccount with your fingerprint. Useyour fingerprint on your phonewhen logging in on your computer.Secure Access Sharing: Securelyshare access to your accounts withyour friends and colleagues. Hideyour passwords from the peopleyou share access with. Revoke sharedaccess with a click of abutton to stop sharing access and log out.Remote Logout: Logoutfrom your accounts on your computer using themyki app. One clicksecure logout from the myki app. AutomaticTwo-FactorAuthentication: No need for a separate authenticator appsuch asGoogle Authenticator or Authy. Sync your 2fa tokens so thatyouhave them in one place. Myki automatically fills youradditionaltwo-factor token for security and convenience. SecurePasswordGenerator: Generate strong and secure passwords. Createssecurepasswords that contain letters, numbers and specialcharacters.Never have to create a password ever again. Ultra-SecureDuressMode: Hide sensitive accounts from people who force you tounlockthe myki app. Type your duress pin code to hide sensitiveaccountsfrom intruders. Additional Security Features: Detectchanges in thefingerprints enrolled on your Android and iOS device.ExponentialDelays on incorrect pin code input. Keychain enforcedencryption ofpasswords. Automatic Password Changer (To BeReleased):Automatically change passwords of selected accounts. Seta schedulefor automatic password changes. Myki Breach Alerts (ToBeReleased): Myki alerts you when a service gets breached. Bethefirst to know when a service is compromised. myki is availableoniOS and Android in English and Arabic. This app usesAccessibilityservices. Email us at [email protected] Follow Twitter: Myki means never having toremember ortype a password ever again. Download Myki for securityand privacy.
AWS Console 1.19.6
The AWS Console mobile app, provided by Amazon Web Services,letsyou view resources for select services. The app also supportsalimited set of management functions for select resource types,soyou can use the app to support incident response while you'reonthe go. EC2, S3, Route 53, ELB, RDS, AWS ElasticBeanstalk,CloudFormation, DynamoDB, Auto Scaling, and AWS OpsWorkscustomerscan use the app to browse resources and view configurationdetails,metrics, and alarms. Management functionality is supportedfor EC2,RDS, AWS Elastic Beanstalk, DynamoDB, Auto Scaling, andAWSOpsWorks. Service Health Dashboard notifications providereal-timeinformation on service availability, and users withbilling andCloudWatch permissions can monitor total estimatedservice charges.The AWS Console mobile app requires an existing AWSaccount. Simplycreate an identity using your account credentialsand select yourregion in the menu. The app lets you stay signed into multipleidentities at once. Note that if you sign in with an AWSIdentityand Access Management (IAM) user account, you need to usetheaccount alias that was included in the email address fromyouradministrator. If you use AWS Multi-Factor Authentication(MFA), werecommend using either a hardware MFA device or a virtualMFA on aseparate mobile device for the greatest level ofaccountprotection. We regularly release updates with new features.Tell uswhat features you need and how you would use them with theFeedbacklink in the app's menu. We're listening!
Ice Client : Steam™ Trading 0.13.0
Ice is a native Android app that functions as a client forValve™'sSteam™ network -- enabling you to chat and trade on thego!What itsupports:- SteamGuard (including two factorauthentication)-Multiple saved accounts- Steam/Game Trading + TradeOffers(including private backpacks and non-TF2 trading)- SteamMarket /Steam Store- Viewing Steam/Game Inventories (includingcraftingsome TF2 items)- Chatting with friends- Managing friends-Changingdisplay name / online status- Redeeming CD keys /activation codes-"Idling" in gamesAdditional Information- Thesource code can befound here: Thesource codeis licensed under the MS Reference LicenseIce doesrequire you toenter your Steam™username and password. Thisinformation is sentonly to official Steam™ servers.Ice is notowned by, affiliatedwith, supported by, or in any way related toValve Corporation.NOTE:Due to SteamGuard, you generally cannottrade on a new device until7 days have passed since your firstlogin. This cannot becircumvented.
Sophos Mobile Security
Winner of the AV-TEST awards “Best Android Security 2016” and“BestProtection 2015”For 14 tests in a row, starting September2014,Sophos Mobile Security has hit a perfect 100% protection scoreinAV-TEST’s comparison of the top Android security andantivirusapps.Full features, no advertising, all freeSophos is anITsecurity leader for companies and governments worldwide. Thisappcomprehensively protects your Android device and yourprivacywithout impacting performance or battery life.Withup-to-the-minute intelligence from SophosLabs, appsareautomatically scanned for malware to protect you from data lossandunexpected costs. If your device is lost or stolen, youcanremotely lock or wipe it to safeguard your data.MalwareProtection•Scan apps for malicious or inappropriate content as youinstallthem.• Scan apps and storage media on demand and onschedule.Loss& Theft Protection • Remotely control your devicethrough SMScommands.Web Filtering• Block web sites with malicious,undesirableor illegal content.App Protection• Protect apps withapassword.Privacy Advisor• List apps that access your personaldataor that could create costs.Security Advisor• Get advice on howtoimprove device security.Spam Protection• Block unwantedphonecalls.Secure QR Code Scanner• Check URLs for maliciousorinappropriate web sites.• Add contacts to your address book.•Setup Wi-Fi connections and warn of insecure encryption.PasswordSafe•Generate, manage, and store passwords securely using theKeePassfile format.Authenticator• Generate time-based (TOTP, RFC6238) andcounter-based (HOTP, RFC 4226) one-time passwords formulti-factorauthentication.Managed Mode• Managing Sophos MobileSecurity usingSophos Mobile or Sophos Central lets your ITdepartment monitor thehealth of your device to ensurecompany-wideprotection.Permissions• Permissions are required tomonitorincoming data, and to detect and stop threats. See morehere:• This app uses the DeviceAdministratorpermission.Battery and data usage• Malware definitionsupdate oncea day to keep you protected. This uses a small amount ofdata.• Theinitial full scan of every installed app causes aone-time increasein battery usage.This app uses Accessibilityservices.SupportInformation•Knowledgebase:•Moderatedsupportforum:•Useour SDK for premium antivirus in yourapp:
