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WiFi Overview 360 - The universal WiFi tool, incl. WidgetsWiFiOverview 360 and the Pro version is not only a WiFI-Scanner,whichshows all WiFis in range, the app is much more. This app isa"Swiss Army Knife" for WiFis. With this tool you can manageandoptimize your used wireless network and with one look you'llgetdetailed information of the WiFis (WiFi name (SSID),signalstrength, channelnumber, encryptionin - open or not and muchmore)in your environment. The tab "Ch Check" (Channel Checker) and"Ch.Radar" (Channel Radar) are powerful tools to optimize your ownWiFinetwork. For best performance your network must use a channelorfrequency range where are no other wireless networks or littleaspossible. WiFi Overview 360 gives you the best choice forthechannel. With a powerful "WiFi Detector/Sniffer" (onlyProVersion), who expanded the Android function enormously."WiFiDetector" looking for open WiFis, gives a notification(sound,pop-up text window, vibrate and text-to-speech - if youwant) andcan connect automatically. Main features are: - WiFiDetector - thepowerful open network finder (only Pro version) -"Quick connectshortcut", you can set a shortcut to switch/connectquick and easybetween/to WiFis (only Pro version) - change WiFipriority manually(only Pro version) - included 1x1, 2x1 and 4x1widgets withdifferent styles - WiFi scanner - WiFi sorting optionsfor"strength", "alphabetically", "channel" and "open/known Wi-Fis"-automatic WiFi activation at startup - if off, andautomaticturn-off at the end - manual way to add a network -detailed WiFiinformation - graphical representation of all wirelessnetworks inthe operating range - channel checker for the bestchannel choice -Tablet support - WiFi Internet connection check -and much more ... 5.01
IMPORTANT: Due to changes in Android OS is Android PIE 9supportlimited. OS limits app up to 4 scans per 2 minutes. FutureAndroidQ 10 will probably remove any support for wifi scan forapps. Proofbellow. This app is tested and provided primary forAndroid 8.1 andlower. If you have higher version or upgrading tohigher versionits up toyou."Thismethod was deprecated in API level 28. The ability for appstotrigger scan requests will be removed in a future release."----------------------- Wifi Analyzer will provideusefulinformation about wireless signals around you. App supports2.4Ghzand 5Ghz. - NO ADS - screenshot/CSV export of found networks-Helps to find optimal placement for wifi receivers - Providesyouinformation individually on wifi channels - Shows signalstrengthin history graph - Recommends the best channel for new AP-Information of the channel width (20/40/80MHz - only Android6+)Note: Android 6+ (Marshmallow) requires LOCATION permissionandlocation enabled - the reasons explained on the
Zoltán Pallagi
The most intuitive WiFi network analyzer application on theAndroidMarket! Highlighted Pro features: * No Ads! * Customizeddevices *Scan more networks * Send logs to Internet provider * Getnewfeatures and bug fixes faster Are you ready to discover yourWifi?Optimize wifi with the most intuitive WiFi analyzer tool ontheGoogle Play! Increase the network performance via analyzingandmonitoring your wifi network! Highlighted features: * Find whousesyour Wifi! Detect all connected network devices, scan yourwirelessnetwork * 2.4 and 5 GHz support * Check wifi securityproblems *Analyze signal strength and latency (ping) * detectcrowdedchannels, verify DNS working * Detailed information aboutyournetwork and your access point including the vendor of theAccessPoint, frequency, channel width, security level and DHCPinfo,BSSID (router MAC address). * Open router settings *Recommendationfor the best channel * Check wireless networks easilyon severalcharts * Export result * Wifi analytics * Wifi networktype: WEP,WPA, WPA2 Dark or Light theme are also availableAvailable filters:SSID, wifi band, overlapping channels This wifitool app monitorsand analyzes your network and warns you if thereare problems. Forbeginners: easy to understand, you don't need tobe an IT expert.You can detect the problems without knowing how theRSSI, linkspeed work or what they mean. IMPORTANT for Android6(Marshmallow): Please enable locationservice(Settings>Location) or the app won't work properly. Thisis notrequired for the app, this is a problem in android 6.0(without itthe app won't see the networks).
Network Analyzer Pro 3.6.2
Jiri Techet
Network Analyzer can help you diagnose various problems in yourwifinetwork setup, Internet connectivity, and also detect variousissueson remote servers thanks to the wide range of tools itprovides. Itis equipped with a high-performance wifi devicediscovery tool,including all the LAN device's addresses,manufacturers and names,together with the Bonjour/DLNA servicesthey provide. Further,Network Analyzer contains standard netdiagnostic tools such asping, traceroute, port scanner, DNSlookup, whois, and network speedtest. Finally, it shows allneighbouring wi-fi networks togetherwith additional details suchas signal strength, encryption androuter manufacturer to helpdiscovering the best channel for awireless router. Everythingworks with both IPv4 and IPv6. Wifisignal meter: - Both graphicaland textual representation showingnetwork channels and signalstrengths - Channel usage graph - seeper-channel utilization -Wifi network type (WEP, WPA, WPA2) - Wifiencryption (AES, TKIP) -BSSID (router MAC address), manufacturer,WPS support - Bandwidth(Android 6 and newer only) LAN scanner: -Fast and reliabledetection of all network devices - Vendor name,IP, and MACaddresses of all discovered devices - NetBIOS, mDNS(bonjour),LLMNR, and DNS name where available - Pingability testofdiscovered devices - IPv6 availability and discoveredIPv6addresses - Wake on LAN (WOL) including remote WOL - Scan ofcustomIP ranges - Possibility to set custom device name - Filteringandsearch in the discovered device list Network connections: -Similarto unix netstat tool - see network connections made by otherapps -Local & remote address and port number, state of theconnection- Remote hostname - Name of the app which made theconnection -TCP, UDP, IPv4 and IPv6 Routing table: - Destination& gateway,interface used, flags - Both IPv4 and IPv6 Ping &traceroute: -Round trip delay including IP address and hostname foreverynetwork node - Geolocation data including latitude,longitude,country, city, and time zone - AS number and networknameinformation - Complete trace route visualization on the map-Graphical ping statistics updated in real time - Both IPv4 andIPv6- selectable Port scanner: - Fast, adaptive algorithm forscanningthe most common ports or user specified port ranges -Detection ofclosed, firewalled, and open ports - Description of theknown openport services - Scan of complete port range oruser-editable commonports - Both IPv4 and IPv6 - selectable Whois:- Whois of domains,IP addresses and AS numbers DNS lookup: -Functionality similar tonslookup or dig - Support for A, AAAA, SOA,PTR, MX, CNAME, NS,TXT, SPF, SRV records Internet speed: - Test ofboth download andupload speeds - Graphical speed test view -Speedtest historyNetwork information: - Default gateway, externalIP (v4 and v6),DNS server, HTTP proxy - Wifi network informationsuch as SSID,BSSID, IP address, subnet mask , signal strength, etc.- Cell (3G,LTE) network information such as IP address, signalstrength,network provider, MCC, MNC, etc. Local service discovery:- Bonjourservice browser - UPNP/DLNA service and device browserMore: - FullIPv6 support everywhere - History of all performedtasks with thepossibility to star the favorite ones - Export byemail and othermeans - Copy/paste support - Detailed help - Regularupdates,support page
WiFi Analyzer 2.4.0
Martin Hloušek
WiFi Analyzer is a lightweight application that analyzestheavailable WiFi networksIt helps you to evaluate thesignalinterference of existing networks and find out the lesscrowdedchannelFeatures:- WiFi scanner with detailed list ofavailablenetworks- frequency graph for 2.4GHz and 5GHz WLAN(802.11b/g/n)-signal level history graph of available networks-network routervendor (complete router vendors database)-2.4GHz/5GHz bandchannels- save screenshot
WiFi Insight Wi-Fi Analyzer 1.0.2
