Top 49 Apps Similar to StickyMemory POC sample (Unreleased)

Phone Check (and Test) 10.6
Phone Check and Test is designed to quickly check your androidphoneor tablet is working properly. Test Cellular, WiFi,display,touchscreen, GPS, audio, camera, sensors, storage, memory,CPU andbattery.MONITOR, TEST, REPORT: Phone Check and Test allowsyou tomonitor your devices key device usage and signalstrengths,provides an easy to use guided process to quickly checkand testall of the main components of your phone or tablet anddisplays aphone information report which can be emailed. Among themany testsare a network, storage, GPS test and a WiFi test.PhoneCheck andTest is especially useful if you have just purchased aphone ortablet, had it repaired, or it just seems to not be workingas wellas it should be. Identify problems so you can return yourphone orhave the problem fixed now (within the warranty period) andbeforeyou start relying on your phone for your daily activities.Check ifthere is a hardware problem or other type of problem thatcan beresolved, without buying a new phone. Useful forphonetroubleshooting and diagnostics.Get a phone health check now...before your phone lets you down.Phonetest: THE DETAILS, PLEASE READ ON:The tests are configurable andarerun as a series of tests and checks in the order shownbelow:-Device information check;- Device information: Lowmemorysuggestions;- Device information: Low internalstoragesuggestions;- Battery check and charging socket test;-Telephonyand Wi-Fi network checks;- Network gateway ping test;-Bluetoothcheck (test with in-app purchase);- NFC check (integratedtest within-app purchase);- Audio test: microphone and callspeaker(earpiece speaker);- Audio test: mono/stereo speaker;- Audiotest:headphone jack;- Audio test: volume buttons;- Audio test:vibratetest;- Display: dead pixels check;- Display: bright pixelscheck;-Display: color consistency check;- Touch screen test \ 2DGraphics:dead screen digitizer area;- Touch screen test: 5 touchpoints;-Network and GPS location tests;- Physical appearancecheck;- Cameratest: front;- Camera test: rear camera and rearflash;- Fingerprintsensor check (test with in-app purchase);-Supported sensors check(e.g. proximity, light, accelerometer, stepcounter...);- Thermalstress test;- CPU stress test;- Memorystresstest;- Storagestresstest;- Battery usage check;- Temperaturereporting.Deviceinformation reported includes*:- Device (model,brand, product,serial number);- Body (weight and dimensions);-Operating system(version, API level, build...);- Display (type,size, resolution,PPI, multi-touch);- Processor (SOC, CPU,architecture, GPU);- RAM(total and available);- Internal storage(Total and available);-Primary shared storage;- Camera (front,rear, video resolution);-Battery (connection status, level (rangeduring test run), health,technology, temperature (range during testrun), voltage);-Telephony network (SIM state, network type, dataconnection,IMEI/ESN);- Wi-Fi network (SSID, link speed, ...);-Sensorssupported;- Temperature sensors and maximum for test run;*Wheresupported by the device.A phone check results report isproducedand can be emailed on the completion of the test.This appissimilar to CPUZ, BURNINTEST, PRIME95, EVEREST or AIDA64, butwithhardware checks, tests and stresstests, a guided test processand aresults report. It helps diagnostics &troubleshooting.Note:Not all device information is available on alldevices. Please letus know and we will investigate adding it.
PCMark for Android Benchmark 2.0.3716
Futuremark Oy
Benchmark the performance and battery life of your smartphoneandtablet with PCMark for Android. See how well your deviceperforms,then compare it with the latest models. Work 2.0benchmarkSee howyour device handles common productivity tasks -browsing the web,editing videos, working with documents and data,and editingphotos. Use Work 2.0 to measure the performance andbattery life ofyour device with tests based on real applications.Or run theoriginal Work test to compare your device witholdermodels.Computer Vision benchmarkComputer Vision is anexcitingfield with opportunities for a range of innovative mobileapps.This benchmark uses popular open-source libraries to testtheperformance of your device for image recognition, graphicalbarcodescanning, and optical character recognition tasks.StoragebenchmarkSlow storage speed in a device can cause annoyinglag andstutters in everyday use. This benchmark tests theperformance ofyour device's internal storage, external storage, anddatabaseoperations. You get detailed results for each part of thetest aswell as an overall score to compare with other Androiddevices.Compare devicesCompare the performance, popularity, andbatterylife of the latest smartphones and tablets with the BestDeviceslist. Tap any device to see a side-by-side comparison withyour owndevice, or search for a specific model, brand, CPU, GPU orSoC. Youcan even filter the scores by Android version number to seehow OSupdates affect the rankings.The experts' choice"PCMark isactuallya solid example of mobile benchmarking done right."AlexVoica,Senior Marketing Specialist at Imagination Technologies"tendstotest every aspect of a mobile device, unlike microbenchmarksthatcan often miss aspects of the system that canaffectperformance."Ganesh TS, Senior Editor at AnandTech"Batterylife isgenerally difficult to quantify due to the huge variationinpotential workloads...The best test we have for this isPCMark,which performs a few common tasks instead of purelysyntheticloops." Matt Humrick, Staff Editor at Tom's HardwareChooseyourtestsAfter you download the app, you choose which benchmarksyouwant to install. You can add and remove tests as neededwithoutlosing your saved scores. Work 2.0 benchmark - 200MBComputerVision benchmark - 70 MB Storage benchmark - 100 MB Workbenchmark- 400 MBMinimum RequirementsOS: Android 5.0 orlaterMemory: 1 GB(1024 MB)Graphics: OpenGL ES 2.0compatibleAccurate andimpartialPCMark for Androidtechnicalguide: is for non-commercial use only• Business users [email protected] for licensing. • Members of thepressplease contact [email protected] .
Test Your Android Fish Ball 610
"Test Your Android" V5 now out with Material Design UI. Easytouse.Buy a new brand Android device?! Let download "TestYourAndroid" App to test your device's features and you can getallandroid system information in one app. It is Tablet andAndroidWear Optimised.Testing: - Real-time System Monitor for CPU,NetworkUsage, and Memory- LCD Screen Color Test with FixingDefectivepixel Mode- Sound and Vibrate Test- Back/Front CameraTest-Flashlight Test- Touch Screen Test- Multi-touch Test- LightSensorTest- Fingerprint Test- Microphone Test- Wi-Fi Test- GPSTest-Accelerator Test- NFC Test- Proximity Sensor Test- GravitySensorTest- Pressure Sensor Test- Compass Test- AndroidWearTestInformation: - All Installed Application- CPU/Memory-HardwareInfo.- Battery- Camera- Android Version- SIM CardOptimizefor:-Samsung Galaxy Note 8- Google Pixel 2 / Google Pixel 2 XL- LGV30-LG G6- Samsung Galaxy S8 / S8 Plus- OnePlus 5T- Huawei Mate 10Pro-HTC U11- Sony Xperia XZ PremiumNote: Fixing Defective pixelMode isnot guaranteed to fix the defective pixels. If you haveanyquestions, please contact the manufacturer. The developers willnotbe held responsible.Privacy:No data and information of phonewillbe collected.Credit:Android and Google are the trademarks ofGoogleInc.
3DMark - The Gamer's Benchmark
Futuremark Oy
3DMark is a popular benchmarking app thathelpsyou test and compare the performance of your smartphoneandtablet.3DMark benchmarks the GPU and CPU performance of your device. Attheend of the test, you get a score, which you can use tocomparemodels. But 3DMark also gives you so much more.More than a score3DMark is designed around data-driven stories that help youlearnmore about your smartphone and tablet. With its uniquecharts,lists, and rankings, 3DMark gives you unrivaled insightsinto theperformance of your device.See how your best scores compare with others from the samemodel.Learn how the performance of your device has changed witheachAndroid OS update. Compare your device with popular models andseeif it's time for an upgrade. Discover the devices that deliverthebest performance without overheating or slowing down.Best benchmark for your deviceEvery year, we add new benchmark tests to 3DMark. When you opentheapp, 3DMark will recommend the best benchmark for your device.Tosave storage space and minimize download times, you canchoosewhich tests you want to install.Choose Sling Shot Extreme to compare flagship Android devicesfromHTC, LG, OnePlus, Samsung, Sony, Xiaomi, and othermanufacturerswith the latest iPhone and iPad models. Now includesVulkan andOpenGL ES 3.1 tests.Sling Shot is a benchmark for comparing mainstream Androiddeviceswith popular iPhone and iPad models.Use Ice Storm Extreme to compare low cost Android smartphonesandtablets with older iPhone and iPad models. Or compare basicAndroidand iOS devices with Ice Storm.The API Overhead feature test is a special test for comparingtheperformance of Vulkan and OpenGL ES 3.0 graphics APIs onyourdevice.Choose your next phone the easy wayWith performance data for almost 5,000 devices, it is easy tofindand compare the best smartphones and tablets with 3DMark. Youcansearch, filter, and sort to compare the latest Android andiOSdevices.Better benchmarking starts here.Millions of people, hundreds of review sites and many of theworld'sleading technology companies use 3DMark to test and comparetheperformance of smartphones and tablets.3DMark is a free app. There are no ads or in-app purchases.Downloadit today and join millions of people who choose 3DMark foraccurateand impartial benchmark results.
Geekbench 4 4.3.0
Find out how fast your Android device is with Geekbench 4,thelatest version of the popular cross-platform benchmark.Geekbench 4includes updated CPU tests that model real-world tasksandapplications. These tests are designed to quickly andaccuratelymeasure mobile CPU performance. Every Geekbench 4 CPUtest ismulti-core aware, allowing Geekbench 4 to measure thefullpotential of your device's CPU. Geekbench 4 also includes newGPUCompute tests that measure the processing power of yourdevice’sGPU.
Androbench (Storage Benchmark) 5.0.1
AndroBench is a benchmark application which measures thestorageperformance of your Android devices. AndroBench provides twokindsof benchmarks: Micro and SQLite. With the Micro benchmark, youcanquickly compare the base performance of your storage devicewiththose of other devices. The SQLite benchmark tests theperformanceof insert, update, and delete queries on a databasetable thatmimics the one used in a messaging app. To obtain correctresults,please minimize background activities while you runAndroBench.AndroBench is available for free and without anyadvertisement, andthus feel free to use it.
