Top 49 Games Similar to Bottle Shoot VR

VR Space Stalker
VR Space Stalker is a fascinating 360 VR space simulator thatallowsyou to use VR virtual reality glasses to immerse deeply intotheworld of space battles and adventures without leavinghome.SpaceStalker – virtual reality game.Space Stalker VR game isa spacesimulator that will immerse you in an atmosphere ofdangerousadventures hidden in the depths of space. This is anopportunity foryou to try yourself as a spaceship pilot in the dimand distantfuture. Adrenalin chases through asteroid fields,mysterious vaults,ancient artifacts, puzzles and arsenal ofdifferent weapons – thisis just a small part of what you can seefrom the cockpit of yourspace fighter. Prepare for more complextasks, upgrading your ship,and solve the mysteries of deepspace!360 VR emulator — 360 degreefreedom.Enjoy the authentic 3603D VR world, where anultra-realistic virtual reality withcarefully crafted sound anddetailed 3D graphics are mergedtogether. Here you are waiting forclear, bright and colorfulmodels and characters, as well ascomplete freedom and an absoluteunobstructed view of 360 degrees(like 3D 360 degrees cinema).We’ve managed to create truly deep andrealistic space filled withinteresting details, exciting battlesand dangerous enemies.Fibrumis a new word in the sphere of VRgamesCompatible with VirtualReality (VR) glassesVR Cinemaapplication requires a virtualreality headset (GoogleCardboard-like): FIBRUM VR, ANTVR, CarlZeiss VR One GX, ColorCross,Cynoculars, Durovis Dive, Fove 0,FreeFly, Homido center (V2), MergeVR, Nibiru, Puyo Box, Refugio3D, Stooksy, Tepoinn 3D, VR KiX, VRSmartview, VR View-Master DLX,VRTRIA, VRTX One, Xiaomi VR 3DGlasses. In addition to the abovemodels, it is possible to use thevirtual reality headset and 3D /VR glasses of other samples andmanufacturers.VR games freetrialThe app implements a freemiumsystem. During the whole trialperiod, you can play absolutely free!If you like the app, registera promotion code or purchase the appto use the application to thefullest and get unlimited access toit. To do this, just go througha quick registration in FibrumPlatform.Fibrum VRDo you want toknow more about Fibrum VRapplications? Install and try our mostpopular 3D virtual realitygames (VRgames). Select one of the manyvirtual worlds: spaceshooters, westerns, crazy three-dimensionalraces, breathtakingrides, colorful and hilarious adventures aswell as horrors ofzombie apocalypse. We have a 360 VR experiencefor every taste!
Paroxysm Virtual Reality DEMO
First Person Virtual Reality Zombie Hell Game: Paroxysm.GET THEFULLVERSIONHERE:, your crew and chopper down.You can’t seem toremembermuch, and you think there should be more of your deceasedcrewaround.Maybe they are around… but they’re different now.Theyhave ahunger for flesh.Can you escape before they find you?NeedsaGamepad.GET THE FULL VERSIONHERE:
VR Roller Coaster: GALAXY 360 in Deep Space
Multiple VR rollercoaster like experiences set in outer-space.Feelthe speed as you drift through deep space and defy all lawsofgravity!Take a shuttle into space and see remote space stationsandgalactic structures from distant civilizations as you take aridein deep space.Get the roller coaster VR rides at multiplesitesacross the universe; here are some of the features offered bythisawesome VR app:👽 Many different rides👽 Works on GoogleCardboardand on devices without gyroscope👽 Ultra High Definition(HD)graphics👽 All rides features unique ambiance and solarsystemThisVR game also works without any gyroscope orcontroller.Defy gravityand experience the infinity of space in this360 virtual realityapp. Awsome game mode coming soon! Staytuned.Virtual Reality is somuch more immersive than a regularmobile app or event TV, seeingis believing as it's best describedas mounting a 360 theatre toyou head and seeing a total new worldcome to life as if you werethere.Join the ultimate VR team andtravel beyond remotedestinations in deep space for the ultimaterollercoaster rush.Pushing the needle to a new frontier of VirtualReality (VR)simulators, we build pixel perfect experiences for youto enjoywith or without a VR headset (goggles). In VR mode theexperienceis highly captivating through full 360 head tracking andin touchmode you don't need a headset and can simply use the VR appthroughtouch controls. Our smart software will allow you to viewthe VRexperience on devices with or without agyroscope.*)CompatibilityThis VR app is designed for Android mobilephonesusing Google Cardboard. Issues? Please check yourCardboardsettings. You can usually scan a QR code of your headsetto applysettings. Tested compatibility includes: Fove 0, VRView-MasterDLX, Carl Zeiss VR One GX, Homido (V2), Nibiru, XiaomiMi, FreeFly,VRTX One, Stooksy, Tepoinn 3D, VR KiX, Durovis Dive,Merge VR,Refugio 3D, FIBRUM VR, ANTVR, VR Smartview, ColorCross,VRTRIA. ForSamsung Gear VR support you will have to use either anemulator orsimple use Google Cardboard viewer.
EVO VR Infinity Space War
Shoot enemy ships, dodge asteroids, and fly through space tunnelsinthis immersive 3D, 360 degree space shooter built from theground upfor virtual reality. Made to work with all mobile VRheadsets, justslide in your smartphone and start shooting!Bluetooth gamepadsupport for both Android and iPhone (iCade) givesyou the bestexperience allowing you to control the ship with thegamepad and panthe area with your head movements. Features:-Immersive VR gameplay-Never ending levels with increasinglydifficult enemies- Detailed 3Dgraphics- Bluetooth gamepad supportfor Android- Bluetooth gamepadsupport for iCade (iOS)- EVO VRheadset and gamepad recommended-Checkout forthe latest games, products and more.
Zombie Shooter VR
A post-apocalyptic world full of blood-thirsty zombies iswaitingfor you. Choose your weapon, explore the deserted subwaytunnelsand keep your eyes peeled: mutants can attack any time!Inorder tostart the game, look at a weapon to select it and then lookat thedoor.Compatible with Virtual Reality (VR) glassesTheapplicationrequires a virtual reality headset (GoogleCardboard-like): FIBRUMVR, ANTVR, Carl ZeissVR One GX, ColorCross,Cynoculars, DurovisDive, Fove 0, FreeFly, Homido center (V2), MergeVR, Nibiru,PuyoBox, Refugio 3D, Stooksy, Tepoinn 3D, VR KiX, VRSmartview, VRView-Master DLX, VRTRIA, VRTXOne, Xiaomi VR 3DGlasses. In additionto the above models, it is possible to use thevirtual realityheadset and 3D / VR glasses of other samples andmanufacturers.360VR emulator — 360 degree freedom.Enjoy theultra-realistic 360 3DVR world with detailed graphics and carefullycrafted soundmergedtogether for the most immersive atmosphere.Puton yourVR-headset and experience an incredibly emotional adventureinvirtual reality.VR games free trialThe app implements afreemiumsystem. During the whole trial period, you can playabsolutelyfree! If you like the app, register a promotion code orpurchasethe app to use the application to the fullest and getunlimitedaccess to it. To do this, just go through a quickregistration inFibrum Platform.Fibrum VRDo you want to know moreabout Fibrum VRapplications? Install and try our most popular 3Dvirtual realitygames (VRgames). Select one of the many virtualworlds: spaceshooters, westerns, crazy three-dimensional races,breathtakingrides, colorful and hilarious adventures as well ashorrors ofzombie apocalypse. We have a 360 VR experience for everytaste!
