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Photography Poses
Ahmed Shaawat
This app Had been built for allphotographersto help them to find good poses to take awonderfulphotos
Photo Poses 7.0
Helps you to take photos in various styles and poses.Very useful when you are on a trip and lack of ideas to takephotosof you and your loved ones.If you are looking for ideas to take* Men photos* Women photos* Couple Photos* Wedding* Kids Photos* Family* SelfiesThis is the right application you were looking for.Here we have tried to connect Photographers to theinterestedaudiences. If any photographers whose photos arepublished in thisapp want their work to be removed. Please contactus and we willmake sure your work will not be published in our appagain (Unlessyou want them back).
Ideas for photos 2 1.1
Here you can find:- 360 different ideas for photos and photoshoot;- Ideas for photos for womens;- Ideas for photos for mens;- Ideas for photos for kids;- Ideas for photos for pairs;- Ideas for photos for weddings;- Ideas for photos for family;Please, rate this app:)
Posing App- Model Poses 1.6
Finally, an all inclusive app for both models andphotographers,that is more than just a posing guide: -Access thePosing Galleriesof over 400 poses. -Use any of our five, PDFcontracts including:General Release Form, Photo Release Form, EventContract and more.Plus, you can Email them to clients or othersdirectly from theapp! -Exclusive tips for Models, Photographers,and CreatingPortfolios -Plan for upcoming shoots by saving the bestposes in aneasy-access Favorites folder PLUS OUR EXCLUSIVE TOOLBOX! -PhotoShoot Checklists including Weddings (3 lists: before,during,after), Facial Expressions (50 expressions) and ShootLocations(over 40 locations that you can find in your town/city) -A31-DayPhoto Challenge with images to use as inspiration andchallengeyourself -Access to all of the online resources thateveryphotographer MUST know about ...and more!
Photo Poses Guide 1.0
Pose (or Posing) today includessomethingmorebasic, a state of composure, balance poise beforethecamera.We would like to introduce you some poses, style posingwithdetailedinstructions to help you get a beautiful photo.In this guide app and cheat sheet we’ll show youthreeflatteringcamera angles and three classic poses that workeverytime, knowinga few tricks can greatly improve yourphotographs.Good pose willmake your photo look great without anyuse of photoeditingapps.If you ever run out of ideas, get stuck in creativity orsimplyneedsome guidance when photographing people, you can usePhotoPosesGuide Application as a "posing cheat sheet".A variety of posing categories are available in PhotoPosesGuideApp: Children, Couples, Portraits, Women, Men,GroupsandWeddings.This is the FREE version of Portrait Photos: includingmore80wonderful portraits for your pleasure!
Pocket Portrait Poses 1.1
Various portrait poses for photography at your fingertips, onyourAndroid phone or tablet! This app is totally free(ad-supported.)Great for use in the field before or during a photosession to giveyou quick inspiration to pose your clients.Types ofposes:• WeddingPoses• Engagement / Couple Poses• Single PersonPosesIncluded are42 different poses, with over 100 scheduled to beincluded in thenext free update to the app. Images for poses aregenerouslyprovided by Solas Studios Photography.Get it today!
