Top 49 Games Similar to Candy Truck Fall

Truck Wash - Kids Game 1.0.0
Oh my god, this great truck is so dirty.Help clean this truck now!
Truck Simulator PRO Europe 1.2
🌟 Truck Simulator Pro Europe 🌟 is so far the most advanced,detailoriented and the biggest driving simulation game availableformobile devices on Google Play! 💰 Become the most powerfultruckboss between your fiends by expanding different parts ofyourempire:🚚 drive 7 different trucks and customize them withyourneeds,🚚 upgrade engines, wheels and other parts to work fasterandmore efficient,🚚 take care of your business economy and unlockmostprofitable shipments,🚚 hire assistants to work for you andcreatehuge fleet,🚚 complete hundreds of different quests,🚚becometrucking empire BOSS!🛑This isn’t everything! 🛑Specially, forthemost advanced players we have prepared real-life effects thatareincluding:🚚 life-realistic manual clutch, shifting andsteeringwheel mode,🚚 realistic fuel consumption and fatiguesystem,🚚realistic 1st person view of cab interior and speedindicators,🚚real-life speed limits for each country,🚚 breathtakingopen worldto explore🚚 18 european cities and 10 countries that youcandiscover,🚚 over 30 different types of shipments todeliver!Toachieve highest efficiency of your company don’t forgetto buybigger engines and better wheels! Finally, hire workers to dothework for you! Become trucking boss! If you're a truck simulatorfandon't hesitate any longer. Start your Euro Truckadventuretoday!Mageeks is one of the oldest and mostexperiencedgame-development studio specialized in creatinglife-realisticsimulations! Check our other huge simulation games:🏗️ConstructionSimulator PRO,🚇 Train Simulator PRO 2018,🚜 Farming PRO. 4.2.0
AS Digital
Extremely Addictive - You Can Choose 75 Awesome Monster Trucks-Extreme Challenges - Fun & Easy Gameplay - Fourdifferenttracks - Enjoyable There are four types of tracks : -Summer Track- Snow Track - City Town Track - Wild West Track Eachtrack hasdifferent obstacles, and of course very challenging, Oneof thetracks has a spike, Do not let the wheels hit the spike orwe'lllose the wheels. Challenge with your friend, beat them. GettheHighest Score and show your Highest Score. Monster truck crotisthe Monster trucks games with a great number of monstertrucks,race and climb more high score to reach the highest Monstertrucklegendary score, get all the achievement as a Monster truckHotDriver, Monster truck Pro Driver, Monster truck Epic Driver andtheMonster truck Legendary Driver. Truck race game with modifiedcaron a big wheels and called as monster truck, jump over the airoverthe truck over the house over the train over the traffic caroverthe everything blocked you to win the race of our monstertruckgames. All the obstacle have an individual physic which makethetruck have fun to crash the object, Spectacular spectator willhelpyou to win all the challenge and give more score to win theTrophyof Monster truck legendary score. This racing game is perfecttospend your fun time, race and race for glory, jump and flipyourfavorite monster truck, make a double flip triple flip andmorefree style stunt game on your monster truck.
Truck Simulator 2018 : Europe 1.2.6
Zuuks Games
🚚 Truck Simulator 🚚----------------------------------------------The game delivers anunparalleled driving experience which has putit in the spot of themost popular Euro Truck Simulator. Completelyrealistic missions andTruck Simulator experience are waiting foryou. Run your ownbusiness which continues to grow even as youcomplete your freightdeliveries. Become the King of the road byplaying Truck Simulator2018 : Europe. GAME FEATURES 🚚 9 AmazingTrucks (Next GenerationTrucks) 🚚 Realistic Interiors 🚚 Realistictruck driving experience 🚚250+ radio stations 🚚 Highway Toll roads🚚 Drive Across Europe 🚚Realistic traffic system 🚚 ImpressiveTrucks Customization 🚚Realistic weather 🚚 60+ Challenging level(Explore AmazingScenarios) 🚚 Drive across country roads , cityroads and highways 🚚Various camera angles (Inner cam, Front cam,outer cam and more) 🚚Amazing Graphics 🚚 Realistic Truck soundeffects 🚚 Achievements andLeaderboards 🚚 Easy controls (Tilt,Buttons or steering wheel) 🚚More than 25 language supportCompletely realistic Truck Simulator.🛑 Download Truck Simulator2018 : Europe game right now for free. 🛑HOW TO PLAY - Start yourTruck by using Start / Stop button. -Fasten your seat belts. - Onthe right side of your screen, bringthe shift to “D” position. -Control your Truck by using break andacceleration buttons. TIPS -You may choose how to control yourTruck on the Settings menu. -During the night missions, you canturn the headlights on by usingHeadlights button. - When your Truckran out of gas, you can buygas from the Garage by touching gasbutton. - If you follow trafficrules during the game, you will earnmore money. - The faster youcomplete the mission, more money youwill earn. Attention: Drivesafely and follow traffic rules in reallife. For any inquires andopinions please contact us Follow us onYoutube: uson Facebook: Followus onTwitter:
Truck Simulator Offroad 2 1.1.1
Hello again dear drivers. Sz Interactive presents to you anewawesome truck simulator offroad 2. Did you bored fromclassicalcargo based truck game? This game is exatcly for you.Emergencymissions, natural disasters, human disasters and muchmoreattractive event waiting for you. Start your engine andhelppeople! Do not stuck in the mud and release your monstershorsepower to complete mission. With Sz Interactive's improvedphysicengine you will feel the everything what is in your game.Autooptimized and hd graphic will give you better performenceandcoolest graphic as your devices handle as possible. Pleasefeelfree to leave a feedback and please report us if you find anybugin the game! Now download the game and start your engine tothemountains! Enjoy!
com.skisosoft.fes 1.4.2
FES: Fire Engine Simulator Fire trucks are waiting for you. Jumpinto the fully modeled fire trucks and put out some fires. Useyourearnings to upgrade and customize your fire truck, or purchaseonethat suits you more. There are a lot of different firestoextinguish. Put out a dumpster fire or a massive officebuilding.The joice is yours. Features: • Working beacons and sirens• Highdetail truck models • Fully modeled interiors for each truck• Alot of upgrades for each truck • Different controloptions(buttons, tilt, sliders or steering wheel) • Manual andautomaticgearbox options • Realistic physics • Open world withoutloadscreens • AI traffic system • Realistic engine sounds
Multi Level Car Parking 6 1.1
Get in the driving seat of a massive fleet of different Cars,Trucksand Pickups in 50 increasingly difficult Parking Missions attheMulti-Level Shopping Mall! Featuring 10 Supercars, Deliveryvans,Tow Truck, Garbage Truck, Sedans, Family Cars and 4x4Pickups. Canyou complete all the of the tests without crashing?GAME FEATURES: ▶DISCOVER REALISTIC SHOPPING MALL - drive and parkaroundauthentically looking shopping environment ▶ NAVIGATEMULTI-LEVELPARKING LOTS - find your way around a complex, busyarea! ▶ CHOOSEFROM A VARIETY OF VEHICLES - awesome Cars, Trucks& Pickups toPark ▶ COMPLETE 50 ENGAGING MISSIONS - multipleprecision Parking& Driving Challenges ▶ DRIVE AMONGST REALTRAFFIC - payattention to other cars! Multi Level Car Parking 6 isthe latestinstalment in the highly popular car driving gameseries. Prove yourparking and handling skills in a variety ofincreasingly complexmissions. Explore the realistic and busyshoping mall enviroment inone of 10 amazing, varied cars. Learn todrive and park all of themwith precision and style! Drive aroundthe detailed store complex,with real moving traffic to mingle with– all fighting to get in andout of their parking spaces. There aremultiple floors to explore,with a variety of indoor and outdoorparking areas and Missions.With all this you won't get bored ofdriving around this invitingarea quickly. Navigate tight turns,reversing, junctions, slaloms,parked cars, barriers, ramps andjumps to find your parking spot in50 varied missions. Are yourparking skills up to snuff? Can youpark perfectly on every task?Show your driving prowess and proveyourself as a master cardriver, able to find your way even in themost extreme situations.The Main Game Mode is 100% FREE to Play,all the way through, nostrings attached! Extra Game Modes thatalter the rules slightly tomake the game easier are availablethrough In-App Purchases.
