Top 49 Games Similar to Buried: Interactive Story

Mansion. Choices Text Adventure 1.33
Gravity Shot
A text based quest where the choices you make do matter. Atextadventure that can immerse you in a fascinating detectivestorywith puzzles and unexpected plot twists. Are you up forthechallenge to go through this interactive gamebook, solve allthepuzzles and find out what happened in the mysterious Mansion?Ifyou are tired of the typical stories about zombies, theapocalypse,ghosts, demons and maniacs, the real-life room escape"Mansion"will be a breath of fresh air for you. After all, this isa storyabout ordinary people, and these things could actuallyhappen toyou. It's a thriller, which is due to true-to-lifecharacters,tense atmosphere and a witty storyline will keep you insuspenseuntil the very end. All actions of the characters arelogical andcoordinated, and your choice really influences thecourse ofevents. There are no long pauses in the game, and at anytime youcan minimize the game and continue when it is convenientfor you.Of course, if you are not afraid to leave the maincharacters alonein the events taking place in the mansion. The gameis absolutelyfree to play from the beginning to the very end.Features: -fascinating story, consisting of two parts; - 2 basicand 6additional characters; - 46 endings; - 18 mini-games; -12achievements - a minimum of ads (which you can turn off!)andwaiting time. - for complete main game walkthrough, you do notneedto buy anything. Any player can open all endings for free.
Impossible Quest: funniest game ever 1.6.6
Axel Sonic
Do you like mediocre jokes and reading? Then this text adventureisfor you! Impossible Quest is a story of a very troubled man.Hecan't live a day without getting into some trouble. Your job istohelp him and keep him alive. There are 4 quests withdifferentsettings: ★Deadly Danger Dungeon ★Our hero wakes up insilly, yetvery dangerous catacombs. Danger awaits on every turn.★GlobalAdventure★Protagonist goes on a trip through the wholeplanet. Theworld will never be the same after it.★ImpossibleQuest... inspace!★Robots, spaceships, time travel and all thatawaits you inthis quest.★Spooky Scary House★You trapped in a oldhouse filledwith ghosts, monsters and parodies of classichorrormovies.Features of Impossible Quest:★ More than 100 endings!Noteven kidding.★ Rare genre - text adventure!★ More than amillionbits of text!★ Awesome* humor!*In developer's opinion.Goodtime andlots of laughter are guaranteed for you with this game! Getit now,you won't regret it!
Sender Unknown: The Woods - Text Adventure 2.11
Sender Unknown is a text adventure game in the thrillergenrewritten by professional writer. Your choices can alter thestoryand change the lives of the characters.Morgan and friendsdidn't doanything wrong, but find themselves in harrowing danger.Help themsurvive the traps and make difficult choices. Their lifeis in yourhands now. The dialogue and story are written byprofessionalwriter Lisa Brunette. Morgan's friends and insulinsupply aremissing, and it seems the madman who took them wants toplay gamesthrough the radio. He has a thing for riddles andtraps—humantraps, that is. The ability to receive images means youcan see thetraps for yourself—and help Morgan survive achillingnightmare!Features: - Choose from 3 options at everydecision!-Shape the story and build stats in 5 categories. Successor failuredepends on your stats!- Open beautifully rendered imagesof crucialscenes and visual puzzles!- Engage with the story as itunfoldsthrough real-time notifications!- Internet connection notrequiredfor playing. Daily Magic Productions teamed up withaward-winningnovelist and game writer Lisa Brunette to bring youthisinteractive tale where the choices you make can changeeverything.Multiple paths through the game give you wildlydifferentresults—from romance to exciting twists and reveals to wholives ordies. At every game ending, you have the option to reset toyourlast defining choice, to the start of the last chapter, or backtothe very beginning. Stats add up as you play, and theycandetermine whether a choice you make succeeds, or fails. Canyoubeat a madman at his own game—without sacrificing anyone? Willyouhelp Unknown Sender uncover the mystery that still hauntsthesedark woods?PLEASE NOTE! After completing the first chapter,youwill be offered to unlock all the content with remarkablestorywritten by a story designer with 10 years of experience.PraiseforDaily Magic: “The best kind of ghost story, filled withlove,money, betrayal, and murder.” - Review of Dark Dimensions:City ofFog, Gamezebo “The visuals in Dark Dimensions: Homecomingaresimply outstanding…” - All About CasualGame “Captivating storythatreally draws you in.” - Review of Sable Maze: NorwichCaves,GamezeboAbout Lisa Brunette:Lisa Brunette writes books andgames.All three books in her bestselling Dreamslippers Series havewonindieBRAG medallions, and the second book was also named afinalistfor the Nancy Pearl Book Award and nominated for a RONEAward.Brunette’s game-writing credits include hundreds of titles,playedby worldwide audiences in the millions, for Big Fish andotherpublishers.Follow SenderUnknown:Facebook:
The Great Tournament 1.1.12
Hosted Games
Play a young peasant boy who becomes squire to a legendaryknight.Travel the realm competing in jousts, archery, andmeleecompetitions. Train hard in order to become a powerful knightandeventually compete in The Great Tournament to decide the fateofthe realm in this medieval story. "The Great Tournament" isa180,000 word interactive fantasy novel by Philip Kempton,whereyour choices control the story. It's entirelytext-based—withoutgraphics or sound effects—and fueled by the vast,unstoppable powerof your imagination. • Enjoy the story of a youngboy’s rise fromlowly squire to powerful knight in this epic storythat takes placein medieval times. • Choose your attributes andtrain your skillsin order to win in tournaments. • Become a hero ofthe realm or useyour power to take control over the kingdom. •Unique combat andcharacter generation ensures no one game is thesame. • Fight forglory, love, or power in the Great Tournament. •Multiple endingswith different story lines.
Choice Game Library: Delight Games 3.8
Delight Games
Now you have found THE free library of choice-driven games! Youget55+ stories with more on the way! Want to play a detective inagritty noir novel? How about a teenager after a zombieapocalypse?A wizard or a rogue in a medieval fantasy? And muchmore. In aDelight Games interactive novel, you play the part of themaincharacter and make choices for survival, love, wealth, fame,andmore. Can you make it to the end? Can you achieve a new highscoreand rank? Now, with the Delight Games Library you can getthecomplete series like Wizard's Choice and Zombie High. If youlikechoice-driven, interactive fiction or just want to trysomethingdifferent, this is the ultimate free download for you!Features notfound in stand-alone interactive novels include: ✔ 55+interactivestories. Over 1 million words with TONS of decisions tomake. ✔Dozens of achievements, from challenging to playful. ✔ Lotsofcheckpoints and the ability to go back on a choice. ✔ Statboosterfor an extra dimension to strategic play. ✔ New booksareautomatically added to your library when you update. Nomorehunting for new books! Interactive novels included: ✔ 6 volumesofWizard's Choice (medieval fantasy) ✔ 9 volumes of Rogue'sChoice(medieval fantasy) ✔ 5 volumes of Demon's Choice (medievalfantasy)✔ 10 volumes of Zombie High (zombie apocalypse) ✔ 4 volumesofDetective's Choice (noir mystery) ✔ 8 volumes of WitchSaga(fantasy set in the 1930's) ✔ 4 volumes of Oregon Trail(historicadventure/romance) ✔ 2 volumes of Bionic Bikini (sci-fihumor) ✔ 1volume of Pirates Never Die (pirate adventure) ✔ 1 volumeof DeepSpace Huntress (space opera) ✔ 1 volume of Monster Myths(realityshow) ✔ 1 volume of Superhero's Choice (superheroadventure) ✔ 1volume of Ghost Hunter: JJ Jones (children'sadventure) ✔ 1 volumeof Apprentice Musketeers (children'sadventure) We're passionateabout making reading addictive! Help usmake that happen. Downloadit now!
Choice of the Dragon 1.5.6
Play as a fire-breathing dragon who sleeps on gold andkidnapsprincesses for fun! Choice of the Dragon is a freetext-based gameof multiple choice. Dominate the local kingdom, lootand pillage,and inspire terror in the hearts of your enemies!
