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Weight Monitor and BMI Calculator 1.1.9
Follow the changes in your weight by recording daily and staywithinyour ideal weight range. Make an index to help you loseweight andstay healthy. Key features of the application: ->Record andtrack your progress -> View your entire history ->Access youprogress and records -> Make sure your measurementsare healthy-> View your body fat percentage -> Learn yourcaloric intakeneeds -> Calculate your BMI -> Weight losstracker ->Weight loss management with graph charts -> BMICalculator Thanksfor downloading our app.
BMI Calculator 1.42
Splend Apps
What is BMI Calculator? BMI Calculator is free app that allowsyouto monitor BMI and percentage of fat in your body. Ideal weight-app calculates the ideal weight you should gain. To calculateitapp uses the D. R. Miller formula. Body fat percentage isestimatedfrom BMI by formula derived by Deurenberg and co-workers.Allmeasurements use information about your body: gender, age,heightand weight. App is designed for people of different agesandsupports for both metric and imperial. Track your BMI andstayhealthy! About Us • Visit •Our Privacy Policy: • ContactUs: Follow Us •Twitter: •Facebook: •Google+:
BMI Calculator 1.4.10
With this BMI Calculator you can calculate and evaluate yourBodyMass Index (BMI) based on the relevant information on bodyweight,height, age and sex. Check your body stats to find youridealweight, because overweight and obesity are risk factorsfordiseases such as hypertension, heart disease and diabetes. Itcanalso be used to find your healthy weight if you want to loseweightor are on diet. More information about BMI classificationwhich isused by the BMI Calculator is available on the website ofthe WorldHealth Organization (WHO). Please leave a ★★★★★-rating ifyou likeour app! Criticism, praise, problems with this app? Feelfree tocontact us via email: [email protected]
Weight Loss Tracker, BMI 1.68
aktiWir GmbH
aktiBMI is ideal for losing weight and perfect for dieting! Youwantto successfully lose weight and evaluate the success of yourdiet?The body weight diary is the right choice for you tocomplementtypical diets. Day by day you can observe whether youare on trackto reach your desired weight. aktiBMI calculator andweight diarycontinuously encourages you to further improve. WithaktiBMI, losingweight will turn out to be fun! Continuously VERIFYTHE SUCCESS OFYOUR DIET The APP provides you with a detailed bodyweight diaryincluding graphical statistics on your body weightimprovements.When updating your body weight, the App will trackand comment onyour achievements and continuously encourage you toimprove. Withthe BMI calculator you can easily calculate your BMI(Body MassIndex) and find out from graphical interpretationswhether you areoverweight, underweight or have normal weight.aktiBMI is Ideal forthe health conscious KEEP YOUR BODY AT AGLANCE For keeping yourbody at a glance, aktiBMI is the rightchoice for you! Our Appprovides you with detailed analysis’ ofyour physical constitutionand the changes in your weight aktiBMIis ideal for ATHLETES KEEPTRACK OF YOUR BODY DATA As an athleteyou want to increase musclemass and optimize your body weight?aktiBMI is ideally suited as aprotocol for weight/muscle-gain.OVERVIEW: - Body weight tracker -Targeting of your desired weight- Body data tracker - ProfessionalBMI calculator -
BMI Calculator - Weight Loss & BMR Calculator 5.2
BMI Calculator - Weight Loss & BMR Calculator is the appwhichallows user to calculate their Body Mass Index and BMR Indexin oneapp. It provides the accurate measurement based on the weightandheight provided by user along with age. BMI - The body massindex(BMI) calculates your body fat based on your weight andheight. BMR- Basal Metabolic Rate is the number of calories yourbody needwhen it is at complete rest, with no exercise. MAINFEATURES: •Imperial and metric measurement units are supported. •Record yourBMI & BMR history to track back anytime. • StoreHistory datawith BMI or BMR Index along with age, weight and heightinchronological order. • Ideal app for weight loss program ifyouwant to gain or lose weight. • BMI measurement support for 7yearsand older. • BMR calculation is based on Mifflin and St Jeoraswell as Harris-Benedict equation. • BMR Calculator calculatesthecalories you need to consume in a day. • No internetconnectionrequired for calculation. • Free to use. USAGE: • BMICalculator •Body Mass Index Calculator • Standard BMI Calculator •BMRCalculator • Fitness Tracker & Weight Loss Program
BMI Calculator 1.0
CWA Team
With this BMI Calculator you can calculate and evaluate yourBodyMass Index (BMI) based on the relevant information on bodyweight,height, age and sex. BMI compares your weight to yourheight, andis calculated by dividing your weight (in kilograms) byyour height(in metres squared). It gives you an idea of whetheryou’re'underweight', a 'healthy' weight, 'overweight', or 'obese'foryour height. BMI is one type of tool to help healthprofessionalsassess the risk for chronic disease. Another importanttool iswaist circumference. It is also important to understand yourotherrisk factors. Hope you like the app.
Ideal Weight, BMI Calculator 3.0.3
Are you in your right weight? Check it easily with this app. Itwillcalculate your Body Mass Index (BMI) and will let you know ifyouare underweight, in good weight or overweight. Just swipeyourfinger over the measure tapes to enter your weight and heightandget the BMI value and also your ideal weight range. ThisBMIcalculator supports imperial and metric units, and youcanalternate in just one click between kg or lbs and feet/inchesormeters. Very usable BMI calculator and the only one in themarketthat doesn't require you to press the the button every timeyouwant to calculate a new value. Key features of this app: -Veryuser friendly UI. - Imperial and metrics units. - Easy way toinputheight and weight values. - Real time BMI value. - Graphiccolouredresults. - Ideal weight estimation. - Exact calculationalso withpeople under 19 years old. NOTE: Body Mass Index (BMI) isa simpleindex of weight-for-height that is commonly used toclassifyunderweight, overweight and obesity. If you want moreinformationregarding BMI you can check wikipedia page in thislink:
Weight Loss Tracker - RecStyle 3.2.7
** Let's diet cleverly when we have an appetite! ** It’s easytouse. Just enter your values once a day. You can continuebecauseit's simple! Now is the time to diet and lose body fathealthily!RecStyle will provide strong support for your beautifulfigure andyour health. ** Various functions to provide strongsupport foryour diet! ** * You can easily customize the items youwant tomanage! With RecStyle you can add items indispensible fordieting,such as 'weight' and 'body fat', and you can also manageyour'muscle mass', useful for muscle training. In addition, youcaneasily add 'waist', 'BMI', 'all types of stamps (overate,exercise,drank too much, constipation, poor health, menstruating)',and'text notes' with one touch from the input screen. * Adetailedgraph display that's easy to understand! When you'veentered valuessuch as your weight and body fat, try turning yourdevice sideways.It will automatically change to a graph display,where you cancheck the change in your values as well as stamps andnotes you'veentered previously. In addition, you can check theaverage valuefor each 'week' or 'month' with the buttons on theupper left ofthe screen. * Stop forgetting to input with dailynotifications! Ifyou set the time that you usually weigh yourself,it will send anotification to stop you forgetting to input. Inaddition, everySunday it will report the average change in weightfor the week,allowing you to understand the progress of yourdieting. * 5 colorsto choose from! You can change the color to suityour tastes oryour mood for that day, from five different colors:black, white,orange, green and pink. You can tackle your weightrecording anytime with a fresh attitude. * Of course it is alsocomplete withbasic functionality! Its basic functionality is alsocomplete, suchas a 'lock function' to protect the important weightmanagementdata that you don't want other people to know about, a'targetvalue display' on the graph display (it is possible to setthetarget value for 'weight', 'body fat', 'muscle mass' and'waist')and much more. ** All these functions are free! And thereare noadvertisements at all! ** This is for all those who want tomanagetheir weight, whether for diet or for muscle training.
Body Measurement, Body Fat and Weight Loss Tracker
Body Measurement Tracker allows you to track and chart all ofyourmost important body measurements including weight, waist,hips,thighs, biceps, body fat percentage and Body Mass Index (BMI).Youcan also track any custom body measurements you can thinkof(shoulders, skeletal muscle %, body water % etc.) on yourmobiledevice. What’s more, you can instantly chart the changes inyourbody stats over time, and your data is automatically synced tothecloud. All you have to do is login with your Google Accountoremail address. The app also includes a built-in body fatcalculatorand will calculate lean body mass, body fat mass,waist-to-hipsratio and daily caloric needs as well. If weight lossis your goal,it is important to monitor not only what and how muchyou eat, butalso your weight and other indicators of health such asbody fatpercentage, waist, hips etc. Since body weight canfluctuate up to5 lbs (2.3kg) per day, it is important to weighyourself on aregular basis and at a consistent time every day. Thisway, bylooking at your body measurement chart, you will be able toassessyour weight loss trend over time. Some digital scales provideanestimate of body fat percentage, which you can save withinBodyMeasurement Tracker to determine whether your weight loss isaresult of a desirable loss in body fat. Alternatively, bymeasuringwaist, neck, height and hip circumferences the app’s bodyfatcalculator will automatically calculate body fat and leanmasspercentages and chart them over time. If your lean body massiscalculated successfully, the app will also estimate yourdailycaloric need based on your stated activity level and sex.Thisinformation may provide guidance to diet modification tofurtherenhance weight loss and improvements to body composition.BodyMeasurement Tracker is customizable allowing you to track anybodymeasurement you can think of and ignore the ones you arenotinterested in. The following measurements are included bydefault:- Waist - Weight - Hips - Body Fat Percentage - Body MassIndex(BMI) - Chest - Upper Arms (biceps and triceps) - LowerArms(forearms) - Upper Legs (thighs/quads and hamstrings) - LowerLegs(calves) - Height Body Progress Photos Keep tabs of how youlookover time by taking an unlimited number of pictures of yourbody.Just like the rest of your data, your body progress photosareautomatically synced so they can be viewed across devices, soyounever have to worry about losing them ever again. CALCULATEDBODYSTATS The following body stats are automaticallycalculated,provided you have been tracking the requiredmeasurements: BodyMass Index (BMI) - The BMI is the ratio of bodymass to the squareof the body height and is a very commonly usedindex to categorizea person as underweight, normal weight,overweight or obese.Overweight and obese individuals are at greaterrisk for coronaryartery disease, hypertension, type 2 diabetes,stroke and more.While the BMI is commonly used, it suffers fromseverallimitations, not the least of which is that it does notaccount forvariation in individual physical characteristics. BodyFatPercentage (calculated by the Navy Method) - The bodyfatpercentage is the total weight of fat divided by the totalbodyweight. It can be estimated many ways, but since the bodyfatcalculator relies on the measurement of height, weight andbodycircumferences, the Navy Method for body fat estimation isused.This method relies on waist, neck and height measurements formalesand waist, neck, height and hip measurements for females.Waist toHips Ratio - The waist to hips ratio is the ratio ofthecircumference of the waist to that of the hips and is ausefulindicator of overall health and the risk of developingserioushealth conditions. The waist to hips ratio has also beentheorizedto provide an indicator of attractiveness.