Mirror Photo Editor: Collage Maker & Selfie Camera
The Best FREE Photo Editor App for you to create Mirror PhotosandMirror Photo Collages for Halloween 2018. The Halloween2018Countdown has just started. You can find dozens of Halloween2018Effects, Halloween Stickers, Halloween Emojis, HalloweenFiltersand more to edit photos and to create Halloween Photos foryoursocial media accounts. You can also try Halloween Makeup Toolstofind an idea for your Halloween Costume Party. Our MirrorPhotoEditing App has also a Selfie Camera so you can take asweetieselfie of you and edit your selfie with dozens of SelfieEffectsand Selfie Filters. You can also enjoy mirror photoeditingfeatures of our FREE app. Here is the best Mirror PhotoEditor& Photo Frame and Pic Grid Editing & Collage Editorapp foryou to create the attractive pictures of you. You can easilymirrorpictures of you and make amazing collages with your photos.MirrorPhoto Editor: Collage Maker with Selfie Camera Effects &SelfieFilters is the best and most creative face swapping photoeditorand mirroring and doubling images app with photo collagefeature.Moreover all the features are totally FREE for you. You canalsoedit photos, resize your images and use photo grids forcreatingamazing mirrored images. Our FREE app is the best and themostuseful mirror photo editing app with selfie live camera filtersandface effects. If you want to affect your social mediafollowerswith your sweet selfies, #tbt and stories our mirror photoeditorapp is the best app for photo editing with collage makerfeature.You will find dozens of face effects and artistic filtersto createa beauty selfie after downloading our mirror app for free.OurSelfie Camera app let you to edit your selfies as you wish andyoucan share your artworks via your social accounts photogallerieslike Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest and Google+.Face livecamera effects and filters of Mirror Photo Editor: CollageMaker& Selfie Camera Filters lets you create funny faces withselfiefilters & stickers and funny camera effects. Face livecameraphotos comes with image filters & face effects &dozens ofenjoyable stickers and more. You can also try the funniestdog faceeffects. Taste the funniest animal faces with mirror imagephotoeditor. Also you can make a photo collage of your editedimages andsweet selfies to affect your followers. Show them yourphotographyand photo editing skills. Create photo grids and photocollageswith Photo Editor Selfie Camera Filter & Mirror Image.MirrorPhoto Editor provides you a great collage maker tool, whichwilllet you to create beautiful photo collages, photo & picframesand photo grids. Just select photos and app will give youhundredsof different collage layout and grid options. Createdesiredcollages and grids. FEATURES of Mirror Photo Editor: CollageMaker& Selfie Camera: 1.Mirror Photo Editor: ★You can editphotoswith dozens of mirror effects like Up-Down Reflection&Right-Left Reflection and more.. ★Dozens of Photo Frames andPicGrids ★Mirror Photo Collage Maker with lots of Collage Grids2.Live Selfie Camera: ★Live Face Effects like dog faces, dogears,etc. ★Selfie camera filters ★Selfie Editing Tools 3.LivePhotoEditing Tools ★Resize Photos ★Blur Photos ★Square PhotoSizeEditing for Instasize ★Fonts, Stickers, Filters PhotoEffects4.Photo Collage Maker ★Edit Photo Frames for PictureCollages ★EditFrame Sizes for Collages ★Try dozens of collagetemplates and picgrids
Posing App 1.1
No fluff. No non-sense. If you are in need of quality,high-fashionposes for women, then this is the app for you. Inaddition, utilizeour exclusive feature that gives you 5 Favoritesfolders that youcan use to organize the images as you see fit. Thiswill easilybecome your go-to app for model poses.
Wedding Photo Poses (lite) 1.2
J. Miettinen
This is the FREE version of the Wedding Portrait Poses.Are youaboutto get married and need ideas and advice on how to pose inyourwedding portraits? Or are you a photographer seeking for somefreshideas? In that case, this is the perfect app for you!Includedinthis app:- 45 high-quality wedding photos with writteninstructionsincluded for the poses!- Easy & fast navigation-Noads!!!!!!**********All the photos are by the multi-timeawardwinning wedding photographer Janne Miettinen.
Model-Toolbox 1.0