Choices That Matter - text based game 7180
Tin Man Games
CHOICES THAT MATTER is a collection of epic text adventuregamessimilar to the classic Choose Your Own Adventure books(CYOA).Newcontent is written and delivered periodically, making ourstoriesthe most complex in the CYOA category. No one player candiscoverthe entire story in a single play through. See how manyotherplayers visited the same place as you, each time you concludeastory arc.Are you ready for the most epic text based gameoutthere?** OUR STORIES **ADVENTURE 1: And The SunWentOutApproximately 600,000 words and 2,400 choices in total!Whatifthe sun inexplicably vanished only to return hourslater?Investigate with your AI companion, Moti. Uncoverconspiracies.Discover ancient religions. Travel the globe.Find outwho ismurdering scientists and what this has to do with therandomdisappearances of the sun. This is your journey, and onlyyourchoices can expose the truth.ADVENTURE 2: And Their SoulsWereEatenYou have a gift. With your gift, the dead are nevertrulygone.But what if there is a dark side to your gift? What ifthereare those who can pervert your talent, and alter the balanceoflife and death?Travel across a steampunk 1830s Europe, wheremetalis magical, giving powers to those who wear it. Learn moreaboutyour ancient gift and what it means for you, your family,andhumanity. Uncover the nefarious plot to destroy all life...andfight against time to stop your enemy from destroyingeverythingyou hold dear.ADVENTURE 3: And Their Heroes Were LostYouwake up ina dirty prison cell with no memory of who you are. And,you're notalone. Who are the other prisoners? What are they to you?Are theyyour allies... or enemies?Will you escape? Try to find outwho youare? Why did the people who captured you stealyourmemories—instead of just killing you? Travel the world asyouuncover the details of a past that holds many secrets, and afuturethat is in peril.This story is ongoing!"What’s reallyinnovativeabout Choices...unlike traditional gamebooks that have adefiniteend, Choices: And the Sun Went Out is acontinuinggamebook...allowing you to progress through the storyover time. Asyou make choices in your story, it will advance inways completelydifferently than other readers..." -PocketTactics.comThis app issupported by video ads which can beoptionally disabled bypurchasing a story pass.Privacypolicy:
The Timeless Love. Interactive story 200.0.21
Some travel to other countries or even continents – but Barbaracantravel back to the past. She has crossed centuries to meetthecreator of time traveling portals – the man she has admired mostofher life. Trouble is, due to a glitch in the system her guideisgone missing, the dispatchers are not replying and Barbara islostin the past. And her only chance to find the way back home isYou.What secrets are hidden in this interactive story and what willbein the end of the text game book? Try to find answers inthetemporary funnel of the Valerian era. Be sure: 'The TimelessLove'- is one of the strangest love stories you've ever met. Ifyou'venever played text based games and you've never readinteractivebooks before, open the text quest "At the End of Time"and plungeinto the whirlpool of fantastic events. - Explore thetemporaryfunnels; - Open secrets; - Protect your heroine fromenemies andfrom ill-considered actions; - Open all the finals ofthisInteractive fiction. Features: - 'The Timeless Love' is a oneofthe most romantic gamebooks; - the action of the textadventureoccurs in real time: sometimes you have to wait, becausethe maincharacter needs to sleep, and sometimes she falls intotraps out ofthe coverage. But as soon as Barbara gets free, shewill have sentyou a message. If you don’t want to wait – you candisable thewaiting timer in the game settings. - Choosing this orthat variantof actions in the gamebook, do not forget: every yourdecision willbecome fateful for Barbara of the IF game and launch achain ofunique fantastic events. Welcome to the magic world ofinteractivefiction games!
GOD OF MAGIC - Choose your own adventure gamebook 2.12
Back to Panda
✓ Chat like "Choose your own adventure" game with 6 skillminigames!✓ Choose your path in this text adventure! Infinitechoices!✓Play minigames, improve skills of the gamebook!✓ YOU arethedecision maker as a GOD of this interactive fantasy!GOD OF MAGICisan interactive fantasy chat app and text adventure, where YOUarethe decision maker of the stories. Roleplay games, chat,playminigames and finish the stories of the gamebook as a GOD ofthisfantasy world! Choose your own adventure. Keep chatting withayoung wizard trapped on a mystery island, make decisionafterdecision through the chat, make sure they are good choices! Bepartof an interactive fiction like never before!Don’t miss out onthemost unique fantasy sorcery gamebook, a new kind of roleplaychat!Download now!✓ Not satisfied with your decision? Choose yourownadventure. Jump back to a previous location and continue thechatstory from there!✓ Interactive fiction, chat, sorcery&roleplay games!✓ 1 gamebook, 4 minigames, 1 main chat story,3extra chat stories and more to come!✓ Use the interactive mapofthe fantasy world to see your progress!✓ Ride a phoenix! Oryouwant to battle the phoenix? It’s your decision, you are thereaderin this old school choices text adventure, interactivefiction.✓Play offline!These fantasy chat stories are full ofexploration anddanger, so as decision maker, you are responsiblefor the results.Choose your path carefully! As one of the bestroleplay games,sorcery text adventure gamebook, GOD OF MAGIC isfull of chattingand funny, exciting stories that are in a colorfulfantasy world.Roleplay chat as a GOD! Choose your own adventure.Are you good orare you evil?A chronicle told by roleplay chat.Shape the story,choose your path by chatting, play the most uniqueinteractivefiction! Discover the secrets and history, sorcery ofthis richfantasy world, chat with choices and guide othercharacters!Asdecision maker, the fate of a whole world is in YOURhands!Can youchat your way through to saving the world of the textadventure?But this chatting game is so much more, and you need moreskillsthan chatting. You have to overcome obstacles, defeatenemies,solve riddles by playing minigames and upgrading skillslike Lockpicking, Spell casting, Dexterity and Logic. Amazingroleplayexperience! Can you protect the world? There are already 4roleplaystories in this text adventure, and more are on theway!Roleplaychat, discover the stories, secrets and easter eggs ofthe chatapp! Protect the wizard kid, his fate is in YOUR hands!Everydecision, choices you make influences the chat stories. Lastday onearth. How good a decision maker can you be? Hidden treasuresorcertain death? Choose your own adventure.Ready to play thistextadventure chatting game? Wander on the island by chattingandchoosing locations, discovering paths of the stories.Continuethechat story on different branches! You are more than a reader,youare a decision maker and a god, who is casting fireballs,exploringdungeons, taming dragons, riding phoenixes, sorceryshaping thechat app story.Roleplay chat stories have never beenthis funbefore!A chat app to play together, the best chat stories,roleplaygames for kids!The story is free to play the whole waywithoutblockers.You find delight in rpg fiction based on a myth?You likesorcery, fire, a wizard in a fantasy rpg? Want to roleplayas agod? In this episode of God of Magic, an interactive novel, YOUarethe decision maker, the finder of the best path, the finder ofahappy end!The game is like a library with more than one story,soyou can be reading, interact, chat and roleplay for a longtime.And even more episodes are coming, for your delight, so thelibraryand the myth of God of Magic grows! It’s more than a novel,morethan just reading: the graphic mission is not a straight line.Thelife of a wizard is in your hands choice after choice!
Lifeline 1.6.4
3 Minute Games
Lifeline is a playable, branching story of survival againstallodds. You will help Taylor make life or death decisions, andfacethe consequences together.Acclaimed writer Dave Justus (Fables:TheWolf Among Us) weaves a gripping interactive story throughtheaftermath of a crash landing on an alien moon. Taylor isstranded,the rest of the crew are dead or missing, and Taylor’scommunicatorcan only reach you.A totally unique experience enabledby moderndevices, this story plays out in real time. As Taylorworks to stayalive, notifications deliver new messages throughoutyour day. Keepup as they come in, or catch up later when you’refree.Or, dive inand jump back to earlier points in the story, andsee what happenswhen you make a different choice. Simple actionscan have aprofound effect. Complete any single path to restart thestory andunlock this mode.Lifeline is a deep, immersive story ofsurvivaland perseverance, with many possible outcomes. Taylor isrelying onYOU.Internet connection not required. No in-app purchasesand noads.WATCH US:“I’ve played many games that I find engrossing,butLifeline may be one of the first that changed the way Ithoughtabout my daily routine, which leapt off the screen andbecame apart of my lived experience.” - Eli Cymet, Gamezebo“I cared–really cared – about the fate of a completely fictionalcharacter.I don’t think any other game I’ve played has made me feelthat waybefore.” - Matt Thrower, PocketGamerLifeline on Android wascreatedby:Dave JustusMars JokelaDan SelleckColin LiottaJackieSteegeWilsonBullJason NowakBen “Books” Schwartz
80 Days 1.4.1b5
inkle Ltd
1872, with a steampunk twist. Phileas Fogg has wagered hecancircumnavigate the world in just eighty days. * TIME's #1 Gameofthe Year 2014* "We’ve been dreaming about this future fordecades.Guess what? It’s here." - New York Times* "Interactivestorytellingas its best" - The GuardianChoose your own route arounda 3D globe,travelling by airship, submarine, mechanical camel,steam-train andmore, racing other players and a clock that neverstops. Featuringa brand new journey - to the North Pole!* "Thisbrilliantinteractive novel re-imagines Phileas Fogg's journeyaround theworld... One of the finest examples of branchingnarrative yetcreated." - The Telegraph* "For people who love highadventures andgood writing, 80 Days is a voyage that must be taken"- The Verge*"A brilliantly paced, memorable and quite franklyterrific piece ofmodern interactive fiction, that masterfullyblends strategy,resource management and adventure" -IndieGames.com150 cities toexplore. Detailed research andtechno-fantasy combine in an 1872 oftensions, inventions andexploration. Climb the Burmese mountains,trek the Zulu Federation,sail up the Amazon and disappear underthe Indian Ocean - but don'tfall behind the time! * "This ismodern storytelling that engagesand delights, and the bold,stylish artwork gives 80 Days almost agraphic novel feel. Packyour case, armchair Passepartout -adventure awaits!" - Joystiq*"Is it a game? Is it a story? Both,really. And a delight." - TheTelegraph - Best Novels of 2014*"Could be the best interactivefiction game out there" - 148 Apps*"A sublime video game toimmerse yourself in" - The Examiner* "Oneof the mostextraordinarily memorable and unique games I’ve playedin years" -Pocket Tactics * "Everything about this game is perfect"-AppAdvice* "Innovative and extraordinary, and unpredictable fun"-Apps Zoom* "Rich with ideas, brilliantly written, and createsaworld that you'll want to visit over and over again" -PocketGamer(gold award)Featuring stunning art by JaumeIllustration, ahalf-million word script by Meg Jayanth, originalmusic by LaurenceChapman, and built using the same inklewriterengine that powersour critically-acclaimed Sorcery! series, 80 DAYSis an interactiveadventure created by your choices, on the fly, andis differentevery time you play.Playing as Phileas Fogg's loyalvalet,Passepartout, you must balance your master's health, yourfinances,and the time, as you choose your own path from city tocity all theway around the world. Bribe your way onto earlydepartures, butdon't let yourself go bankrupt or you'll be sleepingrough andbegging for aid! Trade items for profit, and collect theequipmentfor the conditions you'll face: but too much luggage willslow youdown...80 DAYS is a breakneck race, with an in-game clockthatnever stops running. Trains, steamers, hot-air balloons,boats,camels, horses and more leave and arrive minute by minute.Everycity and journey is narrated via an interactive story whereyoucontrol every action. Will your choices speed you up - or leadyouinto disaster? Will you earn Fogg's trust and respect? Willyouuncover the secrets and short-cuts that can shave days offyourtime? Murder, romance, rebellion and intrigue await! The appisnetwork-connected, with a live feed that shows you the positionofall the other players of the game, their routes, triumphsanddisasters. You can race to be the fastest - or look ahead tolearnthe secrets of the world.Share your own journey with friends,andload other's routes directly into your app so you canracehead-to-head.