BMI-Weight Tracker 2.2
BMI-Weight Tracker is an app designed to monitor weight,bodymeasurements, calculate BMI, Body Fat Percent, Waist to HipRatioand Ideal weight.- Clear and easy interface- Tracking weight,BMIand Body Fat Percent- Body measurements- Waist to Hip Ratio-Idealweight- Interactive charts to view your weight curve- Summaryofprogress- Manage multiple users- Widget- Metric or Imperialunits-Reminder to input your weight- Export to a CSV file- BackupwithGoogle Drive
The PICOOC Smart Body Fat Scale that can take 13 bodymeasurementsThe PICOOC Smart Body Fat Scale uses advancedhigh-precision weightsensor and high-speed fat-measuring microchipto collect body data.Using the PICOOC Smart Body Fat Scale, you canimmediatelysynchronize 13 important body measurements such asweight, body fatpercentage, and visceral fat index. The App willalso conduct datamining and analysis to provide you withrecommendations andservices for you to better understand your body.The smart,easy-to-use body index monitoring App provides you withthefollowing features — Weighing and measuring: With the PICOOCSmartBody Fat Scale, you can obtain 13 body measurements such asweightand body fat percentage; — Interpretation of bodymeasurements: Itprovides you with a detailed description of your 13body statisticsand their current status; — Historical measurementdata: A listshows the history of all measurement records; — Trendrecords: Linediagrams show your weight, body fat percentage, musclepercentage,body circumference, and other measurements; — Profoundanalysis: Itprovides a profound analysis of your health indicatorsbased onpowerful data models developed for different humanbodycompositions, reminding you about the measurements needed themostattention or improvement in a timely manner; — Bodycircumferencerecords: It can record 6 body circumferencemeasurements such aswaist circumference, hip circumference, andchest circumference. Itcan also analyze your waist-hip ratio andbody type based on yourbody circumference and weight data. —Linking the Samsung HealthApp: Once the PICOOC App is linked to theSamsung Health App, everytime a measurement is taken, it can besynchronized with SamsungHealth.
Weight tracker, BMI Calculator 1.4.1
Whether you want to lose or even gain a bit of weight it isalwayscomplicated to track and monitor the evolution whileunderstandingwhat are the things that work for you. You might havea goal thatyou want to reach or maybe you just want to get back toyourinitial weight after a pregnancy, so having the right toolcanreally help you efficiently get to your idealweight.Withsimplicity and user friendliness in mind we've created aweightmonitoring and BMI(body mass index) calculator applicationthat notonly let's you add your daily measurements but also givesyou thepossibility to log your daily moods, remarks and even addpictures,making this a perfect weight diary.To make it perfect andat thesame time simple, we've included the following keyfeatures:WeightTracker & Monitor - daily weight registerfunctionality - mainscreen calendar with great overview on thelogged days -possibility to log your weight for previous dates -copy yourpreviously saved data into the application - easynavigationbetween days - see your day to day progress - evolutionchart withcustom date range functionality - watch you weight lossprogress -desired weight - follow and reach your health goals -custom unitsof measurement - choose from kg(kilograms), lbs(pounds)andst(stones) - custom notes on a daily basis - registercalories,diets, ideas and more. - add pictures functionality - forbeforeand after moments - main screen cards for current anddesiredweight - never forget your goals. - total lost weight cardforselected period BMI Calculator - simple yet very comprehensivebodymass index diagram - BMI values for your day to daymeasurements -main screen card with current BMI - preview BMIranges - fromextremely underweight to morbid obesityOther coolfeatures -password protection - protect your data with a 4 digitPIN code -reminder - helps you remember to daily register your data- age andgender - for more accurate BMI calculations - custom unitsofmeasurement for height - choose from cm(centimeters) and ft(feet)-first day of week, choose between Monday and Sunday - dataresetfunctionality - start over whenever you wantIf you arealreadylooking for an application similar to this, it means yourare onthe right track in getting a better & healthier life, sowe canonly wish you to:Be happy and live healthy!
Monitor Your Weight
Award Winning Weight Tracker App developed as a tool mainly tohelpmotivate a person following a diet and/or exercise program toreachtheir desired target weight within a predefined period. *Winner of7th Annual Best App Ever Awards under Health Category * *Best Appdeveloped in Kuwait - Annual Informatics Awards * As thenameindicates, you will be able to enter your weight on a regularbasisand monitor your progress accordingly through means ofstatisticsand graphs. You may also enter and track multipleprofiles as well- monitor the progress of your family members,spouse, friends,colleagues - or simply create more than 1 profilefor yourself toset partial targets until you reach your ultimategoal. This appwill also suggest your ideal weight and recommend theamount oftime needed to reach that target based on your currentweight,height, body frame, gender and age. You may, of course,choose toalter the suggested targets based on your own plans. MainFeatures:- Weight tracker with option to track single or multipleprofiles -Track various body measurements - Option to synchronizeyour databetween devices or to our server - Measurements may berepresentedin Kilos, Pounds, Stones, Meters or Feet - Calculatesideal weightbased on age, height, gender and body frame - Fullscreen graphthat shows your overall weight loss progress over time- BMI (BodyMass Index) calculated - Calculates daily calorie intake-Calculates percentage body fat - Total Weight Loss calculated-Remaining amount of weight calculated - Average DailyLosscalculated - Average Weekly Loss calculated - Overallprogresscalculated - Possibility to enter new weights at earlierdates -Displays an indicator to show the quality of your dailyprogress -PIN lock to secure your privacy - Multiple Languagelocalizationsupporting over 15 languages - Possibility to exportall yourrecorded data - Integration with digital scales: Withings,Aria,WiT راقب وزنك - حسين البستان - الكويت
Handy Weight Loss Tracker, BMI 1.5.10
Easy Creation
Tired of huge apps with tens of useless functions? So we are!Thisapp lets you track your body weight and your BMI. Period.Enjoyminimal and handy interface! Features: • Enter your bodyweighteasily to the weight diary with a handy numberpicker • TrackyourBMI just by specifing your height in profile • Backup the dataofyour body weight recorder to SD-card and transfer it to yournewsmartphone • Choose how to display your progress - as a graph oratable • Add a comment for weighing Now you will always haveyourbody weight and BMI diary on hand. Any time you may checkyourprogress in weight loss that will motivate you for futuresuccess.Weight loss is a long term undertaking. For maximumsustainableresult in your body weight loss you should lose not morethan 1kilo a week. So you definitely need a good body weight andBMI (Body Mass Index) diary to track you progress. Knowing you BMIis apretty useful thing during weight loss process. With your BMIyouknow exactly how healthy your body weight is. Your new WeightandBMI tracker holds your progress in the most efficient way – asadiary and a graphic. Any time you may see all your weightlossprogress. Observing you results is the best motivation forfurtherweight loss! Just step on the scale every day, put your bodyweightinto the app and watch your weight going down and your BMImovingtowards healthy value.
Weight Calendar - BMI & Weight Loss Tracker 1.1.2
Weight Calendar - BMI & Weight Loss Tracker is afreeapplication and easy to use. Keep those pounds in check thefunway! Thanks to our 3in1 solution, it has never been so easy andFUNto lose weight! Our weight tracker/calendar and BMI app givesyouthe much needed support and nudge in the right direction. Daybyday, monitor your weight by scrolling the measuring tape toinputyour weight values. Next to tracking your weight lossprogress, ourweight calendar - bmi & weight loss tracker appgives youcorrect BMI values, based on your height and weight ratioas wellas your ideal weight range. Our weight calendar - bmi &weightloss tracker application allows you to input weight valuesfor pastdays! Thanks to its red/green data, it’s never been so easytovisually keep track of your daily weight loss progress. ★ ★ ★ ★★Thank you for taking the time to review our application.
Fat Burn Pocket workout 1.0.3
Theta Mobile
Fat Burn Pocket workout Fat loss key to all transformations,Workhard today for a different tomorrowFat Burn Pocket Workoutgivesyou an opportunity to find whether you are under weight,normalweight or over weight by knowing your BMI (Body Mass Index)and BMR(Basal Metabolic Rate). Work hard in silence let yoursuccess makethe noise. In this workout burn fat app you will learnhow toreduce and lean your body muscles by visualizing theanimatedimages. You will also know that which and how much diet youneed toshape up your body. It's pocket fat burn workout app whichmanagesyour exercise sets and reputations. This app gives youthemotivation to reduce your body fat. The motivational factor ismuchneeded when you reducing your weight with or without yourpersonaltrainer. The fat on your body lose it with pocket fat burnworkoutapplication. Some healthy foods and fitness calculator arealsointegrated in this app so you can know your BMI (Body MassIndex)and BMR (Basal Metabolic Rate).Focusing the followingmusclegroups:✓ Abdominals ✓ Chest ✓ Triceps✓ Biceps ✓ Back ✓Shoulders ✓Legs Features:✓ Find BMI (Body Mass Index) and BMR(Basal MetabolicRate) of your body.✓ Fitness calculator.✓ HealthyFoods✓Instruction with pictures for each exercise.
