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com.miniclip.basketballstars 1.24.0
The world’s best multiplayer Basketball game on mobile, fromthecreators of multiple smash-hit online sports games! Dribble,shoot,score, WIN! Grab the ball and take on the world withBASKETBALLSTARS. Play fast-paced, authentic 1v1 multiplayerbasketball! Showyour skills, moves and fakes to juke out youropponent and shootfor the basket! On defense, stay in the face ofthe attacker, stealthe ball, and time your leaps to block theirshots! All inREAL-TIME! REALISTIC 3D GRAPHICS Basketball on mobilehas neverlooked this good: fully customisable 3D players and avariety ofenvironments to play in! COMPETE 1-ON-1 IN TWO AWESOMEMULTIPLAYERGAME MODES Test your duelling instincts in 1v1 Matches,or race toshoot hoops in time-based 1v1 Shootouts. INCREDIBLEREWARDS ANDHUNDREDS OF UNIQUE ITEMS Playing like an all-star?Enterhigher-ranked matches with bigger stakes, and unlockspecialbasketballs and unique wearables to grow your power andstyle.LEVEL UP Start out on the Underdog court and play your way uptothe top. Gain access to more exclusive courts and compete withthebest Basketball Stars players out there! KEY FEATURES True1-on-1basketball gameplay Realistic 3D graphics 2 differentonlinemultiplayer game modes Easy to pick-up, challenging to master400+customisation items = thousands of unique looks! 40+unlockablebasketballs Dribble, feint, shoot, steal, block and getpowerfulbonuses off the backboard Free to play! -- DownloadBasketballStars by Miniclip NOW! -- This game requires aninternetconnection. Don’t miss out on the latest news: LikeMiniclip: Follow us onTwitter: out more about Miniclip: TERMS ANDCONDITIONS: PRIVACYPOLICY:
Dunk A Lot 1.4.8
Just tap to dunk! Perfect for killing a few minutes with somepureFUN A unique basketball game that will put your skills to thetest!How much can you score ?
Dunkers - Basketball Madness 1.2.8
Brad Erkkila
Its time to hit the court for some crazy slam dunks. Steal theballfrom your opponent then slam dunk it in the net. Dunkers iscrazyphysics basketball fun. Fight for glory in career mode or aimfor ahigh score in arcade mode. Play against a friend on the samedevicein 2player mode Boomshakalaka!
com.jenda.basketballboard 5.1.6
Jan Soukup
Basketball Tactic Board, allows you to create your own tacticsforevery match situation, for FREE and NO REGISTRATIONS norpaymentsare needed for more advanced tools ;). Intuitive UI,simple, quickusing. Video Manualshere: change the field, to six different options. Full fieldview,Half field view and attacking/defending third! BTB providesyouseven tools! Rectangle with number inside! Sipmle Line,Arrow,Dotted arrow, Pen, Text and Area! Everything you need tocreateyour tactic! Save your tactics into one frame, or do frame byframeANIMATION, for more advanced tactics! You can set animationspeedto make it simply the BEST. You can analyse your own photosandyour own videos! Create your teams and players! ***manual onbottomof the page*** BTB allows you several ways to share tacticoranimation with others! - for tactic - you can do photo ofyourtactic or you can export it into file - for animation - youcanexport it into file This file can be easily imported into apponany other device ;) ***manual on bottom of the page***Simplyremove objects, if you want to rework your tactic, withremovefunction! Or you can reset everything with just one click!Createbasketball tactics /*More field options*/ *Full field *Halffield*Attacking / defending third *Your own image or video/*Tools*/*Arrow *Dotted arrow *Line *Rectangle *Pen *Text *Area*Delete/*Useful features*/ *Change players size *Savetactics*Export/Import tactics and animations *Frame by frameanimation*Portrait/Landscape mode ***HOW TO ADD YOUR TEAM*** Go toeditwindow (top right tools button), click on team1/team2 editbuttonon the right of team, add new team and players. Then selectthisteam by clicking on it. ***HOW TO EXPORT TACTIC / ANIMATION***Goto tactic / animation loading window, on the bottom clickonEXPORT, and then click on the tactic / animation which you wanttobe exported. Tactics are then exported to your device tofolder/BasketballBoard/Tactics Animations to/BasketballBoard/AnimationsNow you can send them to others and theycan import them ;) ***HOWTO IMPORT TACTIC / ANIMATION*** Copytactic / animation file toyour device folder - tactic to/BasketballBoard/Import/Tactics -animation to/BasketballBoard/Import/Animations (if this folderdoesnt exists -Go to tactic / animation loading window, on thebottom click onIMPORT and folders will be created) Now you havetactic / animationin right folder, so now it is very simple: Go totactic / animationloading window, on the bottom click on IMPORT Inimport window,there are shown tactics / animations which arecopied in importfolder and now you just click on the tactic /animation which youwant to be imported.
3V3 Basketball game 1
3v3 Basketball game is a simple but very addictive arcade gameandItis reality of the basketball game,the scene for arealbasketballgame. have fun playing a basketball game? Want tobecomethe bestbasketball shooter? Then this game is one of thebestbasketballgames or sports games you must be looking for.Thisfantasybasketball or netball game is one of the bestcollegebasketballcoaching apps. Get sufficient basketball drillsandbasketball freethrow, by shooting through thebackboardbasketball. Thisprofessional basketball game is like abasketballplaybook andbasketball quiz. 3v3 Basketball game is oneof thebest basketballgames for kids also or sports games. Downloadthistop game and havefun shooting the ball through the basketballhoopin a basketballcourt as a basketball shooter, all for free.
Dribble 1.7
Dribble and his bouncy ball friends werehaving...well...aball,until the nasty BizBots showed up! Can youguide Dribblethroughtreacherous and trippy worlds to save hisfriends? Dribbleis aplatforming game from Wojworks builtspecifically formobiledevices. That means instead of clunky,cumbersomeon-screenbuttons, you simply swipe the direction you wantto tossDribble.It's that easy! 7 creative worlds await you, andalmost allof the28 levels in those worlds introduces something new!Fromswimmingthrough cotton candy, to doing daring stunts withcannons,there'snever a dull moment in this adventure!
