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Basic Electronics Question & Answers
Basic Electronics Q&A provides you various Question &Answerfor electronics & its components. Electronics includesvarioustopics like tools & components of electronics, numbersystem,boolean algebra, electric circuits etc.Basic ElectronicsQ&Aalso contains fundamental concepts like Voltage,Current,Resistance, semiconductor, capacitor, Ohms Law etc. Anyelectricianor student of electronics can use our app forreference.Topicswhich included in Electronics Q&A app :-ElectronicsComponents- Electronics Tools- Voltage- Current- OhmsLaw- Diode-Basic Electronics Question And Answers- Semiconductors –PNJunction- Resistors- Capacitors- Special Purpose Diode-Rectifier-Electronic Meters- Number Systems And Code- Logic GatesAnd BooleanAlgebra- Logic Circuits- Power Electronics- Series andParallelCircuits- Difference Between AC and DC Currents-ElectrostaticForce- Static Electricity- Electric Fields- Battery& Types ofBatteries and Applications- Solar Panel- KirchhoffsLaws forcurrent and voltageElectronics Q&A app is useful forstudent,electrician, engineering field, electrical field ,professionalsetc. We frequently update our app with new topics ofquestion &answers. If you really like the Basic ElectronicsQuestion &Answers app kindle give us good feedback.
Resistance Calculator
Quickly calculate the resistance, inductance or capacitanceofelectronic components.Supported Features: * ResistanceCalculator:- 3 Band - 4 Band (2 digits, multiplier, tolerance) - 5Band (3digits, multiplier, tolerance) - 6 Band (3 digits,multiplier,tolerance, temperature rating) * Inductance Calculator -4 Band - 5Band * SMD (Surface Mount) Resistance Calculator - Normalcodes(number plus multiplier) - EIA-96 codes * CapacitanceCalculator -4 Band - 5 Band - 6 Band 'postage stamp' * Capacitanceprintedcalculator - Electrolytic Capacitors - Ceramic/ Mica/PolyesterCapacitorsIf you have any suggestions for new features orspot abug please contact me, I'd love to hear from you.
How To Use A Multimeter
How To Use A Multimeter.This is the complete multimeterguide.Youwill learn How to check electronic components likecapacitor,diode, resistor, coil, ringer, mic, speaker.It coversvariouselectronics parts and components checking such asWhat isamultimeter ?Multimeter Precautions.DC voltage Checking,ACvoltageChecking,Checking of mobile batteries,CheckingOfDiode,Resistor,LED Simple Capacitor Electrolyticcapacitortesting,Checking ofFuse,Speaker,Capacitor,FilterCondenser,Coil,Mic,Vibrator,Switch,Transfer,Wire,MobileAntinaetc.This App is very useful to those who is learningMobilerepairing or taking mobile or smartphone Training and alsothosewho is doing repairing works.How to test electronicscomponentsusing digital multimeter.multimeter app download now !Itcoversalmost all functions of Multimeter. How to Check ComponentsbyMultimeter is an application in which you can learn how tocheckelectronics components. This app will teach you what isexactlymultimeter basic working.Weather you are an electronichobbyist,hardware engineer, mobile technician, or doing laptoprepairingwork this app is very useful to you.
Learn Electronics Basics
Learn Electronics app teaches you basics idea about theelectronics& it's concept. Electricity is basically vastsubject & canbe defined as the set of physical phenomenaassociated with thepresence and flow of electric charge.Electronics includes varioustopics like current, volt, power,capacitor, conductor, resistance,resister, diode, triode, arduino ,firewire, mosfet, proteus,tesla, solar etc. Electronics alsoincludes instruments likemultimeter, ammeter, voltmeter,potentiometer etc.It is alsoessential to know about battery &it's types as aa, aaa,lithium, alkaline. In electric study, solarsystem is alsoimportant. Most of the electrician can use this appfor thereference.Important Topics Included :- Electricity&Electronics- Voltage- Electric Current- ElectricalCharge-Electrical Field- Watts -Power- Resistance- Ohms Law-Capacitor-Diodes- LED- Multimeter- Voltmeter- Ammeter- solarsystem- solarpanels- Types of solar panels- Arduino, Tesla(upcoming)- Firewire(upcoming)- Battery & it's types as aa,aaa, lithium, alkaline(upcoming)Electronics app is useful forstudent, electrician,engineering field, electrical field ,professionals etc. Wefrequently update our app with new chapters.If you like the LearnElectronics Basics app kindly give us goodfeedback.
* This is the worlds first IC Dictionary app Facing trouble togetdatasheet or other information of your desired IntegratedCircuitor other Electronic components? This app will help you a lottofind your desired information.Features# Easy to search and findbyIC name# Download and Save Datasheet# Built in PDF Reader# Saveforoffline use# Over 3000 components are already available#Allcategories are well organized# Easy to find by CategoriesandSub-Categories# Find Arduino, PIC Microcontroller, variousanalogand digital ICs# Download and Read related books# You cansuggestyour desired componentThis app is not a typical WebView app.We areadding more components daily. You can suggest more componentstoimprove this app.
ElectroDroid - electronics in your hand
ElectroDroid is a simple and powerful collection ofelectronicstools and references. This is the free version,which containsads; you can also buy from the Market the PRO versionof the app tosupport the developer, unlock more features and getrid of theads.  The app includes: • Resistor colorcodedecoder (3-6 bands); • SMD Resistor Code; •Inductorcolor code decoder; • Ohm’s lawcalculator; •Reactance/Resonance calculator; • Voltagedivider; •Resistors ratio, value/series/parallel; •Capacitor chargecalculation; • Operational amplifier; •LED resistorcalculator; • Adjustable voltageregulator/LM317calculator; • Heat dissipation; • BatteryLifecalculator; • Inductor design tool; • VoltageDropcalculator; • PCB Trace Width calculator; •SimpleFilters calculator; • NE555 calculator; •PowerCalculator; • Decibel Converter; •FrequencyConverter; • Analog-Digital Converter; •Y-ΔTransformation; • Port pin-out (USB, Serial,Parallel,Ethernet, RJ, SCART, DVI, HDMI, S-Video, VGA, VESA,Display Port,FireWire, Jack, RCA, Audio DIN connector, XLR/DMX, ATXPower, PCperipheral connectors, EIDE/ATA, SATA, PS/2-AT, MIDI/Gameport,Apple 30-pin, Apple Lightning connector, PDMI, OBD-II,25-pairphone cable color code, Color Code for Fiber Optic Cables,MIDIconnector, ISO connector for car audio, Arduinopin-outs); •Resources (USB specification, Resistivity table,Table of standardresistors and capacitors, Capacitor marking codes,AWG and SWG Wiresize, Ampacity Table, Symbols and Abbreviations,Circuit SchematicSymbols, SI Units prefixes, Battery info, Booleanlogic gate andalgebra Theorems, 7400 info and pinout, ASCII codes,Batterieslist, Coin Batteries, 78xx IC, ChipDB IC pinouts,SwitchInformation, Decibel Table, PIC ICSP/AVR ISP, SMD PackageSize,Radio frequencies); • Full support for EIA resistorseries forall calculators; ...and more to come!  Theapp hasalso support for plugins to expand functionality of theapplication(e.g. PIC and AVR micro-controllers Database,simulators, partssearch).  If you like the program,please rate it, andbuy the full version to support thedevelopment. ElectrodroidPROlink:  ForFAQand full change-log, visit TheAndroidrobot in the logo is modified from work created and sharedby Googleand used according to terms described in the CC BY 3.0License.
All joking aside, this time you will understand howelectroniccircuits work."I stumbled upon some serious gold""This app takes design to a whole new levelofinteractivity" - Design NewsBuild any circuit, tap play button,andwatch dynamic voltage, current, and charge animations. Thisgivesyou insight into circuit operation like no equation does.Whilesimulation is running, adjust circuit parameters with analogknob,and the circuit responds to your actions in real time. You canevengenerate an arbitrary input signal with yourfinger!That'sinteractivity and innovation you can't find in bestSPICE tools forPC like Multisim, LTspice, OrCad or PSpice(trademarks belong totheir respective owners).EveryCircuit is notjust an eye candy.Under the hood it packs custom-built simulationengine optimizedfor interactive mobile use, serious numericalmethods, andrealistic device models. In short, Ohm's law,Kirchhoff's currentand voltage laws, nonlinear semiconductor deviceequations, and allthe good stuff is there.Growing library ofcomponents gives youfreedom to design any analog or digital circuitfrom a simplevoltage divider to transistor-levelmasterpiece.Schematic editorfeatures automatic wire routing, andminimalistic user interface.No nonsense, less tapping, moreproductivity.Simplicity,innovation, and power, combined withmobility, make EveryCircuit amust-have companion for high schoolscience and physics students,electrical engineering collegestudents, breadboard and printedcircuit board (PCB) enthusiasts,and ham radio hobbyists.Create anaccount to unlock the fullfunctionality for a limited time. Thefull version will employ allof your imagination, and all thescreen area of your tablet. JoinEveryCircuit cloud community tostore your circuits on cloud, accessthem from any of your devices,explore public community circuits andshare your own designs. Theapp requires a permission to access youraccount for authenticationin EveryCircuit community.Thanks to Prof.N. Maghari for technicaldiscussions, feedback, and help withdesigning circuitexamples.Features:+ Growing public library ofcommunity circuits+Animations of voltage waveforms and currentflows+ Animations ofcapacitor charges+ Analog control knob adjustscircuit parameters+Automatic wire routing+ Oscilloscope+ SeamlessDC and transientsimulation+ Single play/pause button controlssimulation+ Savingand loading of circuit schematic+ Mobilesimulation engine builtfrom ground-up+ Shake the phone tokick-start oscillators+Intuitive user interface+ No AdsComponents:+Sources, signalgenerators+ Controlled sources, VCVS, VCCS, CCVS,CCCS+ Resistors,capacitors, inductors, transformers+ Voltmeter,amperemeter,ohmmeter+ DC motor+ Potentiometer, lamp+ Switches,SPST, SPDT+ Pushbuttons, NO, NC+ Diodes, Zener diodes, lightemitting diodes (LED)+MOS transistors (MOSFET)+ Bipolar junctiontransistors (BJT)+ Idealoperational amplifier (opamp)+ Digitallogic gates, AND, OR, NOT,NAND, NOR, XOR, XNOR+ Relay+ 555 timer+Counter+ 7-segment displayand decoderNext:+ More componentsIf youlike it, please rate,review, and buy!
