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Simplest Checklist(check list)
This is a simple check list for organize your life.We arepursuingauthentic simplicity and comfortable control.Features:-Rearrangethe order with drag and drop- Delete with drag and drop-Voiceinput- Home screen widgetNo ads.No frills.No confusingdetails.Doesnot require any permission.Does not require anaccount.For shoppinglist, todo list, task list, memo, reminder,etc...It's up to you.
Easy Check list
This is a simple checklist you can use in your daily life, youcanuse it as shopping list, to-do list, book list or whateveryoulike.Features:- Multi lists(unlimited)- Show checked andtotalitems for each list- Set reminder for particular list - Sendyourlist with your friends - Reorder items with drag and drop-Checkeditem option(To top, to bottom or stay in place)- Change textsizeand color to you like- Voice input item- Does not requireanypermission or account- No adsEnjoy and your feedback isimportantto me !
Bright TODO
Checklist and todolist with franklin style and plannerstyleSupportwidget!How to get your goal.1) Create big year checklist2) Createsmall month check list3) Create detail todo or checklist in weekview.4) Create habit on daily.5) Always check yourcheck list withwidgetPlease help translate thisproject:) applicationrequestbelow permissions• READ_CALENDAR : To show user scheduleinapplication• WRITE_CALENDAR : To write user schedule inandroidsystem• READ_EXTERNAL_STORAGE : Some devices store ringtonesinexternal storage• WRITE_EXTERNAL_STORAGE : Save encryptedbackupfile on external data
Color Checklist
Color Checklist is an extremely simple and easy to use todolistapp. Perfect for storing multiple long shopping lists. Controlwhatyou need to buy and have already bought. Use checklist asyoureveryday reminders and set notifications.Features:-Check/Uncheckitems, products from list- Color customization.-Organizechecklists by color.- Status bar notifications (PUSH)- Fontsizeand style adjustment.- Different sorting methods.- No InternetorGPS permissions, so no third party that can upload yourprivatenotes.- Edit text files sent from other devices and savechangeslocally.​- Set reminders.- Global search through allnotes.-Backup/Restore notes.FAQ:Q: How do I put a checklist widgeton thehome screen (sticker)?A: Under the home screen hold downyourfinger on an empty space once the new window arise choosewidget.Find Color Checklist from the list and position it on yourhomescreen.Q: How do I rename my checklist, change color orfont?A:Open desired checklist. Under the top right corner of yourscreenfind three vertical dots menu. Click on menu and findappropriateoption from the list. Depending on your android versionmenu listmay show up by pressing options button down on your screenor phonepanel.Q: How do I password protect my lists?A: Open mainapp windowwhere list of all notes is located. Long press on desirednote andwait till new options menu show up. Select passwordprotect.Q: Howdo I enter master settings?A: Open main app windowwhere list ofall notes is located. Under the top right corner ofyour screenfind three vertical dots menu. Depending on your androidversionmenu list may show up by pressing options button down onyourscreen or phone panel.Q: How do I find backed up checklistnotes?A:All you backed up notes are stored in a single file. Whichisusually located here:"/data/KenzapChecklist"orhere:"/Android/data/com.kenzap.checklist/files"
Wedding Planner - Checklist, Budget & Countdown
The Knot
Download The Knot Wedding Planner app,yourAll-In-One Wedding Planner. Discover your wedding style. Findyourwedding venue and vendors. Stay organized and on budget.Andcelebrate stress free with a done-for-you wedding daytimeline.Plus, manage everything guests in one place: customizeyour weddingwebsite, manage your guest list, create and track yourregistriesand more. It's wedding planning on the go made easy andfun fromthe #1 wedding experts!* WEDDING COUNTDOWN — Celebrate your engagement withyourpersonalized countdown.* STYLE QUIZ –– Take our Style Quiz to define your weddingvisionand find the right vendors to bring it to life.* WEDDING CHECKLIST — Follow your personalized timeline andcheckoff your to-dos as you plan with our wedding checklist.* WEDDING BUDGETER — Get customized recommendations for whattospend on your venue, dress, flowers, and every other detailbasedon your budget.* WEDDING VENUES + VENDORS — Build your dream team with over250,000wedding vendors and millions of vendor reviewsand expert recommendations.* VENDOR CONVERSATIONS — Track vendor communications theeasyway—all in one place. Get notified instantly when avendorresponds!* WEDDING WEBSITES — Choose from hundreds of customizabledesignswith quick-click RSVP, day-of details, all-in-one registryandmore. Give your guests a go-to spot for all the informationtheyneed.* GUEST LIST MANAGER — Manage your guest lists, accept RSVPs,trackmeal choices and gifts.* ALL-IN-ONE REGISTRY –– Create and manage your retailerregistries,cash and experience funds or charity registries withone organizedlist.* WEDDING DAY TIMELINE –– As you plan, we’ll automaticallycreateyour personalized day-of schedule so everyone knows where tobe andwhen.* SYNC WITH THEKNOT.COM — Plan your wedding from yourcomputer,phone or tablet. All of your details sync automaticallybetweenyour devices. (Love easy? We do too.)Brought to you by the editors of The Knot, the #1 weddingmagazineand website, The Knot Wedding Planner app is the ultimateweddingplanning tool for couples planning on the go. Whether youwant tocheck off to-dos on your wedding checklist, keep yourweddingbudget in check, track conversations with your wedding venueandwedding vendors, or make a quick update to your weddingwebsite,you can do it all—and then some—using The Knot WeddingPlanner. Andwith quick notifications, an all-in-one registry andphoto sharingcapabilities, everyone on your wedding guest list willthank youtoo! You can even use the app for inspiration—there arethousandsof photos to flip through (all of which you can share withthepeople who are helping you plan). The Knot Wedding Planner appisthe ultimate wedding organizer at your fingertips.The Knot Wedding Planner app includes:A wedding countdown widgetA wedding style quizPhoto sharing capabilitiesPersonal wedding venue and vendor recommendationsChatting options for you and your wedding vendorsA wedding websiteA wedding guest list organizerWedding registries, cash and experience funds andcharityregistryYour personalized wedding checklistA wedding budget trackerA wedding day timelineThousands of photos, inspiration and ideasDownload The Knot Wedding Planner app today!The Knot Privacy Policy: Knot Terms and Conditions:
Shopping Memo - Checklist
Have you ever forgotten what you wanted to buy whenshopping?Haveyou ever bought too many things unintentionally whenshopping?Asmart shopping habit is to make a shopping listbeforeshopping.This little habit of creating a shopping checklistwillsave you valuable time and money.Instead of using a penandnotepad, try the 'Shopping Memo' app.When you think of the itemyouwant to buy, simply create a shopping list on yoursmartphone.Thencheck out the list you wrote down while shopping.Sothis smart"Shopping Memo" app will analyze your shopping habits andlet youknow.All of this is free.Simply create a shopping list andenjoyall of these benefits.
