Top 48 Apps Similar to Bitdefender Mobile Security & Antivirus

Kaspersky Mobile Antivirus: AppLock & Web Security
Kaspersky Lab
⭐ Free antivirus and phone security for Android™ devicesfromKaspersky ⭐ Kaspersky Internet Security for Android isaFREE-to-download antivirus solution to help keep your phonesandtablets – which can be even more vulnerable than computers –aswell as your private information secure from onlinedangers.Product features: ► Antivirus protection — acts as a viruscleaner,automatically blocking malware and more on your phones&tablets ► Background check — scans on-demand and in real-time*forviruses, spyware, ransomware and Trojans ► Find my phone —locates& locks your Android phone or tablet if it’s lost orstolen ►Anti-Theft — protects personal information from thieves,wiping itfrom your device ► App Lock* — lets you add a secret codeto accessyour private messages, photos & more ► Anti-Phishing*— keepsyour financial information secure when you shop & bankonline ►Web filter* — filters out dangerous links & sites whenyou goonline Kaspersky Internet Security for Android includes:🛡Antivirus protection If our background check detectsmalware,Kaspersky Internet Security for Android acts as a viruscleaner –blocking viruses and dangerous apps, links and files. 🔍Backgroundcheck Our antivirus for Android scans downloaded apps formalware,ransomware, phishing, spyware and other infections usingabackground check to give you outstanding virus protection,guardingyour devices from threats. 🔑 App Lock Our App Lock featureprotectsyour private communications & financial informationwith asecret code that lets you access confidential apps selectedby you.Plus it hides your sensitive data (messages, photos, files&more) on your device from people up to no good.* 📱 Find myphoneKaspersky Internet Security for Android helps you track andfindyour lost phone or tablet. You can turn on an alarm on thedeviceremotely, lock and locate your phone, wipe personalinformation –including messages, photos & videos – and take amugshot of theperson using your device if it’s stolen. 🌍 Blockdangerous sites& links when you’re online Our powerfulantivirus for Androidprotects your device from Internet threatswhile you’re browsing byblocking phishing. That’s why our viruscleaner deliversoutstanding virus protection & helps keep yourprivacy andsensitive financial data secure when you buy stuff.**Functionality is available only in Premium version. This appusesthe Device Administrator permission and Accessibility services.
Avast Antivirus - Scan & Remove Virus, Cleaner 6.23.8
Protect against viruses & other types of malware withAvastMobile Security, the world’s most trusted free antivirus appforAndroid. Protect your privacy by receiving alerts when spywareoradware-infected apps are downloaded onto your device. Secureyourdevice against phishing attacks from emails, phone calls,infectedwebsites, or SMS messages. Turn on the VPN to keep youronlinebrowsing private and safe, as well as to access your favoritepaidstreaming services when traveling abroad. With more than100million installs, Avast Mobile Security & Antivirusprovidesmuch more than just antivirus protection. Other featuresinclude: ✔Antivirus Engine ✔ App Lock ✔ Call Blocker (for Android8.1 andolder) ✔ Anti-Theft ✔ Photo Vault ✔ VPN (virtual privatenetwork) ✔Power Save ✔ Privacy Permissions ✔ Firewall (for rootedAndroidonly) ✔ RAM Boost ✔ Junk Cleaner ✔ Web Shield ✔ Wi-FiSecurity ✔App Insights ✔ Virus Cleaner ✔ Wi-Fi Speed Test What’snew VPN(Virtual Private Network) - Hide your online activities andchangeyour location to access your favorite paid streaming servicesfromanywhere. Introducing App Insights - Ever wonder how muchtimeyou’re wasting while looking at your phone every day?We’vedeveloped a solution for you, right inside of yourfavoritesecurity app. Premium features for advanced protection: ■CameraTrap: Secretly capture photos and audio of the thief if yourphonegets stolen. ■ Last Known Location: Check your device'slastlocation before its battery died. ■ Sim Security:Automaticallyregister your device as lost after a SIM change. ■ AppLock: Keepyour sensitive content secure and private by locking anyapp with aPIN code, pattern, or fingerprint password. Only you’llbe able toaccess them. ■ Remove Ads: Eliminate ads from your AvastMobileSecurity & Antivirus experience. ■ Avast DirectSupport:Contact Avast directly from the app to receive quickresponses toyour inquiries. Avast Mobile Security & Antivirusin detail ■Antivirus Engine: Automatically scan for viruses andother kinds ofmalware, including spyware, Trojans, and more. Web,file, and appscanning provides complete mobile protection. ■ AppInsights:Discover how much time you spend using each app on yourdevice andtake back control of your phone-life balance. ■ JunkCleaner:Instantly clean out unnecessary data, junk files, systemcaches,gallery thumbnails, installation files, and residual filesto giveyou more space. ■ Photo Vault: Secure your photos with a PINcode,pattern, or fingerprint password. After moving photos to theVault,they are fully encrypted and only accessible to you. ■CallBlocker: Stop unwanted callers from interrupting yourday.Automatically block spam or add phone numbers to your blacklisttoprevent them from contacting you. ■ Web Shield: Scan andblockmalware-infected links, as well as Trojans, adware, andspyware(for privacy and safe web browsing, e.g. Chrome). It alsofixesmistyped URLs. ■ Wi-Fi Security: Check the security of publicWi-Finetworks and email messages, browse safely, and make secureonlinepayments from anywhere. ■ Power Save: Reduces your device'sbatteryconsumption by adjusting battery-draining settings such asWi-Fi,data synchronization, Bluetooth, and screen settings. Thisapp usesthe Device Administrator permission. This permission allowsyou toremotely lock and wipe your device from Thisapp usesthe Accessibility permission to protect visually impairedand otherusers against phishing attacks and malicious websites.
AVG AntiVirus Free & Mobile Security, Photo Vault 6.23.8
AVG Mobile
Get AVG AntiVirus FREE 2019 for Android™ to help protect youfromharmful viruses and malware. Keep your personal data safe withAppLock, Photo Vault, Wi-Fi Security Scan, and AppPermissionsadvisor. Download for Free Now! Over 100,000,000 peoplealreadyinstalled AVG’s antivirus mobile security apps. Join themnow and:✔ Scan apps, games, settings and files in real-time ✔ Boostspeedby killing tasks that slow down your device ✔ Extend batterylifewith Power Save ✔ Clean unnecessary files to free up space ✔Locksensitive apps with a PIN, pattern, or fingerprint ✔Enablelocating your lost phone via Google Maps™ ✔ Hide privatephotos inan encrypted Vault ✔ Stay anonymous with VPN ✔ Scan Wi-Finetworksfor threats ✔ Check Wi-Fi download and upload speed ✔ Getinsightinto the permission level of installed apps With AVGAntiVirus FREE2019 for Android you’ll receive effective virus andmalwareprotection, phone locator, task killer, app lock, callblocker,Wi-Fi Scanner and photo vault to help shield you fromthreats toyour privacy and online identity. App Features:Protection: ✔ Scanapps, games and files with our dual-engineantivirus and removemalicious content ✔ Scan websites for harmfulthreats (Android'sdefault browser and Chrome) ✔ Wi-Fi Scanner fornetwork encryption,password strength and Captive Portal (ones with'sign-in'requirement) ✔ VPN Protection: Secure your onlineprivacyPerformance: ✔ Extend battery life by turning offbattery-drainingsettings with Power Save ✔ Kill tasks and processesthat can slowdown your phone or tablet ✔ Clean unnecessary filesand free upstorage space ✔ Check Wi-Fi download and upload speedAnti-Theft:Use AVG AntiVirus FREE 2019 for Android together withAVG’s remotemanagement console or text messages (SMS) to: ✔ Locateyour lost orstolen phone via Google Maps ✔ Lock your phone and seta lockscreen message ✔ Make your phone sound a siren ✔ Theftie[freetrial]: discreetly emails you a photo of anyone trying tounlockyour phone or tablet ✔ Device Lock [free trial]:automaticallylocks your phone whenever the SIM card is replaced ✔SurveillanceAgent [free trial]: remotely capture photos and recordaudio fromyour phone via our website ✔ Remote History: query thecall log,contacts and text messages remotely ✔ Wipe your phone ortablet andSD card content Privacy: ✔ Hide private photos inapassword-protected Vault to prevent snooping ✔ App Lock[freetrial]: lock sensitive apps to protect your privacy and safety✔Call Blocker: protect yourself against spammers and scammers(forAndroid 8.1 and older) ✔ Delete clipboard content andbrowsinghistory (Chrome browser and Android version older than 5.0)✔ Stayanonymous with VPN ✔ App Permissions: get insight into thelevel ofpermission required by your installed apps App Insights: ✔Appusage tracker ✔ Monitor how you spend your time ✔ See whereyourdata is used ✔ Discover potential privacy issues This app usestheDevice Administrator permission. This permission allows youtoremotely lock and wipe your device from This appusesAccessibility permission to protect visually impaired andotherusers against phishing attacks and malicious websites.Byinstalling or updating this app, you agree that your use of itisgoverned by these terms: Google®,GoogleMaps™ and Android™ are trademarks of Google, Inc., registeredinthe USA and in other countries Download Antivirus for Free Now!
Clean Master - Antivirus, Applock & Cleaner 7.2.9
Clean Master, one of the best optimization tools with spacecleanerand antivirus for android devices, helps keep your phoneclean andsafe from virus. Clean Master also free up space and RAMto improveyour phone's performance. Enjoy your speedy phone now!Clean MasterKey Functions: 🔥 JUNK CLEANER (JUNK FILES) Clean Masterhelps freeup your storage space by removing junk, residual andcache fileswhich slows down your phone. With our professionalcleaner, you canalso free up much more space from cleaning cachedata from socialapps without worrying about deleting the wrongfiles. 👑 FREEANTIVIRUS Scans for virus on all apps (pre-installedor not),blocks and removes virus to keep your phone safe fromviruses,trojans and protects your privacy with Clean Master'sfreeantivirus engine which is certified by AV-TEST! 🌟 WiFiSECURITYClean Master added the WiFi Security feature to detect fakeWiFiand unauthorized connections. Keep your phone safe frominsecurepublic WiFi. 🚀 BOOST MOBILE One Tap Boost helps speed upphone byfreeing up RAM. After boosting your mobile, you can run aspeedtest to see how much faster it is. 🔋 BATTERY SAVER CleanMasterhelps to save battery power and extend battery life byhibernatingrunning apps. 🎮 Game Master With Game Master, you canmanage yourgames, accelerate loading speed of games and find morefun gameshere. Other optimization features ☆CHARGE MASTER-Preventsovercharging, displays charging status and applicationmessagewhile charging. ☆ APPLOCK- Keeps your app privacy safe withanAppLock PIN or pattern. Clean Master, the world's leadingspacecleaner & antivirus app on Google Play. We added somepowerfulfeatures to make Clean Master more smarter and convenient.Thesefeatures will require additional phone permissions. Restassurednone of your personal info will be collected per thePrivacyPolicy. 1.New junk clean engine, added clean junk messagesand more(require SMS, Contacts, Call Logs, Calendar andLocationpermissions) 2.New way to interact with your phone on lockscreen(require Microphone permission) 3.More personalized settingstobeautify your phone New features are only accessible to someusersnow, welcome to contact us to try it in advance. 👉【LIKE US andSTAYCONNECTED】👈 Follow our Instagram and Google+ to getmoreinteresting pictures, videos & Clean Master usage tipseveryday! Instagram: Enhance thefunctionality ofthe intelligent data We will use the installedapp(s) list andapp(s) installation folder contents for the cloudengine to enhancethe junk files recognition capability of JUNKCLEANER (JUNK FILES),the running app(s) status for the cloudengine to enhance the effectof BOOST MOBILE and power savingability of BATTERY. TOS: AdChoice: CleanMaster useaccessibility services to improve junk clean feature insomedevices.
Security Master - Antivirus, VPN, AppLock, Booster 5.0.9
The original CM Security upgraded to the Security Masterandredefined the scope of Phone Security: protects not onlyyourandroid phone but also your privacy. More than a simpleantivirusfor android, Security Master is built with more powerfulfeature,including: ★Intelligent Diagnosis - Antivirus, Junk Clean,PhoneBooster, Battery Saver, CPU Cooler ★SafeConnect VPN – fastsecureVPN proxy ★Wi-Fi security - scan Wi-Fi networks forthreats★Anti-Theft Alarm – protect your phone from theft bysounding analarm ★Message Security – hide notifications preview★Applock –lock and protect apps with a password ★Intruder Selfie -captureintruder using your phone Key Features: IntelligentDiagnosisAntivirus - Security Master, a free antivirus for android,keepyour phone and privacy safe from virus & malware with#1antivirus engine. Junk Clean - Intelligently scan and removejunkfiles including system and app caches with just one tap.PhoneBoost, Battery Saver, and CPU Cooler - Remove background appsthattake high memory usage, overheat and drain battery. SafeConnectVPNBypass firewalls and freely access sensitive websites, watchvideosnot available in your country anonymously without beingtracked.Hide IP address and apply virtual location, protect youronlineactivities to prevent leak of online banking information,privatemessages, and browsing history. Wi-Fi security SecurityMasterdetects and identify phishing Wi-Fi network, test networkspeed andprotect phone's online safety. Anti-Theft Alarm Anti-TheftAlarmprotect your phone from theft by sounding an alarm whensomeonemoves your phone. Message Security Message Securityhidesnotifications preview timely to protect your privacy. Itgathersall chat notifications into one and makes them easier toread &manage. AppLock Lock Bluetooth & Wi-Fi switches,apps, photos,or any private data with a pattern, PIN code, orfingerprint. WithSecurity Master, a free antivirus for android,protect your phonefrom viruses and malware. Keep your privacy safewith Applock,SafeConnect VPN, Wi-Fi Security and more features.Terms ofservice: PrivacyPolicy: AdChoices: has used ACCESSIBILITY SERVICE.
Avira Antivirus - Virus Cleaner, Scanner & AppLock 6.0.0
The best free antivirus cleaner, mobile phone security, privacy,andanti-theft app for Android: Avira Antivirus Security. Yourphotos,contacts, emails and credit card numbers are on your phone.AviraAntivirus Security is a top security app that protects yourphone& tablet. More than a free antivirus scanner&malware/spyware cleaner, our full-featured free mobilesecurity appprovides safe browsing and remote anti-theft featuresto track& find your devices. Key Features of Avira AntivirusSecurity ⭐Virus Scanner & Cleaner – Scans, blocks & removesviruses,spyware, malware, etc. ✓ ⭐ Identity Protection – Checks ifyouremail addresses or accounts have been leaked by third parties ✓⭐Phone Locator & Tracker – Helps you find, track, &recoveryour lost or stolen phone ✓ ⭐ Privacy advisor – Shows howeach ofyour apps collects sensitive data ✓ ⭐ Super light VirusProtection– Quickly scans for malware but doesn’t slow you down ordrain yourbattery✓ ⭐ Camera & Mic Protection – prevents anyonefromlistening in and spying on you ✓ ⭐ AppLock – PIN protectyoursensitive apps (chat, calls, Skype, etc.) ✓ ⭐ Free orPremiumfeatures. You choose✓ The Ultimate in Antivirus SecurityforAndroid Avira Antivirus Security is a comprehensiveantimalware& safety app designed to keep your Android devices&sensitive data safe. Our powerful virus scanner blocksspyware& phishing attacks, and removes any malware and adwarefound onyour phone. ► Free Antivirus and Privacy Protection - Ourpowerfulantivirus for Android automatically scans your apps,updates, andexternal devices for malware. ➕ Rates each app on aprivacy scaleaccording to how much data it collects ►Anti-Ransomware - AviraAntivirus Security prevents ransomware fromencrypting your phoneand taking your data and apps hostage. ➕Proven ransomwareprotection from Avira blocks millions ofransomware attacks everymonth. ► Anti-Theft, Locator & RecoveryTools - Track yourphone on a map, lock apps to prevent unauthorisedaccess, andremotely wipe your device. ➕ Trigger a loud siren tohelp locateyour Android. As an additional security service, you canpromptwhoever finds your device to contact you. ► IdentityProtection andBlacklist - Spyware & virus detector checks ifyour emailaddress has been leaked to a third party ➕ Blacklist andblockunwanted contacts from specific numbers ► Web-BasedMalwareProtection - Access all your security settings and remotefunctionssuch as siren, memory wipe, & phone locator ➕ Managemultipledevices across different platforms from the web-basedportal. ►Free or Premium Virus Protection - Free virus protectionfor allAndroid devices. ➕ Enjoy the best advanced virus guard foryourdevice with Premium. New for Antivirus 2018 – Pro Features⭐AppLock – Block specific apps on your device by scheduleorgeographic location. Perfect if you allow your children to useyourdevice, AppLock ensures safe web browsing and app usage. ⭐CameraProtection – Stop applications and websites spying on youthroughyour camera even while they run in the background. Idealforbusinesses where security is an issue, users can whitelistcertainapps. ⭐ Mic Protection – Block unauthorised access toyourmicrophone. Advanced functionality ensures your phone worksevenwhile Mic Protection is active. ⭐ Web Protection – EnjoyInternetSecurity free from infected & phishing sites This appuses theDevice Administrator permission. LANGUAGES English, German,French,Dutch, Italian, Spanish, Brazilian Portuguese, Russian,Turkish,Korean, Japanese, and Chinese (simplified and traditional).
com.sophos.smsec 9.0.3082
Winner of the AV-TEST awards “Best Android Security 2016” and“BestProtection 2015” For 14 tests in a row, starting September2014,Sophos Mobile Security has hit a perfect 100% protection scoreinAV-TEST’s comparison of the top Android security andantivirusapps. Full features, no advertising, all free Sophos is anITsecurity leader for companies and governments worldwide. Thisappcomprehensively protects your Android device and yourprivacywithout impacting performance or battery life. Malwareprotection •Scan apps and storage media for malicious orinappropriate content.Web Filtering • Block web pages withmalicious, undesirable orillegal content. Link Checker • Checklinks you tap in non-browserapps for malicious or inappropriatecontent. App Protection •Protect apps with a password. Wi-FiSecurity • Check yourconnection for man-in-the-middle attacks.Privacy Advisor • Listapps that access your personal data or thatcould create costs.Security Advisor • Get advice on how to improvedevice security.Secure QR Code Scanner • Perform security checkswhen scanning QRcodes that include URLs, contacts, or Wi-Ficonnection data.Password Safe • Store all your account data in aKeePass-compatiblepassword database. Authenticator • Generatetime-based (TOTP, RFC6238) and counter-based (HOTP, RFC 4226)one-time passwords formulti-factor authentication. Managed mode •Connect the app toSophos Mobile or Sophos Central to allow yourorganization tomonitor your device's compliance status. IntuneMobile ThreatDefense (MTD) • Connect the app to your organization'sMicrosoftIntune account to restrict access to corporate data basedon thedevice's compliance status. This requires SophosCentral.Permissions • Permissions are required to monitor incomingdata,and to detect and stop threats. Moreinfo: • This app uses theDeviceAdministrator permission. • This app uses Accessibilityservices.Battery and data usage • Malware definitions update once aday tokeep you protected. This uses a small amount of data. • Theinitialfull scan of every installed app causes a one-time increaseinbattery usage. Support information •Knowledgebase: •Supportforum:•Use our SDK for premium antivirus in yourapp:
Mobile Security & Antivirus 11.0.2
Trend Micro
Mobile Security for Android & Antivirus Scan withPerformanceBooster Provides the best protection for Androidsmartphones andtablets delivering 100% malicious app detection! OurAdvanced AIscan safeguards against malicious apps, viruses,identity theft,ransomware, and crypto-miners. Local Web Guardprotects againstfraud, phishing, & other dangerous websites inall browsers.Our leading tools, utilities and scanners, keep youalerted torisks, increase mobile banking safety, boost yourphonesperformance, and allows you to find, lock, or erase yourdevice ifit goes missing. Key benefits: 📱 Protects you againstransomware,fake banking, shopping, and financial apps 🔍 Scans URLsand blocksdangerous sites, keeping you safe while browsing the web💌 Monitorlinks in text messages, Facebook, Line, & WhatsApp toalert youof risks before you click them 📡 Wi-Fi scanning to reportunsecurednetwork connections 🛰 Remote console to find your lostphone,recover from common ransomware hijacking, or wipe your device⚙️Increases device performance with app manager, cleaner systemandapp optimizer 👨👩👧👦 Parental Controls keep your childrenfromaccessing unwanted web content and apps Top features:✔️Pre-installScan - Innovative antivirus feature that detectsGoogle Play andside loaded apps with malware before they install✔️Pay GuardMobileTM – Added security to your banking and financialapps.Guards against fake banking, financial and shopping apps thattrickyou into giving up account and personal information ✔️WebGuard -Use Chrome, or other browsers, and stay clear from harmfulwebsites✔️Privacy Scanner for Facebook ✔️Wi-Fi Checker - Notifiesyou whenconnecting to an unsecured network ✔️System Tuner - Helpsyoumanage battery and memory efficiently ✔️Malware Scan &Cleaner– Scan & removes malware to restore your smartphone'snormalsettings ✔️Privacy Scanner - Warns you of apps that couldexposeyour personal information ✔️App Lock - User-selectedapps(including system settings) can be blocked from unauthorizeduse✔️Secret Snap - Capture a picture of unauthorized attempts touseyour device ✔️System Health Check - get notifications forsystemsettings that may leave you vulnerable ✔️Lost DeviceProtection -Lets you find, lock, or wipe a missing device, orrecover fromattacks ✔️App Manager - Helps free up device space bydisplayingeach app's last used date and storage space to enableeasy appremoval Application permissions The following permissionsarerequired for optimal protection and service. •DeviceAdministrator: Used to detect if someone is trying to unlockthedevice; also, to execute a user-triggered device wipe in caseoftheft • Draw over other apps: for critical alerts •Accessibility:for Safe Surfing and Preinstall Scan • App UsageAccess: for AppLock • Storage: for scanning apps on your SD card •Location: forLost Device Portal • SMS: for messaging blocking •Modify systemsettings: for power saving tools, like Just-A-Phonemode
Bitdefender Antivirus Free 3.61.16
Take Bitdefender’s award-winning antivirus protection withyou!Bitdefender's Antivirus Free is a powerful and fast solutionthatuses in-the-cloud scanning technology to arm your Androiddevicewith the very latest industry leading virus detection.Withoutslowing down your Android or draining your battery. Simplyinstallon your Android and it’s ready to go—nothing to configure.And it'stotally free! Unparalleled Detection Autopilotautomatically scansany new apps that are downloaded to your Androiddevice forviruses. Antivirus Free uses the same scanning enginesasBitdefender Mobile Security-our flagship mobile security appthathas been independently certified to catch more than 99% ofallviruses targeted at Android devices. This powerful scannerkeepsyou protected 24/7 against malicious activities.Feather-LightPerformance Instead of downloading and storing virussignaturesdirectly to Android devices, Antivirus Free usesin-the-cloudservices to check online for the latest safeguards tooutbreaks.This not only results in super-fast scans, but in closeto zeroimpact on battery life and device performance.Hassle-FreeOperation Don't worry. Ever. You can sleep butAutopilot, a smarton-install scanner that checks all apps forsuspicious activity,won't. Threats and viruses are blocked beforeany damage is done.Zero Configuration Bitdefender Antivirus Freeoffers you essentialantivirus protection against all Androidthreats. It is ready to goright after installation, acting as aneffective guardian againstmobile malware. Moreover, the Autopilotautomatically scans any newapps you install. Upgrade to TotalSecurity for Android DevicesUpgrade to Bitdefender Mobile Security,and you’ll not onlycontinue to enjoy the same features as above,but also gain anarray of additional cutting-edge capabilities. Theyinclude thereal-time scanning of pages you're viewing online, aswell as theability to lock, locate, and wipe your Android device incase itbecome lost or stolen. Download the 14-day Trial Version now–
ESET Mobile Security & Antivirus
ESET Mobile Security is a fast and powerful antivirusandantimalware application protecting your Android smartphoneortablet. Join millions of users around the world and takeadvantageof PREMIUM features including an intuitive andeasy-to-useinterface, Proactive Anti-Theft and Anti-Phishing. Afterdownload,you will automatically get 30 days for FREE to try out allthe coolPREMIUM features and to experience what having a fearlessAndroidexperience means. Afterwards, you can decide to continuewithPREMIUM’s enhanced features, or keep the basic FREE version.Enjoysafer technology without thinking about ransomware,adware,phishing other malware while checking your emails,downloadingfiles or simply browsing the web. TAKE ADVANTAGE OFTHESE FREEFEATURES ✓ See something suspicious? Run the scan formalware. ✓Afraid the website you are visiting isn’t safe? Noworries,Anti-phishing will cover your back. ✓ How am I protected?Checkdetailed security report. SUBSCRIBE NOW TO GET THESEPREMIUMFEATURES ✪ Concerned about security of your home network?UseConnected Home to scan the network and all connected devicestoidentify potential vulnerabilities. ✪ Lost your phone withthebattery depleted? Proactive Anti-Theft sends last locationwhenyour device is low on power – maybe it is a good start to findyourdevice. ✪ Worried that your kids, family or colleagues messwithyour sensitive data? Easily protect access to any app with PINorfingerprint. ✪ Just installed an app and you are not sure aboutitspermissions? Check them now using Security Audit. ✪ Want toscanyour device regularly? Chose from many different scenarios andscanit when you plug-in your charger, or schedule it for any day&time. ✪ Pay once, use it on up to 5 devices connected to thesameGoogle Account. ✪ Use any device to access my.eset.comwebinterface and get its location, take pictures from bothcameras,show a message, or remotely wipe all sensitive data. JOINOUR BETATESTING COMMUNITY Get your hands on the latest versions ofESETMobile Security and help us shape the future of our Androidapps byfollowing thislink: ✓This app uses the Device Administrator permission.This permissionallows you to remotely wipe your device in case itis lost orstolen. ✓ This app uses Accessibility services. App usesthepermission to Anonymously protect you against phishing websites.Find more information about the permissions requested byESETMobile Security here: you install ESET Mobile Security & Antivirus, youwillbecome part of our community, enabling you to send inyourfeedback. If you have any suggestions, questions or just wanttosay hello, please send an e-mail to
Virus Cleaner - Antivirus, Cleaner & Booster
Virus Cleaner (Virus Cleaner, Junk Clean, App Lock&Booster) is one of the 🏆TOP rated (4.7★★★★★) free antivirusandsecurity applications for Android phone, enjoyedby 100million users worldwide. 

