Top 24 Games Similar to Bomber Hero 2

Bomber Heroes - Bomba game
BigFox Games
Million of bomber game's fans around theworldare waiting a heir of legendary series game in a past?You will be adventure to mysterious lands, with beautiful anduniquescenery. Collect gold and much powerful items to deal withmonstersand epic bosses.★Feature ★- BOOM!!! Blow up everything you want.- Discovery 7 lands with more than 100 levels.- Collect gold and items to improve your power.- Custom your character.- Touch swipe on any device smoothly phones and tablets.- Share your Facebook.- Multiplayer mode (play with friends) is coming soon★How to play★- Use the navigation controls to move, you can choose 4-buttonorjoystick.- Collect many powerful item quickly.You will be a mostdangerousbomber with a ton of bomb and powerful blast.- Every monsters are cunning, so you should chose a strategytobombing them!- The Bosses, they have horrible skill and special moves. Showyourfriends how you play as best!- Don't worry if you make a mistake, you can buy interestingitemseven life by gold.- And last thing... BOM!!! .★Contact Us ★- We'd love to hear your suggestions and comments. Moreimprovementsand new features are coming, so stay tuned!
Bomber New 2
Bomber New - move through the levels andplacevarious bombs to blow up your opponents. Be careful and don'tgetblown up by enemy bombs yourself! Blow up your friends inthisAndroid game! Place your bombs and catch your opponent inanexplosive trap. Be careful and try not to get blown up on yourownbombs. If you've still got blown up, don't worry, you'll turnintoa ghost and will be able to greatly complicate the lives ofyouropponents! . Bomber New - When playing Bomber New, you will beroleof a bomber so that you will use the bombs to destroyallabstracts, monters and zombies. you have to move through thelevelsand place various bombs to blow up your opponents. Be carefulanddon't get blown up by enemy bombs yourself! Blow up your friendsinthis game! Place your bombs and catch your opponent in anexplosivetrap. Be careful and try not to get blown up on your ownbombs. Ifyou've still got blown up, don't worry, you'll turn into azombieand will be able to greatly complicate the lives of youropponents!.Bomber is a interresting stategy game that is the sameas computergame of Bomberman. Players must search for the key andthe door toget out of the danger area. In each game screen alwayshas crestdangers, pitfalls from evil spirits. Players place bombersto breakthe brick blocks and find the key to open the door in eachlevel.Please pick up gifts to not only increase combat power butalsohelp you overcome more difficult challenges in the Bomber Newgame.Quickly downloading the Bomber New and conquer the challengesofthe game.=================================================Features Game- Game strategy- Attractive sounds- Higher Challenges=================================================Controls- Press direction buttons (Left, Right, Bottom, Up) to moveingame- Press bomb button to place bombs- After some second the bomber automatically buzz to break blockofbricks.- Setting change position button bombs
Bomber 3D 1.12
Bo Rie
When playing Bomber 3D, you will be role of a bomberman so thatyouwill use the bombs to destroy all abstracts, monsters andzombies.Bomberman must kill for all enemies to get out of thedanger area.Place your bombs and boom your opponent in an explosivetrap.Do youlike a bomberman game ? This game is for you ! Quicklydownloadingthe game and conquer the challenges of the game.*****Features*****- Classic bomberman game play, with controls polishedfortouch on screen!- 40 levels- Game strategy- Vividgraphic-Attractive games- Attractive sounds- Higher Challenges-Cutemonsters- Various itemsEnjoy!
Bomber 2.2
DMS Games
Bomber - this is a game that is very similartothe game Dandy, but it's not boring analog, but something newandconservative at the same time. The meaning of the game remainsthesame, your protagonist, Bomberman must destroy obstacles andfightwith enemies. However, the location and the graphics of thegame arevery different from the one in which you played the Dandyin yourchildhood. Living legend in your smartphone - nostalgia forthe old,carefree days!What kind of game to play and download among thousandsofdifferent arcade games, brainteasers and time-killers? Bomber -amodern interpretation of the classic plot, the game willplungeinto the memories of childhood, and of course, will surpriseyouwith new features and colorful designs.Your bomber-man now has more powers, added a new gamemode"Survival". The number of new levels and maps hasincreasedsignificantly, but at the same time, bomber doesn't loseits formercharm. The dream of all kids of the nineties is now inyoursmartphone!Develop your own strategy, make lightning decisions, treatyourenemies unexpected "bomb" surprise! Download this game - it isanopportunity to feel like a kid again.Bomber has retained its original plot, and picturesquelocation,funny and dangerous opponents will not let you call thisgameboring clone of the present legend!