WiFi Insight is a WiFi network analyzer that will enable youto:•Quickly scan, analyze and monitor Wi-Fi (802.11) wirelessnetworksaround you with your smartphone or tablet• Identify theWLAN accesspoints that implement those networks• Recognize whichWiFi networksare advertised by which access points• Analyze channelutilization,signal strength and WiFi coverage with easy to usecharts andgraphs• Optimize channel selection and positioning ofyour accesspoints for the best bandwidth, coverage and performance•See SSID,BSSID, signal strength, channel, security settings andaccess pointvendor information• Apply filters so you can quicklyfocus on andanalyze a particular network (SSID), access point,channel or band•Analyze the roaming behavior of your Androiddevice• Configure aname for each access point• See the WLANsecurity settings for eachnetworkWiFi Insight is designed to be aneasy to use WiFi analyzerfor IT staff, professional networkinstallers and tech savvyconsumers to quickly analyze andunderstand WiFi networks operatingaround them. WiFi Insight is anideal WiFi analyzer forunderstanding enterprise WLAN deploymentswhere each access pointadvertises multiple services via multiple802.11 radios.WiFiInsight WiFi analyzer supports 802.11 a/b/g/n/acbased on thecapabilities of your Android device.WiFi Insight cananalyze andmonitor WLAN networks and access points from all vendorsincludingCisco, Aruba, Aerohive, Ruckus, Ericsson, Linksys,Netgear, Arris,Apple, Motorola, Tropos, Juniper, Avaya, D-Link,TP-Link and HP.WiFi Insight also works with access point featuresbuilt into cableand DSL modems to analyze wireless aspects ofComcast Xfinity,AT&T U-Verse, Google Fiber and Cox high speedInternetservices. WiFi Insight is an excellent tool if you aretrying totroubleshoot or optimize your Chromecast or Fire TVconnection.WiFiInsight is a great companion tool for other WLANtest equipment,including Wireshark, AirPCAP, iperf, Aeropeek, Ixia,Veriwave,Chariot, Netstumbler and others. WiFi Insight allows youto quicklydetermine which channels each AP uses, eliminating theneed to dotrial and error packet captures to find which channel anAP isoperating on.Compare WiFi Insight to other popular WiFianalyzerapps and WiFi tools such as "WiFi Analyzer" and beforedecidingwhich one will be your go-to tool for WiFi networkanalysis. WiFiInsight does not display ads.
Wifi Analyzer-Wifi tools pro 14.7
AD Free!Home Wifi Alert- Wifi Analyzer has been called one ofthemost impressive wifi analyzers/network analyzers on GooglePlay.Meticulously protect your WiFi and maximize your connectionspeedwith the wide variety of network utilities and tools. This appis amust-have for a wide range of users from beginners to ITspecialistand skilled network administrators. How it Works?✓ Withone tap itquickly scans your home network and identifies all of thewired andwireless devices that are using the internet connection. ✓Afterthe scan you’ll be able to see everyone that’s connected toyourWifi in a clean, concise list and instantly discover ifanyunwanted devices are linked in. Create your very owntrustednetwork with this app by building a trusted list of devicesthatare welcomed on the network.✓ The app also displays technicaldatafor each device including the IP address, host name, MACaddress,and manufacturer name. All of this information is availableto youfor devices that are currently connected to your network. Ifyousee an unwanted user you can press the BLOCK button to inputthemac address on your mac filtering table on your router tostoptheir internet usage. ✓ The app also displays your accesspoint,and channel your router is operating on and displays howmanyneighbors are on the same channel. On the channel rating page,itwill rate which channel will be your best option to move togetbest results and faster internet speed.Key functions:•NetworkAnalyzer:- Displays IP addresses, MAC addresses, displaynames,access point you are connected to, and allows you tocustomizeimages/icons and edit display names. • Wifi Strength:-Wifi testerthat shows Wifi signal strength! Also, shows you if youareconnected to your internet and displays your routers publicIP.•Access Point Scan:-Displays all router Access Points in rangetoyou, what their MAC address are, channel they are using, andtheirdb signal strength.• Access Point Graphs:-Displays thecurrentchannel your router is operating on and displays how manyneighborsare on the same channel. On the channel rating page, itwill ratewhich channel will be your best option to set your WiFi toforspeed and reliability.• Connections:-Displays ALL connectionsthatare currently connected through your device. Itdisplaysestablished foreign connections, listening IP, andclosedconnections. Each established IP is checked against 35Backlisteddatabases to and displays if the IP’s are trusted orknownthreats!• Block feature:- The most useful/unique feature onthiswifi analyzer/ network analyzer. Brings you to your deviceswebinterface so you can log in and input unwanted MAC address totherouter's filter table to block device from using the internet.Goto to see how to use this function.•NetworkAnalyzer tools! On the tools tab, the app can provide DNSlookup,Whois data, ping/port scan host names and FQDN scans,andtraceroute!* added Cell data strength gauge tab whichdisplaysNetwork type and Network speed dataProtectyourselfCongested wifichannels and Untrusted (wifi theft) devicesslow down your internetconnection and put a strain on your Wifi!Don’t overpay for fasterinternet speeds or suffer with a slowconnection, take charge andstop Wifi theft and pick the bestwireless channel to be onaltogether with Home Wifi Alert - Wifianalyzer. 24 HourSupportBecause of the wide range of functions, Ioffer free supportto help both new and advice professionals withany issues orquestions they might have. I respond within 24 hours,please emailcontact support@homewifialert.netGet it now!Freeversion:
Wifi Scanner Lite 1
Gamma+ Labs
Wifi Scanner lite is a simplewifitoolapplication, that can be used as a best Wifi map analyzer.Thisappallows us know the liste of Wifi networks you haveinyourneighborhood, as well as data relating to thenetwork(SSID,security types, channel, signal strength ...). Withusingthesedata, you can improve your Wi-Fi network by changingtheparametersof network.Wifi Scanner lite or WiFi Analyzer is a Light andfreeapplicationthat analyzes and scans the available Wi-Finetworks. Ithelps youto evaluate find the channel less busy anddisplay thecurrentchannel on which your router is running anddisplays thenumber ofneighbors on the same channel. Wifi Scannerit's a bestwifi toolanalyzer, that aims to evaluate and choosewhich channelis yourbest option to set up your Wi-Fi connection toimprove thespeedand reliability.With this tool you can get a best wifi manager to optimizeyourusedwireless network in your environment.This WiFi tool give a WiFi signal meter and show :- Network channels;- Signal strengths;- Wifi network type (WEP, WPA, WPA2);- BSSID (router MAC address), manufacturer, WPS support;
WiFi Analyzer, Show Password 2.3.1
Optimize your WiFi network usingWiFiAnalyzer,WiFi Analyzer by examining surrounding WiFi networks,measuringtheir signal strength as well as identifyingcrowdedchannels.WiFiAnalyzer, WiFi Analyzer, Monitor Network to backup allWiFipasswords on your device, and restore it with just one step!Sharewith friends through SMS or email. Never lose your wifipasswordagain.This is a mini network monitor for your phone. It monitorstheupload and download speed per second. It will always stay inthecorner of your phone's screenFeatures WiFiAnalyzer, WiFi Analyzer, Monitor Network:- Identify nearby Access Points- Show SSID and Password- Monitor Network- Wifi Analyzer provides you information individualy onwifichannels- Shows signal strength in history graph- Wifi Analyzer recommends the best channel for new AP- Information of the channel width (20/40/80MHz - onlyAndroid6+)- Copy WiFi Password to Clipboard- Notification Center widget display wifi and datatrafficinformation- Status Bar Display Network Data Rate- By day, week, month display data usage- Configure Notifications from SettingsWiFiAnalyzer, WiFi Analyzer is not a WiFi password crackingorphishing tool, Need super user permissionsWhy WiFiAnalyzer, WiFi Analyzer only works on a rooteddevice?Because your device stores WiFi passwords when you connect to anewWiFi network. You are not able to access the passwords andretrievethem unless you have super-user permissions
WiFi Analyzer 1.4.16
WiFi Analyzer allows you to visualize WiFi signals all aroundyou.Works with 2.4Ghz and 5Ghz networks. Make your WiFi Faster!UseWiFi Analyzer to find the best channel for your WiFi accesspointor router, to increase your WiFi Speed. Android6.0/Marshmallow+users you can also view the WiFi signal bandwidth.Features ✦ Listnearby Access Points ✦ Animated graphs show signalstrength in realtime. ✦ Show the best channel for a new AP ✦Displays the bandwidthof the Wi-Fi signals ie 20/40/80/160mhz ✦Find the optimum positionfor your AP ✦ Lookup router vendor fromMAC address ✦ Speed up WiFiWiFi Analyser will speed up your wlanspeed by showing you thefastest channel to set your Access Pointon. ✦ *NOTE* Android6.0/Marshmallow+ users must grant the Locationpermission to beable to scan for WiFi networks. Scan results willbe blankotherwise. Permissions Used ✦ In-app purchases - You canremove theadverts by making a small donation. ✦ View networkconnections - Asimple check to see if the app can access theinternet ✦ courselocation - Needed to scan WiFi.