The Steel Sunset. Interactive story 200.0.66
“The Steel Sunset” is a thrilling game book and textadventurefilled with magic, audacious battles and a fervent desiretosurvive that arose in someone who not so long ago soughtnothingbut an easy death. The young writer, Sergey Solovyev, hascreated aunique world. The Intergalactic civilization has spreadacross theUniverse in search of sentient life forms. The weak arekilled onthe spot. The strong are taken aboard invaders’ spaceshipsto beexperimented on, sold into slavery or turned intonutritiousbiomass for the crew. Life on planet Volten carried on asusual.The elves roamed the magic woods; the gnomes confinedthemselves totheir laboratories trying to design new steam-enginemachinery; andthe dwarves were glued to their pickaxes and shovelsas they minedfor metals and valuable precious stones from the verybowels oftheir native land. Everything was going well until one daythealiens chose this wonderful magical world as their nexttarget.“The Steel Sunset” was the name the locals gave to thestrangeobject hovering over their heads and blocking their sun. Thesteelpeople it homed began to massacre the natives, exterminatingentirecities. Growing tired of hiding from the unbeatable enemy,one ofthe sons of the Under-the-Mountain folk ventures on adesperatemove: he leaves his hometown, starts a huge bonfire and,lookingfor a quick death, steps right into the heart of its fieryheat...Now you are the Fiery Master, whose will and mood govern thefateof our hero and his whole world. Only you can determinewhatadventures await around the corner... Follow us: -Facebook -VK We are waiting your reviewsandcomments!
Survival-quest Symbiont 1 3.7
THE STORY. The last 36 hours of the sole survivor of amysteriousaccident in a top-secret lab complex. Abandoned byeveryone anddesperate, wandering among the walking dead, by somemiracle hemanages to contact you and asks for help.You’re short ontime — thedeadly virus is about to break out, threatening theentirehumanity, and you’re now involved in this dramaticaction.Symbiont1 is a science fiction text quest, a mix of horrorand survivalelements. Each decision you make impacts the course ofthe story,and the salvation — or destruction – of humankind is inyourhands.FEATURES★ Mind-blowing atmosphere, a mix of sci-fi andzombieapocalypse. ★ Gamebook script by a published author. ★ Therealbook volume entails dozens of hours of dramatic gaming. ★Plotriddles, unexpected discoveries and twists that will astonishyou.★ The novella's action approximates real-time and depends onthedecisions you make. ★ Over 700 locations. ★ 3 original finales.★40+ unique “deadly” finales.
Alter Ego 1.6.4
What if you could live your life over again? In thistext-basedinteractive fiction, you choose what happens next. It'sin thestyle of pick-a-path gamebooks, but with over athousandmultiple-choice questions, it's much longer and deeperthantraditional gamebooks. Alter Ego starts at birth and ends atdeath,including two substantially different versions, dependingonwhether you choose to be male or female. Will you grow up tobeconfident and happy? Will you fight with bullies, or befriendthem?Will you find a date to the senior prom? Will you marry andhavekids, or start your own business and become a millionaire?Thechoice is yours. This game will change your life.(Alter Egowasoriginally published in 1986 for the Commodore 64, MS-DOS,AppleII, and Macintosh. The current edition of the Alter Ego gameis aproduction of Choose Multiple LLC. This edition includes anupdatedinterface and fixes bugs in the original version of thegame, butthe content of the game hasn't changed from the original1986version of the game.)
Medieval Fantasy RPG (Choices Game) 4.8
Delight Games
OLD-SCHOOL D&D-STYLE TEXT ADVENTURE WITH MODERN TWISTS! Ifyoulike old-school D&D-style RPG games where you make thechoicesfor the main character, this is for you! Play a wizard, asuccubus,and a rogue in this epic series of text-based games.Here,old-school doesn’t mean primitive. There are hundredsofachievements to uncover—from the silly and surprising to theepic.As you make choices, stats go up and down, with rarely an“instantdeath”. You have ready options for going back on choiceswhilegripping you with a sense of suspense and challenge. SIMPLE,YETADDICTIVE GAMEPLAY. Medieval Fantasy RPG is dead-simple tolearn,yet hard to master. You read and make choices, that’s it, buttheconsequences of your choices are not always obvious. It's likeaseries of your favorite fantasy novels, but gamified to beevenmore awesome! Soon you will be immersed in an RPG richer thananyyou have played before because your own imagination is drivingwhatyou see, hear, and touch. PLAY A MASSIVE, WELL-THOUGHT-OUTSTORY!This huge series of intertwining story lines is made up ofover 1MILLION words! Over 7 years has gone into the development!Youstart off playing a character in search of glory and loot, butsoondelve into a world of deadly conspiracy and paralleluniverses.Later, the story continues as you switch to playing asuccubus(demon), and then a rogue—each with their own personalityandgoals. Also, there’s more on the way! Like a good D&Dcampaign,it doesn’t end. ACTUALLY FREE AND NO PAYING FOR A CHOICE.Play welland you will be rewarded with the currency you need tofinisheverything without spending a penny. Hunt down thoseachievements,get the high ranks, and choose to watch the rewardedvideos as theybecome available. Not that I don’t appreciate yourmonetary supportand I’m confident that you will find it well worthit, but knowthat you do not have to. Unlike many choice-basedgames, you do NOTspend currency to make choices. No choice iswalled off from youfor need of gems, etc. nor is there any suchhint to spoil which isthe “better choice”. You choose! REALROLE-PLAYING. To succeed, youmust put yourself in the boots of yourcharacter and do what’s bestfor him or her, even if it’s not whatyou would normally do. Thisrequires more than logic, but alsoempathy for your character andthe situation he/she finds themselvesin. This is role-playing inits purest form. EASY ON BATTERY ANDSTORAGE. EVEN PLAY OFFLINE!Although this is a huge interactivestory, offering many hours ofenjoyment, it’s a tiny download andyou can even play offline.WHAT'S INCLUDED. This package oftext-based games includes theentire Wizard's Choice series (6 largeadventures), Demon's Choice(6 chapters so far), and all of theRogue's Choice series (9chapters so far). Although you can findthese stories elsewhere byDelight Games, this package was createdspecifically to deliver theRing City Universe of stories, enhancedwith new features includingachievement/point progress tracking.Also, this package has beendesigned to be a free game where yourefresh your virtual currencywith your achievements and throughrewarded videos. This is theultimate package of Delight Gamesinteractive fiction for youmedieval fantasy fans.
Transomnia Horror Gamebook 1.2.0
"Transomnia Horror Gamebook" is an interactive adventureandnarrative - a gamebook (in the traditions of "Choose YourOwnAdventure" and "Fighting Fantasy" series). It tells a storyinwhich you are the HERO!*Play for FREE – NO in-app purchases,NOadvertisements!*Expect an adventure inspired by the booksofLovecraft and Stephen King. Better pull the curtains, turn onthebedside lamp and let the luck be with you to get you to the endofthis nightmare...- Decide how the main character actsthroughoutthe story;- Collect items;- Maintain and protect yourkeystatistics: life and sanity;- Keep track of your traitsandinventory in the Character Sheet;- Face the element of luck andtryto overcome it;- Unlock and enjoy 8 wonderful illustrations inthegallery.*What is this strange feeling? What is happening toyou?Are you dreaming? Yeah... that's it. The worst part is, youarelost in a nightmare from which you can get away only if youtakethe right decisions. This macabre world that fills you withhorroris the world of your dreams. Experience an adventure thatgoesbeyond common sense. Try to discern truth from falsehood toescapefrom the monsters that your own dream created.*"Transomnie"is thegamebook the app is based on. It's written by EmmanuelQuaireau andillustrated by Elodie Marze. It was awarded "Yaztromo"for bestgamebook in France of 2010. "Yaztromo" is the biggestannualcompetition for gamebooks held for nearly a decade.
