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com.ufo.disease 3.1
Diseases Dictionary Offline is complete OFFLINE and FREEappcontaining list of Medical disorders & diseases thatprovidesall information about symptoms, disorder and treatment andmanymedical terminology. This is a Medical Dictionary hand book canactas a clinical advisor for self diagnosis and can also be usedtolook up symptoms, diseases and treatment. Medical dictionaryfreedownload is like a FREE Doctor at home for common diseasesandtreatment codes. Optimized for TABLET devices. DiseasesDictionary- Medical App Features: 1. Offline – It wok offline, noactiveinternet connection is required; 2. Detailed description ofallmajor medical conditions and diseases: - definition; - symptoms;-causes; - risk factors; - complications; - preparing foryourappointment; - tests and diagnosis; - treatments and drugs;-lifestyle and home remedies 3. Easily find needed diseasewithinstant search. 4. Favorites list– you are able to bookmarktheDisease item to your favorites list by clicking on the “star”icon.Who can use this dictionary: Healthcareprofessionals,pharmaceuticals, physicians, hospital nurses, medicalstudents,nursing professionals, pharmacy, physician assistants andforstudents who work in clinical practice & dispensary.
Diseases Dictionary ✪ Medical 2.1
Completely Offline & FREE medical dictionary appcontainingmedical disorders & diseases with detaileddefinitions,symptoms, causes and treatment information. Thismedical diseasehand book can act as a clinical advisor for selfdiagnosis and canalso be used to look up symptoms, diseases andtreatment. Medicaldiseases dictionary free download is like a FREEDoctor at home forcommon diseases and treatment codes. Diseasesdictionary FREE -Medical App Features: - Works Offline withoutinternet. - Detaileddescription of all major medical conditions anddiseases. -Information regarding treatment of diseases for allmedicalconditions and symptoms along with medicationinformation,medication interaction and drug side effects. - Medicalreferencebook and thesaurus covering all medical terminologiesandabbreviations. - Prescription drug info along with pilldescriptionis provided in the treatment section. - Physicians deskreferenceand pharmaceuticals dictionary. - A handy free pocketguide fornurses for use as an emergency guide. Who can use thisfree diseasedictionary: Healthcare professionals, pharmaceuticals,physicians,hospital nurses, medical students, nursingprofessionals, pharmacy,physician assistants and for students whowork in clinical practice& dispensary. DISCLAIMER: This appcannot and should notreplace a pharmacist or a doctor consultation.App content is onlyfor pocket reference & educational purposes.Consult a doctorbefore actual usage of any of the information inthis app. 2.1.26
Dictionary Diseases & Disorders is a medical dictionarythatprovides all information about symptoms, diseases andtreatment.Diseases are arranged alphabetically by their medicalterm andcommonly known names. You can also search them by typing inthename of the disease. The app provides summaries of eachdisease,descriptions and information on how the condition manifestitself,together with signs and symptoms for early detection.Diseases& Disorders dictionary - Medical App Features: 1.Thisdictionary works offline – you do not need an internetconnection.2. Detailed description of all major medical conditionsanddiseases: - definition; - symptoms; - causes; - risk factors;-complications; - preparing for your appointment; - testsanddiagnosis; - treatments and drugs; - lifestyle and home remedies3.Equipped with quick dynamic search function – The dictionarywillstart searching for the words while you type. 4. Voice search.5.Easy way to share with your friends. 6. Bookmark – you are abletobookmark the Disease Terms to your favorites list by clickingonthe “star” icon. 7. Managing Bookmark Lists – you are ableedityour bookmark lists or clear them.
Моя аптечка - справочник лекарств 3.1.44
Appvise, LLC
Finally, create an application that will help the symptomsorcategory to find the cheapest non-prescription medicationsorcheaper counterparts expensive drugs and generic drugs! At anytimeand without the Internet! "My first aid kit" to help anyone,evenfar from the medicine man, to quickly understand whichmedicinesare used for the common symptoms: toothache or headache,colds,runny nose, or any other of the hundreds of symptoms ofourintelligent database. And then you should seek advice fromapharmacy or go on record to the doctor. But most importantly -youcan for 1 minute to know the approximate value of all themostpopular and affordable drugs, analogs and prices. Theapplicationis easy to navigate - enter the symptoms that you areconcernedabout, and delivers medicines. In our database of morethan 1000non-prescription medicines. It identifies the price ofmedicines inthe drugstores of Moscow, and they correspond to theprices for thewhole of Russia. "My first aid kit" - this offlinemedicalreference catalog, which you will find: - Drugs, analogs andprices- Cheaper counterparts expensive drugs and generics - Searchforsigns of drugs - Medicines for the category - Medicines fortheactive substance - Profiles for multiple family members - Thepriceof drugs, analogs and prices in pharmacies in Moscow city -Drugprices from different manufacturers and pharmacies (Wrigley,Fort,Zhivika or aptekamos) - Traditional medicine online -Completehistory of drug discovery. The most important thing - nowthemedicine and treating the symptoms become obvious to anyone.Eachproduct contains a description of how affordable it is bettertotake, based on the manufacturer's instructions, but simply setout.Shown dosage form, symptoms, and drugs that can not be takenduringpregnancy. The treatment we prescribe - is the task ofthephysician! We - not a new Internet pharmacy in RU zone, we -themedical encyclopedia in your pocket. Before buying themedicine,check if there are any cheap analogues. The applicationhas uniqueproducts that are effective and inexpensive. We arealways honestabout all medications (even dietary supplements,homeopathy, orHLS). Check the price at any pharmacy py city ofMoscow (aptekamos,for example). Do not self-medicate and do notwait for when youwill be on the verge of ambulance! Treatment ofdiseases - theprerogative of doctors and your health - the mostimportant thingyou have. Are you interested in traditional medicineor Tibetan andChinese medicine? Here you will find a lot of dietarysupplements,drugs, traditional medicine, tinctures and herbs.However, use ofthese drugs it is necessary to agree with thedoctor. Appointmentsto the doctor can be done via the app infoemias, CIO of the cityof Moscow. We are working to improve the app.Soon we will add toit a reminder of the medication (healthprogram), the reference toAnnex EMIAS info DIT city of Moscow (anappointment to see a doctorif your symptoms will be disturbing,especially during pregnancy),as well as the opportunity to assessthe drugs. Well, the classic -you can right in the app to find outwhich pharmacy py near yourhome offers drugs and their analogs(including fort or Zhivika) atthe lowest price on the stock. We donot diagnose, and we are notonline pharmacy, so we stronglyrecommend that you consult yourdoctor. Appointments to the doctorcan be made through the officialapp emias DIT information for allresidents of the city of Moscow,do not forget about it! Take careof your health. Maintain ahealthy lifestyle (HLS) and check theprice with "my first-aidkit." We are not affiliated withmanufacturers, are notrepresentative of a network of pharmacies andwe are not from thepharmacy stock. We are not to buy drugs on theInternet. Our task -to help you understand the world of health andsave money. ALWAYSconsult your doctor! Choose wisely and behealthy!