Wifi Analyzer 3.5
WiFi Analyzer is an network tool help you analyze WiFiSignalStrength of access point you are connected and access pointsaroundyou, so you will easily find out the places have best WiFisignalstrength and optimize, boost your WiFi network speed.At theplaceshave best WiFi signal strength you will hear "beepbeep"continuously and graph will show the wireless signal status atthattime.Beside work as an WiFi optimizer, WiFi Analyzer can scanalldevices in your LAN, so you can find out thieves are usingfreeyour WiFi and protect your WiFi network.WiFi Analyzer haveanotherfeature is estimate distance from an access point to yourdeviceeven when you're not connect to those access points.Mainfeature:-Analyzing WiFi network speed, WiFi Signal Strength,showinformation about your WiFi network: SSID, IP address,MACaddress...- Scan devices in LAN and detect thief is usingfreeWiFi- Analyzing WiFi Signal Strength by time of all routersandaccess point around you.- Estimate distance and show speedofaccess point around you.Download WiFi Analyzer now andoptimizeyour WiFi network speed . Thank you for your using.
Wifi Analyzer 2017 3.63
WiFi analyzer 2017 will help youoptimizeyourWiFi network by examining surrounding WiFinetworks,measuringtheir signal strength and identifying crowdedchannels.Appsupports 2.4Ghz and 5Ghz.Featues:- Helps to find optimal placement for wifi receivers- Wifi Analyzer provides you information individualyonwifichannels- Shows signal strength in history graphs.- Wifi Analyzer recommends the best channel for new AP.- Information of the channel width (20/40/80MHz -onlyAndroid6+)WiFi Analyzer is not a WiFi password cracking orphishingtool.
Simple Wifi Analyzer 1.7.10
Simple Wifi Analyzer Applicationwillprovideuseful information about Wifi signals around you.Features.- Supports 2.4GHz and 5GHz Wifi.- Identify Access Points.- Shows Wifi channel rating and best Wifi channels.- Shows signal strength of Wifi channels.- Shows signal strength time graph of Access Points.Source:Modified : : under the GPLv3 your WiFi network, by checking WiFi networkstatus,signalstrength and identifying crowded channels usinganopen-source WiFiAnalyzer for AndroidLibraries Used:Apache Commonshttps://commons.apache.orgGraph View Design Icons
Wifi Analyzer 1.0
Turn your android device intoaWi-FianalyzerTurn your android device into a Wi-Fi analyzer.🔧Wifi Analyzer completely freeandsuper-fastnetwork scanner.🔩 Discover which devices are connected to any Wi-Finetwork,mapdevices, detect intruders, assess networksecurityrisks,troubleshoot network problems and achieve bestnetworkperformance,with the world’s most popular networktoolkit.🔨Wifi Analyzer with manytoolsincluding:Wi-Fi scanner, port scanner, DNS lookup, pingandservicemonitoring – Wifi Analyzer isamust-havenetwork utility.Wi-Fi scanner: discover all devices connected to any networkFull device details including IP address, MAC address,DeviceName,Vendor, Device Manufacturer and moreInventory of devices and networksInternet connectivity checkerISP analysis and locationPort scanner: TCP port scanning that automatically findsopenportsand available servicesPing and traceroute: for network quality measurementConnect to ports (Browser, SSH, FTP)Network intruder detectionNetwork monitoring: device online and offline trackingSupports device identification by IP addressforbridgednetworksDEVELOPER:Network MasterSUPPORT:If you have any feedback, bug reports, suggestions or youcanhelpwith the translations, please contactusatbantrangtenvu@gmail.comThank you for using our application!
