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Pimple POP
Pimple POP - TINY MONSTERS RAID - Jolly combat against tinymonstersis coming! Mutants of pimples threaten your peaceful life.Thosecute monsters may think themselves terrific but indeed theyare justtrivial trouble to your skin. Eliminate all theseannoyances withproper solution to each species and keep your skinclean. Feature -8 types of tiny cute monster + 2 types of scab -Laser gun andneedle item for treatment - Ointment to remove scabsall at once -Combo system with score bomber Download Pimple POPpapercraft here
Pimple Remedies 5.0.3
Everyone want to look beautiful / handsome? But Pimple / acne isacommon problem faced specially with teenagers. Do you want togetrid of pimples and have a beautiful skin. Just few simple stepsandyou can attain a pimple free skin. All you need to do isdownloadthis Pimple removing remedy application and follow thestep. A listof homely methods are mentioned when are easy andwithout painfulreactionsP.S: We have gathered all the informationto reduce /remove pimple from doctors near our location. It isadvisable tocheck with your doctor before you apply any of themethod mentionedin this application as the skin quality of persondiffers.Do sharethis application with your friends how are facingacne problem andhelp them becoming beautiful. Do take some time torate ourapplication
Acne, Pimple & Black Spots Removal Tips & Guide 2.4.0
App Appa
Tired of removing acnes, pimples & black spots from yourfacewith various techniques & treatment?We are here you to helpyouwith proven natural home remedies to permanently remove acne&pimple from your face.Major actors that cause acne are, *Stress. *Hormone activity. * Hyperactive oil glands. * Bacteria inthe poresof the skin. * Skin irritation from scratching.In our app,you canfind the details on below,* Treatment based on Skin types.*Typesof acne & specific remedies* Ayurvedic treatment.*Naturalbased home remediesWe will add new techniques regularly.
All Skin Diseases and Treatment- A to Z
All skin diseases,all skin infections andtreatments,skindisorders,standard treatment guidelines,photos,skinguard,skindiagnosis,skin care routine,healthy skin diet,healthyskintips,skin problem,causes of cancer and symptoms of skin diseaseAto Z,face skin problems,face skin care,face care for acneandpimple for oily skin,pediatric disease and treatment.Skincareguide/routine skin disorders/skin infections ,skin treatmentforskin allergy A to Z offline. Skin problems treatment at homeinhindi. Skin disorders destroy all humans skin.Some skinconditionsin this clinical dermatology atlas are caused byviraldisease,bacterial diseases,bacterial infection,fungalinfection inskin and can takeover and become adamant.Get a HIV testfor yourHIV-status at home. Face skin problems Skin TreatmentApp(Skinallergy and skin itching). Skin problem app is fortreatment of alldiseases of the skin,itchy skin,treatmentdictionary for theskin,diseases and treatments drugs,treatment forskin disease.Aclinical laboratory diagnostics for skinitching,blooddisease,pediatric disease and treatment, stomachdiseases and skincare tips. (skin diseases and treatment- itchy andscratchy skinproblem) Skin disease ,Skin care guide *All commonskin disordersand treatments A-Z *Disease control and prevention*Chronic Diseaseconditions,disease checker&children disease*Clinicallaboratory diagnosis *Skin disease diagnosis with photo.*How tocure pimples *pediatric dermatology *skin dark spotsremoval*Treatment for skin disease and medicine. *Antibioticsandinfections of skin *Disease Prediction *Diseases of ear noseandthroat *Symptoms and diagnosis *Childhood diseases *Diseasecontroland prevention *Antibiotics drugs of diseases *Skin caretips.*Diseases and treatment drugs offline. A clinicalguide/clinicaldictionary for infections,skin treatment fromA-Z,skin allergy,skinitching,diseases and treatment drugs.Forbetter treatment for skindisease see a skin doctor A free clinicalmedical dictionary fordisease prediction skin doctor:Areference,clinical medicine booksand clinical guidelines app forall skin infections ,skinconditions,facial skin disorders andfacial skin conditions andcare.Diagnosis of skin problem symptomsand clinical dentistry.Treatments for skin diseases-Pediatricdisease This skin infectionand disease treatment dictionary forskin doctor is focused onblood disease test,skin surgery,skincancer scanning&Pediatricdisease and treatment including acnetreatment and remedies. (AllSkin Diseases and Treatment- A toZ,Skin cancer app) This clinicaldocumentation is among clinicalmedicine books which helps inclinical medicine differentialdiagnosis to guess the skin problemsand examination by providingclinical laboratory testinformation.Can be used by skin cancerclinical therapy advisor,medical student for medical case studynotes/medical research. Skindisease and treatment include:- AcneAlopecia Areata Fungalinfection in skin Hidradenitis SuppurativaHyperhidrosis ImpetigoKeloid treatment Keratosis pilaris LichenPlanus Skin cancerMelasma treatment Psoriasis Rosacea ScabiesShingles vitiligodiseases cure app. Vitiligo treatment (All SkinDiseases andTreatment- A - Z) Facial skin care,body skintone,Bacterialinfection,fungal infection in skin,skin cancercheck.Skin care forskin princess beauty. Skin treatment app(tipsfor healthy hair andskin) Skin disease infection app for selfdiagnosis ,facial skincare, ,home remedies and natural cures,skinhealth tips,eg.Acne isa skin condition in the human body skinspots.Acne takes away thebeauty of the face and body skinbeauty.Use medicinal drugs,naturalhome remedies,natural curessolutions. Skin infections can bebacterial skin,virusskin,cancerous,blood disease,hormonal,fungal,sunburns,antibodies(vitiligo). Treatments for skin diseaserequiresblood disease test,skin surgery,skin cancer scanninganddetection&brain disease scan.
Overcome Natural Black Spots 3.1
Overcome black spots are naturally very good because it doesnotgive a bad effect due to the natural ingredients that areoftenencountered. Overcome the black spots on the face is certainlynota simple matter. However, this issue is a matter that does notmeanimpossible. Everything can be done in various ways. Overcomeblackspots naturally with ease. Pimples and black spots on the faceisdisturbing appearance and self-confidence of a person.Excessivesecretion of melanin is the main cause of black spots. Inadditionto the face, dark spots all over the body needs to consultadoctor, because there might be a fundamental problem.Manywhitening products available in health clinics, in addition toitsprice also contain chemicals that can ultimately harmful toyourskin. Therefore it is better to overcome the black spotsnaturallywith ease. Alternative treatments that can be done is thenaturalway, in addition to cheap and readily available, natural wayhas noharmful side effects. For those of you who currently haveblackspots on the face of stubborn and stubborn then check outthesetips. You can make at home and can easily to overcome blackspotsnaturally. Surely not just the presence of acne are makingbete,the article of black spots on the face is also a seriousproblemthat must be addressed immediately. Black spots on the faceiscaused by various factors, one of them because there aredifficultto remove stubborn acne. Just like acne, surely everywoman hopesto remove the black spots which will greatly disturbtheperformance. You got a problem with black spots on the face nowdonot need to worry because there are some natural ways that canhelpeliminate the problems this one. Overcome black spots arenaturallysafe for the face and has no harmful side effects becauseof itsnatural ingredients.
