Top 24 Games Similar to STEEL BALL MAZE

Maze escape 1.2
Can you escape from this Maze?Completedifficulty levels to escape from the scary tower. Everylevel isthe maze in this tower. Chek all this mazes and trytoescape.
Maze 3D 2.3
Search for the exit, prepare for something unexpected and escapethemaze / labyrinth in 3d perspective.You will be placed at arandomplace in a unknown maze. From that point you have to findout of themaze.You can play predefined level based mazes or randommazes. Yourview is in first-person 3d perspective.You can use upto 3 colormarkers at wall by touching and holding the screen infront of awall for at least a second.According to configuration orgame levela terminator is scanning the maze which you must go outof the way.Acan view a map where the exit, a terminator, usedcolor markers andyour current position can be seen. In level basedgaming the viewsare limited.Beside other settings you can switchbetween swipecontrol to button based control if wanted.The textureof the wallscan be set to 3 different types, or automaticallychanged by thegame (e.g. by level). Texture can also be set tooff, in case ofdevices with very low display resolutions.Enjoy thegame!Supportedinternationalized Maze Labyrinth IrrgartenLabyrinthe LaberintoLabirinto Лабиринт Labirent Labirin Mê cung Mêlộ
Roll the labyrinth ball 1.7.0
Roll the labyrinth ball is a logical game. Move the blocks withyourfinger to create a path for moving the ball to the light GOALblock.But fixed blocks can't be moved. Solve it with the minimalmoves.The "Solution"-button is available for all tasks(puzzles).Its avery addictive puzzle game. There are 5 groups by dimension(4x4,5x5, 6x6, 7x7, 8x8). Each group has 5 categories ofdifficulty. Eachcategorie has 200 levels. There are total(5x5x200) = 5000 tasks.
Labirinto Animal Xalingo 2
Você adora desafios? Então venha brincar e se divertir comoLabirinto Animal Xalingo. Para jogar é simples:primeiroidentifique o animal e o alimento correspondente. Depois,leve oanimal até a sua comida tocando na tela e deslizando o dedopelotrajeto que o personagem deve fazer. Quanto mais espaçovocêpreencher no tabuleiro, mais pontos você vai ganhar. Maslembre-se,você têm um número limitado de chances para conseguircompletartodos os espaços. Se sentiu desafiado?You love challenges?So comeplay and have fun with the Animal Maze Xalingo. To play issimple:first you identify the animal and the corresponding food.Then takethe animal to your food by touching the screen and slidingyourfinger along the path that the character should do. The morespaceyou fill the board, the more points you will earn. Butremember,you have a limited number of chances to get complete allspaces.Was challenged?
Maze! Ad free 2.1.9
Use the accelerometer or your finger todrivethe ball out of the maze.Each maze is randomly generated, you will not get twicethesame.Browse through the levels until you get gigantic mazes! Increasethechallenge with the blind and minotaur mode.Ad free version.
Ball Maze Labyrinth HD 1.0
Ball maze labyrinth HD is a arcade, casual game. You exist inashiny maze as a metal, steel, iron ball. Your aim is to find away( path ) from randomly generated labirints (mazes). You havetoroll ( tilt ) zig zag, from right to left to avoid cube blockywallobstacles. The whole level has different colors, so it'sverycolorful for first view. After you finish your goal, you getinto anew level. Level geometry is completely 3D, but looks like a2dpixel map. You need a level of craft to smoothly escape eachlevel,that means without smashing into the walls. You have ajoystick tocontrol slide rolling motion of glass ball. - Globalleaderboardsto compete with friends- Fun, free, adventure game- Eyetouchingglow graphics- Puzzle brain challenging gameplay for kids-Joyfulgame that makes you jump or hit something
Maze Ball Roller 1.4
This free game is designed to have a good time while playingalabyrinth puzzle game by not pressing any button or touchinganyscreen button on your mobile phone. Also, there is norestrictionto play this game on a tablet or tablet pc device. Inthisclassical game, player's mission is rolling the ball in thescreento a place that is marked yellow area in the labyrinth. Anddoingthis is so easy, turn your mobile device to the right, theballmoves to the right, turn your mobile device to the left, theballmoves to the left and front and back is the same pattern,too,that's all. The ball will move inside the labyrinth game byyourguide and you will try to reach the yellow area in the screen.Ballis going to move amount the walls by only your control. Youhave tosolve the puzzle and trying to find the borders that willreach youto the finishing point of the maze game and this finishingpoint isa yellow spot.You have only one duty in each levels andthat isfinding the yellow spots.Because this is a fun game, notonly