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Teen Patti Gold - TPG
Enjoy Teen Patti Gold live with realplayersfrom around the world. Play with anyone, anytime, anywherein yourlanguage! You can play in English, Hindi, Marathi, Gujarati,andTelugu. All in the same game.More Free Chips:♥ Free to play: Download now and get 1,00,000chipsFREE!♥ High Daily Reward: Get upto 1 Lakh(1,00,000) freechipseveryday! More free bonuses than any other game.Cool Features:♦ Play online with your friends.♦ Play in your language Choose between English,Hindi,Gujarati, Marathi and Telugu.♦ Variations: Play 3rd Card Joker, Muflis, AK47, Hukam,Royalvariations. More variations are added regularly.♦ New interface is easier than ever: Teen Patti hasneverlooked this good . Stylish and immersive gameplay.♦ Chat and Gift: Fast chat and exciting gifts make thegamelots of fun with other players.♦ Private Room: Play with your friends at the privacy ofyourown table.♦ Works smoothly even on slow Internet connection. TeenPattiGold works on any data connection or Wifi. Yes! It worksgreat evenon 2G.♦ No Real Money is involved.Play Poker, Desi Style: Teen Patti Gold is an Indian versionofPoker played with 3 cards, and is also known as Flash or Flush.ATeen Patti table can have up to 5 players. Winning depends onyourcards and moves.Ranking of the cards from high to low are:1. Trail or Set (three of the same rank)2. Pure Sequence (straight flush or run)3. Sequence (straight or run)4. Colour (flush)5. Pair (two cards of the same rank)6. High CardThis game is intended for an adult audience and does not offerrealmoney gambling or an opportunity to win real money orprizes.Practice or success at social gaming does not imply futuresuccessat real money gambling.Reach UsTo report any issues with usage or just to share feedback andtellus how we can improve, write to [email protected]:
Teen Patti - Indian Poker
THE ORIGINAL TEEN PATTI SENSATION, LARGEST MULTIPLAYER CARD GAMEINTHE WORLD. MILLIONS PLAYING EVERYDAYOctro Teen Patti -IndianPokeris the original smash hit! TeenPatti is a three card gamesimilarto other casino games like Poker, Texas Holdem Poker, FlashorFlush, Three card brag.AMAZING FEATURES♠ Cricket Betting: Betliveon cricket matches and multiply your chips♠ Download Bonus:Getupto 3,00,000 FREE CHIPS on downloading Teen Patti♠ DailyBonus:Free chips everyday with Teen Patti DAILY BONUS♠ LeaderboardsandAchievements: Unlock new levels and achievements. Be on topofleaderboard.♠ Connect with friends: Invite, chat and playTeenpattiwith your friends from Facebook and other players♠ DualCurrency:Chips and Diamonds. Convert Diamonds to Chips anytime andnever runout of chips.♠ Themes: Various themes to match your mood♠MultipleLanguages: You can play Teen Patti in English, Hindi,Marathi orGujarati♠ Avatars: Choose from a wide variety of avatarsor importyour own picture from FacebookMULTIPLE GAME MODES♣ 321Tournament :Presenting new tournament mode. Place the best possiblecards inset of 3 cards, 2 cards and 1 card respectively. 321tournament isplayed between 5 players and 5 rounds are played. Thewin amount is5 times the stake.♣ PUBLIC TABLE : Play Classic 3Patti mode.Millions of REAL PLAYERS from around the world.♣VARIATIONS : Trymultiple variations. Revolving Joker, Lowest Joker,Joker, AK47,999, Muflis, 4X Boot, Banco, In-Out and many more teenpattivariations to come.♣ 6 PATTI : Skill card game of the year. Itis agame of strategy. 6 Patti is a tournament mode played between5players and 15 hands are played. The win amount is 5 timesthestake.♣ TEEN PATTI BATTLE : Select 3 best suited cards tospawnmystical characters and experience card war like neverbefore.Characters' fighting strength will be based on 3 Pattiranking ofhands. Trail releasing the strongest character and highcardreleasing the lowest strength character.♣ PRIVATE TABLE : PlayTeenPatti with your friends. Create your own private table andinviteyour friends to play on your private table. ♣ TOURNAMENT :Play Sit'n' Go or take part in high stakes tournament.Also tryotherexciting games by Octro - TeenPatti Live, Indian Rummy,Tambola:Indian Bingo, Yuddhbhoomi: The epic war land, Card Royale:TeenPatti Battle .Octro just simulates the game with virtualcurrency,and is not involved in any gambling.Contact UsKindly shareyourfeedback and tell us how we can improve. In case of any issueswiththe gameplay or app usage write to [email protected]
Teen Patti Superstar: Online 3 Patti Indian Poker 17.0
Yoozoo Global
Be a Tin Patti SUPERSTAR with Superstar Teen Patti’s all new“DealerMode”! With the dealer mode, you get to be the dealer andselect themode of the teenpatti game. If you select variation ofthe week,winner gets twice the pot. Superstar Teen Patti alsocomes with LIVECASINO where you play live tin patti with a realteen patti host whochat & interact with you throughout thegame. Superstar TeenPatti game, online 3patti Indian poker, isWorld’s #1 Live TeenPattigame app. Play ultimate ten Patti &be a 3 Patti, three cardpoker SUPERSTAR. Teen Patti game, 3 Patti,Indian Poker, or ThreeCard Poker is an ultimate teen patti flushcard game. It is alsoknown as teenpatti, 3patti, Indian teen pattigame, three cardspoker game, 3 cards poker, 3 pati, teen pattiflush, Flush, Flash,teen patti club, teen pati, तीन पत्ती, tp,three patti. It’s one ofthe most popular game of taash or taas.People usually misspell TeenPatti as teen pati, tin patti, tinpati, ten patti, teen patti teenpatti, ten pati, 3patti, 3pati,3card game, tinpatti, tenpatti, or3cards game. Get FREE CHIPS in 3card poker - Superstar Teen Pattionline three card poker game! -Initial Chips: Download 3 Patti& get upto 2,50,000 FREE CHIPS!- Daily Rewards: Get upto2,00,000 FREE BONUS CHIPS daily! - LuckyDraw: Win upto 10 CROREFREE CHIPS every day! - Weekly WinnerChips: Get upto 10 CRORE FREECHIPS every week! FEATURES: - Play 3patti live - Tables up to 7players - Private Table: Create privatetables & play tin pattiwith invited players only - Livein-game chat & exciting gifts -Beats slow internetconnections. Works FAST even on 2G! - TeenpattiVariations likeOpen Flash, Royal, Hukum, Bluff & many more -Mini Games likeMatka, Hi-Lo, Scratch Card & Lucky Draw TEENPATTI GAMEEXCLUSIVES! - Open Flash: Fastest Tin Patti variation -PrivateTable: Play Live teen patti online on a private table with7players - Play with Hukam/Joker: Use Joker to make a tenpattipair, sequence, color and trail - Blind Mode: No need tosay,"Please Play Blind". All player must play blind - Play OnTable:The only game that lets you play on your Favorite Table - NoLimitTable: Play on a teen patti table with No Limit. CHAAL as muchasyou can. No auto-show! No restriction! How to Win TeenPatti?InTeen Pati app or 3 Patti live casino game, players taketurnsbetting chips on who has the best 3 card hand. Each playerhasoption to bet without looking at their cards (BLIND) or betafterlooking (CHAAL). Player with the highest-ranking hand in 3cardpoker wins the total chips bet (POT). Ranking of Teen Pati,threecards poker live casino game, high to low: 1.Trail/Trio/Set/Threeof a Kind: 3 Cards of same rank 2. PureSequence/Pure Run/StraightFlush: 3 consecutive poker cards of samesuit 3. Sequence/NormalRun/Straight: 3 consecutive poker cards notall in same suit 4.Color/Flush: 3 cards of same suit that are notin sequence 5. Pair:2 cards of same rank 6. High Card: 3 cards thatdon’t belong to theabove types You can play Superstar Teen PattiTeen Patti, online 3patti - three card poker in English, Hindi,Marathi and Gujarati.Contact Us: Feedback & Support:[email protected]: In SuperStarTeenPatti, online ten patti casino game, chips/gold have no realcashvalue. 3 patti online app, STP don’t involve real gambling. Itiscompletely free. If you lose your chips, you can buy morechips.This online teen patti game is intended for adults &don’toffer real money/gold gambling or any opportunity to winrealmoney/gold/prizes. Any success in Superstar Teen Patti -OnlineCasino Game is not indicative of future success at realmoneygambling. Use of this live casino game is governed byArtoonSolutions Terms of Service. For information on how ArtoonSolutionsuses personal data, please read our privacypolicy
Teen Patti Raja HD 1.2.3
Teen Patti Raja is the most widely played and largestonlinemultiplayer teen patti Indian poker  casino game in theworld. Teenpatti, also known as 3 patti, 3/three card games, flushor flash,Indian poker games, is always pursued by casino games fansaroundthe world. Teen Patti Raja can be played in English, HindiandUrdu. Download now and play our teen patti gold game to wingoldand enjoy the most ultimate teen patti way of makingfortune!Ourteen patti gold rush is an Indian version of poker bragplayed with3 cards. Known as तीन पत्ती in Hindi, Teen Patti issimilar toother poker games like Texas Poker or British three cardbrag game.Come and join our Indian poker card game and be teenpattiking!Whether you are a beginner, or a pro, you’ll be pleasedwiththe game environment because we offer advanced matchmakingthatfinds you the right table, and we want you to enjoy the bestteenpatti Indian poker game, and Indian poker gold game. Pokergamesfans are fascinated by card poker games like teen patti (knownasIndian card game), blackjack (known as twenty-one/21points),British 3 card brag, gin rummy poker, Texas poker game, andIndianpoker gold game. Our teen patti, also known as flash orflush, isan Indian version of poker played with 3 cards. More thanthat, weoffer you with one-hand operation, large number of FREECHIPS ondownload and daily login, multiplayer live gameplay modewith muchmore social fun, an engaging teen patti game experiencewithcolorful graphics and nice sounds effect!Join us and testyourluck! Play Teen Patti Raja live, invite your friends toyourprivate tables or compete with millions of real players fromaroundthe world with this teen patti Indian poker game! Play thisteenpatti three card poker game to win gold!With the fungameplayintegrating Indian poker, gin rummy poker, Texas poker,Britishthree card brag, and Indian poker gold, our Teen Patti Rajaoffersgreat game experience like talking with hot GMs to kill yourtime,online multiplayer mode to beat other competitors. Just enjoyandhave fun!Key Features:♠One-hand operation: With auser-friendlyinterface design, our Teen Patti Raja offers you withone-handoperation. ♠Interactive with our hot GM: Login withWhatsAppaccount and talk with hot GM!♠Numerous FREE CHIPS on theway: Getlarge number of free chips on download and daily bonus.Start thisIndian poker three card game as a tycoon, play this teenpatti gameas a billionaire!♠Multiplayer online mode: Invite yourfriends toyour private tables or compete with millions of realplayers fromthe world!♠Play live and have fun: While playing our 3patti 3 cardIndian poker game, send roses or throw tomatoes toother players asyou like!♠Chat with simple way: Use fun emojis withjust aclick!♠Challenge leader board and achievements: Unlock newlevelsand complete achievements. Try to get on the top of theleaderboard! What’s More:♥Try lucky spin: Play the teen patti threecardIndian poker game! Get huge bonus and free chips fromdailyspin.♥High daily reward: Three chances a day to get 5000 chipsforfree.♥Compete against Banker: Try your luck and wit to winbanker’smoney! Be a banker yourself!♥Hunter arena: Compete with agroup ofplayers and win prizes!♥Classic mode: Enjoy original typeof gamingwith real players.♥Variations: Play 3rd Card Joker,Muflis, AK47,faceoff and teen patti Indian poker gold. Morevariations are addedregularly.Teen patti, 3 patti, Indian poker, orthree card pokergame is also known as तीन पत्ती, तीन पतती, इंडियनपोकर, केसिनो गेम,تین پتتی, تین پتتیانڈین پوکر/, کیسینو گیم in locallanguage.ContactUs: Contact us throughFacebook( Log into getfree chips and diamonds!
Global Teen Patti 0.26
Global teen patti is indian gambling type game. It use 52 carddeck.this game mostly played with 3-5 player.each player having 3cards.before card distribution bet amount will be decide andcollect fromall player and then card distribute.this is mostpopuler game andyou can also achieve real reward fromthat.Rules:1.Trio : all 3cards are same rank2. Stright run : cardin sequence with same color3. normal run : card in sequence but nomatter of color4. Color : 3cards from the same color cards5. Pair: 2 cards are same rank6.High card : card rank is higher thanother players card(Image ofabove)Additional Feature: there arealso new feature like shoe ,withthe help of that you can throughshoe on opponent player.there isalso nolimit table availabe whereyou can play game without limit ofpot.Variation:global teen pattialso provide different varition likehighjoker, low joker, AK47,Faceoff, Kalajaadu, Bajarangi, 999,muflish, 10Xboot.Bonus: You canget also daily bonus as well as 3hour bonus. in nolimit game 100game bonus also available.and onemore feature is Lucky Wheel, withthe help of that you can get extrathings like morechips,shoe,hammer depend on your luck.
Tubb Teen Patti - Indian Poker - TTP 2.8
TEEN PATTI IS THE MOST POPULAR Card GAME IN INDIA, MILLIONSPLAYINGEVERYDAY & Tubb Teen Patti is where they play. Whyshould youdownload this app? ♥ Play new Teen Patti Game Variationswith realplayers.  ♥ Lowest Data usage & batteryconsumption
 ♥Daily Bonus Free Chips : Get 25 Lakh Free Teen Pattichips ondownload
 ♥ Get 1 Million teenpatti chips as referral bonus♥Sidepunch (forced sideshow) ♥ New Chat options: Private chat&Group Chat ♥ Join a table quickly – zero wait time &alsoswitch tables between games
 ♥ Exclusive Emoticons: TubojisTubbGames brings you the best Teen Patti App. You can callitFlush,Teen Patti, Tin Patti, 3 Patti, Teen Pathi (in SouthIndia)or 3 Pati. What matters is that with this app you willexperience afaster, more exciting Teen Patti game! Tubb OnlineGames PrivateLimited brings you the best Teen Patti Game app.Better as comparedto other Tin Patti apps, the game play experienceof this app willbeat all other apps of 3 pati. Apart from this Tubboffersexclusive 3 Pati variations. Download the Teen Patti game now&join the Teen Patti Club. 3 Patti game, also called asIndianPoker, is easier to play now as Tubb offers it in your mostprivatespace -- your mobile phone. Your gaming area, however,isboundless. Involve anyone you like – from family and friendstomillions of Teenpatti lovers across the globe. This app’sbrilliantdesign interface engages you with its realistic dealer andtables.Come to the table anytime to find your daily bonus chips.Use your3 patti skills to win more chips using this daily bonus.
Tubbbrings you the best features that are available. So downloadtheTeen Patti Game now.

 Exciting?! But this 3patti new onlinegameinvolves no real money or an opportunity to win real moneyorprizes. Practice or success at social gaming does not implyfuturesuccess at real money gambling/3 patti game.

 How to play3Patti:
 The player with the highest card wins. Following istheranking for cards from high to low for tin patti.

 1. Trail orSet(three of same rank) 
2. Pure Sequence (straight flush or run)
3.Sequence (straight or normal run)
 4. Color (flush) 
5. Pair(twocards of same rank)
 6. High Card

 Tin Patticlassic: 

Limit (Play Now)
 Player with the highest hand winsthe game,once the pot limit is reached. No Limit 
Player with thehighesthand wins the game, here you have an opportunity to winunlimited 3Pati chips
 Tin Patti variations – Available only inthis game:

Dealer dolly
 In this version, the player would bedealt 2 cards,he needs to match with other 3 cards dealer places onthe table.Player with the highest 3 card rank wins the game.

Inthis 3 pati variation, all the players would be dealt 3cards.Three cards would be triplet hand ranking. Player withhighesttriplet wins the game.

 Super Blind
 All the players wouldbedealt three cards. Player can see only two cards. After the showisplaced, player with the highest hand ranking wins the game.
Note:Player can only see the blind folded card after the showisplaced.

 Feature available only in Tubb 3 pattigame: Sidepunch: This feature is a forced side show featurewhich can beavailed only once per game. All the users will be given4 sidepunchby default & 1 sidepunch as daily bonus Reach us:

To reportany issues with usage or just to share feedback and tellus how wecan improve, write to [email protected] 

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Callbreak Multiplayer
Callbreak Multiplayer brings classicandpopular card game with online multiplayer feature to theGooglePlay Store.Game RulesCallbreak is a trick-taking card game played with a standard52-carddeck between four players. There are 5 rounds in a game.Players'sitting direction and the first dealer are selected beforethe firstround begins. To randomize player's sitting direction andthe firstdealer, each player draws a card from the deck, and basedon theorder of the cards, their directions and first dealer arefixed.Dealers are changed successively in anti-clockwise directionin thefollowing rounds.DealIn each round, a dealer starting from their right, deals allthecards in anti-clockwise direction to all the playerswithoutrevealing any card, making 13 cards per each player.BiddingAll four players, starting from the player to dealer's right bidanumber of tricks that they must win in that round in order to getapositive score, otherwise they will get a negative score.PlayIn Callbreak, Spades are the trump cards.In each trick, player must follow the same suit; if unable,playermust play a trump card if eligible to win; if unable, playercanplay any card of their choice.Player must always try to win the trick, in other words (s)hemustplay higher cards possible.The first trick in a round is led by player to dealer's rightwithany card of any suit. Each player, in turn plays inanti-clockwisedirection. A trick containing a spade is won by thehighest spadeplayed; if no spade is played, the trick is won by thehighest cardof the same suit. The winner of each trick leads to thenexttrick.ScoringPlayer that takes at least as many tricks as her bid receivesascore equal to her bid. Additional tricks (Over Tricks) areworthan extra 0.1 times one point each. If unable to get the statedbid,score will be deducted equal to the stated bid. After 4 roundsarecompleted, scores are summed to help players set a goal fortheirfinal round. After the final round, winner and runner-ups ofthegame are declared.Features:- Intuitive drag interface to play a card- Bots with improved AI in single player mode- Multiplayer with random online players- Multiplayer with online facebook friendsComing soon:- Local/wifi/hotspot multiplayer- Score history, statistics- Leaderboard and achievements- Sounds and notificationsYour use of Callbreak Multiplayer is free of charge in exchangeforsafely using some of your device's resources (WiFi and verylimitedcellular data), and only when you are not using your device.Youmay turn this off from the settings menu. Please see our TOSforfurther information: try the web version name of the game:- Callbreak (in Nepal)- Lakdi, Lakadi (in India)
Indian Rummy (13 & 21 Cards) by Octro
Octro, Inc.
Indian Rummy by Octro has LIVE TABLESforRummy, and you play with REAL PLAYERS from all aroundtheworld.13 Cards Indian Rummy is played between 2 to 5 playersandeach player is dealt 13 cards. For 2, 3 or 4 players two52-carddecks (104 cards) and 4 jokers (wild cards) are used. For 5playersthree decks (156 cards) and 6 jokers are used.The object is to form Runs (or sequences) and Sets. And whenaplayer has formed required runs and sets using all 13 cards,theplayer declares his turn.Table Rules1) Minimum two runs (sequences) are required.2) One of these runs (sequences) must be pure (calledFirstLife).3) The second run can be pure or non pure (calledSecondLife).4) Either First Life or Second Life must have 4 or morecards.A valid declare must have minimum two runs and out of these runsonerun must be pure and one run (pure or impure) must have 4 ormorecards. On a valid declare the scores of the rest of theplayers arecounted.The requirement of first life and second life makes IndianRummyinteresting and challenging.Indian Rummy by Octro is multiplayer card game that you canplaywith your Facebook friends or real players anywhere in theworld.You can play in public room or in a private room where youcaninvite your friends and decide the bet per point. The mainfeaturesof Indian Rummy by Octro are -1. Play with real players anywhere in the world2. Create private rooms3. Easy and unique interface that uses a real play like movestopick a card, discard a card and declare your cards.Game Modes on the Indian Rummy Latest Version:* 13 Cards Point Rummy* 13 Cards Rummy Tournament* 13 Cards Deal Rummy* 13 Cards Pool Rummy* 13 Cards Private Rummy (Play With Friends)* 21 Cards Point Rummy21 Cards Rummy:21 Cards Rummy is played between 2 to 5 players with 3standarddecks of 53 cards each, which includes 1 Printed Joker perdeck. Atsome places this game mode also known as Marriagecardgame.The 21 Cards Rummy game rules is a little bit different from13Cards Indian Rummy rules.How to Win in 21 Cards RummyYou need to complete any of the following objectives andthendiscard one of your hand cards to the Finish Slot to declareyourgame. The 21 Card Rummy game rules for winning the gamearementioned below:» 3 Pure Sequences and the remaining cards arranged in setsorsequences» 3 Tunnela in separate groups. The rest of the cards need notbearranged in sets or sequences.» 8 Dublees in separate groups. The rest of the cards need notbearranged in sets or sequences.» 8 Jokers in a single group. The rest of the cards need notbearranged in sets or sequences.How to save points, if someone else declares:» Make minimum 3 Pure Sequences and arrange the rest in setsorsequences. You will lose points only for the cards that arenotarranged.» Make minimum 6 Dublees. You will lose points only for the restofthe cards.» If you have 6 Dublees AND 3 Pure Sequences, then you willlosepoints based on the option that causes you to losefewerpoints.Definitions:Tunnela: Three cards of same rank and same suit arecalledTunnela. Three printed jokers also form Tunnela. For example:9-9-9of same suits and J-J-J of same suits.However, two cards of same rank and same suit and a joker donotform Tunnela.Dublee: Two cards of same rank and same suit arecalledDublee. Two printed jokers also form Dublee. For example 4-4ofsame suits and 8-8 of same suits.Marriage: One Cut Joker (Titlu), one Lower Joker (Nichlu)andone Upper Joker (Paplu) of the same suit constituteamarriage.Points in 21 Cards Rummy:Drop: 30 Points, Mid Drop: 70 Points, Full Hand : 120 Points +ValueCards PointsFor detailed information about the 21 cards rummy rules,Pleasecheck here:
UTP - Ultimate Teen Patti (3 Patti) 36.2.5
Teen Patti is the most thrilling card game and Ultimate TeenPattiis the number one Teen Patti app for your Android device. UTPispowered by the makers of the biggest Indian rummysite,RummyCircle. It offers complete reliability and ton ofawesomefeatures. There are a few unique features that make UltimateTeenPatti the best Teen Patti game today. Betting Bigger,PlayingBigger Ultimate Teen Patti has one of the biggest user-baseswhenit comes to Teen Patti games. Once you download the app fromPlayStore, you can challenge any of the 5 million Teen Pattiplayersfrom across the globe. And, with a big bet, you can win bigthingsfrom these games. Start Playing Right Away You willreceive3,00,000 free chips when you install the UTP app on yourAndroid.So, you can simply start playing the variety of Teen Pattigamesjust after you have installed it. Also, you don’t have toworryabout not having enough chips. Ultimate Teen Patti will begivingyou free chips every 4 hours, so that you can keep playing.Also,this app is available in both Hindi and English. If youwanteverything seen in Hindi, you have an option. Real Games &RealPrizes You have two ways to play using Ultimate Teen Patti —withstrangers and friends. For playing Teen Patti with friends,youneed to create a private table. Otherwise, there are publictableswhere you can challenge more than 5 million users out there.Inaddition to the traditional Teen Patti games, UTP is offeringluckydraw-based real prizes. An Easy-to-Use App Ultimate Teen Pattiappfor Android is pretty intuitive. You can start using theappwithout any previous experience. It has easy navigation andletsyou choose the games according to your taste. It works fine in2Gand 3G connections, with the best gaming experience. Youdon’talways need a Wi-Fi to stay in the world of Teen Patti.DifferentTeen Patti Games to Check Out Ultimate Teen Patti offersmore thanone Teen Patti game to entertain you. Depending on yourtaste, youcan choose the right game. - In Classic Teen Patti game,you havelower BOOT tables. This is the stage where you can play asper yourcomfort. - In No-Limit Teen Patti, you have the completefreedom tochoose the BOOT and bet. You can go as higher as youwant. -Tournaments are a unique feature of Ultimate Teen Patti. Youcancompete with the best players of UTP community and win theawesomeprizes. - Variations are also offered by Ultimate TeenPatti. Theyinclude Hukum, Muflis, Lowest Joker, Higher Joker and10x boot.Ultimate Teen Patti Rules Teen Patti, also known as IndianPoker,is popular across the globe, especially in Asia. It works bymakingbets on card hands. There are two ways to bet chips on cardhands —BLIND and CHAAL. At the end of the game, the player withthehighest-ranking hand wins. He would also get all the chipsthathave been used for betting. The cards are ranked in thefollowingorder. - Trail/Trio/Three of a Kind — 3 cards of the samerank -Pure Sequence/Pure run/Straight Flush — 3 running cards thatbelongto same suit - Sequence/Normal Run/Straight — 3 running cardsthatdon’t belong to the same suit - Color/Flush — 3 cards thataren’trunning but belong to the same suit - Pair/Two of a Kind — 2cardsthat have the same rank - High Card — 3 Cards that don’tresemblethe above mentioned ones Record_Audio - This permissionhelps usserve better targeted ads using the Zapr SDK. The adrevenue helpsus make better games for you! You can opt-out at anytime, justvisit our privacy policy. So, Ultimate Teen Patti issurely thebest choice for playing the best Teen Patti games.Because it hasglobal user-base, your gameplay is going to beawesome.
Teen Patti Multiplayer 1.9
Teen Patti Multiplayer is available to play online with yourrealfriends and other Teen Patti players around the globe. You canplayTeen Patti Multiplayer anywhere anytime. Teen PattiMultiplayerwill give you 1,00,000 Chips as a starting bonus. - TeenPattiMultiplayer user will get 30,000 Chips as Daily Bonus.- TeenPattiMultiplayer provides 5,000 Chips on watching video Ad.CoolGameFeatures:- Play online with your friends- Play withTeenPatti Multiplayer online users- User Friendly GraphicalUserInterface- Fast Chat feature- Smoothly works on 2G, 3G andWiFiconnections- Great betting fun with no real money involved-In-appPurchasesTeen Patti Multiplayer Gaming Modes:- Joker -Muflis-Hukam- Private Table: To Play with your friends in private.-Playwith Ai Joker: In this game mode third card is joker withwilladjust according to your cards if there is sequence it willmakesequence and if there is any pair it will adjust in topairetc.Muflis:In this gaming mode user with lower cards willdeclareas winner.Hukam:In Hukam, number will convert in to jokerand willperform same functionality as joker mode.Private Table:TeenPattiMultiplayer gives you privacy to play with your friendsprivatelyby creating private table. In which, no other onlineplayerallowed. Play with Ai:In Ai mode you will play againstmostefficient artificial Intelligent Computer to improveyourskills.For more information about game and how to play TeenPattimultiplayer you can refer to the help screen.This game is foradultusers. Teen Patti Multiplayer involve you in betting ofvirtualChips with no real money involved.For anysuggestion/feedback feelfree to contact us [email protected] us onfacebook "Xertz GameStudio" officialblog : http://xertzgamestudio.blogspot.comVisit"Xertz Game Studio"official website :
Teen Patti Tycoon - TPT 2.1.1
Experience the thrill of India's #1 Card Game, Teen Patti, withthe#1 Teen Patti App, Teen Patti TycoonNow play Teen Patti withyourfriends, relatives, and colleagues or challenge over 1 million3Patti Tycoon players from around the globe. Teen Patti Tycoonisthe ultimate real-time multi player 3 Patti experience. Tap inyouraddiction of Teen Patti with this new and thrilling app. WinBigand Win Daily.Connect and Play with millions of dedicatedTeenPatti Players from around the world.Download the app,SignIn,Invite Players, Bet, Play and WIN.Amazing Features1.Registration:One-click registration with Facebook or simply play asa guest.2.Download Bonus: Get 5,00,000 chips and 20 bottles ondownload3.Daily Bonus: Get 1,40,000 chips and 1 bottle as a bonuseveryday.4. Limit Tables: Enjoy Fixed Limit Tables and No LimitTables5.Force Bottles: A seen player can ask for a force side showforwhich he can use force bottles. Hands will be compared andthewinner will collect everything in the pot. 6. Connect withFriends:Invite your friends, relatives, and colleagues or playwithmillions of players online.7. Chat: Do a fast chat with theplayersand make game strategies.8. Internet Connection: Workssmoothly on3G, 4G and fast wifi connection. 9. Interface:User-friendlyinterface, Easy to Use.Teen Patti Tycoon ModesPublicTable: Playclassic Teen Patti Mode. Play with players of the samelevel.Millions of REAL PLAYERS from around the world.Private Table:Youcan create your own private Teen Patti table, and inviteyourfriends, relatives, and colleagues to join.Variations: TrypopularTeen Patti variations like AK47, Muflis, Highest Joker andLowestJoker.Teen Patti Tycoon isn't involved in any sort ofgambling,just stimulates the game with rewards, Chips and In-apppurchases.Download and play Teen Patti Tycoon Anytime, Anywhere.
Teen Patti Live!
Octro, Inc.
Teen Patti Live! is the next-gen evolutionofthe smash hit: Teen Patti- Indian Poker by Octro.Play against your friends and other players in real timeonlinemultiplayer matches. Whether you are a returning Teen Pattiveteranor a new player- you will find a lot to your liking inthisiteration of India's most loved card game.Have you won crores (or lakhs) of chips in Octro Teen Patti?Don'tworry, you will retain them all and will get a lot of bonuschipswhen you download and install this new version.New Features and Improvements:• Realistic dealer• Cool 3D cards and chips animations• Elegant new UI• Faster, smoother gameplay• Cool and funky giftsOther Features:• Play with your existing Teen Patti login account• Play and compete online with your friends• Zero wait time to join a table• Chat privately with your friends and other players (orblockthem)• Play exclusively with your friends on Private Tables• Tournaments: compete with the best teen patti players intheworld• Craving for variety? Try out the Variations game modeDownload now! You can switch back to the old version at anytime(Teen Patti Live won't replace the old game on yourphone).Octro just simulates the game with virtual currency, and isnotinvolved in any gambling.
Teen Patti Unlimited Club 3.6.4
India Poker
Teen Patti Unlimited club is a free Real Teen Patti card game,playwith real online players. Multi-player gambling card gamewithvarious other Betting and Poker game feature that you will lovetoplayTeen Patti or Indian Poker isapopular card game in India, alsoknownas flash, flush or Indian poker. It’scalled teenpathi or 3 pathi inSouth India.This casino card game will be instantlyfamiliar to fansof Texas Hold’em Poker, blackjack orother bettinggames. Play a game of teen patti onlinefree with yourfriends, family or anyone else worldwide!FromINDIAN POKER comes anew online casino card game for everyfanof teenpatti, poker and cards!Download TeenPatti for 300,000 FREE CHIPS! Connect toFacebookfor another 100,000 chips:)Teen Patti Unlimited Club Features:Real TeenPattiFree!• Teen patti (Indian Poker, teen pathi,3pathi) comes to your phoneforfree• Classic versions of the beloved casinocardgame can now go anywhere with you• Texas Poker,IndianPoker, cards and casino fans will love bettingwithteen pattiOnline Multiplayer Games!• Multiplayer freeteenpatti online games• Play Online with friends,familyand card game fans around theworld• Multiplayergames are 2G compatible, so they runfast even on slowconnectionsCasino Rules and Classic CardGames!• Classiccasino games – Get the Royal GamingExperience and feel like aking in theTeenPatti palace!• Casino rule variations changethegame experience! Apply your strategy at Fixed Limitand NoLimit tables• Play with friends inprivate,code-accessed casino rooms. No Facebooksign-inrequired!Strategy, Friends and Fun!• Realteenpatti rules means simple, strategic gameplay thateveryonewill love!• Use strategy to play the best handand winthe bet!Teen Patti Unlimited Club QualityFeaturesBig Bonus: Up to 300k free chips everyday for 3 Patti withLuckycode bonus Delhi Casino: Along with 3 Patti game, play bet onDelhiCasino table to earn easy and fast. Lucky Chips: Earn easy andfastchips in 3 Patti with Lucky slot and 10.5 Lucky game. InviteBonus:Connect with friends on FB and WhatsApp, invite friends tojoin 3Patti game and earn free chips. Cricket Betting: Live cricketmatchbet and earn more free chips.Language: 3 Patti supportsmultiplelanguage English, Hindi, Marathi and Gujarati.Rules &how toplay on mobile -In Teen Patti, players take turnsbettingchips on who has the best 3 card hand. Each playerhasthe option to bet without looking attheir3 cards (Blind) or bet after lookingattheir cards(Chaal). In the end, the player with thehighestranking hand wins the total chips bet (Pot).Cards arerankedas follows (From High to low):1. Trail/Trio/Three of akind:Three cards of the same rank.2. PureSequence/Purerun/Straight Flush: Threeconsecutive cards of the samesuit.3. Sequence/NormalRun/Straight: Threeconsecutive cards not all in the samesuit.4.Color/Flush: Three cards of the same suit that arenot insequence.5. Pair/Two of a kind: Two cards of thesamerank.6. High Card: Three cards that do not belong toanyof the above types.That’s all you need to know tostartplaying teen patti!So downloadthefree Teen Patti Unlimited Clubappnow! Indian poker and card games will neverbethe same!!Patti Unlimited club a free Real Teen Patti cardgames,play with real online players. Multi-player gambling cardgame withVarious other betting and poker games feature play somagnificentlyYou'll LoveTeen Patti Indian Poker This is a popularcard game inIndia, ALSO known Es Flash, flush and Indian poker.IT'S calledTeen Patti 3 pathi in South India. This casino cardgames I will beInstntli Fmiliar trapped OF Texas hold 'em poker,blackjack andother betting games. Play a game of Teen Patti OnlineFree WithYour Friends, Family and Anyone Alse Worldwide!From Indianpokercase a new online casino card games for Awri FAN OF Patti,pokerand cards!Download Teen Patti for 300,000 FREE CHIPS! ConnecttoFacebook for Another 100,000 chips :) Patti UnlimitedClubfeatures:Free Real Teen Patti!• Teen Patti (Indian poker,TeenPatti, 3 pathi) case if Your Phone for Free• Classic wereVersionsOF Beloved Casino Card Game Can Now Go Anywhere With You•Texastrapped poker, Indian poker, cards and casino will lovebettingwith Teen PattiOnline Multiplayer Games!• Multiplayer FreeTeenPatti online games• Play online with friends, family and cardgameswere trapped Around the World• Multiplayer games Hey 2Gcompatible,So They Run Fast and s slow connectionsCasino Rules andclassiccard games!• classic casino games - Gate Royal gamingexperienceand feel penned a King in the three-leaf Palace!• Casinowerechanged rule variations gaming experience! Apply Yourstrategytherefore fixed limit and no-limit tables• Play withfriends inprivate, code-Accessed casino rooms. No Facebook Notsign-inRequired!Strategy, Friends and Fun!• Real Teen Patti Rulesmeanssimple, strategic gameplay wattle Everyone Will Love!• Bet himplaythe best strategy was used and Win!Patti Unlimited ClubQualityFeaturesBig bonus: deputy then 300k free chips everyday for3 Pattiwith Lucky code bonusDelhi casino: Along with 3 Patti game,PlayBet's Delhi casino table so yarn Easy and Fast.Lucky Chips:YarnEasy and Fast chips in 3 Patti with Lucky slot and 10.5Luckygame.Invite bonus: Connect with friends on Fb and Whatspp,invitefriends to join 3 Patti game and earn free chips.CricketBetting:Live Cricket Match Bet and yearn More free chips.Language:3 Pattisupports multiple language English, Hindi, MarathiandGujarati.Rules & then play s mobile -These three leafPlayersTech Turns betting chips s i was laughing Best 3 card hand.HPlayer Bet you were laughing option Vithut Looking Hence Their3cards (blind) and Bet After Looking Hence Their cards (move).Inthe end, the player with the Highest Ranking hand Venus thetotalchips bet (pot).Cards Hey Rnkeda Es Follos (from high tolow):1.Trail / Trio / Three OF A Kind: Three cards wereincompletely Samerank.2. The entire sequence / year run / Straightflush: ThreeKansekyutive cards were incompletely Same suit.3.Sequence / normalrun / Straight: Three Kansekyutive Cards Not Allin the Samesuit.4. Color / Flush: Three cards OF the Same suitcradling Oh notin sequence.5. Foot / TWO OF A Kind: TWO cards wereincompletelySame rank.6. High Card: Three cards under two notBelong other OFthe Above types.Wattle'S All You Need is Knov thenstart playingPatti!There were therefore download free Teen PattiUnlimited ClubApp Now! Indian poker and card games will never holdthe Same !!
Redoo Teen Patti - Indian Poker (RTP) 3.6.4
Redoo Teen Patti——(RTP) is the most played casino gamebetweenfamily&friends.Play Teen Patti LIVE and compete withyourfriends and REAL PLAYERS around the world! Play 3 pattigold&win real PAYTM CASH.Redoo Teen Patti also called 3 CardsIndianPoker - 3 Patti, Teen Patti Flush, Flash or 3 cardBrag,TeenPatti,Tin patti,Teen Pathi love.Get FREE CHIPS in RTP:1.InitialChips: Download now and get upto 3,00,000 FREE CHIPS!2.Daily Loginbonus chips: Get up to 3,00,000 FREE BONUS CHIPS whenyou logincontinuously!3. Lucky Wheel: Get up to 500 Paytm Real Cashand 50Lakh Free Chips!4. Lucky Code:Get the lucky code from ourfacebookpage: and use itin thegame to get up to 10 lakh chips everyday!5. Suggestionbonus:Youcan send e-mail/feedback/leave message on our facebookpage toadvise us to improve the game. You can get up to 10 Crorechipsbonus when your suggestion Be adopted.ONLY AVAILABLEINRTP:1.Weekly random Variation: Every week will have 6differentkinds of variations mode.2.Play Classical ROULETTE : RealAmericanroulette and bet unlimitted!3.Blind Mode - No need to say,"PleasePlay Blind". All player must play blind in this mode.4.PlayGrandPrix:5 people to start and win up to 1000 Paytm Cash in10minutes!5.Daily Flash Sales :Every day you have chance toBuy50%OFF chips 3 times!AWESOME FEATURES OF RTP:• Play the bestteenpatti Variations with real players. • Variations: Now thereareAK47,4XBOOT,FACEOFF,JOKER,KINGLITTLE,MUFILS,999,HIGHESTJOKER,LOWEST JOKER,HUKAM .More variationsare added regularly. • 6Patti: compete with the best teenpattiplayers,decide which threecards you want to play out of six. • FREEROULETTE in Teen Patti:Play free Roulette with just like in Vegas.Join Live MultiplayerTables with thousands of player. Easy to read& place bets.Just spin the wheel and experience it.Try to beton various oddsand try different strategies and good luck.• FREESLOTS MACHINES inTeen Patti: Play free Lucky slots with Wilds, FreeSpins , justlike casino slots in Vegas/Goa. Real Vegas/Goa Casinoslotsmachines in a free App! That will feel you are playing inrealcasino.•Private Table:Creat a private room to invite and enjoytheultimate fun poker game with your real friends. •Make FriendsinTeen Patti: Play and compete online with your Facebook orWhatsappfriends .To make new friends in the game and chat privately.Jointhe club. oops Tin Patti.•Teen patti live,3 pathi Live,allsupports. Works smoothly even on slow Internetconnection.Yes!TeenPatti is a three card game similar to othercasino games likePoker,Texas Holdem Poker, Flash or Flush, Threecard brag.Also tryother exciting games by Indian Rummy, Tambola -Indian Bingo.How toWin in RTP:In Teen Patti, players take turnsbetting chips on whohas the best 3 card hand. Each player has theoption to bet withoutlooking at their 3 cards (Blind) or bet afterlooking at theircards (Chaal).In the end, the player with thehighest ranking handwins the total chips bet (Pot).Rules &Cards are ranked asfollows (From High to low):1. Trail/Trio/Threeof a kind: Threecards of the same rank.2. Pure Sequence/Purerun/Straight Flush:Three consecutive cards of the same suit.3.Sequence/NormalRun/Straight: Three consecutive cards not all in thesame suit.4.Color/Flush: Three cards of the same suit that are notinsequence.5. Pair/Two of a kind: Two cards of the same rank.6.HighCard: Three cards that do not belong to any of theabovetypes.Contact Us to report any issues♥ Contact with usfrom[Setting-Feedback option] in the game♥ Supportemail:[email protected]♥ FacebookPage: Teen Pattiwill bethe best experience among all the casino game.Don’t hesitatetodownload it to enjoy the ultimate card game.Please be notedthatthis is a social gambling game with virtual currency and norealmoney is involved.
Teen Patti with Sunny Leone 1.0.24
Play teen patti with Sunny Leone at herofficialprivateonlinecasino.Play with friends and other realplayers fromaroundtheworld and youcould win a chance to meetSunnyLeoneinperson!Sunny helped createthis mega teenpatti(Indianpoker)game, sharing her favorite personalphotos andvideosanddesigninga multiplayer casino withsignatureSunnystyle.SunnyLeone givesyou a bankroll of 1,50,000 FREECHIPSwhenyou downloadher teenpatti card game, and thousands ofchipswhenyouplaydaily.Millions of people are playingTeenPattionlineandflockingto theaters to watch Sunny Leone. Put thetwotogetherandyou havea dynamite combination:SUNNYLEONETEENPATTI!AmazingFeaturesPlayers will have the megachance togetupclose andpersonal with Sunny Leone in the mostgorgeous,shahiandfunfilled multiplayer teen patti casino intheworld:♣Playonlinewith Friends & Family, and BragonFacebook,WhatsAppandTwitter with cool and exclusive SunnyLeoneShoutOuts♣Workssmoothly even on 2G connections just like itdoesonfasterspeedslike 3G, 4G and Wifi♣ Unlock exclusive,neverbeforeseenphotosand videos of Sunny Leone♣ Chat as you playandmakenewfriends& rivals♣ Level up to play for higherstakesandreceivenewSunny photos♣ Unlock sexy Sunny cards inachievementsandwinapersonally autographed deck when you completeyour deckof52SunnyLeone achievement cards ♣ No Limit VIPtablesforthehigh-rollers♣Choose what you want Sunny Leone to wearasshedealsthe cards♣Get tons of FREE chips every day♣InviteFriendstoPrivate Tablesand track your winnings withyourprivatescoreboard♣Log in as aGuest or with yourFacebookaccountCome andPlay withSunny and getin on two of India’sbiggestcrazes: TeenPatti -- Themost popularform of Poker sinceTexasHoldem withvariations suchas Joker,Hukam, Muflis, Classic andmoreSunny Leone-- BollywoodBeauty,India’s Most Desirable Woman andtheMostSearched Person onGoogleSo what are you waiting for?GetinonIndia's other hottesttrend,and play Teen Patti with SunnyLeoneforfree.Downloadnow!Remember, cards in teenpatti arerankedfromhighest tolowestas follows:1) Trail / Trio / Set - threeof akindor cardsof thesame rank2) Straight Flush / Pure Sequence /Run-threecards ofconsecutive ranks of same suit3) Straight/Sequence/Normal Run -three cards of consecutive ranks butnotsamesuit4)Colour / Flush- any three cards of same suit5) Pair-twocards ofsame rank6)High Card - none of the aboveNote: Ourgameisintendedfor matureaudience. It does not offer realmoneygamblingor anychance towin cash prizes. Success in a socialcasinogamedoesnotnecessarily guarantee success inrealmoneygambling.Formoreinformation:Website:
Daily Poker - Indian Casino
Daily Poker(Including Teen Patti, AB, God&Devil and Roulette)isa Live, Online, Multiplayer FREE card gaming platform, Easilyplayas Texas Poker and Rummy.Amazingly experience spending timeandhaving fun with Teen patti.Daily Poker's not just a poker gametoplay and make extra earnings,it’s the amazingly socialnetwork.Tensof millions of players have already downloaded DailyPoker. Here’swhy: THE MOST BELOVED TEEN PATTI POKER GAME OFINDIA. MILLIONSOF FANS PLAYING EVERYDAY.The EXCITEMENT as inacasino,REAL,POWERFUL,RELIABLE Teen Patti gamesystem.AMAZINGFEATURES & BENEFITS:♥Download Bonus: Get15,0000 FREECHIPS and 2 DIAMONDS on download. Connect to Facebookfor another1,00,000 Teen Patti chips.♥High Daily Bonus: Get upto 1 Lakhfree chips everyday! More free bonuses everyday.♥New Table- GOD VSDEVIL: Real Indian characters on Daily poker table onlyforIndians. Here you get to bet on GOD or Devil, trails,sequences,pairs, etc..♥MULTIPLE GAME MODES: BLIND, MUFLIS andROYAL♥FREESLOTS MACHINES: Spin the lucky draw, win massivechips &special prizes like tablets and phones, just like casinoslots inVegas/Goa! Apka Bhagya sarvochhrahe!VariousCharacters: Choose among varieties of charactersalong withunique avatars, or import your own picture from Facebook.Here arethe options: Returnee, beauty, business man,rich man,handsome boy,traditional girl, young elite.DualCurrency: Chips andDiamonds. Convert Diamonds to Chipsanytime.Workssmoothly: Teen Patti Daily Poker works on everydataconnection or Wifi. It works great even on 2G. Zero wait timetojoin a table!Betting Bigger, winning Bigger: 5differentclassic tables are ready to be chosen, you have completefreedom tochoose the BOOT and bet, depending on your taste. Inaddition, youcan always scale your game play with ALLIN.Easy-to-Use: Withextremely user friendly interface, TeenPatti -Daily Poker ispretty intuitive. You can start using the appwithout any previousexperience. It comes with easy navigation andlets you choose thegames according to your tastes. Invite,Chat &Gift: Play and compete online with your Facebook,WhatsApp orTwitter friends. Fast chat, funky gifts and creativeemoticons makethe game lots of fun.Real Players: play withmore than 1million real players and challenge the worldwide TeenPattichampionship.Real offline casino experience: realisticdealer,gold 3D UI, smooth animations and clear voice-over make youfeellike playing in Vegas/Goa!RULES  Teen Patti isplayedwith a 52-card deck. A Teen Patti table can have up to 5players.Winning depends on your cards and moves. In the end, thewinner whohas the highest-ranking hand would also get the totalchips thathave been used for betting. Ranking of the cardsfrom high tolow are:1. Trail / Trio / Set / Three of a Kind - ThreeCards ofthe same rank.2. Pure Sequence / Pure Run / Straight Flush- Threeconsecutive cards of the same suit.3. Sequence / Normal Run/Straight - Three consecutive cards not all in the samesuit.4.Color / Flush - Three cards of the same suit that are notinsequence.5. Pair - Two cards of the same rank.6. High Card -Threecards that do not belong to any of the above types.That’s allyouneed to know to start playing Teen Patti!Note: DailyPokersimulates the game with virtual currency, and is not involvedinany kind of gambling. Chips gained in the game cannot beused/soldto get real money. Practice or success at social gamingdoes notimply future success at real money gambling. ContactinfoAnyfeedback or suggestion are most welcome. If you face anyissuesregarding gaming or app, write us [email protected] : :(+91)7290089874
Teen Patti Party - 3 Patti 3.5.3
Play Teen Patti with your friends or real players around theworld.Be the Ultimate King of Indian Poker cards game!This is alsoknownas 3 pati in many states in India.Game includes Features:♣PlayTeen Patti Online with Friends & Family. Invite themonFacebook, WhatsApp and Twitter.♣ Play Teen Patti cards gamewithcomputer when you don't have internet! No data usage!♣ Chatwithrivals. Emoticons!!♣ Best Graphics. ♣ Lucky Slots Spin theluckywheel and double your money everyday.♣ Free Chips every day20,000chips to play!♣ Gold class Support for all users!♣ RealDealer Adealer to distribute cards. You can tip the dealer.♣ 3 patirulesand variations.♣ Tournaments Compete with players all overtheworld. Play the Ultimate Indian Poker game!Note that this appjustsimulates the original Teen Patti with virtual currency.Thisapplication does not offer real money gambling or anopportunity towin real money or prizes. Chips gained in the 3 patigame cannot beused/sold to get real money. Practice or success atsocial casinogaming does not imply future success at real moneygambling.
Teen Patti Offline Indian Poker 4.7
Number #1 Offline Teen Patti (3 Patti) in Play StoreEnjoy 3Cardsgame of Teen Patti Without internet, forget fast batterydrainissues, network issues, misbehaving stranger chat issues andfocuson pure fun of playing with extra features like pause andresumegame anytime, fast forward game when you are packed so youdon'thave to wait and much moreFeatures:- Needs No internet-MultiLanguages Hindi and English- Extra Free Daily Bonus forRegularPlayers- Free 1 Lakh Chips- Less Battery Consumption- Can bePausedand Played anytime- Can Fast Forward game When Packed- NomoreWaiting for Network issue- Privacy, No Personal InformationgoesPublicly online as its offline- Share and Earn upto 1 CroreChips-Can be Played Alone, Needs no one else to Play butyou-Artificially Intelligent (A.I.) Card Players - GenuineCardsShuffling- Freshly Designed CasinoMusic credits: Karan Patil(ADearest enemy)Note: Currency used in this game is Virtual andjustfor fun, it is limited to this Card game and it's Casino onlyandcannot be converted to any other currency by any means.
Indian Poker Teen Patti 3 1.1
Indian Poker Teen Patti 3...Its you versus computer..GoldenVersionis an Indian version of Poker played with 3 cards, and isalsoknown as Flash or Flush. A Teen Patti table can have up to5players. Winning depends on your cards and moves. Ranking ofthecards from high to low are:1. Trail or Set (three of thesamerank)2. Pure Sequence (straight flush or run)
Teen Patti Millionaire- Golden
DOWNLOAD now and receive $1,00,000 in chips for FREE!Teen Patti("3cards" in English) is a card game that is similar to othercasinogames like Poker, Texas Holdem Poker, Flash or Flush, Threecardbrag etc. This game is intended for any game lovers and doesnotoffer real money gambling or an opportunity to win real moneyorprizes. Practice or success at social gaming does not implyfuturesuccess at real money gambling.Play against your friends andotherplayers in real time online multiplayer matches. Whether youare areturning Teen Patti veteran or a new player- you will find alotto your liking in this iteration of India's most lovedcardgame.Have you won Crores (or Lakhs) of chips in TeenPattiMillionaire? Don't worry, you will retain them all and willget alot of bonus chips when you download and install thisnewversion.Enjoy Teen Patti Millionaire live with real playersfromaround the world. Play with anyone, anytime, anywhere!COOLFEATURES ♦ More Free Chips: Initial Chips: Download now andget1,00,000 chips FREE. Daily Bonus: Get more free bonuschips.♦Invite, chat, play online and compete with your friends.♦Newinterface is easier than ever: Tin Patti has never lookedthisgood. Stylish and immersive gameplay.♦ Chat and funky Gifts:Fastchat and exciting gifts make the game lots of fun withotherplayers.♦ Works smoothly even on slow Internet connection.Yes! Itworks great even on 2G. NEVER WAIT for a game !♦Personalizedprofile with custom avatars. choose from a wide varietyof avatarsor import your own picture from Facebook.♦ Realisticdealer.Beautiful graphics and luxurious casinos.♦ Play exclusivelywithyour friends on Private Tables.♦ Tournaments: compete with thebestteen patti players in the world.♦Various ranking boards.Herewehave a brand New Feature - “Diamonds”With this amazing featureyoucan use the Diamonds to convert them into Chips while playingtheGame. So, just stock up your Diamonds & use them to wintheGame. RULES Tin Patii is played with a 52-card deck. A TeenPattitable can have up to 5 players. Winning depends on your cardsandmoves. The cards rank in the usual order from Ace (highest) to2(lowest). The usual actions like Blind, Chaal, Showareincluded.Ranking of the cards from high to low are:1. Trail orSet(three of same rank)2. Pure Sequence (straight flush orrun)3.Sequence (straight or run)4. Color (flush)5. Pair (two cardsofsame rank)6. High CardNote:Daily Poker just simulates the gamewithvirtual currency, and is not involved in any gambling.Inviteyourfriends to your PRIVATE TABLES, Sit down and take part inhighstakes TOURNAMENTS.Download now! Reach UsTo report any issueswithusage or just to share feedback and tell us how we canimprove,write to [email protected]:
Teen Patti Sultan 1.0.25
Play Teen Patti Sultan game with the very best Teen Patti playersinthe world. When you enter our social casino you will feel thepowerof a great dynasty of shahi card players.Teen Patti Sultan isbasedon Indian Poker, also known as 3 Patti, Flush, Flash or TeenPatti.It is the second most popular Poker variation in the worldafterTexas Hold'em. Invite your friends to private tables and makea megaparty of it. You will meet new friends at any one of theexclusivetables in our social casino and have a smash. Play from avariety ofstyles including: Classic, Joker, Hukam or Fast pacedTeenPatti.Customize your avatar and choose from a selection ofbeautifuldealers from the land of the Royal Sultans. Chat andconnect withfriends by sending them digital gifts while youplay.Earn tons ofFREE CHIPS every day and let us bankroll yourtourney play! You willnever wait at our tables and you will alwaysbe matched with playerswho are as good as you are. Featuresinclude:• Play with yourfriends and family• Works smoothly even on2G connections just likeit does on faster speeds like 3G, 4G andWifi• Chat as you play andmake new friends & rivals• Level upto play for higher stakes •No Limit tables for the high-rollers•Get thousands of FREE chipsevery day• Invite Friends to PrivateTables and track your winningswith your private scoreboard• Log inas a Guest or with yourFacebook accountSo what are you waitingfor? With the IPL seasonover, play Teen Patti Sultan for free.Download now!Remember, cardsin teenpatti are ranked from highestto lowest as follows:1) Trail /Trio / Set – three of a kind cardsof the same rank2) Straight Flush/ Pure Sequence / Run – threecards of consecutive ranks of samesuit3) Straight / Sequence /Normal Run – three cards of consecutiveranks but not same suit4)Colour / Flush – any three cards of samesuit5) Pair – two cards ofsame rank6) High Card – none of theaboveNote: Our game is intendedfor mature audiences. It does notoffer real money gambling or anychance to win cash prizes. Successin a social casino game does notguarantee success in real moneygambling.
Teen Patti King 6.0
SX Studio
Teen Patti King is an International version of Poker playedwith3card. Teen Patti King is a real time multiplayer card gamewhichis similar to other casino games like Poker, Texas HoldemPoker,Flash or Flush. You can play teen patti game with yourfriendsanywhere in the world.. Send virtual gift to other onlineplayer tohave unlimited fun. In Teen Patti King player can playwith theminimum boot amount of 100chips.Ranking of the TeenPatti(from highto low): 1. Trail 2. Pure Sequence3. Sequence 4.Color 5. Pair 6.High Cards. Features:• Play with friend - anytime,anywhere.• PotSplit - Even you have a less money , you will winmore.• TableSelection - Select own boot amount table .• Fully NoLimit - NoliChall ,No blind, No Pot limit- Ultimate No Limit.• SendGift -You can send virtual gift to other online player by free.•Chat -Full customise chat.• Daily Free Chips - Receive lots offreechips.• Smoothest Gameplay even on 2G internetconnections•Variation & Tourney - coming soon.Tips:This game isintendedfor an adult audience and does not offer real moneygambling or anopportunity to win real money or prizes. Practice orsuccess atsocial gaming does not imply future success at realmoneygambling.Facebook
Teen Patti King - Flush Poker 10.2
Play Teen Patti - Flush Card Game with real players and friendsfromall around the world.Free to Play. Lots of Bonus Chips everyround!Ranking odds of the cards from high to low -1. Trail or Set(threeof same rank)2. Straight Flush (pure sequence or run)3.Straight(sequence or run)4. Color (flush)5. Pair (two cards ofsame rank)and6. High Card • Along with golden theenpatti, the gamesupportsHukam (Spade) Flash Tables - Dealer randomly chooses onecard from13 Spade cards and you can use it to make the bestcombination ofany 3 cards.• Invite and play with your own friends.Also makefriends at the table in TeenPatti casino. Smaller Roomswork asoffline simulator.• Designed in gold color scheme, itsupportsmessaging with friends.• Buy virtual gifts from the Shopand compareyour rankings on the Leader Board. Feel free to [email protected]
Ultimate RummyCircle 1.10.35
Ultimate RummyCircle offers the best rummy gaming experience onyourAndroid device. It’s powered and brought to you by RummyCircle,India’s most popular rummy website. While you enjoy theawesomegame-play, RummyCircle ensures the best outputs andreliability.Thanks to the ever-expanding user-base of 5 Million,RummyCircle isthe best place to start your rummy adventures, be itbet, classic ordeals rummy. Awesome Features for the Best RummyGamingUltimateRummyCircle app comes with a grand set of features.You getreal-life rummy game experience on an Android device. Someof themost notable features are:- The graphics and interface ofUltimateRummyCircle are so impressive that you can compare it toan actualcard-based rummy game. Even if your phone has a smallerscreen,Ultimate RummyCircle will optimize the visual experience tothe bestlevel.- Ultimate RummyCircle hosts 5 million rummy gameplayers fromIndia. All you need for playing games is an accountand internetconnection. Every second, you will have anotheropponent to playwith.- Ultimate RummyCircle consumes the leastamount of mobile dataand works fine in 2G and 3G data connections.Thanks to the goodbuild of the app, you don’t have to worry aboutdevice slowdownseither.- With Ultimate RummyCircle, there is noworry about losingall your chips. Every four hours, you willreceive free chips. Youcan keep playing using the free chips, nomatter what type of rummyyou like.These features obviously addvalue to your rummy gamingexperience.Different Games to EntertainYourselfYou can find threetypes of rummy games in UltimateRummyCircle for Android. They alloffer a unique and effectivegaming experience, no matter where youare.- Classic Rummy is forthe rummy gaming enthusiasts out there.You can jump into the worldof classic rummy games, and challengethe other players in UltimateRummyCircle. It’s the best choice whenyou need to pass your time.-Bet Rummy requires you to understandthe game so well and beconfident about your cards. Then, it’spossible to increase thebets on every turn. Obviously, you have achance of winning bigwhen you bet big.- Deals Rummy in UltimateRummyCircle brings thereal spirit of multiplayer gaming into theworld of rummy games.You can engage in gameplay with multiple Rummyplayers outthere.Some Rules to Follow in Ultimate RummyCircleJustkeep thefollowing rules in mind while starting your next rummy gameinUltimate RummyCircle.1. The game in Ultimate RummyCircle isplayedbetween 2 to 5 players.2. The game uses two standard decks of52cards each. 3. Each player will be dealt 13 cards at thebeginningof every Ultimate RummyCircle game.4. To win the game, youneed toarrange the available cards into valid sequences or sets.5.You cancreate a sequence by placing 3+ running cards. Thesecards,however, should be of the same suit. For example, you cancreate asequence like 5 ♥ 6 ♥ 7 ♥.6. You can create a set bycombining 3+cards of same face value, but different suits. Anexample is 3 ♥ 3♠ 3 ♣.7. A Joker card is selected at the start ofevery game. Itcan be used in place of any other card. That is, ifyou don’t havea card in 3 ♥ 3 ♠ 3 ♣, Joker can be used in thatplace.8. One ormore Jokers can be used for completing sequences andsets9. Youcreate a Pure Sequence if there is no Joker card is used.However,in 5 ♥ 6 ♥ 7 ♥, you can use a Joker card in the place of 6,but thesequence will not be Pure.10. It’s compulsory to have twosequencesfor finishing an Ultimate RummyCircle rummy game. Out of2, oneshould be a pure sequence.Record_Audio - This permissionhelps usserve better-targeted ads based on media consumption. Theadrevenue helps us make better games for you! You can opt-out atanytime, just visit our privacy policy. From the makers of India's#1Rummy site, RummyCircle and #1 Teen Patti app, Ultimate TeenPatti(UTP)!
Junglee Teen Patti 3D 30.0.5
Junglee Games
Teen Patti online – Flash Card Game by Junglee Games isIndia'stwist on 3 card poker. Teen Patti, also known as IndianPoker,Flush, Flash or 3 card Brag, is a popular card game played inmanyparts of the world. Players bet based on the strength oftheircards and the one with the strongest hand wins the pot. Wehavedaily, weekly and monthly promotions - Take part in teen pattigoldsweepstakes and win golden cards, smartphones and otherfabulousrewards! Don’t miss to join the exciting leaderboard chase– Leadthe race with your octro teen patti speed and grabawesomeprizes!You may love Bridge, Rummy, or Matka, but Teenpattigame isstill the king! And Junglee Teen Patti is the best freeonline cardgame that allows you to play free Teen Patti with realplayers fromall over the world. Challenge your friends to the mostexcitingsocial Indian poker game for Free! Choose your table, takea seat,send gifts and chat with your friends while cleaning upthepool/kitty.Players bet based on the strength of their cards andtheone with the strongest hand wins the pool/kitty. The chips inthegame have no real cash value. If your chips get consumed fully,youcan buy more to play teen patti for a longer period oftime.Thegame is also known as Teenpatti, teen pathi, 3 patti, teenpati,flash & flush card game. The objective of the game is tohavethe best 3-card poker hand and to maximize the pool/kittybeforethe showdown. The cards are ranked as follows (From High tolow):1.Trail (three of a kind): Three cards of the same rank.2.PureSequence (Straight Flush): Three consecutive cards of thesamesuit.3. Sequence (Straight): Three consecutive cards not all inthesame suit.4. Color (Flush): Three cards of the same suit thatarenot in sequence.5. Pair (two of a kind): Two cards of thesamerank.6. High Card: A hand of three cards which is not apair,sequence, flush, trail or pure. The best high card hand inteenpatti would be AKJYou can play the game with fabulous avatarsin acasino-like gaming environment which is completely loadedwithinteractive features and game buttons like Blind, Chaal, Showandothers.Invite your friends and challenge them in Teen Patti -raisethe ante, trap them with sets, call their bluffs and haveunlimitedfun! You can bet strategically with your seen cards ortest yourluck by playing blind. The choice is all yours. Play inTeen PattiBollywood style and have great fun!Some of the keyfeatures loadedwith Junglee Teen Patti App are: ♥ Range of GameAvatars ♥ FirstPerson Game View ♥ Faster Gameplay ♥ Daily BonusCredit ♥ FixedLimit Tables ♥ No Limit Tables ♥ Exchange Gift Shops♥ Live In-gameChat ♥ Easy Gaming InterfaceFriends Invitation &lots more.It's a fast, simple and quick card game for your Androiddevice.Download and play Junglee Teen Patti Anytime, Anywhere forFREE.
Teen Patti King - Indian Poker 1.7
Zenith Games.
Be the champion of chips and cards with Teen Patti King -IndianPoker.It is a modern multiplayer card game where you competewithreal players from around the World!Free Bonus for DownloadingtheGame 5,00,000 Chips.Connect with Facebook and get more2,00,000Free Chips.Daily bonus of upto 5,00,000 Free Chips.GameModes andKey Features Play with your friends or real players fromaround theworld.An exclusive NO LIMIT VIP Table for Highrollers.Lots ofVariations to play : Joker, Muflis, AK47, 999etc.Select yourdealer from 10+ realistic dealers.Get ready to testyour mettleagainst players from all around the World with the NEWand uniqueMULTIPLAYER feature!Teen Patti King is intended for adultaudienceand does not include any real money gambling, you play andwin /loss with free chip. The game chips does not have any realmoneyvalue. Privacy Policy :
Ultimate Card Club 91.01.23
Ultimate Card Club is the most thrilling card games app andthenumber one Teen Patti, Rummy and Poker app for your Androiddevice.Ultimate Card Club is powered by the makers of India'sbiggestRummy site, RummyCircle.Tired of having to install multiplecardgames on your phone? Worry no more as Ultimate Card Club bringsyouIndia’s most popular card games in a single app! Play TeenPatti,Rummy and Poker. Challenge millions of other players andWINBIG!Top Features- Single place for all your card gameneeds.Complete Indian card games with Teen Patti, Rummy and Poker-Get3,00,000 Free chips on Install!- Never run out of chips withFreeBonus Chips every 4 hours!- Bet without any limit on ourNO-LIMITTeenPatti tables!- Raise the bet every turn on Bet Rummygames- GoALL-IN and Win Big on our Poker tables- Works perfectly on2G and3G connections! Lowest data usage!- WIN REAL PRIZES likeMobilePhones, Tablets etc. in the lucky draw!- Invite your friendsandplay with them for double the fun- Compete against the bestplayersand top the tournament leaderboardsGames available- TeenPatti - Webring you the best Teen Patti experience on both Classicandvariation tables. Try out the No-Limit tables for theultimatethrill- Rummy - For the lovers of strategy, we offer theultimateRummy experience against the country’s top rummy players-Poker -The international favourite. Bet big and win big on theUltimatePoker tablesUltimate Card Club is the place to be if youlove cardgames. Enjoy your favourite card games and try newones.UltimateCard Club is brought to you by Ultimate Games, themakers of theIndia’s #1 Teenpatti, Rummy and Poker apps. Also, themakers ofIndia’s largest Online Rummy site, RummyCircle.
Governor of Poker 3 - Texas Holdem Poker Online 4.3.5
Play Poker online now, in this great multiplayer onlineTexasHold'em Poker game! Enjoy Texas Holdem in: Cash games, Spin&Play, Sit & Go poker tournaments, Royal Poker, Friendsgame,online Blackjack 21, Big Win and much more great poker inthedifferent Wild West poker saloons. This variety of onlinepokerformats is a real poker party and gives the best pokerexperience!Texas Holdem Poker is the best card game in the worldand Governorof Poker lets you play it, on your Android device!Compete in pokerwith friends and challenge new poker players! TheGovernor of Pokerseries is known as the best free offline pokergame, but now youcan also play the live online Multiplayer Holdemapp and prove youare the real poker pro in your poker league! ThisFREE #1 poker appis being used by millions, come and show you arethe real pokerking! Join the poker club now and play in Vegaswestern style!Start as a Poker Begnner and work all the way up to ahigh rollerwith the ultimate goal to be a VIP Poker star. Raise thestakes andtry Governor of Poker 3 for free to win Texas, there isno limit inthis fun poker app! This app is great to Learn poker aswell, asyou don't play with real money. You have time to learn thepokercombinations, pokerhands, poker terms like all-in andshowdown,when to fold, and we explain why players win at poker.There isalso a cheat sheet with all the hand rankings, it's easy tolearnas it's similar to Yahtzee combinations. It's a great waytopractice poker and improve your online strategy and skill.Absolutebest Online Texas Holdem game features: ● BIG FREE CHIPSTACK:30,000 free poker chips, free gold, jackpot spinning wheeland ahat for every new poker player. ● 7 TEXAS HOLD’EM POKER TYPES:Cashpoker games, Sit N Go tournaments, Heads up Tournament withchests,Push or Fold, Big Win, Royal Poker and Spin & Playjackpotpoker. ● UNIQUE MULTI-TABLE MODE: Play poker on multipletables,this is great for advanced poker players to play quickpoker. Don’twait for other players! ● ENJOY TEXAS CASINO GAMBLE:Travel throughTexas by winning poker tournaments, beat friends atTexas Hold’emcash games and Big Win Poker tournaments. The stakes,buy ins andchips prizes become higher the further the journey gets.● PlayTexas Holdem against players from all over the WORLD!Competeagainst other world poker players and hit the number 1 spotin theleaderboards! ● GUEST MODE – Win at the Poker tables and playTexasHold’em anonymously. Feel free to bluff! Easy to learnpokerwithout an account! ● BLACKJACK 21: Different betting amounts●POKER WITH FRIENDS: host your own poker room, put on a pokerfaceand invite friends to the table. ● WIN BADGES, TROPHIES&STATUS: Become VIP, High roller, Poker Shark, VIP+ or Elitestatus.● CONNECT DEVICES: Start playing on your Android device(mobilephone/tablet) and continue on Facebook, Steam or Web withthe samechip bankroll. ● CHAT with holdem players through freechat, quickchat and animating emoticons. Use them to bluff or tauntplayers. ●POKER IN VEGAS AT NIGHT: Play poker in casino style inthe VegasWIld West area. ● FAIR POKER GAME - No cheating allowed!We value afair game, so we shuffle the cards with the best provenmethods. Sono roulette or bingo poker. ●Languages:English,Deutsch,Español,Français,Русский,Português,Italiano,Nederlands,Türkçe,PolskiPlaythe most exciting Texas Holdem poker game NOW. DownloadGovernor ofPoker 3. Tips: This pokee game is intended for an adultaudience.(e.g for use by those 21 or older) The game does notoffer “realmoney gambling” or an opportunity to win real money orprizes. (e.gthe game is for amusement purposes only). Practice orsuccess atsocial poker game does not imply future success at “realmoneypoker” Suggestions or issues: [email protected]:
Teen Patti Royal(Offline&Live)
ZMist Games
Play Teen Patti with your friends orrealplayers around the world. You can play it without internetaswell.Play it in Hindi or English.Game includes Features:♣ Play Teen Patti Online with Friends & Family.Invitethem on Facebook, WhatsApp and Twitter.♣ Play Teen Patti Offline with computer when you don'thaveinternet! No data usage!♣ Chat with rivals. Emoticons!!♣ Lucky Wheel Spin the lucky wheel and doubleyourmoney.♣ Free Chips every day 20,000 chips to play!♣ Real Dealer A dealer to distribute cards. You can tipthedealer.♣ Tournaments Compete with players all over the world.Note that this app just simulates the original game of TeenPattiwith virtual currency. This game does not offer real moneygamblingor an opportunity to win real money or prizes. Chips gainedin thegame cannot be used/sold to get real money. Practice orsuccess atsocial casino gaming does not imply future success atreal moneygambling.
Mendicot 3.53
INTRODUCTION:MENDICOT(pronounced men-dee-coat) is a popularIndiancard game. It is similar to 'Dehla Pakad', a game played inNorthIndia. It is a team game and the ultimate objective is to winallthe 10s for your team(10 of spades, 10 of hearts, 10 ofdiamonds,10 of clubs).FEATURES:> 4 players involved - 2 teams of2players each.> Artificially Intelligent(AI) game playingagentthat you can play against/with.> Game Modes based on thenumberof players: - Single Player mode: yourself and an AI playerin oneteam versus 2 other AI players. - Multi Player mode: team upwithanother human player against an all-AI team, or team up with anAIplayer against another human-AI team. Play in this mode overtheinternet with your friends!> 2 modes of AI difficulty : EasyandDifficult.> Rules of the game explained in great detail inthe'Help' section.Please give our game a try. We're sure you'llloveit. Enjoy!
Lucky 13: 13 Card Poker Puzzle 1.3.1
Lucky13 Highlights ✔ Mission! Various Mission for everysinglematches, complete the Mission and win MORE Chips! ✔ DoubleDown!Raise your bet for free with Double Down and earn DOUBLE! Doyoudare to take the risk? ✔ Raise! Innovative 1 VS 1 PKgamemechanism! Go all out and challenge them! ✔ Change Cards!Changeyour fate and outsmart your opponents by swapping cards withthem.✔ Sudden Death! Win with Lucky13! Instant bankrupt youropponentswith x3,480 Multipliers ✔ King of Lucky13! Win our King ofLucky13tournament and be the King of Lucky13! Be Part of Lucky13 !Joinour official Facebook group at:♠Share your feedback ; ♥Take part in exclusive events andgetabundant rewards ; ♣Get the latest news and updates ; ♦ Hangoutwith other Lucksters in Lucky13!
Teen Patti Offline♣Klub-The only 3patti with story 2.8.6
★★★★★DOWNLOAD Teen Patti Offline ♣ Klub now and receive a lotofdiamonds for FREE every day!★★★★★★★★★★Teen Patti Offline♣Klub(3patti) is an AMAZing casino poker cardgame.Slotmachine!Free!★★★★★Teen Patti Offline ♣ Klub is a Live,Online,Multiplayer FREE gaming app.Teen Patti Offline ♣ Klub alsocalled 3Cards Indian Poker - 3 Patti,Flush, Flash or 3 card Brag,is themost fair, classic and professional poker game in India. InsouthIndia it is known as teen pathi or 3 pathi.Millions of playersallaround the world are enjoying it with their families andfriendsevery day.★★★★★Teen Patti Offline ♣ Klub is the first TeenPattigame that lets players to explore Teen Patti tournamentsindifferent cities of India. There are wonderful stories,excitingtournaments, classic rules and fair settings here. You candefeatthe champion of each city to be the casino king of IndianTeenPatti. Login with Facebook, you will have a moreexcitingqualifying with your friends.★★★★★Cool Features:1. Defeatthechampion of each city to be the king of Indian Teen Patti. 2.Opengame can receive numerous free gifts every day. 3. Playing inanynetwork, never stop the wonderfulness. 4. Like ourFacebookhomepage to win talk time for free. 5. Play with yourfamilies andfriends.6. Installation pack is very slim and mobiledatafriendly.7. New visual effects bring fascinating experience toyou.8. A variety of variation types: CLASSIC, JOKER, ROYAL andHUKAM,more types are coming soon.9. No need to use real money toplay thegame, so never need to worry about your loss.Ranking of thecardsfrom high to low are:1. Trail or Set (three of same rank)2.PureSequence (straight flush or run)3. Sequence (straight orrun)4.Colour (flush)5. Pair (two cards of same rank)6.HighCardNote:-This game is intended for an adult audience and doesnotoffer real money gambling or an opportunity to win real moneyorprizes. Practice or success at social gaming does not implyfuturesuccess at real money gambling.
G4A: Indian Rummy 2.12.9
** If you doubt our scoring, read these rules. You need a firstandsecond life before scoring begins! **Easy tounderstand,challenging to play! Originating from India this game ofRummy isconquering the world! So watch out! It gets you before youknow itand you will have a hard time cutting yourself loose.Theobjectiveis easy: get rid of your penalty points as soon aspossible. Youcan dothis by collecting runs (at least threeconsecutive cards ofthe same suit) or sets(three or four of thesame cards fromdifferent suits). But you need at least tworunsbefore the scoringstarts. And one of this runs has to bewithout a joker!Each turnyou take a card and discard one. Are youthe first that has a handfull ofruns and sets? The game is yours!The faster you achievethis, the bigger the chanceyou leave yourcompetition far behind.And that will boost your statistics!- Ahighly addictive cardgame;- Get rid of your penalty points as soonas possible;- Improveyour play;- Boost your statistics!
Rummy - free card game 3.1.9
LITE Games
Rummy Free Card Game by LITE Games – one of the most popularmobilecard games finally comes to Android!The game is alsowell-known asRemi, Romme and Rami at some countries. Rummy featuresan excellentdesign and an intuitive interface. The most commonrules are set bydefault but can be customized with numerousoptions. Download ourfree Ramino app and finally play without needfor a partner: Rummyby LITE Games lets you play whenever andwherever youwant.Features:♤ You can play for 🆓♤ Up to threechallengingopponents♤ Customizable difficulty♤ Unlock greatachievements 🏆♤Playable in portrait and landscape modePopular gameis available inhigh-quality localizations for the followinglanguages: English,German, French, Italian, Spanish, Dutch, andPolish.LITE Games istrying to reproduce the classic game experienceas extensively andrealistically as possible on mobile devices. Theapp is not aimedat children, but is designed for adults. The gamedoes not offerreal-money gambling: no money or real prizes can bewon. Practiceand/or success at social casino games does not implyfuture successat real-money gambling. An internet connection isrequired to enjoythe app fully. The game can be played completelyfree of charge.However, some optional in-game purchases (forexample, ad-freetime) are subject to charge. You can alsodeactivate the paymentfunction completely by disabling in-apppurchases in your device’ssettings.Have you ever played Remi,Romme, Rami and Ramino? If youlove card games, that game is foryou. Your points get countedautomatically and the rules are easy tolearn. Have a seat at ourvirtual table and play now for free!Bydownloading this game, youare agreeing to our Terms andConditions( but not least, we wouldlike tothank all of our players! We hope you have fun playingthisapp.Visit us for more freeAndroidgames:http://www.lite.games any questions? We are here tohelp:[email protected] playing!
Teen Patti Gold Rush - Ultimate Live Indian Poker 2.0.10
** THE LARGEST POPULAR LIVE ORIGINAL INDIA 3 CARD POKER GAME-TEENPATTI GOLD RUSH - JOIN TEEN PATTI GOLD RUSH AND GET100,000CHIPS TO GET STARTED. PLAY ALONGSIDE MILLIONS OF REALPLAYERS.INVITE FRIENDS TO PRIVATE TABLES AS YOU WISH** Teen PattiGold Rushis the original poker players delight! TeenPatti is athree cardgame very similar to other casino games like Poker, TexasHoldemPoker, Flash or Flush, Three card brag. This is also calledFlushor Teen Patti or Tin Patti or 3 Patti or Teen Pathi (inSouthIndia) or 3 Pati. Whatever that you want to call it, TeenPattiGold Rush is going to give you an experience of yourlifetime.Created on Popular Demand and Requests from the LargestTeen PattiGlobal Community, this game has some of the most amazingfeaturesever! REAL TABLES, PRIZES AND REWARDS - Teen Patti GoldRush is themost amazing version of TeenPatti 3 cards Indian LivePoker thatallows you to play with Real Players from across theworld. Playand Win Chips within the game that you can use to buymore in-appgame enhancements. Also, Invite atleast 10 Friends toTeen PattiGold Rush and Get a chance to participate in the luckydraw to WinReal Prizes and PayTM/PayPal Rewards. BEST ORIGINALFEATURESTeenPatti is one of the oldest games. Hence, at Teen PattiGoldRush we wanted to power pack with Original and Amazing Featurestogive the best user experience. ♠ FREE TO PLAY - AbsolutelyFREETEENPATTI game to play. ♠ FREE CHIPS - Connect with Facebookandget 100k FREE CHIPS. Also, Get free chips for invitingfriends,watching videos, completing tasks, levels or just aboutanything. ♠DAILY BONUS - Dont skip a day and keep earning more andmore FreeDaily Bonus Chips ♠ PLAY WITH FRIENDS - Get REAL REWARDSand Chipsfor inviting your friends Ask them to join you on ourPRIVATETABLES ♠ LEADERBOARDS AND REWARDS - Get yourpersonalizedLeaderboard amongst all your facebook friends and alsoamongst allglobal users. AMAZING GAME FEATURES AND MODES ♣ THEORIGINAL TEENPATTI GAME - The best implementation of the original 3card teenpatti Indian poker variation. ♣ MUFLIS ULTIMATE TEENPATTI- Whathappens if we reversed the way the Original TeenPatti isplayed? ♣BLIND POT TEEN PATTI - Do you also hate it when otherplayers seetheir cards first without betting? We feel you.Challenge yourLuck! ♣ SINGLE JOKER LIVE TEENPATTI - What would youdo if one ofyour cards could be anything you want them to be? ♣PRIVATE TEENPATTI TABLES - Create your own Private table and inviteyourfriends from across the globe to play Teen Patti with you! ♣CHAT& GIFTS TO OTHER PLAYERS - How do you break ice with theotherplayers and dealers? Chat and exchange gifts with the users onyourtable. FUTURE RELEASES ♥ MORE TEENPATTI VARIATIONS - Desiremoregame variations - 6 Patti, AK 47, Royal, 999 etc? ♥ MORELANGUAGES- You can play your favourite Teen Patti Game in English,हिंदी(Hindi), ગુજરાતી (Gujarati), मराठी (Marathi), తెలుగు (Telugu),اردو(Urdu) and বাংলা (Bangla). ♥ OFFLINE TEEN PATTI - Nointernetconnection? Taking a flight? Fret Not, we will have youcoveredwith Offline Teen Patti. Disclaimer - This game is intendedforentertainment purposes only for adult audiences and does notofferreal money gambling or an opportunity to win real money orprizes.Practice or success at social gaming does not imply futuresuccessat real money gambling. Beware of other fake Teen Pattigamesaround! Teen Patti Gold Rush is the only original largestliveTeenPatti game for you! Teen Patti is a three card game similartoother casino games like Poker, Texas Holdem Poker, Flash orFlush,Three card brag. Keep Calm and Play Teen Patti Gold Rush Ifyouhave been reading so far, We already know that you loveTeenPatti.So keep calm and continue playing the only originallargest TeenPatti Game out there - Teen Patti Gold Rush
Callbreak Gold - Multiplayer 1.0.61
Callbreak or Lakdi is a famous and classic card game whichispopular in India and Nepal.It is a multiplayer game played withadeck of 52 playing cards. We are bringing you the bestmultiplayerCall break cards game experience on your mobilephone!With thisapp, you can play Call break any time with millionsof players fromaround the world. This game is full of strategy andtricks unlikeother popular gambling-based card games like TeenPatti andPoker.Download now to play Call break multiplayer cardsgame andget free coins!Callbreak multiplayer is a very easy cardgame thatanybody can learn how to play. Callbreak is the fastestCall breakmultiplayer game on Google Play and with the mostsmoothest,seamless gameplay even on 2G. This app has has multiplemodes ofgameplay.This multiplayer online game is played in 5rounds. Spadesis always the trump. Dealer gives 13 cards to eachplayer. At thebeginning of the game players will bid how many cardhands theywill win. The game is about winning maximum number ofhands butalso breaking other people’s bids. This is called callbreaking.Points are decided based on how many less or more handsplayermakes than player’s bid.Callbreak is also called Lakdi,Lakadi,Ghochi in other parts of India. This multiplayer cards gameisdifferent from international game Spades.FeaturesBest andsmoothUI/UXFastest cards game available! Play fast and winmore!Beautifulanimations and table artSend Gifts and Chat withother players fromaround the world!Login every day, win free dailybonus coins!
Teen Patti Klub-Free chips everyday 1.0.1032
**New tournament is opening now! Winners will get high rewardssuchas numerous coins!Main features of Teen Patti Klub:**Hugedailybonus and other ways to get chips. Play the game totally FREE!Noneed to worry about your money**Play with REAL FRIENDS orpeopleall over the world, and even interact with them byexchanginggifts, chatting and sending emoticons.**Amusing emoticonsand chatboard make interactive smooth and funny**THREE modes tochoose:play as Facebook player, play as guest or play offlinewithoutInternet.**SPECIAL OFFLINE MODE, NO NEED OF INTERNET.**Tinypackagesaves your Internet cost and phone storage**Easy to use,fastresponse and low network flow. Please Note: In the Teen PattiKlubgame you win or lose chips that have no real cash value. Thegamedoes not involve real gambling.Facebook Fan Page is opennow!Clickto invite friends:
Blackjack Legends: 21 Online Multiplayer Casino 1.4.6
Join the world’s most popular Blackjack Game and play live withrealplayers!Forget all you know about Blackjack and othermultiplayerstrategy games. Blackjack Legends is the mostcompetitive andaddicting game out there! The adrenaline rush ofbeating liveplayers from around the world while mastering yourkills is simplyunbeatable. Think you’re the King of Vegas? Joinour community ofonline Blackjack players and get startedtoday!Special FeaturesPlayfor Free – Free chips every 4 hours andall features are totallyfree.Online Multiplayer Tournament –Compete with countless eliteBlackjack players around the world. Isyour strategy the best?UnlockAll 12 Locations – Level up to unlockhigh stakes tables from Vegascasinos to Rio.Continuous Play –Start playing Blackjack on yourphone, then continue playing onyour tablet.Facebook Connect Bonus –Pad your bankroll with $15,000additional chips when you connectyour account to Facebook!How toPlayBlackjack Legends is amultiplayer Blackjack game, where 3competitors have 6 rounds to winthe most chips. It’s that simple!Adapt your strategy to not justbeat the dealer, but outplay theplayers next to you as well.
Rummy Online - Ultimate Rummy Circle 1.75
Ciaolink Apps
Download now and enjoy world of Indian games in Rummy Online-Ultimate Rummy Circle, the best games for you! Let’s playRummy,Rummy Plus, Andar Bahar, Ludo and Teen Patti with yourfamily,friends and real players around the world anytime andanywhere andin your language! You can play in English or Hindi, allin the samegame!Let's check what makes Rummy Online - UltimateRummy Circlethe India's number one Mobile Game!*** Never run out ofChips***Initial chips: Download and get 150,000 free chipsforstart-upDaily Bonus: Get free chips at the firstlogineverydayOnline Bonus: Get up to 2 million free chips everyhour, noneed to online*** Play multiple games in one App***- RummyCircle:Traditional Indian Rummy card game. - Rummy Plus: NewbreakthroughRummy: Have you ever played Rummy? You like it? So youwill loveRummy+, the perfect combination of speed, strategy and alittle bitof luck to become the winner. An attractive game and veryeasy toplay, don't hesitate, take a seat and play now for free!-TeenPatti or Indian Poker is the best popular card game in Indiawhichis known as 3patti, 3 patti, three cards poker, 3 cardspoker,teenpatti, Flush or Flash, Tin Patti or 3 card Brag. The gameletyou play multiple variations including: + Classic: Play withlimitof Chaal and Pot + No Limit: Win big or lost all + Manyothersincluding: Poker, AK47, Roya...: More challenge, more fun!-AndarBahar also known as Katti or Mangatha is a traditionalIndianbetting game using a classic pack of cards and has winningodds of50/50. Love to try out your luck? Hesitate no more, downloadandplay now for free! Easy to play, easy to win!- Ludo: boardgameplayed between friends, family & kids. Recallyourchildhood!*** Other Key Features ***New user-friendlyverticalinterface offers you play game with one handcomfortablyCreateprivate table and play with your friendsWork wellon 2G and 3GMakefriends and follow friends in gameConnect withfriends easily:Invite, chat and play with your friends fromFacebook and otherplayersSending gift to friends is nevereasierBest support in game:Ready to support you anytimePlay in yourlanguage: this game isavailable in both English and Hindi. If youwant everything seen inHindi, check out options button!Note: Thisgame just simulates theoriginal games with virtual currency. Itdoes not offer real moneygambling or an opportunity to win realmoney or prizes. Chipsgained in the game cannot be used to get realmoney. Success atsocial casino gaming does not imply a successfuture at real moneygambling.
Court Piece - My Rung & HOKM
Court Piece is the cardgame whist inwhich eldest hand makes trumpsafter the first five cardshave been dealt, and trick-play istypically stopped after oneparty has won seven tricks. The game isplayed by four players intwo teams. It is also known as Hokm, Rung,Band Rung, Coat Peace OrKot Pees.It's Live, Online, Real-Time,Multiplayer card game whichyou can play with your family, friendsor peoples from all aroundthe world!THREE MODES:1. Single Sir :Game will be played with allbasic rules. The team who won seventricks wins the game.2. DoubleSir : Player must have to win twoconsecutive tricks until then thetricks pile up in the centre. Whena player does win twoconsecutive tricks, that player takes all thecards from thecentre. Player who wins the first two tricks cannotpick them up(but a player who wins the second and third tricks canpick up thethree tricks as usual).3. Double Sir With Ace : Playerwho wins twoconsecutive tricks with aces is not entitled to pickthem up. Thetrick with second Ace is not counted as winning trick.The playerwho played second highest card (after Ace) will getchance to leadnext trick. Awesome Features: 1. Extreme UserFriendly: Easy andrefreshing interface.2. Play With Your Friends:Locate your friendsand join their table with a simple click of abutton.3. Play OnTable: World's only 1 game which provides youfeatures to play onyour Favourite Table!4. Private Table: CreatePrivate Tables andplay with only invited players.5. Chat &Gift: Live in-gamechat and exchange gifts and have lots of fun.6.Works Fast On SlowInternet: Works smoothly on slow Internetconnection even like 2G.How To Win: Players must follow suit ifpossible, and the highesttrump, or the highest card of the suitled, takes the trick. Thewinner of a trick leads to the next trick.The team that wins sevenor more tricks wins the game. Contact Us:To report any issues withusage or tell us how we can improve, youcan send us message fromGame Feedback option or write [email protected]: In the Court Piece Multiplayer game you win or losechips. Thechips have no real cash value. The game does not involverealgambling. It is completely free. If you lose all your freechips,you can buy more chips to play. Practice or success atsocial gamingdoes not imply future success at real money gambling.
29 Card Game 1.24
★★★★★★★★★★DOWNLOAD now and receive $50,000 in chipsforFREE!★★★★★★★★★★29 Card Game is one of a group of SouthAsiantrick-taking games in which the Jack and the Nine are thehighestcards in every suit. It is almost certain that they aredescendedfrom the European family of Jass games, which originatedin theNetherlands. Probably they were brought to the Indiansubcontinentby Dutch traders.29 is usually played by four playersin fixedpartnerships, partners facing each other.32 cards from astandard52-card pack are used for play. There are eight cards ineach ofthe usual "French" suits: hearts, diamonds, clubs andspades. Thecards in every suit rank from high to low:J-9-A-10-K-Q-8-7. Theaim of the game is to win tricks containingvaluable cards. Thevalues of the cards are:Jacks - 3 pointseachNines - 2 pointseachAces - 1 point eachTens - 1 point eachOthercards (K, Q, 8, 7)no pointsThis gives a total of 28 points forcards. In someversions of the game, the last trick is worth anextra card point,for a total of 29: this total explains the name ofthe game. Mostplayers nowadays do not count the point for the lasttrick, but thename of the game is still 29, even when playing thisversion withonly 28 points.Traditionally, the Twos, Threes Foursand Fivesdiscarded from the full 52-card pack are used as trumpindicators:each player takes a set of these cards, one of eachsuit. The Sixesare used to keep score: each partnership uses onered and one blackSix for this purpose.FEATURES :★★★★★ Free chipsand a lot ofbonuses daily. ★★★★★★★★★★ Personalized profile withcustom avatars.★★★★★★★★★★ Beautiful graphics and luxurious casinos.★★★★★★★★★★Simple interface that's easy to navigate. ★★★★★★★★★★ 10RealLocation Tables to choose from ★★★★★
Indian Rummy 4.2
One of the most popular Indian card games, Indian Rummy isfinallyout on the google play store. Non stop Rummy fun isfinallyhere.Indian Rummy or Paplu as it is sometimes called, is acardgame with little variation from the original Rummy. It isnormallyconsidered a cross between Rummy 500 (500 Rum) and GinRummy. It isplayed with 13 cards and at least two decks andsometimesjokers(wild cards). Indian Rummy has evolved from aversion ofRummy of South Asia that goes by the name 'CelebesRummy'.Two kindsof sets are possible: a 'run' of consecutive suitedcards, andthree or four of a kind with no duplicate suits. Thebasicrequirement for winning a hand is at least two sequences, oneofwhich must be 'pure', i.e. made without anyjokers.Developedspecifically for the the Phone and Tablet with anintuitiveinterface, Indian Rummy will be a pleasure to play andpass timeanywhere, anytime. And guess what? Indian Rummy is FREE!Boredsitting at home or the subway? No problem, just launch IndianRummyand rack your brains and win!Play Rummy now with your friendson aprivate table, or a set of real people in Online Multiplayermode.We have developed Indian Rummy for a smooth gameplayexperience, apleasurable experience altogether.★★★★Features★★★★❖❖**NEW** Playwith upto 4 Players in Online & Private Tables❖❖Play with yourfriends on a Private Table❖❖ True multiplayer whereyou can playwith real people online in online multiplayer mode.❖❖VeryIntuitive Interface and game-play❖❖ Classic Styled IndianRummyCards❖❖ Free Chips to keep on playing❖❖ Adaptable intelligencewithsmart AI when playing against computerDownload Indian Rummyforyour phone and tablets today for hours of funFor any kind ofIndianRummy support, visit:
http://Ironjawstudios.comPlease don'tforgetto Rate and Review Indian Rummy, we aim to make Indian Rummyone ofthe best card games out there on the google play store.Note:Pleaseupdate to the latest version of the game for a smoothonlineexperience.
Canasta 1.33
Classic Canasta game featuring: - Single player andonlinemultiplayer - Challenging computers - Statistics - Severaldecks,including special Canasta decks - Change a color style of thegame- Landscape and portrait support - Fits phones, tablets andHDphones It's time to play Canasta!
Ultimate Junglee Rummy: Play Free Card Game Online 1.0.8
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*************The Hottest Online Rummy App has arrivedonAndroid******************* Ultimate Junglee Rummy by JungleeGamesis a FREE 3D card game to play Indian Rummy online. Enjoy the#1online rummy experience on your mobile – anytime and anywhereyouwish! Go head to head with LIVE players worldwide andengageyourself in mind-blowing mobile rummy action! You may loveTeenPatti, Bridge, Blackjack, Andar Bahar and Matka but the thrillofplaying Indian Rummy game is just too exhilarating! This is agameof skills where you need to use smart rummy tips and trickstooutwit your opponents and win the pot. The objective of the gameisto arrange all the 13 cards into Sequences and Sets. Thegameplayof Rummy for Android can be summarised as: 1) Pick a Cardfrom Openor Closed Deck 2) Discard a Card on the Open Deck 3) Format leasttwo Sequences like Ace2Three 4) Arrange the remaining cardsinSequences or Sets Once you complete the objective, discard acardon the Finish Slot to win the game. Play 13 Cards Points RummyandPool Rummy 201/101 with REAL players on the go! Meet newpeople,invite your circle of friends and socialise with your rummycircleover a game of classic rummy. The seamless gaming interfaceallowsyou to easily pick and arrange cards. You can either usetheadvanced game buttons or drag the cards to make sequence andsetson the touch screen. The gameplay is so smooth that you willfeellike playing real cards on your Android! The plethora ofawesomefeatures at Ultimate Junglee Rummy will make other AndroidRummygames look like deadwood cards. Check out the inimitablefeaturesthat you can only experience at Ultimate Junglee Rummytables: ♥First Person Game View ♥ Daily Bonus Credit ♥ Live In-gameChat ♥Easy Gaming Interface ♥ Invite Facebook Friends ♥LeaderboardContest Download the hottest multiplayer card game andget intoonline rummy action Today! Grab thousands of FREE chips andhaveunlimited fun at the tables – GET it NOW!
Multiplayer Belote & Coinche 6.0.10
The simplest and most complete multiplayer belote game onmobile!You can also play coinche, make friends on chat, create yourgames,challenge or play with other players. 300,000 playersalreadyregistered, join us! The friendly game now available onyourmobile! Since 2012, offers to more than40,000daily players a unique gaming experience. Dive into atropicalatmosphere with thousands of French players. Once you havetakenpart in the adventure, you will discover a universe conducivetofeel pleasures of daily play. Help us improve and evolve thegame,we are available via chat or Facebook page, to direct answerALL ofyour questions! So if you want to escape to a tropicalparadise, tomake new friends around a table playing cards like you,join us, weoffer you 1000 chips to start your journey. VARIATIONSWehavefocused on playability and speed time to make your moreintuitiveand enjoyable parts. You can easily play the two mostpopularvariants. Belote Classic: Probably the most played variantand mostaccessible for beginners, you will be joined by otherplayers atyour level in seconds. Coinche: For those looking formoresensation and strategy, this coinche is for you. Both variantsusethe official rules for the card game. MULTIPLAYERTeam up orcompeteagainst players from around the world, day or night. Youwill neverbe alone to start a game of belote or coinche. Ouralgorithm willmake you randomly placed on a table with players ofyour level. BEGINNERS Use "training mode" as much as you wantto learnand refine your skills. Create your own party against threerobotswith a successful artificial intelligence. RANKINGSYou'reacompetitor and you want to evaluate your level? Progressthroughthe various rankings to see who is the best player of cards.Thereare four types of ranking available on the application:-Classification "friends" - Classification "general"-Classification "monthly" - Classification"weekly" BONUSReceive free daily bonuses thanks to thedifferentparts: The wheel: Turn the wheel once a day to win up to1000coins. Totem: Complete the challenge of totem and earn 100tokens,up to several times a day. Gifts for friends: Get a maximumoffriends to send and receive chips for free games daily.InviteFriends: For each invited friend who installs theapplication, youearn a bonus of 100 chips. CHATThe chat is themeeting place forBelote players. Express your ideas, your thoughtson your latestparty and meet new people, find the right partner oropponent tostart the game. The chat also allows you to have privatechat witha friend and arrange a game with him with features "playagainst"and "play with".  LOBBYThe lobby is the launch pad foryourprivate or public parties. Click "create a table" to configureyourown party, add a password to have a private party. You canalsojoin a table at any positions as you want.Optimized for Intelx86mobile devices
Rummy 6.1
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Indian Rummy is one of the ★★BEST★★ Indian Rummy games on theGooglePlay Store, and the best thing about it is that itsfor★★FREE★★.Indian Rummy can now be played with other onlineplayers.More fun to all the lovers of the game.Indian Rummy is oneof thevery popular forms of Rummy played around the world.IndianRummyfeatures beautiful and smooth graphics and intuitivegame-play.Theobjective of the popular game Indian Rummy is to matchcards of thesame rank or sequence and same suit. The objective isto createmelds which consists of sets of three or four of a kind ofthe samerank, runs, or three or more cards in sequence of the samesuit.Towin a hand at Indian Rummy one must require a minimum oftwosequences, one of which must be "pure", that is, made withoutanyjokers. The other sequence may contain jokers. The other meldscanbe sets (three or four of a kind).Indian Rummy, which varieslittlefrom the standard Rummy game, is also called as Paplu in somepartsof India. ❖❖❖❖ Features❖❖❖❖✔✔ Online Multiplayer support✔✔Designedfor both Tablet and Phone.✔✔ Earn Free chips!!✔✔ CompletelyFree toPlay✔✔ Intuitive, smooth Graphics and Game-play✔✔ Smart AIwithadaptable intelligence✔✔ Create Private Room and Invite FriendsandFamilyPlease don't forget to review Indian Rummy! We would liketoknow your feedback.