Bowling by Jason Belmonte 1.731
A game from the world #1 bowler Jason Belmonte. Get it now forfreeand learn how to bowl from the champion! It's a tenpin bowlinggameloved by gamers, real life bowlers and pro bowlers aswell.Familiar swipe-to-throw system, yet exciting and challengingtomaster cause it involves every single aspect of a real lifebowlingphysics. Tired of head-to-head games go and have fun inthePractice mode where you can test different balls on variouslanesor just play with the bumpers on! Features - Build up yourArsenalwith the best branded bowling balls in the industry -Practice onthe real life oil patterns - Use skill-ups to level upfaster andto blast those pins off the lanes - Keep in good shapewith dailytournaments - Get your perks from a big pool of prizeswith aslot-machine It’s the most realistic bowling simulator evermadeand it’s a great tool to up your score in a real game.Bewarethough it can be very addictive! Join our testers group togetinsider’s information straight from thedevelopers Staytuned forthe upcoming updates with our Facebookpage If you have anytroubleswith the game, just drop us a line yourself in the best 3D tenpinbowling simulator evermade. Learn from the king of bowing andimprove your game to bowlin the PBA one day. Bowl or be bowled!Bowling by Jason BelmonteDevelopers Team
Basket Fall 5.4
Tap to break the rope.Break the rope to drop the ball.Aim forthehoop -- win!- Ancient Basket Fall ProverbFrom theaward-winningteam that brought you Duet comes a surreal Basketballsimulation,featuring:- Lots of Characters!- Spring & MagnetBoosts!-Challenging Scenarios!Permissions note:Basket Fall uses the"Readthe contents of your USB storage" & "Modify or deletethecontents of your USB storage" permissions. These permissionsareused to save screenshots for sharing, and also by our adnetworksto cache video ads.
com.okidokico.okgolf 2.3.1
NEW COURSE! - Llyncapel Ruins, Wales. It's not real golf, butit'sOK! OK Golf is the essence of golf, refined to a tee. Play aquickround anywhere, anytime on stylish dioramas inspired byclassicgolfing destinations. Easy to play, hard to put down,perfect forall ages and handicaps! SIMPLE Just aim, drag andrelease to shootthe ball. No clubs, just you and the ball.BEAUTIFUL Inspired bybeautiful and iconic locations, each course isa handcraftedminiature diorama. RELAXING Enjoy a moment of zenwhile you play around of golf immersed in the calming sounds ofnature. REPLAYABLEUnlock new courses and secret areas and challengeyourself withdifferent game modes. BUY ONCE Pay once, get allfuture courses forfree! MULTIPLAYER Compete online with golfers allover the worldand face your neighborhood friends with the Pass& Playmultiplayer feature. "You're going to enjoy the time youspend withit." - Pocket Gamer Visit us at: Followus onTwitter @playdigious Like us on Facebook /playdigious Ifyouexperience any problem with OK Golf, please contact ourcustomersupport team at Don't forget tospecifywhich device and operating system you are using.Supportedlanguages: English, French, Italian, German, Spanish,Korean,Simplified Chinese, Traditional Chinese, Portuguese,Russian,Japanese.
 Dunk!Dunk Ball 1.3.0
Play extremely attractive basketball on your phone! Dunk! DunkBall:Ball through the Basket is clicking the tapping game, youhave totap and jump to get as much score as possible.A uniquebasketballgame that will drive you mad!Continuously touch thescreen to directthe ball through the basket.Do not worry and bepatient, you willachieve an unexpected score. Game features: -Click on the screen tomove the basketball - Smoothly enter to gethigher scores - Payattention to time limit - Smooth music andsound effects  - Getthe best record!
Head Ball 2 1.100
Masomo Gaming
Chosen as the ‘most competitive game of 2018’, Head Ball 2 is afunand thrilling soccer game. Take place in 1v1 online soccermatchesagainst real opponents from all around the world. Joinmillions ofsoccer players to prove yourself to the online soccercommunity andyour friends. Play 90-seconds of action-packed soccermatches,whoever scores more goals, wins! Experience thrillingmoments withthe voice of the legendary commentator, John Motson.Stand out fromthe crowd! -Progress your character! -Pick the bestcharacter outof 96 unique upgradeable characters. -Unlock newaccessories toimprove your soccer hero. -Create your dream soccerplayer. -Unlockdifferent stadiums and gain fans to support you. Themore themerrier! -Become the ultimate soccer hero and show who’sgot morestyle and skill! Upgrade Your Character Upgrade yourcharacter tounlock your full potential. Progress through the careermode tounlock unique bonuses, accessories, and even heroes. Asyouprogress, the rewards will get better but so will thechallenge.Are you up to it? Rumble Through Competitive SoccerLeagues!Compete in 5 different soccer leagues and do your best tomake itto the very top of the ladder. Fight your way throughrealopponents and challenging soccer matches. You can’t know whowillbe the winner before the match is over. Unique Gameplay Soccerisall about kicking the ball and scoring goals, right?Experiencesoccer in a way you have never experienced before. Kick,strike andscore using your hero. Use your feet, head, andsuperpowers toscore goals. Head Ball 2 offers simplistic gameplaythat canquickly transform into action-packed and exciting games.Hit theball, hit your opponent, use headers, superpowers or out-wityouropponent by juking them. Everything is permitted, as long asyouwin! No match will be the same as the previous in the mostexcitingsoccer game! Get Social Join a soccer team or create yourown team.Represent your team and face-off different teams to showwhichsoccer team is superior. Contribute to your teams’overallprogress. Connect with your friends via Facebook andchallenge themto show who is the better soccer player. Features-Play socceragainst real opponents from all across the world inreal time!-Dynamic and exciting gameplay with dashy graphics. -96uniquecharacters to unlock. -5 unique competitive soccerleagues.-Hundreds of accessories to improve your soccer hero! -Planoutyour strategy on the field with 18 upgradable powers. -Cardpacksthat contain characters and items. -Facebook connection toplaywith your friends! -Gain supporters to unlock newstadiums.Download Head Ball 2 to experience the thrill ofchallenging soccermatches against millions of players across theworld! Important!Head Ball 2 is a free to play game. However, thereare some in-gameitems which can be purchased for real money. Youcan disable in-apppurchases in your device’s settings if you don’twant this feature.A network connection is required to play.