Face Blemish Remover - Smooth Skin & Beautify Face 1.4
Face Blemish Remover, Pimple Remover, Acne Remover is a perfectappto make your face a "PerfectFace". Want to look good on ourprofilepictures but a pimply complexion, dry skin, a hair out ofplace,red eyes, or just bad lighting really messing up anotherwiseperfect-for-sharing picture? Face Blemish Remover - SmoothSkin& Beautify Face is the perfect app for you. FaceBlemishRemover will do the hard work for you easily. All you needto do isselect areas with blemishes, dark spots, marks or pimplesand theapp will remove it completely. It will give you a naturalretouchedtreatment without affecting your skin color. Face AcneRemoverphoto editing tool works on all skin tones and complexionstoremove those face pimples and imperfections to give themostnatural look. Face Blemish Remover also comes with SkinSmoothingoption to make the skin smooth flawless and natural. Thefacedetection feature clears and smooths only the face skin ratherthanapplying filter on entire photos. Face Blemish Remover appalsocomes with additional make up art to beautify and enhanceyourpicbeauty like: - Apply Blush - Apply Lens - Eye Lashes -Lipsticks- Hair Changer - Crown Stickers - Flower Stickers and muchmore...Blemishes Acne, pimples, wrinkles, dark circles, dark spotsarevery easy to remove, just tap on and see the magic. ApplySkinSmoothing, Beautify your photo with tons of cosmetic makeupoptions and create a perfect photo 365 days a year and postonfacebook, instagram, twitter, WhatsApp and other socialnetworksand get more likes. So having a very bad acne days? Withfaceblemish remover give yourself acne and wrinkle-free skin.Changeyour eye color and beautify face, with this handy app. TryNow!
Pimple Remover Tips 1.0
Pimples are the only Main Problems for Youth Now-a-Days.Basically,Pimples and Acne occurs when the pores on your skinbecome blockedwith oil, dead skin, or bacteria. Well, This appcontainsPrevention Methods for Pimples, Home Remedies and ProperDiet Planalso. In addition to these Know hoe to Remove Scars andWrinklesand Makeup tips through which You can Make Your Face LookMoreBeautiful.
Kil muhaso ke gharelu upay 1.4
Viss Peram
This app has home remedies or "Gharelu Upay" to treat blackspots,dark spots, acne marks, Pimple scars on the face. Thesehomeremedies are easy to make and use. These remedies also takecare ofskin and help to glow the skin. Some of the home remedies ofthisapp to cure pimple and acne are: Drink sufficient amount ofwater.Eat tomato and use tomato juice on pimple to get rid ofpimple andacne marks. Scrub the rind of lemon on neck to get rid ofdullcolor of neck. Use Rouge of curd on face for pimples and toglowskin.
Makeup Artist - Pimple Salon 1.2
Beauty Girls
You’re a fabulous makeup artist but after a business trip youwaketo find you have skin inflammation and some pimples you havetocure. Oh no! But you know exactly what to do! Time for askinrefresh. Use a popper to rid yourself of your red irritation,thenfollow with a refreshing cleanser designed to stopinflammation.Exfoliate with a simple scrub and soon you’ll beglowing. Finishwith a luscious moisturizer designed to balance oilyskin. Then youcan head to your salon for a fun makeover usingspecial makeup thatwon’t clog your pores! Apply eye shadow, bronzerand mascara. Useconcealer and highlighter to accentuate your beautyand finish witha light dusting of powder. Have a beautiful day withyour healthyskin regimen and don’t forget to wash off the beautyproductsbefore bed time! Remember to clean your tools! You’re thebestmakeup artist in the world so you’ll have no problem treatingandmaintaining your beauty regimen. Product Features: - Cleanseandexfoliate your skin after a long business trip- Apply makeupandall natural skin treatments- Use real salon tools to createyourstyleHow to Play: - Tap to choose makeup and skin care items-Swipeto use real skin care tools- Swipe to apply cosmetics and showoffyour new lookCome visit our:Website:
Acne Treatment and Remedies 2.4.3
Acne is the most common skin disease in the people from teenagetomiddle age (mostly seen in United Nations). Acne occurs whenyouhair follicles came into contract with oil & dead cells.i.e.,during puberty, when sebaceous glands (oil glands) arecombinedwith male hormones produced by the adrenal glands of bothmale& female. It is mainly due to Hormone changes, stresslevels,unbalanced diet etc. Acne produces scars, irritation,redness onthe affected skin etc., when it occurs. There are manyways tocontrol Acne & also to prevent it.
Change face: swap face, change hair 3.9.2
Mon Dev
Change face app (the old name is Face Art) helps you to swapfaceautomatically without photoshop skill. Face Art use IAtechnologyto change face , adjust skin tone and colorautomatically. It alsoprovides many FREE frames to make funnyphotos easily.Super heroframesFind your hero and swap face to makesuper cool avatarpicture ever! Selfie with famous peopleWish aphoto of you and youridol? Do it now!Cool hairstyles previewHow doyou look in a verydifferent modern hairstyles? Don't need to go toa hair salon, takea photo and preview your hair change instantly!Do you want tochange from long hair to short hair but worry aboutthe haircutresult? Use FaceArt and preview before having it cut!Many modernhairstyles for women and men are available for youfree.Cute photoframesAngel frames, baby frame, animal frames, dogframes ... and alot of cute frames to make cool photo for yourkids.FashionTryworld modern fashion as well as traditional fashionon over theworld. Preview clothes look with your faces in FaceArt.Funnyframes Show your humorousness with funny face swap. Swapyou tomagazine frames. Download photo of your friend or famouspeople toswap to super funny photo.Make your own frames You cancreate faceswap frame with your friends, family or any person youwant.Makeamazing posesTake photo of you as famous singers. Let yourfacedance in a dancer pose.Face changerFace art is also a good tooltochange face in your photo.A lot more... You can add captiontophotos, adjust face shape, chin, face vline, swap face tomagazinecover, change face with your friends!Let install anddiscover!!!
Face Blemishes Removal 1.8
Lokanath P
Face Blemishes Remover is an advanced and magicallyblemishesremover photo editing tool that works on all skin tonesandcomplexions. Not only Blemishes remover it also remove redeye,whiten teeth with our convenient set of cosmetic tools.BlemishRemover makes it simple to remove Scars, Pimples, moles, andotherfacial blemishes from your photos. Modify brightness,contrast,saturation, warmth and sharpness with our handy adjusttool on YourImage. You can quickly resize and rotate photo withintuitive toolsand preset image cropping options. Different kind ofbest photoeffects, designed to easily enhance and stylizeeverydayphotography. Choose from three preset enhancement optionstoimprove photos with one tap. We have included lot more featuresinthis Application. Decorated photos or loved ones Funnyphotoseventually you can share it on Facebook or Twitter orinstagram orjust save it into your phone gallery.. This Applicationwith FaceBlemishes Remover is free in Play Store but contains adsinsideapp. Revenue from advertising will help us to create newattractivedifferent kinds of applications. We would request you tocooperateon Ads. Thanks for understanding.
Face Blemishes Cleaner & Photo Scars Remover 1.2
"Face Blemishes Cleaner & Photo Scars Remover” is an easy touseprofessional photo editing app with one tap intuitive controls.With"Face Blemishes Cleaner & Photo Scars Remover" app in yourphoneyou can make your pictures look perfect by adding awesomeeffects.The app is designed to work on photos with all skin tonesandcomplexions to clean the photo. Now easily remove red eye,whitenteeth, remove pimples, frowns, scars and lot more to giveperfectionto your photo. Enjoy clicking unlimited pictures andnever worryabout the cleaning your photos. The app will surpriseyou with itscool features. Just capture the photo via app orchoose a photo fromthe Photo Gallery and get started with your ownmagical photoediting tool. Use the app to enhance your image togive the perfectphoto effects and upload the photos or share amongyour friends oversocial media. Get your own pocket professionalphoto editing tooland experience the beauty of photography. Alongwith the advancedcosmetic tools to remove red eye, whiten teeth,removing scars,frowns, etc., the app also provides basic photoediting featureslike quickly resizing, rotating, cropping,adjusting brightness,contrast, saturation, warmth, sharpness andlot more in just fewseconds. Alternatively, choose from threepreset enhancement optionsto improve photos with one tap. Downloadyour pocket magicaladvanced photo enhancing and editing "FaceBlemishes Cleaner" app toget the best out of your wonderfulclicks. The tool is super handyand easy to use with intuitive tapmode touch controls. You willlove editing the app withprofessional and cosmetic tools.!************************ SAYHELLO ************************ We areconstantly working hard onmaking the “Face Blemishes Cleaner &Photo Scars Remover” appbetter and more useful for you. We needyour constant support toget going. Please feel free to email us foranyqueries/suggestions/problems or if you just want to say hello.Wewould love to hear from you. If you have enjoyed any feature ofthe“Face Blemishes Cleaner & Photo Scars Remover” app, donotforget to rate us on play store.
