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LEGO® Jurassic World™
Following the epic storylines of JurassicPark,The Lost World: Jurassic Park and Jurassic Park III, as wellas theglobal smash hit Jurassic World, LEGO Jurassic World™ is thefirstvideogame where you can relive and experience all fourcolossalfilms. Reimagined in LEGO form and told in TT Games’signatureclassic LEGO humor, this thrilling adventure recreatesunforgettablescenes and action sequences from the films, allowingfans worldwideto play through key moments and giving them theopportunity to fullyexplore the expansive grounds of Isla Nublarand Isla Sorna.FEATURES-Relive key moments from all four Jurassic films: An adventure65million years in the making - now in classic LEGO brickfun!-Wreak havoc as LEGO dinosaurs: Choose from 16 dinosaurs,includingthe friendly Triceratops, deadly Raptor, vicious Compy andeven themighty T. rex.-Customize your own dinosaur collection: Collect LEGO amberandexperiment with DNA to create completely original dinosaurs,likethe Dilophosaurus rex.-Populate and explore Isla Nublar and Isla Sorna: Put youruniquedinosaur creations in to paddocks as you complete specialFree Playmissions.
DINO WORLD Jurassic builder 2 7.39
Tap Pocket
Dino WORLD is a Jurassic dinosaur Fighting, Breeding, parkbuilderfree 2 play fun game.Welcome to Dino World. Imagine aprehistoricpark filled with dinosaurs where you can feed, raise andtrain yourJurassic dinosaurs for fighting! In this exciting world,pet thedinos and take them to battle.~ COLLECT mystifying, strong,andamusing dinosaurs from over 12 elements! Each of the dinosaurshasunique personality, unique magical powers and unique skills.~CROSSBREED your dinosaurs in the breeding lab and create anewdinosaur! ~ FARM delicious food in the food farm and FEED themtoyour dinosaurs! ~ BATTLE with your enemies and unlock new items!~SHARE your own village, full of magical dinosaurs with yourfriendsand help each other with gifts. FEATURES: - Free 2 play! -Jurassicenvironment - Park building sim game- A wide range ofexcitingdinosaurs. - The whole island is open for you!-EvolveyourDinosaurs into epic form and explore an exciting fun world!-Playwith friends using Facebook and Game Center in Socialarea!-Jurassic eggs.-Custom elemental habitats for each typeofdinosaurs. -The Decor area is filled with stylish andattractivedecorations. -Farms to grow foods for your dinosaurs.-Variousbattle stages where your dinosaurs can compete for prizes.- Acrossbreeding mechanism, which brings out surprisinglyrealisticresults! -Make your own team of Dinosaurs and take them tobattle!
Dinosaur Park Explore Free 1.0.6
Let’s explore Jurassic with Triceratops! 4 differentislands,Pterosaurs, Pachycephalosaurus, Parasaurolophus are waitingforyou. Now, go and download the dinosaur game for kidsfree.Playfuland friendly, “Dinosaur World” let the kids role playas aTriceratops. With super easy controls, children willenjoyexploring the Jurassic. Choosing an island, let yourTriceratopsstart the world exploring adventure. It’s super fun!•Exploring 4Jurassic islands• Six destinations, from the forest tothe bigcity• Great for toddlers and preschoolers, ages 2-5• Nothird-partyadvertisingYateland designers and developers work hardto createapplications which children love and parents trust.
Deadly Dino Hunter: Shooting 1.11
Deadly Dino Hunter Shores. Shooting game for free. Ahuntingsimulation game for boys! Hunt or be hunted! Carnivores DinoWorldin 3D! Shoot, use a bow, machine gun, and sniper rifle to takedownthe T-Rex or other beasts! Let’s hunt! Jurassic T-Rex is here!Takea journey to a hidden jurassic island and kill the mostferociousanimals in history! Equip powerful weapons! Use a crossbowor a bowfor silent kill! Progress through varied shooter series towinrifles, shotguns and assault rifles! 3D dinosaurs, a hugeworld,console quality graphics! Hunting simulator like neverbefore! Gluhunter! Forget about hunting deer or wolves! Dinosaursare the realchallenge for a tough guy like you! Carnivores - thedeadlydinosaur hunter! Experience amazing graphics with hi-restexturesand realistic Jurassic models! The best quality dinosaurshootergames on your mobile devices! Great free game for boys! Auniqueshooter game for free! A casual adventure game, where youhuntangry dinos! Bored with a cat simulator or dog simulatorgames?Don’t want to be a deer hunter anymore? Play ‘Deadly DinoHunter:Shooting game’. The world of hunting is here! Let’s hunt!Jungleand savanna hunting! FEATURES:3D stunning graphicsReal -likedinosaurs modelsHunting simulator experienceMulti weaponshootergame! No WiFi hunting game! UPCOMINGFEATURES:MultiplayerCo-op withfriendsSharing on FB & G+Sniperelite mode! Jurassic adventure- Silent Age modeHunt dinosaurs! Usevariety of weapons! Hunt or behunted!
Jurassic Park™ Builder 4.9.0
Ludia Inc.
*** Welcome to YOUR Jurassic Park!*** Based on thegroundbreaking film franchise “Jurassic Park,” experience yourownthrilling interactive journey on the mysteriousIslaNublar! Build your Jurassic Park from A to Z, on land andoutat sea! You are the first owner of the park: grow variousdinosaurspecies once you've extracted their DNA from amberfragments. Then,transform this DNA with your friends' help. Putyour dinosaurs inyour land, aquatic or glacial park then help themdevelop to fulladult size. Depending on the diet for each species,dinosaurs willneed plants, meat, fish or seafood to grow. Make sureyou alwayshave enough food by monitoring the supply arrivals at theharbor.Finally, develop tourist activities by building roads sothatvisitors can come to your parks and explore yourbeautifulcreations.To entertain your guests and collect more funds,you willhave to be creative and decorate your parks and buildvariousattractions and buildings such as amusement centers,hotels,restaurants, and security offices. ‘Code Red’ mode allowsyou tomaximize your gains further and also prevent the dinosaursfromescaping and wreaking havoc on the island. But to access thatmode,you'll have to grow at least 5 carnivores! In order tobuildyour own aquatic park and discover new species, you will havetoreach level 10!In order to build your own glacier park anddiscovernew species, you will have to reach level 20!Along the way,you'llencounter familiar characters from the Jurassic Park moviessuchas, Dr. Ian Malcolm, or John Hammond, who will help you advanceinyour journey by giving you missions to fulfill. JurassicParkBuilder features: • 44 different dinosaur species tocollect& grow.• 43 different sea creature species to collect&grow. • 43 dinosaur species from the Glacial era todiscoverand develop, including the famous woolly Mammoth.•Livemulti-player gameplay with Facebook friends and other JurassicParkfans • Built-in social features (ability to visit, helpandgift friends). • Stunning visual & audio effects with3-Danimations. Begin your wonderful adventure andstartbuilding! By installing this application you agree totheterms of the licensed agreements.Are you a fan of JurassicParkBuilder? Like us on Facebook for daily giveaways andsupport!
Clan of Carnotaurus 1.0
Clan of Carnotaurus is now here!Run across this superdetailedJurassic landscape in search of your clan members whilecontrollingyour very own Carnotaurus. The lesser known relative ofthe T-Rex,this giant dino is ready to run. Customize his color tomake himlook the way you want!! Use your clan members to help youbattlethe huge Dinosaur bosses. Its total Jurassic dinosaur action,allfor free!This simulator game is packed with all yourfavoritedinosaurs including: Velociraptor, Pterodactyl,Triceratops,Stegosaurus,, Spinosaurus, and of course T-Rex. Evensome giantants thrown in for fun.One of the lesser know Jurassicdinosaursaround, the Carnotaurus is ready to hunt everything insight. Helphim establish his own clan, grow into a giant, anddominate theentire jurassic world.✓ Customize your Dinosaur bypressing theEdit button on the 'Me' page✓ 6 Different Color andStyle Optionsto Choose FromOther enemy dinosaurs include :Triceratops, Raptor,Stegosaurus, Tyrannosaurus Rex, andSpinosaurus. Watch out for thegiant ants! Race around the huge mapand hunt down your enemies.Strike them before they strike you. Thisgame is Part AnimalSimulator, Part Role Playing, and Totally ActionPacked.Magicabilities include : Invincibility Shield, Electricity,Healing, andFireball.Top Game Features:✓ Huge 3D Map✓ Actionpacked, fastfaced, 3D Dinosaur Simulator✓ Realistic dinosaur soundeffects andweather effects✓ Locate all 6 of your family members✓Find all themagic spell books✓ Call your clan when you are nearyour enemies✓Triceratops, Stegosaurus, Velociraptor, Spinosaurus,T-Rex✓ OpenWorld Style game✓ Part RPG and Part Animal SimJurassicMap FeaturesInclude:Logs to SmashMovable tree trunksSuper HighGrassHiddenCavesWaterfalls and Lava!!Game objectives:1. Claim yourterritory2.Find all 4 of your own Clan members3. Find all the magicspellbooks4. Defeat all the Bosses5. Defeat all the enemyCarnotuarusClan Bosses6. Defeat all the Super bossesWe would loveit if youlet us know what you think about this game. We try hard torespondto all comments and listen to your suggestions. This app isaresult of your feedback. At Wildfoot, we love 3D animalsimulatorsand our goal is to set the standard of quality foranimalsimulators. We try to bring you the best animal simspossible, andstill keep them free to download.Check out ourFacebookpage: for updates.
