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Gym WP - Dumbbell, Barbell and Supersets Workouts 5.4
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Get the body shape you've always wanted. The Gym WP haseverythingyou need to get incredible results in the gym in shorttime.Download this fitness app and join 1000000 satisfied userswithincreased bodybuilding performance. With this app you haveaccessto several gym routines to improve your results. You can setupyour WORKOUT ROUTINE, get exclusive ROUTINES, control yourWEIGHT,monitor your BODY MEASURES, calculate your BMI - IDEALWEIGHT - FATRATE, and more! It's the most complete Google Play Gymapp! Installnow and try it out. The Gym WP is suitable for peopleof any agewho are looking for weight loss, hypertrophy or tomonitor theirbody shape. EXCLUSIVE ROUTINE ✓ Several Routine set upfor allgoals in bodybuilding. ex: Weight Loss, Muscle Gain,Strength Gain,Bodybuilders and More! ✓ Our Routines are complete,know how manyseries and how many repetitions you need. ★ Do notworry about yourgym schedule, we do it for you. INSTALL and checkit out. ORGANIZEYOUR OWN ROUTINES ✓ Create totally customizedbodybuilding schedule✓ More than 500 exercises with detailed imageand explanation.Exercises are separated by categories: dumbbell,barbell and freeexercises. You can make supersets. ✓ Assemblesupersets easily ✓Add your own exercises in the app ✓ Modify sets,repetitions, andloads to fit the app into your workout likeBodybuilders ★ This appestimates the level of muscle fatigue, aswell as the rest timeneeded for muscle recovery, TRY IT now. MUSCLEFATIGUE ✓ Estimatesmuscle fatigue after workout ✓ Know if yourmuscle is fatigued, inrecovery and the ideal time to workout again✓ Monitor the time ittakes for the muscle recovery ★ This techniquehelps to identifyfailures in your training, maximizing results. Tryit too! WEIGHTAND CORPORATE MEASURES MONITOR ✓ Monitor your weightchanges weeklyand watch your progress ✓ Detailed measurementhistory, containingall intuitive body measurements and layout ✓Define a goal to getyour body shape ✓ View weight and measurementsin charts ★ Stayengaged in practice as you watch your evolution,start NOW! BMICALCULATOR, IDEAL WEIGHT AND FAT RATE ✓ Calculate BMI✓ CalculateYour Ideal Weight ✓ Calculate Your Fat Rate ✓ Getdetailedinformation on your weight rating STRETCHING SERIES ✓Getaccess toseveral series to be performed before and after physicalactivities✓ Stretching series for various types of physicalactivities, suchas walking and running, check it out. PHYSICAL FORM✓Save yourphysical appraisal in this app and always keep it in yourhands, itwill help body build. ✓You can save information onBodyComposition, Skinfolds and Bone Bones, save now! ★★★★★ This appwasdeveloped aiming at the user experience to be as simpleandobjective as possible. Nothing to waste time on complicatedappsand hard to fiddle with. Also, the size of the app is reducedso donot spend the memory of your smartphone and can be usedoffline.So, INSTALL NOW and enjoy it !! Liked this App ?! Thendownload andleave your review. E-mail to
com.rarus.gyms 2.0.4
1C-Rarus Ltd.
It's a personal Fitness trainer for home & gymworkouts,designed to help you lose weight, get fit, have tonedlegs, sharppress, and shapely butt as well as perform your routinecorrect andeffective with joy! Build muscle, lose weight and gettoned withFitness! - Can be used anywhere: at home, the gym, othertypes ofworkouts - Routines created by top professional trainers -Clearinstructions with videos and GIFs for all exercises - Fullworkoutand body metrics tracking Don’t spend all of your hardearned moneyon personal training sessions when you can do them onyour own!With access to a variety of world-class workouts directlyon yourphone, you will be able to perform high quality routines inthecomfort of your own home. Fitness gives you the abilitytoeffortlessly create and monitor your workouts so that youcanremain focused and committed to achieving your fitness goals.Thisapp will truly transform the way you train. Multiple options:-Pre-developed routines created by top professionals - Diverserangeof exercises specialized for men and women - Beginner,Intermediateand Expert workouts - Supports superset, power andintervalworkouts - Workouts that suit your goals (weight loss,muscle gain,perfect butt and more!) - Create and customize your ownpersonalplan Monitor your progress: - Workout history shows whichexerciseswere the most effective - Reports give you the ability tooptimizeyour routines - Simple and comprehensive interface provideslessdistraction while performing exercises - Quick access toexercisedescriptions and videos/ GIFs Power training: - Weight andnumberof reps are recorded for each individual exercise - Quickdataentry - Statistics of athletes along with your own are providedtotrack your improvement Interval training: - Audio and videosforexercises you are performing - 30 second intervals with a 10secondrest period - Can be customized to fit your needs Trainsafely: -Clear descriptions and videos/ GIFs show you how toproperlyperform each exercise - Gives examples of common mistakespeoplemake when performing an exercise - Prevents you fromsustaininginjuries during workout sessions Created on 1C platform
PRO Fitness 2.1.4
Build your new body, starting today! PRO Fitness is here toguideyou and help you in building your core strength, lose bodyweightand improve your performances. PRO Fitness is the mostreliable anduser friendly application. Not only it is going toreplace yourtraditional coach but also will let you track yourperformances ina simple way in order to make precise analyses aboutyour workout.Key Features: - Exercises for each muscle groups; -Exercises forhome and gym; - Detailed description for eachexercise; - Highquality photo and video guidance; - Images ofinvolved muscles foreach exercise; - Pre-set workouts specific toyour goals; - Abilityto add your own workout with your customexercises; - Built-inJournal for your workouts, for sets, reps andweights; - Built-intimer and calendar; - History of all your datawith interactivegraphs of your performance; - Fastest support; -Frequent updates;Start a new healthy life today with PRO Fitness!For more questionsor suggestions, please contact us.
Gym Fitness & Workout : Personal trainer 1.3.4
The only app you need for your workouts and physical evolutionGymFitness & Workout is a personal trainer which will provideyouwith a series of tools and information that will help youachieveall your goals. Train wherever in gym, street or home. GymFitness& Workout has a great variety of sections ● Exerciseguide Morethan 300 exercises with which you can perform very variedroutinesin the gym, in home or street. Each exercise has itsrespectiveexplanation, illustrative images and an explanatoryvideo, so thatyou can execute correctly each exercise. ● WorkoutsSmartfitDifferent routines that will help you plan your weeklywork, youwill find routines of 3, 4, 5 or 6 days a week taking intoaccountwhether you are beginner, intermediate or advanced,including 3, 4and 5 day routines designed especially for women.Including weeklyroutines of loss of body fat with their respectivediet for eachday. Workouts famous, Anllela sagra, michell lewin,the rock,Arnold Schwarstzenegger, Jay cutler,Lazar Angelov, RonnieColeman,Hugh Jackman, Chris Evans (Captain América), SylvesterStallone8fit Workouts seven 7 ● Challenges Smartfit Try to achieveeach ofthe proposed challenges with exercises such as: • Push-Ups•Push-Ups • Squats • Crunch • Dips • Hindu Push Ups • Leg Raises •VSitUps • Incline Chin Ups ● Nutrition Smartfit Diets 1800,2000,2400, 2800, 3000, 3500 and 4000 calories Different types offoodswith their respective calories, proteins, carbohydrates andfats,based on 100 grams, so that you can elaborate your diet.Ketogenicdiet. You can find all the necessary information aboutsportssupplements like: • Proteins • Creatine • L-Carnitine • CLA •Bcaa• Natural Anabolics • Thermogenics Body composition: Knowyourpercentage of fat based on 6 skin folds Calories counter: Countthecalories you eat during the day and keep track of your diet.GymFitness & Workout complete guide offers a series of toolswithwhich you can interact to achieve your goals easily andquickly. ●PROFILE Gym Fitness & Workout • Your progress andworkout logWith this section you can follow all your advancesthrough datasuch as: Body mass index, body fat percentage, chestcircumference,waist circumference, circumference of the back andmany more datayou can keep to control all your progress . • TimerGym Fitness& Workout has a timer which you can use to measureyourtraining time or exercise time. • Intervals Gym Fitness&Workout has a timer that you can use to perform intervals inany ofyour exercises. Gym Fitness & Workout is: Home Workouts,GymFitness Trainer, Street Workouts. Gym Fitness & Workout ProGETTHE PRO VERSION WITHOUT ADVERTISING AND WITH MUCH MORE CONTENT.
Pro Gym Workout (Gym Workouts & Fitness) 5.2
Pro Gym Workout is your bodybuilding and Workouts trainer. Useourworkout videos to Workout anytime anywhere. No personaltrainerrequired. Our workout programs contain detailed informationofSets, Reps, Load, Speed and Rest to help you reach yourfitnessgoal. Workout at home or at the gym using our goal orientedworkoutroutines and training program WORKOUTS: 120+ Exercises and9workouts ● Abs workout ● Biceps workout ● Triceps workout●Forearms workout ● Chest workout ● Legs workout ● Shoulderworkout● Back workout ● Calves workout ● Cardio workout WORKOUTPROGRAM:21 Workout routines inbuilt ● Beginner bodybuilding ●Advancedbodybuilding ● Fat loss (12 weeks fat loss) ● Fat loss& musclegain (6 weeks fat loss) ● belly Fat destroyer ● QuickBelly fatloss ● Arms workout program ● Attractive Abs program ●Massivechest workout ● Beginner fitness ● Pro fitness ●Beginnerpowerlifter ● Pro powerlifter ● Advance powerlifter ● Massgainer(gain weight in 3 months) ● Abs gain (workouts for abs in 6weeks)● Glutes workout (Butt) ● Strong Legs workout ● Athletebodyworkout ● Muscular Back workout ● 10 min HIIT workout FEATURES:●No internet connection required. ● Workout videos byprofessionalbodybuilder that show you the right technique andmovements withdetailed description. ● BMI calculator, Proteincalculator,Calories calculator, Fat calculator ● Like yourfavourite exercisesand add to favourites ● Create your own customworkout routines byadding your favorite exercises ● Day and weekwise listed workoutsprogram and exercises ● Find the muscles usedand exact musclesworked by the exercise ● Search workouts easilyusing searchfeature ● Receive new training exercises added in theapp ● Workouttracker and workout summary: workout timer in workoutplans withaccurate set, reps, load, speed and rest ● Receivenotificationsand daily tips about: Workout supplements, Workoutexercises,workout tips, workout motivation, Bodybuilding diet, Dietplan,fitness diet, health tips, gym fitness exercises and more.Thebodybuilding app content including workouts, fitness video andgymworkout plan have been designed by expert gym app workouttrainer.Our gym workout trainer and workout apps have been toprated byworldwide audience. Reviews from global users makes us thebest gymtrainer and fitness apps developer. NOTE: You can choose toremoveads permanently from the app by purchasing ads free pack.NOTE: Youcan purchase the Premium version within the app tounlockeverything in the app. Feel free to send us feedback forsuggestionand improvements, we will reply as soon as possible. Ifyou installthe app you agree to our terms andconditions Contactus viaemail for help and Thank you.
GYM Trainer fit bodybuilding 2.1.9
Almost 2 million downloads place Gym Trainer as one of themostimportant and best rated and most popular Fitness andBodybuildingapplications in the Play Store.GYM Trainer is anapplication ofFitness and Bodybuilding that, in addition to consultexercises,diets, healthy recipes, workouts, you can create yourown, uploadthem to the net, consult the workouts of other users andsave them.You can also help other users uploading your advices onwhat youwant, nutrition, training, supplements..., or if in doubt,performa query in the question section.Everything related toFitness andBodybuilding could find in this application.You can usetheapplication as simple query, or sign up and becomes part of theGYMTrainer community.- Workout Routines.- Exercises.- Diets.-Healthyrecipes.- Supplements.- Timer rest between sets.- HIITTimer.- BMICalculator.- Calorie calculator.- Questions section.-Tipssection.Has been adding healthy recipes dedicated solelyandexclusively to fitness and bodybuilding in the thelatestactualization.
com.bluecorner.totalgym 3.0.5
Total Fitness is a fitness guide for this sport´s fans.TotalFitness offers you a big amount of info that will help you toreachyour goals. Total Fitness has many exercises and workoutsfortraining at your gym or at home Total Fitness has thefollowingsections: Gym Exercises Guide More than 100 differentexercises todo at the gym with explanation of the exercise, infoabout involvedmuscles, images and an explanation video Gym &Home WorkoutsDifferent workouts that will help you to schedule yourweekly work,as hard as you want or you can. You can train at thegym or at homeGuided Workouts Different guided workouts that willallow you topractice fitness at home with this app´s helpChallenges Try tobeat yourself and reach some of the goals thatTotal Fitnessproposes you, try to reach your best training withthese workouts.My Progress Total Fitness helps you to monitorizeyour improvementswith this section. Here, you will be able tocontrol your BMI (bodymass index), Fat %, and your strength.Workout Builder Create yourown workouts! Nutrition Total Fitnesswill help you support yourwork in the gym with nutrition advice sothat you know what, whenand how to eat to achieve your goals.Utilities Total Fitnessoffers you the way to calculate your IMC,Fat %, and your Strength.This app is free, we only ask you for yourpositive rating so thatmore people knows the app and we can keepimproving it We hope youlike it!!