Weight Track Assistant - Free weight tracker
Kevin Tung
Do you want the ideal weight? Check it easily with the app. It'sanuseful tool to help you track weight daily and archive yourweightgoal. Whether you want to lose weight or gain weight,tracking yourprogress is very important. When you log your weight,it willcalculate your Body Mass Index (BMI), body fat percentage,BMR andlet you know if you are underweight, in good weight oroverweight.In addition that you can track you weight three times aday to getthe accurate weight. Then you can set your goal andrecord dailyweight. And your weight will be displayed by a weightchart, so youcan instinctively check the change of your dailyweight and thedegree of achievement for your goal. In addition, toprevent theloss of body weight records, increasing the cloud syncfeature.When you use an application more than thirty days, theweightrecorded over thirty, the application will open cloudstoragefeature. - Very user friendly UI. - Real time BMI/BodyFatPercentage/BMR/Waist to hip ratio(WHR) value. - Track weightthreetimes a day. - Detail weight statistics - Daily weight trackandweight goal setting - Weight chart to view your weight progress-Cloud synchronization function to prevent data loss - Imperialandmetrics units.
BMI and Weight Tracker 3.8
Interesting how to lose weight fast? Getting the ideal weight canbetricky which is why you always have to focus on having therightbody mass index. FitSlip is BMI calculator app that will helpyouto record and keep track of your BMI weight and bodyfatpercentage. Features: • Weight tracker to help you achiveyourgoals • Calculate the BMI value along with your ideal bodyweight.• Determine your daily caloric needs and lose fateffectively. •Body fat percentage calculator suitable for men andwomen • Logyour weight and evaluate the success of your diet.
Lose Weight Healthily 8.2.1
Lose Weight healthily is designed for you to lose weight in afast,natural, healthily and safe way. Not only does it havesystematicworkouts, but it also provides diet plans at yourdisposal. ThisApplication provides you a huge collection of weightloss tips, BMIcalculator and Calories chart for various food itemswhich aresimple as well as assure weight loss. Stick with theprogram, andyour body will be more beautiful than ever before youknow it. Theapplication provides simple and economical weight tipsfor peopleof all ages.It includes the natural weight losingtips,some simplehome remedies for losing weight,what food shouldtaken to reduceweight,what food should be avoided, some simpleexercises,BMIcalculator,weight loss recipes and yoga for weightloss.It givesyou a wonderful chance to be in healthy and goodshape. The workoutcontains arm, butt, abdominal and leg workouts tohelp you loseyour extra weight and shape your body. With pictureguidance, youcan make sure you use the right form during everyexercise. There'sno equipment needed, so you can easily do yourworkouts at home oranywhere at any time. Features - Weight LossTips - Weight LossRecipes - Calories Chart - Fat Calculators -Various weight lossworkouts - Weekly diet plans - Calorie BurningChart - Yoga forweight loss - Gradually increases exerciseintensity Best WeightLoss Apps Looking for fitness apps? Want tolose weight fast? Nosatisfied weight loss apps? Lose weighthealthily can help you loseweight fast. Try lose weight healthilywith healthy foods and tipsto lose weight fast. It's also a bestdiet plan weight loss apps.Workout at Home Take a few minutes a dayto keep fit and loseweight with our sport, diet and workout athome. No equipmentneeded, just use your bodyweight to workout athome. Weight LossApps Free for Women Hard to lose weight? Thisfitness apps andweight loss apps free for women is designed to loseweight safe andfast with our diet plan, fitness apps and weightloss apps free forwomen. Female Fitness App Keep fit and lose bellyfat with dietplan weight loss apps - workout for women. This femalefitness apphas professional lose belly fat workout and workout forwomen. Allthese lose belly fat workout and workout for women can bedoneanywhere at anytime. Belly Fat Burning This female fitness apphasbelly fat burning workouts, female workout, exercise forwomen,core workout. These belly fat burning workouts, femaleworkout,exercise for women and core workout proved to help toneyour body.Sweat with our female workout, core workout and exercisefor women!The Body Mass Index(BMI) calculator helps you to knowwhether youare under weight or normal weight or obese.The Calorieschartprovides you guidance in taking food according to your weightandalso lets you know the recommended calories for your age.
Weight diary. BMI. Ideal weight. 2.9.7
If you watch your weight or want to lose weight by the summerseasonor improve your health you need to regularly measure yourweight,waist, hips and other parts of the body. Our program willhelp youwith this. It will remind you about the next weighing,build a graphof your progress, which you can share with yourfriends, as well ason the basis of Your personal data willcalculate such importanthealth indicators as body Mass Index (BMI/ BMI), body fatpercentage, waist-to-height ratio. You can alsosave a databasebackup to an SD card or save the data to the cloudfor laterrecovery. In order to not bore You to work with theapplication wemade many color themes. In our application, you cantrack not onlythe change in weight, but also the change in thevolume of thewaist, hips and chest, the parameters of which are noless importantfor health than the weight value, and you cancalculate yourmetabolic rate and daily water consumption. We alsoadded a photogallery to visually monitor your progress.
7 Min Weight loss workout free 1.0.0G
RFit Apps
If you want to lose weight, burn body fat and strengthenyourabdominal muscles, use 7 Minute weight loss workout. This 7minuteworkout is a high intensity circuit training, fastestexercise toloss body weight in 7 minutes.The exercises are forregular peoplewho want to lose weight and get best body shape. Youcan do this 7min workout anytime any where all you need is a walland a chair.The seven minute weight loss workout has 12 exercisesto be donefor 30 seconds, with 10 second breaks between eachexercise. Bodyweight workout plan designed to burn fat in theshortest time of 7minutes.##### FEATURES OF 7 MIN WORKOUTS #####•No need for anyworkout equipment• Can be done in 7 minutes• Fasterweight loss andstronger muscles• Clear pictures to show how to dothe workout• Atimer to stay on time.• Very simple at effectiveexercisesOnce youhave decided it’s time to make some importantlifestyle changesthat include working out three to four times aweek, This 7 Minweight loss workout is specially designed for youto start yourgoal. You will get stronger and very active in yourdaily work.
Lose Belly Fat Guide 3.0
Why Lose Belly Fat? Abdominal obesity, excess stomach fat orsimplybelly fat, can be a disaster area for every individual.Abdominalobesity can hamper confidence, making a person conscious,which mayreflect on social interactions. It is a conditioncharacterized byexcessive accumulation of body fat and increasedbody weight.Scientific studies have revealed that obesity isassociated withnegative effects on health and reduced lifeexpectancy. TheNational Institute for Health and Care Excellence(NICE) recommendsthe use of body mass index (BMI) to assessoverweight and obeseindividuals. It advises the measurement ofwaist circumference tosupplement this in individuals with a BMIunder 35 kg/m2. Thefollowing classification is advised by NICE: • ABMI of 25-29.9kg/m2 is overweight. • A BMI of 30-34.9 kg/m2 isobese (Grade I). •A BMI of 35-39.9 kg/m2 is obese (Grade II). • ABMI of ≥40 kg/m2 isobese (Grade III) or morbidly obese, meaningthat weight is a realand imminent threat to health. Obesity is mostoften defined as abody mass index (BMI) above 30. High BMI isassociated withincreased risk of high blood pressure, lipiddisorders, type 2diabetes and cardiovascular disease. However, thedefinition of BMIhas several problems. It doesn’t account fordifferent body frames,and it doesn’t differentiate between muscleand fat. The termscentral or abdominal obesity, or belly fat,describe fataccumulation in the upper part of the body. Why Do WeAccumulateBelly Fat? Why do some individuals accumulate fat withintheabdominal cavity while others don’t? Age and gender clearly playarole. Men are much more likely to accumulate fat in the upperbody,whereas women often accumulate fat in the lower parts of thebody,on the hips and thighs. The best way to avoid abdominalobesity isby preventing it. More than exercise, what you eatmatters; aproper diet is a must if you want to stay away fromabdominalobesity. Follow some of these effective preventivemeasures thatwill help prevent abdominal obesity: 1. Drink lots ofwaterthroughout the day. Water is the best natural resourceavailable tothrow out waste. 2. Eat your food at your own time.Munch itthoroughly before swallowing it. 3. Limit consumption ofcarbonatedwater. Instead drink lemon water. 4. Say NO to sugaryitems. 5. Eatlots of fresh fruits and vegetables. 6. Eat smallmeals, and eatafter every 3-4 hours. 7. Avoid late night eating. 8.Include atleast 60 minutes of daily exercise in your life. 9. Get aproper8-10 hours of sleep every night. 10. Include low fatdietaryproducts like skimmed milk and low fat cheese and yoghurt.11.Control hypertension. 12. Check your cholesterol levelregularly.13. Control your weight. Physical activity is good foroverallhealth and is especially important if you’re trying to loseweight.To begin losing weight, you will need to do moderate tovigorousexercise for more than three hours per week. Vigorousactivityraises your heart rate significantly. Be sure to check withyourdoctor before you begin any vigorous exercise programs.DownloadLose Belly Fat Guide Now To your good health
Health, Weight Loss, Diet Plan & Calorie Counter v10.2
