Top 48 Games Similar to Tamago 3D

Egg Crush Monster
Crush the mysterious monster egg!Addictive funny Clicker &Touchgame!Touch the egg and crush it!Which monster is in theegg?Find arare egg and touch it to hatch a nice monster!120monsters in 10different stages ...Can you complete all thecollections?If you cancomplete all collection ... You are theemperor of collecting games!Great! ~~ :-DChallenge your collectinggame now!What if you want tohatch eggs quickly?Upgrade your touchpower and weapons!What if youwant more gold?Upgrade your gold!Doyou want a simple game?Do notworry about anything!Now all you needto do is just click with yourfinger and touch!Stress relievedTouch collecting game!Let's playtogether ~~ ^^Please play a lotand have a lot of reviews andvaluable feedback ~ ^ ^Thank you! ^^- GameWay -
Thank you for 8,000,000 users all over the world!!Who wantstoPlay!?Incredible App!!You must just knock on theTAMAGO(egg).That'sall!However, You will get totally hooked on it.Weare notresponsible,even if you have becameiftendonitis.--------------------------------- BAIBAI,Inc.Facebook: Twitter:
Tamago is a live streaming social network that lets you watchorbroadcast live video anytime, anywhere. Enjoy live video chatwithbeautiful personalities and influencers from the comfort ofyourown home. Make new friends and interact with talented streamersonTamago today! Love music? Artists like Hatsune Miku, NicholasTeoand more have live-streamed concerts on Tamago. Download nowandstay tuned for more music streams! Love games? Find livevideostreams from eSports events and channels like eGG Network. Gotatalent you’d like to showcase? Tamago is your stage! Becomeastreamer and gain thousands of fans on Tamago. You can earnvirtualgifts by showcasing your talents. Then, cash out and keepthemoney! Anyone can be a star on Tamago, so start streamingtoday.Exciting features: *Watch live Enjoy a variety ofliveentertainment by talented streamers, from singing and dancing,togame streaming and chatting all night long! *MakefriendsInteractwith talented streamers and personalities on Tamago.Enjoy livevideo chat and send gifts to show your love. *Stream liveBecome astreamer on Tamago and showcase your talents to the world.Gainfans and earn money from virtual gifts! *Exciting freebiesGrabyour chance to win cash and exciting prizes with regularcontestsand giveaways on Tamago.
Tamago Danger
Tamago Danger is fun and challenging arcade-style game for peopleofall ages.A Raw Egg On Rice is a traditional Japanese dish卵かけご飯.Your "job" is to make sure each rice bowl has an egg on it tomakecustomers happy. Try to hit all the rice bowls beforetheydisappear from the conveyor belt. How To Play...1) Tap theStartbutton.2) Move the chicken from left to right by tiltingyourphone.3) Japanese rice bowls will start coming towards you.Then,when you've positioned the chicken over a bowl, tap the screentodrop an egg.4) Try and hit as many bowls as possible to beatyourfriends.5) You have 5 characters to choose from the NinjaBirdy,Samurai birday, Iron birdy, Trooper birdy and theDarthbirdy.Challenge your friends to an "egg dropping" competitionandsee who can get the highest number of bowls with eggs.The gamewasdesigned by mocha hunter and his development team.Morelevelscoming soon!!!!
Egg Baby
WE'RE MOVING! We're packing all the Eggs and moving them to ourallnew game, Egg! If you think Egg Baby (R) is cool, you'llLOVEplaying Egg! It’s Cute Overload with Egg Baby®, the ultracute,fun, and addictive pet game that everyone's talking about!Eggs arelike real pets that need lots of attention and care. Feed,wash,tickle, and put your egg to bed every day to keep it happyandhealthy and it will GIVE YOU COINS. A healthy egg is a wealthyegg- keep the meters all green and your egg squeaky clean!Don'tforget, these cuties also love dressing up, reading books,andplaying mini games (another great way to earn some coins)! Thewayyou raise your egg matters! Everything you do with it helpsitdevelop its own personality. Depending on its personality,ithatches into different animals that hang out in your backyardandgive you gifts! Can you collect them all? Be careful though—ifyoudon’t take good care of your egg, it can get sick, or even die!HOWTO PLAY EGG BABY - Adopt your pet egg from a variety ofadorableEgg Types! - Dress up your egg in a huge selection of cuteandembarrassing outfits that they have no choice but to love! -Takecare of your egg: Feed, Clean, Tickle, and put your egg to bedorit will get lonely (and die). - Play with your (MINI GAMES,YAY!)and keep it alive, happy and healthy until it's ready tohatch! -Each Egg Type hatches into 6 DIFFERENT CREATURES based onitspersonality! HOLY HATS THAT'S A LOT OF CREATURES! It wouldbereally impressive if you collect them all! - Keep creatures inyourbackyard and they'll give you gifts to help you raise anadorablelittle army of EGG FRIENDS. -Don’t forget to check out theEGGVERSEto visit your friends’ houses, eggs, and creatures! IntheEggverse, eggs give you gifts when you tickle them! Need morehelp?Maybe some handy tips? Visit us onlineat: We are very friendly. Wearealso on Instagram, Facebook and Twitter: @eggverse Download andseeif it's all it's hatched up to be! Hehehe.
3D Pinball
3D Pinball is the most realistic 3D based arcade pinball gameonGoogle Play. This game is your go-to place for all of yourpinballcarvings!3D Pinball features 4 pinball tables with uniquegraphics,instructions and mission systems which will be interestingforeveryone. Try to complete certain objectives in a certainfashionto earn high scores or extra balls. The flawless physics ofthisgame faithfully recreate the mechanics of real pinballwithstunning sights and awesome sounds. 3D Pinballrocks!GameFeatures:- Pirates, Wild West, Frozen and Magic themedpinballmachines- Play with a flying table view with the camerapanning andzooming over the action- Realistic physics, 3D graphicsand asimulated 3D effectHow to Play:- Tap ANYWHERE on the left sideofscreen to control the left flipper- Tap ANYWHERE on the rightsideof screen to control the right flipper- Shake your phone tonudgethe pinball table if the ball is stuck in the middle
How it Works: SIG SP2022 pistol
3D model with animation explains revolver SIG SP2022 function!Whatis inside the app?!- High detailed 3D model - Operationanimations:SA and DA fire, unload, reload- Accessories: Decocker,Flashlight-Slow motion- X-ray mode- Cutaway mode- Tap'n'Hide mode(hide anypart of the model, just tap it)- Augmented reality (useyour camerato take AR photos)
Mahabali Jungle Run 3D
Mahabali Jungle Run 3D is the perfect game to time-pass and youwillfeel real journey of wildlife.Download the most addictive onetouchBest Runner game Maha bali Jungle Run 3D for FREE!Yourcentralmission is to run and survive in jungle and help themescape fromthe angry Tiger and Collect precious coins as many asyou can.Jumpand turn in mid-air as you dodge the incoming obstacleand sleepdown the trail at top speed while collecting manycoins!MahabaliJungle Run 3D is suitable for all kind of genresfrom kids, girlsand boys of all endless mostEntertaining and 3D runninggame with mahu bali and Feel Amazingrunning experience like Subway, Temple and Jungle!How to play:-Swipe Left to move Left- SwipeRight to move Right- Swipe Up toJump- Swipe Down to DuckSpecialFeatures:- It's a FREE game andCompatible with all mobiledevices!!- Amazing colorful 3Dgraphics!!- Best 3D jungle kingdom. -Amazing character control!!-Smooth movement and rhythm!!- Ambientmusic and Exciting and FunPLAY!!It is not an official game of anymovie,Each work has beendone to just for fun,and made for fans.Sowhat are you waitingfor,just go and download the super duperaddictive 3D runningadventure game Mahabali Subway Run 3D !Havelots of fun playingthis free run game!Lovers of Infinite Adventurerunner game,Pleasedo Rate and share with your friend’s!!
