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How To Use A Multimeter 4.0
How To Use A Multimeter.This is the complete multimeterguide.Youwill learn How to check electronic components likecapacitor,diode, resistor, coil, ringer, mic, speaker.It coversvariouselectronics parts and components checking such asWhat isamultimeter ?Multimeter Precautions.DC voltage Checking,ACvoltageChecking,Checking of mobile batteries,CheckingOfDiode,Resistor,LED Simple Capacitor Electrolyticcapacitortesting,Checking ofFuse,Speaker,Capacitor,FilterCondenser,Coil,Mic,Vibrator,Switch,Transfer,Wire,MobileAntinaetc.This App is very useful to those who is learningMobilerepairing or taking mobile or smartphone Training and alsothosewho is doing repairing works.How to test electronicscomponentsusing digital multimeter.multimeter app download now !Itcoversalmost all functions of Multimeter. How to Check ComponentsbyMultimeter is an application in which you can learn how tocheckelectronics components. This app will teach you what isexactlymultimeter basic working.Weather you are an electronichobbyist,hardware engineer, mobile technician, or doing laptoprepairingwork this app is very useful to you.
Electronic Component Pinouts Free 13.2
This application provides a offline database with more than70000electronic component pinouts. Chips, Transistors, Diodes,Triacs,Microprocessors and a lot more. Component Pinouts is fastand doesnot require internet access to search. More than 23000distinctpinouts with a lot of equivalents. Please support ComponentPinoutsby downloading the full paid AD FREEversion:
Resistor Color Code Calculator 2.1
# Simple user interface # Real Time calculation process #Supportthree, four, five and six bands resistor # No need toregister andlogin
Logic Simulator Pro 1.5.02
Build circuits with logic gates and several other componentstosimulate their functions. With its simple and easy to useinterfaceit doesn't take long to learn how to use it, great forstudentswho's learning how logic circuit works. Logic SimulatorProcontains multiple useful features such as:- Logicgates(AND,OR,NAND,NOT,NOR,XOR,XNOR)- Buttons, Displays, Lamps,Clocks, -Flip-Flops, Latches- Multiplexers- Recovery feature (Ifthe appcloses before you manage to save your circuit due to a phonecallor by accident, Logic Simulator Pro will automatically save acopyof your current progress. This copy can be easily accessedthroughthe open circuit interface)If you have any suggestionsonimprovements or bug reports please email me on the adressprovidedbelow:[email protected]
PhDoctor (Mobile Phone Checker / Tester & Info) 1.8
In this world most of the people doesn't afford expensive,luxuryand new mobile phones, so they purchase used or second handmobilesfrom different classified platforms like Olx, eBay, Amazon.So thisapp is basically designed for those people who buy usedmobiles tocheck each and every feature of their mobile phonesbefore buying.PhDoctor (Phone Doctor) will completely test yourmobile and ensureyou about each feature of your mobile and save youfrom any kind ofcheat or fraud.Design of phone doctor is verysimple and easy touse. A normal lay person can easily understandthat how to checkhardware and a software of a mobile. MainFeatures: ▶ DeviceDetail▶ Phone Report▶ Refurbishment▶ HardwareTest▶ Network Test▶Other Tests★ Device DetailThis feature includesdetail of devicehardware, software and battery. PhDoctor (Mobilechecker) willautomatically detect the following details of yourdevice:☆Hardware detail includes:▶ Manufacture▶ Model▶ Brand▶Board▶ Screensize▶ Screen resolution▶ Screen density▶ Total RAM▶Available RAM▶Total storage▶ Available storage☆ Software detailincludes:▶Android version▶ API level▶ Build id▶ Java VM▶ OpenGL ES▶Kernalversion▶ Kernal name▶ Kernal architecture▶ Root access▶Systemuptime☆ Battery detail includes:▶ Battery health▶ Batterylevel▶Power source▶ Status (charging/discharging)▶Technology▶Temprature▶ Voltage★ Phone ReportThis feature willgenerate a fullfledged mobile report including device detail,hardware detail andsoftware detail. You can use this report as aimage on classifiedplatforms (Olx, ebay, Amazon e.t.c) and sharewith your phonebuyer. Following are the basic test:▶ Microphonetest▶ Receivertest▶ Vibration test▶ Main camera test▶ Front cameretest▶Accelerometer sensor test▶ Gyroscope sensor test▶ Proximitysensortest▶ Light sensor test▶ Compass test▶ Touch Screen(Multi-fingers)test▶ Hard Keys (Volume, Power, home and back keys)test▶ FlashLight test▶ Speaker test★ RefurbishmentThis feature ofMobile PhoneTester will check your mobile is refurbis ororiginal.Note: Resultof this feature may not authentic andaccurate.★ Hardware TestThisfeature includes manual mobile phonetesting. User can easily testeach and every hardware of mobile byjust one click. Following arehardware tests:▶ Colors test (Red,Green, Blue)▶ Light dimmingtest▶ Microphone test▶ Receiver test▶Vibration test▶ Main cameratest▶ Front camere test▶ Accelerometersensor test▶ Gyroscopesensor test▶ Proximity sensor test▶ Lightsensor test▶ Compasstest▶ Touch Screen (Multi-fingers) test▶ HardKeys (Volume, Power,home and back keys) test▶ Flash Light test▶Speaker test★ NetworkTestThis feature includes all details ofmobile phone related tonetwork. You can easily check signalsstrength of your device.▶Network operator▶ Sim operator▶ Networktype▶ Network strength▶Network code▶ Country code▶ Roaming▶ Networkdata state★ OtherTestsThis feature includes IMEI test of yourmobile phone You can easily copy your phoneIMEI and paste it tocheck all details of device.★ Note: The iconsused in this app arefreely available in the public domain, if youbelieve we have madean error. Please write to us [email protected] and we willremove that icon.