Bombing Bastards: Touch! 1.0.1
Sanuk Games
Have a blast! Bomb oodles of nasty critters in a series of 30wickedmazes! Defeat hellish bosses in heroic fights! Embark on ahilariousjourney with the witty Dr. Wallow to conquer the galaxyin thisexplosively fun arcade game! Features • 5 picturesqueworlds with 30wicked mazes. • A large bestiary of critters toblast. • A multitudeof items and power ups to collect.• 5 hellishboss levels whosepunishing difficulty will only be matched by thesatisfaction you’llget once you beat them.This version of the gameoffers singleplayer, touchscreen-based gameplay. It is totallyfree, supportedwith ads. You won't be pressured with in-apppurchase offers!Kindlynote that we are not interested in mobile UAor F2P monetization atthis point in time: save yourself the hassleof cold-messaging usabout it!
Bomber Ricky 4.0
Traditional bomber game, you will move through the levels andplacevarious bombs to blow up your opponents. Be careful and don'tgetblown up by enemy bombs yourself! Blow up your friends inthisAndroid game! Place your bombs and catch your opponent inanexplosive trap. Be careful and try not to get blown up on yourownbombs. If you've still got blown up, don't worry, you'll turnintoa ghost and will be able to greatly complicate the lives ofyouropponents! Game features:- Colorful graphics- Many types ofbombs-Dynamic gameplay
Bomb Buddies 1.0
Farm game
Bomb Buddies - The famous classicgamebomberman game.It will let you back your childhoodEnjoy bomber game!
Hero Panda Bomber: 3D Fun 1.13
Want to play a game and also help real-life Pandas?Meet HeroPandaBomber, a great game with a classic Bomberman-stylegameplayalready loved by 100,000 users. We're so dedicated to thiscausethat a part of the game proceedings go to the World WildlifeFundto support Giant Pandas.In Hero Panda Bomber you defeat enemiesbycarefully placing bombs in their way. To complete a level youmustfree all the captured panda cubs and defeat all enemies!MainFeatures:✔ Addictive Gameplay. Move through special labyrinthsandplace bombs to destroy boxes and kill the enemies. The goal ineachlevel is to release the trapped Panda cubs after clearing theareaof enemies. This is a classic Bomberman-stylegameplay!✔Hand-crafted Levels. Our Hero Panda must travel through 5differentworlds each with 10 unique levels. Discover more than 20types ofenemies to blast as you advance through the levels andultimatelyfight powerful Bosses. ✔ Power-ups. Each crate that youblow-up canhide a special item for your hero to collect. From coins&diamonds to power-ups such as remote detonators &shields,there's plenty to look for. Use the collected coins &diamondsto increase your life, speed and power.✔ Amazing Graphics.In HeroPanda Bomber you will be delighted by high-quality 3Dgraphics andmodels and accompanied by a beautiful orientalsoundtrack. The gameis set in ancient China, a mystique place thatadds to theexcitement.Hero Panda Bomber is suited for everyone fromsmallchildren to gaming veterans and will also give you a senseofaccomplishment as you are truly supporting the endangeredGiantPandas. Some people may call Hero Panda Bomber to be a KungFuPanda, Taichi Panda or BombSquad single player, but HeroPandaBomber man is much more than that! The game can be playedwithspecial game-pad controllers as well as on the big screen ifyouhave an Android TV.THANK YOU for downloading, playing andratingour game! It means a lot to us. Have FUN!We’re always lookingtohear from our users on how we can make our games moreentertainingso if you have any feedback contact us or follow oursocial channelto connect and stay updated:▶Facebook: ▶Twitter: ▶Google+: downloading this gameyou are agreeing to our terms of service-
Duty Army Sniper 3d shooting 2.5
We present Duty Army Sniper 3d shooting the best shootergames.Youwant a lot of action, shooting and exciting missions?Right now,you can become a sniper shooter, here you will learnshoots withmany kinds of weapons. After the call of back therewar.Now alreadyplayed in this shooting games, show what you can do!Thisfirst-person shooter where you can develop the skills. In GameDutyArmy Sniper 3d shooting, you have to survive in conditionsofunequal battle with the criminal gangs. This sniper game isasimulator of an army sniper who fights against terrorists.Yourduty to kill all the terrorists who have given you the call.Andso, you are in the role of a sniper shooter, the US governmenthassent you on a special mission in which you must destroytheterrorist groupings. The effect of this 3d sniper game takesplacein an abandoned city where criminal gangs hiding, you have togetto him and kill him with one shot to the commander ofthegangsters. - Game First Person Shooter - Many types of weapons -Alot of shooting and action - Realistic graphics Download andplaythis free shooting games.