Pixel WiFi Analyzer 1.0.5
Pixel Group
Do in-depth wifi analysis with Pixel WiFi Analyzer, one of thebestwifi analyzer, wifi scanner , and wifi monitor apps on GooglePlay.See all of the devices connected to your wifi network andknowexactly who is using your network. SIMPLE, IN-DEPTH WIFIMANAGEMENTFeatures:* Full device details including IP address, MACaddress,Device Name,Device Manufacturer,and more.*Check yourInternetConnection.*Access fine location map permissions .*Getdetailedinformation about your current ISP Provider.*Get YourPublic IPAddress.*Ping test for your network quality.* showInternet for alldevices on the Network.* Internet Speed Test ,Download and UploadTest.*Check your network for intruders.*Basicinformation aboutyour device network.*Watch all devices on yournetwork.*Customnames of your discovered devices.*Get manufacturerDetails of yourdiscovered device.* Get Access to Admin Securitythat helps you toaccess the admin page of any Router modems( never been easier. Pixel WiFi Analyzer will show youdetaileddata about every user and manage wireless networks withthe freewifi scanner and wifi analyzer tool. HOW TO USE PIXEL WiFiAnalyzer?-------------------------------------------1. WelcomeScreen: Inthis screen, Pixel WiFi Analyzer connects to your routerto savethesettings. You will see a window asking you to confirmthe validityof theapplication (Super User) through the option(Grant).2. SearchscreenAfter clicking on (Scan), Pixel WiFiAnalyzer searches for allthedevices connected to your wifinetwork, and list them in the menuthatcontains all their data suchas: IP, Mac Address, the type ofdevice (Android,iPhone, PC,Router). You can also rename each deviceappears in the list, soyoucan easily select the device later.3.Free wifi scan for ports onthe selected device.4. Ping Scan forselected device.5. Click tovisit the open ports in the browser.6.View The Manufacturer ofalldevices.---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------Thewirelessnetwork analyzer tool features will help you if you areaskingyourself how can i block someone from using mywifi.Monitoringdevice connections and view hosts information (IP,Hostname,Organization,Address and Location)We are deeplycommitted to offeryou FULL control over your wifi network.Wireless network shouldnever be comprised. The Wireless analyzerfeatures included in ourapp will guarantee security. Get it freeNOW!All rights reserved ©pixelgroup 2017
Wifi Analyzer (no LOCATION) 3.61-sdk-22
This version is for Android 6+. More info down "*"Wifi Analyzerwillprovide useful information about wireless signals around you.Appsupports 2.4Ghz and 5Ghz.*Short explanation:- this app willprobablywork on your Android 6 device without LOCATIONneedFullexplanation:- apps made on Google Development Kit forAndroid 6(SDK 23 - recommended by Google) requires LOCATION- appsmade onolder development kit (for example Android 5 - SDK 22) arestillfunctional in compatibility mode without LOCATION need(mostly)-google play blocks any downgrade for apps made on SDK 23to lower(SDK 22)- original app (functionality for now very same)made onrecommended SDK 23 with 1M+ downloadshere: of this one app will remain active - I don't know howlongwill be this "older SDK" version works, could be yearsSomeinfoabout this new terribly feature written on Google'sofficialAndroidwebsite:*-Helpsto find optimal placement for wifi receivers- Providesyouinformation individualy on wifi channels- Shows signal strengthinhistory graph- Recommends the best channel for new AP-Informationof the channel width (20/40/80MHz - only Android 6+)
wifi analyzer free 3.65
WiFi Analyzer free is the best wifi analyzer for android andthemost popular wifi map for free Wi-Fi analyzer application..itgives you the ability to Connect to WiFi passwords forFREEinternet access all over the world.WiFi finder tool-WiFiAnalyserallows to Optimize your WiFi network via WiFi Analyzer proandexamining surrounding WiFi networks, measuring theirsignalstrength as well as identifying crowded channels for yourwirelessrouter and wireless signals around youYou have additionalfeaturesfor WiFi finder:- Share WiFi hotspots with your socialnetworksfriends - Update obsolete passwords - Add updates WiFihotspots andpasswords- allows you to find a better positioning foryour Wi-Fireceiver- gives you detailed information about eachdetected Wi-Fisignal- Marshmallow devices may need to turn on thelocationservice- Analyze WiFi networks to rate channels-Application wifianalyser supports 2.4Ghz and 5Ghz.- Wifi Analyzerrecommends theperfect and best channel for new AP- Shows all routerAccess Pointsin range to you,channel they are on, MAC address, anddBm signalstrength.WiFiAnalyzer tool is not a phishing or WiFipasswordhacking tool.keeping connected is free: - Find the placeyou aretraveling to - View and scroll the detail of map around -That's okthe app can work there without the Internet- WiFi hotspotAnalyzerwill examinate and optimize your wifi via wifi boosterTheWiFiAnalyzer has 4 screens:Gauge, Channel, Graph, List.thewifianalyser design for Android smartphone and Android tablet forfree.
Wifi Analyzer 3.8.4
The most intuitive WiFi analyzerapplicationonthe Android Market!Wifi Analyzer gives you useful information about wireless signal.- help you to find better place for wifi receiver- give you information about each one wifi channel- show signal strength in history graph- recommend you best channel for new AP
wifi analyzer 3.65
With the application "wifi analyzer" Transforms your Androidmobileinto a Wi-Fi analyzer.The "wifi analyzer" app (analyseur wifiinfrench) shows you the wireless network (wi-fi) around youandallows you to find a non-congested channel for yourWi-Firouter.The WiFi finder tool-WiFi Analyzer provides you withanarsenal of services such as:- allows you to find abetterpositioning for your Wi-Fi receiver- gives you detailedinformationabout each detected Wi-Fi signal- displays the change insignalstrength over time- Displays all the access points of therouterwithin your range, the channel on which they are, the MACaddressand the signal strength dBm.- helps you find the mostappropriatechannel for creating a new Wi-Fi hotspot- displays IPaddresses,MAC addresses, wifi provider name and wireless accesspoints (WAP,AP).- Supports 2.4 GHz and 5 GHz Wifi.The WiFiAnalyzertool is nota phishing or a WiFi password hacking tool.With morethan a dozenfree network tools, including; Wi-Fi scanner, portscanner, DNSlookup, ping and monitoring service - WiFi Analyzer isa must-havenetwork utility.The WiFiAnalyzer has 4 screens:Gauge,Channel,Graph, List.the wifi analyzer design for Android smartphoneandAndroid tablet for free.
Speed Internet 3G 4G Wifi 5.6.44
2G 3G 4G LTE Network Monitorfast internet and speed 3G,4G,LTEEnjoyfast internet without interruptionSpeed Internet3G,4G,WifiInternetspeed displays you have in the status bar.Internet Speed 3G 4GWifi 5GWifi AnalyserSpeed Internet 3G,WifiMonitor3G 4G WifiIncrease internet speed androidIncrease internetspeedIncreaseinternet speed on android workingAndroid wifi speedupinternetIncrease internet speed on android up to 1000Mbps2018maximize internet speed on android4G speed testSpeed upmobileinternet on Android
Wifi Analyzer 2 & 5GHz Booster 1.1
Wifi analyzer and wifi booster also supporting wifi 5GHz band.Wi-fianalyzer for wireless channels and shows the less crowdedchannelsafter the wifi analyzer scanner process allowing a wifibooster foryour wireless network. Avoid wifi interferences, andwith fullsupport for wireless 5GHz. Can do speed test to check thewirelessspeed. Improve your wifi signal strength.This wifianalyzer is theeasier one to use, but accurate. Get the lesscrowded wi-fi channlesquickly. Allowing a wi-fi booster in yourspeed test, improving thesignal strenght with lessinterferences.It supports 2.4GHz and wi-fi5GHz. As the onlyapplication that successfully supports the wifi5GHz band, usingthe latest technology from the Wi-Fi Alliance andthe IEEE 802.11standard. To analyze the wifi 5GHz band, a devicethat supports thewi-fi 5GHz band is required.This wifi Analyzeruses the latestanalyze technology so you can get a wifi analyzer,wifi boosterthat shows the less crowded channels in both 2,4 andwifi 5GHzbands in a wireless network by just pressing a buttonUseWifiAnalyzer 2 & 5GHz Booster in your home or office, it isusefulfor any environment where you look for the maximum wi-fispeed andfree from interference that can disrupt communication ofdevices ona wireless network.
WIFI Analyser, Speed WiFi 1.0
This wifi analyzer has many IP toolsforobserveand check the progress or quality of your home wifioroffice networkinfo.and gives you the ability to Connect toWiFipasswords for FREEinternet access all over the world.Smart WIFI Analyser will Helps you to find a lesscrowdedwirelesschannels.wireless network scannerShows the all the Wifi channels around you.Very fast and free network toolWiFi hotpots to protect your online securityTest wifi network speedMonitor just wifi not 3g or 4g connexionsRouter network utilities AnalyserOptimize your WiFi networkWireless connexion speed/strengthMapping your wifi networkScan the security of the WPS hotspot connectionSecure your Wifi passwordsWifi security is a growing concernKeep hackers away by monitoring your wifiPing, Port Scan, Block user from wifiDisplays wifi IP addressesDisplays wifi speed & Wifi signal strengthWireless access pointsAccess Point Graphs TabCheck your wifi network for intrudersMAC address lookup IPShare WiFi hotspots with your social networks friendsNOTE: This Smart WiFi Analyzer isn't a phishing orWiFipasswordhacking tool.
Bluetooth & WiFi Analyzer 1.3
BnY Lab.
