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Checkers 1.2.5
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Play now the board game checkers for free!- Saved game feature.- Choose game item color- Choose to play VS Android or player or bluetoothwithfriend.- Undo functionality button- Specifically optimized for the Android- Smooth and addicting gameplay.- Fun, excitement and entertainment for all familyandfriends!- Great challenging AI for the brain computer opponent,learnthestrategy to win!- Works perfect even without network, without wifi, offline- Very addicting ,cool and funny game!You can play with your friend this challenging brain boardgamewithBluetooth!Play the android challenging brain game for freenowagainstandroid, another player or with bluetooth!No internet connection or wifi required. you don'tneedaninternet connection or wifi and don't have to waitforotherplayers, play offline.Draughts (or checkers) puzzle challenging andaddictingfamilygame is played by two opponents, on opposite sidesof thegameboard. One player has the dark pieces and the other hasthelightpieces, very challenging and addicting strategy game.InDraughtswith Bluetooth board puzzle game, Players alternateturns.Likeother strategy games a player may not move an opponent'spieceonboard. The player with the light pieces moves firstunlessstatedotherwise. A move consists of moving a piece diagonallytoanadjacent unoccupied square. you should learn the strategy,Iftheadjacent square contains an opponent's piece, andthesquareimmediately beyond it is vacant, the piece may becaptured(andremoved from the game) by jumping over it.Play Draughts puzzle game for free now against androidoranotherplayer !In Draughts with Bluetooth, board game, challengebraingame,challenging and addicting family puzzle game, Only thedarksquaresof the checkered board are used. A piece may moveonlydiagonallyinto an unoccupied square. Capturing strategyismandatory,although some strategy rule variations makecapturingoptional whenpresented, the player without piecesremaining, or whocannot movedue to being blocked, loses the puzzlegame.Checkers or Draughts brain game without wifi. PlayCheckersorDraughts puzzle offline.You can play this challenging puzzle game for freenowagainstandroid, another player or with bluetooth!If you ask yourself if you can play strategy Checkerspuzzlegamewith Bluetooth without wifi so the answer is yes, nowifi. Youcanplay strategy Checkers or Draughts brain board game,puzzleofflinefree, addicting family Checkers or Draughts brainboardgame,puzzle without wifi, the strategy gameiscompletelyoffline.Play against android, another player or withbluetoothwithfriends!Download now the funny and addicting cool game forfree,thisaddicting ,cool and funny game is just one of ouraddicting,cooland funny games.Feel free to send us rejects to improve our funny ,addictingandcoolgame for free because this addicting, funny and cool gameisjust oneof our addicting ,cool and funny games. And we areworkinghard toimprove our addicting, funny and cool games forfree.Invite your friends or family to play with Bluetooth!Play android challenging strategy brain board Checkerspuzzlegamefor free now against android or another player !