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PRANK DIAL - Prank Call App 5.4.8
KickBack, Inc
The original and best prank call app. Prank Dial with over200million prank calls sent and non-stops laughs globally,PrankDial™is here with its best experience yet! Enjoy a break andmakeeveryone’s day better with THREE FREE calls and hundreds ofpranks.What’s New??- Free users can now SAVE their calls to theirownprank call history- New prank calls added- WAY improved designanduser experience- Comment on your favorite prank callsandreactionsAnd more.. Believe me, you want this update!SameEasyExperience:- Choose a hilarious prank call recordings, likeourclassics, “You Hit My Car,” and “Why You Call My Girlfriend”-Select a friend or family member’s phone number- Send theprankcall!- Listen to the hilarious prank call reactions and sharewithfriendsEveryone receives three free calls a day, you canchoosefrom hundreds of pranks, and listen to their friendsreactions.PrankDial does the work for you and sounds like a realperson. Ouramazing prank call technology automates the call, knowswhen tospeak, and will leave you with a hilarious reaction. SomeQuickNotes: - 3 free prank calls a day- 150+ prank calls to choosefrom,new pranks added regularly- Listen to hilarious prankcallreactions submitted by other users- Save reactions to prankcallhistory (now FREE for all users) and share with friendsVisitourFacebook page to say hello and check out some fun stuff from usandour friends: anissue?Visit us here: https://support.prankdial.comTerms ofUse: Visit forchoosing PrankDial andmaking us the #1 Prank Call App worldwide!
अब इंटरनेट के बिना टीवी देखना Prank 1.4
Watch offline TV now and your favorite TV channel withoutaninternet prank with the help of this amazing TV appwithoutinternet.  हज़ार चैनल ऑनलाइन उपलब्ध हैं .. लेकिन टीवीऑनलाइनदेखने के लिए इतने सारे मुद्दे हैं आपके इंटरनेट पैकेज कामुख्यमुद्दा ... आप इंटरनेट के बिना टीवी कैसे देख सकते हैं ?Entertainyourself and others through a fantastic app of watch freeTVoffline prank TV app. Now watch TV offline free TV channels onyourmobile without any internet and wifi.  Offline TV prankapp isone of the most entertain able app one should have a greatfun withapplication and can fool his friends while showing this TVwithoutinternet. This free mobile TV without internet is simple andeasyway to make your boring and dull timing pleasant. This aninterestoffline tv application that one makes himself full of joy,and alsothis Free TV without internet prank or even offline TV nointernetor Wi-Fi free download application is a good time killer sothat anindividual can spent his timing in happy mood. Offline TVnointernet or wifi make your time attention-grabbing. Further,watchTV without internet on free TV channels prank, free TVapps.Actually, TV offline free prank app does not show any liveshow orfull certain videos of anything regarding TV. Offline TVwithoutinternet, free TV without internet just shows animation ofcertainTV channels free offline. By downloading this app, you getthefollowing advantages: > You can see tv on your mobileanywherewithout internet. > Access to every match on Tv Live.> Livestreaming allows you to keep the rhythm going even if youare notin front of your TV > Free access to every match >Multipleservers allows you to watch your favorite sports match.Mainfeatures of Without Internet TV Prank :  > No need topayany charges > No need of internet > No need to have“AdobeFlash Player” > No Sign-up Required > Easy to useinterface> Just use your android device let it be your mobilephone,tablet e.t.c.  How to use this fake Without Internet TVPrankapp ? (1) Press start button (2) Select any fake server fromlist(3) Enjoy and joke via without Internet tv Prank withyourfriends  Free TV without internet prank is a prankapplicationand cannot show the real channels of TV, this TV withoutinternetapplication is just for fun and entertainment purpose, anddon’ttake it seriously. NOTE: This is only a prank app Thank You…
Hair Clipper Prank 1.0.6
Ghost Prank
This will be a very entertaining tool :Hair Clipper, HairTrimmer,Shaver - Your phone will vibrate repeatedly and makingbuzzysounds, the image will be loaded from the camera, making youfeellike holding a real hair clipper. - Use the apps to do a prankonyour friends and watch them freaking out in fun. Download itandenjoy the trial, it will be a lot of fun! Note : + This isthesimulator app like a prank on the phone, using the app in longtimecan be affect hardware!
Mirchi Murga with RJ Naved 2.1.3
Prank calls by RJ Naved are legendary, and now you can getfullaccess to them through this App. You can even send Prankcallrequests directly to RJ Naved. Enjoy these crazy pranks by RjNavedand share it with your friends. If you enjoyed the app, doleaveyour feedback on the app store.
Girls Number Prank 16
Dj Apps
Girls Numbers Prank is an awesome entertainment application.Thisapp will give an impression that you can get girls numbers.Butactually it is a fun application for laughter. Just open theappAnd their is list of girls name click on the name and you willgetRandom & false numbers number , age and address of GirlsNote:Girls Number Prank is a prank application which is design onlyforfun. This app just shows random numbers which is fake withfakename age and address. Image used for icon is public domainimagewhich is free for commercial use.
Prank - fake conversations 1.6.3
This app is intended for entertainment purposes only and doesnotprovide true WhatsApp Messaging functionality.Design afakeconversations with anyone you would like.You can easily designfakechats and edit every detail on the screen.After you finisheditingthe conversation just capture the screen and share it.
Broken Screen Prank 2.11.22
Broken screen Prank is just a prank/simulated app used for fun,itsimulates the broken screen effect to play with your friends.Itwill not harm your phone. broken screen Prank is a classicfunnyapp used to fool your friends. When you touch your phonescreen,the app simulates the cracked screen and loud crackingsounds onyour phone. It looks like you use your finger to break andcrackyour phone. The broken effect is so realistic that all yourfriendswill believe that your phone was broken and they will bescared.Make your screen to appear broken with just a shake,automatic,immediate or a whistle Easy to use – Fun and addictive!Just runthe application and click start to begin the fun with yourlovedones or friends! Make everyone believe that you broke yourscreenwhile in fact your screen isn't cracked and it's easy to befixed –with just another tap or shake. Features: ✔ Realisticcrackwallpaper and breaking glass sound. ✔ Crack your screen bytouchingor shaking. ✔ Destroy your phone screen by other effectssuch asfire screen and lighting screen. ✔ Show broken screen onyour lockscreen ✔ Fire screen - You can light the fire just on yourscreenwith your finger, it is quite awesome. ✔ Destroying phone -You candestroy your phone screen using different weapon likeknife,hammer, and gun. Disclaimer: This Cracked Screen is just aprankapp used for fun and entertainment. It will not really harmyourphone screen, it just shows the realistic cracked screen imageandbreaking sound. Fool people and be happy. Download and give usareview broken screen Prank. In any case, if you notice any bugsorcrashes, kindly REPORT it by sending a mail to usat:[email protected]
Fake Call 0.23
In fake call game you can simulate an incoming call.Disclaimer:fakecall game does not have a real incoming call feature - it justasimulated incoming call.Features:Schedule the fake incomingcall.Seta characters for example fake call from the police,girlfriend orpizza.Change caller picture and number.