 Virus Cleaner 'sKeyFeatures 

 Antivirus - Professional securityprotectionwith virus scan and clean Super Cleaner - Remove alljunk andcache files effectively 
 Phone Booster -Significantlyboost your device to get it running faster andsmoother 
 CPUCooler - Optimize CPU usage and shut downoverheating apps tocool down CPU temperature
 File Scan - Scanboth the internaland SD card  
App Lock - Protectsensitive apps withwell-designed themes
 NotificationCleaner - Manage andorganize notifications
 WiFiSecurity - Test your WiFi speedand protect online safety
 SafeBrowsing - 24/7 onlinesecurity protection  

VirusCleaner 's function details

Powerful Antivirus Protection - Virusscanner and remover forandroid
 Virus Cleaner is powered by Avast -the highly productiveanti virus engine - protecting your phone fromransomware,extortion viruses, malware, adware and Trojans. Throughourofficial partnership with Avast, Virus Cleaner is able to offeraworld-class antivirus protection service globally. 

Itisusefu l
antivirus cleaner for android phone. Super Clean –JunkCleaner & Cache File Cleaner 
Clean app cache,residualfiles, ad junk, unused package and memorycache. 
Efficientlyremove the junk files that occupy yourmemory and storage space.Clean up all junk files with one-tap, freeup more space and boostphone speed.

 Phone Speed Booster -Accelerate & BoostPhone  
Boost your mobile to get itrunning faster andsmoother. Efficiently utilize your phone's memoryand speed up yourdevices. Just with one tap on the “booster”button, your phoneperformance will get fully improved. 
App Lock -Smart App Lockwith Stylish lock Themes 
 With Virus Cleaner 'sApp Lock, youcan add extra password to protect sensitive apps. Lockyour privateapps by using fingerprint, pattern or PIN and keep yoursecret safefrom snoopers. 

 Notification Cleaner -Notification &Message Control Centre  
Manage and organizenotificationseffectively, significantly reduce disturbance tousers, creating asmooth, clean and fast mobile experience. 

CPU Cooler - CoolDown Temperature 
 Detect and close apps thatcauseoverheating. Continuous monitoring temperature changes, detecthighresource-consuming apps and start cooling progress,effectivelyreduce the temperature of your device.

 WiFi Speed TestandSecurity 
 Virus Cleaner can also protect youronlinesecurity. Test WiFi speed, detect WiFi security and protectyourdata from being hacked. 

 Scheduled Virus Scan 
-Cleaner and Booster For Android Phone Automatically scan yourphonedaily, weekly or monthly by your settings.

 Deep Scan -Scanningand Examining Files 
 Scanning both the internaldevicestorage and SD cards. Thoroughly exterminate viruses andthreatsfrom your mobile phone. 

 Safe Browsing - ForReal-TimeOnline Protection 
 Block malicious URLs and protectyourselfagainst phishing websites with instant warningnotifications.