6Quest - Choose Your Own Story 2.0
6Quest is a CYOA (choose your own adventure) style rpg gametakingplace in Felorian - a fantasy world of myth, adventure,swords andsorcery. This shattered world hides many text adventurequests –interactive stories featuring you as the main character.Yourchoices matter! Choose your story, choose your character,chooseyour strengths and choose your weaknesses! It’s all aboutyourdecisions in this fantasy world.Explore a land full ofadventure,intrigue and mystery! Short or long, easy or hard,charming orhorrific - all stories have their place in here.So, whatwould youdo if you were the hero of a story? If you could choosethedirection it takes and make all the important decisions? Ifyoucould decide whether to save the princess or befriend thedragon?If it was your choice to throw the Ring into the fire or tokeepit?Now you can decide. The choice is yours.The game systembehindthe stories is our own design, enabling features such asbranchingpaths, timed challenges, character development, moralchoicesystems, resource management, dialogues, multiple endings andmanymore opportunities that provide the player with a uniquereadingexperience.This game features:Multiple fantasy gamebooks(Currently3 complete quests we are working our way up to six questsandmore!)Collectible achievementsCollectible codexes,interestingpieces of world lore to collect and readStylishoriginalillustrationsCurrent contents:Awakenings, the introductory6 Questgamebook (available for free)Just Another Day, a gamebookaboutkeeping the Law in a fantasy city (Purchasable with afreedemo)Shipwrecked, a gamebook about solving the mystery ofadeserted island (Purchasable with a free demo)In progress:Wearecurrently working on the playable demo of Scoundrel's blood aswellas the full translation of the quest.If you have anyquestions,feedback that does not fit here or bugs to report you canalwayscontact us at [email protected]! Please use the tags "APPfeedback"or "APP bugreport" respectively!
Delight Games (Premium) 9.2
Delight Games
Just added: 'Blood and Snow' and 'Alice in Demonland'! Youhavefound the largest text-adventure, choice-based gamebookcollectionon Google Play! ✔ 60+ Choice-based interactive volumes.Allunlocked with no micro-transactions. ✔ No ads. ✔ You getnewgamebooks regularly with updates on Premium before anywhereelse. ✔No-wifi, no problem. ✔ Small download and easy on yourbattery. ✔Now accessible to blind users (e.g. Talkback compatible).Gamebooksincluded: ✔ 6 volumes of Wizard's Choice (medievalfantasy) ✔ 9volumes of Rogue's Choice (medieval fantasy) ✔ 6volumes of Demon'sChoice (medieval fantasy) ✔ 2 full-lengthgamenovels of thePaladins Series (medieval fantasy) ✔ 1 full-lengthgamenovel ofFrost (sci-fi/fantasy) ✔ 1 full-length gamenovel ofNoble Man(military thriller) ✔ 1 full-length gamenovel of Blood andSnow(vampire/romance) ✔ 1 full-length gamenovel of Alice inDemonland(action/romance) ✔ 10 volumes of Zombie High (zombieapocalypse) ✔4 volumes of Detective's Choice (noir mystery) ✔ 8volumes of WitchSaga (fantasy set in the 1930's) ✔ 2 volumes ofBionic Bikini(sci-fi humor) ✔ 6 volumes of Oregon Trail (historicaladventure) ✔1 volume of Monster Myths (reality show adventure) ✔ 1volume ofPirates Never Die (pirate adventure) ✔ 1 volume of DeepSpaceHuntress (space opera) ✔ 1 volume of Superhero's Choice(superheroadventure) ✔ 1 volume of Ghost Hunter (kid's adventure) ✔1 volumeof Apprentice Musketeers (kid's adventure) For a one-timeup frontpurchase, you get all current and future content unlockedwithoutworry about getting gouged later. There's nothing else likeit onGoogle Play! If you're new to Delight Games you mightsay"Interactive novels? But I don't like to read." You might evensaythis in a whiny voice (although we hope not). Well, even foryoubook haters, now reading is addictive because with DelightGamesinteractive novels you make the choices for the maincharacter,alter the story, alter your stats, and try to stay alive.Can youmake it to the end? If so, what kind of score and rank canyou get?Fantasy, horror, mystery, adventure, even some romance.Immerseyourself in new worlds! If you like interactive fiction orjustwant to try something different from the typicalsoul-suckingmobile games, this is the ULTIMATE download for you! Anote aboutin-app purchases: There are in-app purchases; however,this is onlyfor those of you who want extra coins for going back onchoices orboosting stats. You earn lots of free coins byunlockingachievements and by visiting each day for your free coinallowance.In Premium, you do not use coins to unlock contentbecause allcontent is already unlocked and new content will also beunlockedas we ship it. For those of you who have played our othergames,"Coins" in Premium take the place of what we call "Luck" inotherversions of our games.
ITV Tanzania App 1.0.22
Motaso Inc
Take control of your viewing experience with ITV Tanzania App.Itisthe easiest way to catch up on your favourite TV channels onthego.Never miss a moment of your favourite TV channels.It's easytouse and it's free from wherever you are on your Android deviceandenjoy watching from a wide range of popular television shows,bongomovies, comedy, kids and family favourites all withinyourapplication. The app requires a compatible Android devicerunningoperating system 4.4 and above. Recommended Internet speedsapply.Internet connection with minimum speed of at least 3Mbpsrequiredto view ITV Tanzania app.The app is available over 3G/4Gnetworksand WiFi compatible Android device. Data and ISP chargesmay apply.Video quality may vary according to connection type.Available foruse in and outside United Republic of Tanzania.
Life of a Wizard 1.2.1
Hosted Games
Write an archmage's autobiography in this 80-year130,000-wordinteractive fiction! Play good or evil, man or woman,as you bringpeace to the kingdom or take over the world with yoursorcery. Brewpotions, raise the dead, summon mythical beasts,control men'sminds, and blast away your enemies. "Life of a Wizard"is an epicinteractive novel where you control the main character.In eachchapter, your choices determine how the story proceeds. Willyoufind romance, get married, or have children? Will you becomethearch-mage, grand bishop, nature-loving druid, hardenedbattle-mageor even an undead lich? The choice is yours!
Rogue's Choice (Choices Game) 2.4
Delight Games
You play a rogue in this choice-driven text adventure set inamedieval fantasy world. With debts to pay to the underworld,youneed to make a lot of coin fast! Perhaps worse, you're wantedbythe King's men for desertion. Survival is your first priority,butcan you thrive in the ruthless streets of Ring City? On topofthis, can you discover the secret within the walls of thecity...And beneath! Play the lovable scoundrel who just wants toenjoy hisshort time in this dimension!From Delight Games, thepublisher ofZombie High, Wizard's Choice, and many otherchoice-based textadventures. Written by Sam Landstrom.Note thatRogue's Choicecontent is also available in the Delight GamesLibrary; however,this version has more options for advancing in thestory for free(e.g. you can get coins by watching videos). And ofcourse it's asmaller download and has a simpler UI. :)*** Features*** - Zerolearning curve. Read the story and make decisions. -Life, gold,favor, and morale are tracked.- Outcomes are determinedbydecisions you make. - Score and rank at the end.- Accessibletoblind users.
Lifeline: Whiteout 1.1.0
3 Minute Games
Alone in a frozen wasteland with no memory of how he got there,alost adventurer’s only hope is his last line of communication –toYOU! Guide him to safety and help him find his identity inthisgripping story of survival. Your choices shape the story asyouplay! Decisions can have a profound effect. Finish the gameandthen play again to discover a whole new story when youmakedifferent choices.3 Minute Games has partnered withEipixEntertainment for the next installment of thecritically-acclaimedLifeline series. Lifeline: Whiteout introducesa brand newcharacter, V. Adams! Play on the go with real-timenotificationssent to your device or check in with V. Adamsthroughout your day –waiting for the bus, eating lunch, beforebed!WATCH US: forLifeline:“I’veplayed many games that I find engrossing, butLifeline may be oneof the first that changed the way I thoughtabout my daily routine,which leapt off the screen and became a partof my livedexperience.” - Eli Cymet, Gamezebo“For a few brief hoursI cared –really cared – about the fate of a completely fictionalcharacter.I don’t think any other game I’ve played has made me feelthat waybefore.” - Matt Thrower, PocketGamerFeatures:• A branchingstory ofsurvival played in real-time!• Play anytime withnotifications fromV. Adams delivered throughout your day!• Yourdecisions shape thestory as you play!• Internet connection notrequired. No in-apppurchases.• Features full Android Wear support.
Paladins: Text Adventure RPG 2.5
Delight Games
A text adventure RPG where YOU play the characters in amedievalfantasy novel! The story is set in the rich world of Dezrelcreatedby author David Dalglish. You play several differentcharactersincluding a Paladin of Ashhur, a wolf-man pack leader, ascrappyfarmer, and more!Put yourself into the shoes of thecharacters andwatch the story unfold, but be careful what choicesyou make. Deathis always near.64 chapters of adventure, over 100achievements, andTONS of interesting choices. And it's all free.Sweet, sweet,freedom.This interactive novel is based on DavidDalglish'sPaladins Series of fantasy novels. Mr. Dalglish haspartnered withDelight Games to "gamify" his novel. As far as weknow, this is thefirst time a traditional novel has been gamifiedlike this.Download it and be among the first to experience a novelin thisnovel way. ;)Reading made addictive!
Blood and Snow (Choices Game) 2.3
Delight Games
YOU make the choices for Snow White in a text adventure setinmodern times. Romance, comedy, vampires, death, and highschooldrama!Delight Games has teamed up with author RaShelleWorkman tocreate a game version of her hit full-length novel "Bloodand Snow(Book 1)". As you read the story, you make choices for themaincharacter (Snow White). Can you survive to the end? Can you getthehigh score for each part? Can you unlock the nearly 50achievementsincluding the "Daddy Issues" and "CrushingMove"achievement?Comedy, romance, adventure--it's all here!Readingmadeaddictive!