Tiger in Phone Prank 2.0
Tiger in Phone Prank is collection of 2 Tiger Pranks andAnimalPhoto Frames app and Tiger Arrow Shooting Game. Tiger inPhone isthe best app if you like tigers and comes with following:Tiger inPhone Prank - You can setup Tiger to walk around on yourphone.Tiger Roams freely on your phone screen. Tiger on PhoneScreenwalking around will entertain anyone. You can stop TigerRoaming onPhone Screen by clicking on Notification anytime. TigerRoar Prank- Schedule for Tiger to popup on your phone at any time.Scare yourfriends with a Roaring Tiger appearing on Phone Screenwhen yourfriends don't suspect. Scare your friends with Tiger RoarPrank.Tiger Roar Prank scares unsuspecting friends by appearing onphonescreen. Tiger Arrow Shooting Game - Relax with Tiger ArrowShootingGame. Shoot the arrows and kill the tiger before tigerattacks you.Tiger Arrow Shooting game lets you beat your friendswith highscores. Animal Photo Frames - Animal Photo Frames withanimalsdecorating your photo frames. Animal Frames include Wildanimalslike Tiger, Lion and Wild Birds to create best lookingphotoframes. Tiger in Phone Prank is a whole sum app to entertainyouwith Tigers and other wild animals
Dude car prank 1.6.0
Dude your friends will be so mad when you'll damage their carwiththis app. Play pranks on your friends, family andcolleaguesputting damages on their car. We can asure you will loveour appand you'll have a lot fun playing prank on your friends.Peoplelove they car and if you'll show them that it's on fire itmadethem crazy then confused and in the end laughing.How to useapp:1.Select a picture from the gallery2. Choose fire you want tosetselected car on3. Scale or rotate fire to fit4. Save or share(viaemail, fb etc.)5. Have fun!You want more damages?Aftersavingimage, select it again within the app and add another damage.Youcan damage more cars on same picture or add more damages on onecar... see in gallery below.Our tip: Try on your car first andshareon social sites. You'll see how many calls and messages you'llgetfrom your friends :-)Dude your review and feedback iswelcome:-)Try the app and enjoy fun.App contains advertisement andit'sfree.
Hack prank - prank app 1.5
Be a real hacker and hack your friends phone for theultimatelaugh.Use your own custom message to fill the hack screen,it canpop up at any given time even if the user is usinganotherapplication.The application itself looks very realisticthrough thecommand prompt like design.
Ghost Prank 1.7.1
Ghost Prank is the best way to Prank Friends with Ghost ScaryPrank,Ghost Funny Prank, Ghosts in Photos Prank and GhostsLiveWallpaper.Ghost Prank has 5 main Ghost Apps:1. FloatingGhostsPrank - Have Floating ghosts on your phone. Floating GhostsPranklets you chose which ghosts you want to Float around on yourphoneall the time. This Ghosts Prank is a funny prank to makeyourfriends laugh.2. Ghost Scary Prank - Schedule when you want aScaryGhost to Popup and Prank your friends. You can chose when youwantthe Scary Prank to have Ghost Popup while your unsuspectingfriendsare using your phone. This Ghost Prank is Scary Prank toscare yourfriends.3. Ghost in Photo Prank - Add ghosts to yourphotos tocreate funny Ghost Pictures. You can chose one of the manyghoststo add to your photos. You can Make Ghosts PicturesSemitransparent to make them realistic. Ghost Pictures is the bestwayto add ghosts to your photos.4. Ghosts Live Wallpaper -HaveFloating Ghosts on Scary backgrounds as your livewallpaper.Floating ghosts on Scary backgrounds comes in multiplestyles tochose from. Scare your friends with Scary Livewallpaper.5. TalkingGhost - Talking Ghost has a Live Talking Ghostwhich will listen toeverything you say and repeat back in GhostVoice. Scary Ghost willscream in ghost voice if you touch theghost.Ghost Prank is king ofpranks to scare your friends
Cat in Phone Prank 1.2
Cat in Phone Prank is combination of two Cat Pranks, Talking CatandAnimal Photo Frames. Cat in Phone Prank is full entertainerforeveryone in the family with 4 different options to play with.CatMoms and Cat Dads love the app for its fondness to cats. CatinPhone - Cat Walking in Phone Prank is best Cat Prank to foolyourfriends. The Cat in Phone Joke has Cat Walking on yourphonescreen. Cat in Phone Screen lets you have Cat Walk on phonescreen.Cat Scary Prank - Cat Popup Prank lets you schedule when youwantCat to Popup with a scary roar on your phone screen. ScaryCatcomes up on your phone screen and roars like a scary cat toprankyour friends. Scary Cat lets you scare your friends withCat.Talking Cat - Talking is the best way to play Real live TalkingCatto entertain everyone in the family. Talking Cat hasfollowingfeatures: i) Listening Cat - Talking Cat listens toeverything yousay. ii) Talking Cat - Talking Cat talks back whenyou talk to him.Live Cat will talk back to you in his funny voicewhen you talk tothe cat. iii) Dancing Cat - Dancing Cat dances foryou when youshake the phone. Dancing Cat loves to show off hisdancing moves toyou. iv) Angry Cat - If you touch the cat the AngryCat get angryat you and roars like a wild cat. Animal Frames -Animal frames todecorate your photos with real wild animals andreal animalsdecorating your photos.Cat in Phone Prank is the bestway toentertain yourself if you are a cat mom or cat dad
Fake Note Scanner Prank 1.7
Use Modi Note Scanner Prank app and Scan your notes.It's Anawesomeprank! Modi Note Scanner Prank will provide you the mosteasiestway of scan the money is fake or not and fool yourfriendsNow scannew 500 and 2000 Indian currency with this prankapp. Have fun andplay prank with your friend and family.This app isjust for fun.Not intended to check whether fake or originalnote,People of Indiasupport our honorable Prime minister Modi Ji onthe demonetizationdrive.We want to pass the message given by ModiJi to more peoplewith help of new technology. Download Modi NoteScanner Prank appand scan your 2000 and 500 new currency and nowsupport NarenderModi demonetization drive. and this is the messagefrom primeminister Narender Modi ji for the people in India.against blackmoney and corruption. Download our app Modi NoteScanner Prank andsend your feedback to us.This app is just prankscanner to Foolyour Friends.Download Modi Note Scanner Prank appand scan your2000 and 500 new currency.Just download the Modi NoteScannerAndroid application and scan the 500 or 2000 rs notes tosupportModi message on Black Money.For exact results while scanningpageif you press Volume Up(+) it will show the Genuine result orpressVolume down(-) it will show the fake result.If u don't pressthevolume buttons it will show the random results.Easy way tofoolyour friends.HOW TO USE:► The app has a camera which showsultranegative screen so that you can check the currency noteproperly. ►Place the currency note in from of the app's camera andclick onstart scan button. ► While scanning if you press volumeup(+) itwill show the Genuine result.► While scanning if you pressvolumedown(-) it will show the Fake result.► If u don't press thevolumebuttons it will show the random results.► A scanninganimation willstart and show if the note is real or fake. ► The apptakes apicture with a stamp of Fake or Real on the currency note. ►Thephoto will be stored in folder. You can share this photo withyourfriends.FEATURES✔ A prank application to collect cheers momentwithyour friends✔ HD graphics and beautiful use of scanneranimation✔Too much user friendly and easy to use ✔ FREE fun forall✔ ModiNote Scanner Prank does not require internet connection.✔Modi NoteScanner Prank FREE fun for all.✔ Modi Note Scanner Prankiscompletely free download.Note : Modi Note Scanner Prank is aprankand fake application and it is not capable to scan the realmoney,all the reading that are used in this app are fake andrandomlygenerated by app. It is developed for the sake ofentertainment andjoy.
