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Life Simulator 💰💰💰 8.1
RLC Tech
This is a simulation game of the life of Dave - your veryown"Virtual Beggar". Your job is to uplift his wealth and tobringhappiness into his life. You start from the lowest level ofsocietyi.e beg to earn a living, up to a multinational CEO.Consequently,you start from a torn sack up to your very ownmansion! • Lead alife from the poor to rich. • Eat foods rangingfrom trash tointernational assortments to stay alive. • Getmedication in timesof distress and injury • Be occupationallymobile - Work asanything, LITERALLY! • Buy all you want weapons,various lodgings,and various transports • Educate yourself toqualify in working atyour dream job. • Over 15 Bosses to beat ->this lets you yourgameplay more fun and challenging. Life Simulatoralso features aCasino Mode where you get to have fun with threedifferent modules- Roundup, Daily Lucky Draw, and Lottery. Roundupis arealtime-multiplayer casino module where four players acrosstheglobe place a sum of money on the table. More the money theplayerputs in higher is the chance of sweeping all the cash on thetable.Daily Lucky draw lets 1000 lucky winners every day to earncash.All you need to do is to signup for the lucky draw and therestdepends on your luck. Lottery features players buying 100,1.000 or10.000 dollar tickets of any quantity. The results of eachlotteryvary and you have the potential to ridiculously multiplyyourmoney!! 💡 Introducing Careers for life simulator where youcanchoose from one of our well-crafted paths in order to specializeina field. This game also contains a City Builder Mode whichisavailable in the settings panel of the game. This modeessentiallymakes you a mayor where your job is to manage a cityfrom 0population up to a gigantic metropolitan city. It's thepopulationthat determines the success of your city. These are themainfeatures of the game - • You must build Houses,CommercialBuildings, and Community buildings in order to transformyour cityinto a success. • Expand land to accommodate morestructures. GoodLuck! Dave is waiting for you Any feedback is mostappreciatedEmail me @ :
Life Simulator 1.96
NOTE: There is a limit of 25 ad views per person per day.Tiredofall those other life simulating games that just leave youwantingmore?Look no further! Here, life is good!Life Simulator isthe mostin-depth, content-packed life simulating gameavailable.Tired ofyour real life? When you simulate life, you canbe whatever youwant to be.Want to be a rocket scientist, workingfor NASA? Want tobe a senator?How about surgeon general?Go toschool and get ahigh-level degree! There are many different careerpaths and over ahundred items to collect!You can do it all, andmore, when you playLife Simulator by Protopia Games.Life simulationis a fun andaddicting way to make your life whatever you want it tobe!You canpursue a noble profession, like one of the above, or youcan turnto a life of criminality. Rob banks and run a Ponzi schemeifthat's what you really want!Be careful, though. Being acriminalcomes with risks!Random events do occur, as in real life,and thereis no way to prevent them. Sometimes they're good (findsome moneyon the ground), and sometimes they're bad (get adisease).All theother life simulators out there just don't hit themark for me. Iset out to create a game that you can play to passthe time whileyou're doing what you've always wanted to do.As inreal life, thefastest and best way to make a ton of cash is to runa business orplay the stock market. You can even blow all yourmoney gambling atthe casino!Competing life simulation games areone-note bores,wouldn't you agree? Our life simulator is different.There arethousands of lives to live, and the game goes on forever!An aspectthat's a bit different from real life is the ability tochoose whenyou die. When you do this, you lose all of yourprogress. But don'tfear! When you die, your score is calculatedbased on howsuccessful you were, and how many times you've diedbefore. Amultiplier will be applied to your next life based onthisscore.Each life is better than the last, if you play yourcardsright. If you mess up big-time, there's always a reset button.It'sbetter than real life, it's better than your life, it'ssimulatedlife!Download now, and leave a review if you enjoy thegame!
Life Simulator
Life Simulator allows the player to take control of theirown,virtual life. You can go to school, get a job and buy coolthingsto make your life better!Complete challenges to earn cashbonuses,speeding up your progress!Compete with friends on theGlobalLeaderboards and see who can be the best!Complete activities,suchas: getting a job, going to school, working hard, going to thegym,reading books and so much more to be able to have the bestlifepossible!Manage your statistics to maintain ahealthylifestyle!Earn money the risky way with the casino!Get buffbyvisiting the gym!Work your way up in life by going to schoolandgetting an education!Impress your boss for a raise!Chat withotherswhilst playing in the global chat, or create your own channeltotalk to friends!and so much more!----------Life Simulator isveryearly in the development process, we try to fix any bugs beforeanupdate is released. Should you find any be sure to send usanemail, we'll be sure to fix it!
Life Simulator
Life. Simulated. Start from the lowest end of the society andworkyour way up. You have the hunger, mood and energy to do things,butyou start with nothing else. You are free to do whatever youwant.Experience life. On your device. Develop your character,achieveobjectives, buy and sell items, enhance your skills, andjust livelife. Find a job or start your company, it's all in yourhands.Here, you decide how you live your life. Nobody except you isincontrol. Succeed, and you'll realise the purpose of life attheend. So, what are you waiting for? Download the life simulatorappnow!Our Reddit:
Your Life Simulator 1.10.4
You are a lonely guy who never leaves his room. Your only windowinthe outside world is Internet. The game is a life simulatorandworks in real time. To please yourself, you can buy pillows oraposter with your favorite character in the online store.