PCB Droid 4.0.15
PCB Droid
PCB Droid provides an easy way to design your printed circuitboardsfor your electronic DIY projects. It can be an extensionhardwarefor your raspberry PI or arduino panel, or even a printedcircuitboard for the drone or 3d printer you designed. Create yourcustomPCBs on your mobile and on your tablet fast and efficiently.Shareand export your finished designs. Save time by working onyourprojects during your daily commute, no matter where you are.PCBDroid’s easy to use experience makes the application theperfectchoice for electronic hobbyists and also a great designertool foreducation purposes. The application doesn’t utilizepreviously madecircuit diagrams. Draw your lines, place yourthrough holes and SMDpads the way you want to. Download theavailable macros to help yourdesigning process or create your ownand use them later on. Log inwith your own PCB Droid account oruse your Gmail account and startcustomizing your circuit boards asyou wish! If you are havingtrouble using the application, checkout our official tutorial onour website. Features: -Designdouble-sided PCBs,switch between layers, hide the unnecessarylayers for improvedtransparency -Expanding downloadable componentlibrary -Create andsave your own macros -Share your finishedprinted circuit boardswith your friends/colleagues -Export yourprojects to PDF, IMG orGERBER format -Reach your project frommultiple devices with droidcloud integration Download now and sendus your feedbacks andquestions to [email protected] or more information visit
Basic Electronics Question & Answers 7.0
ap developers
Basic Electronics Q&A provides you various Question &Answerfor electronics & its components. Electronics includesvarioustopics like tools & components of electronics, numbersystem,boolean algebra, electric circuits etc.Basic ElectronicsQ&Aalso contains fundamental concepts like Voltage,Current,Resistance, semiconductor, capacitor, Ohms Law etc. Anyelectricianor student of electronics can use our app forreference.Topicswhich included in Electronics Q&A app :-ElectronicsComponents- Electronics Tools- Voltage- Current- OhmsLaw- Diode-Basic Electronics Question And Answers- Semiconductors –PNJunction- Resistors- Capacitors- Special Purpose Diode-Rectifier-Electronic Meters- Number Systems And Code- Logic GatesAnd BooleanAlgebra- Logic Circuits- Power Electronics- Series andParallelCircuits- Difference Between AC and DC Currents-ElectrostaticForce- Static Electricity- Electric Fields- Battery& Types ofBatteries and Applications- Solar Panel- KirchhoffsLaws forcurrent and voltageElectronics Q&A app is useful forstudent,electrician, engineering field, electrical field ,professionalsetc. We frequently update our app with new topics ofquestion &answers. If you really like the Basic ElectronicsQuestion &Answers app kindle give us good feedback.
Learn Electronics Basics 9.0
ap developers
Learn Electronics app teaches you basics idea about theelectronics& it's concept. Electricity is basically vastsubject & canbe defined as the set of physical phenomenaassociated with thepresence and flow of electric charge.Electronics includes varioustopics like current, volt, power,capacitor, conductor, resistance,resister, diode, triode, arduino ,firewire, mosfet, proteus,tesla, solar etc. Electronics alsoincludes instruments likemultimeter, ammeter, voltmeter,potentiometer etc. It is alsoessential to know about battery &it's types as aa, aaa,lithium, alkaline. In electric study, solarsystem is alsoimportant. Most of the electrician can use this appfor thereference. Important Topics Included : - Electricity&Electronics - Voltage - Electric Current - Electrical Charge-Electrical Field - Watts -Power - Resistance - Ohms Law -Capacitor- Diodes - LED - Multimeter - Voltmeter - Ammeter - solarsystem -solar panels - Types of solar panels - Arduino, Tesla(upcoming) -Firewire (upcoming) - Battery & it's types as aa,aaa, lithium,alkaline (upcoming) Electronics app is useful forstudent,electrician, engineering field, electrical field ,professionalsetc. We frequently update our app with new chapters.If you likethe Learn Electronics Basics app kindly give us goodfeedback.
Mobile Repairing Course 4.0
Astik Apps
Mobile Repairing Course. Mobile Repairing Course app coversthecomplete full course in Mobile Repair and Cell phone repairing.Itincludes Software repairing, Hardware repairing, Flashing."mobileRepair Course in Hindi" app has many features such asMobilerepairing tools and techniques Flashing Study of BlockDiagramStudy of various part of the mobile phone. All MobileProblemRepairingsolutionNokia,LG,Samsung,China,lava,gionee,motorola,lenovo,oppo,etc.MobileRepairing. Various Mobile Faults and their solutionsMobileRepairing Course Easy way. Cell phone repair Android mobilerepairsolutions How to repair Water damage solution Testing ofcomponentsusing multimeter Day wise study Learn mobile repairing injust 30days Mobile Repairing Tips For Different Problems likeRinger,Network, Dead Mobile, Keypad Problem, Charging, SIM Card,VibratorProblems. Mobile phone repairing course easy way Mobilejumpers UFSbox Various practical explained in detail Uses ofmultimeter How tocheck various electrnoic components usingmultimeter. Multimetercomplete practical steps to check.Disassembly of Android mobilephone. Memory cards problems solutionslike How to format a memorycard, unable to format a memory, No diskin drive solution. Androidphone unlocking Mobile Repairing Courseincludes Android mobilerepairing and disassembling process, Help,Tips, Pictures,Hardware, Software SolutionBattery checking Hardreset variousmodels Apple, Motorola, Samsung, LG, Blackberry,Nokia, Sony, &more iphone repairing tips BGA ic reball tutorialSmart phonerepairing tips White display Solution Complete cellphone checkingRemoving Pattern lock and FRP lock. Hindi and Englishbook bothversions in a single app PDF. Multi meter tutorial,checkingvarious electronic components like resister, capacitor,diode, led,ringer, vibrator, mic, speaker etc, this tutorialprovides you withdetailed explanation about how to use a multimeter. It's acomplete mobile repair course online to learn with it.Read all thedocument at least 2 to 3 times and do the necessarypracticals. Tocheck knowledge there will be test also.
Circuit Jam 1.02
Meet Circuit Jam, an amazing new puzzle game from creatorsofEveryCircuit. We’ve gamified circuit learning, making is superfun,challenging, and rewarding. Packed with sophisticated graphicsandsimulation technologies, this app makes electroniccircuitsremarkably interactive and approachable. There are over 100puzzlesthat will take you for a fun and exciting ride. No... nogettingdeep into formulas or equations... just cool circuit gamesthattake you from the very basic to keep-you-up-all-nighters. Youwilllearn about voltage, current, resistance, capacitance anddeclarevictory each time you win! ★ Challenge yourself with over100puzzles ★ Discover 10 essential circuit components ★ Checkyourhomework answers ★ Invent your own circuits in sandbox ★ Getreadyto smile as you learn The objective is to build circuitsthatgenerate electronic signals of some shape. You will get tomakeconnections, set component values, and operate switches tosolvethe puzzles. Circuit Jam will also teach you how to add anddividevoltages and currents, work out equivalent resistanceandcapacitance, and use Ohm's law and Kirchhoff's laws. Asyoucomplete puzzles, new sandbox components are unlocked. Sandboxmodelets you build any circuit you can imagine out ofunlockedcomponents. With sandbox you can simulate examples inclass,animate textbook circuits, understand how they work, andcheckhomework answers. Or maybe you'll just have a brilliant ideaandinvent a new circuit. Five exciting puzzle collectionsareincluded, and the first one is FREE! Essential components canbeunlocked by solving puzzles: • Resistor • Capacitor • Lamp•Switches • Voltage source • Current source • Voltmeter•Amperemeter • Ohmmeter
Digital Table Clock 2 3.0
It is a dock clock and desk clock. No alarm, No widget. But Itisbig and simple. It just shows you time(hour minute second). Itiseasy to use.
