Top 5 Games Similar to Carreta Furacão vs Lava Jato

Super Moro Bras 1.0
This is a classical run and shootgame!Thescript of this game was based on facts occurred latelyinBrazilduring the investigation of the most important scandalofthehumanity history about political corruption.Playing this game you'll have fun and in the sametimeseecartoons of real things which were stolen of theBrazilianpublicmoney. You'll be surprised to discover that theBrazilianpoliticalis really dirty and they can do everything tostoptheinvestigation of their crimes by the BrazilianFederalPolice!The incredible graphics and a really fun interface putsyouinsidethe history in a different way, because in the gameyouareresponsible for the extermination of these corruptpeoplewhichcause losses for million of people around the world, andinthesame time you have to redeem all things that they stole togotothe next level.This cartoon game shows in a ludic way what, at least80millionpeople (half of Brazilian people) want to Brazil: The endofagovernment which broke one of the biggest public companiesoftheworld, which lie to the people, which steal moneyfromhospitalswhile living as true millionaires... Only you canstopthem!!!Play this game and have fun doing justice (at least inthegame!).Let your kids play this game... invite your friendstoplay... letsshow them that our will is greater thantheirarrogance!
Wagon Trail 2.3
Welcome to the historic Oregon Trail! Can you get your wagonacrossthe country? Wagon Trail reenacts the American pioneer'shistorictrek from Independence Missouri all the way to the WestCoast ofthe United States by covered wagon pulled by oxen or muleteams!Drive your wagon down the trail and collect supplies! Gohuntingand collect food for your journey! Live and survive like apioneeron the Oregontrail!____________________________________________________________Rememberthis game is still in development and your feedback isappreciated!I need it to make this a better game! We have recentlyentered thebeta phase! Hopefully will have a complete release inthe first halfof2017.____________________________________________________________Specialthanks to These Sources Song: "Pennsylvania Rose" KevinMacLeod( Licensed under Creative Commons: ByAttribution3.0 JmonkeyGame Engine,The Premier Java game Engine Items Plants andBuildings fromWorldForge
Russian Crime Car Cartel 1.0.3
GS Games
Russian Crime Car Cartel puts you in chargetosteal rare Exotics, Super Cars and many more in this fastandfurious game! Satisfy your clients appettite for ultra rare carsbystealing them on the highway! Drive a semi-trailer at breakneckspeeds, line it up with the car coming from behind and let thecargo in! Steal the required cars in the given time to completethemission!A Russian mafia fat cat has a list of cars he wants to steal tofillup his garage, he loves fast and furious cars! Russian CrimeCarCartel takes it cue from great fast car movies and their racercars,you have to test your driving skills and race against time tostealthe best and rarest cars on the road.Russian Crime Car Cartel Features★ Time Trial ModeLets see how many cars you can steal in the given time!★ Campaign ModeYou'll get a list of cars to steal from the client; sticktoit!★ Weirdo ModeYour client wants you to be creative and steal cars in thesequenceof colors and car models he dishes out to you. Don'tannoyhim!★ Also optimized for android tablet devices.