Fleaflicker 2.0.40
The official Fleaflicker App Version 2.0 is here! The redesignedappmakes it easier than ever to navigate leagues, set lineups andaddplayers. It is the fastest way to enjoy Fleaflicker on yourmobiledevice. Manage all your fantasy football, baseball,basketball orhockey teams—all in one app. Features include: -Smooth andintuitive interface - Lightning fast load times - Playerheadshotsfor all sports - New and improved lineup setting flow -Ability toadd and remove players - Waiver claim submissions -Instant scoringupdates - Light and dark theme options Featuresavailable via mobileweb but coming soon to the app: - Activityupdates - Enhanced stats- Trading capability - Draft capability -Competitive Edgeintegration - Commish settings New app featurecoming soon: -Notifications We welcome you to join the thousandsof fantasyfanatics who have chosen Fleaflicker over other fantasyplatforms.Why? Here's what they say: "If you're into fantasysports and notusing Fleaflicker, you're doing it wrong.Fleaflicker is the bestfantasy app available!" "Once you switch toFleaflicker, there's nogoing back. Hands down #1." "Fleaflicker isthe perfect platform fordynasty leagues. They're constantly addingnew features." "The mostcustomizable fantasy site out there. Andtotally free!" Set up yourleague for free today at
Dancing Road: Color Ball Run! 1.4.1
Try out the most exciting Running - Hopping - Sliding Ball Game!Therunning ball starts simply and ramps up shortly. ★ Hold anddragyour ball to hit ones other balls of the same color! ★ Dodgethedifferent color balls! ★ Try to collect all the coins and GiftBoxeson the road! Enjoy the catchy music and challenges designedfor eachroad. Let's play and train your Eyes Coordination!
Summer Sports Events 1.3
Compete in your very own summer sports games and take homethegoldfor your country! The most celebrated sports event of theworldisnow in the palm of your hand!Select your favorite nationalteamandparticipate in 40+ different sports events againstthousandsofathletes from all over the world. Enjoy simpleyetchallengingcompetitions including athletics events,shootingevents, cyclingevents, swimming events and tennis,basketball,football,badminton, and many more! Victory and glory canbeyours!GameFeatures:- 40+ different sports events in legendmodeandtournament mode- Stunning 3D graphics, cut scenes andanimations-Realistic physics and intelligent AI opponents
Dribble Wallet 1.0.2
Dribble opens up access to world-class gamingentertainmentindustryby leveraging blockchain technology. As oftoday games arenotconnected to each other in any way. There is nosafe and easyway totrade among them. We are building a globalmarketplace basedonblockchain that enables one-click sale,exchange, or evaluationofevery virtual item among all games on anyplatform. Theblockchainwill ensure 100% security and safety.Dribble contractsare thebridges here to connect and share all gamedata in realtime witheasy to use plug-ins. Dribble block-chainkeeps a logchange ofownership and automatically transfer payments.Dribblesare nativeto the gaming block-chain and are only currencyused inthemarketplace.
com.orangenose.tablefull 2.8
"I'm Ping Pong King" is a very fun and exciting table tennisgame.The goal of this game is to beat 16 rivals and win the crown;thesefunny stickmen can be world’s best champion, your boss orsupergrandma. It’s an easy finger-tapping game, simply tap right orleftof the screen to control your stickman. Be careful not to missanyball, or you'll fail this contest! HOW TO PLAY • Simply tapthescreen to control the stickman. • Each rival has differentPingPong skill, concentrate on the contest to win them! FEATURES•Simple control! • Clean minimalist graphics • Beautifulyellowbackground and funny stickman • Crazy Ping Pong Kingdanceanimation • Enhance your reaction & table tennis skills•Challenge 16 tricky rivals around the world! • Creative way toplayPing Pong • Train your self to be a table tennis master Canyoubeat 16 rivals around the world and become the ultimate PingPongKing?
Roll that Ball 1.0.11
Ready to solve challenging puzzles? ★★★★★ Roll that Ball is FUNandchallenging! Let's see you find how to get the ball rollthroughthe board. ◉ Roll that Ball helps you relieve stress ◉ RollthatBall helps you improve your brain ◉ Roll that Ball is therelaxingfun you need ◉ Roll that Ball is the only game thats also abrainworkout ◉ Play before you go to sleep and you will improveyourverbal skills for the next day ◉ Its fun and good for you!Checkout more great games at:
My Fishing HD 2 1.4.60
Immerse in fishing world with stunning HD graphics. -Lotsofpicturesque and photorealistic locations available. -In gametimeand weather depends on real world time. -Big variety ofseawaterand freshwater fish, gear and bonuses. -Bobber and wobblerfishing.-Chatting with other players in online chat. -Photo albumallowsyou to watch your progress and trophy. -There are awards anddailyupdated tasks. Catch your own lake monster!
Jump Ball Blast 2.4
Swipe to shooting give you an unprecedented thrill! Unlockthecannons and experience the fun of different shooting! Earnfreecoins when you leave! Sitting shooting, standing shooting,lyingdown shooting, class shooting, sleeping shooting, subwayshooting,park shooting, anytime, anywhere, 2 minutes in a game,come on!