Cessna 172 Checklist
PLEASE READ:This pilot checklist provides an overview of Cessna172normal, emergency, and abnormal procedures, tailoredspecificallyto P, R, and S models. Airspeeds, dimensions, etc. aregiven in theformat P/R/S.Please contact the developer to report anybugs or tosuggest features. If you enjoy using this app, pleaseconsiderleaving a review!***This app is, and will always be,COMPLETELYFREE, with no ads.***Potential features coming infutureupdates:-Save important phone numbers and frequencies✔-Preventdisplay from sleeping & other settings-Support forotheraircraftThis application is intended for use as a referenceandtraining aid, and is not an official document. It is theuser'sresponsibility to be familiar with, and act in accordancewith, theappropriate official operating manual(s) when piloting anaircraft.
ClevNote - Notepad, Checklist
ClevNote is a memo app to help users to write memosnecessarydaily.The list of memos supported by this app is asfollows.1.Manage bank account number- If you enter the bank accountnumber,you can copy it to the clipboard or send it to someone.2.Managechecklist - You can write down necessary items and use itforshopping list or to-do list.- You can freely modify it forto-dolist, work list or any kind of things-to-do list.3. ManageBirthdaylist- It reminds you of family or friends' birthday. Itsupportscalendar mode.4. Manage site IDs- Since countless internetsitesout there, it is difficult to remember your ID. This functionhelpsyou to remember them.5. General text memo- You canconvenientlywrite down text memos.- Even long memos will be okay.[Otherfunctions ]- Cloud backup and restoration through GoogleDrive-Reminder function- Widget[ Reasons to allow permission]•WRITE_EXTERNAL_STORAGE: This permission is required tobackupnotes.• READ_EXTERNAL_STORAGE: This permission is requiredtorestore the backup notes.
RV Checklist
The RV Checklist application is meant to be used by anyone withanRV. The RV Checklist application will enhance your RVexperienceby: - Allow you to be well prepared for camping trips -Make sureyou do not omit important tasks - Track your progresstowardcompleting important tasksCapabilities:- Comes withpre-populatedchecklists- You can add your own checklists byentering them on thephone, or importing them from CSV (commaseparated value) files-Track your progress toward completing achecklist- Notify you whena checklist is complete- Clear achecklist when completed- Backupyour checklist- Restore yourchecklist from a backup- Export achecklist so it can be shared withothers- Import a checklist thatothers share with youAll of thiswith a very simple and intuitiveinterface.NOTE: If you haveupgraded your phone's operating systemto Marshmallow, you canaccess the Menu function even though thebutton has dissappeared.Touch and hold the Recent Apps button toview the Menu options.
Wedding Checklist
Prepare for your wedding with Wedding Checklist.All the itemsyouneed to prepare, in a single checklist. Items are sortedintocategories, by how long before the wedding you shouldstartthem.You can also add your own items or remove existingones.Thechecklist can be uploaded and then shared from insidetheapplication.Developed using Kotlin:
Checklist for Dark Souls 3
[Please note: Unfortunately, the checklist doesn't run onolderAndroid-Systems (<4.4)!]Checklist to collect allGestures,Wonders, Pyromancies, Rings and Sorceries in Dark Souls3.That'show it works:- Tap an item to save it to your list ofcollecteditems- Hold an item to start a Google-search for the item-Tap theeye symbol to show / hide already collected items
Packing List for Travel - PackKing
PackKing helps people around the world to organize theirpackinglist for their holidays. Whether you’re planning a vacationwith aloved one abroad or inland, the app generates yourpersonalizedpacking list based on destination, planned activities,transport,and other personal needs. PackKing makes it easy for youto figureout what items you shouldn’t forget to pack into yourbackpack orsuitcase for your weekend, business or holidaytrip.Supportedactivities of this packing list app are:+ Essentials+Beach+Outdoor+ Sightseeing+ Going Out+ Photography+Swimming+International+ Hiking+ Backpacking+ Mobile Office+Cooking+ Baby+Fitness+ Camping+ Business+ Running+ Diving+Festival+ Cycling+Dog+ Fishing+ Surfing+ Riding+ Instrument+ Golf+Wintersport+BoatSupported transportation:+ Air+ Car+ Public+Motorcycle+Camper+ CruiseTypes of weather:+ Cold+ Mild+ Warm+ Hot+RainKeyPackKing Features:+ Configure your trip profile withdestination,duration, activities, transport and laundry frequency+Easilyscroll through the generated lists+ Add items you want topack+Check Items that you packed (like a checklist)+ Add yourcustomitems to the list+ Manually sort the items of your list+Generate aPDF with all added items to pack+ Export your list tootherapplications+ Backup and Restore all your trips+ Createmultiplepacking lists+ Add your own custom topics and reuse them inyourfuture trips+ Switch between lists based on Topics(Essentials,Cruise, Beach, etc) to lists based on Categories(Hygiene, Health,Gadgets, etc)PackKing is free to download and use.The free versionhas limited functionalities. Upgrade and haveaccess to:+ Unlimitedpacking lists+ Export (PDF / other apps)+Backup your data+ Resetand Copy of existing lists+ No ads
Keep My Notes with Password, Checklist & Voice
Quickly hand writing note pad with finger and the help ofmanyuseful utilities! Have you tried yet?Here, we bring youaprofessional notebook with voice recording app. The keep notesappallows writing notes by hand and voice recording notes, isitgreat? With features like handwriting note, todo listwidget,privacy security for each record with a password, todolistreminder with alarm, ensure my notebook application will giveusersabsolute satisfaction when using. Features of my notes app -Createa note, check list, create folder- Handwritten notesforhandwriting or drawing- Notebook with lock to protect theprivacyof your notes, you can set a password for the application oreachnote.- Set reminder to not forget what to do stored in thenote-Customize fonts, size, color, type of text and highlighttext-Change the background color of each note- Attach a photo toremindnotes- Sort the memo in many categories- Search notesquickly,easily- Move private notes and memos through folders- Writenotesand save- Choose light or dark theme for easy using- Backupandrestore material notes colorful notes Highlights of notebookdiarywith todo list app✔ Keep note of important information moreeasily✔Voice recorder for fast information storage✔ Take note atanytime,anywhere, no network connection required✔ Many features foreditingnotes✔ Secure your notes by setting a password✔ Easily sharenotesvia social networks✔ Professional checklist & passwordnotespro application, full functions support note password✔Simplelayout of check list cute application, easy to keep my notes✔Freenotebook app with passwordNow you do not have to worryaboutforgetting the important information because our travel checklistapplication keeps them for you. What you need to do isjustdownload our note reminder & note locker application andtakenote of whatever you want, even if you forgot what to do, ourlocknotes free application will remind you. Not just a normalcolornotes app, our secret notes with a password app integratesvoicenotes for faster notes. So do not skip this great notereminder appwith alarm. And remember to share safe notes andpasswords app withyour friends so they have the same greatexperience as you. Do notforget to rate 5 * to support thedeveloper!
