Top 13 Games Similar to Party with Mr. Dudets

Meme Soundboard 2.14
Version 2 of Dank Meme Soundboard,previouslyavailable on google play.Dank memes and vine memes and other memes to use in videos,podcastsor just daily conversation.There isn't anything you have to pay for, just have fun!You can request sounds to add by leaving a review orcontactingme [email protected] or @_NotYetPanda on twitter
1000000 Clicks 1.1
The meaning of the game to dial 1000000 clicks by clicking on oneofthe eight wonderful buttons. When bored or have nothing to do,youcan spend a little time by pressing the button. This is thebestapplication that could be installed on your smartphone!Excellenttimekiller.
Mr.Space!! 1.2.0
The app achieved universal popularity!(USA,Japan,Canada,The UK,Australia and so on)----------"Mr." series appears!The game gives you full of thrill and excitement.Name of the game is..."Mr.Space!!"Your dexterity is the key to survival!Locate the safe place, and run for it!Simple controls meet nail-biting tension in one dynamicactiongame!----------------------**[How to Play]1. Find the hidden "Space".2. Escape.3. It's that simple! ...Or is it?You've got two chances.Escape your way to the top of the leaderboard!- Easy controls and intuitive gameplay.- Online global leaderboard.- Enjoy everyday with Today's leaderboard!- Adjustable keypad control.----------------------**Facts#1 in App ranking in USA,Japan and Canada.----------------------**User reviews-Takes no time to learn how to play. Very well puttogether,extremely simple, and super addicting!Very good game, sometimes simple things are just better-It really keeps you on your toe! And keep your mind moving.-This simple formula, combined with pounding, drivingmusic,really pushes you to play your best.It creates a true sense of accomplishment, and a satisfyingfeelingof defeat as well.----------------------**Media reviews-"Mr. Space!!" may seem easy at first but the difficultystartsramping up around level 25.Soon you'll be making split second judgments and hitting thatreplaybutton to try and top your last high score.A time waster worth checking out.(App"Mr. Space!!" continues the Mr. tradition of highlyenergeticmusic, encouraging sound effects,and of course the constantly moving gridbackground.(TouchArcade)----------------------Everybody please give it a try!!This Version is Ad Free!!Presented by PONOS
Case Clicker 2 - Custom Cases! 2.2.3
Hawk Games!
Anniversary update edition! What's new? We have added MULTIPLECASEopening, online realtime coinflips, new casino minigame - ♣Tower♣, weapon equipping system, new ranks and much more! CaseClickeris a combination of the CS case simulator with a clicker. Inthegame you click, open cases, play minigames, trade with friendandmore! Main game features? ► Over 300 upgrades are waiting tounlock► Over 1000 obtainable skins! ► Over 1300 obtainablestickers! ►Almost 80 obtainable collectible pins and gloves ►Custom Casecreator - create your custom cases and share them withotherplayers! ► Trading system - trade with other players! ►Matchbetting system - bet you virtual items on the real eSportmatches!► Name Tags - name your own skin! ► Item upgrader - don'tlike youritem? Take a risk and try to upgrade it to a better item!Andthat's not everything in our csgo case opener game!Gamblingminigames? Sure! ♣ Roulette ♣ Minesweeper ♣ Coinflip ♣Jackpots ♣Crash - are you fast enough to get your skin before thepricecrashes? ♣ Tower - go up until you reach the top of the towertoget the grand prize! ♣ Online Jackpots! ♣ Online Coinflips -playversus your friend or other players! ♣ Scratches - try yourluck inone of 4 different scratches! What also can be found? ► Armdealcontracts, just like in real CS! ► Over 200 achievements ► Rankandprivate rank system, from silver to global elite and evenfurther!► Mission system - do up to 3 missions at once and receiverewards!► Souvenir system - collect souvenir items! ► Capsuleswithstickers and collectible pins ► Ability to sell skins forrealmarket prices! And much more - we are constantly updating thegame,so you can always expect something new! Download the game andtryby yourself!