My Device 1.7.0
My Device is a powerful yet simple app that lets you know alltheessential details about your phone. Whether it beinformationregarding your System on Chip (SoC), the memory of yourdevice ortech specs about your battery or all the relevantinformation aboutyour device sensors – My Device is your one-stopplace for allthis. You can explore the.. ** Device ** ★Manufacturer ★ Brand ★Model ★ Board Type ★ Hardware ★ Serial Number★ Android ID ★ ScreenResolution ★ Boot Loader ★ Host ** OS ** ★ OSVersion ★ Releasedate ★ Supported Status ★ Version Number ★ APILevel ★ Build ID ★Build Time ★ Fingerprint ** CPU ** ★ Memory UsageDetail graphicalview ★ CPU Model ★ RAM Usages ★ ABI ★ CPU Variant ★Serial ★ CPUImplementer ★ CPU Port ★ CPU Revision ★ Hardware Model★ OtherFeatures ** Battery ** ★ Battery Type ★ Battery Health ★BatteryLevel ★ Power Source ★ Voltage ★ Temperature ★ Status **Storage**★ Internal and External Detail Storage details ★ UsedStorage ★Free Storage ★ Total Storage ** Network** ★ ConnectionStatus ★Data Type ★ Network Type ★ IP Address ★ MAC Address ★ SSID★ LinkSpeed ** Camera** ★ Camera detail Specifications ★ Megapixels★Aspect Ratio ★ White Balance ★ Scene Mode ★ ISO ★ HDR ★ lotsmore..** Sensors** ★ List all Sensors ★ Sensor Name ★ Int Type ★Vendor ★Version ★ Resolution ★ Power ★ Maximum range ★ Accuratereal timereadings from sensors ** Feature** ★ Checking all devicefeatures ★WIFI ★ WIFI Direct ★ Bluetooth ★ Bluetooth LE ★ GPS ★Camera Flash★ Camera Front ★ Microphone ★ NFC ★ USB Host ★ USBAccessory ★Multitouch ★ Audio Low-Latency ★ Audio Output ★ ConsumerIR ★Gamepad Support ★ HIFI Sensors ★ Printing ★ CDMA ★ GSM★Professional Audio ★ App Widgets ★ SIP ★ SIP-based VOIP **UserApps & System Apps** ★ List of all User Apps and SystemApps ★Package names ★ Easy open application and lots more..Systemrequirements: Android Version 4.0 and up Checkout the proversionof My Device with NoAds. Technical Assistance: You can reach out to thedevelopers viaemail available at the bottom of this appdescription. We would beglad to have your suggestions and feedbackso that we can improve MyDevice and serve you better. ★ ★ ★ ★ ★
AIDA64 1.53
FinalWire Ltd
Hardware and software information utility for Android baseddevices.Based on the extensive hardware knowledge of the AIDA64for Windowsapplication, AIDA64 for Android is capable of showingvariousdiagnostic information for phones, tablets, smartwatchesand TVs,including: - CPU detection, real-time core clockmeasurement -Screen dimensions, pixel density and camerainformation - Batterylevel and temperature monitoring - WiFi andcellular networkinformation - Android OS and Dalvik properties -SoC and devicemodel identification - Memory and storageutilization - OpenGL ESGPU details, real-time GPU clockmeasurement - Vulkan, OpenCL, CUDA,PCI, USB device listing -Sensor polling - Listing of installedapps, codecs and systemdirectories - Android Wear module: nativeapp for watches Systemrequirements: - Android 4.0 or later Requiredpermissions: -ACCESS_NETWORK_STATE - ACCESS_WIFI_STATE -- alsoknown as Wi-Ficonnection information. AIDA64 requires thispermission to showWiFi network information like signal strength andSSID. - INTERNET- CAMERA. AIDA64 requires this permission to showcamerainformation like picture resolution. AIDA64 does not takeanyphotos or videos. - On Android 4.0 to 4.3: READ_EXTERNAL_STORAGE--also known as Photos/Media/Files. AIDA64 requires thispermissionto detect external storage (SD-card) total and freespace. Note:Due to a bug in Play Store, even on newer Androidreleases PlayStore will incorrectly ask for this permission, eventhough AIDA64doesn't need and doesn't utilize the permission. Aftertheinstallation of the app, you can check the actuallyutilizedpermissions in Android Settings / Apps / AIDA64, and youwill seethat this permission is not used by AIDA64. Known issues: -Screendiagonal size calculation may yield to an incorrect value ifthemanufacturer encoded the wrong xdpi and ydpi values intotheAndroid profile of the device. If you find the screensizeincorrect, please send us the report of your device from theAboutpage, and we will fix it up in the next AIDA64 app update. -Cameracapabilities may show incorrect information if themanufacturerencoded the wrong values into the Android profile ofthe device. Ifyou find misreported information on the Devices page,please sendus the report of your device from the About page, and wewill fixit up in the next AIDA64 app update. - Battery capacity canonly bereported for factory default batteries. If the battery wasreplacedwith an extended capacity battery, neither Android orAIDA64 willbe able to detect the new capacity. - Battery chargerate may bereported incorrectly if the phone or tablet doesn'tproperlysupport the new battery API calls introduced in Android5.0. Evennew Android devices released in 2015, coming with Android5.0+ maynot support it properly (example: Galaxy S6 doesn't fullysupportthe new APIs).
Multi Touch Test 1.0.4
Simple to use mutli touch detection app that can track up to10simultaneous touches. Includes a simple paint test and ascreencolour test.
AnTuTu Benchmark 7.1.0
AnTuTu benchmark is the most popular Android smartphone andtabletbenchmarking app in the world!. ☆ Over 100,000,000 users☆Benchmarkapp used during Google I/O 2014☆ No.1 benchmark app, usedas anindustry standard by leading technology companies andhardwarereview sites.With the Click and Go test suite, Antutuwillcomprehensively test all aspects of a device, including CPU,GPU,UX, Memory and more. Each item is individually assessed andgiven ascore. These scores can be uploaded to the Antutu database,andthen used to rank your device among all other Androiddevices.Newfeatures in Antutu Benchmark V7.0: 1. New designed 3Dtest scenes,Refinery and Coastline.2. New UX tests that betterreflectreal-world use cases.3. New score proportion.4. One tap toverifyyour device.5. In-depth device info about batterytemperature,battery level, and CPU load changes.Get your Antutubenchmark scoreand ranking! Compare and share with yourfriends!NOTE: Why do youneed to download a separate Antutu 3DBenchApp?1. The separateAntutu 3DBench app is to avoid re-downloading 3Dpart when versionupdated. Save your mobile data!2. To test the 64bit CPU and UXperformance we need a seperate Antutu 3DBench app.TheAntutubenchmark score of your device is mainly defined by yourhardwareconfiguration, but can also be influenced by otherelements,including system mode, current device temperature, runningapps andmore. The score may vary slightly every time youtest.Follow us onTwitter: us onFacebook: any suggestions orfeedback,we hope to get your great ideas via email :[email protected]
Octa-Core Processor Booster 1.7
Give a Big Boost to your device performance. This app letsyouMaximize Speed, Improves Battery Life & Increase Stabilityofandroid devices having Octa-Core Processor.Octa-CoreProcessorBooster detects background running apps, requires Rootaccess toHibernate (Deep Sleep) them. You can either Hibernateappsindividually or Auto-Hibernate them all at once with ourdifferentBoosting modes.You can even Kill & Restart selectedapps. Oryou just need to activate a Boost Mode, sit back, relax& leavethe rest to us.Octa-Core Processor Booster sets RAM VMHeap size tomaximum which maximizes the availability of memory tothe currentrunning app, this ensure that the app have very lesschances toCrash by Out of Memory Error.It sets CPU Governor bysettingfrequency of the processor to an optimal state. Thisappautomatically sets appropriate CPU Governor, optimizesOS(OperatingSystem) & Processor.You will clearly feel theboosting effect& may even verify the same by testing AntutuBenchmark Score(Just search on play store : Antutu). Root access isnecessary forproper functioning of this app.Please Note: Due toFinancialreasons this app contains ads, Right now there isnoIn-App-Purchase to Remove Ads. We Apologize for that.If youlikeit, say thanks by sharing this app to your friends & ratingus5 stars. If you encounter any problem or have any question,pleasecontact us on email, we will surely reply you & will trytosolve the problem. Your feedback & support is very precioustous.
PassMark PerformanceTest
We are pleased to announce thatPerformanceTestMobile 2.0 for Android 3.0 (Honeycomb) and later(API 11+) has beenmade available to everyone and is available fordownload andtesting. With new tests being added and old testupdated, theresults from V1 may not be comparable with V2. Ratingsmay beadjusted as more benchmarks come in to scale withpreviousscores.For moreinformation:************************************************************************PassMark Software, the leader in PC benchmarks, now bringsyoubenchmarks for mobile devices. Fast, easy to use, mobiledevicespeed testing and benchmarking. PassMark PerformanceTest™Mobileallows you to objectively benchmark a mobile device using avarietyof different speed tests and compare the results toothers.*Find out if your device is performing at its best.*Compare the performance of your device to similar devices withtheapp and online at*Measure the effect of configuration changes and upgrades.*Make objective independent measurements on which to baseyourpurchasing decision.Twenty-five standard benchmark tests are available in fivetestsuitesTest Suites:*CPU Tests - Mathematical operations, compression, encryptionandmore*Disk Tests - Reading and writing files to internal andexternalstorage*Memory Tests - Read and Write tests*2D Graphics Tests - Simple & Complex Vectors andimagerendering and filters tests*3D Graphics Tests - Bouncing ball, helicopter battle sceneandspace battle
SafetyNet Test 1.0
SafetyNet Test verifies the device with SafetyNetcompatibilitytests. SafetyNet api is a part of Google Play ServicesFramework.Some apps use this api to check whether the device hasbeen rootedor tampered. If your device is rooted or you have customROMinstalled then your device won't pass this test. There havebeensome methods to pass this check with rooted devices. You cangetmore information about how to hide root in relevant threads onXDAForums.Before leaving negative feedback please contact us viaemailand we'll do our best to solve your issues. You can alsocontact usfor feature requests.