VR Theater for Cardboard
=== CAPTATIO BENEVOLENTIAEThere is no company or money ofsortsbehind this app: it's something I do in my spare time. If youlikeit, consider leaving a review or at least ratingit.Riccardo===SALES PITCHAre you waiting for the perfect mediaplayer in properVR? Give this one a try, while you keepwaiting!Sporting greatfeatures, like:• plenty of bugs • sub-pargraphics • incomplete andout of date instructions• clumsy controls•limited features•embarrassing User Interface• limited movie formatscompatibility===SUPPORTCouch Games Software' on Google+: on Facebook: SALES PITCHEnjoy your own 2Dand 3D movies in a virtualcinema, for free (it also supportspanoramic 360° and 180° movies)!Full Virtual Reality: turn yourhead around and watch theenvironment.2 (honestly bare) 3Denvironments, and dozens ofphotographic ones to choose from.Theauthor is a nice guy.Works withall mp4 files (and with a bit ofluck other formats...), can playmovies from the web and otherapplications.He doesn't smokeeither.Supports many 3D movieformats, like SBS, Over/Under andRed-Cyan anaglyph, but playsnormal 2D movies as well.No ads, noin-app payments or statisticsgathering: 100% free for personaluse!He's a bit out of shapelately, but he started to workout.Doesn't require buttons on theheadset to work.Make yourself athome: check the "Options" menu andconfigure the theater as youlike!The movie represented on thevirtual screen ("Elephants Dream"(c) copyright 2006, BlenderFoundation / Netherlands Media ArtInstitute /, can be freely downloaded inboth SBS andover/under version at theURL:
SKYBOX VR Video Player
SKYBOX is an ultimate local VR video player for Daydream(AlphaVersion).Please send your suggestions and problems to theemailsupport@SKYBOX.xyzYou can streaming video from your UPnP/DLNAmediaservers in the same Wi-Fi. And can also,download and install PC client for using AirScreen,streaming yourvideo stored on your PC without having to transferthe video toyour phone. You no longer need to manually set thevideo format,such as 180° , 360° degrees video, or up and down,left and rightformat and so on. The video will be automaticallyrecognized thecorrect format when it is opened = Save yourlife!SKYBOX can playalmost any format video such as MP4, AVI, MOV,VR, 2D, 180° , 360°and so on. Streaming your video stored on yourPC without having totransfer the video to your phone. And excellentuser experiencemakes so easy that never been like this before. Youcan add videosthat are not displayed in other gallery apps but aredisplayed inSKYBOX VR to the hide folder. ( path is /Phonerootdirectory/SKYBOX/hide/ , /sdcard rootdirectory/SKYBOX/hide/).Features include:1. 2D, 3D, 180° , 360°Video Support.2.AirScreen: streaming local videos from PC to mobiledevices.3.Support streaming video from your UPnP/DLNA servers.4.3DSide-By-Side and Over-Under Video Support.5. Support ALLVideoFormat.6. 4K Local and Streaming Playback Support.7.Automaticrecognize video type (180° VR, 360° VR, 2D, or 3D).8.Beautifuluser interface and VR environment.9. Theater mode whilewatching 2Dand 3D videos.
VeeR VR - Virtual Reality
VeeR VR’s mobile app provides you with immersiveexperiencesaccessible through smartphones and headsets. You canenjoy andshare virtual reality/360-degree content anytime,anywhere.Offering streaming service to users from over 150countries, weconnect you to the world as soon as you hop on.
VeeRoffersyou:Discovery and streaming: You can find quality contentworldwideon our platform, and view VR/360 videos and photos infull-screenor split-screen viewUpload and sharing: With VeeR VR,you can nowupload VR/360 video and photos straight from your phone,and shareto mainstream social mediaQuick guide to VeeR:Findalgorithmicallypersonalized recommendations and staff picks on ourfront page,discover VR/360 content tailored to your interestsChecktheleaderboard on discovery page for popular channels, browsefeaturedplaylists, trending topics or surf by categoriesInteractwithcreators and other users, and participate in our giveawaysandeventsUpload your own work to your page, organize your channelbyfavoriting and creating new playlists; preload videos towatchlater on your accountHow loved our content is - our servershavebeen crashed by over 800,000 downloads per day duringholidayseason;Recognition we’ve received - we’ve been featured onAppStore’s front page in over 20 countries, as well as the frontpageof Google Daydream, Samsung Gear VR and HTC Vive;Over 10,000VR/360content creators share their work on VeeR - we work withWarnerBros., World Bank VR, Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation, tonamejust a few. Millions of VR enthusiasts are liking andsharingvideos and photos on VeeR every day.VeeR offers youeverything youneed to create quality VR content, includingdistribution platform,tools, support and know-how. Our product linealready includes:VeeRVR: Fascinating VR/360 global contentdiscovery and sharingplatformVeeR Editor: Powerful VR/360 photo& video editorOurmission is to make sharing VR easier than everbefore.
VR Center by Homido - Cardboard app
**Samsung Galaxy S 6/7/8 and Note 5/7/8 users: please make suretoenable WQHD+ display resolution in Settings > Display>Screen resolution > WQHD+ > Apply.**• Live FeedA newsfeedfeaturing the latest content for your virtual reality headset;thiscontent can be a VR game, an experience, a 360 video or anarticleagain. The Live Feed will be updated at least once a week,but canbe updated on a daily basis depending on the news andcontent.• TOP20 and the user voteThe VR Center Top 20 will bereviewed everyweek based on your votes; a ranking of applicationsand videos willbe presented as a TOP 20 illustrated with iconsindicating whetherthe content is up, down or stable compared tolast week. Thepurpose of this vote is to help us and you find thebest content invirtual reality. Unlike the Google Play and AppStore notes, thevotes within the app allow you to skip reviews ofthe users whoaccidentally stumble onto a VR application andreference itnegatively as a result of misunderstanding. Developersand userswill thus have a true idea of the popularity of theirexperiences.•Apps and Videos categoriesAll the experiences offeredin the VRCenter are filed by category. The catalog will of coursebeextended during the beta phase and a premium set of themostpopular content is also planned.Are you a developer? Donothesitate to submit your application to the• My AppsIndicated by the small icons atthe topright of the application, the “my Apps” section allows youto findand launch all the VR Center applications already installedon yoursmartphone. It’s a simple and effective way to find allitscontents in the same place.This function is available forAndroidsmartphones only.• BookmarksLocated in the side menu, itallows tofind all the experiences in the live feed as well as inthecategories. Each application or a video card gives youthepossibility to mark the content to find it later in thissection,at any time.By dragging an application card to the left,you canaccess this card or delete it from the Bookmarks page.•DynamicsearchYou can start a dynamic search at any time by typingin thefirst three characters of the content you are looking for.Theresults will be displayed instantly in the form of cards,givingyou access to the experiences.• Facebook ConnectTo ensurethatvotes are counted and that no votes are doubled, the VR CenterusesFacebook’s unique authentication. Only the email addressisrequired for the sole purpose of identifying the user, nootherinformation from your Facebook account is used.• Sharingthroughthe VR CenterIt allows us to notify an application or a 360videoto be added in the VR Center. This function is very simple touse:press the Share button and share through the VR Center.Aftertesting or viewing, we may add the proposed content.• Expertmode Aspace reserved for those who are familiar with morecomplexapplications, technical articles and exclusive tutorials.VRCenteris compatible with all virtual reality headsets forsmartphonesincluding:Homido, Durovis Dive, Freefly VR, Merge VR,Gear VR (viatips), VR Box, Shinecon, Dodo case, Daydream View,Dlodlo, VR One,Cardboard, Noon VR, Bobo VR etc.All of the brandnames or productnames used are the registered marks of theirrespective owners.
Cardboard puts virtual reality on your smartphone. The Cardboardapphelps you launch your favorite VR experiences, discover newapps,and set up a viewer. Try out a set of included demos as well•Earth:Fly where your fancy takes you on Google Earth.• Tour Guide:VisitVersailles with a local guide.• My Videos: Watch your videoson amassive screen.• Exhibit: Examine cultural artifacts fromeveryangle.• Photo Sphere: Look around the photo spheresyou'vecaptured.• Arctic Journey: Fly alongside Arctic terns, createyourown flower garden, relax under the northern lights andmore.Tofully enjoy this app you'll need a Cardboard viewer. Learnmore andget your own Cardboard viewer at yourexperience through our Google+ communityat using this app you agree to beboundby our Google Terms of Service (GoogleToS,, Googles general PrivacyPolicy(, andtheadditional terms below. This app is a Service as defined intheGoogle ToS and the terms regarding software in our Servicesapplyto your use of this app.Do not use this app while driving,walking,or otherwise by being distracted or disoriented from realworldsituations that prevent you from obeying traffic or safetylaws.
Google Expeditions is a virtual reality teaching tool that letsyoulead or join immersive virtual trips all over the world — getupclose with historical landmarks, dive underwater with sharks,evenvisit outer space!Built for the classroom and small groupuse,Google Expeditions allows a teacher acting as a “guide” toleadclassroom-sized groups of “explorers” through collections of360°and 3D images while pointing out interesting sights alongtheway.Features:• Guide classroom-sized groups of locallyconnectedusers from your phone or tablet.• Explore along with aguide inimmersive VR by putting your Android phone into a GoogleCardboardviewer ( or use an Android tablet orphone in2D “magic window” mode.• Connect devices over the same WiFinetwork- if the Guide has downloaded some Expeditions, there isnointernet connectivity required to run the Expedition!• Choosefroma growing list of over 200 Expeditions - each one is a curatedsetof VR imagery along with integrated descriptions, talkingpointsand questions.By using this app you agree to be bound by ourGoogleTerms of Service (Google ToS,,Google’s general PrivacyPolicy(, andtheadditional terms below. This app is a Service as defined intheGoogle ToS and the terms regarding software in our Servicesapplyto your use of this app.Do not use this app while driving,walking,or otherwise by being distracted or disoriented from realworldsituations that prevent you from obeying traffic or safetylaws.
