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Laser Power - (Laser Pointer "SIMULATED & PRANK") 2
Laser Pointer Simulated, is a game to have fun playing jokes toyourfriends with different screen effects and animations.***DISCLAIMER*** Laser Power Pointer is NOT a REAL LASER POINTER. Nolaser beamwill come out of your device. You will only be able tosee thesimulation of effects within the screen of your phone ortablet.This application incorporates three types of differenteffects:Laser effect, broken screen effect and electric screeneffect. Belowwe will explain how you can activate each of thesethree effectsincorporated in this game.Instructions for use andvisualization ofthe three effects included:To be able to visualizethe broken screenand electric screen effect, you must first accessthe laser shotsimulator screen, by clicking on the first button ofthe game (laserpointers), then choose the first type of laserpointer (laserwithout light), then access the laser pointerscreen. Press and holdthe pointer for 20 seconds and you can seethe animation of thepower recharge, once the 20 seconds haveelapsed you will see ananimation simulating that your device isoverloaded and suddenly thebroken screen effect will appear,simulating that the glass of thescreen of your device has beenbroken, at this time if you touch thescreen again the electricscreen effect will appear, simulatinganimated electricity beams onthe screen. But do not worry, this isjust visual animations toplay pranks on your friends, your devicewill not be in any danger.To return to the main menu you must usethe back button of yourdevice.Detailed operation of the game (Howto unlock the pointerwith light? How to get bonuses? How torecharge the energy of thepointer ?:When you start the game youwill have activated the(laser pointer without light) and blockedthe (laser pointer withlight). You must collect virtual coins byplaying the built-in minicoin game or by getting bonuses on thelaser shooting screen.Withthe coin game you can accumulate newcoins every time you reach anew level. There are 1200 progressivelevels, each time you reachlevel 100 you will automatically create100 new levels until youreach level 1200.You can also get bonusesand free coin chests onthe laser pointer screen. Simply access thepointer screen withoutlight and click on the center of the pointerto fire the beam. Foreach shot you will get a coin and if you shootvery fast in arepetitive way you will win bonus multiplier coins upto X50. Butbe careful because every time you make a shot the energydecreasesby one unit. When the energy of the laser pointer hasbeenexhausted you must keep the pointer pressed for 20 secondstorecharge the energy and to access the effects of broken screenandelectric screen.You can also activate and deactivate thevibrationeffect at any time.How to get the laser pointer withlight?Once youhave collected the necessary coins, the laser pointerwillautomatically unlock with light. With this laser pointersimulatorunlike the first you can turn on and off the LED light ofyourdevice every time you make a shot with the pointer.If you keepthenew pointer pressed then it will turn on and off the flash lightofyour phone continuously blinking. Keep in mind that abusive useofthis mode can consume a lot of battery power from your device.Thelighting of the Led light causes the battery level todecreaserapidly.We want you to have a good time with this game andhave funteasing your friends.If you wish you can send us commentsandsuggestions on what types of effects you would like us toincludein new updates
Laser Simulated Prank 3.4
Laser Pointer is a simulated app which simulates wonderfullaserbeam shooting with multi colors.
Weaphones™ Gun Sim Free Vol 1 2.4.0
Welcome to the world of Weaphones, the ultimate firearmssimulatorfor your phone or tablet.Blurring the line between digitalandphysical, Weaphones combines the two to create a fullyinteractivereal world experience. Switch off the safety, load themagazine,rack the slide and fire, all without having the copscalled onyou.Ergonomically designed, Weaphones fit naturally intotheshooter’s hand. All the important controls are located withinafinger’s reach. The ability to resize, flip, zoom and relocatetheWeaphone assures perfect fit no matter the size of handorscreen._______________________________» Realistic Sound,Smoke,Flash & Recoil Effects» Full Interaction and Control»AuthenticWeapon Mechanics» Mini-Games and Accessories» DetailedFull HDGraphics» 100% Customizable to Fit User’s Hand Size andPreference→ Lefty Flip → Rotate 180° → Scale → Move» UserAdjustableVariables → Unlimited Ammo → Auto Reload →WeaponJamming/Overheating → Accelerometer Reloading → CameraFlashShooting → Multi-Device Linking Android to Android or iOStoAndroid (e.g. C4 and Detonator)» Weapon State Indicator (“Why AmINot Shooting”)» Ultra Detailed Step-By-Step Animated TutorialforEach Weaphone» Multi-Touch, Accelerometer & CameraFlashSupport» Social Media DrivenFutureContent_______________________________WeaponTypes:PISTOLSASSAULTRIFLESMGSLIGHT MACHINE GUNSNIPERRIFLESHOTGUNGRENADE &C4CROSSBOWRPGMINIGUN40MMGRENADELAUNCHER_______________________________» Check out thead-freeversion for more exclusive benefits
Laser Pointer Animals Joke 2.1
Vasya Bond
Laser Pointer Animals Joke Laser Pointer Animal joke -everyoneloves lasers particularly funny jokes! Make, type of lightfrom thelaser if the phone will compete for your cat! Funnyjokes,especially like your cat! Wear with a hand-held laser, alwaysbeready to play for friends and family! ATTENTION! The gamewascreated for fun and jokes and does not bear any harm! This isnot areal laser - it is only a simulator! You can download the gamenowis completely free to use and without an internet connection!Leaveus your feedback and evaluation, we really appreciateyourfeedback!
Laser Flashlight 🔦 1.6
Laser flashlight - simulator of rays of the pointer fromflashcamera phone! Powerful light flashlight gadget, complementedby thefamiliar image of the actual pointer on your phone screen,createsthe illusion of the real laser pointer! Use the flash oftheflashlight as a strobe to the music! Of course, the raysledflashlight paws weaker than xenon headlights at the car, butcandamage eyesight or blind! Be careful - don't shine a flashlightinthe eye! Install the simulator and remember as a kid playing withalaser pointer shined in the sky and planes, the windows oftheneighbors on the class board in the school and played with a catordog!ATTENTION! Laser flashlight pointer simulator from flashphone!The application does not improve the gadget, and notintroducingthe new technology! Led bulb in the flashlight cannotshine a laseror xenon light! The simulator is designed to drawfriends andacquaintances
Simulator Laser 3D Joke 1.9
Simulator Laser 3D JokeLaser 3D simulator joke - this is agameapplication simulator joke, where you can play on your phone asa3D laser. Love beautiful laser? Like to play with 3D laserswithyour friends? Want to yourself laser but do not allow parents?Forrealism using the camera!Then use our secure 3D laser pointer!Withthis laser simulator you can play and be sure that someone isnotno harm!Make fun and play your friends and lovedones!Attentionjoke game created for pranks and practical jokes andis absolutelysafe for your health!Download the game for free, youcan now playanywhere and because it does not require aninternetconnection!Thank you for playing our games and apps! Leaveusfeedback and we will try to make them more interesting for you!