Electronics Toolkit
Electronics Toolkit is a helpful app with dozens oftools,calculators and references made for electronic engineers,studentsand hobbyists.Calculators:• Resistor color codes -calculate theresistance of resistors by selecting the colors of thebands• SMDresistor codes - calculate the resistance of SMDresistors byentering the number• LED resistor calculator -calculate the neededresistance to connect en LED to a power source•Parallel resistors- calculate the resistance of resistors inparallel• Voltagedivider - calculate the output voltage of avoltage divider• Seriesresistors - calculate the resistance ofresistors in series• Ohm'slaw - calculate the voltage, current ofresistance by entering theother two• Capacitance calculator -calculate the capacitance,voltage or charge by entering the othertwo• Battery discharge -calculate the time it takes to discharge abattery• Inductor colorcodes - calculate the inductance ofinductors by selecting thecolors of the bands• Parallel capacitors- calculate thecapacitance of capacitors in parallel• Seriescapacitors -calculate the capacitance of capacitors in series• Unitconverter -unit converter for length, temperature, area, volume,weight, time,angle, power and base• Op-amp calculator - calculatethe outputvoltage of non-inverting, inverting, summing anddifferentialopamps• Wheatstone bridge - calculate the resistance ofoneresistor in a balanced bridge or calculate the outputvoltage•Inductor codes - calculate the inductance of inductors byenteringthe number• Capacitor codes - calculate the capacitanceofcapacitors by entering the number• DAC and ADC calculator-calculate the output of digital-analog andanalog-digitalconverters• Wavelength frequency calculator -calculate thefrequency or wavelength of a wave• SI prefixes -convert numberswith SI prefixes• Capacitor energy - calculate theenergy in ancapacitor• Slew rate calculator - calculate the slewrate• Stardelta transformation - calculate the resistors in a stardeltatransformation• Zener calculator - calculate the resistance oftheresistor and voltage of the zener• Air core inductor calculator-calculate the inductance and wire length of an air coreinductor•555 timer calculator - calculate the frequency, period,duty cycle,high time and low time of a popular 555 timer circuit•Platecapacitor calculator - calculate the capacity of a platecapacitor•Resistance to color code calculator - calculate thecolors on theresistor by entering the resistance• LM317 - calculatethe outputvoltage of an LM317• Low pass filters• Wire resistance -calculatethe resistance of electrical wire• RMS voltage•Decibelcalculator•ReactanceTables:• Logic gates - truth table ofthe 7logic gates with interactive buttons• 7-segment display-interactive display that you can change by clicking on one ofthesegments or by clicking on a button to show ahexadecimalcharacter• ASCII - decimal, hexadecimal, binary, octaland charASCII table• Resistivity - table with the resistivity ofcommonmetals at 293K• Arduino pinout• Pinout diagrams of 4000 and7400series ICsOther:• Bluetooth - connect to a bluetooth modulelikethe HC-05 to talk with an arduino or other microcontroller withtheterminal, button and slider modesPERMISSIONS• read the contentsofyour USB storage && modify or delete the contents ofyourUSB storage - used to save images of IC pinout diagrams•receivedata from Internet && view network connections&&full network access - used to load the IC data list andto collectstatistics with Google Firebase• pair with Bluetoothdevices&& access Bluetooth settings - used to connectwithbluetooth devices• prevent device from sleeping -preventsbluetooth devices from disconnecting
Electronics toolbox
Electronic app is an application about analog electronicscomponentsit contains information about electronics components.Calculationscould be performed with the app like Resistor colorcodecalculationsFrequency and duty cycle of 555 TimerAstablemultivibrator Inverting and non inverting Op amp gain andoutputvoltage calculationsTransformer number of turningscommoncircuitcalculationscommon circuit detailsetc
Electronics Engineering Calculators
This app helps students and enthusiasts to buildelectroniccircuits. Containing the most frequently used functionsin thisfield and other useful information for engineering studentsorelectrical engineers. Check the full list of toolsbelow...ManyThanks! Enjoy!CALCULATORS:# Ohm's Law -DIRECT CURRENT-ALTERNATINGCURRENT # Resistors: -COLOUR CODE -BY VALUE -SMDRESISTORS -SERIES& PARALLEL -VOLTAGE DIVIDER -CURRENT DIVIDER-STANDARD VALUES-SMD MARKING CODE # Inductors: -COLOUR CODE-STANDARD VALUES-SERIES & PARALLEL -REACTANCE (XL) -RESONANCE#Capacitors:-STANDARD VALUES -SERIES & PARALLEL -REACTANCE (Xc)-RESONANCE-MARKING CODE# RLC Impedance: -SERIES / PARALLEL : RL,RC, LC, RLC#Voltage regulator: -78xx & 79xx -LM317 & LM337-PINOUT#Operational Amplifier -INVERTING -NON INVERTING -SUMMINGINVERTING-DIFFERENTIAL# IC-555 -ASTABLE -MONOSTABLE -PINOUT#Delta-StarConversion# Battery -AVERAGE LIFE TIME -CAPACITY#Converters-Number Converter (DEC, BIN, HEX, OCT) -TemperatureConverter(Celsius, Kelvin, Fahrenheit) -Scientific NotationConverter -AWG& SWG -Voltage Converter (Peak, Peak to Peak,RMS) -CurrentConverter (Peak, Peak to Peak, RMS) -Power Converter(db to Watts)-Degree - Radians -HP - kW -bit - Byte# Wavelength-FREQUENCY-LENGTH# PCB trace resistance# Stepper Motor# AntennaPowerDensity# LED Resistor Value# Transformers# Zener Diode-VOLTAGEDIVIDER -SELECTOR -MODELS# AWG -CHARACTERISTICS-CONVERSION-VOLTAGE DROP -TABLE WIRE SIZE -TABLEAMPERAGE#KarnaughMapPINOUTS:RASPBERRY PI / ARDUINO / RJ-45 /RJ-11/14/25 / FIBER /USB 1.x/2.0 / USB 3.x / PDMI / SERIAL RS232 /PARALLEL PORT /FIREWIRE / ATX / EIDE / ATA / SATA / PS-2 / AT / CAROBD-II / CARAUDIO ISO / CAR TRAILER / DISPLAY PORT / HDMI / DVI /VESA / SCART/ S-VIDEO / VGA / AUDIO / RCA / AUDIO DIN / MIDI / XLR/ SD CARD /SIM CARD / LM7XXX / LM3XX / IC555 / 7 SEG DISPLAY / LCDSCREEN /LEDLISTS:#Resistivity (Materials)#CircuitSymbols#RadiowaveFrequency#Abbreviations#dB Values#ASCIITable#Logic Gates#FusesCategories#AWG Wire Size#AWG Amperage#SWGWire Size#ScreenResolutions#IEC 60320#Resistors StandardValues#Capacitors MarkingCode#International System ofUnitsTHEORY:#Basic theory andformulasGUIDES:#BLOCK DIAGRAMS#CIRCUITDIAGRAMS#ELECTRICITY#SERIESAND PARALLEL#VOLTAGE ANDCURRENT#METERS#MULTIMETER#OSCILLOSCOPE#AC/ DC#ANALOG ANDDIGITAL#POWER SUPPLY
Circuit Jam
Meet Circuit Jam, an amazing new puzzle game from creatorsofEveryCircuit. We’ve gamified circuit learning, making is superfun,challenging, and rewarding.Packed with sophisticated graphicsandsimulation technologies, this app makes electroniccircuitsremarkably interactive and approachable. There are over 100puzzlesthat will take you for a fun and exciting ride. No... nogettingdeep into formulas or equations... just cool circuit gamesthattake you from the very basic to keep-you-up-all-nighters. Youwilllearn about voltage, current, resistance, capacitance anddeclarevictory each time you win!★ Challenge yourself with over100puzzles★ Discover 10 essential circuit components★ Checkyourhomework answers★ Invent your own circuits in sandbox★ Getready tosmile as you learnThe objective is to build circuits thatgenerateelectronic signals of some shape. You will get to makeconnections,set component values, and operate switches to solve thepuzzles.Circuit Jam will also teach you how to add and dividevoltages andcurrents, work out equivalent resistance andcapacitance, and useOhm's law and Kirchhoff's laws. As you completepuzzles, newsandbox components are unlocked.Sandbox mode lets youbuild anycircuit you can imagine out of unlocked components. Withsandboxyou can simulate examples in class, animate textbookcircuits,understand how they work, and check homework answers. Ormaybeyou'll just have a brilliant idea and invent a newcircuit.Fiveexciting puzzle collections are included, and the firstone isFREE!Essential components can be unlocked by solvingpuzzles:•Resistor• Capacitor• Lamp• Switches• Voltage source•Currentsource• Voltmeter• Amperemeter• Ohmmeter
Mobile electrician
This is a free version that contains advertising.You can buyGooglePlay the full version to support the developer and get ridofadvertising banners.The app includes: Ohms law for DC.Ohms lawforAC.L-C Resonance Calculator.Y-Δ Transformation.ElectricalEnergyCalculator.Current density.Basic transformercalculations.CalculateAC circuitsConnection ofcapacitors.Capacitive reactance.Run a 3phase motor on a singlephase.Capacitive Voltage Divider.CapacitorCharge / EnergyCalculator.Capacitor alphanumericmarkings.Connection ofresistors.Voltage divider.LEDResistor.Decode the color bandsresistors.Encode the color bandsresistors.Wheatstone BridgeCalculator.Resistor alphanumericmarkings.ConductorResistance.Conductor length.Conductor crosssection (by theformula).Voltage drop.Electrical resistivityandconductivity.Inductive reactance cable.Maximum lengthofconductor.Calculation Amps motor.Calculationpowermotor.Calculation kVa (3 Phase) motor.Calculation PowerFactor(3Phase).Calculation efficiency.Calculation of themotorslip.Calculation motor torque.Individual compensationthree-phaseinduction motors.Calculation motor power forcentrifugalpump.Calculation motor power for pistoncompressor.Calculationmotor power for the fan.Three-Phase MotorVoltageUnbalance.Three-Phase Motor Current Unbalance.Allowableampacitiesfor wire (PUE).Wire Size Calculator(PUE).Motorprotection.(PUE).Maximum circuit conductorlength.(PUE).Maximumcircuit ampacity.(PUE).Allowable ampacities forwire (NationalElectrical Code).Wire Size Calculator (NEC).Maximumcircuitconductor length.(NEC).Maximum circuitampacity.(NEC).Conduit fillcalculator (NEC)Allowable ampacities forwire (Canadian ElectricalCode).Wire Size Calculator (CEC).Maximumcircuit conductor length(CEC).Maximum circuit ampacity(CEC).Allowable ampacities for wireIEC 60364-5-52 (InternationalElectrotechnical Commission).WireSize Calculator (IEC).Maximumcircuit conductor length(IEC).Maximum circuit ampacity(IEC).Minimum levels ofshort-circuit current.Calculate fuse.Leakagecurrent.HeatingElement use Nichrome.Calculation sizing a generatorfor yourhome.Calculate number cables that fits in apipe.IPCode.Short-circuit current at the secondary terminals of aMV/LVdistribution transformerPower of heating elementForce ofanElectromagnetUPS Battery size calculatorUPS BatteryruntimecalculatorCalculation of electrical loads applyingdemandfactorCable Reel Capacity.Length of cable on a reel.Calculatecableconductor weightCable weight by formulasWiring ColorCodesLength ofa Hanging CablePower losses in cableApplianceclassesConversionwire size.Conversion: Active power - Real power -Reactivepower.Calculation Reactive Power Compensation.TranslationsAWG(American Wire gauge) in inches, millimeters, millimeterssquareand back.Conversion cos(φ)-sin(φ)-tg(φ).Conversion of unitsoftemperature.Conversion of units of distance.Conversion of unitsofpressure.Conversion units of flow.Conversion unitsofvolume.Conversion voltage(Peak - RMS-..)Conversion unitsofenergy.Conversion SI prefixes.Converter weightTimeUnitsConversionPower Units ConversionElectricityCostCalculatorMathematical calculatorPercentagecalculatorPrintOnlineand offline handbook Save the result of somecalculation in HTMLformatFor each calculation is given a separatehelp.Dark and lightthemes application.If you like the application,please rate it.