Track your health, lose weight, eat healthy food withHealthifyMe:your calorie counter, macro & nutrition tracker.Get customiseddiet plan for weight loss & other health goals.Count calories,macronutrients, plan a diet chart. Track overallhealth: waterintake, steps & workouts! Weight loss isn’t easy.HealthifyMehelps you count calories, macronutrients, lose weightand get fitwith health data, fitness trackers and your specialiseddiet plan.Let your calorie counter, diet chart, and nutritioncalculatorguide you to your fat loss goals. Your personal foodtrackermotivates you to eat healthy food, follow your diet plan,tryhealthy recipes, and the fitness tracker encourages you tofollowyour workout chart, go to the gym or do yoga. ComprehensiveHealth& Lifestyle tracker: TOP FEATURES 1. Lose weight withapersonal diet plan for your fitness goals. HealthifyMe createsyourdiet chart and meal planner from your health data and BMI soyouknow exactly where to start. 2. Eat healthy food withyournutrition and calorie calculator! Log meals with a touch,checkyour macros, or simply take a photo of your lunch. Accessthelargest database of Indian foods and healthy recipes, from daltodosa, with Indian serving sizes. 3. Count calories: viewyourhealth data, weight loss, fat loss progress and daily caloriesat aglance. 4. Your specialised diet plan lets you easilymanagedietary health conditions such as diabetes, thyroid,PCOS,cholesterol, and hypertension. 5. Track your health data withanutrition calculator that breaks down your protein, fibreandcarbohydrate intake with accurate macro-nutrient mapping. 6.Yourfat loss, gym and yoga routine is even more effective withexperthelp! Connect with professional yoga instructors,nutritionists anddieticians to enjoy dedicated one-on-onecoaching.* 7. Getpersonalised health and weight loss suggestions24* 7 from Ria, theworld’s first AI powered virtual nutritionist,driven by over 200Million food & gym logs. 8. Find healthadvice, recipes andyour daily dose of motivation for your fitnessgoals through freshcontent on your app’s feed, each day, every day.9. Stay mindful ofyour water intake through regular reminders andwater trackingnotifications. Start your weight loss journey todayand use yourcalorie counter to track your progress. Join 6 millionusers whohave lost weight and gained confidence with ouraward-winninghealth tracker. Healthify yourself! Awarded among BestApps forGoogle Play, 3 years in a row! The trust of hospitals likeManipal,Medanta, Cloud9, and Sakra along with the guidance of someof thebest healthcare practitioners enables HealthifyMe tocombinetechnology and the latest medical science to deliver thebest infitness and weight loss solutions to its clients.HealthifyMe alsooffers a premier corporate wellness program toimprove the healthand wellness of your employees, boosting yourorganization’sproductivity. Some of our clients include big gunslike Cognizant,Philips, Shell, Metlife, Infosys, and Unilever.-------- Sync withPedometers HealthifyMe syncs activity and stepcounter data byseamlessly integrating with the HealthifyMe Rist,YUFIT, GoogleFit, Garmin, and Fitbit. PERMISSIONS REQUIRED: Yourlocation: tolive track your running, walking and cycling. Read SMS:To make OTPpayments via our payment gateway. Read/Write Storage:Share filesand images while you chat. *Available with HealthifyMePremium
Lose Belly Fat in 1 Week 1.25
How To Lose Belly Fat in 1 Week is a free Androidapplicationrecommended if you are one of those people who arelooking forexercices at home to lose weight quickly. This exericesis one ofthe most appreciated weight loss exercices at the moment.Thisapplication help to reduce your Belly fat in faster way... Justtheideal tummy workout routines for flat tummy and slim stomach.Fastand simple to train and you simply never must use any healthclubtools. This is free and lite version of application. Yourchildwill be happy to sing with us. Our App consists ofpopularcollection of cardio workout to lose weight fat burningtutorial:Check out these amazing workout tutorials videos for bothbeginnersand advanced levels. choose your style and learn how toapplycardio workout to lose weight fat burning, workout and manymore.Cardio Workout Aerobic Exercise At Home For Women To LoseWeightCardio Workout Home Best Cardio Workout Cardio Workouts LoseBellyFat in 1 Week Aerobics Workout Exercise Cardio Workout FatBurningWorkouts Home Workouts Cardio Workout to Lose Belly FatCardioWorkout to Lose Belly Fat For Women Cardio Workout for WomenCardioWorkout for Women at Home Cardio Workout for Women to LoseWeightBest Cardio Workout for Women Best Cardio to Burn Fat more...notforgetting that some good habits and a proper nutrition suchasJogging, running, cycling, brisk walking, swimming ,and lowcaloriediets, is necessary, not only to loose belly fat within aspecifictime , but to maintain the health of the entire body. fatbellyexercises completely prevented people from re-gainingabdominal fatafter weight loss, so implying that exercise isparticularlyimportant during weight maintenance not to mention thatExercisealso leads to reduced inflammation, blood sugar levels andall theother metabolic abnormalities that are associated withcentralobesity.
Weight Loss - 10 kg/10 days, Fitness App 4.5
🏆 Weight Loss - is a Home Workout Trainer & fitness coach,aneasy-to-use free app for you to keep fit and healthy. ■ ForBothMen🏃‍♂️ and Women🏃‍♀️ ■ Weight Loss provides 3 Levels -dailyworkout routines and diet plans to loose your weight fast . Injusta few minutes a day, you can burn fat and keep fitness athomewithout having to go to the gym. No equipment or coach needed,allexercises can be performed with just your body weight. 👉Whatyoucan enjoy with - Weight Loss 10kg/10days, Trainer &FitnessCoach? ✓ Loose upto 60kg or more. ✓ Save money and time ✓10minutes Home Workout. ✓ Diet plans for fast Weight Loss. ✓Getstronger, leaner, healthier with your Home workouts anddietplanner. ✓ Lose weight, burn your fat and get leaner with –WeightLoss 10kg/10days, Trainer & Fitness Coach. ✓ Stay healthywithdifferent diet plans and daily exercise. ✓ Follow given dietplansand weight loss workouts, witness the changes in your bodyandshare your achievements with the world! ✓ Become a better youbyusing this simple but powerful training app. 🔥Top Features ★Offerresearch and science-based workout routines ★ Records yourweightloss progress ★ BMI,ideal weight calculator ★ Reminds youtoworkout every day ★ Change your meal and workout time ★ Remindsyouto have your meal and water ★ Detailed exercise video guides★Increases exercise intensity step by step ★ Provides each dietwithrecipe ★ Helps to loose weight very Fast ★ Different weightlossplans according to your needs ★ Brain Waves to calm andmotivateyou ★ Tips to stay Fit and Healthy Stick with our dietplans andhome workouts, and you will notice a change in your bodyin just afew days. 👉More Features ■ Offering tips and guides onproper diet;■ Offering vegetarian and non-vegetarian Diet plans; ■Offering youworkouts to get rid of excessive fat; ■ Ability topause theworkout, and skip to the next or the previous exercise; ■Offeringyou sprint interval workouts; ■ Demonstrating every step inourinstructive videos; ■ Providing tips on proper exerciseexecution.👉Thousands of satisfied customers have rated the app 5stars andleft their enthusiastic reviews on GooglePlay afterachieved goodresults.This fast Weight Loss app lets you have theexpertise offitness and diet specialists on a single click withoutever havingto hit the gym. Best Weight Loss Apps Looking for loseweight app?Want to lose weight fast? No satisfied weight loss apps?No worry,here is the best lose weight app you can find to help youloseweight fast. Try it out now to lose weight fast, this loseweightapp is not only good at workout but also is a good diet planweightloss apps. Workout at Home Take a few minutes a day to keepfit andlose weight with our workout at home. No equipment needed,just useyour bodyweight to exercise at home. Fitness App Multiplefull bodyworkouts are available to help you loose fat. Follow allweightloss tips,meals and expert workouts, lean body is withinyourreach! Weight Loss Apps Free for Women Hard to lose weight?Thisweight loss apps free for women is designed by expert, you canloseweight safe and fast with our weight loss apps free for women.FatBurning Workouts & Hiit Workouts The best fat burningworkouts& hiit workouts for better body shape. Burn calorieswith fatburning workouts, and combine with hiit workouts to get thebestresults. You can contact us for any queries JOIN and CHANGEyourlife in 10 DAYS !
WeightWar - Weight Loss 2.8.39
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WeightWar helps you to manage your weight and dietsystematically.It helps you to lose your weight successfully byrecording yourdaily weight. It provides you a variety of charts andstatistics ofyour weight. Then you can check it and manage yourweight yourself.And it provides checklist feature for dailyactivity such as'Workout' or 'Drinking'. This also helps you tolose weight. Setyour target weight. And you can see the progress ofyour goal at aglance. And notification feature is provided. You canset alarmsfor inputting of your weight and diet. And you can seeBMI, BMR ofyour body. These features may help you achieve yourgreat goal. [KEY FEATURES ] • Input your weight daily • Manage yourdiet daily •Set your target weight • Notifications for inputtingyour weightand diet • Checklist feature for daily activity •Statisticsavailable (Daily, Weekly, Monthly) • Charts available(Daily,Weekly, Monthly) • BMI(Body Mass Index), BMR(Basic MetabolicRate)
Fitness for Women - Easy Workout, Flat Belly 1.1.15
The best women workout to lose belly fat at home.Get rid ofbellyfat with FitBot, your personal female fitness app! How to getaflat stomach? The solution is to not focus only on exercises foraflat stomach but train the whole body.FitBot, Female FitnessWomenWorkout steps you through some of the best home workouts youcan doin the comfort of your own home and without equipment.If youwouldlike to know how to get a flat stomach, unlike what youmaybelieve, you need to train in all parts of the body and donottrain only on abs workouts. This is why the personaltrainercombines all of the exercises to work every muscle of yourcore.These workouts, if practiced regularly are the best way tolosebelly fat.All women workouts of your personal trainer are easytounderstand, customizable, available offline and withoutequipmentand for all levels (easy, medium, hard). The achievementswill helpyou keep track of your progress in your daily routines.Day afterday you can see progress and see how to get rid of bellyfat.FitBotalso contains weight loss tips and flat belly diet.Someof yourexercises for a flat stomach, are available for free, otherscan beobtained through the use of experience points (XP).