Memories: Escape The Room 1.42
Memories: Escape the room – an adventure text quest in thestyleEscape the room. The main hero Leo finds himself in ahospital. Hedoes not remember who he is, he doesn’t know where heis, who hisfriends are, whom he loves and why some people put himin thishospital. You will have to find answers to all thesequestionsduring the game. The game is taking place in the format ofamonologue of the main character who describes all what ishappeningto him. Besides, he can find and use the items and enterthe codeswhere needed. The game is also “escape the room” game.Escape room- is an adventure in which players are locked in a roomand have touse elements of the room to solve a series of riddles toescapefrom it. In our case the rooms are memories. Your task – isto helpLeo to get out of his memories, understand why and how hehasappeared in this place and what he needs to do next. Whilepassingthe real places of far corners of his memory together withLeo youwould solve the riddles and the puzzles in order to finallyfindout what has been hidden in the depth of his memory. Give himahelping hand and he would help you to remember what is themostimportant! Memories: Escape the room is the quest withperfectmusic and design that would help you to immerse completelyin theatmosphere of the game and to complete it till the veryend.Attention! Riddle in the plane. Time difference between NewYorkand Tokyo - 13 hours
Alice in Demonland (Choices Game) 2.9
Delight Games
YOU make the choices for Alice the half demon in this twist ontheAlice in Wonderland tale. You have found a full-length novel intheform of a text adventure with action, romance, analternativeuniverse to explore, and tons of demons to slay, ofcourse!DelightGames has teamed up with author RaShelle Workman tocreate a gameversion of her full-length novel "Alice in DemonLand:An Alice inWonderland Reimagining". As you read the story, you makechoicesfor the main character (Alice). Can you survive to the end?Can youget the high score for each part? Can you unlock the nearly70+achievements such as the "Quick Thinker" and"Whiner"achievement?Comedy, romance, adventure--it's allhere!Reading madeaddictive!Note: Currently, this is just volume 1of Alice's story.What's up here now is a complete novel andRaShelle will be writingmore. We plan to "gamify" this content andship it as an update.
King of Dragon Pass: Text Adventure RPG 1.1.22
HeroCraft Ltd.
“A Sharp’s King of Dragon Pass is quite literally the bestanddeepest text-based game I’ve ever seen” - ***15new interactive scenes added! *** • One of the Top 100 bestmobilegames of all time (Metacritic) • Epic saga of conflict,mythologyand community • Immensely replayable • Hand-paintedartwork •Interactive story with an ultimate level of complexityRule yourown clan, take important strategic decisions, win battlesandexpand your influence. This is story-based story richtextadventure rpg game. It’s set in Glorantha (the world of thegamesRuneQuest, HeroQuest, 13th Age, and soon Six Ages). Thisstrategygame in atmospheric fantasy mythology is very difficult.Chooseyour own adventure in Cult Classic. A unique mix of RPGandstrategy: everything in King of Dragon Pass is about choiceandcontrol. Choose your counsel carefully, sign diplomaticagreementsor declare war on nearby clans. This acclaimed game ofmagicalstorytelling blends interactive stories and resourcemanagement.Immensely replayable, thanks to nearly 600 interactivescenes.Short episodes and automatic saving mean you can play evenwhen youonly have a minute or two. The built-in saga writes downthe storyfor you and advisors with distinctive personalities helpyou ruleyour clan. The gorgeous hand-painted artwork won BestVisual Artsat the second Independent Games Festival. Become theKing of DragonPass! _____________________________________ FOLLOWUS: @HerocraftWATCH US:
Sorcery! 2 1.3.6
inkle Ltd
*** SPECIAL SALE PRICE -- SORCERY! 4 CONCLUDES THE SERIES 22ndSEP***An epic adventure through Kharé: Cityport of Traps. Beginyourstory here! (Part 1 not required.)"Another spectacularrendition ofclassic interactive fiction" - (Kotaku) "Fantastic, andyou shouldbuy it" - 5/5 (Gamezebo) "Bigger, better, stronger" -4.5/5,Editor's Choice (148Apps) Top 20 Mobile Game of 2013, TouchArcadeTop 25 Mobile Game of 2013, Gamezebo "I love this app...It’sbetter than any gamebook ever was in your head when you were akid"- 5/5, Interactive Fiction Game of the Year (Pocket Tactics)"Witha seemingly endless number of outcomes, Sorcery 2 offers hoursuponhours of gameplay... one of the best games of 2013, andadventurefans, you can't afford to miss it" - 5/5 ( youjourney into Kharé, a town of thieves and murderers on thebrink ofdestruction? + Fully interactive story written on flyaround onyour actions and choices + Plot your own path down everystreet ofthe hand-drawn 3D city map + Go down into the sewers,aboard ship,or inside buildings with new interior maps + 3Dspell-castingsystem: cast over 48 spells, with weird andwonderfulstory-changing effects + New gambling game: can you outwitthecitizens of Kharé at Swindlestones? + Over thirtydifferentmonsters to fight with our unique strategic combat + Morethandouble the content of Part 1: over 300,000 words, with10,000choices, and every one is remembered + Play as a male orfemalehero + Start your adventure from here - or load yourcharactersfrom Part 1 "A terrific adventure - one fraught withdanger, richin atmosphere, and pleasingly flexible in terms of howyou shapeits twisting, twisted narrative" - 8/10 (Pocket Gamer)"Wonderfulfor genre fans and novices alike" - 4.5/5 (TouchArcade)"Anexcellent experience" - 90% ( Kharé is brimmingwiththings to do and creatures to meet. Visit the Festival ofThieves,battle a ghost, escape from slavers, gamble your fortune attheHalls of Vlada, drink at the tavern, worship strange Gods, andmuchmuch more. Will you uncover the secrets of the city, overthrowtheCouncil, destroy an invading army, or leave Kharé to burn?Fromlegendary designer Steve Jackson, co-founder of LionheadStudios(with Peter Molyneux), and Fighting Fantasy and GamesWorkshop(with Ian Livingstone), and designed and adapted by inkle,the appuses inklewriter technology to tell your journey inreal-time,shaping the story around your choices. The text itselfchangesbased on how you play and what you do. In combat, the actionisdescribed on the fly based on how you play. Featuringoriginalillustrations by John Blanche and maps by Mike Schley(Wizards ofthe Coast). "Kharé: Cityport of Traps" is Part 2 of 4.Part 1 isout now and Part 3, "The Seven Serpents", is coming inlate 2014.
Fabularium: Interactive Fiction 1.4.1
Create and play interactive fiction on your Android phone ortablet.Also known as text adventures, interactive books, playablenovels,z-machine, glulx, tads, terps. Fun for adults and also agreat wayto encourage children to read and develop theirimaginations.Fabularium can play all of the major formats: Adrift(includingversion 5), AdvSys, the Adventure Game Toolkit (AGT),Alan (2 and3), Glulx, Hugo, Level 9, Magnetic Scrolls, Scott AdamsAdventures(Scottfree), Tads (2 and 3) and Zcode (Infocom). It alsoincludes asimple integrated development environment (IDE) forcreating yourown Glulx, Tads 3 and Zcode games. Fabulariumsupports Unicodegames, so if you would prefer to play in alanguage other thanEnglish, no problems! Either define your ownkeyboard via thekeyboards.ini file (see examples in that file) ordisable thebuilt-in keyboard via the settings, to use your systemkeyboard.Keyboards defined via keyboards.ini can have multiplelayouts andeach key can be programmed to generate one Unicodecharacter, acomplete command, or even multiple commands, that arefed to theinterpreter one by one. As with anything else infab.ini, you canset the different keyboards you've defined inkeyboards.ini toautomatically load with different game and terpcombinations. Seescreenshots for examples. The interface and playstore descriptionswill also be gradually localised into variouslanguages over comingreleases. Fabularium takes accessibilityseriously. Much of the appis now TalkBack enabled and the built-inkeyboard supports "exploreby touch" and "lift to type" technology.Accessibility features willcontinue to improve over the comingreleases. If you are blind orvision-impaired and would like tohelp me with this (e.g. testingand feature suggestions), pleasecontact me [email protected] We care about typography!While the defaultsettings should work for most games, Fabulariumis also highlycustomisable. Make the margins as narrow or as wideas you want.Don't like the default fonts and colours? Change them.Adjust linespacing. Fiddle with other typographical features.Optimise thatgame for your device's screen. For maximum screenspace, try using ahardware keyboard. Fabularium is and always willbe completely free,with no ads, and open source. It does not comebundled with anygames; you will need to obtain these separately.There are manygames freely available at can download these games anywhere to yourinternal storage/SDcard and then add them to your library fromwithin the app. The appis also able to extract files from archivesusing ZIP, RAR, 7Z andother popular compression formats. Inspiredby the great Gargoyleinterpreter by Tor Andersson, Fabulariumimplements Andrew Plotkin'sGlk 0.7.5 spec in Android and cantherefore support any glk-enabledinterpreter. More interpretersmay be added in the future. Forfurther information see the in-apphelp. Questions, comments,feedback and suggestions for futurefeatures always welcome, pleasecontact me [email protected]
Hometown Romance - Choose Your Own Story 3.2
Enter a fantastic world of love story games for teens and enjoyacompelling choices drama among best friends. Love Story Games-Home Town Romance is an intensely interactive teen story fulloffriendship, heartbreak and romance! Choose your own story wiselytomove your story the way you want in amazing teenage lovestorygames. This teen game is all about your choices, your romance,andyour story! Love Story Games - Home Town Romance Highlights:Nameyour character in love story game for girls. Dress &styleyourself up as you like in teen game. Make important choicesinthis romantic story game. Decide who to fall in love by makingallthe right choices. Enjoy love & passion in interactiveteenstory game for girls Impressive graphics, beautifulcharacters& interactive gameplay SUPPORTED LANGUAGES:English,Portuguese, French & Spanish Be a part of interactivelovestory games where expressing true feelings is thebiggestchallenge. Crazy love fights and secret emotions are all settoinfluence this hometown romance story game. So pretty girls!Getready to lead the choices storyline in this romantic story game.Ifyou enjoy playing love story games, you will adore thisfascinatingbest friends’ love & friendship journey. So hookedon to thisamazing teenage love story game ever. We release EpisodeandChapter Every Week! Stay in touch. About Developer: PrettyTeenGames is an interactive studio - aims to providehighly-qualityentertaining games for millions of girls around theworld. Also,enjoy our addictive high school love story games forgirls and staytuned for more.