VIP Access
Symantec VIP
Symantec VIP Access helps protect your online accountsandtransactions by using a strong authentication process when yousignin to your VIP-enabled accounts. • Strong authentication:Providesstrong, two-factor authentication when logging intoyourVIP-enabled accounts. • QR/App Code: Scan a QR Code togeneratesite-specific security codes for strong two-factorauthenticationto your favorite websites. Use VIP Access atparticipatingorganizations such as eBay, PayPal, E*TRADE, Facebook,Google, orany one of the hundreds of sites within the VIP Network:: Features Strong Authentication VIPAccessadds strong authentication to your normal login in one ofthefollowing ways: • Dynamically generate a one-time use securitycodeon your mobile device. Use that code along with your usernameandpassword. • Receive a push notification on your mobile devicethatyou approve as authentication. If your organization requiresyou todefine an additional device authentication mechanism to meetthesecurity requirements, you will be prompted for theadditionallocal authentication such as PIN, pattern, password,orfingerprint. • Use fingerprint or your security code in apushnotification to authenticate yourself on your mobile device.Note:Fingerprint authentication requires that your mobile deviceisfingerprint capable and that you have registered a fingerprintonthe device. The strong authentication method you use depends onthemethod implemented by your participating organization. Youcangenerate a security code even if you do not have a networkormobile connection. QR/App Codes Scan a QR Code atparticipatingorganizations such as Google, Facebook, Amazon, andmore togenerate a security code every 30 seconds to securely signin.Enter this security code along with your password to addstrongauthentication to your favorite websites. Be sure to read theVIPEnd User Agreement after downloading VIP Access:
Keepass2Android Password Safe 1.06f
Keepass2Android is an open source password manager applicationforAndroid. It reads and writes .kdbx-files, the database formatusedby the popular KeePass 2.x Password Safe for Windows andotherdesktop operating systems. The user interface is basedonKeepassdroid, ported from Java to Mono for Android. Thebackenduses the original KeePass libraries to handle file access toensurefile format compatibility. Main features of the App are*read/write support for .kdbx (KeePass 2.x) files * integrateswithnearly every Android browser (see below) * QuickUnlock: Unlockyourdatabase once with your full password, re-open it by typingjust afew characters (see below) * Access files from the cloud orthe web(Dropbox, Google Drive, SkyDrive, FTP, WebDAV). You canuse"Keepass2Android Offline" if you don't need this feature.*Integrated Soft-Keyboard: Switch to this keyboard for enteringusercredentials. This shields you from clipboard basedpasswordsniffers (see below) * support for editing entriesincludingadditional string fields, file attachments, tags etc. *searchdialog with all search options from KeePass 2.x.Requiredprivileges: * Access SD Card * Access Internet (requiredforaccessing files via FTP/WebDav). Install "Keepass2AndroidOffline"if you don't want to grant this privilege. * Vibrate Bugreportsand suggestions: integration == If you need to lookup a password forawebpage, go to Menu/Share... and select Keepass2Android. Thiswill* bring up a screen to load/unlock a database if no databaseisloaded and unlocked * go to the Search Results screendisplayingall entries for the currently visited URL - or - *directly offerthe Copy Username/Password notifications if exactlyone entrymatches the currently visited URL == QuickUnlock == Youshouldprotect your password database with a strong (i.e. random andLONG)password including upper and lower case as well as numbersandspecial characters. Typing such a password on a mobile phoneeverytime you unlock your database is time-consuming anderror-prone.The KP2A solution is QuickUnlock: * Use a strongpassword for yourdatabase * Load your database and type the strongpassword once.Enable QuickUnlock. * The application is locked afterthe timespecified in the settings * If you want to re-open yourdatabase,you can type just a few characters (by default, the last3characters of your password) to unlock quickly and easily! * Ifthewrong QuickUnlock key is entered, the database is locked andthefull password is required to re-open. Is this safe? First:itallows you to use a really strong password, this increasessafetyin case someone gets your database file. Second: If you looseyourphone and someone tries to open the password database, theattackerhas exactly one chance to make use of QuickUnlock. Whenusing 3characters and assuming 70 characters in the set ofpossiblecharacters, the attacker has a 0.0003% chance of openingthe file.If this sounds still too much for you, choose 4 or morecharactersin the settings. QuickUnlock requires an icon in thenotificationarea. This is because Android would killKeepass2Android too oftenwithout this icon. It does not requirebattery power. ==Keepass2Android Keyboard == A German research teamhas demonstratedthat clipboard-based access of credentials as usedby most Androidpassword managers is not safe: Every app on yourphone can registerfor changes of the clipboard and thus be notifiedwhen you copyyour passwords from the password manager to yourclipboard. Inorder to protect against this kind of attack, youshould use theKeepass2Android keyboard: When you select an entry, anotificationwill appear in the notification bar. This notificationlets youswitch to the KP2A keyboard. ON this keyboard, click theKP2Asymbol to "type" your credentials. Click the keyboard key toswitchback to your favorite keyboard.