Multi Level 7 Car Parking Simulator 1.1
The Top Hit Parking Game Series returns – featuring anall-newlocation at the City Center Super Store! Drift and Park inAmazingCars. Maneuver long Busses and make Freight TruckDeliveries! Showyour Parking and Driving Skills in 50 Epic Missionsat theMulti-Level Parking Lot!FEATURES:▶ AMAZING CARS: Drive &Park10 Unique and Different Vehicles▶ CITY CENTRE SUPER STORE:Exploreits every corner!▶ MEGA MULTI-LEVEL: Realistic Multi-Level&Open-Air Parking Lots▶ DEMANDING CHALLENGES: Over 50PrecisionDriving Missions to Pass!Drive, Drift and Park Muscle CarsandSupercars, MPV’s, Pickups Trucks, Family Sedans and SUV’s. Keepthearea clean with the Road Sweeper truck and make deliveries tothestore in the Freight Truck. Drive shoppers to the store in theCityBus and take your family shopping in the Family Car, Camper and4x4pickups! There is something for everyone in Multi-LevelParking7!Drive with other traffic, all looking for their parkingspaces atthe store! Be careful on the roads and make sure not todamage yourcars!Visit the realistically detailed parking garagewith multiplefloors, ramps, entrances and animated features such asopeningticket barriers. Find your way to the parking spaceswithoutcrashing and prove you have what it takes to drive amassiveselection of vehicles like a pro!The Main Game Mode is 100%FREE toplay, all the way through, no strings attached! Extra GameModeswhich alter the rules slightly to make the game easierareavailable through optional In-App Purchases.
Truck Racer 1.3
Endless arcade racing is redefined with the trucks. Truck Raceristhe best mobile racing game you have been looking for. Youdriveyour truck in cockpit view through the endless trafficandimmersive environment. Tilt your device to control yourtruck,overtake traffic, earn coins and buy new trucks.Features-Easy tolearn and drive- 3D realistic cockpit view- Endless gamemode-Different locations and trucks to choose-Simulator-likecontrolsTry Racing in Truck now to see the nextgeneration endlesstruck racing experience
Garbage Truck Driver 2.8
If you want to clean your city ? City Garbage Truck Driver isrightgame to learn how to clean a city and maintain healthy andhygienicenvironment. Clean up all rubbish from the city bycollecting trashbin mess from different locations and reach yourdestination withall the garbage use dump truck to dispose trash.Drive garbagetrucks around the city, following your route find andcollectinggarbage from route and than finally , reach dump stationwith allthe garbage to successfully completed the level.- Full 3DGarbageTruck simulator big city environment.- 20 ExcitingLevels.-Beautiful Animations.- Real cool, crazy Trucks,- Pick anddisposetrash.- Crazy difficult tasks set in a 3D environment.- InCityTraffic Vehicles Buses,Trucks and Cars
Truck Driving Race: US Route 66 3.62
I bet you love truck games! Let’s have a ride on the historicUSAhighway - Road 66 and cross even 9 states of America! Hook upthetrailer, start your big trucks engine and begin the longestrideacross the United States of America. Get over explosiveobstacles,alien invasion, military forces, alien spaceship attacksand more!CARGO TRANSPORTERS Truck games are really entertaining!Trydifferent kind of transporters and drive ahead to road 66! Ifyouwant to drive unique vehicles, customize trucks and have yourownone of the kind usa truck. All transporters are made forlongdistance trips. Watch road signs and keep big trucks safe.Yourtrucks might be in danger at toxic water, road gaps orelectricwires. Keep focusing on your cargo truck and try to avoidalienspaceship attack and alien invasion.
US Police Cargo Truck Transport Game 1.04
US Police Cargo Transport VehiclesEnjoy flavors of planeflight& offroad truck driving in police cargo gameHave you gotthenerves to win this truck trailer driving game? Thiscargotransporter is new truck driving game in which you have toload thepolice bikes and take it to the destination. There arepolice carand bike transport challenges where unparalleled actionof offroaddriving is going to be unleashed. The police cargoincluding weaponboxes, is ready to be loaded on army helicopter tobe taken to theheadquarters. Park the police bike to parking areasituated at theairplane sim 18. Fly the helicopter to destinationin leastpossible time. Drive trailer truck after thrilling bikeriding onthe twisty off road tracks. As there is dire need forexpert policecadet so prioritize your police delivery challengenow. Don’t underestimate the rugged roads that are crafted forcargo delivery. Thepolice officers need the moto bikes forpatrolling around the city.Thrilling bike cargo transportationchallenges: This is police gamethat encompasses the thrilling bikecar transportation levels. Eachlevel contains the roughly buildrisky roads for uphill truckdriving. Be the airplane flying policetransporter to take themoto-bikes to the pre-defined point. ThisOff road police transportdrive 3d game requires your best effortsin order to tackle theinvincible hill climbing challenges. Chooseyour favorite trailertruck for the car racing. As level willincrease the 18 wheelertrucker driving will become tougher. The funlevel is amplifiedwith free helicopter flying games. PoliceTransport test trials:Socarefully balance the cargo truck over thecurly plateaus. This isa bike cargo transporter game in which youwill get the opportunityto witness the exhilarating 8x8 truckracing. The handling of theheavy duty trucks can never been soremarkable in any planetransport games. You need to drive thefuture truck cargo on theimpossible tracks that have never beenconquered before. So getsomething adventurous from this 4x4 offroadmountain climb game.You need to be seasoned plane transporter towin the bike and cartransport games.Be Expert Police Truck Driver18:The truck waligame drives you crazy with its realistic policebike drivingchallenges. Muster up your best truk driving skills.Enjoy the bestof police bike simulators games. You can’t win thisfree policegame if you are unable to tackle the zig zag off hillroads. Drivemoto transporter truck of free car parking games 2018.Endure thispolice bike transporter task in the shortest possibletime. BestWeather Simulations:As there are multiple modes for therealoffroad motorbike drive task. Choose from the following:1.Day2.Snow3. RainAccomplish each police transporting mission withinthespecified time otherwise you will have to restart the level. Soputin your best hill diving passion and prove your mettle in top2018games.Police bike cargo 3d simulator game Features:1. Realmegatruck simulators 2. Challenging uphill cargo driving game3.Policebike cargo pickup game4. Invincible parking missions asdistinctfrom other truck games offline5. Smooth controls withhydraulicbrakes
com.MateuszowSKY.TransportCompany 1.4
Take on the role of the owner of a Transport Company. Your maintaskwill be loading goods, transporting them on steep hillsanddifficult terrain, and finally unloading. In addition,manyvehicles, interesting puzzles or scenic areas await you. Inthegame you'll get: ✔️ 120 missions 🎮 ✔️ 18 unique vehicles:monstertrucks, trucks, cars, pickups, helicopters, tractors andsmalltrucks 🚚 ✔️ 6 locations: city, mountains, desert, village,highwayand jungle ⛰️ ✔️ 20 loads: wood, stone, steel and many more✔️ 7music tracks 🎵 ✔️ 10 languages: English, Polish,German(nougatkekz), Italian (EndLuca), Russian (Stanislaw Kanaev),Czech(MikeeNachtigall), Spanish (Daniel Samul), Portuguese(GonçaloRodrigues), French, Hungarian (Szabó Roland) 🌎 Do not wait,playnow! 😉
com.GAMES89.TruckDriverCrazyRoad 2.0.08
We are ready to become the best driver of the truck? If yes thengoahead! You will find various cargoes to be delivered safely.Youare required to be the best and does not give load break whoneedto smash stuff !? Your driving skills and accuracy will betestedin practice! Get in your truck and go! Features: ★ 4locations! ★28 exciting levels! ★ Beautiful 3D graphics! ★Realistic physics! ★unique experience of driving the truck! ★ nicemusic! ★ Radio! ★Easy operation! ★ Various camera! ★ view from thecockpit!