All Blood Disease and Treatment A-Z 6.4.5p
All blood disease and treatment A-Zapp is for allblooddisorders,disease diagnosis,blood check up,treatmentandprevention. Blood information app on blood diseases affectingredblood cells,white blood cells,platelets,plasma,signs,symptomsanddiagnosis ,risk factors,disease prediction,and diseasetreatmentapp. Blood disorder A to Z is different from fungalinfection inskin,stomach infections,fungal infectiontreatment,stomachdisorders,stomach diseases or heart diseasetreatment.This app isfor blood disease information,disease andcauses,nursing care planfor all diseases,disease symptoms and itsmedicine,diseases andtreatment drugs,laboratory and diagnostictest. A medical app forsign symptoms diagnosis and treatment of alldisease of the bloodand fungal infection treatment. Features ofblood disease app;White Blood Cells:- *Aplastic Anaemia*HIV/AIDS(hiv test,cd4count,hiv treatment) *Hypersplenism*Tuberculosis(tb) *Leukemia*Lupus *Rheumatoid arthritis*Myelodysplastic syndromes *LympomaRed Blood Cells:-*Iron-deficiency anemia *Anemia of chronicdisease *Perniciousanemia *Aplastic anemia *Autoimmune hemolyticanemia *Thelassemia*Sickle cell anemia *Polycythemia vera *MalariaPlatelets:-*Idiopathic thrombocytopenic purpura *Von willebranddisease*Thrombotic thrombocytopenic purpura *Essentialthrombocytothemia*Hemophilia Plasma:- *Hemophilia *Von willebranddisease*Hypercoagulable state *Deep vein thrombosis(DVT)*Disseminatedintravascular coagulation(DIC) Some blood diseasescan betransmitted through blood donation,sexual intercourse(hiv/aids),orthrough coughing(tuberculosis). Blood test app(bloodcheck up). Thisblood test are applicable. Blood group test,bloodpressuretest,blood sugar test etc. Do not rely on fake apps likeblood grouptest with finger,blood pressure checker,blood pressureand sugarchecker,blood pressure app,blood sugar testfingerprint,bloodscanner app,blood pressure monitor,blood groupscanner,blood grouptest with finger scanner,blood group test withfinger real,diseasescanner prank,blood group tester,blood pressuretester,genuine bloodpressure checker,hiv/aids test,hiv testfingerprint,hiv/aids fingertest,white blood cell counter,bloodpressure calculator,diseasescanner prank,etc.Mobile fake apps cannot conduct a clinicalexamination(clinical lab test) since blooddisease like deep veinthrombosis(DVT),Thelassemia,sickle cellanemia,HIV/AIDS,Rheumatoidarthritis,hemophilia,aplasticanemia,tuberculosis,lupus,etc. Bloodtest such as blood pressurecheck,blood group,white blood cellcounter(Wbc counter),diseasescanner prank,disease test,CD4count,hiv test,blood sugartest,biospy,and other clinical skillscannot be conducted on mobiledevices. App for diseases andtreatment drugs for blood disease(e.g thelassemia) and a blooddisease and treatmentdictionary(blood disease scan). Some blooddisease can affect theskin(lupus) to resemble skin diseases/skindisorders/skininfection. All Blood Disease and Treatment A-Z isabout: *Diseasesymptoms and its medicine *Disease sign and symptoms*Blood testgroup(blood scan,blood screen) *Blood Disease symptomsmatcher*Diagnosis and treatment of disease *Blood diseases andtreatmentdrugs *Blood Disease prediction *Blood Disease information*Nursingcare plan for all disease *Blood disease and causes*Disorder anddisease dictionary for blood test *Body Diseasescanner *Laboratoryand diagnostic test *Symptoms and diagnosis*Blood pediatricdisease and treatment A-Z This is a medical app forsign symptomsdiagnosis and treatment of disease.Providesinformation onlaboratory and diagnostic test,medicalexamination,pediatricdisease and treatment,disease prediction,blooddiseases andtreatment drugs,disease and causes,nursing care planfor alldisease,diagnosis and treatment of disease.
com.marwatsoft.clinicaltreatment 4.0
Introduction: "Clinical Treatment" aka "Diseases Dictionary"Provideyou one of the best education about Treatment of Diseasesandremained the first choice of Doctors especially HouseOfficers,Medical Officers and Training Medical Officers. Features:-Treatment Of Diseases - Quick Search of Disease - Aims OfTreatment-General Measures - Pharmacological Treatment - CriteriaforReferral - Doses of Drugs - Route Of administration of Drugs-Various Brand Names of Drugs used in Treatment ofDiseasesContents: It covers the Treatment of Diseases Of Followingsystems:-Cardiovascular system -Respiratory System-Dermatology-Gynaecology and Obstetrics -Dentistry -UrogenitalSystem -NervousSystem -Hepatobiliary System -Poisoning -EndocrineSystem-Hematology -GastroIntestinal System -InfectiousDiseases-Musculoskeletal System -Psychitary -Sexually TransmittedDiseasesDisclaimer: This application is intended only foreducationalpurposes and should not be considered equivalent tomedical advice.Consult a registered medical doctor in case of anyhealth issues.BmcAndroLab and Marwatsoft will not responsible forany harm doneor any incorrect decision been taken from the use ofthisapplication. Although, every effort has been made to makethecontent error free but hundred percent accuracy can notbeguaranteed. If someone finds his/her copyrighted contents inthisapplication then please tell in detail about what material hasbeentaken and what should be done with this material along withdetailsof your webpage or source from which it has been taken andyourcopyrights authority over the material. The contents ofthisapplication are subjected to copyright.
Disorder & Diseases Dictionary 7.6
Diseases Dictionary Offline is complete OFFLINE and FREEappcontaining list of Medical disorders & diseases thatprovidesall information about symptoms, disorder and treatment andmanymedical terminology.This Diseases & Disorders Dictionaryhandbook can act as a clinical advisor for self diagnosis and canalsobe used to look up symptoms, diseases and treatment.Medicaldictionary free download is like a FREE Doctor at home forcommondiseases and treatment codes.★Diseases Dictionary - MedicalAppFeatures:1. Offline – It wok offline, no active internetconnectionis required;2. Detailed description of all major medicalconditionsand diseases: - definition;- symptoms;- causes;- riskfactors;-complications;- preparing for your appointment;- testsanddiagnosis;- treatments and drugs;- lifestyle and homeremedies3.Easily find needed disease with instant search.4.Favorites list–you are able to bookmark the Disease item to yourfavorites list byclicking on the “star” icon.★Who can use thisdictionary:Healthcareprofessionals, pharmaceuticals, physicians,hospital nurses,medical students, nursing professionals, pharmacy,physicianassistants and for students who work in clinical practice&dispensary.★Support multi language : English , Deutsch ,Português, Français , Español , Pусский , Bahasa Indonesia 2.44.0
Ada Health
Understand what could be wrong if you or someone you care aboutisnot feeling well. Developed by over 100 doctors &scientists,Ada knows thousands of symptoms and conditions, from acommon coldto rare diseases. Given a 5-star rating by over 90,000users, Adahelps thousands of people every day to live a healthierlife. HowAda can help you: 1. Tell Ada what's troubling you 2.Answerpersonalized, simple questions 3. Understand what could bewrong 4.Get instant information relevant to you • 100% Private –Firstnames only and your data is always safe • Share Health Data –Shareinfo about your health and activity with your doctor •Personalized– Unlike a WebMD search, Ada gets to know you and giveshealthinformation specific to you No topic is off the table. AskAdaabout: • Skin Problems like Rashes, Acne, Bites •UrinaryComplaints • Sexual Health Problems • Pregnancy-relatedProblems •Infectious Diseases • Pediatric Concerns, Children’sHealth •Neurologic Disorders • Mental Health Issues • ProblemsSleeping •Indigestion Problems • Vomiting, Diarrhea • Flu, Cold,Fever, SoreThroat • Persistent Coughs • Chronic Diseases • ColdSores • PinkEye, Eye Infections • Rheumatic Diseases You speak, welisten! Yourfeedback helps us to improve Ada. Just send an
All Skin Diseases and Treatment- A to Z
All skin diseases,all skin infections andtreatments,skindisorders,standard treatment guidelines,photos,skinguard,skindiagnosis,skin care routine,healthy skin diet,healthyskintips,skin problem,causes of cancer and symptoms of skin diseaseAto Z,face skin problems,face skin care,face care for acneandpimple for oily skin,pediatric disease and treatment.Skincareguide/routine skin disorders/skin infections ,skin treatmentforskin allergy A to Z offline. Skin problems treatment at homeinhindi. Skin disorders destroy all humans skin.Some skinconditionsin this clinical dermatology atlas are caused byviraldisease,bacterial diseases,bacterial infection,fungalinfection inskin and can takeover and become adamant.Get a HIV testfor yourHIV-status at home. Face skin problems Skin TreatmentApp(Skinallergy and skin itching). Skin problem app is fortreatment of alldiseases of the skin,itchy skin,treatmentdictionary for theskin,diseases and treatments drugs,treatment forskin disease.Aclinical laboratory diagnostics for skinitching,blooddisease,pediatric disease and treatment, stomachdiseases and skincare tips. (skin diseases and treatment- itchy andscratchy skinproblem) Skin disease ,Skin care guide *All commonskin disordersand treatments A-Z *Disease control and prevention*Chronic Diseaseconditions,disease checker&children disease*Clinicallaboratory diagnosis *Skin disease diagnosis with photo.*How tocure pimples *pediatric dermatology *skin dark spotsremoval*Treatment for skin disease and medicine. *Antibioticsandinfections of skin *Disease Prediction *Diseases of ear noseandthroat *Symptoms and diagnosis *Childhood diseases *Diseasecontroland prevention *Antibiotics drugs of diseases *Skin caretips.*Diseases and treatment drugs offline. A clinicalguide/clinicaldictionary for infections,skin treatment fromA-Z,skin allergy,skinitching,diseases and treatment drugs.Forbetter treatment for skindisease see a skin doctor A free clinicalmedical dictionary fordisease prediction skin doctor:Areference,clinical medicine booksand clinical guidelines app forall skin infections ,skinconditions,facial skin disorders andfacial skin conditions andcare.Diagnosis of skin problem symptomsand clinical dentistry.Treatments for skin diseases-Pediatricdisease This skin infectionand disease treatment dictionary forskin doctor is focused onblood disease test,skin surgery,skincancer scanning&Pediatricdisease and treatment including acnetreatment and remedies. (AllSkin Diseases and Treatment- A toZ,Skin cancer app) This clinicaldocumentation is among clinicalmedicine books which helps inclinical medicine differentialdiagnosis to guess the skin problemsand examination by providingclinical laboratory testinformation.Can be used by skin cancerclinical therapy advisor,medical student for medical case studynotes/medical research. Skindisease and treatment include:- AcneAlopecia Areata Fungalinfection in skin Hidradenitis SuppurativaHyperhidrosis ImpetigoKeloid treatment Keratosis pilaris LichenPlanus Skin cancerMelasma treatment Psoriasis Rosacea ScabiesShingles vitiligodiseases cure app. Vitiligo treatment (All SkinDiseases andTreatment- A - Z) Facial skin care,body skintone,Bacterialinfection,fungal infection in skin,skin cancercheck.Skin care forskin princess beauty. Skin treatment app(tipsfor healthy hair andskin) Skin disease infection app for selfdiagnosis ,facial skincare, ,home remedies and natural cures,skinhealth tips,eg.Acne isa skin condition in the human body skinspots.Acne takes away thebeauty of the face and body skinbeauty.Use medicinal drugs,naturalhome remedies,natural curessolutions. Skin infections can bebacterial skin,virusskin,cancerous,blood disease,hormonal,fungal,sunburns,antibodies(vitiligo). Treatments for skin diseaserequiresblood disease test,skin surgery,skin cancer scanninganddetection&brain disease scan.