Beauty Plus : Face Maker 1.5
Beauty Face Maker. Have you ever thought of a makeup withoutgoingto a beauty parlour or a beauty salon? Then you can do thisbyusing face beauty makeup kit. Face beauty makeup kit providesallpossible options for a trendy makeup. Do explore these optionsfora complete face makeover. Click a pic of yourself, andeffectivelyenhance it, with various makeup options like applying afacefoundation, lipstick and blushes, blemishes remover forremovingblemishes like pimples, pigmentation etc., whitening teethandskin, eye tuning and applying blur filters. Key featuresfacemakeup 1. Camera option to take a snap. 2. Face foundationImproveyour skin tone, by applying face foundation of differentcoloursand enhance the face beauty. 2. Blemishes remover Theblemishesremover, provides us with the following options, to removetheblemishes. Pimple remover The pimple remover, enables ustoeliminate the pimples, to improve the skin tone, and makingitpimple free. Get a clear skin, by removing all kinds ofpimplesusing the pimple remover. Dark spot remover The blemishesremovergives you the option to get rid of the blemishes manually aswellas automatically. The pimple remover, gives you a flawlessskin, bygetting rid of all pimples. 3. Lip colour changer Number oflipcolour options to enhance your face beauty. 4. Eye changerEyecolour changer Number of options to change your eye colour.Eyeenlargement Enlarge your eye to make it look beautiful.Eyebrightening Brighten your eye using this option. Tune youreyelashes thereby enhancing your face beauty. 5. Makeup blushes
YouFace Makeup - Makeover Studio 2.2.0
YouFace Makeup is best and powerful photo makeover andcosmeticphoto in seconds!YouFace Makeup can beautify your photo andchangeyour fashion style with just ONE-TAP! Touch up your selfieswithquick and powerful features and get great results. This appalsoprovide powerful pre-defined makeup styles to adjust andfine-tunedetails as you like.Makeup Editor - Flawless skin is yourswithadjustable skin tones and effortless tans- Face editorincludesskin smoother and skin whiten that restore the flawlessskin youwere born with- Add blush and remove shine for a pristine,naturallook- Change eye color and overlay makeup to style your lookup ordown for any occasionHair Changer- YouFace Makeup can try onahairstyle over any face thanks to super-accurate facialdetection-Hairstyle colors and hair color tools include allnaturallooksWanna be charming and gorgeous? Let’s make up! Youdon’t knowhow to make up? Don’t worry about that. Everyone can makeup withYouFace even if a person has never make up before. Varietyofmakeup styles are ready. Change the shape of eyebrows then makeupyour lips and cheek. We believe that you’ll be totally inspiredbythis makeup app.Beside of that, we provide severaladvancedfeatures such as SLIM-FACE, BLEMISH, BIG-EYES and muchmore! GetYouFace Makeup today and create great looking photos,yourFacebook, Instagram and Twitter fans will be amazed!Thank youverymuch for your interesting. Any questions or sugestions, pleasesendthe email support to [email protected] regards
Face Paste 1.1.3
'Face paste' is a professional app for cut and paste faces.Selecttwo faces and see the fantastic synthesis results obtainedwithjust a few clicks. Will easily be synthesized, as wellassatisfactory results. We have prepared a number of templatestohelp you easily synthesized.How to use:1. Select faces (cutandpaste)2. Select face template. (All, Eye, Nose,Mouth,Eye&Nose, Nose&Mouth, Etc..)3. Move the object intheposition to synthesize.4. And Enjoy!Face Paste hasfollowingfeatures:1. Cut and Paste : You can easily cut or pasteyourface.2. Retouch : You can correct or complement thesyntheticpart.3. Skin Tune : By enhancing the skin create aperfectresult.'Face Paste' tips!- You can get many people at thesame face: Try selecting the 'New Face' in Cut and Paste menu- Ifthecombined area looks blurred Try out the retouch menu!- Theskinlooks rough? 'Skin Tune' is the answer!
Face Paint Party! Girls Salon 1.6
iProm Games
The costume party that you got invited tonight has an awesomefacepaint theme! Can you wow the crowd with your creativity bycreatingthe perfect face paint costume? The face paint party thatyou’regoing to tonight is going to be so much fun, but the funreallystarts before the party. You’ll get to design a fun facepaintingto show off along with picking out the best outfit to dressup inthat matches your design. Some spa facials will do the trickofgetting your skin perfected as a canvas for your artisticgenius.How to Play: • The invite for the costume party says thatit’ll bea face paint party • No cheating with masks! • Go to thespa for afacial to prep your skin • It’ll be fresh and clean foryourartistic masterpiece • Design the perfect face paint and applythemakeup • Dress up in a matching costume to finish the look •Watcheveryone’s jaws drop when you arrive at the party! All ofyourfriends will want to know where you got such an amazing ideafromfor your face paint costume, and that next time, you shouldhelpthem out with their costume. Download to get starting planningtheperfect costume ideas. Check out our Facebook forMORE! Join ourTwitter: Discover more on ourwebsite: Love fashion & glam shots?Comevisit our Instagram here!
Princess Valentine Hair Style 1.0.4
The princess is getting ready for a date with the prince oftheneighboring kingdom and she quickly needs some makeover doneforher hair and face. Wash her hair and use the shampoo to makeitsmooth and silky. Remove the pimples from her face using thepimpleremover and then remove all the black marks. Cut her hair andgivesome beautiful hair design for her. Choose a perfect outfit forherthat she has to wear for the date. Share this makeover gamewithall your friends and enjoy all the different salon activitiesinit.