Scary Pranks 2.7
SO MANY WAYS TO SCARE YOUR FRIENDS AND FAMILY--- RECORD THEPERSONYOU SCARE FOR LONGER LAUGHS AND SHARE IT ON FACEBOOK ---1."Callfrom hell" - Make yourself busy and ask someone to take thecallfor you. Watch the victim answer the call and get a screamfromhell instead of an expected "hello". 2. "Guard the phone" -Leavethe phone on the table and ask someone to check something foryouin your phone. The moment the victim will touch the phone ascaryghost will jump on him with a terrifying scream.3. "Hellcamera" -Ask someone to take a photo of you and wait for the screamandwatch victims face turn white!4. "Cute Cat" - Make someone rubthecat for 5 seconds or touch the cat 5 times and the cat will jumponthe victim from the phone with screams!5. "Fake Game" - Preparethefake game and give your friend to try and play it. Wait forthesurprise.6. "Color blind" - A simple color blind testwithsurprising ending *** ALL PRANKS NOW ARE VIDEO RECORDED SO YOUCANSEE THE VICTIM GET SCARED DURING THE PRANK ***I kid younot...Pranks in this app can be pretty scary for some people. Donot usethis app to trick pregnant women, people with heart diseaseorpeople with psychological problems / disorders, young childrenorother people that may be damaged in any way by these pranks.Thisprank app is so scary, it can ruin relationships and causeyourvictims many sleepless nights.This is my first applicationsoplease be gentle and send me a feedback.If you want moretricksjust send me a feedback and I will add more.IF YOU WILL NOTRATETHIS APP WITH 5 STARS A SCARY GHOST WILL COME TOYOUand........rank the app for you.Do you really want the ghosttorank this app for you?!You can make it the best horror, trick&prank application on the Google play so please help me!!!Rateit 5stars and help me develop more cool appslikethis.Muooohooooohooooo (evil laugh...) !!!!
Baby in Phone Prank - Virtual baby 2.0
Baby in Phone is best way to have Virtual Baby on your screen.Babycrawls on your phone screen and you can chose chose a baby boyorbaby girl. Baby in Phone Prank or Virtual Baby has 4 mainfeatures:Baby on Phone Screen -- Chose your virtual baby and babycrawls onscreen. Chose a Virtual baby boy or Virtual Baby Girl andbabycrawls on your phone till you decide to stop the babycrawling.Babies Live Wallpaper - Babies crawling on your LiveWallpaper.Chose the Live Wallpaper background and chose either babyboy orbaby girl and baby crawls on your live wallpaper. TalkingBaby boy- Talking baby boy repeats everything you say and repeatsin funnybaby voice. Talking Baby also dancing if you shake thephone. Babycries if you try to hurt baby by touching the baby.Talking BabyGirl - Talking baby girl talks in funny baby girl voiceand repeateverything you say in funny baby voice. Touch the babygirl and shestarts crying. Virtual baby boy and Virtual Baby girlare here toentertain you.
BP and Sugar Test Prank 1.0.0
BP and Sugar Test PrankGet it now “fingerprint blood pressuresugarprank” application and hit most memorable and amused momentswithyour friends. It uses to prank your friends till then androidhasnot ability to calculate blood pressure/sugar/group andbodytemperature of a human body, but your friends don’t knownaboutthis. So fool them with fingerprint blood pressure sugarprank. Youknow what is different in fingerprint blood pressure orsugar ? Theuse of digital meter to show fake blood pressurereadings whichwill definitely inspire your friends and they mightthink that youare enjoying latest android device.this app is justprank fake jokefunny scanner to calculate your blood pressure,sugarand group.HOWTO USE IT:Step 1: Select Sugar Detector or PressureDetector,Step2: Now place your finger gently on the fingerprintscanning pad andwait for the analysis.Result: Your Fake bloodpressure /sugarresult will be shown automatically aftercalculation.***OurApplication is also popular with below names***✔bp and sugar test✔bp and sugar test app✔ bp and sugar tester✔ bpand sugar test appreal✔ bp and sugar test app download✔ bp andsugar test real✔ sugarand bp test app✔ best bp and sugar test✔sugar and bp test byfinger✔ bp and sugar test machine✔ bp and sugartest prankbp✔download bp and sugar test app✔ bp and sugar testprank✔ bloodsugar and bp test✔ bp and blood sugar test✔ bp andsugar test realapp✔ sugar test and bp testCopyright Disclaimer: Allimages/videosare copyright of their respective owners. All imagesin the app areavailable on public domains. This image is notendorsed by any ofthe respective owners, and the images are usedonly for informativepurpose. In case if you have any issuesregarding your intellectualinformation found on our application,Let us knowNote: This BP andSugar Test Prank is designed forentertainment purposes only. Thisis prank application.
Virus Maker prank 2.4
“Virus Maker prank” is an application, which lets you simulatevirusinfection on the screen of your mobile phone. An applicationin setby you time starts a proper program, which is displayed onthescreen and simulates a virus. Antivirus program will not detectourapplication. Your victim will think that his telephone hasbeeninfected by a virus and that he will lose all his privatephotos,documents and messages. He will panic, afterwards he willfind outthat this is only a perfect joke!Attention: How toremovesimulation of virus from the screen:- shake your phone andviruswill be removed- in case when full screen mode is off, youshouldbe able to remove a virus by pressing an icon “Touch here toremovevirus" on notification bar.We give you the choice of fourtypes ofviruses to build:* DEAD PIXELSThe user will think that thepixelson his screen are burning out one by one. You can adjustburningspeed by yourself.* TERMINALOn the screen will appear aterminal,on which a simulation of breaking into the system willbedisplayed. It will look as if a hacker broke into the phoneandsent all documents, photos (also from SD cards) to remoteserverand delete all date from the phone.At the end a fakecountdown willappear. After it a software of the phone will bedestroyed (ofcourse it is only a joke - in fact nothing willhappen).* BLUESCREEN OF DEATHOn the screen will appear a well-knownblue screenof death with information about system errors. You willbe able toset the error message, which will appear on thescreen.*PRV-RemoverOn the screen will appear a graphicvisualization of thevirus (skull image) together with a progressbar. The user willthink that his photos and contacts are beingremoved and his phonewill be blocked for ever.You can adjust thetime after which avirus will be activated. Additionally for someviruses you can setif the simulation will be displayed on the wholeor on the half ofthe screen.How to make a joke?Borrow a telephonefrom your friend,for instans under the pretext of checking a cinemarepertoire.Install an application “Virus maker prank”, choose avirus, set thetime an press “Run virus”. Give the phone back toyour victim.After the given time a virus appear on the screen. Yourfriend willbe frightened.Bonus: We have bonus for you. Wallpaperwith virussimulation and widget, which will help you to place ashortcut toapplication on your home screen.