Medical Disease Dictionary 2.4.0
Medical Disease dictionary is an offline dictionary ofdiseaseterms, disorder with details about diagnosis, treatment,syndrome,signs and symptoms.Categories:* Infectious and parasiticdiseases,especially lower respiratory tract infections, diarrhea,AIDS,tuberculosis, and malaria* Neuropsychiatric conditions,e.g.depression* Injuries, especially motor vehicleaccidents*Cardiovascular diseases, principally heart attacks andstroke*Premature birth and other perinatal deaths*CancersFeatures:* Workoffline: this app work well without ainternet connection* Searchwith ease with auto complete searchfeature* Bookmark your diseasesfor later quick access* Sharing withyour friend in one clickNotes:"Diseased", "Maladies", and "Medicalcondition" is a particularabnormal,pathological condition thataffects part or all of anorganism. It is often construed as amedical condition associatedwith specific symptoms and signs. Inmany cases, the terms disease,disorder, morbidity and illness areused interchangeably. In somesituations, specific terms areconsidered preferable.DISCLAIMER:This app cannot and should notreplace a pharmacist or a doctorconsultation. App content is onlyfor pocket reference &educational purposes. Consult a doctorbefore actual usage of anyof the information in this app.Pleasehelp us improve this app bysending suggestion to you!
Your.MD: Symptom Checker & Health Tracker 3.4.7
Your.MD is a health tracker and symptom checker poweredbyArtificial Intelligence which has been developed by doctorsanddata scientists. It provides instant personalisedhealthinformation and services, whenever and wherever you need it,forfree. Join the millions of people that have already used Your.MDtoget better and stay healthy. If you’re feeling sick or lookingforanswers to your health questions, you can use our AI poweredhealthchatbot to: • Check your symptoms and find information onwhatmight be wrong with you or your loved ones • Ask a questionabout aspecific condition or health issue • Find more healthinformationin our Health A-Z Library • Find the best doctors andservices foryou with our OneStop Health™ partners • Use our symptomtracker tomonitor pain, mood and more You can also keep on top ofyour healthwith our self assessments for conditions including HIV /AIDs,anxiety, depression and PTSD. You can always view yourconsultationhistory and record medical conditions in your healthprofile.Whatever your health goal, whether it’s losing weight orsleepingbetter, your Personal Health Plan will help you achieveandmaintain progress. No matter your concern, we can help youfindinformation about a variety of illnesses including: •Tuberculosis(TB) • Heart issues / Issues with your cardiovascularsystem •Mental health, including depression and anxiety •Osteoarthritis •Uterine fibroids • Allergies • Kidney Stones •Alcohol misuse •Back pain • Gastroenteritis, vomiting and diarrhoea• Sinusitis •Headaches • Sexually Transmitted Infections (STIs),including HIV /AIDs Your.MD is CE accredited, which means that ourservices complywith European Union safety regulations. (*)IMPORTANT NOTICE We doeverything we can to give you the bestpossible information but wecannot consider all the factors that areal doctor can so youshould use this app for informationalpurposes only. Your.MDprovides useful health information that hasbeen calculated by anartificially intelligent system, based on theinputs you provided.It is not a substitute for professional medicaladvice, diagnosis,therapy or treatment. Before acting on any of theinformation inthis app, including referrals to third partyservices, consult withyour doctor to make sure that it is right foryou. If you think youmay have a medical emergency, call your doctoror the emergencyservices immediately. Your.MD is not liable for anyend user’sdecision made solely on the information provided by thisservice.Your.MD does not provide medical diagnosis or treatment,but ratherhealth information that enables users to decide onappropriatefurther actions, which must be prescribed byprofessional medicalservices.