चेहरे को इतना गोरा कर देगा ये की देखते रह जाओगे 1.0
This aap is all about fairness tips. This app is one of thebestskin whitening secret, the tip contains in this app isveryeffective to lighten your dark skin. This skin whiteningtreatmentis very effective. चेहरेको रातोरात गोरा बना देगा येनुस्खाIngredients: Tomato Turmeric powder tomato for face / tomatoscrubfor fairness / tomato scrub for acne / tomato for facewhitening /tomato for skin whitening / tomato for skin lightening /tomato fortan removal / tomato for tanning / tomato for fair skin /tomatofor fair skin in hindi / how to use tomato for fair skin /tomatofor glowing skin / tomato for glowing face / tomato facial athome/ tomato facial for oily skin / tomato facial for glowing skin/tomato facial for pimples / tomato for pimples / tomato forpimplesand marks / tomato skin whitening skin whitening / turmericpowderbenefits / turmeric powder benefits for face / tomatobenefits /tomato benefits for skin / tomato benefits for skinwhitening /tomato benefits for skin in hindi / skin whitening homeremedies /skin whitening home remedies in hindi / skin whiteningtips / skinwhitening treatment / skin whitening secrets / skinwhitening forblack skin / fair skin home remedies / fair skin tips/ fair skinsolution / fairness tips / fairness treatment / fairnesstreatmentat home / fairness treatment at home for oily skin / howget fairskin at home / home remedies for glowing skin / homeremedies forfair skin / home remedies for fair face / home remediesfor fairface and neck / homemade solution for fair skin / homemadesolutionfor fairness / skin whitening miracle formula / skinwhiteningmiracle pack / skin whitening miracle home treatment /skin careroutine / fair skin remedies / fair skin remedies at home/ fairskin home remedies in hindi / fair skin home remedies for meninhindi / fair skin home remedies for women / fair skin homeremediesfor oily skin / fair skin tips in hindi / Tan Removal / tanremovalhome remedies / sun tan remove / how to remove sun tan / howtoremove suntan from face / how to remove sun tan from hands / howtoremove sun tan instantly / how to remove suntan from yourbodyquickly / how to remove suntan from face at home Get WhiteFaceNaturally /Tan Removal / tan removal home remedies / sun tanremove/ how to remove sun tan / how to remove suntan from face /how toremove sun tan from hands / how to remove sun tan instantly /howto remove suntan from your body quickly / how to remove suntanfromface at home / skin whitening / skin whitening home remedies /skinwhitening home remedies in hindi / skin whitening tips /skinwhitening treatment / skin whitening secrets / skin whiteningforblack skin / fair skin home remedies / fair skin tips / fairskinsolution / fairness tips / fairness treatment / fairnesstreatmentat home / fairness treatment at home for oily skin / howget fairskin at home / home remedies for glowing skin / homeremedies forfair skin / home remedies for fair face / home remediesfor fairface and neck / homemade solution for fair skin / homemadesolutionfor fairness / skin whitening miracle formula / skinwhiteningmiracle pack / skin whitening miracle home treatment /gora hone katarika / gora hone ka tarika in hindi / gora hone kanuskha / gorahone ka gharelu upay / gora hone ke upay / chehre kogora karne kegharelu upay / chehre ko gora karne ke gharelu nuskhe/ chehre kogora karne ke upay / chehre ko gora karne ka tarika /chehre kogora karne ke liye / chehre ko gora karne ke gharelu upayin hindi/ chehre ko gora banane ke upay / chehre ko gora banane ketips /gorapan ke gharelu upay / gorapan ke gharelu nuskhe / gorapankeupay / gorapan ke tarike / gorapan kaise paye / gorapan tipsinhindi / चेहरेको रातोरात गोरा बना देगा ये नुस्खा / चेहरेकाकालापनदूर करेगा ये नुस्खा / Homemade solution for dark skin /Homemaderemedies for dark skin / Tomato miracle formula / SkinWhiteningFormula / How to lighten face and body
All Skin Diseases and Treatment 2.0
ruthie apps
All Skin Diseases and Treatment app is a skin careandroidapplication that lists all skin diseases from a toz,theircauses,infections, treatment, prevention and symptoms. Italsofeatures skin diseases dictionary tips. Skin diseaseResearchshows, some of the skin infections can be avoided at earlystagesbefore becoming adamant to cure.NB: Clinical doctorconsultationtest is best to aids skin disease prevention.Alsofeatures bestways to diagnosis a skin disease easily.Features ♦ Allskindiseases and treatment from - A to Z ♦ All Skin diseasesdiagnosiswith photo ♦ Natural Skin disease Remedies ♦ Offlineclinicalmedical dictionary for skin diseases ♦ Skin care and remedytips ♦Prevention / treatment / symptoms and their causesCausesSkindiseases can be caused by bacteria, virus, fungal etc, AllSkinDiseases and Treatment with photo is best app for skin caretipsoffline. Can be used by either by men or womenNB:Visit amedicalskin therapy advisor once you have realised you have beenhaving acertain skin disease or disorder.Some diseases can benaturallycured, e.g, acne and pimple. You can use an acne removerorcleanser for that work. Other diseases e.g, cancer, you needascanner once symptoms show. This diseases can cause mentaldisordere.g, vitiligo or skin cancer. Disclaimer:All Skin DiseasesandTreatment app is an android app that provides info about skincare,prevention measures, causes, treatment,symptoms , :- print,etc. Itis hiv not at all a finger prank appDownload All SkinDiseases andTreatment from -A to z for free on the store
Whiten Skin Photo Editor 5.0
"whiten skin photo editor" is application professional photoeditorfor best photo, with a simple interface and whiten skin toolispowerful and smart, easy to create wonderful photo withhighdefinition and better "whiten skin photo editor" provideseffects,powerful tool and design professional will give you thebest photoeditor way and photo effects way with "whiten skin photoeditor",you can collage photo grid styles with more than 150 gridstyleswith 1 to 9 slots photo "whiten skin photo editor"offerscollection of photo frames with many category it is suitableforanyone? "whiten skin photo editor" is suitable foreveryone,especially for the men and women you want to create whitenskinphoto from their photo features - whiten skin tool is powerfulandsmart - photo editor with professional effects and powerful tool-photo effects easy with one click - add a painting to photo-collage with photo frames - collage grid photo with more than150grid types - the powerful photo editor tools such as blur,colorbalance, auto beauty - add message bubbles to photo, and over5000stickers - multiple fonts to choose from - no watermarks onmemeimages - photo storage and management easy photo editingfunctions,delete, share, set as wallpaper, view details - the appDOES NOTautomatically upload any your photo creator – your privacyis ourtop priority! - etc
Face Stickers Photo Editor 1.1.6
Face Stickers Photo Editor is the most amazing app for changeabeautiful face! Hey guys let’s start having fun by downloadingFaceStickers Photo Editor and by applying different stickersandtextures on your gallery snaps. You can apply variety of thingstoyour photo using this simple interface. Face Stickers isfacechanger app here you can choose your or any family photo fromyourphone gallery and change it into whatever you want and sendorshare it with your friends or family members. App is free andeasyto use. In face changer, you can choose variety of stickers,youhave a wide range of amazing backgrounds, spooky stickers,uniqueitems, ribbons, masks, nose, beard, shades, lips, mustache,eyes,crown, hairs, comics and many more. In this app you have alltheoptions to change your and your friend’s photo in your ownway.Game offers you two options first you can add stickers toyourgallery snaps and can save them in your phone and you can usethemas your display pic and share or send it to your friends offamilyon different social networks. To make app more interestingand moreamazing there are large varieties of each item enablingusers todesign photo according to their taste. There is no need topurchasearts items and other things to edit photo, game is totalfree foryou, just create with your tap. In Photo Editor you canselectyour, family or friends photos from gallery and beautify themwithamazing stickers. Where you can make people look funny.Additionaloffer add comic text pop art in your images. Features •Excellentand HD graphics. • Easy and fun game play. • Large no ofitems forface maker. • Soothing Sounds. • App is totally free. •Amazingitems to beautify face. • Image save option. • Image shareondifferent social networks. So download best app ever ‘FaceStickersPhoto Editor’ and start having fun on birthdays and otherevents.Face Stickers Photo Editor By BACA BACA Games in casual andfamilycategory 2017.
Beauty Spa - Facial Mask Maker 1.1
Are you tired of buying those expensive facial masks at thestore?It’s time to create your very own custom-made salon likefacialmasks. Treat your friends to a beauty spa at your house.Homemadefacial masks aren’t too hard to make and are the perfectadditionto your skincare routine. It will be like a beauty spa atyourhouse. You can choose all of the different ingredients thatyouwant to add. Then, mix them up into a smooth blend that you canuseon your skin to get a nice healthy glow. Be sure that yourememberto stay away from adding any ingredients that you or yourfriendsare allergic too. Are you ready to open up your very owncustomizedbeauty spa treatments just like at the salon?How to Play:• Youhate that you don’t know all the ingredients of the facialmasksthat you buy at the store • You get the brilliant idea tomakehomemade facial masks • Your skincare routine willberevolutionized • Pick all your favorite ingredients • Blend themup• Apply them to your facial to make your skin look flawless •Keepaway from any allergens for you and your friends • Open upyourvery own spa at home for your friendsIt’s time to get yourkitchenbeauty skills going as you whip up a great facial maskfromscratch. Download now to see what combinations you cancreate!Wewant to hear your voice!Watch our awesome videos on ourYouTubechannel! Twitter: more about Salon™onofficial website:
Healthy Living : Home Remedies 1.6
Home remedies and health tips for Day to Day problems in Men,Womenand Kids• Health Tips for Face, Acne, Blackheads, Stomach,NormalDiseases, Aches etc.• Health tips for Different type ofAches.•What to eat in Breakfast and what to avoid.• Tips To Get RidOfBlackheads.• Natural Ways To Get Rid Of Pimples.• Ways To GetRidOf Oily Skin On Face.• Ways To Get Rid Of Freckles On FaceFast.•Ways to Get Rid of Razor Bumps on Bikini Area.• What to doand whatto eat in Dengu, Viral Fever• How diseases Occurs.• HomeRemediesfor Prevention from Diseases.• Solution to Day to daynormalproblems.• How to Get rid of Dark Lips Naturally• HomeRemedies forHeadaches• How to detox your body after party• HomeRemedies ThatWill Help In Getting Rid Of Erectile Dysfunction• YogaMoves for aBetter Butt• Effective Home Remedies For Itching Eyes•HomeRemedies for Breast Infection (Mastitis)• Home Remedies forStress•Home Remedies for Vaginitis • Home Remedies to Reduce GumSwelling• Home Remedies for• Home Remedies for Bed Sores • HomeRemediesfor Chest Pain (Angina) • Remedies to Increase SpermCount(Men)•Home Remedies for Cholera And Many more.This App helpsyou livinghealthy life. It gives you knowledge about many healthproblems andtheir natural Solution.