Tiny Text Adventure 2 1.1.2
The sequel to the popular Tiny Text Adventure 1 - continuetheadventure, in a slightly larger fashion.In this text adventuregameyou control the plot, acting as the hero you must save the townofPerpetuity and all those whom you love from the evilmachinationsof the witch Bella Constantine. Solve entertainingpuzzles, talk tocurious characters and visit mysterious locationswhilstprogressing through the story of a land ruled by aninsurmountableevil.This game harks back to the original textadventures of theauthor's youth - Colossal Cave, Sphinx Adventure,Zork. Experiencea tiny subset of the majesty of this genre withoutthe painful needto actually type text on a mobiledevice.PermissionsThe INTERNETand ACCESS_NETWORK_STATE permissionsare required to allow gameplay analytics to be gathered. Thisinformation is minimal andincludes things like how many timesyou\'ve completed the game, howlong it took and how long the gametakes to load. All of this datais anonymous and averaged out by theGoogle Analytics servers.There is no personal data included in thisinformation. This datawill be used to understand what features ofthe game are used mostand where improvements can be made, forinstance to speed up loadtimes if there is seen to be an issue oncertain devices.
Wizard's Choice (Choices Game) 1.72
Delight Games
You play a wizard in this interactive novel set in amedievalfantasy world. Stay alive, manage your spell power, findtreasure,and smite evil. Wizard's Choice is a series of RPGinteractivenovels that will engross you in a story while allowingyou to makethe decisions that will determine your fate. FromDelight Games,the publisher of Zombie High and Detective's Choice.Written by SamLandstrom. *** Features *** - Zero learning curve.Read the storyand make decisions. - Health, manna, gold, and moraleare tracked.- Outcomes are determined by decisions you make. -Score and rankat the end. - Accessible to blind users.
Space Rangers: Quest 1.0.6
First game for the franchise on mobile ever! SPACE RANGERS: QUESTisa new text adventure in the world of Space Rangers with a touchofnostalgia. Save the Coalition from the new threat!Choose aspaceship and sail on a journey. You are to research the origin ofthethreat and defend the organic life. But do not expect tobelaureled – a life of the ranger is full of danger. You willbegetting hard-earned credits, doing the dirty and sometimesillegalwork. But if you manage to get space maps, then you willgainaccess to the entire galaxy full of possibilities. Intelligentandover-intelligent races, battles vs. pirates, hologramsandhallucinations, battle controlled robots! Never say never andjustbe on guard.Key features• CLASSIC TEXT QUESTS. A classicsci-fisaga both in the form and contents, easy written andhumorous.•INGENIOUS PUZZLES. A space ranger shall be smart andintuitive tofind the way out of challenging situations. Dozens ofunrepeatablesituations – from combat to especially hard-to-crackpuzzles.•SPACE BATTLES. It is kind of stupid to leave a dockwithout guns –humongous space monsters are quite unlikely to attackyou, butnumerous pirates from every system definitely can. Shieldsready?•ROLE-PLAYING. By completing tasks you can earn not onlycredits toget fuel or repair a ship, but also to do multipleupgrades. Spendthem all, or deposit for future – this is thequestion. So use themwisely!• RANDOM EVENTS. Every system alwaysmeans a newacquaintance, but it is quite hard to tell what itbrings.• UNKNOWNTWISTS and Turns of Supposedly Well-Known Events.An attentiveranger will find out much more than what was in thegalaxy news.
NoStranger 23
NoStranger is not a game, it's a conversation.As the app opens,youreceive a message from a stranger.But by the end ofyourexperience, you will know his name, his motivation, and hisdarksecret.You will be led on a user-choice-driven narrative;searchingthrough blogs, contacting the story’s characters, andscouringsocial media websites to find out more. Throughreal-timeconversation, you will delve deep, and sometimes not sodeep ;),exploring the interconnectedness of our virtualworld.Withinspiration from titles such as LifeLine and HerStory,​NoStrangeruses real websites, phone numbers, and videos tocreate abelievable, immersive experience.Trigger Warnings: Thisnarrativeincludes topics of [email protected]://www.NoStranger.tkSign up forournewsletter via Created by ScottMulliganand Matthew O'Connell
Outcast's Journey - Interactive Fiction game 1.2
You are contacted by a mysterious stranger who claims that he'saninventor from another world. Suddenly his life changes and hefindshimself involved in the continuous round of events, from whichhecan't escape without your help. From this moment his lifedependson decisions you'll make together.What’s awaiting him inthefuture? Will he be able to pass through all the challengesandsurvive? Everything depends only on you!ACT QUICKLYTheimminentcatastrophe is coming. Find out where the menace is comingfrom andtry to eliminate it. Remember! Time works against you inthe worldof interactive fiction “Outcast's Journey”!CHOOSEANSWERSDELIBERATELYEach phrase you choose is very important, eachdecisionwill impact on the story. Text games have never beensoexciting!CONTROL ARMYSoon the main character'll have to engageinbattle with the enemy and lead the people behind him. Are youreadyto fight with him?FEATURES- Modern interactive fictionwithstrategy elements. Be a part of this story!-Atmosphericsoundtrack- Nonlinear narrative and various endings:each takendecision causes consequences* The game doesn’t requirepermanentInternet connection.*************************Youradventures beginin the interactive fiction“Outcast'sJourney”!*************************Social media:* Facebook- * Twitter- * VKontakte-*************************Foundmistakeor typo? Send e-mail to [email protected]*************************
Audio Game: Wizard's Choice 2.5
Delight Games
Right now, this volume is free with no in-app purchases and noads.Yes, actually free!Listen to and play an exciting medievalfantasyRPG without having to look at the screen. Play it while yougo fora walk, while you're cooking in the kitchen, or play itwithfriends. Heads-up interactive fiction.This is the audibleversionof the first volume of Wizard's Choice, the popular andbelovedtext adventure by Delight Games. It was recorded by aprofessionalvoice actor, Matthew Posner. We're sure you'll agreethat he doesexcellent medieval fantasy voices!You play a wizard inthisinteractive novel set in a medieval fantasy world. Stayalive,manage your spell power, find treasure, and smite evil.Wizard'sChoice is a series of RPG interactive novels that willengross youin a story while allowing you to make the decisions thatwilldetermine your fate.Note: This game requires therecordingpermission. This allows you to speak the number forchoices;however, if you prefer, you can disable this and just usethebuttons on the screen to make choices. We do not store anyaudioinput. See our privacypolicy:
Jack Watch Face
Jack Watch Face for Wear OS! !! NOT FOR SAMSUNG GEAR S2 / GEAR S3/GALAXY WATCH !! (running Tizen OS) If you have one, do notinstallthis application. To find support and compatibleapplications withyour watch, please go to★ Features of Jack WatchFace - Day & Month - Watch battery -Mobile battery - Weather -Daily step count - Heartbeat frequency -Unread SMS - Unread Emailfrom Gmail - Missed calls - Presets -Complication (wear 2.0) ★Interactivity of watch face - On touch,you can now change itsdisplayed data among the 8 data available. -On touch, you can nowaccess to a detailed data screen for all dataavailable. - Added"shortcuts" dials (translate, maps, timer,etc...) - Activateinteractivity in settings. ★ Settings The wholeSETTINGS of thewatch face are located in the "Wear OS" app of yourmobile. Just hitthe gear icon over the watch face preview and thesettings screenwill show up! - Change the indicator to display -Change theshortcut to execute on the 4 positions - Choose betweenup to 8indicators + Complication (wear 2.0) - Switch between éco /simpleb&w / full ambient mode - Define heartbeat frequencyrefreshrate - Define weather refresh rate - Weather unit - 12 / 24hoursmode - Define interactive mode duration - Choose to switchbetweensmall/big cards - Choose the ambient mode b&w and ecoluminosity- Choose between 2 weather providers (Yr &OpenWeatherMap) -Choose to display a leading zero on hours -Choose to to display theinteractive areas - Presets manager!! Youcan now: + Save yourpreset with all its options (colors,backgrounds, data, features.EVERYTHING is saved!) + Load / deleteone of your previously savedpreset + Share / Import presets ★Installation This watch face willbe installed automatically fromyour phone paired. If it doesn'tshow up please go to the Wear OSApp > Settings and Resync allapps. Once installed, you canselect the Jack Watch Face from theWear OS App. Or long tap on thecurrent watch face screen: watchface selector screen will open. ★More watch faces Visit my watchfaces collection for Wear OS on thePlay Store at ** If you have any issues orquestions, fillfree to contact me by email (English or Frenchlanguage) beforegiving a bad rating. Thanks! /!\ Your watch shouldbe up to date,with Lolipop (Android 5.0) /!\ Website:
Beyond the Mountain
Peter headed to the hunting lodge, when he suddenly losthisconnection to his guide. He is in a forest, with no shelter,nopeople, and most importantly, no equipment or wildernesssurvivalskills. His lifeline is a communicator to talk with hisguide. Butsomehow, he's been connected to you. Try to figure outwhat reallyhappened and how to get Peter out of this situation. * Atrulyexciting story with lots of unexpected plot twists and anonlinearstoryline. * There are no artificial pauses. The game goesnon-stopand it's up to you to decide when to leave the hero withoutyourattention. * Find items that will help in your progression.Thedevelopment of the plot will differ depending on the objectsused.* Sometimes the result depends on chance. The randomness isalsoaffected by the items found and your previous decisions. Withasecond pass, everything can turn out quite differently. * Inthecourse of the story you will meet different characters, andonlyyou choose whom to help, with whom to go on a trip, and whoisbetter to keep on distance. * Some scenarios lead to asuccessfulending, but do not reveal the whole story. Do you want toexploreeverything in more detail and understand the very essence ofwhatis happening? Try to complete the game differently.