Doge Run 1.23
So Doge. Such Run.Doge Run is a runner game based on the funniestk9of the internet: DOGE! Much dog.Run with Shibe in a memebasedworld, collecting Dogecoins and VideoCards to improve thepointsmining, buy addons, beat the top hi-score and unlocktheachievements!Watchout from the enemies of the internet: virus,wormand trojan horse! Very scary. Such danger.Updates are coming!SuchBeta. Very development.New platforms, new bonus/malus objects,newenemies, new addons for Shibe and new backgrounds! ... Wow,suchnew.Stay tuned!If it crashes, please send the report so wecansolve the problems way faster! Very Thanks! Much helpful!We'llbevery happy to read your comments and critics, so you will helpusto develop the game as you like more. ;)Such game,veryhardcore!The updates after the 1.20 version, will belessfrequently. But don't worry, we'll continue the project!THANKYOUVERY MUCH FOR YOUR SUPPORT!Ps: This is a message for who rate1-2star this app.You can have many reasons of dislike this game,butwe'd like also to know why. Reviews like "I don't like doge","Idon't like this game", "I don't like you" are anywaywellappreciated from us. Just sayin'.
Mr. Piggy 1.06
The Adventures of Mr. PiggyThe perfect game for people whoareinterested in pixel games.It is also particularly good forasnack.Story:Mr. Piggy arises an endless struggle againstthebuilder-pigs.He uses his little weapon, which he has sincehisbirth always there to stop the evilTo conquerbuilder-pigs.Mr.Piggy is one of the few elite pigs used for thecontrol ofbuilder-pigs, which accumulate in the Trakumregion.
Kill Slither Worms 2.7
Shoot the earthworms !!!Blow all around !!!Extinguish a sniper rifle !!!!Shoot all around !!!Slippery worms !!!All colorful and beautiful !!Fight against crawling worms !!Red, yellow, blue, green, any color !!Clash with worms face to face!!!The game is suitable for both child and adult !!!It will help to diversify the leisure and pass the time andother!!If you're bored, come and play in Keel slizer Worms !!This game will not leave you indifferent!Just click on the joystick and suggestive sight that wouldget!!MLG FREEKey words: slither, kill, worms
Cookie Clickers 2 1.14.1
redBit games
The most awaited and spectacular cookie game sequel is nowavailablefor your devices, and it's super addicting. Be preparedfor endlesshours of fun and entertainment! Download now forfree!Baking cookiesis very simple:- Bake as many cookies as youcan by tapping on agiant cookie. The faster you tap, the more youbake!- As soon as youhave enough cookies, head over to the CookieShop and use yourcookies to buy upgrades and PowerUps so you canbake cookies evenfaster!- Keep an eye out for the Golden CookieRain and flavoredmilk waves. They'll help boost your production!-You have 2 newpowerful boosts at your fingertips: The Lucky Spinwith a free dailyspin, and the Time Machine which speeds up timeAND your cookieproduction!- Brand new CookieLand Map, where youcan level-up, trackyour progress, and see what level your friendsare on! Be thefastest to complete the achievements to get ahead ofeveryone!CookieClickers 2's endless game play will allow you toplay for anindefinite amount of time-- or at least until you bakesuch anextraordinary amount of cookies that your device will notbe able tocount them anymore!Become a Cookie Clickers God bybaking 1QUADRILLION cookies!Log in to Facebook to play with yourfriends andcompare your Cookie score in the globalleaderboards!Baking hasnever been so fun. Start now! Invite yourfriends to bake too andhave fun competing with each other for thetitle of fastest cookiebaker! Are you already a fan of CookieClickers Saga? If so, like uson Facebook, follow us on Twitter andInstagram and visit ourwebsite for least, a big THANK YOU to all for playing Cookie Clickers2!Have fun!