Fashion doll facial painting 2.0.1
Get your artistic skills flowing and create an amazing paintedfacewith this fashion doll game. Here you can prepare her face andmakeit clean, choose a painting pattern, and paint the image ontoherface. Giving her a beautiful facial pattern has never been soeasy.Get artistic today with this face painting game! Features •Washyour dolls face to make her skin soft and smooth. • Makeabeautiful makeover and learn different make up step.• Pluckhereyebrows to make them straight and tidy. • Select a patternyouwant to paint on their face and color it to perfection.•Accessorize her new look with a brand new outfit, newhairstylesand jewellery. • Choose gorgeous clothes and dress hernicely.•Play this makeover game and see how fun it is.
Baby Hazel Skin Care 14
Now you can play Baby Hazel Skin Care game app for free onyourfavorite android device. It is winter. Baby Hazel has returnedhomeafter playing in snow. So she looks a bit untidy and shiveringwithcold. Give a refreshing bath to Baby Hazel and then dress herup inwinter costumes. Don't forget to apply winter cream and lipbalm toher cracked skin and lips. Finally prepare healthy soup andcerealsfor our little princess and feed her with all love and care.Lookat Baby Hazel's needs on time so that she does not losepatienceand try. You may lose the game if you make her cry.
Cupace - Cut and Paste Face Photo 1.3.5
Cupace - a simple photo editor app to cut and paste face in aphoto.You can create meme, funny photos and swap faces in a photoby Cut aface or a part of a photos and paste it to another photo.And youcan add text and stickers to photos. Features : Cut Face 1.Cut mode: Cut a face by drawing a path on a face in a photos withmagnifyingglass support. 2. Zoom mode : Zoom in the face you wantto cut in aphotos. Face Gallery All of the face that you has beencropped willbe saved in Face Gallery, and you can re-use it onmultiple photoswithout need to cut it again from its originalphoto. Paste Face 1.Faces : All face in the Face Gallery will beshown here. You justneed to tap it to paste to the current photos.And you can add sameface multiple times in a photo. 2. Photo : youevent can add a photoinside a photo. 3. Sticker : There are manysticker / emoji's thatyou can add to your photo. 4. Text : Addtext to your photo.Finally, you can save your photo and share itto social media likeInstagram, Path, Facebook, LINE, Whatsapp,Telegram, SnapChat,WeeChat, BBM, 9gag, etc.
Princess bath spa salon 1.0.8
Even princesses need time at the beauty and spa salon. Why notgiveyour princess the special treatment she deserves with thismakeovergame. Clean and apply make up to her face, before givingher agorgeous outfit to complement her look. Make your princessfeelspecial before her next royal encounter. Features:• Cleanseherface to remove any pimples and blemishes.• Massage your princesstomake her nice and relaxed.• Apply makeup to make herlookstunningly beautiful• Style a new outfit to complete herbeautifulface.• Accessorize with gorgeous jewellery to make heroutfitcomplete.
Yoga Girls Makeover - Fitness Salon 1.7.3935
Kiwi Go
All the girls in town admire your healthy and fabulousfigure.Everyone is fascinated with your smooth line and perfectmuscle.Wow! It is yoga and the exquisite skin care that make yousoremarkable. Thus, a “yoga fever” is emerging in town. However,onlydoing yoga is not enough. The skin care, makeup, andgorgeousclothes all contribute to your beauty. We have preparedeverythingfor you. Come and take us to become a yoga beauty now.Features: ▽Gorgeous yoga clothes ▽ Experience the process of makeupbeforedoing yoga ▽ Rich cosmetics, keeping beauty when doing yoga▽Choose clothes carefully to be a professional yoga girl ▽Takephotos to commemorate your beautiful dressup Doing sports,keepingdiet, skin care, and dressup are all indispensable. Let’swork hardto be a perfect girl!
Face Warp Live - Face Warping on Camera 1.1
Z Mobile Apps
Face Warp Live lets you create funny faces by warping faces onlivecamera. Try Now!!Takes hilarity to the next level with FaceWarpLive, capture hilarious pictures and make your friends andfamilylaugh by sharing your photos on social media directly fromtheapp.Face Warp Live takes hilarity to the next level with livefacewarping. Make funny pictures masquerading as a very strangelookingindividual or an alien. Live face tracking keeps the warpfilter inplace while you speak or move your face.Face Warp on LiveCamera isthe easiest face changer ever: just move your face in thecameraview and tap the capture button when you have a funny photo.Unlikeother apps that only can use static photos, this app warpfaceslive right from your camera’s preview feed. Take crazy selfiesandshare them online. Try Now!!
Face Changer
Make any photo into a funny one. CNET: ”If you are searching foragreat time killer and funny photo app, this one is for you.Thisapp promises many laughs as you twist and edit yourfriends'faces.” Main Features: Replace face parts Funny eyes,noses, makethem bald. Smudge and warp Make faces thin or fat, makeearspointy, make them smile. Packed with features Add text or drawontop of the photo, Share with friends. Simple to use, easy tolearnand share. Face Changer is a registered trademark.
Man Mustache Beard Face Editor 1.8
Man Mustache Beard Face EditorMan Mustache Beard FaceEditorcollection of styles Mustache, Beard, specs and Caps. AddMustache& Beard your face in few seconds by using this ManMustacheBeard Face Editor application.Enjoy the a royal look.specially,modern, New trend hair, mustache and beard styles for men. Adddifferent types of specs, caps, beard, hair, mustache andenjoy theyour look. All types of mustache, beard, hair, specs andcapsstyles fit to your face. Easy to crop, rotation and zoom.Addimageeffects.Collection of stylist mustache and beard styles.Youcanchange color of mustache and beard .Easy to Save.Flip leftandright.Hair color changing option.Share the your design pic inonetouch.Share your pic any social media.Install it today andEnjoythe a Royal look.
Snap Face Photo Editor Animals 1.10
Snap Face Photo Studio Dog Face Swap Photo FilterGet Animal FacesonPhotos like Dog Snout, Tongue and Ears, Cat Nose or Bunny Earsandother funny Animals like Donkeys.Make now funny SelfieSnapshots anddecorate your Face with your favourit Animal FaceParts by pressingthe centered button. Place it on the rightposition on your face onphoto. Save with the top right button.Share with everyone toimpress all your Social Friends.Apply manydifferent Color Filter bythe "Add Filter" Button now! Sepia, black& white or like youwhere drawn.Have as much fun as you can andthank you for support.