Life Simulator 2019 1.6.2
Become a virtual beggar! You will start with lowest conditionsinthe life and try earn more and more money.Game will finisheswhenyou became the richest person.Rich simulator can be playedwithtapping the jobs,earning game money and be able to buy themostexpensive stuff in the game.It became addictive after youdevelopyour character! - Lead a life from the poor to rich. - Youcaneducate yourself to get best jobs. - You could be a criminalandearn faster money,but you always had a chance that loose allyourmoney with caught by cops. - You can buyweapons,lodgings,cars...Good luck! -Everything that involved withthat game content isimagination,not represents reality. Credits:*Graphics designed byFreepik *Icons made by Freepik Keywords:life,simulator,simulation game,virtualbeggar,the virtual beggar
Life Simulator 2 – New Life 2.0.64
Life. Simulated Start from the lowest end of the society andworkyour way up. You have the hunger, mood and energy to do things,butyou start with nothing else. You are free to do whatever youwant.Experience life. On your device. Develop your character,achieveobjectives, buy and sell items, enhance your skills, andjust livelife. Find a job or start your company, it's all in yourhands.Here, you decide how you live your life. Nobody except you isincontrol. Succeed, and you'll realise the purpose of life attheend. So, what are you waiting for? Download the life simulatorappnow! Our Reddit:
Homeless? 1.1
Homeless? A simulation game of life. Your job is to climb theladderto success.-You play a homeless man who lives in a cardboardbox andyou're tasked with improving his life. You can take thehigh roadand be a good citizen or you can take the low road andbecome aseasoned criminal.-Features:- Simple to play.- Cleaninterface.-Global leaderboard ranking.- Challenging achievements.-Save yourgame progress and resume play on any device. -Everyday isgoing tobe a challenge, so carefully monitor your health andhunger so youdon't die. Good Luck!--Special thanks to Den &Nadia of DearOptimists for the logo. -
Zombie Life Simulator 3d 1.2
Blaze Games
Have you got nerves? If you think so, thenit'stime to prove it; imagine yourself caught up in ZombieTsunami!!!You're in the house of dead, and it's going to be lethalexperienceof yours. Don't undermine their strength; they are goingto put youin an inevitable trouble. Only the few people on theplanet havesurvived, at least until they run out of ammo or theylearn how tostop them being pernicious. The only option you haveleft is tofight against these ravenous evils. Be a competitivesurvivor, facethe deluge of zombies and undergo this fierceexperience bydownloading and installing this exciting game.Were you waiting for zombie shooting games? Your wait is overnow.Zombie Life Simulator 3D has been launched for you.Apocalypse:A special commando team was hired to head to the frontlineandcollect information before the army can open the counter strike–operation Apocalypse. Too bad everything went wrong; you aretheonly survivor on the route. There is no excuse for stupidmistakewhich may pay with your blood.Shots:You are supposed to take your best shots to shoot away theirheadsor chop off their limbs to let them die slowly, kill themwithcreativity. Be cognizant of their every next move and keep yourgunready to bereave these zombies.Intense games:Are you in quest of intense games that involve crimson actions,andare tired of boring ordinary zombie shooting games? Youhavereached at the right address. This is the best game which isgoingto entertain you in every aspect. You are going to admit thatit'sthe best game among all the other intense games you haveeverplayed.Zombie Kill:Enjoy zombie slaughter in every way; bereave them of their livesbycutting their heads off or chopping off their limbs. You aregoingto enjoy this zombie kill a lot, because you will have copiousofartillery available in Zombie Life Simulator 3D to fightagainstthese deadly evils.About Game Play:Aliens are not present in this zombie life simulator 3d. Allzombiesare residing in a cool city where only some humans areleft, allbecome zombie which are half dead. The rules are verysimple - slaythe endless resources waves of last zombies or haveyour brain eatenin the war.You are given a chance to become adept zombie shooter, and learntheskills to fight against this disseminating creature at the timeofzombie invasion. First of all, you will have to be a zombiecatcher;act like a sentinel and keep your vigilant eye on each andeveryarriving zombie, and take a chance to eradicate thisperniciouscreature. Your battle may get protracted and you may getstuck inthis invaded territory for more than expected time, butdon't letthis fact dispirit you, and bogged down before thisvicious brute.Be alert and show the world that you can survive inthe Evil deadenvirons.Zombies has invaded this city and are ruling like royals; doingwhatthey want to do with only one objective in mind; to KILL.Yourbattle against them is going to be precarious one, becausetheirpropensity to kill humans has reached to its pinnacle. Theyareextremely ravenous and are ready to attack on every human theyseeto fulfil their desire of devouring, so you cannot let themseeyour cravenness and give them courage to attack on you.Getyourself deeply indulged in this game, start shooting and makethemloose their lives.Dead Zombie Life Simulator 3D features:- 4 Amazing Missions containing 5 to 10 tasks- Zombie killing- Fun Game- Free Game- Simple Controls- Live the life of a zombie, try to compete with other zombiesforbrains and plan to survive the war- Different people to attack. But who could withstand the onewhichis already dead?- Upgrade zombie’s skills by killing last civilians and eatingtheirbrains- Great zombie life simulator in 3DYou're going to enjoy this battle a lot. Install this game, playandhave a quality time with yourself!
Homeless Online 1.6.1
You start the game as a complete homeless person who:•has nomoneyat all! •is ignorant!•has no special skills at all.•feelslucky toknow how to read!•lives in a cardboard box!You try to berich.Youcan earn money by begging, working or doing illegalthings!You caneven be richer by gambling with slot machines ordicegames!Climbing career steps or doing illegal jobs or bothiscompletely your choice.By the way you might get caught whiledoingillegal activities in the game. Be Careful!Watch out forHealth andHunger levels to not die.Develop your character, completeyourachievements, develop your abilities, stayalive.Features•Simplegameplay•Achievements•Leaderboards•Slotmachines•OnlineTournaments•Online gamble games•Playable withoutinternetconnection
Student 1.0.223
The new student life simulator will help you to have some fun,toremember your past and you're likely to experience newemotions!Offyou go to making out and you'll succeed: go out ondates, flirtwith your classmates and by the final year start datingwith aTOP-model. Don't miss some cool parties and festivals, but donotforget either to geek out.Promote your business from the hotdoghouse up to the chain of gas stations. Hang out withfriends,attend the classes and become the CEO of Halliburton. Workhard,earn some money and buy the most expensive items. Moremoney!Yourway to succeed: from the discounts at flea market up toyourgraduation, become a really succesful and buy your personalplane!
com.ermolnik.ermolnik.buisnesssimulator 1.16
Feel like a real businessman. Create a company or even afewcompanies, hire employees, advertise your business, signcontracts,buy luxury cars, planes or even islands! Don't stop, earnmoremoney, get more expensive items and grow to big tycoon. Becomethebest!
Schoolboy 1.3.1
The guy starts from scratch and he needs your help! Will hebesuccessful, rich and popular or become a loser? His life is inyourhands. You can do different cool business from saling chalktomaking your own startup. You can stir up any girl, includingMissof the World. Lots of fantastic gadgets that can help you inthegame are available to you. A lot of cool cars andclothing.Download the game, it will be interesting! :)
Dream Life 1.6
Dream Life is a simulation game that show us the portraitofadulthood, where they can claim their right to become, to know,tocreate, to share, and to care in a fun ways. The jobs given inthisgame is based on Holland code (RIASEC) test where there is 6workspersonalities.Recommended for 8 - 14 years old.
The Sims™ FreePlay 5.48.2
Play the Sophisticated Socialite Live Event, decorate your homewithfashionable furniture, and unlock chic outfits for your Sims!Fromthe creators of The Sims™ series of best-selling simulationgamescomes a complete Sims experience on mobile! What’s yourstory?Create it with your Sims in real-time, customize theirwardrobes andhomes, and help them live out their dreams. Completegoals to earnSimoleons, expanding your Sim Town and picking uprewards along theway. Keep your Sims happy and watch them thriveas you help themlive a fun and fulfilled life! 200 milliondownloads and counting!SIM-ULATING POSSIBILITIES From head to toe– and floor to ceiling –customize every aspect of your Sims’lives! Keep up to 34 Simslooking stylish, and design their dreamhomes complete with swimmingpools and multiple floors. As you getmore Sims and they start afamily, expand your Sim Town with a petstore, car dealership,shopping mall, and even a beach! Achievegoals for Lifestyle Points,then spend them on trendy items. Visityour real friends’ Sim Towns,where you can form new relationshipsand compare your friends’interior design skills against yours.Endless possibilities. Endlessmobile fun! STAY CONNECTED Life isbetter together. Startrelationships, fall in love, get married,and have a family. Makelifelong friends and care for pets. Throwpool parties and grilloutdoors or snuggle up by the fireplace formovie night. In the moodfor some trouble? There’s plenty of dramato be had when Sims don’tget along. Act silly with teens, be rudeto family members, or evensay no to a marriage proposal! Frombabies to seniors, your perfectSims story can happen at everystage of your life simulation. Loveand friendships? Drama andbreakups? The choice is always yours. ALLWORK AND ALL PLAY A Sim’sgotta work! Start different dream careers,and even follow Sims’days at the Police Station, Movie Studio, andHospital. The moreyour Sims go to work, the more they learn skillsand raise theirsalary, giving you rewards and setting them on apath to success.In their free time, choose different hobbies likecooking, fashiondesign, salsa dancing, and puppy training. The moreinvolved theyare, the happier they’ll be, from kids to teens toadults. Theopportunities are limitless when you create a life yourSims love!________________________________________ Visit for assistanceorinquiries. EA may retire online features and services after30days’ notice posted on Information: This app: requires a persistentInternetconnection (network fees may apply);Requires acceptance ofEA’sPrivacy & Cookie Policy and User Agreement. includesin-gameadvertising; collects data through third party analyticstechnology(see Privacy & Cookie Policy for details); containsdirectlinks to the Internet and social networking sites intendedfor anaudience over 13.