How it works: Winchester Model 21
3D model with animation explains Winchester Model 21 function!Whatis inside the app?!- High detailed 3D model - Operationanimations:fire, reload- Accessories: sawn-off barrel, sawn-offstock- Slowmotion- X-ray mode- Cutaway mode- Tap'n'Hide mode (hideany part ofthe model, just tap it)- Augmented reality (use yourcamera to takeAR photos)
Balance Ball 3D
In 3D Rolling Ball - Balance Ball game, you are to operate aball,simultaneously keeping its balance the ball. It is not soeasy:your way runs over the clouds across narrow roads and airtunnels.3D Rolling Ball is a free 3D game combining the elements ofarcadeand puzzle, where an errant ball is the only character isaddictive3d games. This story originated in the early 80s with thegame. Themain goal of the game is to pass through all levels andreach themaximum score.Features of 3D Rolling Ball - Balance Ballgame#Classic gameplay# Deep atmosphere# Realistic physics#Intuitivecontrols# No time limit# Free-to-play# English-languagesupport#Stunning Modern 3D graphics# State-of-the-art 3D physicsengine forreal pin action# 5 outrageous bowling scene# Multiplebowling ballsgames free in each scene# Detail stats trackingThis 3dballs gameis ball vs galaxy in falling ball game as glow ball youwill faceso many obstacles that its like ball vs obstacle and ballcontrolto ball escape falling balans balance game. The ball goesoffgravity ball like box ball games for kids and have 3d fun.HowtoPlay:# Drag the ball to the left or right to position the ballforyour throw.# Flick the ball with your finger to bowl.# Gestureacurve the screen to throw all hook balls free.React fast,don'tcross the edges of the field, lest you should slide down tothechasm! Intermediate results are not saved - if you fall itwillbring you to the beginning of the level for 3D Rolling Ball-Balance Ball. Whole new balance game to free ball game whichishaving 3d maze and move the ball to enjoy is simple ball game.Ifyou are not good at balancing you can fall down ball games.Youonly need to check stability balls 3d. This 3d balance the ball3drolling ball - balance ball. This bol is perfect game fromvariousnice games among best ball game in this 3d puzzle andphysicsbouncing balls. Have maze ball to clear all the levels andyou willforget all other rolling games in ball 3d.Download playgame andgive us a review for 3D Rolling Ball - Balance Ball.
Hoverboard Surfers 3D
Surf like a pro in the most realistic hoverboard game ever! Jumponyour board, speed up, and see how far you can ride in #1thrillingand frenzied 3D skateboarding game.Drift as fast as youcan anddodge the oncoming cars! Test you reflex as you skate downthe roadand subway bustling with traffic and deadly obstacles.Swipe toturn, jump and crouch your way across stunning 3Denvironments,collect coins to buy power ups and make cool stunts!The only limitis what you can get away with!Game Features:-Stunning 3D graphics-Realistic hoverboard physics and smoothcontrols- Nerve wreckinghoverboard stunts- 5 hoverboards and 5skateboards to unlockNotes:Hoverboard is a type of portable,rechargeable battery-poweredself-balancing two-wheeled scooter.
Beast boy Super Jungle Adventure Run 3D Titans Go
Beast Boy Titans Go adventures world super jungle run 3dreadytoplay the Beast Boy Titans Go adventures world super jungle run3d,Main theme is help the world If you love Beast Boy TitansGoadventures world super jungle run 3d You will love this play this adventure Beast Boy Titans Go adventuresworldsuper jungle run 3d all you have to do is select your worldandstart running and jumping with Beast Boy Titans Go whilecollectingas much coins as you can but be aware of the enemies thatcan killso lose the game whenever you see them try to hide fromthem ormake Beast Boy Titans Go jump over them this way they willnot harmyou.Beast Boy Titans Go adventures world super jungle run3d is avery challenging and addictive game for anyone who loves theBeastBoy Titans Go adventures world super jungle run 3dfeatures ofBeastBoy Titans Go adventures world super jungle run 3d:+ 10fantasticboss combats in Beast Boy Titans Go (cruel scorpion,danger catgolem, fright crocodile and fast spider) in 8 variouscastleworlds+ lots of bonuses, power ups for Beast Boy, hiddenblocks anditems + earth and water lands - means jump and run ANDalso swimBeast Boy Titans Go adventures world super jungle run 3d+100adventure Beast Boy adventures world super jungle run 3d,excitingand addictve levels with increasing level game difficulty+6various challenging worlds in Beast Boy Titans Go game(wonderworld, fright forest, sand land and mountain sphere)+ superfirstcombiner of 3D and 2D high solution graphics in Beast BoyTitans Gogame+ You have more 100 challenging levels to collectpoints to winin Beast Boy Titans Goadventures world super junglerun 3d+ BeastBoy Titans Go adventures world super jungle run 3d isreal fun andeasy to play+ awesome sound effects and old schoolbackground musicin Beast Boy game+ make Beast Boy destroyablebricks with specialskill items inside+ fantastic one tap gameplayreminding to oldschool classic games in Beast Boy game+ adventureBeast Boyadventures world super jungle run 3d is real fun and easyto play+more than 20 different enemies in Beast Boy like frogs,crocs,spiders, dragons, snails and monsters.......Beast BoyGameadventure is a fun run game Beast Boy Titans Go adventuresworldsuper jungle run 3d it's one of the best Beast Boy anime andchatnoir gamesHow to play Beast Boy Titans Go adventures worldsuperjungle run 3d: + right and left button for moving your BeastBoyTitans Go adventures world super jungle run 3d+ B buttonforjumping with Beast Boy adventures world super jungle run 3d+pressdown button on a tree stump to get Beast Boy hidden bonuslevel+after eating apples you will become Beast Boy Titans Goadventuresworld super jungle run 3d with magic powers and beingable todestroy blocks+ after eating yellow flowers you will becomeBeastBoy Titans Go adventures world super jungle run 3d and beingableto throw balls
3D Wallpaper Parallax 2018
Create your 3D background using Camera or Gallery photos orchoosefrom our collection.A beautiful app that gives a complete3Dexperience to your home and lock screen, currently we have200+live wallpaper and we are continuously updating our store.OurTop3D Live Wallpapers & Top Features→ All Marvels and DCSuperheroin one place.→ Theme changer widget ( change theme withoutevenopen app)→ Multiple new themes added weekly→ Verysmoothexperience→ Superhero Multi-layer collection→Flash,Arrow,Hulk,WonderWomen, Superman, Ironman, Thor etc.App usesGyroscopeand Accelerometer sensor for parallax effects that givesreal feelto each layer of the background.You can also submit yourown themethat would be published publicly to all users with yourname.Feelfree to contact us about any issue or Thank you
Eggs Out
Get the best score by guessing where the egg will fall, andcollectstars to unlock new eggs!- Tap to guess where the egg willfall andstop- The score stacks up until you fail a level- Covertarget’sarea to get stars- Collect stars to unlock new eggs!How togetstars?- 1 star: Cover the white area with the egg- 2 stars:Coverthe yellow area with the egg- 3 stars: Cover the orange areawiththe egg