LogDog - Mobile Security 2018
Trusted by Millions, Featured on PC Magazine, Techcrunch,Lifehackerand more! The only security app that protects yourAccounts, yourDevices, your Credit Cards and scans the Dark Webfor your stolencredentials. Goes way beyond what regular antivirusapps offer. Getmore than regular security apps offer Make sure youhave the bestonline security for your Gmail, Facebook, Dropbox andother onlineaccounts where you store private information, andprotect yourselffrom hacker intrusion, and Identify theft. 1 inevery 4 accountsgets hacked Over 40,000 online identity theftsincidents occur everyday! Cyber Security Agent LogDog is a nextgeneration mobilesecurity solution which will assure security ofyour devices butalso your online accounts and information that isonline. Goingbeyond what a regular antivirus app does, LogDogconstantly scansyour online accounts and makes internet servicessafer for you touse. Let LogDog worry about account intrusion andidentity theft -so you don’t have to. Defend yourself from anyFacebook Hackers,Gmail Hackers Credit Card thieves andCyber-criminals LogDogprovides device protection and intrusiondetection security servicesto protect your privacy and increaseyour ID safety. The app scansfor any suspicious activity in youronline accounts and hunts fordata that may have been stolen fromyou. Once it detects anythingunusual, you will get an immediatealert so you can protect yourphotos, emails and social networks.Password keepers, virus removalor any other phone security appwouldn’t protect your onlineaccounts from malicious attacks likeLogDog does. LogDog is yourvirtual guard dog, constantly sniffingyour online accounts andbarking when it smells something is wrong!The LogDog app providesthe best internet security protection forthese online accounts:✔Facebook Privacy - Facebook hacks areincreasingly common thesedays! ✔Dropbox Security - Keep all yourDropbox files safe andprivate ✔Gmail Protection – Secure youremail from Gmail Hackers!✔Evernote Privacy – Your Evernote agendaneeds protection againstintruders too ✔Twitter protection -Maintain your tweets andthoughts and avoiding embarrassingincidents ✔LinkedIn: Keep yourprofessional identity private ✔SlackAccount Protection: Secure theway you collaborate with your teamPlus Password Security, Inbox andCredit Cards Protection, Dark Webscans and a powerful antivirusengine Strong passwords are notenough anymore! With LogDog's InboxDetective - LogDog can now scanyour emails and find all the threatsthat contain passwords, SSNand bank accounts information, phishinglinks and other maliciousemails. LogDog can help you delete thoseemails and notify theother party to do same and protect itself fromcredit card orpassword security breach. Card Protector - CreditFraud &Identity Theft Protection These days, online credit cardscams areincreasingly frequent. In fact, there is a good chancethat yourcredit card details are being sold to the highest bidderin anonline black market right now. Our new credit card protectormodulescans online black markets every day to make sure that yourcreditcard information is not being sold on the black market. Youdon’teven need to enter your Credit Card number, ourproprietaryalgorithm only needs your Full name and Zipcode. Logdogprovides360 security for your online accounts and makes sure you’rebetterprotected . Logdog is also available in:German-DeutschPortuguese-Português Russian-Русский
Star Citizen Authenticator 1.0.2
With two-step authentication, your account will be betterprotectedagainst unauthorized access, keeping your accountsafe.Afteractivating two-step authentication on your RSI account,this appwill provide you with one-time-use codes to gain secureaccess toyour account.Secure your account todayat accounts
Authenticator Plus
🏆 Thanks to all, We are awarded with Top Developer Badge👏Authenticator Plus generates 2-step verification codes toprotectyour accounts with your password and phone / tablet.WithAuthenticator Plus you can seamlessly sync and manage allyour2-step enabled accounts in phones / tablet / kindle. • SyncAcrossDevices - seamlessly access and open accounts from youphone,tablet or Amazon Kindle • Android Wear Support - view allyour PINsin Android watch • Automatic backup / restore - accountsareautomatically backed up to cloud (Google Drive or Dropbox) andcanbe restored easily • Secure - 256-bit AES encryption and PINlockfor additional security • Fingerprint support - Unlock theappthrough fingerprint, only supported in Android Marshmallowwithcompatible hardware, as of now Nexus 5X and Nexus 6P •Advancedsecurity - hardware backed encryption protects your accounteven inrooted devices • Organize - group accounts with categoriesandre-order frequently used accounts to top • Personalize -changethemes and displays account logos for easier lookup • ImportfromGoogle Authenticator - accounts can be imported fromGoogleAuthenticator in rooted devices • WinAuth support - workswithWinAuth ( Technical Details- Help Docs- Beta Channel-
Uniqolabel is a multi layered patented technology whichprovidestrue protection against counterfeiting. It is a combinationofmultiple elements which are random in nature, always uniqueandderived from natural entropy. Once applied all features oftheUniqolabel are completely verified using highly advancedmobiletechnology included in the Uniqolabel Mobile app. Onlyonverification of all elements the label is classified asgenuinemaking it completely impractical for counterfeiters to copy.Get intouch with us if you would like something to be added to theapp orif you have any issue using the app [email protected] logon to for moredetails.
Yubico Authenticator 2.1.0
Yubico Authenticator allows you to use a YubiKey to storeOATHcredentials (TOTP and HOTP supported, as used by Google,Microsoft,Dropbox, Amazon and many more) used for 2-factorauthentication.Storing the credentials on an OATH enabled YubiKeyensures thatyour credentials are safe, even if your phone iscompromised. Italso makes it easy to move between multiple Androiddevices.
Sophos Authenticator 3.1
Sophos GmbH
Sophos Authenticator is a simple and intuitive applicationthatprovides multi-factor authentication on your mobile device.Itgenerates both time-based and event-based one-time passwords(OTP)according to RFC 6238 and RFC 4226.Once configured,2-stepauthentication protects your account by requiring bothyourpassword and an additional code, thus adding an extra layerofsecurity. The app will generate these codes for you in aconvenientway, directly on your smartphone or tablet, without theneed forInternet connection. Sophos Authenticator does not onlyoperatewith a Sophos account, but also with accounts from Google,Dropbox,Facebook, Github and all the other providers whoimplementauthentication in this standardized way.Features: - Cangenerateboth time-based (TOTP) and counter-based (HOTP) codes -SHA-1,SHA-256 and SHA-512 hash algorithm supported - Add anaccounteasily by simply scanning a QR code with your device cameraor byadding it manually - Great flexibility: the time-step forTOTPaccounts can be any number of seconds and is not limited to30seconds - It's possible to specify the desired time step(TOTPcase) or counter (HOTP case) when manually adding a newaccount -Generated codes can be 6 to 8 digits wide - NoInternet/networkconnection needed, everything happens offline -Copy any generatedcode to the clipboard for easy and fast access
Thenticate - Pro Authenticator 1.03
Thenticate is your next generation Authenticator app - it'ssmart,secure and has a sleek design.It's simple: Just snap theQR-codeand you are ready to go! Don't want to use the camera? Noproblem!You still have the option to manually add tokens to theapp.It'ssecure: Thenticate encrypts all your tokens locally withyourmaster password and backs them up with your Google account. Noneedto worry when your phone gets damaged or lost - simplydownloadThenticate again and enter your old master password.Furthermoreyour master password is protected by hardware backedsecurity so itcan't be extracted from the device even if your phoneiscompromised.It's beautiful: Did you ever check out some oftheother Authenticator apps? Yeah? We did that too. And this is whywedecided to build a new one which fits our needs in everysingleaspect. Are you missing a feature? Just ping us via the'SendFeedback' button inside the app 😉It is on your wrist:Thenticatealso runs on your Android Wear device so you can entercodes evenfaster.Do you have questions? Have a look at our FAQ( ) or drop us a line.