Dat bom moi nhat
Dat bom - phiên bản bomberman cổ điển, mới nhất, với nhiều mànchơilôi cuốn, hấp dẫn**Tính năng nổi bật - Dat bom bomberman hoàntoànmiễn phí, chơi offline không cần mạng - Nhiều màn chơi đa dạng,vớinhiều loại quái vật, vật phẩm thu hút người chơi - Gameplay cổđiểndễ chơi**Hướng dẫn chơi: - Điều khiển nhân vật bằng các phímmũitên góc trái - Nhấn vào nút có hình quả bom để đặt bom - Tiêudiệttoàn bộ quái vật trong màn chơi, thu thập chìa khóa và tìmđượccổng để qua mànHãy chinh phục thử thách bombermanChúc các bạnchơigame vui vẻ
Classic Bomber 1.0.1
Become superhero bomber. You are inanunequalbattle. Large and powerful enemy, the alone. But inthehands ofpowerful weapons you have. It's the bomb.**************************************************************+ Find the way, bombs destroy all monsters+ Find the key to open the door and move through thenextgamescreen.+ Amazing sound and effects
Bombing Dude 3.3
RJN Tech Lab
Bombing Dude is an awesome 50 level game, where in each levelDudehas to search for a key to unlock the door and enter in thedoor toclear the level.So its that easy and interesting!Justinstall andgive it a try !!If you love this game:Like Bombing DudeFacebookPage :
Bomber Reborn 1.0
Bomber Reborn - move through the levelsandplace various bombs to blow up your opponents. Be careful anddon'tget blown up by enemy bombs yourself! Blow up your friends inthisAndroid game! Place your bombs and catch your opponent inanexplosive trap. Be careful and try not to get blown up on yourownbombs.**********Game features:**********- Battle other players- Many types of bombs- Amazing gameplay
Bomber Troll Multiplayer 1.4.5
meme rage
AN ONLINE BOMBER GAME, BOMBER MEME ANDBOMBERRAGE COMICS (NEW)Special and Beautiful graphics. Super funny enemies.Features:• Excellent gameplay• 48 great maps• 6 Different Enemy Types: Serious Guy, Sad Guy, Mr.Okey…• The funny bomberman with troll face• Bonuses: quantity of bombs, power of explosion, speed, ghostmode,super hero mode.If you like game like bomber man, this game is for you.Enjoy it!
Super Bomb Noms 2.0
Bomb Noms are fun little creatures who love blowing things upwithbombs! Collect them all and battle against people from aroundtheglobe in real time multi player fun!Become the top Bomb Nomtrainerin the world!★ FEATURES ★- Over 60 BOMB NOMS TO COLLECT ANDBATTLE!New Bomb Noms coming soon!- REAL TIME MULTIPLAYER ACTIONagainstpeople from around the world! - BECOME THE BEST as youbattle yourway up the leaderboards!- SHARE YOUR PROGRESS onFacebook! Sendgifts to your friends!- Awesome WEEKLY QUESTS tojoin! Completethem to win great prizes!- CUTE AND COLORFULcharacters!★ HOW TOPLAY ★- Use the directional controls to moveyour Bomb Nom around-Press the Booom! button to place a bomb. Runaway, the explosioncan blow up your Bomb Nom too!- Pick up PowerUps to help you win!-Try to blow up the other player before theyget you!- Beat youropponents 3 matches in a row to win aTournament!- Choose any ofyour Bomb Noms from the collection in theBomb House! You can evengive them a name! ★ FOLLOW US★Follow us andget PROMO CODES whichunlock FREE coins and SPECIAL Bomb Noms in thegame!Facebook★FREE PROMO CODE!★Install the game, then tap this link on your phoneto UNLOCK FREECOINS inside the game!