Diseases Treatments Dictionary 1.15
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This is the complete solution Free Offline that DiseasesTreatmentsDictionary to know all diseases that may Human causes,any symptomson your body, and how to prevent from diseases, what todo on firstaid. Affecting by diseases by easily. for that we wantto preventfrom dangerous diseases.So you can learn about all humandiseasesand all types. More over diseases on the world that whatare theaffects are from that. You may learn how Prevent from thatandtheir symptoms are occurs when affecting and easily explainedwithmedical terms. This Symptoms of Human diseases DictionaryofflineApp is briefly Explained top to bottom on this guide coverssome ofthe more common diseases and conditions, including alldefinitionwith all causes, symptoms & treatments of variousgeneticdiseases as well as infectious and communicable, from autismtostrokes, skin conditions to eye, diabetes and cancer to heart.Needa list of common diseases? The most common Treatment&illnesses are listed here by name, including informationabouttheir Medicine. This medical app includes all diseasesanddisorders. In this fully explain about all diseases withMedicalTreatment, Definitions, Epidemiology, Manifestations,DiagnosisTest, Symptoms, Risk factors, Causes, Complications,Information,Vitamins, Types, Research, Drugs, Illness, HealthPractitioner,Natural Herbal healing, Natural Medicines, Medicinalplants herbs,Natural Cures, Natural Remedies, Prescription forMedicine,Treatment codes, Clinical Adviser, Treatment andPrevention. Mostof the diseases here we will giving here how tocure that easily.its a FREE doctor consultant app for all countypeoples.===>> In this Diseases Treatments Dictionary Offlinewemainly focused on the below topics are AIDS & HIV NipahVirusAutism Bad Breath Bipolar Disorder Bulimia Nervosa CankerSoresCarpal Tunnel Syndrome Cataracts Chickenpox ChlamydiaCholesterolChronic Fatigue Syndrome Chronic Kidney Disease ColdSoresCreutzfeldt-Jakob Disease Depression Diabetes (Type 1)Diarrhea EarInfections Eczema Endometriosis Epilepsy ErectileDysfunctionFibromyalgia Gallstones GERD (Gastroesophageal RefluxDisease)Heartburn Gestational Diabetes Complications Gout GravesHair Lossand Balding Head Lice Hemorrhoids Hepatitis, Hypertension,ImpactedWisdom Teeth: Oral Surgery and Extraction, Insomnia,InsulinResistance, Heart, Diabetes, Irritable Bowel Syndrome,LactoseIntolerance, Laryngitis, Leukemia, Liver Cancer, Carcinoma,Lupus,Lyme, Macular Degeneration, Malignant Mesothelioma, Melanoma,MonoSymptoms, Multiple Sclerosis, Nail Fungus, Obesity,Ovarian,Pancreatic Cancer, PMS, Polycystic Ovary Syndrome, RestlessLegsSyndrome, Rheumatoid Arthritis, Rosacea, Schizophrenia,SeasonalAffective Disorder, Skin, Sleep Apnea, Spider, InsectBites,Stomach Ulcers, Strep Throat, Stroke, Testicular andUterineFibroids. This dictionary is mainly use for medicalstudents,Healthcare professionals, pharmaceuticals, physicians,hospitalnurses, nursing professionals, doctors consultation,pharmacy,physician assistants and for students Advance Features :Now we areonline day to day we reply on comments to all users.DISCLAIMER:This app only for reference & educationalpurpose.Consult yourdoctor once before using this information inthis app. Globalsearch : Diseases , Disease & DisorderDictionary, Disease andTreatment, Medical Hand Book, DiseaseCondition, Medicine for allDisease, Treatment of all Diseases,Disorder & DiseasesDictionary Natural Remedies DiseasesTreatment Drugs
Medical Dictionary Free & Offline - Diseases 1.3
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A free medical dictionary offline app on medical diseases&disorders with detailed definitions, signs &symptoms,diagnosis, causes, prognosis, prevention and treatment.Withdetailed information on 1000s of diseases and probableprescriptiondrug info, this app is a free medical encyclopediaguide. FREEdiseases dictionary hand book for emergency lookup ofdisease namesto assist physicians with their daily practice. Anoffline diseasedictionary with medical conditions ranging fromebola to acne. AppFeatures: * Offline app - Works without internet.* A FREE todownload medical dictionary on illness conditions anddiseases. * Ahandy free pocket guide for physicians desk reference.* Finddetailed information on illness, definitions, referencesandmedical guideline for reading and research. * Glossary ofabout4000+ medical conditions. Medical Disease Dictionary containsthelatest medical conditions and symptoms used by healthcareprofessionals today. Excellent coverage about all disease,symptomand treatment covering general health, internal medicine&biomedical sciences. Learn the diseases and symptoms forhelpduring medical emergencies & treatment of diseases.Downloadthis new disease and drugs dictionary for medicationinformationduring medical prescriptions and cure for sure. No needto searchanymore for heavy disease books as this medicaldictionaryapplication is free to download for android mobilephones. Who CanUse this free medical dictionary: For healthcare,pharmaceuticals,physicians, hospital nurses, medical students,nursingprofessionals, pharmacy, physician assistants and forstudents whowork in clinical practice & dispensary. DISCLAIMER:This appcannot and should not replace a pharmacist or adoctorconsultation. The app content is for pocket reference&educational purpose only. Consult a doctor before using any oftheinformation in this app.
Skin Diseases and Treatment 1.6
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Skin Diseases and Treatment is collection of information aboutskindisease and its treatment in hindi. You will get varioustreatmentmethod like Homeopathy,Ayurveda,Home Remedies etc.Features:==>What causes Skin Diseases ? ==>What Does skinDiseaseslook like and what does it feel like? ==>Skin Diseasecan beCured or Not..? ==> Skin Problems and diseasesgivesinformation,symptoms about Different types of skin Problemsanddiseases. 1.36.0
SKIN AND MOLE TRACKER Miiskin is your personal skin monitoring app-a simple tool to assist and help you explore and keep an eye outforchanges on your skin and moles. Miiskin’s mission is to helpyouphotograph and compare your skin and moles over time.Monitoring anddetecting changes in moles can be important infinding Melanoma(cancer in moles) at an early stage (MalignantMelanoma is the mostdangerous form of skin cancer). (1) WITHMIISKIN YOU CAN: - Takephotos of your moles - Easily log thelocation on the body withinthe Miiskin app - Get a reminder whenit’s time to take a new photo- See informational articles aboutmelanoma and skin cancer MIISKINPREMIUM INCLUDES: - Taking photosof large areas, like your back -Extra secure PIN protected cloudstorage of your photos - Examineyour photos on bigger screensMiiskin is the most user friendly appfor tracking and monitoringchanges in your skin and moles. Takecontrol of your concern andstart keeping an eye on your skin.MIISKIN DOES NOT PROVIDE ADIAGNOSIS The app does not in any waydiagnose your skin and molesor evaluate the risk of melanoma. Theapp is meant to assist youwith tracking your moles over time. We donot think that withtoday’s technology it is defensible to provideindications ofmelanoma or skin cancer risk in a mole. Therefore, weopt not toattempt this for now. If you find a mole that looksconcerning youshould always consult a certified doctor and let himor her checkyour skin and moles for skin cancer or malignantmelanoma. THEVISION OF MIISKIN Miiskin’s vision is to help itsusers to be ontop of their concern and easily monitor skin changes- in the mostuser-friendly way possible. We hope that you will findMiiskinuseful. Help us fight Melanoma and Skin Cancer. Tell yourfriendsto start checking their skin for changes! Wish you thebest,sincerely Miiskin Team
BELONG Beating Cancer Together 4.8.152
The app provides people with cancer and their familiesaunique and innovative personalized solution to help manage andfightcancer more effectively. Using Belong, you will find supportgroupsfor every type of cancer such as breast cancer, lung cancer,ovariancancer and many more. The FREE service includes: - Accessto leadingoncologists, radiologists, researchers & nurses whoanswer yourquestions. - Assistance, tips, and support from a vastsocialnetwork of others with cancer. - The ability to organize andmanageyour records on your mobile device, and share easily withfamily andmedical professionals. - The ability to personalizeinformation andnotifications. - Access to a robust clinical trialmatching servicespecific to your type of cancer. Belong is aninformation sharingplatform between users, healthcare stakeholders and publiclyavailable information. Belong does notrecommend, provide, suggestor deliver advice of any kind.
Medical Disease Dictionary 1.2
Completely Free and Offline Medical Disease Dictionarycontainsdiseases / medical disorders with detailed information suchassigns & symptoms, causes, treatment, prevention andotherresources.This diseases dictionary can act as a pocket guideforself diagnosis and can also be used to search for varioussymptomsand treatment information of a plethora of dieseases.It canalso beused by medical students for learning purposes.Everymedicaldisorder / disease is properly organized withfollowingdetails:Definition / Description / OverviewSigns&SymptomsCauses & RiskFactorsDiagnosisComplicationsTreatment& MedicationsPreventionPrognosisEpidemiologyOtherResourcesThis App has features like:AllDiseases List - View Alldiseases in a alphabetical order. Searchfeature is added for easeof navigationSaved Diseases List - Quicklysave any disease youwish to view later so that you don't have yosearch for it in allthe diseases (although thats pretty easy aswell)Share Disease Info- Share all the details with your contactson any social mediaplatform like WhatsApp, Facebook, Twitter,GooglePlus etc.LatestNews & Info - Stay updated with the latestmedical news &info shared by news / medical & mediacompanies. You can alsoshare the information with your contacts onsocial media.Saved News- Bookmark any news you wish to readlater.Disclaimer - This Appcannot replace a pharmacist or a doctorand should be used only forreference and educational purposes.Consult a doctor before actualusage of any information from thisApp.