Gym Fitness Workouts 1.9
Gym Fitness Workouts is a professional app that providespre-setworkout plans for bodybuilding, fitness and powerlifting !!!User-friendly interface allows everyone to take full advantageofexercises for training the most important muscle groups , wealsogive you the motivation that help you through the pain, fearandshyness. Enjoy the amazing results and use Gym Fitness Workoutsappwhatever you want at your own convenience.By choosing GymFitnessWorkouts app for your workouts you get:-A list of themosteffective workouts for every muscle group.-Text instructionwithpictures for each exercise.-Exercise database with newexercisesadded after each update.-The Motivation that helps youovercome thepain , fear and shyness-Exercises come withillustrations of thetrained muscles.-Interactive graphs for yourworkouts progress byperformance ,weight and repetitions.-TheWorkout plans that helpyou build a standard programs for your bodyand your muscles.Mainadvantages of Gym Fitness Workoutsapp:-Ability to choose betweenpre-set workout plans for 3,4,5 and 6days per week.-Basicexercises as well as advanced exercises fordeveloping specificmuscle groups.-The Motivation whenever you feelbad, shy, scaredand pain, we'll help you through it.Gym FitnessWorkouts - app isyour personal instructor for training such majormuscle groups aschest, shoulders, back , biceps, triceps, forearms,abdominals ,legs , calf muscles , and many others.Gym FitnessWorkouts - apphas pre-set workoutplansfor:-Bodybuilding.-Fitness.-Powerlifting.App is compatiblewith themost android devices.Feel free to direct all your questionsandsuggestions to this gmail: minh556480@gmail.comHope youguysenjoy!!!!
Fitness & Bodybuilding 2.6.5
Fitness & Bodybuilding - This app will allow you toachievegreat results, within a short period of time. This Appallows youto create your own program that will fit your needs. Inaddition,Fitness & Bodybuilding is an extensive database ofexercisesfor every muscle, with a detailed description and videofor eachexercise. Furthermore, our App provides workout plansforbodybuilding, powerlifting and fitness. Why pay forexpensiveinstructors when you can do it yourself? By choosingFitness &Bodybuilding app for your workouts you get: -Exerciseswith videosupport for every workout; -A list of the most effectiveworkoutsfor every muscle group; -Text instruction with pictures foreachexercise; -Exercise database with new exercises added aftereachupdate; -Ability to save and track data about your weight andthenumber of repetitions for each performed exercise; -Exercisescomewith illustrations of the trained muscles; -Interactive graphsforyour workouts progress by performance, weight andrepetitions;-Ability to save the history of performed exercises;-Built-intimer; -Built-in calendar that automatically marks yourworkoutdays; -Ability to create customized workout plans and addphotos;-Ability to choose measurement units (kilograms or pounds).
GYM Generation Fitness & Workout 70
GYM Generation Fitness is a fitness guide for this sport´s fans.GymGeneration Fitness offers you a big amount of info that willhelpyou to reach your goals. Gym Generation Fitness has manyexercisesand workouts for training at your gym or at homeGYMGenerationFitness has the following sections:Gym ExercisesGuide:More than 100different exercises to do at the gym withexplanation of theexercise, info about involved muscles, imagesand an explanationvideoGym & Home Workouts:Different workoutsthat will help youto schedule your weekly work, as hard as youwant or you can. Youcan train at the gym or at homeGuidedWorkouts:Different guidedworkouts that will allow you to practicefitness at home with thisapp´s helpChallenges:Try to beat yourselfand reach some of thegoals that GYM Generation fitness proposesyou, try to reach yourbest training with these workouts.MyProgress:GYM Generation Fitnesshelps you to monitorize yourimprovements with this section. Here,you will be able to controlyour BMI (body mass index), Fat %, andyour strength.WorkoutBuilder:Create your own workouts!Nutrition:GYMGeneration Fitnesswill help you support your work in the gym withnutrition advice sothat you know what, when and how to eat toachieve yourgoals.Utilities:GYM Generation Fitness offers you theway tocalculate your IMC, Fat %, and your Strength.This app isfree, weonly ask you for your positive rating so that more peopleknows theapp and we can keep improving itWe hope you like it!!
Gym Trainer 2.1
Jim Trainer is like a career coach in your pocket. You willsoonimprove the fitness, strength, tone, muscles, tips and tips ofourapps. Or use it to calculate the burn calories as part ofyourweight loss / weight loss program.In this application we havegivenyou such tips that are very beneficial for you.In this, youhavegiven all the steps of your gym to help your body growmoreattractive.This app is absolutely free.
Fitness & Bodybuilding 1.2
Fitness & Bodybuilding help you burn fat, build muscle, stayinshape, and what’s more, improve your health quicklyandefficiently. It won’t be hard for beginners and easy for pros,youcan always find suitable workouts. This app included gymworkoutsfor bodybuilding, powerlifting and fitness. With Fitness&Bodybuilding app for your workouts you get- Gym Exercisesguidewith video support for every workouts;- A list of themosteffective workouts for every muscle group;- More than 150simpleand effective exercises for men and women-Text instructionwithpictures,- Various gym exercises database with new one addedaftereach update;- Opportunity to add as many workout plans of yourownas you wish List of exercises which this app contains: - How todofull body exercise- Abs Workouts- Buttstock exercises- Chest,back,shoulders- Leg workouts Fitness and bodybuilding is a simpleapp,beside home workouts, to follow your progress at the gym andmuchmore. We strongly suggest you warm up before exercising. We arenotresponsible for any injuries you sustain while exercising.
Dr. Training - Fitness & Bodybuilding Gym Workouts 1.2.11
Gym Workout | Fitness & Bodybuilding - Dr.Training..Dr.Training, Gym Workout | Fitness & BodybuildingTrainer - If notnow, when?Dr. Training , the best gym training,bodybuildingtrainer, fitness training app, from where you can getbest gymworkouts. The best gym coach!Enjoy these awesome featuresto helpyou lose weight, tone up and get strong..- Follow theworkoutguidelines and how to do guidelines.- No videos..No high MBapp.-Contains precisely explained GIF workouts.- Choose yourcategory tostart training.- Separate section for those who wantsbulk body.-Separate section for those who wants lean body.-Separate sectionfor those who wants six or eight pack body.-Separate section forthe diet to be followed.- Separate section forcardio & absetc,..- Separate section for No equipment Homeworkouts.. WeightLoss AppsLooking for weight loss or weight gainapp, Dr. Training ,30 days fitness challenge app will help youweight loss, weightgain, free for men and women.Fitness appAbsworkouts are availableto help you get six pack abs. Follow yourpersonal trainer andexpert workouts, six pack abs is within yourreach!What are youwaiting for..Go and download this detailed GIFguided fitness app,Dr. Training - 30 Day Fitness Challenge.
melstudio.mfitness 2.2
mEL Studio
We have chosen the most effective and time-tested fitnessexercisesfor women for getting in shape really fast. The appcontains 80different exercises for an effective home fitnessworkout. Eachfitness routine comes with a detailed audio, textinstructions andvideo explanations. ⭐ You are free to make your ownfitnessworkouts, or work on already developed plan from fourprograms fordifferent muscle groups and with different levels ofdifficulty.Time proven programs will allow you to get excellentathletic shapeand achieve the most impressive results in a shorttime – this isyour personal women fitness instructor in yourpocket. Applicationfeatures: ✓ 80 best fitness exercises for girlswith videoinstructions and audio, text descriptions; ✓ 4 trainingprograms ofvarious levels of complexity and targeting differentmuscle groupswith over 54 different fitness home workouts forwomen; ✓ You canmake your own fitness plan and programs, setworkouts duration,time of rest and preparation – app fitnesstrainer will help youand suggest variants of the best body shapingexercises; ✓Statistics system that allow you to track your bodyshaping resultsin the fitness journal and develop the habit ofregular exercises;✓ Measurements system – write down your bodyparameters, add photosand track your results. Take a fitness 30 daychallenge and take alook at your results. 👍 Fitness workouts forwomen will allow youto not only deeply and accurate fitnesschallenge for all themuscles of the body, and to get in shape, butalso develop yourflexibility and endurance. Fitness training forwomen can be doneanywhere✓ at home, in the gym, in the park. Also,doing womenexercises you can get an excellent warm-up before anyother sportactivities. Make your first workout and look how fitnessbuddy makeyour muscles and body work. You do not need anyadditionalequipment and you can do fitness home workout anywhere. 🏅Goodluck!