analiti - WiFi Tester & Analyzer 7.0.15561
Fast and reliable set of tools to monitor, test and analyzenetworkconnections – WiFi, LTE and Ethernet – for smartphones,tablets andTV platforms. Everyday Tools Quick Test  •Internet speedtest –download and upload  •The quickest and easiest way to testanInternet connection WiFi Networks List  •List all WiFinetworkssensed  •Detailed information for every network andaccesspoint/router   •For networks - Security, IPv4 and IPv6addresses,local router and Internet ping performance (latency andsuccessrates)   •For access points/routers - Model andmanufacturer,Security, Current and maximum Phy speed (link speed),WiFitechnology supported (e.g., 802.11n, 802.11ac, 802.11ax),Primarychannel and frequency, channel width, all channels used bythesignal, what’s the strongest network using the channel,MIMOconfiguration (e.g., SU-MIMO, MU-MIMO) and how many streamsaresupported WiFi Channels Chart  •Visualization of all WiFinetworkssensed over a frequency chart  •See what channels are beingused byyour network, what other networks are using (or interferingwith)same channels, and how much stronger (or weaker) is yournetwork inrelation to the other networks This Network  •List alldevicesconnected to the LAN the device is connected to (WiFi orEthernet) •Employ multiple scan mechanisms – such as Bonjour/mDns,UPnP/DLNAor Netbios  •Show ping latency to responding devicesRemoteMonitoring 24/7  •Monitor your device’s Internet speed byotheranaliti devices (e.g., monitor your TV platform’sInternetconnection using your smartphone)  •Notifications whenthemonitored device stops reporting (indicating a possiblenetworkdisconnection) or connection deteriorates below somespeedthreshold More Professional Tools Detailed Test  •Internetspeedtest – download and upload  •Ping stats in detailed charts–success rate %, average, median and 95 percentile latency –beforeand during the Internet speed test – to local router andtheInternet - Ping , DNS name resolution, HTTP connectionsetup •Configurable ping load and ping targets  •Save test resultsandassociate with a location (e.g., living room, garage) – andcomparemultiple tests to compare results in multiple locations •Exportsaved test results in a spreadsheet format for offlineanalysisWiFi AP Details  •Detailed information - Model andmanufacturer,Security, Current and maximum phy speed (link speed),WiFitechnology supported (e.g., 802.11n, 802.11ac, 802.11ax),Primarychannel and frequency, channel width, all channels used bythesignal, what’s the strongest network using the channel,MIMOconfiguration (e.g., SU-MIMO, MU-MIMO) and how many streamsaresupported  •Real time RSSI and Phy speed charts  •Detaileddecodingof the beacon packets sent by the access point/routeriPerf3 Serverand Client  •TCP and UDP  •Additional configurableparametersAnalytics  •Detailed analysis charts  •Compare two set ofnetworkfilters  •Compare period to previous period  •Compare anytwofactors   •Tested Internet speeds – download, upload  •WiFi/MobileRSSI – average, median, 95 percentile in dBm   •LTERSRP, RSRQ –average, median, 95 percentile in dBm   •WiFi Phy speed– average,median, 95 percentile in Mbps   •Internet ping latency,InternetHTTP connection setup latency, Internet DNS nameresolutionlatency, LAN Gateway ping latency, LAN Gateway DNS nameresolutionlatency – success rate %, average, median, 95 percentilelatencyand jitter in ms
DAILY DAY - D-Day Schedule Widget 3.0.5
[ DAILY DAY Features ] ● Various types of calculationsD-Day,Anniversary, Monthly, Annually, Months and Days ● Makeyourcustomized D-day cover Provide basic cover photos and make yourownD-day cover with the pictures you want ● Home screen widgetTwotypes of widgets ● D-DAY Notification bar Keep your D-DAY alwaysonnotification bar. ● Anniversary notification 100th day, 200thday…and 1st anniversary, 2st anniversary... ● Arrange your D-DAYlistSort events by upcoming date, older date, or manually ●Countanniversary automatically The 100th day, 200th day… and1stanniversary, 2nd anniversary... automatic calculationforanniversaries ● Passsword and Fingerprint Keep your app safewithpassword or Fingerprint. ● Share D-Day event Share your D-daywithSNS
ប្រតិទិនឆ្លាតវៃ (Khmer Smart Calendar) 3.4
ប្រតិទិនឆ្លាតវៃ (Khmer Smart Calendar) is the best KhmerCalendarapp for Khmer people. This app is build specific forCambodiapeople only. It's not only a Khmer Calendar app. You cancheckweather from your current location in this app. Weatherincludetemperature, sunrise, sunset, humidity and windspeed.ប្រតិទិនឆ្លាតវៃ (Khmer Smart Calendar) will help you to quicklookof normal date and Khmer date. Cambodia holiday and somespecialday will include in this Khmer Calendar. Feature: - Khmerday,Khmer month, Khmer year - SEIL day - Cambodia holiday andsomespecial day - CHNAM CHHONG - Notification for SEIL day andholiday- Day screen and month screen view - Home Screen Widget -Weather -Lunar Calendar - Sync event with Google Note: - Red colorisCambodia public holiday - Beside red color(blue) is somespecialday Download ប្រតិទិនឆ្លាតវៃ (Khmer Smart Calendar) now forFREE!!Thank in advanced for looking our store product :) Hope youlike it:D Permission: - Access Location Permission is use for getweatherin your current location
Resistor Color Codes
A simple and user-friendly tool to get value of resistor forit'scolor code. Requires no special permissions. Feel free toe-mail me([email protected]) if you found any bug or havesuggestion.
Timer IC 555 Calculator 2.5.2
Peter Ho
IC 555 is a basic timer IC for hobbyist or electronicengineers.This app is used to calculate monostable and astablecircuitFeatures: 1. Calculate monostable circuit 2. Calculatefrequency ofastable circuit 3. Calculate component values ofmonstable andastable circuit. Save component values in CSV file(Excel file)Note : 1. For those who need support please email tothe designatedemail. Do NOT use either the feedback area to writequestions, itis not appropriate and that is not guaranteed that canread them.
Poketronic 1.0.2
POKETRONIC is a FREE mini pocket note application which canhelpuser to recognize the pin function of certain electroniccomponentsefficiently. There are 5 categories of components in HomePagewhich included Integrated Circuit, Sensors, Microcontroller/microprocessor, resistor calculator and capacitorcalculator. Thegreatest feature of the application is the resistorcalculator. Ifyou like this program, please rate it to support theenvironment.More components and features will be updated in nextversion. We'realways exited to hear from you!