Clan of Raptor 1.0
-- Clan of Raptor is finally here! --The most action packeddinosaursimulator game on the app store. Loaded with all yourfavoriteJurassic dinosaurs including: Pterodactyl, Triceratops,Stegosaurus,Raptor, Spinosaurus, and of course T-Rex. Imagine :your very ownraptor to control. One of the most fearsome Jurassicdinosaursaround, the Velociraptor is ready to take your orders andhunteverything in sight. Enter this Jurassic world as a youngRaptor,help him build his own clan, grow into a giant, anddominate theterritory.**Customize your Raptor by pressing the Editbutton on the'Me' page****6 Different Color and Style Options toChooseFrom**Other enemy dinosaurs include : Pterodactyl,Triceratops,Stegosaurus, Tyrannosaurus Rex, and Spinosaurus. Racearound thehuge map and hunt down your enemies. Strike them beforethey strikeyou.This game is Part Role Playing, Part AnimalSimulator, andTotally Action Packed.Magic includes : ElectricShock, Fireball, ,Healing, and Invincibility Shield. Top GameFeatures:-- Locate all 6of your family members-- Find all themagic spell books-- Call yourclan when you are near your enemies--Action packed, fast faced, 3DDinosaur Simulator-- Realisticdinosaur sound effects and weathereffects-- Triceratops,Stegosaurus, Velociraptor, Spinosaurus-- OpenWorld Style game--Huge 3D MapJurassic Map FeaturesInclude:Waterfalls andLava!!Smashable LogsMovable tree trunksHighGrassHidden CavesTrees,Rivers, and much more!!Game objectives towin:1. Claim yourterritory2. Find all 6 Dino Clan members3. Findall the magicbooks4. Defeat all the Bosses5. Defeat all the enemyClans6. Defeatall the Super bosses---When you complete all of theabove- Victoryis Yours!!--We would love it if you let us know whatyou thinkabout this game. We tried hard to respond to all commentsandlisten to your suggestions. At Wildfoot, we love 3Danimalsimulators and our goal is to set the standard of qualityforanimal sims. For example - some people want a much slowerpacedgame, while some people want a very fast paced game. We triedtobalance these two ideas to provide the best gamingexperience.Checkout our Facebookpage: forupdates. Now getstarted building your Clan of Raptor!!
Jurassic World - Dinosaurs
Children, do you likedinosaurs?...DimetrodonBrachiosaurusStegosaurusAnkylosaurusTriceratopsPterosaur...This is your game! Dig fordinosaur bones, discover new species,take care of the babydinosaurs and learn interesting facts aboutdinosaurs! Funfeatures:- Your favorite panda and 6 dinos todiscover!- Colorfulscenarios and cute animations- Feed the dinosand play with them!Let us show you the magic of JurassicWorld!Join, kiki, the littlepanda and play with BabyBus!-- -- --Design concepts:We focus oninspirational learning;We focus onskill-building;We focus onbringing fun contents to our youngaudience;Take the baby bus foran unique learning experience!AboutBabyBus:Baby Bus is the firsttrusted brand in early childhoodeducational software. The mobileapplications are designed anddeveloped specifically forchildren.Tips: In the search bar, enter"BabyBus" to find all ofour products.Contact
Jurassic Photo Creator Dinosaur Hybrid Editor 1.05
Jurassic Photo Creator Create Dinosaur or Hybrid Dinosaur Photosina Jurassic Dinosaur World. Design Hybrid Dinosaurs onJurassicIslands and create fascinating Human Dinosaur Photomontage.MergeDinosaurs like T-Rex and Raptor on Pictures and Photosdirectlyfrom your Gallery.Shoot a Picture or get a consiting onewhich youwant to edit. Pick up a Dinosaur you want to have on yourPhoto andplace it where you want. Make stunning Pictures with hugeDinosaursfollowing you through the Forest and more!
Clan of Dilophosaurus 1.0
Clan of Dilophosaurus has arrived!Control your veryownDilophosaurus as you race across this highly detailedJurassiclandscape in search of your clan members. This fearsomejurassicdinosaur come with 6 different textures to choose from tomake himlook the way you want!! Use your clan members to help youbattlethe huge Dinosaur bosses. Its total Jurassic dinosaur action,allfor free!HINT : Call your clan members when you are nearyourenemies. They will come to your rescue. This adventuresimulatorgame is packed with all your favorite dinosaursincluding:Triceratops , Velociraptor, Pterodactyl, Stegosaurus,,Spinosaurus,and of course T-Rex. We even threw in some giant antsfor fun.Oneof the relatively well know Jurassic dinosaurs around,theDilophosaurus is ready to hunt everything in sight. Helphimestablish his own clan, grow into a giant, and dominatethisjurassic world.✓ Customize your Dinosaur by pressing theEditbutton on the 'Me' page✓ 6 Different Color and Style OptionstoSelect FromOther enemy dinosaurs include : TyrannosaurusRex,Spinosaurus, Triceratops, Raptor, Carnotaurus, andStegosaurus.Watch out for the giant ants! Race around the huge mapand huntdown your enemies. Strike them before they strike you. Thisgame isPart Role Playing, Part Animal Simulator, and Total 3D DinoAction.The ultimate in dinosaur simulation.Magic abilities include:Electricity, Invincibility Shield, Healing, and Fireball.TopGameFeatures:✓ Huge 3D Map✓ Realistic dinosaur sound effectsandweather effects✓ Action packed, fast faced, 3D DinosaurSimulator✓Open World Style game✓ Locate all 6 of your familymembers✓ Findall the magic books to magic spell abilities✓Triceratops,Stegosaurus, Velociraptor, Spinosaurus, T-Rex✓ Part RPGand PartAnimal SimJurassic Map Features Include:The feeling ofbeing in aJurassic worldMovable tree trunksLogs to SmashSuperHighGrassHidden CavesWaterfalls and Lava!!Game objectives:1. Claimyourterritory2. Find all 4 of your own Clan members3. Find allthemagic spell books4. Defeat all 6 Bosses5. Defeat all theenemyDilophosaurus Clan Bosses6. Defeat all 6 Super bossesWe loveallthe feedback we receive about our games. We try hard to respondtoall comments and listen to your suggestions. This app is aresultof your feedback. Please check out our just released ClanofCarnotaurus. At Wildfoot, we love 3D animal simulators and ourgoalis to set the standard of quality for animal simulators. We trytobring you the best animal sims possible, and still keep themfreeto download. Stay tuned for some epic apps to come soon!Pleasestopby our Facebook page: Have a Wildfoot Day!
Jurassic Rescue Free 1.1.1
Come help your dinosaur friends escape! They have been lockedincages, scattered all over the landscape, and are counting onyouand the Tyrannosaurus Rex to set them free! Children, togetherwiththe T-Rex set off on a trip across the country to savethesedinosaur friends!In this game your children are at thecontrols ofthe T-Rex, navigating through the forest to rescue thebeautifulPterodactylus, then head for the mountains to save theawesomeChasmosaurus. Next you’re on to the desert wherePachycephalosaurusis awaiting your help, and don’t forget theProtoceratops! Wait! Becareful of the Raptor!Jurassic Rescue has 4different and beautifulscenes, along with 7 interesting dinosaurspecies. If your child isa fan of dinosaurs, get this fun gamenow!Feathers• 4 game scene•more than 40 interactive animations todiscover• Great for toddlersand preschoolers, ages 2-5• Nothird-party advertisingChildren loveit and parents trust thisYateland designer's vision!
3D Dinosaur park simulator 2
3d Dinosaur Park - the most realistic 3D simulation of dinosaursinyour device. Do you like dinosaurs? I would like to see themlive?Then the simulator virtual dinosaurs for you! Choose yourfavoritedino and place it on any surface. The effect is similar toahologram. Call friends, create together a dinosaur park. Thankstothe camera will create an effect as if the dinosaur isreallypresent. Arrange Jurassic adventure. The game uses real 3Dmodelswith this behavior animation and real sounds! You'll find avarietyof dinosaurs. Make Your Own Jurassic period.TyrannosaurusRex -among the largest predators, ti-rex was themostdangerous.Triceratops - the largest horned dinosaur of thelateCretaceous period. Cubs triceratops hatched from eggs the sizeof amelon. Then they grow a horn: short - from the nose, long -justabove the eyes. Dinosaur neck frames a powerful bone collar.Thesegiants feed on low-growing plants, shoots andleaves.Velociraptor -a small but very agile predator that lived inthe late Cretaceousperiod. Jaws ruthless hunter was filled withsharp teeth; nimblepaws with prehensile claws easily torn carcassof the fallenanimal. On the hind legs predatory raptor hadclaws.Spinosaurus -he was one of the largest land predators in theentire history ofthe earth: The length of this monster reached 17meters, a heightof 8 meters and weighed 11 tons.Parazaurolof - adinosaur of theCretaceous, like duck with a huge crest on the headand prefer totravel together with his flock. His outstanding combit makessounds.