Electroapp for electronics
The application features descriptions of what they areresistors,capacitors, conductors, ,transistors, electronicscircuits,conductance, formulas Ohm's Law, Formula dissipated power,amanager of color code for resistors throwing the resistancevalueand its minimum tolerance and maximum.Have you consideredlearningelectronics easy and simple? Electroapp gives you thenecessaryknowledge about the components, formulas and methods usedinlearning electronics.from basic electronics to advancedelectronicscircuits.Contents:-electronicconductors.-Batteries.-Fuses.-Resistance.-Conductance.-Capacitors.-Diodes.-Transistors.-Electroniccircuits.-tableof figures and electrical units.Tools forcalculate:-Resistance ofan electricalconductor-Voltage.-Current.-Resistance.-Dissipatedpower-a managerof color code for resistors throwing the resistancevalue and itsminimum tolerance and maximum.-Conductance.ALL FREE!
smd components
290 000 SMD codes for diodes,transistors, thyristors,integratedcircuits.
Droid Tesla Demo
This is a demo version for Droid Tesla Pro!Droid Tesla is asimpleand powerful SPICE engine(circuit simulator).Perfect forstudentsnew to electronics circuit design and construction,hobbyist andtinkerers and even seasoned professionals who want aquick, handytool to perform electronics circuit designcalculations.That'sinteractivity and innovation you can't find inbest SPICE tools forPC like Multisim, LTspice, OrCad or PSpice(trademarks belong totheir respective owners).DroidTesla simulatorsolves basicresistive circuits using Kirchoff’s Current Law (KCL)in much thesame way a student in a circuits class would,thesimulatorsystematically forms a matrix in accordancewith KCL andthenproceeds to solve for the unknown quantities usingvariousalgebraictechniques such as Gaussian elimination and sparsematrixtechniques.For non-linear components, such as the diode andBJT,DroidTesla engine searching for the approximate solution bymakingan initial guess at an answerand then improving the solutionwithsuccessive calculations built upon this guess.This is calledaniterative process.DroidTesla simulation uses theNewton-Raphsoniterative algorithmto solve circuits with non-linearI/Vrelationships.For reactive elements(capacitors andinductors),theDroidTesla uses numeric integration methods toapproximate thestate of the reactive elements as a function oftime.DroidTeslaoffers the Trapezoidal(I'll add a GEAR method later)integrationmethods to approximate the state of the reactiveelements.Althoughfor most circuits, both methods will providealmost identicalresults,it is generally regarded that the Gearmethod is morestable, but trapezoidal method is faster andmoreaccurate.DroidTesla for nowcansimulate:-Resistor-Capacitor-Inductor-Potentiometer (availableonlyin pro version)-Light Bulb (available only in proversion)-Idealoperational amplifier-Bipolar junction transistor(NPN PNP)-MOSFETN-channel depletion-MOSFET N-channelenhancement-MOSFET P-channeldepletion-MOSFET P-channelenhancement-JFET N and P (available onlyin pro version)-PN Diode-PNLed diode-PN Zener diode-AC currentsource-DC current source-ACvoltage source-DC voltage(battery)source-CCVS - current controlledvoltage source-CCCS - currentcontrolled current source-VCVS -voltage controlled voltagesource-VCCS - voltage controlled currentsource-Square wave voltagesource (available only in proversion)-Triangle wave voltage source(available only in proversion)-AC ampermeter-DC ampermeter-ACvoltmeter-DC voltmeter-Twochanne oscilloscope (available only inpro version)-SPST Switch(available only in pro version)-SPDTSwitch (available only in proversion)-Voltage controlled switch(available only in proversion)-Current controlled switch(available only in proversion)-AND (available only in proversion)-NAND (available only inpro version)-OR (available only inpro version)-NOR (available onlyin pro version)-NOT (availableonly in pro version)-XOR (availableonly in pro version)-XNOR(available only in pro version)-JKflip-flop (available only in proversion)-7 Segment Display(available only in pro version)-IC 555(available only in proversion)-Transformer (available only in proversion)-GraetzCircuit(available only in pro version)If you aremakinganoscillators you have to put a small initial value on someofthereactive elements.(see the examples)
Electrical Calculations
Wire sizeCalculation of voltage dropCalculationofcurrentCalculation of voltageCalculation of activepowerCalculationof apparent powerCalculation of reactivepowerCalculation of powerfactor [PRO]Calculation of resistanceMaxwire length [PRO]Conduitfill [PRO]Motor from three-phase tosingle-phaseCapacitor startmotor single-phase [PRO]Calculation rpmmotor [PRO]Motor efficiency[PRO]Maximum torque [PRO]Diagramthree-phase motor (6 leads)Diagramthree-phase motor (9 leads)[PRO]Diagram three-phase motor (12leads) [PRO]Code resistors 4colorsCode resistors 5–6 colors[PRO]Color code inductor [PRO]Colorsresistor from valueSMDresistor code [PRO]Capacitor codeFusesFusesapplicationcategoriesUL/CSA fuse classSum resistorsSumcapacitorsΔ-Yconversion [PRO]HP/kW conversionAWG/mm² conversiontableSectionconversioncm/inch conversionLength conversionVoltage(Amplitude)conversion [PRO]sin/cos/tan/φ conversion [PRO]Energyconversion[PRO]kW - BTU/h conversionTemperature conversionPressureconversion[PRO]Ah - kWh conversion [PRO]Gauss - Tesla conversion[PRO]RPM -rad/s - m/s conversion [PRO]Torque conversion[PRO]ByteconversionAngle conversionSizing the circuit breaker[PRO]TrippingcurvesOperating currentReactance [PRO]Impedance[PRO]Resonantfrequency [PRO]Voltage divider [PRO]Current divider[PRO]Zenerdiode as voltage stabiliser [PRO]Resistance toreducevoltageResistance for ledPower factor correction [PRO]Powerfactorcorrection of transformer MV/LV [PRO]Capacitor power atdifferentvoltage [PRO]Earthing system [PRO]Batterylife[PRO]Primary/Secondary winding of transformerShort circuitcurrent[PRO]Short-circuit current min (approximate method)Shortcircuitcurrent with transformer substation [PRO]Current carryingcapacity[PRO]Conductor resistance [PRO]Table of cables reactance[PRO]Tableof resistivity [PRO]Table of unitary voltagedropIP/IK/NEMAprotection classesAppliance classesAntenna length[PRO]CCTVresolutionsCCTV Harddrive/Bandwidth calculatorThermocouplecolourcodes and dataTemperature sensors (PT/NI/CU, NTC,Thermocouples…)[PRO]ANSI standard device numbers [PRO]Analog signalvalues[PRO]Electrical symbolsElectricity around the worldPlug andsockettypesIEC 60320 connectorsJoule effectWiring colorcodesSIPrefixUnit of measurementFault current of strings[PRO]Ethernetwiring (RJ-45)Pinout Ethernet withPoERJ-11,14,25,48PinoutScartPinout USBPinout HDMIPinout VGAPinoutDVIPinout RS-232PinoutFireWire (IEEE1394)Pinout MolexPinoutSataPinout AppleLightningPinout Apple Dock ConnectorPinoutPS/2Fiber optic colorcodePinout ledPinout Raspberry PIPinout ISO10487 (Car audio)PinoutXLR (Audio/DMX)Pinout MIDIPinoutThunderboltPinout SD CardPinoutSim CardFormulary [PRO]Appmultilanguage: Arabic, Bulgarian,Catalan, Croatian, Czech, Danish,Deutsch, Dutch, English, French,Greek, Hebrew, Italian, Latvian,Lithuanian, Magyar, Malay, Nepali,Norwegian, Persian, Polish,Portuguese, Romanian, Russian, Serbian(Latin), Simplified Chinese,Slovenian, Spanish, Swedish,Traditional Chinese, Turkish,Ukrainian, Vietnamese.Fulltranslatorslist:'tuse the Evaluation System for reporting bugs. Instead,pleasecontact medirectly.******************FAQ:
Resistor Code Calculator
Calculate resistor color codes with this handy reference app.Theapp is useful for every maker, engineer, student and arduinoorraspberry pi tinkerer when working with electronics.Supports 4and5-band resistors!The industry standard resistor color code isusedto identify the resistance value of resistors used in all kindsofelectronics.
Electronic Component Pinouts Free
This application provides a offline database with more than70000electronic component pinouts. Chips, Transistors, Diodes,Triacs,Microprocessors and a lot more. Component Pinouts is fastand doesnot require internet access to search. More than 23000distinctpinouts with a lot of equivalents.Please support ComponentPinoutsby downloading the full paid AD FREEversion:
LC Circuit
This app is used to calculate LC resonant circuit. It issuitablefor hobbyist or electronic engineers. Features:1.Calculateresonant frequency by capacitor and inductor values2. Tofind outcombinations of capacitance and inductance making adesiredresonant frequency3. Save all combinations in a CSV (Excel)file 4.Use preferred values of capacitors and inductorsFeatures inPROversion only:1. Can use preferred value 5% for capacitor and 5%forinductor2. No Ads3. No limitationNote :1. For those whoneedsupport please email to the designated email.Do NOT use eitherthefeedback area to write questions, it is not appropriate and thatisnot guaranteed that can read them.