ALLDATASHEET - Parts, Datasheet(PDF) download 1.7.5
The online electronic component datasheets search engine . *Keyword: electronic components, datasheet, datasheet pdfdownload,manufacture, stock, chips, parts, buy now, distributor, is the biggest online electroniccomponentdatasheets search engine. - Contains over 20 millionsemiconductordatasheets. - More than 30,000 Datasheets update permonth. - Morethan 450,000 Searches per day. - More than 23,000,000Impressionsper month. - More than 8,800,000 Visits per month allaround theworld. - More than 5,200,000 Unique Users at AlldatasheetIf Youcan't search it here, Nowhere else in the world. You'll lesslikelyfind it.
Speaking Course in English 1.06
Tenses Question Making Active Passive Direct Indirect PartsofSpeech - In Detail
Electronics Toolbox
Peter Ho
This app is a collection of basic electronic calculators. Itissuitable for hobbyist, electronic engineers or professionals.Thisis the free version, which contains ads; you can also buy fromtheMarket the PRO version of the app to support the developer,unlockmore features and get rid of the ads. Features •Calculateresistance of 2 resistors in series / parallel • To findoutcombinations of 2 resistors in series / in parallel makingadesired resistance • Calculate resistor values of voltagedividerand find out combinations of resistance making a desiredratio •Calculate resistor values of inverting amplifier gain andfind outcombinations of resistance making a desired ratio • Ohm'sLawcalculation • Star-delta conversion • RC charging circuit:Calculate time constant by R and C • RC Filter : Calculatecutofffrequency by resistor and capacitor value and find outcombinationsof resistance and capacitance making a desired cutofffrequency •RL Filter : Calculate cutoff frequency by resistor andinductorvalue and find out combinations of resistance andinductance makinga desired cutoff frequency • LC Filter : Calculateresonantfrequency by capacitor and inductor values and findoutcombinations of capacitance and inductance making adesiredresonant frequency • Calculate monostable circuit •Calculatefrequency of astable circuit and find out combinationsofcapacitance and resistance making a desired astablefrequencyFeatures in PRO version only: 1. No Ads 2. No limitationProversion: 1. For those who need support please email to thedesignatedemail. Do NOT use either the feedback area to writequestions, itis not appropriate and that is not guaranteed that canread them.
Circuit Playground 2.0.2
Circuit Playground simplifies electronics reference&calculation so you can have more fun hacking, making,&building your projects.• Calculate component values for OpAmp,555, RC Filter, & Resistor Divider circuits• Decipherresistor& capacitor codes with ease• Calculate power,resistance,current, and voltage with Ohm's Law & PowerCalculators•Quickly convert between decimal, hexadecimal, binary orASCIIcharacters• Calculate values for multiple resistors orcapacitorsin series or parallel• Pinout diagrams for widely-usedICs,connectors, & boards• Find color for LED wavelength•Store,search, and view PDF datasheets• Show off your projectbysubmitting pics to Adafruit's Show & Tell• Accessexclusivedeals from Adafruit IndustriesAll that, plus additionalfeatures& enhancements coming soon!
Electronics Calculator 4.1.0
Electronics Calculator is a utility application consistingofvarious calculators, conversions, reference tables and basicpocketcalculator.Calculators:DC Circuits:• Ohm`s Law• Voltagedivider -resistive• LED resistor• 555 Timer• RL Circuits• RCCircuitsACCircuits:• Reactance• Impedance• Star DeltaTransformation• ACPower• DecibelPower Supply:• Transformer ratios•Rectifiers•Capacitor filter• Transformer efficiencyComponents:•SeriesCircuits (resistor, capacitor & inductor)• ParallelCircuits(resistor, capacitor & inductor)• Capacitors (charge,energystored, time constant)• Inductors (energy stored, timeconstant)•Diodes (Diode current, diode voltage)• Resistor colorcodes (encode& decode 4, 5 & 6 bands)• Resistor color codes(encode& decode 4 & 5 bands)• Capacitor printedcodesPhysics:•Coulomb`s Law• Magnetism• Joule`s Law -heatingConverters:• Area(sq in., mm², cm², sq ft., m², ha, km²)•Angle (Degree, Gradian,Radian)• Temperature (°C, °F, K, °R)• Power(Btu/min, ftlbf/min,hp, W, kW)• Distance/length (cm, in., ft, m,yd, km, mi)• Numberbase (binary, octal, decimal,hexadecimal)Reference:• SI unitprefixes• Logic gates• 74xx ic•ASCII• Decibel suffixes• RFspectrum
Basic Electronics Q&A 1.1
This application is designed as a quick refresher to basicsforbeginners or an experienced. It explains basicelectroniccomponents, circuit theories, and other modernelectronicsfundamentals. This app will be helpful in preparationfor companyinterviews or for entrance examinations.Highlights ✔200+ Questions& Answers in electronics devices and circuits ✔Questions arecategorized in 10 Topics✔Read the question withpre-installedvoices.✔Fluent, responsive and interactiveinterface.✔Compact appwhich works offline and does not require theinternet.Categorizedin Topics like.1. Fundamentals2. PassiveComponents3. ActiveDiscrete Components4. Other Basic CircuitComponents5.Opto-electronics, Sensors & Transduces6. Linear ICSandFilters7. Regulators and Power Supply8. DigitalCircuits9.Microprocessors, Microcontrollers, and DSP10. ElectronicsandCommunicationEvery effort is made to ensure that there is noerror.However, if you find any error or problem, we would beverygrateful for your feedback at [email protected] The materialforthis application is provided without any conditions orwarrantiesof any kind and only for reference.Thanks:-)
Ringtone Maker - Ringtone Cutter From Mp3 1.5.0
Ringtone maker software can make ringtones for the wholedirectoryor for a specific contact information. Also, the softwarethat makeringtones from a song can cutter ringtones fornotifications,alarm, music, ringtone. With the application RingtoneMaker -Ringtone Cutter From Mp3 software, you can record yourvoice, editvoice and voice Set as cutter ringtones according toyour purpose.During the creation of the music, you can also set thequality canchange the frequency Sound quality changes your voicemoreappropriately. Ringtone maker software can also find all yourmp3to make ringing tones. During the maker of the ringtone, youcanalso split the time of each piece of music. You can choose fromoneminute at a time. There is also the ability to manage ringtonesbyphonebook, you can easily Customizable ringtones forcontactseasily quick. This is the software to cutter and Ringtonemakerquickly and conveniently.