SAASPASS Authenticator App & Free Password Manager 2.2.19
Security without passwords! And with the extra security ofrandomlygenerated passwords & two factor authentication runningin thebackground!Two-Factor Authentication, One-Time Passwords(OTP) andGoogle Authenticator TOTP 2-Step Verification. Securityforyourself, employees, companies, developers, admins andcomputers.SAASPASS secures business app platforms, websites, customapps andcomputers with the mobile and Android Wear app. - InstantLogin:Barcode Scan, Proximity (BLE) and On Device Login, AndroidWearapproval- One-Time Passwords- Password Manager- Single Sign-onandSecure Sign-on (SSO with 2FA)- Google AuthenticatorTwo-StepVerification- Unlock your MAC or PC computer securely withtwofactor authentication- Securely unlock your MACs withProximity-Secure Notes - Encrypted Notepad (securely store yournotes andpasswords)- Instant RegistrationSAASPASS Password Managersupportsmore than 7000!eg.InstagramYou can also add theGoogleAuthenticator TOTP two-step verification format for thepersonalservices below.With manual or barcode scan based pairingfor GoogleAuthenticator:Amazon Web Services AWSDropboxTwitterEvernoteFacebook Gmail GitHubSlackSnapchatAlterEgo/MailChimp Bitstamp Blockchain BTC-e BufferCEX.IOCloudflareCisco Meraki Coinbase Coinkite CoinsetterCryptsyDashlaneDigitalOcean Directnic DNS Made EasyDreamhost DrupalEclipseMCFastMail Gaia Online Google+ Google CloudPlatform GoogleDriveGoogle Wallet Guild Wars 2 HealthVaultHerokuHootSuite HoverJoomla JoyentJustcoin Exchange Keeper KrakenLastPass LaunchpadLinode LocalBitcoinsLogMeInMandrillMaxCDNMicrosoft AccountsOneDrive Outlook NamesiloNearlyFreeSpeech.netNetIQ PoboxRegister4LessSalesforce Scalr SkypeStripe Synology NASTeamViewerTumblr VirtEx Windows Azure WeMineLTCWordPress ZohoZapierDownloadbrowser extensions to auto-fillpasswords for the TOTP GoogleAuthenticator two-step verificationfor your personal services. Youcan clone your SAASPASS onto anotherdevice or tablet and have yourTOTP Google Authenticator on two ormore devices.You can set uprecovery and if lose your TOTP GoogleAuthenticators, you can havethem on your new device without goingthrough the hassle ofpain-stakingly setting up each oneindividually.To unlock SAASPASSyou can use:- Pattern (both visibleand invisible)- ScrambledKeypad- 4 or 6 digits as your PINlengthYou can also use yourAndroid Wear for proximity-based loginslike:- secure unlocking ofyour personal Apple Mac computer- securelogging into emails -cloud applications- corporate applicationslike VPNs- unlockingcompany domain controlled Apple MaccomputersYou can change theorder of the Main Menu by choosingCustom Menu Layout under theSettings.Proximity requires Android 5.0and firmware support ( works on most recent devices like theNexus 6 but not the Nexus5) to login users with Bluetooth LowEnergy (BLE) capable devices.You can login with two factorauthentication Proximity on yourApple Mac computer using theConnector Lite on the Mac App Store orthe SAASPASS Mac ComputerConnector. You don't have to type in thedynamically generatedone-time password OTP (passcode). You neverneed a key fob, dongle,token or a random number generator everagain for two factorauthentication!Companies can set up manybusiness and productivityapplications including email andcollaboration suites. Out of thebox support for cloud applicationsinclude:Google AppsOffice365Salesforce DropboxforBusinessZendeskZohoFreshdeskNetsuiteRadiusVPNAWSClarizenSamanageTSPlusSpringCMShiftPlanningmanymore& Custom apps enabled with 2FA integrated with RESTfulAPIs&On premise applications are also supported with twofactorauthentication and one time passwords OTP includingMicrosoft ActiveDirectory & LDAP
SQRL 0.1.6
WARNING: this is an early preview and was published as proofofconcept. It's not compatible with the referenceimplementation,which was published later and changed the protocol.Once theprotocol and the whole spec is final, this client willbecompatible. Until then only use this client as demo or showcaseandspread the idea of SQRL.SQRL is a new login method. It standsforsecure, quick, reliable login and solves many issues we arefacingin the current web. Username/password combinations aren'tneededanymore.Your identity is stored on your device and neverleaves it.Each website receives its own random secret, which youdon't needto remember. In order to protect your key, you need tochoose apassword for encryption. That's the only password you'lleverneed.To login it's only necessary to scan a QR-Code fromthewebsite. That's it, after that you are logged in.