Macros - Calorie Counter & Meal Planner 1.7.5
Macros can be used as a calorie counter and as a mealplanner.Calculate your calories and register your food diary easilyandsimply. Eat what you want! Always respecting yourcarbohydrate,protein and fat targets. Main features: -Calculateyour caloricneeds. -Calculate all your macronutrients. -Do youfollow the Ketodiet? Activate the calculation of net carbs. -Chooseyour goal,lose weight, maintain it or gain muscle mass.-Nutritionalinformation of thousands of foods. -Create your ownfood library,you can use our public library or create your ownfoods. -Copy foodbetween your meals easily and quickly. -Integratedbarcode reader.-Creation of recipes -Distribute the percentage ofcalories of yourmeals. Additional advantages of Pro mode: -Edityour caloricrequirement and macronutrients, both in percentages andgrams.-Export your diary and your meal plans to PDF, in this wayyou canprint or share all your meals. -Measure your progress ofintake ofcalories, carbohydrates, proteins and fats. -Distributethepercentage of macronutrients of your meals. -Look what foodshavemore weight of calories, macronutrients and micronutrients inyourdiary and meal plans. -Full free advertising. Personal supportforall users, write us if you have any questions or suggestions.Youcan use the contact option within the app or write [email protected] All data stored by the applicationisrecorded anonymously and safely and in no case are sharedwiththird parties.Conditions:
30 Day Weight Loss - Run Diet 2.10
Feeling fat, or even obese? Want a better me as one of your 2018newyear resolution? Trying to find an easy weight loss program tohelpto reduce weight but need something so easy that everyone cando it?Welcome to 30 days running weight loss, an app the combinessimplewalking, fast walking, jogging, running and sprinting tohelp you toachieve fat loss, along with a simple diet plan that isguaranteedto help you to slim down in the most natural way withouttaking anypill. You no longer have to say to yourself that “I amfat so I needto starve” - this app gives you so many healthyrecipes, such thatyou can achieve the waist size of your choiceand eat at the sametime. Change your lifestyle, improve yourfitness or health andobesity no more! Features include, ✔ BeginnerHIIT program that justrequires you to walk, fast walk, run andsprint alternatively foreach workout that guarantees to burn awayyour belly fat andcalories.✔ 100 varieties of food in meal planwith a shopping listto help you to go on the diet in the mostconvenient and leastpainful way. ✔ Customized workout and dietplan for everyone that istailored based on your age and yourweight to help you to loseweight in 30 days! Achieve a big goal inthirty days! ✔ Weight losstips, secrets or life hacks sent asreminder on a daily basis. ✔Difficulty is gradually ramped up on adaily basis - build a habitto exercise to improve health andfitness without over extendingyourself! Whether you are a man or awoman, girl or boy, young orold, a busy mum or a teenager, as longas you can walk and jog, thisapp is for you. Come join this appnow so you achieve that idealweight for you to enjoy your summerat the beach in your bikini orswimming suit, shine at the party oreven your own wedding!
how to lose weight fast 13.0
Do you know the healthiest way to lose weight? How To Lose BellyFatis a free Android application recommended if you are one ofthosepeople who are looking for exercices at home to lose weightquickly.This exerices is one of the most appreciated weight lossexercicesat the moment. This application help to reduce your Bellyfat infaster way... Reading countless magazine articles, passescrashdiets, or fill your body with "magic" diet pills is not theanswer,although many people are turning to these solutions. Thebest answeris also the easiest - Ask a nutritionist how to loseweight thehealthy way! His advice will be his most likely likethis: "quickdiets are dangerous and unhealthy, so you must controlwhat you eatand how much you consume Cut candy and hamburgersmonitor yourselfand eat healthy food as much as possible ,. . youmust save all yourmeals in a newspaper and count the calories! "At this point youmight be thinking ... use a newspaper as acalorie counter? Howboring! Like millions of people will admit,after two or three days,you will simply stop using the log andreturn to your bad habitsovereating ... In our modern andhigh-tech world, there must beanother way, right? Of course! The"Lose weight without dieting" isa calorie counter easy to use thatgives you a fun and comfortableway to lose weight! Simply registerall your meals in theapplication (which is much more convenientthan carrying a newspaperwherever you go!) and he will tell youwhether or not the food washealthy. It will also calculate thecalories, protein, fat, andcarbohydrates. If you forget to recordall meals, the app willremind you! Also, how much of your day doyou spend running,walking, jumping, or swimming? Record all yourdifferent types ofphysical training in the application and it willrecalculate yourfood intake and make sure that the calories yourbody accounts foryour exercise. Do not forget to weigh! "Loseweight without dieting"tracks your weight and your Bust, waist,thighs, so you can trackyour progress toward your goals lighter!The easy-to-read graphswill be a source of motivation andencouragement to continueworking. Even if you do not know how toeat healthy or whatexercises are needed to get in shape, ourapplication will offernutrition plans and customized training thatwill help you loseweight in a healthy and sustainable way. All youneed to do is cookfood that we offer and do the recommendedexercises to achieve allyour goals! "Lose weight without dieting"is more than just acalorie counter; this new revolutionaryapplication will also giveyou countless insider tips and tricks onhow to lose weight thehealthy way! "Lose weight without dieting"offers these usefulfeatures, unique: - Maps to track dailyprotein, fat, carbohydrates- The progress of the timeline of yourbust, waist, hips andmeasures - Monitoring of water consumption -Reminders daily bag andwater consumption - The writing notes,moods, and photos of tuningcapabilities - Take pictures of yourfood so that you can save later- Custom Base for food and training- Planning your meals and futureyears - Predefined Weight LossPlans With all these tips, tricks andconstant tips for healthyweight loss, you also get bonuses (beads)for frequent use ourcalorie counter! These beads will give you adiscount for buyingthe ad-free version of the application! Also, ifyou get enoughbeads, you can even remove the banners for free!
Daily Cardio Fitness Workouts 1.1.11
Daily full body cardio workouts to lose weight, tone musclesandimprove health, training exercises to burn fat and calories youcando at home without equipment or weights.The cardio routinesaresuitable for women and men and can be done everyday in order togeta slim toned body as soon as possible.The app shows a lowimpactvariation of each cardio exercise for beginners.If you wanttomaximize the fat burning effect you can unlock the advanced6-weektraining program, 5 full body cardio workouts a week to get aslimbody as soon as possible. The intensity of the cardioexercisesincreases weekly in order to maximize the effectiveness oftheprogram. To lose weight fast it's important to follow ahealthydiet. Unlocking the premium version of the app you'll have amealplanner to maximize the fat burning effect.The advancedversionoffers you a specific routine to cool down after theworkouts andhealthy tips to get a fit body.Ego360 - Lumowell -Lumofit
Belly Fat Exercises 2.0
This belly fat exercise application helps to reduce your Bellyfatin faster way Features: 1. This belly fat exercise applicationhelpto reduce your Belly fat in faster way 2. It helps to treatyouwhat are all step you have to follow while reducing your Bellyfat3. It treats you to what foods needs to be taken 5. Thisappprovide Belly Fat loss workout with learning steps Are youfindingit difficult to fit into your little black number? Is bellyfatgiving you sleepless nights? If your answer is yes, then youneedto make some lifestyle changes to solve it. Abdominal fat cantakeserious proportions if not curbed at the right time. Nodoubt,belly fat looks aesthetically displeasing, but what ismoreimportant is its affect on long term health. A change in dietandlifestyle might make you want to back out. But wait, don’tloseheart, the best way to get a slim waistline is exercising.Thefocus of this app is on the reasons why fat accumulates inthebelly and some very simple exercise you can practice daily tolosethe extra pounds from your abdomen. We hope essentialy helpingtoreduce your Belly fat in faster way with our belly fatexercisesapp. This application help to reduce your Belly fat infasterway... It helps to treat you what are all step you have tofollowwhile reducing your Belly fat... It treats you to what foodsneedsto be taken. This app provide Belly Fat loss exercises. Thisappcontains 17 Simple Exercises To Reduce Belly Fat. Why Do YouGetBelly Fat? a. Genetics: b. Weak metabolism: c. Hormonal Changes:d.Stress and hypertension: e. Diseases: f. Sagging muscles: g.Poorposture: h. Sedentary lifestyle: i. Overeating: MeasuringBellyFat: a. Body Mass Index: b. Waist to Hip Ratio: c.WaistCircumference: Food To Reduce Belly Fat: a. Almonds: b.Apples: c.Avocado: d. Cucumber: e. Green leafy vegetables: f.Beans: g.Watermelon: How to Reduce Your Tummy? Best Stomach WeightLossExercises: 1. Crunches: 2. Twist Crunches: 3. Side Crunch:4.Reverse Crunches: 5. Vertical Leg Crunch: 6. Bicycle Exercise:7.Lunge Twist: 8. Rolling Plank Exercise: 10. The Stomach Vacuum:11.Captain’s Chair: 12. Bending Side to Side: Cardio Exercises:13.Walking: 14. Running: 15. Jogging: 16. Cycling: 17. Swimming:OtherWays to Reduce Belly / Abdominal Fat: 1. Eat Right: 2. DrinkWater:3. Short Bursts: 4. Say No to Sugar: 5. Reduce Sodium intake:6.Vitamin C: 7. Fat burning foods: 8. Include healthy Fats: 9. Donotskip breakfast: 10. Sleep: Hope you will like this app feel freetorate the app and review in comments follow us on facebookinstagramtwiter
Weight Tracker aktiWeight 1.9
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AKTIVE AND EFFECTIVE FOR YOUR WEIGHT LOSS! aktiWeight providesyouwith a detailed body weight diary including graphical statisticsonyour body weight improvements. When updating your body weight,theApp will track and comment on your achievements andcontinuouslyencourage you to improve. With aktiWeight, losingweight will turnout to be fun! And even if you want to gain weight,aktiWeight isthe right choice. OVERVIEW: - Body weight tracker -Weight Goals /Targeting of your desired weight - MotivationIncentives - WeightCharts and Statistics - Free aktiWeight - WeightTracker
Yoga for Weight Loss 1.3
Yoga has been known to have many benefits. Weight loss is oneofthem. In fact it is one of the most effective workouts forfightingstubborn fat stores. Yes, you can use yoga for weight loss.Thereason: Studies show that yoga lowers levels of stress hormonesandincreases insulin sensitivity—a signal to your body to burn foodasfuel rather than store it as fat. The following poses forweightloss will do just that while firming up your arms, legs,butt, andabs. Start now to see results in as little as 3 weeks.This yogasequence you can try at home to reduce body fat and loseweight.It’s been designed to reunite you with not just your abs butyourmindful core. Connect with your breath, build strength, tonebellyfat, burn calories, detoxify, improve digestion and support ahappyhealthy back with this yoga workout for weight loss.