adultpeople can play this game, but also children, youngpeople, evenbabies can play this game very easily. So, there is noagerestriction to this fun labyrinth puzzle game. This game isforevery body who wants to have a good time while playing a fungamewhile trying to solve a labyrinth game. You can think this gameasa scary maze game before a try but after playing this free gameyouwill see that there is nothing to dread to play or try thismazegame! The game is made by minimal 2D graphics to make playerfelllike playing retro maze game.The game consists of 8(eight)different labyrinths and it is getting harder in each level.Itstarts an easy level, and this easy maze is designed tounderstandthe basic movements of game. Then other levels go on byone by witha little difficult maze levels. The hardest level is thelast leveland it is a circle shaped labyrinth. This level may be alittle bithard level comparing to other levels but, it is thepoint, you willtry to solve the puzzle trying again and again tounderstand thelogic of the labyrinth. You will find yourself inlabyrinths of theworld. Sometimes this world can be felt likelabyrinths of fear. Ifyou try to play this powered maze game, youwill understand thatlabyrinths in this game for adults and kids,also you find tocomplete numerous challenging mazes or stagessometimes easy anddifficult or may be scary! Also the game isoptimized for androiddevices.Also while playing game, a nice musicwill be with you tofocus to your mission in the game. And alllevels are coloured witha different color, so we wanted to give anexotic background toeach levels. The menu in the game is desigedvery simple to use, sofrom babies to older people will play thisenjoying game veryeasily. Levels will be waiting for you in themain screen from 1 to8 and your choice will direct you to the game.It is your choice tostart from the first begining level and go onlevels one by one or,if you find your-self a puzzle game master youcan directly startfrom other hard complex levels. Quit button inthe game is to exitthe game whenever you want. Also there is apause game that stopsthe game for a while to avoiding unwantedactions of the red ballin the game. We hope you enjoy while playingthis amazing labyrinthgame.
Metal Ball 1.0
* Collect 3 Gem And Finish The Level* HD Graphics* 100+ Level
Noisy Boy Games 1.0.0
Do you love the movie Noisy Boy or not? Itwasagreat game for all ages. It has created various pointsplayednowloaded.
maze game 7.0
An addictive and fun maze game.Use the arrow keys to move the pointer to the target.Find the right path!Features:- Network of paths.- Simple and fun.- Levels of difficulty.- beautiful labyrinth.- Improving brain function.- Mind game.- It's free!
Maze ball 1.0.3
User only turning the phone to put the balls around the maze gotothe destination. Very simple and funny.Tag: ball, maze.
Mazes & Balls 1.5.2
XYZ Crafts
Mazes and Balls is classic labyrinth wooden tilt maze ball gamewiththe steel and colored balls. Use your mobile device'saccelerometerbased tilt controls to control the the ball andnavigate the ballsto the centre through passing variouschallenging mazepuzzles.••••••••••••••••••••••★★★★•••••••••••••••••••••• Mazes andBalls iscompletely free to play and offers 60 fun and challengingmazepuzzle levels. The difficulty of levels gradually increase asyouprogress. ••••••••••••••••••••••★★★★•••••••••••••••••••••• Thegoalis simple! Move all of your balls into centre by tiltingyourmobile device. The red ball should be the last to go in. Insomelevels blue,green and yellow balls are also present whichreleaseswhen you first time move a particular ball in the centre. ★Blueball will release when you move green ball in the centrefirsttime. ★ Yellow ball will release when you move blue ball inthecentre first time. ★ Red ball will release when you moveYellowball in the centre firsttime.••••••••••••••••••••••★★★★•••••••••••••••••••••• Features:•Accurate ball physic simulation • Smooth ball movement • Easytoplay • Fun and relaxing • Completely free. • 60 Levels (Morelevelscoming soon!) • Increasing difficulty as you progress throughthepuzzles
3D Maze ball Roll into a hole 1.0
A simple ball game puzzles. Exercise your brain in the superbMazepuzzle game. Labyrinth puzzle game is an amazing game.Reach outtheRoll ball into the hole and complete the level achievementinshortest time to get higher score.Tilt your mobile device toplayand complete the levels.Each level of Maze ball increased withtheachievements.The game belongs to concentration, tiltingandcontrolling.Try it for free game to control the steel ball Thegameincludes the physics, Puzzle maze accelerometerandsimulation.Features:1. Awesome gameplay 2. 3D Graphics3. Gameplaywith good ball movements sounds4. Easy understanding ofgameplayTryit for free and download today to enjoy the concentratedbraingame.