Electronics Calculator
Electronics Calculator is a utility application consistingofvarious calculators, conversions, reference tables and basicpocketcalculator.Calculators:DC Circuits:• Ohm`s Law• Voltagedivider -resistive• LED resistor• 555 Timer• RL Circuits• RCCircuitsACCircuits:• Reactance• Impedance• Star DeltaTransformation• ACPower• DecibelPower Supply:• Transformer ratios•Rectifiers•Capacitor filter• Transformer efficiencyComponents:•SeriesCircuits (resistor, capacitor & inductor)• ParallelCircuits(resistor, capacitor & inductor)• Capacitors (charge,energystored, time constant)• Inductors (energy stored, timeconstant)•Diodes (Diode current, diode voltage)• Resistor colorcodes (encode& decode 4, 5 & 6 bands)• Resistor color codes(encode& decode 4 & 5 bands)• Capacitor printedcodesPhysics:•Coulomb`s Law• Magnetism• Joule`s Law -heatingConverters:• Area(sq in., mm², cm², sq ft., m², ha, km²)•Angle (Degree, Gradian,Radian)• Temperature (°C, °F, K, °R)• Power(Btu/min, ftlbf/min,hp, W, kW)• Distance/length (cm, in., ft, m,yd, km, mi)• Numberbase (binary, octal, decimal,hexadecimal)Reference:• SI unitprefixes• Logic gates• 74xx ic•ASCII• Decibel suffixes• RFspectrum
Electronics Helper
This application i.e."Electronics Helper" is basically developedforthe electronics students and associated people of this field tohelpthem in understanding the basics and simplifying the variouscomplexcalculations which are more often than not associated withit.Thepurpose of developing this app is to provide ease to theusers whiledoing tedious and complex calculations of electronics.Almost allelectronics calculations can be performed by it(forinstance,thisapp includes basic "ohm's law calculator" to"resistor and capacitorseries/parallel calculator", "555 timergenerator calculator" to"electricity and energy consumptioncalculator",and many more).Overall 14 sub apps are inside it.Moreover it has more than 35calculators inside a single sub appi.e. "electrical calculator"(which is one out of the 14 sub app ofthis main app).It alsoincludes "resistor color code calculatorapp" along with almost alltransistors and diodes seriesspecifications.By and large, it hasincluded all the electronicscalculator apps inside a single appwhich will certainly help theusers in solving their relatedproblems.
Electronics Calculator Pro
Only available in English.Electronics Calculator Pro is autilityapplication consisting of various calculators,conversions,reference tables, pin outs and basic pocketcalculator.The proversion has additional calculators, references,extra info and allformulas.Calculators:DC Circuits:• Ohm`s Law•Voltage divider -resistive• LED resistor• RL transient circuits• RCtransientcircuits• Wheatstone bridgeAC Circuits:• Reactance•Impedance• StarDelta Transformation• AC PowerPower Supply:•Transformer ratios•Rectifiers• Capacitor filter• Transformerefficiency• Voltageregulator - LM317• Voltage regulator - zenerdiode Amplification:•Slew Rate• Gain | Ratio• Non Inverting Op Amp•Inverting Op Amp•Differential Op Amp• Inverting Summing OpAmpFilters:• RC filter –passive• LC filter – passive• RL filter –passiveSemiconductors:•Series Circuits• Parallel Circuits•Capacitors • Inductors • Diodes• 555 Timer• Air CoreInductorsIdentification:• Resistor – colorbands• Inductor – colorbands• Capacitor – printed• Fuse, glass –color bands• Diodes•7-Segment displayPhysics:• Coulomb`s Law•Magnetism• Joules Law -heatingConverters:• Area • Angle •Temperature • Power •Distance/length • Number base Reference:• SIunit prefixes• Logicgates• 74xx ic• ASCII• Abbreviations•Schematic symbols• Ingressprotection• Decibel suffixes• RFSpectrumPin out:• Audio/videoo RCAconnectoro Jack - TSo Jack -TRSo Jack - TRRSo SCARTo VGAo DIN•Computero USB - type A and BoUSB - mini and microo Serial - DE9oSerial - DB25o PS2o ATkeyboard• Gamingo Game/MIDI port• Displayo 7segmento LCD 16 x 2oLCD 16 x 4• Microcontrollero Atmega 8 - DIPoAtmega 8 - MLFo Atmega8 - TQFPo Atmega 328 - DIPo Atmega 328 -TQFPo Atmega 328 - MLFoAtmega 2560o Atmega 8u2 - QFNo Atmega 8u2 -TQFPo Atmega 16u2 -QFNo Atmega 16u2 - TQFPo Atmega 32u2 - QFNoAtmega 32u2 - TQFP•Miscellaneouso OBD II
Resistor Color Code Calculator
# Simple user interface# Real Time calculation process#Supportthree, four, five and six bands resistor# No need toregister andlogin
Calculation of the transformer with a gap for theflybackconverterCalculation of a pulse step-downconverterCalculation of apulse buck-boost converterTL431TL494Calculation of the frequencyof operation of the PWM controllerUC3842 / 43/44/45Calculation ofthe capacitance of the smoothingcapacitorCalculation of theinductance of the smoothingchokeCalculation of the linearregulator on-chip LM317, LM338,LM350Calculation of the powertransformer 50/60 Hz
E & E Engineering. Free.
A powerful application which contains useful for radioAmateurs,electrical engineering and the people relatedprofessionsfunctionality. Will allow you to quickly perform thenecessaryconversions and calculations with minimal downtime.Perfectforstudents.In the program:Resistors:✔ Resistor color codecalculator(value to color and color to value, 3-6 bands)✔Calculator forparallel resistors and resistor in series✔ SMDresistor codecalculator (Alpha-Numeric format, SMD 2, 3, 4 digit,EIA-96 and BS1852)✔ Calculator for resistive divider✔ LedresistorcalculatorCapacitors:✔ Calculator for parallel andseriescapacitors✔ Capacitive divider✔ Capacitor colorcodes(Alpha-Numeric format)✔ Capacitor reactanceMotor:✔ Calculatorforrun and start motor capacitors (three-phase motor insingle-phase)✔Calculation of the nominal motor current✔ Activepower consumedfrom network✔ Nominal torque on the motor shaftcalculatorOhms law& etc.:✔ Power calculation✔ Voltagecalculation✔ Currentcalculation✔ Power dissipated in the load(resistor)✔ Frequencyconverter (frequency, period, wavelength)✔ RCfilter (componentvalue -> frequency and frequency ->component value)✔ LCcircuit (frequency, capacitance andinductance)PinOuts:✔ USB port✔Parallel port✔ Serial port (RS232)✔Ethernet (RJ45)Conductor:✔ Wirediameter ↔ Cross-sectional areaconverterUnit converter:✔ Pressureconverter✔ Mass converter ✔Temperatures converter✔ Energy andwork✔ Decibels at timesIntegratedcircuits: (Only in a Proversion)✔ LM317 - voltage and current✔TL431 (two options)✔ 555(NE555 and clones) AStable, Monostable(frequency, period,components values)
Resistor SMD code calculator
This Resistor SMD code calculator will code and decode 4codetypes:Standard 3 digit code that can include:- R to indicateadecimal point- M to indicate a decimal point for milliohms(Currentsensing SMDs)- "underline" to indicate that the value isinmilliohms (Current sensing SMDs)Standard 4 digit code thatcaninclude “R” to indicate a decimal point.EIA-96 1% code withanumber in the range 01 to 96, followed by a letter2, 5, and10%code with a letter, followed by a numbers in the range 01 to 60
Droid Circuit Calc Pro
[[[[[[[[[[[[[[[[[ Discount Week is ON my dear fellows!!!! Thepriceis down to 1.49$ from 1.99$.........Hurry up guys, don't misstheopportunity ]]]]]]]] Droid Circuit Calc Pro has freeelectronicscircuits, electronics calculators, components info,pinouts,resources, cables data and much more. It helps and makes itloteasier to do calculations for your circuits and design works.ThePro version has electronic calculators, electroniccomponentsguide, useful electronic resources guide, huge collectionofelectronic circuits for hobbyists, electronic symbols and74xxseries pin outs etc.You have now lots of electroniccircuitcalculators like* Ohm Law Calculator* Resistor VoltageDividerCalculator* Parallel Resistors Calculator* LED ResistorCalculator*RC Filter calculator* LC Filter Calculator* Op AmpActive FilterCalculator* Resonance Calculator* Frequency andWavelengthCalculator* RF Calculators (Microstrip, coaxial cable,piattenuator, t attenuator calculators)* 555 Timer astableandMonostable multivibrator calculator* Op amp inverting andnoninverting amplifier calculator* Open air single layerinductancecalculator* LM317 constant current calculator* LM317voltageregulator calculator* Zener Diode series resistorcalculator* PCBTrace Width Calculator* Battery Charge TimeCalculatorIn theelectronic components section you can enjoy now*SMD resistor valuecodes calculator* Resistor color codescalculator* Capacitor valuescode calculator* SMD resistor andcapacitor packages guide *Standard 2% and 5% resistance valuetable* Standard 1% resistancevalue table* IC packages guide (DIPICs, SO ICs, PLCC ICs etc)*LM78xx and LM79xx voltage regulatorsguide* LM317 and LM337 voltageregulators guideAnd in the resourcessection we have * List ofASCII codes* Radio frequencies list* AWGwire gauge table forresistance and current* Micro SD card pinouts*Different PC portspinouts (like serial port, parallel port,joystick or game port,USB port, VGA port, mini VGA, PS2 mouse port,network port, miniUSB, S Video, Scart Port, HDMI Port, Firewire(IEEE 1394) Port,GPIB Port, Sata, DVI (Digital Video Interface)Port, Extended IDEPort and Apple 30 pin Dock Port)* Microchip PICmicrocontrollerICSP connector pinouts.* Atmel AVR microcontrollerISP connectorpinouts* LCDs (for microcontrollers) Pinouts (16 x 2LCD, HitachiHD44780 LCD, 128 x 64 graphics LCD, Nokia 3310 LCD)*ATX Powersupply connector pinouts* GSM SIM module pinouts * PICAXEpinoutsand specs. (08M2, 14M2, 18M2, 20M2, 20X2, 28X2 and 40X2)*GarminGPS connectors pinouts (EM406, 4 pinround connector,Nuviconnector)In circuits section we have came up with 7 categoriesand40 circuits. But there is lot more to come soon.CircuitsCategories are * Audio amplifiers Circuits* Alarms andBellsCircuits* 555 Timer IC Circuits* LED Circuits* PowerSupplyCircuits* RC Plane Circuits* Home Security Circuits* RFCircuits*Solar Circuitsfor you...........and still more to comeverysoon............. just staytuned...............Electroniccalculators, electronic circuits,electronics references, Pinouts,Cables & Adapters and much moremore.......