President 2017- life simulator 1.0.2
Happy countries are all alike; every unhappy country is unhappyinits own way. Your country had an inexpressibly great luck! Ithasyou! Try on a role of a real president. Lead anubercountry,ubergoverment with its ubercitizens absolutely forfree. The“President” game- is a clicker, where you can do anythingyou want.You can do all that is not forbidden. Develop yourcharacter, ruleyour country, make your citizens fall in love withyou, create themost delightful budget in the world, save yourcountry from acrisis, became a dictator or show everyone where areal democracyresides, bring a stability in each and every home,earn a fame ofthe most spectacular politician there is, juggle yourpower likenobody is watching. Who, if not you? All events andcharacters arefictitious. Any resemblance to real persons arerandom
InstLife 1.2.3
Release a platinum album at the age of 17, or die of old ageonlyhaving a few qualifications in school and not much else, thechoiceis yours. Pass your driving test and die in a fatal accidenta yearlater or become a famous musician and become restricted inwhat youcan do. Will you go to university or give it a miss? Meetdifferentpeople each time you play, start a relationship. Will theybe theone? Let them move in and live happily ever after. Or... Willtheyleave you? Jobs, and companies, are generated and are differentforeach game. Jobs require different qualifications to get hired,makesure you work hard and get that promotion! Will the companiesCEOstep down and allow you to change the company for the better?Findyour perfect house! Can't afford it? Get a mortgage, make suretokeep your payments up... Each year you live containsnewexperiences. The ultimate life simulation. InstLife doesnotrequire an internet connection, and can be played offline.
Tuber's Life Simulator 1.0.3
Start your journey from an ordinary worker to the mostfamousTuber:– CREATE your unique character in your own image:choose aname, age, gender and appearance. Remember, your characterisconstantly growing up!– UPGRADE your skills and buy equipmentforthe best quality of your videos: the better the equipmentandskills, the more positive comments you get! – EARN large amountsofmoney on advertising and affiliate networks: the more youareknown, the more profitable offers you will get.– STREAMbroadcastlive and earn in this: there are several types of Stream,from thegame and ending with cooking! – FACTORY your relationshipand inthe future, start your own family: a system of dialogues,theability to start and raise children and much more!– GROW andtakecare of your pets. There are many pets, from cats to turtles.Yourpets are constantly growing, so do not forget to take care ofthemand feed them! – BUY houses and transport to improve your ownlife.The better your property and transport, the better yourcharacterfeels.– BUILD your own business, from a simple onlinestore to ahuge corporation. The better your business, the more youearn!Thisand more is waiting for you in the game "Tuber's LifeSimulator"!
Youtubers Life: Gaming Channel 1.4.2
U-Play Online
Being a famous youtuber is everyone's dream! In Youtubers Lifeyouwill know how it feels to be a star! Learn the day-to-day lifeoffamous Youtubers in this simulation game! What will be the themeofyour channel? In this simulator you will have to manage yourtimeto take care of your daily obligations and upload weekly videostothe channel. At first it will be difficult to get followers butthemore videos you upload, the more they will increase! Do notgetaffected by the comments of your haters, Become a popularyoutuberand live your life surrounded by luxury! Before buildingyour videochannels you must create your own avatar. First decideamong avariety of hats, hairstyle and shirts, make your avatar afashionvictim and dress them up with the most modern clothes. Butbecareful, manage your money well and do not makeunnecessarypurchases because every coin saved will bring you closerto yourgoal: To become a millionaire! Once you're ready, therealadventure begins! Choose the theme of your channel, therearemultiple options! • Cooking channel: Play this simulator tobecomea chef and upload your favorite recipe or teach how to cookadelicious dessert. Do not forget to edit the video to make thefoodlook tastier. Be ready to work at the best restaurants in theworldand take some ideas from others influencers! • Gamingchannel:Record the best gameplays and other gamers will become yourfans.Buy the best pcs, consoles and video games to create thecoolestvideos. Search for geek videogames and criticize theirgameplay, itwill generate debate and foster comments! Be a gamerand manageyour money to get as many video games as you can. • Musicchannel:Make videos of your favourite artists and cover their bestsongs.Soon you'll be able to play live in front of thousands offans! Areyou ready for this lifestyle? Developing a channel is noteasy, somanage your money well and do not run out of resources tobe ableto go shopping. If you follow any video blog, maybe you cantakesome tips from him to increase your followers. Make yourselfthemost popular vlogger but… are you ready for all kind ofcomments?Managing your budget efficiently is the key to become abillionaireyoutuber. Do not spent your money on unnecessary things!Make yourcharacter well-balanced in your social life and in yourinternetresponsibilities. Upload videos and keep an eye at thesubscribersand likes. Youtubers Life is a simulator that will teachyou howit’s like to be a social media star and live a lifelikeJacksepticeye! Reaching stardom is easy, but theresponsibilitiesof being an influencer are very hard. Manage yourtime and moneyand do not stop uploading videos to your channel oryou can losesome subscribers. You should go shopping from time totime toupdate your wardrobe! In Youtubers Life simulator you willbe ableto: • Go shopping and customize your avatar so it lookslikewhoever you want to be! • Become a vlogger and show yourfollowerswhat video games are your favourite ones in your channel.Be themost popular gamer. • Manage your channel and edit videosfrom yourstudio. • Put yourself in the lifestyle of a billionaire,bepresent in social media! Copy from others blogs gamersgamers'channel! • Go to exclusive parties with your subscribers,and livea billonaire lifestyle! Join your friends to see who ismostpopular youtuber in this simulator game. Do you think youarecapable of saving money better than your fellows when theygoshopping? Do they build their channel with different decisionsanddo they reach their goal of becoming a millionaire faster thanyou?Become more popular than your friends on social media toattractthe richest sponsors! These simulator games are appropriateforkids of all ages. Have fun making money by posting videos onafamous social network! Youtubers Life mobile tycoonincludesclicker minigames! Start your channel!