The Model-Toolbox App is a model trainerandmodel guide that was designed for professionally posing modelswhowant to work on their posing skills and develop theirindividualstyle.We deliberately chose fresh and practicable poses forphotoshootings and posing advice for this app. Many of these posescanbe found in photos of leading internationalfashionmagazines.Basically, the app shows you how to pose for pictures inaprofessional environment.*** FOR MORE INFORMATION AND THE MAKING OF ***Features:- Many different professional poses for your repertoire- Use your mobile phone’s camera to strike all poses right awaybyusing the included silhouettes- All essential modeling terms are included- Share your photos on Facebook, Twitter or via e-mail*** PERFECT YOUR POSING TECHNIQUE AND STYLE AND HAVE FUN!!!***
PIP Camera-Photo Editor Pro 4.0.8
◆ PIP Camera——Redefine photo taking and photo editing. A brandnewphoto editor! Powerful picture editing master. ◆ An awesomephotoeditor app, a great selfie tool you won't want to miss.Globallypopular PIP(Picture in picture) effect, you won’t want tomiss it!◆ A top selfie cam in more than 40 countries around theworld, morethan 50 million users are using it! PIP Camera sets yourphoto inanother photo frame with some creative frames. PIP Camerais aspinoff of FotoRus’ popular Pic-in-Pic mode, and it ismorepowerful and more fun with the addition of the new PIP Framesmodeand PIP magazine Collage mode. ★--------- PopularFunctions---------★ ☆ PIP Style(Picture in picture)——Totally newselfieexperience: Thousands of millions of people are using itonMoments, Microblog and Instagram. Maybe the distance betweenyouand your idol is only a PIP Camera(Amazing picture inpicturestyle)~ ☆ Artistic Filters —— In special, we have magicalartisticfilters. Change ordinary photos to art photos in a second:Totallynew artistic filters are all here. Want to turn your photosintocartoon style? Comic style? Just try our cartoon styleartisticfilters! Make your photos the same as everfilter effects.☆Magazine Style ——Once use, selfies will be level up:Extremelypopular templates make your photos pictures different.★---------How to use ---------★ 1. Import photos/pictures fromgallery ortake from camera. You can choose existing photos/picturesingallery by using the default gallery, or just capture inCameramode, then import. 2. The photo in photo blur automatically,andthe filters for background and foreground in Classic mode bothcanbe changed. 3. More than 200+ collage frames. The backgroundalsoblur automatically. Use Photo Collage function to collageyourphotos and pictures with awesome magazine layouts and frames tobethe popular guy on the magazine cover. 4. More than 20+photofilters for decorating your photos/pictures. 5. Our Frame,CollageLibrary will be constantly updated, come back often todownload! 6.Easily share the photo on Instagram, Twitter andFacebook to wowyour friends and share this wonderful photo editorapp. ★---------MAIN FEATURES ---------★ 【PIP Style Photo Collage】Crystal BottlePattern, Frames Series, Simple Style, CartoonStyle……All photocollages are especially for you. Share it to yourMoments in onetap, see what your friends gonna say! 【Magazine StylePhotoCollage】 Okay, since you have gotten creativity, what you neednowis artistic style. Magazine Style can fulfil your Movie Stardream.【PIP Camera】 No store pics in your phone? Don’t worry! Wehavealready designed a series of photo taking PIP templates. Chooseatemplate, then take whatever photos you like. 【GridCollage】Classic grid collage provide you with various of photocollagetemplates. You can also customize the backgrounds of frames.Makeyour pictures cooler. 【HD Beautifying】 Except taking photosandmaking photo collages, PIP Camera is also a powerfulphotoretouching app. Built-in professional photo/ pictureretouchingfunction, mysterious filters, fun sticker sets, textadding, photo/picture editing, mosaic, professional editing and soon. ContactUs: Facebook:[email protected]
Pose Master: Pose References 1.0
Triana Designs
Poser Master is a reference posing guideappfor both the Fashion and Glamour modeling industry, meant toserveas artistic inspiration for models looking for guidanceorphotographers looking for creative ways to start theirshootsession.Contains:-Fashion-General Glamour-Pin Up-Casual Male Poses-and moreNew poses are added monthly via the cloud. No need todownloadupdated revisions!
Photo Editor - FotoRus
