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Bazar Blot Club: Best Armenian 3.2.23
Belote Club
Bazar Blot Club is one of the popularcardgames played in Armenia. Instead of Durak, Nardi and Pokerplayersmost often prefer to play Blot. During these five yearsBazar BlotClub managed to involve the outdoors offline Blot playersinto theonline space keeping the taste and rules of Armenian Blot.We gavea great chance to all the lovers of Blot to play whereverthey wantto; bus stop, metro, in office (away from the manager'seye:)With Bazar Blot Club you can:- Play Blot with contestants from all over the world- Invite your Facebook, Odnoklasniki and VKontakte friends tojointhe game- Play the same game on many devices and in social networks- Check your stats and progress any time- Get free chips and other bonuses- And even more…Join the world’s most popular FREE Blot Club!
Bazaar Belote (Bazar Blot) 1.07.028
HylinkApps brings this classic 4-player 32-card trick-taking gametothe Android market. In this version of game we addedmulti-playermode. Please be aware that this application uses testserver withrestricted capacities and limited life-time, while theproductionserver version is being worked on. Currently we aregoing to supportonly 100 online users simultaneously and only 8tables are availablein 2 different rooms. One room is for playingtill 301 points andanother one for short games - till 101.Please report any issue that you might encounter.Games closely related to French Belote are played throughouttheworld. It's derived around 1920 in France, probablyfromKlaverjassen, a game played since at least 1600's inNetherlands.In Bulgarian the official name is Bridge-Belote, inGreece it iscalled Vida, in Cyprus it is called Pilotta. InCroatian Bela. Inthe Republic of Macedonia it is Belyot, in SaudiArabia isBaloot.Bazaar Belote is the Armenian version of the popular cardgameBelote.main features:- rich user interface for playing & bidding,smoothanimations- designed for both Tablet and Phone- works nice in landscape and portrait- help screen with game rules- save/restore possibility- 12 decks of cards to choose from- game can be installed on SD card or on device- no ads- multi-player mode (on test server)If you like this game, please consider installing Donateversion.It is exactly the same game - just with a small ($1.29)token ofappreciation.
Belote Multiplayer 2.11.7
Play the #1 Belote & Coinche game (100% made in France)withover 200,000 fans connecting each day, or play with yourfriends,just like at home! With our unique reconnection system,resume yourgame and never lose your Chips. We are proud to presentyour ournew star ambassador: Bruno Solo. Maybe you'll be luckyenough toplay a game with him! The Belote & Coinche Pro League(BPL)supervises all events and tournaments on Belote Multiplayer ;the 6Leagues (from Bronze to Elite), the Belote Tours (FranceorMasters) and Grand Slams, among others. Belote Multiplayer istheonly Belote/Coinche game officially RNG Certified (RandomNumberGenerator) by Gaming Laboratories International, LLC (theworld’sleading independent testing, inspection andcertificationlaboratory to the gaming industry), ensuring anauthenticexperience with a random card dealing sequence.MULTIPLAYER GAMES,ONLINE OR OFFLINE - Play Belote, Coinche orCoinche AT/NT (AllTrump/No Trump) with declarations against playersonline; -Organize private games against your friends or practicewith arobot; - Play where you want, when you want (on acomputer,smartphone or tablet) and save your progress by connectingwithyour Facebook account; - Play without a connection in offlinemode.THE BELOTE & COINCHE PRO LEAGUE (BPL) - Progress everyweekthrough the 6 Leagues, from Bronze to Elite to compete withthebests; - Join the Belote Tour to travel across France and theWorld(for Masters) and win prizes; - Participate in the Grand Slamandwin outstanding rewards. WIN CHIPS - Collect a Daily Bonuseachday; - Exchange gifts daily with your friends; - Receive evenmorefree Chips by watching sponsored videos, inviting yourFacebookfriends... Belote Multiplayer is free to play, and containsin-appads and purchases. Belote Multiplayer is published byIsCoolEntertainment.