Home Street – Home Design Game 0.23.9
Enjoy life sim design games and want to build a house? Buildanddecorate your dream house in Home Street! Supersolid brings youabrand-new House Design and real life sim game where you canbuildyour dream home, be who you want to be, and bring it all tolife ina town built on friendship! Design your dream life in theperfecttown with the perfect house! Live in a town alongsideneighboursand create your story with Home Street! 🏡 CREATE YOURDREAM HOME ✓Design a dream home and extend or remodel your house tocreate theperfect pad ✓ Build a home and decorate it with a homelayout thatwill reflect your personal style best ✓ Decorate yourown house anddesign it with great amenities like a relaxing hottub, big-screenTV, and much more! The choices are yours! ✓ Unleashyour housedesign passion and house flip in this house game! 💇DESIGN YOUR OWNCHARACTER ✓ Home Street is like no other housegames! Create a simcharacter and customise it to look just likeyou! ✓ Design yourcharacter with different face shapes, eye colour,hairstyles,makeup, body shapes, and more ✓ Designer clothes willhelp youperfect your style and create multiple outfits. There aremanydifferent choices! 👫 MAKE AWESOME FRIENDS IN YOUR CITY ✓ Inyourdream city, there’s always someone ready to lend a hand! ✓Choosethe community you like most in your virtual world and meetyour newneighbours ✓ Invite friends over to your house and show offyouramazing home decor and house design skills 😀 AFRIENDLYNEIGHBOURHOOD AWAITS ✓ Build a town with tons ofNeighbourhoods tojoin so you can chat with friends in real-time(Level 10) ✓Neighbourhood Events are constantly introduced with newandexciting themed home design decorations and outfit choices!✓Experience a life sims game like never before and help yourfriendshouse flip and design homes 🎬 PLAY AMAZING STORIES ✓ Notonly ahouse game: choose your own story and be the star! ✓ Funstories –Guest star on a TV game show, support your localcommunity, livethe city life or start your very own business inregularly updatedquests! 🎤 DISCOVER YOUR TALENTS ✓ Design your lifeand unlock yourinner artist, musician, baker, fashion designer andmore! ✓ Besidesdesigning your own house you can also choose yourtalent, turn itinto an income and earn rewards to upgrade yourabilities Createyour dream home, house flip, and start your newlife in a friendlytown and neighbourhood in Home Street! Build yourdream house inthis fun, entertaining life sim game! See in whatdirection yourchoices lead you in when you play Home street andstart on yourhome design path and decorate house now, like no otherhome designgames! Ready for some home design? Download Home Streetfor FREEand design homes today! NOTE: Home Street is a sims gamethat isfree to download. However, purchases can be made in the gameforreal money. If you don’t want to use this feature, pleasedisablein-app purchases in your device settings, and enjoy yourfree housegame. A network connection is required to play, makechoices anddecorate house. --------------------------- SUPPORT Ourfriendlydesign games team is ready to help you build a house anddesignhomes! You can reach them about your sims house PrivacyPolicy:
ru.agoryachev.bomjara 1.1.20
• Achieve the max indicator of popularity through yourprosperityenhancement! • Search coins on the streets, wash cars,work on theplant or gamble on a Stock exchange! • Open your officeor createyour own social network! • Gain a huge capital for theshortestperiod! Compete with your friends! • Play roulette andredoubleyour cash! General information: Almost every event in thisgame ishappened due to selection of random numbers. Every move inthisgame is equal of one day. Every day you lose your health,happinessand satiety in accordance with the random number. If yourhealth,happiness or satiety will drop by 0 levels you get only 7days forimproving. Otherwise you will die. Every year you willcelebrateyour Birthday and get presents. Every day you have achance to findbottles in a trash bin and then sell them. Now youcan raise yourmood, health, or satiety, in reality! Turn on GPS andare lookingfor rare atrefakty to raise ranking and compete withyour friendsin the findings. On the streets you can find a coin, asuitcasewith money, gold teeth and stuff.
The Game of Life 2.2.7
MAKE CHOICES, GET PAID, OR LOSE IT ALL! Attend college, accept ajoband play minigames in this interactive app that is fun for thewholefamily. Watch as board piece characters come to life and maketheirway through the various stages of life on this spectacular,3Danimated reworking of the familiar physical board. PLAYMULTIPLAYERMODE ONLINE! The Game of Life features a new, uniqueandmuch-anticipated multiplayer mode. Online matchmaking lets youplayin a whole new way online. Match and play against otheronlineplayers as you all spin and race in the direction of thelastyellow tile of life’s road. THIS GAME FEATURES: •ONLINEMULTIPLAYER - Match with other players and race to the finalyellowsquare • LOCAL PLAY - Play with up to three friends on onedevice •FAST MODE - A new, shorter game mode where you will befaced with adifferent victory condition! • MINIGAMES - Put yourskills to thetest and compete head-to-head in a variety ofminigames • CHAT -Send players expressive emoticons during onlinematches THE GAME OFLIFE is a trademark of Hasbro and is used withpermission. © 2016Hasbro. All Rights Reserved. 1.0.3
The world's first Funghi life simulation observation game! Fromthe""Mushroom Garden"" series with over 43 million downloads, comesa""den-making simulation game!"" Recruit Funghi for a wonderfuldenlife! 7 features to enjoy Funghi's Den: ・Build Lots ofFacilities!・Grow Crops, Make Tools, and Harvest! ・Scout New Funghi!・Go onAdventures to Find Treasures! ・Dress Up Your Funghi!・Decorate YourDen! ・Observing the Funghi! Story: You are a Funghiexpert that'sresearching their ecology. One day you receive aletter from aFunghi boy named Roomulus, who has been tasked to makehis dengreat. It seems that he's looking for a partner inden-making.Enjoy the den life with Roomulus and friends!
Forest Wild Life Simulator 3D 1.2
Play as a large angry wolf, Have fun and hunt to satisfyyourcarnivorous hunger Perfect 3D Environment with ReallyAmazingGraphics and Huge Environment with Lots of DifferentAnimals! FastAttack everything you see to earn points and be attop. Go forhunting, look for your next innocent goal to killfurious beasts,execute the target to Survive in the Wild! Beaverwar attackrevenge allows you to roam in jungle survival game play.You are anangry and looking to slaughter anyone who comes withinyour sight.Close in for the kill. Race and run around the hugeforest map tohunt down and slice into your next victim. Go onhunting and lookfor your next innocent target mission to enjoy thetrace. ForestWild Life Simulator 3D is filled with different typeof animals,you can jump, pounce and scratch, a map is provided toscale thewhole forest to find the target to catch. You can play asreal wildthing and try to become the most powerful deadly animal inthewildness. you can also use protector to protect yourself. Thereisalso a defensive beast in the Denger Forest. So be accurateandfight the with the other zoological. There is a huntersearchingfor you! Always be on guard! Run around and complete thelevelsbefore the time is up! Be a wild beast and survive in thewildnessas long as you can. Start your own pride of wolves, fightfor yourlife against fierce animals like rabbit, goat, Deer, Zebra,Fox,Wolf, Bear, Rhino, Werewolf, Elephant, Lion and Littlebabyanimals. Be the strongest Wolf ever. You can also eat otheranimalsafter hunting them. Now a days Life of wild animal indangerbecause of pollution & City Construction & ExtremeCrimeTerrorist activity. This game combines the elements ofactionrampage style games with the best adventure games. Startling3Deffects! This is a complete action packed games for teensandgrownups with cool HD graphics. In this simulation game youwillenjoy the different and realistic waterfall, hill andmountainenvironment. its very Difficult and challenging game. Thisgame isvery basic sniper hunting wolves’ game. Try and live thelife of awolf in this game. Download Now! HOW TO PLAY: * You canuse thejoystick, on the left to move * Jump button on the right tomake itfly and swipe to look around Notes to players This game isnot foreveryone. This is a type of game that some people love.Other willfind uninteresting. Some users asked us for Forest WildLifeSimulator 3D, so we obliged. We think this game has manyfunelements, we hope you do as well. It also pushes theperformancelimits of most devices. If you have a slow andunderperformingdevice, it is unlikely this app will work. Keyfeatures:- HighQuality and realistic 3D graphics Realisticwilderness with dynamicrun-time Smooth controls Soothing soundeffects Fight with otheranimals Amazing real wildlife simulatorenvironment Realisticsimulator animation and game play Real lifepredator
Always Remember Me Free 1.5.1
Winter Wolves
Amy is desperate! Her boyfriend Aaron doesn't remember heranymoreafter a car accident!Will you be able to make him rememberagain?Orperhaps it's time to move on. Maybe Amy will fall in lovewithsomeone else?It's up to you to decide. Play this lifesimulationgame with dating sim elements and shape Amy's destiny.