Broken Screen Prank 5.0
Be noted:Broken Screen is just a prank/simulated app used forfun,it simulates the broken screen effect to play with yourfriends. Itwill not harm your phone.Broken Screen Prank is aclassic funny appused to prank your friends. When you touch yourphone screen, theapp simulates the cracked screen and loud crackingsounds on yourphone. It looks like you use your finger to break andcrack yourphone. The broken effect is so realistic that all yourfriends willbelieve that your phone was broken and they will bescared.AppFeature:✔ Realistic crack wallpaper and breaking glasssound.✔Crack your screen by touching or shaking.✔ Destroy yourphonescreen by other effects such as fire screen andelectricscreen.Recent changes:Enable to remove crack effect byclick thenotification;Support Android SDK Version 25;Improveuserexperience;
Laser for cat 4.0
Laser for cat is the best way to entertain your cat! Your animalhasto catch the laser pointer using own paw. Cat attacks thelaserpoint and tries to catch it as fast as possible. It's good waytokeep your cat in a good condition.When your cat will catchthepointer - laser will change it's position. Your cat can playthisgame all night long. This is a never ending game for cats!
Laser Lightsaber Simulator 1.2
I have long wanted to feel like a knight of our age and competewithyour friends using a lightsaber? It is now possible! DownloadLaserLightsaber app and get to the battle of the Millennium.Keepyourphone in your hand like you have a real sword! Choose thecolor ofthe laser, the shape and size of the handle of the sword.The gameuses vibration, light and sound effects for reality. Thebattleeffect will be felt stronger when playing in a dark room orwhen itgets dark.Fight with a lightsaber like a true warrior orplayparents, if you have a laser sword in your phone.SimulatorLaserLightsaber is a joke, the game is not actually a dangerousweaponthat nobody could harm. The app designed for games and fun!
Laser Pointer Simulated 100 2 X Beams Red Blast 1
Laser pointer simulated 100 2 X beams red blast, a super funappthat contains a laser pointer simulator. Let your kids playthelaser pointer simulated without worrying about the damage thatareal laser pointer could cause in their eyes. Also enjoy theminigame included, which will allow the user getting coins to getnewfeatures for the laser pointer.*** Disclaimer: This is justlaserpointer simulated on the screen of your mobile device, phoneortablet. Don’t think this a real laser pointer, nor think thatareal laser light will come out of your phone through thecamera.***The first time you use this laser pointer simulator app,thereis a laser pointer that you can use from the very firstmoment.Instructions and recommendations about how to use the laserpointerare given in different parts of this free game. To make thelaserray flowing, just tap on the laser pointer. Clicking repeatedtimeson it shall provide you with plenty of coins, which will helpyouunlock the strobe light feature. Initially the stroboscopiclightfeature is locked, but getting coins is one part of what theplayerneeds in order to achieve unlocking this awesome feature.Thefaster you tap on the laser pointer, the more coins and bonusyouget. Tap as fast as you can, or keep your finger on top ofthelaser pointer during 20 seconds, that way, the player chargestheenergy of the laser pointer to the maximum until a redblasthappens, simulating the screen of your mobile device gettingbrokenand simulating electric shocks wherever you tap on the screenofyour phone or tablet. Click on the back button of your devicetocontinue playing this free game.There are some other waystoincrease the number of coins, as for example: passing levels onthemini game you can find as part of this game, sharing onsocialnetworks, downloading more games or watching videos. Allthese waysto augment the rewards are found in several screens ofthe laserpointer simulated app.The mini game is essential in thelaserpointer simulator game. The player needs to pass at least 35levelsin order to get the super feature of the strobe light. So,justplaying the mini game is enough to achieve unlocking it.Everylevel the user passes, 10 free coins of reward to increasethecounter of coins. The mini game is so fun. The goal is to putallthe left squares on the imaginary circumference where thesquaresthat rotate around the big central square are. Each time theusertaps on the screen, a small square is thrown against thecentralsquare. Every level follows a pattern of movements, so iftheplayer finds a difficult level, the best way to pass itismemorizing the pattern of moves., so the small squares canbethrown in a wise way. Some features of the mini game:One tapgameplay. Just one tap is enough to throw a small square to thecentralsquare.Minimalistic design. Simple and fun can go alongtogether.Wehope you enjoy and get fun playing the laser pointersimulated 1002 X beams red blast. We would be happy to improve thelaser pointersimulator app with your help and according to what theusers wouldlike to have in the coming versions. We would appreciateyourfeedback through ratings, comments or emails.
Guns 1.118
Guns is a realistic simulator with shooting range experience,whichhas most popular guns/weapons and their information,includingHandguns, Shotguns, Sub-Machine Guns, Assault Rifles,SniperRifles, Machine Guns, Grenades, Knives.Tap the screen orshake tofire, tap menu for settings.Camera permission is only forcamerapreview in target mode, won't actually take pictures.
Simulator Laser 1.5
Simulator LaserLaser Simulator - a game simulator joke app,whereyou can play with the phone as a laser! Enjoy all the gameswithlasers? I think already tried everything? Then play in ourlaser!For realism using the camera!With this laser simulator youcan playand make sure that someone does not do no harm! Fun topretend thatyou have a real laser!Make fun and play your friendsand lovedones!Warning game joke created for pranks and practicaljokes andis absolutely safe for your health! Arrange with yourfriends onthe fight standing on lasers!Download the game for free,and youcan now play anywhere, since it does not require aninternetconnection!Thank you for playing our games! Leave usfeedback andwe will try to make them even more interesting!
Laser 100 Beams Funny Joke 2.5
Laser Beams 100 funny jokesThis app is intended forentertainmentpurposes only and does not provide true Laser.100Laser Beams FunnyJoke - this is a game simulation of a jokeapplication where youcan play on your phone like a laser. Love thebeautiful laser? Yousmall one beam and you want more of them? Forrealism usedcamera!Then use our secure laser pointer! With thislaser simulatoryou can play and be sure not to anyone not harm!Makefun and playyour friends and loved ones!Warning game joke createdfor pranksand practical jokes and is absolutely safe for yourhealth!Thankyou for playing our apps! Leave us feedback and we willtry to makethem even better for you!