Cockroach in phone prank 4.0.8
cockroach crawling in your phone, very real cockroach, veryrealeffect This application has the following features: 1 you cansetthe cockroach delay display time 2 you can set the numberofcockroach Instructions for use: 1 try borrow a phone fromyourfriends, and installed this application 2 set the delay timeofshowing cockroach, then return the phone back to friends 3thecockroach will crawl in the phone, and have fun with yourfriends.Download now and experience it
Air Horn Prank 1.3.0
With Real Air Horn you can prank, scare or wake your friends uporeven cheer at a sports event. It includes various realisticsoundssuch as air horn, train, ship... which will fool everyone.Imaginewhat you can do if you combine it with a loud soundsystem... Newsounds and features will be included in time, andsuggestions aremore than welcome. Enjoy!
Broken screen prank
Disclaimer: broken screen is a prank application forentertainment.It does not break your device it is a simulatedcracked screen thatlooks real.
Fake Video Call : Girlfriend FakeTime prank 1.3
The most professional and beautiful fake video caller idapplicationin Android Market! Get out the trouble, give yourself afake-callid!Simulate a fake video calling to prank or impress yourfriendsand family.Give yourself a fake call can get you out of adate, ameeting or a boring situation.Girl Friend Video Call Pranklets youset up a Free Video Call with gorgeous looking Lady andshe willtalk on Video Call pretending to be your girlfriend sayingexactlywhat you want her to say.Friends teasing you about nothaving agirlfriend? Not anymore since now you can trick them intothinkingyou have a good looking babe. The real difference is thatthere willbe a real person on the video call talking to you , notjust avoice, so its way more believable.Turn fake call a friendand show afriend or someone you know, they will be surprised! youcan choosedifferent callers of the girls! A real blast and a voicestraightout of the tube! Listen to the voice of a cutegirl!Beautiful GirlsCalling Prank,With this prank you can simulatefake video calls fromrandom cute girls! It works like an alarmclock, you just have toset the time you want, chose a name andselect if you want vibratoror not. Fake number to video callsomeone works like an alarmclock, you just have to set the timeyou want, chose a name andselect if you want vibrator ornot. Record your voice featureallows you to record fakecaller voice. This recorded voice can beplayed automatically whenyou will get a call.Application is veryeasy touse. Instructions1. Download Fake Girlfriend livecallapp 2. Open and select time to get call 3. close appandyou can also turn off screen4. wait for phone to ringandanswer ★ Features- Simulate fake calling screen asMessenger,WeChat, Line app and Android phone.- Simulate fake VIDEOand fakecaller id.- Pre-installed 4 videos- Support High-qualityvideo-Schedule a fake call.- Customize fake caller name, number,pictureand video.Fake number to video call someone works like analarmclock, you just have to set the time you want, chose a nameandselect if you want vibrator or not. Enjoy and please keepinmind this is a prank app only and no real person will becallingyou. its a recorded video. Just download fake videocall prankand Message, you can edit fake video call or message withwhatevernumbers and contacts as you wish. ATTENTION! This isnot areal but only an imitation of the call! The app does notbearany harm and is only for fun!Thank You…
Destroy Iphone Prank 3.2
Disclaimer: This app is just a simulated app for fun. It willnotreally harm your phone. Want to try the most addictive andrelaxingthing, Iphone destroying? With our app Destroy Iphone, youwill beable to cut and crack screen with the knife, strike andbreakscreen with the hammer and shoot Iphone with the gun. Come on,tryyour best to destroy Iphone in any exciting way. Key Feature: ✔Weprovide several ways and weapons for you, Knife, Claw, hammer,gunand machine gun. ✔ There are two cracking modes for youroption,shoot Iphone and shoot my phone. ✔ Realistic breaking soundof thecracked screen, hammer striking sound and gun shoot sounds.✔Realistic crack image and breaking effect. ✔ One key to cleanthebroken screen to original. Don't hesitate to downloadthisextraordinary amusing and relaxing app which is totally free.
Hair Clipper Prank 1.9
Now you can turn your phone in on your smartphone / tablet.Thereare so many prank apps but this is one of the most realisticappsfor jokes, perfect for entertainment and make some fun thingsbysimulating hair trimmer, clippers, shaver, razors in reality.Thiswill be a really funny game, extremely interestingentertainment: -Your phone will vibrate continuously emits soundand hair cuttingmachine feels like you are holding a real hairclipper. - Enablingapplication and tease your friends, to near totheir hair andcreate funny moments! ✴️ FEATURES ✴️ 🍀 Totally FREE 🍀Impressivevibration to imitate a razor or razer 🍀 Real sounds whichcanchange while moving your phone near the hands / foots / head /neckof other people 🍀 Using proximity sensor to help mobile userstofeel more realistic like haircuts in real life by hairclipperprank ✴️ HOW TO USE ✴️ 🍀 Open this prank app and startusingsimulated trimmer to cut hair or haircut 🍀 Turn on hairclipper orrazor by touching on it. It begins vibrating and makingnoise. Ifit doesn't sound , you should turn up volume of the phone.🍀 Putmobile screen near the victim’s head and the app sound canchange,creating the feeling that you really cut hair 🍀 To stop thehairclipper / razor / trimmer / shaver, you just touch button offandthe haircut will stop. The button image “On-Off” will changetoshow that it stops. 🍀 Whenever you wanna have fun orhaveinteresting moment with your friends / your loved ones , youcanplay a prank by this app, Real Razor Prank - Hair TrimmerPrankwill bring to all of you lots of fun and special experiencesbyyour newest phone feature: cutting hair. --- This prank appmaycreate the illusion that you might get bald by hair cut ---Let’sstart to turn your phone into a hair clipper, hair trimmer,shaverand have fun!! We will update the application regularly toimprovemobile using experience as soon as possible. Note: This isansimulation application that is a prank on the phone.Usingapplications for a long time may affect device hardware. Ifyoufeel this app interesting and you want to have more prank apptohave fun with your friends, just use this app regularly and rate5stars for us. This action will help us a lot to provide youmorefree interesting prank apps
Skeleton in Phone Prank 1.2
Skeleton on Screen has two Skeleton Pranks, Talking SkeletonandScary Skeleton Live Wallpapers.Use Skeleton Pranks to Scareyourfriends and Entertain your friends with Talking andDancingSkeleton. Make your phone a scary phone with SkeletonLiveWallpapers.Features of Skeleton in Phone Prank:1. SkeletononScreen Prank - Walking Skeleton and Crawling Skeleton on yourphonescreen. Walking Skeleton walks on your phone as you set uptheSkeleton to walk on Screen. You can also chose theCrawlingSkeleton on phone screen while keeps crawling on yourphonescreen.2. Skeleton Popup Prank - Skeleton Popup Prank isscaryPrank that will scare your friends when they suddenly seeSkeletonpopup on your phone out of no where. Scare friends andlaugh atthem.3. Talking Skeleton - Talking Skeleton will listentoeverything you say and repeat in funny skeleton voice. If youshakeyour phone, the skeleton will dance for entertainment. Touchtheyskeleton and it will make skeleton angry.4. Skeleton LiveWallpaper- Skeleton wallpapers lets you have walking skeleton andcrawlingskeleton on your phone wallpaper. You can chose one thescarywallpaper backgrounds and entertain your friends.Skeleton inPhonePrank is the best way to have skeletons in your phone
Fake Call Kids Police 0.5
Fake call from the police with a real custom voice.Set afakeincoming call from kids police.Schedule a time to receive thefakeincoming call.Set a real voice when answering the call.Chooseapolice officer from the character gallery.Disclaimer: fakecallkids police does not have a real incoming call feature it isasimulated incoming call.