DJI Pre Flight Checklist
Pre Flight Checklist for Multi-Rotors and Drones. Helping youtohave a safe flight every flight. Includes a Packing list,PreFlight Checklist and a post / during flightchecklist.Optionsenable you to add other feeds of information thatmight be usefulto your flight.
Todo list
With this "Todo list" App you can: - Create folders, tasks,subtasksand comments; - Set priority to each task; - Use Reminderwith"Repeat" options; - Use Filters like "Folder" and "Calendar";- Useit as a Checklist or a Grocery list; - Enjoy efficiencyandsimplicity in action with "Todo list" application.Please,leavecomments. Let's make "Todo list" better.Feel free to contactme ifyou have any issues or questions.e-mail:zamgizi@gmail.comMichael
Listing it! - Checklist
Listing it! takes all your checklists to a whole new level.Orseveral actually. It allows each item in a checklist to becomeachecklist of its own, allowing you to nest them and put them allinone easy-to-navigate hierarchy. It comes with a powerful optionstoimport, export and share your checklists. Once you start usingit,you may just find it’s what you’ve been missing togetorganized.Making checklists within checklists is a natural thingtodo. Now, with Listing it!, you can do it naturally.Whetheryou'remaking a to do list, a grocery list, a project task list, orapacking checklist, or any other sort of checklist, you'll lovethehierarchical possibilities that listing it provides and theeasewith which you can make your 'tree lists'. You can nestchecklistsinto as many levels as you wish.Features:- Easysublisting- Markingitems as done- Priorities- Manual sorting-Import from pasted text(including sublists)- Import from text file(just open the filefrom your file browser app and chose Listingit!)- Export to textfile (sub lists are properly spaced)- Share alist item or anentire checklist (via email, social media, etc.)-Check and uncheckall items (including or excluding subitems)-Delete checked items-Move items and checklists to other items andchecklists- Move allchecked items- Shake device to reorderchecklist (after changingpriority or marking an item as done)***Permissions ***- Internet:only used to send anonymous informationabout any crashes if anyoccur, and to collect anonymous usagestatistics so I can figureout what parts of the app I shouldimprove.- SD-card: used to beable to export your lists to a textfile, if you wish.
Produttivo: More productive checklists
Software and mobile app to smart management of external teamsandworks
Checklist is a free ToDo list management app with which youcaneasily sync your life across devices and with your friends,familyand colleagues. Unlike other To do apps, it is 100% Free withNOin-app purchases or monthly pro versions.Features:• Createanunlimited number of checklists and (sub) tasks• Quickly getstartedby choosing from thousands of pre-made checklist templates(uniqueto our To Do app)• Easily syncs with your online FREEChecklist.comaccount to access on other devices and from yourdesktop/ laptop.Works in offline mode• Manage your tasks: check,mark important,reminders, repeat tasks, task notes, drag and dropto reorder andmore• Share your workload with friends, family andco-workers byeasily inviting them and assigning individual tasks•Let the smartlists highlight what’s important in your life rightnow• Send yourchecklists to any app on your device (Email,Facebook, Twitteretc.)• Quickly keep track of what’s important viathe Checklistwidgets• Run Audits & Inspections via ourChecklist Runner•Multilingual• Great to do app for both Tablets andMobiles• 6different themes for you to choose from!Benefits:• Asimple, clean,easy to use TODO app that keeps you on track• Keepyourselfproductive by jotting down what’s important in your day• Noneed toreinvent the wheel and manually input checklists. Re-useotherpeople’s checklist templates to get a head start. • Stay insyncwith the people around you from any place and any device• 100%free- all features are included and no in-app purchases or proversionupgrade needed.Examples where Checklist can be useful foryou:• Asyour Shopping list. Create your grocery list in yourbrowser, shareit with your partner so that when they are on the wayhome, it isavailable on their (or your) mobile.• Movies & TVseries. Setweekly reminders at the right time so you never miss ashow again.Keep a tab on the movies you haven’t still watched•Private &Work. Keep them separated with a checklist for each•Bills. Neverforget to pay a bill on time. Just add a friendlymonthly reminder•Templates. Looking for a wedding checklist, movingchecklist orbaby checklist? Going on a trip and need a travelchecklist or moreadventurous and need a camping checklist? We havethousands ofchecklist templates to choose from• Great for GTD -Getting ThingsDoneOur site: http://checklist.comContactus: Our terms ofuse: privacypolicy:
SnagBricks - Site Auditing, Snagging & Punch List
Organize the all your site auditing, snagging issues, creatingapunch list, snag list, defect findings, site inspections,sitesurvey, safety inspections, providing a quotation and manymorewith help of SnagBricks. SnagBricks will help youinmanaging all your site work and generating professionalcustomizedreports in the form of PDFs and Excelsheet. Following aresome of the great features that SnagBrickshas to offer:- Organizeall your findings into projects.- Captureany item on your devicewith a photo, title, Assign to, createddate, completed date,status and descriptions.- Annotate the photowith various options.-Generate the PDF reports with photos andwithout photos.- Generatethe Excel sheet reports with photos andwithout photos.- Shareproject and issues among team members forgenerating combinedreport.- Email the report toany accounts worldwide,directly from the app. -Upload the reports to drive, dropbox, Evernote and many more.-Customize SnagBricks for you or yourcompany or yourbusiness.Generate Customized Report- Change thevarious labels fromapp setting according to the term you areusing. You can say an itemto snag, defect, observation, inspectionor anything.- Change thedate format that you needed into thecomplete app.- Any time updatethe company name, company logo,signature and auditor name on thereport from app settings.You canuse the SnagBricks for followingtype of work.- Site auditing andsnagging- Quality checks-Inspections / defects, snags, items-Punchlists / Punch Lists-Snaglists / Snag Lists- Site Works-Checklists / Check Lists-Condition Assessments- Site Walks- RiskAssessments- And so muchmore, whenever you need to capture andreport important data, chooseSnagBricks.Provide your feedback or visitour website at:http://www.snagbricks.comDownload SnagBricks todayto save time,improve productivity and make audits and inspectionsorganized andhassle-free. If you think this app does not havefunctionalityaccording to your need, then get the refund from aplay store.