Haunted Circus 3D
Welcome to Haunted Clown Circus, the #1 first-person survivalhorrorwrapped inside a realistic 3D world. Discover what happenedin thecircus 25 years ago!Our story started quite ordinary. Yougot anoffer to visit a legend circus but you will forever rememberthattrip! The exploration went wrong from the very beginning:horribleatmosphere, broken lights, and insufficient cell-phonebattery tomake a call. But with full region over the entirecircus, you canutilize monitors, elevators, Christmas trees andanything else toward off the dreadful creatures such as clowns,rabbits, orangutansand other killers.This is reality. Will youemerge from this fatefulcircus alive, or will you too, likeprevious visitors in the past 25years, be chased and trapped herefor the remainder of yourlife.Game Features:- Unsettling realistic3D graphics and eeriemusic- Intuitive and simple two fingercontrols- Multiple gameendings including both good and bad
Gyro Space Particles 3D Live Wallpaper
Free Version IncludesFeatures:- Fully 3D Parallax Livewallpaperwith Rendered 1 Types of Abstract Particles With GreenNebulaGalaxy and 3 Types of Animated Touch Flowing Particles.-Incredible3D parallax effect. Uses Gyroscope / Accelerometer.- Verysmoothand battery efficient- When not visible application iscompletelystopped, it doesn't run anything in backgroundFullVersionIncludes:Features:- Fully 3D Parallax Live wallpaper withRendered35 Types of Abstract Particles With Green Nebula Galaxy and3 Typesof Animated Touch Flowing Particles.- Incredible 3Dparallaxeffect. Uses Gyroscope / Accelerometer.Effects:- 3DAnimatedAsteroids- 3D Touch Flowing Crystal Squares- 3D TouchFlowingParticles With Trails- 30 Types of Touch Flowing AbstractParticlePlexus- Gyroscope Rotation- Effects Includes:- AnimatedBackgroundConstellations- 4 Types of Abstract Infinite Particles- 4Types ofSpace Portal with Abstract Particles- Blue Plexus - RedPlexus -Golden Plexus - Green Plexus - Yellow Plexus - White Plexus-Liquid Plexus - Auto color Change Plexus- Blue LiquidParticlePlexus- Yellow Liquid Particle Plexus- Golden LiquidParticlePlexus- Green Liquid Particle Plexus- Pink Liquid ParticlePlexus-White Liquid Particle Plexus SUMMARY:- Very Colorful,Animated, 3DAbstract Particles With Touch Flowing Particle PlexusEffects.-Everything is 3D rendered in OpenGL 3.0, with fullyinteractiveEffects that supports multi- touch. Both tablets andphones &are fully supported in both portrait and landscapemodes!Futuristic3D Graphics Created By Unity 3D.More Options WillBe Added InUpcoming Version.The Best android 3D live Wallpaper2017ENJOY ;)3D Android Live Wallpaper made with Unity 3D
Fyuse - 3D Photos
Fyuse is a spatial photography app that allows anyone withasmartphone to capture 3D images. These images, or "fyuses",areengaged by tilting your phone or by swiping your screen.Fyusecaptures space, not time, and allows you to view momentsfromdifferent angles, at your own pace.Because Fyuse is also adynamicsocial platform, it’s easy to share your images directlythroughthe Fyuse app. Additionally, fyuses can be embedded andsharedthrough other social platforms, websites, emails and texts.Thefyuses you create are versatile and completely yours.Fyuseispowered by advanced computer vision technologies and isdevelopedby Fyusion, Inc. It is available as a free download on iOSandAndroid.Device Requirements for Installation:1. Android version4.4(KitKat) or higher (API Level 19+)Device RequirementsforRecording: 1. All of the Requirements for Installation above2.Atleast one camera on the device3. Each camera is at least 720pinresolution4. Has required sensors: gyroscope,accelerometer,gravity.Experiencing any issues? Please contact We will get back to you as soon as possible!
BioDigital Human - 3D Anatomy
BioDigital's Human Platform™ is a virtual body platformconsistingof the most comprehensive set of true 3D anatomy and 3Dhealthcondition models ever assembled. Choose from 1000’s ofinteractivevisualizations to build your own custom library ofmodels. This appis an extension of BioDigital's award-winning HumanPlatform™online, allowing users from web to mobile to seamlesslyexperienceexploring beneath the skin in 3DFeatures:- fluid, true3Dscrolling, zooming, and panning - select and dissectobjects-interactive 3D simulations - search and fly to objectswithin a 3Dmodel - add or remove system layers- gamified quizzing -togglebetween view modes: standard, x-ray, & isolate - authorcontenton the web and sync to mobile- read detailed descriptionswhileviewing and interacting with stunning visuals - takescreenshotsand annotate - the Human Platform™ constantly evolves:access &download new additionsContent: Over 5,000 selectablemale andfemale anatomy objects - skeletal system, digestive system,urinarysystem, reproductive system, respiratory system, endocrinesystem,nervous system, cardiovascular system, lymphatic system,muscularsystem, integumentary system)Over 400+ Health ConditionsGrouped by- Blood, Heart and Circulation - Bones, Joints, andMuscles - Brainand Nerves - Digestive System - Ear, nose, andThroat - EndocrineSystem - Eyes and Vision - Immune System -Kidneys and UrinarySystem - Lungs and Breathing - Mouth and Teeth -Skin, Hair, andNails - Male Reproductive System more content addedconstantly!Users:Students/Educators - Your virtual cadaver!BioDigital's HumanPlatform™ gives students and educators a powerfulnew tool to teachand learn using the latest in 3D technology. Seewhy over 1,000schools from all over the world are using theHuman.Patients/Providers - A revolutionary way to communicatehealthconcepts with patients. Doctors can dissect to the core oftheproblem, mock up areas of concern, & share a 3D modelwithhis/her patient. Patients can finally see under the skin toquicklyunderstand their health and make smarter decisions. Business-Equip your sales, marketing teams and customers withstunningsimulations of your product: use the power of clouddelivery toshow the value of your product in dynamic, interactive,3D bodyvisualizations.Contact
Virtual girlfriend 3D * anime
Are you still dreaming about your own virtual girlfriend? Getitright now absolutely free and forget about real girlfriend!Havealot of fun with cute 3d anime girl. Your new girl will have herownemotions and feelings. Check all buttons and opennewfeatures!Features:- huge number of controls- cute 3Danimegraphics- correct her style, change hair colour- big numberofanimationsSome buttons have up to 17 different actions! Dowhateveryou want! You can even create a superstar for dating.She'syourgirl very kawaii !!Combine animations in different waysanddiscover new movements.Take care of your virtual girlfriend andshewill fall in love with you!Enjoy movements and animations in3D!Theanime girl will behave like virtual pet or virtual girl, soyou'llhave to play with her as much as you want.You are a trueotaku ifyou love this manga girl!Thank you for playing. Leave yourcommentsand have fun.CONTENT LICENSE:These contents are licensedunder the"Unity-Chan" License Terms and Conditions.