Wish Virus Cleaner can help you a lot.
Anti-virus Dr.Web Light
Features and Advantages • Quick or full file system scans, aswellas custom scans, of user-specified files and folders. TheSpIDerGuard monitor scans file systems in real-time whenever anattemptis made to store files and applications in the device’smemory. •Neutralisation of ransomware lockers: malicious processesareterminated even if a device is locked; lockers not yet presentinthe Dr.Web virus database are blocked; data remainsintact,eliminating the need to pay criminals a ransom. • TheuniqueOrigins Tracing™ technology is used to detect new, unknownmalware.• Detected threats are moved to the quarantine from whichisolatedfiles and applications can be restored, if needed. •Minimal impacton system performance. • Restrained use of batteryresources. •Frugal data usage due to the small size of the virusdatabaseupdates—a big plus for users whose mobile device plans haveusagelimits. • Detailed statistics reveal what threats havebeendetected and what actions have been taken with them. • Aconvenientand informative widget for working with the SpIDer Guardfilemonitor. This version does not include these importantcomponents:the Call and SMS Filter, the Anti-theft, and the URLfilter. Toprotect your mobile device from all types of malware, usethecomprehensive protection solution Dr.Web Security SpaceforAndroid. This app uses the Device Administrator permission.Thisapp uses Accessibility services.
Lookout Security & Antivirus 10.28.1-f01e73e
We’re excited to introduce Safe Wi-Fi and System Advisor, twobrandnew security features to keep you and your personal data safeandsecure. Safe Wi-Fi - Protects you and your data fromdangerousWi-Fi attacks. Get peace of mind as you connect to Wi-Finetworkson the go, knowing that Lookout is checking to make sureyourconnection is safe and secure. System Advisor - Checks yourdevicefor root detections to make sure the operating system onyourdevice is working properly. Lookout is now the only all-in-oneappthat protects your device, your data and your identitywithpowerful mobile security and identity theft protectionLookoutPremium Plus*: Lookout Premium Plus comes with all of thePremiumfunctionality, plus identity theft protection. ►IDENTITYTHEFTPROTECTION ► Cyber Watch: Monitor your personal andfinancialinformation and get alerted whenever anything is foundexposedonline ► SSN Watch: Get a history of names, addresses, andotherrecords associated with your SSN and proactive notificationsofchanges that could signal fraudulent account activity and theft►Social Media Watch: Monitor your social media accounts to checkifyour personal information is at risk. Protect youronlinereputation by receiving alerts if you’ve been tagged in postswithoffensive content ► IDENTITY RESTORATION & INSURANCE ►24/7Restoration Assistance: In the event of identity theft,certifiedID Restoration Experts are available 24/7 to assist withthetime-consuming process of recovering and restoring youridentity►$1M Identity Theft Insurance: Premium Plus subscribers arebackedby Identity Theft Insurance that covers up to $1M in damagesandlegal fees with $0 deductible** ► Lost Wallet Recovery: Ifyourwallet is lost or stolen, restoration experts will workquicklywith you to contact document issuers to cancel and reordercreditcards and identification contents Lookout Premium: LookoutPremiumincludes all the functionality of Lookout Basic, plusadditionalsecurity to protect your device, your data and yourprivacy. ►NEW!Safe Wi-Fi: Be alerted when a Wi-Fi network you joinis dangerousor under attack ►Breach Report: Get timely alertswhenever acompany, app or service you use suffers a data breachalong withclear and straightforward advice on how best to remediatethesituation ►Theft Alerts: Get an email with a photo andlocationwhenever suspicious behavior is detected that could mean ithasbeen stolen ►Safe Browsing: Scan every URL link you visit orclickon to help detect threats and alert you of sites that caninfectyour device and steal your personal information ►PrivacyAdvisor:See what personal information can be accessed by your apps►Lock& Wipe: Remotely lock your device, post a custom messageanderase your data Lookout Basic: ►SECURITY & ANTIVIRUS •AppScanning: Continuous, over-the-air protection fromviruses,malware, adware and spyware • NEW! System Advisor: Checksyourdevice for root detections to make sure the operating systemisworking properly ►FIND MY PHONE • Locate & Scream: Mapthelocation of your device and make it sound an alarm - even whenitis on silent! • Signal Flare: Automatically save yourdevice’slocation when the battery is low ❐ About Lookout Inc. Visitourwebsite to learn more about us! Note:Thisapp uses the Device Administrator permission. This appusesAccessibility services. ** Insurance coverage is provided byathird-party and is subject to the terms, conditions andexclusionsof the insurance policy available Lookoutis not a licensed insurer orinsurance agent.
Antivirus & Mobile Security 3.1.0
TrustGo Team
TrustGo is a free professional antivirus application. Itfeaturesthe most powerful virus scan engine, allowing you toquickly findmalicious apps carrying viruses or stealing privatedata on yourmobile devices. TrustGo can also fully protect yourdevice fromsystem vulnerabilities and privacy risks. It is alsospeciallydesigned with extras like Data Backup, to back up yourlocal datain just one second, App Manager, to easily uninstall appsyou don’tuse often, and Privacy Advisor, to help you fullyunderstandprivacy permission usage on your device.TrustGo is acompletelyfree professional antivirus application, which uses themostpowerful virus detection engine. It boasts a 100% virussampledetection rate, using an engine independently developed basedonbig data processing. This application is an 8-time champion oftheAV-TEST evaluation, having received full marks each time. ★NoImage mode–save mobile data and reduce page load★ BlockmaliciousURLs and protect yourself against phishing websites withinstantwarning notifications.TrustGo Antivirus & SecurityImportantFeatures:★ AppLockThe only AppLock that does not haveanadvertisement.With AppLock, you can add an extrapasswordprotection to sensitive apps, such as, Facebook, Message,WhatsApp,Snapchat, Anti Spyware, Antivirus, Avast, McAfee. Lockyour privateapps by using pattern or PIN and keep your secret safefromsnoopers.★ App ScanFully scans every app to prevent virusandTrojan and protect your privacy.Scan pre-installed andinstalledapps and the file system to keep your phone safe fromvirus.Scanfor viruses, malware, spyware and Trojans - with latestantivirusdatabase★ Full ScanPerforms a deep scan of the system tofindhidden viruses.★Payment protectionHelp finds out unofficialapps,so that you can uninstall them before money being stolen. Deepscanpayment environment,Discover viruses andvulnerabilities,Protectpayment security。The Payment protectionfeature can easily protectAmazon Shopping,PayPal,Androidpay,Alipay,Airbnb,booking,Facebook,Whatsapp and any apps &games you choose.★ DataBackupCompletely free backup and recoveryfeature that supportsone-key backup and restoration of contacts,SMS, and call history.★Privacy AdvisorAllows you to easily viewprivacy-related apps toidentify and prevent risks.Our securitysolution helps you toprotect privacy and defends you againstidentity theft. You canhide your contacts, phone calls and SMStexts from prying eyes,protect your vulnerable personal informationand control whatothers can see if they pick up your device★ AppManagerHelps youmore easily uninstall apps which are not frequentlyused to keepyour phone clean.★ Find Phone | Anti-TheftThe best"FREE" find myphone tool.This protection tool allows you to turn onan alarm onthe device remotely, lock and locate your phone, wipepersonalinformation (messages, photos, and videos) and take amugshot ofthe person currently using your device in the case oftheft orloss.★ System ManagerDisplays your device’s real-timebattery andmemory use, in order to save power and make your phoneeasy touse.Memory-hungry apps running in the background will slowdownyour phone, Super Cleaner can help you find the culprits, stopthemto reduce memory usage and boost your phone’s performance.Inaddition, you can create an 1-tap boost icon on your homescreen,so you just need one tap to boost your phone. Speeding upyourphone has never been easier.★ Supported LanguageDeutsch,Español,English, Française, Português, Português do Brasil,Pусский, Türk,Bahasa Indonesia, Italiano, العربية, ภาษาไทย, TiếngViệt, 日本語, 한국어,中文(简体), 中文(繁體)Contact Us:Email:trustgocs@gmail.comFacebook:
Mobile VPN Security: Free Antivirus, Virus Cleaner 5.0.0003
Comodo Free Antivirus for Android 2019 with VPN MobileSecurityComodo’s free mobile antivirus app provides completeprotectionagainst different types of malware, including trojans,worms,ransomware, cryptoware, spyware, and adware. Our advancedandroidsecurity app, integrated with real-time virus signature,identifiesnew threats on the fly and immediately blocks them tosecure yourandroid device. Best virus cleaner for your Android The"always on"antivirus and on-demand scanner helps keep your deviceprotectedagainst viruses and unsafe apps. Our one touch virus scan&removal option secures your phone with powerful virusprotectiontechnology which automatically blocks malware on yourandroiddevices. Ultra Secure Mobile VPN Comodo Android VPN providesa highspeed VPN proxy service. When it comes to internet safety,ComodoVPN plays a vital role in masking your IP address byencryptingyour mobile connection to ensure that the third partiescan’t trackyour online activity on public/open WiFi networks. WhychooseComodo Mobile Antivirus? ✔ Real Time Protection - MobileSecurityscans installed apps and local APK files in real time andmonitorseach installation process. ✔ Cloud Scan - Over-the-airprotectionfrom viruses. ✔ SD Card Scan - Scans external SD cards todetectand delete threats. ✔ Schedule Scan - Automatic scans atregularintervals ✔ Secure Wi-Fi - Tests the security of Wi-Finetworks andtells you if they are safe to use ✔ Secure Browsing -Providesnotification alerts in Chrome when trying to open apotentiallyrisky URL ✔ Unlimited VPN - Browse anonymously andsecurely withoutbeing tracked ✔ Mobile Firewall - Control what appson your phonecan send and receive data ✔ APP Lock - Keep yoursensitive appslocked and protected from prying eyes ✔ IdentityTheft Protection -Identity theft protection to protect youridentity and sensitivecredentials from hackers What’s New? VirtualPrivate Network (VPN)Protect your mobile network traffic onunsercured WiFi hotspots,and access the internet securely andanonymously using our securedVPN. ✔ Works with WiFi, 5G, 4G/LTE, 3Gand all mobile data carriers✔ No rooting is required ✔ Safebrowsing Android Mobile Security& Antivirus in detail : Withall-in-one Comodo FREE AndroidAntiVirus 2019, virus scanning andremoval is done instantly. ✔High-speed Virus Scan & Removal ✔Better User Experience ✔Advanced malware protection with firewallMobile vault for AndroidWith Comodo's vault for android, protectyour files and foldersusing a passcode, Face ID or Touch ID. ✔ Keepyour files secret. ✔Unauthorized access to your personal files willbe completelyblocked. ✔ Easy-to-share feature and importing optionswill helpyou keep everything organized. Download Antivirus for FreeNow!Disclosure: This app uses the Device Website: GetFreeAntivirus for your Android:
V3 Mobile Security - AntiMalware/Booster/Apps Lock
AhnLab Inc.
V3 Mobile Security is a comprehensive antivirus solution forAndroidphones. Keep your phone and personal information safe witha singletouch without draining your battery. Globally CertifiedRobustMalware Protection • Ranked no 1 by AV-TEST andAV-Comparatives,global test agencies • Recorded 100% mobilemalware detection(protection) • Earned AV-TEST certification 24consecutive timessince 2013 Minimal CPU and Battery Usage •Designed to use lessbattery • Lower CPU usage than other mobileantiviruses Fast andStrong Mobile Virus Protection • Real-timemonitoring: Scansapplications before and after installation • Fastscan: Scansapplications installed on your phone • Accurate scan:Scans allfiles with access permissions and potentially unwantedapplications(PUA) Easy One-Touch Security Scan • Scans afterlatest engineupdate • Scans for OS fabrication • Scans forrooting, permissionsfor unknown sources and screen lock statusYour Own Privacy Advisor• Informs you about what each installedapp can do on deviceadministrator, app payments, locationtracking, tapping, contactsaccess and other sensitive information• Provides guide onapplication privileges based on 17 categoriesPrivacy Cleaner •Deletes web browser (default browser) connectionrecords andapplication cache data ※ Not supported on Android 6.0(Marshmallow)and above. ※ When app cache data is deleted, some appdata could getinitialized. Booster to Speed up Your Phone •Enhances mobile devicespeed by optimizing memory use. PrivacyFilter • Turn on the featurewhen you want some privacy with yourphone. • Try the new“Anti-Bluelight Filter” feature! App Lock toProtect Privacy • Locksapp. ※ Not supported on Android 5.0(Lollipop) and above in somemobile environments. Hidden Galleryfor Personal Viewing • Hidesphotos (image files) and videos in thegallery. QR Code Scan •Notify when QR code contains malicious appor malicious url withmalware Do Not Disturb • Silence all calls,notifications and,vibrations with options you select (time orWi-Fi AP connection)Stop worrying about phishing URL! • Detectmalware source URL. CallBlock • Restricts caller IDs andinternational calls; unwanted andunknown calls can be selectivelyblocked. < About DeviceAdministration > RestrictUninstallation Feature: To protect thedevice, the user can enablethe ‘Restrict Uninstallation’ feature.This feature preventsmalware or non-administrator useruninstallation of V3 MobileSecurity. To use this feature DeviceAdministration permission isrequired. #Anti-Malware #Anti-virus#Booster #Cleaner #AppsLock#HiddenGallery #Gallery #Security#Privacy #Filter #Anti-Bluelight#DoNotDisturb
MAX Cleaner - Antivirus, Phone Cleaner, AppLock 1.7.2
ONE App Ltd.
MAX Cleaner - Antivirus, Phone Cleaner ((🏆4.7 ★ ★ ★ ★ ★) ·Highrated antivirus & cleaner app for Android · Over 7.6millionusers worldwide · Clean Junk Files, Remove Viruses, ProtectyourPrivacy · MAX Cleaner is a professional antivirus &phonecleaner app · Junk Cleaner, Virus Cleaner, Memory Cleaner, allinMAX Cleaner 🔍Our website can help you optimize your Androidphone:☞ Get more details and useful tips. 💬 🛎 WhyChooseMAX Cleaner? ✅ With different cleaning mechanisms:cachecleaner, phone cleaner, memory cleaner, MAXCleanercan improve your phone's performance. 💎 Withcompleteantivirus mechanism: virus scan, virus removal, virusprotection,MAX Cleaner can block and remove viruses to keepyour phonesafe from potential threats. 📲 Join morethan 6.5 millionusers who enjoy better phone performance,and a more securemobile environment! 💯 MAX Cleaner -Multi-function PhoneCleaner
 🗑 Junk Cleaner - Clean upunwanted junk files onyour phone. 🗑 Files Cleaner - Cleanup large files andunused files in your phone. 🗑 ClipboardCleaner - Cleanup the contents of the clipboard. 🗑 VirusCleaner - Cleanup viruses fast and easily from your device.🗑 Cleaner -Find and clean up photos with similar imagecontent. 🗑 SystemCleaner - With read/write externalstorage permission,MAX Cleaner cleans the junk files on your SDcard storage orinternal storage. 🗑 Memory Cleaner - Cleanmemory cache/cache cleaner. 🗑 Notification Cleaner -Clean unwantednotifications with junk cleaner & memory cleaner.🗑 CacheCleaner - Clean up the online records and protectyourprivacy. 💯 MAX Cleaner - Professional AntivirusCleaner🛡 Antivirus for Android - Provide themalicious filescan and removal with the professional Antivirusengine.🛡 Antivirus Master - Professional Antivirus forAndroidsecurity, security guard as Antivirus Master.🛡 VirusScan - Fully scan virus files to protect themobile phonesecurity. 🛡 Virus removal - Remove viruses toprotectyour phone in all aspects. 🛡 Virus Cleaner -Deepcleaning of viruses to protect your privacy.🛡 Virusprotection - Real-time protection againstvirusintrusion with virus cleaner. 💯 MAX Cleaner -ReliablePhone Cleaner
 🔐 App Locker - Lock sensitive appsandsnap intruders with camera permission to protect yourprivacy.📞 Call Blocker & Assistant - With Call,Contact andRead Phone State permissions, MAX Cleaner providepowerful callassistance. 🎊 Better User Experience - Thelocation &coarse location permission will be used to recommendthe mostsuitable and localized content for you. And the getaccountspermission to keep functions work better. We will neverupload anyof your accounts or location information. 📮Suggestion isalwayswelcomed. If you have any suggestions, please
Antivirus & Virus Cleaner (Applock, Clean, Boost) 1.2.6
🏆 4.7★★★★★ High Rating on Google Play! Ratings beyond 95%Antivirusapps, Enjoyed by 10 million Users Worldwide Antivirus&Security is the world's most reliable all-in-onedeviceoptimization and protection application, free virus cleanerforandroid. Use Antivirus & Security to protect yourphoneoptimally in your daily life. With Antivirus & Securityyouwill be protected from viruses and malicious software inanefficient, antivirus app for android and easy way and isequippedwith application lock features, scan and security Wi-Fi,speed upthe phone, virus clean and virus booster and cleaner, cleanphonememory and storage space, antivirus for android phones free. ★FREEANTI-VIRUS Antivirus application will virus scan on your devicetoprotect your device against potential threats, remove virusfromphone. Scan system pre-installed and user-installedapplications toensure your device is always protected. Trojan virusremover forandroid, anti malware virus remover, anti adware forandroid phonesfree. Also, remove harmful content or give alerts toyour Androiddevice with virus remover app for android phone. ★PHONEBOOSTERSPEED UP Clean up memory (RAM) and memory booster ramoptimizeryour phone's speed by removing excess background tasks.StopAuto-start applications to speed up and reduce memory usage,phoneoptimizer and booster. The mechanism of action is that itmonitorsprocesses, applications running underground on your phonerambooster for android. And when the device detects the excessiveuseof the RAM, it automatically closes unnecessary applicationsthatare not needed to improve the performance of your device,ramcleaner speed booster. ★ APPLOCK PASSWORD The bestfingerprintapplock software or application that helps protect yoursmartphoneand other personal information. App locker with passwordof patterncan lock and protect applications like Facebook,WhatsApp, Line andalmost all other applications from intruders withapplockfingerprint and password. ★ WIFI SECURITY PROTECTIONTheapplication helps protect your wifi network from hackerattacks.Free, fast and compact network tool. You can check wifisecurityidentify rogue Wi-Fi hotspots to protect your onlinesecurityinformation, detect DNS/SSL spoofing attacks and spoofingARP.Feature highlights of virus removal software: ✔ Scansapplications,games, settings and files in real time from viruskiller, virusremover & virus cleaner free. ✔ Scan WiFi networkto detectencryption problems, weak passwords, and other threats ✔Thecompact installer is only 4Mb ✔ Junk cleaner and antivirus,cleanjunk file ram cache and virus ✔ Clean junk files and boostmyspeed, clean my android ✔ Scans for apps, games, and files,andremoves harmful content ✔ Interrupting tasks and processes canslowdown your device ✔ Speed up your phone to free up RAM, speedupphone performance and ram booster speed up your phone. ✔Displaycharging information on the lock screen ✔ Fingerprint lockscreenhide app security ✔ Support to lock apps with fingerprint,lockapps with password, lock apps with pattern. ✔ Best antivirusappfor android, anti malware and spyware for android andantivirusapps new 2019. ✔ Back up and uninstall applications,antiviruscleaner for android free ✔ 24/7 phone protection helpsprotect yoursmartphone from potential threats with mobile securityvirus. ✔Quick and convenient scanning takes just seconds withmobileantivirus software . ✔ Antivirus free virus cleaner 2019,virusremoval for android ✔ Track applications runningunderground,showing memory usage of each application ✔ Free(Advertising) Ifyou like Antivirus and Mobile Security, pleasedownload freeantivirus apps and rate 5 ★★★★★ for us. If you have aproblem withthis antivirus software for android mobile leavefeedback and wewill fix it and assist you as soon as possible.
Antivirus Android 1.1.23
★ Effective and Lightweight security solution for Androidphones,against dangerous threats - Completely Free! Highlights: ►Superfast algorithm enables rapid scanning and in-depth virusdetection.► Effective memory and power usage. Your device will workfasterwhile staying safe. ► Suitable for any device andeasy-to-use.Features: ► Smart and simple scanning flow, which takesonly acouple seconds to finish. ► Advanced virus scan schedulerwatchesfor your device 24/7 protection. ► Thoroughly scan your SDcard tofind and remove any potential threats and viruses
Antivirus Free 2019 - Scan & Remove Virus, Cleaner 1.4.3
Hyper Speed.
Antivirus Free 2019 - Virus Scan & Removal, Cleaner isphonesecurity and antivirus app, packed with Virus Cleaner,VirusProtection, Junk Cleaner. By providing powerful securityservices,it secure your phone in realtime. Trusted by over 8million usersworldwide, it provides professional antivirus forAndroid and phonesecurity services including antivirus, viruscleaner, virus scanand virus removal, phone cleaner & junkcleaner, app locker.Antivirus app & security software. FreeAntivirus 2019 - VirusScan & Removal, Cleaner’s HighlightFeatures: 🛡️Antivirus Virusscan & virus removal to secure yourphone. Powerful antivirusfor Android & antivirus software thatprovide security services- virus cleaner & virus protection.🗑Phone Cleaner Junkcleaner. Clean junk & cache. 🔒App Locker Applocker, securitysoftware, phone security 🌟 Useful details:🌟 💎Antivirus software,security app Free Antivirus 2019 - Virus Scan& Removal,Cleaner provides 24/7 security services. Itsantivirus featurescans and removes viruses, providing the securityservice. Powerfulantivirus for Android offers you the professionalvirus protection& virus cleaner. It is the professionalantivirus software withprofessional antivirus engine. 💎 Antivirus,phone cleaner - junkcleaner & system cleaner As a professionalantivirus softwareand security app, it includes both Antivirussecurity services andphone cleaner security services. Professionalantivirus software,virus cleaner phone security, and antivirus appprovide antivirus,virus cleaner, virus protection, junk cleaner toclear up junkfiles in one-tap. With read/write external storagepermissions, ourprogram is allowed to scan and delete junk filesstored on your SDcard. 💎 Notification Cleaner Notification cleanercleans upunwanted notification. As an antivirus software(powerfulantivirus), phone cleaner and security app, it providesyou withthe free antivirus, virus protection, phone cleaner. 💎 AppLocker -Security Guard App locker protects personal privacyservice, whichlocks apps by the secure passwords, With camerapermission,Antivirus Free 2019 will secretly take a photo ofsomeone unlockingapps with the wrong password. The photo will beshown only to youto catch the curious one! 💎 Call Blocker &Assistant Customizethe numbers on your blacklist and block unwantedcalls. With Call,Contact and Read Phone State permissions,Antivirus Free 2019 canprovide powerful call assistance. 💎 BetterUser Experience As theprofessional antivirus, Antivirus Free 2019provides more accurate,localized services with location, coarselocation and get accountspermissions, which serves the goal toimprove the user experience.Free Antivirus 2019 - Virus Scan &Removal, Cleaner: Powerfulsecurity and antivirus app for Androidproviding professionalantivirus & security services!📮Suggestion is always welcomed.If you have any suggestions, pleasecontact us
AVL Pro Antivirus & Security 2.2.2
AVL Team
What is our vision?Mobile Security has been on the hot listforquite a while and there comes different kinds of mobilesecuritytools. In the last 2 years, AVL Team did only 2 things, oneisdeveloping a world’s top local anti-virus engine for mobile andtheother is bearing with so many kinds of boring andunprofessionalso-called mobile security apps.Then, AVL Pro comes,in which we aretrying to concentrate on the App Security and SystemSecurity. AVLPro is willing to provide you a new level of mobilesecurityexperience.What is AVL Pro?AVL Pro means it will protectyou andpromote your mobile security. Last but not the least, itwill makeyou a “Pro” of your own mobile security. AVL Pro is unlikeanyother mobile security tools, it is a heavily armedsecurityframework based on the AVL engine. It acts like a radarwithmicroscope which gives you an insight of the security detailsandtries to help you become an expert of your own. You can use ittoidentify the security threats among your looks-good apps, andalsoyou can act like a mobile malware analyst to catch thebadguys.What AVL Pro brings you?APP IdentificationIdentify appsandclassify threats into different levels, including “Malicious”and“Risky”. Malicious means trojan apps, rogue apps and Riskymeanshack-tools, suspicious ad-ware sdk, etc.APP AnalyzerAnalysistheinsight of an app, which explore the APK package , disassembletheDEX binary, and analysis the Opcode data. And then provideyoucomprehensive information of each app, such ascertification,installing info, package files, activity, may-usedURL, may-usedSMS numbers and so on.Plug-in systemPlug-inarchitecture makes thecore of the AVL Pro, which means you canassemble your own AVL Proto satisfy personal security needs. Andit’s open for your securityideas and e-mail us.What AVL Team can dofor you?We apologize forany bugs and inconvenience. We fight yourbugs as light speed, wecherish your 5 stars and we take your 1 staras motive power.Maythe force be with you and mobile security livelong andprosper!Website: www.avlsec.comE-mail:AvlPro@antiy.comgoogle+:
Super Cleaner - Antivirus, Booster, Phone Cleaner
Hawk App
Super Cleaner is a world-class cleaning & boostingprogramfor Android, which has functions of Junk file Cleaner,PhoneBooster, CPU Cooler, App Lock and even Antivirus, trustedbyover 95 millions of users worldwide! Super Cleanerboastsa 4.7 (⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐)rating, is one of the highest ratedcleanerapplications on Google Play! 

