Top 20 Apps Similar to UBC Fitness

ASH Pocket Guides 1.7.0
The ASH Pocket Guides app brings together all of ASH's pocketguidesto provide guidance for the diagnosis and management of avariety ofhematologic conditions. Key features include: New searchandfavorites features allow you to quickly access tools and guidesyouuse regularly. Click the heart icon to elevate pocket guidesortools to the top of the list. All of ASH's currentlyavailablepocket guides, including: * Acute Leukemia – InitialDiagnosticWorkup * Anticoagulant Dosing * Monoclonal GammopathyofUndetermined Significance (MGUS) * Red Blood Cell Transfusion*Management of Acute Complications of Sickle Cell Disease *HealthMaintenance and Management of Chronic Complications of SickleCellDisease * Hydroxyurea and Transfusion Therapy for the TreatmentofSickle Cell Disease * Heparin Induced Thrombocytopenia (HIT)*Immune Thrombocytopenia (ITP) * Thrombocytopenia in Pregnancy *vonWillebrand Disease (VWD) * Choosing Wisely, 15 ThingsPhysiciansand Patients should question 22 Clinical toolsincluding:Calculators: * 4Ts Clinical Probability Scoring for HIT *BleedingScore * Creatinine Clearance (Cockcroft-Gault) * ECOGPerformanceStatus * EUTOS Score for CML * Factor VIII Dosage forHemophilia *Factor XI Dosage for Hemophilia * FLIPI Scoring forFollicularLymphoma * HCT Comorbidity Index * IPSS-R for Prognosisin MDS *MGUS Progression Risk * MIPI Scoring for MantleCellLymphomaMyeloma Frailty Score * R-IPI Scoring for DiffuseLargeB-Cell Lymphoma * Sokal Score for CML * VTE Clinical RiskScore(Khorana) in Ambulatory Cancer Patients * Wells' CriteriaforPulmonary Embolism * Wells' Crtieria for DVT Decision Trees:*Initial Warfarin Dosing * Chronic Warfarin Dose Adjustment *VWDAssessment Algorithm * Diagnostic and Initial TreatmentAlgorithmfor HIT * Initial Diagnostic Workup of Acute Leukemia
UBC Radiology 1.1.0
This app is designed for medical trainees and medicalprofessionalsto increase their confidence in identifying normalanatomicstructures, ordering the most appropriate imaging testandidentifying common pathology. This app is based on theradiologyundergraduate curriculum at the University of BritishColumbia(UBC), which is located in Vancouver, British Columbia,Canada. Theapp content is organized into the pre-clinical (MS1,MS2) andclinical (MS3, MS4, intern) years. The focus of thepre-clinicalyears is on identifying normal anatomy and acquiringbasicultrasound skills and the focus of the clinical years is tobecomefamiliar with ordering appropriateness criteria and torecognizekey pathology. The list of clinical cases presented inthis app aredeveloped from the UBC third year medical studentclerkship “MustSee” clinical objectives. We encourage you to workthrough this appas a curriculum to enhance your understanding ofradiology.
StatPearls PubMed Reference 1.6
This medical reference app provides health care practitionerswithPubMed published review articles on thousands ofdiseases,procedures, drugs, tests, and other medical topics.Articles aredetailed and cover all aspects of patient care. PubMedReferencealso offers 10 or more free multiple-choice questions forover 400different medical specialties. Additional questions foreachspecialty are also available as an independent In AppPurchasewhich does not require a subscription to our Keywordarticleservice. Access to the specialty quizzes never expire andyou cancomplete the questions as many times as you wish.MedicalPearlsarticles are written, edited, and updated by over6,000 academicprofessionals worldwide. The MedicalPearls PubMed appoffers: 1.Thousands of topics written and updated regularly. 2.Photos,illustrations and videos covering thousands of disordersanddiseases (images and videos require connectivity). 3. Howtoarticles on numerous procedures and examinations. 4. Castingandsplinting techniques. 5. Discussion of numerous specialtyphysicalexaminations. 6. Drug Reference Information. MedicalPearlsPubMedReference comes with unlimited offline access to our PubMedreviewarticles for 30 days. After this you may purchase asubscriptionfor $9.99 per year (if you do not maintain asubscription you canonly access 1 article per week). On a typicalday, you can expectto find approximately 5 - 10 new articles added.