i Live - You play he lives 2.12.4
"i Live" is the most innovative and realistic life simulatorevercreated. Over 5000 frames for animation, dynamic lightingandshadows, and the time is in real time! Play now "i Live" andgive a'soul to your device. Features.... •Bring your baby into theworldand bring him up like a real child. Breastfeed him, follow himandwatch him growing •He needs love, if you don’t follow him, hewon’tlove you. Give him all love you can and he will love youtoo!•Follow his growht phases, from his born to his fifthbirthday.Watch his body and conduct changes! •Play with him andbecame thebest parent ever! Challenge your friend and rise inLeaderboard!•He Lives night and day waiting for your return! Andmuch more Muchmore! clothes, games and gadget. Make your baby happyfor arealexperience!---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------Theysay that... "Best Graphics" The graphics are so realisticamong themost cared in all the Playstore! " "Best Life Simulator"The bestlife simulation game, the most beautiful of its kind!"Gameplay" Thechild grows increasing more and more involvement andfun!"Longevity" The game currently reaches the age of the child in3months. "Audio" The music and the effects make the atmosphereatplay unique, changing and adapting to the time ofday--------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------"Useful information for the user" As percompany policy, the gamedoes not contain annoying advertisements.Only purchases in the appthat can be optional and disabled fromyour device.-----------------------------------------------------------------------------Follow the community and updates onfacebook / ilivegameofficialSubscribe and follow ourchannel! Availablelanguages:English, Italian, German, Spanish, French, Portoguese(Brazil) 2.2.9
althi Inc.
This kingdom welcomes immigrants from any country. Let's liveinthis kingdom! This may not be a game. Eternal time to getfamilyand take over to descendants. Unprecedented, stand-alone RPGandlife simulator. Let's start the kingdom life now. It'severythingYou want in a RPG. Let's immigrate to the free andpeaceful kingdomand enjoy your another life. Enjoy a free life withlove andadventure. Quests, battles, item gathering, harvest,love,marriage, even raising children. An easy-going, relaxedplayexperience. Real life takes on new meaning. “WorldNeverland -ElneaKingdom” is a simulation game that allows the player to enjoyafree lifestyle in an elaborate sandbox kingdom. The large numberofAI characters that are moving about the kingdom and to whomtheplayer can communicate make the player feel just as if theywereplaying an online game. Since it's release, “World Neverland-Elnea Kingdom” has seen over 60 updates with improvementsandcontent enhancements reflecting the requests of players. Ithasachieved 1.5 million overall downloads. Twitter: 【Game Outline】 WorldNeverlandis an original game made using an overhead communitysimulationsystem that is patented in Japan. What makes this gameunique fromothers of the same genre is that it feels as if it issimulating aliving society. The kingdom that sets the stage forthis gameincludes details such as realms, buildings, and even anationalsystem. This creates a virtual community in which hundredsofpeople live. The various AI characters act of their own freewill.- The player arrives in this kingdom as a traveler, becomesacitizen, and then lives there. - Each player has a house andfield.The player can also save money to move into a mansion. - Theplayercan participate as the head of or a guest at events suchasseasonal functions, state ceremonies, festivals,marriages,childbirths, and funeral services. - Players can becomefriendswith and marry other unmarried characters. - Players canalso workhard at a job or martial art to find success in thisworld. - Theplayer can also have several children to increase thesize of theirfamily. - By transferring their control to offspring,the playercan experience a long period of play over severalgenerations of afamily. - Cooking can also be done using a varietyof ingredients.- Monsters can be defeated and dungeons or forestsexplored togather resources or ingredients for cooking and makingweapons. -Martial arts tournaments can be entered, allowing playerstocompete to be the number one hero in the kingdom. - The playerisfree to do, or not do, what they wish. - The kingdom has ahistoryof several hundred years, which can be read about in thelibrary. -Conpatibilty Requires Android OS 6.0 or later. 3GbyteFree RAM
Human Life 2.0
Goblin LLC
Can You Escape - Holidays - Out Now! In our lives we areconstantlyfaced with situations we must escape from! In this game,we tellthe human life story from birth to the end. Can you escapefrom thebullies in highschool? Can you escape from falling plane?Will youmanage to leave you boring office job, or be stuck thereforever?Play to find out!
Homeless 1.0
This game is a simulator of a life of homeless man.our task istomaintain and improve his life, moving up the career ladder,orbecome criminal. Good luck!
Cow Simulator 1.1
Live the dream of being a realistic cow with Cow Simulator. Afarm;in the countryside, between the trees, on the edge ofthewaterfalls and the lake... A magnificent nature waiting tobediscovered. Play like a cow from birth to death in this farm.Getready to journey which every moment is full of excited. Stayalive!Defend your hero and family...GAME FEATURES:- Complete theinitialtasks. Raise your cow.- You will be hungry, thirst andtired.Protect your health!- Find your mate. Have a cub and protectyourfamily.- Wait near the mate and enjoy the experience of havingacub.- Use your mini map and large map finding enemies.-Increaseyour level, strengthen the character.TECHNICAL DETAILS:-Mobiloptimized HD graphics.- Sensitive touch controls.- Handybuttons.-Quest system.- Level system.- Dynamic day and nightsystem.-Realistic jungle environments.- Different camera angles.-Lots ofdomestic animals.- All game data can be saved.- "How toplay" fornew starters.Have Fun Playing Cow Simulator.Thanks.