BCCI 0.2.0
Welcome to the official BCCI app. This app is free ofadverts,bringing you LIVE action, reaction and exclusive coverageof theIndian Cricket Team. Key features include:● Liveball-by-ballscores & commentary● Video highlights &features● Domesticcricket coverage● Fixtures, results & matchreports ● Breakingnews, features & exclusive interviews ● Livephotostream●Social features
Badminton League 3.80.3977
RedFish Games
The most competitive badminton games ever! Take on your friends in1vs 1 mode, or win the Badminton League trophy🏆 inTournamentMode! Customizing your character with tons of items. Andlevel upyour ability to do stronger smash and jump!🥇 Now grab yourracketto smash, hit the shuttlecock, do a crazy smash to youropponentlike badminton star!🎉 Features: 🏸 Multiple game modesavailable,play with sports fans in local 🏸 Create your very owncharacter,and level - up 🏸 Easy to control, challenging to win 🏸Simple andelegant UI design 🏸 Cool stunts and realistic hittingshuttlecockexperience 🏸 Numerous gorgeous badminton outfits Be thetopbadminton player, smash now!💥 💓Like us onFacebook:
Magnetic balls bubble shoot 1.165
Features: * 4 worlds with different physics, 384 levelswithincreasing difficulty * 16 collection kittens with 80 items forthecollection of which you gain experience * new location"Vacation"(at the end of stage) in which you can help to make thepenguin skiresort * endless game mode with adjustable difficulty(nightmareincluded) * amusing ball physics for different materials*leaderboards * friendly user interface * mode for peoplewithimpaired color vision (in settings top-right button)Gamedescription: There are two game modes — endless modewithadjustable difficulty ("Arcade" button) and campaign mode("Levels"button). Game has four worlds with different physicsanddecorations, which can be switched by the «Realms» button inthemain menu. The gravity in the playing area is upward-directed,andthis is taken into account for geometrical calculations ofwallrebounds and ball drops. In the game you can see the score,timeand number of coins on the left, the players ball queue ontheright and the current ball on the bottom side. You can shoottheball by pressing on the game field. Special balls can be chosenbypressing on the current ball. Second pressing allows to changetheball type. There is advertising in the free version of thegame.Game instructions: Press the screen where you want to shoottheball. The new line appears in the glass after several ballsshot(amount depending on the level). Combine three or more balls inoneline to destroy them. You get coins for each line of four andmoreballs. You can exchange the coins for special balls to useindifficult situations (or just for fun). You can get combo bonusfordestroying of several groups of balls within 1.5 seconds.3-combowill give you a special "mine" ball. If you combine it inline with3 or more balls, you will get an explosion and an extracoin. Youwill get up to 6 coins for 5-combo and higher. Press theball inthe bottom of the screen to select a special ball. Pressagain tochange the ball type. Game supports all Android screensizes(phones and tablets) .
com.btstudios.twenty48sol 1.10.22
Put your sexy math skills to the test, build waterfalls andscoreTwenty48, in this awesome card game. How to play: • Mergecards ofthe same value: • to collect points • to collect bonuscards, likethe UNDO Card • Score mega points with waterfalls • Makea Twenty48card to unlock a special bonus
Ball Run 1.2
Dignity Games
Rush your way through the hex hoops and travel as far asyoucan.Challenge your friends and family to beat your score.Don’tmissout on the latest news: LikeDignityGames: Follow usonTwitter: Thank you for playingBallRun!
Merge All 1.5.2
i Dev.
This is a simple and fun leisure game. As the runner of anairport,you need to collect various of aircrafts to gain profit.You needto merge your aircrafts and evolve them to a higher classto gainhigher profit! Hidden aircrafts are also waiting you tounlockthem! Game Features: --Various of aircrafts types --Apronandrunway level up --Rich gold coin profit --Funny random eventLet’scome and collect aircrafts and be the airport tycoon!
Tiles Hop: EDM Rush! 2.9.3
Hot Update Let's Hop! You can now upload your own favorite songstoplay! Let's Play & enjoy the music on the go. Special giftsandmusic for all. Heard About EDM Tiles? With Tiles Hop: EDMRush!,you can play various types of music, from beautiful Piano,Guitarsongs to Rock and EDM masterpieces. Tiles Hop: EDM Rush! willbeyour best EDM game to relax. How to play 1. Touch, Hold andDragthe ball to make it jump on the Tiles. 2. Don't Miss the Tiles!3.You can now upload your own songs to play 4. Enjoy theawesomemusic and addictive challenges designed for each song. TheBallwill jump on the Beats Drop. Listen to the magic beat, followtherhythm and use your musical reflexes to guide the ball fromtilesto tiles. Do not Tap! This is not a Tap Tap game. Don't forgettomake insane combos and beat your friend's scores! Hit Songs +BallGame + Tiles = Awesomeness Game features - Auto-generatedcontent:upload your favorite songs to bounce to the music -One-touchcontrol, easy to play - Breathtaking 3D visual and effects- 30+absolutely beautiful and fun songs to relax - 20+Differentbackgrounds to truly bring you a new experience everyplays! -Collect beautiful skins for your dancing balls - Beat yourown topscore and dare your best friends for a challenge - Shareyourrecord with your friends, and compare it with worldwide playersonthe ranking list! - Connect with Facebook account and syncthesaved progress across multiple devices Bounce off the magicmusictiles, listen to the beat, and make as many hops as you can inthismind-blowing music game now for Free! This game will createthewhole new experience for music game fan. Tiles Hop: EDM Rush!istotally Free! Play this EDM music Running Game now!
SofaScore - Live Scores, Fixtures & Standings
SofaScore is sports live score app with widget that gives youlivecoverage (results, fixtures, standings) for ALL LEAGUES,andcompetitions in 22 sports: Football (Soccer), Basketball,IceHockey, Tennis, Motorsport (Formula 2018 Live timing,MotoGP,Superbike, Nascar, Rally, DTM), Cricket, Baseball, Rugby,AmericanFootball, Handball, Volleyball, Cycling, Waterpolo, Futsal,AussieRules, Snooker, Darts, Badminton, Floorball, Bandy, Tabletennis,Beach Volleyball. In addition to all previously mentionedsports,you can follow tournaments from USA, like Major LeagueSoccer -MLS, North American League, NBA, WNBA, US Open Cup, NFL,Collegefootball, MLB, NHL, AHL "SofaScore Live Sports Scores" appisoptimized for Android Wear smartwatches.
2K, Inc.