This is a 3D benchmark for fast Android devices. It's anenhancedversion of the popular An3DBench with much more demandingtests andthe option to upload and compare your results.It's poweredby thejPCT-AE 3D engine.
Z - Device Test 1.8
Z-DeviceTest lets you check your Android device sensors "health"inan intuitive and comprehensive way offering in-depth analysisallthe characteristics of your Smartphone. You can use theapplicationto:-To complement the manufacturer's technicalinformation.-Tocompare the technical differences between more than600 models ofdevices on the market.-Test the proper functioning ofall yoursensors.-Measure the accuracy of each sensor.-To get themost outof your Smartphone.-To check the GPS signal, camera,compass,accelerometer, microphone, speakers, WiFi signals,Bluetooth, GSM /UMTS, FM Radio, Display, Battery, CPU, Memory,Vibration, USB,Audio / Video , operating system, light sensor,proximity sensor,temperature sensor, flash sensor, NFC near fieldcomunication,Barometer, the detection of Navstar satellites in theconstellationjointly and individually, .. etc..Please do nothesitate to sendyour comments to:E-mail:[email protected]: sensor added.New virtual sensor step detectoradded.Newvirtual sensor step counter added.Camera detection bugs(forceclose) solved.Log report bug corrected.Version 1.11Updatedcameraapi to level 15 (Android ICS 4.0.4).Version 1.9Severalbugscorrected.Version 1.8Hygrometer sensor added (relativehumidity.4new "Virtual" sensors added:-Gravity (Gravityaccelerationmeasure)-Gyroscope (device angular speedmeasure)-AngularAcceleration (Device Orientation relative to atangent to earthplane coordinate system)-Lineal acceleration (3axis accelerationmeasure without gravity effect).Added a 2D graphicrepresentationof several sensors.3D graphis added to severalsensors.Numericalcalc. for highest sensors rate.Several bugscorrected.Version1.6.19- Added support for NFC.Version 1.6.16-Added support forAnt+ devices.Version 1.6.13-Added in a test GPSaccuracy to meetitself.Version 1.6.12The block-GPS can check whatNavstar satelliteconstellation are giving you coverage at all timesand know thedetailed specifications of each.Version 1.6.11Correctedminorbugs.Version 1.6.10- Added test pressure sensor of thetouchscreen.- Detection of multimedia chip.- Detection of versionALSA(Advanced Linux Sound Architecture).- Detection of processmodel.-Detection of the number of processors.- Detection of theprocessorfrequency.- Added OpenGL version detection.- Addeddetection ofOpenGL graphics chip.- The flash works on some models.
Speedcheck is the only speed test that lets you testyourinternetconnection on both Wi-Fi and cellular networks, keeptrackof yourspeed tests and contribute your results to acrowdsourcedmap ofWi-Fi Hotspots that shows the speed of eachhotspot. You canusethe included Wi-Fi Finder to find Free and FastWi-Fi - inHotels,Cafes, Restaurants - anywhere in the world.MainFeatures:✓RunSpeed Tests for your cellular Network on 3g, 4g, LTEconnectionstoimprove your coverage✓ Test the Download and UploadSpeed andPingof WiFi Hotspots on dsl, adsl, cable connections.✓Helpmakefinding free WiFi Hotspots with fast networkconnectionspossibleby contributing your test results to thecrowdsourced Wi-FiFinderdatabase✓ Worldwide high speed data servernetwork forreliableresults✓ Keep track of your internet speed testsin yourpersonalresult history. The includes download and uploadspeed,ping,signal strength, network name, internal and external IPandthetest date.✓ Compare your different 3g, 4g, LTE cellspeedtests.Study the reliability of your broadband dsl,adsl,cableconnections over time.✓ Use the Wi-Fi Finder to accessacoveragemap that let’s you easily locate free, fast WiFiHotspotsaroundyou in Hotels, Cafes and Restaurants and otherpubliclocationslike stores, bars and libraries
Phone Tester (hardware info) 2.0.14
Miguel Torres
Do you have a new smartphone? Wanna know its capabilities?Wannacompare it with your old phone or with another device? Phonetesteris a free app that allows you to analyze and test yourdevice'shardware, sensors and components, to make sure everythingisoperating correctly.You'll be able to test thefollowing:***SENSORS ***You'll be able to check which sensors aresupported byyour phone and all the information and values providedby eachsensor. Accelerometer, gyroscope, compass, proximitysensor,pressure sensor...*** WIFI ***You'll be able to check yourLANstatus: local and external IP, gateway, DHCP server...***TELEPHONY***Signal, network type, external IP, SIM data...*** GPS***You'llsee the real data provided by the GPS: satellites,latitude,longitude, altitude, speed...*** COMMUNICATION PERIPHERALS***Inthis section you could check your bluetooth (ID and MAC), andifNFC and IR is supported by your device.*** CAMERA***Informationabout your device's cameras like resolution, focallength, cropfactor relative to 35 mm film format, focus modes,sensorsize...*** BATTERY ***Level of charge, capacity, timeon,temperature, health...*** MULTITOUCH ***How many points ofcontactdoes your device recognize? Is your digitizer working asitshould?*** SYSTEM INFORMATION ***Information about hardwareandsoftware like CPU, RAM, kernel, screen...This app is similartoEVEREST or AIDA64, but apart from showing the components andsysteminformation, it also shows sensors readings.The besthardwareinformation app!If you want to help me with the app'stranslation,you can collaborate through OneSkyat
Desktop Hub (DeX Hub) 2.30
This does not give you DeX mode! You need a DeX enabled devicewitha DeX dock to use DeX• Notice: This application has nointernetpermissions to provide assurance that no data will be sentback tothe developer.This app uses Accessibility services.•Enhanced inputproviding us with support for more of our keyboardshotkeys and keycombinations to increase our overall productivityeverywhere!•Multi-Instancing enabling you to launch multipleinstances ofsupported apps such as the calculator.• True windowedmode enablesall apps to work including apps that normally say theyrequire atouch screen or are locked to a phone sized window andproviding,true windowed and fullscreen support with no hacksrequired.• Autolaunch start multiple apps of your choice to thestartup list whenDeX launches!• Alternative start menu bringingmore of a Desktop-PClike experience to Android desktop! Addingfeatures such as quicksearch launch (i.e. enter calc and thecalculator will quicklylaunch if it is the only app installedstarting with the text'calc'). Quick access to the devices powerbutton, settings app,Play store app, pictures app, documents folderand file explorerapp from the start menus side bar. Supports launchvia the'Meta/Windows' key, or 'Meta+Alt' if you don't want toreplace thedefault start menu!Also adding multi-instance launchingsupport tothe desktop experience!• Disable 'Shift+Space' languageswitch.•Replace 'Meta+E' (Windows key/cmd key + E) to launch fileexplorerinstead of email!• Customisable auto desktop startup/exitdeviceconfig changes:Bluetooth, Wi-Fi & HDMI Audio out. •Independantvolume profiles for both phone & desktop modes,automaticallyadjusted whenever you change the volume in each mode.•Customdesktop Startup, Exit, USB connect and disconnect soundsaresupported!• Brighness reduction and red tint support withquickkeyboard shortcuts support to reduce eye-strain quickly andeasilywithout the need to launch any apps!• Device monitor isavailableto allow you to monitor your devices resource usage, toput ourminds at ease that our device's can cope under the pressurethat weput on them, and showing any running services that may beusing upthose system resources.• Desktop version info enables youto seewhen DeX has been updated from within DesktopHub.Originallydesigned for the 'Samsung Galaxy S8/S8+/S9/S9+/Note8' and the 'DeXStation' dock accessory. Added beta support foralternative Androiddesktop devices too.Permissions:• Apps that canappear on top:Brightness overlay.• Apps that can change systemsettings:Bluetooth & WiFi controls.• Usage data access: Deviceresourcemonitor (CPU, RAM, Storage & running backgroundservices).•Accessibility service: Keyboard input detection (forDesktopenhanced input functions, i.e. enabling extra system-widekeyboardshortcuts), system events (i.e. show power menu &minimize allwindows), pinch to zoom simulation and handlingbrightness overlay.
nRF Connect for Mobile 4.20.0
nRF Connect for Mobile is a powerful generic tool that allows youtoscan, advertise and explore your Bluetooth low energy (BLE)devicesand communicate with them. nRF Connect supports number ofBluetoothSIG adopted profiles including Device Firmware Updateprofile (DFU)from Nordic Semiconductors. Features: - Scans forBluetooth lowenergy (BLE) devices - Parses advertisement data -Shows RSSI graph,allows export to CSV and Excel formats - Connectsto a connectiblethe Bluetooth Smart device - Discoveries andparses services andcharacteristics - Allows to read and writecharacteristics - Allowsto enable and disable notifications andindications - Parses numberof characteristics adopted by BluetoothSIG - BTLE advertising(Android 5+ required) - GATT Serverconfiguration - Supports DeviceFirmware Update profile which letthe user to upload a newapplication, SoftDevice or a bootloaderover-the-air (OTA) from aHEX file - Supports the Nordic UARTService - Allows to performautomated tests defined in XML file onBluetooth Smart devices.Visit the GitHubpage: formoreinformation about automated tests and creating init packets fortheDFU. Known problems: - Nexus 4 and 7 and some otherdevicesnotifies only about the first adv. packets fromconnectibleperipherals, RSSI graph does not update for them. Youmay disable"Continuous scanning" in settings to get more packets onthisdevices. - On Nexus 4 and 7 some problems may occur whenconnectingto devices, a specially bondable ones. Bluetooth sensorreset maybe required to fix the problem. - Nexus 4 and 7 withAndroid 4.3 donot allow to unbound Bluetooth low energy devices. -Nexus 4 and 7with Android 4.4 does not start encryption whenconnecting tobonded device. Repairing may be required. Note: -Supported onAndroid version 4.3 or later. - Tested on Nexuses 4, 5,5X, 6, 6P,7, 9, Samsung S3, S6, HTC One M8 - DFU mode is compatiblewith nRF5devices that have S110 and S130 or S132 SoftDevice - nRF51or nRF52Development kits can be orderedfrom . - The nRF51 andnRF52SDKs and SoftDevices are available on-lineat Know problems with DFU settings:-Setting Package Receipt Notification to OFF or less than ~400willnot work on some phones, f.e. Nexus 4, Nexus 7. On Nexus 5withAndroid 4.4 it increases upload speed to 4.3 sec/18kb. - Onsomenewer devices you may have to set the PRN to 4 or less atthetransmission may be too fast to store data on flash.