Animal Face Changer 1.4
Would you like to turn yourself into a funny animal? Well, now itisso easy to put cute animal faces on your own pics by using ournewfree app - Animal Face Changer! It's time to do some hilariousphotoediting! Thanks to the pack of amazing stickers for picturesyou canedit pics and make such a photo montage by which everyonewill beblown away! A few easy steps will take you to the bestphoto prank –download our face changer, take a selfie or choosesome from thephoto album and choose one from the animal headstickers to place onthe image. How funny is that! Pull pranks allday long, take pics ofyour friends or pets and start the mostinteresting photo morphing.Our Animal Face Changer is waiting foryou to offer you the best funin the world, so download right away!:) A really fun photo boothfor great pranks! (: Customize pictureswith no effort at all! :)Download an animal photo editor for free!(: Take a picture orchoose from the gallery! :) Place animal headstickers on the face!(: Adjust the size, rotate if needed! :) Saveyour photo montage tothe phone! (: Send or share instantly onInstagram, Facebook, andTwitter! What is your spirit animal? Tryout the animal stickersthis instant and find out! With a littlehelp of Animal Face Changera whole transformation of appearance isachievable! You can enterthe animal world using only one simple“sticker photo editor” andenrich your phone or tablet with a photocollection of funniest faceswap montages. Employ your new animalcamera and see all that it cando! Without our “face changer” youcan hardly show to the world whatanimal are you in yourimagination, so do some face morph andexploit this sticker photoapp to the maximum. Adjust your pics tothe “photo templates”, puton some animal faces and share on socialnetworks to see thereactions of your friends! ツ☺ツ☺ツ☺ツ☺ツ Do you needa fantastic photoeditor which will make the funniest “photo montagewith animals” ofall? Great news, download Animal Face Changer andyour problem issolved! A sticker app which is free and able to helpyou “animalyourself” is finally here. No additional funny framesand photoeffects are needed. You can create hilarious animalwallpapers freewith your selfie and our miraculous “photo editingsoftware”. Yourphoto gallery can now be full of great pics, bothyours and some ofyour friends' too! It is a free face swapapplication, and itdoesn't require a test to see what animal youare – simply allowthis “sticker app for pictures” to perform theaction and yourmontage is ready! ツ☺ツ☺ツ☺ツ☺ツ A completely free facechanger is atyour disposal, check it out and see if it is the mostefficient ofall sticker picture art free apps. You don't have to bean artistto make yourself look like a tiger or some of your friendslikemonkeys or elephants. Also, there is no need to make face inholephoto montages, a simple “animal face photo editor” issufficientfor you to perform the best “free photo editing” of yourdreams.Pull pranks, use this face changer for fun and you will bethe bestshowman at the birthday party of your friends! Check outour neweststicker photo editor right away, take a selfie, apply thefunnystickers and adjust them to the picture to make hilariouspicturemontage! Hurry up, download “Animal Face Changer”, show it oyourfriends and then all of you can enjoy pulling pranks with yournewfree photo editor!
Man HairStyle Photo Editor 13.0
Alvin Joseph
Man HairStyle Photo Editor used Very Esey Following Stapes.1.SelectYour Image In Gallery and Camera....... 2.crop Your Imagein yourChoice.......................... 3.Then Select Main HairStyle inHair Style List ........ 4. And set parfactly in your faceand setUse in Sticker View,,,,,, 5.And see Your face and get NewLook....6..Next save Your Images And Share in your Super Image inyourFriends....... 7.Then View Your new Image Select MainHairstyleGallery..................... Following 7 Steps and use ManHairStylePhoto Editor........................... Man HairstylePhoto Editoris make fantastic Man Hairstyle maker enables you toconvert yourbeauty selfies into extraordinary pics with ManHairstyle pictureeffect in a matter of seconds. Man HairstylePhoto Editor is alsoknown as Man Hairstyle My photo, Man Hairstyleon My Photo, ManHairstyle Design Maker, Man Hairstyle Photo. Thankyou
Makeup - You Makeover Editor 1.3.8
Makeup - You Makeover Editor has the best face beautificationmakeuptools with beauty cam. Makeup - You Makeover Editor is apowerfulmakeup photo editor to create beauty faces with the bestbeautytechnology features. Beauty cam dynamic camera captures yourselfieand turns your face into a beautiful face instantly. For thebesteye beautification try Makeup - You Makeover Editor beautyfeatures.Do you makeup with beauty cam selfie camera for magicmakeover? GetMakeup - You Makeover Editor to create beautifulfaces with fastdynamic beauty tools and stickers of beautytechnology. Capture yourdynamic beauty, combine rich filter effectwith virtual beauty cambackground. with beauty selfie camera tosmooth skin and whiten yourteeth with insta beauty magic makeoverphoto editor. Change yourskin tone with beauty makeup blemishremover, dress up your facewith funny animal filters, motionstickers and beauty cameraeffects. Remove red eye with eyebeautification editor. Make yourpupils shine with eye makeup witha of beauty. Eye catching makeupmagic makeover photo editor letsyou remove eye circles with aninsta beauty. Change your facelooking with eye brown beauty editor.beautiful natural lookingmakeup photo and selfie video with Makeup- You Makeover Editorsmart beauty magic makeover tools. Erase badlooking red eyes witheye beautification and eye modification tools.Change eye color,make your eye smaller and bigger like panda eye.Magic makeover eyebrow editor creates glamour eyebrows with aninsta beauty. Changeyour eyebrow size and style, create bushyeyebrows or thineyebrows. Makeup your eyebrow perfect, shiny andstylish with magicmakeover eyebrow beauty photo editor. Coloringeyebrows never be soeasy with eyebrow beautification. Try beautifulmakeup photo makeuptools to remove blemish on your face. Photomakeup beauty magicmakeover selfie editor suits you best to adjustlips color, bodytone and face skin tune via beauty cam makeupeditor.Beauty cam ofMakeup - You Makeover Editor makes your makeupoptimal and givesyou a beautiful smooth lips color and face skintune. Beauty cam ofMakeup - You Makeover Editor brings magicmakeover app and eyephoto makeup selfie camera together. Takeselfies, with makeoverbeauty smart beauty magic camera or pickbeautiful photos from thegallery to apply beautify filters,stickers, emoji, effects of faceeditor. Special lips effects tomake up your photos. Perfect camerafilters with eye beautificationand facial modification to beautifypictures for beautiful facephotos. Makeup - You Makeover Editorincludes funny face makeupswapper, motion camera photo stickersand filters. Dress photos withfunny beauty cam doggy face, earsand nose with dog filters. Add eyephoto filters, stickers, andeffects on your pictures with magicmakeover beauty camera selfies,change your face into doggy face,change your eye color with makeupeditor photo cleaner acne removerwith insta beauty cam. Turnvideos into artworks with Beauty camphoto editor face live cameramotion stickers to swap face andchange eye color and lips cam makeup editor, adornfaces by using funny makeup camerafilters, emoji, effects andstickers. Experience the fancy teethwhitener face cleaner toolsphoto editor. Enjoy selfie with instabeauty motion faces and beautycam photos. Utilize beauty camselfie editor effects withbeautifying tools for motion video andphotos via Makeup - YouMakeover Editor to make up beautiful facephotos. Supernaturalself-portrait artifact helps to remove thedark circles of eye withbeauty magic makeover beauty cam. Dozensof makeup filters andmakeup stickers of beauty cam photo editoreffects help you tobeautify photos with a beauty. Shoot funnymakeup videos via liveface camera selfie editor effects.