VR X-Racer - Aero Racing Games
VR X-racer is VR version of X-Racer having 2 modes (hand moderaceand virtual reality mode race). It was selected as Top 10BestVirtual Reality Games on Android 2016 by andreceivedthousands of compliments worldwide:“VR X-Racer is anoutstandingracing game for crazy game lovers. It’s a pretty timekiller game.Once you played this game you can’t stop playing” - VRX-Racer afun loving addictive game – Top Best Free Apps.“World-classUniversal Racing Game - If you are an expert in playinggame likeracing category then VR X-Racer is a one-stop destinationforracing game lovers” – Aoneapps.“ An entertaining game thatcouldeasily become addictive” – the manymore…▶FEATURE ✴ Multicolor themes✴ Superb graphics quality✴Virtualreality (VR) and hand modes✴ Increasing Difficulty- EndlessRace✴Stunning 3D visuals effects✴ Collect credits andpurchasespaceships▶ STORYIn this game, we will be in star war 3,when UFOspaceship attack our Earth, we step up on a jet, bringmissileslike in battle Los Angeles, fly up, and join the right sidetoprotect what belongs to us.The airway is very difficultanddangerous. You need to avoid many obstacles around. Be careful,ifyou are playing VR mode, you could fall down toground.That'sincredible when you play VR Racing game with a VRGlass of SamsungGalaxy S7. Very awesome!Enjoy the game for bravex:racer!Note: Thisgame VR X:Racer is well compatible for all mobiledevices. The mostUnlimited VR Racing game ever, try hard andfeeling rush!DTAMobileLike us: us:@DTAMobile
Perfect Burger VR
Perfect Burger VR is a free virtual reality game.Also you canfindthe game forGearVRhere: a fast-food van. Many customers drop by to try youramazingburgers. Challenge your cooking skills, make the best burgerin theworld! There are many ingredients in front of you, becarefulchoosing the right staff you want to put in your burger. Youcanplay this VR game using VicoVR Controller if you want fullbodymotion version of the game. Or you can play it like anyothercardboard game in any virtual reality headset you like.Werecommendplaying this game with VicoVR Controller to move yourwhole body invirtual worlds. More info here:
!!!! Make sure that you have a controller beforeyoudownload!!!!!For more information about controllersvisit: questionshere: updates on v2, follow us ontwitter:@Southpac_coEmulated: Pylons VR is the first of the seriesof VRgames designed for mobile devices using Google Daydream(Cardboard)technology. Please note that Daydream controller is notcompatiblefor this game.Game is set in future when humanity existsin acyberspace. As an operative you are assigned a mission tocapturecommunication pylons in a city infested byVektorbots.Version 1includes 6 missions with unique maps + Trainingmission. Features:-Story driven game- Advanced, futuristicshooting- Elements ofquest- Cyber punk style graphics andenvironment- Most remotebluetooth controllers supported- Gamepadbuttons wiring systemWorkswell with: - Google Daydream view (withNFC disabled)- Homido VR-Xiaomi Mi VR Play- BOBOVR- VR BOX- ZeissOne Plus- Freefly VR-FIIT- ShineconHow to playCardboard:1. Makesure that you have theController connected and paired (Connectingcontroller)2. Launchthe EMULATED: Pylons VR and click on"Controller Setup"3. Followthe instructions on screen to set upyour controllerDaydream:1.Daydream controller is not supported soyou would need to have 3rdpart bluetooth controller2. Make surethat you have the Controllerconnected and paired (Connectingcontroller)3. Turn off the NFC onyour phone to be able to launchcardboard app in Daydream View(Playing Cardboard apps on DaydreamView)4. Launch the EMULATED:Pylons VR and click on "ControllerSetup"5. Follow the instructionson screen to set up yourcontrollerEnojy!
Jurassic Roller Coaster VR
This little virtual reality (Cardboard) simulation offers youtheopportunity to ride a roller coaster for free!This 360° and3Drollercoaster contains …-> a looping!-> steepslopes!->dinosaurs!Furthermore you can …-> choose betweentwoenvironments.-> adjust the graphics to increasetheperformance.With every round the game gets faster and fasterandmore extreme! There is no speed limit!
VR Haunted House 3D
VR Haunted House is famous for the paranormal activities whichtakesplace inside. The abandoned house has mystical events and theheroneeds courage to enter here. You should protect the housefromrestless guests and unusual monsters. A hard mission isawaitingfor you. Important: Samsung Galaxy S8, S8+ and Note8 users,pleasemake sure to enable WQHD+ resolution to prevent crash andplay thegame in best settings. Settings > Display > Screenresolution> WQHD+ > APPLYThe application is totally free. HOWTO PLAY:-It is very easy. Wherever you look, you go there. Thepointer onthe center of the screen will be firing automatically onzombies.Just aim them and shoot. You can use magnet sensor to stop&examine the place around you.- You can play the game byusingGamepad / Bluetooth controller.Please vote for our app so thatwewill be adding more VR apps and develop it better.
Fulldive VR - Virtual Reality
Fulldive Virtual Reality is a SocialAll-in-OneVR Platform. It is compatible on both Cardboard andDaydreamheadsets.Note: If you are using Daydream, you cannot access Fulldivebyclicking on Fulldive's icon. Instead, you can accessFulldivethrough the Daydream app and through Daydream'sLibrary.What is Fulldive?Fulldive is a 100% user generated virtual reality (VR) contentandnavigation platform. It is also a social platform that allowsyouto follow what your friends watch, react, and comment on, andshareyour favorite reacted videos. Fulldive allows you to browseandview a new generation of media, such as watching 3D and 360photosand videos, and also browse the Internet like neverbefore.Search over one million videos and play over 500 games in ourVRMarket. Our content is exponentially growing!All of Fulldive’s content is from approved sources such asYoutube,Youku, and Facebook which prohibits adult/mature contentshownpublicly.Fulldive VR app works with any Virtual Reality viewer,includingGoogle Cardboard VR or Daydream headset. Join us, andexplore thefuture of media with Fulldive.Features:➢ YouTube: Stream all YouTube videos in VR➢ 3D YouTube: Stream 3D YouTube videos in VR➢ 360 YouTube: Stream 360 YouTube videos in VR➢ VR Video Player (2D/3D Player): Play all videos on your phonelikein a movie theater➢ VR Browser : Browse anything on the internet in VR➢ VR Camera : Take pictures in VR➢ VR Photo Gallery : Store and access your pictures and videosinVR➢ VR 360 Photo Gallery : Store and access your 360 photos➢ VR Store, Market and Launcher : Browse for new apps and accessallVR applications on through VRUpcoming features:➢ Mixed Reality Apps➢ Fulldive Bolt : Stream your computer screen in VRNOTE:If you are having issue with screen drifting or shifting leftandright, please calibrate your device's sensor by following thestepsin the linkbelow: Fulldive?Fulldive is a virtual reality platform for the masses. Gone arethedays when you need to be sitting in front of a screen to watchamovie. There’s no need to be paying thousands for a 3D TVorprofessional gaming gear to enjoy the movies, video games,andvideos you love.Mission for the FutureOur mission is make the world accessible through virtual reality.Wealso want VR to be available and affordable to everyperson.Technology of the FutureWith a humble and diverse background, the Fulldive teamispassionate about making VR accessible to everyone.Disclaimer:- Since Fulldive content is user-supplied, it may contain matureoradult content.- Discomfort or motion sickness may happen as a result ofusingFulldiveFAQ (Frequently Asked Questions)- I am stuck on the set up/tutorial page. How do I go insidetheapp?Press the "Skip" button on the bottom right of the tutorialscreenor enable screen-rotation on your phone settings- Stuck on the Orange circle.Your phone does not have a gyro sensor. You need to change toaphone that has a gyro sensor to fully use the app.- DriftingGo to your phone settings - and re calibrate themagnet/gyrosensor.- I don't see anything on the application.Uninstall and reinstall the app, but now, you should allowallpermissions. This allows Fulldive to play content from yourphonein VR.For more QA, visit our Forum at:
Androids Dream (Cardboard VR)
Androids Dream is a VR experience, a ride over a cyberpunkcitylargely inspired by a famous SF movie (a tribute). You are inaflying car and you have just to enjoy the ride until you land onafuturistic tower
VR Thrills: Roller Coaster 360 (Google Cardboard)
The ultimate VR Roller Coaster experience. NEW &UPDATEDversion: one of the most popular VR games just got evenbetter with3D fantasy ride & alien music ride!Samsung Galaxy S8(+) usersplease make sure to enable WQHD+ resolution for thebestexperience. Settings > Display > Screen resolution >WQHD+> APPLYThis game features multiple Virtual Reality (VR)RollerCoaster rides. You're ultimate attraction / theme park VR appisone install click away. Download it now for free.VR nogyroscope?Noworries we got you covered. If you have a devicewithout anygyroscope sensor please tilt your head left or right torotate theview. You do not control the vr rollercoaster, but canview 360degrees during you ride.Multiple ridesWhy settle for onerollercoaster if you can enjoy many? Swing by your very ownrollercoaster park and going to be like being the tycoon of yourowntheme park and picking your own roller coaster ride when everyoufeel like it!The rides come in different tastes and thrilllevelfrom all over the world. Pick a more classic cedar rollercoasteredition or take the fastest high speed crazy ride anddiscover atwhat point you'll get queasy.We offer both recorded 360videos ofreal rollercoaster rides and NEW an amazing interactive 3Drollercoaster ride in a fantasy world that will make your jawdrop!The360 video rides come from real life footage making this arollercoaster simulation that is as real as any simulator can get.Sodownload this free VR game now and have your own attraction parkinyour pocket when ever you feel like taking a roller coaster foraspin. Experience the roller coaster racing down the track attopspeed in full 360 VR.Latest ridesNew in the 2017 a groundbreakingnew 3D VR roller coaster ride that interacts with livemusic. Theall new Alien Music Ride puts you an a both relaxing andhigh speedride that interacts and visualizes music. The track hasfast ansslow sections and the blend into the environment makes itfeel liketaking a wingsuite our for a drive on a alien planet.Musicallyspeaking your going to love this as you can first pick agenreincluding Pop, R&B, or Dance en then start your ridealignedwith the music. Please note that where the ride mentions 3Din thetop corner of the tile the ride will offer a true 3dexperience, aswhere it mentions Video the ride will be streamedthrough onlinevideo which requires an online Internetconnection.CompatibilityTheVR app is optimized for Android mobilephones and the use of GoogleCardboard. We aim to support cheap andhigh-end devices. If youhave issues correctly displaying the rideon your headset pleasefirst check if you enabled the Cardboardsetting for your devicecorrectly. You can usually scan a QR code toautomatically enablethe setting for your headset. Our knowncompatibility includes:VRTX One, Stooksy, VR KiX, Durovis Dive,Merge VR, Refugio 3D,ANTVR, VR Smartview, ColorCross, VRTRIA,FIBRUM VR, VR View-Master,Nibiru. Please contact us if you have anyissues.Furthermore youcan use this app to enjoy the rides withoutany VR headset throughtouch controls as well.If you like VR appsand games, andspecifically thrilling VR Roller Coaster rides thenthis is a mustdownload for you. 5, 4, 3, 2, 1... Get into the VRgroove and claimyour free VR RollerCoasternow!________________________________Find more on your AR /VRDiscovery and join us on social media:- Like us on Facebook-Viewour videos on YouTube- Follow us on TwitterCopyright2017-2018Rabbit Mountain Entertainment Ltd. All rights reserved.