Adafruit Circuit Playground
Circuit Playground simplifies electronics reference&calculation so you can have more fun hacking, making,&building your projects.• Calculate component values for OpAmp,555, RC Filter, & Resistor Divider circuits• Decipherresistor& capacitor codes with ease• Calculate power,resistance,current, and voltage with Ohm's Law & PowerCalculators•Quickly convert between decimal, hexadecimal, binary orASCIIcharacters• Calculate values for multiple resistors orcapacitorsin series or parallel• Pinout diagrams for widely-usedICs,connectors, & boards• Find color for LED wavelength•Store,search, and view PDF datasheets• Show off your projectbysubmitting pics to Adafruit's Show & Tell• Accessexclusivedeals from Adafruit IndustriesAll that, plus additionalfeatures& enhancements coming soon!
Electro Book
A basic electronics manual for Electronics engineers. Throughthisapp you can go through all of electronics components on asingleclick.Browse through the working and construction offollowingcomponents:1. Capacitor2. Counter3. Diode4. Inductor5.Resistor6.Transistor 7. Integerated Circuits8. Op-Amp9.Encoder-Decoder10.Voltage Regulators.11. Motors12. Sensors.You canalso calculateCapacitance, Inductance and Resistance Color Codes.Thisapplication also consists of some projects modules which areveryhelpful in electronics engineering. Further new topics willbeadded in the upcoming update. Developed
Droid Circuit Calc Free
Droid Circuit Calc has free electronics circuits,electronicscalculators, components info, pinouts, resources, cablesdata andmuch more. It helps and makes it lot easier to docalculations foryour circuits and design works. The Free versionoffers electroniccircuit calculators, electronic components guide,useful electronicresources guide, huge collection of electroniccircuits forhobbyists, electronic symbols and 74xx IC series pinouts etc.Youhave now lots of electronic circuit calculators like*Ohm LawCalculator* Resistor Voltage Divider Calculator* ParallelResistorsCalculator* LED Resistor Calculator* RC Filter calculator*LCFilter Calculator (Pro)* Op Amp Active Filter Calculator(Pro)*Resonance Calculator* Frequency and Wavelength Calculator*RFCalculators (Microstrip, coaxial cable, pi attenuator, tattenuatorcalculators)* 555 Timer astable and Monostablemultivibratorcalculator* Op amp inverting and non invertingamplifiercalculator* Open air single layer inductance calculator(Pro)*LM317 constant current calculator* LM317 voltageregulatorcalculator* Zener Diode series resistor calculator (Pro)*PCB TraceWidth Calculator* Battery Charge Time Calculator (Pro)*Wheat StoneBridge Calculator* Delta-Y Transformation Calculator*ADCCalculator* Stepper Motor Calculator* Wire LoopInductanceCalculator* Single Layer Coil CalculatorIn theelectroniccomponents section you can enjoy now* SMD resistor valuecodescalculator* Resistor color codes calculator* Capacitor valuescodecalculator (Pro)* SMD resistor and capacitor packages guide*Standard 2% and 5% resistance value table* Standard 1%resistancevalue table (Pro)* IC packages guide (DIP ICs, SO ICs,PLCC ICsetc)* LM78xx and LM79xx (Pro) voltage regulators guide*LM317 andLM337 voltage regulators guideAnd in the resources sectionwe have* List of ASCII codes* Radio frequencies list* AWG wiregauge tablefor resistance and current* Micro SD card pinouts (Pro)*DifferentPC ports pinouts (like serial port, parallel port,joystick or gameport (Pro), USB port, VGA port (Pro), mini VGA(Pro), PS2 mouseport, network port (Pro), mini USB, S Video, ScartPort, HDMI Port(Pro), Firewire (IEEE 1394) Port, GPIB Port (Pro),Sata, DVI(Digital Video Interface) Port, Extended IDE Port (Pro)and Apple30 pin Dock Port (Pro))* Microchip PIC microcontrollerICSPconnector pinouts.* Atmel AVR microcontroller ISPconnectorpinouts* LCDs (for microcontrollers) Pinouts (16 x 2 LCD,HitachiHD44780 LCD (Pro), 128 x 64 graphics LCD (Pro), Nokia 3310LCD(Pro))* ATX Power supply connector pinouts (Pro)* GSM SIMmodulepinouts (Pro)* PICAXE pinouts and specs. (08M2, 14M2, 18M2,20M2,20X2, 28X2 and 40X2)* Garmin GPS connectors pinouts (EM406, 4pinround connector, Nuvi connector)In electronics circuits sectionwehave came up with 7 categories and 40 circuits. But there islotmore to come soon. Circuits Categories are * AudioamplifiersCircuits* Alarms and Bells Circuits* 555 Timer ICCircuits* LEDCircuits* Power Supply Circuits * RC Plane Circuits *Home SecurityCircuits We have lots of free electronic circuits,electronicscircuits calculators, electronic components info,resources,tables, pinouts, components symbols and much more. Andall that isfree for you...........and still more to comeverysoon............. just stay tuned...............andenjoyElectroniccalculators, electronic circuits, electronicsreferences, Pinouts,Cables & Adapters and much more more.......
Electronic Circuits Pro
Electronic Circuist Pro No advertisement .. An electronic circuitiscomposed of individual electronic components, such asresistors,transistors, capacitors, inductors and diodes, connectedbyconductive wires or traces through which electric current canflow.The combination of components and wires allows various simpleandcomplex operations to be performed: signals can beamplified,computations can be performed, and data can be moved fromone placeto another.[1]Circuits can be constructed of discretecomponentsconnected by individual pieces of wire, but today it ismuch morecommon to create interconnections by photolithographictechniqueson a laminated substrate (a printed circuit board or PCB)andsolder the components to these interconnections to createafinished circuit. In an integrated circuit or IC, thecomponentsand interconnections are formed on the same substrate,typically asemiconductor such as silicon or (less commonly)galliumarsenide.[2]An electronic circuit can usually be categorizedas ananalog circuit, a digital circuit, or a mixed-signal circuit(acombination of analog circuits and digitalcircuits).Breadboards,perfboards, and stripboards are common fortesting new designs.They allow the designer to make quick changesto the circuit duringdevelopment.
Electronics Engineering Calculators PRO 1.8.0
This app helps students and enthusiasts to buildelectroniccircuits. Containing the most frequently used functionsin thisfield and other useful information for engineering studentsorelectrical engineers. Check the full list of toolsbelow...ManyThanks! Enjoy!CALCULATORS:# Ohm's Law -DIRECT CURRENT-ALTERNATINGCURRENT # Resistors: -COLOUR CODE -BY VALUE -SMDRESISTORS -SERIES& PARALLEL -VOLTAGE DIVIDER -CURRENT DIVIDER-STANDARD VALUES-SMD MARKING CODE # Inductors: -COLOUR CODE-STANDARD VALUES-SERIES & PARALLEL -REACTANCE (XL) -RESONANCE#Capacitors:-STANDARD VALUES -SERIES & PARALLEL -REACTANCE (Xc)-RESONANCE-MARKING CODE# RLC Impedance: -SERIES / PARALLEL : RL,RC, LC, RLC#Voltage regulator: -78xx & 79xx -LM317 & LM337-PINOUT#Operational Amplifier -INVERTING -NON INVERTING -SUMMINGINVERTING-DIFFERENTIAL# IC-555 -ASTABLE -MONOSTABLE -PINOUT#Delta-StarConversion# Battery -AVERAGE LIFE TIME -CAPACITY#Converters-Number Converter (DEC, BIN, HEX, OCT) -TemperatureConverter(Celsius, Kelvin, Fahrenheit) -Scientific NotationConverter -AWG& SWG -Voltage Converter (Peak, Peak to Peak,RMS) -CurrentConverter (Peak, Peak to Peak, RMS) -Power Converter(db to Watts)-Degree - Radians -HP - kW -bit - Byte# Wavelength-FREQUENCY-LENGTH# PCB trace resistance# Stepper Motor# AntennaPowerDensity# LED Resistor Value# Transformers# Zener Diode-VOLTAGEDIVIDER -SELECTOR -MODELS# AWG -CHARACTERISTICS-CONVERSION-VOLTAGE DROP -TABLE WIRE SIZE -TABLEAMPERAGE#KarnaughMapPINOUTS:RASPBERRY PI / ARDUINO / RJ-45 /RJ-11/14/25 / FIBER /USB 1.x/2.0 / USB 3.x / PDMI / SERIAL RS232 /PARALLEL PORT /FIREWIRE / ATX / EIDE / ATA / SATA / PS-2 / AT / CAROBD-II / CARAUDIO ISO / CAR TRAILER / DISPLAY PORT / HDMI / DVI /VESA / SCART/ S-VIDEO / VGA / AUDIO / RCA / AUDIO DIN / MIDI / XLR/ SD CARD /SIM CARD / LM7XXX / LM3XX / IC555 / 7 SEG DISPLAY / LCDSCREEN /LEDLISTS:#Resistivity (Materials)#CircuitSymbols#RadiowaveFrequency#Abbreviations#dB Values#ASCIITable#Logic Gates#FusesCategories#AWG Wire Size#AWG Amperage#SWGWire Size#ScreenResolutions#IEC 60320#Resistors StandardValues#Capacitors MarkingCode#International System ofUnitsTHEORY:#Basic theory andformulasGUIDES:#BLOCK DIAGRAMS#CIRCUITDIAGRAMS#ELECTRICITY#SERIESAND PARALLEL#VOLTAGE ANDCURRENT#METERS#MULTIMETER#OSCILLOSCOPE#AC/ DC#ANALOG ANDDIGITAL#POWER SUPPLY
Electronics Toolbox
This app is a collection of basic electronic calculators. Itissuitable for hobbyist, electronic engineers orprofessionals.Thisis the free version, which contains ads; you canalso buy from theMarket the PRO version of the app to support thedeveloper, unlockmore features and get rid of the ads.Features•Calculate resistanceof 2 resistors in series / parallel• To findout combinations of 2resistors in series / in parallel making adesired resistance•Calculate resistor values of voltage divider andfind outcombinations of resistance making a desired ratio•Calculateresistor values of inverting amplifier gain and findoutcombinations of resistance making a desired ratio• Ohm'sLawcalculation• Star-delta conversion• RC charging circuit :Calculatetime constant by R and C• RC Filter : Calculate cutofffrequency byresistor and capacitor value and find out combinationsofresistance and capacitance making a desired cutoff frequency•RLFilter : Calculate cutoff frequency by resistor and inductorvalueand find out combinations of resistance and inductance makingadesired cutoff frequency• LC Filter : Calculate resonantfrequencyby capacitor and inductor values and find out combinationsofcapacitance and inductance making a desired resonantfrequency•Calculate monostable circuit• Calculate frequency ofastablecircuit and find out combinations of capacitance andresistancemaking a desired astable frequencyFeatures in PRO versiononly:1.No Ads2. No limitationPro version: those who need support please email to the designatedemail.DoNOT use either the feedback area to write questions, it isnotappropriate and that is not guaranteed that can read them.