DetectID Authenticator 5.0.0
Turn your mobile phone into aninstantone-tapauthentication device with DetectID AuthenticatorfromEasySolutions. DetectID Authenticator works withtheDetectIDMulti-Factor Authentication platform to help protectyouronlineaccounts and transactions.The application will notify you of a pendingverificationrequestby pushing an alert to your mobile device.Simply view therequestand tap to accept or cancel.You could also be prompted by the application youareaccessing(or performing a transaction on) to enter aone-timepassword (OTP)displayed in DetectID Authenticator.Features:Push AuthenticationPush AlertsFingerprint detection on samsung devicesMultiple account registrationQR Code AuthenticationOATH Time Based One Time Password (TOTP)Secure PIN protection2-Factor authentication for enterprise SaaS applicationswiththeDetectID CloudlD platformSimple, secure and encrypted activation process
RoboForm Password Manager
RoboForm for Android is a password manager and form filler appthatallows you to easily and securely access your RoboFormEverywherelogins and form fields. Using this app makes it easy totake yourpasswords with you wherever you go, eliminating the needtoremember and type them. With a user-friendly interface,seamlessintegration with your RoboForm Everywhere account,andtop-of-the-line security features, the RoboForm for Android appisa must-have for all! Key Features: - Automatically login toyourweb accounts with the embedded RoboForm browser. - Easilyhandlemulti-step Logins with the "Matching Logins" feature.-Automatically save new login information when you logintowebsites. - View and Edit your Logins, Bookmarks, Identities,andSafenotes. - Secure and save your RoboForm data to yourRoboFormEverywhere account. - Synchronize your RoboForm data withmultiplecomputers and mobile devices. - Fill long web forms with asingleclick. - Generate strong, unique passwords with thebuilt-inPassword Generator. - Options for AutoLogoff and ManualLogoff. -Import your logins from LastPass, Dashlane,1Password andotherpassword managers. - Easily search Logins with the built-insearchfeature. Notes: - App runs in its own browser by default, asthenative Android browser does not currently support integration.-App integrates with Chrome browser. To activate thisfeature,follow the steps below: Works for applications with Loginscreen onAndroid 4.1.2 & higher and web sites in Chrome onAndroid 4.3and higher. - Open Android Settings -> Accessibility->RoboForm and switch it on. - Open another App with a loginscreenor a web site in Chrome. - Tap on the password field.Roboformshould open matching dialog. In this dialog you can findyour savedpassword. If you have not previously saved a password,then you cansave it. - Return to the application or Chrome browserusing thesystem application manager. - Tap on any input and youwill see itfilled. IN-APP PURCHASE TERMS - RoboForm is free forunlimitedLogins and web form fill on a single device. - RoboFormEverywhereand RoboForm Family are available as one yearrenewablesubscriptions. - RoboForm Everywhere adds automatic syncacross alldevices and browsers, secure cloud backup, twofactorauthentication, secure sharing, web access, and priority24/7support. - RoboForm Family: Up to 5 RoboForm Everywhereaccountsunder a single subscription.
Termius - SSH/SFTP and Telnet client 3.3.29
Termius is the best way to manage, UNIX and Linux systems,whetherthat would be a local machine, a remote service, DockerContainer,VM, Raspberry Pi, or AWS instance. In other words,Termius is Puttyfor Android but with awesome design. Free Features:· SSH clientwith support of ECDSA, ed25519, and chacha20-poly1305 ·Desktop appfor Windows, Mac, and Linux · SSH, Mosh & Telnetprotocolsupport · Local terminal with bash · Built-in RSA/DSA/ECDSAkeygenerator and Putty keys importer · XTerm-256 colors, VT100andvanilla terminal types support · Local, Remote, and Dynamicportforwarding · Automatic OS recognition, e.g., Raspberry Pi,Ubuntu,Fedora · Hardware keyboard support · Password, key, and2FAauthentication · 11 awesome color schemes · Terminal Touch withthesupport of arrow keys, Ctrl and Alt. · Organize hosts intogroupsto share settings among them · No ads or banners PremiumFeatures,$59,88 annually. This subscription can be used on anyplatformwhere Termius is available. · Cross-device sync * · SSH keyagentforwarding · SFTP client · Terminal tabs · HTTP/SOCKS proxy ·CLItool to export ~/.ssh/config · Fingerprint protection · HomeScreenWidget · AWS EC2 and Digital Ocean host import · Hostchaining (hophost) · Save and run snippets on multiple hosts · Envvariables *Using zero-knowledge cloud storage with 2FA protection.All thedata encrypted on the client-side using AES-256.
YubiClip 1.3.0
This app reads YubiKey OTPs or static passwords over NFC fromaYubiKey NEO, copying the OTP/password to the clipboard for usewithother apps or websites. Once installed the app does not need tobestarted. Just swiping the YubiKey NEO against the phones NFCreaderwill cause it to run, displaying a message to indicate thatthe OTPhas been copied, all without leaving the currently runningapp.Note that the default NDEF programming needs to be used. Ifyou'vereprogrammed the NDEF tag of your YubiKey NEO, you will needtochange it back to the URL: This canbedone using the personalizationtool: a YubiKey NEO with a static password in scan code modeyouwill need to configure which keyboard layout to use in theYubiClipSettings. Currently only the US layout is supported. If youwouldlike to see additional layout support, please considercontributingcode via a pull request to our source coderepositiory:
ForgeRock Authenticator 2.0
ForgeRock Authenticator works in conjunction with theForgeRockIdentity Platform to deliver secure, yet easy access toapps andservices.Users can register their phones, using QR codes,toreceive notifications or generate One-Time Passwords which canbeused to securely log in.Features include:- Automatic setup viaQRcodes- Support for multiple accounts- Support for Time andCounterbased One-Time Password generationForgeRock Authenticatorworkswith OpenAM's "ForgeRock Authenticator (OATH)" or"ForgeRockAuthenticator (Push)" authentication modules.
Datablink Mobile 200 4.0.2 (41)
Datablink Mobile 200 is an innovative mobile app thatoffersadvanced authentication and financial transaction signing forusersand their banks enabling the prevention of unauthorized accessandfraudulent transactions. Rather than requiring a user tophysicallytype a code into a device to generate a one-timepassword, userssimply use their smartphone to confirm theiridentities. No otherdevices are required. To verify a user’sidentity or sign aspecific transaction, the organization can chooseto employ pushtechnology or use a QR Code that is read by theuser’s smartphonecamera.