MIddle Hut
Bridge-Belot with Bulgarian rules!♣ Play against computer players (AI)♣ Natural and simple gameplay♣ Different game rules options♣ Optimized for standard and high resolution smartphonesBelot is the name of a French trick-taking card gameverypopular in Bulgaria, in some parts of Croatia, BosniaandHerzegovina, Serbia, Macedonia (Especially Bitola), and inSaudiArabia. It is also very popular in Armenia and extensivelyplayedby the Armenian Diaspora, in former USSR area (Russia,Ukraine,Republic of Moldova) and by Jewish communitiesworldwide.In this game you are playing with three computer players (AI).Youplay South, your partner is North and the opponents are EastandWest. The names of the players can be configured insidethegame.If you want to help us improve the game, please send usscenariosthat are wrongfully played by the computer players, orjust writeus any ideas for improvements that you may have!Write us for recommendations, questions and
Dragonplay™ Poker Texas Holdem
THE ORIGINAL POKER BRAND raises the stakeswiththe BEST FREE POKER experience on Android devices, hands-down!Cashin your winnings to buy into high-stakes tables, compete withelitepoker players and prove you’re a true poker shark.* DRAONPLAY POKER RINGS – Win tournaments to earn COINS andclimbthe leaderboard!CONVENIENT INTERFACE – A simple and attractive interface whichgivesyou the ability to call, fold or raise the stakes with justonetap* OFFICIAL VEGAS EXPERIENCE – Try your hand at TexasHold’Em,Tournaments, and more for FREE.* PLAY WITH POKER BUDDIES – Invite your friends, kick back andmakeit a poker night anytime!* NO REGISTRATION – Use guest mode to play pokerwithoutregistration* EASY TEXAS HOLDEM POKER tables for players that don't know howtoplay Texas poker, but want to learn poker and good opponentsforstar poker players with real texas poker skills!
Play Belot (Bridge-belote) 1.4.8
Belote, belote, belote - тhe most popular card game in Bulgaria-Belot, with the ability to play online versus real players.Uniquegraphics, ergonomic design, voice announces, chat, rankliststoname a few from the features of this game. You can play not onlybyyour Android phone or tablet, but via your browser or facebook.
Belote Andr Free
★★★★★ Belote game for Android!!(Jass/Bulgarian belote variant) ★★★★★You can play different kinds of BELOTE :☆ Regular belote☆ Coinched belote☆ Counter☆ Bridged belote☆ Stephanoise Belote✓ Many rules configurations are available !✓ You can parameter AI players to follow the way you playIn this game, you can play against three AI. You play South.You can resume a party if you must pause it because of a callforexample...You can also play coinche or contree with orwithoutannouncementsYou can play Coinche with or without All Trumps/No trumpTo give any advice on translation : send a mailtoarnaud.andrillon+android@gmail.comThanks to Tof, Fabien, Anne, Arsene, Franck, Olivier, Benoït,Romainfor the report on AI problems
Belote 5.21.17
Belote is a 32-card trick-taking game playedinFrance, and is one of the most popular card games in thatcountry.It was invented around 1920, probably from Klaverjas,Klaverjassen,a game played since at least the 17th century in theNetherlands.[1]Closely related games are played throughout theworld, and its rulesfirst published in 1921.[2]In Bulgarian it is called Bridge-Belote (Бридж-белот), inGreeceit is called Vida (Βίδα), in Cyprus it is called Pilotta(Πιλόττα),in Quebec the word was shortened to the first syllableand spelledbœuf, and in Croatian a similar game with differentrules exists,called Bela. In Saudi Arabia it is Baloot. In Bulgariait isusually called Belot (Белот). In Republic of Macedonia it isBelyot(Бељот) and it is especially played in Bitola region. BelotinArmenia, more commonly known as Bazaar Belote, is also averypopular game, and it is played in a slightly different way. Itisalso the number one card game in Saudi Arabia; although, therulesin the Saudi version are very different from the rulesgenerallyplayed by in Europe.
●●● Play French Belote on yourmobiledevices and online"Belote-Rebelote" is the must-have app to play FrenchBelote,the 32-card trick-taking game."Belote-Rebelote" is a lot of fun to play with on your tabletandsmartphone or online at http://www.belote-rebelote.comPlay with classic rules or La Coinche or La Contrée.Hold beautiful and detailed playing cards.Use a simple and intuitive interface.Confront a high level artificial intelligence or real playersonyour local network.Numerous options available.●●● SupportWe are taking your feedback●●● Let's begin!Have fun and good luck!