Fire Laser Simulator 1.0
Fire Laser SimulatorFire Laser Simulator - an applicationjokinglyturning your phone into a battle laser!Now you have theopportunityto juggle various objects for fun.In a joke, set fire toa match orburst an inflatable ball!Play friends by pretending thatthe laserdoes have a burning effect.Try to burn out the patterns onthetree, surprising everyone around!Share the app with yourfriends,have fun together!Get experience points and discover newcombatlasers with unique properties.For the most convincingdrawings,collect the entire collection.For the most realisticapplication inthe application camera!Direct the beam of your battlelaser toanything that pleases.Arrange not forgotten pranksfollowing thereaction of the players being played.It is very funny!Charge agood mood for a long time! Attention is only a simulator ofthelaser, it is not real! The application was created for the sakeofrallies and entertainment.The laser beam is not capable ofburningobjects!Does not cause any harm to health.Leave yourcomments andratings!Have fun with us!
Fake Call 0.23
In fake call game you can simulate an incoming call.Disclaimer:fakecall game does not have a real incoming call feature - it justasimulated incoming call.Features:Schedule the fake incomingcall.Seta characters for example fake call from the police,girlfriend orpizza.Change caller picture and number.
Moving laser point for cat
If you love your cat and you want to play with the kitty usemovinglaser point for cats! It's an entertaining app which showsthelaser pointer on the phone screen. It's moving quickly, so yourcatwill try to catch it. You can choose the speed, size and typeofthe moving point. Play and take care of the condition of theanimalby using a laser for cats. Main features of the game forkitty: -customizable laser point showing on the screen (size,speed,image), - the best entertainment for your little tiger, -realisticmovement of laser, - downloadable for free!
Pocket Dogs GO 1
A development game for children in augmented reality, withcognitiveinformation about the pets of our planet. Mobile dogsencyclopediagame.In the encyclopedia game Pocket Dogs GO you canfeel like areal hunter on funny puppies. Track the dog with thebuilt-in radarand follow the trail. Find all the hidden puppy inyour city!Youhave to look for and catch the disguised funny andcheerful homepets in the real world with the help of a radar and asmartphonecamera. Move through the streets of the city, parks andsquares,even inside buildings and with the help of radar findhidden dogs.As soon as you track down the puppy, rather throw ared ball intoit, so it will fall into your phone. Collect all thepets in yourcollection!Pocket DogsGO uses augmented realitytechnology andrequires you to move around to find pets. Be carefulnear theroadway, remember safety!
Laser for cat. Simulator 1.1
Fresh & Mint
Laser pointer for cats is a simulator game for grown catsandkittens! Laser dot appears on game screen, cat sees it and triestocatch! Tease cats with a colored dot, make fun of your kitten!Catslove to play with laser dot! Play with cats to make them purr!Ifcat is bored, the app Laser for Cat will cheer him (or her)up!Happy cat is the guarantee for joy house!Attention! Laser forCatis a joke, a simulator game! The phone camera cannot projectanimage or laser beam on any surface! The laser dot appears ONLYonscreen!
Meow: Laser point for cat 1.6
Meow: Laser point for the cat - a simulator light point alaserpointer, for which so love to hunt cats and kittens! Want toplaywith his fluffy darling? Use your phone! The screen shows areddot, as from a laser pointer, and any cat that sees thispoint,immediately starts after her, trying to catch her paws!Intheapplication, you can change the color, size and speed of thelaserspot, which means no cat will not remain indifferent tothisgame!Love kittens and your phone? Then play with that, andtheother at the same time! The larger the screen of your phone,theeasier will catch point your pet!With this simulator youcandevelop a reaction and endurance of your cat! There is no dangerofburn or scare your pet, because the paint simulator pointlaserpointer is absolutely safeLike cats as we love them! Meow!
app simulated laser pointer 2.0.1.v
Laser pointer Simulated App Android phones and tabletssupportedsince version 2.3.*** The application of laser tero pun isa game,not a real laser pointer, only simulate the laser beam onthescreen of your mobile phone ***We present the application oflaserpointer simulated for Android phones and tablets. This gamecandownload for free and start using the first laser pointer fromthebeginning.There are 3 different laser pointers:The redlaserpointer, which is already unlocked so you can use it. Havefunusing this wonderful laser pointer simulator combiningdifferenttype of laser beam on the screen shots. To access it youwill findthat you can use many different options, for example youcan enableor disable the flash strobe on each shot, to launch thelaser beamyou just have to click on the center of the pointer wherethe wordTap appears !, press a time and a red beam will clickrepeatedly toappreciate the fabulous special sound effects withevery shot. Fromthis screen you can change the color of your auraof laser light,simply click on the colored circles that appear tothe right of thescreen. You have three options, the green circle,red and blue.Choose the color you prefer and then touch the centerof the laserpointer and see how the beam changes color each coloralso carriesassigned a special sound effect. By default flash lightis turnedon but if you want to use you simply click on the bulb onthe leftto turn it off ... use this option as a flashlight or foruse inthe disco. The best effects are seen in low light or darkroom. Youcan also turn the vibrator on your phone, each time youcast alaser beam the phone vibrates but clicking on the iconvibrationcan disable this option. Of course if you do not want tobotherwith the sound you can turn it off with the speaker button itislocated below left.The yellow laser pointer. This is thesecondlaser pointer and to use it you must unlock previously. Tounlockyou have to get 20 blue diamonds. These diamonds will getfreeplaying game that incorporates bubbles laser application. Foreachnew level bubble game you get beat you gain a new diamond. Getyourfirst 20 diamonds to unlock the second laser pen. Once thelaserpointer yellow access enabled screen shots and see rays andspacesounds are new, with each laser pen you get get new rays andenablenew laser sound effects.The laser pointer purple. This isthelatest laser pointer you can get, and is the most difficulttoobtain. You'll have to acquire 80 diamonds to unlock it, buttheroad will be fun and full of excitement. When all thesediamondsfree reúnas you can use the best and most beautiful of alllaserpointer. This will be your biggest challenge, cruise by alllevelsof incredible bubble game space, covering each of itshundredlevels. You traveled by all that this great game worlds lieswiththe fun of progressive difficulty awaits you overcome. Useyourlaser cannon to shoot balls of colored glass. There are 8differenttypes of balls with each level will discover. Gray, blue,yellowand pink are the most common but hurry the roof of thespacecraftwill drop suddenly if you hurry much to produce yourshot. Aimdirectly at the target or use the walls to bounce yourcrystalballs and get fit them between balls of the same color toproducethe explosion and the roof unstuck. Eliminate all the ballsin eachlevel to complete it and to continue with the nextchallenge.Thankyou for downloading this app simulated laserpointer.We arecelebrating the 5 million downloads and the secondanniversary ofits publication.