Password Saver - simple and secure 2.9
Breaking news! Now you can use your human memory forsomethingbetter than various passwords, PIN codes and other secretstaff.Password Saver will help you to store and quickly findyourpersonal data. It'll help you to synchronize data acrossmultipledevices and restore it if your smartphone is lost orbroken. Sothere is no need for alarm: all data is well protected.Keep calmand use your master password - it's All you need toauthorize! *Two words about master password This is the onlypassword you needto log into the app. This is the only password youneed toremember. No one in the world can access your data withoutyourmaster password! Otherwise use your fingerprint to authorize.Inthat case you should choose this option obviously. And nowit'stime to tell all the secrets about Password Saver: * Simpleanduser-friendly interface We don't like complicatedandincomprehensible applications. When it comes to storingpasswords -we believe that everything should be simple andreliable. * Datasynchronization Password Saver will synchronizeyour data andrestore it at launch on a new device. Our app does itwith a helpof the Dropbox service. We highly recommend usingthesynchronization feature. You will definitely sleep well with it.*Data fully protected Data is stored only in encrypted form. TheAESalgorithm for encryption is used. * Password generator Usefulthingwhen you think of a new and complex password. * Fingerprintlogin(Android 6.0 and above) You do not need to enter the passwordeachtime, you quickly open Password Saver with a fingerprint. *Dataresque and transfer You can create backups. A backup is a filethatcontains a backup copy of all your data. Of course, thecontents ofthis file will be encrypted. And if you transfer thebackup toanother device, you can restore data from it only byknowing themaster password. * Free We do not require you to makeinternalpurchases in order to use any features of the program. Allof themare available immediately and free of charge. * Worth athousandwords Try Password Saver and you'll recognize: it's one ofthe mostpowerful and useful apps for smartphone and tablet. Stilldoubt?Just download and make sure that this app is right for you.By theway, its weight is not great: about 7 megabytes.
DroidOTP 4.3.0
DroidOTP is a free one-time password (OTP) clientimplementation.TheOTP solution provides strong authenticationbased on timesynchronous one-time passwords and consists of aclient component(this application) and a server component(available on features:★Supports multipleaccounts based on profiles★ Supports strict4-digit pins a well aslonger alphanumeric pins★ Supports takingthe generated passwordinto the clipboard★ Allows generating newpassword withoutre-entering the PIN for 50 seconds★ Displays thecurrent epoch time★Compatible with phones and tabletsFollow us onGoogle+:
AirSig Password Manager 6.9
AirSig Password Manager uses air signature to protect yourprivatedata. You can save your ID, password, or any kind ofsensitive datain the app. These private data can be used anytimeand areprotected by our air signature technology.The way to useAirSig isextremely simple, just hold the phone as a pen and signsignaturein the air, the app will help you to input the privatedata oncethe authentication is passed. It’s fast, easy andsecure!You canalso disable the authentication check and just use itas a fasterinput method to avoid any long typing such as email,accountnumber, or any longtext.DemoVideo:[email protected]
KP2A InputStick Plugin 1.32
This application allows to send passwords (and all otherdata)stored in Keepass2Android app directly to your PC (as aUSBkeyboard input) using InputStick wireless receiver.Requirements: -*** InputStick USB Receiver *** - Keepass2androidapplication(free)( application (free) With InputStick you can: -typeuser name and password - type login page URL directly intoyour webbrowser - type single characters from you password("maskedpassword" often used by online banks) - type any textcopied intoclipboard - type codes from Google Authenticator orother apps (viaclipboard) - create custom macros which canautomatize entire loginprocedure - remotely control your PC(keyboard & mouse)InputStick works with any USB host thatsupports generic HIDkeyboard. You don't need to install anyadditional software orcustom drivers. Currently supported keyboardlayouts: Belgian(FR/NL), Canadian, Croatian, Czech, Danish, Dutch,English(UK/US/international/Dvorak), Finnish, French, German,Greek,Hebrew, Hungarian, Italian, Norwegian, Polish, Portuguese(BR/PT),Russian, Slovak, Spanish, Swedish, Swiss (FR/DE) Note:thisapplication replaces previous version of the plugin (releasedbyPhilipp Crocoll, Croco Apps). For more info, pleasevisit:
SAFE Internet Security & Mobile Antivirus 17.5.0014164
F-Secure SAFE – antivirus and Internet security keeps you andyourpersonal identity secure on your mobile Android smartphoneortablet. Includes parental controls, call blocker anddevicelocator. KEY FEATURES ★ Protect your devices againstviruses,spyware, hacker attacks, and identity theft ★ Removemalware ★Browse securely and block harmful websites ★ Onlineshopping andbanking security ★ Device locator. Also protect thedata stored onit ★ Identify applications that can access yourpersonalinformation ★ Call blocker to avoid unwanted calls ★Parentalcontrols to protect children with the new Family Rules ★Use on allyour devices – Android, Windows, Mac, and iOS ★ Availablein 30+languages SCAN & REMOVE MALWARE The best antivirus toprotectyou against viruses, trojans, spyware, ransomware that maycollectand distribute your personal information, steal your creditcardnumbers, banking credentials and other valuable information,BLOCKHARMFUL WEBSITES Browsing protection blocks harmful websites.Alongwith the best antivirus features It protects your securityandprivacy by keeping you away from viruses and phishing sites.SafeBrowser also verifies the safety of the banking sites youvisit.FIND & WIPE REMOTELY Finder provides security forsituationswhere your device is lost or stolen. It’s the bestantivirus toprotect stored personal information by locking accessto thedevice, by wiping all your information from the device andmemorycards, or by helping you to find the device before it fallsintowrong hands. Control Finder through your personal accountat PROTECT YOUR PRIVACY F-SecureSAFEprotects your privacy in multiple ways. The best antivirusandBrowsing protection keep you away from applications and webpagesthat may harm your privacy. Application privacy helps youtorecognize applications that use privacy-relatedpermissionsextensively. PARENTAL CONTROLS F-Secure SAFE responds totheprotection needs of your entire family. F-Secure SAFE containsallparental controls you need to protect your childrenonline;browsing protection, content filter, app control, safesearch, timelimits, and the Finder features. One protection for youand yourfamily. For frequently asked questions and support, pleasevisitour support pages: DATAPRIVACYCOMPLIANCE F-Secure always applies strict security measurestoprotect the confidentiality and integrity of your personaldata.See the full privacy policyhere: THIS APPUSESTHE DEVICE ADMINISTRATOR PERMISSION Device Administrator rightsarerequired for the application to perform and F-Secure is usingtherespective permissions in full accordance to Google Playpoliciesand with active consent by the end-user. The DeviceAdministratorpermissions are used for Finder and Parental Controlfeatures, inparticular: • Remote alarm, wipe and locatefunctionalities used inFinder feature • Preventing children fromremoving the applicationwithout parental guidance • BrowsingProtection THIS APP USESACCESSIBILITY SERVICES This app usesAccessibility services.F-Secure is using the respective permissionswith active consent bythe end-user. The Accessibility permissionsare used for FamilyRules feature, in particular: • Allowing aparent to protect childfrom unsuitable web content • Allowing aparent to apply device andapps usage restrictions for a child. Withthe Accessibility serviceapplications usage can be monitored andrestricted.
