Top 13 Games Similar to online shooter game - Multiplayer Shooter
The newest .io game on the market!However, this isn't game.No, this .io game has a unique twist to it...Spy.iois anintense online multiplayer detective-based shooter will haveyougripping the edge of your seat!In this intense onlinemultiplayerdetective-based shooter, your primarily goal is to findwho theMurderer is, and to kill them. This online multiplayer gamepicks 1person to start out to be the Murderer, while everyone is aSpy.The Spies need to find and kill the murderer, in which doingsothey can become the next Murderer. Also, Spies cannot killotherSpies, so as a Spy in this online multiplayer adventure, youmustchoose carefully who you shoot before you do. The Murderer canbeidentified as he is killing all the other Spies, and once hedoes,his eyes turn red for a split second.
Simple shoot game, try to challenge your limitControl the direction of movement, close to the opponent,fire,shoot, shoot again... Are You a Winner?Highlights:+ Simplified shoot and modify+ Smooth and funny gameplay+ No lag, no need for Internet connection;
Grand Theft Auto : Nice City 2.0.0
Get ready to experience one of thebestactiongames. In the gta San Andreas Island Shoot actiongame,youare a gangster & hero who is not afraid of anything.Itisone of the best San Andreas game shootouts.Hop into an amazing free action games experience. Fpsshootinggameslike this one can keep youhooked for hours!AMAZING STORYLINE!This is the perfect MAFIA game where mafia rule the cityandyouwill find savage and aggressivecriminals everywhere. Criminals have created a total chaosinthecity. Are you ready for great criminaladventure and one of the most exciting mission games? YouneedtoWHO ARE YOU PLAYING WITH?You are the hero the town was waiting for. Start playingthegtasan andreas gangster island to fight rivalsempire! Start building your name with stealing cars,escapingfromthe police and shooting everythingaround!It's time to show everyone who’s the boss by shootingrivalsandruling the streets. You are notpoliceman. You play the character of the gangster hero,isnotlooking for any glory but is hungry forrevenge against the mafia criminals. With your weapons likebiggun,you pursuit for revenge continuesand you must to kill as much as possible bandits withguns,knifesand other weapons.ARE YOU READY TO HANDLE THE SAN ANDREAS ACTIONPeople are in despair. This run and shoot game will put youintherole of rescuer. You need to be readyto rescue the people of the city from horrible lifeamongblood,shots, bandits and killers. As real actiongame players, you are given a full sized city where you cangonuts,but don’t go on a rampage becausethen the cops will be behind you to put you behind the bars.FIRST PERSON SHOOTERIn this first person shooter you need to stay awayfromthepolicemen and avoid them. The action in thiscrime simulator 3D game revolves around shooting andkillingyourenemies and get your revengeagainst the mafia criminal warriors. However, the policeman canbeagreat source of power and ammo,so occasionally do attack them!DRIVING AND SHOOTINGThis is also an exciting driving game. To stopthesecriminals,you have to complete a lot of missions andyou need to learn how to fly gta San Andreas helicopterandjetplanes. gta San Andreas Gangster Shoot Islandhas amazing game graphics with smooth game controls so thatyoucanenjoy a perfect action-packedgaming experience. You will be coming across a lotofchallengingmissions to play against. While playingthe gta san andreas gangster islandINTERESTING MISSIONSyou will find a lot of missions on the map so you cantrackyouradventure & action-packed journey tillthe end. While driving, you can use the quick buttons tostartrightaway a mission. Download the gamefor free.You just broke out of jail and the only way for you to makealivingis to rob people, shoot down the copsand take their ammo and survive. The other option is to getshotdownor arrested for life.*********************************“Thrilling and exciting” – user review.“Unforgetable” – user review“Best Action Game of the Month” - IntellectuappA great 3D person shooter game is available for free! Downloadnowtoget started and experience thebest action game. Build high scores to challenge yourfriendsandfamily members. Online Battles 1.0