Jurassic Dinosaur: City rampage 2.3
Dino Go
Welcome to Jurassic : Dinosaur city rampageYou will play asT-Rexwho will destroy all city in the world. Even the strongestarmycan't stop you.The Jurassic Period is reminded by cooldinosaurs:Velociraptor, Triceratops, Dimorphodon, Pteranodon,Ankylosaurus,Stegosaurus.You yourself will destroy popular citiesall around theworld such as New York, London, Tokyo. Let's breakobstruction, eatcitizens, kill policemen, destroy buildings, tanks,airplanes.Nothing can prevent you, in addition, you can callanother teammatedinosaur to help when in difficult.You can controlthe dinosaurmove around, jump, climb up and down the buildings andrampage veryfreely. No cars or citizen can escape your wildjaw.Many things foryou to discover:- Many cities to rampage, manybuildings to break.-Upgrade dinosaur's strengthen.- Play as manydinosaurs- Buy somedinosaurs that can support you.- Collect items,diamond bydestroying the buildings.- Destroy army.And many otherattractivethings for your experience. Let rampage all the cities
Jurassic Photo Editor Dinosaur 1.09
Jurassic Photo Editor Studio let's you make & edit coolPicutreswith T-Rex, Velociraptor and many more Dinosaurs. Let theyhunt youand run away from them and feel like in a adventure.Shoota Photo orselect one from gallery. Press the button in center toadd as manyDinosaurs to your pictures as you want. Save and sharewith everyoneyou like to.Make coole photos with the jurassicpredators T-Rex andRaptors exploring the world of jurassic.Havemuch fun with JurassicPhoto Maker Studio and thank you for nicefeedbacks! :)
The Hunt: Jurassic Craft World 1.2
You have traveled back in the jura and paleo era and you lost awayto get back. Survive in the jurassic world of dinosaurpredatorsand become a hunter! This is not going to be a safari parkdrive.Now you came to their world and as a hunter you might haveafeeling that you are the one being hunted. Carnivore dinosaursasraptor and t-rex are as dangerous as you can imagine,whileherbivore triceratops aren't as peaceful as you mighthaveimagined. A second you get close to them, they will attackyou.Pick your character and shoot as many dinosaurs as you can.Afteryou kill them, be sure to collect their remains and becomethegreatest hunter that survived the fight with these awesomebutterrifying creatures. After you get the reward for the kill,youhave to survive for a few seconds and after that you willhaveanother addition in your trophy room. But watch out - in thesefewsecond, other players might want to kill you and get the trophyforthemselves. In the Jurassic Hunter Craft World your mainobjectiveis to collect as many trophies as you can and to try topreventother players from collecting theirs. Open your chestsregularly sothat your weapons are stronger than the ones from yourenemyhunters. In the multiplayer you can connect and chat withyourclosest friends or see what kind of hunters people from alloverthe world are. You have traveled into beautiful world wherelava isa common thing. Watch out so that you don't get burned.***JurassicCraft features*** - Worldwide multiplayer- Uniqueamazing maps thatyou will fell in love at first sight. And new mapsare already inthe making, so we are sure you won’t bedisappointed!- Variedhunting and non-hunting weapons- Weaponupgrades- Chat mode isavailable so you can chat with your friendsand colleagues duringthe game- Team match and death match mode!-Exciting experiencethat can really get you hooked!- Amazingbackground music and soundeffects- Dinosaurs
Real Jurassic Dinosaur Maze Run Simulator 2018 3.5
Take control and play with Wild Super DinosaursCarnosaurus,Ankylosaurus, Tyrannosaurus, Velociraptor, Spinosaurus,Allosaurusand discover the maze runner with them! This Maze game isto movethe Carnivores Dinos to the destination. 25 differentamazing andfree lost world to enjoy with your Jurassic wilds. Thisis mostadventure game in this play store. This dinosaur sim startsfromthe home base. Be careful, because in this dinosaur safarijourneywith a mix of action and adventure not only you aresurviving inthe forest, but also you are being real Raptor. Thesurvival guideis simple: these are not villain lizards.Discover theinspirationalbeautiful location of a wild nature of the age ofextinction likein movies, run and gather your targets, and try topass all levels.In this superior extreme survival, arcade andrescue modesimulator, there are 15 levels with increasingdifficulty. Giganticdinosaurs that have to survive, which islocated on enemyterritory. And they will be quick, deadly andruthless to you. It'snot a zoo park, an lush natural Jungle in theTropics, notinhabited by the T-rex this heartbreaking andbreathtaking terrain,with each passing level you provided with anew time consumingmazes. Interesting and challenging levels withadventurous look andbeautiful graphics. EXPLORE the Maze, andunlock new LEVELS! GameFeatures :- Multiple free Dinos To Choose.-Use Map to find the wayout.- Easy And Smooth Controls.- Explore newand free Maze.- Twoexciting game modes.We welcome your comments,rating and feedback.
Jurassic Dinosaur: Carnivores Evolution - Dino TCG 1.4.14
Welcome to Jurassic Dinosaur: Carnivores Evolution - DinoTCG!Inthis TCG game set in the Prehistoric Era, packed withepicdinosaurs, you are challenged with the task to rule thisjurassicworld by defeating powerful enemies on the road tosurvival.Fightwith powerful prehistoric dinosaur cards, collectawesomecarnivores and herbivores, evolve your mesozoic dinocreatures, andunlock a wide variety of notorious dinosaurs, likethe mightyt-rex, triceratops, several raptor dinos,spinosaurus,brachiosaurus and the ankylosaurus.This CCG Evolutiongame includesseveral battle game modes, such as campaign,tournaments but alsoan endurance mode to test your jurassiccarnivores in an ultimatechallenge to survival.This game is notyour typical CCG dino game:it is not turn-based, but real-time!Thismakes the game reallyfresh and stand out from the crowd in thisgenre.Unlock new traitsfor your dinosaurs as you upgrade them,which give them uniquestrategic elements during battles. It is allabout skill &timing during the card battles, and managing yourultimate deck inthe meta game.FEATURES* 60+ Jurassic dinosaurs,such as t-rex,triceratops and raptors* A beautiful prehistoric dinoworld* Realtime dinosaur card battles* Fight bosses and conquernewbattlegrounds* Win cardpacks to unlock new dino cards*Multiplebattle modes* Leaderboard* Invite and play with friends*CCGfeatures: collect, upgrade, evolve your dinosaurs* TCGfeatures:donate cards to friends
Jurassic Hopper: Crossy Dinosaur Shooter Game
The ultimate Dinosaur survival gameformobile.▪ Compete with friends for highest online score!▪ Dynamically created levels (never play the samethingtwice!)▪ Challenging scenarios!▪ Destructible environments!▪ Awesome roster of cool characters with unique abilities!▪ Many clever road crossing dinos!▪ Seriously Fun obstacles!▪ Tons of funny characters!▪ Share videos or photos of your best moments!Welcome to the most terrifying endless road crossing game intheworld!Super challenging, but fun for any age!*** Extreme Road Crossing ***This game packs tons of the things you've come to love aboutendlesshoppers but ups the ante x 2! Jurassic Hopper improves uponourother crossy style games with dinosaurs that will hunt you downanda fully destructible tropical park! We guarantee that this isthescariest, most fun, most challenging crossy style game in theworld!Sure there are cars, dirt road, rivers and logs, but nowthrow int-rex, velociraptors, dilophosaurus, triceratops and afullydestructible environment!*** A World of Dinos ***It's the revival of the Jurassic Era. Your find yourself trappedina park turned jungle. The rulers of this jungle are none otherthanthe terrors of the pre-historic age. Run through the electricpenof the Velociraptors! Slice through the jungle avoiding theburningacid spit of the Dilophosaurus! Hop through the park quicklytoavoid the stampeding Triceratops and the herds of Gallimimus!Canyou survive a world overrun by dinosaurs?*** Compete with Friends ***Compete with your friends online for the highest score andprovethat you are the greatest survivor of them all. Check yourscoreregularly and improve your game. Show your friends who therealhero is. Climb to the top of the online Google Play leaderboardandlet them marvel at your greatness. As you level up and improveyourroster of characters you'll become unstoppable!*** Funny Characters ***There are tons of funny characters to unlock! Each one has theirownunique ability. Throw machetes as Bob the Hunter or mow downdinoafter dino with the Mercenary's machine gun. Each time youplay yourcharacter will gain Experience Points moving you fromlevel 1 to 2to 3 and so on. Levelling up will unlock newcharacters with newabilities. Unlock all characters to completeyour survivalteam!This is a super fun, lovingly crafted game. And best of allit'stotally free!Welcome to the world's crossy-est dinosaur survival game!