How does Super Cleanerimprove yourdevice performance?
 Junk Cleaner - Clean junkfiles
 CacheCleaner - Clean up useless application cachefiles
 PhoneBooster - Optimize memory and speed up your phone
GameBooster - Boost speed performance and expertly free upmemoryspace
 Antivirus - A powerful virus cleaner thatefficientlyremoves all threats
 CPU Cooler - Minimize CPUtemperature andenhance performance 
 App Lock - Protectprivateinformation in apps with extra passwords 
AppManager -Analyze and manage the status of appsintelligently 
 BatterySaver - Shut down power-consuming appsto extend the life-span ofyour battery 
Super Cleaner key featuredetails: 

 Junk FilesCleaner 
 Analyze and safely removethe junk files that takeup your memory and storage space. Cleanwith only 1-tap, free upspace and boost phone speed. 

 CacheFiles Cleaner 
Clean residual system cache files left byuninstalled apps to freeup disk space for Android phone or tablet.

Storage Optimizer& Cleaner 
 Clean up duplicate photos,music, documentsand unnecessary apps, free up space and accelerateyourdevice. 

 CPU Cooler 
 Intelligently analyze CPUusageand end the process of overheating apps to decreaseCPUtemperature, with only 1-tap.

 Security & Antivirus -VirusCleaner 
 Powered by a world-class virus detectionengine,Super Cleaner protects your device from all virus attacksand anyother threats.

 Phone Booster
 A quick booster can free upRAM andclean background tasks. 

 Security App Lock 
WithAppLock, you can add extra password protection to sensitiveapps,such as Facebook, Message, Gmail, WhatsApp and Snapchat.Keepprivacy snoopers away from your private information by settinganadditional pattern or PIN password. 

 Game Booster
Cleanyour device’s memory to give it a significant speed boost.Endbackground processes to boost gaming performance.Automaticallyboost gaming experience by 30%+ when launching!