The new companion app for NBA 2K19 has arrived! MyNBA2K19 ispackedwith features, including the ability to scan your face intoNBA2K19 from your mobile device, daily opportunities to earnVirtualCurrency, and a collectible card battling game. Collectyourfavorite NBA superstars from the past and present andchallengeother gamers across the globe in a variety of modes. Over400 newcards are available for the 2018-2019 NBA season.INTEGRATION WITHNBA 2K19 Face Scanning with your mobile device. Putyourself intoNBA 2K19 on Xbox One and PS4! Daily opportunities toearn VirtualCurrency for NBA 2K19. UPDATED MODES Reigning Threesreturns as apermanent mode! Earn unique points to spend in theReigning Threesstore each month. Invite teammates and friends tojoin you in 2 On2 matches. DAILY AND WEEKLY EVENTS Earn in-gamerewards bycompleting daily missions, and compete for top cards inweeklyevents including King of the Court, Gauntlet, and RivalsClash.
Jolly Phonics Lessons 3.2
Jolly Phonics Lessons provides resources and lesson plans toteachphonics lessons. Using a synthetic phonics approach, JollyPhonicsteaches children the five key skills for reading andwriting.Designed specifically for teachers and tested by them, thisappfeatures the following: • Letter sounds audio for all sounds •Allthe Jolly songs for each letter sound • Animated letterformation •Action image and instructions • Word bank and flashcards
holoduke.soccer_gen 1501.0
Most popular and extensive Football/Soccer live score appforandroid. Football Mania has more than 1000 leagues, 10.000teamsand 100.000 players from countries all over the world.Subscribe onmatches, teams or entire leagues to receive fast pushnotificationsand you will never miss a goal Interested in morebackground? Tonsof statistics, videos and images from your favoriteplayers/teamsAll completely free. Features: - Schedules/fixturesoverviews percountry/league - Live tables during soccer matches -Topscores -Live football statistics (ball possession, shots on goaletc) -Player information + video's - Team information + video's-Substitutions - Match voting - Match videos - Commenting andchats- ....and many more You are missing something? Tell us and wewillbuild it for you within a week! Cheers!
Bike Unchained 2 3.0.0
Red Bull
Bike Unchained 2 from Red Bull is the next generation ofmountainbiking on mobile! New graphics, new gameplay, new parts,and newriders sets Bike Unchained 2 apart from any other actionsportsgame. Race against real riders in PvP Downhill action, orline upyour best tricks in Slopestyle competitions. Will you be ontop ofthe podium when the dust settles? Gear up for the world'sbiggestmountain bike competition in Bike Unchained 2! Prove you'rethefastest on the mountain in ranked league racing and take homethetitle of the world's top rider. Send it in Slopestyle runsthattest your style and skill. Pedal through fivedifferentenvironments with trails that offer gnarly rock gardens,fast flowysingletrack, and everything in between. Customize everypart ofyour ride and your look with an insane amount of parts andgear.Tell the world you're the best and look good doing it! We'llseeyou at the bottom. WIN WITH SPEED & STYLE Speed &Stylewill test your racing and slopestyle skills. Racers willbecompeting to not only reach the finish line first, but alsotothrow down the biggest tricks! Landing sick tricks takessecondsoff your time and gives you a better shot at taking the topspot onthe podium. New levels and events will give you the chanceto showyour skills on the biggest stage! MULTIPLAYER RACES &LIVEEVENTS Win races and climb your way up through the leagues towinhuge prizes and prove your dominance on the mountains. Ineachrace, three real players will be looking to make you eattheirdust. Cross the line first and you'll take the glory - andsomepretty sweet gear. Keep climbing and you might wind up thebestrider in the world. Daily, Weekly, & Special events giveyoumore chances to win huge prizes and show off to theworld.GAME-CHANGING GRAPHICS Bike Unchained 2 comes to the gatewith afresh look. The photo-realistic 3D rendered graphics willmake youfeel closer to the mountains on every run. Watch the dirtfly andthe bikes soar in beautiful detail. RIDE WITH THE BEST Thebiggestnames in the sport are all here and ready to lend you ahand.They’ll teach you new tricks and skills that will raise yourscoresand shave seconds. From Aaron to Szymon, the pros can only befoundhere! TRICK IT OUT Use frames, forks, rims, anddrivetraincomponents from the best manufacturers in the world.Craft theperfect bike, then unleash it on the mountains andyourcompetition. Fully customize your look to tell other playerswhoyou are as they watch you ride away. COMPETE WITH YOUR FRIENDSNewcustom competitions allow you to set up a race orslopestylecompetition just the way you like it. Create the ultimateprovingground for you and your friends to throw down. Tricks orSpeed?Championship or Time Trial? You call the shots and take theglory.IMPORTANT Minimum requirement: 2GB Ram By downloadingthisapplication you accept our Terms and Conditions and PrivacyPolicy.By accepting our Privacy Policy, you consent to theprocessing andtransfer of your personal information as set out inourPolicy: encounter any issue please contact usat
com.nguyenvu.word 1.033
Click Team
As an explorer in the Zumbla Deluxe there, there is only onegoingto be blocked by the marbles and your mission is shooting toblastall them. You have to complete all the levels in challengemode,help frog marble defense in jungle marble and try to getthreestars in each level. * How to play: * 1. Touch the screenwhere youwant to shoot. 2. Match 3 or more same marbles toeliminate them.Destroy all the marble lines in the chain before ithits the end.3. Marble shooting more combos and marble shooterchains to get thehighest score, try to get three stars in eachlevel in marblegames! * Zumbla Deluxe highlighted features:* .Marbles game hasmore interesting levels of a lot of differenttemple quest . Freezestone, Rainbow stone, Bombs and manyinteresting props waiting foryour exploration in shooting marbles .Many secret level to makethe game more addictive. . Use shoot comboto blast all the marbleson the way the lightning go through .Attractive Props - Lightningball, multicolor ball and moreinteresting props are available . NoWi-Fi connection required, butyou can unlock the full gamefeatures when connected to the internet. Growing System – You mayreduce the difficulty level by upgradingthe marbles with coins youearned in the game . Become the legend ofmarble shooting - ZumblaDeluxe now ! . Let's download Zumbla Deluxegame and begin thefantastic adventure in the games world! . Thanksevery gameplayers! Any suggestion is welcome!