Wolf Life Simulation 2017 1.2
In Wolf Life Simulation, protect your title as the AlphaWolf!Wolvesare by no means not man’s best friend. Have you everwondered whatlife is like through a wild wolf’s eyes? Well, thisgame will proveit exhilarating and exciting! Lead your pack as theAlpha Wolf andconquer other beasts in the animal kingdom! Takecontrol of a keencanine with the sharpest sense of sight andsmell, and lightningspeed reflexes. Be careful, these are notdomesticated dogs. Stalk,chase, and attack your enemies in avirtual scenic jungle that willtake your breath away!Indulge in anawesome combination of RPG andaction-packed adventure. Choose fromgorgeous wolf textures, eachwith specialized attacks such aspouncing, leaping, biting, andslashing. Fight ferociously forfood, protect your family and cubs,and chill out with the pack!The vast safari and forest belongs toyou, with hidden wonders toexplore!Sink your teeth into THIS!WolfLife Simulation 2017Features:•Smooth & Addictive gameplay.•Realwolf lifesimulation with RPG features!•Beautifully designedsafarienvironment.•Clan feature for teamwork play andcompanionship.•Various wolf textures.•Realistic attack animationsfor demolishingyour prey!•Exhilarating Boss Fights!•Awesome visuals& soundseffects for a thrilling experience.•Mating features toexpand yourpack!About TapinatorTapinator (Ticker: TAPM) developsand publishesgames on mobile platforms. The Company’s portfolioincludes over250 mobile gaming titles that, collectively, haveachieved over 350million player downloads. Tapinator isheadquartered in New York.For more info, visit
Compsognathus Simulator 1.1
Thousands years ago, earth's largest, fastest and mostpowerfulcreatures had a big fight for survival. They must have tofightagainst own kind. Play like a dinosaur from birth to death.Alsoexperience living in the past. Discover the lost worldofdinosaurs! Get ready to journey which every moment is fullofdanger. Stay alive and protect your family!GAME FEATURES:-Completethe initial tasks. Raise your dino and kill the morepowerfuldinosaurs.- You will be hungry, thirst and tired. Protectyourhealth!- Find your mate. Have a cub and protect your family.-Waitnear the eggs and enjoy the experience of having a cub.- Useyourmini map and large map finding enemies.- Increase yourlevel,strengthen the character.TECHNICAL DETAILS:- Mobil optimizedHDgraphics.- Sensitive touch controls.- Handy buttons.-Questsystem.- Level system.- Dynamic day and night system.-Realisticjungle environments.- Different camera angles.- Lots ofdinosaurs.-All game data can be saved.- "How to play" for newstarters.HaveFun Playing Compsognathus Simulator.Thanks.Thousandsyears ago,earth's largest to, fastest and most powerful creatureshad a bigfight for survival. They must have to fight against ownkind. Playlike a dinosaur from birth to death. Also experienceliving in thepast. Discover the lost world of dinosaurs! Get readyto journeywhich every moment is full of danger. Stay alive andprotect yourfamily!GAME FEATURES:- Complete the initial tasks.Raise your dinoand kill the more powerful dinosaurs.- You will behungry, thirstand tired. Protect your health!- Find your mate. Havea cube andprotect your family.- Wait near the eggs and enjoy theexperienceof having a cub.- Use your mini-map and large map findingenemies.-Increase your level, strength of the character.TECHNICALDETAILS:-Mobile optimized HD graphics.- Sensitive touch controls.-Handybuttons.- Quest system.- Level system.- Dynamic day andnightsystem.- Realistic jungle environments.- Different cameraangles.-Lots of dinosaurs.- All game data can be saved.- "How toplay" fornew starters.Have Fun Playing CompsognathusSimulator.Thanks.
Squid Underwater Life Sim 3D 1.0
Tired of usual animal simulators with different animalsexploringwild jungles and tropics? Then check our fantastic SquidUnderwaterLife Sim 3D and dip into the underwater life of thisfantasticcreature!Dip into the adventurous life bright and cleversquid!Hunt fish and crabs, fight every shark and killer whale youcansee, mate with other squidss, raise up your spawn and havefun!Live the whole life of a single animal – from the small weakandhelpless larva through mature beast to the ghost of the oldwisegiant squid! Customize your tentacle creature choosinggender,name, and color and become the most dangerous and wildanimalever!Open the world of deep underwater monsters and becomesuchmonster by yourself! Discover interesting species likeJapaneseflying squid, Architeuthis, European squid, Antarcticcranch squidand glass squid! Mate with other squids, create a nestto raise upyour little descendants! Guard your family against cruelpredatorsand survive – this is your real mission for today!Don’tforget tomind your hunger and health indicators – if one of themdrops,you’ll find yourself dead! Power-up your squid’s skills tomakeyour underwater life really safe and protect your pack! Enjoytheunderwater adventures playing Squid Underwater Life Sim3D!SquidUnderwater Life Sim 3D features:• Realistic underwatercephalopodsimulator• Wonderful surroundings of the ocean• Chance tomate andraise descendants• Full customization of your squid•Addictivegameplay with simple controls• Fantastic 3DgraphicsExplore theocean, fight, hunt and have fun playing SquidUnderwater Life Sim3D! Rule the sea bottom with your mightytentacles!Privacypolicy:
Mantis Insect Life Simulator 1.1.0
Explore the huge wilderness of micro (and not only micro!)worldbeing one of the most unusual insect predator – a prayingmantis!Fight with different insects and big wild animals, raiseyour spawnand have fun with Mantis Insect Life Simulator!Check ournew gamefor all the arthropod lovers!Roam about the forests andplains,fight with different insects and predators, find your mateandraise your family!Build your own nest, try to find a mate, leaditto your lair and create your own family! Don’t forget toprotectyour nest, otherwise, cruel wild predators could ruin it anddefeatall your little offspring! Transport enough food to yourfamily,protect it from tarantulas, scorpions, gecko lizards andvenomfrogs’ attacks and just enjoy the atmosphere of being one ofthemost horrifying insects in the world!Earn points forsuccessfullycompleted missions and unlock new interesting skins foryour mantisto look like large brown mantis (a.k.a Australian stickmantis),conehead mantis (Empusa), Mediterranean mantis (a.k.a.irismantis), Malaysian giant dead leaf mantis, or giantMalaysianshield mantis! Power its characteristics up to have anopportunityto live longer and just enjoy Mantis Insect LifeSimulator!Mindyour health, energy and hunger indicators andremember: if one ofthem drops, your chances to live long andprosper in this littlemantis’s body will drop too! Run through theforests and plains insearch of your poor prey: chase differentinsects and animals tofeed yourself and live longer! Enjoy the fullcycle of mantis’slife!Mantis Insect Life Simulator features:•Outstanding prayingmantis survival simulator• Chance to mate andraise a family •Various types of interesting missions and rivals•Many unlockableskins for your mantis• Realistic 3D graphicsLearnhow it is tobecome a huge wild praying mantis! Live the whole lifeof thislittle but so much terrifying creature exploring the microworld inits huge wilderness with Mantis Insect Life Simulator!Youruse ofMantis Insect Life Simulator is free of charge in exchangeforsafely using some of your device's resources (WiFi and verylimitedcellular data), and only when you are not using your device.Youmay turn this off from the settings menu. Please see our TOSforfurtherinformation:
Successful life Simulator 1.2.6
Shadow Space
Feel like a successful businessman. To get an education, find ajob,start their own business, buying up everything from barbershoptooil companies and become president. Game features: -More than40types of businesses; -Getting education; -career ladder;-progressin the political sphere. 1.550
The Normal Edition contains sandbox game mode which allows youthefreedom to start a new life in Dream city. However, you'vearrivedat the bad time. You have less than a year to prepare fortheupcoming apocalypse. Gather your resources and forge friendshipasyou need them to survive the apocalypse. The sandbox modeareseparated to 4 parts: * Part 1 (Red Rain) tells the event ofthered rain which causes paranoia among city dwellers. * Part 2(TheInfected) tells the event of the Infected which causesdistressamong city dwellers. * Part 3 (The Savage) tells the eventof theSavage which causes death among the city dwellers. This isthehardest part of the game which tests your urban survival tothelimit. * Part 4 (The Aftermath) tells the event of themilitary'sintervention to eradicate the Savage. Part 1 is availablerightnow. The upcoming update will include Part 2. If you want toplaythe story mode, you can get the Story Mode Edition- DC Life and DC Living Both DC Life and DC Livingshare thesame game world. DC Life is a text-based game whichallows you tocontrol the main character through plenty of screens.DC Living onthe other hand plays like 2D role playing game whichallows you tocontrol the main character that you see from the topdown view. Bothgames have lots of interaction. If you have no ideawhat to do inthe game, you can refer to the extensive checklistthat keeps trackof your progress in the game. There are a lot oftutorials thatexplain what you need to do in the game. Is ThisLife SimulationGame? The short answer is no. You're onlycontrolling the maincharacter from certain age. Although the gamehas certain lifesimulation features such as taking care of hunger,sleep and otherneeds, the game plays like a normal role playinggame. FeaturesAvailable to All Game Modes * 4 career paths (adagency executive,lawyer, fashion designer or model) * jobpromotion (starts fromlow-level position and get promoted to thetop as CEO) * plenty ofpart-time jobs at the restaurants and theport * scavenge trash binsto recycle items to sell * gain skillpoints by performing a job orattending class * 40 places toexplore (4 home type, 8 work places,7 restaurants, 6 schools, 5shops, 4 leisure facilities and 5recreational facilities) *upgrade home with plenty of furniture *robust inventory systemwhich allows to store and cook many fooditems * 4 differentvehicles to own (scooter, small car, sedan carand luxury car) *invest in 3 different mutual funds to build wealth(take advantageof the economy to buy low and sell high) * fightnormal enemies(gangster, hooligan, drug addict and gym trainer)FeaturesAvailable to Sandbox Mode * plenty of interesting andrecurringtasks given by many characters which rewards money andimproverelationship * fight special enemies associated with theapocalypse(angry male/female, the infected, the savage andsoldiers)Technical Issues If you have technical issues or anyproblem aboutthe game, please contact us through e-mail addressthat you canfind on this page.