GeoGebra 3D Graphing Calculator
Easily solve 3D math problems, graph 3D functions andsurfaces,create geometric constructions in 3D, save and share yourresults.Millions of people around the world use GeoGebra tolearnmathematics and science. Join us: Dynamic Mathematicsforeveryone!• Plot f(x,y) functions and parametric surfaces•Createsolids, spheres, planes and many more 3D objects• Getintersectionpoints and cross-sections• Experience sliders, points,graphs andgeometry all working together• Search for free learningactivitiesdirectly from our app• Save and share your results withfriends andteachersVisit to learn more and findall our freeGeoGebra apps. We’d love to hear from you: send us yourquestionsor feedback via Twitter @geogebra or
Fidget Spinner 3D
Have you ever wish of possessing not one, not two, but awholecollection of majestic 3D fidget spinners? Why not do it onyourphone and fit the whole collection neatly inside your pocket.Testyour finger swiping skill with the latest and hottest 3DFidgetSpinner simulator game. Discover and gather a diverse numberof 3Dfidget spinners, each one is uniquely distinct from thelast.Accompany by an innovative camera system that will make youfeellike genuinely holding a real life fidget spinner in yourhand.Whatare you waiting for? Download the game, spin, and igniteyourscreen. SMOOTH CONTROL.* Simple and realistic control. Justswipeand enjoy as the majestic spinner spins to your command.* Pushyourlimit and break the highest score, then relax and marvel attheever changing pattern of this stress releasing spinner.AKALEIDOSCOPE OF SPINNERS.* With over 20 astonishing 3Dfidgetspinners to gather and much more coming your way in thenearfuture.* Spin and collect them all. DYNAMIC CAMERA SYSTEM.*Turnyour phone and discover the many unknown angles of yourfidgetspinners.* This never before seen dynamic camera will ensuretolift your experience to a whole new level. SUPER FRENZYGROUND*Enter the frenzy ground with the SUPER boost mode.* Swipe asfastas you can to reach the feverish speed and watch as thescreenexplodes with a shower of coins.* A mode to set the screen ablaze.
Earth & Moon in HD Gyro 3D Parallax Live Wallpaper
The most realistic interactive 3D Earth Live Wallpaper ever!(trustme ;-)Features:* 3D Clouds with real shadows* Lens flareeffect,reflections* HD resolution textures, made for tablets!*Incredible3D parallax effects using gyroscope or gravity sensor*Lots ofsettings so you can customize earth to your (and yourhardware's)needs* Sun, moon and stars already included ;-)*Absolutelyad-free!Hint: Try it once with one eye closed whileviewing. It'ssurprising but then the 3D effect is even moreimpressive.This isthe Free-Version of Earth & Moon in HD Gyro3D. It is 100percent ad-free and does not request for anypermissions. If youwant to support me, you can buy Earth & Moonin HD Gyro 3D PROand get some extra features :-) Please check myother apps, or havea look here: havefun:-)AlexCredits:Milkyway by ESO / S. Brunier, licensed under CCBY3.0; Earth textures from Nasa Visible Earth; Moon texturescourtesyof USGS Astrogeology Science Center
Stickman Turbo Dismounting 3D
From the creator and the success of the Stickman TurboDismounting2D, we have optimized and create new 3D version to makeit a betterand more creative experience.Perform death-defying motorstunts,crash into walls, create traffic pile-ups of epic scale -and sharethe fun!FEATURES:- 3D Physics and Ragdoll- unique activeragdollphysics system- crunchy sound effects- 20 levels- 10vehicles-Special props of various types 3D- Save video gameplay onEveryplaypage- Uses permission "Camera" and "Record Audio" to usevideorecording mode when playingHOW TO PLAY:- Very simple, "TapandHold" on button Start, "Eject" if you want and "Steers"changecharacter direction.Stickman Tubo Dismounting 3D(turbocharged orregular) is not to be attempted at home or outside.We do notrecommend or condone dismount attempts outside 3Dcomputersimulations.
Tunnel Trouble - Space Jet 3D Games
Tunnel Trouble-Space Jet 3D Games is a unique star-space jetgames!It is one of the best 3D games & Free New Games of theMonthfor all ages!Tunnel Trouble-Space Jet Games is a sciencefictionracing game with amazing 3D graphics and great spaceshooterexperience. Drive your jet space ship, through amazing colorworldsmade of tunnel bear, space shooter,fast electro and rocketahead,in this fast physics based games. It includes 3 modes.Thefirstmode that is Pros in which you need to pass through doors.Insecondmode that is Mine you need to pass through the obstacles&survive.The third mode that is survivial helps you increaseyourspeed when passing through the obstacle.It is top space gameswhereyou can drive your different space ship that has differentpowers.It is One of the top fun free tunnel bear game. It the bestendlesstrending games and New games of the Month. Catch up playingthis 3Dgames and Enjoy.Features- Multiple modes.- 8 space shipwithdifferent powers- Thrilling and addictive to everyone!-Simplecontrols- Challenging- Fun playing Game- Free to play
DnDice - 3D RPG Dice Roller
DnDice is a 3D Dice Roller application with realphysicssimulation.You will get a full set of dice in yourpocket!RPGplayers, Board gamers and D&D fans can use DnDice asa diceroller, just like in the real world.DnDice features are:*'DiceSum' mode: the result is the sum of the dice results plusamodifier.* 'Number of Successes' mode: the result is the numberofdice that outmatch the chosen 'Success' value.* Full set RPGdice:d2, d3, d4, d5, d6, d7, d8, d10, d12, d14, d16, d20, d24,d30,d100, FUDGE/FATE.* Shake dice by shaking your device.* Movedice bydragging and throwing them with your finger.* Shake dice bydoubletapping your device.* Tilt your device to affect the dicegravity.*Customizable Gravity strength.* Pause and resume thesimulation.*Long press on a die to block it, remove it or changeits color.*Modifier to be added/subtracted to the dice throw.*Throw result(with history).* Share your results on social networkslike Google+and Facebook, or as you like it. (Facebook do not letto fill themessage automatically, you have to copy/paste it orrewrite it...)*10 Customizable presets (name, dice and colors) withshortcuts.*Customizable dice: color, style, opacity, number colorand size.*Customizable playground (Wood, Marble, Paper, Grass,Concrete,Stone, Leather, Casino, a custom Image or a Photo).*Unlimited dicecan be added, it depends on your device.* Sound andvibration whendice collide.* Sound effects when you score a high orlow result(Applause, Laugh, ...).* Swipe up or down with twofingers to hidethe upper and lower interface.* Live Wallpaper!Select a preset andwatch it on your homescreen.* PRO version: 10more presets, Customthrow by writing text like "2d6+1d20+2",Drop/Keep/PoppingDice/Auto-Reroll options, Special Die (dS) withcustomizableimages, double success and failure thresholdsNote:INTERNETpermission is required for Google Analytics. PHOTO andSTORAGEpermissions are for custom backgrounds. Other requestedpermissionsare pretty obvious ;)TAG: D&D, DnD, Dice Simulation,3D DiceRoller, RPG Dice, Dungeons & Dragons, Dice Shaker, BoardGames,Live WallpaperI would like to thank:* the people behindthosesoftware and libraries: Android, JPCT-AE(,JBullet (,Blender( and Gimp(!*Zbigniew Ross for helping me with the LiveWallpaper, check hisapps!* Leo ACS for the new Icon, Logos,playgrounds and thePortoguese translation!
3D Gallery
Super fast gallery with cool 3D styles and bestinnovativedisplay.Well-designed gallery replacement for thebuilt-in phonegallery.Gallery is a free, next generation photogallery withsmooth gallery user interface and best innovativedisplay.Fast,light and modern gallery with special animated gallerylooks foryour phone.With 3D Gallery, you can:Enjoy 3D StylesMakeyourgallery photos alive with 3D styles like spiral, helix, circleandmany more.Enhance gallery photos as per your choice usingpinchingin different 3D styles.Change styles using just one tap onActionbar icon and witness cool 3D animations.Cool 3D animation onsingletap and double tap on gallery photo.Organize yourgalleryQuicklysearch thousands of gallery photos and use delete,copy and move toorganize your gallery photos.SlideshowPlayslideshow of galleryphotos instantly in a high qualityslideshow.Set background musicfor slideshow from gallerysettings.ShareEasily share groups ofphotos and videos from yourgallery, with just a tap! You can shareyour pictures to socialnetworks like Facebook, whatsapp, twitter,G+ etc.Gallery Features*Auto-style change on position/orientationchange of device.* Startbrowsing photos in gallery where you haveleft last time instead ofstarting again from first image* Set anyimage as Background *Configurable Auto Hide Action bar* Customizeas your choice fromgallery settingsLike us on Facebook: Delete will not workonSD Card for 4.4 OS due to system restriction.