X5 Laser Pointer Simulated X5-2
X5 Laser Pointer Simulated a funny app with a laserpointersimulator. Several light colors: red, blue, green andviolet. Youcan allow your kids play this app without worrying aboutthe damagethat a real laser light could cause on their eyes; justneed a bitof imagination to play laser wars like a pro. A strobelight ispart of this app making it more fun. To use thestroboscopicflashlight feature, your phone or tablet needs to havea built-incamera flash light.* This is just a laser pointersimulator, sothis app just simulates a laser pointer. No laserlight or beamshall come out of your Android device *This free appis formed byseveral parts:Laser Pointer SimulatedPlaying this isvery simple:just tap on the laser pointer and a simulated laserlight shallcome out from the laser pointer. * The laser light shalljust besimulated on your smartphone or tablet screen * There are 4colorsfor the laser light: red laser light, blue laser beam, greenlightand violet. Besides, you can unlock the feature to use thelaserpointer along with the strobe flash light. Initially only theredlight is available. To unlock other laser lights and thestrobelight feature the user needs to collect virtual coins. Togetvirtual coins you can share the app on your favouritesocialnetwork: WhatsApp, Facebook, Twitter, Google Plus or others,on thecoin zone or on when some dialog message shall appear forthiscause. Also watching rewarded videos is a way to gettheappreciated currency. Last but not least playing the bubbleshootermini game is a way to get virtual coins. Every new level youpass,a reward you get.The mini games2 free mini games are includedintothe first app version.Bubble ShooterClassic game based onmakingshooting bubbles to match-3 or more groups of balls of thesametype. More than 500 levels are awaiting full of fun. 2 gamemodes:classic and arcade. Remember that every level you pass is abunchof virtual coins you get. The increasing difficulty and thelargenumber of levels can provide hours and hours of fun. Playingisvery easy, mastering is not much easy. Just tap on the screenatthe point where you want the be launched to, the ball shallboundon the walls of the scenario. Advance on the game to getnewrewards. The simple and well polished design make it easy toplayfor longer periods of time.2048The second mini game isjustincluded to provide fun but not to collect coins. This game wasaclassic on 2014 and still nowadays many people like. Slideyoufinger right, left, up or down to merge numbers that are equalandmake the largest number possible. The strategy to followisimportant to make bigger numbers.The pianoAs you could see, wehavemixed the laser pointer simulator with a set of mini games togetcoins and to play just for fun. With entertainment purpose, wehavealso added a piano simulator. You can play simple music piecesonit. The piano keyboard is not large, but enough to playsomeentertaining musical pieces.The flash light areaHere you canenjoya lantern and strobe light. Just select the type of flashlight youwant to and click on the toggle button.We hope you enjoythis laserpointer simulated and its accompanying games.
Pocket Laser Pointer Joke 1.0
Pocket Laser Pointer JokeHandheld Laser Pointer Joke - This isagame simulator joke, where you will be able to shine alaserpointer from the phone.Love lasers, but you are constantlyplantedbattery? Try our unique real laser that shines in a cameraphone.Make fun of a friend or someone you know that you have a reallaserpointer, which produces a beam from your phone!Use your laser,asmuch as possible, which would be paid for it and you can buynewand more powerful laser pointers.Become the best master ofthelaser among their friends, beat the records in a uniquesimulatorLaser 2017!Thank you for playing with us, leave yourfeedback andwe will improve the game in the next update!
Laser for dogs ? Simulator 2.1
Laser for dog – a perfect toy to draw attention! Does youcreaturelove attention? Play with it and see how your pet willreact! Thisanimals app is suitable for adult fluffy dogs and forpuppies.Imagine projecting beams 3d from your phone’s camera –bright toyson the screen sim. Try playing with your companion – seeif s/hetries to catch a lazer red dot on the screen.Enjoy watchingpuppyplaying – very funny prank! A perfect congenial toys joke foryourlovely creature. Imagine projected flashlight beam and spendthetime playing with your puppy. Take care of your companion – doesitlove having fun with a cane? Time to try something new! Whataboutflashlight beams lazors prank simulator? Imagine lasersprojectionand let your pets play! There will be no real lazerbeamsprojection 3d, because it’s an imitated lazer, but you can useyourimagination and feel like projecting real beams.You don’t needatranslator to play with your companion with a doggy dotsprojectionsim. If you also own a cat, it will like playing too!Enjoywatching pets joy – every pet love bright toys! Lazer beamprank –perfect for pets, a realistic imitation oflasersprojection.Flashlight pointer prank – try to simulate adoggypointer! Simulators with a flash games – fun game. Will yourpetbelieve in simulated lazers red dots? We hope yourdomesticcreature likes our simulations on the screen! App isperfect forevery breed: doberman, pomchi, bull terrier, boxer andso on. Allowners should take care of animals!Invite puppy'sattention to thelazers pointer imitation and watch pets! Doggyflash light willblink to joke pet. We hope fluffy fun dogs lovehaving fun with aflashlight joke! Imagine that prank is real –pretend there arefalling dots, pointers and other toy for funnyanimals. Play withanimal, no matter what kind of dog you own -doberman, pomchi, bullterrier, boxer or some else. Pomeranian maybe? Or maybe you own acat? Cats will like this lazers simulatortoo! Do you like fluffydogs? We highly recommend you this toy! Yourpuppy will like lazorbeam imitated toys. Turn on a flash light,imagine a lazor beamsand let puppy play. Let your puppies imaginethat flash light is aprojector of a lazor red dot. Every animallikes to play with alazors - so make your puppy happy! All you needis a flash lightand lazers red dot imitation. Spend the time withyour domesticanimal, we hope you'll have a lot of fun!Note: this isnot a reallaser beam projection, but a quite realistic joke. Laserdot willonly be on the screen. Don’t play with a sleeping domesticanimalusing lasers – let your puppies have a rest. Don’t tease catsandother animals if they don’t like playing with a flashlightlazerssimulator.App features:~ Dog games~ Dog games for free~ Lazerdogs~Free lasers simulator~ Real laser toy joke~ Leser beamsimulationtoy~ Animal games for free~ Pet games for free~ Lazor fordog sim~Lazor dot imitator for puppies~ Toys for doberman, pomchi,bullterrier, boxer, pomeranian and other puppies