Face Changer Photo Editor 1.4
✿ Face Changer Photo Editor ✿ ✰ Ready for some major fun?Discoverthe best ‘‘face swap’’ app for Android! ✸Face Changer PhotoEditor✸is a great chance to share a good laugh with your friendsandfamily! Face Changer Photo Editor yourself on choose yourownphotos with best style photo collection. Select portion thatyouchange with your face and place it all the stickers accordingtoyour use to make your face funny. Face changer is an app thatletsyou easily make funny image faces in photos. Entertain yourfriendsor family by creating funny pics for them. This is thebesttimepass application for all those who loves editing the pics.✿Here You can having more variety of stickers for your bestfacephotos. ✿ You can pick a best stickers. ✿ You can also selectanyone Cutting face ✿ You can share your Face Changer Photo withyourfriends on Facebook or Twitter. ✿ You can save the photo inyour"Face Changer Photo Editor" in your sd card. Face ChangerPhotoEditor used several types of stickers to make your face morefunny: 1. Cap & crowns 2. Beard 3. Earnings 4. Ears 5. Eyelash6.Eyes 7. Eye wear (Sunglasses) 8. Hair 9. Hair band 10. Head11.Horror 12. Lips 13. Mask 14. Mouth 15. Moustache 16. Nose17.Tattoo 18. Tie etc Most Usable Features : ★ More than 300+Stickersavailable for your Face changer Photo Editor. ★ Change thesizeaccording to your face shape. ★ You can set opacity accordingtoimage sticker which way you suitable. ★ All the Save FacechangerPhoto in one particular area on the start screen of FaceChangerPhoto Editor. ★ All the user can easily used and simplestepsfollows with one by one to make more easy. ★ To share yourfriendswith your best photo Face Changer Photo Editor design. FaceChangerPhoto Editor download it and make it simple to used for alltheusers. Share your funniest master-pieces with friends andfamily!Have a lots of fun! Enjoyed....!
Grey's Media
Do you desire to have a flawless face, Do you desire to raiseupyour hand in public and expose you armpit without feelingashamed,Do you desire to get rid of those dark lips and have pinklips, Doyou desire to wear shorts and not be embarrased of yourknees andknuckles Do you desire white teeth. Then this is the rightapp forthat, because we have got you covered. No need spending yourmoneyon chemicals, when you already have this ingredients inyourkitchen. We have various videos and articles on natural skincarewhich have worked for millions of people , and if you needmorearticles and videos just drop it in the comment section
Mermaid Fashion Makeup 1.0.5
Beautiful mermaid princess and handsome mermaid prince willhavetheir happy wedding soon. Come to help them make up and dressupnice for their wedding. First step, you need to giveprincessmermaid a wonderful facial makeover. Help her clean hairand facecarefully and get rid of her red pimples one by one. Trimhereyebrows and then give her warm stream facial spa and putfacialand eyes masks for her. After that you can put some facialcreamsto make her face skin look fresh and attractive. When youfinishthis step, you will get one trophy. Second step, you need touseour given cosmetics to help princess make up beautifully.Choosesuitable eyebrow shapes and color for her. Use thefoundationmake-up to make her facial skin look fashionable.Decorate herbeauty with lipsticks and cheek colors. Don’t forget tochoose onebeautiful hairstyle. Thirdly, you can try your best todress upmermaid with gorgeous wedding dresses and accessories. Nextstageis for prince mermaid, you can play mini games to win enoughcoinsto open every stage for prince. Use the same method to make upanddress up for mermaid prince. At last, princess and prince canhavetheir excellent wedding happily. Have fun and show us.Features: 1.Help mermaid princess to do facial makeover 2. Make upfor mermaid3. Dress up beautifully for princess 4. Make up anddress up forprince How to play: 1. Use shampoo to wash hair forprincess 2.Clean face skin for her 3. Get rid of her red pimplesand blackeyes 4. Give her stream spa 5. Help her make facial andeyes masks6. Put some facial creams on her face 7. Use foundationmake-up forprincess 8. Select suitable eye brow shapes and colorsfor her 9.Decorate her beauty with other given cosmetics 10. Dressup mermaidwith beautiful wedding dresses 11. Use the same methodsto make upfor prince mermaid 12. Show us their wedding at last
Pretty Betty 1.0.6
★Can you see that?Looks like someone is going to Level Up fromUglyto a Beauty★Chubby cheeks with face full of pimples,and theplumpybody which can only fit into XXL clothings...I thought Iwould haveto live like this for the rest of my life,gettingrejected here andthere,but according to Spoon and Bowl...What? It'sEZ to become aBeauty from a Common Girl?Tap or Drag Beauty Itemsthat are hidingin your house!Your body will react with thoseitems,and Gold willrain upon you♥From eyes, nose, and mouth to yourhairstyle andfashion!Customize your looks, and turn into the Beautyyouwant.Depending on the looks that you go for,you can unlock27different fates of the Beauty!!!The place where anyone can becomeabeauty!Rebellion of Common Girls start now!Become the creatorofthe Beauties!
Face Changer Photo Editor 2.0
Alvina Gomes
Face Changer Photo Editor yourself on choose your own photoswithbest style photo collection.Select portion that you changewithyour face and place it all the stickers according to your usetomake your face funny.=> Here You can having more varietyofstickers for your best face photos.=> You can pick abeststickers.=> You can also select any one Cutting face.=>Youcan share your Face Changer Photo with your friends on FacebookorTwitter.=> You can save the photo in your "Face ChangerPhotoEditor" in your sd card.Face Changer Photo Editor usedseveraltypes of stickers to make your face more funny :1. Cap2.Beard3.Earnings4. Ears5. Eyelash6. Eyes7. Eye wear (Sunglasses)8.Hair9.Hair band10. Head11. Horror12. Lips13. Mask14.Mouth15.Moustache16. Nose17. Tattoo18. TieMost Usable Features :1.Morethan 100+ Stickers available for your Face changer PhotoEditor.2.Change the size according to your face shape.3. You canset opacityaccording to image sticker which way you suitable.4. Allthe SaveFace changer Photo in one particular area on the startscreen ofFace Changer Photo Editor.5. All the user can easily usedandsimple steps follows with one by one to make more easy.6. Toshareyour friends with your best photo Face Changer PhotoEditordesign.Face Changer Photo Editor download it and make itsimple toused for all the users.
Hijab Face Changer 6.0
After tremendous success of our Face Changer Apps, we bring youthemost demanded Hijab, Niqab, Burka, Abaya Face Changer app.Everwanted to see how you will look in a Niqab or Burka? Everdreamedof wearing full body Burka then this App is for you. Hijab,Niqab,Burka, Abaya - there are lots of different kinds of coveringswornby some women all over the world. Some wear a headscarf tocovertheir head and hair, while others wear a burka or niqab, whichalsocovers up their face. Headscarves are seen as a sign ofmodesty.Three piece suit worn by some Women is known asBurqa/Burka. Thisitem includes three pieces: Lining: an abaya likelong dress withlong sleeves that can be worn as lining with otherAbayas andJibabs too. Burka/Burqa: a full length enveloping outergarmentworn over the lining. Niqab/Veil: Breathable and lightweightyetnot see through and has a tie closure for comfort. Select aHijab,select your photo from gallery, adjust your face and save.Done!This app received immense response from all the Cross SectionsofCommunity. This app also doubles up as face changer, faceswap,dress up app keep updating for more South Brides and fun!
Decorate My Face: Makeup and Pretty Maker 3.0
Pavaha Lab
Decorate My Face is a best of make up apps, easy tochangehairstyle, add crown and hat on head or glasses stickers.Makeupand Pretty Maker easy to enhance skin with 25 filter effects,it'sperfect app for makeup and selfie camera. Your don't knowwhichhairstyle is right for you, This app provide hairstyle changerhelpto change your hair or glasses. Put crown on your head, Youwilllook like a queen with make up and hundreds style of crowns orover20 kind of hats. Decorate My Face has over 100 lovely andcutestickers for decorate and makeup, emojis for funny, add textonphoto. Make perfect and beauty with simple and easy selfiephotoediting.