NotificationsCleaner & Manager 
 Annoying notifications onyour devicedriving you insane? Super Cleaner helps to compile alluselessnotifications and silence them, keeping your device clean,quietand more efficient than ever before! Private browsing 
SuperCleaner’s fully encrypted browser allows you to visit anywebsitewithout leaving any history on your phone. Worrying aboutprivacyexposure? Not anymore! Smart charge Shows charging state andofferoptimization suggestions when charging, also provides ascreensaverwhich displays the running condition of your device.
Bitdefender Central
Bitdefender Central places your local and network cybersecurityatyour fingertips. Use it to control security for allyourBitdefender-protected devices, and to set up and manageBitdefenderBOX, the revolutionary smart home hub that secures yourentireWi-Fi network. LOCAL PROTECTION With Bitdefender Central youcan: -Install Bitdefender protection on all your devices -Managesecurity and protect your kids online - Scan, clean andoptimizeany device remotely - Get instant notification wheneverBitdefenderdetects a threat - Quickly access your activitydashboard - Receivesecurity updates for your devices 24/7 NETWORKPROTECTIONBitdefender Central works with BOX to secure and manageyour smarthome: - Get ironclad protection for all yourinternet-connecteddevices, at home and on the go - Manage alldevices in your homenetwork from a single mobile app - Protect yourkids online andmanage screen time with parental controls - Set upyour BitdefenderBOX - Discover your devices and group them underyour BitdefenderBOX network - Check protection status andconnectivity status forall your connected devices - Filter yourdevices by status or byuser - Create profiles for your familymembers and allocate devicesto them - Get real-time notificationsfor threats blocked by BOX:anomaly detection, unencrypted Bankinginformation sent, botnetattacks - Change your Wi-Fi name andpassword - Pause the internetconnection on your devices PARENTALFEATURES - Limit Screen Time& Pause Child Profile: restrictdevice access on Android, iOS,Windows and macOS devices. BOX userscan block Internet access onall a child’s assigned devices,including game consoles and smartTVs - Web filtering on Windows,macOS and Android - Locationreporting & Safe Check-in for achild’s mobile devices PRIVACY- Locate your lost or stolen devices- Send text or sound alerts toyour devices - Lock your lost orstolen devices to preventunauthorized access
360 Security - Antivirus, Booster, Phone Cleaner
Security Protection for Android Phone with Speed Booster,JunkCleaner, Anti Spyware and Virus Remover Trusted by 200millionusers, 360 Security is the all-in-one power cleaner, smartspeedbooster and antivirus app that optimizes your backgroundapps,memory storage, junk files & battery power, keeping yourdevicesafe from virus. Download the super speed cleaner &securityapp that’s intuitively designed to protect your mobile injust ONEtap. Why 360 Security is a MUST-HAVE app? ★ Effective SpeedBooster& Smart Cache Cleaner-Lacking space for new apps andphotos?Just clean app caches and junk files, boost your phone withONEclick! ★ Smart Battery Saver- Battery draining quicker thanever?Kill redundant apps that drain your battery! ★ Virus RemoverforAndroid-Worried about viruses or phishing? 360 Security’santivirussolution makes sure your device is free frommalware,vulnerabilities, adware andTrojans!------------------------------------------ Highlights of360Security ►Security & Antivirus Scan installed apps, memorycardcontent and new apps automatically. 360 Security’slatestprotection technologies against viruses, adware, malware,etc.►JunkFile Cleaner Mobile cleanup app. Delete all types of junkfiles(system cache, image cache, video cache and advertisementcache) tofree up the storage space. ►Speed Booster Optimize memoryand speedup phone. Clean up memory (RAM) to boost speed and improvephoneperformance , also boost games to make them runsmoothly.►Multi-function lock screen *Automatically check phonestatus whenlocked to provide optimization suggestions *Handy toolcan turn onthe dial, camera, flashlight quickly and turn on or offWIFI,Bluetooth, etc. *Provide high-quality wallpaper to make yourlockscreen more beautiful *Manage notification to avoid missinganyimportant info *Support to operate music player on the lockscreen*Full charge notification alarm to avoid overcharging*Provide thefeature to view local weather ►Call & SMS FilterHelp blockunwanted/spam calls and text messages. Allow you to addanonymousnumbers to blacklist from call log, message andcontacts.►Notification Manager Allow you to hide useless andannoyingnotifications, and prevent excessive notifications fromcoming upat the same time. ►WiFi Security: Detect current WiFiconnection tokeep your phone safe from insecure public WiFi.►Privacy Privacy& App Lock – Prevent data on the device such asFacebook,Instagram, Snapchat, photo albums and other important& privatedocuments from falling into the wrong hands. ►IntruderSelfieInstantly snap a photo of anyone who breaking into your appsandrecord the date & time in App Lock for check. ►App Manager-Uninstall apps and move apps to SD cards. ►Fingerprint LockUnlockscreen quickly and easily with your fingerprint if yourdevice hasthe fingerprint sensor, no fear of forgetting pattern orPIN codeany more. ►Real time protection Scan installed apps &local APKfiles and also monitor each installation process, providepayment& shopping security. here to confirm current availableversionfrom google play store will not ask BIND_DEVICE_ADMINpermission!------------------------------------------ 360 Securityisavailable more than 35 languages: English,Português(Brasil),Português(Portugal), Español(España),Español(Latinoamérica),Pусский, हिन्दी, ไทย, Bahasa Indonesia,Türkçe, Tiếng Việt, BahasaMelayu, 日本語, Deutsch, Français, 한국어,Italiano, Čeština, Nederlands,Svenska, Polski, Suomi, Română,Ελληνικά, Magyar, etc. ► Read inapp permissions and usage here: ► We wouldlike to hear from you: Like us onFacebook: Join us on GooglePlusCommunity:
Cache Cleaner-DU Speed Booster (booster & cleaner)
Trusted by 230 million users, DU Speed Booster & Cleanercanclean cache and junk file, boost your phone to make phonefaster,making it the best cache cleaner, memory booster, DU SpeedBooster& Cleaner Total keeps your Android device safe, clean,and fastto be always just like ”New”. DU Speed Booster &Cleaner is theonly all-in-one speed booster, trash cleaner andantivirus app thatoptimizes your background apps, memory space andjunk(cache) files.While keeping your device safe from virus andtrojan, that cansecure your private data with the AppLock function.DU SpeedBooster(Antivirus & Junk Cleaner)Highlights: ► PhoneBoost& Memory Boost - The best phone speed booster Clean upmemory(RAM) and optimize phone speed by removing redundantbackgroundtasks. Stop stealthy running apps, Aims to speedingup yourandroid device. We also have phone booster shortcut,One-Tap Boostdirectly from your home screen makes it easy tooptimize. ► JunkFile Cleaner - Small yet powerful cleaner master,space saver Freeup space and improve the performance byintelligently scan the junkfiles. Such as residual files, cache,temp files, obsolete apks andother big files. ► Security &Antivirus Scan installed apps,memory card content, and new appsautomatically. DU Speed Booster& Antivirus latest protectiontechnologies against viruses,adware, malware, trojan and more. ►Network Boost One-tapcomprehensively detects network status,including Wi-Fi security,download speed, upload speed, networkingdevices. Close backgroundnetwork-occupied applications, to ensurethat the using apps is ina better network condition. ► CPU Cooler -Detect and clean appsthat cause overheating Continuous monitoringtemperature changes,detects apps highly consuming CPU and starts acooling progress,effectively reduce the phone temperature.By memoryboost, it cancool down Android device as fast as possible. ► AppsManager - Scanand clean redundant APK files Smart Task Managertransfer apps,games or files, move to SD card easily withoutscrolling from onescreen to another one! App Manager for movinginternal storage appsto external SD card will give you a lot offree space on yourtablet or smart phone. ► AppLock - Guarding yourprivacy is easierthan ever The fastest & safest applock forandroid in theworld; Security tool, easy to reset password. Preventothers fromaccessing your important private apps such as Facebook,Instagram,SMS, Gallery and so on. ► Smart Charge Display chargestatus inreal time, accurately estimating remaining charge time.Displaynotifications on the screensaver to never miss friends'messages. ►DU Swipe Help users quickly switch applications andsystemsettings! Find us online: Facebook: DUSpeed Booster & Cleaneris right here to deal with all issuesthat slow down your Androiddevice performance! DU speed Booster ishere to help you to Cleanand Speed Up android device, androidsystem or in one touchoptimize all files on your tablet orsmartphone! It will help youmaster and optimize your backgroundapps, memory space, junk(cache) files and battery power, as well asinspect appspermissions and secure your phone from viruses. Helpfight againstdeceptive ads DU Group is dedicated to providing asafer mobileexperience for our global users, so we’re committed tofightingagainst misleading downloads. We’ve found that someads/redirectedpages might be malicious promotion from unknownchannels. If youcome across one of these ads, you can help us totake them down.Please send us the link and screenshots of these We appreciate your kindly help. Ourappuses Accessibility services under certain condition toenableadvanced functions and improve your experience.
Power Clean - Antivirus & Phone Cleaner App
Power Clean is a light, fast & smart android phone cleanerandbooster app that clean phone memory and storage space withsimply 1tap. Join 130+ Million users who enjoy faster phone speed& getmore space on phone! ★Ads-free Subscription - Get a 3-dayno adstrial for FREE! - Remove all ads and enjoy the premiumexperience.Power Clean phone cleaner main features 🚀 Speed phonecleaner forAndroid – integrates advanced junk cleaner engine &super fastcleaners; 💡 Smart phone cleaner and booster – 1 tap boost&auto clean phone memory and storage space; 🗑 Clear cache junkonPhone – system cache cleaner and clean cache creek app junk;🕵🏻Residual storage cleaner – detect & auto clean residual filebydeleted app on phone; 💪🏻 Advanced memory cleaner (Power boost)–cleaning junk files & optimize storage in depth. How doesPowerClean help to clean my phone? ☑ Clean apps unwanted – thecleanerbatch uninstall apps of less usage & auto clean theirresidualfiles; ☑ One tap phone cleaner – easy-to-use cachecleaner,residual file cleaner, memory cleaner, etc.; ☑ Memorystoragecleaner – phone memory cleaner boost Android device &clearspace; ☑ Clean cache – clear system cache, AD cache &cleanapps’ cache junk files; ☑ Obsolete APK cleaner – clean uptheuninstalled APK files on your device; ☑ Junk photo clean up – 1tapto scan & auto clean duplicated junk photos on your device;☑Notification clean – move & storage wanted app notificationtoa clear notification bar. ☑ Residual file cleaner app – autocleanresidual junk from deleted apps; How does Power Cleanprofessionalcleaner help to speed up my phone? ⬆ 1 tap boost forslow phone –fast clean phone junk & speed up phone with onetap; ⬆ StorageCleaner – optimizer for phone memory space &effective memorycleaner; ⬆ Clean RAM – RAM cleaner & RAMbooster to clean phoneRAM & speed phone; ⬆ Cleaner Boost –advanced phone speed boostthat clean phone junk thoroughly. PowerClean antivirus booster andcleaner 🛡 Antivirus for android phonesfree that clean phone virus;🛡 Virus scanner - virus detector toscan virus in depth; 🛡 viruscleaner - clean virus effectivelyprotect phone security; 🛡 24/7virus protection - virus cleaner toprotect against virus all thetime. Power Clean phone cleaner moreAndroid utilities 🛠 Appmanager for Android with phone app cleanerto clean app 🛠 App lockpro: app lock with password and gesture toprotect app privacy; 🛠CPU monitor & CPU cooler for android thatstops overheatingapps & settings; 🛠 Within the cleaner, PowerBattery saver thatoptimize power consumption & batterycharging. Power Cleanphone cleaner Facebook Clean phonecleanerGoogle+ App fights against deceptive ads Power Clean iscommitted tofighting against misleading downloads. Officialpolicy
dfndr security: antivirus, anti-hacking & cleaner 5.34.2
dfndr security is an antivirus app for Android that protectsyouagainst internet fraud, viruses, malware, scams, and evenprotectsyour phone in the event of loss or theft. Downloaded morethan 200million times globally , dfndr security is certified by theAV-TESTInstitute - an internationally recognized body fortestingantivirus security products. 👉 Check out the key features ofdfndrsecurity: ✔ 24-hour monitoring of your digital credentials ✔Alertsabout leaks and online scams ✔ Protection against loss ortheft ofyour phone ✔ Block apps and photos from intruders ✔Protectionagainst viruses and fake sites ✔ Real-time scam alerts ✔Check yourapps for potential privacy risks 📌 Protection AgainstIdentityTheft & Online Fraud 24-hour monitoring of all yourdigitalcredentials. Receive alerts whenever a leak involving yourdata isdetected. If your credentials are violated, you'll seesecurityrecommendations on how to resolve the issue. Get securitystatusupdates on all your registered accounts in a completeweeklyreport. 📌 Anti-Theft Protection Ever thought you could findyourlost or stolen phone and learn who has it? Locate your phonebytriggering a geolocating alarm, erase data remotely, blockintruderaccess, and know a thief’s identity with photo evidenceemailed toyou. 📌 Block Scams, Viruses or Fake Sites WithAnti-Hacking &Anti-Phishing dfndr security is the onlyantivirus app equippedwith real-time protection against attackswithin WhatsApp,Messenger, SMS and browsers. Whenever you receiveor access amalicious link, an alert is sent to your phone toprevent anattempt to steal your data. Regular security scans detectandautomatically remove malware and other threats from your phone.📌Know If Your Apps Are a Potential Privacy Risk Check installedappsto see if they could pose a danger to you. Be able to seewhereyour app information is shared by using dfndr security’sapplocation map. 📌 Lock Photos and Apps From Intruders Neverworryabout lending your phone to a friend or family member. Withdfndrsecurity, add a protection password to your photos, apps,andprivate messages to prevent unauthorized access tosensitivecontent on your phone. What happens virtually impacts yourreallife! So download dfndr security FREE and have full control ofyourdigital life now . 📍 Some dfndr security functions areonlyavailable to subscribers 📍 But you can experience all oftheadvanced protection features for 7-days free. 👉 Visit ⚠️ Join our fight against deceptiveadvertising ⚠️PSafe is committed to the online safety and securityof our users.Unfortunately, some third parties are illegally usingour name andlogo to create misleading ad content, such as in theform of“scareware” falsely stating that your device is infectedwith avirus. PSafe unequivocally denounces these “scareware”tactics. Ifyou receive a suspicious “virus alert” type ad, pleasetake ascreenshot of the ad, copy the full browser URL link of thead orits redirect and email both to: Weappreciateyour support in fighting these malicious practices. Howto identifyfake virus alertads:
DU Security - Applock & Privacy Guard 3.3.7