Deep Space Battle VR
The ultimate VR space shooter, Deep Space Battle Cardboard VR isnowbetter than ever and 100% free. Become earth’s mightiest herointhis fast-paced virtual reality shooter game made exclusivelyforGoogle Cardboard VR. In this action-packed dogfight battlegame, useyour wits and your weapons as a lone space pilotdefending againstthe invasion of the Shadow Fleet. Experienceimmersive virtualreality flight through a colorful galacticlandscape while blastingenemy ships. FEATURING:* VR FIRST *Thisspace shooter is designedexclusively for Cardboard VR to offer themost immersive virtualreality experience. *100% FREE *We heardyou, no more In AppPurchases! All Ships, All Levels - absolutelyfree. * NO CONTROLLERREQUIRED *Once you get an enemy in yoursights, your ship willauto-fire. It couldn’t be easier to blastyour enemies away. *ACTION PACKED *The best dogfight battle spaceshooter available forCardboard VR. Experience the best quality VRscreen shatteringeffects that will blow you away. * CUSTOMIZE YOURRIDE *Choose from6 sleek ship designs, each with their own uniquereticle and statsso you can optimize for your play style.
BattleGun VR is a FPS you can play on singleplayer ormultiplayer,with or without VR Headset, with or withoutBluetoothcontrollerFind billions of other players for your onlineparty : with BattleGun VRgold: have a gyroscope to be compatible.Description ofmodes-Singleplayer: Fight against waves of enemies stronger andfaster.-Multiplayer for 8 playersmax:      > COOP : Likethesingleplayer mode, you fight in cooperation withfriendssuccessives waves of enemies. You can shoot your friends iftheyare not the same colorofyou.      > VERSUS:Teamdeathmatch mode, you fight against the others players bycolorteam, the first team which has 10 points wins the game.Play in8maps : - Training room- Forest- Castle- Maze- Winter-Spaceship-City- RoomDescription of controls:- VR Headset +Bluetoothcontroller (recommended) : Move your VR Headset to seearound you.Move your character, jumping and shooting with thegamepad.- VRHeadset type Cardboard V2 or Homido mini : Move your VRHeadset tosee around you. Press action button to shoot, keep pressfor walk.Tilt your smartphone to the right or left to strafe. Youcan notbackward and jump. WARNING with the Cardboard V1, or aheadset witha magnet button, you will not be able to walk.-Bluetoothcontroller + smartphone fixe to the controller : Moveyoursmartphone to see around you. Move your character, jumpingandshooting with the gamepad.- Smartphone : ​Move your smartphonetosee around you. Press screen to shoot, keep press for walk.Tiltyour smartphone to the right or left to strafe. You cannotbackward and jump.Each player can use his owne control forthemultiplayer games.For multiplayer games, all smartphones mustbeconnected in wifi:- Either connected in local network- Eitherusingone of the smartphones in wifi hotspot and connecting theothersmartphones on it (see Tip 3)This game is compatible with allVRheadphones (with a bluetooth controller if the headset hasnoaction button).Examples of compatible headphones:- Homido-Archos-Dive- FreeFly- VRBox- Cardboard- ...~~~~ Coming soon ~~~~-NewArena- New Weapons- New enemies~~~~ Tips ~~~~1/ If you haveasecond smartphone, you can turn it into bluetooth controllerwiththe application "BT Controller"2/ If the RV rendering isblurred,BattleGun VR is compatible with the QRCode for VRHeadphones. Makesure you scan the right QRCode or build yourown( the steps to play direct wifi between 2 smartphones (S1andS2)- In S1 settings, start "Hotspot WIFI"- With S2, displaythelist of WIFI connections and connect to S1- Launch BattleGun VRonthz 2 smartphones and launch "Multiplayer"- Launch server onS2-Launch client on S1- Good game !
Discover the best VR content from the world’s finest VRcreators—allin a single app. From gripping tales set in worlds ofpureimagination to documentaries taking you further inside thenews thanever before, WITHIN brings together premium, story-basedimmersivecontent in a variety of genres. Download WITHIN andexperience thefuture of storytelling today.-Watch popular contentlike the Mr.Robot Virtual Reality Experience, which brings youinside a keymoment in the history of the hit show’s maincharacter-Works withGoogle Cardboard and GoogleCardboard–certified viewers-Justdownload the WITHIN app, thendownload individual videos and insertyour phone into the viewer towatch-Also works on your phone,without a viewer--your devicebecomes a “magic window” into the 360°VR experience as you move itaround you to see the scene-Be sure touse headphones or earbudsfor realistic 3D spatial VRaudio-Experience innovative,entertaining, and informative contentfrom partners includingApple, The New York Times, NBC, Vice Media,the United Nations,Annapurna Pictures, musical acts like U2, Muse,and Squarepusher,plus much more
Plex VR
• Stream shows, movies, and videos from your Plex Media Server orafriend's• Simultaneously watch TV and movies together (up to4friends) with voice chat and synced video• Full supportfor360°/180° and 3D videos• Three interactive scenes, includingaluxury apartment, void, and a drive-in theater• Save andplayvideos directly from your device• Personalize your avatar andnametag color• Point and click to play, or grab videos from themenu toreview the cover art and more. You can even place a videonext toyou to watch later!NOTE: for the Gear VR version of thisapp,please find us on the Oculus Store.Experience your mediaindazzling and interactive virtual reality with Plex VR. Youcaneasily watch together with friends using voice chat,customavatars, and your choice of customizable environments.Plex VRtakesall the movies, TV shows, and home movies from your PlexMediaServer and launches them into virtual reality. With supportfor360° and 3D videos, Plex VR delivers an amazingentertainmentexperience right to your Google Daydream headset. Anymovie, TV orhome video content on any server you control or that’sshared withyou is available in Plex VR. It’s the most social,interactive,local, and streaming video experience in VR today!Learnmore aboutPlexPlex Pass required for access to Drive-in theatre andforWatching Together after one week free trial period.NOTE:REQUIRESPLEX MEDIA SERVER VERSION 1.8.1 OR HIGHER (AVAILABLE FORFREE AT INSTALLED AND RUNNING TO STREAMMEDIAFROM A COMPUTER. DRM-protected content, ISO disc images,andVIDEO_TS folders are not supported.Plex VR requires a DaydreamViewHeadset and Compatible Android Phone:Google PixelGooglePixel2Google Pixel XLZTE Axon 7ASUS ZenFone 3 DeluxeMotorolaMotoZMotorola Moto Z ForceHuawei Mate 9 ProPorsche Design Mate9ASUSZenFone ARSamsung Galaxy S8 (Daydream only, go to the OculusStorefor Gear VR)Samsung Galaxy S8 Plus (Daydream only, go to theOculusStore for Gear VR)Samsung Galaxy S9 (Daydream only, go totheOculus Store for Gear VR)Samsung Galaxy Note 8 (Daydream only,goto the Oculus Store for Gear VR)LG V30
VR Tunnel Race Free (2 modes)
The most exciting VR racing game ever. Download now andexperiencetunnel vision as an astronomer!! Best VR RPG you canfind!! Put onyour oculus rift and try more vr games with VR TunnelRaceImaginehow terrifying yet exciting at the same time once youare trappedin a condensed environment like one in a black hole. Youare anastronomer - a racer too, after a time traveling in space,yousuddenly got trapped in a weird tunnel. It hypnotizes youwithmulti colors. Be careful, Tunnel Racer!Could it be a timetunnel?What kind of multi colored tunnel is this? Is it possiblethat youcan find a real time tunnel instead of those same oldboring starsyou always see? Whatever the hell this vr tunnel is,you arestucked and there is only one uncertain way out, partlyvirtualreality. Panicking and excited, you climb into one of thenearbyspaceships. The speed was already set. You are ready for arollercoaster experience. Your exciting mission now is just toglidethrough time and space in a tunnel vision by tilting yourphone/your cardboard. The black hole distorted your mind. It is avirtualreality experience, tunnel vision. All the trapped lightinsidecreated an explosion of color, a virtual reality view.Contrary tothe pitch black you thought about black hole, the insidewas multicolored. To get out, it feels as if you are in the movieseriesfast and furious. Only with tunnel vision. This VR game VRTunnelRace is not for those with a soft heart; it’s for realsoldiers. Ifyou think you have enough mentality, or a fan of rollercoaster,tunnel racer, climb on your vr spacecraft. This vr game isno joke.You will die and collide. You will be shattered. It isdangerous.You will suffer from nausea to get out of this timetunnel. Yet youwill never be defeated. You can always try again.Try hard toescape with your roller coaster ride. Play this vr rpggame now fora virtual reality experience. One of the best vr gamesyou canfind. Try the cardboard app now. Download VR Tunnel Race Nowandenjoy one of the most exciting vr games ever!! DTA MobileLikeus: us: @DTAMobile