Idle Balls 2.14.0
Scratch your multi-tasking itch! Play Idle Balls in front ofyourfavorite show, in a boring class or meeting - without missingtheimportant stuff. -Free to play -Endless gameplay and upgrades-Nointernet connection needed
Soccer Manager 2019 - Top Football Management Game 1.3.0
Have you got what it takes to become a top football manager?Thentake control of your favourite football team in SoccerManager2019, one of the best football management games! Take on atopflight football team to test your management skills againstthebest or help a struggling, lower league team fight forglory!Experience the excitement of being a top football managerandchoose from over 800 clubs from 33 countries around theworld,including the major European and South American leagues. Soyou’llhave the chance to manage one of the biggest football clubsin theworld. As the football manager you control all aspects ofyour clubfrom planning training sessions, developing your club’sfacilities,transfers, squad selection and deciding team tactics.This level ofcontrol makes it one of the most immersive footballmanagementgames! Enjoy some of Soccer Manager 2019 main features:★Choosefrom over 800 clubs from 33 of the best leagues for 2018/19season.★ Decide who to sell and who to buy, using thesophisticatedtransfer market. ★ Use the scout feature to search fortop talentsor proven stars. ★ Build and develop your stadium andsurroundingfacilities. ★ Nurture the talent of the future with theclubfacility features. ★ Take control of your team's training andgetthe best out of your players. ★ Create your ideal formationandline-up for each game. ★ Watch the games live in a realistic3Dsimulation. ★ React to your opponent during the game by makinglivetactical changes. ★ Analyse your team's performance duringandafter games with in-depth statistics. ★ Success will berewardedwith job offers to further your managerial career. ★ Yourdecisionsas a manager affect the attitude of the board, players andeven thefans. Begin your journey as a football manager today anddownloadSM19! Soccer Manager 2019 is translated into 8 differentlanguages:English, Dutch, French, German, Italian, Portuguese,Spanish andTurkish. There are many soccer managers in our communitywho haveplayed all of our football games from Soccer Manager 2015throughto Soccer Manager 2018. Join our community of onlinesoccermanagers on our forum and talk about the footballgame: issues regarding this football game, simply contact usat: Terms ofService:
Football Live Score (direct link)
Football sports king was admired by millions of peoplearoundtheworld. Football matches take place every day, everyhour,everyminute on our planet. Which team do you like, whichleagueyouprefer, ... all of your league teams will be we slowlyupdatedonthis application. Just open the app and enjoy you willhaveusefuloverview information.
IELTS Listening 2018.11.25.0
Listening for IELTS improve your listening skill with many levelandeasy to use. There are 3 levels in IELTS Listening. Each levelhas34 lessons. There is one transcript and one exercise in eachlesson.- Over 700 articles about English Listening. Each lesson isbased ona real world conversation. You can improve speaking skillwith it,listening every day and speak repeat. - 100 Most CommonPhrases: Allphrases which use in an application is very common ina real life,you can practice, speaking and check result online. Wewill give youpoints. - 1500 Most Common Words from basic toadvance. Idioms andPhrases in English very easily and effectively.We have more than3500 essential English Idioms and Phrasal Verbscollected andrefined from many documents and resources. Quizfeature will helpyou remember phrases perfectly. It's very easy touse. 700 commonand useful expressions or phrases which you can useto improve andstrengthen your English skills. With this app, youwould like toknow how many different ways to say hello, saygoodbye or asksomeone's health etc. Moreover, you can boost yourEnglishvocabulary by learning new words in various topics such asairport,bank, colors, shops etc. These phrases or expressions canbe usednot only in your daily conversation but also in academicwriting.All phrases and expressions in this app are based onBritainEnglish. App’s Features: ● Over 800 lessons for IELTS &EnglishListening ● Listen & Read lesson withAudio& Transcripts ● IELTS Writing ● IELTS Speaking ●IELTSQuiz. ● IELTS Vocabulary. ● Most Common Phrases withaudiosupported. ● Most Common Words with audio supported. ●EnglishIdioms & Phrases ● English Useful Expressions ● EssayforIELTS. ● A high TOEFL, IELTS, or TOEIC ● Help you learnvocabulary4-5 times faster ● Irregular verbs. ● American Slang. ●EnglishIdioms by Categories. ● English Pronunciation. ● CommonPhrasalVerbs. ● SAT Words. ● English Tenses. ● Search lesson. ●Bookmarkmanager.  ● Download audio file. ● Background AudioMode. ●Two listen mode: Online or Offline.
Bouncy Hoops 3.1.3
Bounce, shoot, swish and slam the rock to become the king ofthecourt in this high score arcade challenge! Bouncy Hoops isabasketball game for all the street ballers and shot callers.Theschool yard ankle breakers and the downtown dagger shooters.Nobricks allowed! Can you get on fire and beat your chumpfriendsbefore the buzzer sounds? Step up and see. Features: -Addictiveone touch handles aka gameplay - Over 40 balls to unlock -Play in10 unique locations - Retro arcade style and sound
Word Power Made Easy New Revised 1.0
Word Power Made Easy intends to help improve thereaders’all-roundlanguage skills. Summary Of The Book This book,Word PowerMadeEasy, uses real life situations to demonstrate thepower ofwords.The book begins by showing the reader how to assesstheircurrentvocabulary and how to start building word skills. Itisdividedinto three main sections. Word Power Made Easy startsbyshowinghow to start building word skills, and then explains howtoacquirebetter word skills quickly and learn at a faster pace.Then,thebook shows how one can become proficient inbuildingvocabulary,and how to keep learning new words and ways touse them.This bookuses interesting themes to show how to usewordseffectively. Itcontains chapters like insulting orflatteringenemies and friends,talking about various professions,successfullydiscussing scienceand scientists, describing actionseffectivelyand so on. WordPower Made Easy takes a root of the wordbasedapproach tovocabulary building. It traces the etymology ofthewords beingdiscussed. Once the origin of the word is explained,alot ofsimilar words sharing the same origin areintroduced.Thistechnique is useful in remembering a lot of words,as theyarerelated by a common source which serves as a mnemonic.Thebookalso contains an interesting section on esotericphobias.Itcontains pronunciation keys, a test of grammar skills,andasection discussing how grammar changed over the years.Itprovidestips on proper usage, how to adapt to changing usage,andshows howto acquire the skill of natural speech withoutanyaffectations. Itcontains a list of some words that haverecentlybeen added to thelanguage and shows how to build properspellingskills. Word PowerMade Easy is an easy, practical guide