Photo Editor - FotoRus: The All-In-One & free Photo Editorproand Pic Collage Maker Collage Editor and Photo Grid withmanyamazing Filters for Pictures& Layout & Frames& TextforInstagram! FotoRus - Photo Editor Pro & Picture editor isfunand creative Photo Collage Maker & Photo Editor foryourphotos! With FotoRus - Photo Editor Pro, you can add newcollagephoto frames to your favorite photos for Instagram!Including PhotoCollage Editor, Motion Stickers & Stickers,Selfie Filters,Professional Photo Editing tools, Selfie Camera, PIPCamera, MakeupCamera, Secret Album and Art Pics Effects Pictureeditor withlayouts for collages and frames for pictures. Showamazing photocollages. -----------MAIN FEATURE----------- 【Collage】Classic andthe most fashionable Photo Grid & Photo CollageMaker &Picture editor! There are lots of layouts for collagesand framesfor pictures. Over 100+ Square, Portrait, Landscape, andStripsframes and styles layouts to suit all your artistic collageneeds!【Motion Sticker & Sticker】 A camera with motion stickers,is anamazing motion stickers face app and a funny photo editor.Takeselfie videos with the amazing motion stickers andhilariousdecorate face app effects and send them to your friends.So manyfunny face effects and stunning motion stickers. Applyhundreds ofstickers with funny, cute and girly themes. Make yourphoto moreexpressive! Motion Stickers & Stickers updateregularly. Funnymotion sticker Motion Stickers & stickers cutetheme. HappyMother's Day! New stickers and motion stickers withmother's dayare here. 【Pro Edit】 Over a dozen powerful Pictureeditor tool andmust-have photo editing functions such as Filter,Text, Tilt shift,Scenes, Adjust, Lighting, sticker, Light pen,Blur, Vignette andetc. Retouch your face, powerful portrait faceapp for you. Comeedit photos! 【Beauty】 Try our real-time beautifulselfie camera andtake the perfect-looking selfie! Real-time selfiecamera beautifiesyour face while you take a selfie. A wonderfulbeautify face appfor you. Use our rich selfie function sets tofurther edit yourselfie including: Remove blemishes, whiten skin,remove eye-bag,and more! A powerful makeup photo editor pro withamazing makeupeffects that you can makeup with it, try to editphotos! 【PaintLab】Artwork effects & cartoon filters Pictureeditor are ready.Super easy-to-use cartoon photo maker. Numerousamazing filterswith artistic & cartoon effects, easily turnyour photos intoartworks. Turn your photos into cartoon &animation artworks,art face app for you. Fancy cartoon camera, soeasy to edit photos.【PIP】 Fancy and creative, professional-studio,selfie with one tap!Popular in over 40 countries! Great for editphotos with PIPcamera. 【Mag Library】 There are lots of fashionablePhoto Grid& Photo Collage templates to choose, our photo gridframes comein Portrait, Square, Landscape, and Strips modes to fitall yourneeds. Come edit photos! 【Secret Album】 Protect your secretphotosfrom others! Popular Functions: 1. Photo Filter - Easilycreate anauthentic and stunning editing picture. 2. No Crop Photofor SocialMedia - You can post full sized photo on Instagram,Facebook andTwitter without cropping! 3. Photo Collage - Greatphoto editorthat helps you collage photos with various framepatterns and photogrids and layout. 4. Add Text on Photos - Writetexts to yourediting picture using different fonts. You can resize,color, andapply some cool text effects to them.FacebookGuideline: ContactUs:Facebook:[email protected]
Photographer FREE 3.1.9
You can try out all features for free, without spendingapenny.Would you have always with you an expert in photographytotake your pictures?Download Photographer. An expert photographerinyour pocket.It suggests the optimal settings for your cameraandequipment to be used to make great photos based on what you wanttophotograph.Features:- How tos to take nearly 60differentcategories of photos: Portraits, rainbows, fireworks, themoon,etc..- Photographic poses for couples, men and women, groupsetc..-Tutorial for advanced photography- Special photographer toolslikeDepth of Field Calculator (DOF calculator), ExposureCalculator(EXP calculator), print size calculator according to thesize ofthe file or megapixels, Timelapse calculator- Photographynewsreader- Personal notes and personal settingsA great help foryourbeautiful photos!This is a FREE app expandable with inapppurchases.Best comments from our users:- Loved it Best App ForTheBeginners.- Awesome Great app for photography info, tips,andstudy.- TOTALLY WORTH BUYING for a beginner!!! SIMPLE,EASY,INTUITIVE FUN AND MUCH NEEDED! Great fun to navigatewithin,responsive, thorough, but growing and soooo many times itwouldhave been used. I LOVE LOVE LOVE will be a permanenton myphone until I know all the settings of my canon without it.THANKSDEVS! I think u deserve more stars than u currently have,though,especially given the quality of the info after thenominalpurchase. SO WORTH IT. Big fan!
YouCam Perfect - Selfie Photo Editor
Perfect Corp.