Hack for COC Prank 4.03
This is a unofficial prank app made for to gain Gems CoinsElixirfor Coc. but Hack for COC Prank app will not generate anyGems goldElixir dark Elixir because its prank.You can prank yourfamily andfriends and make them believe that the Gems Gold Elixir& DarkElixir are free to generate using Hack for COC Pranktool.Gems forCOC Prank will help you to manage your game accountthis app willhelp you to be a king of the game! like that you canmake prankyour friends.Using this hack for coc prank app you canlearnstrategy how many gems generate to buy x amount of coins andgemsor dark elixir.It's just Hack for COC Prank app it's notofficialappUsing Hack for COC Prank app you can boost generate:-free gemshacker- free gold hacker- cheat coc- free elixir- darkelixirgenerator- coc cheatsHow to use this HACK COC APP?-> startbydownloading Free gems Clash of Clans Prank for free from thePlaystore.-> Then enter your username of COC within the Yourlevel,-> After that you must choose how much of the gold andElixirand dark elixir you want to add to your account-> andclickStart and wait a few seconds to be able to connect to youraccount.But this App will not generate any gold for coc. beacuseits aprank app.Before that go to the store and rate on ourapplicationfor a successful operationNOTE :Hack for COC Prank appis not areal tool and does not really generate any Gems , Gold ,Elixir ,dark elixir ,Cards or Chests. because It is just a prankApp.
Scorpion in phone prank 5.4.4
scorpion crawling in your phone, very interesting Thisapplicationhas the following features: 1 you can set the scorpiondelaydisplay time 2 you can set the number of scorpion Instructionsforuse: 1 try borrow a phone from your friends, and installedthisapplication 2 set the delay time of showing scorpion, thenreturnthe phone back to friends 3 the scorpion will crawl in thephone,and have fun with your friends. Download now and experienceit
Finger Love Calculator Test Prank 1.0.3
Are you still looking for your true love?Do you know how muchofyour lover or friend love you?Come and try the TrueloveCalculator!Just press your finger on the fingerprintscanner.Afterthat you will get the result.This app design for:❤Lover❤ Friends❤Family Members Any genders and any ages.DisclaimerNotice:FingerLove is for fun and entertainment purposes. This is ajoke andprank application and it can’t capable of determiningaccurate testresults.
Fake Call 2.6
Simulate a fake caller id to rescue yourself from anawkwardsituation, like boring meeting..etcFake Caller ID Free inAndroidMarket!Most beautiful fake caller id application for yourphone.Get out the trouble, give yourself a fake call id.Best Appfor FakeCall Prank , Fake Caller - Fake SMS, Ringtone &CallSimulator.The fake call id won't charge you any fee, it istotallyFREE.Fake Caller Prank helps you to select a caller fromyourcontact list or enter new contact. One can also select timeforcalling and set up multiple fake calls for differenttimings.Fakeyour phone number or caller id! Out of the office butwish toappear in the office? Fake call will take care of this foryou.Usea fake call prank to get yourself out of sticky situations.getIncoming call with photo and customizable pre-recordedvoice.Justdownload fake call prank, you can edit fake call or SMSwithwhatever numbers and contacts as you wish. The fake call prankandfake SMS looks like real ones and it's hard for otherstodiscern.How It Works:1. Choose you want to simulate: Fake CallorFake SMS.2. Set Name, telephone and caller photo.3. Recordyourvoice: The voice can be played automatically when you lift acall.4. Write your own SMS Messages for Fake Chat.5. Choose delaytimeto receive fake Call or Fake SMS.6. Fool your friends !!!Whyuseour app Fake Call prank.?✔ Fake Call is free. It will alwaysbefree.✔ You can create Fake SMS chat and fool your friends. ✔Youcan make fake calls all you want and receive Fake SMS.✔ FakeCallPrank does not require internet connection.✔ Fake Call PrankFREEfun for all.✔ We will update the application regularly.✔ FakeCallPrank is completely free download.Key Features:✔ Schedulefakecall.✔ Quick fake call.✔ Simulate Fake calling screen asreal.✔Customize fake caller id, picture, number, in-call voiceandringtone for a new fake call. ✔ Schedule multi fakecalls.✔Customize and manage the different in-call voice andringtones foreach fake call ;✔ Fake call quick set caller photo ,ringtone,recorded voice for fake call, vibrate.✔ Show history offakedcalls.✔ Choose a new ringtone or default ringtone to fakecall. ✔Invite friends via facebook to join fake call.✔ Schedule anew fakecall at a specific time;✔ Fake call logs✔ Fake ringtoneMaker, easyto create ringtone & set ringtone for fake caller.✔Fake now,past, even in the future;✔ Select fake caller id fromyourcontacts;✔ Also showed in your fake call history;✔ Fakecallringtone ,vibration and fake call voice can be customized ;✔PlayFake voice after fake call answered;✔ Share Fake caller idwithyour friends from Gmail, and Twitter;✔ 6 different Androidsystemfake calling page to choose for your quick fake call;✔ Changeyourvoice to Male in fake call.✔ Change your voice in fake calltoFemale.✔ Pre record Male voice for incoming fake call withselectfake caller id.✔ Pre record Female voice for incoming fakecallwith select fake caller id.✔ Fake call prank does notrequireinternet connection.✔ Fake Call Prank FREE fun for all.✔Share Fakecaller id with your friends.✔ Select fake call screen.✔Select fakecall avatars from gallery.✔ Customize caller name,caller numberand ringtone.✔ Set custom ringtone for fake call.FakeCall Prank isa prank app to fool your friends!
Dude Car Prank Pro 1.2
“Dude car prank Pro” an awesome prank app for the Android , andhereit is! Enjoy!Play pranks on your friends and family! Best appforAny time! Can you master the art of pranking? Try the app andshowus what you can do! “Dude car prank Pro” is an applicationthat allyou friends will appreciate. Use this app to trick anyoneintothinking their car has been damaged (depending on how much youthinkthey can handle). And guess what? It won’t take more than oneminuteof your time! The look on their face as they race to seewhat’shappened to their car will be priceless. Features1) Takepictures oruse existing pictures from your album2) Apply one ,twoor three ofthe damage filters3) Adjust the size, shape,orientation of theselected damage filter4) Save the edited imageto your album orshare it directly with WhatsApp, Facebook,Instagram,Bluetooth....How To Use The ApplicationStep 1.Select/take a pictureof the car.Step 2. Mark the area where youwish to apply thedamage.Step 3. Apply a damage filterStep 4.Adjust the damage typeby using the available toolsStep 5. Repeatsteps 2-4 if you areapplying more than one damage type.Step 6.Take a moment to enjoythe masterpiece you have created.Step 7.Save or share the picture .Additional Tips:1) The quality of thedamage is only limited by yourfantasy!2) Add / several damages tomake the damage morerealistic.3) You can move or re-size thedamage on the car with theyour fingers.Try “Dude Car Prank Pro” onyour car first and share onsocial sites. You'll see how many callsand messages you'll get fromyour friends your review and feedbackis welcome 🙂Try the app andenjoy fun.