Fat loss by home remedies 1.2
Discover Ways To Lose That Belly Fat Without Yo-yo Dieting SoYouCan Be On Your Way To A Flat Belly Starting Today! You wear atopbut aren't confident because of your belly so you resort towearingclothes that are big to cover up. It can put you down andloweryour self-esteem. All you want to do is wear what you want,feelconfident, have lots of energy and wear a swim suitwithconfidence. Abdominal obesity, also known as central obesity,issomething that many people worldwide have problems with. Onceyouhit middle age, far too many people are plagued by thosetwodreaded words…belly fat. It can, however, also be a problemforchildren and teens. People just look at it as a weight problem,butit can also be linked to cardiovascular disease,Alzheimer’sdisease, and many other metabolic and vascular diseases.Though noone likes belly fat, too often it is overlooked as just asymptomof age. It can, however, be a symptom of much, much more. Itis notsomething you should just consider the price of gettingolder. Itis something that should be taken seriously.
Burn fat workouts - daily weight loss exercises 5.2
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Burn fat workouts - are proof of its effectiveness exercisesthatwill allow you to get effective weight loss plan in less than30days and make a great load an all muscle groups! ⭐ This app willbevery useful for all those who appreciate their time andcannotattend a gym or other activities, it is enough to followthetraining programs, regularly do fat burn home workouts andresultswill definitely come! App functionality: 🏋️‍♀️ 100 differentandthe best fat burn exercises with different levels of complexityandfor all muscle groups; ℹ️ Each exercise contains detailedtext,audio instructions and videos of its implementation; 📝 3trainingHIIT programs with more than 50 different workouts andprepared forsmooth weight loss workout for every day; ✏️ You canalso createyour own workouts, set their level of difficulty andlength. Createyour personal burn fat workout for women or for menand get resultsreally fast; 🎯 We've created a special motivationsystem that willkeep track of your results in burning fat andmotivate to achievemore and more; 🎵 Notifications system – now youwill never forgetto do fitness for weight loss; 📉 Statistics system- regularlymonitor your body parameters, weight, also add photosand see yourresults. 👉 The application contains 100 the mosteffective weightloss exercises for women and for men to do at hometo burn fatreally fast, and also to train endurance and strength ofall musclegroups! All exercises are supported with video andaudioinstructions, and detailed text descriptions oftheirimplementation. You can either do the exercises on your own orworkon the already developed 4 training programs with over 50differentweight loss home workouts for smooth and confidentprogress inachieving great results. 🏆 Programs are suitable for allage groupssince weight loss exercises are divided by theirdifficulty and aresuitable for both men, women, children andelderly people. Thepurpose of this app is to create a sustainablehabit of regularlower body fat burning exercises and training forendurance andburn belly, stomach and tights fat and to get firstresults in lessthan 30 days. Take a weight loss challenge andcomplete your firstworkout with your personal virtual coach and youwill definitelysee the results. 🏅 Cardio workouts to burn fat athome are one ofthe most effective activities for getting in shapefast. You do notneed any special equipment: just 10 - 20 freeminutes, yoursmartphone and just do fat burn daily pocket workout.😃 Good luckand burn excess fat really fast!
Flat Belly Diet Recipes Food To Reduce Stomach Fat 2.0
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Here we have huge collections of Weight Loss tips in tamilforreducing the weight for both male & females. If you wanttosuccessfully lose weight and lose it quickly then there aremanyessential tips and home remedies that you definitely mustconsideradopting. Here are some tips, simple Weight loss diet planandHealthy weight loss recipes to help you lose weight. Eat yourwayto fitness without craving and relying on fad diets. Getwholesomenutrition and lose weight too!. Avoiding junk food andmaking somesimple modifications in your lifestyle are some of thebest-provenways to lose weight. We give you the proper schedule forhealthyweight loss what should you do and what shouldn’t this is agradualprocess that much is true. This Belly Fat reduceapplicationprovides Simple and Natural weight loss tips for all agepeople. Itincludes the best natural remedies for losing weight inhealthiestway. This application describes fully tamil with clearBelly losstips. This weight reducing tips in tamil are very usefulfor allpeople whether you are a youngster, teenager, parent oranemployee, you are concerned about your weight and it allows youtolearn how to lose weight at home without exercise , how to getslimfast naturally at home and how to lose weight naturally athomeremedy.Thoppai Kuraikum Kuripugal , Udal Idai Kuraikum TipsBellyLoss tips App host features: Weight loss tips (ThoppaiKuraiyatips) in tamil language.You can send the hair fall tips tothesocial media such as whatsapp,messenger,fb like that.You canalsocreate your own tips and note it out in apps.Count of highlyvieweddemanded belly loss tips are held at top.Simple and clearUI.Clearfont and sizeStep by step procedure with clear respectiveimagesThere are so many weight loss tips are waited for you pleasegiveyour valuable comment and rating for our improvements. Downloadit!Don’t forget to share this.
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Lose weight fast at home with our 21 day challenges - homeworkoutapp for weight loss is one of our free exercise apps!Thisapplication for weight loss workouts is ideal for those👩🏻👱🏻interested in how to lose weight and who want to work outathome, lose weight, lose belly fat fast, feel the body tonus andgetin shape. Trainings consist of 50 different bodyweight exercisestodo at home (buttocks exercises, legs exercises, hipsexercises,calves exercises, abs exercises, glute exercises,exercises forbum, legs abs and buttocks workout, toned bodyworkout, flatstomach workout, exercise apps for women,exercise appsforkids,exercise apps to help you lose weight), which can be doneathome without taking much time and will help you to reducetummy,lose body fat, lose leg fat, lose arm fat, lose butt fat, .Allweight loss workout programs have been elaborated byprofessionalfitness coaches and divided into three levels ofdifficulty workoutroutines: 💪🏻 Easy workouts - suitable forbeginners. 💪🏻 Mediumworkouts - for people who are not new tophysical activities. 💪🏻Hard workouts - for experienced athletesready to tests themselves.Formation of good habit takes 21 days 📅,that is why each fatburner program of training is effective forthree weeks in order tomake physical activity an integral part ofyour life and help youhave the desired shape. Each day hasdifferent weight loss workoutplan with best exercises to loseweight. For maximum effect, westrongly recommend to keep to theprogram by the elaboratedschedule and stick to a good diet🍏. If youhave some restrictions:injuries, headaches, illnesses, consult witha doctor beforestarting physical activities. We are not responsiblefor injuriesthat you may suffer during trainings. Features - Weightlossmotivation point system - A diet plan - No equipment , all youneedis your body weight, only bodyweight fitness - Exercises forfullbody (abs, back, buttocks, glutes, butt, hips, legs) - Trackyouprogress with ease - Daily workout reminders - 3 levelsofdifficulty ( including beginners) - Home exercises for menandwomen - Strength training at home - 50 exercises for fullbodyworkout: abs exercises, exercises for butt, exercises forarms,exercises for legs. - Home workout app offline - Without gymformen and women - Toned body workout - It acsts like home gymStilldoing 30 day challenge workouts? Time to start to lose weightwith21 day challenge workouts! If you want to get rid of belly fatorlooking for fat loss exercise for man, exercises for home toloseweight, how to lose weight after pregnancy, best exercise forflatstomach, quickest way to lose weight wondering how toreduceweight, how can decrease fat of stomach, how to get rid ofbellyfat,pregnancy stretches, how to have flat stomach, searchingfor noequipment workout app,flat stomach workout, lean bodyworkout, bodyexercise for fit body home, home workout plan, hiitfat burnworkouts, slim waist flat belly workout, want home gym,coreworkouts, body exercise for fit body home, daily exercise athome,home workout app for men, glutes workout, exercising apps toloseweight, daily exercise at home, home fitness workouts,easyexercise for beginners, fitness life coach, burn bellyfatworkouts, exercise free apps to lose weight, exercise free appsforbeginners, exercise free apps to lose weight for kids, loseweightafter baby, lose weight after pregnancy, or you are lookingfor afree home weight loss workout app, best app to lose weightfree,belly fat burning workouts, get toned arms, toned legs - then"Loseweight in 21 days " is your best choice for weight drop."Loseweight in 21 days" is best exercise app to reduce weight forhomeweight loss workouts.