My Story: Choose Your Own Path 4.2
Nanobit Games
Welcome to MY STORY, a game where you choose your own adventureandwrite your life! Be careful what you choose, though: one choicecanchange the course of the entire story, so choose wisely!DECIDEWHAT HAPPENS Whatever you choose will determine how well yougetalong with your friends, how popular you are, and who you fallinlove with! CREATE YOUR LOOK Personalize your character, chooseyourclothes and hairstyle. Dress to express yourself! LIVEDIFFERENTLIVES Experience college drama, be an aspiring movie star,a richheiress, or a New York socialite! Anything is possible!Dozens ofinteresting stories are waiting for you! What's yourfavoritegenre? Romance, comedy, drama, MY STORY has it all!
Creatures Such as We 1.3.6
"Creatures Such As We" is a philosophical interactive romancenovelby Lynnea Glasser, where your choices control the story.It'sentirely text-based--without graphics or sound effects--andfueledby the vast, unstoppable power of your imagination.Living onthemoon is lonely, and stressful, and exhausting. Video gameshavealways offered you an escape to a better life. The easy, happylifeyou wish you had. Which makes it so frustrating when thegameyou've been playing ends badly. But you have a chance to figureitout, because the next tourist group is the designers. Youcandebate with them about art, inspire them with the beauty ofouterspace, get closer to any one specific designer in particular,andfinally find out how to get the ending you alwayswanted.AwardedSecond Place in the 20th Annual Interactive FictionCompetition(IFComp)"You absolutely need to play through CreaturesSuch As We"-- Leigh Alexander"Well-paced and richly written" --Emily Short"Icouldn't tear myself away" -- Game Theory Podcast•Immerse in thebeautiful setting of a moon-bound tourist destinationa touristdestination.• Explore the meaning of gaming as a form ofartisticexpression with a cast of game designers.• Inspireprofounddiscussions, courage, and even love with the visitingspacetourists.• Six unique character paths, with options to beromanticor maintain strict professionalism.• Play both yourcharacter, andthe character of the game-within-a-game.• Decide foryourself thebest way to bridge the gap between game players anddesigners.•Inclusive options for gender identity, orientation,race, and age.
Lifeline Library 1.0.5
A collection of hit Lifeline games is available in yourhands!Lifeline Library is your one-stop shop for exclusive news,content,and new games and episodes in this top-rated choose yourownadventure series! Written by award-winning authors of comicbooks,novels, games, and more, the Lifeline series featuresuniquestorylines and characters in genres ranging from urbanfantasy tospace survival. But it's YOUR choices that shape how thestoriesunfold. Join millions of players around the world as youdiscoverthe immersive worlds of this text-basedinteractive-fictionseries.• Get exclusive first access to news,updates, and newstories!• Start today and get a FREE hit Lifelinegame!• Discoverthe RPG series millions of players are talkingabout!• Enjoyimmersive storylines written by award-winningauthors!• You choosehow the stories unfold in real-time!
City of Love: Paris 1.7.2
YOUR CHOICES, YOUR STORY Dive into an interactive dramawhereromance, mystery and the Parisian lifestyle combine! Meetcolorfulcharacters, build relationships and unravel a mysteryshrouding adangerous secret… YOU are the heroine of your own storyand YOUchoose how you want to explore the iconic City of Love:discoverexquisitely beautiful Parisian locations, make new friendsand getto know them better through a wide range of fun activities.Meet,date and flirt with different love interests. And who knows?Youmight just find true love! A NEW BEGINNING You’re interviewingfora job at City of Love, Paris' most prestigious lifestylemagazineand brainchild of Raphael Laurent, a handsome entrepreneurandpublishing guru extraordinaire. But is this the real reasonRaphaelhas invited you to Paris? Welcome to City of Love: Paris! •BE theheroine of YOUR own interactive drama. The choices you makeshapeyour social relationships and influence the story. There arenowrong choices, but some choices you make will havegreaterconsequences than others. Make each choice count! • DISCOVERParis,the eternal City of Love and the perfect setting for your newlife.Explore the delights of France and enjoy the French way oflife. •EXPLORE countless iconic locations such as Notre-Damecathedral,Montmartre, Le Louvre, the Champs-Elysées, the quays ofthe riverSeine and much more! • IMMERSE yourself in each storyscene,episode after episode, with the help of beautiful backgroundsandlifelike animations. • UNRAVEL the mystery shrouding anold,dangerous secret and investigate multiple locations includingtheLuxembourg Gardens, the Pantheon and the Place Vendôme. •BECOMEengrossed in an intriguing plot with unexpected twists andturns inevery episode. What thrilling ending will your choices leadyou to?• MEET colorful and sexy characters and build closerelationshipswith your best matches. True friend or sworn enemy?Rival orhelpful ally? The choice is all yours! • SHAREunforgettablemoments with your close circle of friends and collecttheseprecious souvenirs in original artworks that can be unlockedinevery episode. • CREATE your dream love life in Paris bymeetingand dating your crushes. Decide where the relationship willgonext! • INDULGE your romantic side while wandering throughtheoriginal City of Love and let yourself be seduced byParis’inimitable charm. Will you kiss him or her on the Pont desArtsbridge? • REPLAY the story to try out alternative pathsanddiscover, new exclusive souvenirs. Whether you are an avidreaderof romance novels, a detective fiction enthusiast, aglobe-trotterwith a sense of adventure, or just a fan of allstories great andsmall, City of Love: Paris has something uniquefor you. Delight inCity of Love’s humorous writing tone andexciting storyline whilstbasking in the authenticity of itssetting. YOU are the heroine ofthis interactive drama. Make yourown choices: Date him or her? Gobuy some clothes or visit theLouvre? Choose drama or romance.Choose to enjoy or to discover.Choose a black bag or a pink pairof shoes. Choose to kiss the sexyblond or the handsome brown.Choose to date, kiss or love. Let yourchoices shape your ownadventure in the City of Love. "Let us read,and let us dance;these two amusements will never do any harm to theworld" VoltaireMore info about your interactive drama on: •Facebook: •Twitter: •Instagram: PLEASE NOTE: •This gameis free to download and free-to-play but some game itemsmay bepurchased for real money. You can choose to disablein-apppurchases in your device's settings. • This game containsads.Making any in-game purchase will disable them forever.
Heroes Guard: The Journal 1.0.4
In Heroes Guard: The Journal, you are a weary andweatheredadventurer.All of your questing and dungeon plunderingdays arebehind you - but that doesn’t mean your stories ofhardships andtriumphs need be forgotten! By filling this journalwith yourmemories you will allow some of your greatest feats… andfailures…to live on.You do remember how your life story went...don’tyou?***********************************************Praise fromBetaTesters:- "You've got a solid hit for a contender!"- "I playedthecrap out of it last night and had a good time"- "combiningCYOAwith RPG and CCG is really awesome!"- "absolutely love thegame"-"Excellent gameplay, fantastic story"- "neat way to getyoungerpeople to read more!"- "REALLY enjoyedthegame!"***********************************************Bestdescribedas a hybrid of choice-based interactive fiction, adeck-buildingcard game, and a solitaire table-top roleplayingsession.You'llmake important story decisions, roll dice to testyour abilities,collect weapons, magic, and companions to be used ina card gamethat will reveal the outcome of your mostdevastatingencounters!Key features that make Heroes Guard differentfrom mostinteractive fiction titles:+ Card-Battle System: Use themagic,weapons, and companions gathered through the story todefeatpowerful foes. Perhaps you'll squash that giant spider withyourwar hammer or perhaps it's a better idea to blast it from afarwitha fireball? Your choice, your strategy!+ DynamicShort-Stories:Adventure on an interactive map with random events.Each event is ashort-story that will put your strength, dexterity,intelligence,and charisma to the test! Careful, as each short-storycan escalateif left unattended and eventually will consume thetowns you aremeant to protect. + Life Chronicle: In Heroes Guardyou are a old,weathered adventurer recalling all his past feats.Perhaps you roseto power as a commander in the guard, or perhapsyou lost it alland ended up as a beggar on the streets?