🇺🇸Diagnosis Medical App 2.8
Diagnosis Medical App is a unique project that combinesmedicinewith computer-generated artificial intelligence designedbyprofessional doctors from several US American universityhospitals.In the context of a simulated conversation between doctorandpatient you receive questions that you can answer individually.Theaim is to find a suspected diagnosis based on your givenanswersabout your symptoms and to provide you with individualinformationwhich you will need for a possible meeting with yourreal doctor.Diagnosis Medical App will help you understand how yourdoctoranalyses your symptoms. This interactive app is designed forpeoplewith no medical expertise. How does this app work?DiagnosisMedical App is driven by an advanced artificialintelligencealgorithm that synchronizes your symptoms with thelargest existingmedical data base that includes more than 1500combinations ofsymptoms. Diagnosis Medical App complies with thelatest scientificstandards and receives updates regularly so thatwe can ensure thatthis app meets the highest medical standards. Tryout this app tolearn more about your health problems! FEATURES: ✔Designed byprofessional doctors from several US American universityhospitals✔ Evaluation of your given information with the aim tofind asuspected diagnosis ✔ Simulated interview between doctorandpatient ✔ Individual questions and individual answers that fittoyour symptoms ✔ Advanced artificial intelligence algorithm✔Largest existing medical data base with more than 1500combinationsof symptoms ✔ Risk assessment for several diseases thatyou maydevelop in future ✔ Medical advice as a preparation for yournextmeeting with your doctor Diagnosis Medical App does not replaceaconsultation with a doctor! This app should not be treatedasdoctor's advice or a final diagnosis. It is meant to be used asanadditional help for your meeting with a doctor.
com.medicaljoyworks.prognosis 5.0.10
With Prognosis, you can improve your ability to diagnoseandimmediately manage key clinical presentations associated withadisease, having access to relevant facts and succinctexplanationsbehind the underlying diagnostic and managementrationale.Prognosis is designed for practicing physicians, medicalstudents,nursing professionals and other healthcare practitionerswho lovemedicine and want to thrive as world-class decision makers.Afterall, practice makes perfect; and practice can be fun! Ourcatalogoffers 400+ cases and spans a wide range of medicalspecialties,all which can be played in minutes. Each case is alsoaccompaniedby a concise yet comprehensive discussion of thediagnosticreasoning, as well as and key learning points for you totake home.Prognosis cases are based on the actual clinicalexperiences ofmore than 200 physicians across 33 specialties. Newcases arereleased every week, often in keeping with global endemicandepidemic trends, to help you brush up on the clinical skillsthatare the need of the hour! - The #1 ranked medical app in theUnitedStates. - Best Health App at the World Summit Awards 2012. -'DrHouse for Doctors' - Discover Magazine. - 'One of the fivebestapps for doctors' - Bulletin of The Royal College of SurgeonsofEngland (Volume: 94 Issue: 1)
TNM Cancer Staging Calculator 1.0
Generate the overall stage of a patient simply and easily usingtheAJCC Cancer Staging criteria.Perfect for physicians,surgeons,radiologists, physician assistants, nurses, medicalstudents, trialmanagers, research and any healthcare professionalin the field ofoncology.Includes the following cancer types: ●Adrenal CorticalCarcinoma ● Ampulla of Vater ● Anus ● Appendix ●Bone ● BreastCancer ● Cervix ● Colon & Rectum ● Corpus Uteri -Carcinoma& Carcinosarcoma ● Corpus Uteri - Sarcoma ● DistalBile Ducts ●Esophagus & Esophagogastric Junction ● EyelidCarcinoma ●Gallbladder ● Gastrointestinal Stromal Tumour ●Intraphepatic BileDucts ● Kidney ● Larynx (Subglottis, Glottis,Supraglottis) ● Lip& Oral Cavity ● Liver ● Lung Cancer ● MajorSalivary Glands ●Malignant Pleural Mesothelioma ● Melanoma (SkinCancer) ● MerkelCell Carcinoma (Skin Cancer) ● Nasal Cavity ●Nasopharynx ●Neuroendocrine Tumour of the Appendix ● NeuroendocrineTumour ofthe Colon and Rectum ● Neuroendocrine Tumour of theDuodenum andAmpulla of Vater ● Neuroendocrine Tumour of the Jejunumand Ilum ●Neuroendocrine Tumour of the Pancreas ● NeuroendocrineTumour ofthe Stomach ● Neuroendocrine Tumour - Adrenal ●OropharyngealCancer HPV-Mediated (p16+) ● Oropharyngeal Cancer(p16-) ● Ovary,Fallopain Tube and Primary Peritoneal Carcinoma ●Pancreas(Pancreatic Cancer) ● Penis ● Perihilar Bile Ducts ●PrimaryCutaneous Lymphoma (MF/SS) ● Prostate Cancer ● Renal PelivsandUreter ● Retinoblastoma ● Small Intestine ● Soft Tissue Sarcomaofthe Retroperitoneum ● Soft Tissue Sarcoma of Trunk andExtremeties● Squamous Cell (Head & Neck) ● Stomach ● Testis(TesticularCancer) ● Thymus ● Thyroid - Carcinoma ● Thyroid -Medullary ●Urethra ● Urinary Bladder ● Uveal Melanoma ● Vagina ●VulvaOverallstage derived from the AJCC Cancer Staging Manual -Eighth Edition3rd Edition - with permission of the American JointCommittee onCancer (AJCC). IMPORTANT NOTICE: This app is not asubstitute for amedical professional.©App is copyright ofIntegrated CancerResearch Limited. ©Definitions are copyright bythe AJCC.
Multiple Sclerosis Dx & Mgmt. 5.0
The Multiple Sclerosis - Clinical Care App containscurrentinformation on the diagnosis, classification, and managementofmultiple sclerosis (MS), concisely presented for use at thepointof care. The content has been developed by BormBruckmeierPublishing in collaboration with the National MS Society,and isintended for practicing neurologists, resident physicians andotherhealthcare professionals involved in the management ofpatientswith multiple sclerosis.Highlights include:· Signs andsymptomscharacteristic of MS· Four disease courses· 2010 RevisedMcDonaldDiagnostic Criteria for Multiple Sclerosis· Differentialdiagnoses·Elements of the diagnostic workup, including typicalfindings onbrain and spinal MRI, and cerebrospinal fluid analysis·Commonclinically-isolated syndrome presentations· Extensivesymptommanagement including impact on quality of life,additionalresources, and patient education material · Treatmentstrategiesincluding disease-modifying medications and relapse andsymptommanagement· Assessment scales including the KurtzkeFunctionalSystems Scores, Kurtzke Expanded Disability Status Scale,BladderControl Scale, and Two-Question Screening Tool forDepression·National MS Society resources for clinicians and theirpatients
skin disease and treatment 0.0.3
Best comprehensive overview covers the symptoms and treatmentofskin disease. This app has been developed for everyone, alltopicshas been made to make it complete, useful andinteresting.Learnabout & view photos of common skin disordersranging fromallergic eczema to vitiligo to hives,theircause,precaution andtreatment.Gross out your friends or research aparticular diseaseusing this offline medical reference app.Theimages might be prettystomach wrenching, but this app could helpyou, your friends orfamily to be diagnosed early. We have the mostcommon skin problemsand the goriest ones too.
Doctor Dash : Hospital Game 1.38
Hey Doctor, Build your hospital empire and diagnose, treat andcurethe diseases of your patients in this Doctor Dash HospitalGame.This is your hospital explore it and give best treatment toyourpatients in this doctor game you will be having amultispecialtyhospital game where there will be having differentclinic for eachdisease. It looks like a kid’s game but it’s not. Inthis hospitalgame you have to manage and upgrade different clinicsthat aremention below with is the core of this Doctor Dash HospitalGame.Clinics and Doctor: • Lungs clinic which has Lungsdiseasespecialist doctors. • Kidney specialist doctors • Dentalcareclinic • Heart disease cure center doctor • Neurosurgeons forbrainclinic You will get a realistic hospital feel in this DoctorDashHospital Game with different clinics and treatments. In thisdoctorgame you will get an X-ray room too to diagnose diseasebetter andperfect and can suggest a patient if they require asurgery oroperation or they can be treated by medicine only. Inthis timemanagement game patients will keep coming so here is thegood newsyou have a nurse to assist you in this Doctor DashHospital Gameand she is the one who will help them back to health!Manage yourtime with your busy nurse and work fast to diagnose,treat and cureall those in need of your skills. In this Doctor DashHospital Gameyou will get a wheel chair also to serve criticalpatients andreception desk to help you best. Be prepared foremergencysituations where you have little time to save lives! Makecrucialdecisions; combine the best medicine and all kinds of othermedicalprocedures on your patients. In this multilevel DoctorDashHospital Game you can unlock various features in this doctorgameat various levels. Design, expand and build it to make itbigger,upgrade and decorate it to make it prettier, staff andmanage it tomake it the best hospital ever.