Dat Bom - Dat Bom Tu Do 1.0.2
Đặt Bom là game thuộc thể loại đạt bom tự do. Được cải biên từĐặtBom Cổ Điển với những tính năng bỗ xung hấp dẫn và hữu ích.Bạnsẽđược đặt bom ở mọi nơi thay vì theo ô.Chức năng game ĐặtBom:-Nhiềubản đồ nhiều màn chơi tăng dần theo cấp độ để bạn chinhphục.-Hệthống cửa hàng với các vật phẩm hỗ trợ tích cực-Hệ thốngđào mỏgiúp bạn kiếm thêm nhiều kim cương.-Hệ thống nâng cấpanhhùng...Nào cùng chinh phục game đặt bom phong cách hoàntoànmớiBomberman's bombs genre reached freedom. Was adaptedfromBomberman Classic with attractive additional functionsanduseful.You will be put bombs everywhere instead ofanumbrella.Function game Bomberman:-Many Map multiplescreensincreases with your levels to conquer.Shop system with theactivesupport articlesMining system to help you earn morediamonds.Systemupgrade hero...Come and conquer game bomb completelynew style
Bomber Mayhem 2.0
Szabolcs Nagy
Blow up enemies with bombs and use a flamethrower to cleardungeons!Destroy boxes to find treasure chests and the doorleading to thenext level.- 100+ levels- Challenge yourself in theweekly survivalmode.- Collect powerups to help you get throughgame level. - 4special bombs for HUGE explosions!- Leaderboards (collect hiddenbonus items for extra score )
Bob the Bomberman
You have to lay bombs to blow free the way to your enemies,collectPower-Ups and defeat your enemies.
Bomberland 1.2
Bomberland: Classic Bomberman game in a NEW greatimplementation!-40 level and more- Global leaderboard- Multi itemon store-Optimized for tablets- Support for Gamepad, Android TV,AndroidBoxGet Bomberland: Bomberman Game to become one of SuperHeroes inzombie planet. Become the strongest Super Hero and protectthisplanet from cruel evils.Bomber Heroes: Bomberland Game –Anexcillent Marvel Super Heroes action game foryoursmartphone.FEATURES- Bom! Bom! Bom! Blow up everything in thewayyou run- Classic Bomberman gameplay - Easy to play hard tomaster-Explore new lands with more than 40 levels- Collect items,gold andhero cards to own the super heroes you love- You can becomeMarvelhero: Captian America, Hulk, Iron woman, Wolverin or HumanTorch-Each hero is representative for an element• Captian AmericaisWater• Hulk is Wood• Iron Woman is Metal• Wolverin is Earth•HumanTorch is Fire- Custom your bomberman with different SuperHerosuits- Variety of unique bombs with different effects- Themonsterswill stronger and stronger. Therefore collect bomb items toconquerthem -----------------------------Gamepad support: MOGAgamepad,IPEGA gamepad, NVIDIA Shield, Xbox 360/PS3/Generic HID/USB,XperiaPLAY, Keyboard, Remote TV, Re-mappable controls
PPSSPP Gold - PSP emulator 1.7.5
Henrik Rydgård
Play PSP games on your Android device, at high definition withextrafeatures! PPSSPP is the best, original and only PSP* emulatorforAndroid. It runs a lot of games, but depending on the power ofyourdevice all may not run at full speed. Buy this Gold versiontosupport development. There is also a free version. Galaxy S7issupported again and works! No games are included withthisdownload. Dump your own real PSP games and turn them into .ISOor.CSO files, or simply play free homebrew games, which areavailableonline. Put those in /PSP/GAME on your SD card / USBstorage. See for more information.
Bomber Crazy
Become superhero bomber. You are in anunequalbattle. Large and powerful enemy, the alone. But in thehands ofpowerful weapons you have. It's the bomb.**************************************************************+ Find the way, bombs destroy all monsters+ Find the key to open the door and move through the nextgamescreen.+ Amazing sound and effects
Bomber Evil 2
Bomber Evil 2 is type of genrebombgamedestroyed the beast to find the key to open the doorthroughthenext challenges. In this new version bomber game, wedevelopedsomefeatures that allows players countervailing trend.Playersmustplace bombs to destroy the remaining players withfunctionsandroles for the players are the same. In each challenge,playerspickup items while breaking the walls to power up toincreasefighting.Who among the players killed all the remainingplayers onthe map,it will win.
Captain Bomberson 1.0.6
Taxim Squared
Captain Bomberson is here to blow you away!The game is beautifully designed preserving the originalretrostyle bomberman game with today's HD graphics to bring youhours offun while telling you the intriguing story of CaptainMarxBomberson saving his best friend, Quentin, from the aliens.Game Play:Help Captain Bomberson score points and advance to the next levelbydropping bombs on strategic points to blow up your enemies andthedestructible walls along a maze.Features:- 50+ unique story levels with colorful themes anddifferentsoundtracks!- 16+ unique enemy types with different abilities!- 4 different Power-ups with levels to make your charactermorepowerful!- Simple and easy touchscreen controls!Not enough?- UNLIMITED LEVELS and GAME PLAY with the "ARCADE MODE"!PS: Please report any bugs you might encounter! Also, sincethereare various Android devices with different screenresolutions, thegame may or may not fit your screen perfectly. Inthis case, pleasecontact us and provide some information aboutyour device's screen,and we will fix the issue with an update assoon as possible!