Белот вдвоем (Клуб Деберц-2) 1.0
Интеллектуальная карточная игра "Деберц"или"Белот" вдвоем, популярная в России. Сыграв 10 конов прихорошемсчёте игрок попадает как в локальную таблицу чемпионов, таки вмировую. Можно выбрать одну из трех любимых советскихколод:Атласную, Майя или Славянскую. Требуется размер экрана800x480 илилучший. Поддерживаемые языки: English + Русский.Smart card game"Debertz"or "Belote" together, popular in Russia. Having played 10laws witha good score the player gets in a local table ofchampions, and inthe world. You can select one of the three decksof Sovietfavorite: Satin, Maya or Slavic. Requires 800x480 orbetter screenresolution. Supported languages: English +Russian.
Belote 1.33
Android version of popular card game.Belote is a 32-card trick-taking game played in France, andiscurrently one of the most popular card games in that country.Itwas invented around 1920, probably from Klaverjas, Klaverjassen,agame played since at least the 17th century in theNetherlands.[1]Closely related games are played throughout theworld, and itsrules first published in 1921. (Wikipedia)За всички, които искат да е на Български език, трябва дасинастроят Андроид устройството да е на Български и играта щебъдесъщо на Български при следващото стартиране. Това естандартнияначин в Андроид.
Baloot 5.0
The game has its origin in franceandhasrecently found great popularity in the middle east,especiallyinSaudi Arabia and Kuwait. The game is played by 4players usinganormal deck of cards. All the cards of rank 6 andlower fromallsuits are removed and not used in play. The jokersarealsoremoved, which leaves 32 cards in the game with eachplayergetting8 cards in his hand.The two players facing each other work as a team to winasmanyhigh ranking cards as possible. While the goal of gameslikekoutand spades is to win as many rounds in a single hand,Balotdiffersslightly in that the goal is not to win as many roundsaspossible,but to win the rounds in which high ranking cardsareplayed in. Assuch, cards are associated with point value,andwinning as manycards with high values by winning the roundstheyare played inwould win you the game.Round:When each player plays a single card, winning the roundfollowsrulessimilar to spades and kout which are detailed inthisdocument, butthe points won in each round depend on the cardsthatare playedduring the round. This is also referred to asa"Trick"Hand:A hand is complete when 12 rounds are played (i.e., all cardsheldbyall players are played), the team with the highestnumberofcollected points wins the hand and scoring is determinedbasedonrules that we will explain in the document.Game:A game is completed when a team accumulates 151 pointsintotal,beating the other team.San:When the bidding team chooses to play the current hand withnotrumpsuit.Hokom:When the bidding team chooses a suit to be played as a trumpforthecurrent hand. Hokom literally means suit.Ashkal:Is a special kind of non-trump bid (San), in which thecardtheplayers are bidding on goes to the team mate instead ofthebiddingplayer.----PointsPoints collected from round win are calculated as followsbasedonthe cards won in each round:For all suits (except a trump suit in Hokom game)A: 11 points10: 10 pointsK: 4 pointsQ: 3 pointsJ: 2 points9 & 7 & 8: 0 pointsFor the trump suit only:J: 20 points9: 14 pointsA: 11 points10: 10 pointsK: 4 pointsQ: 3 points7 & 8: 0 points
Bridge 5.21.17
Contract bridge, or simply bridge, is a trick-taking game usingastandard 52-card deck. It is played by four players intwocompeting partnerships, with partners sitting opposite eachotheraround a table. Millions of people play bridge worldwide inclubs,tournaments, online and with friends at home, making it oneof theworld's most popular card games, particularly among seniors.TheWorld Bridge Federation is the governing body forinternationalcompetitive bridge.The game consists of several deals each progressing throughfourphases: dealing the cards, the auction (also referred toasbidding), playing the cards, and scoring the results. Howevermostclub and tournament play involves some variant of duplicatebridge,where the cards are not re-dealt on each occasion, the samedealbeing played by two or more different sets of players toenablecomparative scoring.