tobuildinga goodvocabulary, learning about proper usage,pronunciation,andspelling. The book was first published in 1949.Norman Lewis wasanAmerican grammarian and author. Some other booksby Lewis areHowto Read Better And Faster, Speak Better, WriteBetter, InstantWordPower, Dictionary of Correct Spelling, andDictionaryofPronunciation. All his books were on buildinglanguageskills.Norman Lewis was born in New York in 1912. Orphanedat anearlyage, he lived with his sister’s family. He earnedhismaster’sdegree from Columbia University and began teachingEnglishlanguageand grammar. He has taught at various institutionslike NewYorkUniversity, Rio Hondo College, and headedtheinstitution’scommunication department for more than ten years.Hisfirst bookwas 30 Days To A More Powerful Vocabulary. Afterthesuccess ofthat book, Lewis began writing a lot of books ongrammarandvocabulary which were highly popular and many of themhaveseenseveral reprints. His book Roget's New PocketThesaurusInDictionary Form sold over 5 million books. He died in2006 attheage of 93. Legal disclaimer: This app is informalandnotaffiliated to the person. This app includes a novel. Itisforeducational and recreational purposes only. If you wanttoremoveany novel, please contact us via
Word Cross - Word Cheese 2.5.5
The best Word Game ever! Play it offline any time! DOWNLOADtoTRAIN your brain -  FREE DOWNLOAD NOW! If you are a bigfanfor word games, don’t hesitate to try our game! Very funnyandrelaxing! We promise to make the most unforgettable gameexperiencefor you! It is a great challenge for your brain. Suitablefor bothadults and kids to train and improve word cross, wordpuzzle &word search skill. Highly entertaining and addictive ina good way.Enjoy and play our brilliant game and same time improveyourEnglish word construction and build skill by 10 folds. ⭐HowtoPlay⭐ - Swipe the letters to line up words to fill up theblankshorizontally and vertically on the board - Tap the “Shuffle”buttonto change the order of letters - Tap the “Hints” button togetclues - Get more hints with coins by purchasing or watchingvideos⭐ FEATURES ⭐ • Simple, easy rules, swipe and connect to winagame!  • FREE to get Daily Bonus • No timelimit,adjust your pace at any level • Find words with bonus tocollectmore coins • 2000+ levels without repeat, be a wordmaster inour training!  • Suitable for both kids and adults totrainword search skills • No network required and you can enjoywordsearch at any time 👍 Have Fun - 👍 Keep Playing - 👍 KeepLearning! 👍Become a Master of word.
MHW Search Armor Sets 1.2.0
Monster Hunter World You can easily find various custom armorbychoosing the skill you want.
com.tflat.tienganhlop13 5.6.8
Play game to learn 600 TOEIC vocabulary. There are a lot ofminigames for you to learn English. For example, Protect Fishgame,Protect Frog game, Protect Panda game. Exciting to learnEnglish. ►You will have English dictionary in the app. You don'tneed toinstall other dictionary app. The dictionary will help youtotranslate any word you want. ► Chat to learn English. Chattingtoforeigners and exchange languages. ► English Skills: PracticeTOEICspeaking, will help you improve your speaking Englishskill.Practice TOEIC words, will help you improve your vocabularyskill.Practice TOEIC listening training, will help you improveyourlistening English skill. Learn TOEIC cock, you will do thetesteasier. ► Game: Protect Fish game, simple game to learnwordmeaning. Protect Frog game, excited game to check yourwritingskill, you have to write exactly English words. ProtectPanda game,fun game test your reading skill. All your listening,reading,speaking, vocabulary skill will be improved. You will bemasterEnglish. The best practice for test preparation. It's FREEandOFFLINE Developed by TFLAT
Timber Tennis 1.0.38
Let’s celebrate 3 years of Timberman with Timber Tennis!Ultrasimpleand fast arcade tennis game with twist!Take part in annualTimberTennis World Championship - beat all the rivals (includingPrincess,Hipster, Boxer and many more). Upgrade your skills, usesuper-shots,watch out for specials!Unlock all characters, ballsand finallycompete in local multiplayer with your friends!Checkyour skills inthis fast paced arcade game where Timberman meetsping-pong.Win allthe trophies!Features- tasty pixel art graphics-20+ charactersincluding Timberman and his good friends- 30+ ballsto unlock +challenges- 10+ different courts- local multiplayer(split screen)-awesome 8-bit soundtrack by Stalek (Timberman musiccomposer)
Balls Bricks Breaker 1.27.172
Hold the screen to aim, swipe the ball to the brick and breakallthe bricks easily! Shoot and watch the chain of balls hit,bounceand break the bricks. Think strategically and make the mostof thepower up. Beat your highscore and compare it to your friends.Catchsplit and bouncing items make balls more effective. Features:√Playing in one handed. One finger controls. √ Relax yourbrain,perfect time killer. √ Unlock new balls with special skills!√Achievements and Leaderboards.
Bouncy Dunks - Best Hoops shot & Basketball game 1.0.3
Bouncy Dunks is a simplified version of shooting game. Simplerules,easy to operate,but it requires a little extra effort tobeproficient in. The purples of this game is to challenge thehighscores through shooting the ball into the hoop while the ballisbouncing. You will love the feeling of shooting after a fewtries.FEATURES: ●Bank shot, air ball, beat the buzz, theses 3skills makeyou get high marks ●Fueling! Make your owntriple-shooting and keepthe ball rolling ●Challenge the high scoresto set a new record●Various skins wait for you to collect andunlock
com.bimiboo.numbers 1.5
Learning numbers for kids is an educational game forpreschoolers.The game will allow boys and girls to learn numbers 1to 20 whileplaying entertaining mini-games. Learning numbersfeatures over 100educational activities for your child to enjoy.The game will alsohelp children to develop important basic skillssuch as creativity,motor skills, coordination, attention andmemory. Each number inour educational game for kids has its ownstory. This makes thegame process diverse and exciting forchildren. The game includesessential learning activities such asnumber tracing, math andcounting. Learning numbers is aneducational game that is designedfor kindergarten and preschoolkids ages 2, 3, 4, 5 and 6. The gamewill teach your child toidentify numbers, count them, write themand pronounce themcorrectly. The learning process is easy andextremely engaging. Ourtoddler game allows kids to learn numbersin a variety of languages:English, French, German, Italian,Russian, Spanish, Portuguese,Turkish, Danish, Finnish, Dutch,Norwegian, Swedish, Greek, Chinese,Japanese and Korean. Features:- Number learning for kids - Tracingand counting from 1 to 20 -Math game for preschoolers - Learningnumbers in 17 differentlanguages - Over 100 educational activitiesfor both girls and boys- Kids number games with cute animals -Numbers 1, 2 and 3 areavailable for free Ages: 2, 3, 4 or 5 yearsold pre-kindergartenand kindergarten children. You will never findannoying ads insideour app. We are always glad to receive yourfeedback andsuggestions.