Maze Trace Free
Maze Trace Free is a brand newstyleofmaze/labyrinth puzzle for kids and adults with greatnewsurprisesand tweaks. Just use your finger to swipe and tracethemaze fromthe dot to dot to trace the labyrinth. It's newtwistkeeps theadventure fresh and beats the classic retrostylemazes.Maze Trace Free Features:- All the mazes are made by hand. no randomized levels.- Easy play, just touch and go!- Time trial mode: Complete as many puzzles as you can inthetimeframe.- Daily challenge: New mazes and shapes every day.- Google Play Achievements and Google Play Leaderboards.- Save your game to the Google Play cloud and sync yourgamesbetweendevices.- Fully customize all the colors of the game.- No mouses or cheese are wasted in these mazes!Guide your finger from dot to dot through different routesinthisfree maze adventure! Run, explore and find a way to traceallthelines. No Minotaur here! Complete the over 200labyrinthsandbecome the king of the maze trace! Have fun! :-)Homepage: fans of puzzles, brain games and maze games. I amalwayspleasedto receive your feedback. Please email me
Marble Mania - Ball Maze 1.6
Guide the silver marble through the wooden maze by creating apathusing the various shaped tiles while avoiding the obstacles.You’llneed to be quick though, because once the ball starts rollingitdoesn’t stop. Sound simple? You’ll also need to contend withballwarps, roll overs, moving turrets, machines, activationswitches,sliding doors and multiball as you work through thepuzzles.MarbleMania is the latest action puzzle game from the awardwinning indiegame developer. If you enjoy challenging, entertainingandaddictive puzzles mixed with frantic action then this brand newandoriginal fresh game concept is for you.Game Features:- Simpleandintuitive touch based gameplay. Requires sharp logic, fastthinkingand quick fingers to master. - Contend with ball warps,roll overs,moving turrets, machines, activation switches, slidingdoors andmultiball as you work though the puzzles- A largeselection ofindividually crafted puzzle boards for unlimited funand challenge.More puzzles will be added in free future updates-Supports thefollowing languages: English, French, German,Portuguese, Italian,Spanish, Russian, Greek, Turkish, Romanian,Arabic, Persian,Danish, Dutch, Norwegian and Finnish- Increasingdifficulty as youprogress through the puzzles - High quality imagesand animationthat look great on High Definition (HD) and retinadisplays of bothtablets and smart phones- Addictive fun with somebrainteasersthrown in to keep the mind stimulated and entertainedfor hours.-Free to download and play a selection of the puzzleswith a singlein game upgrade to the full version that lets you playall currentand future added puzzles.- Great fun for the wholefamily, adultsand children alike. Gender neutral, appeals equallyto boys andgirls.Marble Mania was inspired by the early physicscomputergames, pinball machines and traditional 80s arcade slotmachines.It combines manic graphical rolling and unrolling ballgameplaywith cognitive brain teasing puzzles that exercise,challenge,stimulate and sharpen the brain. Addictive electronicboard gamebased fun for the whole family appealing to children ofall ages aswell as teenagers and adults, that will also challengeandstimulate the brain with brainteasers along the way.We hopeyouenjoy what we believe is one of the best exclusive newactionpuzzle games available on the app store today. To see ourothermulti-platform tablet and smart-phone apps please visit ourwebsiteat
Steel Balls 2.0
Your goal is to remove all colored steelballsfrom the board.Tap on clusters of same colored balls to select them. Tap againtoremove.Remaining balls will fall down in pleasant physicallycorrectway.You can rearrange the balls by taping jump button or rotatingyourdevice.Bigger clusters gives much bigger scores.Cleared board gives special bonus of 200 points.FEATURES:Steel Balls is a very easy but funny game.There’re 3 modes for you to play-Easy mode - 3 colorsMedium mode - 4 colorsHard mode - 5 colors!Modes change automatically every time you restart levelWhen there’s more than one adjacent steel ball with the samecolor,you can just touch them.A rectangle will appear to frame them together andshowscores.Retouch it, and the chosen balls would vanish.Then other balls will drop down.There’s no time limit in this game!So get the score as high as you can!Come on and have a try!