X-Laser Piano Simulated 9
★ ☆ ★ Welcome to the World of X-Laser pointers simulatedmobilephone and Android tablet.This application is free and youcandownload it and start playing directly.* X-Laser simulated isagame, not a real laser. The laser beam will not leave yourdevice,only look inside the screen of your phone or tablet creatingasimulation *Also this set has a flashlight that can change atanytime using the LED light flash your mobile phone. Theflashlightonly works on phones or tablet incorporating LED flash onthecamera.DESCRIPTIONIn the main menu you will find threeoptions:❶Option 1 (Icon X-Laser)❷ Option 2 (Icon X-Balls)❸ Option 3(IconX-Flashlight Led)X-LASER - HOW DOES IT WORK?By accessingoption 1you will enter the selection screen X-Laser pointers. Thefirstpointer comes unlocked and you can start using it at any time.Theremaining X-Laser pointers can unlock getting coins playingX-NeonBalls Trigger X (Option 3). Once pinches on X-Laser pointerwillaccess the living laser shots. When you press the button onyourlaser pointer will get a laser beam color (red, green, etc.)..depending on the pointer you've selected above. Furtherclickingwill issue a special sound simulating laser weapons sciencefictionand vibrator activate your mobile phone. If you've unlockedallpointers, then you can also activate the LED flashlightsynchronized with the laser beam.X-BALLS - How to play?In themainmenu you must click on the icon of the X-Balls (Option 2) andwillgain access to laser shot game balls to get coins X Neon.EntertheX-Galaxy, aim your cannon and shoot your X-Laser Light ball.Theaim is to shoot the balls to match 3 or more X-balls of thesamecolor. This game works with one touch on the screen. TheX-ballscan bounce off the walls always following the angle you havemarkedin the shot. Do not neglect because the roof will fall fastand ifthe balls touch the gun shots you've lost the game. There areover500 different levels, with each level you get get a coin winneonwill be added to your wallet. The more coins you get you canunlocknew X-Laser pointers.X-Flashlight flash - How I can activatetheflashlight on my mobile phone?On the main menu click on thebuttonflashlight and LED light will automatically turn on yourphone.This option is only compatible with devices that incorporateLEDlight.Pressing once will keep the flashlight to turn off theLEDlight press the button.We have included in this firstversionstrobe flashlight. Pressing the strobe flash the LED emitlightflashes, turns on and off automatically creating flashes oflight.This light only works while the button is pressed, when youliftyour finger strobe flashlight off.Take special care with theuse offlashlight, battery consumption is greatly reduced further ifyouuse the flashlight strobe not point directly to the eyes ofpeopleand animals that can be annoying. Therefore this applicationis inthe category of Adults. Age at maturity High.We hope you likethisgame and feel free to rate and review this application, allratingsand reviews help us improve. If you think something couldbeimproved please notify us via email or opinions.The X-Laser Team©2015-------------News (May 27, 2015):The new version oflaserpointer simulated includes numerous enhancements and bugfixes.+New sound effects in laser light and game balls. All musichas beenre synthesized stereo audio channels including on sometracks. Nowyou can enjoy better sound effects using headphonesconnected toyour device.+ Fixed bug in flashlight for some modelsof SamsungGalaxy Series.+ New graphics in some game sprites andalertmessages.+ Improved texting multiple language translation.
Human-to-Cat Translator 1.11
Cat playing hard to get? Instantly translate your voice intomeowsand get kitty's attention. With over 175 quality samples frommorethan 25 cats, Human-to-Cat Translator dares to impress eventhemost ill-tempered sourpuss. Human-to-Cat Translatoractuallyperforms audio analysis on your voice (for reals) andregurgitatescarefully bastardized meows according to your input.Human-to-CatTranslator also includes a 16-meow soundboard forinstant access tocommon cat calls. Download meow and start speakingthe delightfullyirritating language of cats!FEATURES✔ 3 felinevoices (upgradableto 6)✔ 8 high quality cat calls (upgradable to16)✔ Samples fromover 25 kitties✔ Software actually performsanalysis on voiceinput✔ Supports all human languages (exceptSwahili)CAT CALLSThesoundboard contains 8 high quality cat calls toinstantly commandattention. Sounds include different kinds ofmeowing, bird sounds,mouse sounds, purring and one very angrykitty.Please note: Cats(and other pets) will often respond to thesounds produced by thisapp. If your pet displays signs of distressor aggression,discontinue use immediately. No animals were harmedin the makingof this app.
Razor Prank 1.5.10
Use this app to mimic a hair trimmer / clipper / razor withyoursmartphone now and trick your family and friends! This is averyrealistic prank app, perfect for jokes and entertainingchildrensimulating a real hair trimmer, clipper or shaver.Features: - Highquality sounds that change when moving the devicenear someone'shead.(Recorded from a real razor) - Vibration toimitate a realclipper / razor . - Proximity sensor for a morerealisticexperience . How to use it: 1) Turn on the razor / clipperbytapping on it , it will start to vibrate and make noise (ifitdoesn't sound , try turning up the volume of the device) .2)Getthe device screen close to the head of the victim and thesoundwill change , creating the illusion that you are actuallycuttinghair . 3) When you want to stop the razor , just touch thescreenagain and the haircut will be over (The image of the clipperwillchange to show you that now it's off). Whether you want to playaprank on your friends or if you just want to have a good time,Real Razor will provide you loads of fun and a whole newexperienceusing the newest features of your device. This app is soreal thatyour friends might think they got bald! This applicationwill beupdated on a regular basis to bring users the most realisticandsatisfying experience possible. Any questions or suggestionswillbe answered as soon as possible.
