Top 49 Apps Similar to OCTA - Fast and TwitchyBrox inc.Arcade

PEN Studio
TACHYON is a rapid, cool and very hardcore dodge game.Racefasterthan light and challenge the world records!Made byAhnDonghun, YoonTaegeonMusic by256 Works, Sirplus
Hyper Flex 1.1.1
Change gravity, dodge obstacles and reach 1000 meters on eachlevelto reveal The Mystery! You have to know what's hiding behindthosequestion marks, right? I'm sorry, Terry.
The Firm 1.2.6
THE FIRM is a twitchy fast-paced ARCADE video game where you workasa trader inside a big corporation. React fast, stay focused, andyoumight become the new chairman of The Firm! But be careful,becausetoo many mistakes will get you immediately FIRED!The Firmis NOT aTrading Simulation.▽ Features:- Colorblind mode- 2D pixelartgraphics- Short sessions (ideal for quick plays)- SeveralMusic& Bonuses to unlock- Night, Day and Seasons themes-Competewith your friends through leaderboards- Fully translatedinto 7languages - Hopefulendingoption---------------------------------For fresh news aboutourgames follow us on:▽Newsletter: comments or suggestions? Wewould love to hear from you! Reachus at​[email protected]
Osmos Demo
Check out our new game on Kickstarter,Karmaka!“Named as Game of the Year for a reason, Osmos is a fantasticgame.A combination of physics, survival and classic eat em up”—WeDoCodeEnter the Darwinian world of a galactic mote. To survive,absorbsmaller organisms and grow—but beware of larger predators!Winnerof multiple "Game of the Year" awards, Osmos featuresuniquephysics-based play, stellar graphics, and a hypnoticsoundtrack ofambient electronica. Ready to evolve?“The ultimate ambient experience” — Gizmodo“Beyond doubt, a work of genius” — GameAndPlayer.netNote: This single version is optimized for both tablets andphones.Enjoy on all your Android devices. (Requires multitouch and2.2 orhigher. For more info, pleasevisit CRUX:you must grow by absorbing smaller motes, but to propel yourselfyoumust eject matter behind you, causing you to shrink. Fromthisdelicate balance, Osmos leads the player throughfloatingplaygrounds, competitive petri dishes, deep solar systems,andmore.“Whether you're a child at heart who likes mucking aboutwithsingle-cell organisms, or a strategist with a physics degree,thisgame will appeal to everyone.” — player reviewAWARDS / recognition:* Editor's Choice — Google, Wired, Macworld, IGN, GameTunnel,andmore...* "iPad Game of the Year" and Apple Design Award winner* #1 Top mobile Game — IGN* Game of the Year — Create Digital Music* Best in Show — IndieCade* Vision Award + 4 IGF nominations — IndependentGamesFestival* Coolest Atmosphere — IGN* Best Soundtrack — IGN* Most Innovative Game — Best App Ever Awards, Pocket Gamer* Many top lists including Kotaku, PAX, TouchArcade,iLounge,APPera, IFC, and more...FEATURES:* New: Multiplayer! (Full version only.)* 72 levels spanning 8 distinct worlds: Ambient, Antimatter,Solar,Sentient, Repulsor, Impasse, Warped Chaos, and Epicycles.(Demoversion includes the first 8 levels, so only a limitedsampling ofthese.)* Award-winning electronic soundtrack by Loscil, Gas, HighSkies,Biosphere, Julien Neto, and more.* Seamlesss multitouch controls: swipe to warp time, tap anywheretoeject mass, pinch to zoom…* Endless replay value: play random versions of any level inArcademode. (Full version only.)* Time-warping: slow down the flow of time to outmaneuveragileopponents; speed it up to raise the challenge.* Earn 14 single-player and 18 multiplayer achievements, withGooglePlay Services integration. (Full version only.)★ NEW MULTIPLAYER ★ (Full version only.)* Play against your friends and enemies, locally (via wi-fi),orover the Internet via Google Play Services (wi-fi only)!* 6 distinct Arenas: Ambient, Impasse, Solar, WarpedChaos,Epicycles, and introducing… Antimatter Impasse.***Please note that local multiplayer between iPhone/iPadandAndroid is not yet supported.Reviews:4/4 ★, Must Have - “We are more than overwhelmed by Osmos foriPad…The game design is thoughtful and intuitive, new levelstructuresare flawless, and the visuals are stunning yetsimplistic… You justwon’t find another experience quite like it.” —Slide To Play“a beautiful, absorbing experience." — IGN5/5 stars ★, Macworld Editor’s Choice - “One of the best gameswe’veplayed so far this year. An utterly serene, yetfiendishlycomplicated game...”“Osmos is a must-play...” -MTV Multiplayer5/5 stars - “Osmos is an absolute must that will change the wayyouthink of games, and what you expect from them.” -AppAdvice“Brilliantly clever” -Co DesignHappy Osmoting! :)
Hex FRVR - Drag the Block in the Hexagonal Puzzle 3.7.0
Merge bricks and destroy full lines on the hexagonal boardbydragging and dropping hexa blocks in the blanks and getamazingcombo bonuses. Relax and play this block match game forfree.Simply drag the hexagon tiles and try to fill all the cells ofthegrid. The best puzzle game for brain teasers and jigsawlovers!🔶🔷Download Hex FRVR and play now for free!🔶🔷 This is not aregularboard puzzle where you just have to align blocks row afterrow.This is HEX FRVR, a new concept of puzzle! A hexagonal boardwhereyou’ll match the pieces in 3 directions! Too easy foryou?...Relax, the purpose of this hexic block puzzle is fun!There’s nolives mode, no levels, play unlimited! It’s just you andyourpuzzle solving skill. Defy your brain in this easy tounderstandyet fun to master logic game. This unique hexagon puzzleboard is alogical challenge for even the advanced jigsaw fan. Don’tworryabout making color matches, just fill all the grids withthehexagonal tiles and try to fit each piece in the correctblank.Explode thousand of jewel bricks in this brain teaser puzzlewith atwist. Play in a 10x10 hexa board, or try a bigger hex gridfor areal challenge! The gameplay is easy: just pick up a piece,drag itto the panel and drop it to combine other bricks and try toget aline! Try to complete as many lines as you can in onesinglemovement to achieve the high score and coins to get specialthemesand colors for the bricks and the grid. Keep your brainactive andsharped, analyze all the possibilities and choose wiselythe hexablock to increase your victory options. Merge the hexagonpieces inany of the primary three directions and complete as manylines ofthe grid as you can. Move blocks to fill up the cells andgetpoints for each line you complete! Drag the blocks and place itinthe blank, aiming to fit all the hexagon bricks to create linesandcolumns. 🔶🔷🔶🔷🔶🔷🔶🔷 Forget about the classic jewel block gameswhereyou have to wait for the blocks to drop and try to blast asinglehorizontal line of gems. Play HEX now and get that extratwist youneed in board games. Possibilities of fun have beenmultiplied bysix. Just drag and use the blocks you want, anytime,in this hexajigsaw every jewel piece is different, every move is achallengeand it’s up to you to merge the right line! They areunlimitedcombinations for solving this jewel puzzle, your onlyrival is thelogic! Because you’re playing in a hexagonal panel, youcan mergelines of block in three directions so you can makeincrediblecombos! Save the right cube, fit it and unleash a chainof blockblasting combination. The more lines you merge, the biggerthenumber of coins you can get. Unblock +10 styles for yourhexaboard! From neon jewel style to a classic wooden blockpuzzleboard! Playable in airplane mode, without data connection. No4G orWi-Fi required. It’s the perfect block matching game for ashortperiod of refreshing brain training on the bus, at school orin theoffice. Easy to play hexa game for all ages and all kind oftabletsand phones. It runs smoothly both on high-grade smartphonesandlow-performing devices. Hex FRVR is a low storage game, youdon’tneed more than 35 mb to play! This free tetra puzzle gameonlyfocuses on giving you a truly fun experience in a low mb gameforfree. It’s an easy to play hexagon block matching gamewithincredibly addictive and simple controls, so both young andadultscan have fun. Play online or offline, since you don’t needaninternet connection to merge hexa cells. And relax, you can playasmuch as you want, there’s no time limit! It’s just you andyourbrain! 🔶🔷Simple Block Puzzle Game! Combine Blocks to Fill-IntheBlank!🔶🔷 Do you like it? We have a lot of free games foryou! https://hex.frvr.com
Avoidcone 2.0.2
The simple action game, that is hard like how Flappy Bird hard.(butstill far more easier than Super Hexagon... :p)The gameplay isverysimple, just tap left and right to move the non-stoppable cartoavoid "The holy traffic cones". Since they're holy!, verypowerful!,touching them only a little means dead, and the gamewill over.Thisgame looks like an easy, for-children game, but tryit! It is alittle hard, but still challenging.Features:- 4different encourage(?) music!- Compete with friends inleaderboards (using GoogleAccount)- 14 achievements to collect-Just a little, not annoyingadvertisementHint:Listening the musicand find the beat will madeyour adventure easier.Remarks:This gameis firstly built to catch upwith the "Holy Cone" trend -- the newsymbolic in Thailand'spolitical problems. That's why we have toavoid the cones, and whythe original stage's music is the PDRC'stheme song.
• “...A must try game for fast paced reaction game lovers.”-iDroidStation• “The best twitchy evasion game I've playedsinceSuper Hexagon.” - IndieGameEnthusiast• “...One ofthoseinfuriatingly brilliant games like Super Hexagon and Pivvot.”-Pocket Gamer • “...It's kind of like if you crossed SuperHexagonwith the Death Star run from the first Star Wars and add inasplash of Tron.” - TheSixthAxis• “...It's techno beat andvisualswill likely arrive as a delight to most.” - 148Apps•TouchArcadeGame of the Week Nominee (December 19th 2013)*****BEATDRIFT is apure action game that will test your reflexes and honeyour skills.Feel the beat. Drift with the music. Push the limitstosurvive.Features:• Addictive, short-burst gameplay (60 secondsorless). • Smooth and simple finely tuned controls.•Trance-likemusic and visuals. • Feeling of progress and skillimprovement.•Increasingly challenging gameplay.• Multipledifficulty levels.•Procedurally generated levels.• Universalsupport.• No in-apppurchases.• Online leaderboards.*****CONNECTwith us:• Facebook:• Twitter:@BEATDRIFT• Website:http://beatdrift.comDEVELOPED by:•LunarPixelGames:• DigitalUzu:
Super Hexagon 1.0.8
Terry Cavanagh
Super Hexagon is a minimal action game by Terry Cavanagh, withmusicby Chipzel.REVIEWS:-----------------"A masterpiece ofdesignpurity." - EDGE, 9/10"This is the kind of game you’re goingto passoff to your friends and say, 'You’ve gotta check this out.'It’sdangerously addictive." - IGN, 9/10"Knows exactly what type ofgameit wants to be and executes on it spectacularly.Mercilessdifficulty meets brilliant design." - Gamezebo, 5/5
Poly Crack: Super Hexagon Puzzles 1.0.7
Climb through the colorful and exciting levels in PolyCrack!GAMERULES• Tap at the right time• Connect the lines• CRACKTHEPOLYS!FEATURES• Exciting and amazing music!• Beautiful design•Funand FRESH ARCADE ACTION!• Simple tap controls withuniquechallenges!• UNLIMITED LEVELS FOR UNLIMITED FUN!• PlayOFFLINE nointernet access required!• Amazing STACK mode to see howhigh youcan stack!CLASSIC ARCADE ACTION• Classic arcade game withmoderntwists!• New challenging levels that keep it fresh!•CompletelyFREE TO PLAY!ACHIEVEMENTS & LEADERBOARDS• Challengethe worldand show your dominance!• Fun and exciting achievements!•Challengeyour friends!CHALLENGE YOUR FRIENDS• Connect with Facebooktochallenge your friends anywhere!• Prove to your friends thatyouare the best hex master!• Find your friends or enemies ontheleaderboards and show them who’s boss!Download POLYCRACKtoday!Dash your way to the top of the leaderboards, pushyourskills in this nearly impossible world that will make youneverwant to stop! Blast your way to success, and slice youropponentsdown!Tired of those match 3 games? Poly Crack FREE TO PLAYand issomething refreshing and intense that will keep you on yourtoes.Challenge yourself to the super hard late-game levels andrelaxwith the early-game simple levels. Power yourself up with hexhotstreaks that will have you on the edge of your seat. Dashyourselfto the top of the leaderboards!! Poly Crack is artfullydesignedfor both children and adults.Poly Crack is a game that youcan playon a plane or you can play on a train. It's a game that canbeplayed in a few seconds or for a few hours. You can fidget withthegame until your fingers fall off! This game will be your topgame,please send an email if you would like features to beadded!Thegoal is to finish the spinning polygon while racking up ahighscore! But it's not always that easy, your mind can play tricksonyou! This classic arcade game has infinite levels andendlessamounts of fun and satisfaction. Be the talk of your friendsandget the highest score possible! Crack those super hexagons!Whatareyou waiting for?? It’s time to dive into the endless arcadegamethat is Poly Crack! Enjoy the super brilliant atmosphere ofPollyCrack that will have you testing your reflexes at every turn.Isthat not enough for you? Well we added more than that, youcancollect achievements, connect with your Facebook friends, andputtogether these super awesome hexagons! Trust me, you’re goingtohave a blast playing! If you don’t have a blast, please send meanemail at [email protected]!Enjoy the minimal art styleandsimple game mechanics. Show that you are super powerful bycrackingthe colorful hexagons! Tap at the right times to show thatyou arethe best at cracking! Slither your way to the top oftheleaderboards and prove to your friends that you are the best!
GYRO 2.1.3
"This arcade game is one of a kind with its amazing concept. It isaminimalist, retro game that mixes casual gameplay withgorgeousgraphics and intuitive controls. Although GYRO may beconsideredsomehow simple, it doesn’t take away its greatness." -4.5/5"Definitely download it. It’s fun, simple toplay,highly addictive and free! If you like your games casual,welldesigned and addictive, this is absolutely the game for you." -5/5-"They must be drinking some special vodkabecausethey’ve given the world a stonking good bit of fun.Bizarrelyaddictive!" - 4/5 -"It shines foritssimplicity which adds to the beauty of this game, not only isitvery addictive and fun, but it also looks great. It’s one ofthosegames that you don’t want to uninstall because you keep comingbackto it, even if it is for a quick round." - 4.5/5★★ ★ ★ ★GYRO is a wonderfully simple yet fiendishlyaddictive arcadepuzzle game like none you’ve ever seen before; agame of pure oldschool arcade beauty that serves up that ‘just onemore go’ factorin spades.Use one finger to rotate themulti-coloured wheel 360degrees whilst making sure that thecoloured balls flying onto thescreen land in the matching part ofthe wheel. Sounds easy? Throwin more balls and increasingly fasterspeed over time and GYRObecomes a fast-paced game of skill andnerves, urging you tocollect power-ups, rack up massive scores andlast as long as youcan whilst your skills are tested to theabsolute max!KeyFeatures:- Beautifully simple controls and design-Incrediblyaddictive arcade gameplay- Gazillions of points tocollect- Arcade,Time Attack, Hardcore and Challenges game modes-Unlockable colorsets and 8-bit sound set- Online LeaderboardsandAchievementsBecome our fanonFacebook:* * * **Permission'READ PHONE STATE AND IDENTITY' - Quote from Swarmwebsite: AllowsSwarm to prevent fraud and create a secureenvironment (nopersonally identifiable information is used). Isannounced to beremoved in the next version of Swarm.
• “...A must try game for fast paced reaction game lovers.”-iDroidStation• “The best twitchy evasion game I've playedsinceSuper Hexagon.” - IndieGameEnthusiast• “...One ofthoseinfuriatingly brilliant games like Super Hexagon and Pivvot.”-Pocket Gamer • “...It's kind of like if you crossed SuperHexagonwith the Death Star run from the first Star Wars and add inasplash of Tron.” - TheSixthAxis• “...It's techno beat andvisualswill likely arrive as a delight to most.” - 148Apps•TouchArcadeGame of the Week Nominee (December 19th 2013)*****BEATDRIFT is apure action game that will test your reflexes and honeyour skills.Feel the beat. Drift with the music. Push the limitstosurvive.Features:• Addictive, short-burst gameplay (60 secondsorless). • Smooth and simple finely tuned controls.•Trance-likemusic and visuals. • Feeling of progress and skillimprovement.•Increasingly challenging gameplay.• Multipledifficulty levels.•Procedurally generated levels.• Universalsupport.• No in-apppurchases.• Online leaderboards.*****CONNECTwith us:• Facebook:• Twitter:@BEATDRIFT• Website:http://beatdrift.comDEVELOPED by:•LunarPixelGames:• DigitalUzu:
Knightmare Tower 1.5.4
Break through ceilings, rescue princesses and escape boiling lavaasyou slash your way to the top of the Knightmare Tower!•"KnightmareTower hooked me for over an hour, and I had to forcemyself to stopplaying" -• "There are triple-A, $60games that pale incomparison to the enjoyment we got fromKnightmare Tower"• "Easy to play and bizarrelyaddictive"• "One of the few games that would beequally at home onthe App Store or Xbox Live Arcade" and Survival modes- 10princesses to rescue, all daughtersof the same King (yeah, eventhat last one)- Tons of upgrades,including visually changingarmors, swords and boots- 1 epic bossbattle- 70 quests tocomplete- 50+ different monsters to slice up- 3legendary monstersthat can be summoned with special horns- Giantbombs that blowapart every monsters around you- Potions that makeyou superstrong- Rideable rockets- Soundtrack by HyperDuckSoundworks(Scrolls, Dust: An Elysian Tail)- More infoon
Wave Wave Legacy 1.0.6
Brought to Android by Noodlecake Studios, Wave Wave is asavagearcade game developed by Thomas Janson, with music byDanimalCannon and Zef.Shift up and down to avoid the gauntletoftriangles."The brutally hard ‘Wave Wave’ is twitch gaming atitsbest."- The Verge "The game's unique visuals andenergeticsoundtrack reward your persistence with graphicalsplendour andauditory excellence."- Pocket Gamer "Wave Wave joinsthe hallowedranks of those games that are just so incrediblydifficult that youcan't help but play them."- Cnet Australia "Thegame throws rocksin your cereal with screen-altering diversions –like skew androtate. But none of that ever stopped me from trying,over and overagain, until I forgot where I was and how long I’vebeen[playing]."- Touch ArcadeHectic. Extreme. Addictive.Racing.Tumultuous.Blitzing. Electric. Anaerobic.Treacherous.Fearless gameplay.Fall into 'the zone' where your brainswitches off.Overcomemind-to-finger-to-screen latency.An incredible8 track album,'Parallel Processing'.5 modes of play, 6difficulties, 25 levels,split screen versus.This game will testyou.Looks great ontablets!CAUTION: Can cause nausea and viewingdiscomfort. If youexperience these while playing other games thenWave Wave may bedifficult to play. There is an option in the"settings" page toturn off certain visual effects if the game ishard to watch.
ALONE... 1.0.9
Laser Dog
ALONE is a handcrafted, intense survival journey throughspace.Navigate caves, rip through rocky debris, dodge rocks andcometsand test your endurance as you pursue ever higher scores inthisultra fast, procedural runner. Ultra fast and intensegameplaySplitsecond twitch sensitive analogue controlHours ofaction filledgameplay across three unlockable difficulty levelsTwoawesome bonusmodesSpectacular sound trackIntegrated Google PlayServices friendscoresNo In App PurchasesBased around a one nightgame jam, ALONEwas lovingly created over a short 8 month period byLaser Dog’s RobAllison and Simon Renshaw. Curious players maydiscover theoriginal game jam prototype for themselves as an easteregg, hiddenaway in the main game.ALONE is a universal game app,compatiblewith most mid level or above Android phones and Tablets
Super Arc Light 1.0
All 4 Games
“This is Twitch gaming at its finest on a mobile device” –TheGuardian“To show off the gaming power of your new devices,oneexcellent option is Super Arc Light.” – The New YorkTimes“Eversince release, it's become my go-to game.” – TouchArcadeAre youready for pure relentless survival? The best arcadeshooter onmobile is bigger and better than ever! Super Arc Light isaminimalistic, arcade radial shooter where you must defend yourbaseto the death against waves of challenging enemies.Super ArcLightfeatures a unique one button control system, deliveringafast-paced, retro shoot-em-up gameplay experience that willleaveyou on the edge of your seat! Survive for as long as youcan,taking down tough enemies with speed and accuracy for theultimatehigh score! With numerous weapons to unlock, each withtheir ownspectacular visual effect – light up the skies as youdestroy yourfoes in an epic display of space warfare. Super ArcLight is beingdeveloped by Glasgow based No Code Studios; a team ofaccomplished,BAFTA award-winning developers, who've worked on highprofile AAAgames titles such as Alien: Isolation. They’ve combinedtheir AAAgames development experience and innovative game design tocreateoriginal and exciting new games for mobile. Hold on tight andgetready for pure relentless survival in Super Arc Light!KeyFeatures- Fast paced, retro shoot-em-up gameplay- Wavesofchallenging enemies to overcome- Many deadly weapons tounlock-Spectacular visual effects- Global leaderboardsConnect withAll 4Games to deliver apersonalised, responsive service and to improvethe game, weremember and store information about how you use it.Theinformation is completely anonymous and will never includeanypersonal details. It is used only by All 4 Games or thetrustedpartners we work with. If you wish, you can switch offouranalytics software within the “Options” screen of the game.Thegame contains promotions for All 4 Games' other productsandservices as well as some promotions of third party productsandservices. By downloading this application, you agree to ourtermsof use (, privacy policyandcookies policy.
Polaritron 0.1
Polaritron is a fast-paced, touch-based arcade game which playslikethe love child of Super Hexagon and Ikaruga, with a touchofBit.Trip Runner! Change the polarity of your central core toshieldyourself from a storm of relentless bullets in a desperateraceagainst time; immersed in colorful visuals and aprocedurallygenerated soundtrack. Simply touch the screen to changethepolarity of the core: the rest is up to your reflexes!YourfirstPolari-trips will be merely a taste of what true madnessfeelslike! Unlock the full game for:• 6 Additional game modes thatwillmake you wish you had more eyes, fingers and neuron synapsesthatyou actually have!• Extra, unlockable color palettes &soundpacks for your epileptic pleasure!• Global online leaderboardstodemolish your self-esteem!Try Polaritron on your browserstraightaway on yourpolarity on!
Play now and challenge your reflexes! You’re going for asupersonicflight in the world of endless barriers! One of the mostdynamicmobile games is now available for free!Feel the beat! Pushthelimits!****“Expect to get addicted to the thing. You’vebeenwarned.” - Rockpapershotgun “...mind blowing visuals, and aspiffyelectronic soundtrack…” - Supergamedroid****UBERFASTGAMEPLAYSpeedup every 15 seconds! Escape from barriers if yourreaction speed isup to par! 7 ENDLESS LEVELSNew features on eachlevel! Unlock nextlevel after 30 seconds of flight. CATCHYMUSICEnjoy fast-pacedendless fly accompanied with best beats ofelectronicmusic.COMPETITION LEADERBOARDSBeat your friends andcompete withplayers all over the world in leaderboards on everysinglelevel.****FOLLOW PINKAPPONTWITTER: LIKE PINKAPPONFACEBOOK:
unwind 1.5.4
Free arcade game - a high speed action twitch, inspired bygameslike Super Hexagon, Boson X, and Wave Wave. Lots of brightcolours,try to keep the square in the dark area by rotating thepatterns asthey unwind from the centre.Starts slow, quicklybecomingfrustrating and addictive. Great chiptune soundtrackcourtesy ofSuper Prism - theright halfof the screen to turn clockwise, left half of the screento turnanti-clockwise.
Don't Look Back 1.13
Don't Look Back is a short game I made in 2009.This is acompletelyfree game, not "free to play"; there are no in-apppurchases or anyof that nonsense.
Super Polygon 1.5
Super Polygon is a twitchy hypnotic musical maze. It ramps upthedifficulty gradually and adds Octagon mode, new patterns,visualthemes & effects and original sound tracks.Super Polygonis arhythm based game that looks deceptively simple but is hardtomaster. Lose yourself in the minimalist action mechanic beatingtothe music. Your reflexes and patience will be tested. You willgettrapped in complex polygon patterns, repeatedly die andgetfrustrated. But you will rejoice when you figure out thepatternsand how to navigate the treacherous polygon world. So getready foraddictive gameplay with Flat, Dragon, Spikes, Bat themesand Day,Night, Dusk effects.Check out the tutorial mode and thenproveyourself in Super Square, Pentagon, Hexagon and Octagon modeto putyour best score on the onlineleaderboard. 0.0.35
“Karim and Jana” is an app designed for children aged 3-6 tosupportthe development of mathematical skills, as well as somelinguisticand socio-emotional skills. The app allows setting up ofcustomizedavatars for each sibling, where each child can progressin the gameon his/her own pace. Parental involvement while usingthe app isimportant; given parents’ essential role in shaping achild’spersonality, way of thinking and learning. We recommendthatchildren do not spend more than half an hour a day playing“Karimand Jana”; as international evidence recommends children intheearly years should not be exposed to any electronic screens formorethan an hour per day. Outlined below are the developmentalandeducational objectives of the different sections offered intheapp:Numbers: This section aims to teach children the numbersfrom 1to 20. Teaching numbers includes different skills; such ascountingskills, recognising numbers and understanding therelationshipbetween a number and its quantity. Using flashcards andgames, thissection helps children acquire age-appropriate numeracyskills. Thegame increases in difficulty as the childprogresses.Shapes: Thissection aims to teach children basic 2D and3D shapes. Childrenlearn shapes when they are able to recognise andidentify some ofthe shapes’ properties. Using flashcards and games,this sectionhelps children acquire age-appropriate skills;including but notlimited to, tracing and building with shapes. Thelevel of the gameincreases in difficulty as the childprogresses.Stories: Thissection aims to develop children’smathematical skills, in additionto their listening andcomprehension skills. The stories can aidchildren in developing alove for reading, problem-solving,concentration and may alsotrigger their imagination. Each storyincludes an interactivesection where children can engage andfollow instructions.Songs:This section aims to enhance knowledgeabout numbers and shapes inan interactive and child-friendly way.Children love music andmovement; therefore, connectingmathematical concepts through musicwill encourage children to lovemathematics, and better understandits concepts.Adventure:Thissection takes children on a journeyacross Jordan; and is designedin an interactive way based onlearning through interactive playprinciples. Children move from onegovernorate to another, whileplaying 4 main thematic games. Thesegames are focused on puzzles,classification, colour coding andpatterns.
Skillz - Logic Brain Games 4.8.3
App Holdings
Want to test your memory skills or give your brain an exercise?Trythis fun memory game to improve your memory, speed, getbetteraccuracy, distinguish between colors and much more. This is afunlogical game that gives a good test to your brain. With thisbraingame, you can help kids learn to distinguish betweendifferentcolors and improve their skills. Kids sharpen their mindswhilehaving fun playing this game. This logical game is designedfor allage groups as it is a skill test game. Also, you can testyourreflexes. There are some fun game puzzles in the game ofdifferentkinds. You score points and advance levels. Very fun andaddictivegame that you will completely enjoy.*********************** APPHIGHLIGHTS *********************** Toadd to playing a logical gameand training your brain, you also havea lot of fun with the game.It is packed with different kind oftests that improve your skillsand abilities. Here is how – ✓Improveyour memory ✓Train yourreflexes ✓Increase your accuracy ✓Prove yourtouch ability✓Increase your speed ✓Learn color coordination Eachlevel testsyour skills and abilities to their peak. After eachlevel, yourresults are ranked between 1 and 5 Stars and you will berewardedwith a number of Brains. For every Star earned you will berewardedwith one Brain. Using a brain, you can retry from thecurrentround, pass a round or pass a level with 5 stars. Everylevel isdesigned to help you improve your skills, memory to sharpenyourmind with this addictive game. So, are you ready to take up abrainchallenge now? Download this free app – “Skillz Logical BrainGame”now to get started. The logical game is introducing aMultiplayerfeature. Here is how it goes – - Play with your friendsor withrandom players - Start a game with minimum 2 players. Maxlimit is4. - If you finish the game in Multiplayer mode on the 1stplace,you earn a "Win" and 5 Brains. If you finish the game but onthe2nd place, you earn just 3 Brains and no "Win" - YourMultiplayerRanking depends on the "Wins" - Play in Multiplayer modeand unlockAchievements You will love the feature, so start sharingwith yourfriends.
Preschool games for little kids 2.63
15 educational games for early development of kids. Ourtoddlergames will help your baby develop such skills as visualperception,fine motor, logic, coordination, attentiveness andmemory. Thegames will be entertaining for both girls and boys ofpre-k,kindergarten and preschool ages. Dress-up game: Put correctclotheson elephant and lizard. Pattern game: Match cars by colortodevelop visual perception. Logic game: Put bears, goats andfishinto correct places. Shapes game: Sort items while sleddingandimprove coordination. Color game: Put sea creatures, jungleanimalsand fruits into correct spots basing on their color. 123game:Count and learn numbers 1, 2 and 3 in a colorful toddleractivity.Puzzle game: Kids should sort objects into thecorrespondingsilhouettes. Building game: Build the space scene andenjoy greatanimations and sounds. Size game: Set up houses forpenguins anddress them up in a colorful game for kids. Sortinggame: Findcorrect vegetables and put them into a basket. Preschoolgames forlittle kids are great for pre-k, kindergarten andpreschoolchildren who want to learn by playing. Ages: 2, 3, 4 or 5years oldpre-k, kindergarten and preschool children. You will neverfindannoying ads inside our app. We are always glad to receiveyourfeedback and suggestions.
FUNNY FOOD 2! Educational Games for Kids Toddlers!
Educational games for kids Kindergarten learning free apps&Fine motor skills games became fun! A world of 15 learningkidsgames! Learning games for toddlers age 3 5 with smart babyshapesaddress various topics such as: geometric shapes, colors,logic,sizes, etc!🤗🎓 Welcome to the world of 15 various childrengames inFunny Food 2! 🍒 Funny Food 2: 🍐🍏 PUZZLES - sort out thejumbledfunny foods (Fun learning games for kids 5 years free);🍕ANGLES,PARTS & WHOLES - cook and slice pizza and then feedcutecharacters;🛒 FIND & TAP - sort foods into theirappropriateplastic bags (Children’s games for 3 to 5 yrs old, thatdevelopsattention);🤔 HIDE & SEEK - find the rascals and countthem(Games for children free that develop attention; learn tocountfrom 1 to 5);🍋🚿 SHAPES - water the magical garden, growvegetables,then harvest and count them;🚁SIZES - sort food by sizeand loadthem to the helicopter (Introduces a concept of sorting bysize forsmart kids free);🍐🤓 LOGIC - find a pattern and arrangefoodscorrectly in the tractor's trailer (Kindergarten games freefor 5year old, that introduces to a concept of consistencyandcontinuity);🚛 SORTING - sort all foods from the conveyor beltintodifferent pickup trucks (develop attention and logicalthinking);🍒MATCHING - find all the matching pairs (matching gamesfree forkids, attention);🍉🍴 UNITS & PARTS - slice the foods bytracingthe lines and cook various dishes (Memory matching games forkidsfree);👠👒👓 CREATIVITY - dress foods in fancy clothing (2 yearoldgames free boys develop creativity and imagination);🍋 LEARNSHAPESAND COLORS - prepare cookies that differ in color andshape(Introduces to sizes);🍏🐼 COUNTING from 1 to 5 - feed animalswiththe right amount of food (A kind of puzzle games for kids 5yearsfree that help learn counting and think through math);⚖️COMPARISON- use the scale to weigh the right amount of food;🍓🚰COLORS FORTODDLERS - kindergarten games free for 5 year old: washfruits andvegetables under the shower and sort them by color.💥FEATURES: 💥🍒15 baby learning games for kindergarten and above inEnglish;🍏 Funsound effects and amazing graphics, free games fortoddlers;🍇Amusing characters with lots of animation andinteraction;🍊 Simpleinterface like in learning games forkindergarten;🍓 Basic skills inlearning kids games for children 3 4yrs free: logic, attention andthinking for kids to think throughmath;🍐 Parental control;🤓Exploresmart kids games: think throughmath, fine motor skills games!Totally kindergarten learning freeapps! Keep your child busy witheducational games for kids!🌟AboutMAGE:🌟😍These educational apps fortoddlers have been created byMAGE, who develops interactivechildren learning games for toddlersage 3 to 6.🤗 With oureducational games child will learn thealphabet, letters, numbersand phonics. Our games for preschoolerscomply with the standardsof “Designed For Family”.
Hexagon Dungeon 1.2.15
Bleor Games
* Simple but enjoyable puzzles! - If you connect more than 3hexagonmonster blocks, the blocks are combined and level up -Combine 7level monster blocks to clear 1 block together. - Thehigher thescore, the more gold you can earn at the end of thegame! - Takeadvantage of 4 skills to get through thedifficulties.* Anincreasingly advanced dungeon affects the puzzlegame! - Fill theempty dungeons with various traps and structures!- Every time youbuild a building, various effects are added to thepuzzle game.* Petto fight against intruders! - Get various monsterpets and defeatthe invaders. - The higher your score, the strongeryour hero can beas a pet. - Various additional effects can beobtained from the pet.- Even an invader can make it with a pet!■■■Preview updates onFacebook! ■■■
Baby Panda Fingerprints
Educational games that invite physical interaction play animportantpart in developing and advancing motor skills,particularly fortoddlers and kindergarteners. Moreover,educational games thatencourage creative expression, push kids tothink outside the normand consider atypical methods ofexplanation. Fingerprints helpskindergartners develop all theseprevious skills while they play.Fun features: - Cool animationsand effects - Tap anywhere forsurprises - Take your own pictures!Colorful, fun, cute andinteractive, this game is perfect fortoddlers! Join the fun andlearn with us through differentscenarios full of pandas, birds,balloons, and more! Take picturesof your own creations and sharethem with your friends! -- -- --★Design concepts★ We focus oninspirational learning We focus onskill-building We focus onbringing fun contents to our youngaudience Take the baby bus for anunique learning experience! -- ---- ★Tips★ In the search bar, enter"BabyBus" to find all of ourproducts. -- -- -- ★Contact us★ E-mail:[email protected] Website:http://www.babybus.comFacebook:
Terry Cavanagh
From the creator of Super Hexagon - VVVVVV, the hit 2010indieplatformer, now available on android!Winner of Indiecade's2010award for Most Fun/Compelling Game."One of the bestplatformersI've ever played." - Anthony Burch, Destructoid10/10"This game isincredible." - Michael Rose,"Thevery bestvideogames in existence leave you with a whole mess ofmemoriesthat are so varied and entertaining that you can leafthrough themlike a photo album. VVVVVV is one of those games." -Quintin Smith,Rock Paper Shotgun
Mosaic puzzles 3.0
Mosaic puzzle is a splendid break for children, as itimprovesvisual memory, logic, wit and imagination. Making upuniquecompositions develops concentration, diligence and attention.Thisamazing game helps develop visual perception skills and handeyecoordination. Each board features an image made of colorfuldots.The aim of the game is to copy the image by selecting thecolorfuldots from the palette placed on the left to the blank dotsat thecenter. This game is one of a series of educational games forkidsby EDUJOY. We believe that learning, playing, exploringandexperimenting is what children do best. Children can nowenjoycolorful, exciting new games, helping them acquire newcognitiveand fine motor skills. It is easy, yet fascinating andhelps todevelop accuracy, memory, fantasy and creativity inchildren. Youcan choose from more than 100 different images.
Kids Learning Game | Fun Learn 2.7
Gone are the days, when the Preschool and Kindergarten kids aremadeto learn math and hone other skills with classroom teachingusingpen and paper. Welcome to the new generation where mobileapps like-Kids Fun Learning Game have transformed the mathlearning fromclassroom to the home. Kids Fun Learning Game is oneof theoutstanding game that helps parents to make their toddlerslearnbasic math like- number tracing, counting, number comparisonandmore in a fun and boost up their brain IQ at home. Theamazinggraphics, beautiful colors, fantastic animation, andexcellentbackground music make the gameplay intriguing and thekidsinquisitive to learn. Take a look at the mesmerizing features:-Sequence making: Sequence creation game to help childrenidentifythe repetitions and missing number- Number tracing:Tracking thenumbers with alphabets to quickly learn about thenumbers- Find themissing: Game to find the missing number toincrease the memorypower- Counting: Empower counting skills withobjects counting inthe pyramid- Numbers matching: Enhance numbersmatching andcounting skills with dice figure- Number comparison:Greater orlesser number comparison with sea saw pictures- Pairmaking: Dragthe correct number below the stickers hanging on thetree for pairmaking - Incremental levels: Different levels are setto start fromeasy to difficult one- Follow standards: Perfectlysynced withkindergarten math curriculumWow! So many games in onegame. It’s acomplete package for Toddlers that lets them learnnumbers byplaying with numbers and help in Brain IQ Development.Excited todownload the game? Install the cool Kids Learning braingame now.
Baby Wooden Blocks Puzzle 5.5
Try out this fun educational learning app with your children.Yourbaby will recognize different shapes and will enjoy playingwithcolorful pieces. This is the classic children's puzzle so itisquite educational for preschool and kindergarten kids. Thisgamewill help your baby develop thinking, tactile and finemotorskills. Notice how they learn animals, transportationmeans,professions and fruits while playing. Babies and toddlers canhavefun playing for a long time. Some of the blocks your baby willplaywith: Animals: Rabbit, mouse, cow, fish, frog monkey, pig,goat,sheep… Objects: Submarine, piano, car, plane, guitar, drum,rocket,train… Fruits: Pineapple, lemon, apple, strawberry,coconut…People: Chef, astronaut, aviator… and much more… *Suitableforright brain exercise, the graphics activate the rightbrain.Improve the brain´s observation skills, cognitiveability,concentration, memory, creativity and imagination. *Improvetheresponse speed and the coordination of the brain and thebody.Exercise visual ability to observe the dynamic objects.*Simple andconvenient, easy to operate. Suitable for children, theelderly,their families and friends to play together. * Easynavigationbetween puzzles * Easily manageable puzzle pieces * Highqualityappealing graphics * Soft and stimulating sounds It is aneasy gamefor toddlers as it does not have menus or unnecessaryoptions thatcan confuse kids. It is about placing the shape thatappears at thebottom of the screen on the space provided for it.Once the pieceand the shape are matched, the child will see ananimation ofreward that will serve as motivation to continueplaying. Drag anddrop the blocks. It doesn’t matter if your baby islearningenglish, arabic, chinese, french, german, japanese,spanish,portuguese… Our game has not text!!!!! Sounds will guidethechildren during the game so that you can easily understand iftheyare performing the task well or need help. If you haveanysuggestions please contact us. We will be glad to receiveyourideas :)
Toddler Kids puzzle - Animals 2.6.0
Our baby favorite, the best educational FREE puzzle game thatwillentertain and teach for hours. It will help your toddler learnhisfirst words and alphabets while working on the development offinemotor and tactile skills - all this through matchingdifferentshapes. Animations, interaction & high-qualitygraphics withthe addition of educational elements ranging fromanimal names,animal sounds & real-life animal pictures, funfacts &videos are what makes this game unique andhard-to-resist. Learningcan be a lot of fun!A must-have puzzle forlittle children wholoves playing in Water and on the Sea Beach.Learn who livesunderwater, match the broken shapes and watch thecute animals cometo life. This free kindergarten game is great foryour baby toddleror preschooler and is appropriate for autisticchildren too. Havinghours of fun will lead to development of finemotor skills, as wellas improvement of speech and pronunciationwhile learning firstwords and lots of animal names, sounds &fun facts. Gameplay& Features:- 37 hand-drawn animals from theFarm & Sea toplay with.- creative game play where each animalpuzzle piece isbroken very intuitively.- theme specific ambientmusic and cutesounds in the entire game to make it more interestingfor youryoung ones.- tons of animations & maximized interactionwithall objects & puzzles for lots of giggles andlaughs.-applause, cheer and balloons on successfully completingeach animalpuzzle.- animals come to life and play the animal nameand audiosounds.- select the image icon to see real animalpictures, thevideo icon to see the animal in motion and read theunique facts ofeach animal which are presented with the images.- 27differentlanguages and pronunciations - English, Arabic, Chinese,Danish,Dutch, Filipino, Finnish, French, German, Greek, Hindi,Indonesian,Italian, Japanese, Korean, Macedonian, Malay, Norwegian,Polish,Portuguese, Russian, Serbian, Spanish, Thai, Turkish,Ukrainian andVietnamese.Privacy Disclosure: As parents ourselves,iAbuzz takeschildren's wellness and privacy very seriously. Ourapp:• Does notcontain sharing links to social networks• Does notcollect personaldataFeedback Please:If you have any feedback andsuggestions on howwe could further improve the design andinteraction of our apps andgames, please visit our website or leave us amessage at [email protected] Wewould be glad to hear from you as weare committed to update all ofour apps and games on a regularbasis with new features and alsowant to get some ideas for futureapp development.
Bank Cashier Manager – Kids Game 1.7
It’s your first day on the new job! You have been hired asbankcashier to manage the cash register and transaction includingcash.Improve your time management skills with bank cashier andmanager.A cash register is not easy to handle but requireslearning. Anopportunity for you to learn and apply what it is liketo be in abank cashier role. Being a bank manager and cashier it’syour dutyto handle a rush of customers in this time management gameforkids. Management skills with basic mathematical skillswithmanaging bank. Cashier and cash register help you to learn theartof cash management and gain mathematical skills too. Enjoytheamazing bank cashier and manager kids game while you learntohandle a real bank cash register. It’s never easy to play theroleof a bank manager and cashier. You begin with understandingthecash register and handle customers waiting to gettheirtransactions done. Stamp their receipts and provide them thecashor return remaining if needed. This is the time you learn tohandlereal cash register. Act skillfully and be a smart bankcashier& manager. Customers are your clients so don’t let themgetangry. Managing bank is not an easy task, store cashier andbankcash registers are all involved with cash problems. Be asmartcashier, a bank manager and make your clients happy every timetheystep into the bank. The role of cashier at a bank is not aneasyjob to handle. Kids learn how to handle cash as theypreviouslyhandled at grocery store, high school café andsupermarket cashiergames. Bank cashier manager is an educationfilled game where fastpaced time management skills will be tested.All speedy and funwith cashier management. Become a pro in cashiergames andsupermarket cash register handling. Serve customers withgreat careand don’t let them get anger or this will be your lastday at bank.Customers are rushing in with utility bill payments,cash payment,credit card payment and cash deposit. Customerinformation needs tobe handled including name, account number andtheir currentbalance. Educational games help you to learn andimprove yourlearning skills. Features:• Cash Deposits, Bill Paymentand CreditCard Payments• Learn time management skills as a BankCashierManager• Increase your customer’s patience with HappyGreetings•Become the best Cashier at the Bank for Kids• Superbgraphics,soothing sound effects & amazing Cashier Story
Ice Crush - Hex Match 3 Game 1.0.10
Dream Club
Ice Crush is a very addictive puzzle game. Match 3 ice gemsandsolve puzzles, so we can move forward in this frozenworld!Different challenges make this game so addictive!Woops!Annoyingtrees and snow block our road! Wow, there are so manytreasures! Becareful! There are bombs! Hey, how about trying thisfrozen magicportal? Don’t forget that Dodo ( a white, fury andsweet polarbear) wants to play with you too! Let’s have a Dodotime! Ice Crushfeatures: -- Cute and sweet polar bear Dodo--Colorful and shininggraphics with splendid ice collision effects --Hundreds of levelsof frozen adventure with Dodo! And it keepsupdating! -- AbsolutelyFREE to play on any device! -- Easy and funto play, challenging tomaster -- Daily reward and magic boosterhelp you to play further!Download it today and have fun with Dodothe polar bear!
Kindergarten Fun 4.6
Arkay Apps
Kindergarten Fun is a fun educational game for preschool kids.Thisapp has been developed to improve Visual Spatial Skills,ProblemSolving Skills, Cognitive Skills and confidence throughactivitiessuch as identifying pictures, words, letters of thealphabet,colours, animals, vehicle names and much more.Kindergarten Funuses colourful designs, pictures and sounds to makeit fun andinteractive. On this app, kids can play matching gamesinvolvingcolours, shapes, animals etc. and with touch and trace,it's simpleand easy to use!Learning Features: • Match a picture andits coloure.g. Tomato -> Red• Identify shapes from pictures•Join relativepairs e.g. Socks -> Shoes• Match an animal to itsoffspring e.g.Dog -> Puppy• Complete pairs of missing numbers•Match capitalletters to lowercase letters e.g. A -> a• Match anumber to itsword e.g. 4 -> Four• Calculate simple addition sumsand matchthe answer• Match an animal to its product e.g. Cow ->Gives usmilk• Match a pair of maths formulas like additionandsubtraction.• Match analogue clock time to digital clocktime.•Make a new word from two pictures e.g. Basket + Ball->Basketball.• Fill in the blank e.g. _AG -> BAG• Match apair ofopposite words e.g. Hot -> Cold (or another example youhave)•Match rhyming words e.g. Bug -> Mug• Match animals totheirhabitats e.g. Fish -> Sea• Match the first letter of a wordtoan image of the word e.g. M -> Monkey• Match an animal totheirfood e.g. Monkey -> Banana• Match an animal to their homee.g.Dog -> KennelApp Features: • Listen to the words after apairhas been completed• Interactive designs and sounds to makeplayingfun!• Rewards achievements the more times you play• Receivea‘Thumbs Up’ after a lesson has been completed• Really helpfulforlearning maths, the number system, the alphabet, words,shapesetc.The levels on the app start easy and get more challengingeachtime. For example, after successfully identifying simple pairslikeshapes and colours, the app will then move onto matching uppercaseletters to lower case letters, finding missing numbers andletters,addition and much more. We are sure that kids will love andenjoyplaying this app!
Polywarp 1.11
Polywarp is a minimal game about rhythm and geometry. Matchthepolygon shapes before they reach the center of the screentosurvive. Collect color schemes to transform the game intoapsychedelic kaleidoscope as you progress through several stagesofincreasing difficulty. Headphones recommended.IMPORTANTHEALTHWARNING: This game contains high-contrast rapidflashingimages.Features:- 5 difficult stages that will put yourrhythm andgeometry recognition to the test- Over 70 collectablecolor schemesto turn the game into a psychedelic kaleidoscope- Lushsoundtrackfeaturing downtempo, breakbeat and glitch electronica-Completelyfree to play
Super Circles 1.7.1
DMH Gaming
Super Hexagon developed by Terry Cavanagh is one of themostfascinating game I've ever played. I would recommend all of youtopurchase this game, it worth every penny you spend. Only thatthegame is difficult and there's no training mode. If you intendedtopurchase "Super Hexagon", consider this as a trial version oratraining for it.With the same concept, all you have to do ismovingthe triangle clock wise or counter clock wise to avoid thearclines crashing in to the center by touching right or left sideofthe screen. If you can hold on for more than 45 second, youwillunlock the next speed.Warning: this game concept is notrecommendedfor people with motion sickness.
Educational games for kids 6.2
Best educational app for children of all ages. 12 games inone:-Learn professions and match the relations.- Learn to recognizemorethan 100 animals including their sounds.- Solve mazes ofincreasingdifficulties.- Guess the sound of musical instruments.-Solvepuzzles with fun images and stimulating music.- Learn to drawin 4steps! like a personal art teacher, it will teach you how todrawdozens of different objects and create amazing pictures.-Childrencan choose their options by themselves - multiple levelsofdifficulty, increasing the complexity and fighting against time.-stimulates the intellect, overcoming challengesanddifficulties.Also by playing this game you can acquirethefollowing skills:- Improve children's skills inmemory,concentration and development of knowledge.- The game isadapted tobe handled easily.- Is specifically designed as aneducational toolfor interface of preschoolers and up. ・Suitable forright brainexercise, the graphics right brain activation. Improvetheobservation of the brain, cognitive ability, concentration,memory,creativity and imagination. ・Improve the response speed andthecoordination of the brain and the body. Exercise visual abilitytoobserve the dynamic objects. ・Simple and convenient, easytooperate. Suitable for children, the elderly, their familiesandfriends to play together. Very convenient touse. ・Improvechildren's memory capacity, and ability toconcentrate. Thedevelopment of children's cognitive skills, andimprove the levelof education. ・It can also be used as the besteducational tools tohelp children. Help training and observation ofthe child's brain,cognitive, concentration, memory, creativity andimagination toimprove. Reaction speed and coordination of the brainand hand.Exercise visual ability to observe the dynamicobjects.•self-teaching (educational)• the app includes lots ofdrawings suchas: cartoon characters, animals, cars, toys, planes,flowers, andmuch more!• each drawing is divided into 4 steps whichare easy tofollow.• starting from a few lines, you’ll end up with acompletepicture.• You can create your own drawing and draw right onthescreen.• parents can use it to give drawing lessons totheirkids.Play and have fun learning numbers indifferentlanguages.Children can have fun playing for a long time.-Keepchildren entertained with fun sound effects- The game isadapted tobe handled easily.- It's specifically designed as aneducationaltool interface for preschoolers and up.
High School Book Store Cashier - Kids Game 1.5
Hey kids! Its time to get back to school but first let usenjoyshopping inside high school book store. A perfect storecashier andmanager kids game to improve their educational and timemanagementskills. Before going back to school learn some real storecashierskills and happily serve customers in book store cashregister gamefor kids. This is an awesome book store cashier gamecombined withhigh school shopping fun for boys and girls. A perfecttimemanagement game for kids where they will learn to servecustomersat cash counter and handle cash register kids cashier app.Do somespeedy math and counting and get an unlimited girls shoppingfun asbook store cashier of high school where colorful highschoolsupplies are displayed on book shelves.High School BookStoreCashier- Kids Game is cashier app for kids as it will helpthem dosome speedy math and calculation in high school book store.Enjoyultimate supermarket cashier fun at handling cash registercounter,calculate items price, make customers happy and seeexciting girlsshopping for high school outfits, bags, lunch box,water bottle,color pencils, stationery, paints and much more. Timeto proveyourself as best high school girl shopping supermarketcashier ofbook shop in face paced time management game that willput yourstore cashier skills to test. HighSchool is opening soon soit’sgoing to be a busy day at book store for store cashiermanager.This amazing store manager kids game is a combination ofcashierapp with shopping fun where girl cashier is all set fordoing anamazing job at book store and serve customers.High SchoolBookStore Cashier- Kids Game has variety of school items forgirlsshopping fun. High School boys can equally enjoy shopping inthisbook store cashier app as there are amazing shopping items forthemas well. So boys and girls are you ready for real shoppingfunbefore going back to school. It’s a golden opportunity for kidstobecome supermarket cashier and manager in book store kids game.Addmultiple high school items into cart in this cashier app.Getfashion school outfits, bags, lunch box water bottle,stationery,colors and paints of your choice. As girl store cashieryou need tocalculate items price in speedy math calculation only inthe besteducational app for kids. Stand at cash register counter,greetyour high school girls and boys with smile, charge themforshopping and provide girl cashier manager services to the bestofyour skills. Features:• Astonishing levels to play as storecashier& manager!• Amazing high definition graphics!• Sellbags,books, uniform, bottles, stationery, paints & otheritems!•High engaging cash register cashier app simulation basedlevels!•Test of time management and cash register handlingskills!•Beautiful sounds & effects of best cashier app!•Servecustomers and make best cashier story!
One More Line 2.1
SMG Studio
ONE MORE LINE is a highly addictive, one button, space disco,skilltiming game!*** Over 8 million downloads worldwide*** Thanksforthesupport!----------------------------------------------------------------------------ScoreRegister:<10: You're not trying11-19: You can get that withouteventouching the screen20-25: My mum can get that score25-49: OKyou'reon the way50-99: Respect!100-199: Fist bump. You'regood200+: Whoa,nice work!400+ Best in theworld!!!----------------------------------------------------------------------------Whatpeopleare saying"The game's so fun. I got everyone on the sethooked onit. It's a very easy game to learn, very hard game tomaster"Burnie:Rooster Teeth (Podcast #302)"It's finger crack!"GameStitchPodcast"One More Line is viciousness without respite. Ahardcoregaming experience"PocketGamer"An addictive time-wasterperfect fordowntime at the office or the dailycommute""It's atwitchy arcade game that's something of ahybrid between thesteering mechanic of slingshot racer and thoserotating planetplatformer games that are so darnpopular.""SMG hasgot the formula precisely right.It's a fast, eye-catching gamethat's mechanically difficult, butthe controls are simple andintuitive, so you never feel cheated,only beaten by yourinability.""An addictive andchallenging yet deceptivelysimple arcade game"Jay is Games "OneMore Line is most entertainingsingle button game that I’veencountered.""Thecontrols are responsive andaccurate, and if you have a goodself-control, as well as apropensity for the psychedelic seventies,this could be the rightgame for you.8/10"IGNItalia----------------------------------------------------------------------------Originalmusicby Sydney composer Batterie: Listen / Buyhere:
City Bank Manager Cash Register: Cashier Games 1.4
Enjoy the first ever bank cashier manager cash register:cashiergames for boys & girls to operate ATM machine and moneyvault.City bank manager cashier game is fun way to teach kidstimemanagement skills in cash register cashier game. Work asbankmanager cashier - cash register game job and transactionincludingmoney bank cashier transactions. Improve your timemanagement gamesskill with kids bank cashier and floor manager inthis cashregister cashier games. Bank Cashier - cash register jobfor citybank manager is not easy to handle but requires cashiergameskills. Learn cashier game & mathematics to apply what itislike to be in a city bank of America as cashier manager role.Beinga bank cashier manager, start working as bank cashier manager&handle cash register game. Don’t make citizens wait or youwill beless paid in bank cashier- cash register game. Show yourbankcashier games skill with basic mathematical calculatorcashregister and use to manage in kids bank game of 2018. Bankcashierand cash register game help you to know the art of bankcashiermanagement games. Enjoy amazing bank cashier manager kidsgame& learn handling bank cash register game. Play the role ofbankcashier & bank manager kids in cash register game. KidsBankgame 2018 is like adults cash register so handle bank cashier,paybills and cash check in cashier game. Bank cashier managercashregister game is purely a kids educational managementcashiergames, so work as a bank cashier or cash register managertooperate ATM machine at bank of America.It’s never easy to playtherole of bank cashier manager in cash register game. It is afastpaced time management cashier game to test your cashregisterbanking games skill. Bank cashier for Kids can improvetheir bankcashier skills. Bank cashier manager is a time managementcashregister game, citizens are in queue, waiting to pay money andgettheir cashier work done. An experienced bank cashier game withcashregister knows how difficult to operate the real cashregistergames. Play as a bank cashier manager in kids bank, learnhow tooperate real cash register games. Moreover also learn howtosatisfy your cashier customers coming to cash register game.Inbank cashier manager cashier game, kids can learn how tohandlecash register in cashier game. Try the newest bank cashiermanagercash register game for kids to explore professionalenvironment ofa virtual cashier bank of America. Bank cashiermanager & cashregister game is an educational game for youngcashier boys &girls. City Bank Manager Cash Register: CashierGame Features:Bankcashier deposits, bill payment and credit cardpayments.Learn timemanagement games skills as a bank cashiermanager.Increase yourbank cashier customer’s patience with happygreetings.Superbgraphics, soothing sound effects in bank cashiergame.Modernpayment methods; credit card cashier and ATMmachine.First everbank cashier manager time managementgames.Download City BankManager Cash Register: Cashier Game andgive us your feedback, sowe can make more time management cashregister game and bankcashier game for you.
Super Gravitron 1.03
Super Gravitron is the minigame that originally appeared at theendof VVVVVV, now available as a free, standalone gameonandroid!Features music by Magnus "Souleye" Pålsson!
Fruits Memory Game for kids 2.5.1
* Fruits memory game for kids is the classic children's boardgame,which help improve memory skills of children.* Playing thisgamewith your kids will help them improve their recognitionwhilehaving fun.* Kids memory game contains very cute images offruits& vegetables as apple, orange, carrot etc., which are onmemorycards.* Kids memory game: fruits & vegetables is a gameforchildren of all ages, babies, preschoolers, school childrenandteens. Both, boys and girls will love this game.HOW TO PLAYMEMORYGAME FOR KIDS:Initially you will see all memory cards turnedfacedown. Tap on one of the card and remember the picture on it.Withthe next tap try to find and flip the card with the samepicture asprevious one. If the pictures on the both memory cardswill be thesame, they will stay opened and you can continue withthe nextpair. Otherwise both cards will flip back over and you willgetanother try. Try to find all matched cards as fastaspossible.FEATURES:- memory game for kids has 3 differentdifficulty(easy: 2x3; medium: 3x4; hard: 4x5)- memory game for kidsdevelopsrecognition, concentration and motor skills of kid- memorygame forkids has cute sounds for kids- memory game for kids hascolorful HDgraphic designed for toddlers- memory game for kids:fruits &vegetables contains beautiful images of fruits &vegetables-memory game for kids: fruits & vegetables providevisual memorytraining for boys & girls- memory game for kidshas highscore(paid feature)* Simple and intuitive interface whichis easy to useand easy to play, specially designed for children.*Kids memorygame: fruits & vegetables is also optimized fortablets(provide HD pictures).* This free children game will keepyour kidsquiet and entertained in car, in a restaurant oreverywhere.
Hyper Cell 1.6
Get ready for the ride of your life. Hyper Cell is aminimalistsurvival platformer. You wake up in a cell, you don’tremember whoyou are and how you got there. Survive this psychedelicmaze thatbeats to the rhythm of the music.The hardcore music tracksin thisaddictive 3d platformer will keep you hooked. You have notseenthrilling action like this before! BEWARE, this is not TempleRun,This game is only for the brave like Super Hexagon.Multipletypesof Laser beams, traps, canons, seeking missiles are going tobedifficult and challenging to evade but checkpoints will helpyoualong the way.Hyper Cell contains in-app-purchases but they arenotrequired to play/progress through the game. Please don't forgettorate it a 5-star.
Rage Quit Racer 1.9
Fun and addicting extreme speed 3D single player runner gameandmultiplayer racing game. Rage Quit Racer is a game of warwithgravity, with no way to slow down you have no choice buttocontinue ahead at extreme speeds. Propelled down lethaltransporttunnels you must avoid death at every turn, avoidasteroids, bombs,ships and other hazards, whilst collecting pointsand buildingshields. The only way to escape the tunnel is to reachthe end,there is no other escape but death.Bored and want some fun?Why notgive Rage Quit Racer a try and rage instead. Rage quit aloneorrage quit against friends and family via online multiplayergames!That's right with eyes twitching, shout, scream and anger allthosearound you when you discover that this game will smash you tobits!Have more need for speed? Then use nitro boost, but carefullyoryou're a bug on a wind shield. Earn bravery points and spendthemon new tunnels and the lucky shield buff.Featuresinclude:+Addictive twitch style game play+ Retro arcade look andfeel+Compete against other rage quitters world wide to get thebestscores and times+ Race friends and family in onlinemultiplayer+Collect bravery coins to spend on new tunnels and thelucky shieldspowerup+ Tilt or touch to steer+ Vertical racing+Earnachievements+ Colourful 3D game+ Awesome music+ 8 differenttunnelsto run and race+ Nitro boosters to give you the edge+ FreetoplayRage Quit Racer is a free game, jump on board, have funracingwith other players online in this awesome rage quit gameWhatotherplayers are saying"Great game... reminds of total Wipeout backinthe day.""SPEEEEEEEEEED! as addictive as Super Hexagon and justasmesmerising""It reminds me of Super Hexagon and the DeathStarscene in Star Wars. Very cool""This is a great addition tothetunnel racing genre, super smooth controls andveryaddictive!""Brilliant game, would definitely recommend givingit ago..."
Kids School - Games for Kids 96.9.0
Educational games are a great tool for building language skillsthattoday's elementary school curriculum requires.This gameteachimportant skills for preschool and elementary school kids.
Preschool Learning Games Kids 3.0.5
Try for FREE, full version -- 66% OFF Sale -- TODAY: April21-27,2015★★★★★ Preschool All-In-One learning games for kids AbbyBasicSkills - Parents’ Choice Award winner!★★★★★ APProved byFamigo.Famigo APProved program “recognizes developers whocreatedelightful, family-friendly apps that have passed through[a]rigorous review process with flying stars(literally)”( ★★★★★ “Completely kid oriented; nocomplicating menusto navigate, bright colors, fun characters, andprizes make thisapp extremely easy to use and engaging for youngchildren. Thevariety helps to keep my three-year-oldengrossed”(★★★★★ “Like most parents, I knowthatmultitasking is a must, not just an option. That’s why I lovekids’apps that touch on tons of educational topics and do it instyle.The new Abby – Basic Skills Preschool app is just such an app. . .Plainly, the tykes in my crew loved this app. Abby – BasicSkillsPreschool app is a homerun”( PreschoolAll-In-One learninggames: Letters, Counting, Puzzles, Sizes,Shadows, Matching,Colors, Shapes, Differences, Patterns and more --you are on theright address! ================================Abby's Basic Skillsapplication is a new application from a seriesdeveloped by a teamof educational experts from 22learn designed tobest prepare yourchildren for success in kindergarten curriculum.Its simplechild-friendly interface offers children an engaging wayto masteressential preschool skills in the total of 12 (!)DIFFERENTEXCITING EDUCATIONAL ACTIVITIES (ten educationalactivities + twocreative activities). We sincerely hope yourchildren will enjoythem all! The ENTHUSIASTIC MONKEY CHARACTER isgoing to guidechildren through the whole game. As a reward aftereach round,children receive the opportunity to become creativeartists andCHANGE THE DESIGN OF THE TRAIN, or obtain STICKERS TOSHOW OFF ONTHEIR BOARD! ================================Educational AreasCovered ================================ ➊ LETTERS(full versiononly)Tap on the word that starts with the letter thatwaspronounced! Great for teaching children to realize theconnectionof letters to words, understand the position of the firstletter,and practise matching the names of letters to theirsymbolicnotation! ➋ COUNTING (full version only)Count the toys!Hearing thecounting pronounced helps children to better rememberthe order ofthe numerals as well as get used to the countingprocedure. Way tolearn how to count! ➌ SIZES (full versiononly)Trains understandingof the comparative nature of concepts ofbig, small and the same! ➍PUZZLES (full version only)Fix the brokentoy! Enables yourchildren to train fine motor skills and improvetheir logicalthinking. ➎ SHADOWS Drag the object to its silhouette!➏ MATCHING(full version only)Match the toys! Serves to trainchildren'smemory and understanding of the concept of the sameness.➐ COLORS(full version only)Find the toy in a given color! Greatboth forchildren only beginning to learn and those who needadditionalpractice. ➑ SHAPES (full version only)Find the rightshape! Teacheschildren recognition of names of common shapes (suchas a square,rectangle, triangle and more). ➒ PATTERNS Giveschildren practicein the area of common patterns recognition. ➓ SAMEAND DIFFERENT(full version only)Tests the ability of comparingpictures andfinding differences. Select the different toy amongseveral othersor find the same toy as the displayedone.================================ We hope that your childrenwillenjoy the application the same way our little beta-testersdid.Thank you for your purchase!
Puzzle Kids - Animals Shapes and Jigsaw Puzzles 1.1.4
RV AppStudios
What’s the best way to build your child’s logic skills and helpthemrecognize shapes and patterns? By playing the colorfulandcompletely free educational app Puzzle Kids - Jigsaw PuzzlesPuzzleKids takes learning seriously with a selection of drag anddropobject puzzles designed especially for children. Eachmini-gamechallenges your child to locate and manipulate shapes,solve jigsawpuzzles, and recognize how shapes fit into a largerpicture, allwith a colorful and easy to use interface that’sperfect for tinyhands. Any toddler, kindergartener or preschoolercan have fun withPuzzle Kids, and they can even collect sticker andtoy rewards forcompleting the games! Parents love Puzzle Kids -Jigsaw Puzzles,too. The app has a number of settings and featuresso adults canmake the games easier or harder for their children tocomplete, orjust watch their progress as they get faster at solvingthe shaperiddles. Puzzle Kids is completely free from third partyads andin-app purchases. It‘s a free, full featured download that‘sreadyto entertain and educate your kids! Puzzle Kids - JigsawPuzzlesincludes the following games: 1. Shape Matching – Objectsappear onthe screen along with empty outlines just above. Childrencan dragthe objects onto the outlines to make matches and completethepuzzle. 2. Object Builder – A shape is shown above with a seriesofpieces scattered below. Kids must match individual shapes anddragthem to fit into the larger picture to reveal a fun image. 3.Guessthe Object – A mystery object has appeared! Help your childguessthe picture using as few clues as possible. Drag coloredshapes tothe outline for hints. 4. Jigsaw Puzzles – Arrange morecomplexshapes to complete a larger image. Several jigsaw optionsareavailable to parents to help customize the number of piecesanddifficulty of the puzzles. Features: - Challenge problemsolvingand logic skills with four unique mini-games - Colorfulinterfaceto help kids manipulate on-screen objects - Helpsimproveconcentration and cognitive skills - Earn stickers and toysasrewards - Completely free to download with no third party adsorin-app purchases! Puzzle Kids - Jigsaw Puzzles is designed forkidsand parents to have fun together. It‘s a clever andcolorfullearning experience the entire family will enjoy, and bestof all,it‘s free! Download now and see just how much your child canlearn.Note to parents: When creating Puzzle Kids - Jigsaw Puzzles,ourgoal was to make an app that‘s equal parts educationandentertainment. We‘re parents ourselves, and we know the valueofproviding a learning experience that‘s safe and engaging forourchildren. We also know how paywalls, third partyadvertisements,and in-app purchases can detract from the learningexperience. WithPuzzle Kids, we included all the features of a fullpaid app into akid and adult friendly package, leaving out allthings likemicrotransactions and intrusive ads. The end result isan app we‘reproud to share with our family, and we think you‘llenjoy it, too!- Best wishes from the parents at RV AppStudios
Mosaic Hex Puzzle 2: Hexagon Photo Match 2.6
Mosaic hex puzzle is a creative hexagon game which allows youtolearn as you play.Use the honeycomb tiles and hexagon boardtomatch the hex art. Creative mix of a photo puzzle & hexpuzzle!Mosaic Hex Puzzle 2 enhances mental skills and helps todevelopvisual perception skills, hand eye coordination and learntorecognize colors. Start your amazingly interesting hexpuzzlechallenge now! --- PHOTO PUZZLE WITH TWO TYPE OF HEXAGONBOARDSMosaic hex puzzle contains two type of boards. Each hexagontileboard consist 80+ patterns. The goal of this hexagon game istocopy the selected level reference image by selecting thecolorfulperler beads from the box and placed it on the right sideblankboard. It is easy and fun matching mosaic puzzle game. Photohexpuzzle in which you can relax and train your brain. DRAW,MATCH,SAVE IMAGES OR SHARE Each beautiful hexagon art you recreatecan beturned into pic. Also, now you can draw your own patternswith 6different size of grid and 2 different type of board. You canalsosave images to your device and share with your friends. Youcanredraw your save patterns from gallery and enjoy the hexagonmosaicgame. GORGEOUS GRAPHICS & ARTWORK Our patterns and thewholefeel of the game is undeniably-gorgeous. You’ll love everysecondwhile exploring our hexagon tile boards that are actuallyturnedinto digital artwork. Recreate these hex arts in a funmosaichexagon puzzle with stunning graphics, ultra-vivid colors,fun andupbeat music! Try it once and we are sure you’ll love everysecondof unleashing your creativity and logical thinking. Over1.7Million hexagon tile puzzle users can’t be wrong! WHY MOSAICHEXPUZZLE 2? ✅ match photo hex puzzle gameplay ✅ gorgeous hexboards,now with 160 patterns ✅ intuitive UI ✅ stunning artwork&graphics ✅ ability to save and share hex boards as images✅ultra-fun sound effects Your brain deserves relaxation andtrainingwith the best hexa puzzle photo match! Create amazinghexagonmosaics and be amazed from our hexagon boards. DownloadMosaic HexPuzzle 2: Hexagon Photo Match for FREE! ----- NOTE: We dorequireone new additional Permissions to function:1.READ_EXTERNAL_STORAGE & WRITE_EXTERNAL_STORAGEThesepermissions are needed to save and share patterns If you haveanyfeedback and suggestions on how to improve the design andgamesfeatures, please leave us a message at"[email protected]"Like us on FACEBOOK
QWOP 1.0.2
QWOP is the local sporting hero of a prosperous country inthescandinavian alps. Unfortunately, it is too cold there foranoutdoor track, and QWOP has come to the championshipswithoutcompleting his training!You can help QWOP achieve hissportingdreams! You just need to show him how to run.Control QWOP'slegsand arms by moving your thumbs around in the diamonds onthescreen. Move your thumbs in clockwise circles to make him run.MakeQWOP lean forward and back by tilting your device. And whateveryoudo, don't let QWOP's body touch the ground!Features: - Fivegamemodes: 100m, Hurdles, Long Jump, Steeplechase, and 50km Walk!-Hilarious physics engine.- Compete on Google GameServicesleaderboards!