Daily Fitness Workouts - Exercise Gym Diet 1.1
Daily fitness workouts app is designed for body workouts togettoned and healthy body. Daily fitness workout app is thebestbodybuilding app, a complete guide for beginners who wantstonedbody with six pack abs and solid muscles, for intermediariesandexperienced this app takes you to next level of training. May itbea six pack abs, bulky body or fitness freak, daily workouts appisthe package for all these types. All the workouts are designedbyexperts like chest, push ups, biceps, abdominals,shoulders,triceps, etc., The daily workouts app is a perfect gyminstructorwithout wasting pounds of money. The right fitness appenhancingyou the right technique with instructions forstrengthening andimproving bodybuilding and muscle power. Acomplete weight gainprogram app moulding your body into toned,healthy and strengthy.With more than 100+ effective exercises -Workouts with equipmentswithout equipments planned for 6 days eachday consisting ofdifferent sets of workouts with warm up sessions.- The warm upsessions and stretching routines are uniquely designedinscientific way for different exercises, with inbuilt timerandsound, with options to start, reset and stop - The dailyfitnessworkouts - body building app shows you the exercises withdetailedinstructions below the images. The exercised part of thebody ishighlighted with orange colour so as the user to know onwhat partof body is being worked out. - Daily workouts app containsBMIcalculator with BMI chart - A complete diet plan indicator withtheamount of protein and calorie to take. It provides timelydietchart from morning to evening including pre-workout andpostworkout meals to follow - Absolutely free app no internetneeded -Easy and friendly user interface
Dance Workout Videos : Weight Loss Dance 6.1
If you are looking for a dance workout at home or fast weightlossfree to do free music dance exercise and start your dailyworkouttraining to weight loss without diet while dancing then thisapp isperfect for you. Run for weight loss for a beginner is anexcellentand fun way to burn your calories and help you loseweight. As youdance, you’re raising and exercising your heart rate,yet due tothe fun atmosphere of Zumba fitness dance, it doesn’tfeel a choreto burn stored fats or calories. Learn Zumba andfitness dancing,lose weight and stay fit with aerobics workoutsthat will keep youengage. If your plan is to have fun and listen togood music tomotivate you then here you will find best dance music,trancemusic, Latin tunes, disco music and even Bollywood tracks…thesedaily workouts are perfect for you. Practice dance classeswithdance music aerobics which classes that are much more funandmotivating than even belly dance exercises for belly fat loss.WithDance training workout you can find what you are looking for:🏋Exercise at home. 🕺 Dance Workout. 🏋 Fitness Exercise AppsforWomen 😅 Quick sweat cardio beat. 💪 Cardio Dance Workout 😍FitnessDance 👙 Fat Loss Workout ❤️ Good health. 💋 Legs workout.DanceFitness is the effective weight loss app with Spanish, Latinandreggaeton music to motivate your workout routines.Startexercising, play and watch on our video player, choose fromouramazing video library the best exercises tutorials for you.Thesefun fitness workouts will help you exercise at home or at thegym.Dance Fitness is the best cardio workout possible withfitnessworkouts chosen by professional dancers, choreographycouches andfitness instructors around the world In this Androidapp, you willfind tones of aerobic exercises and fat loss routineswith plentyof weight loss dancing, aerobics dance workout, andLatin AerobicDance Workout. We can assure this is one of the bestfitness appsof weight loss for girls. If you want to weight lossfast ouraerobics workout is the best women routines. This is anexerciseapp for women where you can find sessions to exercise thewholebody free with exercise to gain muscle, exercise to slimtone,exercise to flatten stomach, exercise to grow taller, exerciseforbodybuilding and more. The videos include free dance musicworkShare the exercises with friends and family on twitter,facebook,WhatsApp, Instagram, and show how much your fun aerobicsfitnessworkout. It is all about exercising, fun and motivation whenitcomes to well build chest, strong legs, six-pack abs or 6pack,arms with powerful bicep and triceps, massive shoulders,thigh,breast, firm breast and great calf muscles. Create yourworkoutschedule and exercise whole body free with exercise to gainmuscle,exercise to slim tone, exercise to flatten stomach, exercisetogrow taller, exercise for bodybuilding and much much more.Weupdate the app on a regular basis so you can enjoy thisexerciseapp for women and men with new classes to keep youup-to-date.Download and have fun!! DISCLAIMER: Images used here areavailablein public domain and we don't want to infringe anyone'scopyright.If you think there is a violation of anyone's copyrights,thenplease email us with details. We will put down those images. 2.7
Tailor-made workout programs just for you, designed byprofessionalfitness coaches, with over 200 fitness sessions andhealthyrecipes, pictures and videos; healthy eating and exercisinghavenever been this easy! This is the most efficient way toworkout,lose weight, get fit, improve your muscle tone, withexercisetraining and diet coaching. • Intensive and efficient10-15mntraining sessions designed around bodyweight. • No needforequipment - only grab some water and training clothes! •Trainwhere and when you want • Fits every level of fitness andability •HD video exercises designed by our coaches • Over 200fitnesssessions for a fast and constant progression • Hundreds ofhealthyrecipes so you get all the nutrients you need • A blogchock-fullof nutrition and diet tips and recommendations ••••FITNESS ••••Sessions specially created by our professional coacheswith a focuson all body parts. 101 Fitness adapts to you and givesyou apersonalized training program with bodyweight exercises, therightnumber of sessions/week, level and goals. • Register yourpersonalinformation • Define your goals; lose weight, get toned orslimmingdown. • Give your coach feedback about your progression byusingthe calendar and activating the notifications. • Getyourpersonalized training plan • Watch the videos carefully inorder tounderstand the exercises and keep safe. • Follow the plan -asweeks go by you will start to enjoy the results! ••••NUTRITION•••• Eating healthy doesn't necessarily mean frustrationdiets. Youjust need to understand what your body needs and how toget it. •Hundreds of free and healthy recipes • Food-relatedarticles • Fullnutritional menus for all your meals • Food yourbody needs ••••MORE ABOUT THE APP AND THE SUBSCRIPTION•••• The appis available inEnglish, French, Spanish, Italian and German.Download 101 Fitnessfor free and use our training programs and ourrecipe book. You canalso sign up for the Pro version for full andadapted trainingsessions. Download the sessions so you can watchthem offline. Wesuggest you use wifi. In order to access yourpersonalized program,choose the length of your subscription: • 1month : 9.99$ • 3months : 19.99$, i.e. 6.66$/month (save 33%) • 1year : 49.99$ i.e.4.17$/month (save 58%) Once you've chosen yoursubscription andconfirmed your order, the payment will be chargedto your account,with the right price for your country. Thesubscription willautomatically renew at the end of yoursubscription, and your bankaccount linked to Google play will becharges. You can stop theautomatic renewal any time. To avoid therenewal, cancel it atleast 24h before the end date of yoursubscription. No refund isavailable for unused time. Terms andconditions: Follow 101 Fitness onFacebook andInstagram ! Any more questions about our app? Write
JEFIT Workout Tracker, Weight Lifting, Gym Log App 10.45
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Tracking workout training routines using JEFIT gym log iseasy.Programs from bodybuilding, 3 day splits, 5x5 & strengthplansto home exercises & body weight lifting. ★ Google PlayEditor'sChoice ★ Men’s Fitness - Best Fitness and Health Apps ★ USAToday -New year, new you Over 8 million people use JEFIT to tracktheirworkouts and transform their bodies. JEFIT, the number oneworkouttracking planner app, provides free fitness program databasetohelp you stay fit, make progress and get the most out of yourgymor home fitness sessions. From beginner programs like 5x5,531,stronglifts, 3 or 4 day splits, starting strength toadvancedbodybuilding, weightlifting, powerlifting or kettlebellroutines toprograms using bodyweight, limited space or specializedequipment,JEFIT is the only workout app you need. Who is this appfor? Ifyou’ve logged your workouts in a journal, planner or justlovetraining at the gym on your own schedule, JEFIT will help youreachyour strength, weight and fat loss, and training goalsfrombeginners to advanced lifters. We’ve made the app to motivateyouby rewarding you for consistency, pushing yourself to newpersonalrecords and committing to challenges with the community.TopFeatures ● Web or App - Track with the app and edit routines onourweb app. ● Track Workouts - Set your exercises, track weightsandreps and we’ll show you the results of your training ●ExerciseInstruction Database - Over 1300+ demonstrations andvariationswith HD video from experts ● Intuitive Tools - RestTimer,Supersets, Interval Timers, Body Measurements Log, Notes,SchedulePlanner, Notes ● Training Programs - Customized workoutprogramsmade for 3, 4 or 5 day splits, fat loss, stronglifts, 5x5,startingstrength, bodybuilding, 531, weightlifting, powerlifting,GZCLP,Greyskull, or build your own ● Stay Motivated - Join ourmonthlyfitness challenge with cash prizes and get support fromother gymgoers in the community. Also add your gym buddies tocompareroutines and lifts so you can reach your goal ofimprovingstrength, getting lean, toned or just staying active ● SetGoals -Want to lose weight, get lean, get stronger orexerciseconsistently? You can build that in JEFIT’s custom journal● AddFriends - Find new fitness buddies in our community. Whetherit’ssomeone to spot you at the gym or to compare bodybuildingtips.Programs for any fitness level with full instruction database✔Beginner Programs - Stronglifts, 5x5, Starting Strength, 3daysplits ✔ Advanced Programs - Powerlifting, bodybuilding,531,GZCLP, Greyskull ✔ Target Programs - Abs, Arms, Glutes, FatandWeight Loss, Toning ✔ Personal Training - Get routines builtbyyour personal trainer ✔ Sports Training - Baseball, Space✔Equipment Focused - Squat Racks, Barbells, Kettlebells, Dumbbells✔Bodyweight or Minimal Equipment - Bands, Mats, Machine Only,CoreFocused ✔ Kettlebells, Cardio, Circuit Training, SpaceLimitedRoutines * Or build your own custom workout routines orschedulesSpecial tools and features ✔ Access from Desktop and Web ✔RestTimer - Set custom times to remind when to lift ✔ Supersetsandcircuit training routines supported ✔ Interval Timer, Set Notesand1 Rep Max Calculator ✔ Body Measurements and Weekly PlannerforScheduling ✔ Social Feed and Community Contest ✔ Store Workoutsinthe Cloud and share with your personal trainer 1,300exercisessupported with full HD videos in our database ✔ Barbell,Dumbbell,Machines, Cable, Band ✔ Cardio, Elliptical, Rowing, Bike,Swimming✔ Static Movements, Planks, Stretching, Abs ✔Bodyweight,Kettlebell, Core ✔ Create custom exercises Benchmarking,analysisand instructions ✔ Personalized charts for lifting volume✔Benchmark against other users or gym buddy ✔ Weekly summariesofprogress ✔ Personalized Record PR tracking
SmartFit: Adaptive Gym Workout Routines
SmartFit creates adaptive weight training gym workout routinesbasedon principles used in powerlifting and weight lifting and itis morecomplicated than methods 5x5, Madcow, Smolov programs areusing.We’ve tried to make very simple interface, so just set yourtraininggoal and experience in the gym, enter working weights(ordetermineit in the training process) and get really-working gymworkoutroutines. It is not a fitness log or a fitness tracker, soyou don’tneed to enter a lot of data during the training workout,just pointout the level of difficulty - you can even do it afterthe training!All parameters you must enter in other apps – set,reps, weights –it will have already determined by personal trainerSmartFit foryour maximum progress! You only need to do specifiedgym workoutplan and see your progress in the mirror or if yourgoal is strengthtraining – just track your power increasing inpowerliftingexercises: bench press, deadlift and squat. Ourpersonal trainer appmakes well-balanced weight training programsare including allmuscle groups with no ineffective splits so thatyou will do chest,legs workout or shoulders, back workout in onetraining. Biceps,triceps workout, for example, in muscle buildingprogram for male ison separate day. In every training day we havespecified specialsection for hitch where you can find abs workoutfor all users andwrist, calf and shrugs workout for male. Formaximum progress inyour weight training goals you should keep tothe appropriate dietplan. SmartFit is a fully qualified fitnesstrainer for men andwomen in the following directions: - Fitness -Bodybuilding -Powerlifting- Weightlifting - Stretching - Glutetrainings for womenNext programs are available for the users: -Muscle building program- Weightloss program - Strength trainingprogramThe app will helpgirls to reach the goals as: pump up thebutt, abs, lose weight,etc. Taking into account individualcharacteristics, the fitness gymworkouts will be with theworkload, which will effectively help toreach the result. At theend of an each workout, you will be offeredthe stretchingexercises and abs workout. The training programs formen containthe workload level, which allows effectively pump up thebiceps,chest, etc. and lose weight or gain muscles. Strengthtrainingworkouts are not limited to the 5x5, Smolov or Madcowprograms.Bench press, deadlift and barbell squats are trained inthe mode,which will contribute the successful performance atthepowerlifting competition. Right decision for those, who wanttolose weight, gain muscle or increase the strength!PersonaltrainerSmartFit will save your money on a personal trainer.
Gym Workout - Fitness & Bodybuilding Pro 5.0
Home Workout - Fitness And Lose Weight- GYM help you get intoshape!Home Workout - Fitness And Lose Weight- GYM will help you toachievegreat results, within a short period of time. It supportyou tocreate your own program that will fit your needs - Ourworkoutprograms include detailed information about everything ofMuscleexercise such as Sets, Reps, Load, Speed and Rest or Loseweight tohelp you reach your fitness goal. Workout at home or atthe gymusing our goal oriented workout routines and trainingprogram youwill get - Moreover, our program provides workout plansforbodybuilding, mass gain, attractive abs and fitness. Fitness&Bodybuilding is an extensive database of exercises for everymuscle,with a detailed description and video for each exercise.All plansare free and you can take practice immediately! HomeWorkout -Fitness And Lose Weight- GYM provides many videos relatedto ✦ 100+Exercises and 10 muscle group workouts ✥ Chest ✥ Abs ✥Shoulder ✥ ✥Biceps ✥ Triceps ✥ Forearms ✥ ✥ Legs ✥ Back ✥ Calves ✥✥ Cardio ✥ ✦More than 10 professional training program to help youeasier toselect: ★Beginner at gym ★Advanced program ★Mass gain ★6packs abs.Beside, Home Workout - Fitness And Lose Weight- GYM alsosupportmany features: -Exercises come with illustrations of thetrainedmuscles; -Interactive graphs for your workouts progressbyperformance, weight and repetitions; -Ability to save thehistoryof performed exercises; -Easy to create customized workoutplansand add plans; -Muscle exercise with video support foreveryworkout; -A list of the most effective workouts for everymusclegroup; -Text instruction with pictures for each exercise;-Exercisedatabase with new exercises added after each update;-Ability tosave and track data about your weight and the number ofrepetitionsfor each performed exercise; Special Feature: - Buttocksexercises,legs exercises, hips exercises, calves exercises, absexercises,glute exercises, exercises for bum, legs abs and buttocksworkout,toned body workout, flat stomach workout. - Notice aboutnutrition,fat and salt index, tips to get into shape - BMIcaculator,Protein, Calories or Fat index, so you can getimportanceinformation for you body. - If you want to get rid ofbelly fat orlooking for fat loss exercise for man, exercises forhome to loseweight, how to lose weight after pregnancy, bestexercise for flatstomach, quickest way to lose weight wondering howto reduceweight, how can decrease fat of stomach, how to get rid ofbellyfat,pregnancy stretches, how to have flat stomach, searchingfor noequipment workout app,flat stomach workout, lean bodyworkout, bodyexercise for fit body home, home workout plan, hiitfat burnworkouts, slim waist flat belly workout, body exercise forfit bodyhome, daily exercise at home, home workout app for men,glutesworkout, exercising apps to lose weight, daily exercise athome,home fitness workouts, easy exercise for beginners, fitnesslifecoach, burn belly fat workouts, exercise free apps to loseweight,exercise free apps for beginners, exercise free apps to loseweightfor kids, lose weight after baby, lose weight afterpregnancy, oryou are looking for a free home weight loss workoutapp, best appto lose weight free, easy to get into shape,get tonedarms, tonedlegs. Last words, Home Workout - GYM - Fitness pro isyour bestchoice for weight drop or get into shape.