Real Jurassic Dinosaurs Race 1.6.1
Escape from the Jurassic Dinosaurs Zoo where you are keptincaptivity! Help the dinosaur to run for its freedom!There´sanimpressive and successful Jurassic Dinosaur Zoo with differentdinospecies that attracts many visitors every year. Contrary topopularbelief, dinosaurs are not aggressive animals and you canwatch themliving peacefully in the Zoo. But real dinosaurs, asevery wildanimal, also suffer in captivity: They were born to befree! Andthey are so big that it is hard to build a JurassicZoological Parksecure enough to keep them inside... making this Zooverycontroversial.The alarm of the Zoo is ringing! There is asecuritybreach and some dinosaurs are escaping!Come on! It is yourtime tomove and escape from the jails of the Zoo!In this animalgame youwill be inside of your favourite real dinosaur trying toescapefrom the Jurassic Zoo in a race for its freedom. Help himtosurvive and race against all the security forces trying tocaptureit!- Protect your dino against the police attacks in aninfiniterace across the city- Choose your favourite real dinosaurand starta race for your survival. Each one has unique features, sochoosewisely!- Security forces are your enemy. Learn how to avoidthembefore you get killed!- Addictive simulator game withamazinggraphics: Enjoy the realism of these animal races!- Theseracesfull of action are very intuitive to play!- These dinosaurgamesare appropriate for children and adults of all agesThe sceneisalready prepared. Ready to start these animalsgames?
Jurassic Run Attack - Dinosaur Era Fighting Games 2.11.5
Escape with the T-Rex in an apocalyptic environment to savethedinosaurs of the jungle destruction in this dinosaursurvivalsimulator! The Jurassic fighting reptiles cannot extinguishinthese dinosaur games for kids!Choose between the fouravailableT-Rex in this free dinosaurs battle game for free with themissionin the Jurassic Era to bring them as far as possible. Helpyourdinosaur fight to survive in these dinosaurs battle andJurassicsimulator games! Enjoy our apocalypse free dinosaurfighting gamesfull of carnivores and complete missions toexperience thedinosaurs fight of the Jurassic Era evolutionsimulator. Feel thespeed of the dinosaur attack on your phone inour dinosaur gamesfor kids! Collect coins in this dino game!This isa dino gameadapted to all ages, but the children will enjoy thisdinosaursurvival simulator about dinosaur evolution in a veryspecial wayin this dino zoo. They will learn about the reptile anddinosaursevolution in this free dinosaur battle simulator.FreeJurassic RunFight Battle Simulator & Dinosaurs evolutionfeatures:★ Enjoythe Jurassic environment of these dinosaur fightgames!★ RealisticT-Rex free dinosaur survival simulator!★ AmazingT-Rex graphics ofour dino zoo!★ Dino fighting games Adapted to allages!★ T-Rex runwith easy commands!★ Dino Game Fight ThematicMusic!★ Free attackdinosaur games for kids!If dinosaurs are yourpassion and you’lllike to control the dino zoo in a Jurassicdinosaur survivalsimulator, don’t miss out this amazing free attackdinosaur gamesfor kids!Show the world that the meteorites cannotstop yourdinosaur fighting and that you’re perfectly familiar withtheevolution of the dino zoo life from the Jurassic Era in thisdinogame!By installing this app you agree to the followingprivacypolicy:
Jurassic Dino Water World 7.39
Tap Pocket
Welcome to Dino Water World where you can have different oceandinospecies, build underwater home, and build your JurassicunderwaterWorld. Explore the mysterious lost world of prehistoricanimals.Collect exciting sea dinosaurs like Mosasaurus andMegalodon theshark. Raise, Crossbreed and Battle with your seamonsters.Features- Free to play! - A wide variety of exciting seadinosaurs tobreed- Fight in underwater battle arena - Acrossbreedingmechanism- Manage your water world as you would inreal life- thisincludes feeding your water Dinosaurs, and arrangingfood resources
Jurassic of 2048 1.1.2
How good are you at this game? Can you go on this game untilyoufind Tyrannosaurus - Rex?At Jurassic of 2048 game, weuseddinosaurs instead of numbers to make the game more enjoyable.Everydinosaur represents a number. Our smallest number is 2 andadinosaur egg represents this number. You must bring samedinosaursside by side beginning dinosaur egg and you must findnextdinosaur. Our biggest number is 2048 as the name of thegameimplies. Our 2048 number is represented by our biggestdinosaurTyrannosaurus - Rex. Our game consists of 16 squares. Youcan makethe squares move sliding your hands right - left, up - downon thescreen. During the movement the same squares will cometogetherside by side and will form next dinosaur. If the dinosaurson thesquares are different from each other or empty, only squareswillchange sides. Let's look which dinosaurs are represented bywhichnumbers? * 2 number, DINOSAUR EGG * 4 number, VELOCIRAPTOR *8number, EDMONTOSAURUS * 16 number, SUCHOMIMUS * 32number,STEGOSAURUS * 64 number, APOTOSAURUS * 128 number,DIMORPHIDON *256 number, HYBRID T-REX * 512 number, TRICERATOPS *1024 number,ANKYLOSAURUS * 2048 number, TYRANOSAURUS – REX If youare at yourlucky day, you can start with level 4 dinosaur watchinganadvertisement video. This will give you a chance to go forwardfastand find the biggest dinosaur. Sometimes you can think thatyoumove wrong. You have at least three rights to take back yourmove.At the game you can see the biggest dinosaur at the bottom ofthescreen. You can obtain the information pressing 'l' button.Let'ssee you now! How good are you at this game? Can you go onuntil youfind Tyrannosaurus - Rex? Have a good time!
Jurassic Dinosaur Free 1.0.3
What kid doesn’t love dinosaurs? Follow these pint sizejuveniledinosaurs as they share friendship and fun exploringthreedifferent Jurassic islands. Your kids can help the Triceratopsasthey work together solving problems as they play andexplore,getting into a few scrapes along the way.Your child canjoin in onthe fun with treetop teeter-totters, underwateradventures,campfires and more as the Triceratops wander their waythrough avariety of scenes, jumping and flying, and always on thelookoutfor snacks! Help the Triceratops at work and at play!Gamefeatures:• 3 different habitats to explore• Friends andfun•Adventure and obstacles along the way • Opportunities to helpeachother• Mama Dino is never far away• Ecommended for toddlers,age2-6 yearsParents, you can always count on the Yateland teamtocreate safe and educational apps your children will love!
Pocket Jurassic GO 2.0
Alarm! Dinosaurs reproduce the earth! The whole world is thestageof Pocket Jurassic GO.In the daily life to capture dinosaurs,toparticipate in dinosaur war!Pocket Jurassic GO,This game isnotlimited to a small screen. Players will be dinosaur traininghomeidentity, out of the house to find dinosaurs, enjoy the fun ofthegame now!Go outside looking for dinosaurs! The dinosaursarerevived again in the real world. Fast to catch thesedangerousanimals!As a member of the dinosaur trainer, you can go tothe realworld to explore and capture the dinosaurs.Turn on thedevice GPSand then start Pocket Jurassic GO, you will be in theJurassic eraof Earth. If dinosaurs appear nearby. Click on thedinosaurs on themap to access the capture screen. Slide themysterious ball belowthe screen, throwing the dinosaurs toward thedinosaurs. Rememberto be careful to throw, but if the action is notfast, but thedinosaur will escape it?Find and catch dinosaurs! Withthe gamedevice's camera (AR).Ride on adventure!feature:- This isanaugmented reality game!- The map is based on the real world!-Thegame is absolutely free and does not needanymoney!note:-Processor: it can not be Intel CPU.- Devices thatdonot have GPS functionality or devices that are only connectedtoWi-Fi networks.- Not guaranteed for tablet devices.- Even iftheapplication has a compatible operating system version installed,itcan not run on some devices.- It is recommended to startwhenconnecting to the network to obtain accurate locationinformation.
T-rex Simulator: Volcano World 1.01
Welcome to T-rex survival Simulator: Volcano World!Play withwildJurassic dinosaurs now! Explore the wild volcano island witht-rexand find all secrets of Jurassic volcano world. Completequests orplay survival mode. Create a strategy and fight with wildJurassicdinosaurs in the survival simulator. Make a clan witht-rex.Level­up your wild dinosaurs to improve survival.Features ofT-rexsurvival Simulator: Volcano World:- Wild Jurassic world-Dinosaursclans- Survival and quests mode- Many dinosaurs- 3Dgraphics- Wildnature sounds- Realistic dinosaurs behavioursimulatorJurassicvolcano island is waiting for your t-rex in thesurvival simulator.Play with Jurassic dinosaurs and enjoy thesurvival in the wild.Fight with velociraptors, explore the Jurassicvolcano island inthe simulator, search another t-rex. There are twomodes: questsand survival. In survival mode your t-rex mission isto stay alivein wild Jurassic world simulator. In quests your t-rexis exploringthe volcano, killing wild dinosaurs and doing othersurvivalthings.Dinosaurs life is hard, but imagine that there is anactivevolcano in the Jurassic survival simulator! Ride your wildt-rexand enjoy all locations of Jurassic Volcano Worldsimulator.Haveyou ever dreamed about Jurassic period with wilddinosaurs andbeautiful wild nature? So, we made the Jurassicsimulator for you.Hunt, kill, and explore volcano world simulator.Find t-rex mate,breed another t-rex dinosaurs and maintain theirsurvival in thesimulator. Be the most powerful t-rex amongdinosaurs in the wildJurassic volcano world simulator.Start yourt-rex's Jurassicjourney with the survival simulator now! Easydinosaurs controlshelp you to move your t-rex, find enemies nearvolcano and kill.Eat wild healing flowers to maintain your t-rexhealth, thedinosaurs survival simulator is not easy. Fight as awild Jurassicdinosaurs! Dinosaurs are always ready for battle.Levelup your wildJurassic t-rex, and win all battles againstdinosaurs in oursurvival simulator. Or just run. And keep a t-rexaway from thetriceratops, even developers of the Jurassic simulatorcan't knockthese wild dinosaurs down. Ooops!If you like survivalgames andwild Jurassic world as much as we do, we can't wait youstartplaying T-rex survival Simulator: Volcano World.