Electrical engineering Books 7.0.0
Helpful Books
Electrical engineering is a field of engineering thatgenerallydeals with the study and application of electricity,electronics,and electromagnetism. This field first became anidentifiableoccupation in the later half of the 19th centuryaftercommercialization of the electric telegraph, the telephone,andelectric power distribution and use. Subsequently, broadcastingandrecording media made electronics part of daily life. Theinventionof the transistor, and later the integrated circuit,brought downthe cost of electronics to the point they can be usedin almost anyhousehold object.this application contains relatedattachmentsabout electrical engineering clearly and easilyunderstood.SupportLanguage:- العربية- Deutsch- English- Español-فارْسِى- français-italiano- 日本語- Nederlands- polski
Arduino Led Projects 1.0
Cherala Apps
A Beginners guide to Arduino Using Basic Led circuitsThebestArduino Projects to begin with.The Arduino Led Projectsarepractical materials for developers who want to LearnArduinohardware to create cool projects.The Arduino Led Projectsappconsists of1.Blink an LED2.Fade LED3.Fade LED usingpot4.LEDcontrol by button5.LED by serial monitor6.LED usingphotocell7.Ledusing Relay switch8.Led using Bluetooth Module9.Ledusing IRsensor10.Coin Flipper11.Led temperatureindicator12.Knightrider13.Traffic Light14.Led pendulum15.PoliceLight16.Back andforth scannerkey words arduino projects,arduinotutorial,arduino,electronic projects,arduino miniprojects,electronic miniprojects,electronics,projects,arduinoprojects,arduinotutorial,arduino ,electronic projects,arduinominiprojects,electronic miniprojects,electronics,projects,arduinoprojects,arduinotutorial,arduino ,electronic projects,arduinominiprojects,electronic mini projects,electronics,projects.
NTE QuickCross 1.0.0
NTE's QUICKCross software, version 2015, is theindustry'smostcomprehensive electronic cross reference softwareavailable.Find crossreferences for over 525,000 industry partnumbers to NTEdevices quicklyand easily. Search results includelinks toeasy-to-read, detailed productdatasheets in PDF format.
ElectroDroid - electronics in your hand 4.7
ElectroDroid is a simple and powerful collection ofelectronicstools and references.  This is the free version,whichcontains ads; you can also buy from the Market the PRO versionofthe app to support the developer, unlock more features and getridof the ads.    The app includes:  • Resistorcolorcode decoder (3-6 bands);  • SMD Resistor Code; •Inductor color code decoder;  • Ohm’s law calculator; •Reactance/Resonance calculator;  • Voltage divider; •Resistors ratio, value/series/parallel;  • Capacitorchargecalculation;  • Operational amplifier;  • LEDresistorcalculator;  • Adjustable voltageregulator/LM317calculator;  • Heat dissipation;  •Battery Lifecalculator;  • Inductor design tool;  •Voltage Dropcalculator;  • PCB Trace Width calculator;  •SimpleFilters calculator;  • NE555 calculator;  •PowerCalculator;  • Decibel Converter;  •FrequencyConverter;  • Analog-Digital Converter;  •Y-ΔTransformation;  • Port pin-out (USB, Serial,Parallel,Ethernet, RJ, SCART, DVI, HDMI, S-Video, VGA, VESA,Display Port,FireWire, Jack, RCA, Audio DIN connector, XLR/DMX, ATXPower, PCperipheral connectors, EIDE/ATA, SATA, PS/2-AT, MIDI/Gameport,Apple 30-pin, Apple Lightning connector, PDMI, OBD-II,25-pairphone cable color code, Color Code for Fiber Optic Cables,MIDIconnector, ISO connector for car audio, Arduinopin-outs);  •Resources (USB specification, Resistivity table,Table of standardresistors and capacitors, Capacitor marking codes,AWG and SWG Wiresize, Ampacity Table, Symbols and Abbreviations,Circuit SchematicSymbols, SI Units prefixes, Battery info, Booleanlogic gate andalgebra Theorems, 7400 info and pinout, ASCII codes,Batterieslist, Coin Batteries, 78xx IC, ChipDB IC pinouts,SwitchInformation, Decibel Table, PIC ICSP/AVR ISP, SMD PackageSize,Radio frequencies);  • Full support for EIA resistorseriesfor all calculators;  ...and more to come!   Theapp has also support for plugins to expand functionality oftheapplication (e.g. PIC and AVR micro-controllersDatabase,simulators, parts search).    If you like theprogram,please rate it, and buy the full version to supportthedevelopment.  Electrodroid PROlink:  For FAQ and full change-log, visit  TheAndroid robot in the logo ismodified from work created and sharedby Google and used accordingto terms described in the CC BY 3.0License.
Live Toto Singapore 5.3.1
This is our Live Toto App, We bring you the results Live at6:33pmevery Monday and Thursday. It is the fastest alternative tofindout the Toto ResultFeatures Include 1) Past history search 2)PastStats of hit number sorted into 1,3,6, 9 and 12 Months. 3)Readoutusing of winning number, in English , Mandarin or HokkienInapppurchase (premium member) required for live result from 6:33pmto6:45pm.*** This app is developed and provided independent oftheinvolvement of Singapore Pools. To the extent that the reportingof4D and Toto results may be inaccurate, please note thatsuchinaccuracies are not the responsibility of and should notbeattributed to Singapore Pools. ***
Thought For The Day 1.15
One positive Thought for the day brings you motivationandInspiration. Every day morning, You can receive a ThoughtthroughNotification. Set the Though of the day as Whats app status.Usefulto children to present Good thought in class. Very good if wewouldlike to wish to place it on wall. You can share Though For TheDayas TEXT or IMAGE as You wish with Whatsapp, Facebook, Gmail,etc...Backgrounds of Thought for the Day can be changed, which everyoulike. Multiple Backgrounds Available with Different Kind oftaste.