WhyMoolah 2.4.1
WhyMoolah is an entertaining simulation that will take youthroughlife in Singapore! WhyMoolah will show you how each andeverydollar truly adds up at the end of it all!===================AUTHENTIC INFORMATION. AUTHENTICALLYSINGAPOREAN.=================== We've loaded tons of practicalinformation intothis little simulation, with every bit relevant toliving in goodol' Singapore! And by leaving out all the dry andtechnical jargon,we're hoping to help demystify personal finance,such as collegeloans, credit cards, CPF, taxes, salaries, buying aHDB, housinggrants, and much more! =================== DON'T JUSTREAD. PLAY!=================== Forget about having to pour throughthickstacks of data! We've laid everything out in a intuitiveandplayable simulation! From interacting with our extensive mixoflocal personalities to taking on specially craftedchallenges,we’ve built it all with fun in mind.===================LIVE OUTYOUR ENTIRE LIFE. THEN HIT RESTART. ===================Byincorporating real-life information and real-life prices,playerswill be able to simulate real-life decisions. You'll be ableto seethe consequences of any decision and get a feel for what itmightreally take to make your financial goals a reality. And ifthingsdon't work out the way you want it to, just hitrestart!=================== STAND A CHANCE TO WIN REAL PRIZES EVERYMONTH!=================== Take real action on your finances and andstanda chance to win real rewards that money can't buy. Withregularupdates in the simulation, you're never short of newscenarios anddecisions to experience! =================== THEWHYMOOLAHCOMMUNITY. MORE THAN JUST AN APP! ===================Always had aburning question about money? With WhyMoolah, we’rebuilding acommunity of other young individuals and experts who areready toshare and answer any queries.Tags: why moolah, finance,money,singapore, playmoolah, DBS,Remix, HDB, loan, calculator,expense,savings, retirement, student, financial, literacy
Puppy Party 🐶 Secret Pet Life Day Care Dog Games 1.1.1
Have fun with cute puppies in this puppy party! Go into theirsecretpet life and play dog games together with your biggestpuppyfriends. Be a dog sitter in a pet day care episode. The bestdoggames for girls are bundled together in my pet salon, a greatwayto learn how to pet my first dog. Amazing!Features of PuppyParty🐶◾ Fantastic dog games for girls and boys◾ Realistic pet daycaregame as a dog sitter◾ Mini games like cleanup, dress up,feeding,home design and puppy party◾ Perfect puppy party during aday in asecret pet life◾ Great way to learn how to pet my firstdog◾ Playwith paws and fluffy puppies◾ Hug your boo in this pet daycaregameIn this episode you are the dog sitter, so you can learn tohowto pet my first dog. Go into the pet salon and play with allthetoys. Get your puppies to the daycare and take care of them inalldog games! Do a cleanup for their fur, a dress up for thepuppyparty and design their doghouse beautifully. Puppiesforpresident!The pet salon is ready for some doggy games for girlsandboys. Help and play with all the toys to make them happy!Amazing.Get down for some puppy dog games and have fun!
Tractor Farm Life Simulator 3D 1.0.3
This game is trying to tell you a story of a young boy named Bobwhowas living happily in a small town. The whole family iswell-reputedfarmers from generations to generations. Bob’s fatherwas ahardworking man he worked from dawn to dusk for the betterfuture ofhis family. Now, his father gives his heritage to Bob andall hisfarms, his animals and all his machinery like trucks,harvester,crop choppers and trolleys to him. Bob was veryinterested infarming from his early childhood age. Likewise, Bob’syoungerbrother is also eager to work with his brother but he istoo youngfor farming. They are farmers who produced pure naturalfood andcontributed to the economy of his country. This realisticTractorfarm 3D graphics game is based on Bob's life. It is a greatchancefor you to step into Bob’s shoes and enjoy the realfarmingexperience. Bob's father had a huge area for farming. Theyusuallygrow wheat and corn crops. They also had a small marketaftercrossing the river. Grow new crops and sell them to a marketformoney. But before this, you will have to go through thecompleteprocess of growing the crops. Plowing the field, thenspraying thepesticides, watering the fields and all the rest of theworkrequired for the farming. You are also required to transporttheanimals to the city market to sell them and earn a profit.Driveyour offroad heavy truck trailer carefully as countrysideroads arevery bumpy Tractor farm life simulator 3D is the latestrealfarming simulator that will allow you to become a realfarmer!Start your agricultural career by cultivating crops in yourlands!You can plow, sow and harvest using lots of different typesofmachinery like a tractor, heavy truck, harvester! Sell yourharvestcrops in the market for money to take control of newtractors andcombines! Enjoy the new farming simulator playing in anopen-worldcareer mode! Have fun using farming vehicles and becomeaprofessional farmer! Download now Tractor farm life simulator3D!This is the game getting rapid downloads. Let’s start thisgame.Key features for Real Tractor farm life simulator 3D : • Easyandfun to play • Interesting Game Play • Amazing sound play•High-quality 3d environments • Stunning & High-Quality3DGraphics
Life Simulator 3
Work your way up from the beginning, from simple jobs tohigh-endcorporate jobs! Train your life stats to get better jobs,but keepan eye on your health! Study degrees to get better jobswith betterpay! Life Simulator game, allowing you to work up to thetop. Adsare limited to 5 shown every 1 hour. Ads allow us tocontinue tomake improvements on our apps, and allow you to enjoyour apps,free of charge.
Gamer Blogger 1.5
One of the best youtubers life simulator in Android.In GamerBloggeryou can record gameplay, vlogs, Prank, shows, stream gamesandmore.Create new content and get more views and subscribers. Allinyour hands.Gamer Blogger - youtubers life simulator. Gradually,thegame will add new content and funcionality, stay up to date!