My Boost 6.8.001
Let your inner laziness shine bright. Stop wasting time in linesandditch your grandpa’s computer. Simplify the way you manageyourBoost Mobile account. Need to make a payment on your Boostaccountso you can order a pizza? Of course you do, and you can doit fromyour bed with My Boost.
Phone Cooler CPU Cooler Master (Speed Booster) 1.0.3
Alpha Cooler - Cooler Phone is a free app to cool down androidcpuandcool down phone temperature for android professional mannerandquickly. Alpha Cooler help cooling master phone cooler inrealtime, control and detection of heat application device andquicklyshut the resources to help the phone back to the normaltemperaturecooling mode phone, cool master device cooler. Not onlyis thecooling device software but also support battery-savingcoolers.Please download the phone cooler app for android, phonecleaner andcooler.Cooler Master interface is beautifully designedwith manyuseful features to help you with the pleasant experiencewhen usingthe phone software cooling to reduce the temperature whenthemachine overheated, cpu cooler master phone cooler. You canplaygames, watch movies or surf the Internet no longer afraid ofthemachine constantly be overheating (Phone the temperaturewillaffect the battery life of the phone. Need to cool downthetemperature phones to avoid damaging equipment) . CoolerMasterAlpha will give a warning when the temperature phones andphonehelp lower temperatures with a cooling mode, cooler mastercooldown phone.✪ Tracking & Monitoring equipment.Temperaturemonitoring device and displayed on the phone screen tohelp youknow when the temperature increases. Continuous temperaturecontrolCPU and issues an alert when the temperature is high, app tocooldown my phone.✪ Detecting Overheating Apps. Automaticallydetectoverheating applications with special algorithms, monitor andviewthe application scans consuming resources and causing heat andhelpcool the CPU machines, cpu cooler master ram cleaner.✪ One taptocool down. Close the application causing rapid heating, andcoolingequipment helps telephones, cooler master –cooling androidcooldown. All sports all wrapped into one touch makes it easy toreduceCPU usage with just one button, device cooler for androidphone.✪Warning phone overheating. Phone alert when overheatingphenomenonallows (damage equipment), hypothermia Phone app willnotify CoolerMaster CPU Cooler to automated cooler battery, bestcooler masterpro. Feature Phone Application Cooling Cooler Alpha -Professionalcooling mode reduces device temperature- Automaticanalyze and makea list of telephone heating applications-Temperature control inreal time, cpu temperature monitor- Best cpucooler for android-Clean master with cpu cooler, apps to cool yourphone down- Softlyjust 4Mb capacity,- Warning when the phone isoverheatingtemperature allows.- Cooling phone with one touch, autocpu coolermaster, cpu cooler for android- Monitoring and coolingtemperaturewarning device- Clean and boost and cool down phone, cpucooler tocool down the phone temperature- Cool down my phone fromheatingapps, battery cooler app for android- FreeThe rating of 5 *andshare applications Alpha Cooler & CPU Cooler to others tohelpdevelopers.
Bitdefender Central
Bitdefender Central places your local and network cybersecurityatyour fingertips. Use it to control security for allyourBitdefender-protected devices, and to set up and manageBitdefenderBOX, the revolutionary smart home hub that secures yourentireWi-Fi network.LOCAL PROTECTIONWith Bitdefender Central youcan:-Install Bitdefender protection on all your devices- Managesecurityand protect your kids online- Scan, clean and optimize anydeviceremotely- Get instant notification whenever Bitdefenderdetects athreat- Quickly access your activity dashboard- Receivesecurityupdates for your devices 24/7NETWORK PROTECTIONBitdefenderCentralworks with BOX to secure and manage your smart home:- Getironcladprotection for all your internet-connected devices, at homeand onthe go- Manage all devices in your home network from asinglemobile app- Protect your kids online and manage screen timewithparental controls - Set up your Bitdefender BOX- Discoveryourdevices and group them under your Bitdefender BOX network -Checkprotection status and connectivity status for all yourconnecteddevices- Filter your devices by status or by user- Createprofilesfor your family members and allocate devices to them- Getreal-timenotifications for threats blocked by BOX: anomalydetection,unencrypted Banking information sent, botnet attacks-Change yourWi-Fi name and password- Pause the internet connectionon yourdevicesPARENTAL FEATURES- Limit Screen Time & PauseChildProfile: restrict device access on Android, iOS, Windows andmacOSdevices. BOX users can block Internet access on all achild’sassigned devices, including game consoles and smart TVs-Webfiltering on Windows, macOS and Android- Location reporting&Safe Check-in for a child’s mobile devicesPRIVACY- Locate yourlostor stolen devices- Send text or sound alerts to your devices-Lockyour lost or stolen devices to prevent unauthorized access
Epson iPrint 6.0.6
Print, scan, and share directly from your Android phone ortablet.Print photos, emails, webpages and files includingMicrosoft® Word,Excel®, PowerPoint® and PDF documents. Alsosupports Box, Dropbox,Evernote®*1, Google Drive™ and MicrosoftOneDrive™. Epson iPrintmakes printing easy and convenient whetheryour printer is in thenext room or across the world. Key Features •Print, scan, andshare directly from your Android phone or tablet •Print fromanywhere in the world to email-enabled Epson printersusing remoteprint functionality • Print photos, PDFs and MicrosoftOffice Word,Excel and PowerPoint files (Microsoft Office filesrequire accessto Google Drive for rendering into printable PDF) •Print storedfiles, email attachments, and online files from Box,Dropbox,Evernote, Google Drive and Microsoft OneDrive • Capture adocumentwith your device camera, format, enhance, then save, readyto print• Scan from your Epson all-in-one and share your file (saveto yourdevice, send via email or save online) • Copy documents andphotosusing your mobile device and a nearby Epson printer •Transferfiles between your device and an SD card or USB drive viaan Epsonprinter • Check your printer’s status and ink levels •Print withina complex network environment using manual IP printersetup • Gethelp with a built-in FAQ section *Supports Androidversion 4.4 orhigher Advanced Features • Print high quality photoswith automaticbacklight and color cast correction • Choose andprint multiplephotos • Print your email attachments and storedfiles • Configureyour print options including paper size and type,number of copies,page range and one- or two-sided printing • Printwith and withoutborders • Switch between color or monochromeprinting • Choose fromdifferent scanning resolutions and imagetypes • Optimize printquality • Buy ink and supplies for yourprinter • Setup &register to Epson Connect • Manage remoteprinters PrintersSupported See the following website for supportedprinters. * To use iPrintwith aWi-Fi Direct connection, you must allow the app to useyourdevice's location services. This allows iPrint to searchforwireless networks; your location data is not collected. *1Evernoteis a registered trademark of U.S. Evernote Corporation.TheBluetooth® word mark and logos are registered trademarks ownedbythe Bluetooth SIG, Inc. and any use of such marks by SeikoEpsonCorporation is under license. We welcome yourfeedback.Unfortunately, we cannot reply to your e-mail.
Antivirus & Mobile Security
Free Antivirus and Mobile Security for Android smartphoneswithenhanced features. Quick Heal Mobile Security protects yourphonefrom viruses, infected and harmful apps. It lets you lock appsandblock unknown calls. It scans apps before you download themfromGoogle Play and also scans apps in the background to ensuretheyare safe. Additionally, it lets you upgrade to premiumfeaturessuch as SafePe (for safe mobile banking) and ParentalControl.Tolearn more,visit This appusesthe Device Administrator permission.Features & Benefits :★AppLock lets you lock Android applications with a secure PIN.★Wi-FiScan alerts you whenever your mobile device detects anunsecuredWi-Fi network. Connecting to such networks can letattackers stealyour sensitive information.★ Scan Before Downloadautomaticallyscans apps even before you download them from theGoogle PlayStore. It also informs you whether an app is safe toinstall ornot.★ Scans your apps once they are installed.★ FingerPrint Unlocklets you unlock instantly with your fingerprint for allthecompatible devices.★ Call Filter blocks unwanted incomingcalls.★Quick Heal RDM allows you to access various features on yourdevicewhen the device is not physically accessible.★ BackgroundScaninspects every downloaded app to ensure it’s safe. Theantivirusengine also scans the entire device for viruses and othermaliciousprograms.★ Anti-Theft prevents your device from beingmisused byallowing remote lock and data wipe. The mobile trackinganti-theftfeature also helps you track your device in case it islost orstolen.★ Intruder Detection takes snapshots of anyone whotries tounlock your phone with a wrong PIN.★ Privacy Advisor helpsyoureview apps installed on your phone and their permissions whichmayaffect your privacy.★ Security Advisor guides you aboutthesettings that affect the overall security of your smartphone.★CallForwarding allows you to forward all incoming calls toapredetermined number. This procedure can be configured viatheRemote Device Management portal. ★ Share App allows you toshareyour Quick Heal Mobile Security app with other Androiddevices.★Register with TRAI allows you to register your number withthe DNDservice of India. You can also raise a complaint with TRAIagainstunwanted numbers. (Only available in India)★ Activitygivesin-depth reports on all the activities carried out by QuickHealMobile Security on your Android device.★ Regular AutomatedVirusUpdates take automatic virus definition updates.★ SecurityShielddisplays the security level of your device and dataprotectionstatus through a graphical representation.★ QuickSettingsNotification gives you one-touch access to various devicesettingssuch as Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, Mobile Data, Brightness, andTorch.★Trusted SIMs List is beneficial for users using multipleSIMs.★Message Center brings to you the latest news on mobileprotection,security alerts, Offers and other important informationrelated toIT security and web security.Follow us onFacebook: us onTwitter: us onGoogle+: our officialblog:
Duplicate Files Fixer
Systweak Duplicate Files Fixer is a duplicate file finderandremover app that scans and deletes all types of duplicate filesonyour Android device. This duplicate media remover app will helpyourecover loads of storage space on your device so that you cansaveadditional data or install other apps from the Play Storewithouthaving to face low storage warnings.You can either selectwhattypes of files to scan or can opt for a Full Scan mode to findandremove duplicate files present on your internal andexternalstorage.How are duplicate files created?    ● When youreceive apicture/audio/video file(s) and share the same file withanothercontact via any app. In such cases, multiple copies arecreated.   ● When a file is accidentally downloaded twice or thricefrom theinternet.    ● When Android backup apps take a backup ofyourdevice.    ● When Android media apps create cached imagesorthumbnails.    ● When you receive files on Bluetooth more thanonce(due to transmission errors)There are a lot more caseswhereduplicate files are created and unnecessarily occupy space onyourAndroid device. Don't worry though, this duplicate cleaner willnotonly let you remove such files, but will also let you previewthembefore you go ahead and delete them.Why you'll love DuplicateFilesFixer? ● Intuitive UI:The interface is 100% user friendly.With itsdual themes - Classic & Material, it extends amazingUIs tousers. Both the themes vary with their interface. The formeris forusers who want to keep things simple and plain. If you liketo mixthings up, then Material Theme is the way to go. This themeisdesigned with the coolest of aminations and showscategorizedresults. You can access these themes from the settingsof thisduplicate file finder app. Also, you'll love thecolorcombinations.● Super-Fast Scan Engine: Scanning for duplicatefilescan be done at lightning fast speed. Thanks to theintelligentalgorithm used, duplicates can be scanned withinseconds!● PreviewFiles: Be sure of what you're deleting bypreviewing duplicatefiles before deleting them. Either of thethemes of Duplicate FilesFixer provide clear and complete previewof duplicate files. Inaddition to this, Material Theme labels theduplicates undervarious categories. And yes, you can see thelocation of theseduplicates within these results. ● ExcludeFolders:You can excludefolders of your choice from being scannedfor duplicates files.●Scan any file type:You can scan media filessuch as Audio, Videos,Pictures & Documents for duplicate files.Scan them by categoryor all at once, your choice!● Multi-lingualsupport: This duplicatefile remover app supports 14 languages intotal, including German,French, Japanese and many more. ● MarkOptions: This duplicatecleaner app allows you to mark duplicatesvia 4 alternatives i.e.'Mark All except First', 'Mark All exceptLast', 'Unmark All' &'Unmark Shortest File Location'. Now youdon't have to mark theduplicates manually. Just select one of theseoptions and you'regood to go!