Enpass Password Manager 5.6.9
**The most SECURE and COST-EFFECTIVE password management app intheworld! Enpass offers you freedom from remembering toomanypasswords and other important credentials. It secures them inoneplace by your master password and makes them accessibleanywhereand everywhere - on your smartphones, tablets, or desktops.The appalso helps you create strong and unique passwords for everyloginwithout the need to remember any of those. Read moreat IS UNBEATABLE◆ Free Full FeaturedDesktopVersion For Mac, Windows And Linux◆ No Subscription ChargesOrSign-up Required◆ Autofills Login details in Chrome BrowserandThird party Apps◆ Works with Fingerprints◆ Vast range ofpresettemplates to store every kind of information◆ Backup/RestoreoverWiFi◆ Categorize your data in FoldersFOR ENPASS, SECURITYISPARAMOUNT◆ Military grade encryption- Enpass secures your databySQLCIPHER which is transparent and open-source AES-256encryptionto ensure highest level of security. All protectionmechanism isdone locally (offline) at your device. Read moreat◆ No online signup required-Insteadof our servers, your data is secured in your device or yourcloud.◆Strong password generator- Built-in password generator letsyoucreate strong and unique passwords for logins.◆ Autolocking-Automatically locks itself when not in use.◆ Autoclearclipboard-Clears clip board automatically (Optional).ENPASS IS FOREVERYONE◆Cross-platform compatibility- Available for all majordesktop andsmartphone platforms.◆ Cloud-sync- Syncs securely acrossyourdevices through Dropbox, GoogleDrive, OneDrive, ownCloud/WebDAVandBox.◆ Import from other popular passwordmanagers.SEAMLESSBROWSING◆ Autofilling - Autofills your logindetails while browsingin Chrome and Enpass browser.◆ Multi-tabbedbrowser- Browsemultiple sites using tabs in Enpass Browser.FULLYLOADED, YETECONOMIC◆ Free desktop version- Full featured desktopversion isFree for MAC, Windows and Linux.◆ Works withFingerprints.◆Supports quick unlock using PIN◆ Fully customizable◆FoldersupportThis app uses Accessibility services to automaticallyfillthe login details in app and websites.We are constantly doingourbest to improve Enpass for our million users. Please rate it toletothers know about your experience with Enpass.Connect [email protected] on Twitter and on Facebook.
PROTECTIMUS SMART is software Multi-Token from Protectimus.Thissoftware OTP Authenticator is part of a comprehensivesolutionoffered by Protectimus to ensure security and reliablemulti-factorprotection of your resources from unauthorized access.Data signing(CWYS) included This feature allows you to ensurecontrol over theintegrity of the data signed and protection againstany datamodification or data falsification. Guaranteed detection ofanydata falsification during integrity verification in mostcasesrenders data falsification useless. You can find moredetailedinformation about this application on our
Bitwarden Password Manager 1.19.0
Bitwarden is the easiest and safest way to store all of yourloginsand passwords while conveniently keeping them synced betweenall ofyour devices. Password theft is a serious problem. Thewebsites andapps that you use are under attack every day. Securitybreachesoccur and your passwords are stolen. When you reuse thesamepasswords across apps and websites hackers can easily accessyouremail, bank, and other important accounts. Securityexpertsrecommend that you use a different, randomly generatedpassword forevery account that you create. But how do you manageall thosepasswords? Bitwarden makes it easy for you to create,store, andaccess your passwords. Bitwarden stores all of yourlogins in anencrypted vault that syncs across all of your devices.Since it'sfully encrypted before it ever leaves your device, onlyyou haveaccess to your data. Not even the team at Bitwarden canread yourdata, even if we wanted to. Your data is sealed withAES-256 bitencryption, salted hashing, and PBKDF2 SHA-256.Bitwarden is 100%open source software. The source code forBitwarden is hosted onGitHub and everyone is free to review, audit,and contribute to theBitwarden codebase.
Keepass2Android Offline 1.05d
Keepass2Android is an open source password manager applicationforAndroid. It reads and writes .kdbx-files, the database formatusedby the popular KeePass 2.x Password Safe for Windows andotherdesktop operating systems.The user interface is basedonKeepassdroid (by Brian Pellin), ported from Java to MonoforAndroid. The backend uses the original KeePass libraries tohandlefile access to ensure file format compatibility.Main featuresofthe App are* read/write support for .kdbx (KeePass 2.x)files*integrates with nearly every Android browser (seebelow)*QuickUnlock: Unlock your database once with your fullpassword,re-open it by typing just a few characters (see below)*IntegratedSoft-Keyboard: Switch to this keyboard for enteringusercredentials. This shields you from clipboard basedpasswordsniffers (see below)* support for editing entriesincludingadditional string fields, file attachments, tags etc.*Note: pleaseinstall Keepass2Android (non offline version) if youwant to openfiles directly from a webserver (FTP/WebDAV).* searchdialog withall search options from KeePass 2.x. Requiredprivileges:* AccessSD Card* VibrateBug reports andsuggestions: Browserintegration==If you need to lookup a password for a webpage, gotoMenu/Share... and select Keepass2Android. This will* bring upascreen to load/unlock a database if no database is loadedandunlocked* go to the Search Results screen displaying allentriesfor the currently visited URL - or -* directly offer theCopyUsername/Password notifications if exactly one entry matchesthecurrently visited URL == QuickUnlock ==You should protectyourpassword database with a strong (i.e. random and LONG)passwordincluding upper and lower case as well as numbers andspecialcharacters. Typing such a password on a mobile phone everytime youunlock your database is time-consuming and error-prone. TheKP2Asolution is QuickUnlock:* Use a strong password for yourdatabase*Load your database and type the strong password once.EnableQuickUnlock.* The application is locked after the timespecified inthe settings* If you want to re-open your database, youcan typejust a few characters (by default, the last 3 characters ofyourpassword) to unlock quickly and easily!* If the wrongQuickUnlockkey is entered, the database is locked and the fullpassword isrequired to re-open. Is this safe? First: it allows youto use areally strong password, this increases safety in casesomeone getsyour database file. Second: If you loose your phone andsomeonetries to open the password database, the attacker hasexactly onechance to make use of QuickUnlock. When using 3characters andassuming 70 characters in the set of possiblecharacters, theattacker has a 0.0003% chance of opening the file.If this soundsstill too much for you, choose 4 or more charactersin thesettings.QuickUnlock requires an icon in the notificationarea.This is because Android would kill Keepass2Android toooftenwithout this icon. It does not require battery power.==Keepass2Android Keyboard == A German research team hasdemonstratedthat clipboard-based access of credentials as used bymost Androidpassword managers is not safe: Every app on your phonecan registerfor changes of the clipboard and thus be notified whenyou copyyour passwords from the password manager to your clipboard.Inorder to protect against this kind of attack, you should usetheKeepass2Android keyboard: When you select an entry, anotificationwill appear in the notification bar. This notificationlets youswitch to the KP2A keyboard. ON this keyboard, click theKP2Asymbol to "type" your credentials. Click the keyboard key toswitchback to your favorite keyboard.