Beach Life ATV Rescue Bike 1.0
Save Lives by Driving on a Fast All-Terrain-Vehicle (ATV) toreachbumpy beaches & give First AID, CPR or Minor Treatment.Beachesof US like Hampton in New York, Clearwater in Florida,Myrtle inCaroline & Coronado in California needs beachlife-guard &rescue services. Beach Life ATV Rescue Bike is anamazing beachemergency rescue game. Get on you 4x4 ATV Rescue Bikeand RescuePatients. Unlike normal ATV wheeler games, Beach Life ATVRescueBike game gives you a responsibility of a lifeguard rescueraidedwith various 4x4 ATV Rescue Bike along coast. Save your ex onthebeach by giving her CPR. You will have to rush towardstheemergency area on your 4x4 ATV Rescue wheeler along thebeach.Drive ATV Rescue bikes on a dusty trail racing through beachalongseaside. Try to get at the emergency point as soon as possibletosave multiple lives in a given time. Your duty as a bay watcheronATV Quad Bike will makes you famous among people on the beach.Nowthe people on the beach rely on you so become a ATV riderlifeguardand rescue patient. Your girlfriend is injured by a crab,rush andsave your girlfriend and become your girlfriend’s superhero. BeachLife ATV Rescue Bike is equipped with different beachLife rescuemissions. You are given a limited time and you will haveto hurry.Relying on you ATV rescue Bike become a ambulance thatwill havethe beach life. A reality based lifeguard rescue game thatallowsyou to have endless Beach Life ATV Rescue riding fun.Features ofATV Quad Beach Rescue: - Save Patients and become abeach LifeguardHero - Drive various type of ATV Rescue Bikes -Awesome 3d View ofBeach and seaside - Endless lifeguard rescuemissions - AmazingSound play of the beach environment - Full Baywatcher control -Hot summer, Jet ski, Water Rescue Boat, andSwimming Objectives -Enhanced 3D Graphics and Sounds - A FunEmergency Rescue Simulator- Stunning 3D graphics - RealisticTropical Hawaii Beach scene -Different Unlockable 4x4 Beach LifeATV Rescue Bikes - Variousmarine creatures enhances the 3D BeachView - Patrol and SavePatients - Access Areas which swimmers can’taccess. Tips: - TheFaster you Ride Your Beach Life ATV Rescue Bikethe easier it willto complete the beach life rescue mission. -Avoid Bumpy rideespecially dunes on coast. - Complete the missionin minimum timeto get extra bonus and unlock various 4x4 Beach LifeATV RescueBikes One of the best rescue game that provides you withbestrescue simulation. Your ATV Driver drives through the bumpybeachand rescue patients injured in disasters, storms oraccidents.Become a beach ambulance using your Beach Life ATV RescueBike andsave people injured in accidents. Beach Rescue simulator isa realtime rescue simulation game. Have endless beach life rescuefun.
Golly 1.2
Golly is an open source, cross-platform application forexploringConway's Game of Life and many other types of cellularautomata.Key features: Supports bounded and unbounded universes,with cellsof up to 256 states. Supports multiple algorithms,including BillGosper's super fast hashlife algorithm. Manydifferent types of CAare included: John von Neumann's 29-state CA,Wolfram's 1D rules,WireWorld, Generations, Langton's Loops,Paterson's Worms, etc.Reads RLE, macrocell, Life 1.05/1.06, dblife,and MCell files. Canextract patterns and rules from zip files. Candownload patternsand rules from online archives. Includes astate-of-the-art patterncollection. Unlimited undo/redo. Extensivehelp, with an integratedLife Lexicon.
com.sparklingsocietyworld.tropicalparadisetownisland 1.4.4
Build your own city in one of best sim games on mobile Simgamelovers of all ages will enjoy this city building game thatwilltransport players to a magical place of imagination where youarethe architect. Escape to this tropic island paradise and buildyourown village or town. If you’ve fantasized about owning yourowntropic island, starting from a barren island and building acityand world of your own, you’ll love this engaging simulationtownbuilding sim game situated in an exotic paradise ofvariousislands. Tropic Paradise Sim: Town Building City IslandGamersyoung and old can establish their own personalized resort ontheirown virtual beach in this deserted isle simulator and watch asitgrows from a simple village to an entire town. We feel it is oneofour best city sim games so far. Do you agree? With greatgraphicsand colorful buildings, escape your daily life and startthis simwith a tiny town on your own personal virtual resort. Asyou play,your village will expand from a little to a big city,andeventually into a metropolis. Keep the simulated residents ofyourmetropolis happy as you build so construction of evermoreelaborate residences and businesses can continue. If you takegoodcare of your residents, then the game will take very good careofyou. Play by yourself, with friends, or be the city designerwiththe entire family. Appropriate for all age groups, the gameallowsplayers to unlock more exciting levels as they expand theirlittlecity and town into a big virtual paridise sim that theycontrol andmanipulate. In this exciting construction simulationdesigner citybuilder sim game, build the tropical island village ofyour dreams,just the way you want it. You can establish whateverkind of littlesettlement you like on your very own island, from atiny rusticvillage to a magnificent, bustling metropolis. The onlydifferenceis how much effort and imagination you choose to put intocreatinga world of your own. Let your dreams be the limit andyourcreativity carry you away. One of most engaging casualcitybuilding sim games so far. Get virtually marooned in thisvirtualworld. Let it transport you to the land of your dreams whereyourule over the world, starting with your own small town thatyoubuilt up from practically nothing into the civilization sim ofyourwildest imaginings in this virtual island sime game world whereyouare the boss. One of our best sim games yet.
Paradise Island 4.0.8
Be warned: Paradise Island is very addictive, even if you’veneverplayed this kind of game before. "Paradise Island" is the gameforeveryone who loves sun, sea, and sand!Tear yourself away fromworkand build your own sunny island!Isn’t it time to start yourownbusiness? Wealthy tourists are already on their way to yoursunnyshores!! Entertain them in casinos and entertainment centers,buildhotels, restaurants and discos! Build your own empireofentertainment! Turn your island into best resort empire andlearnto manage your own business. Game tasks:✔ build all kindsofbuildings on the Island;✔ improve your buildings, repair themandgain profit;✔ expand your property by buying new pieces of landandareas of sea;✔ make your Island with unique buildings andplants;✔compete with your friends;✔ set up your tourism business;✔buildthe city of your dream and turn your life into a happystory;✔learn all tips of the game receive all possible rewards andwin theGrand Prize! Game features:✔ An offline mode to play withouttheInternet. Enjoy it on a plane, on the subway, on the road.✔beautiful and detailed graphics;✔ extremely addictiveandinteresting gameplay;✔ life on your island goes on even whenthegame is closed;✔ there is a big choice of facilitiesandconstructions, decorations and plants;✔ tycoon andsimcityfeatures;✔ more advanced, than a regular farm game;✔ morethan 130of awards and achievements;✔ Internet connection isrecommended,but not necessary. Facebookcommunity: ofService: new titlesfrom GameGameInsight: http://game-insight.comJoin our community onFacebook: our community on YouTubechannel: the latest news onTwitter: us onInstagram:
CEO Simulator 2.1
Could you make your employees happy in a year and reach yourcompanyworth 1 billion dollars?If your answer is yes then CEOSimulator isfor you. With your decisions, you can make yourcompany one of thefew unicorns.You can experience the challenge ofimproving a startupby playing the CEO Simulator.Good luck andsuccess in your real lifebusiness!
Game of Life 😄 Live Wallpaper 2.2.0
DotCode Apps
The Game of Life 😄 Live WallpaperMake your screen 👍elegantand👍stylish with Game of Life live wallpaper.What you cancustomize:✔️Cells and background color✔️ Life length✔️ Touchreactions✔️ Resetscreen and interval✔️ Life rules✔️ Size andopacity for live cellsand death cells✔️ 4 different aspect ofanimations✔️ 6 differentcells shapes✔️ And more...What is the gameof life?:The Game ofLife, also known simply as Life, is a cellularautomaton devised bythe British mathematician John Horton Conway in1970.