Truck Driver 1.3
this game is a truck simulator game on roads. Be the king of roadin"Truck Simulator 3D". Become a truck driver in this excitingnewtruck simulation game. Get in your truck and deliver cargo toyourdestination. Features: - great graphics; - realistic physicsandgameplay - real truck simulator. - dirt roads with bumps andHolesbrings more reality and fun to the gam - realistic drivingpleasure- road-train - rigid truck
Drive Army Truck Check Post 1.2.3
This is the army truck driver game 3D. Journey begins from anarmybasecamp. Get ready for a soul-stirring military adventure. Itisan army truck 3D game. Army truck game is here. You have yourtruckhill climber. Go on the army truck racing. Military commandersareready for battlefield. Army truck simulator is ready. You areanarmy truck driver. Be a part of this battle and become a heroofmilitary commandos your duty is to drive a big 4x4 realtruckthroughout the town and pick military commandos from theircampsand drop them to battlefield.This Drive Real Army Truck gameisdesigned in a new exciting, challenging and amazingenvironments.This addictive army truck game is a furious 3Dchallenging drivingin a hilly, jungle and mountain area. Completethe missions in timeand reach at the finishing check post andbecome a professionalexpert army cargo duty truck driver. Thesearmy truck games requireoff road driving experience, expert fasttruck driving and parkingskills as a commando driver with real timeaccuracy. Get ready foran adventurous journey by driving armytrucks or army vehicles.Yourjourney is started from army base campwhere you are a duty driverof a military check post truck. ThisDrive Real Army Truck gamechallenging duty drive, differentobstacles, hurdles, limited timeand difficult off road tracks arethe main task for a commandoofficer expert driver. Show yourprofessional driving abilities,transport duty military soldiers,deliver army goods, army tanks,army missiles and army heavy cargovehicles from a desired basecamp to the main army check post camp.Brave soldiers are ready fora surgical war against enemy and theirluggage is ready to delivermountain battlefield area. In this DriveReal Army Truck game helpyour military commandos and other armysoldiers in their patrioticmission by dropping them at desiredmilitary check post. Your dutyis started when you will start yourcargo truck engine. Increasethe speed of your off-road Drive RealArmy Truck and get ready fora thrilling drives around trickyoff-road mountain and foresttrack. This game is very difficult andamazing from the other armytruck driving simulator 3d games.DrivingDrive Real Army Truckthrough the mountain and hilly area is not aneasy job but it riskstoo much to drive in hills and mountains.Butwe believe that beinga soldier you know what are your duties andresponsibilities.Youhave to defend your country and your landbecause it is your motherwhich gives you love and feed you. ThisDrive Real Army Trucksimulator drive game is one of the best armytruck driving games.Being a professional commando expert driver youhave to show yourdriving and parking skills. In beginning of thisfree game militarycommandos are waiting of you in a small town. Sogear up military4x4 truck, tap speed, pick commandos and drop themto battlefieldat extreme speed. This Drive Army Truck Check Post isbest of thearmy truck games. Be the best army trucker. Best of thearmy truckdriving games. Army truck parking is there. You are anarmedtrucker. Go for a military truck racing. You have yourarmedtruck.A deadly war is ready to begin so show yourprofessionaldriving skills and drive fast. Your military truck isready. It'stime to simulate a drive with a big real military 4x4truck. Beinga part of military mission your duty is not onlybelongs to town.But you also have to drive a big 4x4 militarycommando truck in acity among high traffic. So a breathtakingmission iswaiting.Military commando truck simulates a concept ofparkinggames, cargo truck games.Features- Multiple environmentincludingcity and town.- Big 4x4 real truck to sim drivingexperience.-Smooth and free game play with advance GUI.- Drivethroughout thecity and small town.- Pick and drop militarycommandos.- Variety ofmissions and real battlefield.- Thrillingsound of heavy truckengine.- Try it on Android TV!
OffRoad Police Transporter Truck Games 1.5
Million games
Let's play the role of Offroad Police Transporter in thistruckgames, where your duty is to drive heavy trucks andtransportpolice cargo vehicles. Get on your police truck totransport policecar, police bikes and other cargo on your offroaddestination.Enjoy the best offroad driving experience, driveamazing US policevehicles on hill climb and transport all thepolice cargo. It isyour chance to become a police agent and performyour assignedduties no matter what the situation might be. Its timeto show offyour driving skills on offroad tracks, pick up yourtruck anddeliver all the cargo without any damage in this truckgames. GameFeatures : - Free to Play! - Amazing Offroad transportand drivingsimulator of 2018 - Highly Quality HD Graphics. - Manytrucks toupgrade. - Various Challenging Mission in offroadadventure. - Reallife truck driving simulation. - Realistic CarDamage. - Plenty ofCamera Angles. - Easy and Smooth Controls. -Addictive game-playwith lots of fun. Download and play "OffRoadPolice TransporterTruck Games" Now.
Offroad Legends - Hill Climb 1.3.11
DogByte Games
Drive the most amazing offroad vehicles in this extremehillclimbing madness!Crash the barriers and fly above bottomlesschasmswith Monster Trucks, 4x4 off-roaders and sixwheeledBehemoths!"Offroad Legends brings a lot of fun."-Appgefahren.deGame features: • Four car categories (Monsters,4x4off-roaders, Behemoths, Fun cars) • Three game modes •Gorgeousgraphics • 56 challenging tracks • Real-time vehicledeformation •Mind blowing physics • Optimized for Intel x86devices!• XperiaPLAY gamepad support• Game Services leaderboardsandachievementsUse your best skills to beat the most mindblowingtracks in this physics based racing game and be theultimateOffroad Driver! Fasten your seatbelts, get off the road,it's gonnabe a tough ride! Roll with us on facebook for moreinfo! By DogbyteGames,creator of Offroad Legends 2, Blocky Roads, Redline Rush andDeadVenture.
