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Cell Splitters 1.2.7
The best version of Cell Splittersyet!V1.2.7The game is simple and addicting. Your task is to stay alive andgetas big as you can so nobody else can eat you. Move around andeatfood as quickly as you can to gain cell mass. The food you eatmakesyou more powerful and makes you grow. Cell Splitters is easytolearn so once you grow big enough you can cell split throughcellmitosis and your movement will be faster. You can think ofbeing ina petri dish swimming for survival in on a layer ofagar.Have you tried agario? Think of controlling something supersmallwith the need to grow larger because other larger players caneatyou. Simple. Cell Splitters is about collecting more food thanyouropponents like agar. But be careful as when you cell split youcanbe eaten by someone larger than you.Cell Splitters is more than just swimming in agar. It is agamewhere red blood and white blood can make the difference.Workstaying alive while repairing veins and going from one bodypart tothe next. Fighting viruses and collecting minerals andspecialvitamins for cell upgrades.The cell cycle includes a process called mitosis or cellsplitting.The cells functions are identical as the cells nucleushaveidentical chromosomes through mitosis. Once separated you canthensplit again by eating red and white blood cells.You can share your collected food with others but beware yoursizewill shrink.The more minerals collected the more features that unlock forcellsplitting, sharing, shooting, shields.Collect all the essential vitamins and minerals while you growyoucell.= FEATURES =✔ FREE TO PLAY✔ Eat other live networked players✔ Discover ways to grow big before other cells eat you✔ Split and overcome others✔ Compete with your friends and rank up on the leaderboard✔ Share your food with others to gain status✔ Use White and Red Blood Cells✔ Blood Generators✔ Veins to travel through✔ Eat Minerals and Vitamins to enhance your cellJust added a fresh feature! "Vein Building" in v1.11Cell Splitters is officially live for 2016. The game is 100%free.So when playing Cell Splitters you won't have to use yourcreditcard. The use of reward ad videos are present so just bepatientand enjoy.### Press Release ###Cell Splitters“Eat or Die”01/03/2016 – Vancouver, BC – Skyboard Studios has announced anewgame, “Cell Splitters” available for all Android Phones andTabletsincluding the new Google AndroidTV's.The object of the game is to control a cell that starts withverylittle size and mass, relying on your appetite for food andyourability for cell splitting. You travel around terrain thatisfilled with surprises will an ever increasing food supply foryourcell to eat and grow. Watch out for others as they can growbiggerthan you. Find cells that are smaller than you so you cansplit andcapture their mass. While you focus on growing you canshed yourweight by sharing with a teammate but remember when youshare youwill shrink in size.Cell Splitting happens countless times a day all around the worldinevery organism during the amazing cycle of life. Your challengeisto continue this natural event by controlling your virtualcellagainst other internet connected players for as long as youcan.How big can you grow? Will you be able to find enough food togrowbigger than everyone else? Can you trust your teammates insharingtheir food instead of eating you. Do you believe in cellsplittingor will you be able to win by solely eating mass amountsoffood?Availability and System Requirements: Cell Splitters – Eat orDiewill require a Android OS; Play tested on Android TV's, TabletsandPhones. Possible controller support includes touchscreens,gamepads and DPAD controllers.Skyboard Studios formally known as Skyboard Software founded in2006known for their publishing of healthy living based Apps. Thestudiois garnering exciting reviews in print, on the web.###
The Slimeking's Tower Beta 1.2.0
Follow Us on Facebook: you looking for the ultimate adventure game thatoffersyouincredible gameplay and a stellar soundtrack? WelcometoTheSlimeking's Tower, an amazing, action packed game thatallowsyouto explore a massive set of dungeons with one single goal,andthatis to get rid of all slime that comes in your way.The Slimeking's Tower allows you to acquire items asyoueliminateslime, and these can be used in order to furtherimproveyourabilities.There are many boss battles in the game, and in ordertodefeatthese massive monsters you need to use all skills,abilitiesanditems at your disposal. Exploring the dungeon depthshas neverbeenso much fun and filled with excitement!Did I mention that the tower changes every time youplay?Well,that's it, items, enemies, bosses and rooms may changethenexttime you go in!Within The Slimeking Tower you can also findrankingcapabilities,the ability to change camera view as well asplentyof other coolfeatures.Destroy urns, browse each portion of the level andeliminatetheSlimeking, all while enjoying many gameplayopportunities. WithTheSlimeking's Tower you can find dozens ofhours of complete,actionpacked fun, so don’t hesitate and press theInstall button,thenenjoy an amazing, never seen before adventure asyou try tokillthe slime king!---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------[UPDATE 1.2]■ NEWS- Overall graphic overhaul.- New room: Fake Treasure.- New room: Unknown Treasure.- New enemy: Shadow Spawn.- New enemy: Mitosis.- New room elements.- New boss: Shadow Slime.- New items.- New lighting engine.- New interface.- New music and sounds.- Smaller rooms.- Promotional codes.- Autosave feature.- Quality options to improve performance.■ BUGFIXES- Fixed bug with control.- Aqua Slime has now an aura that indicates his healingrange.- Bullets can now cross gaps and water.- Pots have been optimized and should no longerslowdownthegame.- Fixed bug in the "Adventurer" room which wouldcauseamalfunction.- Fixed an error with touch controls.- Fixed an error that would cause the FPS to drop inthemainmenu.