Jurassic Raptor Roar: Dinosaur Soundboard 1.03
Simon Weber
Jurassic Dino Soundboard includes Sound Buttons to push andplaydifferent Dinosaur Roars from the most dangerousMeat-EatingDinosaurs you can find on Jurassic Island. Play sound bytouchingthe buttons of your favourit Dinosaurs and hear the scaryroars ofT-Rex, Velociraptor, Tyrannosaurus, Triceratops,Pterodactylus,Plesiosaurus, Gallimimus, Elasmosaurus, Diplodocus,Dilophosaurus,Brachiosaurus, Baronyx and Allosaurus. Make funnypranks andirritate your pets using Dinosaur Sounds or scare yourfriends withscary roars of wild Jurassic Raptors. Having fun withJurassicSoundboard Dinosaur Roars and Velociraptor Sounds.
Jurassic Adventures 3D 1.321
Jurassic Adventures transports you back to the age of thedinosaurs.First, choose the mode you want to play in. The free“Survive” modelets your T-Rex roam in an open, endless world. In“Adventures”mode, be a dinosaur in five different locations. Thenature andweather conditions vary to make this a more diverse andinterestinggame that brings the Jurassic age to the 21st century.Check yourupgrades. Your dino’s age and experience level willshow. Upgradeits speed, attack ability, defense, and energy. Asyou roam, you’llsee images of your objectives, then will be setfree. You’ll be onthe hunt. Keep your T-Rex going and fight withother dinos when theyget in the way! The T-Rex may have died outmillions of years ago,but lives on in this game. Don’t justexperience one – be one! Withyour help, it can rule the Earth onceagain.Key features:- Awesome3D graphics- Different locations(sand, snow, ice) and weatherconditions- Lot of upgrades for themain character – T-Rex- 9different dinos to fight with(Allosaurus, Compsognathus,Diplodocus, Parasaurolophus,Quetzalcoatlus, Spinosaurus,Stegosaurus, Triceratops,Velociraptors)
Jurassic Dino Kids 1.0.2
CDS Games
Jurassic Fun for Kids or Adults, Look after your dino and Playloadsof mini games.DINOSAUR CHARACTERSUp to 8ControllableDinosaursBlythe - Angel - Shinny - Oscar - Buttercup -Hugo - Rex -ZacChoose to be a Dino and Explore the JurassicIslands.Look forFood - Vegetarians eat crops and Meat Eaters huntfor Fish.GIRL/BOYKID CHARACTERSChoose your custom Character lookand Enter you ownpersonal Name.Explore the Jurassic Islands, Plantcrops to feed theVegetarian Dino's and yourself.Use your powers torevive Dino'sthat are laying down out of energy.GAME FEATURESLookAfter yourEnergy/Water/Food & Health.Huge open 3D Environmenttoroam/explore. Day/Night/Sun/RainConsole Quality Visuals,Soundtrack& Sounds.MINI GAMES - Each Dino has their own set ofThemedGames.JigsawSliderMemory Game+ Loads more mini games to beaddedsoon.
Jurassic Photo Editor Dinosaur Photo Studio 1.04
Jurassic Editor let you be in the Dinoaurs Word like huntingRaptoror T-Rex or on a Rescue Mission in the Forest of DinosaurIslandson Photos. You can edit or modify Photos from your Galleryor fromdirect taken Pictures. Make spectacular realistic lookingImageswith huge Dinosaurs like Spinosaur or T-Rex.Stegosaurus,Velociraptor, Pterodactylus and many more differentDinosaurs arealso available to add to your Photo. Show your friendsPicturesfrom you running away from dangerous Raptors on a JurassicIsland.You can also apply many Filters which let your Photos looklike ina Prehistoric World.Don't let the Dinos eat you ;)
Ankylosaurus simulator 2017 1.0
Take control of Ankylosaurus and survive in huge jurassic world.Useyour claws and mighty tail and attack other dinosaurs, collectmeat,grow and upgrade your skills. Ankylosaurus simulator is 3Dgame setin prehistoric jurassic world full of prehistoriccreatures. Gamefeatures:✦ Wildlife mode, Battle mode and Adventuremode✦ Nice 3Dgraphic, animations and effects✦Huge 3D world ✦Different dinosaurenemies - Tyrannosaurus rex, Spinosaurus,Triceratops, Stegosaurus,Brachiosaurus, Ankylosaurus,Parasaurolophus, VelociraptorWildlifemode - survive in bigjurassic world full of dangerous dinosaurs.Remember - herbivores(Triceratops, Stegosaurus, Brachiosaurus,Ankylosaurus,Parasaurolophus) attack only If you attack them, BUTcarnivores(Tyrannosaurus rex, Spinosaurus, Velociraptor) want toattack you,kill and eat.Battle mode - fight againstselecteddinosaur.Adventure mode - complete different dinosaurhuntingquests and earn extra meat to upgrade your dinosaurUpgradeyourdinosaur and become the strongest dinosaur in thejurassicworldAnkylosaurus was a heavily armored dinosaur with alargeclub-like protrusion at the end of its tail. Ankylosaurusmeans"fused lizard" in Greek, and it was given that name becausebonesin its skull and other parts of its body were fused, makingthedinosaur extremely rugged.
Clan of Pterodacty 1.0
✱✱✱Clan of Pterodactyl is now here! ✱✱✱Fly across this highJurassiclandscape in search of your clan members while controllingyour veryown Pterodactyl. Customize his color!! Use them to helpyou battlethe huge Dinosaur bosses. Its total dinosaur action, allforfree!This simulator is packed with all your favoriteJurassicdinosaurs including: Pterodactyl, Triceratops,Stegosaurus,Velociraptor, Spinosaurus, and of course T-Rex.One ofthe most wellknow Jurassic dinosaurs around, the Pterodactyl isready to takeflight and hunt everything in sight. Enter thisJurassic world as ayoung flying reptile, help him build his ownclan, grow into agiant, and dominate the entire jurassic world.✓Customize yourRaptor by pressing the Edit button on the 'Me' page✓6 DifferentColor and Style Options to Choose FromOther enemydinosaurs include: Raptor, Triceratops, Stegosaurus, TyrannosaurusRex, andSpinosaurus. Watch out for the giant ants! Race around thehuge mapand hunt down your enemies. Strike them before they strikeyou.Thisgame is Part Role Playing, Part Animal Simulator, andTotallyAction Packed.Magic includes : Electricity, Healing,Fireball, andInvincibility Shield. Top Game Features:✓ Locate all 6of yourfamily members✓ Find all the magic spell books✓ Call yourclan whenyou are near your enemies✓ Action packed, fast faced, 3DDinosaurSimulator✓ Realistic dinosaur sound effects and weathereffects✓Triceratops, Stegosaurus, Velociraptor, Spinosaurus, T-Rex✓OpenWorld Style game✓ Huge 3D Map✓ Part RPG and Part AnimalSimJurassicMap Features Include:Smashable LogsMovable treetrunksWaterfallsand Lava!!Super High GrassHidden CavesTrees,Rivers, and muchmore!!Game objectives:1. Claim your territory2.Find all 4 of yourown Clan members3. Find all the magic spellbooks4. Defeat all theBosses5. Defeat all the enemy PterodactylClan Bosses6. Defeat allthe Super bosses---When you complete all ofthe above- You WIN!Victory is Yours!!--We would love it if you letus know what youthink about this game. We try hard to respond toall comments andlisten to your suggestions. At Wildfoot, we love 3Danimalsimulators and our goal is to set the standard of qualityforanimal sims. We work hard to bring you the best animalsimspossible, and still keep them free to download.Check outourFacebook page: forupdates.Now get started building your Clan of Pterodactyl !