Mixo - Face affinity score 1.1.3
Mixo - The easiest way to determine the affinity score oftwofaces.Enjoy a variety of fun facial synthesis method!How touse:1.Touch [+] button and add a facial photo. you can usecameraapp(like cymera, line camera etc.) or gallery app.2. Basic,Eye,Line-Pixel, Half-Mix, ... check out variety facialchemistryscore!3. Share your mixo score to Facebook, twitter,Instagram,etc..- Left photo is a anchor point. So, the order ofphoto will beaffected a score.- The opposite sex will get a higherscore.- Exactface-point-allocate will get the more accuratescore.Features:-Face warp and morph - Face blending- Eye compareand blending-Half-Mix-Face
Webvi - K-pop IDOL style avatar emoji maker 1.5.11
# Create character emoji # Licensed characters do not worryaboutcopyrights Create emoji You can make your own unique emoji.Let’senjoy your own unique gif emoji for free! * emoji madewithlicensed characters - Create and share character emojiwithFacebook, Blog - Create funny avatar - Create your own storywithnew stickers and various background - Share your emoji videowithfriends, lovers ■ Permission details •WRITE_EXTERNAL_STORAGE:Permission to save emoji •READ_EXTERNAL_STORAGE: Permission tosave emoji
Cat Face Camera Editor 6.1
Seeing the face of cats like irritated, so it occurred todipikiranyou to look like a cute cat faceWith application Cat FaceCameraEditor, you can create your favorite photo look like a cat'sfaceByadding a cat face sticker: cat whiskers, cat ears, cateyesCat FaceCamera Editor feature :★ Simple User InterfaceApplication★ Easy touse★ Open picture direct from your gallery★Huge collection CatFace, rabbit face, doggy face , rainbow andanime eye tears★ EasyDrag, rotate and resize with your hand★Preview Mode before saveand share★ Save to SD card★ Share yourpictures through Socialmedia★ No internet connection required★ FreeAppCat Face CameraEditor How to use:★ Open image from your gallery★Choose yourfavourite photos★ Add and choose Cat Face sticker★ Dragit to yourimage★ Resize and rotate it with multitouch★ Touch nextto previewmode★ Share your great Cat Face photo to your friends★ Orsave itto your deviceContact us if your device not supported orhaveproblem with This Cat Face Camera EditorThank You
Face Swap Celebrity Camera 31.0
Enjoy Live Face Swap on Camera with Lots of Mask of AllDifferentCategories :) Fast , Accurate and Light Weight Applicationthatgives you the experience of Live Face Swapping onCameraMainFeatures******CELEBRITY FACE SWAPOur Main and Trendingfeature thatlet you pick any of your Favorite Celebrity Face fromWeb andAutomatically put on your own face on Live Camera .******LIVE FACESWAP Perform live face swapping on camera with Unlimitedmask ofdifferent category .Create own mask of your best friend,family orcelebrity and apply that on your own face liveCamera******AUTOFACE SWAPJust Select Photo from gallery and swap itautomaticallywith any of face in face store( Face store is createdby yourselfyou can create any number of faces for swapingpurpose)*****MANUALFACE SWAPCUT as many as face you want and Placemanually over otherphoto faces with seamless blending .Make videoof live camera faceswapping and share with your friend on differentsocial networkeasily.
Face Makeup 1.9
Have you ever dreamt of becoming, a beauty queen, by wearing acrownon your head? If yes, then you can become so by using thefacemakeup app. Face makeup is a photo makeup editor, whichenables youto enhance the beauty of your pic with some amazingface editingfeatures. This face makeup beauty app provides youwith a completeface makeup package and beauty accessories like thecooling glasses,earrings, crown, wigs etc. Take a snap ofyourself, enhance it withbeauty makeup options like facefoundation to tune your face,lipstick and blushes, dark spotremoval, wrinkles removal,pigmentation removal, removing blemishesusing a blemishes remover,teeth and skin whitening, eye tuning andbeauty accessories. Usethis face makeup app or beauty cameraPicture editor, to tune yourface, for a makeover. Explore thebeauty accessories for a makeoverof your pic, using this face tunepic editor and makeup cam app, orphoto makeup app and makeup PhotoEditor. Get the feel of a beautyparlour or a beauty salon, usingthis face makeup app and facemakeup salon app. Apply trendymakeup, to tune your face, using thisfashion and beauty app, orphoto makeover app and eye makeup photoeditor. This beauty cameraapp is like a face makeup set ideally fora face makeup for girls.This teeth whitening photo app or eyemakeup app photo editor isone of the best teeth whitening apps forpictures or teethwhitening app for photos. Key features 1. Use thecamera option ofthis selfie photo Editor or make up camera app, totake a snap. 2.Face foundation Improve your skin tone, by applyingface foundationof different colours and enhance the face beauty. 2.Blemishesremover The blemish remover or blemish editor, provides uswith thefollowing options, to remove the blemishes. Pimple removerThepimple remover, enables us to eliminate the pimples, to improvetheskin tone. Get a clear skin, by removing all the pimples, usingthepimples remover or acne remover. Dark spot remover Remove thedarkspots to enhance your face beauty. Wrinkles remover Removethewrinkles, to improve the skin tone. Pigmentation removerEliminatepigmentation to improve your skin tone. The blemishremover orblemishes removal app, enables you to get rid of theblemishesmanually and automatically. The pimples remover or pimplesremovalapp, gives you a flawless skin. 3. Lip colour changer Numberof lipcolour options to enhance your face beauty. 4. Eye changerEyecolour changer Number of options to change your eye colour.Eyeenlargement Enlarge your eye. Eye brightening Brighten youreye.Dark circle remover Remove any kind of dark circles around theeye.Eye lashes toner Tune your eye lashes thereby enhancing yourfacebeauty, using this face makeup cosmetic beauty app and facemakeupediting app, or face makeup photo app and blemish removerphotoeditor free. 5. Makeup blushes Apply blushes of differentcolors,to enhance your face beauty, using this face tuning app andfaceenhancer, or face makeup editor app and picture makeup editor.6.Whitening makeover Teeth whitening Make your teeth lookbeautifulby whitening it, using this tooth whitening app and makeupfaceapp, or beauty editor app. Skin whitening The skin whiteningoptionof this whitening face app, enables you to whiten your skin.7.Blur makeup filter Use the blur filter options of this PictureFaceEditor, to give your photo a blurry look. 8. BeautyaccessoriesChoose your favourite beauty accessories, using thisbeauty makeuptool and natural eye makeup editor, or makeup cameraapp and eyemakeup tips app . Face makeup is one of the best makeupapps andBeauty apps for pictures, or beauty apps for women.Download thistop beauty makeup app and face makeup app, or eyemakeup app forgirls and face makeup editor for photos, for free,and tune yourface for a flawless skin.
Live Emoji Face Stickers 1.1
Live Emoji Face StickersLive Emoji face Stickers is The mostamazingapp for make a beautiful face emoji ! App is the ultimateand thebest “free mood sticker" application for everyone. Prepareyourcamera, take a photo and use this “photo editor”. You canadd“lovely smiley” and “change your face style”.Make your face tobean emoji face. Different kind of emojis for all occasions youwillfind here like heart shaped eye emoji’s, smiley emojis,funnyemoji’s, part face and more.We have just created a newcollectionof cute "emotion face stickers" and we are completelysure that yougonna love it! You can modify your photos and add youractual moodevery time and everywhere you want with the new freephoto editingprogram: Live Emoji Face StickersDo you like emoji ?Are youlooking for a quite easy and free to add emoji to your photo? LiveEmoji Face Stickers is born for it ! Get it free, make yourphotounique!
How to use: • Select photo either from Gallery or takeitfrom camera. • Set Different types of smiley on yourphotowhatever you want to set. • Adjust size of smiley effectbyzoom in/out tools. • Add different types of effect and filter.•Also add different types of stickers and emoji on photo. •Addstylish different types and size of fonts. • Save your photoandshare with your friends via differentsocialmedia. 

-Mood Faces Photo Editor App contains100+real Smiley Effects with HD collections.
- Set Smiley Effecteasilyin image editor process.
- Choose photo from gallery as wellascamera for best choice.
- Set opacity according to yourphotoeffect.
- Add text facility over image.
- You can share yourPhotowith your friends via social networks
- All the StickerEffects isfree to use and easy for all the users.
- My creationcontains allthe saved inside Live Emoji Face Stickers.
- Saved allthe photo inbest Smiley Effect Photo folder in SD card.Change yourphoto injust few seconds by using our app. It would be great ifyoudownload & use our Live Emoji Face StickersYou willsurelyenjoy this app.

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