Top 5 Games Similar to Branch Hero: Jack Pirate

Survival Pirates Battleship 3D 1.2
Captain “The Nickel and Tin” Captain Murdoch is the survivalpiratesbattleship attack of the time and his vessel “The Nickeland Tin” isthe envy of the seven seas. He has the best survivalpiratesbattleship cannon of all ships and has the best crew. Theonlyproblem is, other crews are trying to rob the towns when theyallknow its Murdoch territory. To stamp his authority, CaptainMurdochwill need to take out his pirates battleship with all gunsblazing,as his rival survival pirates will try to dethrone him ofhis spot,captaining some major cannon assault pirate ships oftheir own.Plunder Towns, Defeat Rivals Control your ship throughthe darkwaters, with the ability to control speed through aslider. Thevessel is equipped with high caliber cannon to demolishwhole towns.Take your ship to the town and unleash. The faster atown isdestroyed, the more loot can be gained.But plundering townswill notbe a straight forward tasks, as survival piratesbattleship lordsfrom other seas are eyeing the same towns, andready to compete youfor it. Avoid attacks from their cannons,battling and removing themfrom the contest to run away with allthe loot. Keep an eye out foryour ship’s armor integrity, ensuringyou don’t sink to the depthsof the seas. Features - 5 timed rewardmissions - Exquisite seanavigation controls for the survivalpirates ships- Themed locationsand enemy ships- Smooth gameplayanimations
Warship Corsairs
Only real pirates can live free life. You can try to be a pirateinthis awesome game. You have only one pirate ship with a crewandcannons on it. Lots of different ships want to destroy you. Butyouhave to do it first. Gather gold from breaking ships andupgradeyour one. You can also engage enemy ships in close combat.If allthe enemy crew is taken out, you can plunder the ship.How toplay:-rotate your steering wheel to control the ship;- press the"cannon"button to fire cannons;- come over the destroyed enemy shiptocollect gold;- you can see info panels next to all ships. Theyshowthe ship integrity, the number of cannons and the crew of theenemyships.
Warship Creed 1.00
Ship simulator.3D graphic and special effects.Dynamic combats vs many enemies.Your galleon knocked against pirate fleet in open sea.Fightvscorsairs and defend your carry. Show the power of warshiptotheenemy. Destroy the enemy band. Epic battle will remaininmemory.The ocean will hide shipwrecks from curious eyes.
Jack Pirate Jelly Jump 1.0
Corsair Jack again shows us his acrobatic ability, this timehisship was wrecked near the island and to the whole team ofrobbershe alone survived. Filibusters it will have a very hardtime,because he will have to overcome his jumping long road strewnwithdifferent traps. Yes, this adventure could be too tougholdmarinewolf, because such an adventure he had not yet met ontheway, but thanks to his skill and rum he has a chance to reachtheend and get the treasure. Use all the items that are in thesetfrom Corsair: saber, tricorn, hooks, a bandage and aparrot.Jumping will lead you to the finish line, where you willfind atreasure, with piastresand gold.Take this island to boarding!- Go through all the trials and scream Caramba- Colorful Style game- Try to find your treasure.
Desire PK
Take over the terrorist ships andtheirislands.You are a commando in the naval marines. You were assigned a tasktotake over all the terrorist ships and raid there islands andkillthem all.The terrorist have whole warships fleet in the Caribbean Sea.Theyhave captured the civilians and using them as theirransom.They attack every civilian ship in the Caribbean, take the lootfromthem and kill them all.Their ships are very fast and they know these waters. Theyattackand then vanish quickly into the small islands.Their vessels are loaded with canons and their crew is loyal totheship captain.Now it’s the duty of naval to wipe all the pirates’ ships andcleanthe Caribbean once again for trade and travel on thesailingships.You were drop on a known pirate island by a battleship. Youarealone with your sniper and you have to track all the piratesonisland and kill them all one by one.You have to be stealth during finding them so they couldn’tknowthat you are on the island.Once you track them all then open the fire on them and beginyourassault. Take the revenge for all the fallen ones andinnocentvictims.Your every shot should be lethal and furious so they can’tsurviveyour assault. You have to eliminate them all to continue tonextmission.Fight with pride and honor and fulfill your duty toyourmotherland.Bring end to the pirate’s dominations on the oceans andtheseas.HOW TO PLAY:Tap on Weapon to Select.Tap view icon to aim down your weapon.Tap on fire to shoot.FEATURES:Real time pirates island view.Controls are very smooth and easy.Real time beautiful animations.A.I applied and sound effects are very good.Real time FPS game with 3D environment.