Plants vs. Zombies FREE 2.3.30
Get ready to soil your plants as a mob of fun-loving zombiesisabout to invade your home. Use your arsenal of 49zombie-zappingplants — peashooters, wall-nuts, cherry bombs andmore — tomulchify 26 types of zombies before they break down yourdoor. Thisapp offers in-app purchases. You may disable in-apppurchasingusing your device settings WINNER OF OVER 30 GAME OF THEYEARAWARDS* 50 FUN-DEAD LEVELS Conquer all 50 levels of Adventuremode— through day, night, fog, in a swimming pool, on the rooftopandmore. Plus fend off a continual wave of zombies as long as youcanwith Survival mode! NOT GARDEN-VARIETY GHOULS Battlezombiepole-vaulters, snorkelers, bucketheads and 26 morefun-deadzombies. Each has its own special skills, so you'll need tothinkfast and plant faster to combat them all. Requires acceptanceofEA’s Privacy & Cookie Policy and User Agreement. SMARTERTHANYOUR AVERAGE ZOMBIE Be careful how you use your limited supplyofgreens and seeds. Zombies love brains so much they'll jump,run,dance, swim and even eat plants to get into your house. OpentheAlmanac to learn more about all the zombies and plants to helpplanyour strategy. FIGHT LONGER, GET STRONGER Earn 49powerfulperennials as you progress and collect coins to buy a petsnail,power-ups and more. GROW WITH YOUR GAME Show offyourzombie-zapping prowess by earning 46 awesome achievements andshowoff your zombie-zapping prowess. COIN PACKS Need coins forgreatnew stuff? Buy up to 600,000 coins right from the MainMenu.*Original Mac/PC downloadable game. Be the first to know!Getinside EA info on great deals, plus the latest game updates,tips& more… VISIT US: FOLLOW US: WATCH Agreement: Visit forassistance or inquiries. EA may retireonline features and servicesafter 30 days’ notice posted Consumer Information. Thisapp contains direct links tothe Internet Requires acceptance ofEA’s Privacy & CookiePolicy and User Agreement
Drink Cola Simulator 1.1
BoomBoom Apps
Always you want refreshment on the line if you are thirsty. Wefounda simple solution and created the app to Drink ColaSimulator.Download the game and choose a drink - milk, water,juice or soda.Set the phone to lips. Get aside smartphone anddrink as youwant!Raffle friends you have various drinks in yourphone. Drink andhave fun with your friends! Bubbles and soundswill add fun and apositive mood. You will be in the picture ofcompany! Glug-glug!
Laser Pointer Master Simulator 1.5
Laser Pointer Master SimulatorLaser Pointer Master Simulator-everyone loves lasers particularly funny jokes Pretend as ifthelight from the laser-phone like a true master of his craftandprofessional joke!Show your friends how cool andinteresting!Parent will praise you and the girls start to payattention!Try ityourself and make sure that the laser is changinglives! Make funof your friends and family.ATTENTION! The game wascreated for funand jokes and does not bear any harm!You candownload the game nowis completely free to use and without aninternet connection!Leaveus your feedback and evaluation, we reallyappreciate yourfeedback!
Weapons Simulator 1.7
Do you like playing of war, but not find a stick to make a toygun?Forget it! This is the last century! Its time for the moderngames.Look at the warrior with the friends in a completely new waywiththe phone and Weapons Simulator app. The most incredibleweaponrylike in fantastic movies is In the hands. The virtualweapons inthe virtual world are cool. Shoot from virtual weapons asif itwere in the real. Realistic sounds and effects will make thegameexciting adding emotions. Download and install theWeaponsSimulator app. Choose weapons and play with the friends.Connectthe virtual and real worlds. Please note. The WeaponsSimulator appis the joke created for fun and games. The app is nota real weaponand cant harm others.
Laser for cats 3.0
Pocket laser for cats - the best game for bored animal! Youcanentertain cat with a moving laser inside your phone screen.It'sthe most addictive game for cats and other home animals! Youcanselect laser speed and size. Then just run the game for animalandwatch how your kitty is trying to catch the laserpoint!Mainfeatures of pocket laser:- addictive game for everyanimal (fromsmall kitty to big dogs),- realistic movement of thelaser point,-adjustable size and speed of the point,- downloadablefor free!
Change Voice Joke 1.3
BoomBoom Apps
Are you want to prank the parents or friends? Download theVoiceChanger Spoof App: write down any phrase, joke, story, and Ivote!It sounds very funny!You will find many types of votes intheannex: normal, drunk, cave, monster, protein, helium, dwarf,robot,chorus, fast, back, baby, aliens, bathroom, bee, oldradio,underwater, fan, telephone, space, the battery is low, anelephant,a zombie, duck and others.Change the voice and shareresults withyour friends in social networks!
Laser Lightsaber Battle 1.1
BoomBoom Apps
Want to feel like a knight of modern times, and fight withyourfriends using the laser lightsaber? Today, it is possible!Downloadthe app Laser lightsaber Battle and get to fight.Keep yourphone inyour hand as if you have a real sword! Choose the desiredlasercolor, shape and size of the handle of the sword.For realismin thegame uses light and sound effects, vibration. The effect ofthebattle will be felt more significant, if you play in a dark roomorwhen it gets dark outside.Fight with your friends lightsaber likeatrue warrior and will compete for the parents, if you havealightsaber in your phone.Attention! Laser Lightsaber Battle isajoke, a game, and is not really a dangerous weapon can notcauseharm to anyone. The app is designed for games andentertainment!
Xray Scanner Prank 14.0
This is a prank app to get fun and trick your friends.Do you wanttoscan your hand with X-RAY? Get fun withXRAYSCANNER!INSTRUCTIONS:Place your phone over your left hand.OpenXrayscanner app.Tilt up phone to scroll up xray image.Tilt downphoneto scroll down.WARNING:Xray scanner is a prank app for fun.
Real Super Laser Simulator 1.0
Do you like to play with lasers? Do you like a light show? TheRealSuper Laser Simulator app always give you the chance to havealaser at your fingertips. Download the app and the phone willturninto a simulator laser pointer, which does not needcharges.Different kinds of lasers, incredible colors, shapes,effects willmake it possible to dreams come true. Use the lasereverywhere:give signals in the dark or point to objects, fight onlightsabersor light the road, play with a cat or dog.Share the appwith yourfriends and create together nice light shows or have agreatbattle. Become a master of the laser beam andamazeothers.Attention. The Real Super Laser Simulator is just agame, ajoke. It is not a real laser and poses no danger to others.
LED Laser Pointer Flashlight 1.5
The LED laser pointer is simulated in your display and yourLEDflashlight will turn on or flashes, if you like. You canselectdozens colored laser pointers, laser rays, buttons, turnsignalbuttons, backgrounds and you can add or remove manyadditional LEDsettings. If you shake your device, then Laser andLED turns on andoff, which you can disable. You can use the laserpointer as awidget by activating the start light function, then youjust needto click on App Icon and instantly your LED light andlaser pointeris very fast on. Matching on and off sounds and lasersound, youcan select or deselect. Design your own colored laserpointer andadjust the flashlight settings according to your needs.Easy to useand a nice laser pointer flashlight for your smartphoneand tablet.The colored laser pointer is simulated only the display,not inyour LED camera light. Instead, your LED has very brightlight anda flashing lights modus against darkness.