Jurassic Craft adventure mod for MCPE 1.0
If you are fond of dinosaurs, go crazy for the movies or justtamingwild and recalcitrant animals gives you pleasure? If youwant todiversify your adventures in Minecraft with evil creaturesof theJurassic period, and yet you are not afraid of the dangerthat theyrepresent for your survival? Then download mod. Here youwill find17 different dragons. Some of them are very sweetand are readyto be tamed, such as raptors, tyrannosaurs,gallimimes, ankylosaurs,triceratops and long-necked brachiosaurus.To tame them, feed themwith meat, while they are still small (from1 to 3 stages ofgrowth). Brachiosaurus eat foliage so that itbegins to grow faster,and galimima eat wheat, potatoes, carrots,beets. But despite thefact that they will be your faithful friendsin your adventures,these dragons remain as any predatory hostilecreatures that willkill all those who will get in their way toprotect their and yoursurvival. The main thing is, do not getcaught in the way ofuntrained individuals, because you are alsofood for them.About thegood representatives of the Jurassicperiod, you have already heard,but all the other individuals areevil, dangerous beings for you, asif they had just left the horrorfilm. Among them: Indominus Rex,Compsognathus (small in size, butbeing in a flock extremelydangerous), a flying cave Ludodactylus,which can be saddled but nottamed, water predators Mozazavr andTilozavr, Dilophosaurus,Oviraptor, Spinosaurus and 4 smalldinosaurs, which, unfortunately,are eaten by predators. Moreover,in this fashion MCPE as a bonus,you have the opportunity to ride ajeep. One of them is Wrangler,and the second is Gelendwagen. Andalso be sure that when you aresad, the friendly bird Dodo willalways cheer you up and make youradventure on survival, sometimesremaining horror, just funnyone.THE INSTRUCTION HOW TO INSTALLMOD1) Download free of chargeapplication2) Open an installer3)Install mod4) Select mod fromsettings of resources of MinecraftPocket EditionDISCLAIMERWe are athird-party developer and we donot claim for the Minecraft,Minecraft Pocket Edition and MCPEtrademarks. We use thesetrademarks from permission of the MojangAB company. The Mojang ABcompany registered and owns them. Weobserve a policy of use
Dinosaur War 1.4.4
Dark force overwhelmed the lost land, destroying the homelandwheremen and dinosaurs have lived in harmony for so long. Survivorsaredetermined to unite with dinosaur allies and expel the evil offtheland.- Build mines, pastures, stone quarries to prepareresources;-A variety of dinosaurs and ancient beasts wait foryourrecruitment;- Build Prey Fences, Terror Swamps, etc, toaccommodateand recruit troops;- Win battles to obtain equipmentstrengtheningyour power;- Choose your weapons and armor to getequipped beforefighting;- Jurassic Shop provides extra options ofequipment foryou;- Use crystals smartly to accelerate production,resurrect deadsoldiers, etc.;- Increase population limit withdecorations;- Login often to win gold eggs;- Complete daily goalsto win extrarewards;- Challenge other players online at Arena toimprove yourtroop force.- Watch out "Overpower Rules" incentralbase.==========================Droidhen is the namebehindDefender, Defender II, Dinosaur War, Miracle City, BasketballShot,DH Texas Poker, Turbo Kids, Gun of Glory and many other toppopulargames. Droidhen is also marked as top developerbygoogle.==========================
Jurassic Pet: Virtual Dino Zoo Evolution 1.99.93
*** GET READY FOR AN EPIC EGG HATCHING & DINO TAPPING ACTION**This is your isle! The park middle of the sea and your taskispopulate it with jurassic, triassic & mesozoiccreaturemonsters! Every egg holds new dinosaur specie or even more!*** TheParkWho will you get? Maybe a Velociraptor, a Triceratops ora SeaCreature?You never know which creature comes to your Park. IsitCarnivorous or Herbivores? Lives in Jurassic, Triassic orMesozoicera? No matter, hatch all these unstoppable hunters &beastsand take care of them! Once you hatch all the species&discover your park and share with your friends how yourjurassic,triassic or mesozoic era park looks like! *** TheDinoWorld:Hatching and coloring dinosaurs are fun! Control everypixelof your Dinos with alter their DNA.Every Dino who hatched isagreat survival!*** The AdventureYou can take back a little bitofhistory! No hunting leave your dinosaur's life and petthem!TheJurassic PET game has its unique art style andaddictiveincremental tapping progress game with a fun twist! Tap onthefirst DINO EGG and HATCH it! Place it to her new dino place!andrepeat! Breed a new DINO and feed her! These cute pixelmonstersawait for you! Repopulate your kingdom and never leave itto befallen!Features:- Fun and addictive incremental gameplay-Unique 3Dart style- Jurassic, Triassic & Mesozoic creatures-Share YourProgress! - Tap, tap, tap faster than your FRIENDS andSHARE IT tothe world!- DNA sequencer- Fun Lucky Wheel! - Breedhostilecarnivores like T-REX, RAPTORS and other DINO with someDNAPopulateand control the your new JURASSIC, MESOZOIC or TRIASSICDINO PARK,with 3D T-Rex, Raptors and other Dinos.Jurassic Petseeminglyendless & fun gameplay will allow you to play for anindefiniteamount of time. ** HAPPY DINO EGG BREEDING ** ENJOY IT**Theevolution is never stopping! Tap and go further!Thank you allforplaying with our game and placing feedbacks! All feedbacks gotawarm welcome and we write a reply to it.Follow us on FacebookandTwitterLIKE AND FOLLOW US ON ➡️ FACEBOOKandTWITTERPlannedupadtes:- Sea creatures and Megalodon!FeaturesandUpdates:v1.99.93- The halloween hunting season is over!v1.99.91-Halloween level! Trick or treats! Discover your pumpkindecoratedand painted pets cages!v1.99.8- New camera system, towatch yourBreed closer!v1.99.2- New DNA altering system! Gold,Pink, Silverpigment color? No problem!v1.98- You can take a closerlook to yourDinosaurs!- More fun with lucky wheel!v1.95- New rewardat the Eggselector- Collect diamonds!v1.94- Fixed crashes oncertaindevices!- New Tap system, less bugsv1.93- New Dinoeggs!v1.5- Newmini game - Cups and Balls- New mini game - Fun DinoPinballGamev1.3- Redesigned settings menu with- Battery savermode-Performance modes can be changed (slow, medium, beautiful)-Stability improved on Android 4.4 devicesV1.2 - - Minorfixes-Added new Dinos (2 species):- Dimetrodon- VelociraptorV1.1-animals added to the park- Performance fixes on Android 4.4-Addednew Dinos (4 species):- Pterodactylus TriceratopsMacroplataStegosaurusv1.0 - animals add to the park- New Dinos (4species):-Ankylosaurus- Raptor- T-Rex
Jurassic Dinosaur Simulator 2 1.1.2
Jurassic Dinosaur Simulator 2Dinosaur Lovers , come and playthisWild Jurassic Dinosaur Simulator 2!!Dinosaur Lovers all aroundtheworld, come and play this Wild Jurassic Dinosaur Simulator2game!!Go to the the land in the prehistoric Jurassic period,andexperience the thrill of being several Dinosaurs!As the king ofalldinosaurs, and hunt other dinosaurs and make them your prey.GameFeatures:@ Play as Four Different Dinosaurs@ RealisticDinosaurs@Smooth 3D animations and attack@ Easy controls@ Realisticsounds toenhance your gaming experienceWe are happy to hear fromyou aboutour Jurassic Dinosaur Simulator 2.Please feel free tocontact usvia
2017 Dinosaur Simulator 1.6.0
Explore the prehistoric world with our dinosaur tyrannosaurusrexsimulator and play with different type of dinosaurs inthisdinosaur simulator!!Imagine reviving the Jurassic Period withourbest tyrannosaurus rex simulator! Experience a survival dinoattackin a jurassic dinosaur race in this tyrannosaurus rexsimulator!Start fighting in a survival dinosaur simulator!Inthistyrannosaurus rex simulator you will have to deal withdifferentsort of jurassic dinosaur attack trying to pull you out ofthejurassic dinosaur simulator. Dodge every dino attack and wininthis in this dinosaur simulator game against fearsome dinoattackcompetitors! Revive the free wild safari dinosaur life andjoin usin a jurassic dinosaur race in our dinosaur simulator!- Inthischallenging dinosaur simulator you need to be real fast: Getyourfavourite jurassic dinosaur and start racing in thistyrannosaurusrex simulator!- Addictive tyrannosaurus rex simulator:Enjoy therealism of this jurassic dinosaur simulator!- Easy mobilecontrolduring the jurassic dinosaur simulator: Choose yourfavouritejurassic dinosaur!- Appropriate for kids and adults wholovetyrannosaurus rex simulatorEnjoy this free dinosaur simulator!Stayalive as long as possible in this dino attack jurassicdinosaursimulator!Twitter:
Clan of Spinosaurus 1.0
►►► Clan of Spinosaurus is now here! You asked, welistened!◀◀◀First of all, a big huge thank you to all those whowrote inrequesting this game. We love our players and we appreciatethefeedback. Build your Clan, Defeat the Enemy Bosses, takebackterritory from the other Spinosaurus Clans, and beat theSuperBosses. Easier said than done!Welcome to the most actionpackeddinosaur simulator game on the app store. Loaded with allyourfavorite Jurassic dinosaurs including: Triceratops,Stegosaurus,Pterodactyl, Raptor, Oviraptor, and of course T-Rex.Oneof the mostfearsome Jurassic dinosaurs around, the Spinosaurus isready totake your orders and hunt everything in sight. Enter thisJurassicworld as a young Spinosaurus, help him find his missingfamilymembers, grow into a giant, and dominate thelandscape.**Customizeyour Spino by pressing the Edit button on the'Me' page****6Different Color and Style Options to ChooseFrom**Other enemydinosaurs include : Pterodactyl, Triceratops,Stegosaurus,Tyrannosaurus Rex, and Velociraptor. Race around thehuge map andhunt down your enemies. Strike them before they strikeyou.Ultimate survival is key. Part Role Playing Game, PartAnimalSimulator, and Totally Action Packed. Magic elements include:Electric Ray, Fireball, Healing, and Invincibility Shield. TopGameObjectives and Features:-- Locate all 4 of your familymembers--Find all the magic spell books-- Huge 3D Jurassic StyleMap-- Callupon your clan when you are close to your enemies--Realisticweather changes and time of day-- Action packed, fastfaced, 3DDinosaur Simulator-- Realistic dinosaur sound effects andweathereffects-- Enemy Dinos include Triceratops,Stegosaurus,Velociraptor, T-Rex-- Open World Style gameJurassic MapFeaturesInclude:Hidden Caves, Waterfalls and Lava!!SmashableLogsFunMovable tree trunks to throw aroundTreacherous HighGrassTrees,Rivers, and more!!Game objectives:1. Claim yourterritory2. Findall 4 Dino Clan members3. Find all the magicbooks4. Defeat all 6Bosses5. Defeat all 4 enemy Spino Clans6.Defeat all 6 Superbosses►►When you complete all of the above - YouWin!!◀◀AtWildfoot, the only thing we love more than making greatgames ishearing from our fans! We try hard to respond to allcomments andlisten to your suggestions. At Wildfoot, we love 3Danimalsimulators and our goal is to set the standard of qualityforanimal sims. Let us know how we aregoingwildfootwork1@gmail.comCheck out ourFacebookpage: for updates.If youlove Dinosaurs, you are going to love this game!