Bluetooth & Wifi Analyzer is a very useful tool for testingBTand Wifi.This app is for general users and even developers.Itletusers and developers do standalone test of each bluetooth andwifi,and also coexistence test like examiningbothconcurrently.[Update]Ver 1.3: Improve Wifi function and fixbugsfor iperfVer 1.2: Fix some activities for lower Android 6.0Ver1.1:Minor UI fixes[Bluetooth]- Supports very detailedBluetoothBR/EDR(Classic device) information of your host/controllerdevice.-Supports very detailed connection information of allsupportedprofiles.- Supports BR/EDR scan.- Supports very detailedBluetoothLE information of host/controller configurations.-Supports BLEScan 1) Setting ble scan filter and ble scan settings.2) BLEscanning to get ble advertisement(beacon) based on yourfilter andscan settings.- Supports BLE Advertise 1) Settingadvertise dataand advertise settings. 2) Advertising beacons forBLE scannerbased on your configuration.- Supports using both scanandadvertise * Basically, most of BT controller doesn'tsupportperipheral mode. It means that some devices cannot run scanandadvertise in the same time. * If your device supportsperipheralmode, you can concurrently use both in thisapplication.[WiFi]-Supports WiFi scan with 2.4GHz and 5GHz. Notethat you need toallow location permission for WiFi scan on android6+- Supportsvery detailed information of WiFi adapter.- Supportsvery detailedinformation of connected network.- Supports frequency,bandwidth,signal strength, dhcp info and so on.- Supports WiFispeed testwith iperf tool. Note that the iperf is for local networkspeedtest rather than internet speed.- Supports WiFi enhancedenergyreporting feature. Note that this feature supported onandroid 5+and WiFi chip-set should support it.[Bluetooth &WiFiCoexistence]- Under construction! Note that this function willbesupported at future update.- We will make tests for coexistenceofBluetooth and WiFi. 1) Sending and receiving WiFi packetsandBluetooth ACL data. 2) Sending and receiving WiFi packetsandBluetooth SCO data. 3) Using simultaneously Bluetooth LEscan,advertise(beacons), Bluetooth ACL/SCO, and WiFi 2.4GHz.- Avarietyof environments for combining BT and WiFi.Bluetooth &WifiAnalyzer is a very useful tool for testing BT and Wifi.This appisfor general users and even developers.It let users anddevelopersdo standalone test of each bluetooth and wifi, and alsocoexistencetest like examining both concurrently.[Update]Ver 1.3:Improve Wififunction and fix bugs for iperfVer 1.2: Fix someactivities forlower Android 6.0Ver 1.1: Minor UI fixes[Bluetooth]-Supports verydetailed Bluetooth BR / EDR (Classic device)information of yourhost / controller device.- Supports verydetailed connectioninformation of all supported profiles.- SupportsBR / EDR scan.-Supports very detailed Bluetooth LE information ofhost /controller configurations.- Supports BLE Scan  1)Settingble scan filter and ble scan settings.  2) BLEscanningto get ble advertisement (beacon) based on your filter andscansettings.- Supports BLE Advertise  1) Settingadvertisedata and advertise settings.  2) Advertisingbeacons forBLE scanner based on your configuration.- Supports usingboth scanand advertise  * Basically, most of BTcontroller doesnot support peripheral mode. It means that somedevices can not runscan and advertise in the sametime.  * If your devicesupports peripheral mode, you canconcurrently use both in thisapplication.[WiFi]- Supports WiFi scanwith 2.4GHz and5GHz.  Note that you need to allowlocation permissionfor WiFi scan on android 6+- Supports verydetailed information ofWiFi adapter.- Supports very detailedinformation of connectednetwork.- Supports frequency, bandwidth,signal strength, dhcp infoand so on.- Supports WiFi speed test withiperftool.  Note that the iperf is for local networkspeedtest rather than internet speed.- Supports WiFi enhancedenergyreporting feature.  Note that this featuresupported onandroid 5+ and WiFi chip-set should supportit.[Bluetooth &WiFi Coexistence]- Underconstruction!  Note that thisfunction will be supportedat future update.- We will make testsfor coexistence of Bluetoothand WiFi.  1) Sending andreceiving WiFi packets andBluetooth ACL data.  2)Sending and receiving WiFi packetsand Bluetooth SCOdata.  3) Using simultaneously BluetoothLE scan,advertise (beacons), Bluetooth ACL / SCO, and WiFi 2.4GHz.-Avariety of environments for combining BT and WiFi.
Wifi Analyzer For Android 1.0
Hemera Media
Do you want to know if someone isconnectedtoyour wireless network without your permission or yourinternetbillis too high and you think someone hacked you? WifiAnalyzer(orWifi Inspector) provide useful information aboutwirelesssignalsaround you and see all the devices connected toyournetwork.Wifi Analyzer employs computer network techniques todetectdevicesconnected to your Wifi router.Features of Wifi Analyzer• IP address• Manufacturer• Device name• MacAddress• Wifi Analyzer is FREEIf any new device connects to your Wifi, Wifi Analyzer searchesitinits database. If unknown, it alarms and you can eitheridentifyit orbe suspicious that there is an intruder and dofurtheractions.
WiFi Analyzer-Wifi Admin Tools 1.0
WhiteHat Apps
Wifi Analyzer- Wifi Admin tools is one of the most robustnetworkingutilities on google play. With this wifi analyzer youwill have manyIP tools for monitoring your home or office's wiredor wirelessnetwork signal info. Key functions:• Wifi analyzerReconnaissancepage features:1) Scan network2) Whois data3) IPblacklist checker 4)Port Scanner5) MAC address lookup6) DNSlookup7) Traceroute 8) Ping•Network Scanning Page features:1)Displays Wifi signal strength andwifi speed! 2) Test internetconnections 3) Display Public IPaddress 4) Encryption, Frequency,MAC address, DHCP, and DHCPlease5) Wireless access points (WAP,AP)6) Access point graphs andcharts7) Display ALL connections madeto your android device24 HourSupportBecause of the wide range oftools within this wifi analyzer,I offer free support to both newand professionals with anyquestions or concerns. I try to respondwithin 24 hours, pleaseemail
Wifi Analyzer 1.2
heyheyhey, I'm glad you're here,You are worried about the qualityofwifi weakWant to compare your wifi with her neighbor's housewithoutknowing her password.Very simply turn the app "wifianalyzer" on thecheck you will get:- Signal slow standard fastvery intuitive wifinetwork- Knowing all wifi networks around you-The application has avery interesting measure it strong or weakwifi signal as a racer- Iadd a little sound when change wifi, niceear if you do not like candisable itAfter checking the qualitywifi, sometimes it will be veryweak and booster the speed you wantit simple, or rather a new wifior you can use other proceduresthat you can find on youtube orgoogle.Well, we are Kes-gamingprogrammers funniest thisplanet,Using finishing please vote for usnow 5 *, tksOr contact mevia facebook fan page at thefollowing:facebook:
ScanFi : Wifi Analyzer 2.0.3
ScanFi is a wireless network analyzerthatturns your Android phone into a passive scanning device. Nowscanyour wireless network without connecting to any access point,getall the details along with cool graphical representations.This application would meet user expectations as a basicWi-FiScanner/Analyzer with no additional hardware required.- Scan your wireless network for available access points,withall the required information at a glance.- Get information of a specific access point, with a historygraphof 60 seconds.- Cool graphs to see all the activity on your Wi-Fi network.- Channel ratings to know the least crowded channelfortransmission.Note: This application is just an analyzer and not aWi-Ficonnection tool.For more specific features or corporate licensing pleasereachout to the developer directly.