Beautify, edit, & style selfies,images& videos instantly with a full editing toolkit!====== YouCam Perfect Core Features =======❤Real-Time Skin Beautifying Effects in Beauty Camera &VideoSelfies❤Edit Photos with Full Editing Toolkit❤Stylize & Share Pics with Friends!❤Achieve a Flawless & Luminous Face in Every Picture❤Cutout & Object Remover Makes It All About You!Edit Photos with Full Editing Toolkit★Try effects and one-touch filters, photo crop and rotate,mosaicpixelate to blur the background, vignette, and HDReffect.★Blur photos using background defocus, Gaussian blur, and otherblureffect toolsReal-Time Skin Beautifying Effects in Beauty Camera &VideoSelfies【Real-Time Beautifying Effects & Filters 】★Bring selfies to life with short videos (Android 4.3 aboveisrequired).★Videos and video selfies with cool filters for betterVinevideos.Stylize & Share Pics with Friends!【Collages, Grids & Frames】★Insert your selfie photo into a fun scene, grid, collageortemplate!★ “Smart Collage” detects faces in your photos for perfectplacementin collages and backgrounds.★Magic brush adds stickers to photos with a burst of shapesandcolors wherever you tap!★Share to Facebook, Instagram and your favoritesocialnetworksSimple Steps for a Flawless & Luminous Face inEveryPicture【Face & Body Editing】★Face reshaper gives you a great face shape withoutplasticsurgery.★Skin smoothener makes dry skin, wrinkles, acne and fine linesalldisappear.★Add contours to your face to bring out your true beauty.★Add blush & remove shine for a clear face, even withoutmakeup.Also, add freckles, and perfect brows like withmicroblading.★Eye Bag Remover diminishes dark under eye circles andreducespuffiness.★Multi-face detection lets you touch-up every face in yourgroupshots.★ “Smile” feature lets you easily add a smile to any snap.Cutout & Object Remover Makes It All About You!【Focus On You With Smart Object Removal】★Like a green screen for your photos, cut out the subject ofaphoto, then give it a fun new background for aspecialeffect.★The unique intelligent object removal tool that you can't findinother beauty apps★Erase unwanted background objects or people, so that your photoisall about you!📞【Contact Us】Perfect Corp. would love to hear your suggestions andfeedback!Please continue to send questions, suggestions and ideasto:[email protected] us: us on Facebook:
Best Sample Photo Poses 1.0
let’s look at some starting points with men photography. Menareusually less comfortable in process of being photographed, soit’simportant to get him to be at ease with the process in order togetgood results.It is always a good idea to prepare before thephotoshoot. Just one more peace of advice – involve your subject intheprocess! He will feel more confident knowing the plan, what hehasto “do” and what kind of outcome is expected. Showing this kindofposing cheat sheet to your model is indeed a very good waytoprepare your subject for a photo shoot and make him feelmorerelaxed and confident at the same time.If you ever run outofideas, get stuck in creativity or simply need some guidancewhenshooting female subjects, you may use following posing samplesas a“posing cheat sheet”. Many pro photographers use such atechniquewhen preparing for and during the photo shoot.The poses inthisarticle are selected as initial reference. I would advise tolookat the poses together with your subject, especially ifshe’sinexperienced. During a photo shoot don’t hesitate to discusswiththe subject which pose is or isn't working in anyparticularsituation. It’s usually very productive and you both willfeel moreconfident in what you are doing.In those individualpersonportraits the main subject was a single person and her orhispersonality. In comparison, couple photography is moreaboutconnection, interaction and above all – feelings betweentwopeople. And most probably those are very deep andpassionatefeelings, which makes couple photography so delightfulandpositive.Generally a couple should be easy to engage in aphotoshoot. If they are initially a bit shy or feelinguncomfortable,just ask them to show you how they felt and lookedwhen they metfor the first time. You will invoke them on anemotional level,providing you with natural and loving expressionsin theirportraits. Shooting wedding photography professionally is amuch,much bigger topic than just 21 sample poses. The aim ofthisarticle is only to provide you with some initial guidance andideasto take some nice bride and groom pictures.
Photo Editor Collage Maker Pro: Filters & Stickers 1.4.2
With more than 150 million installs, Photo Collage Maker Pro isthebest photo editor and collage maker mobile app allowing you toeditphotos, make collage, add makeup to your photos and gives youaselection of dozens of filters, grids, backgrounds,stickers,fonts, etc. You will be creating amazing picture arts withPhotoCollage Maker Pro and it is %100 FREE! Be sure that you'llenjoyall the FREE features of our photo editing and collage makingappand have fun while editing photos, creating #tbt and also youcanshare all the details of your memories with the help ofphotocollages which show your photography skills to your socialmediafollowers. Top Features of Our Photo Editor Collage Maker ProApp★Edit Photos ★Make Collages with up to 15 photos ★Add beautyselfiemakeup ★Add Effects ★Add Filters ★Add Backgrounds ★Add FramesforPictures ★Add Stickers ★Create Memes ★Use Cool Fonts ★CreateSquarePhotos fit with Square Size ★No crop frame for square photo★MotionPhoto Stickers ★Popular Tags ★Add Emotions to your Photoswithhundreds of Emojis ★Very easy to use ★Flip rotate crop resizeratio★Crop photos ★Hundreds of frames ★Hundreds of stickers★Hundreds ofbackgrounds for photo editing ★Fancy Face Swap ★LiveFace CameraEffects ★Funny Doggy Face, Ears and Nose with DogFilters 📷 EditPhoto Photo Editor Collage Maker Pro’s all-in-oneediting toolincludes; crop, flip, stretch, clone and rotate photo,mirroreffect, photo filters, stickers, doodles, texts andfonts,backgrounds, layouts, grids, frames, etc. 🎞 Photo CollageMakingYou can choose up to 15 photos and turn them into collageswithdozens of different templates, frames and arrangements. Addcolorand effects to it, choose from hundreds of differentbackgroundimages and styles, share with your friends on Facebook,Instagramand Twitter. 💄 Beauty Makeup With Photo Editor CollageMaker Pro’samazing makeup tool, you can professionally change eyecolor, addeyelash and eyeliner, change lip color, adjust nose,change facecontour, whiten teeth, add blush, foundation and skinsmoothener,remove acnes, slim face, remove eyebags, enlarge andbrighten eyes,etc. With this cool beauty makeup tool, your selfieswill beeye-popping! ✂ Edit Photo Size You can freely resize yourphotos incustom sizes or you can choose ratios and let Photo EditorCollageMaker Pro do the magic. Wanna post it on stories? Noworries. Justpick 1:1 ratio to make it fit square size. LyrebirdStudio’s PhotoEditor Collage Maker Pro is the most professional,the best and themost easy to use photo editing app, collage makerand picture labfor your social accounts. It is totally FREE to editphotos and forcollage making and share your artwork on socialnetworks.