Webroot Mobile Security & Antivirus
Webroot Inc.
Webroot antivirus, internet security, and identityprotectionWebrootSecureAnywhere® Mobile Free keeps you secure whenbrowsing,shopping, and banking on your Android™ device.AV TESTCertified with100% malicious app detectionOver 1.5 million mobiledevices areprotected by Webroot SecureAnywhere® Mobile - getprotectednow.MOBILE SECURITY► Automatically scans apps for malwareandviruses► Set it and forget it – continuous protectionwithoutbattery drain, interruptions or slowdowns► Real-timeanti-phishingidentifies and blocks fake websites that trick youinto enteringyour personal information► Warns you about infectedwebsites beforeyou visit them► Blocks unwanted calls and textmessages► Socialnetwork protection including Facebook andTwitterRAVE REVIEWS★Named One of the PCWorld's Best Free AndroidApps -PCWorld★“Webroot offers advanced features not found incompetingproducts.”—PC Magazine★ “Best of the security applicationsforAndroid phones.”—Tech of Web★ “A must forAndroidusers.”—Uberphones PAID FEATURESFor the following enhancedmobileantivirus and other premier security features, please visitWebrootSecureAnywhere® Mobile•DeviceWipe – Remotely erase your data from the device if lost orstolen •SIM Card Lock – Automatically locks your device when theSIM card isremoved • Network Monitor – Provides details of appsthat areaccessing the network • Battery Monitor – Provides batterystatusand power usage by apps• App Inspector – Scans all appsandidentifies those that can: - Access your email and SMS messages-Cost you money - Access sensitive information - Track yourlocation- Drain your battery*This app uses the DeviceAdministratorpermission.LEARN MORE• More info on WebrootSecureAnywhereMobile:•Troubleshootissues with installation or loggingin:•Needsupport?:
2Accounts 2.4.7
Do you have two accounts for Messaging, tired to log in and outtoreceive different message?Do you have multi game accounts,wantthem all online to get double experience?Do you have doublesocialaccounts for work and personal life,wish them toparallel?Now2Accounts is created to fulfill your dream!"2Accounts"is designedfor users who log in more than Two Accounts of One Appwith onlyOne Phone, while data of your main account and secondaccount arein parallel and separate storage. ★ One app, Allmessage: Wesupport most Instant Messaging. Multiple accounts canworksimultaneously on one device, connect different friends andshareparallel information.★ Double Game Experience :You can opentwogame accounts for Google Play and get experience for bothaccountsat the same time! We now support 99% of top games!★ FastSwitchbetween Interface★ Privacy and SecurityIn addition, you canbecomeour VIP and get more professional features, such as:★SecurityLock: Lock your apps, protect your privacy from peeking★SecretZone: Move your secret apps in, protect your secrets inyourphoneFEATURES:- Upgraded UI, clear notification to help youfastswitch between two accounts.- Parallel Function, separatestorage,zero conflict!- Small and low CPU consume. If you like ourapp,please give us star(5-good, 1-bad) rating!If you have anycommentsor suggestions, please let us know! We are looking forwardto yourfeedbacks ([email protected]).
Automate 1.15.0
Automate various tasks on your Android smartphone or tablet.Createyour automations using flowchart. Automatically changesettingslike audio volume, Bluetooth, GPS, Wi-Fi, NFC, and performactionslike sending SMS or e-mail, copy files to FTP or GoogleDrive, playmusic or take photos, based on your location, time ofday,foreground app, battery level or any other event trigger. Youcanautomate almost everything, Automate even support plug-ins madeforTasker and Locale. Logic fun You edit flowcharts, just addblocksand connect the dots to create your automated tasks. Morethan 320building blocks, including actions, conditions, eventtriggers,loops and more:,yet powerful Novices can pick from predefined options, whilepowerusers may use expressions, variables andfunctions: Share Yourautomationflows are safe and easy to share using the in-appcommunity: Community &FeedbackGoogle+:!forum/automate-userE-mail:[email protected] Building blocks • Account sync; request,toggle •Airplane mode • Alarm; await, set • App; start, kill,list,foreground, clear cache, usage • App notifications;toggle,priority, visibility • AppOps • Attention light LED •Audio;device, mute, volume • Battery level • Bluetooth:connect,connected, disconnect, scan (iBeacon/Eddystone beacons),SCO,tethering, toggle • Calendar event; add, query • Call; state,dial,incoming, outgoing • Camera • Cell tower; near, pick •Clipboard •Cloud messaging; send, receive • Content; changed, copy,delete,insert, update, pick, query • Contact; query, pick •CyanogenModprofile • CPU speed • Data usage • Device; docked, doze,keepawake, lock, orientation • Dialog; choice, color, confirm,date,HTML/web, input, map, network, time, etc. • E-mail; compose,send •File; list, copy, move, delete, make directory, monitor, pick•Flashlight • FTP; list, upload, download, delete • Geocoding•Gesture; device motion, fingerprint • Gmail; compose, send,unreadcount • Google Drive; list, upload, download, delete, share •HTTPrequest • IR transmit • Input method (soft keyboard)•Interruptions (Do-Not-Disturb) • Keyboard visible •Location;await, get, pick • Location provider (GPS, etc.) • Map •Mediabutton • Media playing • Media store • Media (Exif/MP3) tags•Microphone mute • MMS; compose, send • Mobile network;preferred(2G/3G/4G), type, operator, service state, signal strength• Mobiledata; toggle, throughput • Network; connected, type,throughput •NFC; scan, write tag • Notification; cancel, policy,posted, show,snooze • Ping • Play sound/tone • Plug-in; Tasker,Locale • Processselected text • Power source • Quick Settings tile• Record audio,video, TTS • Ringer mode • Ringtone • Roaming •Screen; brightness,orientation, off timeout • Screen lock(keyguard) • Sensor;acceleration, light, temperature, magneticfield, pedometer,personal activity, pressure, proximity,significant motion • Shellcommand • SMS; compose, send, sent,received • Speakerphone •Speech recognition • SQLite database;modify, query • Storage;mounted, low space • System settings •Text-to-speech • Time;delay, await, window • Timer • UI automation;back, click, copy,cut, focus, home, long-click, open notifications,paste, powerdialog, quick settings, recents, swipe, etc. • UI mode;car, night• USB tethering • USSD request • Vibrate • Wake-on-LAN •Wallpaper;image, live • Weather • Wi-Fi; connect, hotspot, pick,scan, signalstrength • Wired headset • Zip This app usesAccessibilityservices. This app uses the Device Administratorpermission.
SD Maid Pro - Unlocker 4.3.2
SD Maid is an app and file management tool that helps you tokeepyour device clean and tidy! This app unlocks the "Pro" statusinthe free version of SD Maid, enabling all additional features.Thisis not a stand-alone app. You still need to install thefreeversion of SD Maid. I don't mind a quick mail if youhavequestions. If you are unhappy with your purchase, mail mewithin aweek and ask for a refund.
Sprint Complete Storage 1.1.24
The only app with true high resolution, Complete Storage givesyouunlimited* storage space to backup all your photos andvideos**.Organize, sort and share photos with family and friends,and useOptimize to help you find photos you can remove tode-clutter yourgallery and free up space on your device. •Automatic: Backup isseamless any time the app is running with noneed to plug into acomputer • Optimize: De-clutter your gallery andfree up space byeasily by getting rid of photos that are similar,blurry, oldscreenshots, and more. • Explore: Auto organized photosto makeyour search & share experience easy. • Storage:Unlimited*space for all of your photos and videos. • Speed:Lightning fastupload speeds that won’t leave you lagging. •Security: Encryptedwith bank-level security for complete privacy •Restore: Simply tap‘Download’ to restore backed up items to yourdevice. • EditPhotos: Make your photos look great with the edittool. If you needhelp installing the app, call 877-649-0882 Who’sEligible? TheComplete Storage app is available for Android devices.• 5 GBstorage included at no cost—every Sprint customer iseligible. •Sprint Complete customers receive Unlimited storage.ImportantNotes Complete Storage is powered by Asurion. The CompleteStorageapp can only be used on compatible Android devices.*Unlimitedcloud storage available only to Sprint Complete programcustomers.**There may be limitations on the size of each video thatcan bebacked up and secured.