MySwaasth : Doctor Consultation Doctor Appointment 1.42
MySwaasth is a complete healthcare companion to keep you swasthandswaasth. Its features include Online Doctor Consultation -Text,Audio and Video, Book Clinic Appointments, Self-DiagnosisSystem,information on medical conditions and symptoms, listofmedications, locker for medical documents as an online backupofyour medical histories and reports and an expert advicehealthfeed. You can also find nearby doctors and hospitals formedicalassistance with My Swaasth. Our self-diagnosis system isdesignedto easily evaluate your symptoms and provides you withmostpossible causes, medical information and treatment by some ofthebest doctors within India. It lists out the possible causesandtreatment but you should seek medical advice before tryinganythingyourself. And in cases of high priority please contacttheemergency health services. App also features a blog for yourdailymedical and health information like healthy food,exercises,prevention to take care. Features: **Basic First-AidGuideAccidents happen. Are you prepared? With First-Aid feature,provideimmediate care and assistance to someone who is hurt or whobecomesill. **Browse Medicines Online See what the medicine has andwhatare the effects and the side effects **Consult Doctors Ask ahealthquery over video/audio/text chat from our Best &BrightestDoctors who are highly expertise in all specialties andtreatments.**Self Help/Self Diagnostic Get information on anysymptoms,conditions, procedures, medications etc. and find the bestpossiblediagnosis and treatment. **Health Articles & Blogs Viewthelatest health news and articles on lifestyle, fitness,nutritionand prevention posted throughout the day to give youguidance andadvice from the best health experts. **Maintain HealthrecordsTrack your medical information, past appointments record,testresults, prescription etc. online through our EMRsystemanytime/anywhere. **Locate Nearby Doctor Search for a doctororhospital near you by entering your location. **OnlineAppointmentsScheduling Book and manage the first availableappointments withthe best doctors in your locality via simple Web,Android and iOSapps. **Hospital ERP System We assist healthcareprofessionals totake better care of their patients, make theirmedical practicesmore effective and make the lives of both easierand more pleasant.**Medicines Reminder & Alert With oureasy-to-use medical app,you can remember to take medications andpills at the right timeand day. **Emergencies Contact Number andSOS Support Wherever youare—whatever you need— inform the emergencyservices and we’reready to help. MySwaasth : Indian health app isyour go to doctorfor a second opinion with resources that couldhelp you figure outand understand your health better. ** My Swasthapp seeks followingpermissions: Identity – to speed-up doctorappointments, medicineorders, health records uploads and much more!Location – toauto-detect your location while booking doctorappointments andplacing medicine orders SMS – to automaticallyverify OTPs sent byus to your mobile number Phone – to directlymake calls to doctors,clinics or diagnostic labs from the appPhotos – so that you canupload and share images from your device(health records,prescriptions etc) Camera – to use device camerafor instantlycapturing & uploading prescriptions, invoices orother healthdocuments. Network – to determine device’s connectivityto theinternet MySwasth, MySwaasth, My Swaasth, My Swasth,Swasth,Swaasth, Doctor, Doctors, Consult Doctor, Consult Doctors,OnlineDoctor, Online Doctors, Home Remedies. Follow the PrivacyPolicylink for further information on how we take care of yourprivacyand also check our terms and conditions.
WikiMed - Offline Medical Wikipedia 2018-08
Kiwix Team
With 51,000+ medical articles, Wikimed is the largest andmostcomprehensive collection of health-related articles available.Itincludes content on diseases, medications, anatomy, andsanitation.As an encyclopedic medical dictionary, Wikimed isperfect forpracticing physicians, as well as medicine and otherhealthcarestudents. If you are in the developing world withoutaccess to theInternet or on a boat in the middle of nowhere you cannow accessone of the foremost and up-to-date medical dictionaries,for free.Beware: the app is 1.1 Gb, make sure you have enough spaceand asolid WiFi connection for download! If you have limitedstorage,then try Wikimed Mini, the light version of Wikimed!
Skin Diseases & Treatment 2.2
In this application, we have covered most skin diseasesthatprovides a resource for people newly-diagnosed withskin-relateddiseases. The Skin is the most important part in thebody so weneed to take care of it. In Skin Disorder application, wehavetried to cover most common skin related disorder withtheirdescription, causes, symptoms and treatment. Thisapplicationprovides you the details about the skin disease foryourreferences. so please read it carefully. Skin disorder willgiveyou privilege to read skin related articles from skin expertsintothe app and app will notify about skin care tips time to time.It'sa perfect app to prevent and improve skin daily. Doctors andskinspecialist can now add any other disorder and writeblogs.Features: - Skin care articles (Blogs written by experts) -Skincare tips (Tips by experts) - Skin related A-Z diseases,causes,symptoms, treatment - All human skin disorders and treatment- Selfcare of Skin Disease - Home remedies for skin care - itchyskinproblem app - User can submit articles to use in front to100thousands users. - Skin doctors can send us missing andstrangedisorders and we will make it available to user afterapproval.Commanly known as: Skin care app, App for facial skincare, App forskin care tips, App for skin care articles, Skindisordersarticles, Skin care problems, Skin care routine app, Appfor oilyskin, Dry Skin, How to cure skin problem?, How to take careofskin?, Skin Disease can be Cured or Not..?, Natural tips, Appforbeauty care, Skin care taker Skin infections can bebacterialskin,virus skin,cancerous,blood disease,hormonal,fungal,sunburns,antibodies(vitiligo). Treatments for skin diseasemay requireblood disease test,skin surgery,skin cancer scanninganddetection&brain disease scan. Skin disease infectionguidelinesapplications provides solutions to self diagnosis,facialskin care,,natural home remedies and natural cures where applicableforcommon skin health alignments,eg.Acne is a skin condition inthehuman body skin spots.Acne takes away the beauty of the faceandbody skin beauty and cause scarring.Use medicinaldrugs,naturalhome remedies,natural cures solutions to this skinhazards. CoveredDisorders: Acne Alopecia Areata Basal CellCarcinoma Bowen'sDisease Contact Dermatitis Darier's Disease Eczema(Atopic Eczema)Epidermolysis Bullosa Simplex ErythropoieticProtoporphyriaExtra-mammary Paget’s disease Fungal infection onskinHailey-Hailey disease Herpes Simplex HidradenitisSuppurativaHirsutism Hives Hyperhidrosis Ichthyosis ImpetigoKeloids Keratosispilaris Lichen Planus Lichen Sclerosus Melanomaskin cancer MelasmaPemphigus vulgaris Pityriasis LichenoidesPlantar Warts (Verrucas)Polymorphic Light Eruption PsoriasisPyoderma Gangrenosum RosaceaScabies Shingles Squamous CellCarcinoma Sweet's Syndrome VitiligoVulvodynia Warts
com.cyberandsons.tcmaid 2.2.8
Cyber and Sons
TCM Clinic Aid is a reference guide for practitioners andstudentsof Traditional Chinese Medicine (Acupuncturist andHerbalist). Itshould not be used to diagnose ailments or diseases.Diagnosisshould be done by a licensed Acupuncturist and Herbalist.KEYFEATURES: Search our relational database for: 1. AcupunctureandAuricular points, - Includes images of Acupuncture points.-Includes Chinese characters and pinyin with tonemarks forallAcupuncture points. - Includes images of Auricular points.2.Individual Herbs and Herbal Formulas, - Includes imagesofindividual herbs. - Includes Chinese characters and pinyinwithtonemarks for all Herbs and Herbal Formulas. 3.DiagnosisEtiologies, 4. Search by symptoms and indications. 5. Youcan alsosearch for a specific diagnosis, formulas, herbs, andpoints usingthe following: a. Diagnosis etiologies searched bypathology name,i.e., 'Liver Yang Rising', suggested points, orsuggested formulas,b. Formula names searched by pinyin, englishname, ingredients,western uses (western ailments it can treat), c.Herb namessearched by pinyin, english or botanical (latin), d.Pointssearched by common name, i.e., 'LI4'. Browse or "drilldown"through 1600+ points, herbs, formulas and diagnosis etiology.Usermodification/editing of auricular, diagnosis, herbs, formulasandpoints. The following components are also included: 1. MasterTungPoints. 2. Wrist/Ankle Acupuncture. 3. Quiz Yourself. 4.PulseDiagnosis.