Just Rain
Just Rain is a soothing audiovisual rain simulator. Listentovarying degrees of rain sounds from gentle drizzle tointensedownpour -- controlled by a simple drag of your finger. JustRainalso features stereo audio panning and a visual rainsimulation.Use it to relax, to study, or to sleep!(c) 2013 Robysoft-- Art anddesign by Inessah Selditz. Just Rain uses sounds fromfreesound,forthe full list see here:
Women Handbag Ideas 1.0
Bag is a tool intended as a place to carry equipment or needswhenoutside the home. The aim is obviously to facilitate themobilityof a person.But this time, the function of the bag isalready sowidespread, including in matters of fashion. Bags can beone ofsupporting the person's appearance, in addition to helpingbringcertain items.Things like any other functionality this bag canbeseen from the design of the bag which can be said to already haveaconcept or a particular genre, in fact rarely bagsintentionallymade to be aligned with the concept offashion.hopefully inspire
Assistive Touch for Android 3.3
Notice: Some new advanced function such as Capture Screenshot,Powerpopup...only support high software version 5.0 and up. Ifyour phonedoes not supported please do not give bad review.Assistive Touchfor Android - Virtual Home button, easy touch tolock screen andopen recent task - Virtual Volume button, quicktouch to changevolume and change sound mode - Virtual Back button- Easy to openyour favorite application - Go to all setting veryquick with atouch - Gesture Setting for Floating Button (One tap,double tap,long press) ★ Assistive Touch for Android settinginclude: - CaptureScreenshot (5.0 and up) - Power popup (5.0 andup) - OpenNotification - Ring mode (Normal mode, Vibrate mode,Silent mode) -Screen rotation - Volume up & down - Airplanemode - FlashlightBright This app uses the Device Administratorpermission. This appuses Accessibility services. Thank for yoursupport
All joking aside, this time you will understand howelectroniccircuits work. "I stumbled upon some serious gold""This app takes design to a whole new level ofinteractivity" -Design News Build any circuit, tap play button, andwatch dynamicvoltage, current, and charge animations. This givesyou insightinto circuit operation like no equation does. Whilesimulation isrunning, adjust circuit parameters with analog knob,and thecircuit responds to your actions in real time. You canevengenerate an arbitrary input signal with your finger!That'sinteractivity and innovation you can't find in best SPICEtools forPC like Multisim, LTspice, OrCad or PSpice (trademarksbelong totheir respective owners). EveryCircuit is not just an eyecandy.Under the hood it packs custom-built simulation engineoptimizedfor interactive mobile use, serious numerical methods,andrealistic device models. In short, Ohm's law, Kirchhoff'scurrentand voltage laws, nonlinear semiconductor device equations,and allthe good stuff is there. Growing library of components givesyoufreedom to design any analog or digital circuit from asimplevoltage divider to transistor-level masterpiece. Schematiceditorfeatures automatic wire routing, and minimalistic userinterface.No nonsense, less tapping, more productivity.Simplicity,innovation, and power, combined with mobility, makeEveryCircuit amust-have companion for high school science andphysics students,electrical engineering college students,breadboard and printedcircuit board (PCB) enthusiasts, and hamradio hobbyists. Create anaccount to unlock the full functionalityfor a limited time. Thefull version will employ all of yourimagination, and all thescreen area of your tablet. JoinEveryCircuit cloud community tostore your circuits on cloud, accessthem from any of your devices,explore public community circuits andshare your own designs. Theapp requires a permission to access youraccount for authenticationin EveryCircuit community. Thanks toProf. N. Maghari for technicaldiscussions, feedback, and help withdesigning circuit examples.Features: + Growing public library ofcommunity circuits +Animations of voltage waveforms and currentflows + Animations ofcapacitor charges + Analog control knobadjusts circuit parameters+ Automatic wire routing + Oscilloscope +Seamless DC and transientsimulation + Single play/pause buttoncontrols simulation + Savingand loading of circuit schematic +Mobile simulation engine builtfrom ground-up + Shake the phone tokick-start oscillators +Intuitive user interface + No AdsComponents: + Sources, signalgenerators + Controlled sources, VCVS,VCCS, CCVS, CCCS +Resistors, capacitors, inductors, transformers +Voltmeter,amperemeter, ohmmeter + DC motor + Potentiometer, lamp +Switches,SPST, SPDT + Push buttons, NO, NC + Diodes, Zener diodes,lightemitting diodes (LED) + MOS transistors (MOSFET) + Bipolarjunctiontransistors (BJT) + Ideal operational amplifier (opamp) +Digitallogic gates, AND, OR, NOT, NAND, NOR, XOR, XNOR + Relay +555 timer+ Counter + 7-segment display and decoder Next: + MorecomponentsIf you like it, please rate, review, and buy!
4 Pics 1 Word Answers 30.0.0
4 Pics 1 Word answers, cheats, and hints will show you how tobeatall levels and letters of the game for iPhone, iPod, iPad,andAndroid. Guess the word that the 4 pictures represent in the2,000+puzzles of this game by LOTUM GmbH. If you are stuck on alevel,use these 4 Pics 1 Word cheats to help you beat the app!
Learn electricity (All About It) 30
Learn Electricity, Automation, Pneumatics,Refrigeration,MechanicsTHE BEST APP OF THE CENTURY TO LEARNELECTRICITYDevelopyourself as a professional, you will learntheoretical andpractical fundamentals.Perform AWG conversions frommm - mm2TAKEEXAM - TEST TO MEASURE YOUR ELECTRICALKNOWLEDGEMaintenance ofIndustrialBoilersPneumaticsAutomatismRefrigerationCalculators tomake yourwork easier:- Convert kW to kVA- Convert kW to kWh-Convert kW to A-Drop Voltage (General Cable and other brands)-Cable Type and CableNumber- SolarGis (Solar Calculation)-Calculation Solar Consumption-And much moreTHEMES TO BE DEVELOPEDIN THE APP:- Automation-Electrical Contactors- Color code-Calculation of Loads- CableGauge- Intelligent Systems- Ohm's law-Apparent power kVA- HorusSmart Homes- History- What is Materia?-PDF Solar Panels- PDFElectrical Circuits- PDF Analysis ofCircuits- Technical manual-Interpretation of plans- Electriccharges- Electrostatics- CoulombAct- Kirchhoff Laws- ConductiveMaterials- Insulating Materials-Ways of Generation- Power Source-Solar energy- Wind power-Hydroelectric- Electrical Risks- Signage-Fire extinguishers-Electromagnetism- Grounding- ExothermicWelding- Symbology-Alternating current- Continuous Current-Electrical circuit- CircuitSeries- Parallel circuit- SingleSwitch- Double Switch- Three WayFour Way- Definition of Intensityand Voltage- Capacitors-Capacitors and Capacitance- Generator-Multimeter- Ammeter-Photocell- Motion sensorSmart- Protection-Ballast- Motorconnection- Engine Configuration- Electric motors-Installedpotency- Servomotor- BTicino- Installations, Channels andManeuverand ProtectionSOLAR ENERGY FUNDAMENTALS- Types ofPhotovoltaic SolarEnergy Systems- Solar Photocells- How does asolar panel work- HowMuch Does Solar Energy Cost?- Differencebetween Solar Panel andSolar Cell- Light! No batteries, no fuel orsunlight- What You Needto Know About Solar Energy- Battery Life-Energy saving, solar powerfunctions- Solar Water HeatersAUTOMOTIVEMECHANIC- IntroductionMechanics- Engine operation- Distributionsystem- Lubricationsystem- Refrigeration system- Power System-Ignition system-Ignition timing- Diecel Motors- AlternatorrepairElectricity is aphysical phenomenon and is related to theattraction between twoparticles."The force of attraction betweenelectrons andprotons"Subscribe to the channel [email protected]
All Phone Price 1.11
Get all Phone Price on one click.