Gravity Glass Hit: Sci-Fi Loop 1.0
Control the gravity in themysteriousmarbleworld as you shoot your way through the strangeglasscreations.Possess four characters in three different marvelousworldsandmaster the gravity to reach new heights of youradventure.Shoot and blast steel metal balls at the strangeglasscreationsto break them. If you crash into them yourmystiqueadventure willsmash to pieces.The physics shattering corridor tunnel of the Glass Houselevelwillbe the first world you encounter in this sciencefictionadventuregame. The Marble Villa tower seems like an infiniteorbitabove thecity in the clouds, and the Future Inferno levelwillmake whatseemed like an easy trip seem like the adventure of a100years withits loops of glass colliders.So take control of the hooded guy, the masked mysteriousgirl,orany of the other ambient characters and sprinkle somezenchill-duston your day as you kick back and enjoy the bestnewmysteryadventure puzzle game of the year.
Labirinto VR 2
Esse é parte do Trabalho de Conclusão de Curso de SistemasdeInformação da faculdade UNISEP (Dois Vizinhos-PR). REQUERGAMEPADPARA JOGARCriado pelos alunos Elimar Cavalli e WillianBalbinotOTCC e o Projeto podem ser baixadosem is part of the WorkCompletionCourse UNISEP College Information Systems(NeighborsTwo-PR).GAMEPAD REQUIRED TO PLAYCreated by studentsElimar Cavalliand William BalbinotThe TCC and the project can bedownloaded in
Maze Runner 3D 1.1
Charisma Apps
Enter the world of Maze Runner 3D.Unlockthemystery of the Maze!Find the keys to unlock the exit door of the maze.Interestingandchallenging levels with adventurous lookandbeautifulgraphics.You can see the map of the maze from above and try tosolvethemaze.So, do you think you are smart enough?FEATURES:· Intuitive touch and joystick control to RUN and JUMP!· PLAY as a beautifully designed character!· EXPLORE the Maze, COLLECT hidden keys, and unlocknewLEVELS!· 5 interesting and challenging levels to play in thecurrentversionand new levels are coming soon.· RACE the clock and try to find all the keys and reach totheexitpoint as soon as possible to get more stars!· Good quality sound effects.· Superb Environment.· Support for HD phone devices and tablets.· Good quality sound effects.· User friendly GUI and controls.· Free Game Just Install and Enjoy..!
Green Maze
Green Maze is a puzzle board game with moving obstacles. Enterthisstunning grassland world and lead the ball to exit.This gamewillgive your brain and your reflexes a workout!Use availableobjects,place them on the map. Then tap the ball, thats it!Butwatch out,there are moving enemies, bridges and other obstaclesthat can getin your way!Mazes are also waiting for you. ★ Solvepuzzles andavoid obstacles at the same time!★ Place availableobjects on themap. They will steer your ball. Timing is importanttoo! ★ Testyour IQ and your intuition!★ Pass through portals,moving bridges,avoid enemies, unlock doors and much more - give ita try!★ 30 funand exciting levels to pass.★ Beautiful graphics andsounds.★ Besttimes are rewarded with golden stars.Can you pass themall withflying colors? Let’s find out!So what is Green Maze allabout?Well, it's about having fun and challenging your intelectandreflexes at the same time.Some levels will lead you throughmazes,some will be pretty straightforward, some will requireprecisetiming and to think ahead, some will require you to masterallthose things in a single level! Every level is different soitnever gets boring.It's harder to pass them all than itlooks.Weworked hard to bring you visually appealing graphics andsounds. Wewanted to recreate impressive gardens and parks with lotsofflowers, trees and rivers. Sounds and music are of highqualitythat are in tune perfectly with the game.Of course, carefulthoughwas brought into level design. Nothing here is out of placeandwhen you put the pieces together it will all sit perfectly.It'slike in an amusement park - only better!Find the way wasdesignedfor people of all ages and genders. We think everyone willloveit.So give it a try and be amazed! PS This game is FREE !Ifyoulike this game, please rate it and leave a comment.Enjoy.
Ball Maze 5.0
You need to collect same color balls together, use balls onborderfor it. When three or more balls with same color stay neareachother they disappear from board.
A Maze Ball 2.7.1
Four4 Arts
A Maze Ball is an addictive and challenging time based mazegamewith simple tilt to move controls and 60 levels to play. Canyoucomplete them all?