ECG 100 Clinical Cases 3.0
Practice clinical cardiology with these 100 different casesofsituations that can help you to diagnose heartpathologies.Highrecommended for medical students!Always remember toask aspecialist.
Medical Disease Dictionary 1.0
Y Usha Reddy
Medical Disease Dictionary is a free offline medical dictionarythatprovides all information about Diseases: medicaldefinition,symptoms, causes, Risk factors, complications, tests anddiagnosis,drugs and treatments.App Highlights:- Completely worksoffline andfree to download.- Trusted and used by nurses, doctorsand medicalstudents.- Information regarding treatment of diseasesfor allmedical conditions and symptoms along with medicationinformation,medication interaction and drug side effects.- DetailedDiseasesguide including the symptoms, drugs and treatments.- Thebest freeDisease dictionary for nurses, doctors or students andevery onewith facts and information.DISCLAIMER:This app cannot andshouldnot replace a pharmacist or a doctor consultation. Appcontent isonly for pocket reference & educational purposes.Consult adoctor before actual usage of any of the information inthis app.
All Mental disorders 1.1
Robert Erron
This app contains a description of mental disorders andmentalillnesses : definitions , Signs , Symptoms, Syndromes,Treatment,Diagnosis ....etc ! And more details ! PS : Allinformation on appis for educational purposes only
Sepsis Clinical Guide 4.4
Escavo Inc.
Sepsis is a serious systemic infection that can quickly leadtocirculatory shock, organ failure and death ifinappropriatelytreated. It is also a serious problem in hospitalsthroughout theUS and the world. In 2013, 1.3 million people wereadmitted to UShospitals for sepsis (#1 cause of index admissions!)at a totalcost to the US healthcare system of $23.7 billion dollars(#1 mostexpensive condition!). Over 250,000 people die of sepsis inthe USevery year, more than from prostate cancer, breast cancer andAIDScombined. Despite its large toll on public health, publicawarenessof this condition is poor and the quality of treatment ishighlyvariable often due to late recognition and treatment. Insepsis,time is of the essence. Successful treatment hinges onpromptrecognition of symptoms, correct antibiotic administration,andhemodynamic stabilization. Lack of appropriate sepsismanagementknowledge at the bedside leads to delayed symptomrecognition,serious complications, medical errors, increasedtreatment costs,and avoidable morbidity and mortality. For thisreason, we createdthis app to provide busy health professionalswith essentialmanagement information based on the latest practiceguidelines in aformat that is easily accessible at the point ofcare. The Sepsisapp features search, annotation, bookmarkingfunctions andcalculator support. All content is extensivelyreferenced andfootnoted where appropriate, and periodicallyupdated. This appremains free of charge due to the generoussponsorship of BeckmanCoulter. Clinical topics covered in theSepsis app include: - Thelatest definitions and clinical guidelinesincluding Sepsis-3 andthe 2016 Surviving Sepsis Campaign (SSC)guidelines - Epidemiology,risk factors and pathophysiology ofsepsis and septic shock -Common differentials and etiology,guidelines on performingappropriate H&P and workups -Management of common causesincluding hospital-acquired pneumonia(HAP), ventilator-acquiredpneumonia (VAP) and intra-abdominalinfections - Sepsis managementbundles, early goal-directed therapy,hemodynamic management,adjunctive therapies, mechanical ventilationof sepsis-inducedARDS, and other essential management guidelinesfrom the SSC andthe American Thoracic Society (ATS) - Antibiotictherapy includingspecific guidelines for the treatment of HAP fromATS and theInfectious Diseases Society of America (IDSA) -Diagnosis andmanagement of pediatric and neonatal sepsis includingthemanagement of pediatric fever, important differencesfrommanagement of sepsis in adults, management ofsepsis-inducedpersistent pulmonary hypertension of the newborn(PPHN), empiricantibiotic treatment recommendations for GBSinfections,interventions in pediatric septic shock, andotherpediatric-specific information - Important calculatorsincludingthe Sequential Organ Failure Assessment (SOFA),quick-SOFA, APACHEII, Multiple Organ Dysfunction Score (MODS), theSimplified AcutePhysiology Score (SAPS) II, the National EarlyWarning Score(NEWS), the Clinical Pulmonary Infection (CPI) score,the InferiorVena Cava Collapsibility Index, and others - Drugadministrationinformation including antibacterial and antifungalantibiotics,adrenergic and other vasoactive agents, corticosteroidsanddiuretics Recommended by: - Top US doctors on - - The Russian SepsisForum( - The ED Trauma Critical Care Blog( 6.13
From WebMD, the one healthcare app you need to check symptoms;learnabout conditions and drugs; research treatments anddiagnoses; finddoctors and specialists in your area; get Rxdiscounts available atyour local pharmacy; and set medicationreminders. Key Features: •Symptom Checker – Choose your symptoms,learn about potentialconditions or issues, and lookup treatmentand care options. •Doctor Directory – Find the closest doctors andspecialists based onyour current location or search by city, stateor zip. • WebMD Rx –We partner with major pharmacy chains to findthe lowestprescription drug prices, which often beat insuranceco-pays. It’s100% free to use. No registration required. •Medication Reminders –Never miss a dose. You’ll receive reminderswhen it’s time to takeyour medications. View daily prescriptionschedules andinstructions, plus pill images with dosage and timinginformationfor each drug. • Conditions – Find medically-reviewedinformationabout conditions relevant to you and learn more aboutcauses,treatments, and related symptoms. • Customization andSavingFunctionality – Save your conditions, drugs, doctors,hospitals,pharmacies, and healthy living articles for secure, easyaccess andreference. • Drug Interaction Checker – Find andidentifypotentially harmful and unsafe combinations ofprescriptionmedications by entering two or more drugs in question.ABOUT WebMDWebMD Health Corp. (Nasdaq: WBMD) is the leadingprovider of healthinformation services, serving consumers,physicians, healthcareprofessionals, employers, and health plansthrough our public andprivate online portals, mobile platforms andhealth-focusedpublications. More than 95 million unique visitorsaccess the WebMDHealth Network each month. The WebMD HealthNetwork includes WebMDHealth, Medscape, MedicineNet,emedicineHealth, RxList,, and MedscapeEducation. SOURCE WebMD HealthCorp. WebMD. Better Information.Better Health. WebMD does notprovide medical advice, diagnosis ortreatment. Always seek theadvice of your physician or otherqualified health provider with anyquestions you may have regardinga medical condition. Neverdisregard professional medical advice ordelay in seeking it becauseof something you have read on the WebMDmobile application.