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Shock your friends with your results! This is the only workoutappyou'll ever need. ● Beginner & Pro workout routines designedbyexperts ● Biggest workout trainer and most complete gym workoutapp● Acts as your own personal trainer ● Start training andtransformyour body ★ New to weight lifting and bodybuilding? Noproblem!We've got everything you need to get started. ★ Alreadyworkingout? Our workout routines will take your strength trainingto thenext level. ● Sharp videos, clear exercise photos ● Bodyweight andweight training exercises for toning, strength training,slimmingand more... ● Full fitness solution for the gym: everythingyouneed to get in shape and stay in shape! Workout withconfidencewith everything you need to get great results at the gym.Use ourworkout plans as your personal trainer and see your bodyimprove,fast! Get your work out buddy to try it as well and sharetheworkouts you make with each other. Perfect app for startingyourbody building journey or taking your weight lifting to thenextlevel! Our expertly designed workout routines act as yourworkoutguide giving you all the info you need to succeed andprogress atthe gym in the palm of your hand. WORKOUT APP EXERCISEDATABASE ●Lots of exercises with 3000+ possible variations ● Richphotos andhi-res videos of each exercise ● Easy-to-understanddetaileddescriptions ● Search by muscle group, equipment type orkeywordWORKOUT ROUTINES ● Multiple gym workout routines to choosefrom ●Specific muscle-focused workouts and full body workoutsdesigned toget you toned and strong ● The only gym app thatsupportsSuper-Sets ● Beginner, Intermediate & Expert routines ●Cardiois mixed in to give you a full workout experience FEATURES: ●Saveall of your favorite exercises ● Modify and save any ofourpre-made routines ● Create, or add your existing routine orworkoutprogram to the app ● Audio cues for your rest time inbetween sets● Choose from bodyweight, time-based, free weight ormachine basedworkouts WORKOUT JOURNAL: ● Gym Tracker: Access yourworkouthistory via your gym log ● Easily accessible workout log ●Getmotivated by browsing your past workouts This workout trackerandfitness coach is designed by Fitness22, the fitness andhealthbrand trusted by millions. ● Get inspired with real lifesuccessstories ●Get workout and health tips from ourblog: ----- CONTACT US ----- Dearcustomers,we are here for you! Got Questions? Comments?Ideas?
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Working on your summer body for next season? Download thefitnesscoach BTFIT to have access to abs classes, fitness dance andcardiodance classes, yoga training and more indoor exercises. Allof itwith a personal trainer online to define a fitness routine foryourhome training. Either you want to lose weight and buildmuscle,start a healthier routine, obtain a better body shape orimproveyour physical conditioning, BTFIT will help you to achieveyourgoals with workout class. This year is the one in whichyou’llbuild muscle and achieve the summer body of your dreams! Youneedto get to know BTFIT’s Online Personal Trainer. YogaTraining,Abdominal exercises, Cardio Dance, Fitness Dance to doindoorexercises to build muscle, lose weight and build the bodyshape ofyour dreams. Do home training! Get the best personaltrainers forindoor training. Enjoy the better body shape through ahome workoutroutine. BTFIT connects you with a personal trainerthat helps youexercise at home. The workout app, your personaltrainer online, isavailable to personalize your workout. Accomplishthe fitness bodyshape faster through indoor training and get readyto achieve yoursummer body. Access yoga exercises, fitness classes,abdominalclasses, cardio dance, fitness dance, bootcamp and more!WORKOUTROUTINES All you need is 15 minutes per day of home trainingto getthe fitness body you always dreamt of. Exercising at home iseasywith personal trainer online. Personalized exercises with afitnesscoach to build muscle, lose weight and have the perfect bodyshapefor you. With the fitness tracker, you can follow-up on howmanycalories you are burning in each exercise and youroverallperformance with your fitness plan. TONE YOUR BODY WITH AFITNESSPLAN Using the workout app BTFIT, you’ll be able to workoutonlineor offline. Do you want to workout at the gym? Exercise athome?Wherever you are, it’s easy to do your workout routine and getyourideal body shape. Personal trainer online and fitness trackeronthe app to make your fitness plan easier in a home training.Groupfitness classes and fitness coach to motivate you at any timeinyour workout class. YOGA TRAINING CLASSES Strengthen your bodyandmind practicing yoga. Improve your physical conditioningandflexibility with a home workout routine. 15-MINUTESWORKOUTROUTINES Reach your goals working out with a personaltraineronline! A fitness plan that fits into your schedule.Indoortraining to get the fitness body you want. GROUP CLASSESWorkingout can be much easier when you have other people pushingyou.Including workouts in your routine is a lot easier with theGroupClasses. New classes added every day, so you can workout whenandwherever you want! ABS EXERCISES Learn how to makeabdominal,conquer the six-pack and build the muscles of yourdreams. Abs andstrengthening exercises to guide you through yourjourney to afitness body doing exercises and abdominal at home.BOOTCAMP In thebootcamp classes, you have access to 20-minuteshigh-caloriesburning exercises! Practice intense workout anytime.Use theworkout app to get indoor training. CARDIO DANCE When youdance,you improve your physical resistance. Exercise at home! Loseweightwhile having fun with the cardio dance group classes.ONLINEPERSONAL TRAINER BTFIT Fitness app allows you to have accessto apersonal trainer online to do indoor exercises. Get customworkoutsto accomplish the fitness body you want within yourbodyspecificities and goals. Home workout routines selected foryou!Abdominal, fitness dance, cardio dance and more indoorexercises tobuild muscle with workout class! Sign up for BTFITPremium and tryout a home workout routine! Workout at home with thehelp of thepersonal trainer online. Install the workout app andaccess fitnessclasses, cardio dance, practice yoga, abdominal andkeep track ofyour performance in indoor exercises using the fitnesstracker!
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Gym Mentor has Workouts & Programs designed for each ofyourfitness goals from Bulking up, Building Strength, Getting LeantoWeight-Loss. 🏃🏋💪 Gym Mentor is one the best workout &gymtrainer apps. "So far down 27 pounds!!!" ★★★★★ "Awesome planswithcomplete exercise schedules and diet plans... Just loved it"★★★★★Workouts - Detailed description of workouts with images fortheuser to understand the proper form of the workout, Numberofrepetitions for proper muscle breakdown and rest time formusclerelaxation is stated in Gym Mentor. More than 100 totalworkoutsfrom basic to advanced Food - Nutrition plays an importantpart infitness, hence Gym Mentor provides you with diet plans foryourdesired body goals. Nutritional Plan in Gym Mentor is itsmainfeature as it lists down the nutritional plan for VegetariansandNon - Vegetarians both. Gym Mentor provides you with informationincase of workouts and nutrition which would help you attainthedesired body goal. All the mentioned Workouts and Nutritionalplansin Gym Mentor are tried and tested and upon receivingpositiveresults have been added. PROGRAMS - 8 [2 New] well-preparedWorkoutespecially for Fitness & Health Aim ● Bulking Up Program● LeanProgram ● Weight Loss Program ● Strength Program ● Overall[BalanceWorkouts] ● Body-weight Program [Perform at Home or Office]● It'sFriday Program [Home & Gym] Program Schedule: Selecteddays forworkouts from Day 1, Day 2, Day 3 with Rest Dayinsertedaccordingly. Let's get started on achieving fitness goalsusing GymMentor. Guys, feel free to write to us anything includingcomments,ideas, suggestions to
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Get your whole body toned and feel like the best versionofyourself. Drop any extra weight with minimum struggle(nothingcomes without any effort!) and see a noticeable differencein yourshape in 30 days. Try it now, follow the 30 Day FitnessChallengeand see your fat cells melt away. What does 30 DayFitnessChallenge offer you? Invest some minutes everyday for 30days ofyour life and observe your body getting into the shape youaim for.Start with regular warm ups followed by exercises that willslimyour entire body.Take it easy on the first couple of daysandgradually increase your counts per set. Surpass yourexpectations,achieve your daily goal, and share it with yourfriends ondifferent social platforms. See your weight drop and yourmusclegrow in no time.What will happen after 30 days of exercise?You'llfinally have:- Toned arms- Flat tummy- Peachy butt- Skinnythighs-Bikini beach body- Sculpted absSince 2016 thousands of dailyactiveusers with enthusiastic experiences:- "It's simple to do, Ijustlove it" user from the US, Sept 2017- "Never used a moreeffectiveapp, while being on a diet at the same time. I had abswithin amonth. Would recommend to anyone who can take exercises!"user fromAustralia, Sept 2017- "Great way to get started on fitnessjourney"user from South Africa, Sept 2017You are special and so isyourbody. Take care of it and stay away from diseases like diabetesandobesity by exercising daily. Download 30 Day Fitness Challengeappnow!Need help with our product or want to show us how greatyoulook now? Send us feedback Fitness is suitable forpeople of any age and fitnesscondition. However, please seekmedical advice and make sure toread our policies before youstart.PrivacyPolicy: ofUse:
Women Fitness 1.3
★ If you want to become a bodybuilder and gaining muscle. thenyouhave to choose the best bodybuilding workout trainer ever.Thisapplication will help you to lose fat and get fit & rippedwitha lot of free multimedia workouts coached by expertpersonaltrainers. ★ Women fitness is perfect for people who wantsto getfit without using any equipments. you can Followsimpleinstructions and guidelines and you can workout specificparts ormuscles of your body in privacy in your home or office atwork.★ Inthis application you will find all gym workouts, exercisesandpowerlifting routines to get maximum muscles and will get theabsweight loss, amazing back, calves, dumbbell for biceps,workoutsfor chest, triceps exercises, and forearm exercise,exercises forthighs, awesome leg workout, shoulders workout, buttworkouts,glutes workouts, inner thigh workouts and thigh gapexercises.★Features ★✓ Workout Log✓ Free and Simple✓ Animationshowing how todo each exercise✓ 20+ Exercises✓ 3 Difficulty levels(Easy, Normal,Hard)✓ Daily reminder alarm so that you never missthe challenge.✓Women fitness contains V Crunches, Bicyle Crunches,Vertical LegCrunches, Sode Plank, Push-up and rotation, Lunge,Hight Knees,Plank, Squat, Step-up onto chair, Push-up, Wall Sit,Jumping jacks,Bench Dips, Basic Crunches, Alternate Heel Touches,Leg-upCrunches, Arm Reaching Crunches, Flutter Kicks, Leg Raises,Plankwith Leg Lift.★ There are rest days to make sure you getproperrecovery time. Doing the workout will make you feelstronger,healthier. exercise benefits every part of the body. ★ Donothesitate to download Women fitness and THANK YOU to everyonewhohas use it.★ If you liked our application please don’t forgettorate it ★★★★★ .