Jet Truck Racing: City Drag Championship 3.61
Despite the rain and thunder turbo jet car racing is started.Fastenyour seat belt and push the gas pedal to reach the topspeed!EXTREMELY FAST JET TRUCKS Hurry up! Choose one of fourfire-burningjet car to finish the first: Dumpster, Trickster,Skip, or Mixer.All cars can reach the top speed of aircraft andare fun to drive!DANGEROUS ROADS The roads are wet and slippery!Pay attention toroad signs. Prepare your fast car to overcomevarious obstacles,muddy road sections and tricky turns. You willhave to drive throughcity’s streets, off-road routes, darktunnels, pipes, metalconstructions, electric wires and narrowbridges. Death-loops areunavoidable as well! Do not be afraid ofbombs or barrels. Blow themup! Experience the tension ofbreath-taking truck racing! CONTROLS ◆Ready, steady, GO with thegreen button. ◆ Push TURBO button duringthe race to top speed andoutrun your competitors. ◆ Use ARROWSbuttons to do cool front andback flips. ◆ Collect coins and unlocknew cars.
Monster Trucks Racing 2019 3.2.9
Step on the Gas! Go airborne, accelerate to top speeds, competewithfriends, and race the world’s best to become the ultimateMonsterTrucks racing champion. Based on the movie ‘Monster Trucks’byParamount Pictures ULTIMATE RACING MACHINES Drive the most lovedbigtrucks – Ace High, Ragin’ Red, El Diablo, and MVP.GRAVITY-DEFYINGRACING TRACKS Experience a truck-load of thrillinghill climbingtracks from all over the world. RACE YOUR FRIENDSCompete withfriends to Top the Leaderboard. Challenge playersacross the globeto become the world champion in multiplayer races.CREATE DREAMRIDES Upgrade Speed, Grip, Stability & Tilt toconquer mountainsand win big competitions. THRILLING OBSTACLESTest your drivingskills to overcome different obstacles like –collapsingrope-bridge, trailer, landmine, See-saw, track loop,Hover Pipe andmore. STUNNING NEXT-GEN GRAPHICS Show off awesomemonster trucks inultra-realistic HD. Finish races with 360-degreespin celebrations.JOIN THE ‘MONSTER TRUCKS RACING’ EXCLUSIVE FANCLUB Enjoy regularnews on game updates, characters, features,views, video tips andmore for Free This game is completely free todownload and play.However, some game items can be purchased withreal money in thegame. You can restrict in-app purchases in yourstore’s settings. *The game is also optimized for tablet devices.* *Permissions: -READ_EXTERNAL_STORAGE: For saving your game data& progress. -WRITE_EXTERNAL_STORAGE: For saving your game data& progressVisit us: Like uson Facebook: Follow us onTwitter: Watch us onYouTube: TM & ©2017ParamountPictures. All Rights Reserved.
Fire Truck Emergency Driver 3D 1.4.0
Great fire truck driving simulator!Drive your fire truck aroundthecity and save lifes! Have you dreamt of being a firefighter?Becomean emergency fire truck driver with this simulator!Extinguish fireby driving a truck and save citizens! Try Fire TruckEmergencyDriver 3D simulator!You goal as an emergency fire truckdriver isto bring your team to the fire zone fast. Life of afirefighter isfull of dangers! Control a fire truck as a driver tohelp people!One more EMERGENCY call! Drive fast with Fire TruckEmergencyDriver 3D simulator!Test your driving skills being a firetruckdriver!Fire Truck Emergency Driver 3D features:Realistic firetruckto driveEmergency firefighting missionsLarge citymap3DgraphicsGreat driving simulatorFeel like a fire truck driverwiththis simulator! Drive each firefighter fast to save lifes!Preventthe city from fire with Fire Truck Emergency Driver3Dsimulator!More games, your reviews and even moreon:
Duty Truck 1.2
After 20 millions of downloads of Duty Driver, we did what manyofour players wanted: Duty Driver Truck. Thank you for playingourgames, for supporting us and for writing emails withinterestingideas. One of ideas was driving of truck with trailer.While we arepreparing more missions and trucks, feel free to enjoyin thisversion of game.
Truck Driver: Depot Parking Simulator 1.1
The exciting warehouse area awaits you with multiple challengesandjobs to complete! Choose from various different vehicles and trytoprove yourself as a professional driver in every one of them!Nowwith 2 new cars and 10 additional levels! FEATURES: ▶DETAILEDWAREHOUSE AREA: Explore its nooks and crannies ▶ REALISTICJOBSIMULATOR: Complete various tasks ▶ 17 CARS TO CHOOSE FROM:Learnto drive them all! ▶ 85 VARIED MISSIONS: Prove yourself inmultiplechallenges ▶ FREE ROAMING MODE: Explore the area at yourown paceEnter the warehouse area and complete multiple missions inthesecond instalment of the Truck Trials series! Being quick withyourdeliveries is not the most important thing here – though ofcourseyou are operating on a time limit. Beat the target time andyouwill be rewarded handsomely. But don’t forget about cautionandthoughtfulness – what good is your delivery if you smash thecargoalong the way? The game features detailed warehouse areawithcarefully modeled buildings and equipment. You will have todrivecarefully and avoid obstacles. You will also get out on theroadwhere realistic traffic will provide some additionaldifficulty.Choose one of 17 different vehicles, suited forparticular tasks.Drive an utility truck, a forklift, small buggyand even a hugetrailer truck. Each car poises a differentchallenge. Drive aroundwarehouses and beyond. Explore industrialareas and drive on theroads around them, minding the realistictraffic. Other cars maynot be as imposing as the one you’redriving, but that doesn’t meanyou can ignore them. Mind your speedor you risk a dangerous crash!There’s much to be done in TruckDriver! You have 5 differentmissions to complete in each of thecars. Learn to drive all ofthem fast, discovering their strong andweak points, and you willbe able to overcome any challenge. Try tocontrol your rush though– speed is not always the best option.Learn, observe and react!The Main Game Mode is 100% FREE to play,all the way through, nostrings attached! Extra Game Modes whichalter the rules slightlyto make the game easier are availablethrough optional In-AppPurchases. Each mode has separateleaderboards to make for totallyfair competition!
Towing Tractor 3D 1.5
Towing Tractor 3D lets you go on a driving adventure to chooseandtow vehicles parked in the wrong spot. Test your skills, driveatruck in the simulator. Upgrade your transport and open newlevels.Drive through simulator's locations and find all offroadtrucks totransport them. But be accurate, don't lose any cargo.Keep drivingyour tow truck on the city roads and rescue the peopleintrouble.Use a the mechanism to hook trucks. Transport vehicletothe right place and earn money. Upgrade your offroad truck todrivemore accurate and move all the car in time. Become the bestcarrecovery service’s worker with this 3D simulator! Start yourdutyas the ultimate trucking driver to lift, park and save bustedandaccidental cars. Relive the experience of handling a heavycraneand forklift. To win in this free driving game, just dust ofyourdriver’s hat, sit behind the wheels of your 4x4 wheeler and hitthegas. Your focus should only be on taking your towing carsjobseriously. All challenging levels awaits for you to showyourdriver and parking skills. Provide emergency services to thepeoplein the modern city.