Photo Studio
Photo Studio is a powerful multifunctional photo editingapplicationfor photographers of any level. It contains the vastediting kit oftools for basic and advanced retouching of yourphotos. Make eachyour shot a perfect complete art-work using awide range of effects,filters, text editing and color enhancementtools and a lot of otherready-to-use features. Main features: 1.More than 200 uniquefilters, amazing special effects, a bigcollection ofpicture-in-picture effects, rich set of variousframes for any eventof your life, huge amount of stickers,textures, shapes andcorrection tools – lighting tune, colorcorrection, sharpening, lensboost, tilt shift, blur and more. 2.Use manual correction tools tohighlight, fix or improve any partor object on your photo. Use maskcorrection tool to apply filters,effects or tune your photoselectively. 3. Collage editor allows tocombine several photos intoamazingly looking photo collages with awide variety of adjustableframes, shapes, customizablebackgrounds, templates and stickers. 4.Magic tools comprising thefollowing outstanding features: Blend feature for combiningof two images together using a bigcollection of masks, backgroundsand blend modes; Color Splash isaimed to highlight objects on aphoto; Clone stamp is intended tocopy objects, change or erase abackground; Shapes editor helps tocombine photos with multiplevariations of shapes, textures andbackgrounds. 5. Impressive textediting tool is designed forcreation of nice-looking messages onyour photos with richcollection of customizable fonts, color,textures and shapes. 6.About 50 additional content packagesexpanding the photo editingprocess with new effects, frames,textures, fonts and templates. Ourteam's constantly working hardto implement new stunning features togain the #1 photo editortitle. Instagram: Twitter:
Camera for Android 3.9
Camera for Android will allow you to make excellent pictures,thatisa very fast and simple way to capture moments. You can easilytoshoot excellent photos, utilizing all advantage of your phoneortablet. Features: - Camera, video recorder & panoramafeatures- White balance settings(Incandescent, Fluorescent,Auto,Daylight,Cloudy) - Screen mode settings(Action, Night,Sunset,Play) - Dynamic user interface (phone/tablet) - Pinch tozoom -Smart panorama shooting - Wide screen pictures - Picturequalitysetting - Exposure - Location targeting - Configurablevolume keys- Countdown Timer
DECOPIC,Kawaii PhotoEditingApp
To our valued customers,An announcement and an apology regarding the cancellation ofanapplication----------------------------------------Yahoo! JAPAN has decided to cancel all applications that don'tmeetits general requirements.Therefore, the “ DECOPIC ” application will no longer be offeredbythe end of 2016.We apologize from the bottom of our hearts to all those whohaveloved it for a long time.*Until the application is uninstalled, you may continue touseit.※Support for DECO SHOP will end on March 31st.\♡ Over 28 million downloads ♡/This ultra-popular camera app makes it easy to do cute andstylishphoto editing ★You can even use hugely popular ♡ Hello Kitty stamps.♥ Lots of free decorations ♪Over 500 cute stamps and frames are available for free!We are also adding decorations perfect for seasons andevents★♥ Available decoration tools ♪Filters, frames, stamps, lettering, pen, eraser, and more...With this app, you can edit images however you like ♪♥ Decorating is easy ♪Even smartphone beginners can easily edit like advancedusers♡Great templates let you make cute photos instantly with asingletouch ♪Add decorations right after taking a picture with the camera☆♥ Famous entertainers love using it too !This app is used in photos uploaded to blogs byJapaneseentertainers ♪Check it out if you’re a big fan of “Japan kawaii” ★♥ Tons of different filters too ♪Outfits, selfies, fashion, nails, lunch, pets, and more...You can edit photos based on the situation ♪Try LOMO or Retro to make your photo look like it was taken withatoy camera!