PartSeeker 3.3.1
PartSeeker is a tool that help to find electronic partsandcomponents in an easy way while you are away from yourcomputer.Youcan search components, see their detailedspecifications, pricesand offers, make parametric searches andbrowse complete list ofparts divided by categories.The app uses theextensive Octopartonline database to retrieve the data, so itrequires activeInternet connection.App features:- search parts byname;-parametric search;- view parts specifications;- viewdistributorsand prices;- view and save datasheets;- favouriteslist;- browseparts by category... and more features to come.If youhavesuggestions to improve the app, please contact me using theform onthe website. Parts categories: Semiconductors andActives,Connectors and Adapters, Passive Components, Tools andSupplies,Optoelectronics, Power Products, Cables and Wire, TestEquipment,Sound Input/Output, Enclosures, Indicators and Displays,CurrentFiltering, Industrial Control.Permission explanation:-INTERNET:required to search parts, categories, and to makeparametricsearch. - ACCESS_NETWORK_STATE: required to check ifinternetconnection is active.- READ_EXTERNAL_STORAGE: required toreadcached images, and datasheets.- WRITE_EXTERNAL_STORAGE:required tosave images, and datasheets.- CHECK_LICENSE: required tocheck thelicense with Google Play.Designed by engineers forengineers. Enjoyit!
Resistor Color Codes
Electrical & electronics engineering students andprofessionalsoften need to calculate resistor values from it’scolor bands orcolors from resistor value. This smart tool in yourpocket can helpyou in finding resistor value from colors or colorsfrom value.Where ever you are, in class, LAB, field or in themarket forpurchasing different resistors with different color bandsthishandy tool will help you. So, there is no need to remembercodes.It supports 4, 5 and 6 bands resistors. It requires nospecialpermissions. Tap a color band to change it's color or enteranumeric value in resistor input box in ohms to findit'scorresponding colors. For further detail to use this app goto you findanyerror or bug please report me
Electronic toolbox free
Analog electronics toolbox for electronic engineers, hobbyistsandstudents.All the tools in this app are also included in theRF& MicrowaveToolboxapp: us: Google+:, T and L attenuator2) Power and voltage converter3)Parallel LCRimpedance/resonance4) Series LCR impedance/resonance5)Inductorimpedance6) Capacitance impedance7) Ohm's Law8) Radioequationcalculator (1-way path loss)9) Air Core InductorInductanceCalculator10) Capacitor impedance11) Noise floor12)Amplifiercascade (NF, Gain, P1db, OIP2, OIP3)13) Low Passfilter14) High Passfilter15) Helical antenna16) Band Passfilter17) Band Stop filter18)Peak to RMS (peak, RMS, average,CF)19) Mixer harmonics20) ResistorColor Code calculator.21) PCBTrace Width and ClearanceCalculator22) Series and Parallelcomponent (R, L and C)calculations.23) Reverse Series and Parallelresistorcalculations.24) Inductor Color Code Calculator.25)Capacitor ChargeCalculator.26) Led Resistor Calculator.27) VoltageDividerCalculator.28) Opamp Calculator29) Wavelength calculator30)LCRParallel - Series Conversion Calculator31) InductorChargeCalculator.32) Heat Sink temperature  calculator33)Thermalvia calculator34) Resistor SMD Code calculator.35) BridgedTAttenuator Calculator.36) CR/LR/LCR Calculator (lowpass,highpass,bandpass and bandstop)
ElectroDroid Pro
ElectroDroid PRO is a simple andpowerfulcollection of electronics tools and references. The PRO version of Electrodroid doesn't have any ads, and ithasmore features than the free version.  The app includes: • Resistor color code decoder (3-6 bands, withinverselook-up); • SMD Resistor Code; • Inductor color code decoder; • Ohm’s law calculator; • Reactance/Resonance calculator; • Voltage divider; • Resistors ratio, value/series/parallel; • Capacitor charge calculation; • Operational amplifier; • LED resistor calculator (with customizable database); • Zener Diode Calculator; • Adjustable voltage regulator/LM317 calculator (withcustomizablevalues); • Heat dissipation; • Battery Life calculator; • Inductor design tool; • Voltage Drop calculator; • PCB Trace Width calculator; • Simple Filters calculator; • NE555 calculator; • Power Calculator; • RMS Converter; • Decibel Converter; • Frequency Converter; • Analog-Digital Converter; • Y-Δ Transformation; • Range Converter; • Port pin-out (USB, Serial, Parallel, Ethernet, RJ, SCART,DVI,HDMI, S-Video, VGA, VESA, Display Port, FireWire, Jack, RCA,AudioDIN connector, XLR/DMX, ATX Power, PC peripheralconnectors,EIDE/ATA, SATA, PS/2-AT, MIDI/Game port, Apple 30-pin,AppleLightning connector, PDMI, OBD-II, 25-pair phone cable colorcode,Color Code for Fiber Optic Cables, MIDI connector, SDcard,Raspberry Pi, LCD, GPIB/IEEE-488, ISO connector for caraudio,Trailer connector, Thermocouples colors, Arduino pin-outs,JTAGpinouts, BeagleBone boards); • Resources (USB specification, Resistivity table, Table ofstandardresistors and capacitors, Capacitor marking codes, AWG andSWG Wiresize, Ampacity Table, Symbols and Abbreviations, CircuitSchematicSymbols, SI Units prefixes, Battery info, Boolean logicgate andalgebra Theorems, 7400 info and pinout, ASCII codes,Batteries list,Coin Batteries, 78xx IC, ChipDB IC pinouts, SwitchInformation,Decibel Table, PIC ICSP/AVR ISP, SMD Package Size,Radiofrequencies, PT100 Conversion Table, Fuses and AutomotiveFusescolor code, DIN47100 color coding, IP marking, World Plugs&Sockets, IEC Connectors); • Full support for EIA resistor series forallcalculators; ...and more to come!  The app has also support for plugins to expand functionality oftheapplication (e.g. PIC and AVR micro-controllersDatabase,simulators, parts search).  If you like the program, please rate it.  For FAQ and full change-log,visit 
LM2576/96 Calculator
This is very first time ever we brought the calculator forLM2576and LM2596 integrated circuit in Play Store. This is verysimpleand easy calculator for engineers and hobbyist. Features:#Calculation for LM2576 & LM2596 Adjustable Regulator# Savetheoutput data for further use.# Can Calculate: R1 , R2, ActualVolt,Minimal Cout Value, Required Inductor, Current Rating, Cffvalue,Heat Sink Value# Inductor value presizely calculate fromGraph #Inductor(L1), Diode(D1) model number Automatically Showaccordingto Given Input Value # Circuits for LM2576 and LM2596 areincludedin the application.# Zooming the circuits for betterexperience#Datasheet, Circuits for LM2576 Adj & LM2596AdjThanks for UsingOur Apps
RC Circuit
This app is used to calculate the RC charging circuit and RCfilter.It is suitable for hobbyist or electronic engineers.Features:1.Calculate time constant by R and C2. Calculate betweentime constantand % of charging3. Calculate cutoff frequency oflow-pass filter/high-pass filter by resistor and capacitorvalues4. To find outcombinations of resistance and capacitancemaking a desired timeconstant5. To find out combinations ofresistance and capacitancemaking a desired cutoff frequency6. Saveall combinations in a CSV(Excel) file Features in PRO versiononly:1. No Ads2. NolimitationNote :1. For those who need supportplease email to thedesignated email.Do NOT use either the feedbackarea to writequestions, it is not appropriate and that is notguaranteed that canread them.
smd resistor code calculator
Calculator for decoding of smd resistors sizes 0603, 0805 and1206,as well as ceramic capacitors.