Semi Driver Trailer Parking 3D 1.6
Semi Driver Trailer Parking 3D is a truck driving simulatorwithrealistic physics.Drive the truck through large cityenvironment,find the parking place and accurately park the trailertruck.Discover many challenging missions without any time andattemptlimitations.Game features:- 3D graphics- Realistic truckphysics-Large environment- 30 challenging levels- 3 control types:steeringwheel, on-screen buttons and tilt control- 4 camera anglesplusfree rotation by touching and dragging the screen
Offroad Oil Truck Simulator 1.1
Feel like a real offroad driver with our simulator!Completetransport missions. Deliver gasoline and be fast, otherworkers arewaiting for your transporter. Explore forest roads. Testyouroffroad driving skills with the simulator. It is not easy.Learnhow to drive an oil truck and be accurate with your oil cargoinany situation. Do you like offroad terrains as much as we do?So,it is time to try our Offroad Oil Truck Simulator. Drive tofeelthe offroad power of the oil truck. Drive without roads,climbhills, fight with forest in the simulator. A greatoffroadsimulator for real men! Features of Offroad Oil TruckSimulator: -Interesting missions - Truck upgrades - Mud and rain -Day andnight - Easy driving controls - Powerful offroad oil truck -Great3D graphics - Real sounds simulator Try to transport gasolineinthe forest. Drive your tank truck and be accurate! Workers inthesimulator don't like waiting for oil. Use a simulator'snavigationmap to find a destination point. Drive and exploreoffroad terrainswith mud, hills and other obstacles. Drive like aprofessional oiltransporter driver with our simulator, good roadsare for girls.Open the cabin of an oil truck and drive as aprofessional offroaddriver in our simulator! Drive the truck withpetrol. Transportyour cargo to the sawmill, station and otherdestination points.But don't hit the truck. Or you blow up!Complete interestingmissions and enjoy how to drive in offroadatmosphere. Drive fastand carefully and don't hit your truck in thebig forest. Test thepower of a big tank truck with offroadsimulator. Get ready forchallenging missions. Even if you can'tdrive in real life, you candrive an oil truck in the Offroad OilTruck Simulator. Drive acrossdifferent offroad terrain and enjoythe simulator atmosphere. Findnew ways to drive your petrol cargo.Fight with rough offroadterrain. Test the power of oil truck. Deepinto the offroadatmosphere. It is not easy simulator! Drive as fastas you can anddon't hit a tank truck. Today is the best day todrive an oil truckin our simulator. Try our Offroad Oil TruckSimulator.
Tow Truck City Driving 1.0
3D Games Here
Try driving a tow truck, transport illegally parked cars that inthesimulator. Hook them with tow mechanism, transport vehicles totheimpound. Upgrade tow truck for better driving and tow all carsintime. There’s a lot of wrongly parked transport in thesimulator!Transport them to keep the law. Upgrade your truck todrive fasterand transport all cars in time.Features of Tow TruckCity Driving:-Car transport missions- Different city locations-Tow mechanismsimulator- Realistic tow truck driving- Tow truckdrivingDrive a towtruck!Test your truck driving skills in thetransport simulator.Upgrade your transport and open new levels.Find all misplaced cars,transport them and mind your driving -don't hit other transport. Dodriving, parking and transport job!Enforce parking law with drivinga tow truck in the city andtransport cars to the impound!Become thebest driver!Driving a towtruck in the transport simulator ispossible for everyone! Butdriving is still a challenge in our inthe transport simulator -don’t break the traffic rules. Tow truckcan break a lot whendriving is poor, so be careful as you transportcars. Train indriving a tow truck and transport all vehicles inthesimulator!Upgrade your machine!Choose a tow truck for drivingandmake it unique with upgrades. It helps to transport cars inthesimulator by tow truck quickly and accurately - be the exampleofgood city driving. Use all you can - camera controls,towmechanisms, driving skills and truck upgrades - to become thebestdriver with the best tow truck in the city!Try Tow TruckCityDriving - keep city streets free from misparked cars with yourtowtruck in our simulator!
Winter Timber Truck Simulator 2.0
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Get ready for challenging winter missions. You can drive arealtimber truck in the Winter Timber Truck Simulator. Explorewinterforest and enjoy the timber truck simulator atmosphere. It isnoteasy simulator. Learn how to drive a timber truck and carryyourtimber cargo in winter. Do you like cargo games and driving?So, itis time to drive in Winter Timber Truck Simulator. Drive tofeelthe power of timber truck. Drive in winter without roads, it isagreat cargo truck simulator for real men! Features of WinterTimberTruck Simulator: - Truck upgrades - Easy driving controls -Offroadwinter terrain - Great 3D graphics - Real trucks sounds -Day andnight change - Many NPCs with unique missions - Mud physics-Weather effects - Career mode - Open World mode - NavigationmapGet a timber truck and become a professional driver in winter!Feellike a real worker! Load and drive your timber cargo and befast,other timber workers are waiting for timber truck. Driveacrosswinter roads in the simulator. Earn money and upgrade yourtimbertruck. Test your timber truck driving skills in winter withthesimulator. Use a timber crane to load and unload logs toyourtimber truck. Drive carefully and don't lose your cargo in thebigwinter forest. Deliver your timber cargo. Fight withoffroadterrain in the simulator. Test the power of timber truck. Itisgreat timber truck simulator! Drive and don't lose yourtimbercargo. Today is the best day to drive a cargo truck with ourtimbertruck simulator. Load and unload your timber truck withcargo. Thendrive your timber cargo in winter. Complete missions inthesimulator and enjoy the winter offroad. Drive your cargo intimbertruck and earn money. Then upgrade to drive cargo faster.Completetimber deliveries. Try to transport timber cargo in winter,raceyour timber truck and be accurate! Timber guys don't likewaitingfor cargo. Drive to destination point. Drive like a timbertruckdriver with our simulator. Finish all timber cargo missions.Becomea timber truck driver with Winter Timber Truck Simulator!
Zoo Transporter: Animal Truck Driving
Zippy Games
Zoo Transporter:Animal Truck Driving is atruckdriving simulator game which allows you to be a truck driverwho hasto load zoo animals onto his truck and drive them to a newlocationwhere the zoo is being moved to in the city.This simulation offer the best truck driving experience. Youwillalso have to transport animals like lions and tigers whohaveescaped from the forest and run freely in the city. Driveyourtruck with extreme precision and care and deliver theanimalssafely to their owners.Please send us your valuable suggestions so that we can makethegame better and improve your experience. Thank you!
Fire Truck Driving Simulator
Gumdrop Games
Fire fighters! Ready to become a fireman in this realisticfirefighting simulator? We're on emergency rescue duty so you needtobe ready to respond to fire emergencies at any time! Firetruckdriving has never been this intense, you don't need to beasuperhero firefighter but you're under pressure to get on sceneandrescue civilians! Fire Truck Driving Simulator is not onlydesignedas part of our fun kids games range but anyone can join inon thisintense action and become a hero! This isn't just a basicfiretruck driving game! Not only will you be driving your firetruckbut also get out on foot, grab your hose and put outfires!Features: - Huge city to explore! Either drive or explore onfoot!- Open world fire fighting! - Car fires and building firestoextinguish - Unlock new fire trucks as you complete missionsandexplore - Realistic fire truck vehicles - Intelligent AItrafficdriving around the city - Dynamic HD camera angles with fullcameracontrol - Huge expansive city with tons of traffic - Easy toplaywith easy to use controls fun for kids and the whole familytoplay! - Full controller support - Play on your phone, tabletorandroid TV! Show us your fire fighting skills! Have you got whatittakes to protect the city and be a true fire fighting hero?PlayFire Truck Driving Simulator now for free, and we're sureit'llprobably be the greatest realistic fire fighting experienceyou'veever played! 1.11
Us Cargo Truck Drive Simulator Be the cargo loaded truck driveranddrive Indian truck simulator on hilly roads to mountain tops.Youwill be the Indian truck driver to transport luggage ondifferenthill stations. You are an Indian truck simulator driver inthistruck racing game and your duty is drive truck inmountainscarefully and transport goods. Driving grand pk cargotruck inmountains is challenging but you have to show your besttruckdriving skills. Truck Game Modes: Endless truck driving Cargotruckmissions Transport goods on truck Be the first cargo truckdriverin hilly areas and become the best offroad truck driver.There isno traffic rush on mountains so you can enjoy your truckdrivejourney in an immersive environment. Experience the realtruckdriving adventure and driver various delivery trucks.Drivingdelivery trucks is not that difficult task but handingluggage onthe trucks can make your truck driving simulatorskillschallenging. Your driving mission in this cargo games play istodriver your cargo truck, load with goods at hill stationandtransport goods to next hill station. You mission will getfailedif you hit your cargo truck to the side of road or if yourluggagegets out of the truck. This Indian truck simulator is anawesomeand most realistic truck game ever featuringmesmerizingenvironment, smooth controls, addictive game play andvarioustrucks to drive. In this cargo truck game, you will get achance todrive Indian truck, pk truck, grand truck, and varioushighwaytruck against the truck racing drivers. Prove yourself anexpert inthis truck driver simulator by transporting goods onoffroadtrucks. Why play this truck game? Most thrilling game playLifeliketruck driving controls 10+ cargo trucks to drive 100+cargomissions Immersive graphics Various cargo transportertrucksVarious camera angles to customize gameplay Awesome truckdrivingthrills on mountains Smooth and realistic controls in thisIndiantruck simulator will let you enjoy the real cargo truckdriving ona thrilling road journey. This truck game is basically acargotruck simulator where you will be a driver to transport goodsfromone place to other. So, get yourself a strong grip on truckdrivingsimulator and get behind the wheels to steer your truck. Youhavenever experienced the this much realistic offroad truckdrivingbefore in a truck simulator before.