WiFi Analyzer 1.0
Expert Zone
WiFi Analyzer turns your android phone into a Wi-Fi Analyzerforyou. This WiFi Analyzer will show you the WI-FI channelsaroundyou. This is best app to find the best Wi-Fi channel foryourandroid phone.• Find less crowded channel for your phone.• Thisappwill provide you useful information about wireless networkslikesignal strength etc.• Connect / Disconnect using this analyzerforwifi.• Wifi Analyzer is free
Wi-Fi Visualizer 0.0.9
ITO Akihiro
Your device will be "Wi-Fi Analyzer"!By visualizing theWi-Fienvironment, you can prevent and resolve troubles of Wi-Fi.Itisconvenient for site survey (preliminary survey) beforeintroducingwireless LAN, and confirmation of radio wave conditionafterintroduction."WiFi Analyzer" can solved the trouble of Wi-Fi.Forexample, Wi-Fi is slowly, Cannot connect to Wi-Fi, Wi-Fiisconnected but cannnot connect toInternet,etc.Functions:[Information on connected Wi-Fi]You cancheck thestatus of the currently connected Wi-Fi network.It isuseful forisolating troubles. (For example, Connected to Wi-Fi butcannotconnect to the Internet)Information- Connection destination(SSID,BSSID)- Signal strength (RSSI)- Channel (Frequency)- ChannelWidth*Only Android 6.0 or later- Link Speed...Solve when can notconnectto the Internet- Open the web-based setting page of therouter.-Open web authentication page when connected to "publicWi-Fispot".[Scan the surrounding Wi-Fi]You can scan thesurroundingWi-Fi and visualize the congestion of the channel andsignalstrength as a graph.It is useful for site survey(preliminarysurvey) before introduction of wireless LAN.[Displaythe Heatmap] *Android 3.0 or later onlyYou can map the signalstrength and LinkSpeed of the currently connected Wi-Fi network onthe floor map andvisualize it as a heat map.It is useful forchecking the Wi-Ficondition after introduction.[Display the NetworkMap]Display thecurrent network status as a map.It is convenient forisolating thecause when you can not connect to the Internet or whenit can notcommunicate with the device.* This app detects devices byUPnP(SSDP) and ARP table. If device is not supported theseprotocol,app can not detect the device.Display the connectionstatus to theInternet- Check if web authentication page exists-Time of Ping toweb site ( of network devices onWi-Fi network-Router- Switch- NAS- PC...Open "Web-based setuppage"- You can alsoopen the " Web-based setup page" with thebrowser by clicking thedevice.[Real-Time Chart of SignalStrength]Periodically, Wi-FiVisualizer checks the RSSI of thecurrently connected Wi-Fi, andshows the chart of RSSI in realtime.It is convenient for checkingthat Wi-Fi Coverage is good inyour house.When installing a newrepeater, you can investigate thepoint that radio waves aredecaying. And, after a new repeater wasinstalled, you can checkthat Wi-Fi roaming is working good.[Connectto Wi-Fi by WPS] *Android 5.0 or later onlySetup Wi-Fi by 1 Tap.This uses WPS ofAndroid OS, so supporting many devices.License:Thissoftwareincludes the work that is distributed in the Apache License2.0-Hellocharts-Android (
Wifi Booster & Analyzer 2017 1.0
Hassos Apps
WiFi Booster & Analyzer isapowerfulsignal booster to help you enhance your device signalandenjoy abetter network, WiFi Booster & Analyzer isnot ahackingapp but optimizing your network signal by identifyingandchoosingthe most matching information channel onyourdevicedynamically.Features:- Adjust channel WiFi connection faster wireless Internet.- DNS Cache cleaning for increased Internet speed.- Optimization 3G/4G/Wifi connections.- Improved pre buffering video on YouTube or other videositeslikeVimeo, Netflix, DailyMotion...- Reduce the total system memory- and other optionsJust one click to boost mode wifi hotspot, WiFiBoosterwillautomatically analyze usage of your devices informationchannelandchoose the most available channel for your network tooptimizeyourwifi connection and stability.WiFi Booster & Analyzer will work on all kindsofWiFiconnections including McDonalds free WiFi, airportWiFi,schoolWiFi, wcpss WiFi and mobile hotspot wifi etc. to ensureyouareusing the optimum WiFi spot.
WIFI Network Signal Booster 1.0
Alex Irimia
The best signal boosting app is now here! Network Signal Boosterisa powerful app that improve reception, increase speed, and helpyouget better signal. Whether you have 4G LTE connection or3Gconnection, we can help boost signal with our advancedalgorithm.Slow internet connection? WIFI signal keeps going on andoff?Install our phone booster and feel the difference now!WIFIsignalstrength can be very unstable, depending on your location.Remoteplaces are more prone to instability in cellular signalreception.However, sometimes you can have problems regarding yourconnection,even in the city. When the WIFI signal is unstable, yourphone willkeep looking for better signal and it decreases yourbattery lifetremendously. Not to mention horrible signal meansslower internetand network speed even when your phone is 4G LTEready. Some peopletry to fix it by looking for 4G network softwareor data connectionfix. Network Signal Booster offers you a solutionthat willtremendously improve reception, boost signal, and increasespeed.Our signal boosting app is FREE, so you don’t have to spendanymoney to experience better signal strength and greatspeed whenyouconnect network from yourphone.*-*-*-*-*-*-*-*-*-*-*-*-*-*-*-*-*-*-*-*-*-*-*-*-*TOP FEATURESOFNETWORK SIGNALBOOSTER:*-*-*-*-*-*-*-*-*-*-*-*-*-*-*-*-*-*-*-*-*-*-*-*-*# FREEYoudon’thave to pay anything to use our awesome phone booster app!There’sno need to pay hefty amount of money to get 4G networksoftware orto get data connection fix. Simply use our FREE app toimprovereception and increase network speed. # EFFECTIVE PHONEBOOSTER Ourapp developers use advanced configuration and algorithmto boostsignal. You will really feel the difference in your networkspeedand signal strength because we only use the most effectivemethodsin our app. No more frustration when you can’t connectnetwork. #SIMPLE TO USEJust tap to activate our signal boostingapplicationwhen you need it. There’s no need to configure anythingbecause ourapp developers have configured everything for you. #24/7 HOURSSUPPORTWe are the only signal boosting app that offerssuch a greatsupport for our users. We want every user to feelsatisfied whenusing our app when they need stable cellular signalto connectnetwork. Network Signal Booster works by refreshing yourcurrentconnection. Our advanced algorithm configures your phone toswitchoff the connection and switch it back on again. The methodlookssimple, but it’s effective. Our app is compatible with alltypes ofAndroid phone and for 4G LTE connection. That’s why youdon’t needcomplicated 4G network software as your data connectionfix. Ourlives depend a lot on network connection these days. GoogleMaps,calling for Taxi, Uber, ordering food, or hotel &ticketbooking, these are all everyday apps we rely on every day.This iswhy we have to do everything we can to make sure we get thebestsignal reception at all times. You don’t want to be strandedinunfamiliar place without access to Maps or ability to callfortransport. So, download Network Signal Booster now! Youcanexperience better connection and greatspeed for FREE!pleasereadout Privacy Policy at :
Wifi Scanner And Analyzer 1.0
Discover and analyze all wifi networks around you! With thistool,you can finally find out the "sweet" spot for your router(orrepeater, whatever you are using) to maximalize your phone,tabletor computer wifi signal.