Sites in VR
Ercan Gigi
Virtual tours of landmarks from Turkey,Egypt,Saudi Arabia, Syria, Morocco, Kuwait, Yemen, Macedonia,Holland,Belgium, France and Space. Examine the marvels ofIslamicarchitecture, visit mosques, tombs, palaces of sultans,museums,inns, baths, castles, towers, old houses, squares, parks,nature,religious sites, ancient cities, space and other places withmorethan a thousand 360 degree panoramic images in high quality. Goupthe Eiffel tower, go inside the Egyptian Pyramids and evenvisitMars! You will feel as if you are there...No gyroscope or compass needed!BONUS: You can now use this app to setup your viewer for allotherVR apps too! It has an integrated QR code scanner and evencorrectsfor wrong screen-size issues. Normally, people will useGoogle's"Cardboard" app to setup their viewer. But if your phonedoes nothave a gyroscope, "Cardboard" app can't be installed. Inthat casethis app is the only alternative you have to setupyourviewer!Even if you don't have a QR code, you can setup your viewer byusingone of the many viewer presets. Viewer presets are availableforthese viewers: Google Cardboard (version 1 and 2), Gear VR,VRIZZMORevolt, DCSVR (I Am Cardboard), Homido (mini), Ant VR,Go4DC1-Glass, Small Mojing, VR fold, Wearality Sky, Durovis Dive 5,VRBOX, Baofeng Storm II, ColorCross VR, Nibiru/Soyan/..., GeeachandRitech 3D.If there is no preset for your viewer, or you simply want toimprovethe perceived quality, you can use the unique VR settingsoption.You can make corrections on the eye separation, verticalcenter,screen to lens distance, barrel distortion, chromaticaberration andfield of view.3D Panoramas: Normal panoramas are projected on a distantsphere.This makes them easier for the eyes to watch. On the otherhand,stereoscopic panoramas are much more realistic. If watchingastereoscopic panorama makes you feel dizzy, you can turnoffstereoscopic mode form the settings.No stitching errors: Utmost care is given to producepanoramaswithout stitching errors. Even when you look to theground, wherenormally the tripod stand, you will not see anyerrors. This isalso true for the many stereoscopic (3D) panoramas.Many will notknow this but producing an error-free stereoscopicpanorama of areal-life scene (not rendered), that feels right whenyou look atit... is very hard! Countless hours are put intomakingthese.Note on "Gear VR": You have to pull up the USB connector andclampthe phone underneath. Don't connect the USB port as thatwouldautomatically switch the phone to the Oculus menu.Tips:- Move your mobile device around and see the environment as ifyouwere holding a camera.- You can use your fingers to pan around or zoom in- and out.- Tap the screen to see the hotspots (if any). Tapping thehotspotswill move you to that location.- To prevent screen rotation keep your finger on the screenwhileturning the device.- When in VR mode in a place, look down to exit.- When in VR mode, if the scene is turning by itself, leavethedevice on the table for about 30 seconds. This willtriggerauto-calibration of the gyroscope sensor.
Cardboard Camera
Capture and share moments with virtual reality (VR) photos.VRphotos let you experience scenery and sound in every directionandin 3D, making near things look near, and far things look far.Fromvacation travels to family get-togethers, capture the momentwithCardboard Camera and relive it in VR. To experience your photosinVR, place your phone into a Google Cardboardviewer(
VaR's VR Player PRO
The PRO version of VaR's VR Player, the ultimate VR player withfullcontrol and all modes to get the most immersive virtualrealityexperience.Featuring:- Head tracking for all devices, withorwithout gyroscope, with real time response.- All videomodessupported, enjoy any video with your virtual reality headset.2D or3D, 180º or 360º, side by side, over under or play like aregularvideo player with the No VR mode.- Full control, allparameters youneed with an easy to use UI. Eye distance, lenscorrection, fieldof view, vertical position, brightness, saturationor aspect ratioamong many others.- Streaming. Take advantage of thenew built-innetwork browser with support for SMB and UPNP or enterany HTTPurl.- VR Controls, enable in the settings screen to adjustallsettings with your vision in an immersive way. Even supportedinStatic modes with the auto-lock feature.- Image viewer withsupportfor normal and stereoscopic pictures.- Subtitles in .srtformat andmultiple audio tracks.- Remove ads option.
VaR's VR Video Player
VaR's VR Video Player is the ultimate VRplayerfor virtual reality and 3D videos that gives you fullcontrol andsupports all modes.Configure any parameter of our VR player with its intuitive UIandget the most immersive virtual reality experience.Featuring:- Perfect head tracking response, enjoy a true VR experiencewithreal time movements.- Control all display parameters, eye distance, lenscorrection,field of view (zoom), brightness, saturation, contrastor seekvideo position.- Support for all modes, including: Stereoscopic side byside,stacked, 180º and 360º, panorama 180º or 360º and of course,normalvideos.- VR Controls. Change any setting by looking to it in animmersiveway.- In-app browser with thumbnail generation for video preview.- Supports all formats, including full HD mp4 videos.- Subtitles support. Auto detect .srt files when they have samenamethan video file or browse for a specific one.- Network playing (http or LAN). Select any file with yourbrowseror favorite file explorer and open it with VaR's VRVideoPlayer.- Reset view option. Recenter camera to your currentlookingdirection, a perfect way to watch movies no matteryourposition.- Static and float modes for non spherical videos. Watch videoslikea VR Cinema or without head tracking.INFO: Google Cardboard or compatible Virtual Reality headsetisrequired for an optimal experience.
ARTE360 is the mobile app from the European cultural networkARTEfor immersive and interactive experiences in 360°-video andvirtualreality. Imagine stepping inside a movie, being able to seethescenes unfold all around you as if you were there. Look aroundbysimply moving the device or swiping. For total immersion thedevicecan be switched into VR mode, and when inserted into acardboard VRholder, your phone can be used as your own VirtualReality headset.The content is regularly and continuouslyupdated.ARTE360 is thefirst mobile broadcasting platform dedicatedto distributeimmersive, interactive, narrative cinema experiencesin 360 degreeand Virtual Reality. ARTE360 is part of the ARTEbrand, aGerman-Franco TV broadcast station that promotesprogramming in theareas of culture and the arts.Cinematic VRpowered by LiquidCinema™
Go VR Player -3D 360 cardboard
Go VR Player is a free and powerful vr player app that supportsallmodes including panoramic 360°videos ,2D and 3D videos (halfsideby side ). You can watch 3D\2D\360°movies in the phone ornetworkstreaming files you can find ,and even we recommendwonderful vrvideos(Virtual Reality videos)every week in VR+ . morewonderfulcontent in VR+ waiting for You! You must try it then youknow whati say ! All your need is a VR / Virtual Reality headsetsuch asgoogle cardboard then you can enjoy the Virtual Realitytravel ,ORmove your phone around without a headset like holding awindow intoanother world. ※Publish by The Best Video PlayerTechnology Companyin China Baofeng Tc.※*Features: Support360°videos - Support 2D/3Dvideos and photos .- Supported 3Dformats: side-by-side- Read localfiles or call up remote URL's.-See your device's videos in a newway.- Watch HTML5 Video from VR+.-Head tracking clicking system.-Support navigation and search.-Support all formats, including fullHD mp4 videos.- Support resourcedownload.* VR+ Introduction-recommend wonderful VR videos includingYoutube\Discovery\Littlstarand baofengmojing.- content includesexygirl\natural\adventure\Art\life\Adult VR\VRhorror\youtubevideo\discvery vr and so on.- You can search bt andseed as youlike ,we include btdigg and The Pirate Bay . ※TheSmallest and fastVR player ※ It's only 10m , use Seldom RAM,keepyour phonecool\Smooth and fast! If you need help, please contact We are glad to help you,Thank you!welcomevisitour websit : to download the govrplayer PROfor more better experience!