15 Days Belly Fat Workout App 3.3
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Want to get rid of stubborn belly fat? If yes, you have cometoright place. 15 Days Belly Fat Workout App is bestfitnessapplication to shape your tummy and reduce risk of healthproblems.Designed by professional fitness instructor, our 15 daysexerciseworkout is scientifically proven to improve health andslimwaistline. No doubt, excess abdominal fat is extremelyunhealthy sojust get your PERSONAL TRAINER where ever you go andcurbaesthetically displeasing stomach fat at right time withrightfitness app. This app focusses on visceral fat reductionbypracticing simple exercises daily giving loss of extra poundsfromabdomen to look fit and strong. Visceral fat in abdomen isresultof unhealthy lifestyle that increases risk of high bloodpressure,high cholesterol, stroke, heart disease, cancers and evendementia.So exercise every day through outstanding belly fatworkout videoshowing in correct pose and burn fat in faster way.This belly fatexercises app contains following workouts: Cross bodyCrunch BenchCrunches Crunches with Legs Decline Crunch AbdominalCrunch ElbowPlank Sit Ups Sitting twist Up And Down Planks FlutterKicks LegRaises Dumbbell side Bend Weighted Crunch Weighted LegRaiseFeatures: 14 exercises to reduce belly fat and get smart tummyinfaster way. Video animation for correct exercise directioninestimated time. Increases exercise intensity step by step perday.Fitness calculator with recommended exercises according toheight,weight, gender & age. Healthy food tips with hiddenbenefits.Reminder for daily exercise time. Suitable for both menand women.Download 15 Days Belly Fat Workout App right now and lossstomachfat in the most effective way.
lose belly fat in 2 weeks 1.29
If you're looking to lose belly fat, try these expert tips.1.EXERCISES TO LOSE BELLY FAT FAST : Keep in mind that in ordertolose belly fat, calories need to be burnt. Running, jogging,briskwalking, swimming, tennis, dancing, and cycling are greatexercisesfor burning fat. Cardiovascular exercises provide oxygento thebody, and thereby help in burning calories. Plus, aerobicexercisesalso provide a boost to the metabolism. The ideal durationof yourcardio workout should be 30 to 45 minutes, about three timesaweek, or more. To get a flatter, more defined stomach, you needtoconcentrate on core exercises that tone and strengthentheabdominal muscles. However, you should not keep your hopestaggedwith only these exercises. In order to see an overall effect,as ina flattened stomach and a strong, toned, and healthy body, youneedto perform other fat-burning exercises as well. This way, youwillteach your muscles to be able to lose the excess fat. Thefollowingstomach toning exercises are effective, simple, and don'trequireany equipment. If you want to lose belly fat fast and get aflattummy, but ab crunches are very hard for you or make you feelhurton your back (back pain). This video will show you about "howtolose belly fat in a week" without doing ab crunches (Standingabworkout to lose belly fat fast for women). how to lose belly fat|how to lose belly fat without ab crunches | how to lose bellyfatwithout crunches | how to lose belly fat without doing crunches|how to lose belly fat without back pain | ab workoutwithoutcrunches| ab exercises without crunches| how to lose bellyfat in aweek | how to lose belly fat in 1 week how to lose weighthow tolose weight fast lose weight fast how to lose belly fat loseweightbelly fat best way to lose weight diet plans quick weightloss losebelly fat fastest way to lose weight how to lose weightquicklyfast weight loss weight loss exercises weight loss tipsexercisesto lose weight best exercise to lose weight rapid weightlossweight loss diet fat burner best way to lose weight fastquickestway to lose weight fat loss lose belly fat fast exercisefor weightloss diet to lose weight best exercise for weight lossweight lossprograms ways to lose weight fat burning foods
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The best nutrition app on Android Want to lose weight in ahealthyway? You have come to the right place. Diet and Weight Lossis acompletely innovative app made to help you reach yourobjective, beit weight lost, maintaining weight or a healthierlife. As opposedto other apps, we don't impose routines or diets,much less magicformulas to lose weight. Quite the contrary, wewould like to teachyou how easy it is to reach your expectationsand personal goals ina healthy way. • Points System Diet • BloodType Diet • PhysicalActivities • BMI Calculator • Daily Nutrition •Water IntakeRegulator • Daily Challenges • Advice and Notifications• Analysisof your Daily Progress • Body Fat Index Calculator •Search fornutritionists near you. • and many other functionsSuggestionsabout new functions are welcome. We are here to help youreach yourgoals. Want to know more?
BodyCal (Calorie Tracker, IIFYM, BMI, Body Fat) 2.12
BodyCal (Calorie Tracker, IIFYM, BMI, Body Fat Calculator)BodyCalisthe ultimate body calculator that can help you set andachievegoals. BodyCal is designed to assist you when starting adiet,whether that be to lose or gain weight. There is no better app-That’s a fact.WHY WE’RE BETTER THAN OTHER APPSLargest amountofcalculators that are specific to your body. Ranging fromIIFYM,Macronutrients Calculator, BMI, Lean Body Mass, BodyFatPercentage, Tape Measure Body Fat, Caliper Body Fat, BMR,TDEE,Water Intake, Ideal Weight, Target Heart Rate, One-Rep Max.Alleasy to use and accurate! Many more tools too!Our macro plansanddiet plans ranging from Ketogenic (Atkins), Paleo,Low Carb,LowFat, Zone Diet, Body Building and Textbook.IIFYM:IIFYM simplymeanseating a diet that meets your macronutrient needs. The ideaofIIFYM is simple – you eat whatever foods you like the fillyourallotment of proteins, carbs and fats. This can set yourtargetthat can later be added to myfitnesspal. This can also beused formacro nutrition calculator with diet plans including:Ketogenic,BodyBuilder, Paleo, Low Carb, Zone Diet, Low Fat.BMI:BMI,or bodymass index, is a simple calculation that is commonly usedtoindicate whether you're a healthy weight for your height. YourBMIis calculated by dividing your weight in kilograms by yourheightin metres squared.BODY FAT (Tape & Calipers):This bodyfatcalculator is based on the body fat algorithms developed bytheU.S. Navy, U.S. Army and the YMCA. There is 4 measurementstocalculate body fat with a tape measure and also body fatwithcalipersBODY FAT TESTING WITH SKINFOLD CALIPERSThe Skinfoldcaliperis a device which measures the thickness of a fold of yourskinwith its underlying layer of fat. By doing this at thekeylocations can be a quite accurate representative of thetotalamount of fat that is on your body.Calculationsinclude:Jackson/Pollack, Parillo, Durnin and Womersley, Sloan. Itcan alsobe used with different body types from Caucasian toAfricanAmerican using different formulas.BODY FAT TESTING WITHTAPEMEASUREThis tape-measure test is used to estimate your percentbodyfat. It is usually quite accurate. This includes measurementsfromU.S Navy, YMCA, Covert Bailey.ONE-REP MAX:Need to know whatyourone-rep max (1RM) is for a new workout program basedonpercentages? Use the calculator and formulas to figure it out.Ofcourse, this is only an estimate. Don’t take this for fact.Foranyqueries or for more suggestions please feel free [email protected] thanks and enjoy!
Gym Workout Tracker & Planner for Weight Lifting 1.30.0
Daily Strength is a gym workout planner and workout trackerthatmakes it easy to log your weight lifting workouts. Create yourowngym workout plans and routines by selecting from a listofexercises such as bench press, barbell squat, deadlift, andavariety of dumbbell, barbell and olympic exercises. Theworkouttracker also contains built in gym workout plans that youcaneasily get started on. Some workout schedules includedareStronglifts, 5x5, Madcow, Push Pull Legs (PPL), StartingStrengthand much more. Training with weights has never been easierwiththis workout journal and workout log. When you create yourgymworkout plans and log your weight lifting workouts, theworkoutplanner will help you visualize your progress. You can viewone repmax charts of the major compound exercises like benchpress,barbell squat, and deadlift. It has been proven that bytrackingyour weight lifting workouts you will be able to increaseyourbench press, barbell squat, and deadlift significantly. Here iswhypeople doing weight lifting and powerlifting use Daily Strengthastheir workout tracker: Easy to use workout tracker and workoutlog💪 Add exercises as you go and log the reps and weights 💪Addsupersets, trisets, and giant sets to your gym workout 💪 Use itasa workout journal to add notes to your sets and workouts Builtinworkout schedules 💪 Beginner workout schedules like StrongLifts5x5and Ice Cream Fitness 💪 Advanced workout schedules like Madcow5x5,PHUL, and PHAT 💪 Workout schedules that allow you to buildmuscle,burn fat, and build strength 💪 Everything frompowerlifting,bodybuilding, weight training, and strength trainingworkoutschedules Build your own workout schedule 💪 Library of 300+gymexercises with images and instructions included 💪 Workoutgymexercises such as barbell squats, bench press, barbell rows,anddeadlifts 💪 Group exercises into supersets, trisets, and giantsets💪 Allows you to create workout schedules like 5x5, 3x5,1x3,Starting Strength, and German Volume Training 💪 Perfect forpeopledoing powerlifting and bodybuilding who want to take theirstrengthtraining and weight training to the next level During aworkoutsession 💪 The workout app will allow you to easily log thereps andweights of each set 💪 Focus on beating your personalrecords andmaking those bodybuilding, strength training, and weighttraininggains 💪 Your personal gym guide and personal trainer givingyouinstructions on how to perform the exercises Workout history 💪Alist of all your gym logs in one organized place 💪 Track youronerep max for powerlifting, strength training, and weight training💪Allows you to perform a workout session again and fills inyourworkout log automatically
BMI Calculator 3.0.0
BMI Calculator is free application and easy to use. ✔ bmicalculatorshows results in real time ✔ very flexible design of bmicalculator✔ use easily and quickly ✔ BMI Calculator works well onall devices✔ for more free apps please visit our page ★ ★ ★ ★ ★Thank you fortaking the time to review our application. Note:Calculator resultsare to be used for informational purposes only.For medical advice,please consult your doctor.