Hornet AntiVirus Free
Hornet AntiVirus Free offers the ultimate protectionagainstviruses, trojans, spyware, keyloggers, potentially maliciousUSSD /MMI codes and other malicious applications. The used"IN-ACTIVATORAntiVirus Engine" provides solid malware detection andguarantees amaximum of protection. The integrated real-timeprotection ischecking the applications already when they areinstalled - andalerts you immediately if malicious code isdetected. A clearlyarranged list of your app´s permissions shows ifyour "flashlightapp" has fun sending sms messages - or if your new"puzzle game" isinterested in your GPS location and privatedata.This applicationis free of charge, does not containadvertising and does not askfor dubious permissions, when it isinstalled.NEW: Hornet AntiVirusFree includes detection of apps thatare vulnerable due to theheartbleed bug (CVE-2014-0160) and alsochecks your Android OS. Youdo not have to install an other app tostay safe!Includedfeatures:- Use of heuristic methods to detect newmalwarevariants.- Detection of code obfuscation.- Detection of appsusingoffensive advertising (e.g. AirPush, LeadBolt, Moolah Media).-Thecombination of different real-time modules also protects youwhileyou surf the Internet.- Hornet AntiVirus makes online bankingmuchmore secure.- Includes protection against potentiallymaliciousUSSD codes (USSD Filter / USSD Blocker).- Actualizationofmalware-definitions and of the program at regular intervalsusingthe update functionality of "Google Play". (Please activate"Allowautomatic updating" for Hornet AntiVirus.)- Easy-to-useinterfaceand menu structure.- Notification Icon (optional) - Youcan switchon the status icon in the settings menu.- Configure theadditionalsettings to meet your preferences.- Explicit alert soundif malwareis found.Hornet AntiVirus Free was tested extensively. Toupdateand refine the application is our passion. You can support usinreaching this aim: Please send us an e-mail if therearecompatibility problems with your device or if you havegeneralsuggestions regarding the further development of thesoftware. Welook forward to receive [email protected] your trust in ourproduct!Hornet AntiVirus Free - Security.Made in Germany.
My Passwords - Password Manager
Erkan Molla
Tired of remembering multiple passwords or annoyed offorgettingthem? Looking for a secure and easy way of saving allthosepasswords and sensitive data? This password managerapplicationwill help you to store all your passwords easily andsafely usingAdvanced Encryption Standard (AES-256). The only thingyou have todo is to remember a master password which is used asencryptionkey. My Passwords is 100% secure since it does notrequire internetpermission. FEATURES •  Quick and easy access • AES-256 dataencryption •  Backup and restore your data •  Nointernetpermission •  Built in password generator •  Auto exit whenscreenturns off •  Multi-Window support •  Unlimited number ofentries • [PRO] Auto backup •  [PRO] Clipboard auto clear •  [PRO]Enterusing fingerprint •  [PRO] Export and import csv files • [PRO]Image attachments •  [PRO] Password history •  [PRO]Selfdestruction •  [PRO] Theme selection •  [PRO] Wear OS app GOPROThe optional PRO version is available with a single in-apppurchasewhich unlocks all the additional features. You purchaseonly once!No additional monthly fees or subscriptions. BACKUP ANDRESTORE Ifyou have multiple devices, you can share easily yourpasswords withall your devices without having to retype them usingDropbox,Google Drive or similar application. Simply create a backupon adevice and move it to another where it can be restored usingthesame master password. - To backup your database please go to:More- Database - Backup database - To restore your database pleasegoto: More - Database - Restore database USE OF PERMISSIONS-Storage: Allows the app to access the storage forwriting/readingbackup and csv files - Use fingerprint hardware:Allows the app touse the fingerprint sensor for authentication -In-app purchases:To be able to purchase the PRO version and unlockthe additionalfeatures NOTES - It is strongly recommended that youbackup yourencrypted database at regular intervals - If the masterpassword islost the stored data cannot be recovered because of themissingsync option - You can group and sort your entries by color
Easy Token (RSA) 0.91
Easy Token is an RSA SecurID compatible authenticator withadvancedusability features: - Convenient lock screen and homescreenwidgets provide instant tokencodes without navigating to anapp. -Optionally save your PIN. - Supports SDTID files,importinghttp:// tokens from email, and QR tokens. -100% opensource; no ads: aproblem, contact [email protected] or visit the XDAsupportthread. Please do not leave problem reports in the Reviewssection,as this does not provide a suitable forum fortroubleshooting.XDAsupportthread: Token responsibly and avoid taking unnecessary riskswithsensitive data. All software tokens are at risk of theftbymalware; for high-security applications a hardware tokenisstrongly preferred.
PasswdSafe - Password Safe
Jeff Harris
PasswdSafe is a port of the PasswordSafe( application to Android. Password files canbesynced from cloud services using the companion PasswdSafe Syncapp.YubiKey NEO tokens are supported for two-factorauthentication.File passwords can be saved on devices with afingerprint scannerand Android 6.0 or higher.***Please maintain a known-good backup in case bugs exist***