VR Maze Game
“VR Maze Game” is a 3D VR (Virtual Reality) maze game forCardboardheadsets.Features:- Experience the friendly gameatmosphere infirst person view!- Play normal mazes in randomorder!- Challengeyourself in a hardcore maze!- Adjust the graphicsfor the bestexperience on your smartphone!
VR player movies 3D
Virtual reality glasses experience serves as a unique andimmersiveexperience. Algod in a new adventure of your environmentandexplore things like you are already there in therealisticpossibility. Amazing thing is true? You can video, whichis locatedinside the phone without tiring easily through the videoplayer vr3d can run multimedia video player such as video andaviationadventure ship and watch movies advised to put the headsetfor bestexperimental run.The screen is divided into two parts inorder toenjoy watching movies vr box 360 ° also easily compatiblewith allvirtual reality glasses such as cardboard and all otherprotectivefreshness.You can go to a wonderful and amazing adventureyou canenter the virtual world.{How the application uses thedisplaymovies vr box}By downloading video from the Internet orfromYouTube then the player and watch movies player vr boxwithease. ✔ features the application of virtual reality✔✔supports sbs saw the best movies✔ compatible with alldefaultNdharat✔ supports 2D / 3D videos✔ support unlimited videolength✔Supports 3D formats along✔ supports 360 ° video✔ workswithoutInternet✔ very small size✔ easy to useIf the application youlikedo not forget rate 5 Stars,
iPlayIT for YouTube VR Player
iPlayIT is a simple SBS Video Player toplayany YouTube video in Side-by-Side (SBS) format through yourVRheadset. Experience watching them big in a virtual realitymoviescreen!It includes a web browser to pick videos directly from theyoutubesite. iPlayIT needs to be used with Cardboard, Gear VR orothersimilar VR Headsets. It does NOT require your phone to beDaydreamready. If you have a Daydream compliant phone, you can useGoogle'sYouTube VR app instead.It is NOT a Normal Video Player and is not meant for use withvideosthat are already in SBS mode, such as SBS 3D videos. It justplaysnormal YouTube videos in perfectly synced left-rightpairs.Depending on your device capabilities (such as gyroscope), itmayalso play VR 360 type videos as SBS.All content is powered by YouTube and the app does not carryanyvideos or recommendations. It does not require anydevicepermissions.Also checkout our ad-free SBS players for local video (iPlaySBSViewer) and for local photos (iPhotoVR) on Google Play.
VR Wrong Voyage for Cardboard
Requieres standard bluetooth gamepad and Virtual Reality HMDlikeGoogle Cardboard Designed as a standing experienceAftergettinglost in the wrong levels for an eternity I got a new unknownarea,where ancient constructions and technology meets without areason.Again the same questions unanswered. Who had built thisworldapparently abandoned? what was my role in all this? I have tofindout.Wrong Voyage is a fps/puzzle hybrid game, with aretrostyle.This game was created for the Global Archiact Jam2016Made byTeam FguillotineCompatible with:Google CardboardLakentoMVRHomidoVRArchos VRFibrumDive VRFreeFly VRGoogleCardboardVXMASKVoxter NeoVR1MIRVirtuality
KMPlayer VR (360degree, Virtual Reality)
KMPlayerVR is a newly released VR video player made byKMPlayer,which more than 300 million people around the worldchoose. You canexperience fabulous 360 degree 3D world anywhere,anytime just withKMPlayer VR! • A simple UI that can be easilymanipulated by anyone• 360 degree video playback • VR glasses mode• Full-screen mode(without VR devices) • URL playback: You canwatch VR videos on theweb just by its URL. • Support various VRformats such as mp4, mkv,mov and flv etc. • Support most VR headsetdevices includingSamsung gear VR, Oculus VR, Baofeng Mojing and MiVR, NOON VR, HTCVive, Maxtill Trans VR etc.This simple, lightweightKMPlayer VRwill bring you entirely different immersive virtualrealityexperience!*If you have any questions or want to report abug,develop suggestions or make a partnership proposal, pleasefeelfree to contact us at* Requiredpermissions• Storage: Permission for displaying the list of mediafiles in thestorage and for viewing and deleting information.
circusAR(Augmented Reality)
"circus AR" the Augmented Reality BrowserScanning can dowonders.Marvelous and sublime harmony of reality and virtualreality●How toUse circus AR1. Run the app and scan the object,directly facing itto the full screen of your device. (For apractice, scan the frontand back side of 1$ ~ 100$ bill) * JapaneseYen: 1,000 Yen – 10,000Yen * Chinese Yuan: 1 Yuan – 100 Yuan 2.After recognition,contents will be brought on with vibrations(please wait for amoment)(The downloading speed will be differentaccording to yourinternet speed and content size)3. Enjoy variousaugmented realitycontents already registered. (We are offering morethan 4,500 typesof contents – being updated continuously) ● HelpfulTips- Not allimages but the images registered at circusAR can berecognized bythe canscan the PCscreen or the printout)- Without the recognitionprocess, you candirectly enjoy the augmented reality from ARcontents List, 3D ModelView and AR Photo.* Run the app> Menu> Contents List, PlayMore > Select the content > displaythe content- For clearrecognition, scan the image or objectsdirectly facing them to thefull screen of your mobile device.-Internet connection isnecessary. We recommend 4G or LTE ratherthan WiFi.* Inquiry forContent Registration /+82-2-6261-2330●ApplicationFields of circusAR Service We provideour augmented reality servicein many different industries:education, exhibition, convention, MDproducts, entertainment,marketing promotion, game, publication,tourism, art, performance,printed publication, product packaging,etc.●What's New?(2015.02.25)- Faster recognition speed & 3Dobject recognitionfunction- Contents can be utilized withoutrecognition-process(Contents List)- My page (Bookmark, History andfavorites list)- 3DSketchbook (AR coloring book), 3D Model View, ARPhoto, Etc.-Moving and re-sizing contents images function- Newcontentsplatform (Audio gallery, Docent, Image show, Magazine andother 10kinds.)●About circus companyWe make your ambitious visionscometrue.We research to develop Augmented Reality (AR) andnewtechnologies, and create an amazing experience andenjoyablecontents; we are ICT+ creative partners. When you meetus,technology becomes an exciting game and contents becomemoreattractive.We offer you something charming, beyond what (circuscompanyIntroduction)●Contact usWith circusAR, IT is fun / +82-2-6261-2330Homepage:www.circusAR.comFacebook :※ We love to collaborate withtalentedartists to create diverse AR contents. We always welcomeyou."
The team at VIVE™ is excited to introduce the new ViveportMobileApp. Viveport is the app store for virtual reality, wherecustomerscan explore, create, connect, and experience the contentthey loveand need. •Find great destinations in VR•Queue up yourselectionson the go•Purchases seamlessly appear in your library onthe Vivedashboard and Vive software Viveport showcases experiencesacrossart, creativity tools, design, education, fashion, music,sports,travel, video, and more. Make sure you have installed thelatestversion of the Vive software on your PC to see your purchasesinthe library. We also welcome you to the Viveport communityat ; Meet with other VR fans,contentcreators, and the Viveport team. Ask questions, resolve anyissues,or just hang out, sharing your adventures and expeditionswithfellow-travelers. Your journey begins at Viveport.
Google Arts & Culture VR
View artworks curated by museums from around the world withtheGoogle Arts & Culture VR app. Step inside a virtual gallerytosee works by artists like Van Gogh or Rembrandt. You can zoom intosee every brushstroke, and hear audio guides from expertmuseumcurators.The Google Arts & Culture VR app requiresaDaydream-ready headset such as Daydream View and aDaydream-readyphone such as Pixel. Learn more at of thisapplication is governed by theGoogle Terms of Service( andPrivacy Policy(
Google Spotlight Stories
Google Spotlight Stories is the Oscar nominated, Emmyaward-winningplatform for immersive stories. We are artists andtechnologistsexploring narrative in mobile 360, VR and room-scaleVR headsets,and the innovative tech that makes it possible. Be partof theexperience, look, listen, explore. And don’t worry, the storywillwait for you.