Assistive Touch (Holo Style) 2.5
This app uses the Device Administrator permission.Notice: Somenewadvance function such as capture screenshot, powerpopup...onlysupport high software version 5.0 and up. If your phonedose notsupported please do not give bad review. Thank foryoursupportAssistive Touch for Android- Virtual Home button, easytouchto lock screen and open recent task- Virtual Volume button,quicktouch to change volume and change sound mode- Virtual Backbutton-Clean ram, boost speed, one tap ram booster.- Easy touch toopenyour favorite application- Go to all setting very quick withatouch★ Quick touch setting include:- Capture Screenshot (5.0andup)- Power popup (5.0 and up)- Open Notification (4.1.2 andup)-WiFi- Bluetooth- Location (GPS)- Ring mode (Normal,Vibrate,Silent)- Screen rotation- Volume up & down- Airplanemode-Flashlight Bright- All application on your device★ Ram Booster-Clean MemoryBoost your phone, free up memory (RAM), speed upyourdevice and save battery. Our 1 Tap Boost make it easy tooptimizedirectly from your home screen. This is a fast and use fullboosterfeature to clear unnecessary apps running background, smartcleanram memory.★ Customize- You can change color of backgroundwithyour favorite color- You can change icon of Assistive TouchforAndroid easy with many pretty icon, totally free- GestureSettingfor Floating Button (One tap, double tap, long press)Feedback- Ifyou like Assistive Touch for Android please review and giveus 5start- If you have any problem with this app please give use4start and your problem, we will fix it quickly- Please email forusif you want send request new icon, color or functionThis appusesAccessibility services.Thank for your support
All Fashions 1.0
In this beautiful app you get a huge collections of the bestofAsoebi & Ankara fashion, makeup and Nail styles for weddingandother occasions with latest updates daily with pushnotificationsright to your device. Features;AsoebiAbadaAnkaraNailsfixingMakeup
This app contains video content about LosPolinesios, vlogvideo,music video, which will menghibuar you. LosPolinesiosApplicationsthat can be enjoyed for entertainment when you aresaturated andcan make you feel happy.No download or save this app and give it a reting for this app toreach allthe people who need entertainment terimaksihHappy Enjoyandhopefully entertainterimaksih already dowload this app :)
Electronics Toolkit 1.7.1
Electronics Toolkit is a helpful app with dozens oftools,calculators and references made for electronic engineers,studentsand hobbyists. Calculators: • Resistor color codes -calculate theresistance of resistors by selecting the colors of thebands • SMDresistor codes - calculate the resistance of SMDresistors byentering the number • LED resistor calculator -calculate theneeded resistance to connect en LED to a power source• Parallelresistors - calculate the resistance of resistors inparallel •Voltage divider - calculate the output voltage of avoltage divider• Series resistors - calculate the resistance ofresistors inseries • Ohm's law - calculate the voltage, current ofresistanceby entering the other two • Capacitance calculator -calculate thecapacitance, voltage or charge by entering the othertwo • Batterydischarge - calculate the time it takes to discharge abattery •Inductor color codes - calculate the inductance ofinductors byselecting the colors of the bands • Parallel capacitors- calculatethe capacitance of capacitors in parallel • Seriescapacitors -calculate the capacitance of capacitors in series •Unit converter- unit converter for length, temperature, area,volume, weight,time, angle, power and base • Op-amp calculator -calculate theoutput voltage of non-inverting, inverting, summinganddifferential opamps • Wheatstone bridge - calculate theresistanceof one resistor in a balanced bridge or calculate theoutputvoltage • Inductor codes - calculate the inductance ofinductors byentering the number • Capacitor codes - calculate thecapacitanceof capacitors by entering the number • DAC and ADCcalculator -calculate the output of digital-analog andanalog-digitalconverters • Wavelength frequency calculator -calculate thefrequency or wavelength of a wave • SI prefixes -convert numberswith SI prefixes • Capacitor energy - calculate theenergy in ancapacitor • Slew rate calculator - calculate the slewrate • Stardelta transformation - calculate the resistors in a stardeltatransformation • Zener calculator - calculate the resistanceof theresistor and voltage of the zener • Air core inductorcalculator -calculate the inductance and wire length of an air coreinductor •555 timer calculator - calculate the frequency, period,duty cycle,high time and low time of a popular 555 timer circuit •Platecapacitor calculator - calculate the capacity of a platecapacitor• Resistance to color code calculator - calculate thecolors on theresistor by entering the resistance • LM317 -calculate the outputvoltage of an LM317 • Low pass filters • Wireresistance -calculate the resistance of electrical wire • RMSvoltage • Decibelcalculator •Reactance Tables: • Logic gates -truth table of the 7logic gates with interactive buttons •7-segment display -interactive display that you can change byclicking on one of thesegments or by clicking on a button to show ahexadecimal character• ASCII - decimal, hexadecimal, binary, octaland char ASCII table• Resistivity - table with the resistivity ofcommon metals at 293K• Arduino pinout • Pinout diagrams of 4000 and7400 series ICsOther: • Bluetooth - connect to a bluetooth modulelike the HC-05to talk with an arduino or other microcontroller withthe terminal,button and slider modes PERMISSIONS • read thecontents of your USBstorage && modify or delete thecontents of your USBstorage - used to save images of IC pinoutdiagrams • receive datafrom Internet && view networkconnections && fullnetwork access - used to load the ICdata list and to collectstatistics with Google Firebase • pair withBluetooth devices&& access Bluetooth settings - used toconnect withbluetooth devices • prevent device from sleeping -preventsbluetooth devices from disconnecting
Year in Pixels 2.3.8
Teo Vogel
How was your day today? Year in Pixels it's a differentbulletjournal that allows you to track in a simple, quick and easymanneryour moods during the year. Every pixel represents a day! Youcanadd notes about your day and select the emotions you felt. Italsohas customizable notifications so you don't forget anypixel.Nonintrusive ads, watch them if you want! Features: *Moods,emotions and notes * Customizable, change the colors and addyourown emotions! * Reminders * Security password * Export to imageor.docx file * Minimalist design and lightweight Original [email protected], go check her Instagramaccount!