Fake Call - Prank Calling App - Fake Caller Id FK-3
Prank calling app. Fake call is an awesome prank app to makejokesto your friends or family. They will believe a celebrity,police oranybody you imagine is calling your phone. Get a fakephone callfrom a fake caller id. Write the fake number and name ontext fieldin the app, select a picture for the caller and record avoice forthe call or select an audio file to be played once youtake thephone.You can make believe others that you receive a fakecall froma killer, your boyfriend or girlfriend, a clown, thepolice, SantaClause, even a ghost or any fake caller id.The user ofthis prankgame can manage the prank calling app in a easy way:-Selectdirectly a character of the ones included in the app or fillup theall the fields by yourself.- Type phone number, contact name,picka picture, record a real voice for the fake call, select anaudiofile and/or ringtone.Enjoy the this prank app. Yourcomments,ratings are important to us. You can also contact us viaemail forany issues or feedback.
Fake Call Girlfriend prank 0.7
Set a fake incoming call from a girlfriend.Schedule when toreceivea fake incoming call.Set a voice when answering the callthat talkback.Choose a girlfriend from the character gallery.Changecallerid with picture and any number.Disclaimer: fake callgirlfrienddoes not have a real incoming call feature it is asimulatedincoming call for prank.
Lion in Phone Prank 1.9
Lion in Phone Prank is the complete package to prank yourfriendsand have fun at the same time. Lion in Phone Prank comeswith fourcomplete features including two different pranks, LionWallpaperand Lion Hunter Game.Lion in Phone Prank - Set this prankto havelions roaming in your phone. The Jungle King Lion keepswalking inyour phone and prank your friends. This prank is morecute thanscary. Ideal prank if you want to entertain kids.LionScary Prank -Set this prank to have Lion popup on screen in biglion roar andscare your friends. This prank is scary prank andsuitable to scareadults. Use Scary Prank with caution because LionScary Prank canscare anyone. You can chose when you want the lionto popup on thephone.Lion Live Wallpaper - Lion Live wallpapercomes in thesedifferent styles. You can set your Lion Wallpaper tohave a Lionwalking on Nice Nature Backgrounds including JungleBackground,Forest Background, Desert background. Lion Wallpaperwill have lionwalking on the chosen backgrounds.Lion Hunt Game -Hunt Lion inthis lion game. Shoot the arrows at attacking lions andkill asmany lions as possible. Hunting Lions in Game is funandentertaining. Compete with friends on who huntslionseasily.Complete package to Prank your friends with Lions inphoneand total entertainer with built in Lion Game
Broken Screen Prank 1.0.3
Funny crack screen prank have a joke with your friendsandfamily.Which simulate screen broken effect makes them thinkthescreen is really cracked.Touch the screen to trigger thescreenbroken and crack screen.Differents broken screenanimationeffectsFool your friends with the broken screen prank,have fun!KeyFeatures:- Realistic screen crack image and soundeffects.- Touchto crack- Shake to crack- The time delay tocrackRemind:This brokenscreen app is only a hoax app that you canhave fun with yourfriends and family.It won’t really break thescreen. Exit theapplication and remove the crack image.
Gems and Gold For Shadow Fight 2 Prank : unlimited 1.0
Welcome to the new unlimited Gems and gold for Shadow Fight 2prankwhere this app will help you with a set of Gems,Gold, hacksyouwont. *In principle you find the Gold for Shadow Fight 2 isthefirst primary currency of the game, used from the beginning ofthegame until the end of it. Gems is used for most of thegame,compared to other currencies*In Shadow Fight 2, Gems arethesecondary currency which are accepted as a mode ofexchangethroughout the game. they can be used for almost every itemforwhich the Primary Currencies can used. =>You can generateanunlimited amount of Gems and Gold using Gems shadow fight 2HackPrank, the particular useful tool for the mobile game thatwillgive you what you want Acquiring a huge amount of Gems andGoldwill certainly make you play liberally free..Instruction touseUnlimited Gems for shadow fight 2 Prank1 Download UnllimitedGemsfor Shadow Fight 2 Prank2 Type your username 3 Check the amountofGold and Gems you want4 Click on generate5 Wait for fewminutes6And you are Done-Shadow Fight 2 hack app without root wasnever soeasy. install this Shadow Fight 2 Gems that actually workand playprank on friends and have fun time.-Shadow Fight 2 hackGold &Gems is a tool created by a fan of theApp.Disclaimer/Legal Notice:This application is not sponsored oraffiliated by Shadow Fight 2Developers Team it's just a fan appmade application.Shadow Fight 2All rights reserved to NEKKI Inc.NoShadow Fight 2 hack tool app.NoShadow Fight 2 free Gems and Gold.NoGems cheats for Shadow Fight2.just You can prank your friends andfamily and make them believethat you have unlimited Gems and goldfor shadow fight 2 .If thereis any trademark or copyright violationthat does not follow withinthe fair use, please contact us and wewill immediately take actionon it.NOTICE:THIS APP JUST A PRANK"Thisis not a CHEAT orHACK"NOTICE:THIS APP JUST A PRANK and joke
Door Lock Fingerprint Prank 1.0.0
Go Logix
Door Lock Fingerprint Prank is best screen lock applicationforandroid smartphones.It is the useful Lock Screen application&Free Locker .Door Lock Fingerprint Prank is an awesome screenlockapplication which unlock your phone by simulating to scanyourfingerprint Prank.It has a cool funny trick to unlock yourdevices.Download this awesome & different screen lockapplication.Features of this Screen Lock: 1 :Realisticfingerprint(prank)scanning animation. 2: Hd Graphics. 3: Can be setas a screenlocker. 4: Awesome sound effects. 5: Fingerprint DoorLock PrankWorks off line also. 6: Easy to Use. How to it Works? 1:Downloadand Install this Door Lock Fingerprint Prank 2: Got toUnlockScreen Place your finger on the thumb scanner.Note: DoorLockFingerprint Prank is prank application, it does not scanyourfingerprint.Fingerprint Door Lock Prank is prank Applicationanddeveloped just for fun.