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★Best Free Weight Loss Workout App★ ★Best Free App forHomeWorkouts★ ★Best Free Female Fitness & Exercise App★ WeightLossFitness | Workout App for Women The BEST app for femalefitness,health & weight loss! Just one 7 minute workout a dayto abetter me! Sweat, work out, and get fit with Workout for Women|Weight Loss Fitness App by 7M. Female tailored workoutsandexercises to help you achieve your health and fitness goals.Betteryou, better me! Loose weight in just 7 minutes! Train yourbody,get in bikini body shape, and burn some calories. Get rid ofyourbelly fat and shape that butt! A bikini body guide in yourpocket.WHY Workout App for Weight Loss | Fitness for Women * Shortandeffective workouts that will make you sweat * Scientificallyprovento improve health with just a seven minute workout a day. *Burnbelly fat and lose weight in just 30 days. * Beginnerfriendlyworkouts that are easy. Work out at home or at the gym. *No gym orworkout equipment needed home work outs. * Personaltrainer withvoice and video instructions. * 100% Free. No hiddenand surprisecharges! * Full body work out that targets all theimportant parts:butt, glutes, abs, core, legs, arms, belly fat,booty, back, fatloss, weight loss, bbg, thigh gap. * Perfectcomplement to yourother fitness & health apps: meditation,yoga, sleep, calm,relax, meditate, period tracker. * The onlyworkout app that isspecifically tailored for women, ladies &girls. Our femalefitness women home workouts are hand crafted to bequick andeffective. Choose from abs workout, butt workout, hiitweight losswork out. Each has a different focus and differenteffect. Takecontrol of your health and fitness and sweat with usevery day!Quick, effective and 100% FREE! What are you waiting for?DownloadWorkout for Women and start your 7 Minute Workout today!Let 7Mhelp you get healthier! Website:
GymRun Workout Log & Fitness Tracker
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GymRun - intuitive, extensive, customizable * create owncustomworkout plans and day routines for weight lifting, bodyweightandcardio exercises (as mix, supersets, circle) * customizableandexpandable built-in exercise database (store own images)*statistics, charts and session reports (1RM, workoutvolume,calories, rest) * individual rest countdown timer andstopwatch *smartwatch support (Samsung Galaxy Watch/Gear, GoogleWear OS) *lock screen widget to log workouts * comfortablehistorical logautofill/pre-filling * customizable logging list *note function *multiple profiles * log body data and body photos *light, dark andpure black (OLED) theme * exercise favorite list andmuscle groupfilters * workout record notification * local backup,Dropbox,Google Drive sync and CSV export * share workout sessionresults onGoogle Fit, S Health, Instagram, Facebook, Twitter * YOURFEATURE:feedback and suggestions are welcome Smartwatch support *availablefor Samsung Galaxy Watch/Gear and Google Wear OS * twowatch appversions are available: Companion and Standalone *Companionversion needs a constant bluetooth connection to thesmartphone andis included in the premium package * Standaloneversion doesn'tneed the smartphone during workout, you can syncyour data beforeand after workout - it is an optional extra featurepackage
Gym Workout : Videos of Bodybuilding Gym Exercises 1.8
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Gym Workouts Videos of Bodybuilding Gym Exercises This app isyourtrue workout trainer fitness coach which not shows videosofBodybuilding & Fitness training of each workout for fullbodyexercises of each and every muscle. This suite of home / gymapps -full body workout for all people - men & women. Itprovideseasy to follow training and advice with full imageillustrationsand videos of every move in the exercise of allworkout videos, toprovide you perfect personal training of yourbody fitness logswhether you are a beginner or a body builder. Someof the Exercisesfor Bodybuilding Workout videos: - Chest workouts -Body workout -Shoulder & Forearms - Abs workout - Back workouts& belly -Strength & Resistance - Bicep & Tricep - Legworkouts &Arm - Hiit work out - Fitness workout - Cardioworkout - Coreworkouts - Upper body workout - Full body - 6 pack abworkouts - 30Day Fitness Challenge - 7 Day Fitness Challenge Mostworkout videoscan be easily used by anybody whether man or woman,not only at thegym, but also with utmost ease at home with noequipment requiredfor a perfect working out routine following themany bodybuildinggym plans and programs included in this fitnessapp. This willboost your energy immensely, and result you ingetting fit, bysimply following the daily instructions of our gymguide, you wouldget to your goals fast and also help you to loseweight if yourbody holds much fats. This will be your new gym herothat willmotivate and guide you with every step towards yourfitness regimewith helpful tips. No need to go to the gym every dayor every timeyou decide to exercise, and you do not need to pay anymoney to noone. This fitness trainer will help you track &maintain yourfitness every step up and build up an extremelyhealthyMevo-lifestyle and get you in shape fast with perfect power&resistance for everyone from beginners to the experts offitnessclubs. Get Fit today and start making your life Healthy withthisapp that inspires, motivates and guide you in the rightdirectionas your fitness coach. - Home Workouts for men / women-Bodybuilding Videos with clear exercise steps for each workout-Motivation for bodybuilding with great wallpapers ofbodybuildersThe workouts span every type of exercise for full bodyor differentbody parts, be it building that perfect 6 pack abs withtheseworkouts or weight lifting or workouts for core, back, legsandarms, or the no weight but cardio work out gym plans thatboostfitness. Don't wait anymore and start your gym routineworkoutschedule today with the help of step by step videoinstructionswith full meaning of workouts for body fitness,defining thebenefits of each and with tips to further built up ofyour bodyefficiently and effectively by provides you themotivational spiritto bring out the gym hero in you. When you startwith this exerciseapps and strength muscle training regime for aperfectly strong,toned & muscular body with bodyweight workout,you adapt to aworkout schedule and bodybuilding program that worksfor you.Download App now and lose weight, start getting fit andbuild up aperfectly well toned muscular body which is strong andfull ofPhysical Fitness to boost body mass & fitness. From themakersof great sports video fitness & bodybuilding channels,blogs& apps like: - - MevolifeApp: kind of help or confusion, simply write to us Kindly do not leave us any negativestars,we're here to help : )
Pilates - home fitness 1.1.3
Pull out your gym mat and get ready to do a series of movementsthatwill stabilize and strengthen your core. You’ll get stronger,moresculpted muscles and gain flexibility. You may also havebetterposture and a better sense of well-being. If you are lookingtostrengthen your abdomen and pelvis as well as maintain goodposture,then Pilates is for you. It also has a strong mind/bodyconnection,so you may like it if you enjoy yoga but need a moreintense coreworkout. There is limited evidence to support the useof Pilates toalleviate lower back pain, improve strength, andprevent elderlypeople from falling. It has not been shown to beeffective treatmentfor any medical condition. Pilates is great forstrengthening andtoning your core and for increasing yourflexibility, but it’s not acomprehensive strength buildingprogram. You will need to supplementit with some other exercisesif you want to build up your arm orcalf muscles. Talk to yourtrainer to see what would be best. Anddon’t forget your cardio!Pilates involves precise moves andspecific breathing techniques.It’s not for you if you prefer a lessstructured program. It alsowon’t fit your needs if you are lookingfor an aerobic workout.Pilates can be very demanding, so startslowly. Instructors do nothave to be licensed, so it’s best to getrecommendations beforeselecting one.
Female Fitness - Women Workout 1.1.6
Move now! A better me is approaching! Get fit with the BESTwomenworkout - female fitness app! Sweat 7 mins a day to get aperfectbikini body! Women Workout - Female Fitness helps you burnbellyfat, tone butt, slim legs, trim waistline and get in shape.Followthe home workout to feel the burn. Keep fit and be a betterme!Train your body, burn calories, lose weight, you will get asexybody before you know it! WHY CHOOSE THIS FITNESS FOR WEIGHTLOSSAPP? √ Quick and effective workouts maximize fat burning√Scientifically proven to lose weight and improve health√Bodyweight workouts, no equipment needed √ Weight lossfitnessworkout for all your body parts √ Animation and videoguidance justlike your personal workout trainer √ 100% FREE! Nolocked features√ Beginner friendly √ Full body workout at home,buttocks workout,abs workout for women, leg workouts for women, fatloss workout,burn fat workout √ Especially designed fitness forweight loss appfree for women √ Coach tips in every exercise helpyou use theright form to get the best results √ Warm-up andstretchingroutines √ Track your weight loss progress √ Track yourcaloriesburned √ Suitable for both beginner and pro √ Lose weightwith yourpersonal trainer Short and effective may be one of thereasons thatmake this fitness for weight loss app stands out fromhundreds ofworkout apps for women and weight loss apps free forwomen. Trythis workout app for women, a better me is on the way!FemaleFitness App Keep fit and lose belly fat with workout forwomen.This female fitness app has professional lose belly fatworkout andworkout for women. All these lose belly fat workout andworkout forwomen can be done anywhere at anytime. Workout at HomeTake a fewminutes a day to keep fit and lose weight with ourworkout at home.No equipment needed, just use your bodyweight toworkout at home.Fat Burning Workouts & Hiit Workouts The bestfat burningworkouts & hiit workouts for better body shape. Burncalorieswith fat burning workouts, and combine with hiit workoutsto getthe best results. Fitness Coach All workouts are designedbyprofessional fitness coach. Workout guide through theexercise,just like having a personal fitness coach in your pocket!
Home Workout - No equipment - Lose weight at home 6.2.0
Home Workout for IOS:*No workout equipment & just minutes a day * Fun achievementsandrewards to keep you motivated * Based on HICT ( highintensitycircuit training ), proven to be the “safest, mosteffective, andmost efficient” way to improve your muscular andaerobic fitness,and make you healthier. If you want to lose weight,get a flattummy & strengthen your abdominal muscles, try HomeWorkout andget a six pack while strengthening your core and toningyour abs,with videos that show you how to perform each exercise.HomeWorkout contains more than 100 exercises ,you can workoutwithprecise illustrations, visual timers, spoken instructions andeventactile feedback to switch between 30 seconds of intenseexerciseand 10 seconds of rest.. All you need is a chair and awall. Repeat2-3 circuits depending on how much time you have. Makeit yourfirst choice at home or at the office. FEATURES - Noworkoutequipment & just minutes a day - No internet accessneeded.Workout at home , at the office and anytime! - Voiceguidance -Adjustable circuit time - Adjustable rest time -Notifications fordaily workout - Ability to pause the workout, andskip to the nextor the previous exercise - Notifications for dailyworkout - Thisapp offers you the way to calculate your IMC, Fat %,and yourStrength. - This app will help you support your work in thegymwith nutrition advice so that you know what, when and how to eattoachieve your goals. - Support 22 languages and you caneasilychange the language Each exercise has instruction, guidlineandgraphic. eg: + Push up + Squat + Sit ups + Plank + Crunch +Wallsit + Jumping jack + punch ... Over 100 EXERCISES to improve6kinds of muscles + Abs workouts + Arms workouts + Leg workouts+Body workouts + Chest workouts We are dedicatedfitnessprofessionals and app developers. We strive to make thehighestquality products - if you have any suggestions, feel freetocontact us. Our apps are regularly updated at no charge.
Female Fitness - Gym Workouts 2.2.2
The application is specially created for women of all bodyshapes,who are looking to set a new life standard and want to shapetheirbody. Female Fitness app comes with a nice and simple touseinterface. making it a reliable assistant during yourworkouts.Another key factor that assures the quality of thisapplication isthe model from the pictures and videos who performsthe exercises -european bodyfitness champion - Victoria Ciudesnaia.Main Features:- More than 60 exercises with high-quality videosupport for everyworkout. - List of most often used fitnessexercises for each majormuscle group. - A text instruction withpictures for each exercise.- An exercise database that extendsafter each update, and improvesthe app. - “Download all videos”button or download videos one byone if you have a network withlimited traffic or slow internetconnection. - Ability to keep andtrack data about your weights andrepetitions for each performedexercise. - Interactive graphs foryour workouts progress, by:performance, weights and repetitions. -Ability to keep the historyof all your performed exercises. -Built-in timer with audiosupport, and intervals of: 30s, 45s, 60s,90s, 120s, 180s. -Built-in calendar, that automatically marks allyour workout days. -Ability to add photos to custom exercises fromyour gallery. -Ability to delete photos from a custom exercise andchange them. -Ability to choose between pounds and kilograms. -The application islocalized in the following languages: English,French, Italian,German, Spanish, Portuguese, Russian, Swedish,Dutch, Turkish, Thai,Japanese, Traditional Chinese, SimplifiedChinese and Korean, byname, content, menus,settings anddescription.