Dinosaur Chase Simulator 2 1.2
Your favorite Dinosaur chase game is back for version 2. Thistimeyou will face even more enemies. Take control of this hugeDinosauras he hunts down bears, wolves, raptors, triceratops,andTyrannosaurus rex. You control the Trex, one of the mostfearedgiants of the Jurassic era. Now he's back from extinction andreadyfor this high action game for your mobile device. Take himhuntingfor wild dinosaur in this jurassic jungle setting. This Dinoanimalsimulator has been designed for all ages.RECORD YOURHUNTINGSUCCESSA special feature in the app allows you to keep arecord ofyour hunting success.DYNAMIC GAME PLAYWe have designed thegame soyou never have the same dino experience twice. Each game isasunique as a snowflake.UPGRADE YOUR DINOSAURWhen you hunt, youearnmeat units that can be used to purchase upgrades for yourDino.3DACTION GAMEPLAYFun controls and Addictive game play forhours ofgreat animal simulation.9 ANIMALS INCLUDEDHunt down otherdinosaurslike like Tyrannosaurus, Triceratops, Velociraptor, Bears,andWolves.6 HEAD TO HEAD BATTLESChallenge your fighting skillsagainst6 different 3 on 1 battles. Be prepared for a flight forsurvival.You either win or loose.Top App Features:✓Huge Open WorldMap✓9Jurassic Dinosaurs included✓4 Different Times of Day, plusweatherchanges✓12 BONUS Adventures✓Upgrade your Dino Strength,Stamina,and Speed.✓6 BONUS Battles match upsThis 3D Dinosauranimalsimulator has been designed with all ages in mind. We areworkinghard on creating a multiplayer version so you will be abletochallenge your friends. Like usonFacebook check outourother 3D animal sims - Owl, Eagle, Cheetah, Lion, Wolf,Crocodile,and Polar Bear Games. At Wild Foot we are looking forthings we cando to improve the app. We realize the app is notperfect, and wewelcome your constructive criticism.Please send yoursuggestions
Jurassic Dinosaur - Prehistoric Simulator 3D Game 2.11.9
You've always wanted to know how was life in the prehistoricworldof jurassic dinosaurs? Our 3D dinosaur racing game offers youagreat opportunity to experience jurassic adventures! Choose oneofthe four available dinosaurs and run as fast as you can inthesuperrealistic jurassic setting. Dodge the otherdinosaurs!Watchout and be careful not to be bitten by youropponents! Realdinosaurs are running after you!Make sure that yourjurassicdinosaur does not run out of energy and try to beat therecords ofthe others!Be guided by your animal instinct!Theeasy-to-understand controls will help you survive intheprehistoric world of dinosaurs!Features of this jurassicdinosaurgame:☺ Prehistoric setting!☺ Realistic dinosaurs!☺ Amazing3Dgraphics!☺ Ideal for children (boys & girls)!☺Top-Ranking!☺Easy to play! Outstanding gameplay!☺ Funny music!☺Free dinosaurgame!Defeat the wild dinosaurs and go for yourvictory!We hope youenjoy our dinosaur racing game and we lookforward to your commentsand ratings!By installing this app youagree to the followingprivacypolicy:
Jurassic Zoo World Has Fallen : Dinosaur Action 1.0.5
We welcome you to play Jurassic Zoo World Has Fallen ofworldamazing dinosaur story based game in a dense and lushgreenJurassic forest surrounded by a long range of snow mountainsfor alifetime dino hunting journey. Now, you are in the world ofwildand angry dinosaurs with huge skulls, large bone crunchingteeth,powerful jaws and legs. In this dino hunting game, you willcomeacross with different dinosaurs which are both herbivoresandcarnivores. You will face the deadliest and grand dinosaurshavingwild teeth over claws like Allosaurus, Brachiosaurus,Diplodocus,Giganotosaurus and armored dinosaurs like Stegosaurusetc. It is anentertainment game with high quality graphics.Thisdinosaur simstarts from the Jurassic home base. In this dinohunting world andquest in the tropical amazon forest. You are thelone mercenarysoldier on an Island that has been overrun withJurassicDinosaurs.Your Mission is to reestablish control of theIsland bytaking out all of the unwelcome guests. Thrive in the faceofadversity as you gain more experience by winning battlesagainstthese ancient beasts. This is an all out,take noprisoners,dinosaur war. Develop your hunting skills as you complete13 epicmissions. As the hunter, your goal is to survive the epicbattlesand advance. Attack the enemies before they race after you.Thisgame combines the best features of 3D Open World style playwithquests to complete.Jurassic Zoo World Has Fallen Features:*Amazinggame play for who loves to play dinosaur story basedgame.*Realistic environment with 3D Graphics to show the real lifeofjurassic zoo.* Sneak your way through the levels, indifferentstory based missions. And stay out from watch guard’s eye.* Be thebest shooter.* Free style fighting shooting game.* Slowmotionfighting.* Reliable control.* Amazing graphics.* 13differentmission based levels.
Dinosaur 1.1.1
Ever wanted to play with dinosaurs? Now you can! Dinosaur isauniquely styled collection of dinosaur games and activitiesthatare entertaining and educational games in Jurassic.KEYFEATURES- 12different mini-games to play with- Adaptive playprovides challengewith less frustration - Fun sounds andanimations!- Fantasticoriginal artwork!- Kid-friendly interface!
Jurassic Dinosaur Race 3D 1.1
See the primal anger unleashed! These beasts are waiting for race–and it’s not ordinary horses! Choose one of this dinosaurs, rideonit and become a winner with Jurassic Dinosaur Race3D!Participatethe unusual racing tournament, win the ride andcollect allachievements and medals! Choose one of these unusualmounts –Velociraptor, Tyrannosaurus, Spinosaurus and other – and doyourbest to win the prize and become the champion! Avoid failingsbutdon’t be disappointed by your mistakes – just try again, andyou’dsurely succeed!Feel like a real breeder - choose the dinothatwould run faster than others, jump over obstacles, and enjoytheracing tournament – even if your choice was the polar bear orwildbull! Challenge the best riders in the world – if there canbe“best” in such abnormal sports! Try your skills at tworacingdisciplines – enduring ride and jumping race! Train your dinomountdo improve their skills and participate racing tournament totestthem in real conditions.Earn money to buy new mounts or toraise upits characteristics – improving your dino means theimprovement ofyour results, so don’t forget about it. Choose thebest mount ofprehistoric reptilian predators and enjoy such unusualridingcontest with Jurassic Dinosaur Race 3D!Jurassic Dinosaur Race3Dfeatures:Various species of dinos as racers –Velociraptor,Tyrannosaurus, Spinosaurus and otherRealistic ridingobstacles andracing conditionTwo game modesSimple and intuitivecontrolsCheckour Jurassic Dinosaur Race 3D – great app for allriding simulatorlovers – to very attractive and unusual derbysimulator!