mosquito killer 2017 prank 3.4
mosquito killer 2017 prank is an application that is used tomakemosquitoes keep away from you.mosquito killer 2017 prankisabeautiful application.mosquito killer 2017 prank useshighfrequency sounds are used in this application that can sensethehuman ear auditory.mosquito killer 2017 prank app isentertainmentpurposes to make your friends cheat.mosquito killer2017 prank isone of the ways to fight mosquitoes. Indeed, itcomplements thetraditional methods of a spray or hand beat, toavoid bites.It havedifferent frequencies sounds, so for this youcan set your ownchoice of sound.Our applications are in developmentstage arelooking forward to input your comments.• Anti MosquitoSimulator•Mosquito Repeller Simulator• Anti Mosquito Prank• Stayaway frominsects• Avoid Mosquito• Prank mosquito killer• AntiMosquitoSimulatorMosquito repellent •• Anti Mosquito• mosquitoesKillPrank• Kill mosquitoes• mosquito killer• Sound repellent•insectrepeller• Insecticide"mosquito killer 2017 prank" is ajokeapplication and will try to help keep mosquitoes and insectsawayfrom you! This application is capable of emitting highfrequencysounds (ultrasonic sounds) that should irritate all smallinsects.Mosquitoes may be mistaken in thinking that the sound heardis thesound of enemies (eg dragonflies or bats). They should stayawayfrom the sound source. Just start the repellent sound and keepyourmobile phone close to you. You will not have anymosquitobites!Most humans can not hear sound above 17 kHz. Ourapplicationallows you to adjust the frequency of sound from 9 kHzto 23 kHz!Set the frequency so that you can not hear the sound anddo notworry, the mosquitoes should hear it well!Remember: Put yourvolumeto the max when you play the sound.This application doesnotguarantee 100% chance of success. There are many speciesofmosquitoes in the world and some of them may be resistanttoultrasound. In addition, some built-in phone speakers are notableto produce high-frequency sounds.This app contains fivedifferenthigh frequency sounds. Mosquito Killer app works bychasing themosquitoes out of your room using ultrasonic sounds.There are fivedifferent sounds, from which you need to select thebest sound foryour locality. There are thousands of mosquitospecies. SomeMosquitoes get repelled by some frequency.Mosquitokiller soundsmust be kept at high volume for effective mosquitorepellent.Cetteapplication fournit un son de hautefréquence.utilisation trèssimple et fort son !!Mode Deux pris encharge.[Mode intérieur] -son 20khz que l'homme ne peut pasentendre[Mode Outdoor] - Pourappliquer toutes sortes de moustiques,son est automatiquementchangé de 10kHz à 20kHzmoustique femellen'aime pas son demoustiques mâlesEt Cette application fournit lemode intérieur etextérieur.Cliquez sur le bouton simple.Maintenant,utiliser cetteapplication.mosquito killer 2017 prank application isnot confirmedby science to treat as a farce. We do not guaranteethe effects ofthis application to avoid mosquitoes. Try it to yourown desire. Wehope this works for you.This mosquito killer 2017prank repellentprevents you from being bitten by mosquitoes andsome otherbugs.The application emits a single high frequency sound(ultrasonic) that insects do not like. The pitch of the sound is sohighthat most humans do not notice anything.Keep the applicationcloseto you and enjoy the open air without stings.Insect repellentormosquito repellent does not guarantee 100% protection sincethereare more than 3500 species of mosquitoes known in the worldandthey all react slightly different for the repellent. Use thefieldselector to find the optimum repelling rate for mosquitoes inyourarea.You can change the frequency of ultrasound to make sureyoufind the ideal frequency (the higher the frequency, themoreefficient it is)!
Dog on screen – doberman. Prank app.
Cosmic Mobile
Dog on screen is a cool, free app. Your favorite pet will alwaysbevisible on your phone screen. It does not matter whether youareplaying games, writing messages or listening to music at thistime.See what this funny dog can do. Feel like you have a realdog!Surprise your friends!Features:- Set the dog on the screen ofyourphone- Dog will be visible all the time above all applications-use the phone as usual- Dog behave very realistically!- Dogcanbark, roll and scratch as real - it also sounds like a dog-Whenthe dog walks on the screen, tilt the phone and see whathappens-If you want to disable the dog display at any time you canclickthe stop button in the app or in the notification barMake aprankto your friends and family by setting dog on the phonescreen.Check their reactions when they will use their phone, and adogwill appear on the screen!In case of any problems with theeffectof Dog on the screen, instead of giving us the negativeopinion,please send us an e-mail and review briefly the problem. Itwillhelp us to solve it in the next updates of application withdog.Dogon the screen is free but contains ads inside application.Revenuefrom advertising will help us to create new attractivewallpapersand applications. All permissions are required only foradvertisingand are supported by trusted vendors.
Fire electric screen prank 5.7.2
Fire and electric lightning, draw and burn everything###Firescreen### You can draw letters, draw numbers, graffiti withthefire, and make it burning!!!. ###Electric screen### theelectriclines in screen when you touch the phone screen, electricshockeverything! ###Broken screen### Cracked screen effect, veryreal,very exciting, experience the thrill of the broken screen
Fake call 3.0
Do you want to receive a phone call from a star? Or you just wanttoleave a boring meeting? 'fake phone call' can help you! It'sthebest way to receive a fake incoming call which looksveryrealistic! Everyone around you will think that someone iscallingto you. It can be useful or it can be used to make a joke.Tellyour friends that you are in contact with a president of USA.Thenjust set fake caller data and pretend that Donald Trump iscallingto you! Of course no one will never know that this is only afakephone call!Boring meeting? Do you want to avoiduncomfortablesituation? Set fake phone call and get rid of it! It'sthe best wayto politely go away.Fake phone is customizable. Itmeans that youcan choose: caller name, number, photo. You can alsochoose if youwant original ringtone or vibrations. And the lastthing you cancustomize is the time of a call.
Fake Call GirlFriends or BoyFriends ( Prank ) 1.2.3
"Fake Call Boy - Girl Friends" Apps that really very helpful toFoolyour Friends and Family Member. Just a Fun or Jokes with WifeandGirl Friend.Fake call allows you schedule a fake call to getout ofawkward situation like boring conversation, parties or anyothersituation where you are not feeling comfortable.Fake Callerhelpsyou to select a caller from your contact list or enter newcontact.One can also select time for calling and set up multiplefake callsfor different timings.The "Fake Call Boy - Girl Friends"won'tcharge you any fee, it is totally FREE.Beautiful GirlsCallingPrank,With this prank you can simulate fake calls fromrandom cutegirls! It works like an alarm clock, you just have toset the timeyou want, chose a name and select if you want vibratoror not. FakeCaller Prank helps you to select a caller from yourcontact list orenter new contact. Just download fake call prank,you can edit fakecall or SMS with whatever numbers and contacts asyou wish. The fakecall prank and fake SMS looks like real ones andit's hard forothers to discern.Features:✔ Choose you want tosimulate: VirtualCall✔ Set Caller Name , Number, Picture✔ Choosedelay time toreceive fake Call✔ Record your voice: The voice canbe playedautomatically when you lift a call. ✔ Save Setting andWait forcall✔ Get Incoming Fake Call✔ Fake call logs✔ Select fakecaller idfrom your contacts✔ Also showed in your fake callhistory✔ Trickyour family telling them you have a beautifulgirlfriend.✔ Best Appfor Fake Call Prank , Fake Caller - Fake SMS,Ringtone & CallSimulator.✔ The fake call Prank id won't chargeyou any fee, it istotally FREE.✔ Change your voice in fake call toFemale.✔ Pre recordMale voice for incoming fake call with selectfake caller id.✔ Prerecord Female voice for incoming fake callwith select fake callerid.✔ Fake call prank does not requireinternet connection.✔ FakeCall Prank FREE fun for all.✔ Share Fakecaller id with yourfriends.✔ Select fake call screen.✔ Select fakecall avatars fromgallery.✔ Customize caller name, caller numberand ringtone.✔ Setcustom ringtone for fake call.Fake Call Prank isa prank app to foolyour friends!Note: Its a free app supported byAds.Don't Forget: Torate us, we will appreciate your feedback
Solar Phone Charger Prank 4.0
Solar Battery Charger Prank :-Solar Battery Charger / SolarPanelCharger/ sunlight charger Prank is the best solution to chargeyourphone, fast and environmental friendly.Charge batterywithoutcharger.In addition, thanks to quick charging technology /solarfast charge technology.Solar battery charging speed is 83%fasterthan other charging app with normal charging speed.It usesgraphicsolar panelsNote for solar charger/phone charger :- Theapplicationis a prank. Please do not place your phone undersunlight to avoidbeing damaged.Charging phone through solar lightis not possible.Please do not expose your phone to sunlight as itmay damage it.This application is a prank and developed for fun andentertainmentpurpose only.Download Solar Battery Charger Prankandenjoy!*-*-*-*-*-*-*-*-*-*-*-*-*-*-*-*-*-*-*-*Finger BatterychargerPrank:- If you are a prankster and if you want to prankyourfriends by showing your battery charging with your thumbprintusing this Fingerprint battery charger.Fingerprint Batterychargeris only the android app which is made to prank your friends.Thisis only the Prank Application where you can fool yourfriends,Loving one's ,neighbours and your family by showing FingerBatteryCharge.Disclaimer: Fingerprint Battery charger Prank is onlyforFUN purposes. It does not really charge your androidBatterycharger. Charging Battery is not really possible withFingerprintscanner battery. The results that are displayed is onlythe randomnumbers. This will be your best prank application to makefun withfriends.*-*-*-*-*-*-*-*-*-*-*-*-*-*-*-*-*-*-*-* 3G 4GSignalBooster Prank: 2G 3G 4G network speed booster prank giveanimpression that allows you to reconnect to the strongest,fastestinternet 3g and 4g signals available in the place thatwasexecuted.This signal stabilizer or service booster app showsanimpression that it boost up your 3g signal. Prank your friendsandtell them this is a new effective application will help toimproveGSM, 3G, 4G , 5G and LTEsignals on your mobile phone/tablet.It isa prank of net speed booster 3g to 4g/ connection stabiliser /gsmsignal boosterit is a faster internet 2x speed boosterprankItshows the impression of boosting internet faster.Features ofsignalamplifier or cell signal booster or data speed booster prank: Thisapp is just a simulator of lte signal booster orinternetconnection stabilizer / buffering speed booster .It showshowconnectivity booster /coverage booster can work and strengththereception of target network range. It is not a realconnectionstabiliser or not strengthen wifi signal or strengthenwificonnection.You can use it to make prank of getting fasterinternet2x speed,boosting mobile connection and betterreceptionThis signalboosting app is for free!