com.gmstdiostrtrck.truckdriving3droadspedddpro 1.2
truck driver speed roads 3d game. this game is a trucksimulatorgame on roads. your goal is to put in the truck withoutdroppingthe load to the end point you to deliver within thetimestipulated. - real truck simulator. - high quality graphics-realistic driving pleasure have fun..
Heavy Machines Simulator - drive industry trucks! 1.0
All sorts of industry machines are your to drive - operate allfromsimple bulldozer to enormous quarry excavator! Take part inlargeoperations, like quarry mining to spaceport preparation. Youhavespecific machines for every task in the simulator. Dream bigandwork bigger with Heavy Machines Simulator - drive largestindustrytrucks and machines!Features of Big Machines Simulator3D:BIGINUDSTRY MACHINESget behind the wheel of colossal quarryexcavator,spaceport transporter and moreREALISTIC DRIVINGallmachines arehighly detailed and have individual controlsHUGEOPERATIONSpreparea shuttle for launch, mine a huge quarry and doother big stuffLOTSOF MISSIONSall kinds of situations for all kindsof trucksGiantmachines and trucks!Try different giant vehicles inour simulator -our trucks a pinnacle of industry machines! Become aprofessionaland master all sorts of machines, from a quarryexcavator toshuttle transporter. Every industry truck is realistic,detailedand has specific functions in the simulator - learn todrive themall.Giant industry operations!Work your way on industrymachinesfrom a fullsized quarry to shuttle spaceport. With lots ofmissionsand machines you get through every stage of quarry miningin ourindustry truck simulator. Become a pro - drive giant machinesanddo big work in quarry, spaceport and other places. Giant loadoffun!Enjoy playing with big industry machines in our simulator.Bigindustry is fun - explore quarry, spaceport and factories anddrivebig roster of trucks and machines. Feel the power of themightiestindustry machines and trucks in our simulator!Try HeavyMachinesSimulator - your chance to drive huge machines and trucks!
Night Truck Parking 3D 1.0
Jansen Games
Welcome to Night Truck Parking 3D!Do you think it is easy to parkatruck in the night? In this Night Truck Parking 3Dyou'llexperience how to park a truck in the night. It is not easyto parka truck in the night, you can't see everything clear forexample.You also need to know your truck and trailer, otherwiseyou'll hitan obstacle. In 15 levels you'll experience realisticsituationswhere you have to park your truck and trailer in thenight. Tofinish a level you first have to attach the trailer, to dothatfollow the red arrows. After you've attached the trailer, youhaveto park your truck and trailer, to do that follow theyellowarrows.Night Truck Parking 3D features:- City environment atnight-15 levels- Google Play Games- Easy driving controlsWhen youenjoyedNight Truck Parking 3D please support us by following usonTwitter:
Town Construction Simulator 3D 1.1
Build a city in Town Construction Simulator 3D! City constructionisin progress now. Many tasks are waiting! Operate differentvehiclesto build! Start with simple tasks with truck and driveothervehicles in the simulator. Workers have a lot of tasks foryourtruck. Take part in a town construction, drive cargo anddoimportant tasks. If your dream is to build a city, we madetheconstruction simulator for you. The work is challenging. Becomethebest specialist in city construction vehicles. Even you can'tdrivea truck in real life, you can drive in the simulator. FeaturesofTown Construction Simulator 3D: - Different vehicles to drive-Interesting missions - Big city construction - 3D graphics -Manytown missions - No time limit for build Open new levels andgetconstruction tasks. Be accurate, pick things and put to therightplace. Use convenient controls to drive and build a house inthecity and don't hurry, you have no time limit for theconstructionin Town Construction Simulator 3D. Help workers tobuild abeautiful city. The construction is very important and theyhavemany tasks for you. Train your drive skills, you can do it! Doyoubuild houses in real life? Write us about ourconstructionsimulator. Drive all vehicles in missions - from truckto excavator- and give a feedback. Start to drive the truck today,or the cityconstruction will never be finished. Workers want tobuild the cityin time, that is why they need you to drive. You'llhave all theinstructions in the construction simulator, your taskis just todrive the truck, excavator, crane and deal with cargo tobuild thecity. Have you ever tried to build? Play TownConstructionSimulator 3D, build the best house in the city!
Dinosaur Car Painting Free 1.0.8
Come to join us to explore the islands. The little dinosaur willbeyour driver. He will go with you the whole adventure!Kidscouldchoose sports cars, sport utility vehicles, trucks, orclassiccars. Even more, there are various customization tools:differentpaintbrushes, car gadgets, and beautiful stickers. And themostexciting thing is you could put your name on this uniquecar.Isn’tit interesting? Cities, islands, mountains, each mapcontains fullof fun. Are you ready for the road bumps? Let’s startthe journey!Come to download it, NOW!Game Features• 6 game scene•more than 40interactive animations to discover• Great for toddlersandpreschoolers, ages 2-5• No third-party advertisingYatelandteam’sdesigners and developers create apps that children love andparentstrust.
Cargo Drive - Truck Delivery Simulator 1.91
Cargo Drive: the most realistic cargo delivery simulation formobilefeaturing an amazing 3D open world driving experience. Drivethetruck through large forest environment, deliver cargo, earncash andtune up the truck. Game features: - Open world - Stunning3Dgraphics - Realistic truck physics - Many challenging missions-Multiple control types - Truck upgrades - Various difficultylevels- Achievements - Leaderboards - Smooth gameplay CargoDrivegameplay. In this truck delivery simulator play as a driver atthewarehouse. Explore a large open world forest and deliver cargotothe destination. Use the navigation to find the shortest routetothe unload areas. As missions become harder visit the garagetoupgrade the truck, increase the engine power and purchasebetteroff-road tires to drive faster and deliver the cargo in time.Gottired for watching not to loose the cargo during the drive?CargoDrive offers several free drive missions without any cargo atall.Earn stars by delivering the load in the shortest time andunlockmany challenging achievements. Complete jobs with highestscoresand compete with other truck drivers around the worldinleaderboards. Enjoy a fast rally style racing with a heavy truckondirty roads without any limitations.