100% Free mobile overall security solution for AndroiddevicesPowered by Pro Cloud Technology! DU Security is aFREE-to-downloadsecurity app to help protect your phones and padsfrom variety ofpotential threats, as well as your privacy and yourpersonalinformation. DU Security key features ► Prevent yourvulnerablepersonal information from leak ► AppLock Intruder Selfie► Hideyour personal photos & videos in file locker ► Manageyourcontacts fast & Hide your secret calls ► Block unwantedspamcalls (This function does NOT collect user data) Why DownloadDUSecurity? ★ It’s 100% FREE DU Security provides top classsecurityprotection for absolutely FREE! ★ Video & Photo VaultPersonaldata and privacy protection is our first priority. DUsecuritysolution helps you to protect privacy and defends youagainstidentity theft. You can hide your photo gallery, privatevideos andimages, contacts, private calls from hackers, protectyourvulnerable personal information and put them into the filelocker.★ Lock your app with password & pattern lock TheAppLockfeature can easily lock Facebook, Whatsapp, Gallery,Messenger,Snapchat, Instagram, Gmail,, Clash Royale andany apps& games you choose. Prevent unauthorized access andguardprivacy. ★ Find out any thief breaking into your phone DUSecurityhelps you find your lost phone or tablet. This protectiontoolsnaps a picture of any thief breaking into your phone andallowsyou to turn on an alarm on the device remotely. ★ Unwantedcallsblocking The phone security solution includes a tool toblockunwanted calls on Android devices. You can independentlysetfiltering rules for incoming calls, add unsolicited contacts totheblack list, and detect spam from non-numeric numbers. Thistoolfunctions only as a call blocker and does NOT in any waycollectuser data or affect user privacy. Highlights of DU SecurityforAndroid ✔ 100% Free threats cleaner: Efficient malware&spyware removal and by award winning latest security engines✔Worldwide popularity: Trusted by 25 million users around theworld.✔ Fast threats scanner: Thank for cloud technology, DUsecurity ismuch faster than other paid threats cleaner. ✔ AppLock& Vault:Lock your private apps, gallery and games from pryingeyes andprevent your children from buying unwanted apps/games ✔Clear phoneCache & Junk Files ✔ Small file size: Less than 10MB✔ ScanWiFi networks for encryption issues, weak passwords andotherthreats About developer: DU Security is developed by DU Group,theLeading Developer of Android Apps, createsinnovate,state-of-the-art apps for Android devices that are enjoyedby 850millions of people! DU Security greatly respects the privacyandsecurity of its users. We would like to reassure our users thattheissue has already been resolved. We welcome all users tocontinueprotecting their Android devices with our software infullconfidence of their data's safety and security.
Hi Security 2019 - Junk Clean, Antivirus, Booster
Hi Security
Hi Security is a world-class FREE Antivirus protectionprogram,protecting your Android devices from all virus attacks,privacysnoopers and potential WiFi threats. Hi Security is featuredwithtop performance Antivirus, Phone Booster, App Lock,PrivacyCleaner, WiFi Security) . ★ A World Class Antivirus Engine -VirusCleaner Hi Security provides a continuously growing,cloud-basedanti virus database which provides you with secureAndroidexperience without any threats (malware, Trojans or anyextortionviruses).This powerful antivirus engine effectively scansand killsall Android viruses on your internal device storage and SDcards. ★Phone Speed Booster - Accelerate & Boost Mobile Boostmobilephone to get it running faster and smoother. Efficientlyutilizeyour phone's memory and speed up your devices. Improvephoneperformance with one tap acceleration booster. With HiSecurity,your device will become faster, smoother and better. ★ AppLock -Privacy Protection You can secure your sensitive apps.Thispassword is different from your phone unlock password, whichgivesyour device an extra level of security. Unlock your privateapps byfingerprint, pattern or PIN. More importantly, the lockscreentheme can be customised. Secure your privacy with a style. ★WiFiSecurity and WiFi Speed Test Hi Security protects yourdeviceonline from insecure public WiFi & phishing hotspotbydetecting DNS/SSL hijacking and ARP spoofing. Test WiFispeed,detect WiFi intruders and encure your network safetywhenever,wherever. ★ User Friendly, Super-Fast, Energy-Efficientand Tiny HiSecurity only takes a few seconds to examine your entirephone.High performance but require less memory and powerconsumption.Thanks for our global talented developers, we canachieve theseimpressive results. ★ Multi-Lingual Support -English,Português(Brasil), Português(Portugal),Español(España),Español(Latinoamérica), Pусский, Français,Italiano, हिन्दी, Dansk,Ελληνικά, فارسی, عربى, ไทย, BahasaIndonesia, Türkçe, Tiếng Việt,Deutsch, Malay, 한국의, 日本語, 中文简体 and中文繁體.
Virus Cleaner, Antivirus, Cleaner (MAX Security) 2.2.3
ONE App Ltd.
Virus Cleaner - MAX Security, Antivirus for Android phones free,isone of the top rated (🏆4.7 ★ ★ ★ ★ ★) security apps/freeantivirusapps in Google Play Store. With professional antivirus,virus scan,virus removal for Android, phone cleaner, Applock forprivacyprotection. MAX Security always gives you 24/7real-timeprotection. ☛ MAX Security, antivirus for Android phonefree is oneof the professional phone security apps &professional freeantivirus apps for your Android device. ☛ Provideauthoritativeantivirus engine. Trusted by more than 5.3 millionusers. The MainFeatures of MAX Security - Antivirus Software (virusremoval):☂️Real-time Protection - Provide 24 hours protection foryourprivacy security. ☀️Antivirus - Authoritative antivirus forAndroid& virus cleaner. 🌪Cleaner - Phone cleaner app/cachecleanerthat clear cache Android. 🔐App Lock - Security Lock thatprotectyour privacy apps. Download MAX Security - Antivirus, youcan get:🌟 professional Free Antivirus Free Antivirus app forAndroid withvirus scan and anti-malware removal. MAX Security,antivirus forandroid phones free, is one of the professionalantivirus freedownload - security apps with virus cleaner/virusprotection, antimalware removal, mobile free antivirus softwarewhich blocksspyware, malware and Trojans from phones. MAX Security-professional free antivirus app ensure your phone security. 🌟VirusScan & Virus Removal for Android MAX Security - AntivirusforAndroid Phones Free deep scans/clean system and remove virusesandthreats. As the antivirus app and mobile security guard,virusprotection makes phone safer. 🌟 Real-time Protection MAXSecurity -Antivirus for Android provide real-time protection withantivirus,precisely virus scan and virus removal for android.Reliablesecurity apps lock always protecting your data privacy.MAXSecurity - professional Free Antivirus Software. 🌟 App LockMAXSecurity also provides apps lock. With password/pattern toretainprivacy, lock sensitive apps and snap intruders withcamerapermission to protect your privacy. MAX antivirus softwaremakesure nobody can access your private apps. 🌟 Phone Cleaner&Cache Cleaner MAX Security also is one of powerfulAndroidantivirus cleaner. MAX Security - professional FreeAntivirus(virus cleaner) acts as Android cleaner with memorycleaner, withread/write external storage permission, to clean thejunk files ofyour SD card storage or internal storage. 🌟CallBlocker &Assistant Customize the numbers on your blacklist andblockunwanted calls. With Call, Contact and Read PhoneStatepermissions, MAX Security can provide powerful callassistance.🌟Better User Experience For better user experience,location &coarse location permission will be used to recommendthe mostsuitable and localized content for you. MAX Security needgetaccounts permission to keep functions work better. We willneverupload any of your location or accounts information. GETtheprofessional FREE Antivirus App, Antivirus for Android phonesfree:Virus Cleaner - MAX Security NOW!
com.pandasecurity.pandaav 3.5.3
Download the most complete protection for your Android devicesforfree! Panda Mobile Securityis the free antivirus for AndroidwithVPN that safeguards your privacy by protecting your smartphoneandtablet against viruses, malware and ransomware. And you can useitfrom your Android Wear™ smartwatch too! Panda MobileSecurityincludes: App features FREE VPN Avoid prying eyes andaccess yourfavorites sites through a private, secure, virtual datatunnel.Don't miss any of your favorite TV shows ever again! •Availablefor one device • One single default virtual location • 150MB/dayFree antivirus protection • Real-time scan of every appyoudownload and app updates • Run on-demand scans of filesandmultimedia content, even from your smartwatch • Scan any SDcardwith our antivirus Privacy auditor The privacy auditor checksanddisplays the access permissions of the apps installed onyourAndroid™ device (access to contacts, bank accounts,photos,location, etc.). Speed up your device Improve the speedandperformance of your device and reduce memory usage by checkingappresource consumption in real time Anti-theft and phonelocatorProtect and recover your lost or stolen device with theGPSlocation system: • Locate your phone remotely and in real time.•Lock your phone remotely • Wipe all confidential data fromyoursmartphone remotely • And you can locate and lock yourphoneremotely from your smartwatch too. Pro features • Antispam:withthe Call blocker you can add phone numbers to your blacklistandblock unwanted calls (requires new permissions: access to thephoneand access to contacts). • Theft alerts: If someone stealsyourphone or tablet, you will get a photo of the thief afterthreefailed attempts to unlock the device. •App lock: Block accesstoyour apps (Facebook, Whatsapp, Instagram, etc.) with asecurityPIN. Protect your and your family's privacy from pryingeyes. •Motion alert: An alarm will warn you if someone picks upyourdevice without your consent. • Connect your smartwatch toyourphone or tablet: An alarm will go off if your device moves toofaraway from your watch. • Remote alarm: Set off an alarm on yourlostor stolen device remotely from your smartwatch. • Remotephoto:Take photos with your device remotely from your AndroidWear™smartwatch. This app requires Device Manager permissions.
Webroot Inc.
Webroot antivirus, internet security, and identityprotectionWebroot SecureAnywhere® Mobile Free keeps you secure whenbrowsing,shopping, and banking on your Android™ device. This appuses theDevice Administrator permission. MOBILE SECURITY ►Automaticallyscans apps for malware and viruses ► Set it and forgetit –continuous protection without interruptions or slowdownsPAIDFEATURES • App Inspector – Scans all apps and identifies thosethatcan harm your device. LEARN MORE • More info onWebrootSecureAnywhereMobile: •Troubleshootissues with installation or loggingin:•Need support?:
Antivirus Free - Virus Cleaner, Keep phone safe
★ Fast and Professional, Antivirus Free gives you the mosteffectivedual-engine protection - Completely Free! Highlights:►Professionalengine: Professional search algorithm both on deviceand Cloudenables rapid scanning and in-depth virus detection.►Lightweight:Consumes very few phone memory. Features: ►ONE-TAPSCAN One simpletap to start the scan, which takes only a coupleseconds to finish.►CLOUD SCAN Cloud engine rapidly reacts tolatest threats, keepingyour phone safe all the time ►REAL-TIMEPROTECTION The scan isautomatically initiated when an app isinstalled, keeping yourdevices safe.
F-Secure Mobile Security 17.7.0014578
F-Secure Mobile Security for Smartphone & Tablet - TRY ITNOWFOR FREE. No ads! Easy-to-use. From F-Secure, theaward-winningcyber security company with over 30 years' experienceof protectingmillions of users and companies around the world. Withthis app youcan protect your smartphone or tablet, and the personalcontent onit. Banking protection, browsing protection, parentalcontrol, appscanning, and more. KEY FEATURES: • APP SCANNING ANDAPPLICATIONPRIVACY protects you against harmful apps • BANKINGPROTECTIONgives you extra protection for your online banking(Google Chrome,Safe Browser and Dolphin) • ONLINE IDENTITYPROTECTION protectsyour online identity • PARENTAL CONTROL protectsyour children fromunsuitable web content and applications •BROWSING PROTECTION forsafe web browsing, shopping and bankingonline With antivirus andweb browsing protection, you’re protectedagainst viruses, spyware,hacker attacks and online identity theft.With F-Secure MobileSecurity, you can browse, shop and bank onlinein peace. It alsoprotects you from malicious apps by showing youwhich apps on yourdevice are a risk to your privacy. Protect yourchildren frominappropriate websites with parental control, whichlets youmoderate their online life. Easy to install and use withoutslowingdown your device, F-Secure Mobile Security will protectyou.SEPARATE ‘SAFE BROWSER’ ICON IN LAUNCHER Safe browsing worksonlywhen you are browsing the Internet with Safe Browser. Toeasilyallow you to set Safe Browser as default browser, we installthisas an additional icon in the launcher. This also helps achildlaunch the Safe Browser more intuitively. DATA PRIVACYCOMPLIANCEF-Secure always applies strict security measures toprotect theconfidentiality and integrity of your personal data. Seethe fullprivacy policyhere: THIS APPUSESTHE DEVICE ADMINISTRATOR PERMISSION Device Administrator rightsarerequired for the application to perform and F-Secure is usingtherespective permissions in full accordance to Google Playpoliciesand with active consent by the end-user. The DeviceAdministratorpermissions are used for Finder and Parental Controlfeatures, inparticular: • Remote alarm, wipe and locatefunctionalities used inFinder feature • Preventing children fromremoving the applicationwithout parental guidance • BrowsingProtection THIS APP USESACCESSIBILITY SERVICES This app usesAccessibility services.F-Secure is using the respective permissionswith active consent bythe end-user. The Accessibility permissionsare used for FamilyRules feature, in particular: • Allowing aparent to protect childfrom unsuitable web content • Allowing aparent to apply device andapps usage restrictions for a child. Withthe Accessibility serviceapplications usage can be monitored andrestricted. 1.4.11
Professional mobile security app with antivirus software,phonesecurity, cleaner and booster. Free Antivirus Download foryourphone security. Super Security – Antivirus for Android, thebestmobile antivirus app with Virus protection, Virus Cleaner,CleanBooster, Security Guard, Junk Cleaner, CPU Cooler. Say hi tobestantivirus booster for android and go to download the freeantivirusand power security apps.
 Professional antivirus boostersecurityscan for Android mobile, totally for FREE now.
 ImpressiveFeaturesof Super Security apps and antivirus software: ✔ DeviceSecurity& Virus Protection: Virus cleaner with huge virusdatabases,TOP AV-TEST recognized security scan and virus removalfor android.✔ Junk Cleaner: Scan and remove junk filesautomatically. Cleanjunk files, free up storage space and boostphone speed! ✔ AndroidPhone Booster: Speed up phone by killingbackground apps in onetap. Free up storage space on phone. ✔ AppLock: Your privacy guardand phone security app. Virus remover andfree antivirus downloadapps. Everything you need for mobilesecurity is packed in SuperSecurity - the free antivirus forandroid and security apps! SuperSecurity = Antivirus + App Lock +Booster + Cleaner + PhoneSecurity Guard ★ Antivirus - Ensure yourdevice security SuperSecurity – Antivirus Software is yourprofessional security scan.Super Security and antivirus protectsmobile phone from viruses,malware and spyware. Super Security andantivirus is the freeantivirus app with virus cleaner and cleanbooster. ★ App Lock -Lite yet powerful security app Super Securityand antivirus helpsyou lock private apps to keep others from yourprivacy. App lock(Security Guard) allows users to lock up privateapps by setting uppassword or graphic gesture and preventunauthorised access toguard your privacy and ensure your phonesecurity. ★ Booster
SuperSecurity (Booster and Cleaner, Antivirus,Device Security) andantivirus free up storage space on phone andclean up memory byAntivirus android booster. Super Security, thebest phone boosterand antivirus for android, can speed up phonemore efficiently with1-tap booster on home screen. ★ Cleaner SuperSecurity (Antivirusfor Android) and antivirus is also a mobilephone cleaner app, ithelps you free up storage space on phone andoptimize Androidmobile phone performance. Super Security andantivirus can improvephone performance and speed up phone. SuperSecurity - antivirusand phone boost cleaner for android, the bestAndroid securityantivirus and mobile phone booster app. Now come tosay hi to thesuper safe 2018 Super Security! Super Security (Virusremover andBooster for Android), more than mobile phone cleaner,androidbooster, virus protection, app lock, antivirus app andmobilesecurity apps! Super Security (antivirus free and antimalware)provides security service, virus cleaner, and virus removalforandroid. It clean junk files, boost and cool down yourphone.Please note that Super Security uses permissions below forthelisted reason. 1.Read contacts - only used for the CallBlockerfeature to display details of the calls to users; 2.Make andmanagephone calls - only used for the Call Blocker feature to allowourapp to block the calls in your blacklist; 3.Take picturesandvideos - only used for AppLock feature to take photos ofintruderssnooping on your privacy apps.
Dr.Capsule - Antivirus, Cleaner, Booster
ESTsoft Corp.