MyToday Todolist, Checklist, Reminders & Notes
MyToday - Checklist , Todolist , Reminders & NotesAlight-weighttodo and checklist application is a need for everyperson. MyTodayis a simple checklist application that never letsyou miss yourdaily tasks.Features :- 100% free to use- Unlimitednumber oftasks/todos/reminders/notes- Help you find your tasksfrom poolbased on tags- Easy creation of tasks unlike other heavychecklistapplications- Schedule your tasks and we will notify youonce itstime to accomplish it.- Keep your Checklist and Notes.-AddReminders to important Tasks.- Weekly, Daily and HourlyReminders-Get latest news headlines from top news sources everyday- Colourfulthemes
Checklist - tasks, to-do lists, goals, reminders
Increase your confidence, productivity and income! To-do list,dailyplan, personal organizer, groceries, packing list - all inone app.Write tasks and group them in checklists to plan your day,packbefore traveling, do shopping, prepare for vacation! Tasks,notes,to-do lists, plans, reminders, goals, wishes,links.Checklistassures that you don’t forget to do somethingimportant and getthings done!Use Checklist on your phone to:✔Create new checklists✔Manage items by simple gestures✔ Drag anddrop to reorder items✔ Setreminders to your tasks✔ Import itemsfrom instant messages✔ Switchmode to show/hide checked items✔ Puta widget with tasks on yourhome screenUse Checklist on your SonySmartWatch to:✔ Browse itemsswiping up and down✔ Check item ascompleted swiping right✔ Switchmode to show/hide checked items✔Uncheck item swiping to getChecklist for Android Wear.Wanna chatwith developer? It's inoptions menu!We provide exceptional customerservice helping withinterface, getting feedback and capturingenhancementrequests!Smart Connect extension for SmartWatch2LiveWare™extension for SmartWatch
Joomla! Security Checklist
I developed this little app just for myself. I work as awebdesignerand one of my duty is to maintain in very goodconditions ourcustomers websites.So, everytime I have to upload awebsite to ourcompany servers, I check this list to be sure Ididn't forgot to doanything important.As I already said, Ideveloped this app formyself, but I thought it will be nice toshare it. After I made thisdecision, I polished the app a little.Maybe someone will find itusefull. If you have other securitytips, related to Joomla!, youcan send them to me. I will publishthem in a new version.
Dev Utils
Dev Utils is an App for Developers that provides access toin-depthSettings, help you to manage System and Installed Apps,providelatest Tutorials in Offline and Online Mode for tweaks andtricks,and a lot of USSD Codes to make your life easy. All at asingleplace.#includes:-* Manage Apps - Detailed Description ofSystem andInstalled Apps. - Directly open the App, App Info page inSettings,and the Play Store for respective Apps. - Directlyuninstall theapps. - Create/Extract and Share apks of All Apps inseconds. -Search Feature is also provided.* Hidden Android Settings- DirectAccess to all the Settings page. - Time Saver as you don'tneed tokeep searching for specific settings in your Phone - SearchFeatureis also provided to access specific Settings* Tips n Tricks- Allthe latest Android tweaks and tricks. - Available in Offlinemode.- Online Tutorials are also available for in-depthdiscussedsteps.* Chatting feature with Admin and all active users.*USSDCodes - All the USSD Codes for Smart Phones. - Categorised onthebasis of : - Device Manufacturer - Sim Operators - Direct callandshare feature is also provided for the codes.
WedMeGood - Wedding Planner
WedMeGood is India's most loved wedding planning app, that canhelpyou plan your wedding, your way. Find wedding vendors accordingtoyour budget and style, discover new wedding ideas andinspiration,browse through thousands of organized photos andvendors and usethe wedding checklist to stay on track of yourplanning process.Use search filters to find what you're looking forand vendorreviews to make informed choices. Plan your wedding withthe helpof your loved ones by adding them as Collaborators. Shareyourshortlisted vendors and ideas with them and keep track ofweddingplanning and to-dos with the help of a detailed weddingchecklist.Features:Wedding Ideas and Inspiration: Browse over70,000 weddingphotos that identify your style as well as uniqueideas. ExploreReal Weddings to learn from real couples' weddingexperiences. Keepup with industry trends, DIY tips, and WedMeGoodevents inArticles. Explore Wedding Vendors: Find vendors across 18relevantcategories (e.g. Venues, Photographers, Bridal Wear, MakeupArtistsetc.) in over 11 cities. Narrow down results usingextensivefilters such as Location, Cost etc. to identify thosewhich fallwithin your budget and style.Vendor Details: View phonenumbers toget in touch with vendors directly. Go throughphotographs of theirwork and read trusted reviews to makeinformedchoices.Collaborate:Invite your special someone and lovedones toplan your wedding together down to every last detail and tostay onthe same page. Share images, Real Weddings, and vendors thatcatchyour eye with collaborators on the Wedding Wall. Comment toexpressyour views. Checklist: Stay on top of wedding planning withthehelp of an organized wedding checklist. Mark items as done,andkeep a track of the pending ones. Shortlist your favoritevendors:Filter your favorite wedding vendors by shortlisting themand thencontact them for best quotes. Access their profiles quicklyfromthe "My Wedding" tab. Inbox: Send queries directly tomultiplevendors without having to share your contact details. Allrepliesare stored in one place and can be found easily at any givenpointof time. You can also add collaborators to the thread and canmakea decision together. Search: Find photos and vendors forexactlywhat you're looking for using the search tool. E.g. FloralprintlehengaLoves: Love the photos, Real Weddings, and articlesthatinspire you to find them easily later. You can save picturesandarticles you like and refer them later for your weddingplanning.Download the WedMeGood app - "your personal weddingplanner" —it'syour one-stop solution for all your wedding planningneeds!
GearZoo-Backpack checklist
GearZoo,Check for fun!Share easily: whatever alpine guide orrookieboth can share lists easily Manage gears: type, weight, dateofpurchase,even note down any information.Control weight:Individualgear weight and total weight of category.(includeg./kg./oz./lb.)Save in Cloud: you can check gear in anytimeor anydevice.