Wifi password analyzer 12.0
Download the best wifipasswordapplicationwith this app you can manage all your wifi options in oneapponlyfeatures:generate wifi password to secure your access pointgenerate different and secure passwords at same timeanalyse wifi access pointget the accurate distance of access pointsanalyse wifi network with in graphsif you lost your password and your security is wep then thisapphave a option to discover the password in secondsthis application is for the educational purpose so please do notuseit to crack or hack any wifi passwordif any user of this hack any access point with this appdeveloperteam will not be responsible of thisthis app is only for learning purpose.
Wifi Inspector & Analyzer 1.1
Check with Wifi Inspector & Analyzer what is thebestconfiguration for a wireless network.Do not reach the wifisomeplaces in your home or business?Wifi Inspector & Analyzerhelpsyou place your router in a suitable place so that you canenjoywifi everywhere. Also this tool will help you to stakeoutorresizing your infrastructure.Do you notice that the signal isnotstable?Due to the proliferation of wireless networks, it iscommonsaturation of certain channels, which influences thestability ofthe signal and therefore the quality of yourconnection. With WifiInspector & Analyzer you can locate theideal channel toconfigure your router.
Wifi Analyzer 1.2.8
Automatically turn on wifi, you just come to read the listofavailable connections. Yep will turn on automatically when yourunone  the wiif. If you "touch" to the search list isjustaround the wifi connection.  You can delete theexistinginformation that is stored, press and hold thelist.wifilauncher,Wifi Analyzer
Network & Connection Helper is a FREE tool to help yougetbetter connection, especially wifi connection. We help yourefreshand reconnect to your wifi network to improve the speedandstability of your connection in one go. You don’t have to go tothesettings and manually do it all because you can just use ourappand we will refresh your connection for you with only onetouch!It’s very simple, fast, and powerful. We all have experiencedtheirritation and annoyance of having slow connection. Part of itiscaused by unstable wifi signal. The problem might come fromyourAndroid device, disruptions of the Wifi signal, or it mightcomefrom the router. Whatever it is, it can’t hurt to try tofixinternet connection signal by using our FREE app. We want tocreatea network helper tool for Android. That’s why we work hard tomakesure our network helper works effectively for every Androiddeviceon the market. Our app works by finding the best settingsandchannels when you connect network using advanced algorithm.Youdon’t have to set up anything, we will do the heavy liftingforyou. We understand that most of our users don’tunderstandtechnical terms associated with wifi connection. ===FUNCTIONS INNETWORK SIGNAL WIFI BOOSTING: === 1. One Tap control torefreshyour Wifi connection. 2. Turn On and Off your WifiConnectionwithin our app with only one touch. 3. Turn On and Offyour MobileData within our app with only one touch . Network &SignalHelper only has one screen. There’s no need to navigatecomplexapplication just to connect network get better wifi speed.Only onescreen where you can access every feature you need. The TAPTOBOOST is at the center of the screen. This is the speedmasterthatwill improve your wifi connection. On the right and leftside,there are buttons to disconnect or connect network, eitherMobileData, or Wifi. The screen itself has beautiful and colorfuldesignwith large letters and buttons for easier viewing andtapping. Putour internet helper app within reach all the time.There are manyadvantages to do this: you can immediately open oursignal helperto refresh wifi signal and get better quality wificonnection. Youcan also disconnect or connect network connectioneasily fromwithin our app with only one tap of your finger; youdon’t have toaccess the Setting screen to do it. Prepare to feelthe differenceby downloading our best wifi helper now. It’s costnothing and willimprove your internet connection tremendously! +++Love ourinternet speed booster? Please give us your support! Wetreasureevery review and rating you give us and we will always trytoimprove our internet booster app and turn it into the bestwifibooster application for Android.
WiFi Scanner 3.1
The Hash Tree
WiFi Scanner is a free and simple tool that turns your Androidphoneinto a powerful WiFi analyzer.The app scans WiFi networksaround youand present you with detailed information about thediscoveredaccess points using its clear and simple userinterface.The app isdesigned to give you a clear view of the WiFisignal coverage atyour home or office. App also lets you save thescan results as aCSV file to your Android device or share it viaemail, bluetooth,WiFi direct etc. for easily analysing the resultslater.Use this appto find out areas with poor coverage andredesign your network tomitigate any coverage issues.Featurelist:- Scans and present youwith a list of WiFi networks aroundyou.- Displays information aboutyour connected network includingSSID, BSSID, IP address, signalstrength, link speed.- Detailedinformation about discoverednetworks including SSID, BSSID, signalstrength, channel, frequency,security type, whether Adhoc orinfrastructure mode.- Both periodicand single shot scanningoptions.- Enable automatic scanning withconfigurable scaninterval.- Automatically enable WiFi, if disabled,when the app islaunched.- Save the detailed scan results as a CSVfile to yourdevice.- Send the scan results as a CSV file via email,Bluetooth,WiFi Direct, Google Drive, Dropbox.- Option to disableWiFi andexit the app from the menu.- Option to scan and displaynetworksonly from 2.4GHz or 5GHz band.
WiFi Analyzer 1.01
- Start auto scan access point and fast display result.-DisplayWiFi gateway SSID, MAC, IP, External IP infomation.- Displayaccesspoint SSID, MAC, channel, frequency, signal strength,venderinfomation.
Network Booster-WiFi Manager 1.0.2
WiFi Master
Network Booster, our purpose-built speed test and optimizationtool,is dedicated to make your WiFi connection faster and morestable. Itwill also search for more high-quality free WiFi foryou. NetworkBooster is a specialized WiFi optimization tool.People areencouraged to share high-quality WiFi with users nearby,so thatevery user can enjoy free and safe WiFi resource. Itfeaturesspecialized optimization technology, enabling signalenhancement,safety monitoring and speed test for your WiFi.Network Boosterpersonalizes your hotspot by enabling you to add aprofile photowhich is visible to other users nearby. Theexperience of hotspotsharing will be more smooth and interesting.Enjoy safe and playfulWiFi connection with Network Booster!
iMapper Wifi 3.0.6
iMapper Wifi is Wifi tool design for Wireless professional.indoorsite map, air analyzer, network-testing tools. This app canturnyour android device as a handheld network-testing tools. TheAPPincludes indoor signal coverage testing, wireless analyzer,userexperience testing tool. The Mapper module assist you toquicklycomplete wifi network adjustment and optimization.Users onlyneedto walk around the floor and perform site survey toperspectiveoverall network performance. The Free version support 2surveyprojects. Maps features: 1, perform enterprise-class wifisitesurvey 2, support for pre-deployment survey, monitor RFsignalstrength from the Wi-Fi Access Points (AP) at every locationon thefloor. 3, Can test how much time to join the network, howfast toopen the website, and the ftp throughput on Android device.4,Liteversion support 4 survey analyzer modes, swiping on thescreen toswitch between the different analysis mode. 5, Analyze theAPchannel assign, monitor the RF signal strength...Network-testingtools: Including Ping, Wifi join, http and ftpnetwork-testingtools, the testing tools purpose is test the reallyEnd-userexperience, the test results accurately reflect theuser'sexperience. Wi-Fi analyzer -Scaner and analyzer with summaryviewand detailed view -Channel Graph displays and analyze channelsinuse to turn your Wi-Fi AP to the best channel -Signal timecharthelps you track down access points and adjust antennas
Wifi Analyzer 1.4
Analyze your Wifi and see detailed information about nearbyandconnected networks. FEATURES:- Channel view to see howcongestedeach WiFi channel is- List view of nearby access points-Info aboutthe current WiFi connection- Info about DHCPThis is beingactivelydeveloped! I have a big update coming out soon which willhave:-Ability to connect/disconnect from networks within the app-Findother devices on the LAN- Ads-free versionStay tuned andpleasesend feedback!