Offroad Driving Adventure 2016 2.2
Get Ready for a Renegade Riding Challenge! Remember roads?Wellthose don’t exist anymore! Experience the thrill of drivingamazingSUVs, Trucks, Monster Trucks, and Jeeps in a wild,roadlessenvironment. Speed off with NO restrictions intobeautifulgraphics, realistic physics, and action packed excitement.Arealistic driving simulator with smooth controls and 4x4physicspacks quite a ride! Choose your favorite vehicle and driveitthrough a rugged terrain on a secluded, hilly island, and incurcardamage by flipping your car, driving through water, andbumpinginto mountains. Climb a high mountain, race along the deathdefyingnarrow rocky ridge, overcome tricky mud and quicksandpatches andavoid getting stuck in a narrow trench. Each game levelhas its ownunique challenges offering hours of nonstop fun! OffroadDrivingAdventure 2016 Features: •Amazing Selection Of High Quality4x4Vehicles •Spectacular And Challenging 3D Environment ForOffroadRacing. •Realistic Driving Experience •Detailed And Complex4x4Physics •Responsive and Realistic Gameplay •Smooth AndEasyControls •Engine, Brake and Boost Updates •Cool Visual AndSoundEffects •Drive SUV, Heavy Truck, Jeep, Monster Truck andmore•Realistic Weather Effect •Career and Free Mode For MaxEnjoyment•Install and Play the best off-road driving now! AboutTapinatorTapinator (Ticker: TAPM) develops and publishes games onleadingmobile platforms. The Company’s portfolio includes over 300mobilegaming titles that, collectively, have achieved over 400millionplayer downloads. Tapinator is headquartered in New York.For moreinfo, visit
Farm Truck 3D: Corn 1.0
Jansen Games
Welcome to Farm Truck 3D: Corn!The transport of the Corn isveryimportant for a farmer. In this Corn edition of Farm Truck3Dyou'll learn how to transport corn with a truck and trailer. Youasa truck driver are responsible for the driving, you have toknowyour truck. The back of the trailer swings out for example. In15levels you'll learn all the skills that you need to beaprofessional truck driver, you'll face realistic situations suchasreversing into a shed for example. To finish a level you firsthaveto attach the trailer, to do that follow the red arrows,thetrailer will attach automatically. After the trailer isattachedyou have to park your truck and trailer, to do that followtheyellow arrows.Farm Truck 3D: Corn features:- Farm environment-Easytruck driving controls- Google Play Games- 15 levelsWhenyouenjoyed Farm Truck 3D: Corn please support us by following usonTwitter:
Public Toilet Cargo Truck 3D 1.0
If you love truck games then "Public Toilet Cargo TransportTruckSimulator" is the best and new experience truck drive gameforyou!Everyone living in the nearby city needs a publicemergencytoilet.Everyone's had a traumatic not-at-home toiletsituation; nothaving a home field advantage .When you can’t hold itany longer asecond seems like an hour. whether he is a usual officeguy, thesecretary, the nurse, the security man or the taxi driver.Yourduty is to pick and take the toilet on the destination locationonyour toilet cargo truck and install it on the exactlocation.Becometruck driver, hold the steering of a public toiletcarrier cargotruck and enjoy most realistic cockpit drivinggame.TransferEmergency Toilet from one place to the destination andinstall iton the exact location for the use of Public in emergencytoiletsituations.Drive Euro truck in beautiful city environment andenjoythe thrill of exciting challenge.“Public Toilet cargo Truck3D”GAME FEATURES:- Most realistic truck physics, feel like truckrealdrive.- Lots of trucks to drive.- Loads of Toilet cargotransfermissions.- Truck simulator game with high quality HDgraphics.-Addictive game play with lots of fun.
com.gamemavericks.cityconstruction 2.0
Get down to work and become the best specialist incityconstruction! Build a city in simulator by operating atruck,excavator, crane and other machines! Complete missions,followinstruction and open new levels. Workers have a lot of tasksforyou. Learn how to drive all machines and be the best.Useconvenient controls to drive and build a house. Start withsimpletasks with and drive other vehicles in the simulator. Trainyourconstruction skills, you can do it! Features of CityConstructionTrucks Sim: - Great construction missions - Realvehicles to drive- Many types of machines - Big city construction -Realisticcontrollers simulator - Vehicle sounds - 3D graphics Tryallvehicles we have in simulator: - Excavator - Truck - Pile Driver-Crane - Concrete Mixer - Concrete Pump Try differentconstructionprofessions in our simulator! Open new levels and getconstructiontasks. Be accurate, pick things and put to the rightplace. Enjoythe realistic 3D-graphics and smooth controls of thevehicles youcan control. Drive all over the city to do variousmissions, theconstruction is not easy! This construction simulatoris a game forall ages, everyone can build here! If your dream is tobuild acity, we made the construction simulator for you. Usepowerfulvehicles to finish construction. Even you are too young tohave adriving license. Do it, test your construction skills. It ishardand fun at the same time. But don't worry, you'll have alltheinstructions in the construction simulator. City needsyou!Citizens are dreaming to get new houses in the simulator.Forgetabout shovels and hoes! One of the best things about this3dsimulator is that you get to drive multiple heavy vehicles allinone game. Start your work today! Dig ground with anexcavator,deliver cargo with a truck, make piles with a pile driverand domany other construction things! Try City Construction TrucksSim,build a house!