Jurassic Sea 7.31
Welcome to Jurassic Sea where you can have different Jurassicageocean dino species, build underwater home, and build yourJurassicunderwater World.Features - Free to play! - A wide varietyofexciting Jurassic age sea dinosaurs to breed- Fight inunderwaterbattle arena - A crossbreeding mechanism- Manage yourwater worldas you would in real life- this includes feeding yourwaterDinosaurs, and arranging food resources
Shoot Mad Diplodcus FPS 1.2
Imba Surv
Kill mad diplodocus jurassic real time 3d scene.Dino seekingrevengeafter people appeared, continue to occupy the land wheredinosaurslived lead to smaller and smaller, now angered them, havebegun tolook for opportunities to retaliate, they now occupied abordertown, people live here, gradually reduced, or even a littledinosaurhave been killed, and now you are the elite sniperappeared, andbeat them you have to complete the task. Otherwise,you might diehere, and here the dead man.Dino is a beast snipergame. the gameprovides different guns for your choice, you can nowchoose asuitable, killing them to complete the task.Gamefeatures:- Hugerealistic 3D scenes- Awesome action packed-Jurassic Park lifelikedinosaurs- Different types of arms, clanattack- Keep your chancesof hunting successDefeat prey, dominate,run, win the battle, winthe war! Is a killer!
Dino Quest - Dinosaur Discovery and Dig Game 1.5.13
Tapps Games
Join a jurassic adventure around the world and discoverthemysteries of the dinosaurs in Dino Quest! Exploredifferentcontinents to find the fossils of millions of years ofhistory andbring them to your own museum collection. With accurateinformationand an exciting gameplay, Dino Quest is the definitiveapp forevery dinosaur fan.Pick your tools and let’s get it on!Start bychoosing a continent to explore: Africa, Asia, theAmericas,Australia or the Europe. In each continent you can finddig siteswith different fossils of dinosaurs that actually livedthere. Usestrategy, skill and special tools to dig the right tilesand locatethe ancient bones.Collecting all the fossils of adinosaur enablesyou to complete it’s skeleton and unlocks authenticreal worldinformation about your incredible discovery. Geographicallocationof the fossils are also accurate to reflect realdiscoveries ofprehistoric life.Inspired on battleship andminesweeper mechanics,this game is sure to entertain everyone. Willyou be able tocomplete the entire dinosaur collection? Get them allin DinoQuest!HIGHLIGHTS• Accurate information of dinosaursandarchaeological parks• Learn the fundamentals ofpaleontology•Challenging and exciting experienceExplore and learnmore aboutthese giants of the past: Tyrannosaurus Rex,Triceratops,Velociraptor, Stegosaurus, Spinosaurus,Archaeopteryx,Brachiosaurus, Allosaurus, Apatosaurus,Dilophosaurus!Please note!This game is free to play, but itcontains items that can bepurchased for real money. Some featuresand extras mentioned in thedescription may also have to bepurchased for real money.
Tyrannosaurus Rex simulator 1.0
Take control of Tyrannosaurus Rex and survive in hugejurassicworld. Use your claws and teeth and attack other dinosaurs,collectmeat, grow and upgrade your skills. Tyrannosaurus Rexsimulator is3D game set in prehistoric jurassic world full ofprehistoriccreatures. Game features:✦ Wildlife mode, Battle modeand Adventuremode✦ Nice 3D graphic, animations and effects✦Huge 3Dworld ✦Different dinosaur enemies - Tyrannosaurus rex,Spinosaurus,Triceratops, Stegosaurus, Brachiosaurus,Ankylosaurus,Parasaurolophus, VelociraptorWildlife mode - survivein bigjurassic world full of dangerous dinosaurs. Remember -herbivores(Triceratops, Stegosaurus, Brachiosaurus,Ankylosaurus,Parasaurolophus) attack only If you attack them, BUTcarnivores(Tyrannosaurus rex, Spinosaurus, Velociraptor) want toattack you,kill and eat.Battle mode - fight againstselecteddinosaur.Adventure mode - complete different dinosaurhuntingquests and earn extra meat to upgrade your dinosaurUpgradeyourdinosaur and become the strongest dinosaur in thejurassicworldTyrannosaurus rex was one of the largest meat-eatingdinosaursthat ever lived. Everything about this ferocious predator,from itsthick, heavy skull to its 4-foot-long (1.2-meter-long) jaw,wasdesigned for maximum bone-crushing action.
Dinosaur Park - Jurassic 1.0.1
Dinosaur Park is the best dinosaur fossil hunting game inJurassicworld for kids, a cool dinosaur builder game!Like DinosaursinJurassic park? Let's go to the Excavation site, let's digDinosaurFossils, exploration and more! Dinosaur Park is a uniqueDinosaurfossil exploration game. You can assemble 18 kinds ofdinosaurs inJurassic Park!Dinosaurs are cool! It's almost likesomeone inventeddinosaurs for kids! There are the flyers like thePterodactyl, meateaters like T-Rex, herbivores (they just eatvegetables like plantsand things) like the Apatosaurus, and seacreatures like theKronosaurus! Of course, you also could find thefamiliar predatorthe Raptor here. Are you eager to see them now?Come to DinosaurPark! Let's excavate the fossils to assemble thedinosaurs. HERE iswhat they actually looked like! Dinosaur Sequencesound is cool!KEYFEATURES - 18 kinds of dinosaurs and ancientorganisms- Fundinosaurs' sounds and animations! - Fantasticoriginal artwork! -Kid-friendly interface! If you like “DinosaurPark” – try our otherkids' apps! Features 18 Fun bigcreatures,including:ParasaurolophusTyrannosaurusCamarasaurusArchaeopteryxSpinosaurusTherizinosaurusRhamphorhynchusOrnithomimusRapatorAcanthopholisKronosaurusLambeosaurusPlesiosaurusPachycephalosaurusEiniosaurusAnkylosaurusAmargasaurusStegosaurus Perfect on nexus 4 and nexus 7 ,Educational DinosaurGames for kids,Dinosaur Train Games for kids
Jurassic T-Rex : Dinosaur 2.4
Experience the thrill of being an actual Tyrannosaurus - the kingofall Dinosaurs as he rules the land in the prehistoricJurassicperiod and hunts for prey! Enjoy the cinematic cutscenesshowcasing the savage bites, claws and sharp teeth in thisJurassicPark!Hunt out innocent dinosaurs and make them your prey.They cansmell you, so don't make any noises when you're out to getthem!•Actual thrill of chases• Amazing 3D graphics andprehistoricjurassic park environments • Many thrilling levels•Awesomegameplay with attacking animationsBe the ruler of all theotherdinosaurs by playing Jurassic T-Rex!
Jurassic World™: The Game 1.22.3
Ludia Inc.
Return to Isla Nublar with the creators of the smash hitJurassicPark™ Builder for your next adventure: Jurassic World™: TheGame,the official mobile game based on this summer’sepicaction-adventure. Bring to life more than 150 colossaldinosaursfrom the new film and challenge your opponents inearth-shakingbattles. Construct the theme park of tomorrow in thisunrivaledbuild-and-battle dinosaur experience.In order to build awinningBattle Arena team, you’ll need to design the most efficientandeffective park, one that will allow your dinosaurs to thriveandevolve. Discover new and amazing species of dinosaurs byacquiringsurprise-filled card packs. Join Owen, Claire and yourfavoritecharacters from the film as, daily, you feed andgeneticallyenhance your dinosaurs. Now that the park is open, it’stime tomake Jurassic World™ your own!In Jurassic World™ The Gameyouwill:* Defy the laws of science as you COLLECT, HATCH &EVOLVEmore than 150 unique dinosaurs!* CONSTRUCT & UPGRADEiconicbuildings & lush landscapes inspired by the film. *CHALLENGEopponents from around the world in earth-shaking BATTLES!*INTERACTwith characters from the film as you navigate excitingnewstorylines & thrilling missions! * ENHANCE your experiencewithHasbro® Brawlasaurs™ toys – scan each toy dinosaur &battlewith it directly in the game!* CHOOSE from multiple cardpacks;each can bring a special dinosaur to life!* EARN dailyrewards suchas coins, DNA & other essentialresources.Membership* JurassicWorld The Game offers a monthlysubscription at USD $9.99, pleasenote prices may vary depending onsales taxes or countries. * Theuser will be asked to login to hisGoogle account (if not already)prior to the purchase. * The paymentwill be charged to GoogleAccount at confirmation of purchase. *Additional information willbe provided afterward stating thatsubscription automaticallyrenews unless auto-renew is turned off atleast 24-hours before theend of the current period. * We alsomention there thatsubscriptions may be managed by the user andauto-renewal may beturned off by going to the user's AccountSettings after purchase.*The account will be charged for renewalwithin 24-hours prior tothe end of the current period. * Nocancellation of the currentsubscription is allowed during activesubscription period.* Anyunused portion of a free trial period, ifoffered, will beforfeited when the user purchases a subscription tothatpublication.Privacy policy can be foundat can be foundat application you agree to the terms of thelicensedagreements.Like us on Facebook for fan giveaways, thelatest newsand updates! (™ isa trademark and copyright of Universal Studios andAmblinEntertainment, Inc. Licensed by Universal Studios LicensingLLC.All rights reserved. Please note: Jurassic World™: The Gameiscompletely free to play but offers some game items forpurchasewith real money.