Journal Club for Android
Internal medicine literature atyourfingertips.ALLHAT, JUPITER, ARDSNet, CLOSURE, WARFASA, FACTT. Let’s faceit:the sea of evidence-based medicine is vast, and wadingthroughstacks and stacks of JAMA, NEJM, and JACC just isn'tfeasible. Whatshould be at the top of the reading list?Powered by Wiki Journal Club, Journal Club for Android focusesonthe top articles in internal medicine and puts landmark trialsatyour fingertips. Written by physicians, these article summariesaredistilled into bite-size morsels that clinicians can digestquickly.Think of it as CliffsNotes for medical research.Journal Club includes many landmark clinical trials publishedinthe past century, focusing on the practice-changing studiesthatinternists and medical subspecialists ought to know handily.Thatmeans we're more likely to cover the 1981 NCDS study ofdialysis inESRD, and less likely to cover your favorite study oflixisenatidein patients with diabetes that's hot off the press.Features:-Simple, intuitive interface-Concise bottom lines-Relevant major points-Links to PubMed and primary literature-Sort trials by name, date, specialty, and disease-Share summaries with colleagues-Integrated search-Favorites
12-Lead ECG Challenge 2.1.1
Limmer Education, LLC
12-Lead ECG Challenge is the ideal way to sharpen your12-LeadECGinterpretation skills. Created byTomBouthilletelectrocardiography expert and popular ECG blogger,thisappcontains 150 clinically obtained 12-lead ECGs to provideyouthepractice, insights and confidence you need! The12-LeadECGChallenge app presents a wide variety ofcardiacpathologiesincluding a special emphasis on acute STEMI andtheSTEMI mimics,electrolyte imbalances and others. If youareresponsible for cathlab activation, this program is idealforhoning skills andpreventing false activation. Each case beginswiththe patientcomplaint and the actual field or hospital 12-leadECG.You will beable to examine each 12-lead and come to adiagnosticconclusion.ECGs are expandable and movable for easyviewing onphones,computers or tablets. After choosing “answer” youwill seeadetailed analysis of the strip – many timeswithhighlightsgraphically superimposed over the strip itself toshowareas ofinterest. The 12-Lead ECG challenge allows you tochoose 5,10 or20 strips at a time as well as a feature allowing youtoexcludestrips you have already mastered from the program.AppHighlights:• Phone or tablet- no problem! ECGs expand and moveonyour screenfor easy viewing. • 150 high-quality 12-lead ECGs.•Strips arepresented with the actual patient complaint/scenario.•Detailedrationale answers including actual diagnosisandgraphicalreference demonstrating key points on the ECG itself.•Highlightsacute STEMI, STEMI mimics, cath labactivationrecommendations,electrolyte imbalances, and other cardiacandatypicalpresentations and anginal equivalents. NOTE: Thisappcontains 150high-quality 12-lead ECG images and detailedgraphicexplanations.To provide this quality, the app is a largedownload.Androidrequires 91mb of available space (45mb cache fordownloadand 45mbfor product install). Some phones do not have thisspaceavailable.If you have the needed space and get an error youmayneed to clearyour market cache in order to download. Also duetosize,downloading over a wireless network is preferable tothecellularnetwork. NOTE: Purchase of this app will not providetheuseraccess to the web site
Physicians' Cancer Chemotherapy Drug Manual
Completely revised and updated, the Physicians’CancerChemotherapyDrug Manual is an up-to-date guide to thelatestinformation onstandard therapy and recent advances in thefield.Written byworld-class experts in clinical cancertherapeutics, thisessentialreference provides a complete,easy-to-use catalogue ofover 100drugs and commonly used drugregimens—both on- andoff-label—forthe treatment of all the majorcancers. Feature andBenefits •Addition of 10 new agents approved bythe FDA within thepast yearand updates to new indications forseveral previouslyapprovedagents • Indications, drug doses andschedules, toxicities,andspecial considerations for each agentexpanded and revised •Aspecific chapter focused on antiemetictreatment regimens forbothacute and delayed nausea/vomiting •Diagrams of drug structuresandpathways for many of the agents • Acomprehensive discussionofclinical pharmacology, specialconsiderations, indications,anddosages • Covers toxicity anddrug–drug interactions • A sectiononchemotherapy regimens for allmajor cancers • Provides anoverviewof the basic principles ofcancer drug therapy.Subscriptions are$9.99 for one year. Yoursubscription willauto-renew annually atthe end of each year-longterm, unlesscancelled. Payment will becharged to your iTunesAccount atconfirmation of purchase. Thesubscription automaticallyrenewsunless auto-renew is turned offat least 24-hours before theend ofthe current period. Youraccount will be charged $9.99 forrenewalwithin 24-hours prior tothe end of the currentperiod.Subscriptions may be managed andauto-renewal may be turnedoff bygoing to "Play Store app >Menu > Subscriptions"afterpurchase. No cancellation of thecurrent subscription isallowedduring active subscription period.Any unused portion of afreetrial period, if offered, will beforfeited when the userpurchasesa subscription to thatpublication. Please see the links toourprivacy policy and termsof service below. PrivacyPolicy- Terms ofUse- PrintBook-
ECG Guide by QxMD 2.0.0
QxMD Medical Software Inc.