Easy, Light, and Smartly Impeccable! Delighted tointroduceDr.Capsule, powerful antivirus protection app for yourAndroidsmartphone! Its frequent database updates, real-timevirusdetection and cloud scan will secure your mobile phoneagainstharmful viruses and malwares. Check the current status ofyourphone at a glance by Green/Red colors, and one single touch isallyou need to solve any problem and keep your phone safe andgreen.Intuitive and convenient user experience meets powerfulantivirusand total protection. Check out the key features as belowand getthe ‘Diagnosis-Prescription-Treatment’ of Dr.Capsule, allfor FREE!★KEY FEATURES★ - Virus Scan scans all the apps and filesin yoursmartphone. Cloud Scan and Real-time monitoring ensurespowerfuland fast detection of viruses. - Robust detection ofsophisticatedSmishing messages. Don't worry about the Smishingmessages thosesteal private / financial information anymore! Weintelligentlyanalyze the message for robust detection. - AppLocksecures yoursensitive apps against snoopers and keeps your privacy.You can setan additional password for every app you want likemessenger,gallery, Facebook, SMS, call history and more. -Messenger Cleanercleans old media files on messenger apps (WhatsApp/ FacebookMessenger / LINE / kakaotalk) to secure more storagespace. -Privacy Cover prevents others’ peeping through your phonescreen.It smartly protects your privacy while you are usingmessengers,social media apps, or mobile banking and payment. - AutoBoostingautomatically starts optimizing memory while screen is off.- AppManager lists up all apps in your phone including rarely usedappsand recently installed apps so you can check them at a glanceandeasily manage them. User’s index provides reputation and riskofeach app. - Privacy Cleaning prevents personal informationleakageby cleaning clipboard record, browser history, download andsearchhistory. [FEATURES] (1) Android Antivirus - Scan (apps/files)-Real-time monitoring - Cloud Scan (2) Total protection - AppLock-Wi-Fi manager - Smishing detection - Privacy Cover -PrivacyCleaning (3) Booster&Cleaner - Junk cleaner - Phonebooster -Messenger cleaner - Auto boosting (4) Performanceoptimization -Battery Saver - Sleep mode - Power saving mode -Hyper charger (5)ETC. - Quick Bar - Flashlight - UI custom (homemenu/quick bar) -Bluelight Filter [Contact] E-mail us Aboutus at Watch usat
Super Antivirus - Virus Removal, Cleaner & Booster 1.0.13
Super Antivirus is a free virus cleaner, antivirus cleaner,VirusRemoval and WIFI security app with powerful antivirusengineinside. It protects your phone from any viruses, malware,andTrojan; provides your phone security in 360 degree protection,itis really clean and security master. Super Antivirus Cleanerisalso an All In One Toolbox for your android phone. You canalsotake this Free Antivirus as Phone Cleaner, Speed Booster,AppLock,Virus Cleaner, Battery Saver, Phone Cooler, Phone Booster,RAMCleaner, Junk Cleaner, Notification Cleaner, Cache Cleaner,JunkRemoval, Phone Security and so on. It protect your androidphone,clean your android phone, boost your android phone, reallyanpowerful android phone master. Key Features: ☞Phone Security:virusscan and removal, WIFI Security, app private protect.☞Antivirus:powerful antivirus engine inside, antivirus cleaner,phonesecurity. ☞Virus Cleaner: fast virus cleaner and virusremoval.☞Phone Cleaner: clean phone junk deeply. ☞Phone Booster:speedbooster, phone booster & RAM cleaner. ☞Battery Saver:savepower and extend battery life. ☞Notification Cleaner: muteandclean noisy notifications. ☞Internet Booster: kill appsoccupyingbrandwidth with internet booster. ★ Free Antivirus -AntivirusCleaner, Virus Removal & Virus Cleaner Super Antivirusscansvirus and malware on all your apps and files, blocks andremovesvirus and malware once malicious apps installed. SuperAntivirusCleaner protects your phone security, and make it safer.Use thissuper antivirus cleaner now! ★ WIFI Security SuperAntivirusCleaner will identify the fake and not encryptedWIFIautomatically. You can use any public WIFI securely withoutanyprivacy concern. ★ Cache Cleaner - Phone Cleaner CacheCleanercleans useless application cache files safely and releasemorespace faster. ★ Junk Cleaner - Phone Cleaner Junk Cleaner findsoutall of the useless log files, temporary files, history files,andAD files, and then recommend to clean those residual junk filestorelease more storage of mobile phone. Also, clean apk filesafterapp is installed to release storage space. One of the bestJunkCleaner of your Phone Cleaner! Really super cleaner! ★PhoneBooster Phone booster of this super antivirus cleanerkillsbackground apps to release memory, and speed up your androidphoneby 60%. Phone speed booster is also a internet booster to killappsuse internet much, and window cleaner to remove popups onphonewindow. Go to boost mobile phones now! ★ Game Booster Gameboosterfor android of this virus cleaner finds all your games andgetsthem into shortcut folder. Before you play games, game boosterwillboost your phone to release more memory space. ★ BatterySaverBattery Saver of the virus cleaner kills battery draining appstosave power by 1 tap; and when phone power is low, BatterySaverreminds you to save battery by cleaning apps. ★ Phone CoolerPhoneCooler of antivirus cleaner cools down your androidphonetemperature with one tap. ★ Boost Mobile Memory Booster ofthisvirus removal boosts phone. ★ AppLock Super Antiviruscleanerprotects your app privacy with an AppLock PIN or pattern.Lock upsensitive apps such us WhatsApp, Instagram, Facebook,Messenger,Gmail, and so on. ★ Notification Cleaner So manyuselessnotifications? Use this super virus cleaner to mute andclean theunwanted notifications if necessary. Junk notificationcleaner willgather junk notifications into one, and clean them ifneeded. ★ 1tap boost Super fast antivirus cleaner creates 1 tapboost desktopshortcut, and boost phone by one tap. ★ InternetBooster Superantivirus cleaner uses Internet Booster to kill appsusinginternet.
Antivirus and Mobile Security
Free Antivirus and Mobile Security for Android smartphoneswithenhanced features. Quick Heal Mobile Security protects yourphonefrom viruses, infected and harmful apps. It lets you lock appsandblock unknown calls. It scans apps before you download themfromGoogle Play and scans apps in the background to ensure theyaresafe. Additionally, it lets you upgrade to premium features suchasSafePe (for safe mobile banking) and Parental Control. Tolearnmore, visit app usesthe Device Administrator permission. Features at aglance ☆Antivirus Protection ☆ Real-time Scan ☆ On damand Scan fordetectand block malwares, keyloggers and fake apps ☆ Boost ☆ AppLock ☆Anti-Theft ☆ Motion Alarm ☆ Pocket Alarm ☆ Web Security ☆ParentalControl ☆ SafePe ☆ Battery Saver ☆ Remote DeviceManagement ☆ DetectUnsecured Wi-Fi ☆ Data Protection ☆ Security& Privacy Advisor ☆Capture Intruder Features in detail: ■Antivirus protection: Scansfor malicious apps, adware, Trojans,Fake apps, key loggers andother harmful files to keep your devicesecure. ■ Real-time Scan:Background Scan, Scan Before Download, OnApp Install Scan, andVulnerability Scan protect your device 24/7from malware. ■ QuickScan: Runs a quick scan on your device atyour request to detect andblock malwares, keyloggers and fakeapps. ■ Boost: Improve deviceperformance by optimizing the deviceRAM at a fixed schedule andeven when the screen is locked. ■ AppLock: Add an extra layer ofsecurity to your phone. Lock all yourapps with a secure PIN,pattern and Fingerprint. ■ Anti-Theft:Quick Heal's anti-thefttechnology prevents your device from beingmisused, if it gets lostor stolen. It allows you to lock yourdevice or erase its entiredata remotely. ■Motion Alarm: Itnotifies user instantly if thephone is moved from its currentposition, alerting about thepossibility of a theft. ■Pocket Alarm:Ensures pocket theftprotection by instantly notifying user, ifsomeone attempts to stealphone from pocket ■ Web Security: Blocksinfected websites that canharm your phone with malware andphishing websites designed to stealyour personal information. ■Parental Control: Helps you blockmalicious and potentiallydangerous websites. With this feature, youcan block a particularwebsite's URL or websites based on theircategory such as adult,gambling, violence, etc. Offersmulti-browser support for enhancedWeb Security. ■ SafePe: Securesyour financial transactions whenyou use payment apps for onlineshopping, banking, paying bills,etc. ■Battery Saver: Killspower-consuming apps and increasesbattery life. You can savebattery by setting appropriatebrightness and screen timeoutoptions. ■Remote Device Management:Allows you to access variousfeatures on your device when thedevice is not physicallyaccessible. ■ Detect Unsecured Wi-Fi:Alerts you whenever yourmobile device detects an unsecured Wi-Finetwork. Connecting to suchnetworks can let attackers steal yoursensitive information. ■ DataProtection: Back up and restore yourdata from the cloud as and whenrequired. Securely delete yourpersonal data. ■ Privacy Advisor:Helps you review apps installedon your phone and their permissions,which may affect your privacy.■ Security Advisor: Guides you aboutthe settings that affect theoverall security of your smartphone. ■Block Calls: Block incomingcalls from unknown or unwanted numbers.You can also block numberswithin a particular series. ■ CaptureIntruder: Takes snapshots ofanyone who tries to unlock your phonewith a wrong PIN. Follow uson Facebook: Follow us onTwitter: Follow our officialblog:
GO Security-AntiVirus, AppLock, Booster 1.66.9
Featuring AV-Test FULL SCORE antivirus engine, GOSecurity(AntiVirus, AppLock, Booster) is the most focused &leadingsecurity app. 10+ million downloads, GO Security(AntiVirus,AppLock, Booster) provides all-in-one mobile phonesecuritysolution, including malware, fake apps, Trojandetection.Furthermore, memory booster, battery saver, applock andsafebrowser are strengthened to make the phone safer and fasterGOSecurity Highlights: Leading Virus Detecting Engine -Theadvancedvirus detecting engine, keeping virus data newer thannormalsecurity apps Advanced Real-time Protection - blocksmalwareinvasion from every angle, with very little consumption -thebattery friendly security app on market All-around AppLock -Lockevery app you want to hide from your family & friends,keepingyour privacy utterly safe GO Security Features: ★LeadingAntivirusEngine: AV-Test Double 5 Star (Full Score) engine, hasalreadydetected more than 1 million Android malwares and high riskapps.With unique new virus detecting tech the engine is growingevenstronger with near 1000 new malwares found everyday.★Real-timeProtection: 24/7 protect your device from potentialthreats, detectvirus even in time. ★AppLock: Worried aboutgirlfriend or boyfriendsnooping on your social applications?Frightened aboutparents/friends checking your photo gallery? Lockthem all rightnow with AppLock ★Privacy Cleaner: Need to go tosensitive websitesnow and then but don’t want anybody else to know?We help cleanthese tracks to protect from privacy leak ★JunkCleaner: Devicegetting slower and storage gets lower? We clean allkinds of junkincluding app junk and ads junk, making system asclean as new★Safe Browser: Safe and private mobile browser whichcan protectyou from malicious threats and still give you rapidbrowsing speed★: Notification Manager: Too many noisingnotification? It can hidethe unwanted messages for a quiet world ★:Phone Alarm: Avoidsomeone stealing your phone without yourpermission. When youactivate it, it can detect motion when someonetries to move yourphone There will be ad content shown in certainscenes in our app.For more details, visit Thisapp uses the DeviceAdministrator permission. Open this permissioncan prevent othersfrom uninstalling Go Security easily. ContactUs: Email:GSTeamOfficial@gmail.comFacebook: website:
Security Antivirus - Max Clean
Max Antivirus is an economical antivirus app, it can cleanvirus,protect privacy, boost games, clean junks and lock apps.MaxAntivirus include virus cleaner, app cleaner, phone boosterandantivirus. Security antivirus is important. How can you staysafefrom viruses, spyware, Trojans, malwares, vulnerabilities,adwares,privacy snoopers, extortion and Wi-Fi spy? How to defensefromransomware attack? How to find out viruses and ransomware? Howtoquick heal from threats? How to keep cpu cold, system runsmoothwhen gaming? Chose Max Antivirus, it can help you solve alltheabove problems. Max Antivirus is honestable andeconomisireantivirus, 100% free. Security & Antivirus VirusCleaner cleanall viruses. Protect Private, Protect Photos, ProtectBankInformation, Protect Account. Keep your android safe andsecure,This is Antivirus Master. Economical & High DetectionRateThere is no background process with Max Antivirus. Itprotectingfrom any of extortion virus, malware, adware or Trojanswith a lowbattery usage, our test team tested the battery usage,MaxAntivirus is the most economical antivirus app. Phone BoosterWeuse a new technology to boost phone, free up RAM and savebattery,normally 40% of memory can be released, get more availablememoryby booster. We use the features of android system itself toboost,no root privileges are required, safe and efficient. Boostisreally effective, recommend to you Game Booster Boost games by40%+when launching. Clean unused RAM before game launching, solveRAMproblems when exiting games. It is useful and effective. Injustone tap you can fix problems with game lag andinsufficient.AppLock With AppLock, you can add an extra passwordprotection tosensitive apps. Lock your private apps by usingpattern orfingerprint and keep your secret safe from snoopers.AppLocksupport fingerprint for Android Devices and Samsung mobile.Junkfiles cleaner Clean junk files, residual files, unusedapks,Thumbnail, browsing history, clipboard and cache to freeupstorage, boost speed and improve the performance of Androiddevice.WiFi Security Detect WiFi spy, Test WiFi speed, MaxAntivirus willshow you how many devices are sharing your bandwidth,with that youcan check out which is WiFi spy, remove all spy byyour routermanage page to make your WiFi safe and fast.Multi-languagesSupported multi-languages: Arabic, German, Greek,Spanish, French,Indonesian, Italian, Japanese, Korean, Polish,Brazilian, Russian,Thai, Turkish, Ukrainian, Vietnamese, Chinese.Security AntivirusMax Clean ! 100% free download, get the bestantivirus NOW !
LINE Antivirus 1.1.18
★Get rid of viruses lurking in your smartphone QUICK! ★Theultimatefree anti-virus app! The free calling and messaging app,LINEbrings you LINE Anti Virus! Let this free security app protectyourpersonal information from malicious programs and apps.Simpleone-touch checks let you stay incontrol!-------------------------------- ▼LINE Anti Virus: MainFeatures-------------------------------- ★Simple one-touch checkslet youstay in control! Check for any malicious programs or for anyothermalware on your smartphone in just a few seconds. A detailedscanis also an option: Simply select “Full Scan”. ★ Cloud engineaddedWe added a cloud engine with more powerful detectioncapabilities,providing more secure protection for your smartphone.★Real-TimeMonitoring for Maximum Protection As well as detectingmaliciousprograms, this function alerts you immediately of anyabnormaloperations by applications and any threats to your securitythroughthe widget and notification bars; enabling you to dealwithhigh-risk situations as quickly as possible. ★Check whichappsaccess your personal information at a glance This featureallowsyou to easily check which of your information the appsinstalled onthe device are accessing, such as contact information,locationinformation, calling history etc. You choose! You candeterminewhich apps are high-risk and delete them as necessary,while appswhich you trust can be added to the app’s “Safe Apps”list. ★Choosehow you want the app to work As well as adding trustedapps to aSafe Apps list, you can configure which contents to scanfor aswell as choosing to have Real-Time Monitoring switched on oroff.★New anti-smishing feature Smishing, or SMS phishing, is ahackingmethod that gathers personal information or causes monetarylossthrough the spreading of malicious apps via URLs sent throughSMSmessages. LINE Antivirus protects you from such threats withitsnew anti-smishing feature. ★One-touch optimization feature Cleanupyour smartphone's usage history and RAM with a single touch tohelpit run smooth as butter. ★ Secure File Deletion Files can nowbesecurely deleted, ensuring that no personal information canbeleaked when changing devices or losing your phone. ★ Additionofthe App Management Feature Manage apps that have been installedonyour device for a long time and apps that haven’t been used inawhile. * About access authority [Required access authorities]-Internet access: a network connection is required formaliciouscode scanning in the cloud and offline engine updates. ​​[Optionalaccess authorities] - Storage: access is needed formalicious codescanning in storage during a full scan. - ReadingSMS: needed forscanning text messages including URLs during asmishing scan. -Call: needed for deleting call history in theoptimizationsettings. ​​ ■ You can use LINE Antivirus withoutagreeing to theoptional access authorities, but some features willbe unavailable.Keep your smartphone safe! We hope you enjoy usingLINE Anti-Virus!