Laser Flash Light Simulator 1.0
Fresh & Mint
The laser in a few 3D simulator using the camera and flash,tocreate a sense of augmented reality! Great joke: thescreendisplays a laser pointer, turn on the camera, flash,flashlight;put the phone on the vapor or smoke to give theimpression thatshines a laser 3D image with the phone's screenthrough the cameraflash! Funny looks realistic, so you can make funof your friendsby showing them the laser on the screen in a coupleor smoke! Lookhow your friends will believe in the existence of thehologram whenyou show them the laser simulator in steam orsmoke!ATTENTION! Thelaser in a couple of 3D - a joke, simulator!The phone cameracannot project an image on any surface or steam!The phone is not adevice to create a laser hologram!
XX Laser Pointer Simulated X4-v-3.0
XX Laser Pointer Simulated is a free game for Android mobiledevice.Run it on your Android smartphone or tablet. The main themeis basedon the laser pen simulated. 4 parts compose thisinteresting game:the laser pointer simulator, offer coin zone,virtual piano, andmini game candy bubble shooter.*** This free appis just a laserpointer simulator, no laser light will come out ofyour Androidmobile device, phone or tablet. ***Very easy way touse this freeapplication. The home menu gives direct access toevery singlescreen of the game. The main goal is getting coins tounlock everylaser pointer. Save money in order to make the 4lasers available,so as the strobe light flash feature. Watchvideos, share in socialnetworks -Whatsapp, Facebook, Google Plusor Twitter- or pass levelson the mini game to get virtual money.-Exist four laser pens, eachone with its own proper specialeffects:+ Green Laser Pen: The greenlaser light and the soundeffects will welcome you from thisalways-unlocked laser.+ RedLaser Pointer: Special red laser lightaura.+ Purple Laser Pen:Great color for this laser simulator.+ BlueLaser Pointer: Powerfullaser light color.+ Strobe light flash: Acapital feature thatallows the player the usage of the strobelight. To use thisfeature your Android phone or tablet photo cameraneeds to be incompany of a flashlight.More elements are free:vibrator and soundswitch.- Virtual Piano is a piano simulated. Itsarchitecture issimple, its inspiration is based in steel and metal.Play yourfavourite love music, pop music or any other music style,practicerelax melodies and become an expert on playing pianovirtual, thetool to listen songs played by yourself.- Candy BubbleShooter is amatch three balls game. Hard design work is behind thecraft andfantasy of the candies and other assets of theenvironment. Enterinto a world of challenge, take a trip over 500+levels, playarcade or normal mode, test your skills and battle thefallinglift, travel from the number 1 level to the last one, makegroupsof 3, 4, 5 or more same color candy balls and show to yourfamilyand friends who is the master of the game.- Offer Coin Zoneis thescreen where the virtual money shall crackle. Take a tour inthiscurious offers area. A bank of silver coins is waiting to makeyouvirtually rich to obtain all the lasers and features. Sharewithyour friends, family, publicly or as you prefer and earntwentycoins for each social network you share into. As well theplayercan get fifteen silver pieces for each video completed.Alltheparts together are thought to create an atmosphere where atorrentof fun can be enjoyed during the gameplay. Take a tripbetween thedifferent mini worlds that form this union of games.Wehope youlove our game. We chase the chance of making free populargames.Any feedback, review or comment would be very helpful.Please, letus know the value you give this app rating us. Any emailshall beattended with interest, you are our channel to speed upourimprovement for new future apps.
Flashlight 8.10.1
It quickly and easily turns on the flash next to the rearcamera,and keeps it continuously lit. Features:1. Torchlight inDark2.Color Screen Light3. Morse Code Flash Light for SOS4. Compass&MapWith this app, you can do : + Find Your Keys in the Dark +Reada Real Book at Night + Light the Way When Camping and Hiking +MakeYourself Visible on Roadside at Night + Light Your Room DuringaPower Outage + Repair Your Car or Change a Puppets + Check ontheLittle Ones
Real laser for cat joke 1.6
Nameless lab
Real laser for cat joke - a simulator of the real laser for a catorkitten. Choose your perfect laser color: 1) Red laser 2)Violetlaser 3) Dark blue laser 4) Blue Laser Play with the cat,becausecats like to play with the laser. Tease cat, aim the laserat thecat's tail. Cheer cat and it will present you with a cat in agoodmood for the whole day. Laser Pointer - a favorite cat toy. Nocatwill not remain indifferent in front of a laser pointer.Attention!Real laser for cat joke - simulator, joke of real laserfor a cator kitten. It is not a real laser!
Thermal vision camera effects 1.2
Big Pink
Looking for ultraviolet or thermal vision camera live effects? Ordoyou want to play as a detective or spy and use night vision?Allthis and other original live camera effects are righthere!"Thermal vision camera effects" is a kit of the excitinglivecamera filters! SEE AS AN EVIL CREATURE! Evil eyefilter.Disclaimer: although this application provides only camerafiltersand does not have real functionality of ultraviolet lightorthermal camera with temperature, we tried to make it themostrealistic way. Enjoy! Choose the filter look through them oncat ordog, make a stylish photo or just have fun with them. Makeanexclusive photo or play any game you can imagine! Try allexclusivelive filters! Features: - Evil eye filter (exclusive) !! -Thermalvision - Ultraviolet camera - Night vision - X-Ray vision -Allfilters work in Live mode using your camera ! Take themostinteresting photos with "Thermal vision camera effects". Openallfilters, try to use thermal camera for ghost hunting and havefun!Write comments, what live filters are your favourite. Thank youforplaying our games and applications! Leave feedback forapplicationsand we will make them even better!
Cracked Screen Prank 2.4
Your friends and parents will absolutely be freaked out whentheysee the cracked screen, it's so realistic that they all thinkthephone is really broken. LOL. Ready to be a funny guy? Downloadourbroken screen game and make your friends laugh andlaugh.Highlightfeature to improve the success rate of your pranks:★Realisticbroken screen wallpaper and sounds.★ 4 crackle effects tochoose.★Touch to crack.★ Shake to crack.★ Set time to crack.★ Autorepairyour screen when you return to the app.Besides Crack Screen,thereare two other prank games in the app:Fire screen - You canlightthe fire just on your screen with your finger, it isquiteawesome.Destroying phone - You can destroy your phone screenusingdifferent weapon like knife, hammer, andgun.Disclaimer:ThisCracked Screen is just a prank app used for funand entertainment.It will not really harm your phone screen, itjust shows therealistic cracked screen image and breaking sound.Fool people andbe happy!