Home Workout Guide for Men; Exercises & fitness 1.0.8
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Home workouts and fitness exercises in video is availablehere.Bodybuilding and six packs abs are everyone's dream. Careabouttheir health and fitness along with. If you train theseworkoutsand exercises daily and make it a part of your lifestyle,youachieve six packs abs and strong body for sure. An exerciseguideor trainer is a must for that. Men think some random exercisesmakeit possible, but studies prove that we have to perform orpracticeparticular workouts for a definite time for each muscles.Forabdominal muscles, you perform one, for chest muscles, youdoanother. Either you get a fitness trainer or join a fitness cluborinstall this and train yourselves. These workouts givesyouphysical as well as mental strength. Healthy diets will doubletheimpact. Do you know that running, ride motionboard orskateboard,swimming or even walking is an exercise?In this app, yougetspecific and different exercises for each muscles andillustratedwith videos. It includes workouts for Abs, Chest, Neck,Back,Shoulder, Biceps, Triceps, Forearm, Glutes, Hamstrings, ThighsandCalves muscles. It includes squat, sit up, push up, pull up,chinup, stretch, swing, crunch, press and other workouts. This appisan essential exercise guide for self trained bodybuilders andthusit act as a personal trainer for each one of you. Do you wonderwhythese are called home workouts or exercises? These areperformedwithout any gym equipments.If you perform these fitnessexercisesdaily and make it as routine, you can get rid or at leastcontrolof chronic diseases like diabetes, heart or cardiodiseases,Asthma, Back pain, Arthritis, etc. HEART DISEASES: Regularexercisecan help improve your heart health. Recent studies haveshown thatinterval training is often tolerated well in people withheartdisease, and it can produce significant benefits.DIABETES:Regularexercise can help insulin more effectively lower your bloodsugarlevel. Physical activity also can help you control your weightandboost your energy.ASTHMA: Often, exercise can help controlthefrequency and severity of asthma attacks.BACK PAIN:Regularlow-impact aerobic activities can increase strength andendurancein your back and improve muscle function. Abdominal andback muscleexercises (core-strengthening exercises) may help reducesymptomsby strengthening the muscles around your spine.ARTHRITIS:Exercisecan reduce pain, help maintain muscle strength in affectedjointsand reduce joint stiffness.Now you know how these workoutsprovideyou health and fitness. Hard workouts like power liftingwillstrengthen your body muscles very fast. Soft workouts likewalkingmay take time but you don't have to take much strain. Mostpeopleneed six pack stomach and flat belly. They have to dobodybuildingworkouts as a routine everyday and make a life style.This appallow you to achieve great results, within a short periodof time.It allows you to create your own program that will fit yourneeds.In addition, It has an extensive collection of exercises foreverymuscle, with a detailed description and video for eachexercise.Our App provides workout plans for bodybuilding,power-lifting andfitness. Wish you everyone all the physical andmental strength,fitness, success and great health in your life. Useour app and letus know the feedback.
Daily Workouts - Exercise Fitness Work Out Trainer 6.03
Daily Workouts FREE is a great 5 to 30 minute daily workoutroutinefor men and women that steps you through some of the bestexercisesyou can do in the comfort of your own home. These provenworkouts,demonstrated by a certified personal trainer, target allmajormuscles. Spending just minutes a day can strengthen and toneyourbody. The routine's simple interface, complete with videoandtimer, allows you to easily follow along and understandeachexercise. Simply select your routine and follow along!FEATURES: •Ten different 5 to 10 minute targeted workouts • 10 to30 minuterandomized full body workouts • 100+ exercises • Great forboth menand women • Video showing how to do each exercise •Developed by acertified personal trainer • On-screen instructionsand timer • Nointernet required to do most workouts (streamingvideos requireinternet) >>> If you like Daily WorkoutsFREE, check outthe full version which features: • More exercises •More workoutroutines • Pilates, kettlebell, stretch and ballworkouts and more• Random and custom workouts • Ad-free
Music for Workout Fitness Sport & Gym 5.6
🎼 MUSIC 🎼 FOR WORKOUT 💪 FITNESS 🏃 SPORT 🚴 & GYM 🏋️ 📲Installthis 🆓 App and start enjoying the best music for Workout,Fitnessand Training! Welcome to the health club! ℹ️ Music forWorkOutFitness Sport & Gym contains different high qualityWorkout,Fitness, Training and Gym audios and songs. Monthly updatedworkoutmusic playlist, over 30 audios which last for over 1 hour.💡Looking for a source of motivation and inspiration for yourworkoutroutine? Enjoy the best music for Running, Jogging, ExerciseorWalking. 🤔 Wondering how to lose weight? Apart from havingahealthy diet, Music for WorkOut Fitness Sport & Gym helpsyouto train hard 💪. 🆙 Workout music playlist for: aerobicexercise,cardio, abs, weight loss, running, walking, cycling,jogging ortraining. 🚩 HOW CAN WE HELP YOU❔ 🚩 If you have anyquestions ortechnical doubts about Music for Workout Fitness Sport& Gym orany contribution, please let us know.
Home Workout - 30 Day Fitness Challenge 1.4.10
No gym? No problem! Fitness Challenge make it easy to stay inshape,no matter where you are. Specialists in home workoutroutines, oureffective training programs have been developed byindustry expertsto deliver maximum results – without the need forexpensive gymequipment! ★ FLEXIBLE HOME WORKOUTS Sometimesexercises are tooadvanced for our fitness level, or a workoutroutine doesn’t fitwith your lifestyle. Wouldn’t it be great if wehad complete controlover our fitness regime? 30 Day FitnessChallenge allows you tocreate your own quick home workouts usingour database of homeexercises. Each exercise comes with a detaileddescription, imagesand a video to help you build your perfect homeworkout routine fromscratch – tailored to get the results youwant. If you want to justdive in and start working out, you canchoose one of FitnessChallenge’s effective, professionallydeveloped individual workoutroutines, challenges or 7, 14 and 30day fitness programs. ★ YOURPOCKET PERSONAL TRAINER Withinstructional videos and detailedinformation, you’ll be able toperfectly execute each exercise andmonitor your form – like havingyour own personal trainer! Beingable to build your own workoutroutine according to what suits you,you’ll be more likely to stickwith it and smash your fitness goals!★ TRACK YOUR WEIGHT LOSS& FITNESS GOALS Fitness Challenge has awhole range of featuresdesigned to help you monitor your fitnessand weight loss progress,track your goals and stay hungry forresults! Create your ownfitness challenges or use ourprofessionally developed ones and putthem in the integratedcalendar to create regular fitnessmilestones, keeping you motivatedand on track! View usefulstatistics such as the energy expenditureand calories burned basedoff your own personal information. Aftereach short workout, you’llbe able to take a look and see if youneed to make any adjustmentsto your home workout routine to make itmore challenging oreasier.---------------------------------------------------------FITNESSCHALLENGE –HIGHLIGHTS---------------------------------------------------------✓Workouts developed by pros, including the legendary “7 Minute”fullbody workout ✓ Workouts tailored to individual muscle groups✓Variety of workout inspirational quotes ✓ Create your owncustomhome workout routines using our huge bank of exercises ✓Detaileddescriptions, images and videos to help you perform theexercises ✓Randomize exercises and keep your workouts fresh ✓ Usepre-loadedor custom-made challenges and add them to the calendar ✓7, 14 and30 day fitness programs ✓ Log your body weight and trackyourweight loss / fitness progress ✓ Detailed statisticsincludingcalories burned and energy expenditure ✓ Access healthinformationsuch as body fat %, metabolic rate, ideal weight andcurrent weight✓ Home screen widgets ✓ Timer with voice and videoinstructions Formen and women who want complete control over theirfitness regime –Fitness Challenge is for you! Whether your goal isto build muscle,lose weight, burn fat or improve fitness, you’llfind a wide rangeof comprehensive workout plans and exercises forall fitness levels- proven to achieve incredible results! Don’thesitate and checkout Fitness Challenge, the ultimate workoutcompanion! Shed weightnaturally and take your health to the nextlevel!===================================================================TAKECONTROL OF YOUR WORKOUTS. CRUSH YOUR GOALS. DOWNLOADTODAY!===================================================================
Kids Fitness - Yoga 2.3
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"Kids Fitness - Daily Yoga" offers daily 10 simple and playfulposesto guide children and beginners through a first discovery ofyoga.Each pose and exercise is illustrated and explained, Kids"Fitness -Daily Yoga" helps relaxing,fitness, focusing, anddevelopingchildren's autonomy. As Yoga becomes more popularthroughout theworld, there is a need for good information on Yogafor Children."Kids Fitness - Daily Yoga" ends your quest righthere. Yoga is afantastic fitness activities for children. It notonly tones theirbody but also refreshes their mind. Keeping achild's comfort levelin mind. The Fitness 4 Kids workout appprovides a safe environmentfor kids to learn popular fitnessroutines, builds confidence, andcan be done anytime—, day ornight, rain or shine. Healthy,physically active kids also are morelikely to be academicallymotivated, alert, and successful. Andphysical competence buildsself-esteem at every age. Give a childyou love a gift that willpromote success in every area of theirlife—now and in the future.The Many Benefits of Exercise: -Everyone can benefit from regularexercise. Kids who are activewill: - have stronger muscles andbones - have a leaner bodybecause the exercises help control bodyfat - be less likely tobecome overweight - decrease the risk of thedeveloping type 2diabetes - possibly lower blood pressure,bloodcholesterol levels -have a better outlook on life - Develop baselevel strength -Decrease stress - Feel better about themselves - Bemore ready tolearn in school and be attentive - Keep a healthyweight - Buildand keep healthy bones, muscles, and joints - Sleepbetter at nightFeatures: - Workouts at beginner, intermediate, andadvanced levels- Animated demonstrations with detailed descriptionsand freezeframes - Alternative bodyweight exercises are providedwith anyactivity that requires a piece of equipment or machine. -Profilewith social notifications, past posts, and your bio - Forexercisesthat use equipment, you are provided with alternativesthat usejust the body, not requiring any equipment. This yogacourse isdesigned for enhance strength and flexibility of yourkids' joint.Moves are gentle without injury risk. Meanwhile yogaworkout helpsstimulate growing zones and help your children's grow.
MINDBODY: Fitness classes, spa, yoga, & local gyms
Invest in your health and discover millions of fitness classes,gymclasses and local salon treatments with MINDBODY. Explore andbookyoga, Pilates, CrossFit classes, or a local gym class today.Froman intense HIIT workout to a relaxing yoga class, find a nearbygymclass that works for you. Fitness classes are easy to searchandbook with the MINDBODY app. We get it ... the struggle is real.Butfinding and booking wellness services doesn’t have to be.Whetheryou want Pilates, yoga or CrossFit classes there are nomembershipsor commitments. That means you can drop in at a nearbygym toworkout or try a fitness class at a great price. Or for whenyourbody needs a little treat, search a range of treatments atyourlocal spa because we all know good health is about findingaperfect balance. CrossFit classes, Pilates at your localgym,wellness and more! Here are 5 reasons you’ll love getting fitwithMINDBODY: 1. Great prices on fitness and wellness experiences-intro offers and price flexibility options means you can saveonfitness classes and local spa treatments. 2. Discover newworkoutsto eliminate any fitness plateaus - from a HIIT workout toPilates,find fun fitness classes that are right for you. 3. Rateyour localsalon or nearby gym class - plus, you can check reviewsfrom otherfitness fans before you try new gym classes. 4. Localsalon andlocal spa appointments made easy - book directly via theapp andenjoy a little pampering. 5. Keep track of your healthjourney -our schedule feature lets you log all your activity.Filter gymclasses by location, date and fitness category to findthe bestworkout for you. Test your strength with a session ofCrossFitclasses, take a spin class or transform your body withbarre.Simply book, drop in and show up at your local gym. Or giveyourbody some TLC by searching directly for a local spa or localsalon.Book wellness and fitness classes at your local gym anddevote sometime to your health. Download and workout with MINDBODYtoday! FastCompany's World's Most Innovative Companies 2018 *Flexible Pricingis available in the U.S. only. * Continued use ofGPS running inthe background can dramatically decrease batterylife.