Shadow Galaxy
After impact of galaxies remained lonely planet's shadow. Hereitis: Shadow Galaxy.Please see: + MOSAIC 3D Wallpapers, 115+3DLiveWallpapers Library and growing!+ GALAXY PACK , 3D GalaxiesandNebulas Library.This is the fourth of the four Galaxies.MaxelusGalaxy Tetralogy (4/4) ;)Please comment ! Thanks !
Voxel - 3D Color by Number & Pixel Coloring Book
Color by number is fun for adults as well as kids, but have youeverimagine turning number coloring book into 3D and color bynumbers ina brand new angle? Now Voxel offers you the whole 3Dnumber coloringexperience, much more vivid and interesting thantraditional numbercoloring book! Download now, paint by number andrelease your innerartist and re pixel mania! **Simple andQuickColor by numbers asknown as pixel coloring or sand boxcoloring is the new trend, butwhat makes Voxel unique is that youcan paint by number in 3D.Choose from a variety of beautiful 3Dtemplates, follow the numbersand color box, and bring these colorblock to life! Try to rotatethe screen and enjoy the beautiful 3Dpixel art. **Stress Relief andaddictiveMany grown-ups do pixelcoloring to anti stress, sincenumber coloring book is like a pixelart therapy. But do you knowcoloring apps in 3D will give you muchmore sense of achievements?You will get addictive to paint bynumbers in 3D, especially withall the graphics which we workreally hard on them. Take your time,relax, and enjoycoloring!**EducationalColor by number coloring bookis a great wayto teach your kids or students basic numberrecognition, and it isalso important that even youngest can colorby number in 3D, sothat they become more aware of what a real worldmeans. Having realobjects colored, also can get the children tohave betterunderstand what they are studying. What’s more? 3Dnumber coloringapps can actually help practice art drawingskills.Love sharing?Generate cool time-lapse video and share it toall your friends,family members and LOVED ONES! Hope we can makecolor by number in3D be your favorite hobby and addicted to itagain!Voxel Team
U Launcher 3D – Live Wallpaper, Free Themes, Speed
🏅C Launcher 3D officially changed the name to U Launcher 3D. BeUrLauncher!U Launcher 3D is one of the best welcome androidthemelauncher in🇩🇿🇮🇳🇷🇺🇵🇰🇮🇩 with 4.6 high rating on google play! The🔥 ULauncher 3D- 2017 latest live launcher give you best 3d effectsandstyle of experience new iphone themes for ios launcher style.Thedaily update Ulauncher android smooth theme and iphonewallpaperfree and desktop backgrounds for 3d Theme Android is SAFE,SMART,SPEED launcher customized for various android operatingSystem. Allyou want is in this carefree free launcher! 🔥 U Launcher3D=stylish android theme + Upgrade iphone experience &interfacefree ◆ U Launcher 3D providing to your home screen an cooltech 3Dscreen effects to android themes. U Launcher 3D also provideiOS 10like experience to get its own unique iphone style launcherandlatest new free wallpapers and desktop backgrounds. ◆ Switchyouroriginal system into the 3d interface and try differentFREEstylish android themes. U Launcher 3D had theme for upgradeandroidto ios10. We know your phone deserves to be special! ◆Features:🎨Theme-Maker: Find themes with custom icon packs andwallpapers infree luancher DIY theme store. Cool, Tech, Cute, Neon,AnimalPet...Here you will find android free themes for any kindsorfolks! All of themes are compatible with 99% of androiddevices,Including Vivo, Lenovo, Samsung Galaxy, Coolpad, Huaweihonor,Xiaomi, Redmi, special designed theme for IOS10 and ipadphone. Weown worldwide theme designers who updating free wallpaperanddesktop backgrounds every day. U Launcher 3D for android keepyourhome screen fresh and stylish! 📲 Widget: Long press on thehomescreen to add useful widgets and shortcuts. U Launcher 3Dbringyour android phone experience more efficient.🗂 Smart folders:As acarefree launcher, U Launcher 3D will automatically classifyallyour apps into categories based on its functionality, whichwillhelp you to easily find any app you want and keep your menucleanand organized. ◆ 3D Effects and animation🌏 3D Parallaxbackground:Powered by 3D engine, launcher will transform yourdesktopbackground into the live wallpapers and add dynamic effectsto yourscreen. With floating screen animation your wallpaper willget thereal 3d depth and outstanding visual🌏 3D Screen transition:Chooseyour own way to switching between screens from the variety ofthescreen transition effects provided by U Launcher 3D.Efficienttools🚀 Speed booster: U launcher Keep your phone fast andsmooth,free up more memory (RAM) on your phone and save batterywith onlyone tap directly from your home screen. Simple andeffective phonebooster feature will help your phone to keep itsbest conditionsall the time!🔎 Quick Search: Switch between searchengines andbrowse internet with the lightning speed using ULauncher searchfeature.Sounds nice? It could be yours! Try One ofthe bestlaunchers for android phone!U Launcher 3D FAQ: 1. How tofind ULauncher 3D settings menu?Swipe up gesture on home screen2.How toaccess Launcher 3D widget bar?Long press gesture on thehomescreen.3. How to access the Screen Manager menus?Pinch ingesturewith two fingers on the home screen.Attention: U Launcher3Davailable from Android 2.3+.Feel Free to pokeus:Facebook:
Spirly - Live Wallpaper
"Spirly" is an abstract 3Dlive wallpaper with endlesspossibilitiesand styles. It displays realtime 3D graphics poweredbyOpenGL."Spirly" comes with 24 predefined themes. Create yourownstyles in the optional theme editor. No matter if you wantsowlymoving tentacles or realistic flashes, the theme editor givesyoufull control over each scene.- choose between plasma ballandspirograph scene- change foreground and background colors-adjustsize and motion- modify complete style of each line
Rose 3D Live Wallpaper
Rose Butterfly Live WallpaperHere is fully 3D Rose LiveWallpaperrepresenting beautiful butterfly roaming around garden andfallingsun rays on flower making it awesome looks. Install thisromantic,beautiful & attractive wallpaper having realisticmovements asappears in 3D world.How to Use: Home Screen > Longtap for menu> Wallpapers > Live Wallpapers > SelectLivewallpaper.Features:** - HD Backgrounds with 3D World effects.**-Beautiful butterfly with Realistic 3D movement.** - To roamaroundscene; swipe your finger across screen.** - VariousCustomizationoptions like direction,speed,sun ray on/off.** - Fully3D LiveWallpaper.**- 3D rendering to save battery.**-Customizationrelating to battery use.**- Supported OpenGL.A wellknown symbol oflove and care with over 100 species and thousands ofcultivators ofroses. Theyvary in color, shape and sizes. There aremany roseswith different colors like black,purple, blue, classicred, pinketc. which makes it a full package. Roses are also used invariousedible syrups and rose water is quite popular sometimes usedin gumdrops & nougat. Roses have always known for its beautyandtheir flower pattern, fragrance and its applications. Rose isalsothe one of the best known and most favorite plants in theworld.Each color of the rose symbolizes certain value of human lifelikered is the symbol of love, yellow for friendship, orangeforenthusiasm, white of peace and purity and pink of joy.We areverysophisticated and dedicated towards the quality of ourLiveWallpapers.Please feel free to writes us feedback orappreciationsor even criticism with a short description and don’tforget to ratethis.