Farm Truck 3D: Cattle 1.3
Jansen Games
Welcome to Farm Truck 3D: Cattle!As a Cattle Truck Driver youhaveto transport cattle to the farmers, cattle is important forafarmer to earn money. In this Cattle edition of Farm Truck3Dyou'll learn how to transport cattle to different locations. AsaCattle Truck Driver you need special skills, for example youneedto drive a lot reverse, and you have to maneuver intinysituations. In 15 levels you'll face all kinds of situations.Tofinish a level you first have to attach the trailer, you canfindthe trailer if you follow the red arrows. After you've attachedthetrailer you have to park your truck and trailer, you can findtheparking spot if you follow the yellow arrows.Farm Truck 3D:Cattlefeatures:- Cab-view with mirrors- Realistic environment-GooglePlay Games- Farm sound effect- 15 levelsWhen you enjoyed FarmTruck3D: Cattle please support us by following us onTwitter:
Mercedes Benz Truck Simulator 6.27
PAC Sistemas
With this simulator you will become the best Mercedes-Benztruckdriver of Rio de Janeiro. There are five truck modelsavailable,following the specifications of Mercedes-Benz, which canbepurchased at the dealership Guanabara Diesel. Each withdifferentconfigurations, being appropriate for various types ofcargotransportation. Always use the proper model for each servicethatis offered. Heavy models for simple services raisecosts,minimizing their profits. After complete a service, youwillreceive your payment, continually increasing your balance, andyoucan purchase a new Mercedes-Benz truck at Guanabara Diesel. Asyoupurchase new models, new services will be offered withhighervalues, increasing their profits. Follow the arrow abovethevehicle to get to their destination. To change the displaymode,click the top left button with the picture of a camera. Intheupper right you will find the Shop button that will presenttheMercedes-Benz truck models available in the simulator. Onthebottom are the accelerator and the brake right to left. In caseyouneed to engage the reverse gear, the left brake pedal hasthisfunction. To drive the trucks, just use the accelerator andturningthe phone to the left, right or left straight, similar tothemovements of the steering wheel. If you have questions abouttheMercedes Benz trucks, contact Guanabara Diesel, phone(21)2562-9500, or go straight in the showroom of the dealership,atAvenida Brazil, 8255, Ramos, Rio de Janeiro, RJ, CEP 21030- 000
Monster Truck XT Airport Derby 1.1
Airport Show is an exclusive stunt driving event and you’vebeeninvited to take part! Welcome to the high stakes,high-octanedriving competition for the fiercest drivers! Thebiggest monstertrucks need only apply!FEATURES:▶ UNIQUE STUNTARENA: Drive aroundan old airport!▶ AWESOME MONSTER TRUCKS: Eachvehicle handlesdifferently▶ 70 MISSIONS TO COMPLETE: Drive, dotricks, beatrecords▶ FREE ROAMING MODE: Explore the area at yourown paceTakingplace in an airport that’s been repurposed as anobstacle coursefor giant monster trucks, Monster Truck Airport Showwill test yourdriving skills unlike anything you’ve seen before!Pick one of theamazing, unbelievably huge trucks available and showthat you’vegot what it takes to drive them! This is the ultimate,extreme testfor the most proficient drivers! Do you have what ittakes to takepart and pass it with flying colours?Before you proveyour worth asa driver, you will need to familiarize yourself with avariedselection of giant, big-wheel monster trucks. There aresports carsturned into monster trucks, a monster truck pickup, evena monstertruck bus!Discover all of them and you may find somesurprises too!You will take all of those monster trucks onto thearena and usethem to beat speed records, perform amazing stunttricks, evendrive across smaller cars parked around! Who’s going tostopyou?Depending on the vehicle of your choosing, you willgetmultiple missions of varying difficulty to complete. You willhaveto dodge obstacles, use ramps for long distance jumps, driveovercars & tree logs and more! Don’t take your eyes off theroadPerform mind-blowing tricks, test your reflexes, become amasterstunt driver!There isn’t much that can compare to the powerof aspeeding monster truck, but that doesn’t mean you can bereckless!Drive safely and carefully and you will surely make it tothe endin one piece. If you go a little too wild and crash though,don’tworry. If you make a mistake along the way you can always usearewind system to correct it without restarting the levelfromscratch.
BharatBenz Truck Racing 1.0.0
The BharatBenz Truck Racing is a true to life automotivejourneyfeaturing the most prestigious BharatBenz trucks. All yourfriendsare playing it – try and top the leader board. Earn morecoins tounlock BS4 trucks with SCR technology and its benefits likelowmaintenance costs, increased engine life, better fuelefficiency& more. Key Features- 3D stunning graphics &realistictruck driving- Official BharatBenz truck models – 2523RBS4, 2528CBS4, 4023TT BS4, 914R, 1617R, 2523R, 2528C, 3143CM &4023TT- 2Gameplays – Infinite Racing & Simulation- 4Environments –Suburb , Desert, Mine & Factory- CustomizedPackages – SCR,Racing ECU & Custom Exhaust- Leaderboard BuyTrucks! Start yourInfinite Race & Challenges! Feel theDifference! It’s just astep away!!!
Blocky Truck Simulator 2018 1.5
Always wanted to drive an 18 wheeler? In our new game BlockyTruckSimulator 2018 you will be behind the steer of some massiveblockytruck vehicles! Are you the truck driver we are looking for?Drivearound in a big blocky world and transport all the goods totheirdestination. Blocky truck simulator 2018 will blow your mind!Driveacross the blocky landscapes and be amazed of the graphics!Are youready to unlock all the 18 wheelers in blocky trucksimulator 2018?Each blocky truck has their own unique features! Canyou find yourfavourite 18 wheeler? Become the truck driver of thefuture in ouramazing blocky truck simulator! Key Features: ✔ Becomethe truckdriver you always wanted to be ✔ Unlock all the 18wheelers withunique features ✔ Stunning blocky graphics ✔ Easyon-screencontrols ✔ Don’t forget to rate and give our truck gamessomefeedback
Zippy Games
Heavy Truck Driver Cargo is a amazing truck driving game inwhichyou are an expert truck driver with awesome hillclimbingabilities. Play a lot of exciting and challenging levels oftotalfun and enjoyment on the most dangerous and thrilling roadsinrocky mountain and steep hills. Be a licensed truck driverracingthrough the country to deliver heavy cargo to destinationswhichare located in the corners of the country. Truck driving is alotmore different than car driving as it requires more amountofattention and alertness as the vehicle is huge the reverseparkingshould also be done with careful precision. Game Features:1) 3DGameplay. 2) Smooth Controls. 3) Fun Missions. Please send usyourvaluable suggestions so that we can make the game betterandimprove your experience. Thank you!
com.djinnworks.SDMT 2.12
Stickman Downhill - Monster Truck is the third addition totheStickman Downhill series. Experience ultra realistic and fastpacedaction packed Monster Truck racing in stunning environments.Choosefrom more than 15 different trucks, including even veryspecialones like a School Bus Monster Truck, a Shopping Cart, aCrane, akerosene powered rocket turbine truck and even a mini RCMonsterTruck. Race in various different locations, ranging fromtracks indeep forest to mountain tracks high up in the air. Everytruck isdesigned by hand with its own physics, handling andrealisticsounds. Additionally, compete with your friends at specialrankedtournament cups, share your gameplay videos and watch otherpeoplesbest rides. • From the makers of various top hits likeStickmanDownhill, Stickman Downhill - Motocross, Stickman Soccer,StickmanIce Hockey, Stick Stunt Biker, Stickman Cliff Diving,Stickman BaseJumper, Rope'n'Fly and more... Features • Unique andbeautifulgraphic style • More than 50 beautiful designed tracks
 •Downhilltracks, Trial tracks, Race tracks, Free ride tracks, etc.
• Morethan 15 different designed ultra realistic trucks includingevenvery special ones like a School Bus Monster Truck, a ShoppingCart,a Crane, a kerosene powered rocket turbine truck and even amini RCMonster Truck • Unique physics, handling and realistic soundforeach truck • Fully physic enabled trucks and physic enabledplayerfor spectacular crashes • Different amazing atmosphericlocations,from forest to mountains, etc. • Get achievements forspecialstunts 
• Directly compare to your friends and all otherplayerswith the builtin leaderboard and tournament tracks
 •Directlyrecord your gameplay and share your best rides or crasheswith yourfriends on Facebook, Youtube or Twitter • Tilt or buttoncontrol,whichever you prefer • Integrated gameplay recording andvideosharing
 • Supports MFI Game Controllers Take a look attheStickman Downhill - Monster Truck Trailer: Feel free to postyourideas, we will try to implement them as soon as possible Thankyouvery much for all your support and interest in our games! Wewouldlove to hear your suggestions!
Truck Driving Speed 3D 1.2
Truck Driving Speed 3D is the new cargo transport simulationgame.In the game, you can experience a real cargo transport truckdriveris how to transport the goods.In the cargo game, therearedifferent tasks and multiple levels of transportationwithdifferent goods. In a variety of circumstances for shipping.Enjoythe different scenery and rugged road to bring youthechallenge.Driving the truck on an exciting road, enjoy thecomfortof music, enjoy the beautiful scenery along the way, feelthe realenvironment outside the window climate. Show off yourdrivingability to protect your goods to your destination. As arealfreight truck driver, prove your strength, you are the besttruckdriver.Truck Driving Speed 3D Features:- Real truckdrivingexperienceRealistic physical effects- Multiple sceneterrain- Realscene environment- a challenging road- Simple andsmooth control-High quality music and sound effects