Mobile Manager
Keep your phone in its best status usingMobileManager! This all-in-one app provides quick solutions toyour phonedilemmas. With Mobile Manager, you can easily controlpowerconsumption, release more memory, manage apps and data, cleanunusedapps, manage app permissions, scan privacy issues andoptimize thesystem's overall performance.Key featuresOptimize: Optimize the system's overall performance,whichincludes data usage, power consumption, memory usage, storage,andprivacy.Boost: Optimizes power and releases more memory for aspeedyand seamless user experience without lags. You can alsoenableSuper Boost to close unused apps.Data usage: Monitor data usage and manage apps thatusemobile data so you won’t have any surprises in yourphonebills.Notifications: Annoyed with fussy notifications? Blockthemusing the Notification feature! Choose which apps you don’twant toget notifications from, or block specific notifications youdon’twant to receive anymore!Cleanup:Clean unused apps for more storage. You canalsoredeem free 100GB from Google Drive to backup data fromyourphone.Permissions: App Permissions feature helps you reducetherisk of information leaks.Auto-start Manager: Save memory to minimize system lagswhilereducing your device's power consumption.Power Saver: Optimize battery power using Power Saver!Thissmart feature allows you to choose the best battery mode foryourspecific use..Privacy & Security: Check your phone’s privacy issuesandprovide recommendation on how to fix them. Use App Lock toprotectyour phone’s app data and prevent information leaks.Notes-The appearance and operation of some features may vary,dependingon your device.-Mobile Manager works at a system level. This allows you tokeepyour phone in its best status.-Mobile Manager is a free app for ASUS devices. You will notbecharged for downloading or using this app.-Mobile Manager runs on Android 5.0 and up.-Mobile Manager is not supported on ZenFone 4, ZenFone 5,andZenFone 6.More information-For more product information and videos, check out:http://www.zenui.com and suggestionsWe’d love to hear from you!Send us your feedback via: [email protected]
AppLock - (Lock Apps) 2.8
AppLock - (Lock Apps) is a smart AppLocker or App protector toolforandroid devices. Applock offers an extra layer of security foryourapps like WhatsApp, Facebook, Gallery, Videos, Messenger,Gmail andCall Records. Are you afraid of being snooped? Want tokeep yourinfo secured and lock your apps in a certain time andlocation?Applock provides a variety of secured features andcustomizedoptions to help you protect your privacy in anall-roundway.Features of Applock:Lock AppsApplock provides you witha strongand unique locker letting you lock your most used appslikeFacebook and WhatsApp.Applock Intruder SelfieBreak-in Alertallowsyou to easily take a photo of someone who enters the lockedappswith wrong password.Fake LockerApp Cover is an interestinglockerwe developed to add another layer of security for your apps,andonly you know the unlock method. Smart LockTime Lock andLocationLock let you activate the special modes for a certain timeandcertain position where only the apps you’d chosen arebeinglocked.For better updates, please feel free to talk with usandsend us your valuable feedbacks. If you have any questions ornowneeds for this Applock, please emailus:[email protected]
Boost+ Speed, Clean, Security
Does your device seem sluggish? Are you overwhelmed by appsandsystem components? Boost+ is your free Android expert thatsmartlytunes performance, improves power consumption, cleans unusedjunkfiles to reclaim storage and adds security on an app-by-appbasison any Android phone. * Clear junk files Get your storageback:Boost+ can delete cache files, installers, temporary filesandadvertising clutter. * Smart boost Automatically boosttheperformance of your games and apps. Boost+ frees up memory,speedsup your phone and saves battery power. * Manage apps How manyappsare installed that you haven't used in ages? Easily removethoseancient apps and identify ones with irregular activity. * LockappsAdd an extra layer of security by requiring a passcode to openappsthat contain your private data. Boost+ is powered byHTCCorporation. HTC has been developing mobile software sincethefirst Android phones, with a focus on delivering the bestuserexperience for customers.
Lookout Security Extension 2.0
Get the most out of Lookout Safe Browsing by installingthisextension. Surf the web safely with security that protectsagainstsuspicious websites that might infect your phone or stealyourpersonal information. Lookout Safe Browsing, with the help ofthisextension, blocks dangerous URLs while browsing from yourAndroiddevice with Android M operating system or higher.**Note: Tousethis software component, you must have Lookout Security&Antivirus installed first. You do not need to install LookoutSafeBrowsing unless Lookout asks you to do so. Lookout does notstoreyour information or browsing history. Safe Browsing's websiteandcontent analysis is done locally on your device.
Cooling Master-Phone Cooler 3.3.01
PICOO Design
Professional temperature monitoring and controlling app thatdetectsand closes heavy resource consuming apps to reduce CPUusage andlower phone temperature. Features (Totally Free):✓Real-timetemperature monitoring Monitors and logs device temp. inreal time,and displays temp. change curves. ✓Dynamic overheatingdetectionAnalyzes CPU usage dynamically, and detects apps that areoverusingsystem resource to determine the cause for phoneoverheating. ✓Onetap to cool down Close overheating apps with onesimple tap toreduce CPU usage. ✓Overheating prevention Closes appsthat arelikely to cause temperature rise, and prevents the phonetemperaturefrom rising again. ✓Call Reminder Call Reminder helpsyou identityunknown number, providers an easy and free way to saygoodbye tospam calls! With the world's largest phone numberdatabase, showstrue caller info instead of unknown numbers, youcan use it whereveryou are! The features listed above areavailable for free. Pleasecontact us [email protected] if you have any questionsorsuggestions.
Droid Optimizer 2.1.6
More memory, more speed - free and without ads! Laggysmartphone?Battery always empty? Launching apps takes forever?Boost yoursmartphone performance and free memory at the click of abutton.Against data chaos Installed apps, downloaded files, images,music,videos - over time, your smartphone will get clutteredleading tonoticeable slowdowns. Ashampoo Droid Optimizer freesyoursmartphone from clutter and reclaims free disk spaceandperformance - regularly and fully automatically. Need toconstantlydelete a folder anew? Simply add it to 1-Touch Speed Upand AutoClean Up. This feature is also supported by Junk Finder!For yourprivacy Browsing the Internet with your smartphone leavesvarioustraces that can be used to violate your privacy. And let'sface it,do you really know all the time what device permissionsyourinstalled apps have? Get rid of Internet traces andexposepotential spy apps with Ashampoo Droid Optimizer. Forprolongedbattery life The integrated Good Night scheduler candisablefeatures such as WLAN or mobile connectivity automaticallyduringcustomizable time periods or each time you switch off yourscreen.Put your smartphone to sleep at night and conserve preciousbatterypower with Ashampoo Droid Optimizer. With fun andmotivationCleaning doesn't have to be boring. The integratedranking systemprovides rewards and funny pictures for yourachievements. Startout as a mere cleaning rag and become a masterin no time. You canalso select more neutral ranks if you preferthat. Free and withoutads Ashampoo Droid Optimizer is and willremain free to use andwithout ads. Full access on rooted devicesDroid Optimizer offers aspecial feature on rooted devices: Startingwith Android 4.3, appscan no longer enable airplane modeautomatically. Root access makesthis possible again! This way,Good-Night-Scheduler can unleash itsfull potential and activelyconserve energy. Unwanted apps alsobecome a thing of the past,disable or delete (system) apps asneeded to keep your device clean.For all Android devices AshampooDroid Optimizer works with Android4.0 and higher devices which ispractically every device. Are youmissing highly important featuressuch as Game Booster or CPUCooler? What others won't tell you:It's not that easy! Lowering CPUfrequencies requires rootprivileges and although your CPU may staycooler it will alsoperform much slower. What is possible is closingunneeded apps tofree as much memory and processor resources aspossible - and thisis what Auto-Clean and 1-Touch Speed Up alreadydo extremely well.You see, Droid Optimizer doesn't need muchadvertising but letsactions speak for itself. Features at a glance► Accelerate, cleanand optimize ► Terminate foreground andbackground appsautomatically ► Empty the system and applicationcache ► Dark theme► Find and delete big files fast and easily ►Carry out cleaningtasks automatically ► Conserve energy and enhanceyour battery life► Disable wifi at preset times or each time youswitch off thescreen ► Manage all installed apps ► Learn about yourapps'critical permissions and expose spy apps
Smart Level 1.1.4
Smart Level is in the 1st set of the Smart Tools collection.Thisapp measures the angle or slope of an object simply andaccurately.Put the back of your device against a desk, or put itsshort/longside on a frame. * Main features: - Surface level (bubblelevel) -Spirit level (clinometer) - Zero calibration - Tilt units(degree,percent, radian, roof pitch) - Lock screen - Materialdesign * Proversion added features: - No ads - Multi-Touch mode -Ruler,Protractors, Thread pitch * Do you want more tools? download[SmartRuler Pro] and [Smart Tools] package. For more information,watchYouTube and visit the blog. Thank you.