Dice 3D
You don't have any dice with you ? Don't panic and downloadthisapp.Contains a full set of realistic 3D dice to play yourfavouriterole-playing gamesContaining a very powerful 3DphysicsengineEnhanced graphics containing multiple environments anddicetexturesSave your configuration and retrieve it laterD2, D3,D4,D6, D8, D10, D12, D16, D20, D30 and D100 diceDisplay the list,thesum or the best of dice resultSpecial dice included:- D6 ako-D6artillery- D6 poker- D6 fate- D6 color- D6 hotel- D6 block-D6blood bowl- D6 hero quest- D6 scatter- D6 star wars- D8 starwars-D12 cthulhu- D12 star wars- D20 magic
Anatomy Learning - 3D Atlas
-If the app is not compatible with your device you can stillenjoyour PC and Mac version through PleaseREADthe FAQ before request a feature.... Comments, suggestionsandhelp:··· Languages: ENGLISH&SPANISH ··· This APP REQUIRES CONTINUOUS DATACONNECTION---------------Q: Why is ONLINE? Why cannot be offline?R: Think ofthe app as in Youtube. Each time you load a scene, thismust bedownloaded, then cached to accelerate the following times,butyou'll still need internet connection (exactly as you see avideoon youtube ).and no, there is no way to make this APP (oryoutube)offline.The app can download and cache up to1Gb.---------------P:In what languages is it translated? R: SPANISH(original language)and ENGLISH (translated). French, Portuguese,Russian Italian...have already been requested, we are consideringthe translationfrom those languages where the users collaborate initstranslation, since we do not speak these languages. Morethan20.000 medical terms, plus the book's videos anddescriptionsshould be translated.---------------Q: Why are theresome books in"under construction"? A: The project is still GROWING.We havemodeling some 3D anatomical parts, of which we have notcreated anadequate bibliography for learning. ----------------Q:What shouldI do if the app could not be installed, or it does notconnect tothe server? A: Follow these steps: - - -    1. -Make sure you fit requirements: Android 4 .. . . 1Gb RAM . . . .1GB of free space to install apps. - - - 2. -Connect a WIFI or 4Ghigh speed connection. G and 3G connections areoften inadequate,slow and tedious. The loading of pages with a goodconnection takesabout 5 - 10 seconds. (Think you're going todownload 5 to 10 MBfor each 3D model). - - - 3. - Install the APP,open it and accessthe Library. - - - 4. - If, after have followedthese steps, youstill can not access, send us your error throughour mail. We wouldlike to fix the bug, and we will notify you.Meanwhile, and use the PC & MACversion.
Closet Planner 3D
Closet Planner 3D is the easiest 3D design software forprofessionalor amateur designers that lets you create in a fewminutes a fullycustomized closet. Make a whole amazing design injust a few simplesteps and share it with your friends. Design inreal time with everydetail of the closet. Create, move, customizeor just recreate anycomponent at any moment. Choose interestingcolors, sizes, keep thesuccessful versions and print them.Becomeyour own interior designerwith the help of the Closet Planner3D!Functions available in theFREE version:- adjustment of thecontent of the wardrobe (shelvesand partitions, pantographs,baskets and other modules)-configuration of sliding doors (mirror,particle board, glass)-saving and opening of the project- savingwardrobe image- room,floor and wall color settingsFunctionsavailable in the PROversion:- display of the shelves sizes- undoof the action for moreconvenient work- function of import andexport of the project fortransfer of files between devices orsending by mail- side shelvesOfcourse, there are plans to add newfunctions:- Corner cabinets-Possibility to build storage rooms andcloakrooms
Gallery 3D
Gallery 3D:Gallery 3D applications and video on your phone ortabletall fotografam allows you to see the bulk of the place.Itpresentsyou with a 3D view of your photos.It also lets you edityourphotos.Features:-Photo and video give your regularappearance-GreatInterface-Easy to use-Pictures Background set,share, delete.
WEATHER NOW - Accurate Forecast Earth 3D & Widgets
Amazingly beautiful 3D images of our planet Earth drawsyourattention for so long that you may forget that the applicationhasother useful features that allows you easy access toprecise,global weather information.App main features:• Easilyselectdifferent cities using the city carousel with national flags• Chic3D “home screen” with high-quality real-time image of theearth,atmosphere, the stars and the sun • 15-day forecast chartwithdetailed daily weather conditions, independent day andnighttemperature charts• 48-hour hourly forecast withdetailedinformation• Database of over 100 000 cities withweatherinformation, quick look-up and automatic detection oflocation•Current temperature and weather conditions image atNotificationsbar• Weather Widgets with short-term andlong-termforecast,different sizes and customize options• WeatherMaps withweather layers: cloudy, precipitations, wind, pressureandtemperatureThe main features of Weather Now app are the“homescreen” and the forecast page.On the “home screen”, you cangetinformation on the selected location such as local time andcurrentweather with detailed weather conditions, and, of course,anincredibly beautiful three-dimensional image of the Earthwithrealistic-looking atmosphere, the sun and the stars.Youcanmanually turn it, increase and decrease its size, run theslowspinning animation or stop it.Installed in a cradle ordockstation, the application can run as a screensaver, attractingyourfriends and fellows. About weather data and forecastTheweatherforecast is provided by CustomWeather.CustomWeather is aleader intechnology and meteorological innovation, providing localweatherinformation to companies and application developers aroundtheworld.The current weather data is gathered from thousandsofprofessionally installed and maintained weather stationsinstalledmostly at airports. Weather Now only shows current weatherfromstations that have reported local weather conditions withinthepast hour. Current weather data is refreshed every 30 minutes;thatis twice as frequent as most other weather providers canoffer.Unique 48-hour forecasts from over 100,000 locations aroundtheworld provide a level of coverage and detail that simply cannotbefound elsewhere.Current weather information includes:•description•air temperature• wind direction and force• humidity•dew point•pressure• visibility• as well as comfort index withreference tocurrent weather conditions.Detailed weather forecastinformationincludes:• description• day and night air temperature•winddirection and force• humidity• UV index (ultravioletindex)•probability of precipitation• and comfort index withreference tocurrent weather conditions.
Koi Free 3D Live Wallpaper
Koi fish are considered "lucky" by many people, particularlythosefrom Asian cultures. Most of the people strongly believe thatthesefishes can increase the momentum of health in a generation,gathersaccumulation of wealth and neutralize negative forces.If youloveKoi, why don't you try the Koi Free 3D Live Wallpaper!Koi Free3DLive Wallpaper is a live wallpaper with beautiful backgroundsandfishes that enables you to have a aquarium experience betterthanthe real world aquarium. With this live wallpaper wherever yougoand whatever you do , Koi fish bring luck and richinlife.!!Download “Koi Free 3D Live Wallpaper” and decorateyourscreen in a best possible way. Beautiful wallpapers andfantasticscreen savers are waiting for you! This live wallpaperwill bringlucky and love for you.General Features:★ Touch on screenwithwater effect★ Double tap on the phone screen to give thefishestheir food FREE!★ Setting with 15 Koi with beautiful colorsFREE!★Setting with 10 beautiful backgrounds HD Quality for FREE!★Easyinstallation and configuration of the Space Wallpaper withcustommade core app.★ Available for all screen resolutions.Compatiblewith many smartphones and tablets.★ Screen rotationsupported.★Shuts down completely when not visible to save maximumspeed andbattery.This free app may have ads. Once you've set thewallpaper.Ads of any kind NEVER will be displayed on the backgroundserviceand you can enjoy a normal use of the device. Also, it doesnothave notification ads. If you receive these kind of ads. It'sfromanother app. Ads can support us to develop more free &greatlive wallpapers. Feel free to contact us for any concern youmayhave.To use: Home -> Menu -> Wallpapers -> Koi Free3DLive WallpaperWe truly appreciate your kind comments and highstarratings. Thank you so much for you contributing, usingandsharing!KimVan
Myanmar 2D/3D
App provides Full text live of SET Data daily. Enjoy withyourbusiness.