VRTV VR Video Player Free
Watch your favorite 2D and 3D videos in VR with VRTV VR VideoPlayerand a Cardboard compatible headset! VRTV features beautifulvirtualenvironments and is the ONLY VR video player that supportswatchingtogether with a friend in full synchronised play.VTRV VRVideoPlayer has great support for all common 3D/2D formats andmodesincluding 180, 220, 270 and 360 panoramas and fisheyeobjectiveprojection.If you enjoy the free version, why not try thefullversion? It features:- An additional virtual environment: acozyliving room!- Next/previous buttons, skip between files in thesamedirectory without leaving VR.- No ads!VRTV VR VideoPlayerfeatures:- Synchronization feature! Enjoy watching a movietogetherwith another Cardboard friend!- Subtitles in SRT format,with fullsupport for RTL languages, Unicode characters andautomaticencoding detection.- Configurable subtitle size.-Immersive virtualenvironments. Watch in your own home theater, orin a crafty cave.-Player controls in a great VR UI.- Fullyconfigurable gamepad andkeyboard controls.- Supports 3D and 2Dmovies in a variety offormats: Side by side (SBS), Over and Under(OU, Top and Bottom),Panoramic video in 180 (Dome), 220, 270 and360 degrees. Alsosupports fisheye projection videos.- Simplematerial design.- Usesthe latest Cardboard SDK with less drift.-Headset configurationfrom within the app. Supports severaldifferent head trackers, findthe one that works best with yourphone and eliminate drift.-Streaming files over a network. Open astream from VRTV or use yourfavourite browser of file explorer toopen streams in VRTV VR VideoPlayer.- Static video mode. For longmovies, lock the video inplace right in front of you.VR Buttonguide:- Below screen: Openfile browser (Full version only) and Playcontrols- Left of screen:Subtitle on/off, text size, Sync on/offand Screen lock. Read moreabout Sync below!- Top of screen:Re-center with timer, SDKre-center (keep horizon level),Screen-type switch, Video typeswitch (2D/3D Side By Side, 3DOver/Under), and fisheye projectiontoggle.- Right of screen: Screensize and volumeSynchronizationinstructions:- Synchronization is afeature that keeps a movie insync between two devices. To enablesync, first set up the IP ofthe device you wish to sync with inSettings/General, where you canalso find the IP of your own device.Do this on both phones so theyhave each others IP configured.-Select a video to play. If it's alocal video it must be present onboth devices.- In the VR UI,click the "sync" button on both devicesto enable synchronization.-On one of the devices, start the videoby pressing the play button.After a small delay, the movie willstart playing synchronized onboth devices. Seeking and network playis supported!Thisapplication is supported by ads, but will notinterrupt orotherwise limit your viewing experience. If you'd liketo supportthe development, please rate the application and write areview, orpurchase the full version! Feature suggestions and bugreports arealways welcome!Permission usage:NFC,WRITE_EXTERNAL_STORAGE : Usedby the Cardboard SDK to set up andsave your headsetconfiguration.ACCESS_WIFI_STATE: Used for findingthe IP of yourdevice and displaying it in the Sync settings, tohelp set upsynchronized play with another device.INTERNET,READ_EXTERNAL_STORAGE: Required for accessing media on thedeviceand for streaming.Note: The VIBRATE permission is not usedand willbe removed in the next release.
iPlay VR Player for SBS 3D Video
A simple, ad-free, tiny (just 67 kb!) video player that plays 2Dand3D videos suitable for Virtual Reality VR displays that usemobileas the screen, such as Google Cardboard. It supportsSide-by-Side(SBS) as well as Half Side-by-Side (HBS / HSBS) formatvideos. Itworks on any phone, limited only by the device's videocapabilities.If you want to use it with Gear VR, do not plug inthe usbport.FEATURES- View any video in SBS Mode for VR Headsets-Plays SBS& HBS video with correct aspect ratio- View SBS 3D& HBS 3Das a normal video- Support for external SRT subtitles(same filename)- Can be accessed from your file manager- Mode fornormal,non-SBS video- Delayed start mode for time to insert mobileinheadset- Does not need gyroscope-enabled phones-Lightweight,Ad-free, No unwanted permissionsA few points to note:-It will playonly video formats that are natively supported by yourphone (moreinfo below)- It does not play web videos such as thosefromYouTube. Use our iPlayIT app or iPlay Pro app for that.- Itdoesnot use the magnetic navigator controls, head tracking etc. UseanOTG or Bluetooth mouse instead.- It does not play 180 or 360degreeFull Virtual Reality videos. Use Google's Cardboard Playerforthose.- It is a player, not a converter. It cannot saveconvertedfiles.If you are not familiar with cheap VR displays thatcanconvert your mobile screen into a virtual movie theatre,checkouttheselinks:,news-20644.htmlRegardingSupportedAudio/Video formatsThe app does not include any mediacodecs due toits tiny size. It supports whatever the Android OS inyour devicesupports. For a list of supported formats, refer tothelinkbelow:,3gp etc are universally supported, support for othervideocontainers such as mkv, avi, flv etc is dependent on yourandroidflavor. Again Android does not support 5.1 multi-channelaudioformats such as DTS and Dolby AC3 unless enabled bymanufacturers.In such cases, you can use any video converter forPC/Mac such asHandbrake to convert the video to an mp4 format withstereo aactrack.Please mail us ( in case ofany doubts.
Hardcode (VR Game)
!!! THIS GAME REQUIRES A GAMEPAD CONTROLLER AND A VRHEADSET!!!IMPORTANT1) Please don't leave 1-star review just to askaquestion. Use our forum for a questions: you can't pass gamepad calibration -use our forum to describeyour problem: you use a PS4controller you may notice an input lag. It's aknown problem ofDualShock4 and there is no way to fix it on thegame side. Readmore: If you use a Mogacontroller: Switchyour controller to [B] mode before using it withour game.5) If youhave Gear VR device, get HARDCODE for Gear VRhere:http://keys.hard-vr.com6) You can use Daydream View headset,butDaydream controller is not yet supported.HARDCODE is a 3rdpersonVR shooter game for mobile VR headsets like GoogleCardboard,Samsung Gear VR, Homido, Fibrum, etc.FEATURES:- Fastaction invirtual reality.- Full use of a gamepad controller.-Single playermissions and online multiplayer.COMPATIBILITY:-HARDCODE supportsany mobile headsets (Google Cardboard, Daydream,Homido, Fibrum,etc.)- The shooter is compatible with most ofbluetooth gamepadssupported by Android.MULTIPLAYER:- The first fungame withmultiplayer inside.- The mode makes you fully immersed inonebattle with your friends.- Multiplayer continuously gets better.Ineed feedback from you to make your playing experiencesuperawesome :)I want to bring more fun to the game and work tomakeHARDCODE friendly with other virtual reality displays likeSamsungGear VR, Oculus Rift, HTC Vive (Steam VR).For more infoonHARDCODE, you may follow meonTwitter: can support meonPatreon can discuss HARDCODE inourpublic Google Group in ourDiscordserver Enjoy playing invirtualreality!P.S. First person view is terrible! Please stopasking forit :)
Astronaut VR Google Cardboard
Ever dreamed of making a trip to the International SpaceStation(ISS)?With Google Cardboard and Astronaut VR you willexperience aspace walk in virtual reality (VR).Enjoy the view backto earthfrom 400km. We only have this lovely planet.For thebestexperience, you need a Google Cardboard compatible VR deviceand apowerful phone.Samsung Galaxy S8, S8+ and Note 8 users: pleasemakesure to enable WQHD+ display resolution in Settings >Display> Screen resolution > WQHD+ > Apply.You controlyourastronaut through gaze direction and slight head rotation.Notrigger or external controller is needed.We are currentlyworkingon further missions for Astronaut VR, in which you can proveyourastronaut skills.Please send us feedback, so we canimprove.Learnmore aboutGoogleCardboard! isalso compatible with other viewers like: Fove 0, DurovisDive,Merge VR, Refugio 3D, FIBRUM VR, ANTVR, Homido, Carl Zeiss VROne
Trinus VR Lite
Play your favourite PC games in virtual reality withouttheexpensive hardware.★ Featured in Gizmodo, IGN, MicrosoftInsider★Winner: ZEISS VR One App Contest★ Over 1,000,000 downloads★Freetaster sessions (as many sessions as you want)► HOW ITWORKSTrinusVR connects your Android phone to your PC, so you canplay yourfavourite PC games in virtual reality (VR). It uses thesensors inyour phone for head tracking to give you a great VRgamingexperience with a wallet friendly price tag. So strap on yourVRheadset and enter the Trinus!► FEATURES★ Works with all PCgamesincluding GTA, Elite Dangerous and Minecraft.★ SupportsSteamVR(and Oculus games via ReVive)★ Compatible with allheadsetsincluding Google Cardboard, Homido, FreeFly, VR One,GearVR,Durovis Dive.★ Wireless gameplay (or turbocharge performancewithUSB connection).★ Get the full version with no timerestrictionsfor even more awesomeness.► WHAT YOU NEED• Headmount ofchoice(e.g. Google Cardboard, Homido, Freefly, VR One, etc.)•YourAndroid phone (mid to high end device with gyroscope)• YourWindowsPC• Free TrinusVR PC app► GETTING STARTEDStep 1: On yourAndroidphone download the TrinusVR Lite app.Step 2: Grab the freeTrinusVRPC app: http://trinusvr.comStep 3: Follow our super simpleSetupGuide.Step 4: Strap on your headset and start playing!► NEEDSOMEHELP?• Pop along to ourforum:• Shoot us