com.alphapod.fitsifu.jordanyeoh 1.1.5
Want to start knocking off those fitness goals from your list?Thenthe Jordan Yeoh Fitness Timer is for you, a simpleintervaltraining app by fitness celebrity Jordan Yeoh, designed tomakeyour exercise sessions seamless and efficient to keep youfocusedon achieving your ideal figure. Whatever your fitness goalmay be -gaining muscle mass, shaping and toning, losingweight,bodybuilding, or increasing stamina, this app will help youachieveit! The Jordan Yeoh Fitness Timer transforms your phone intoyourvery own personal trainer, whether you are at the gym or athome.This app is perfect for training styles like HiiT, Tabata,CrossFitWODs (workout of the day), Callisthenics, Cardio, and anyotherinterval exercise you can think of! The Jordan Yeoh FitnessTimeradvantage: • Simple and clear display that can be seen atadistance • Designed for both beginners and experienced users•Colour-coded interval indicators that are easy to identify•Circular indicators to track both current and overall workouttime• Audio alerts during interval changes to keep you prepared •Worksin the background so you can switch to other appswithoutinterruption • Pause intervals midway and start over whenneeded •Interval timer preset for different workouts • Connect withSpotifyfor your ultimate workout soundtrack (Premium membershiprequired)PRO Version features: • Full access to Muscle Timer withadvancedworkout settings • Save unlimited Interval and Muscle Timerpresets• Unlock all voices • Remove all ads The Muscle Timer isaexceptional feature which calculates optimal rest times to helpyouachieve maximum workout effectiveness. Optimal rest timesbetweenworkouts need to be short enough to allow for properrecovery soyou can continue to push yourself during the nextinterval, butshort enough to keep your heart rate up for the wholeworkout.Planning rest and recovery times correctly couldpotentiallyincrease your fitness level even more, while keeping youfrominjuring or over-taxing your body. The Muscle Timer determinesyourrest times based on a number of factors such as trainingtype,muscle group and exercise. It then determines the optimal resttimebased on those factors, all set for you to get the most out ofyourworkout! About Jordan Yeoh Jordan Yeoh is a passionatefitnesstrainer who wants to share his knowledge of health andfitness withothers. Starting from the bottom like everyone else, heperseveredthrough the pain of intense daily workouts and gainedtremendousresults for his physique as well as his health. Yeoh isalso acertified ACE (American Council on Exercise) Personal Trainerandis an expert in fitness, weight loss, coaching,andself-development. His experience, determination and commitmenthaveinspired many others to change their lifestyles and strive forthesame goal: to look good and feel confident. About AlphapodTheAlphapod team comprises of mobile developers and designersthatshare a passion for human-centered design to provide thebestdigital experiences for users. We specialize in designingandbuilding mobile apps for iOS and Android and theirsupportingecosystems, enabling them to work seamlessly acrossmultipledevices and screens. Discover more of what we do on ourwebsite or get in touch with us
Fitness PRO 2.2.3
"Fitness PRO" is a simple and convenient application for peoplewhowant to increase the muscle mass of their body. We collected initonly the best and really effective exercises for the gym.Eachexercise has its own animation, thanks to which, you caneasilylearn the correct technique of doing exercises, which is themostimportant aspect in training for beginners. Also, each exerciseisaccompanied by a detailed and understandable description inwhichthe entire process of correct execution of the exerciseisdescribed. A stylish and intuitive interface makes theapplicationreally convenient. Thanks to him, you can easily findthe necessaryexercise. Bodybuilding, fitness, powerlifting does notmatter inwhich discipline you were previously or are currently in.InFitness PRO, the most simple and effective exercises ofthesedisciplines are collected. Due to their simplicity, you canconducttraining even at home, having a minimum of sports equipment.At thesame time, these exercises are no less effective for a sportshall.How to gain weight, how to gain weight or how to increasestrength?Such questions will no longer be relevant when youdownload ourfitness application. You can pump up your hands,pectoral muscles,leg muscles, back muscles. We also did not forgetabout the pressexercises, thanks to them, you really can pump upyour ideal pressor just keep it in shape. Also, the app contains acaloriecalculator, a water consumption rate calculator, a body massindex(BMI) calculator, and a sports nutrition configurator.Download andfind out more useful information!
Daily Cardio Fitness Workouts 1.1.11
Daily full body cardio workouts to lose weight, tone musclesandimprove health, training exercises to burn fat and calories youcando at home without equipment or weights.The cardio routinesaresuitable for women and men and can be done everyday in order togeta slim toned body as soon as possible.The app shows a lowimpactvariation of each cardio exercise for beginners.If you wanttomaximize the fat burning effect you can unlock the advanced6-weektraining program, 5 full body cardio workouts a week to get aslimbody as soon as possible. The intensity of the cardioexercisesincreases weekly in order to maximize the effectiveness oftheprogram. To lose weight fast it's important to follow ahealthydiet. Unlocking the premium version of the app you'll have amealplanner to maximize the fat burning effect.The advancedversionoffers you a specific routine to cool down after theworkouts andhealthy tips to get a fit body.Ego360 - Lumowell -Lumofit
Fitness & Bodybuilding Workout 2.0.6
Get in the best shape of your life with Fitness &BodybuildingWorkout. Create customized workout plan and explore awide varietyof exercises with the “Fitness & BodybuildingWorkout” app.Know if you are on track to meet your fitness goalsand getmotivated to build muscles and get fit.“Fitness &BodybuildingWorkout” is one amazing app for all fitness lovers tohelp thembrowse different workout exercises. You can practice theexercisesdirectly from the app with images to guide you and helpyoucorrectly perform the exercise. The app acts like apersonaltrainer for you and lets you know if you are meeting yourworkoutgoals.On this app, you can search and find differentexercises. Theexercise details are not only easy to access but theyare alsoshown with images. This also includes images of start andendposition. It even includes a detailed description foreachexercise. With these available details on this app, you can dotheexercise very correctly. So, this is a perfect personal trainerappthat you will completely love.You can browse a lot ofpre-definedworkouts from the app or create your own workout plan bysettingfitness goals. It might get very fascinating and motivatingto meetyour workout needs and also log your workouts directly onthe app.This app acts like a great motivations booster for allfitnessfreaks.The app is not only suited for those who want to getintoshape or lose weight but also for body builders who needtoregularly continue exercise while they workout at the gym. Theappacts like a personal fitness trainer for you to meet your goalsandget into the bestshape.************************APPHIGHLIGHTS************************“Fitness& BodybuildingWorkout” is truly your fitness friend while youare in the processof getting into the best shape. The app has a lotof amazingfeatures –- 150+ Exercises to improve 9 kinds of muscles- - Abs,Back, Biceps, Calf, Chest, Forearms, Legs, Shoulders,Triceps-Exercises with video support for each workout;- Textinstructionwith pictures for each exercise;- Ability to createcustomizedworkout plans- Support 14 languages and you can easilychange thelanguageSo, get ready to experience the most amazingfitnesstraining experience. Download now togetstarted.***********************SAYHELLO***********************Weare constantly working hard on makingthe “Fitness &Bodybuilding Workout” app better and more usefulfor your fitnesstraining needs. We need your constant support toget going. Pleasefeel free to email us for anyqueries/suggestions/problems or ifyou just want to say hi. We wouldlove to hear from you. If youhave enjoyed any feature of the app,do not forget to rate us onplay store. Tell your friends how muchyou have enjoyed trainingwith “Fitness & Bodybuilding Workout”fitness training app.✪FEATURE- Exercises with video support foreach workout;- Textinstruction with pictures for each exercise;-Ability to createcustomized workout plans- Support 14 languages andyou can easilychange the languageMultiple languages supported:English, French,Chinese, Spanish, Japanese, German, Korean,Russian, Portuguese,Italian, Thai ,Turkish, Dutch, Swedish . Userscan change betweenEnglish and other languages by setting in thelanguages.
Female Fitness 2.0
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Huge range of workouts for women designed by experts! Features:✔The 12-Week Workout Program ✔ The Female Guide to Getting Lean✔Eat to the beat: Eating to your body's rhythm could be theultimatesecret to easy weight loss ✔ Yoga: Want to upgrade yourdetox? Trythis cleansing lyengar yoga sequence ✔ Jump Rope Training✔ Armedand Fabulous: Arms don’t always get the attention they need✔Sexier Legs in Just 4 Weeks ✔ Give Your Glutes A Lift: Wantatight, firm booty? Here are eight Pilates-inspired ✔ ExercisestoLift Your Chest ✔ Exercises for a Flat Stomach You Can Do inUnder10 Minutes ✔ Check out this barbell workout to get summerready! ✔Pilates exercises: Get your best body ever with thesePilate movestailored to your natural shape Browse easy exercisesthat toneevery part of your body. Find the right womens workoutroutine andstart getting results!
Sworkit Fitness – Workouts & Exercise Plans App 9.2.16
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Millions of people have used Sworkit Fitness to get in thebestshape of their life because it's the workout app that makesfitnesssimple. You choose what kind of workout you want and howlong youhave, then Sworkit shows you exactly what to do. No gym(orexcuses) needed, just Sworkit Fitness. Does it cost anything?Yes,there’s a subscription if you become a Sworkit Fitness member(seebelow), but you get a free trial to try us out! If you decideit’snot for you, just cancel your subscription in Google Playbeforeyour trial ends to avoid being charged. Your subscription notonlygives you access to an effective and simple fitness experienceyoucan do anytime and anywhere, it also helps provide free accesstostudents and teachers via our Sworkit Youth Initiative. Isitlegit? We were rated #1 by a scientific collegiate studyassessingfitness apps based on safety, their ability to help peopleprogressin their fitness levels, the effectiveness of theirworkouts, andother science-y guidelines set by the ACSM (AmericanCollege ofSports Medicine). Not to mention, we've delivered almost100million workouts to people from beginners to athletes. WhySworkitFitness? Whether you’re looking to lose weight, tone up,gainmuscle, improve your flexibility or endurance, Sworkit Fitnessishere for it. What can Sworkit Fitness do for me? • A Plan:Getstarted on a 6-week program to get "Leaner," "Fitter,"or"Stronger." These plans, for beginner, intermediate, oradvancedlevels, include weight loss, HIIT, Tabata, cardio,strength, yoga,pilates workouts, and more! • Variety. We’ve got aselection ofover 400 bodyweight and small equipment exercises aswell as300-plus customizable workouts. Plus, new workouts are addedeverymonth. • Customization: Create your own workouts from scratchorpersonalize one of our workouts by adding or removing exercises.•Convenience: Workouts you can do anytime and anywhere.Traveling?No gym? No personal trainer? No problem. • Guidance:1-on-1assistance from a certified Sworkit Fitness personal trainerisjust a click away in your app • Sync your workouts toMyFitnessPal,Strava and Google Play Who is this app made for? Wemade SworkitFitness for people who are new to fitness, or peoplewho want tosupplement their current fitness habits. It’s a simplesolutionthat helps you finally make fitness a habit regardless ofyourlifestyle. So that means it's for you, your family, friends,orcolleagues. It's for the new mom who can't make too much noise,thedad no longer digging that “dad-bod”, the traveler, or thebusyprofessional. We also serve as a solution for Health +Wellnesspractitioners, including: • Personal trainers • Sportstrainers •Physical therapists • PE teachers andcoaches-------------------------------------------------------SworkitFeatures • Guided home workout plans - no gym orexpensiveequipment needed • Over 300 pre-built workouts and over400individual exercises that include strength & musclegain,weight loss, yoga, pilates, cardio, and stretching •Customexercise intervals (HIIT + Tabata) • Build your own customworkouts• Ask a real personal trainer for advice • Access to ourWeb Applets you Sworkout on any device - mobile, tablet, desktop,andAppleTV In Summary: Sworkit Fitness offers gym-free exercisesandhome workout plans that include; yoga, pilates, cardioandstretches for all experience levels and body types to help youwithyour fitness goals. Achieve muscle gain or weight loss,createcustomized plans, and track your workouts. Subscriptions toSworkitare available through a monthly subscription of $14.99 USDand ayearly subscription of $89.99 USD. Each subscriptionauto-renews.Let Sworkit help you make fitness a habit. Twitter:@SworkitFacebook: Instagram:@SworkitAppsPinterest:
Gym Fitness & Workout Women : Personal trainer 1.1.4
The first for women, the app has been specially created forwomen,the only app you need for your workouts and physicalevolution,train wherever in gym, street or home. Gym Fitness &WorkoutWomen is a personal trainer which will provide you with aseries oftools and information that will help you achieve all yourgoals.Weightloss Gain of muscle mass Gym Fitness & WorkoutWomen hasa great variety of sections ● Exercise guide More than300exercises with which you can perform very varied routines inthegym, in home or street. Each exercise has itsrespectiveexplanation, illustrative images and an explanatoryvideo, so thatyou can execute correctly each exercise. These areasmay includemuscle toning, definition of abs, weight loss, or fatburning. •Butt • Abdomen • Legs • Back • Arms • Chest ● WorkoutsDifferentroutines that will help you plan your weekly work, youwill findroutines of 3, 4, 5 or 6 days a week taking into accountwhetheryou are beginner, intermediate or advanced, including 3, 4and 5day routines designed especially for women. Includingweeklyroutines of loss of body fat with their respective diet foreachday. Gain of muscle mass ● Women's gym ● Challenges Try toachieveeach of the proposed challenges with exercises such as: •Push-Ups• Push-Ups • Squats • Crunch • Dips • Hindu Push Ups • LegRaises •V SitUps • Incline Chin Ups ● Nutrition Diets 1800, 2000,2400,2800, 3000, 3500 and 4000 calories Different types of foodswiththeir respective calories, proteins, carbohydrates and fats,basedon 100 grams, so that you can elaborate your diet. Ketogenicdiet.You can find all the necessary information about sportssupplementslike: • Proteins • Creatine • L-Carnitine • CLA • Bcaa •NaturalAnabolics • Thermogenics ● PROFILE Gym Fitness & WorkoutWomen• Your progress and workout log With this section you canfollowall your advances through data such as: Body mass index, bodyfatpercentage, chest circumference, waist circumference,circumferenceof the back and many more data you can keep to controlall yourprogress . • Timer Gym Fitness & Workout Women has atimerwhich you can use to measure your training time or exercisetime. •Intervals Gym Fitness & Workout Women has a timer thatyou canuse to perform intervals in any of your exercises.7-minutetraining for women Gym Fitness & Workout Women is:Fitnessfirst app Home Workouts, Gym Fitness Trainer, StreetWorkouts. GymFitness & Workout Women Pro GET THE PRO VERSIONWITHOUTADVERTISING AND WITH MUCH MORE CONTENT.