CHAT & SMS prank 2.0.0
❤❤ SMS Chat face fake and counterfeit to fool your friendsorgirlfriend with this application you can simulate thetelephonechat from the best chat app on the market to fool yourfriends,family or your girlfriend.❤❤ SMS Chat face fake is thebestapplication for chat and sms and make your friends think tahyourchat with people❤❤ Sms chat fake is the best tool to chatwithvirtual person and make your self a beast of chat❤❤ Would youlovethat your friends think that getting a major SMS & Chat andyoucontinue to prefer them on about celebrities like the presidentorother celebrities chat ?manufacture of false and fake SMS chattotrick your friends or your girl❤❤ with this sms chat prank ,youcan simulate the telephone conversations of the best applicationonthe market of chat to trick your friends, your family or yourgirland chat with❤❤ Fake Chat Simulator - an application tosimulatethe chat conversations. Have fun with your friends makingyoubelieve that fact chat, SMS to your question❤❤ Because you wanttodeceive your friend chat by making them believe that youreceivemessages from that person. Because you are the antisocialand wantothers to believe that you get a lot of chat messages.Because whenyou learn (watches) mobile chat to someone you want thefamousgreen icon is seen in the upper part ... He (She) alreadydischargeFalse messages.❤❤ Prank Prank SMS chat is free. There willalwaysbe free.❤❤ you can download the fake / Prank Prank SMS chataboutwhat you want❤❤ We regularly updated application❤❤ record yourSMSchat / conversations. So, you can re-use.❤❤ Do not forgettoexamine prank sms and chat and give us 5 stars ❤❤ THANK YOUFORDOWNLOADING SMS CHAT PRANK
Baby Milk Simulator - Baby Drink Milk Prank 1.0
Baby Milk Simulator is Drink Milk Prank to fool your friends asifyou are drinking milk from phone that looks like a babymilkbottle.Baby Drink Milk Prank is easy to use:1. Chose one thetwodrink milk Simulators. Either a milk glass or baby milkbottle.2.Bend the phone as if you are drinking milk from phone.3.MilkSimulator will make sound effects and milk animations so thatitappears you are drinking from phone.4. Refill with glass of milkorbottle of milk when you finish.Baby Drink Milk Simulator is afunnyprank to fool your friends. Simulate drinking milk from babybottleand milk glass.
Spider in phone prank 5.1.2
Spiders crawling in your phone, very interestingThis prank hasthefollowing features:1 you can set the spider delay display time2youcan set the number of spidersInstructions for use:1 try borrowaphone from your friends, and installed this application2 setthedelay time of showing spider, and then return the phone backtofriends3 the spider will crawl in the phone, and have fun withyourfriends.Download now and experience it
Solar Battery Charger Prank 1.0.4
Solar Charger Prank App Charge your mobile any where any time,SolarCharger is designed to charge you mobile with sun light soyou canprank your friends, just install our solar charger app andput yourphone under sunlight or any other lighting source afterthat youwill see that your phone will start charging. Tell yourfriendsabout this battery charging application and prank them. KeyFeaturesof Solar Charger app : - Charge your battery through light. -Percentage of your battery - Eye catching User interface. -BestSolar charging app in the market - Eye catching Userinterface.Note: Charging the battery with ordinary screen is notpossible, youneed extra solar sensitive screen for that , pleasedo not exposeyour phone to sunlight as it may damage it. Thisapplication is madefor fun and entertainment purposes only so thatyou can prank yourfriends and family.
Snake In Phone Prank 2.9
Snake on phone screen to prank your friends, Add snakes toyourphotos to become shiva the Hindu Deity, Have snakes onnicebackgrounds like Desert background, Forest Background as yourphonelive wallpaper.Snakes in Phone Prank has 4 mainfeatures:Snakes onPhone Screen Prank - Prank your friends by addinglive snakes toyour phone screen which appear any your screenalways. You canchose one snake or two snakes with the colorfulsnake prank. Snakein Phone Prank will show you Notification withwhich you can stopthe Snake prank any time.Snake Popup Prank -Schedule for Snake topopup anytime on phone. Scare your friendswith Snake on PhonePopping up at Random time to scare them. SnakePopup Prank isunique and easy to Prank with Snake Popup.Snakes LiveWallpaper -You can make Snakes on phone screen as your livewallpaper. Snakescrawl on Nice Backgrounds like Desert Background,ForestBackground. Snakes Wallpaper is the best Livewallpaper.Snakes onPhotos - Add Snakes to your photos to turn yourphotos into Shivathe Hindu Deity photos. Snakes in your photos arethe best tocreate amazing Photos that will surprise your friends.Why Prankyour friends with Snake Prank when you can create awesomeSnakephotos with your old photos.Snakes in the phone is the bestsnakesprank and more than a prank to include Snakes Live WallpaperandSnakes photo stickers to turn your photos into amazingcreations.
Butterfly Screen Prank 1.0
Prank Group
Butterfly screen prank is a very powerful prank application,youonly start the game, you will see the butterfly appears onyourphone screen, it is incredible. You can even show off toyourfriends.Features:* Can set the number of butterflies* Can setthebutterfly size* Can set the butterfly appearance time* Youcanclick the notification bar message to exit at anytimeButterflyscreen prank is just a prank application, please donot be afraid.