Taxi Game 1.3.1
Taxi Game Good news! Here's the updated 2018 Taxi GameRevolutionwith better graphics, better gameplay and overall betterplayerexperience. We have also added London taxi so now you canchoosewhich cab you want to drive! Taxi games leader is back! Youmust bea fan of the driving games. We assume that you're crazyaboutparking games as well. If so, this taxi game is what you need!Tryto become a taxi driver in one of the best taxi simulator.Raceyour car through the big city traffic, pick up passengers anddrivethem safely to their destinations. In your taxi cab you candrivefaster than in the bus simulator so be careful! Duty drivingis notthat easy. Life in the city is crazy, watch out for thepeople andthe traffic. There are many taxi games in the Google Playstore butthis one is exceptional. You can driving around the bigcity,suburbs, construction sites, parks and even the beach. It'scrazyhow the city lives - people are walking, cars are crossing.Get inyour taxi, fasten your seat belts and become a city trafficracer.Taxi Game features: - Car selection - Dispatch calls -Roadnavigation (simulated GPS) - Full 3D large environment -Smoothcontrols optimized for taxi sim - Realistic big city graphics-Engaging taxi driver missions - Drive the passengers totheirdestinations - Many different routes across the city Masteryourdriving skills in one of the best taxi games!
Fingerprint LockScreen Simulated Prank 5.0
Disclaimer:This Fingerprint Lock Screen cannot really identifyyourfingerprint, it's just a simulated app used forfun.FingerprintLock Screen Prank is an awesome screen lock appwhich unlock yourphone by simulating to scan your fingerprint. Theamazingfingerprint graphics and wonderful scan animation makeitprofessional and funny. There are more than 10 brilliantandbeautiful wallpapers provided to decorate your screen tothebest.Disclaimer:The fingerprint scan is a simulated feature, itisjust for fun.Feature:★Cool fingerprint scanner,greatgraphics.★Wonderful fingerprint scanning animation.★More than10brilliant and beautiful wallpapers are provided.★Support slidetounlock screen.★Shows digital clock, date andtime.★Multiplesettings like background wallpaper, vibrate, sound,date format,sliding text etc.Recent changes:Add 4 lock screenthemes.Addpassword and pattern lock screen to enhance the security.
Mouse 1.43
A mouse that runs in your phone and eats cheese. This isanexcellent game for your cat!
Laser Flash Light 10.9
Have fun with different color laser light
Best Mirror 4.6
Netigen Tools
Don't want to carry around a mirror just to check your appearanceorput in contact lenses? Everything else is on your phone, sowhyshouldn't your mirror be too? Turn your mobile device into arealmirror! Change your personalized frames to make the view inthemirror even better. To simplify the usage of our tool and tomakecomparing your various embodiment possible. Why is thismobilemirror app better than using your phone camera? ★ Simpler tousethan your phone's camera ★ Freezing the view to see the imageinmore detail, there is no more need to open your gallery aftereveryphoto ★ Capture images and automatically save to disk ★ Zoomimage★ Brightening function ★ Change the resolution of the mirror★Ability to rotate view of the mirror Whether it’smake-upapplication or taking the best picture for the perfectInstagramselfie photo, we’ve got you covered. Never carry around acompactmirror again! If you will have any problems, please contactus:[email protected]
Electric Screen Prank PMM-2.1
electric screen prank app is a super fun prank game. Prankyourfriends and family with this free game. Making jokes with thisgameis so simple; for example leave your mobile or tablet unlockedandwhen somebody touches the screen shall believe the screencreateselectricity when is touched. The electricity effects andsoundssimulate a electric shock.Have into account that this freeapp isjust a game that simulates a electric screen shock. It isdesignedto joke with your friends and family. Kids and childrenalso canhave so much fun with this app. Besides the electric screenprank,the app also includes a mini game, which is used to obtaincoinsand unlock new lightning effects colors.The game consistsofseveral parts: the electric screen prank game, the mini gamePottyvs Bugs and the free coins virtual store. At the beginning theonlyavailable electric lightning color is the blue one. Othercolors asred, yellow and green have to been unlocked. In order todo so theuser needs to collect coins. Coins can be collected inseveralways: playing the mini game Potty vs Bugs, sharing onsocialnetworks (Facebook, Twitter or Google Plus) or watchingrewardedvideos. Each video the user watches gives +50 coins. If theplayershares on any social network of the mentioned above also gets50coins but only for the first time that he/she shares.The freeminigame included is Potty vs Bugs, an adventures platformer gamebasedon a story of a potato, which has to pass 80 levels over 4worldsto complete his mission. The game is really addictive andfun. Theplayer will discover plenty of challenging levels, secretbricksfull of rewards, hidden underground scenarios. Jump, run,swim,shoot fire balls and take a balloon to fly to the sky. Thereareplenty of different bugs awaiting the potato arrival. Manyinsectsall over the 4 worlds, 8 final bosses in their respectivecastles.How to play this game is an easy task: move right or left,use thedownward arrow of the game pad control to duck. Ducking onsometubes can make you go down through the pipes and findsecretunderground levels. Use the rightmost button to jump, and theoneright on its left side to run and shoot fire balls. To run,theplayer has to keep the run button pressed while it moves rightorleft. Jumping is a bit tricky, since it depends on how longtheuser keeps the jump button pressed. As said before, the minigameis a great way of collecting coins to unlock new electriclightningcolor. Every level on the game is plenty of coins, some ofthem canbe seen as part of the scenario, other are hidden onvisible bricksand blocks, and the player can also find coins insecret blocks.The sky levels are a bonus to add more coins to thescore of thegame, which are used later to provide new content ofthe electricscreen part. Remember that to store the coins collectedin a level,the user has to finish that level.The design of the gameis madethinking on create a environment to enjoy the prank appelectricscreen and have fun playing the mini game Potty vs Bugs,all thisjoint to have a final goal, unlocking the strobe flashlighteffect. This shall be available once the user collects 2500coins,then the user can have the electric lightning visual effectand theelectric shock sound effect along with the strobeflashlighteffect. Have into account that in order to enjoy of sucheffectyour mobile device should have flashlight.
XRay Body Scanner Prank 1.0
BoomBoom Apps
Is It interesting to see what is hidden inside man? Do an X-raybodyparts using the phone and get to know the secrets. Choose whatyouwill scan - head, hands, chest, leg or something else. Aim acameraphone to them and wait when the scan is complete. Admire theX-Rayimage. Pretend that you have a real X-Ray on the phone.Givepleasure and fun friends.Attention! X-Ray Body Scanner is ajokeapp for lovers of prank, and is not harmful in any case!