Idle Skilling - Pocket RPG Tycoon 3.0.0
Idle Skilling - Pocket RPG Tycoon Fight Monsters, go Mining,catchFish, Craft items, harvest crops, plant trees, makepotions,harvest souls, summon rifts, complete quests, unlock 7perktrees... ... breed 60 different pets, discover 26 differentpetabilities, create pet teams, upgrade 135 differentresearchTanks... ... you get the idea! There is a lot to do inIdleSkilling! If you love leveling up, this will be your nextfavoriteIdle game! Level up your Attack, mining, fishing, crafting,andmore, while casting spells and upgrading skill trees!Everythinglevels up in the background -- 100% idle gameplay! Wantto be apart of the community? Join the discord, we have over 6000activemembers! ~~~ GAME FEATURES ~~~Idle yourway to the top! -The game plays itself, whether you haveit open ornot! -Offline progress, so you can level up while yousleep!Upgradeable Characters and Perks -Upgrade 20+ Idle Skillingheroeson your journey to reach Max Stats! -Each hero gives its ownuniqueEXP! -Attack, Strength, Health, Mining, Smithing, andFishing! -Adiverse skill tree with 30 unique perks to spend yourSkill Pointson! Battle Monsters -Fight 300+ Monsters for hugeamounts of Goldand Loot Drops! -Cast 10 different Spells, fromMeteors to PoisonClouds! Collect Resources -Mine 16 different Oresand Gems! -Catch30 different fish, from small minnows to legendarysea serpents!Craft Items with Smithing Skill -Forge 60+ uniqueItems andtrinkets to help you in battle! -Each Item can be upgradedover 100times! -Create awesome Food Recipes to use in Battle! EpicRaidFights -Fight 12 fearsome Raid bosses in the Raid Theater!They'reextra challenging! -Earn Awards from Raid bosses, to spendon coolupgrades! New Game+ -Reset your game to earn Relic Bonuses!Theselast forever, and change up the game! And other cool stuffthatdidn't fit in the above criteria -Complete quests in secretareas!These areas are very tricky to find! -A Halloween event shopthatwill update with each coming season! -Tons of future updatesfrom adeveloper who cares about his game <3 There are alsoSECREThidden areas to uncover, but only the smartest players willfigureout how to access them! In these areas you can talk to NPCsandfulfill their quests, earning you amazing bonuses thatareotherwise not possible to get! This game was made by adeveloperwho really put his all into making an enjoyableexperience. So ifyou like the game and want to help make it better,feel free toreach out to me and give me your suggestions! I'd loveto hear whatyou have in mind! 4.4.0
With EnglishCentral, you can have 1-on-1 English lessonswithprofessional EnglishCentral tutors 24/7. You can also learnwordsand practice speaking using our library of over 13,000engagingvideos, covering over 50 topics from movies to travel tobusiness.WATCH Over 13,000 videos. LEARN VOCABULARY Over 50,000words. SPEAKWith IntelliSpeech(SM) technology and get instantfeedback on yourpronunciation & fluency. GOLIVE! With 1-on-1tutors from yourmobile device. Join a community of over 5 millionand startlearning English now! SUBSCRIPTION PRICING &TERMSEnglishCentral is free to download. With the app, you can‘watch'unlimited videos, 'learn' new words and 'speak' actual linesfromtwo videos every month and take one free lesson. Additionalusageor live lessons require an active subscription, available onamonthly or yearly basis. Premium Monthly: $29.99 / MonthPremiumYearly: $179.99 / Year Your subscription will automaticallyreneweach year. You can turn off auto-renew anytime on youriTunesAccount Settings. Your iTunes account will be charged forrenewalwithin 24 hours prior to the end of the current period,andidentify the cost of the renewal. Cancellation of thecurrentsubscription is not allowed while the subscription period isstillactive. Read our full Terms of Service and our Privacy Policyat:
Hill Racer-Fly & Run the Ball 1.1.8
Race down the hill, and compete against others in anaddicting,thrilling, free high flying ball race. Tap Tap your wayto the topby beating your opponents and being the first to thefinish line inthis ultramarathon ball race down the dunes! Do youhave what ittakes to smash your rivals? Will you be the first tojump past thehills Install now to get rolling downhill! Install nowto enjoythis amazing racer brought to you by Tap Tap Games byHuuuge!
The Sports Wire 1.1.1
Keep your finger on the pulse of sports. We talk football,fantasy,college, basketball, golf, action, MMA and more. We talkwhat fansare talking about. Follow your favorite USA TODAY SportsMediaGroup, discover the latest stories, and keep up to datewithrecommended content just for you. Home: Personalize your homefeedwith the news, analysis, predictions, photos, commentary,articles,and rumors that you care about. Discover: Discover new,freshcontent related to your interests across all SportsWirepropertiespowered by our recommendation engine. NotificationCenter: Stay inthe game and up to date on the action with alertsand notificationsof breaking news and rumors to know what’shappening with yourfavorite team. Choose Wires: Get access to yourfavorite USA TODAYSports Media Group sites about football (NFL andNCAA), fantasyfootball, basketball (NBA), golf, action sports, andMMA all in oneapp.