ON 3D-CameraMeasure
ON 3D-CameraMeasure is a powerful and advance remote measuringtoolon android. It performs measurements in any direction and planein3D space. There are no constrains on the camera directionorposition relative to the measured object. Unlike2D-CameraMeasure,the reference object/measured object plane notnecessary to beparallel to the camera plane. This make ON 3D morepowerful andflexible to measure anything at anywhere. It can beused as or evenreplace ruler and measuring tape in many situationwhere thetraditional measuring method is not enough or difficult toapply.ON 3D-CameraMeasure is extra useful especially if you wanttomeasure 1) Large object where simple ruler and measuring tapearenot enough or difficult to apply. For example, angle of roof,areaof a swimming pool, diameter of a roundabout, dimension ofafootball field, height of a wall, dimension of a room,distancefrom one side to another, etc. 2) Objects that aredifficult orimpossible to access. For example, outer dimension of abuilding,windows on a high wall, screen size in a cinema, objectmounted onceiling, area of solar panel on a roof, etc.It lets youmeasureanything in the fastest and easiest way as long as there isanyrectangular object as reference. ON 3D-CameraMeasureperformsnon-contact measurement by using the device's camera andanyrectangular object with known size as reference. You can usethepredefined common objects such as credit card, A3 paper andA4paper which is included in the application, or use your owncustomobject as reference. Using ON-3D is very intuitive and easy,as theoperational step below:Place the reference object on the sameplaneas measured object --> Capture picture with camera-->Calibrate --> Measure in different modes For moredetailsinformation about how to use the app, please refer UserGuide inthis app. KEY FEATURES:★ Measurements Modes: Length, Angle,Area,Diameter★ Measure objects in any direction or plane in 3Dspacewithout the restriction to hold camera parallel to theplane★Length value assigned to all the ruler lines in all modes★Camerasnapshot, auto-focus and flash light★ Show 3D grid incalibration★Customizable line width, point size, text size, ★ 3predefinedreference object(Credit card, A4 paper and A3 paper)★Showverticality and tilt angle of device when camera is on.★KeepScreen Awake★ Add/Delete measurements★ 6 Measurement Units: m,cm,mm, in, yd, ft★ 10x Zoom ViewIt helps you align the pointsonobject boundaries accurately.★ Customizable PictureResolutionItdetect all your camera supported picture size and letsyou selectyour best picture resolution among them. Calibration andmeasuringwill become easier.★ Save MeasurementIt lets you save yourcurrentmeasurement in SD card.★ Open MeasurementIt lets you openthepreviously saved measurements for review or continue edit.★ImportImage from GalleryIt lets you work with any photo or imagesin thegallery. ★ Instant Share & Send Measurement SnapshotShareorsend your current measurements with your friends viaEmail,Facebook, Bluetooth, Instagram, Whatsapp, Messanger,etc.ACCURACY:The accuracy of this apps is highly depends on howwellthe user move the points to aligned with object boundarieswhendoing calibration or measuring. Please be noted that smallerror incalibration might causes large inaccurate in measurements.In orderto achieve high accuracy, please try to use largestpossiblereference object. For example, please do not use A4 paperasreference object if you have A3 paper. From so many experimentwehave done so far, the average accuracy is lie between(+)(-)2.5%.ON 3D-CameraMeasure is free with full features onandroid. We hopethat this instrument can help you to save time andsimplify yourmeasuring works. If you have any comments, suggestionsorquestions, please feel free to contact Thank you!!
3D Mushroom Live Wallpaper New
Give your phone's home screen an ultimate look with this 3DMushroomLive Wallpaper. It is a beautiful, vivid, colorfulwallpaper withoriginal 3D images.Features:-** 360 degree AutoRotation.** Rotationon touch.** Beautiful HD image.** Lightweight.** Smooth movement.**Low power consumption. ** Adjust speedfrom settings.**Enable/Disable touch Function.** Enable/DisableAuto-RotationTestedon every version of Android.
Lotus 3D Live Wallpaper
Amazing Lotus flower 3d Live wallpaper for you to decorateyourmobile screen awesome and beautiful.. This lotus flowerrotating in360 degrees and control with touch interaction.. You cancustomizeviews in default,long and closer..It has two colors likepink andblue.. Realistic leaves floating on water..Feel the 3deffect inyour mobile...
3D DJ – DJ Mixer 2018
🎧 3D DJ – DJ Mixer Music is a music player with a super cool 3Duserinterface in a virtual 3D world. The 3D DJ – DJ Mixer Musicmachineis floating in the virtual area with TURNTABLES,full-fledged 3-bandEQ mixer - with DJM EQ preset. 🎧 🎧 Experience amusic player in theform of a DJ where you can use it to do the DJwork in a party.Withthis 3D DJ – DJ Mixer Music any song can beremake Music mixingsoftware, on the other hand, allows foropen-ended non-linearcomposition. This is because the emphasis onmusic mixing softwareis on music loops, not full loopssong can be combined,repeated, edited and distorted in an infinitevariety of musicformat.You can crossfade between two tracksseamlessly and changethe tempo and pitch in real-time. Differentbuilt-in melodies &sound effects are available to mix withyour main music!🎧 Keyfeature of 3D DJ – DJ Mixer Music 🎧 :♫ Twoawesome realisticTURNTABLES for a music maniac, DJ Mixer♫ 3D DJ –DJ Mixer Music havebands equalizer for each deck♫ Music backgroundplay mode: listen toyour favorites songs while consulting otherapps♫ Visualizers : 3DDJ – DJ Mixer Music link audio with visuals.Watch your sound movethanks to 5 different awesome effects formixer music♫ Samplermusic, mixer sampler for mixer music: 12sample banks + possibilityto record your own samples♫ Seek withintrack, show elapsed andremaining time, play 2 songs simultaneouslyand cross-fade betweenthem ♫ 3D DJ – DJ Mixer Music support foryou many audio FX, mixereffect: Flanger, Phaser, Echo, Gate, BitCrusher, Classical, Club,Dance, Full Bass, Full Bass and Treble,Full Treble, Headphones,Large Hall, Live, Party, Pop, Reggae,Rock, Ska, Soft, Soft Rock& Techno (create your own sound)♫Button click fade – it’s likeauto fade on clicking the buttons♫ DJvirtual 3D style compatiblewith smartphones and tablets.♫ 3Dtransition effects on screens andfolders switching for DJ.♫Elegant and simple DJ virtual 3D screennavigation.♫ Screenmanagement interface for DJ virtual 3D withincredible 3D effect.♫Astonishing DJ music mixer weather widget.♫Very small, will notaffect system performance. Equalizer & DJStudio Music allowsyou to play two songs at the same time from yourSD card♫ Batterysave function.💕 Rate us 👍We’re always trying tomake 3D DJ – DJMixer Music better !!