Fuse calculation
You can count fuses for all current as well as various metals
Circuit Solver Pro
Want to simulate circuits on your desktop? familiar with Javaandthe Eclipse IDE?Then Circuit Solver Desktop Simulation Engine/Dynamic Simulator is just for you!Get it hereat: As I approached my senior year formyB.S. in Electrical Engineering, I wanted to createsomethingthatmost people hadn't created before, a circuit simulator! Itwasabout the experience, the learning, and the the journey itself.Iput together this application to package my knowledge inElectricalEngineering to some day help another student haveaneasier time intheir scholastic pursuits and in turn teach themaboutcircuits.Circuit Solver is far from perfect and there are lotsofthings that could be optimized.It will however, simulate amajorityof linear Circuits and a decent amount of smaller scaleNon-LinearCircuits. If this app helps you in any way, i'dappreciate youspreading the word to help support my efforts,Thanks!Think ofCircuit Solver as an electronic circuit board, youdrag yourelectrical components and place them on one at a time. Youhook upsome sources and you place some meters to read the values.If youneed to analyze the waveform, grab some electrical leads andviewthem with an oscilloscope. There are many SPICE tools out thereforPC such as Multisim, LTSpice, and PSpice. Circuit Solverdoesn'tcompare to their raw power but it is optimized to run onmobiledevices which makes it both portable and easily accessibletoanyone in need of circuit solutions. Circuit Solver strivestoverify Ohm's law, Kirchhoff's current and voltage laws bycreatingmodels that are both stable and efficient.Make circuitsolver yourfirst step in circuit design!DC Simulation:To simulatethecircuits, a matrix is defined based on all the componentsinsidethe circuit. The application solves the circuit usingmatrixmanipulations such as LU-Decomposition and matrix inversion.DCAnalysis is completed by writing a series of nodal equations.Theequations are solved simultaneously to obtain auniquesolution.Transient Simulation:In transient simulation weusenumerical integration to determine the response of RLCcircuits.Numerical integration allows for one to solve for discretemomentsof time and in effect integrate their response. Thisapplicationonly supports the Backward Euler method.Non LinearSimulation:Nonlinear simulation is used for components such asdiodes, LEDs, andtransistors. The solver first guesses theapproximate value of thesolution and is refined through the use ofa Newton-Raphsonprocess. It utilizes linear approximation topredict the answerthrough successiveiterations.Built-in-Oscilloscope:Visualizewaveforms through the useof the built in oscilloscope. To use thisfeature simply link eithera volt meter or an amp meter to thegraph by tapping on them andpressing the eye, in order to view thewave.SavingSchematics/Circuits:Save your circuits on your deviceto useanywhere you go and at any time. You may also capture screenshotsof the circuits you build. These screen shots are savedlocally onyour device.List ofComponents:+Resistor+Capacitor+Inductor+IdealOperationalAmplifier+NMOSFET+PMOSFET+PNP Bipolar JunctionTransistor+NPNBipolar Junction Transistor+AC Voltage Source+ACCurrent Source+DCVoltage Source+DC Current Source+Square WaveSource+Amp Meter+OhmMeter+Volt Meter+Diode+Red LED+Green LED+BlueLED+Yellow LED+OrangeLED+Wire+Voltage Controlled Voltage Source(VCVS)+VoltageControlled Current Source (VCCS)+Current ControlledCurrent Source(CCCS)+Current Controlled Voltage Source(CCVS)+Switch(SPST)+Switch (SPDT)+Ground+Transformer+AND Gate+ORGate+NORGate+NAND Gate+Inverter+Potentiometer+XOR Gate+XNORGate+ZenerDiode
ElectroBuddy- The great collection of most widely usedelectronicstools under one roof for all electronics students,enthusiasts andindustry professionals. The best part of this appis- its windowslook-alike user interface for its user making it toofriendly tolove it. The goal of this app is to provide you with aneasy andsmart way to learn all you want about electronicsengineering viareference tables, pinouts and formulae. Whether youare a student,hobbyist, or just curious about electronics, this appwill provideyou with the all information you need helping you toachieve yourobjectives.It has three main categories namelyCalculators, Pinoutsand Tables. Calculators:Free version has best30 calculators in arow to ease out your calculation part along withall necessaryformulae/circuits for your reference.1) Resistor ColorCode (4band, 5 band, 6 band with color code to value and value tocolorcode feature)2) Ohm’s Law 3) LED Series Resistor (LED type,Supplyvoltage and forward current)4) Charge/Energy5) Capacitor Code(codeto value and value to code)6) Power (AC and DC)7) InductorColorCode (color code to value and value to color code feature)8)PowerDissipation9) Inductor Series/Parallel (addition become withthistool)10) Capacitor Series/Parallel (addition become withthistool)11) 555 Timer (Monostable and Bistable Mode)12)CapacitorUnits 13) Resistor Series/Parallel (addition become withthistool)14) Reactance calculator (Inductive, capacitiveandresonance)15) Voltage Divider 16) Logic Gates (covered allBooleanlogic Gates along with easy tip to remember)17) ResistorRatio(with invert operation feature)18) Wheatstone Bridgevaluecalculator19) Battery Life( with complete life span in day,hours,min)20) Frequency (customization available with somestandardwavelengths offered)21) ADC (Resolution, Quantization, ADCvalueand SQNR)22) Op-Amp (Differential, inverting and noninvertingamplifiers)23) Start-Delta Transformation 24)Peak-RMS(Peak, RMS,Peak-Peak)25) Resistor SMD Code26) PCB TraceWidth27) InductorDesign Tool28) Adjustable Voltage Regulator29)Decibel 30)FilterPINOUTS:Free version has best 39 PINOUTS Diagramin a row toease out your pinning need.Electronic Components:1)MOSFET2) Diode(1N4001)3) LED4) Diode (1N4007)5) Capacitor6) Diode(1N4148)7) NPNTransistor (2N2222)8) Piezo Buzzer9) Transistor (BC548)10) RFModule (433MHz)11) BC 54712) Trim POT13) Relay14) IRLED15)TransformerDisplay Devices:1) 16x2 LCD2) Seven SegmentDisplay3)Graphical LCDConnectors:1) Serial Port2) VGA 3) ParallelPort4)RCA5) SCART6) EIDE/ATA-SATA7) HDMI8) XLR and DMX9) DisplayPort10)PS/2-AT11) S-Video12) USB (2.0 Standard, Mini, Micro, USB3.X)13)DVI(with mini)14) Car Audio ISO15) Ethernet Port16)PDMI17)FireWire18) DC Power(Male and Female)19) MIDI20) ArduinoUNOBoard(complete pinout with overview, layout, headerandfeatures)21) Registered Jack(RJ 48C, RJ 48X, RJ 61)Tables1) WhoamI? ( Get the description, type and packaging of theenteredelectronic components)2) AWG/SWG Wire Size 3) ElectronicTerms(Search Alphabetically)4) 7400 Series 5) LED6) Logic Gates(withBoolean Theorems)7) Ohm’s Law8) POT Code 9) Relay Type10)CircuitSymbols (with categories)11) LED Resistor12) Resistivity13)SIUnits14) RF Spectrum15) Standard Capacitors16) VoltageRegulator(78XX Series and LM Series)17) Standard Resistor18)Abbreviations(Latest what you can look for)19) Frequency20)Power/Energy21)TransistorElectroBuddy- Your true electronicscompanionAll theabove calculators comprise of formulae and relevantcircuits.Forall those who wanted an ad free version of the app,wehave launchedour pro version with improved features.ElectroBuddyPro:Kindlydownload the app
Tesla Coil Calculator
A great app to have when building a Tesla Coil! This calculatesthenecessary values for the various parts of a Tesla Coil, andmakeslife easy going.Metric Friendly!Double-Tap an input togetconversion options!>SparkLength>Capacitor-TransformerMatch>PlateCapacitor>Multi-Mini-Capacitor>LCResonantFrequency>Helical Coil>Flat Spiral Coil>InverseConicalCoil>Topload->Sphere->Toroid>DielectricConstants>WireGauge GuideIf an error is found, please leave acomment and emailthe author so he can fix it!***The author is notliable for any harmdone. Use caution when building and operating aTesla Coil.***
Basic Electronics
✴The goal of this App is to provide some basic informationaboutelectronic circuits. This App supplies basic information onhow touse electronic components and explains the logic behind solidstatecircuit design. Starting with an introduction tosemiconductorphysics, the chapters moves on to cover topics such asresistors,capacitors, inductors, transformers, diodes, andtransistors. Someof the topics and the circuits built with thecomponents discussedin this App.✴►This App should be useful for allreaders who want togain preliminary knowledge regarding the basiccomponents used inelectronic circuits.✦ 【Topics Covered in this Appare ListedBelow】⇢ What is Electronics?⇢ Materials⇢ Quantum Numbers⇢PauliExclusion Principle⇢ Energy Bands⇢ Forbidden gap⇢Insulators⇢Semiconductors⇢ Conductors⇢ Energy Bands ImportantTerms⇢ Ohm’sLaw⇢ Semiconductors⇢ Conduction in Semiconductors⇢IntrinsicSemiconductors⇢ Extrinsic Semiconductor⇢ Hall Effect⇢Types ofCurrents⇢ Resistors⇢ Resistors Colour Coding⇢ ResistorsImportantTerms⇢ Circuit Connections in Resistors⇢ Resistors inParallel⇢Non- linear Resistors⇢ Thermistor⇢ Photoresistor⇢Varistors⇢Surface Mount⇢ Linear Resistors⇢ Fixed Resistors⇢Carboncomposition⇢ Wire wound⇢ Thick Film⇢ Thin Film⇢Wattage⇢Capacitors⇢ Working of a Capacitor⇢ Charging of aCapacitor⇢Dielectric behaviour of Capacitor⇢ Capacitor ColourCoding⇢Capacitive Reactance⇢ Temperature Coefficient ofCapacitors⇢Circuit Connections in Capacitors⇢ Capacitors inParallel⇢ Types ofCapacitors⇢ Variable Capacitors⇢ TuningCapacitors⇢ TrimmerCapacitors⇢ Fixed Capacitors⇢ CeramicCapacitors⇢ Film Capacitors⇢Paper Capacitors⇢ Metal FilmCapacitors⇢ Other Capacitors⇢Polarized Capacitors⇢ ElectrolyticCapacitors⇢ AluminiumElectrolytic Capacitors⇢ Tantalum Electrolyticcapacitors⇢ NiobiumElectrolytic Capacitors⇢ Super Capacitors⇢Double-layeredCapacitors⇢ Pseudo Capacitors⇢ Hybrid Capacitors⇢Inductors⇢Working of an Inductor⇢ Inductance⇢ Self-Inductance⇢MutualInductance⇢ Factors affecting Inductance⇢ Coefficient ofCoupling⇢Circuit Connections in Inductors⇢ Inductors in Parallel⇢InductiveReactance⇢ Types of Inductors⇢ RF Inductors⇢ Chokes⇢Transformers⇢Step-up and Step-down Transformers⇢ Types ofTransformers⇢ Air-coreTransformer⇢ Iron Core Transformers⇢ AutoTransformer⇢ Transformersbased on Usage⇢ Measurement Transformers⇢DistributionTransformers⇢ Transformer Efficiency⇢ Induced EMF inTransformer⇢Losses in Transformers⇢ Power of a Transformer⇢Efficiency of atransformer⇢ Diodes⇢ Biasing of a Diode⇢ Workingunder ForwardBiased⇢ Working under Reverse Biased⇢ Purpose of aDiode⇢Characteristics of a Diode⇢ Junction Diodes⇢ Rectifier Diode⇢ZenerDiode⇢ Switching Diode⇢ Special Purpose Diodes⇢ Tunneldiode⇢Schottky Diode⇢ Optoelectronic Diodes⇢ Photodiode⇢ SolarCell⇢ LED(Light Emitting Diodes)⇢ Laser Diode⇢ Principle of LaserDiode⇢Transistors⇢ Constructional Details of a Transistor⇢TransistorBiasing⇢ Operation PNP Transistor⇢ Operation NPNTransistor⇢Transistor Configurations⇢ Common Emitter (CE)Configuration⇢Common Collector (CC) Configuration⇢ TransistorRegions ofOperation⇢ Transistor Load Line Analysis⇢ Types ofTransistors⇢Bipolar Junction Transistor⇢ Field Effect Transistor⇢JunctionField Effect Transistor⇢ Drain Characteristics of JFET⇢MOSFET⇢Construction of a MOSFET⇢ Classification of MOSFETs⇢Constructionof N- Channel MOSFET⇢ Working of N - Channel (depletionmode)MOSFET⇢ Working of N-Channel MOSFET (Enhancement Mode)⇢ P -ChannelMOSFET⇢ Drain Characteristics⇢ Comparison between BJT, FETandMOSFET