Gym Mentor Pro 1.5
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Gym Mentor Pro provides you various workouts to achieve desiredbody& fitness goals.Gym Mentor Pro is like having a PersonalTrainerin your pocket. You’ll quickly improve fitness, strength,tone,muscle or use it to count the calories you burn as part ofyourweight loss/weight gain program. Features:Gym Mentor haveVarioustypes of Categories line 1. Bulky Body: If you want tobecome bulkywith big muscles, you can go with this category. Thiscategorycontains various types of workouts. Each and every workoutisrepresented in Image. 2. Lean Body: If you want to become Leanwithmuscles, you can go with this category. This categorycontainsvarious types of workouts. Each and every workout isrepresented inImage. 3. Six Pack: If you want Six Pack, you can gowith thiscategory. This category contains various types ofworkouts. Eachand every workout is represented in Image.4. FoodDiet: Thiscategory contains Food Diet for above Bodyworkoutprograms.f27f31e59d
Weight Loss Fitness by Verv
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Weight Loss Fitness by Verv is the best way to lose weightfast.It’s the fitness app, designed to help you lose weight, getfit andmake your workout routine effective and enjoyable. Getyourpersonal fitness plan of short and easy home workouts, supportyourfitness motivation with workout mixes and manage your ownworkoutschedule. Useful tips will help you learn how to lose weightfastand burn calories. Calorie counter and activity tracker willkeepyou informed about your fitness progress. Download this weightlossapp, work out at home, lose weight and slim down in just 6weeks!The app is Wear OS compatible. Your phone and your smartwatcharesupposed to be paired for this, since Wear OS device won’trunseparately from the app. Handle your training with just onetouch -start the app, manage workouts and log your weight rightfrom thewrist. === SMART WORKOUT PLAN === - FITNESS EXERCISES FORTROUBLEZONES. Apart from doing the cardio and full body workout,focus onyour trouble zone. Ab workouts will help you lose belly fatand getthe six pack abs, leg workouts – toned legs and hips, withthe armworkouts you’ll be able to get lean arms. - TRAINING PLANBASED ONYOUR PERSONAL PARAMETERS AND GOALS: get home workouts whichworkthe best for you and your weight loss. - REAL-TIME PLANADJUSTMENTSaccording to your feedback and fitness progress (poweredby Verv'sPersonal Fitness Platform Artificial Intelligence) -MANAGE YOURWORKOUT SCHEDULE and select number of fitness workoutsper week.=== SHORT AND EASY GUIDED WORKOUTS === - FITNESS WORKOUTSESSIONSFROM ONLY 6 MIN A DAY: workout at home and save your time.- VIDEOAND AUDIO SUPPORT: get guided by your fitness trainer. -70+FITNESS EXERCISES for women and men: squats, plank,abdominalcrunch, push ups, burpee etc. Lose weight with a greatvariety offitness exercises! === FITNESS MOTIVATION === - WORKOUTMUSIC tokeep you energized during the workout. - SMART REMINDERS tokeepyou informed about upcoming fitness workouts. - DETAILEDWEIGHTLOSS PROGRESS STATS: track your weight and see how you loseit stepby step. - DETAILED TRAINING STATS: check how many caloriesper dayyou’ve burned and how long you’ve been training, with anactivitytracker and a calorie counter. - USEFUL TIPS to inspire youforhealthy living and help you learn how to lose weight and shapeyourbody. Weight Loss Fitness by Verv is synchronized with GoogleFit,so you can export data about exercises from your app to GoogleFit,and import fitness data and weight and body measurementsfromGoogle Fit to Weight Loss Fitness by Verv.=====================The download and usage of Weight Loss Fitnessby Verv is free ofcharge. The upgrade to Premium provides an accessto personalizedfitness workout plan focused on your problem area(legs workout,arms workout, abs workout), workout or fitness music(1000+ coolmixes), fitness plan adjustment based on your feedback,an abilityto manage your workout schedule and the number ofworkouts per day,and turns the advertisements off. PrivacyPolicy: TermsandConditions: app is developed for informational purposes only. Youmustalways consult your physician or doctor before starting anyworkoutplan. Facebook: Instagram: @Vervlife
Virtual Gym 3D: Fat Burn Fitness Workout Training 1.8
Make fat boy look physically fit and gym workout on Absfitness.Start Train your player with 🏋Virtual Gym 3D: Fat BurnFitnessWorkout Training. Go for effective gimnasio weight loss andfuel upbody building muscle strength with Equipped gym orpersonaltrainer. Join six pack fitness studio that has all indoorexerciseand gymnasium equipment to offer health and Physicalfitness gymtrainer for cardio work out. Get access to best instantweightlossworkout fitness game! Follow your personal gym trainerproinstructions to tone your fat boy into body builder anddailyworkout for perfects abs fitness challenge 🏆with nutritiontips andmeal planner. work out Jack to loss extra weight by runningontreadmill start fit fat jumpy jack fitness gym. Schedule yourDietplan and Increase the strength of Abs (Abdominals),Biceps/Tricepsand Shoulders muscle fitness. 3D Virtual Fitness GymFat BurnTraining Features:🏋️‍Perfect Personal trainer forbeginner🏋️‍Efficient Gimnasio jumpy jack Training 🏋️‍Multipleindoorexercise log🏋️‍Expensive Workout gym equipment 🏋️‍Detailedfit fatloss Guidance🏋️‍Exciting work out features andHDgraphics🏋️‍Realistic Physics & diario gymEnvironment🏋️‍Dailyweight loss transition tasks🏋️‍Proper fitnesschallenge Guide forAbs workoutIn this Virtual Gym 3D: Fat BurnFitness WorkoutTraining your mission is to burn fat up to 10-15%for all MuscleGroup.Transform fat boy and fit the fat into perfectbody builderand make him capable to win 🏆gymnastic fitness gamecompetition.Let jack enter to world best instant weightloss fitnessclub. Startjumpy jack with push-up position, weight lifting equips,bodypumpand isometric exercise log with Workout gym coach. Achievegimnasioarnald fitness studio goal by following personal gymtrainer prodaily workout routine. Set your reminder for health andfitnesstraining by your gym trainer. The weight loss transitiontasks willburn out belly fat, increase cardio strength in 🏋VirtualGym 3D:Fat Burn Fitness Workout Training. Multiple indoor exercisesarewaiting at diario gym coach! To play virtual Gym WorkoutTraininggames is so exciting! Just think about the champion 🥇ofpersonalgym Fat fitness club. Burn calories with proper work outscreencontrols and perform six pack forearms elbows and shouldermusclebuilding abs workout plan transition tasks! There areExcessivegimnasio gym training levels with intensive health andfitnessschedule to Shred some weight lifting. Join fitnessstudiogymnasium and gain perfect abs fitness by followingpersonaltrainer arnald trainee nutrition tips. Go for amazing dailyburnweight loss revolution, Run on treadmill, startcardio-crazycrossfit session. Make sure burn fat boy follow thesupervision ofhis fitness gym trainer pro and fitness trainer! Dashworkout planinto the exciting virtual life of health & fitnessclub traineewith a mission to promote personal gym routine or fullbodybuilding Abs workout. Help fat boy achieve his gymnasticfitnesschallenge goal in an action-packed gym training adventure.Followexpert personal trainer jumpy jack exercise plan that willmake youdrop belly fat and burn calories, cardio work out.Download🏋Virtual Gym 3D: Fat Burn Fitness Workout Training andlearn onmore about how to play the virtual gym coach fit the fatfitnessgame!! Take regard of body building six pack health andfitnessstudio by following diario gym gimnasio workout plan to burnfat!
Home workout 2018 💪 Fitness at home challenge 1.0.2
Home Workouts provides daily workout routines for all yourmainmuscle groups 💪. Workouts designed by experts for your chest,arms,butt, abs as well as full body workouts. No need to go to thegymor a coach, in just a few minutes a day you can build muscles,keepfitness get six pack abs at home. Workout at home and getamazingresults and a fit body. 🏋 Workouts included: get in shape,fat offmuscle on, get in shape fast, belly fat loss exercise, fullbodyweight loss, fat down tone up (Lose weight with apersonaltrainer), sexy body, female athlete, upper body streng,sexy legs,male athlete, awesome abs, Bodybuilding App, zumba, fitbody, HomeWorkouts for Men, multiple exercises (like Push ups,squats, situps, plank, crunch, wall sit, jumping jacks, punch,triceps dips,lunges..), strength training app (Warm-up andstretching routines).No equipment needed! 🏃 Start with your thirtyday fitnesschallenge. There are a lot to choose: 30 day abschallenge, 30 dayfull body challenge, 30 day butt challenge,extreme challenge, 30day fitness challenge, 100 push ups challenge,30 day home workoutchallenge, 30 day fit challenge... 💪 Doing homeworkouts is alsouseful like a complement of others sport practiceslike aerobics,pilates, yoga, martial arts, zumba, hiit, fitnesstraining... 🤸 Anddon't forget about stretching, doing home exerciseusing aerobicsmusic workout to do stretching exercises is a nicemotivation thathelps you to reach a nice fat loss without diet.Using stretchexercise as a warm up and aerobic workout is awesometo lose weightloss. Moreover you will increase your flexibility andall of theseexercises at home are totally free. 🏃 To do some weightlossexercises or fat burn HIIT workouts you only need this app.Youwill be able to do workout at home with no equipment, homefitnessworkouts, lose weight, full body workout at home, exerciseswith noequipment to have flat belly. You will be able to lossweighttraining at home and to do a full body workout at home.Completethe 30 day challenge! 💪 You also will find videos aboutstepaerobics, free dance music workout routines of aerobicsexercisesand other dance aerobics sessions such as zumba or LatinAerobicDance Workout. This Cardio workouts helps you to build aperfectbody; building up muscles and working on well build chest,six packabs or 6 pack, bicep, butt muscles, thigh strong legs andtriceps,breast, shoulders, firm breast and great calf muscles. 🤸Aerobicsis better to do home workout than like cycling, martialarts,elliptical, zumba, hiit, running, crossfit or pilates becauseyoucan practice at home and don't need machines, just freemusicaerobics and do the aerobic exercises! free dance musicworkoutwill help you to do your aerobics dance exercises tocomplete yourbody fitness workout! No equipment needed! 🏃 Exercisesat home havea great variety, from pilates for beginners in sports,cardioexercises for those who follow the daily challenge, pilatesabs forthe belly and exercises for the buttocks. Daily exercise ofalltypes! To lose weight has been said! 30 day challenge iswaiting!No equipment needed! 🏋 An app for no equipment workout athome? 30day challenge, flat stomach workout, lean body workout,bodyexercise for fit body home, 30 day fitness challenge, homeworkoutplan, hiit fat burn workouts, slim waist flat bellyworkout,exercise free apps to lose weight for kids, lose weightafter baby,lose weight after pregnancy or exercise for pregnants(pregnancyexercises)?? looking for a free home weight loss workoutapp orbest app to lose weight free??? Then you got it! Noequipmentneeded! 💪 Home workouts to lose weight and tone yourmuscles athome without equipment. Best home exercises for beginnersoradvanced, for women and for men to get a fit body fast. You candothe workouts everyday.