Electronics News - Powered by Electropages 2.5.3
Electronics News is a press release platform that deliversreal-timenew product news to established component buyingengineers anddesigners all over the world. Electronics News ispowered byElectropages, the leading publisher of new productnews.Electropages is unique in its approach to helpingelectronicsengineers and designers source new electronics products.LatestNews: Get information on the latest electronics parts ElectroNews:Electronics insights from industry engineers Favo ElectronicsNewsapp is a press release platform that delivers real-time newproductnews to established electronics component buying engineersanddesigners all over the world. Electronics News is poweredbyElectropages, the leading publisher of new electronicscomponentsnews. Electropages is unique in its approach to helpingelectronicsengineers and designers source new electronics products.Features:- Latest News: Get information on the latest electronicsparts -Electro News: Electronics insights from industry engineers-Favourites: Favourite parts and articles for easy access - MyNews:Personalised section for your favourite news feeds - BuyProductDetails: Related electronics parts information with priceand stockdetails This app is amongst the first to bring you updateson thelatest technology news from the global electronicscomponentsindustry. Follow our Engineering Editors’ blogs andfeatures andkeep up to date with electronics Industry trends suchas theInternet of Things (IOT) and major advances and breakthroughsintechnology. By using the Electropages electronics news app,youwill gain free access to the latest electronics newsfromdistributors as well as manufacturers. You also gain directaccessto the latest information, including exclusive content fromthefollowing companies and categories. Electronics NewsDistributors:- Mouser - RS Components - Texas Instruments - TTI -Rohm -Microchip Electronics News Categories: - Dev Kits &DevelopmentBoards (Including Raspberry Pi & Arduino) -AutomotiveTechnologies - Connectors, Switches & EMECH -DesignApplications - Design & Manufacturer - Energy Technology-Internet of Things - Lighting Applications - New Technologies-Passives - Power - Semiconductors - Subs & Systems - Test&Measurement - Reference Design Electronics Manufacturer News:-Altera - Amphenol - STMicroelectronics - Cree - Panasonic -PhoenixContact - Infineon Technologies - Intel - Analog DevicesInc. -Vishay - Lumileds - Murata - Molex - NXP Semiconductors -SiliconLabs - Maxim Integrated - TE Connectivity - ON Semiconductor-Microchip Technology - Broadcom - Littelfuse - ADLINK Technology-Fairchild Semiconductor
Cute Clock Widget 2 【FREE】 1.0.1
2nd edition of the Free Cute Clock Widget packed with tonsofstyles!A total of 75 different designs that are allFREE!Withfloral flavors, natural designs, hand-drawn themes andprettypatterns fit for princesses, this Widget app is perfect foraddinga touch of style to your Home Screen!★Main Features★●Choosefromthe following 3 Widget sizes: 4x2, 4x1, and 2x1.●Each sizecontains25 different designs -- one for every occasion!●Choosebetween12-hour and 24-hour display!●Tap on the date to launchyourCalendar, and the time to launch your Alarm! (You can also edittheapps you want to launch from the Widget.)●Tap on the bottomrightof the Widget to launch the handy search browser!★How ToUse★Thisis a Widget app to be used on your home screen.<>1.Hold yourfinger down on an empty space on your home screen.2.Select"Widgets" from the pop-up that appears.3. Choose "CuteClockWidget" from the Widget list.4. Choose your preferred designandyou're done!When you want to change the style of the Widget, taponthe bottom left of the Widget and choose a new style!*The stepstosetting up the Widget may differ slightly depending on theHomeapplication you are using.★Caution★Saving this application ontoanSD card will prevent you from being able to use the Widget.Pleasesave it onto your device.Having a task killer app,battery-savingapp or antivirus software installed on your phone mayaffect theperformance of the Widget. If you experience anyperformanceissues, please set the Widget as an exception in theaboveapps/software.★Request to Customers★If you have any questionsorwould like to report any bugs, please refrain from writing themasreviews as we will be unable to respond. We will gladly answeranyquestions or comments you may have via supporte-mailbelow.★Inquiries, Requests,Bugs,Etc.★[email protected]*If you have spamfiltersset up, please adjust your settings to allow our responsesto getthrough to you.★Compatible Devices★Wide range of Androiddevicesusing Android 2.3 and later
Saree Kuchu Designs 1.2.0
Collection of latest beautiful Saree Kuchu Designs. Differenttypesof Saree Kuchu (Tassel) Designs for sarees and dresses areincludedin this collection that are suitable for special occasionslikeweddings, parties and festivals. Designs can be zoomed in bydoubletapping on them. Favorite designs can be selected for quickaccesslater.
Gharelu Beauty Tips 1.1
Now you can get all Beauty Parlor Tips at Home.Those blessedwithhealthy skin, attractive features, youthful charm andglamorousbody are fortunate ,how to look radiant from head to feetwith thehelp of natural beauty aids and herbal ingredients. Thisappdescribes useful tips for both men and women in detail, tobringout your beauty and explains various questions to the readers.
Led Calculator Free 3.0
Version With Advertising. Don´t Yo Can Get The Pro VersionInsideThe App.Aplication Which Calculates Necessary ElementsandNecessary Values To Connect One or Many Leds To A Power SupplyinDirect Current . The Value Of Power Supply can be between0-330Volts (DC).You can choice the led current Between 0-3.5A.Eventhisapp can draw the Connection Diagram, It does not matter howmanyleds you need, the wizard will draw the diagram withoutanyproblem. The Diagram is 100% didactic and understandable, Anduse areal representation of each electronic item. So You canunderstandit in the easiest way.Doing Your own Led Connection Wasnever soeasy as plugging the component as they are shown in thediagram. Nomatter how many LEDs you Need It This app calculateseverything.Thewizard is smart and able to show warnings ifisnecessary.Compatible from Android 2.3 GINGERBREAD -AllScreenSizesCompatible with Android 3.0-3.2 Honey CombCompatiblewithTablets 7 "to 10" android with larger screen (Android T, V,MiniAndroid DevicesPc, BeagleBond,Radxa);Language:English-SpanishTutorial:1. Fill In The Blanks OfValues Vin, VLED,Iled, #Leds. (Click the question mark for moreinformation)2. ClickOn Calculate Button and You will see on Screenthe Resistors´Values which You Need ,The number of Arrays and Howmany Leds ByArray You Must Connect. The wizard also calculates thenecessarypower dissipated for your Resistors.3.-Click On WiringDiagram ToGet The Complete Drawing of The Diagram Connection.ReadyThis Appdoes everything for you, your only will buy the componentsandconnect them as shown in The drawing . Easy AndSimple:)Warnings:The Designer Of This App is not responsibleforaccidents about Wrong Connection On A Circuit .Or forinappropriateuse of components which are not Calculated orRecommended For thisApplication (For Example The Power DissipatedOn Resistors. Youmust not use a Power Dissopated value below therecommended by thewizard ).The calculated values are 100% accurateand reals. Is yourresponsibility to make a good connection and useonly thecomponents which were calculated and recommended bytheapplication.The Calculated Values Given by the wizard onlyapplyfor DC (Direct Current) connection circuits.Note: Take IntoAccountthat depending of the Memory Of Your mobile device it willbe thespeed Data Processing.
400 ज्ञान की बातें 1.3
Viss Peram
In human life, there may be many circumstances when a persongetstension and the person does not know how to deal withthatdifficulty. In that situation, the person is not in theconditionto take good disicion. This app tells the ways to handlecommonproblems of life. This app has knowledgeable things to makelifeeasy and tension free. This app has 400 points that canbebeneficial to solve the problems and to handle the difficulty.Someof the points that this app has: Some of the common problemsthatcan be handled with the help of the points of this app,are:Service has higher values than knowledge and yoga. This worldisfor test of human, a human is identified by his doings. Truthisomnipotent. it shines like sun.