UQ Checklist
UQ Checklist is the essential app for new UQ students. Suitablefordomestic and international students, UQ Checklist helps youstartyour journey at UQ in one simple, easy-to-use app.Find outwhere toget help, research lifestyle decisions includingaccommodation andwork, and plan your first few weeks of classes.Addimportant datesdirectly to your phone calendar.
Listables - Lists & Community
All your checklists in one place. Share your to-dos with yourteam,track your progress, and take advantage of community-curatedlists.That’s Listables.• Create and share as many checklists as youwantwith your team. • Use community curated checklist content foryourdaily use. Use, like and share community checklists.•Featuringchecklists from providers such as American Cancer Societyget up-todate todo's on cancer prevention and education. • Fulltransparencyto who is doing what by showing real-time status of allyour activechecklists.• Instantly syncs across all devices•Notifications andstatus updates on checklists you own or are sharedwith you.•Designed in making your life simpler, with lessoopsmoments.Listables is available for free for as long as youwant.“Ithas a superb clean interface and is built on minimalism,whichhelps the average user to master it quickly.” - Entrepreneur
App allows to carry out following operations.1. Projectplan2.Create project (when clicking Top-left side of menu baricon)3.Create a new task or task group(write main/.sub/..sub taskat once,when clicking red write button)4. Edit or deledte Selectedtask ortask group(when long clicking or clicking edit button)5.Createunlimited hierarchy task tree viewer6. highlight tasknamecolor/bold/italic(when long clicking or clicking editbutton)7.move selected sub tasks within its task group by drag& drop(inedit mode, when clicking left icon)8. Expand orcollapse sub tasks
ToDo Checklist
ToDo Checklist is an application which is very powerful, veryeasyand convenient to use. It helps you manage your day-to-daylife.Any task that comes into your mind can be noted down at anymoment.The main screen gives you a feel of a simple to-do listwhere youcan add/delete/update your tasks along with thereminders.KeyFeatures : - Add any task that cross your mind . - Setreminder forany task. - Tap on the task to update anything or toset/cancelreminder. - Swipe left or right to delete the task. -Tasks can behighlighted by tapping on the tick mark icon.
Football Predictions
Football Predictions is an Android App dedicated to help allthoseGamblers who have been losing their bets. With our App, beassuredof 99.9% Accurate bets.
Holiday Checklist for Packing
Holiday Checklist - Your individual Travel Packing ListforSmartphone & TabletNot matter if you travel to the mountainsinthe snow or to the beach and the sea, whether you're travelinginwinter or summer, whether you'll sleep in the hotel, or decidetogo on a camping vacation , the holiday checklist ensures thatyouand all other passengers, such as children, babies or friendsdonot forget anything.What is the holiday checklist appcapableof?The list "Before the trip" reminds you of importantTo-Do'sbefore your journey begins*: Who takes care of the flowers?Is thevisa requested, the heating turned off, the answeringmachineprepared?* The memories ranging from travel planning to theday ofdeparture.No matter who, when, where and howWhether for afamilyvacation or the next business trip, the holiday checklistkeeps thecorrect packing list for you ready. You can not onlydetermine forwhom you want to create packing lists, but alsopersonalize the wayit fits for your journey. Be it for the nextcamping holiday forthe summer or winter vacation, the packing listsare adjusted sothat you just have to add a great selection yet. Soyou save timeand can be sure that nothing is forgotten.Checklistfor the wholefamily - holiday with children or kidsPreparing forthe trip can bestressful, especially if you are traveling with yourfamily or inlarge groups. Often, the entire responsibility forplanning is onthe shoulders of a single person (in 90% of familieswith themother *), and then goes if something goes wrong ..Plan thenextfamily vacation without the stress and make personaltravelchecklists for each family member and spread the ToDo's sothateveryone lends a hand. You can even send an email to afamilymember or friend a packing list.* Own survey of 141 families,Sept2014Sustainable Travel PlanningLet's save together: Insteadofprinting individual packing lists for each trip we can use theappsave time and resources.
Checklist app to keep things on your finger tips. It helps youindaily tasks and ToDo list management. It's a simple, easy touseapp that keeps you on track.What it allows youtodo:--------------------------------------• Create, modify,deletechecklists• Create a budget list by adding price column•Addreminder to checklist• BACKUP data on Google Drive &RESTOREwhen you reinstall app• Auto and manual sort options foreasy lookup• Share checklist as a text message and convert it tochecklistusing Import feature• Customize font size, date format,alarm toneand more from "Settings"• Duplicate a checklist• Copy ormove itemsfrom one checklist to other• Rename checklists anditsitemsFAQs----------1. How to renames checlists/items?- Longpressthe item, select edit icon on top and rename.2. How todeleteselected items?- Long press on intended item, selectedotherrequired items and click delete icon on top.3. How tosharechecklist? - Open checklist, click on menu icon. Select'ShareChecklist' from drop down menu.Select app to share.Currentlychecklist is shared as text message.4. How to duplicateachecklist? - Long press on checklist to duplicated and selectcopyicon on top. Provide new name for duplicated list and clickok.5.How to manually sort checklists and their items?- Go tooptionmenu, click on sort, select Manually from menu. Now drag ndropicon will appear on left on checklist/item name. Press and holdthethat icon and move up and down to required position.6. How tomoveor copy items from one list to other? - Open checklist, longpresson required item and select other items too. Next click onmove orcopy icon on top. Select target checklist from menu andclickOK..7. How to create budget list?- Create new checklist from+button on main screen. Hi to its option menu. Select Add Price.Nowadd items they will come with extra price column. Same can bedonewith existing checklist.8. How to backup checklist?- Go tosettingspage from menu. Go to Backup data page. Click on createbackup. Ifnot logged in, select account and login first. Giverequiredpermissions if asked.9. How to restore data?- Reinstallapp, keepinternet connection ON. Sigin in to your Gmail account.You will beguided to restore your data if backup was taken inpast.Kindlyshare your reviews. We would love to hear your feedbackto growthis app further.E-mail:
Chore Checklist - Lite
Chore Checklist helps you manage chores at home or other places.Itrecords chores' completion date and calculate next due datebasedon your preference. The "automatic reset" feature always givesyoufresh start of each recurring chores. It resets daily choresaftermidnight(or any hour you specify in "Settings"). Forweekly,monthly or other recurring chores, it resets the progressbased onconditions(see "Automatic Reset" section in Help formoredetail).It comes with a pre-loaded check list which hasroutines,such as "Daily Routine", "Weekly Routine", "MonthlyRoutine" andetc. You can edit them or add new routine/chores. Youcan setstar/end date, reminder, progress and notes for eachchore.You willneed to install this app on your phone(not SD card)in order to addwidget to home screen.The app also allows you tocreate multiplelists. In "Due Date View", user can combine multiplelists into oneview sorted by due date. In full version, there arealso statisticsreports to record chore completion history. Withseparate purchaseof Chore Checklist Cloud Connector, the fullversion users cansync/backup to cloud and share their lists betweendevices andusers. We also provide free online editor atwww.dotnetideas.comfor easy list editing. ***Upgrade from Lite toFull app:When youupgrade from lite to full, you can use the "Backupand Restore"feature to migrate your data.To backup your lists, openthe liteapp and click on "Menu"->"Backup andRestore"->"Backup" inRoutine View. Then click on "Backup" to usethe default folder or"Select Folder" to choose differentlocation.Then open the fullversion, click on "Menu"->"Backup andRestore"->"Restore". Itwill open default backup location. Choosethe folder which containsbackup files and click on "Restore". Ifyou have chosen differentbackup location, then navigate to thatlocation and click on"Restore". Previous release notes:1/7/2014 -V2.2.1Add old widgetback for Android 3.0+Fix issue with clearingnotification forchores due prior to todayAllow user to change listname backgroundcolor in Routine View(full version only)Fix issuewith editinglocationsOther bug fixes2/4/2014 - V2.2.2Fix issue withcalculatingnext due date from completion dateSeparate drag/dropre-ordering toits own mode. It is under "Sort Manually" nowOtherbugfixes2/5/2014 - V2.2.2 build 50Fix issues on devices whoselanguageis German or Russian2/6/2014 - V2.2.2 build 51Minorbugfixes10/27/2014 - Version 2.3.2Allow displaying different listsindifferent home widgetsSort lists alphabetically in list namedropdownAllow setting start date for all chores at onceAllowinsertinga chore instead of always adding it to the endOther bugfixes andimprovement11/3/2014 - Version 2.3.3Fix items sometimesbecomenon-responsive in widget issueOther minor bug fixes3/2/2015-V3.0.0Change data storage location from external storagetointernal storageAdd local "Backup and Restore"AddsearchfeatureOther minor bug fixes and improvement3/28/2015 -V3.0.1Allowusers to add view-only widget to the lock screen(Android4.2+)Fixskipped color showing on non-skipped daily choresissue4/2/2015 -V3.0.2Fix bug in skipping chores when auto-reset isnotmidnightAllow sending chores in due date view7/17/2015-V3.0.3Minor bug fixes7/18/2015 - V3.0.4Fix issue with addingnewchore in v3.0.39/28/2015 - V3.0.5Fix notification display issueonAndroid Wear watchesIgnore case when sort choresalphabeticallyOther bug fixes and improvement1/26/2016 - V3.1.0Addnew schedulingoption for monthly and yearly chores(e.g. 2ndTuesday, last Monday,last day of a month)*Add priority tochoresAllow user to assigndifferent colors to listsAdd option tocheck off daily chore foryesterday in Due Date ViewAdd option toreset color to systemdefaultAutomatically advance start and enddate to next year whenend date is passedOther bug fixes andimprovement
Inspection & ISO Audit app - Checkbuster
Checkbuster Inspection Report Conduct inspections and createreportswith Checkbuster. The inspection app packed with hundredsoftemplates for inspections and audits out of the box. TheCheckbusterchecklist app is used all over the world in dailyqualitymeasurements, annual audits and safety inspections. Stepstocreating an inspection report with the Checkbuster app:1. Choosetheinspection or audit you want to conduct2. Enter themeasurements orscoring into the app3. Make notes and add images4.Your inspectionreport is ready!5. Easily share the inspectionreport withcolleagues, customers and suppliers Checkbustercontains templatesfor inspections, audits and registrations basedon internationalstandards. Examples are: HSE, ISO 9001, HACCP, ISO14001, OSHA,OSHAS, OHSAS, ISO 22000, BRC, IFS, QMS, GMP, ISO18001, Fire Safety,Infection Prevention, WIP, MRSA, etc. Create a360° view on qualityand safety. Add users to your organizationacross differentlocations, free of charge. Connect inspectiontemplates to users andlocations. User permissions allow forcustomized checklists andunique user experiences. Manage negativeinspection results andreports and command the PDCA-circle. FromFood Safety/HACCP to ISO9001, from OSHAS to Fire Safety andconstruction checklists. Thanksto the complete and secure cloudbackup, you and your colleagues canalways view reports from anylocation and give them the desiredfollow up. The unique benefitsof Checkbuster:- An extensive librarywith checklists andregistration lists.- Create your own inspectionand/or registrationchecklist- Adjust templates for inspections andaudits- Multiplesections per checklist- Offline inspection andaudit appfunctionalityThe best app for inspection reports:- Reportsincludeimages, notes and scores- Create reports with your uniquedesign-Improvement reports- Interactive management reports- Sharereportswith colleagues, customers or suppliersAlso suitable forlargeorganizations:- Add free 360-users- Complete and securecloudbackup- Always access to results and reports- Workflow withtaskmanagement for Plan-Do-Check-Act-circle- Save up to 70 percenttimeon audits and inspections
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To Do Lists for Google Tasks Checklist