Brother iPrint&Scan 3.2.3
Brother iPrint&Scan is a free app that lets you print fromandscan to your Android device. Use your local wireless networktoconnect your Android device to your Brother printer orall-in-one.Some new advanced functions have been added (edit, faxsend, faxpreview, copy preview, machine status). For a list ofsupportedmodels, please visit your local Brother website. [KeyFeatures] -Easy to use menu. - Simple steps to print your favoritephotos, webpages, emails (Gmail only) and documents (PDF, Word,Excel®,PowerPoint®, Text). - Print your documents and photosdirectly fromthe following cloud services: DropboxTM, OneDrive,Evernote®. -Scan directly to your Android device. - Save scannedimages to yourAndroid device or email them (PDF, JPEG). -Automatically searchfor supported devices on a local wirelessnetwork. - No computerand no driver required. - The NFC function issupported, thisenables you to print or scan by simply holding yourmobile deviceover an NFC mark on your machine and tapping thescreen. - Theremote print function enables you to print fromanywhere. (Yourmachine needs to support Google Cloud Print to usethis function.)*Memory card needed for printing and scanning. *Touse the NFCfunction, both your mobile device and your machine needto supportNFC. There are some mobile devices with NFC that cannotwork withthis function. Please visit our supportwebsite( for a list of supportedmobiledevices. *As the remote print function is based on GoogleCloudPrintTM, you must first register your machine in yourGoogleaccount. For detailed information, please see the GoogleCloudPrint Guide available on the Brother supportwebsite( "[Advanced Functions](Onlyavailable on new models.)" - Edit previewed images usingtheediting tools (scale, straighten, crop) if necessary. - Send afaxdirectly from your mobile device.(This app feature requiresaccessto the contacts list on your mobile device.) - View receivedfaxesstored on your machine on your mobile device. - The copypreviewfunction enables you to preview an image and edit it ifnecessarybefore copying to avoid copy errors. - View the machine’sstatussuch as ink/toner volume and error messages on your mobiledevice.*Compatible functions will depend on the selecteddevice.[Compatible Print Settings] - Paper Size - 4" x 6" (10 x15cm)Photo L (3.5" x 5" / 9 x 13 cm) Photo 2L (5" x 7" / 13 x 18cm) A4Letter Legal A3 Ledger - Media Type - Glossy Paper PlainPaper -Copies - Up to 100 [Compatible Scan Settings] - DocumentSize - A4Letter 4" x 6" (10 x 15cm) Photo L (3.5" x 5" / 9 x 13 cm)Card(2.4" x 3.5" / 60 x 90 mm) Legal A3 Ledger - Scan Type -ColorColor (Fast) Black & White *Compatible settings willdepend onthe selected device and function. *Google Cloud Print isatrademark of Google Inc. Use of this trademark is subject toGooglePermissions. *Evernote is a trademark of Evernote Corporationandused under a license. *Microsoft, Excel, and PowerPoint areeitherregistered trademarks or trademarks of Microsoft Corporationin theUnited States and/or other countries. *Please note theemailaddress [email protected] is for feedbackonly.Unfortunately we cannot reply to inquiries sent to thisaddress.
Fast charging 2018 1.0
if you are looking for an application which will helps you tochargeyour phone quickly and save battery , here it is , fastcharging2018, this application is real and it will helps you tocharge yourphone in a few minutes , you have just to put yourcharge and aftera while it will be full . with fast charging 2018say goodbye to theproblem of losing battery . you can download itand use it charging Up to 15-30% faster than otherapps.Also showsnotification when charging. Keep this app runningwhen charging thephone.Supports devices ranging from AndroidGingerbread toLollipop.Characteristics of fast charging -Adjusting thebrightness- to prolong the life of the battery- WifiOn / data /Bluetooth- intelligent charger- Mode of fast loading-killer killstasks The tasks in a single click- check the detailsof your batteryas healthy, stand by time, the voltage of thebattery and muchmore.- indicates the quantity of energy of thebattery will beextended if you turn off Wifi, Bluetooth-optimization of theconsumption of the battery in a single click-Automatic energysaving (when the battery level reaches a specifiedpercentage) -StepBar percentage of battery / battery ofnotification- The screensaver of intelligent batteryfast charging2018 can help you saveenergy from the battery to the pressure of abutton. With its manyfeatures standby battery, including thememory of washing and abackground task stop, the classification ofthe consumption ofenergy, you can easily change the mode ofeconomy of the battery andto prolong the life of the battery.Don’tmiss out on this amazingfast charging 2018 which has got all thefeatures that you need tosave power! Go green, conserve power! Andfor free as well!if youare looking for an app qui will helps youto load your phone andsave battery Quickly, here it is, fastcharging 2018 this appis real and it will helps you to loadyour phone in a Few Minutes,you-have just to put your after-loadand a while it will befull.with fast charging in 2018 say goodbyeto the problem of can download it and use iteasily.Fast charging Up to15-30% faster than other apps.Also showsnotification When charging.Keep this app running When charging thephone.Supports devicesranging from Android Gingerbread toLollipop.Characteristics of fastcharging- Adjusting thebrightness- to the prolonged life of thebattery- Wifi on / data /Bluetooth- Intelligent load- Mode of fastloading- Killer killstasks The tasks in a single click- check thedetails of yourbattery as healthy, stand by time, the voltage ofthe battery andmuch more.- indicates the quantity of energy of thebattery will beextended if you turn off WiFi, Bluetooth-optimization of theconsumption of the battery in a single click-Automatic energysaving (when the battery level Reaches a specifiedpercentage)-Step Bar percentage of battery / battery ofnotification- Thescreen saver of smart batteryFast charging 2018can help you saveenergy from the battery to the pressure of abutton. With itsbattery standby Many features,Including the memoryof washing and abackground task stop, the classification of theconsumption ofenergy,Easily you can change the way of economy ofthe battery andto the prolonged life of the battery.Do not miss outon thisamazing fast charging qui 2018 has got combinations allthefeatures you need to save That power! Go green, retains power!Andfor free as well!
AppLock - Best App Lock 1.1.19
AppLock is a privacy protector app for Android. It can keepyourphone safe from annoying snoopers and prying eyes.Features:AppLockprotects your privacy with your own AppLock pattern:★ Locksocialapps - Protect apps such as Facebook, WhatsApp, Messenger,Vine,Twitter, Instagram, Snapchat, WeChat. No one can peep atyourprivate chat any more. ★ Lock system settings – Preventmalicioususe of your settings such as Contacts, SMS, Gallery,Videos, Emailand etc. ★ Lock your privacy - AppLock can lock anythird-partyapps, including Youtube, games, gallery (Gallery Vault),videos,photos, files and etc. AppLock hides the draw path to makepatterninvisible, securing your password to the greatestextent.AppLockgenerates dynamically colorful lock screen accordingto theprincipal hues of the app being protected.AppLock is a smallbutpowerfull protection toolkit:★ small APK package forfasterinstallation and update.★ easy to operate with One-TaptoEnable/Disable locking service.AppLock provides the mutilockoptions. You can select a suitable mode for you.★ Lock your appatthe device screen off★ Lock your app after exiting the app for30secs or 2 mins★ Lock your app after you minimizeitimmediatelyAppLock provides the uninstall protection whichpreventsavoiding the uninstallation of the protected apps byothers.AppLockis free, which provides you with the ultimatesimplicity and userexperience.How to use:★ Start app, set thepassword and the answerof Security Question.★ Select the app youwant to lock in AppLock'sapp list.★ Enter the password to unlockthe app your choosinglocked when you start that.★ If you forgot thepassword, it isconvenient for you to reset new password byanswering the securityquestion you set before.Note: For android5.0+, please allowApplock to use usage access permission.You canfirst find AppLockand then allow usage access.If AppLock do notwork, please makesure you enable floating window on your androiddevices (i.e.HuaWei/XiaoMi/Vivo/MIUI/ Yureka) .Try followingmethods:Entersettings--app application, find AppLock and enable thefloatingwindow for our AppLock.
Ampere v3.11
Did you ever felt, that one Charger/USB cable set chargesyourdevice really fast and the other not? Now, you can prove thiswithAmpere.Measure the charging and discharging current ofyourbattery. PRO features:- Widgets- Notification- Alerts on device-Alerts on Android WearThe app works on Android 4.0.3+ devices.Notevery device is supported because there are devices which lacksanappropriate measurement chip (or the interface) and they can notbesupported at all. Please read the list of not supported phonesatthe end of the description.The app is not meant to be mAaccurate.It is only good for evaluate which Charger/USB cable comboisworking the best for you on the same device.----Please readalsothe FAQ: ----Start the app and wait ca.10seconds ("measuring" is on the display). After this time,thecharging or discharging current will be shown.The currentdependson many things:- Charger (USB/AC/Wireless)- USB cable- Phonetype-Current tasks running- Display brightness- WiFi state-GPSstatePlease don't use the readings on this app as concretescience.However, the readings are good enough to relatively measurehowvarious chargers and USB cables fair on the same device.If theappshows 0mA all the time, please use the settings option"Oldmeasurement method". You can force the app with it to use theoldmeasurement interface, if the Lollipop device has atleastone.Unfortunately some Samsung devices don't givecorrect(measured) values (e.g.: S5), just the maximum possiblechargingcurrent with the actual USB cable/charger configuration.This is afirmware problem.----Background info: The app measuresthecharging/discharging current of the battery. If your phone isnotconnected to a charger, you see the discharging current whichisnegative. If you connect a charger then the current whatthecharger gives will be used to supply your phone and theremainingpower will be charged into the battery.If your phoneconsumes 300mA without a charger connected (-300mA on the display),then a 500mA charger will charge your battery maximum with 200 mAcurrent(200mA on display).----Technical info: The displayed currentis anaverage value from 50 measurements minus the 10 upper valuesandthe 10 lower values. The displayed current can be shaky orunstableor even zero which means, that the Android system providesunstablevalues. Every company uses different battery types andotherhardware making it difficult to get accurate results aboutyourcharger.----LiPo batteries don't draw the maximum for the fulltimeit takes to charge the phone. If your battery is chargedalmostfull then the charging current will be much less as bylowerbattery levels.- A graph explaining LiPo chargestages:'s(EEVBlog) LiPo ChargingTutorial: compatible onlywith"Old measurement method" switched on and selected theright"Measurement interface":➤ HTC One M7 / M8➤ LGG3Phones/ROMSreported to be not working with this app:➤ GalaxyGrand Prime -fortuna3gdtv➤ Galaxy Note2 - t03g, t03gchn,t03gchnduos, t03gcmcc,t03gctc, t03gcuduos➤ Galaxy S3 - d2att,d2spr, d2vmu➤ Galaxy Tab47.0 - degas3g➤ HTC Desire 510 -htc_a11ul8x26➤ HTC One S (ville), X(endeavoru), XL (evita)➤ HTCSensation 4G - pyramidPlease do notgive wrong rating, if your phoneis one of the above. Not the appis wrong, but your phone does notsupport this kind of measurementyet.If the app doesn't work on yourdevice with pre-LollipopAndroid version, then please read the firstand the second posts inthis XDA developer forum thread: . Please postyour problem with screenshots inthe XDA thread.Please read alsothe FAQ:
NetGuard - no-root firewall 2.206
NetGuard provides simple and advanced ways to block access totheinternet - no root required. Applications and addressescanindividually be allowed or denied access to your Wi-Fiand/ormobile connection. Blocking access to the internet can help:•reduce your data usage • save your battery • increase yourprivacyFeatures: • Simple to use • No root required • 100% opensource •No calling home • No tracking or analytics • Noadvertisements •Actively developed and supported • Android 5.1 andlater supported• IPv4/IPv6 TCP/UDP supported • Tethering supported• Optionallyallow when screen on • Optionally block when roaming •Optionallyblock system applications • Optionally notify when anapplicationaccesses the internet • Optionally record network usageperapplication per address • Material design theme with light anddarktheme PRO features: • Log all outgoing traffic; search andfilteraccess attempts; export PCAP files to analyze traffic •Allow/blockindividual addresses per application • Newapplicationnotifications; configure NetGuard directly from thenotification •Display network speed graph in a status barnotification • Selectfrom five additional themes in both light anddark version There isno other no-root firewall offering all thesefeatures. If you havea question or problem, you can send an [email protected] If you like to help people lessfluentin English, you can help translate NetGuard in yourlanguage: If you like to testnewfeatures, you can participate in the testprogram: permissions are describedhere: code is available here:
Sound Meter 1.3.6
Beacon Studio
Sound Meter is also known as sound level meter, decibel meter(dBmeter), noise meter, sound pressure level meter (SPLmeter).Soundlevel meter(or SPL) app is shows a decibel values bymeasure theenvironmental noise, displays measured dB values invarious forms.You can experience tidy graphic design with highframe by thissmart sound meter app.This app will use the phonemicrophone tomeasure environmental noise decibels (dB) and show avalue forreference.With this app, you can easily measure thecurrent levelof environmental noise. Simple operation and easytouse.Features:1. Indicates decibel by gauge2. Display thecurrentnoise reference3. Display min/max decibel values4. Cancalibratethe decibel for each devicesNote: Microphones in mostdevices arealigned to human voice and the maximum values arelimited by thehardware. Very loud sounds (~90 dB and more) may notbe recognized.Automatic gain control used in some devices mayinterfere with theoperation of this noise meter.Thank you forvisiting.If you haveany problems, contact withus:[email protected]
MyHRMS 3.4
All employees of SBI can access HRMS application throughtheirmobile device. They can apply 4in1 reimbursement request,Applyleave and Tour, Approve Leave and Tour and view their salaryslip.