Corrupt candidates, annoyingcelebrities...graba hammer, pick a famous person, and battle tothe death!Collect as many coins as you can to dominatethegame! Online Batlles 1.0
So in this game you control aspaceship(thatlooks super cool by the way) and you pretty much justtry tofarm,upgrade, evolve, and kill enemy spaceships. It is a teamgame,soif your team doesn't work together, it will be prettydifficulttowin. Once your team starts to get an edge over the otherteam,youthen want to organize assaults on the enemy base anddestroyit.When playing, remember: Power innumbers. Smash Cars on road 1
Fight and race against other hot wheel cars and drive insmashyroad! Crash and smash cars in incredible dog fights and trytosurvive among other cars! You start as an apprentice racerandfight your way through the best to become the master of theleagueand become legend ! How far can you play with this shinywheels ?Are you up for new io game challenge ?From the planes.iogames’creators, here comes with no lag issues,performanceproblems and tight controls designed especially formobile devicescreens. An awesome alternative to other fast-pacedaction iogames!.. Download for free now and don't miss theFUN!..For allwannabe racers out there, ride your fever in thiscombat race bydriftin curves using guns, blast & crash yourenemies. Startyour engines and crawl your way to top and become themasterracer!Features:- No lag on any device- Continous and fastsupport& updates- Beat high score and become King of theRacers- Shareon facebook- No internet connection required playwhere ever,offline or online- Google Play achievements to show yourfeats ofstrength & leaderboards for endless competition-Compatibilityand support- Amazing cars, hot wheelsGame is still indevelopment!Your reviews are important for us! Send us anyfeedback. All willbe taken seriously.Like usonfacebook:
Alien Wars
The first part of the game Alien Wars was rather aboutvalidating.Although offered completely new unique maps and notentirelyconventional weapons, a lot of things were not such as we-together with you - would imagined them. Even despite this,AlienWars 1 still garners your admiration and popularity. Thereforeweleave nothing to chance and here is what we all want. Alien Wars2- the game that has nothing to be ashamed. Nine previous mapswerereplaced for eleven even better unique maps, while same nameofmaps does not mean the same maps. The best is check itpersonallyand try play all maps in both versions of the game AlienWars. Alsoweapons were replaced, now eight new weapons with fulltanks andsophisticated sound effects wait for you. Graphics andvariouseffects generally are on high level in this game, togetherwithoriginality of maps and weapons they create an experience thatjustwill not find in other games. And that's what the brand AlienWarmeans. Will you become its fans? Have fun.
Modern Wars : Online Shooter 1.3
Modern war is a new excitingonlineshootergenre FPS.Feel the thrill in a fierce battle with the enemy.Be the first on the server playing with your friends.At your disposal a large Arsenal of weapons.Check out the awesome graphics and dynamic gameplay team.- 2 combat mode for single and team combat!- A lot of cards.- 15 unique weapon types: pistols, submachine guns,rifles,shotgunsand a lot of Durga!- Great optimization even on slower devices!Regularly published updates with new maps, weapons.The project is still in Beta version.
Ultimate Grand Theft Boat 1.1
Ultimate Grand Theft Boat isaninterestingvideo game for mobile phone users especially itisdesigned forboat lovers.Learn and practice boating so you can be the part ofhighskilledpolice officers, who can stop stealing ofmillion-dollarboats.Ultimate Grand Theft Boat has good graphics and soundsforyourentertainment. Let us know what do you like and whatcanbeimproved in Ultimate Grand Theft Boat.