Droid Tesla Pro
DroidTesla is a simple and powerful SPICEengine(circuitsimulator).Perfect for students new to electronicscircuit designand construction, hobbyist and tinkerers and evenseasonedprofessionals who want a quick, handy tool to performelectronicscircuit design calculations.That's interactivity andinnovation youcan't find in best SPICE tools for PC like Multisim,LTspice, OrCador PSpice (trademarks belong to their respectiveowners).DroidTeslasimulator solves basic resistive circuits usingKirchoff’s CurrentLaw (KCL) in much the same way a student in acircuits classwould,the simulator systematically forms a matrix inaccordancewithKCL and then proceeds to solve for the unknownquantities usingvarious algebraictechniques such as Gaussianelimination and sparsematrix techniques.For non-linear components,such as the diode andBJT ,DroidTesla engine searching for theapproximate solution bymaking an initial guess at an answerand thenimproving the solutionwith successive calculations built upon thisguess.This is calledan iterative process.DroidTesla simulation usesthe Newton-Raphsoniterative algorithmto solve circuits withnon-linear I/Vrelationships.For reactive elements(capacitors andinductors),theDroidTesla uses numeric integration methods toapproximate thestate of the reactive elements as a function oftime.DroidTeslaoffers the Trapezoidal(I'll add a GEAR method later)integrationmethods to approximate the state of the reactiveelements.Althoughfor most circuits, both methods will providealmost identicalresults,it is generally regarded that the Gearmethod is morestable, but trapezoidal method is faster andmoreaccurate.DroidTesla for nowcansimulate:-Resistor-Capacitor-Inductor-Potentiometer -LightBulb-Ideal operational amplifier-Bipolar junction transistor(NPNPNP)-MOSFET N-channel depletion-MOSFET N-channelenhancement-MOSFETP-channel depletion-MOSFET P-channelenhancement-JFET N and P-PNDiode-PN Led diode-PN Zener diode-ACcurrent source-DC currentsource-AC voltage source-DCvoltage(battery) source-CCVS - currentcontrolled voltagesource-CCCS - current controlled currentsource-VCVS - voltagecontrolled voltage source-VCCS - voltagecontrolled currentsource-Square wave voltage source-Triangle wavevoltage source-ACampermeter-DC ampermeter-AC voltmeter-DCvoltmeter-Two channeoscilloscope-SPST Switch-SPDT Switch-Voltagecontrolled switch-Current controlled switch -AND -NAND -OR -NOR-NOT -XOR -XNOR -JKflip-flop-7 Segment Display-Dflip-flop-Relay-IC 555-Transformer-Graetz CircuitIf you are makinganoscillators you have to put asmall initial value on some ofthereactive elements.(see theexamples)
RF & Microwave Toolbox lite
High frequency electronics toolbox for Microwave engineers,RFprofessionals, EMC technicians, radio-amateur,students,astronomerand electronic hobbyists.LIKE and Share version includes thefollowing tools:1) PI and T attenuator 2)Reflectometer (VSWR,Return loss)3) Mismatch error limits (VSWR,Return loss)4) ParallelLCR impedance/resonance5) Capacitorimpedance 6) Lowpass filter 7)Capacitor plate calculator8) Powerand Voltage Converter9) Couplerdirectivity calculator.10)Wavelength calculator11) Skin depth (DCand AC resistance)12)Microstrip line calculatorTools in fullversion includes; 1) Noisefloor (Kelvin,dBm)2) Amplifier cascade(NF, Gain, P1db, OIP2,OIP3)3) Radar equation (2-way path loss)4)Radio equation (1-waypath loss)5) Power and voltage converter(W,dBm,V,dBµV)6) Fieldintensity and power density converter (W/m2,V/m, A/m, Tesla,Gauss,dBm, W)7) Mismatch error limits (VSWR,Return loss)8)Reflectometer (VSWR, Return loss)9) Mitered Bend10)Divider andCouplers (Wilkinson, Rat race, Branchline , microstripandlumped)11) Balanced and und balanced PI and T attenuator12)Skindepth (DC and AC resistance)13) PCB Tracecalculator(impedance/dimensions) - Microstrip - Stripline -Coplanarwaveguide - Coupled microstrip - Coupled stripline14)Imagerejection (amplitude and phase imbalance)15) Mixer harmonics(upand down convertion)16) Helical antenna17) Peak to RMS (peak,RMS,average, CF)18) Air Core Inductor Inductance19) ParallelplateCapacitor20) PI, T and L attenuator21) Ohm's Law22) ParallelLCRimpedance/resonance23) Series LCR impedance/resonance24)Inductorimpedance25) Capacitance impedance26) Antennatemperature(Kelvin)27) Radar Cross Section (RCS) calculator(Sphere,Cylinder,flat plate, corners, dBsm)28) Noise FigureY-Factor Methode29) EMC(EIRP, ERP, dBµV/m)30) Noise figureconverter (dB, linear,Kelvin)31) Frequency Band Designations (IEEERadar band, MilitaryRadar band, Radio band, Satellite, Waveguideband)32) Resistorcolor code (reverse lookup, 3 to 6 band)33) FilterDesign(Butterworth, Chebyshev, prototype): - Low pass - High passfilter- Band pass - Band stop filter34) µ-Filter Design(microstrip,stripline): - Interchange of Circuits - Kuroda'sIdentities -Series and Shunt Circuit lines - Coupled line Circuits- SteppedImpedance 35) PCB Trace Width and Clearance Calculator36)Seriesand Parallel component (R, L and C) calculations.37) ReverseSeriesand Parallel resistor calculations.38) Inductor ColorCodeCalculator.39) Capacitor Charge Calculator.40) LedResistorCalculator.41) Voltage Divider Calculator.42) Thin FilmResistorCalculator (Trim and non Trim)43) Opamp Calculator44)Lumped BalunCalculator45) Wavelength calculator46) L-NetworkMatchingCalculator47) LCR Parallel - Series ConversionCalculator48) PI& T-Network Matching Calculator49) Coax LineCalculator50)Twisted pair Calculator51) Lumped-DistributedEquivalencescalculator52) Fresnel Calculator53) Inductor ChargeCalculator.54)Heat Sink temperature calculator55) Thermal viacalculator56)Coupler directivity calculator57) Cavity resonancecalculator58)Resistor SMD Code calculator59) Waveguidecalculator60) Lumpedphase shifter calculator61) Series sectionimpedance matchingtransformers - Series section transformer -Quarter Wavetransformer - Bramham (12th wave) transformer - Regiertransformer62) Power (dBm) add calculator63) Doherty PA calculator64) NovelThree-Way Doherty PA calculator 65) Conventional Three-WayDohertyPA calculator 66) Circular Waveguide calculator
Mobile Electrician Pro
Basic electrical calculations on your mobile phone.The PROversionof Mobile Electrician doesn't have any ads.The app includes:Ohmslaw for DC.Ohms law for AC.L-C ResonanceCalculator.Y-ΔTransformation.Electrical Energy Calculator.Currentdensity.Basictransformer calculations.Calculate ACcircuitsConnection ofcapacitors.Capacitive reactance.Run a 3 phasemotor on a singlephase.Capacitive Voltage Divider.Capacitor Charge/ EnergyCalculator.Capacitor alphanumeric markings.Connectionofresistors.Voltage divider.LED Resistor.Decode the colorbandsresistors.Encode the color bands resistors.WheatstoneBridgeCalculator.Resistor alphanumericmarkings.ConductorResistance.Conductor length.Conductor crosssection (by theformula).Voltage drop.Electrical resistivityandconductivity.Inductive reactance cable.Maximum lengthofconductor.Calculation Amps motor.Calculationpowermotor.Calculation kVa (3 Phase) motor.Calculation PowerFactor(3Phase).Calculation efficiency.Calculation of themotorslip.Calculation motor torque.Individual compensationthree-phaseinduction motors.Calculation motor power forcentrifugalpump.Calculation motor power for pistoncompressor.Calculationmotor power for the fan.Three-Phase MotorVoltageUnbalance.Three-Phase Motor Current Unbalance.Allowableampacitiesfor wire (PUE - Rules of electrical facilitiesmaintenance).WireSize Calculator (PUE).Motorprotection.(PUE).Maximum circuitconductor length.(PUE).Maximumcircuit ampacity.(PUE).Allowableampacities for wire (NationalElectrical Code).Wire Size Calculator(NEC).Conduit fill calculator(NEC).Maximum circuit conductorlength.(NEC).Maximum circuitampacity.(NEC).Allowable ampacitiesfor wire (Canadian ElectricalCode).Wire Size Calculator(CEC).Maximum circuit conductor length(CEC).Maximum circuitampacity (CEC).Allowable ampacities for wireIEC 60364-5-52(International Electrotechnical Commission).Wire SizeCalculator(IEC).Maximum circuit conductor length (IEC).Maximumcircuitampacity (IEC).Minimum levels of short-circuitcurrent.Calculatefuse.Leakage current.Heating Element useNichrome.Calculationsizing a generator for your home.Calculation ofelectrical loadsapplying demand factorCalculate number cables thatfits in apipe.IP Code.Cable Reel Capacity.Length of cable onareel.Calculate cable conductor weightCable weight byformulasWiringColor CodesLength of a Hanging CablePower losses incableApplianceclassesShort-circuit current at the secondaryterminals of a MV/LVdistribution transformerPower of heatingelementForce of anElectromagnetUPS Battery size calculatorUPSBattery runtimecalculatorConversion wire size.Conversion: Activepower - Realpower - Reactive power.Calculation ReactivePowerCompensation.Translations AWG (American Wire gauge) ininches,millimeters, millimeters square andback.Conversioncos(φ)-sin(φ)-tg(φ).Conversion of units oftemperature.Conversionof units of distance.Conversion of units ofpressure.Conversionunits of flow.Conversion units ofvolume.Conversion voltage(Peak -RMS-..)Conversion units ofenergy.Conversion SI prefixes.ConverterweightTime UnitsConversionPower Units ConversionElectricity CostCalculatorWidgetsfor quick access tocalculationsPrintMathematicalcalculatorPercentage calculatorOnlineand offline handbook (NEC2011, PUE Ukraine, PUE Russia ,andmore..).Online and OfflineSearch in the handbook.Save the result ofsome calculation in HTMLformat, and then view and send.For eachcalculation is given aseparate help.Dark and light themesapplication.If you like theapplication, please rate it.
Capacitor value calculator
Calcula de forma rápida y simple el valor de capacitancia deloscondensadores como 104,473 ente otros totalmente gratis ysinanuncios.Calculated quickly and simply the capacitance value ofthecapacitors as 104.473 entity other completely free and withoutads.