Super PI 1.0.1
This application is android version of Super PI which is usedtotest the performance and stability of your android device,bycalculating π to a specified number of digits after thedecimalpoint.Features:* Calculate Pi using FFT and AGM, fast andreliablealgorithm.* Optimize for most ABI(Application BinaryInterface)including armeabi, armeabi-v7a, mips and x86.* Supportpre-definedtypical digits up to 4 million.* Easily share yourresults tofriends by single click.Here is the result from my GalaxyNexus,for your reference:====CPU Information====Device Model:GalaxyNexusCPU Type: ARMv7 Processor rev 10 (v7l)CPUFrequency:1200MHzNumber of Processor: 2====Pi ComputationResult====8Kdigits: 0.083 seconds16K digits: 0.175 seconds32Kdigits: 0.311seconds128K digits: 1.671 seconds512K digits: 9.787seconds1Mdigits: 24.251 seconds2M digits: 55.583 seconds4M digits:130.073secondsIf you have any comment, please send [email protected],thanks.
Physics Toolbox Sensor Suite 1.9
Useful for students and teachers in science,technology,engineering, and math (STEM) education and academic orindustrialresearchers, this app uses device sensor inputs tocollect, record,and export data in comma separated value (csv)format through ashareable .csv file. Data can be plotted againstelapsed time on agraph or displayed digitally. Users can export thedata for furtheranalysis in a spreadsheet or plotting tool. Thisapp also generatestones, colors, and a stroboscope. for avariety of usage ideas for STEMeducation and publications fromacademia and industry.A menu allowsthe user to sense or generatethe following (dependent upon theuser’s mobile devicecapabilities):SENSORS(1) G-Force Meter - ratioof Fn/Fg (x, y, zand/or total)(2) Linear Accelerometer –acceleration (x, y, and/orz)(3) Gyroscope - radial velocity (x, y,and/or z)(4) Barometer -atmospheric pressure (5) Roller Coaster -G-Force Meter, LinearAccelerometer, Gyroscope, and Barometer(6)Hygrometer - relativehumidity(7) Thermometer - temperature(8)Proximeter - periodicmotion and timer (timer and pendulum modes)(9)Ruler - distancebetween two points(10) Magnetometer - magneticfield intensity (x,y, z and/or total)(11) Compass - magnetic fielddirection andbubble level(12) GPS - latitude, longitude, altitude,speed,direction, number of satellites(13) Inclinometer - azimuth,roll,pitch(14) Light Meter - light intensity(15) Color Detector-detects HEX colors within a small rectangle area on the screenviathe camera.(16) Sound Meter - sound intensity(17) Tone Detector-frequency and musical tone(18) Oscilloscope (audio) - waveshapeand relative amplitude(19) Spectrum Analyzer (audio) -graphicalFFT(20) Spectrogram (audio) - waterfall FFTMULTIRECORD(21) MultiRecord - choose one or more of the above sensors tocollect data atthe same time.GENERATORS(22) Tone Generator – soundfrequencyproducer(23) Color Generator – R/G/B/Y/C/M, white, andcustom colorscreen(24) Stroboscope (beta) - camera flashFeatures(a)Recording:All sensor data can be recorded by pressing the redfloating actionbutton. Saved data can be found stored in the foldericon and onthe device’s SD card.(b) Exporting: Data can beimmediatelytransferred following recording by selection an optionto send viae-mail or shared in Google Drive or Dropbox. Locallysaved filescan also be transferred from the folder icon.(c)SensorInformation: Clicking on the (i) icon within each modeprovidesinformation about the sensor name, vendor, and currentdatacollection rate, in addition to a description of what kind ofdatais collected by the sensor, its physical operating principle,andlinks to additional resources, including webpages and videosthatillustrate how it works. Settings* Note that not all settingsareavailable for all sensors.(a) Data Display: View data ingraphical,digital, or vector form.(b) Graph Display: Viewmulti-dimensionaldata sets on a single shared graph or in multipleindividualgraphs.(c) Displayed Axis: For multi-dimensional data ona singleshared graph, select total, x, y, and/or z-axis data. (d)CSVTimestamp Format: Record clock time or elapsed time withsensordata.(e) Line Width: Modify visual presentation of data withaThin, Medium, or Thick line.(f) Sensor Collection Rate:Setcollection rate as Fastest, Game, UI, or Normal. Thesensorcollection rate is displayed for each option whenselected.(g) Keepthe Screen On: Prevent the app from turning thescreen offautomatically.(h) Calibrate: Calibrate selectedsensors.PermissionsExplained:LocationUsed to calculate theazimuth.Photos/Media/FilesAcsv file is created and modified on thephone's internalmemory.MicrophoneThe app has a sound meter modethat analyzes soundusing the microphone.
GF Clean - Clean &Boost&battery 6.5.180316
GoldFishClean is a free and super small Android optimizationtool,which helps to clean up junk files to increase DeviceMemorysmartly, and solve the problem of being stuck , to boostphonespeed easily. At the same time, the little power consumptionofbattery and small size package will occupy little phoneMemory!Don’t hesitate, download GoldFishClean to protect yourAndroidDevice now! Feature HighlightsJunk FilesCleaningGoldFishClean canoptimize the cleaning effect through thesmartly distinguishing andcleaning up the unnecessary junk files byaccurate analysis ofkinds of Apps’ cache memory and residual torelease more space. Letyou say goodbye to the insufficientcapacity.Phone BoostWith smartcleaning up system, GoldFishCleanwill stop the auto-start Apps tofree up RAM, speed up your phone,prolong battery life, making yourphone work flawlessly.SmallSizeOnly 2M package, Negligiblefootprint, these kinds of perfectphone optimization experience issurrounding us.Any comment orsuggestion, feel free to email to:[email protected]
VolumeSlider 2.6.2
IMPORTANT: If the app isn't working for you (especially onRedmidevices), please go into Settings, or wherever you grantyourpermissions, and make sure VolumeSlider is allowed to DRAWOVERAPPS / DISPLAY POP-UP WINDOW / PERFORM SYSTEM_ALERT_WINDOW /MODIFYSYSTEM SETTINGS. If you still have issues, please e-mail mefirstbefore leaving a negative review. Out of fairness, I willnotattempt to help anyone who leaves a negative review beforegivingme a chance to help.Are the volume buttons on your devicebroken?Are you always hitting the wrong one? Try VolumeSlider, thevolumebutton replacer. Control up to four different volume streams*onthe same screen by simply sliding your finger up or down theedgesof the screen. It's that easy, and bonus, VolumeSlider nowcontrolsbrightness as well. This feature is experimental though,and I willwork to improve it. Please keep that in mind and/orcontact mefirst before leaving ratings based on your experiencesusing thebrightness setting.Find and share me onFacebook:@clownFaceProd*Controlling 2 or 4 streams simultaneouslyrequiresthe ad-free, paid version (just a buck!). Free versionallowscontrolling one stream on the left or right side. Freeversioncontains banner and interstitial ads and will indicate whenaninterstitial ad is about to be shown first.Lastly, to usersandfellow devs, beware a user who goes by "B. Rajan B. Rajan"aka"brcp brcp" aka "br br". He hits you up for a promo code,claimingthere's an error when trying to purchase the app. See theemailsbelow:
Screen Recorder 3.2.1
Screen Recorder, recording your android screen does not needROOTdeviceThis appp can recording screen your phone (Lollipopabove)