Master Wifi Auto Key Analyzer 1.0
one of the amazing app for generatingautoforforgotten password you must have to root yourdevice,unrootedmobile does not work. IN the past if you areconnected toa Wi-ficonnection and you are forgotton that passwordby the use ofthisapp you can recover this password this app doesnot hackpasswordit reads data through device. Master Wi-fi doeshack to anynetworkit does not have any hacking on MAC address itsimply readsdatafrom device.
WIFI & LTE Signal Booster 2017 1.2
Hassos Apps
WIFI & LTE Signal Booster 2017isais a stabilizing support network applications withsignalqualitymonitoring ping the server and load theadjustedvalue.This application will lure 3g 4g wifi network signal you backtopingthe data back to go undetected "request time out" andpreventtheconnection of your Internet connection is lostinstantly.You need to know, when this service is active. pleasedocheckregularly ping to get a good signal quality. to helptheoptimizerand stabilizer in this application will allow youtoregulate theuse of the Internet network efficiently.Signal Booster 3G, 4G, WiFi the most powerful internetspeedmeter,with the most accurate report, tests WiFi speed inseconds!Itsupports speed test of WiFi hotspots and GPRS (2G,3G,4G).WithWiFi speed test and internet speed test, one tap speedtestmakesit possible to get test results within 20 seconds.Inaddition, itcan also scan wifi security of the connectingWiFihotspot. Itcould check environment of the connecting WiFi. Itisalso a phonebooster that could clean up RAM,speed up yourphone.itis the besttool of Internet speed test. It is also thebestwifianalyzer.WIFI & LTE Signal Booster 2017 is a very fastandfreenetwork tool. You can identify phishing Wi-Fi hotspotstoprotectyour online security, test network speed to findfastWiFihotspots, detect all devices connected byprofessionalnetworkanalyzer, Speed up phone by terminatingunauthorizedbackgroundapps, monitor 3g / 4g data usage and shareportablehotspots withNetwork Master.With Network Booster : Just one tap, you’ll be the NetworkMasterofAndroid.Maximize network speed for games and videosView apps network usage in real-time and preservebandwidthforimportant apps automatically such as online game,online videoanddownloader app.Security CheckProtect your online security to avoid insecure publicWiFiorphishing hotspots, by detecting DNS hijacking, ARP spoofingandSSLhijacking.Speed up phone by stopping background appsDetect and stop apps from using cellular or WiFi datainthebackground secretly and unauthorizedly, ensuring Authorizedappstohave maximized bandwidth and connection speed.Monitor Data UsageMonitor mobile data usage 24/7 and show accurate infoinstantly.Sendan alert to you when apps are wasting data or nearyourdatalimits.
WiFi Tool Pro Analyzer 1.1
Or Oz
Wifi Tool Analyzer Pro is the #1 utility you need to turn yourphoneinto the ultimate tool. Your home network is the gateway toall ofyour devices, make sure it’s safe! This app currentlysupports twofeatures, “Analyze” and “Generate.”Analyze provides adetailedbreakdown of your signal strength in a beautifullydesigned chart.The analyzer gets your signal strength in dBm(decibal milli-watts),the standardized unit for signal strength.This number is read on ascale from 0 to negative 127 (notconnected). However, reaching avalue of 0 is near impossible, a“strong” connection should besomewhere in the -40 to -50 dBmrange. A value closer to -100 oftenindicates a weaker signalstrength. The graph displays the data on ascale from 0(disconnected) to 4 (full bars).Generate is a securepasswordgenerator meant to provide you with a safe, reliablepassword toset your network to. The length varies from 8 to 31,therecommended range of WiFi password length. Studies suggest thatalonger password length will be significantly harder to breakintothan a shorter one. This feature depends on an internetconnectionbecause it uses the algorithm on “”. Itgenerates a trulyrandom password for you to use. This feature doesNOT crack thepassword nearby networks.In an update coming soon, athird“Recover” feature will be added. This ROOT ONLY featurefetches theWiFi name and password of every network you have everconnected to.This is conveniently set up to allow you to recoverthe password ofold networks. It can also assist in retrieving yourcurrent networkpassword in the case it is forgotten.With this app,you can findthe best location for your router, secure a protectedpassword foryour network, and see where your network can improve.Please, rateand provide your feedback (under the pretense this isNOT a hackingsoftware) so I can get back to you as soon as I can.Thankyou!---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------PermissionsNeeded:ACCESS WIFI STATE: Needed to gather network connected toand toanalyze signal strength ACCESS NETWORK STATE: Needed tocatch whenWiFi is disabled and refresh signal strength dataINTERNET: Neededto call API to generate a securepassword online
Wifi Password: Analyzer 1.0
Wifi Password: Analyzer is one of thebestsecurity tools for your phone at this moment. This brand newappcan provide you the most complicated to wifi passwords tohackmaximizing your wireless router security a lot.This app works in few steps. Follow the next instructions, Theonlything you have to do is open up your application on yoursmartphoneand when you find the first screen with the wi-finetworks aroundyou just choose a security type like wpa wep or wpsand the lengthof bits you want moving values between 32 bits and256 bits. Thencopy this wifi password and paste it to your routersetup.Wifi Password: Analyzer is a free app but contains few ads. Hopeyouunderstand. We apologize.
com.tartar.strongestwifi 2.3.0
Smart WiFi Selector - always the strongest WiFi connection! Youknowthe problem: although a strong WiFi signal is availablenearby, yourdevice is keeping the connection to a much weaker,more distant WiFinetwork. You have to disable and reenable WiFi onyour device toforce the strongest WiFi connection. Smart WiFiSelector puts an endto this situation! The strongest WiFiconnection will always beestablished automatically. Advantagesover other WiFi Switcher apps:* Smart WiFi Selector uses the(selectable) difference in signalstrenght to decide when to switchto another WiFi. The connection tothe new WiFi will happen if thesignal is e.g. 20% stronger than thecurrent signal. Thiseliminates the constant switching - and, withthis, constant signalinterruption - in the overlapping area of 2WiFi networks. *Selectable scan interval for the search for thestrongest WiFiconnection * It's possible to exclude specific WiFinetworks fromscan * Instant scan for the strongest WiFi connectionwhen thescreen gets switched on * Favors 5GHz networks, if desired* Sleepmode with own scan interval to save battery. The sleep modecaneither be triggered by time or by the connection to specificWiFinetworks. For example, if there are multiple WiFi networks atwork,but only a single network at home, you may want to put yourhomenetwork on the sleep mode list. As soon as you leave yourhomenetwork, Smart WiFi Selector will enter the normal workmode.Because of all these benefits, Smart WiFi Selector is themostflexible and most battery-saving WiFi switcher-app inPlayStore!App permissions Location: required for WiFi scans(Android 6+)Storage: required for write optional debug log tointernal storageHINT You may want to test the free trial,SmartWiFiSelector Trial,before buying. The trial has fullfunctionality, but will expireafter 7 days. Smart WiFi Selector -strongest WiFi connection
Easy Wifi Connect 3.0
Mesozoic Games
An easy way to connect to wifi by just one to two click!Provideusera simple wizard to connect to wifi network or thru a morecompletegraphical wifi radarThe wizard allows users to connectwithout thecomplexity on what network to connect to! Eitherconnect to the bestsignal open or remembered wifi network.TheRadar view provides usersa more complete view to the wifi networkaround the area and by asingle click connect to it!- Includes 1press search and scan forbest remembered wifi networks- Includes 1press search and scan forbest open wifi networks