Seen 1.2.1
What if life gave you another chance to learn to love again? Seenisan interactive story set in high school where you play asMarkBlythe, a student who fell in love with the new fellowstudent,Nicole Tyler. Do you have what it takes to catch herheart?Get toknow Nicole, Mike, Jake, Jenny, and Valerie. Explorevariousoutcomes based on your decisions in a world where changeisinevitable. This game features a remake of "annie96 istyping..."by Pascal Chatterjee, a creepy chat history that tookReddit andTwitter by storm.FEATURES• Different outcomes based onyourchoices• Make your own stories with Story Maker• Playotherplayers' stories and share your own with Story World•Includes"annie96 is typing...", the creepiest chat history you’lleverplay• Realistic chat client inspired by Facebook MessengerSeenisnot just an interactive story game, it's a platform forinteractivestory games! Make your very own chat stories with StoryMaker. Thepossibilities are endless. The only limit is yourimagination.Onceyou're done making a story, let the world play itwith Story Worldand play others' stories as well. Story World is anin-gamecommunity where players can upload and download stories(currentlyin Beta).FOLLOW US•••• always make surethat our games are of highquality so if you encounter a problem,please don't hesitate tocontact us :)
Noble Man (Choices Text Adventure) 2.0
Delight Games
A full-length, choice-based spy novel (text adventure RPG) whereYOUplay the characters! Play an ex-CIA agent who has gone roguetofight human trafficking. Make choices for a kidnap victim. Playaruthless killer for hire.Put yourself into the shoes ofthecharacters and watch the story unfold, but be careful whatchoicesyou make. Death is always near.49 chapters of grittyadventure andwhite-knuckled suspense. Over 100 achievements, fromthe silly tothe challenging and of course TONS of interestingchoices. And it'sall free. Sweet, sweet, freedom!Reading madeaddictive!
Is-it Love? Peter - Episode Vampire 1.2.166
1492 Studio
Is it Love? Peter - Vampire is an interactive game (choice game).Agame with vampires, Witches, and werewolves.Like in TV sitcoms,newepisodes (chapters) are regularly released. You can downloadthisinteractive love game (choice game) for free.In eachepisode,you'll have a lot of choices to take in order to make itYOURstory, YOUR romance!Story:"Having had supernatural facultiessinceyour childhood, you decided to leave everything to go getsomeanswers at the strange Mystery Spell University. You found ajoband accommodation at the Bartholy Manor. In exchange foryourservices, taking care of the younger sister, Lorie, you livewiththem. The city's inhabitants fear them terribly, the evilshadow oftheir father weighs in all consciences ... Many mysteriessurroundthe Bartholy brothers and you will quickly discover thatthe wholecity has things to hide. Many people at Mystery Spell havestrangesecrets ...However, only one inhabitant is always on yourmind andarouses your curiosity, and that is Peter, the mostmysterious andmost melancholic of the Bartholy brothers. Will youmanage to tamehim without putting yourself in danger? Will heconfide his darkestsecrets...?"Strong points:✓ Meet with Vampiresand Witches.✓ It'syour game: Your choices influence the story.✓ A100% free OtomeGame in English✓ A new visual adventure.An Otome isa visual noveltype game in which you are the heroine about to livetrue romance(love story) with possible twists (Love, seduction,betrayal,marriage...) depending on the choices you make(choicegame)Download this vampire game, if you :✓ Like love storiesorstories about Vampires and Witches✓ Watch romantic films✓ReadMangas with vampires or Witches✓ Want to live a loveStory✓Discover a new otome in EnglishFollow us onFacebook: you haveanyquestions or queries on this otome->http://support.1492.ioIs-it Love ? is free to download. Itispossible to purchase bonus points. To deactivate thepurchasesintegrated into this otome game, please go to your devicesettings.
Hey Love Adam: Texting Game 1.72
A MODERN LOVE STORY Discover a new kind of interactive story:chatwith your friends, help them solve their problems and buildyourown love story in this unique texting game! You choose yourstoryText your friends and choose how you interact with them!Eachmessage is a choice and people will react according to whatyousay. What will you choose: a lie or the truth? JealousyorPassivity? You work in a start-up and Adam, a colleague ofyours,has caught your eye. Together, you are going to a concert butitseems you are not the only one interested in him… Will youmanageto win his affection? Will you fall in love? Meanwhile,yourbest-friend is having troubles in her relationship and yoursisterhas started acting weirdly. Can you handle all the situationsandsolve all the mysteries? Hey Love Adam: an interactive story •Over1000 possible choices • 12 different endings • 33 chapters • Upto70 pictures to unlock • Plenty of characters • A uniquetextinggame Hey Love Adam is an interactive story that will suitall kindof tastes! Whether you are fond of texting games, romancegames, orjust looking for a game where you can choose your story,you willfind something that will appeal you in this uniqueexperience!Follow us on and discover exclusive news about the game!•Facebook: •Instagram: •Twitter: A question? Need Help?-> Supported languages:Français,English, Português brasileiro, Deutsch, Español Byinstalling thisapplication you agree to the terms of service andprivacy policy.Terms of service: policy: --- Emojimade by EmojiONE:
Conscientia: the Book of Eidos 2.21
CONSCIENTIA Eidos. An immortal traveler in a world that isunknownto her. Where will she go in her exploration? What is herpurpose?What will be her fate and the fate of all that sheencounters? Theanswers to these and more questions are influencedby your actions.Conscientia: the Book of Eidos is the first in aunique series ofinteractive novels. The world you explore is amulti-layeredexperience where political intrigue, personalnarratives, deephistory and mythical realms converge to create aninterwovenreality. This world will respond to your choices but italso has alife of its own. Engage with the world in whatever wayyou choose,but beware the dangers that each step will bring. Gainfriends ormake enemies. Resolve conflicts or wage wars. Explore thepast ordeny the truth. Walk a path of serenity or of madness. Allpathslead to compelling ends. And all ends lead to newbeginnings.***Features*** Eidos the Many - Six personalityaffinities withtheir own reactions and options. Discover yoursthrough the choicesyou make. The Denizens of the Realm - Nearly 100characters eachwith their own identity that respond to yourpersonality andactions in unique ways. A Labyrinthine World - Visittownships,traverse the wilderness, explore ruins and discover otherrealmsbeyond the physical. Achieve Mastery - Learn Glyphs thatconferpowers and open new paths of experience. Naturally Adept -Eachability is employed and every action is done intuitively withnotutorials required. Shattered Mirror of Fate - Solve problemswitha variety of solutions and experience innumerableuniquenarratives. Gain Transcendence - Unlock new possibilitieswithmultiple playthroughs as each save file interacts with theothers.The First Arc of a Saga - Interwoven storylines that leadinto newbooks and upcoming content. A Dying and Rising Being -Eidos isbeyond death and time. Subsequent incarnations will notbegin emptyhanded. IMPORTANT NOTES: 1.) We now have a subredditfordiscussions/questions about the games! ConscientiaSubreddit( 2.) If you wish tosupportthe project, you can also consider purchasing the OSTConscientiaOST( ransom is ridiculous. If you write: "1 star unless youdo X,then it's totally worth 5 stars!" then you're pissing in myear andtrying to tell me that it's raining. If you truly like it,then senda polite request for a feature to be implemented; stateyour case;and we'll discuss. Do not make demands because this is aFREE appand I owe you nothing. Clear examples of useful feedbackare a2-star review we had detailing numerous buggy encountersatdifferent locations throughout the game; a 4-star review thatagainmentioned bugs specifically; and a 5-star review that lookedatmusic, writing and other factors holistically. The reviewdoesn'thave to be positive, but at least make it useful, people.4.)crashes = our fault, completely your inability to progress duetoyour choices = your fault
Chrono Watch Face
Chrono Watch Face for Wear OS! !! NOT FOR SAMSUNG GEAR S2 NORGEARS3 !! (running Tizen OS) You can find the GEAR S2/S3 version intheSamsung Galaxy Apps Store. Search "THEMA" or Goto ★ Features of Chrono Watch Face -Choosedesign colors - Choose background among 13 differentstyles(titanium, digital, metal, wood...) - Define a secondarytimezonefor digital display - Day & Month - Watch battery -Mobilebattery - Weather - Daily step count - Heartbeat frequency -UnreadSMS - Unread Email from Gmail - Missed calls - Presets-Complication (wear 2.0) ★ Interactivity of watch face - Ontouch,you can now change its displayed data among the 8 dataavailable. -On touch, you can now access to a detailed data screenfor all dataavailable. - Added "shortcuts" dials (translate, maps,timer,etc...) - Activate interactivity in settings. ★ Settings ThewholeSETTINGS of the watch face are located in the "Wear OS" app ofyourmobile. Just hit the gear icon over the watch face preview andthesettings screen will show up! - Choose design colors on watch&mobile - Choose background among 13 different styles(titanium,digital, metal, wood...) - Define a secondary timezonefor digitaldisplay - Change the indicator to display on the 3positions -Change the shortcut to execute on the 4 positions -Choose betweenup to 8 indicators + Complication (wear 2.0) - Switchbetween éco /simple b&w / full ambient mode - Define heartbeatfrequencyrefresh rate - Define weather refresh rate - Weather unit- 12 / 24hours mode - Define interactive mode duration - Choose toswitchbetween small/big cards - Choose the ambient mode b&w andecoluminosity - Choose between 2 weather providers (Yr&OpenWeatherMap) - Choose to display a leading zero on hours-Choose to to display the interactive areas - Presets manager!!Youcan now: + Save your preset with all its options(colors,backgrounds, data, features. EVERYTHING is saved!) + Load /deleteone of your previously saved preset + Share / Import presets★Installation This watch face will be installed automaticallyfromyour phone paired. If it doesn't show up please go to the WearOSApp > Settings and Resync all apps. Once installed, youcanselect the Chrono Watch Face from the Wear OS App. Or long taponthe current watch face screen: watch face selector screenwillopen. ★ More watch faces Visit my watch faces collection forWearOS on the Play Store at ** If you haveanyissues or questions, fill free to contact me by email (EnglishorFrench language) before giving a bad rating. Thanks! /!\ Yourwatchshould be up to date, with Lolipop (Android 5.0) /!\Website: