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Maps for Minecraft PE 1.2.8
More than a hundred Maps for Minecraft PE (Pocket Edition) forgameonline through multiplayer. Advantages of our application:-Automatic installation of maps in one click - Big choice -Constantupdating of databases - Expanded description - CompletelyfreeTypes of maps: - Adventure - Survival - Creative - Passage-Parkour - Mission - Cities and Housing - Mini maps - Horror -Fortwo For applications not requiredBlockLauncher.---------------------------------- DISCLAIMER: Thisis anunofficial application for Minecraft Pocket Edition.Thisapplication is not affiliated in any way with Mojang AB.TheMinecraft Name, the Minecraft Brand and the Minecraft Assetsareall property of Mojang AB or their respectful owner. Allrightsreserved. In accordancewith
Maps for Minecraft PE 2.12
Kissapp S. L.
Have you ever wanted custom Maps for Minecraft Pocket Editiongame?This app lets you have those custom maps! Maps are downloadedandinstalled automatically so you can play on them withinseconds!With this app you can explore an amazing collection of theBestDatabase Maps for your Minecraft Pocket Edition game with thisapp!You will get the largest database maps ever available forMinecraftPocket Edition. This app contains thousands hand-pickedmaps withphotos and descriptions. We update Maps every hour and youcanaccess the most famous Maps in the world. Features: •ThousandsMinecraft Maps database • Easy download map andinstallation •Tablet & smartphone version • Images for everyminecraft map Itis the app with the most Maps in the entirePlayStore. We have allof them! We update the Maps for Minecraftevery hour and you willbe able to access the most famous MinecraftMaps in the world.Warning: Unofficial product. This application isnot approved noraffiliated with Mojang AB, its name, commercialbrand and otheraspects of the application are registered brands andthe propertyof their respective owners.
MoreMobs2 (Mcpe 1.0.0 mod) 10.0
This Mod adds 100 different Mobs to Minecraft pocket edition!!Includinghorses!!BEARS!!BIRDS!!RABBITS!!CROCODILES!!BEES!!ORESSPIDERS!!FISHING!!ELEMENTALCREEPERS !!MOBS THAT DON'T DESPAWN!!3NEW ORES!!!!Over 100mobs!!!SPAWN RANDOMLYName tags! !Watch thevideo to learn how toinstall this is not fake a virus or anythingbad!!!To use this modyou need the following MinecraftpeBlocklauncher And this app!!