Succinct yet authoritative, this ECG reference isacriticalcompanion for practicing physicians, medicaltrainees,nurses andparamedics. It is designed as a learning toolfor thosestilltraining as well as a reliable reference formoreexperiencedinterpreters of ECGs and ECGRhythms.*****************************Features: ✦ ECG Guide (EKGGuide):Full reference text thatincludes in-depth information ontopicssuch as: - Approach to ECGInterpretation - Analysis ofrate,rhythm, axis, P wave, QRScomplex, ST segment, T wave andQTinterval - Ventricularhypertrophy and atrial enlargement-Assessment of ischemia -Approach to arrhythmia -Bradyarrythmiasand tachyarrythmias, Heartblock, and much more…Content based onAHA/ACCF/HRS Recommendationsfor the standardizationandinterpretation of theelectrocardiogram. ✦ The largest ECGlibraryavailable on Androidwith over 200 high resolution sampleECGs withcommon and complexfindings for easy reference ✦ ECGInterpreter -Stepwise assistancewith ECG interpretation. Helpscreatedifferential diagnosis basedon simple to assess ECG features.✦Over 100 multiple-choice quizquestions to test your knowledge✦Rapid Reference section - onetap takes you to 11 summary pagesusedto confidently interpretECGs ✦ Clear descriptions of bothcommonand complex arrhythmiasand ECG findings ✦ Review etiologyanddifferential diagnosis ofcommon and complex arrhythmias andECGfindings ✦ Pediatric valuesincluded Recently redesigned, thisappteaches ECG interpretationfrom a Cardiology perspective.Compiledand written by JasonAndrade, MD, FRCPC. Want to keep upwithmedical research? Get'Read by QxMD' for Android:
Fracture Classification (FC) 1.6.7
Fracture Classification App is the number one pocketreferencetoolfor quick and easy way to access the variousclassificationsystemspresent in traumatology today. This app offerssomethingverysimple, yet invaluable to both residents andphysicians alike.Theup-to-date content of this app together with arobustfeedbacksystem and the ability to evolve makes iteveryone'sfavorite. Thebest part is the offline* availability ofthe contentwhenever youneed it on the go. Boasting an intuitivedesign andfast UI, thisis the app you can count on working when youneed itthe most. Bestof all, the app is updated with the latestguidelinesinorthopedics. Features: - Beautiful UI - Fast and FluidNavigation-Offline* Access - Up-to-date Content - Adult&PediatricTraumatology Sections - Feedback Form (To reporterrorsand contactthe author) (*Some features require you to beconnectedto theinternet. Data rates may apply.)
ASH Practice Guidelines 1.0.3
The ASH Practice Guidelines app provides easy accesstoeveryrecommendation from all guidelines published bytheAmericanSociety of Hematology (ASH), including rationalforeachrecommendation and benefits and harms associatedwitheachrecommended course of action. The app currentlyincludesguidelinescovering venous thromboembolism (VTE), sicklecell anemia(SCD),and immune thrombocytopenia (ITP). The app alsoprovidesaccess toother tools and resources designed to aidinclinicaldecision-making, including links to thepublishedguidelinemanuscripts, ASH Choosing Wisely lists, the ASHConsult aColleagueprogram, and the ASH Pocket Guides app. The appalsoincludes linksother tools and resources designed to aidinclinicaldecision-making, including to the publishedguidelinemanuscripts,ASH’s Choosing Wisely-related content, and theASHPocket Guidesapp.
ddxof 4.1
Tom Fadial
ddxof - or "differential diagnosis of" - is a library ofover150carefully-curated diagnostic and managementdecisionsupportalgorithms for common presentations in theemergencydepartment.ddxof algorithms are simplified and intendedfor use atthe bedsideto either rapidly review importantdiagnosticconsiderations,provide referenced guidelines formanagementoptions, and can serveas helpful teaching tools foreducators.
CJOrtho 4.2.3
CJOrtho is an application for orthopedic surgeonsandhealthprofessionals treating musculoskeletal disorders.Developedby theCollege of Young Orthopedists, it represents adecisionsupport andmanagement of patients consulting for amusculoskeletaldisorder.It also facilitates clinical evaluation andpre- andpost-operativefollow-up. The application includes fourtools: -Theclassifications most frequently used inOrthopedicsTraumatology; -The main clinical scores per joint forthe follow-upof yourpatients; - A goniometer; - A database forkeepingpatientinformation and linking it to the other tools intheapplication.The College of Young
Pocket ICU 2.7.90
Preview or Buy using this app. FREE PREVIEW – View selecttopicstoexplore concise guidance from the best-selling ICUresource.Reviewthe detailed entries and discover why this app is sopopularwithcritical care professionals, residents, interns, andstudents.*Updated with latest 2nd edition content* ABOUT POCKETICUWithcontent from the highly regarded Pocket Notebook series,PocketICUprovides users with an essential tool forquicklylocatinginformation from every subspecialty area of criticalcare.Entrieshave been written by attending physicians and arepresentedinbrief but broad format so anyone in an ICU setting canquicklyfindanswers and save time. This powerful resource can bedownloadedtoyour smartphone and tablet and is great for preparingfor roundsorconsulting expert recommendations while on the ICUfloor.FEATURES• Concise guidance written by attending physiciansforeveryone incritical care • Coverage of subspecialty areasincludingpediatric,neuro-critical, cardiac, transplant, burn, andmore •Detailedimages, figures, and decision support algorithms •OverviewofStatistics and Evidence-Based Medicine (EBM) •Helpfulappendicesincluding calculation tables, formulas, and more•Entries withdiagnosis, treatment, and management details•Universal IndexSearch help find topics quickly • “Favorites”forbookmarkingimportant entries Editors: Gyorgy Frendl, MD,PhD;Richard D.Urman, MD, MBA, CPE Publisher: Wolters Kluwer|Lippincott Williams& Wilkins Powered by: Unbound Medicine
CompTIA Security+ by Sybex 6.22.5443
Study anywhere and anytime with CompTIASecurity+CertificationReview by Sybex and take your career to thenextlevel! Thiseasy-to-use focused guide is organized by examobjectivefor quickreview and reinforcement of key topics, making itamust-haveresource in your SY0-401 exam prep. Install thefreeversion todayand jumpstart your studying! We have providedalimited freeversion of the content that you can try beforedecidingtosubscribe. This version includes a limited amountofpracticequestions and basic progress metrics. Get your bestvaluebysubscribing to the Premium Version. The PremiumVersionincludesaccess to: • 250+ must-know terms • 210+commonabbreviations tomemorize • 60 practice questions withdetailedexplanations •Unlimited access to ALL 6 categories,including: •Network Security• Compliance and Operational Security •Threats andVulnerabilities• Application, Data, and Host Security •AccessControl andIdentity Management • Cryptography • Detailedresultstrackingshowing your strongest and weakest areas Takingacomprehensiveapproach, CompTIA Security+ Certification ReviewbySybex providesinformation on network security, complianceandoperationalsecurity. Additionally, this indispensableresourcedelves intoapplication, data, and host security, accesscontrol,identitymanagement, and cryptography. Material is organizedacross6 majornetworking security topics, allowing for targetedstudyingandpersonalized review. With this innovative andeasy-to-use appinyour study toolkit, success on exam day is all butassured. Getajump on your IT career and make studying for yoursecurity examalot easier with CompTIA Security+ CertificationReview by Sybexasyour guide! Get access to all questions when yousubscribe: •1Month: one auto-renewing payment of $7.99 • 12Months:oneauto-renewing payment of $24.99 CompTIA Security+ bySybexofferstwo auto-renewing subscription options to help you passyourexam.-Payment will be charged to iTunes Account atconfirmationofpurchase -Subscription automatically renews unlessauto-renewisturned off at least 24-hours before the end of thecurrentperiod-Account will be charged for renewal within 24-hoursprior totheend of the current period, and identify the cost oftherenewal-Subscriptions may be managed by the user andauto-renewalmay beturned off by going to the user's AccountSettings afterpurchase-Any unused portion of a free trial period,if offered,will beforfeited when the user purchases a subscriptiontothatpublication, where applicable These prices are forUnitedStatescustomers. Pricing in other countries may vary andactualchargesmay be converted to your local currency depending onthecountry ofresidence. Our Customer Success Team is availablefrom9am to 5pm,Monday - Friday (except on major holidays). Call usat319-246-5271and email us at with anyquestions.PrivacyPolicy - Terms ofConditions-
ASH Pubs | Blood 5.5
Readers of Blood and Blood Advances Journals can nowviewthecontents from various ASH publications in a single app onthegoand even offline! You can save your favorite articles toyoursmartphone or tablet, take notes, listens to podcasts,andmore.Publications available for reading: Blood Journal,BloodAdvancesJournal, The Hematologist, ASH Clinical News. Appfeaturesinclude:· Browse the contents (articles, issues, podcasts)·Downloadarticles for offline reading · Immediate accesstofull-textarticles pre-published in First Edition for BloodJournal· Takenotes within articles · Get notifications when newissuesarepublished · Search articles of interest across allpublications·View multimedia contents published across allpublications ·Sharearticles on Facebook and Twitter · Send articlesby email
Bad Yogi Studio 211
Bad Yogi
Bad Yogi Studio provides yoga classes for real people.Practicetoget stronger, more flexible, and more confidentwithoutjudgment,pretense, or hippie hocus-pocus. You don’t have toreachapermanent state of enlightened bliss to be a yogi. We’reallrealpeople who live real lives and let’s be honest-- stressandbeingcrunched for time is part of that experience. Good thingBadYogi’shere to help ;) In addition to classes ranging from20-to60-minutes, you’ll find bonus resources focused onyogaphilosophyand meditation. I'm your instructor, Erin Motz, andIteach in afun, accessible way that won't make you feellikeeverything you dois “wrong.” I’ve been teaching for 12+ years,butyou won’t hearmuch Sanskrit and I really don’t care whetheryouknow your asanafrom your elbow. We’re going to make yogaanenjoyable part of yourlife, not another chore you’re obligatedtofulfill. You get to doyoga on your time, at your pace, andwithoutan audience ofstrangers awkwardly looking at you in HappyBaby (ifyou’ve neverdone yoga before, you’ll soon learn why thisishilarious ;)) Thereare two ways to join: • Pay $11.99 a monthwitha 7-day free trial,auto-renewing monthly.* • Pay $119.99 ayearwith a 7-day freetrial, auto-renewing annually.* With your BadYogiStudiosubscription, you’ll receive: • Full unlimited accesstoALLpremium Bad Yogi Classes (which cost $18+ per class in theBadYogiStore) • A range of class lengths to suit your mood,ability,andgoals, PLUS bonus resources & answers toyourquestionsdirectly from me (your teacher) to help growyourpractice. • Highquality, SD and HD streaming videos •Automaticallybeam videosfrom your phone to your Chromecast orAirPlay enableddevices • NoInternet required! Download videos towatch offline, orconnectwith WiFi, 3G and 4G • For existingsubscribers, you cansimplysign in to your account to get access--no need toresubscribe. Ifyou have specific questions for Bad Yogi,pleaseemail us This video app / vid-app isproudlypowered byVidapp. If you need help with it, pleaseheadto: TermsofService: Vidapp - Connect,MotivateandInspire
AO Surgery Reference 1.2.7
AO Foundation
QUICK ONLINE REFERENCE IN CLINICAL LIFE Gain easy accesstotheaward-winning AO Surgery Reference. AO Surgery Referenceisanonline repository for surgical knowledge. It describesthecompletesurgical management process from diagnosis to aftercareforallfractures of a given anatomical region, and alsoassemblesrelevantmaterial that the AO has published before. Itgives accessto: •aid in surgical decision making for 353 fracturetypes •172approaches • 1222 surgical procedures • all richlyillustratedwithmore than 30'000 Illustrations and much more. Toensure thequalityof the content, it is authored, edited, and peerreviewedbyexperienced AO Faculty from all over the world, some ofwhicharealso well-known textbook authors/editors. This is arelaunch oftheAO Surgery Reference app utilizing the sameresponsiveuserinterface that was released February 2020. Thehighlights are:•Consistent navigational logic and user experienceon allscreensizes • Inclusion of feline, canine, and equinefracture care•Combination of Preparation – Approach – Reduction andFixation–Aftercare into one step called treatment. • Introductionofapowerful search function, allowing simplifications oftheuserinterface as it replaces previous shortcuts.
IBM Micromedex IV Comp. 3.0
Buy IBM Micromedex IV Compatibility powered by theTrissel's™2Clinical Pharmaceutics Database for only $2.99 USD peryear.Youwill be prompted to purchase the app after yourinitialdownload.If your institution already subscribes toMicromedex IVINDEX thenthis app is FREE. When multiple IVmedications arecombined, therisk of complication is very real.Efficacy of one ormore drugscan be reduced or a potentiallydangerous incompatibilitycanoccur. With this app you will haveaccess to the largest,mostcomprehensive IV compatibility resourcewhich: Enhancespatientsafety by pinpointing potentially dangerouscombinationsHelpsclinicians interpret conflicting compatibilityresultsbyidentifying contributing factors such asthephysicalcompatibility, storage, study period, containerandchemicalstability Includes drug-solution compatibility resultsaswell asdrug-drug compatibility results when creating anadmixtureoradministering via Y-Site. IBM Micromedex IVCompatibility isareliable resource for on-the-go access to theindustry’smosttrusted clinical reference information, providingusers withmoreinformed treatment decisions at the point of care.Aninternetconnection is not required, allowing you to makedecisionswithconfidence at anytime, from anywhere. Not sure ifyourinstitutionsubscribes to Micromedex? Check with your ChiefMedicalOfficer,Director of Pharmacy, Medical Librarian, or anyoneelse atyourfacility responsible for clinical reference information.Ifthefacility you work at subscribes to Micromedex,followtheseinstructions to obtain a password: 1.Login toIBMMicromedex®through your subscribing facility 2.Click onthe“Download Center”link near the top of the application 3.Refertothe detaileddownloading instructions, which include yourpasswordforactivating the application at no charge. If you cannotlocatethe“Download Center” link please contactsupportat password
JoinTriage 2.6.3
Allm Inc.