Tapmine Clicker 1.3
Tap to mine through different ores and use their matter toupgradeyour drill. This clicker game features several upgradeableminerparts to make your clicker drill mine faster, and differentores totap through.The clicker mechanic in Tapmine Clicker lets youtapthe screen to put your drill to work. After manually miningforsome time you'll be able to make the clicker drill mine byitselfthrough the use of upgrades, automating some of yourtaps.Tappingalso changes the drill's look! Can you unlock thegolden drill?
Dogeminer 1.0.4
Webber Robots
Dogeminer is the only Dogecoin Mining Simulator.SuchDogeminerdescription. So Pickaxe. Many mining to v Dogecoin.Dogeillionaire?Doge-Billionaire? Many Achievement. SoLeaderboard.Wow. Manysimulate. Much Dogecoin.TO THE MOON!
Food Evolution - Clicker Game 43.0.0
Combine foods to mutate them, discover their bizarre andexoticforms, and become rich!HIGHLIGHTS◉ No pop up ads! We hatethem asmuch as you do◉ The ultimate incremental clicker game◉ Tonsofupgrades to get more foods faster◉ Earn coins from your foodswhileoffline◉ Four different areas to discover◉ Tons ofcrazyevolutionsTHE STORYCreate tons of amazing foods in thiscuteevolution game. As you create more foods, you will discovernewworlds and eventually capture the entire planet!OFFLINEPROFITSYourfoods will generate coins while you are away, that youcan use toevolve even more foods! You can even feed them cats!HOWTO PLAYDragsimilar foods together to combine them and create newmysteriouscreaturesFoods automatically earn coins but you can tapthem toearn coins fasterUse food coins to buy new foods and makeeven moremoneyA VICIOUS CYCLEAs you create more and more evolutionsandmutations, your foods will generate even more coins for you!NOPOPUP ADSWhat are you waiting for? Unlike many other evolutiongames,Food Evolution has no pop up ads! Download this game nowandwitness the best evolution ever!
V-GO 1.4
Собирай стикеры с мемами и блогерами в дополненнойреальности.Наклеивай их на фото и отправляй друзьям!Находи звездYouTube илюбимые мемы на улицах своего города. Лови блогеров,лягушонкаПепе, Мистера Дудца и другие стикеры, которые сделают твоифотоуникальным! V-GO — это игра с дополненной реальностьюифоторедактор. Один раз поймав нужный стикер, тысможешьиспользовать его в любой момент, чтобы добавить на фото.Коллекциистикеров постоянно пополняются.Скачивай приложение иначинайсобирать свою коллекцию! 24 уровня с мемами и блогерами уженаулицах Москвы, Санкт-Петербурга, Новосибирска,Екатеринбурга,Красноярска, Казани, Челябинска, Нижнего Новгорода,Омска, Самары,Ростова-на-Дону, Уфы, Перми, Воронежа и Волгограда.Если вы хотите,чтобы ваш город или блогера добавили в игру — пишитена[email protected] или во ВКонтакте with memes and bloggers inaugmented reality. Pasting themon the photo and send to yourfriends!Is YouTube stars and favoritememes in the streets of theircity. Catch bloggers frog Pepe, Mr.Dudtsa and other stickers thatwill make your photos unique!V-GO -this is a game with augmentedreality and image editor. Once caughtthe desired sticker, you canuse it at any time to add to thephoto. Stickers collection isconstantly updated.Download the appand start collecting yourcollection! 24 levels with memes andbloggers already on the streetsof Moscow, St. Petersburg,Novosibirsk, Yekaterinburg, Krasnoyarsk,Kazan, Chelyabinsk, NizhnyNovgorod, Omsk, Samara, Rostov-on-Don,Ufa, Perm, Voronezh andVolgograd.If you want your city or bloggeradded to the game -write to [email protected] or inVKontakte
Dat Boi - Dat Game 1.33
In this game you can control your favourite meme, the internetking,the one and only:O SHIT WADDUP????DAT BOIIII!!!!!!!If it'stoo hardyou're too weak.Gameplay:With touching left or right ofyourtouchscreen you can move Dat Boi! Try to beat your last recordandchallenge your friends to do so too!Btw, we're really sorry forallof this cancer.Music by - Moose