Photo & Video Gallery
Super Fast Gallery for your smart Android device with wellMaterialDesign Gallery, user friendly Gallery and UniqueGallery.Combiningthe beautiful look of material design and thesimplicity of iPhonestyle design philosophy, Meet my purposeGallery, the fastestgrowing gallery app for Android Device.Galerydesign for yourlovely photos and videos. You can easy to accessyour photos andvideo throw Galery.Arrange Your Gallery•Automatically arrange allof your photos and videos according toyour events, date, time, andlocation.• For the classic photogallery feel, the Gallery view hasall of your photos and videos inone click gallery view.• Use theMoments view for a more unique,collage like view based aroundevents, date, and location.Slideshowof your Gallery•Play slideshowof gallery photos instantly in a highquality slideshow.•Once youstart slide show of your Gallery you cantouch on screen any whereit will not stop. For play and stop youwant to use play and pausebutton in your gallery.•Set backgroundmusic for slideshow fromgallery settings.Share Your Gallery• Easilyshare groups of photosand videos from your gallery, with just oneclick. • Share withease to all of your favorite social networks:Face book, what’sApp, G+ and more.• The easiest and fastest way tocreate Face bookalbums, on the fly! Types of 3D Styles GalleryMakeyour galleryphotos alive with 3D styles like • Background toforegroundGallery• Cube Gallery• Foreground to Background Gallery•RotateDown Gallery• Rotate Up Gallery• Stack Gallery• TabletGallery•Zoom in Gallery• Zoom outside Gallery • Zoom outGalleryEnhancegallery photos as per your choice using pinching indifferent 3Dstyles.Change styles using just one tap on Action baricon andwitness cool 3D animations.Create and manage photoalbumsOrganizeyour photos and videos by creating albums in gallery,setting yourfavorites albums and hiding unnecessary albums.Perfectsupport formultiple SD card. Create albums in any of the externalSDcards.Gallery, Photo Gallery, Album Gallery, Galery, VideoGallery,3D Gallery, image viewer, Photo viewer, Gallery apps.Gallery app,Photo album, album, Photos.Privacy : Your privacy isimportant tous! Gallery does not copy or store your photos andvideos.
AirAttack HD Lite
Air Attack HD - is Award Winning next-generation top down aircombatshooter with stunning 3D graphics alongside great audio,effects andawesome gameplay.Over 1 000 000 Downloads on iPhone /iPadUnityAwards 2010 - Grand PrixFeatures in Lite version:* 3Great Missions*24 Different Enemy Types* 3 Unique Planes* NumerousUpgrades andSpecial Weapons* Amazing Lighting and Special Effects*OrchestralMusic* 3 Difficulty Modes* Arcade and Survival Mode*RealtimePhysics* Destructible Bridges and Buildings* WW2 Shmupwith Amazing3D environments enhanced with LightMaps andSpecularMaps* 3 Huge EndLevel Bosses* 7 Control Types: Touch,Relative, Tilt, Joypad, Mouse,Keyboard, Gamepad*Portrait/Landscape orientation* MOGA, NVIDIAShield, Consolecontrollers support* NVIDIA Tegra based devicessupport - THD*Xperia PLAY optimizedIf you got any problems withAirAttack HDplease send us an e-mail, we will do our best to helpyou.
3D Cube Live Wallpaper Photo Editor
3D Cube Live Wallpaper Photo EditorMake your mobile screenbeautifuland colorful with 3D Cube Live Wallpaper PhotoEditor.This appallows you to add your favorite photos as faces ofthe cube androtates smoothly.You can customize the cube size,rotation speed.Howto use:1. Add photos from mobile gallery2. Youcan choose photosbetween 1 to 63. Choose favorite 3D backgrounds4.Apply frames5.Change cube rotation speed, size etc,6. Set as LiveWallpaperKeyFeatures:★ Easy to use UI★ Lots of 3D backgrounds tochoose from!★Lots of Awesome Photo Frames to choose from!★ Easy toadd Text★ Easyto Customize cube★ Its Free!★ It works Offline★Choose favoriteAnimationsHave fun displaying your photos oncubeYou can add yourfavorite images to the cube just by picking 1to 6 images from thegallery. Frames:In 3d cube live wall paper,frame is an essentialfeature in which you can decorate the 3dphotocube with the frame,we provide a simple variety of frames you canadd one of the frameto the cube that gives a stunning look to thecube.StarsAnimation:you can select your preferable star and add itto the cubeto make the wall paper look more fabulous CubeSize:with differenteffects and you can also increase/decrease thesize of the cube andyou can arrange the speed of the cube as peryour needInteractive:3d cube live wall paper is designed to beinteractive with thetouch of the fingerand you can also rotatethis 3d cube and have funyou can also off the touch mode of thecubeSet Live Wallpaper :Setthis 3d cube live wall paper on yourmobile screen that gives atotallydifferent look to yourscreen.hope you all love making 3dlive wall papers with yourfavorite photos.Download Now for Free!
Parkour GO
Parkour GO is a first parkour game in 3D for mobile devices.Feelthe speed, climb on buildings, Use youre acrobatic skillsforrunning on the wall, unlock more levels and new mobileFPSexperience.FPS parkour now on android. Beautiful 3D graphicsandcomplex levels that challenge you. Jump, slide, run and climb -useyoure skills to climb on top of leaderbord.FEATURES:- First3DParkour game- Beautiful 3D graphics- Comfortablecontrols-Top-notch designed levels- Ongoing updates to deliver newfeaturesand contentFEATURES WE ARE WORKING ON:- Multiplayer- MoreLevels-Online highscores- Bluetooth controllers support
Abstract Butterflies Wallpaper
Enjoy our new animated wallpaper "Abstract ButterfliesLiveWallpaper" with animated butterflies, set of abstract andwinterbackgrounds, interactive reaction on touch and much more.Thisapplication will look great on the screen of your Android phoneortablet.FEATURES:- Animated butterflies- Set of HD winterandabstract backgrounds- Animated glowworms and wisps- Livewatereffect that simulates water drops falling on the watersurface,waves on water and water ripples (water drops effect /water waveseffect)- Fast and smooth real 3D animations (based onOpenGL ES2.0)- Low battery use- All screen sizes support- TabletsupportHowto set dynamic phone screensaver “Abstract WinterButterfly LiveWallpaper” on the desktop of your phone: Home →Applications →Settings → Display → Wallpapers → Home screenwallpaper → Livewallpapers → Butterflies Live WallpaperCheck outour account formore free beautiful live wallpapersNotice: this freeandroidapplication contains ads
3D Special Effect Photo Editor
FED UP of normal Effects???? Now its time to try some 3Deffects.Give a real 3D look to your photo by using our 3D Specialeffectsphoto editor app.3D Special effect photo editor contains lotofdesigned frames which blends on your photo to generate a3DEffect.Edit your 3D output with our special color effects to giveaamazing look.Use flip tool to set your photo properly fit to3DEffect.3D special effect photo editor give a look to yourphotolike a poster collage.How to use:1. Select your photo fromgalleryor capture from camera.2. Choose 3D effect which you want toapplyon your image.3. Use flip option to set your image properly totheframe.4. Apply over 20+ effects.5. Use fingers to scale androtateyour photo.6. Share your master piece with your friends byusingsocial media.7. Set your 3D output as your phonewallpaper.Downloadamazing editor for giving a 3D look to yourphoto, 3D specialeffect photo editor ...