The time from onset to the start of treatment greatly affectsthesurvival rate and prognosis of stroke and heart diseasepatients.The “JoinTriage” app helps paramedics and EMTs quicklyandaccurately triage patients, ensuring that they receive thecarethey need as quickly as possible. JoinTriage providesseveralassessment scales (FAST-ED, RACE, C-STAT, VAN, etc.)commonly usedamong EMS providers. Question responses, such as theonset time,are used to evaluate symptoms of stroke or cardiacdisease. Thepatient’s condition is summarized with a score andaccompanied byother useful information such as the probability ofsevereoutcomes, when applicable. A map is presented, showing a listofrecommended medical centers best suited to treat the patient(IVtPA, thrombectomy, etc.). *Types of assessment scales canbechanged without prior notice. *The app uses a curated databaseofmedical centers. By integrating with Join, a communication appformedical professionals, assessment results can be sharedwithmedical centers. ■ Cautions • You must agree to the Terms ofUse touse this app. • The service provided by this app is free ofcharge.However, your carrier may charge data download fees. ■Feedback •Please send requests or comments by leaving a review orsending anemail. • We also accept bug reports and questions aboutthe app. •If you are using a spam filter, please allow
CompTIA Network+ Pocket Prep 4.7.9
The CompTIA Network+ (Exam Code N10-007) is aninternationallyrecognized validation of the technical knowledgerequired offoundation-level IT network practitioners. This examwill certifythe successful candidate has the knowledge and skillsrequired totroubleshoot, configure and manage common networkdevices;establish basic network connectivity; understand andmaintainnetwork documentation; identify network limitations andweaknesses;implement network security, standards, and protocols. Asuccessfulcandidate will have a basic understanding ofenterprisetechnologies, including cloud and virtualizationtechnologies.Pocket Prep’s CompTIA® Network+ practice test app is apowerfulexam simulator that allows you to create customizedpractice testswith detailed answer explanations for every question.View yourresults and exam history with just a few taps. Studyanywhere atany time without Internet connectivity. The app utilizesthe“spacing effect” to enhance your learning capability. You’llspaceout your studying into shorter, more productive studysessionswhich allow your brain to retain more information. Simplytell theapp how many questions you want to take, enable the timer,andfilter exam content to create the perfect studyexperience.CompTIA® Network+ Exam Prep Features: • Two practicemodes:Simulation and Study • Automatic test saving and retrieval•Detailed historic results analysis • Optimized for phones&tablets • In-app messaging to our experts • Question of theDay •Study reminders • Exam day countdown CompTIA® Network+(N10-007)Knowledge Areas: We take each exam and break it down intoknowledgeareas so that you can filter your study sessions based onyourneeds. - 1.0 Networking Concepts (23%) - 2.0 Infrastructure(18%) -3.0 Network Operations (17%) - 4.0 Network Security (20%) -5.0Network Troubleshooting and Tools (22%) Why study with PocketPrep?Our team of writers and editors meticulously craftpracticequestions and detailed answer explanations with you inmind. Yoursuccess is our success. We’re dedicated to bringing youthe bestcontent that will help you achieve more. Our app is updatedwiththe latest exam standards and is ready for 2018 testing. FreeWithDownload - 30 free practice questions - 30 free bonusquestionsthrough social media - 14 days of free Question of the DayPremiumUpgrade - 600 total practice questions with Premium upgrade-Priority email support - The Premium upgrade is a one-timepurchaseand not a subscription! Since 2011, Pocket Prep, Inc. hasbeen theleader in mobile test prep and has helped over fivemillionstudents and professionals achieve more. You’re destinedforsuccess. Pocket Prep will help you get there. Disclaimer:PocketPrep, Inc. is not affiliated with or endorsed by theCompTIA®.Accordingly, CompTIA® makes no representations regardingthecontent of Pocket Prep, Inc. materials. All organizational andtestnames are trademarks of their respective owners.
ESMO Interactive Guidelines 2.3
The European Society for Medical Oncology (ESMO) guidelinesaredeveloped by experts, they are concise, practical and offeruserstreatment recommendations that are based on the latestscientificresearch. This application uses interactive tools tosupportdecision making and help the user navigate the guidelineseasily,so they can access the information they require quickly.Eachguideline offers best practice recommendations forscreening,diagnosis, staging, treatment and follow up. The ESMOInteractiveGuidelines application ensures the user has the higheststandard ofinformation at their figure tips. A variety ofinteractivetreatment algorithms, tables, calculators and scores canbeutilised to assist the treating doctor. The user can alsoperformkey word searches, bookmark useful pages, add notes andemail pagesto colleagues or patients. This application will beregularlyupdated, the content will be expanded with more tumourtypes,guidelines and interactive tools. Disclaimer The app isintended toassist healthcare professionals and allied healthcareprofessionalsas an educational tool to provide information that maysupport themin providing care to patients. Patients or othercommunity membersusing this app shall do so only after consultationwith a healthprofessional and shall not mistake these guidelines asprofessionalmedical advice. These guidelines must not substituteseekingprofessional medical and health advice from a healthprofessional.These guidelines may not apply to all situations andshall beinterpreted in the light of specific clinical situationsandresource availability. It is up to every clinician to adapttheseguidelines to local regulations and to each patient’sindividualcircumstances and needs. The app contains informationobtained fromauthentic and highly regarded sources( every effort has been made to ensurethat treatment andother information are presented accurately inthis publication, theultimate responsibility rests with theprescribing physician.