Lose Weight At Home Workouts 1.9
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Lose Weight, Fitness, Workout is a home workout app for weightloss,fat burner, liposuction, buttocks and legs : our app is theperfectfull body workout without equipment that can help you tolose bellyfat, lose weight, build muscle, get a body sculpting,flat tummy,reduce belly fat, and strengthen your abdominal musclesand we’lltell you about : how to get a flat stomach, how to loseweight fast,how to lose belly fat, how to burn fat, how to losestomach fat, allthat by many cardio fitness, workout exercises ,fitness program,workout plan, aerobic exercises . You don’t needany machines orexercise bike or an expensive gym membership to do,gym workout. Sowhy pay for expensive instructors when you can doit yourself? We’llgive u the best. Gym program, just at homewithout gym membershipIfyou want to lose weight, burn fat, buildmuscle or stay in shape: wehave a: workout exercises, for you. Toachieve the best results,keeping track of both exercise andnutrition is important. Select agoal (weight loss, lose fat, gainmuscle, lose weight) and all youhave to do is stick to your planto get a sexy sculpt body. You canalso help yourself by followingone of this weight loss tips, youshould start from tomorrow with a: weight loss dietlow carb diet,no carb diet foods that burn bellyfathealthy recipeheart healthydietdiet plan for weight lossdrink alot of water healthy recipesleep By following this weight losstips I guarantee you that youwill lose 20 pounds very fast Did youask any search motor: how tolose weight, how to lose belly fat,how to reduce tummy, how toreduce belly, how to lose stomach fator, best ways to lose weightfast, we’ll give you the answers as aresults after your 30 day fitchallenge , so install quickly ourapp, and let’s get started Wedesigned many workout and fitnessprograms for you, in order to losebelly fat, calories need to beburnt. Running, jogging, briskwalking, swimming, tennis, dancing,and cycling are great exercisesfor burning fat:_1_ Seven minutesworkouts plan, fitness LegsworkoutHips workoutGlutes, work out Absworkout Chest workout Armworkouts Shoulder workouts Back workoutsCalf workouts_2_ abdominalexercise in 5 min, fitnessAbexercisesexercise to reduce belly fatarm exercise _3_Buttocks,legs, hips, butt workout, fitness gluteworkoutslegs exercise buttexercise calf muscletorn calf muscle calfleg_4_Upper body workout,fitnesschest exercisesabs trainingshoulder workout, shoulderworkout for massstomach exercisesupperback exercises _5_full bodyworkouts at home, fitness back exerciselower back workouts stomachworkouts tummy exercisestorn back muscleleg workouts buttocks,hips -more workout plans and fitness programsare available insideapp …. You have the choice between all proposedfitness classes torelease your goal in 30 days fit challenge:If youwant to get ridof belly fat or looking for fat loss exercise forman, exercisesfor home to lose weight, how to lose weight afterpregnancy, bestexercise for flat stomach, quickest way to loseweightWondering howto reduce weight, how can decrease fat ofstomach, how to get ridof belly fat, pregnancy stretches, how tohave flat stomach,searching for no equipment workout app, flatstomach workout, leanbody workout, body exercise for fit body home,home workout plan,hit fat burn workouts, slim waist flat bellyworkout,body exercisefor fit body home, daily exercise at home,home workout app formen, glutes workout, exercising apps to loseweight, daily exerciseat home,free exercise apps to lose weight,exercise free apps forbeginners, exercise free apps to lose weightfor kids, lose weightafter baby, lose weight after pregnancy, oryou are looking for afree home weight loss workout app, the bestapp to lose weightfree,get toned arms, toned legs - buttocks thenLose weight in 30days.our app is the best way to release your goal.
Weight Loss Tracker, BMI 1.95
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Are you on a weight loss diet? Want to keep a track of yourweightor calculate Body Mass Index (BMI)? Keep track of your weightusingthe most convenient app "Weight Tracker". This BMI calculatorappkeeps the track of your weight and BMI from time to time. Youwillbe able to enter your weight on a regular basis and monitoryourprogress accordingly through means of statistics and graphs.Youcan not only view your weight log history but also view a graphtotrack your weight loss progress over time. Using the“WeightTracker” app, you can manage your fitness profile and settargetweight. By setting this target, you can motivate yourself tofollowa fixed weight loss diet and easily achieve your targetweight. Youneed to support your weight loss plan with appropriateexercisesfor fitness. This weight tracker app also allows you totrackmultiple profiles- monitor the progress of your spouse,familymembers, and friends or simply create more than one profileforyourself to set partial targets and may be select best weightlossprogram until you reach your ultimate goal. This is one of thebestfree apps to help you lose weight fast. "Weight Tracker" hasagreat user interface and simulates the gym environment aroundyouwith a personalized weight tracking. The app is ideal for thosewhovisit the gym for their workout exercise and want to maintaintheirfitness and weight. The app also calculates your Body MassIndex(BMI) and also keeps a track of your BMI over time. Get theappimmediately if you are really serious about your physicalfitnessand your weight loss plan. ************************ APPFEATURES************************ - Track single or multipleprofiles forweight loss - Measurement tracking in kilos, pounds,feet’s,meters, stones - Full screen graph to see overall weightloss overtime - Includes BMI calculator feature - Calculate thedailycalorie intake for weight loss - Calculate total body fat-Calculate total weight loss, daily weight loss, averagemonthlyweight loss - Enter weights for earlier dates - PIN lockfeaturefor better privacy - Export all data through email -Resetting ofall data option Download the app "Weight Tracker" andhave your ownself-made gym atmosphere with a personalized voice ofyour choice.Have your own pocket weight tracker with "WeightTracker" app. Setyour target and achieve your goal through the appby stayingmotivated all the time! Important terms: • BMI (Body MassIndex) orQuetelet index, is a measure of relative size based on themass andheight of an individual. It provides a rough guide sincethe BMIdoesn't take into account a person’s build or thecomposition ofthe body weight. • The body fat percentage of a humanor otherliving being is the total mass of fat divided by total bodymass;body fat includes essential body fat and storage body fat.•Calorie Consumption is mainly a sum of internal heatproduced(Basal Metabolic Rate estimated by Mifflin St JeorEquation) andexternal work (Physical Activity Level).************************SAY HELLO ************************ We areconstantly working hardon making the “Weight Tracker” app betterand more helpful for you.We need your constant support to getgoing. Please feel free toemail us for anyqueries/suggestions/problems or if you just wantto say hello. Wewould love to hear from you. If you have enjoyedany feature of the“Weight Tracker” app, do not forget to rate uson play store.
BMI & Weight Control 1.2.10
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With this weight diary, you can monitor your weight and get anicegraphical analysis. So you can increase your motivation andreachyour target weight faster. Features: ✔ BMI calculator ✔Weightdiary with graphical history ✔ Simple and clear usability ✔Targetweight ✔ Reminder function ✔ Can handle pounds/feetorcm/kilogramms
Weight Loss Tracker - BMI Assistant 6.0.0
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Do you want to monitor your weight loss and your BMI? Here istheperfect app to help you control your weight loss/gain orjustmaintain your ideal weight. ► DIET MODE OR SIMPLE FOLLOW-UP Youusethe app in diet or simple tracking mode to monitor your weightlossin a simple and intuitive way. ► CUSTOM RESULTS Forpersonalizedresults, the app takes into account your height, age,gender,physique and level of activity. ► CALCULATE YOUR IDEALWEIGHT Theapp allows you to calculate your ideal weight. It alsoallows youto calculate an ideal end date for your diet. You alwayshave theoption to enter the weight and end date you aim for toremain incontrol of your ideal weight. ► VIEW YOUR PROGRESS EASILYTheapplication allows you to view your progress in the form ofbmigauge, weight table and weight chart. You can check yourdailytarget, the weight lost, the weight remaining, the number ofdaysspent and the number of days remaining. ► CHECK YOUR LOSS ORWEIGHTGAIN The application is suitable should you want to lose orgainweight. You control daily what you have to lose/gain to reachyourideal weight. ► CALCULATE YOUR RECOMMENDED CALORIE ALLOWANCEBMIAssistant calculates your recommended daily calorific intake,yourdaily energy expenditure, and your base level metabolism atrestbased on your activity. ► VARIOUS FEATURES ✓ Entering yourweightdaily and adding comments for each weight; ✓ BMI chartandgraphical gauge; ✓ View the tracking log; ✓ Calculation ofyourideal weight according to your gender and your physique;✓Calculation of the reasonable end date for weight loss or gain;✓Display of your daily target, the weight lost, theweightremaining, the number of days elapsed and the number ofdaysremaining; ✓ Calculation of your BMI (bmi = body mass index);✓Calculation of your FMP(fmp = fat mass percentage); ✓ Displayofthe average daily and weekly weight loss; ✓ Calculationofrecommended daily calorific intake; ✓ Calculation of yourdailyenergy expenditure; ✓ Calculation of your base levelmetabolism atrest according to your activity; ✓ Display of yourweight variationin a graph; ✓ Graph display weekly, monthly or infull; ✓Modification of the profile; ✓ Follow-up mode or diet; ✓Multiplethemes;
Ideal Weight and BMI Calculator 1.7.6
This application will help you to reach your right weight andtofind out your ideal weight.It allows you to get your bodymassindex, your body fat percentage and even your Ideal WeightHowtouse it?All units of measurement are available For your heightsuchas centimeter units or feet and inches units, For your weightyoucan use kg units or pounds units and even pound + stone Firstenterthese 4 parameters: chose your gender, type your age,weight,height And then you will see 3 important information: YourBodymass index, Ideal Weight, and Body FAT rate.What's the purposeofthis application?By monitoring your weight it will help youtoreach your ideal weight target and above all to be healthyThisisthe indispensable tool for those who want to take care oftheirhealth in order to avoid obesity which is health risk thatmightcause high blood pressure, stroke, diabetes, cancer,osteoarthritisand many others diseases. It's the same withanorexiathat mightcause many troubles such as anemia, heartproblems, bone loss,gastrointestinal problems, kidneyproblems.Hence it's time for youto be healty by monitoring yourweight specially if you areoccuring a diet or if you need toincrease your weight, so that youwill know if your weight is normaland if not you will know whatyou need to do for keeping your bodyhealthy and you will feelbetter in avoiding overweight, obesity orunderweight.