Tiny Jetpack Shooters : Online
Choose Your Tiny Puppet Hero and get ready for a massive fastpassedOnline shooting Combat - 3D Side view like a 2Dscroller.Playmultiplayer random matches with puppet doll shooteryou never metbefore or a private game with your bros.Easy to Learnwith our supersimple joystick controller in 2D side view andautomatic crosshairaim, but don't be fooled, strong player can outmanoeuvre and UltraKill you when you lease expected, simple tolearn hard to master 2Dscroll view. Hunt and fight other shootersand win an extra expbonus and a chance to collect the soliderdrop.Use the items youcollect to Upgrade your gear and buy newGuns And Weapons.Choosefrom variety of Helmets, Overall Vest,Boots ,Jetpack And mostimportant Guns and Weapons for your tinysolider.Plan your tacticsaccording to your Guns -ExplodingDynamite Time Bomb.Uzzy SemiAutomatic.M-111 Firing Machine.ShotgunBlaster.Purple BeamonLaser.Bomba Grenade Luncher.RedHorrer MachineGun.Spacewash PlasmaShooter.Voltouch Lightning Gun.Volcum MissileLuncher. You canupgrade you shooting weapon and defensiveequipment to increase yourbonus points.Upgrade your Jetpack toIncrease Flight Duration.As youplay and grow in gear and levelsyou will get more State Points thatyou will use carefully tostrengthen your warrior, add defence ,attack , health and Accuracyto increase your Auto Aim Lock Speed onother doll shooter and getan ultra kill.Get awesome skills thatwill boost your states andget you an advantage on other Tinyshooter :Health RegenerationSkill.Best Mode - Increase speed healthand damage.Exp Skill -Increase experience gained.Coins Skill - Getdouble coins drop.LuckSkill - Better chance for diamonds drops.themore kills you get themore coins you can earn and the better RuneAvatar you will have,compete with skilled troopers on your place inthe top scorescharts and become the best tiny puppet with thelargest kill strike- double kill, multi kill, ultra kill,unstoppable!
Bang iO - Online Multiplayer! 1.1.16
Only Games iO
Bang iO is a multiplayer physics basedgame,for up to six players in one room. Survive, shoot and bonkothers,try to keep your character alive, push your opponents offthe edgeof the level and win the battle!.Use the joystick to move, and hold X button to makeyourselfheavier. When you are heavy, you have much more momentum,so youwill bonk enemies much further, and you are much harder topusharound. But you will also be much less maneuverable!Battle anyone from anywhere in the world online! bonk io isbeingfrequently updated with new features and improvements, socheckback often!Have fun! Online Battles 1.0
In this game you must use your mousetocontrolthe direction and movement of your arrow. In ordertoattack anenemy or a shape, all you have to do is flick yourmousein thedirection you wish to strike. As you level up, you areabletoupgrade your arrow using the keys on your keyboard.Havefun!
Multiplayer : Call of Solider 1.1
Online Multiplyer : Call of Solider is one of the bestfpsmultiplayer shooting game, where a callous killing chaos hasbeenerupted in city with the coalition of bad boys, criminalsandgangsters. According to critical situation, your land hascalledher son – call of solider duty nevertheless, you need moresoldiers– sons of soil as multiplayers to counter this ongoingfatal waveof terrorism. You’ve to act like an active sprinter asyou mighthave seen in other online shooting, sniper games, enemieshave tominecraft the situation and standoff with it.OnlineMultiplayer :Call of Solider is surely one of the best 3DMultiplayer Shooter toperform his duty in city to clean sweep fromgunners and gunmen whoare doing bad duty of killing innocents innaked city of horror andterror. Your job is as counter shooter whocan make sure not to getslipknot in such critical warfare incritical operations – ops.Enemy can be trained of any kind ofenvironment from mountainsniper, ballistic, sci-fi to snow battleground, hence, you aresupposed to be well prepared to counter andtackle any kind ofsituation to push enemy in dead zone in a combatof blood in hungryand angry world. City is trapped amonggrand-gangster to get tapwith terror in town, hence, you can be oneof the clickers to tiesuch bad boys to teach them a lifetimelesson. You will be rewarderwith dollars cash money as reward amongother array of weapons,terrorists are moving slither like snake intown. You have to blockthem in battle ground and push them to walland then eliminate themas a professional police shooter and armyspecial services group.****** GAME FEATURES ******1. First personshooter game.2. Dualplaying mode (Tap & Tilt controls).3. Fourultra modern SniperGuns.4. Rewarded video to earn free coins.5.Amazing quality soundand music.6. Most Realistic 3D Game.7.Stunning design andrealistic make up of game.8. Thrilling gamestory.9. Multiplayer 3DShooting Game