Top 2 Games Similar to Color pop!

Bubble Shooter Air 1
Playing some fun and challenging game isjustlike a good medicine for our soul. Hard daily activitieswithouttaking some rest is not good, entertain your brain with thisgame.It’s a popular game, which usually played by everyone. Matchthebubble and shoot at the right position to make it burst!Sometimesyou have to shoot in hard angle position, but do notworry, thegame provide you a target marker. The target marker willhelp youto make a good bounce shooting.This game also provide fun and special bonus point. Playerswillget the bonus if they can shoot the crazy butterfly. Yeah,thecrazy butterfly flies around the shooting area frequently. Aimthebubble to the right direction, and wait for a second forthebutterfly, then shoot! A professional player should have hisowntechnique to do this method. Reach the highest point tocompetewith your friend and other players all around the world.Not just colorful bubbles, you will find colorful beetlestoo.The beetles will help you to crush and splash all kind ofbubbles.Pay attention for the rainbow ball! That awesome ball willveryuseful, yet useless, depending on how good you play withit.How to play:- Aim and shoot bubble to the same color- Shoot butterfly to get bonus pointFeatures:- Arcade and puzzle mode- Endless game- Soft graphic display- Good sound effect
Aliens Burst 0.0.3
Denis Karasev
Aliens are here!They came to take over an Earth.The few Alien Spaceships have crept into earth's orbit withnowarning.- Travel by very fast and furious sky rocket- Smash everything in this crazy, chaotic, simple butchallenginggame!- Compare scores and achievements with your friends- Match colors in order to smash weird extra-terrestrials- Get as many keys as possible so you can fight themevenbetter- Complete levels and see you high scores, gold possessions,livesin a colorful way- A lot of levels with increasing difficultyEnjoy all vast variety of aliens to shot:- One eyed Cyclops-like monster- Multi eyed violet behemoth- Smiley clockwork orange-like extra terrestrial- Sun-like yellow alien- Other onesAliens burst is a classicbubble shooter game with cosmic twist.Make combinations of 3 or more aliens to make them disappearandscore points.More bubbles you shoot at once, more points you get!Collect keys and coins to score the highest possible result.Remember though! It’s up to you to save your planet or let itbeburst by aliens!You are always welcome to write us your