VR Sky Battle - 360 Shooting
Are you ready for some intense air war action in VR? VR Sky Battle-360 shooting is a game designed for gamers who love world wargamesis now released in VR version also. The game forces you towork hardto survive as the unforgiving enemy jet aircrafts willtry to takeyou down every chance they gets.Engage multiple targetsat the sametime with your Anti Aircraft Gun and learn how tomanage yourarsenal in this epic air war game. Expect to facedifferent types ofhostile jet aircrafts, air planes, air fighters,navy fighters andmany more. Each enemy jet aircraft will have itsown attack patternwhich you will have to learn if you want tosucceed. The onlydefense in this game is your offense. If yourenemies fail todestroy you, the extreme conditions of the real warzone willconsume you.How to Play:- Put on VR Headset- Gear up yourcontrolsand bang incoming enemy planes- Move physical around toview theplanes- Check radar for direction of incoming enemy- Makeyour bestand challenge your friends for the Ultimate VR AirBattleexperienceGame Features:- Game comes in 2 visions (Normalvision& Night mode vision)- Mobile optimized graphics-Completelycustom shaders that look great- Intelligent enemy JetAircraft AIto make you work hard on Anti Aircraft Guns- Realisticwar zoneenvironment- Realistic soundsEnjoy exciting Air Battle inskieswith realistic anti aircraft gun physics and amazing graphicsthatare perfectly optimized for 3D high-resolution devices.Formoreinformation regarding Google Cardboard VR Glasses... pleasevisit:
VR Abyss: Sharks & Sea Worlds for Google Cardboard
Dive deep into the ocean and experience the most stunningunderwaterthrills without getting your feet wet.Shark Attacks,Sinking Ships,and the Coral Reef all in one amazing 360 VirtualReality (VR)app!No need to sit in front of your aquarium or fishtank to enjoythe beautiful fish and sea life. This underwater VRapp offers youmultiple highly visual 360 experiences:- NEW EndlessVR Diving gamemode- Discover the Coral Reef- Go down in a sharkcage and see howthe sharks make vicious attacks- See the Orca(killer whale) upclose- A sinking ship (was that theTitanic?)Finally you don't needa diving assistant or buddy tobecome a deep ocean diver. Skip thediving school, skip boringclassroom sessions, just dive straightinto the Abyss and see whatthe deep ocean depths have to offer.This simulator offers the realdeal! Before you know it you'll seesea evolution in all its gloryand will be fighting off a sharkattacks like a pro. So you canleave your shark tracker at homebecause will be head-to-head witha shark before you know it. VRgame modeThe new game mode is a fastpaced endless diving experiencethat will take you deep under thewaves of the ocean. Flip and godiving deeper into the abyss andsee if you can set the newhigh-score. Be sure to pick-up thoseoxygen power-ups to refill yourtanks and watch out to avoid ashark attack or a wondering seamonster. No need to resort toviolence, this VR game is aboutmaneuverable skills and you shouldfocus on just diving ahead on apath that avoids you from fightinga sea battle in which you standno chance.The controls are simpleas you can tilt your headleft/right to start flipping is thecorresponding direction. Lookup/down to dive deeper or floatupwards. So if you're in for VRgames without controller, then youjust found the perfect match. Sograb your diving gear and join thediving club now!Reap the rewardsof the abyss and go deep diving.Best off all you can leave yourwallet at home and download this VRgame totally for free. If youlike VR games and apps this is a mustfreedownload.CompatibilityImportant notice for Samsung Galaxy S8,S8+and Note 8 users, please make sure to enable WQHD+ resolutionforthe best experience. Settings > Display > Screenresolution> WQHD+ > APPLYThis VR app works without agyroscope so youcan enjoy diving into the endless abyss regardlessof the Androiddevice. We support a version for Google Cardboardusing a compatibleviewer* or a stereo rendered version that workswithout GoogleCardboard and without a gyroscope.*) Tested GoogleCardboard viewersincludes: Fove 0, VR View-Master DLX, Puyo Box,Durovis Dive, MergeVR, Refugio 3D, FIBRUM VR, Cynoculars, ANTVR,VR Smartview,ColorCross, Carl Zeiss VR One GX, Homido center (V2),Nibiru, XiaomiMi, FreeFly, VRTX One, Stooksy, Tepoinn 3D, VR KiX,VRTRIA. Pleasecontact us if you are having trouble with yourviewer, we are hereto help or hear your opinion.Copyright 2017 -2018 Virtual Amigos.All rights reserved.
VirtualCraft is your additional reality in the 3D world withwhichyou can realize your fantasies. Our team offers youinnovativetechnology with the help of your phone to turn intovirtual realityglasses. Your phone will serve as a portal in anunlimited 3Dworld.Features:* Unlimited number of blocks (cubes) forrealizationof your ideas.* Different color palette for creating avirtualuniverse.* The ability to SHARE brilliant work with yourfriends.*Ability to play at night with the convenient functionof"flashlight"* More than 120 different blocks withbeautifultextures, namely doors, flowers, colorful glass, wool,luminousblock.* Construction of houses, nature, favoritecartooncharacters, children's characters.* Your constructor willnever belost - it will always be with you.* Ability to create andstore anunlimited number of worlds.Instruction:Take a brightmagazine orbook and click on the photograph button.Virtual Craft isa freegame, you can play without the Internet.
Ascape VR: 360° Virtual Travel
Travel the world with Ascape VR, the live virtual realitytraveloguethat lets you watch beautiful 360 VR video of iconiclocations andtravel destinations.Experience virtual tours that letyou travelfrom the beaches of Hawaii to the streets of New York orAmsterdam,feed elephants in Africa or dive with sharks in theCaribbean. Findtravel destinations and explore culture anddestinations around theworld. Experience the world in virtualreality with unforgettablejourneys to the destinations you'vealways wanted to see.Ascape VRworks with or without GoogleCardboard or other virtual realityheadsets. Experience real 360video clips and VR tours. Specialbranded collections by JetBlue,Thomas Cook, YP, Lonely Planet andother travel brands.With AscapeVR, anything is possible.ASCAPE VRFEATURES:TRAVEL THE WORLDWHENEVER YOU WANT • World travel is in thepalm of your hands.Spend less time searching and more timerelaxing• Travel the worldanytime, with or without an internetconnectionVACATION AT THEDESTINATIONS YOU WANT TO VISIT • Vacationat the destinationsyou’ve always dreamed of and cross off yourtravel bucket list•Travel to the world’s most pristine beaches,chic cities and famousmuseumsEXPERIENCE UNIQUE ACTIVITES•Experience a Star Wars paradein Disneyland• Take a field trip tothe Coca-Cola museum• Learnwakeboarding in New Zealand• Visit theBroncos stadium in Denver•See the oldest Ford car in DetroitFUNVIDEO CLIPS FOR KIDS• Virtualvideo clips from Lonely Planet Kidsinclude fun animal activitiesfor kids• Get up close and personalwith elephants, dolphins,gorillas, sharks and penguins• Ascape VRis the perfect app forkids to have fun and get to know theirfavorite animals360 VR VIDEOCLIPS LET YOU EXPERIENCE EVERYTHING•Our video clips haveeverything you need for travel - maps,beautiful destinations andculture• Experience full immersion withevery video. We hand-pickthe tours so you get the best of eachdestination Don’t wait.Travel the world today!Compatible with anyVirtual Realityheadsets: Google Cardboard, Zeiss VR ONE, DoDo CaseVR, Homido,Durovis Dive, Fibrum etc.Please, feel free to contact uswith yourfeedback or suggestions at We'd loveto hearfrom you!Follow us on:Twitter a review if you likeAscape. Thanks!Made with love in SanFrancisco.
VR Media Player - 360° Viewer
Features:• Available 4type Fish eye lens photo and videomedia.•Open 360° picture and movie files from local storage. (canloadstandard picture and movie)• Support Google photo Sphere andRICHOTheta and other Equirectangular format. (require 2:1 aspectratio)•Gyro sensor rotation.• Fish eye viewing (like littleplanet)•Available 3D Stereo format (side-by-side and over-under)•AvailableGoogle cardboard and other any head mounted display forphone.•Very smooth touch gesture and Natural pinching zoom.•Available 4kpicture. (4k video playback is required features ofyour Androidphone.)• Full Screen wide view.• Open file from URL