📩 Have a question or need support? Please get in touch with usat🔹 Organize, plan and trackyourlife with CloudTasks, a fully featured task and to do listmanager🔹Speak naturally, act naturally CloudTasks now comes withartificialintelligence (AI) to make organizing your to-dos evenmoreintuitive. Use natural phrases to create to-dos, such as“Dinnerwith family on Friday at 7 pm”. 🔹 SYNC WITH GOOGLE TASKS ANDTAKEYOUR PRODUCTIVITY BEYONDCloudTasks is fully compatible withGoogleTasks and extends the functionality by providing youwithpriorities, notifications, reminders and recurring tasks. 🔹Work,play and plan by your rulesCloudTasks will remind you ofanyupcoming deadlines and events, repeating tasks, to-dos andnotesgiving you the freedom to organize everything in the mostpersonal,powerful way possible and stored in Google Tasks. 🔹 Focuson whatmatters, achieve goals fasterCloudTasks is a task, agendaand to dolist manager that offers a sleek, beautiful interface –puttingyour most important todos checklists front and center,whilekeeping your data safe on Google Tasks (requires mobile dataorWI-FI, otherwise data is stored locally on the device and willbesynced as soon as a connection is available.) 🔹CLOUDTASKSFEATURES- Synchronize with multiple Google Tasks accountsand addsenhanced functionality like: priorities, notifications,reminders,and recurring tasks.Please note at least one Googleaccount must bemandatorily authorized - View tasks due Today,Tomorrow, Nextweekend, due in the Next seven days or All- Unlimitedto-do listsand tasks - Create daily tasks and todos by voice usingnaturallanguage- Sorting by priorities, due date and alphabetic-Share andcollaborate on tasks and todo lists with others via emailorWhatsapp- Set up your preferred view from Today, Tomorrow, Next7days, Next Weekend, and All- Create sub-tasks for bettertodomanagement tracking (1-level only)- Add notes to yourschedule-Sort each task-list by priority, deadline andalphabetically- A newstandard dark theme - Choose your defaultto-do lists from thesettings menu- Dedicated notification sounds tonever confusenotifications ever again- Drag & drop to sort yourlists- Bulkdelete in a click- Daily morning brief to remind you ofyouroutstanding to-dos🔹 CLOUDCAL/CLOUDTASKS INTEGRATION- Deadlinesforeach task or todo appears in your calendar organizer (whenusingCloudCal)- Create or update your todos from CloudCal (ifbothCloudCal and CloudTasks are installed) 🔹 PRO FEATURES-Addreminders to tasks - Flexible recurring daily, weekly,monthly,yearly to-dos - Bring your material with you: attach pics,audio,files from Dropbox/Google Drive and a removable SD carddirectly toeach task (not synced among devices)- Unlimitedsubtasks🔹 WIDGETS-New re-sizeable task list widget- See your tasksand to-dos on yourhome screen journal and planner- New 1x1 widgetto create a newtask tracker- Easy theme wizard to change the colorandtransparency of the home screen widget and make it yourownsetting- Enjoy greater flexibility to view and accomplishyourgoals in life🔹 Boost your productivity with GettingThingsDoneCloudTasks is based on David Allen’s GTD methodology, soyouwill be able to organize and schedule your personalandprofessional life with proven processes with different levels.Itwill become your journal, organizer and summary. 📌 Our TermsofUse:📌 Our PrivacyPolicy:
All Type DP & Status
Are you a WhatsApp status/stories addict ? then this app is foryou.All Type DP & Status app serves variety of short videos 📹whichis suitable to post on whatsapp directly.If you are lookingfor AllType DP & Status, Then try this huge collection. Thisapp hassimple user interface with Popular, My Saved and MyFavouritesfeatures.Display Pictures are categorised into severalcategories.Cute Display PicturesLove Display PicturesRomanticDisplayPicturesAttitude/Cool Display PicturesMotivationalDisplayPicturesFunny Display PicturesSad Display PicturesSayingsDisplayPicturesRain Display PicturesFriends Display PicturesGoodMorningDisplay PicturesGood Night Display Pictures** You candownload,like and Save them into your phone and Set as DisplayPictures. KeyFeatures of Video Status :🔸 Great Beautiful UserInterface 🖌🔸Explore thousands of lyrical videos 🎥, love videos 🎥,old songvideos 🎥, sad videos 🎥🔸 Daily new updated videos on time totime 🎥🔸Smart Search 🔍🔸 Download video with one click📽🔸 QuickShare:Quickly share short videos on popular social networks.🔸RelatedPopular Video List🔸 Make your own Favorites Video StatusListThankyou for Downloading.Have A Good Day.NOTE: This isUnofficial App.All trademarks and copyright protected to therespective owners.Content compiled from various internetsources.DISCLAIMER: Allcopyright and trademarks are owned by theirrespective owners. TheShort Videos in this app are collected fromaround the web, if weare in breach of copyright, please let us knowand it will beremoved as soon as possible.
ISM & ISPS Pocket Checklist
Port State Control detentions due to ISM failures are becomingmorecommon as the authorities are grouping deficiencies togethertojustify detaining the ship. The objectives of theInternationalSafety Management (ISM) Code are to ensure safety atsea,prevention of human injury or loss of life, and avoidance ofdamageto the environment and property.
List: Daily Checklist Plus Key
Welcome.Buy risk free! I offer a money back guarantee onyourpurchase. If you are not satisfied for any reason simply sendme arequest for a refund within thirty (30) days of This app is the key that unlocksthePlus features of the List: Daily Checklist app.** NOTE: You needtohave the free List: Daily Checklist version installed for thiskeyto be used. Once this key is installed continue to use the sameappicon you were using for the free version.With this key youwillunlock the following features in the free version:- Nobanneradvertisements- Able to add goals to home screen widget-Cloud Syncfor cross device synchronization (Android 3.0 Honeycombandhigher)- Able to check off items directly from the widget(Android3.0 Honeycomb and higher)- Support my development efforts
Port State Pocket Checklist
The Port State Inspections Pocket Checklist identifies themostcommon causes of ship detention and is widely acknowledged asauseful tool in helping owners and operators to complywithconvention requirements and thereby reduce the risk of theirshipsbeing detained.This app enables you to to viewnecessarylegislative and regulatory requirements, save multiplechecklists,check off completed activities, add essential notes/images andsend the completed checklists via email.