♥ You can draw whatever you want with the pen ♪Neon, pastels, vivid colors, patterns, spray paint, etc.You can choose various pens and adjust the thickness like in aphotobooth ♪Lots of colors are available too ♡ Try adding cute writingordrawing just like in a photo booth ☆♥ Classic phrases available in convenient form ♪Of course, you can also add your own words of your choosing !Add long sentences and poems to your favorite photos ★♥ You can easily upload photos to social networking services♪Decorate photos taken with the camera and then upload them tosocialnetworking services ☆You can share photos on Facebook and Twitter right away ♪Of course, you can also send photos via LINE ★♥ Cute decorations ♪We’ve even been featured in popular Japanese fashionmagazines♪You’ll be able to make cute pictures on your smartphone ☆We regularly add free material such as stamps and frames ♡We also look forward to requests for decorations andfeatures♪------------------------------------------Use this application after agreeing to the Yahoo! JAPAN Terms ofUse(including the Software Guidelines).■Yahoo! JAPANTerms of Use
■Privacy Policy■Software Guidelines■Community service rules (guidelines)
InstaBeauty -Makeup Selfie Cam
InstaBeauty:Great Selfie photo EditorforInstagram, Snapchat, Twitter and Facebook,comes from PIP Camerabigfamily.InstaBeauty contains more than 100 beautiful makeup stylesandfilters. It can help you remove whiteheads,blackheads,pimples,acnes and rosacea to get a flawless skin selfie. It isaprofessional selfie camera populated with more than 50millionusers globally because of selfie filters, grid filters,teethwhitening, zoom in the eyes, stylish collage, emoji sticker,quicksnap, special video and many other amazing features.InstaBeauty is a professional makeup editor & selfie editor,itcontains more than 100+ makeup styles.MUST-HAVE for those who like to take selfies!❤Try different makeup styles just like Beauty vloggers!❤What’s the popular feature now? It’s Makeup!Yes! We have added makeup feature, and you can use InstaBeautytomakeup now! Variety of makeups, just for you! Choose yourfavoritecolors of lips and blusher, then draw your eyes, teethwhitening.What an amazing you!Beauties, let’s makeup!Want to have BEAUTIFUL and PERFECT skins? InstaBeautybeautifiesyour picture and video with just ONE-TAP! Touch up yourselfieswith our quick and easy features and get great results. Wealsoprovide powerful selfie functionalities and teeth whiteningtoadjust and fine-tune details as you like.InstaBeauty comes with 5 main features: Beauty Makeup,BeautyCamera, Beauty Collage, Beauty Video and QuickSnap.◎ Beauty MakeupLet’s makeup! You don’t know how to makeup? Don’t worry aboutthat.Everyone can makeup with InstaBeauty even if a person hasnevermakeup before. Claires of makeups are ready. Change the shapeofeyebrows and teeth whitening then makeup your lip and cheek.Webelieve that you’ll be totally inspired by this makeup cam.How to makeup with InstaBeauty? Tap makeup button, selectyourfavorite makeup. It's convenient and quick, then you can alsouseInstaBeauty to beautify your selfies. Such a photo editor!◎ Beauty CameraTake professional beauty selfie editor with our camera. With overadozen claires beauty PRESETS and filters on cam, you can pickandchoose how your skin and face looks - with just ONE-TAP!Eachpreset provides different levels of smoothing, toning, andalsoremoving temporary imperfections such as pimples and blemishes.Ifyou are not satisfied, tap Adjust button to fine-tune furtherwithseveral advanced features such as SLIM-FACE, BLEMISH,BIG-EYES,TEETH whitening and much more! Real-time filter on BeautyCamera donot require post-correction. There are 10+ artistic anduniquefilters, including a big eyes filter specificallyforselfies.◎ Beauty CollageWhat to do after taking lots of selfies with our camera? Choosefromelegantly designed styles and instantly create Magazine-Stylecollages that look better than other collage apps! Our stylescomein Selfie, Square, Landscape, and Stripes modes to fit allyourcollage needs. Also download new styles every week to get thenewlycollage designs from our library.◎ Beauty VideoNow you can instantly beautify your video with Beauty Video.Justrecord as you will and we will enhance the footage on thego.◎ QuicksnapFor those who like to take lots of self-snapshots, this isthefeature you will like. Once finished taking pictures, you willbeable to review each beautified shots and choose which pictureyoulike to keep.Get InstaBeauty today and share your beautiful photos onFacebook,Snapchat, Instagram and Twitter!How to use InstaBeauty for selfies:1. Take a beautiful photo with the available uniqueartisticfilter.2. Edit the photo with simple and easy selfie photo editoroptionsor make a collage.3. Share the selfie on social media such as Instagram,Snapchat,Facebook, Twitter and etc.Contact Us:Facebook:
HD Camera for Android
This is an native android system camera app. HD Camera utilizedalladvantage of your phone or tablet. Let you snaps quick andeasyphotos and videos. Key features: - camera and video features -3modes: camera, video recorder & panorama - Pinch to zoom-smart panorama shooting - Countdown Timer - Dynamic userinterface(phone/tablet) - Wide screen pictures - Picture qualitysetting -White balance settings(Incandescent, Fluorescent,Auto,Daylight,Cloudy) - Screen mode settings(Action, Night,Sunset,Play) - Exposure - Location targeting - Configurable volumekeys -Photo Callage - Photo crop and photo editing. Although inthecurrent market, there are have many kinds of cameraapplications,but we still think this android native application isthe mostefficient and able to meet a user needs. Here only as asupplementfor those devices are not installed android native systemprovidesan additional option. Notes: The special permissions foruse 1,android.permission.ACCESS_FINE_LOCATION HD Camera canremember yourphotos and videos location if you wish. Other apps canaccess thisinformation along with your saved images.2,android.permission.READ_CONTACTS After you take a photo, youcanshare with others. HD Camera need to read the contactsinformationand help you share photos via email, SMS, or otherapps.------------------ Disclaimer: This app is based on nativeandroidcamera code, and licensed under the Apache License.code:
Create Shoot and edit your images with our superior mobilepresets,film-inspired presets, and advanced camera controls.Publish imagesor curate others to your VSCO profile. DiscoverExplore contentfrom the people you follow, curated work from thecommunity, andexclusive editorial content. Connect Join a creativecommunity withno public followers, likes or comments. Find andfollow friends andpeople from around the world. VSCO X MembershipVSCO X membershipincludes over 100 classic mobile VSCO presets,exclusive new FilmX™ presets and tools, plus new additions addedmonthly. VSCO X is apowerful digital darkroom on your phone,raising the bar for mobilephoto editing. VSCO X includes therevolutionary Film X™ tools andpresets. New film stocks will beadded monthly to the alreadyimpressive selection, including: -Kodak Portra 160 (KP1) - KodakPortra 400 (KP4) - Kodak Portra 800(KP8) - Kodak Ektar 100 (KE1)-Kodak Gold 200 (KG2) -Kodak UltraMax400 (KU4) -Kodak T-Max 3200(KT32) -Kodak Tri-X (KX4) -Ilford HP5(IH5) -Fuji Pro 400H (FP4)-Fuji Provia 400X (FR4) -Fuji Neopan 1600(FN16) -Fuji Pro 800Z(FP8) -Fuji Superia 100 (FS1) -Fuji Superia400 (FS4)
Photo Collage Maker
Select a few photos and instantly getanawesome photo collage (a grid of photos).Incredibly easy to use, yet highly powerful and has many optionstocustomize and make it personal.Main Features:Layouts Select from 100+ predefined layouts or createyourown.Stickers Choose from over 100+ stickers. Search formorestickers on the internet right from the app.Text Over 55 different fontsBackgrounds Many background colors and patternsCrop Cut unneeded areas from pictures.Filters Many filters to enhance your photosEasy gestures Easy to use. Intuitive and fastHigh res Save high resolution HD photos to yourphone’sgalleryMany photo sources Use pictures from your camera,socialnetworks, or search the web for images.Share Share the collages you create with friends andfamilyvia standard sharing.Modify You can edit the photo grid after saving atanytime.More information:* Free with ads.* No private data is collected - see privacy policy andtermsbelowSome of the pictures appearing on this page are licensedunderCreative Common "Attribution", see “Credits”.