Dr. Safety: Free Antivirus, Booster, App Lock 3.0.1572
🌟 FREE antivirus and security solution with phone booster,junkcleaner, app lock and more 🌟 Dr. Safety is an antivirus,full-suitesecurity app for mobile devices. It fends off virusintruders,guards your data privacy, optimizes device performance,and findslost devices with security technology by Trend Micro. Ouradvancedmachine learning AI scan safeguards against maliciousapps,viruses, fraudulent websites, identity theft, ransomware,andcrypto-miners, etc. Key features: ☂️ Real-time Protection -Provide24/7 protection for your phone 🕷️ Virus Scanner and Remover- Scanyour apps and files to keep virus out of your phone 🚀 PhoneBooster- Boost your phone to free up RAM and clean background tasks🔐 AppLock - Protect sensitive apps with a password and fingerprint🗑️Junk Cleaner - Clean junk files to get more storage space ❄️CPUCooler - Optimize CPU usage and cool down your phone 🖼️PrivatePhoto Vault - Lock and protect your sensitive photos 🔋BatterySaver - Freeze power-draining apps and extend battery life 🌏SafeWeb Browsing - Scan and filter URLs when you browse websitesorchat with messaging apps 📦 App Manager - View and manage yourappsand APK files with ease 🌐 Privacy Browser - Lightweightbrowserthat blocks ADs and web trackers 👀 Facebook Privacy Check -YourFacebook privacy advisor 🛰️ Lost Device Protection - Lock,wipeyour phone in case it is stolen or lost Protection: ✔ Scan anyappswhile they are being installed ✔ Scan apps, files,insecuresettings of your phone ✔ Scan URLs for harmful threats whenyou arebrowsing websites, or chatting with your favorite messagingapps ✔Parental Control: keep you and your kids safe fromunwantedinternet contents Performance: ✔ Extend battery life byshuttingdown power-draining apps ✔ Kill tasks and processes to freeup RAMand cool down your phone ✔ Clean junk files, residualfiles,obsolete APKs, duplicate photos/files, large files, AD junks,tofree up storage space ✔ Find and delete unused apps andobsoleteAPKs with ease Privacy: ✔ Hide and lock private photos inapassword-protected Vault ✔ Lock sensitive apps to protectyourprivacy, fingerprint supported ✔ Check your Facebookprivacysettings and makes sure personal information is only sharedwithyour permission ✔ Privacy Browser: block ADs and trackers whenyoubrowse websites Anti-Theft: ✔ Locate your lost or stolen phone✔Lock your phone and set a lock screen message ✔ Make an alarmonyour phone ✔ Lock your phone when the SIM card is changed ✔Wipeyour phone and SD card content remotely Application permissionsThefollowing permissions might be required for optimal protectionandservice. • Device Administrator: used to execute a remotedevicewipe in case of theft • Draw over other apps: for criticalalertsand battery saver • Accessibility: for safe web surfing andbatterysaver • App Usage Access: for monitoring apps usage in AppLock •Camera: used to take photos in photo lock • Storage: forjunkcleaner, and files scan • Location: for device locating inlostdevice protection • Microphone: for recording videos in photovault* This app uses the Device Administrator permission. * Thisappuses the Accessibility permission. Dr. Safety is available in14languages, including English, Mandarin Chinese, BahasaIndonesia,Pусский, Español, Português, Türkçe, Français, BahasaMelayu, ไทย,Tiếng Việt, Italiano, العربية, 한국어. If you have anyquestions orsuggestions, please contact us via the 'Feedback' menuinside ourapp or send an email to We arelookingforward to your feedback.
SAFE Internet Security & Mobile Antivirus 17.7.0014577
F-Secure SAFE – Protect you Android smartphone or tablet withouraward-winning internet security and mobile antivirus. Try itnowfor free! From F-Secure, a cyber security company with over30years' experience of protecting millions of users andcompaniesaround the world. KEY FEATURES: ★ ANTIVIRUS protects yourdevicesagainst viruses, spyware, hacker attacks, and identity theft★Remove malware ★ BROWSING PROTECTION lets you browse securelyandblock harmful websites ★ BANKING PROTECTION gives youextraprotection when you shop or do your banking online ★ FINDERletsyou find and wipe your lost device remotely (device locator)★APPLICATION PRIVACY identifies Android applications that canaccessyour personal information ★ PARENTAL CONTROL protects yourchildrenfrom unsuitable web content and applications ★MULTI-DEVICESECURITY for Android, Windows, Mac, and iOS ★ Availablein 30+languages SCAN & REMOVE MALWARE The best antivirus toprotectyou against viruses, trojans, spyware, ransomware that maycollectand distribute your personal information, steal your creditcardnumbers, banking credentials and other valuable information.BLOCKHARMFUL WEBSITES Browsing protection blocks harmful websites.Alongwith the best antivirus features It protects your securityandprivacy by keeping you away from viruses and phishing sites.SafeBrowser also verifies the safety of banking sites you visit.FIND& WIPE REMOTELY Finder provides security for situationswhereyour device is lost or stolen. It’s the best antivirus toprotectstored personal information by helping you find the devicebeforeit falls into wrong hands or wiping it if needed. PROTECTYOURPRIVACY For your privacy, antivirus and Browsing protectionkeepyou away from harmful websites and apps. Application privacyalsohelps you to recognize applications that useprivacy-relatedpermissions extensively. PARENTAL CONTROLS SAFEcontains allparental controls you need to protect your childrenonline;browsing protection, content filter, app control, safesearch, timelimits, and the Finder features. For frequently askedquestions andsupport, please visit our supportpages: SEPARATE ‘SAFE BROWSER’ ICONINLAUNCHER Safe browsing works only when you are browsingtheInternet with Safe Browser. To easily allow you to set SafeBrowseras default browser, we install this as an additional icon inthelauncher. This also helps a child launch the Safe Browsermoreintuitively. DATA PRIVACY COMPLIANCE F-Secure always appliesstrictsecurity measures to protect the confidentiality andintegrity ofyour personal data. See the full privacy policyhere: THIS APPUSESTHE DEVICE ADMINISTRATOR PERMISSION Device Administrator rightsarerequired for the application to perform and F-Secure is usingtherespective permissions in full accordance to Google Playpoliciesand with active consent by the end-user. The DeviceAdministratorpermissions are used for Finder and Parental Controlfeatures, inparticular: • Remote alarm, wipe and locatefunctionalities used inFinder feature • Preventing children fromremoving the applicationwithout parental guidance • BrowsingProtection THIS APP USESACCESSIBILITY SERVICES This app usesAccessibility services.F-Secure is using the respective permissionswith active consent bythe end-user. The Accessibility permissionsare used for FamilyRules feature, in particular: • Allowing aparent to protect childfrom unsuitable web content • Allowing aparent to apply device andapps usage restrictions for a child. Withthe Accessibility serviceapplications usage can be monitored andrestricted.
AVG Protection for Xperia™ 6.23.6
AVG Mobile
Protect your Xperia™ smartphone or tablet againstviruses,ransomware, spyware, phishing attempts and other malwareinreal-time with AVG’s full featured Android™ protection. ✔ Scanappsand files for malicious viruses, malware and spyware ✔ Locateyourlost/stolen phone via Google Maps™ ✔ Kill tasks and processesthatcan slow down your phone ✔ Filter or block unwanted calls ✔Deletecall history, clipboard content and browsing history ✔ CheckWi-Fispeed and scan it for threats ✔ Clean unnecessary files andgetmore storage space ✔ Protect your photos against prying eyeswithPhoto Vault On top of our many free features, you can enjoy afreetrial of our premium upgrade: ★ App Locking – protectsensitiveapps using a password, PIN, or pattern. ★ Anti-Theft: Lockyourphone automatically whenever the SIM card is replaced, andremotelyrecord audio and capture photos of anyone trying to unlockyourphone ★ Remove ads: Hide all advertisement in your AVGProtectionfor Xperia™ app. App features: Protection: ✔ Scan forviruses,malware and spyware ✔ Real-time threat discovery &protection ✔Scan websites for harmful threats (Android's defaultbrowser andChrome) ✔ Wi-Fi Network Security Scan: check passwordstrength andnetwork encryption Performance: ✔ Task and processKiller ✔ Turnoff apps draining device's resources ✔ Clear files andfree upstorage space ✔ Wi-Fi network speed test Anti-Theft &phonelocation: (using the AVG website or text messages (SMS)) ✔Locateyour lost/stolen phone via Google Maps™ ✔ Lock your phone orwipeits content ✔ Set a lock screen message ✔ Make your phone soundasiren ✔ Use Camera Trap to discreetly email yourself a photoofanyone trying to unlock your phone ✔ Use Sim Securitytoautomatically lock your phone whenever the SIM card is replaced✔Wipe your phone and SD card content remotely Privacy: ✔AppLocking: protect sensitive apps with a PIN, pattern, orfingerprint✔ Hide private pictures in a password-protected Vault ✔CallBlocker: block or filter spammers and scammers ✔ Privacystatusmanagement: delete call history, clipboard content andbrowsinghistory (Chrome browser and Android version older than 5.0)andprotect sensitive apps ✔ App Permissions: get insight intothelevel of permission required by your installed apps AppInsights: ✔Find out how much time you spend in each app on yourdevice ✔ Takeback control of your phone-life balance This app usesthe DeviceAdministrator permission. This permission allows you toremotelylock and wipe your device from This appusesAccessibility permission to protect visually impaired andotherusers against phishing attacks and malicious websites.Byinstalling/updating this app, you agree that your use of itisgoverned by these terms: Xperia™ isatrademark or registered trademark of Sony MobileCommunicationsInc. Google®, Google Maps™ and Android™ aretrademarks of Google,Inc., registered in the USA and in othercountries All othertrademarks are the property of their respectiveowners.
CM Locker - Security Lockscreen 4.9.6
CM Locker protects your confidential dataLock your phone's screentosecure your privacy. Anti-Theft Protection can help you locateyourlost phone, remotely lock it and enable its siren. TheIntruderSelfie function snaps photos of intruders who enters thewrongpassword. Download CM Locker and get awesome HD Wallpapersand Themefor FREE! Features ★ Lockscreen > CM Locker’slockscreen securesyour phone from intruders with PIN and patternpassword locksecurity, fingerprint lock is also available onsupported devices.> CM Locker’s lockscreen also has a varietyof styles and theme,which you can customize to your liking, givingyou a pleasantwelcoming when you switch on your screen! ★ IntruderSelfie >Snaps photos of intruders who enters the wronglockscreen. > Thephoto of the intruder will be sent to youre-mail instantly forprivacy security. ★ Anti-Theft Protection >Link CM Locker withyour Facebook account to remotely lock andlocate your device or setoff its siren for privacy security. ★Personalization > CM Lockeris packed full of awesome HDwallpapers, theme and password modes,where you can mix and matchto create your unique Lockscreen. >HD wallpapers & themeare updated automatically. > The DailyWallpaper Changerfunction helps you change your Lockscreenwallpaper to somethingnew every day. ★ Notification Reminder &Instant Reply >Access to new messages instantly on lockscreen.> Reply IMSmessages (e.g. WhatsApp, Facebook Messenger and Line,etc.) on lockscreen directly, enjoy chatting with friends withoutunlocking >Hide the message details. ★ Weather forecasts >Stay preparedwith our accurate hourly, 5-day, and 10-day weatherforecast. >Set your location, get more weather info: Wind,pressure, humidityand UV index. How can you make life easier withCM Locker? ★ MusicControl Control music playback with one handdirectly onLockscreen. ★ Camera shortcut Snap photos fast, nevermiss thatperfect moment! ★ Handy toolbox Flashlight, calculator,recentapps, brightness and many more handy tools. Why is CMLockerpopular? ☆ Security Supported by CM Security. ☆ EfficiencyAccessto new messages instantly on lockscreen. ☆ Light Small APKpackagefor faster installation and update. ☆ User friendly CMLocker ispopular worldwide. Average rating on Google Play is4.6.Permissions ►One Tap Protect: scan and repair the risksdetected inyour phone (permission required to the phone system)►Contacts/SMS: Display calls and messages ► Camera: Shortcut tosnapphotos ► Album: Customize your theme & wallpapers ► GPS&Wi-Fi status: Deliver local weather information ► Run atstartup:Protect your device immediately after rebooting ► Kindreminder:This app contains ads Keep in touch ♥ Google+Community:♥Facebook Fan Club: Adinfo: PrivacyPolicy Terms ofService
Bkav Security - Antivirus Free
The leading FREE security and antivirus • Antivirus • Call &SMSblock • Anti SMS spam • Cleaner • Anti-thief • Find my Phone•Backup and restore (contacts, messages, call logs) • Private mode•Safe Surfing • Privacy Advisor • Auto-detecting malicious appsuponits installation on your phone • Hide private contentAntivirusFree - Scans for malware, spyware and trojans - Providesreal-timeprotection from malicious softwares, scans everydownloaded andinstalled application to ensure it is safe - BkavMobile Security’scloud computing technology ensures the timelyupdates of virussamples - Auto-detecting malicious apps upon itsinstallation onyour phone - Supports daily and weekly scheduledscans PREMIUMFEATURES Get free trial of all features of Bkav MobileSecurityProfessional in 30 days. When your trial expires, thesoftware willautomatically return to the free version. No paymentis requiredfor the free trial. Call & SMS Block, Anti SMS spams- Thesoftware is equipped with Smart Filter, which automaticallyblocksup to 100% of SMS spams. In addition, Smart Filterautomaticallyblocks missed fraudulent calls from satellite phonesand from other“look like normal” numbers. Users can also get thefeature blockcalls and SMS by numbers or by keywords appearing inthe SMS’content Privacy Mode - You can set up a mode which blocksallevening calls from numbers which are not in your Contacts;thismode can be applied for weekdays or weekends. Besides, you canusethis mode during a meeting AntiTheft - Locates your lost orstolenphone. With smartphones running Android 4.0 onwards, you needtoturn GPS on to use this feature. - Performs remote phone locksanddata wipe in emergency locks (users of smartphones with an arrowinthe middle of the System Bar please contact Bkav Contact Centertoget timely support). - Detects change of SIM card, you willreceivethe new phone number if the thief insert another SIM cardinto yourphone. - Sounds an alarm even when your phone is in silentmode.Find my Phone - You only need sending a message to locatethecoordinate of your stolen or lost phone -, enter the coordinate to find the currentpositionof your stolen phone on map Backup & Restore - Securelybacksup contacts, messages, call logs to Bkav Cloud or SD Card.-Restores your data in a quick and simple way. - Providesonlineaccess to your data from any computers, any phones andfromanywhere. Privacy Advisor - Scans and produces warnings abouttheapplications that might access your sensitive data likeContacts,SMS, phone location, etc... - Scans and produces warningsaboutsoftwares trying to connect to the Internet, softwares thatconsumelarge amount of 3G/2G network traffic. Especially, detectsandremoves eavesdropping apps on your mobile. Hide private conent1.Private SMS 2. Private call 3. Private contact list 4.Privatepictures and videos 5. App Locker 6. Private documents 7.Privatenotes 8. Private content backup and restore Optimizationandcleaning - Deeply searh and clean all memory issues,temporaryrunning apps, temporary files/folders generated by apps orOSduring their operations. Optimize your smartphone to increaseitseffectiveness. This app uses Accessibility services. This appusesthe Device Administrator permission.
Lookout Security Extension 2.0
Get the most out of Lookout Safe Browsing by installingthisextension. Surf the web safely with security that protectsagainstsuspicious websites that might infect your phone or stealyourpersonal information. Lookout Safe Browsing, with the help ofthisextension, blocks dangerous URLs while browsing from yourAndroiddevice with Android M operating system or higher.**Note: Tousethis software component, you must have Lookout Security&Antivirus installed first. You do not need to install LookoutSafeBrowsing unless Lookout asks you to do so. Lookout does notstoreyour information or browsing history. Safe Browsing's websiteandcontent analysis is done locally on your device.