Matdaryadi - BLO Assistant
This app bring to you an easy access to voter list of Gujaratstate.This app is very useful to BLO & voters. You can searchyourname in voter lists. BLOs can download Matdaryadi of theirbooth orany area of the Gujarat state. There is also useful linkslikeAadhar link, online registration, Handbooks downloads etc.There arealso live updates of any news and circulars forBLOs.Mainfeatures(1) Special Age Calculator for BLO(2) Search namein voterlist by name or VoterID(3) Download matdaryadi(4) Aadharcardlinkage(5) Aadharcard status and Aadhar number info.(6) SearchBLOinfo of your area(7) Download Handbooks(8) Online newvoter'sregistration(9) BLO news and circulars updates
Pregnancy Checklists PRO
With this App you get all pregnancy related checklists in onesingleApp – comprehensive, well arranged and easily accessible.Manypractical pointers within the checklists make this App avaluabletool in your journey through pregnancy, supporting you inyourdecisions. With a weekly overview you have a grip over yourvariousappointments, medical tests and other to-do things, beforeyour babycomes. Which tests should you book by your ob-gyn? Whencan you havean amniocentesis done? How late in pregnancy can youstill fly for aholiday and back? You get answers to these and manyother questions.In the checklist you can mark things completed asyou proceed. Thatfeels fabulous! The weekly pregnancy overview andthe index aboutthe trimesters contain links, where you can accessthe variouschecklists: Nutritional supplements, maternityclothing, baby gear,choosing where to give birth, birth plan andhospital bag. Withthese lists you look well after yourself, takegradual steps toredecorate your home to be ready to welcome thebaby and you prepareyourself for the birth. What does your littlebundle really need,and what items are excessive and unnecessary?What type of birthwill be right for you? Our App will help youwith all this, so thatyou can feel confident and enjoy yourpregnancy and the early dayswith your precious newborn baby. As abonus there is a variety ofhelpful websites, which you will finduseful during this specialtime in your life. Enjoy this App!Kirstin and Roman
List 3 ( Making simple List )
😢 The update is getting late. The busy work continues. --developer--With LIST 3, make simple lists easily~~!❖ Simple TextList !❖Check List !❖ Expense List !★ ★ Features ★ ★ •• Export !!----html, text file•• Print !! (for Android 4.4 KitKat and itsabove)••Backup data with Google Drive•• Widget★ ★ Samples ★★••Impressionism Artists•• Travel Check List★ ★ Official Facebookpage★ ★★ ★ Using thefollowingpermissions ★ ★First of all, we never collect user'sprivate info.List3 app requests user's email to notify what emailis used forpurchasing.- WRITE_EXTERNAL_STORAGE (Write files toexternalstorage) - This need to save a file.-READ_EXTERNAL_STORAGE(reading files from external storage) - Thisneed to read publiclysaved files.- GET_ACCOUNTS (read accountinformation) - Used tojust display emails that are logged in tousers during payment,Google Drive sync, etc.- CALL_PHONE (Dialing)- If you list phonenumbers, you have the ability to connectdirectly to the phone.
Boeing 777 Checklist
Starting up the Boeing 777 from the the cold and dark state canbechallenging. Forgetting to complete one simple step and theentireoperation could end up not working and you having to wasteyourprecious time figuring out what you did wrong instead offlying.Whygo through all that hassle when you can simply downloadthe Boeing777 Checklist on your phone or tablet and make the entireprocesssmoother, quicker and more enjoyable.The app is completewithproved steps to take you from the pre-flight stage all the waytoshutdown and secure. In the future, you can expectconsistentupdates with bug fixes and additions to make yourflyingrefined.The use of this app is intended only for flightsimulators.
Free IPTV Lists 🆓
One-touch free IPTV lists!What is in this app? Free IPTV ListsforKodi, PlaylisTV, Simple Player IPTV, SmarTV, IPTV TVChannels,Football, Sports, Movies, Series, Animes, Novellas,Religious,m3u8, m3u and more!Source of Free IPTV Lists: The FreeIPTV Liststhat are listed in the app are not ours and the creditsare fromtheir creators, this app only organizes the lists so thatit iseasy for the user to find them, we did not host anything onourserver.How does the system work? The system is automated! Everydayour system checks all available lists in the app to findpossibleIPTV Lists out of the air, if it finds them, it will removetheIPTV Lists from the app, that is, if you find an IPTV OfflineList,you can rest easy. ) that in less than 24 hours it willbeautomatically removed from the app.How does IPTV Listapprovalwork? When sending an IPTV List before it becomes availablein theapp, it passes a simple approval of "HAVE A FIXED LINK","BE ONLINE "and" NOT TEMPORARY ", the delay depends on theappdeveloper.Learn moreat:
Age Calculator: Family Age, Birthday & Anniversary
It's sometimes very handy to find actual age and days betweentwodates.This is a very easy age calculator to calculate youractualage and find days between two dates.Now, It's hassle free tofindyour age, how many days you are living and remaining daysuntilyour next birthday.No need to remember your family members,friendsbirthday & calculate their age individual. Here you caneasilycalculate all of them age.Features:- Calculate your perfectage inyears, months and days.- You can find out how many Month anddaysto go for your next birthday.- List of Birthday, Anniversaryandages of family members- Import Birthday, Anniversary andotherevent data from Contact List - Alarm notification forbirthday'sand Anniversary reminder- Member List sorted by name,month &day or Date- Backup and restore the data- Invite friendsto use theappsPlease keep your app updated to the latest version.In case ofany problems or suggestions, please email
Ultimate Checklist
Now with Cloud Sync & Cloud Share !Fully configurablechecklist(check list) / planner and list maker app with templatesfor 65+different occasions (and growing) with 14,000+ items. Youcan stilledit them, add to them, copy them, move them, export themand dowhatever you want. Saves you weeks of typing. Comes withallfeatures a checklist can offer. Checkout our evergrowing numberoffeatures.Some of the templates include - groceryshoppingchecklist, wedding checklist, travel checklist, bucketlist,vacation list, general daily todo list and lot lot more. Youneverhave to type a list ever.New Features ! - Cloud Sync &CloudShare. Tablet support. "Quick add" features. You can now addnotes,quantity and an additional measurement. Auto sort ability.Checkoutmore features below.We are constantly adding lists fordifferentoccasions and with FREE lifetime updates, you always getthem forFREE.. If you are not satisfied for any reason we give you100%refund ANYTIME beyond the refund window. Just send us anemail.Theapp requires internet permission so that you can avail thecloudsync features. If you never register for cloud sync, internetisNOT needed.Features include:- Cloud Sync & Cloud Share-65+pre-loaded templates and 14,000+ items- Tablet support.-Quicknavigation. For small screen devices, just swipe right torevealthe left pane.- Create new lists from factory templatesinminutes.- Add/Edit or delete lists/items/categories.- Quicklyadditem or category from the same screen with the "QuickAdd"feature.- Add Notes, Quantity and an additionalmeasurement(weight/volume/temperature etc) for each item.-Hide/Unhide checkeditems, move checked to bottom/top.- Ability todelete all checkeditems.- "Add After This" or "Add Before This"option to insertitems wherever you want and quickly.- Passwordprotect from pryingeyes.- Option to check all/uncheck all so youcan reuse it again.-Copy or Move between lists, categories anditems. Quickly createsyour own personal list in matter of minutes.-Auto Sort either inascending or descending order.- Rearrangeitems/categories/listsusing drag/drop.- Indicates the total numberof items and thenumber of items that need to be completed.- Colorcoded (green,yellow and red) for a visually appealingpresentation-Export/Backup all lists to external storage and importthem backwhen needed.- Edit your list on your computer and importit back.-Easily email with your friends / family using any sharingclientyou have on your device.- Send and share via Bluetooth toanybluetooth enabled device- Easily send to your printer (via email-Needs email to print support on your printer)