Treatment for all diseases 68.02
I present to you this wonderful application Treatment foralldiseases which contains a range of serious spreaddiseasesTheapplication Treatment for all diseases offers diseasesand causesand how to avoid injury and maintain your health in fullsafety andevery subject in this application presents a differentdisease anddefinition of it and how to eliminate it , similar to:medicamentof medicijnmeaning of medicamenthistory ofmedicamentmeaning ofmedicament in hindimedication for treatment ofnocturiaplural ofmedicamentsynonyms of medicamentform ofmedicationuse ofmedicamentexample of medicamentmedication ofadhdmedication ofdiabetesmedication ofevmedication of kidneystonemedicationofficial websitemedication of choice forutimedication ofdepressionode on a distant prospect of etoncollegeprospect ofwhitby antiquescollege prospects ofamericaprospect ofwhitbyprospect of orlandoprospect of solar energyinbangladeshmedicament oflocetthe prospect ofprospect of tourisminbangladeshprospect of whitby london englandmedicationofocdmedication off label usefloxinmedicationmedicamentofloxacinemédicament officinalmedicamentofloxacine mylanmédicamentofficinal définitionmedicamentofficinauxmedicament oflocet 200mgmedicament ofevmedicamentofloxacine200mgmedicamentosmedicamentorganizador de medicamentosfinnorofsmedicament mode of actionmedicament bronchitemedicamentbrulureestomacmedicament ballonnementmédicament bipolairemedicamentboutonde fievremedicament belgiquemedicamentbopmedicamentbetasercmedicament beta bloquantmedicamentbaclofenemedicamentconstipationmedicament contre ladiarrhéemedicament contre lestressmedicament contre laconstipationmedicament cystitemedicamentcontre la grippemedicamentcontre le rhumemedicamentcholesterolmedicament contre lagastromédicament cystite sansordonnancemédicamentdiarrhéemedicament dangereuxmedicamentdepressionmédicamentdéfinitionmedicament diabetemédicamentdexceptionmedicamentdebridatmedicament digestionmedicament douleurdentairemedicamentdomperidonemedicament en lignemedicament enanglaismedicament etgrossessemedicament epilepsiemedicamentestomacixprimmedicamentmedicament et alcoolmedicament efficacepourmaigrirmedicament et allaitementmedicament efficacerhumemedicamentfemme enceintemedicament fermedicamentflagylmedicamentfrancemedicament fievremedicament forlaxmédicamentfloreintestinalemedicament fervexmedicament flatulencemedicamentfaussecouchemédicament génériquemedicamentgastromedicamentgrippemédicament générique définitionmedicamentgrossessespeech andlanguage therapy apps for kidstherapyloungetherapy lasvegastherapy londontherapy logotherapy lyrics alltime lowtherapylyrics khalidtherapy lisstherapy lighttherapy londonbagsspeech andlanguage therapy appstherapy meaning in hinditherapymeaning inurdutherapy massagetherapy managementcorporationtherapymemestherapy machinetherapy musictherapymodalitiestherapymovietherapy nyctherapy networktherapynightclubtherapy nhstherapynotes softwaretherapy networkseminarstherapy notes reviewstherapynail salontherapy onlinetherapyonetherapy online freetherapyofficetherapy on demandtherapy outcomemeasurestherapy ofchampionstherapy over the phonetherapy on therockstherapyoilsoccupational therapytherapy puttytherapypetstherapypooltherapy plustherapy partnertherapy playgroundtherapypetsunlimitedtherapy pigremedy for coughremedy forconstipationremedyfor dry coughremedy for headacheremedy forsunburnremedy forheartburnremedy for pimplesremedy for sorethroatremedy for beestingremedy for hiccupsremedy for acidityremedyfor acidrefluxremedy for acneremedy for arthritisremedy foranxietyremedyfor antsremedy for asthmaremedy for ant bitesremedyfor a sorethroat
Diseases & Disorders is a medical hand book that providesallinformation about symptoms, diseases and treatment. Diseasesarearranged alphabetically by their medical term and commonlyknownnames. You can also search them by typing in the name ofthedisease. The app provides summaries of each disease,descriptionsand information on how the condition manifest itself,together withsigns and symptoms for early detection. Diseases &Disordersdictionary - Medical App Features: 1. Offline – It wokoffline, noactive internet connection is required; 2. Detaileddescription ofall major medical conditions and diseases: -definition; -symptoms; - causes; - risk factors; - complications; -preparingfor your appointment; - tests and diagnosis; - treatmentsanddrugs; - lifestyle and home remedies 3. Equipped with quickdynamicsearch function – The dictionary will start searching forthe wordswhile you type. 4. Voice search. 5. Easy way to share withyourfriends. 6. Bookmark – you are able to bookmark the DiseaseTermsto your favorites list by clicking on the “star” icon. 7.ManagingBookmark Lists – you are able edit your bookmark lists orclearthem.
Handbook of diseases
Detailed and compact medical handbookofdiseases for those who care about their health!This Handbook of Diseases application is useful not only foranyonebut also serves as a good tool for medical students andevenmedical practitioners.FEATURES[✔ ]Handbook of Diseases is available on both Russian andEnglishlanguages[✔] The number 1 paid medical application in Russia[✔] Review Rating >4.5[✔] More than 3000 articles on 27 topicsCAPABILITIES✧ Drugs✧ Infectious diseases✧ Cardiovascular disease✧ Respiratory diseases✧ Kidney disease✧ Diseases of the digestive system✧ Allergies✧ Clinical immunology✧ Rheumatology✧ Hematology and oncology✧ Endocrinology✧ Metabolisms✧ Neurology✧ Psychic dependence✧ Dermatology✧ Internal medicine✧ Tuberculosis✧ Cancer✧ HIV - pathology✧ Arrhythmiasand more.Each disease is described in detail, which include:● Classification of diseases● Symptoms● Pathogenesis● Clinical● Treatment options● ForecastsA convenient search engine allows you to quickly andaccuratelyfind the required diseases.This Handbook of diseases application is useful not only foranyonebut also serves as a good tool for medical students andevenmedical practitioners. You no more have to look intoheavyreference books to understand the classification ordescription ofsymptoms of a disease. All this information can beobtaineddirectly from your smartphone in two clicks.WHATS NEW✪ Version 2.0: radical redesign and the articlesnavigationmechanism change✪ Version 1.2.1: SD-card support, reduced the size oftheprogramUSER REVIEWS✔ "Thank you, wonderful program. Good support for the upgradeinmemory of symptoms of diseases "✔ "OK program. Reference to a heap of drugs downloaded"✔ "Just installed it. My impressions are positive. Russian boot,alot of information, I will study with it"✔ "I found a lot of useful information.”✔ "Excellent App. Well done, one more language, easy toswitch."ATTENTIONDescriptions of the diseases, contained in this application, arenotintended for medical treatment without a doctor and can be usedforinformation purposes only.Handbook of diseases - your health in your phone.
300 Tips to prevent Cancer 4.5
Oncotip is a health tips app to prevent breast cancer, lungcancerand stomach cancer. We provide daily health tips and articlesonhealthy foods & healthy living aimed at everyone, fromyoungchildren, men, and women. This app is created by oncologydoctorsand specialists who have the experience and knowledge aboutvarioustypes of malignancies and their causes. There are manycancerscreening tests such as breast self examination to detectbreastcancer. If tumor cells are detected, doctors will recommendvarioustreatments such as surgery, radiation and chemotherapy forbreastcancer and stomach cancer. These treatments,especiallychemotherapy can be very taxing on the body. Before weget sick, webetter prevent it by committing to healthy living andeatinghealthy food. In this app you can learn various health tipson howto choose healthy food and avoid dangerous food that willincreaseyour risk of getting tumors. =========================BESTFEATURES OF ONCOTIP: ========================= ♥ Get more than300proven health tips by doctors and oncology experts on howtoprevent Stomach cancer, Lung cancer and Breast cancer ♥HomeScreening tests – various tests that can be done at home todetecttumors at an early stage and help to start earlytreatmentespecially for stomach cancer ♥ Top 20 healthy food – thetophealthy food which when consumed reduces the chances ofdevelopingmalignancy and prevents recurrences. ♥ 16 Dangerous Foodsthat cancause tumors or increase the risk of sickness ♥ Preventivestepsfor survivors – Things that survivors can do to preventrecurrence.♥ Tips on healthy living – Minor adjustments in yourhome to fightand prevent tumors. We created Oncotip to help youstay healthy andlive longer lives. Please share our app to yourfriends and familyso they can take advantage of the health tips andhave healthierlives by preventing breast cancer and stomach cancer.Legaldisclaimer: The content on this app is presented foreducationaland informational purposes only. Never disregardprofessionalmedical advice from your physician or health careprovider or delayin seeking it because of something you have readon thisapplication. For example, if your doctor recommendschemotherapyfor lung cancer then you should follow his or heradvice. Youshould also follow up the home cancer screening test,includingbreast test with consultation with an oncology doctor(oncologist).This app uses Google Analytics to anonymously trackusage data.
Mayo Clinic
The Mayo Clinic app connects you to the No. 1 hospital inthenation, as ranked by U.S. News & World Report.

The MayoClinicapp gives you practical, helpful tools to manage yourhealthon-the-go. The app delivers a daily dose of health newsandpractical advice from top doctors, dietitians, fitness expertsandmore. You can also search for reliable, research-backed answerstoyour questions about diseases, symptoms and healthprocedures.Plus, you can easily request an appointment withworld-classexperts in top-ranked specialties.

If you're already aMayo Clinicpatient, the app puts all of your medical information inyourpocket, so it's easier to track your health, scheduleappointmentsand complete check-in questionnaires at yourconvenience. Whenyou're on-site, the app is your ideal tool. You'llget easy accessto your appointment itinerary, important reminders,campus maps andyour personal medical records. Favorite features: 
•Start (or end)your day with must-read news, health insights,fitness videos,recipes and wellness tips. • Search for trustworthyinfo aboutdiseases, symptoms and medical procedures. 
• Makeappointments atyour convenience.
 • Check your appointmentitinerary. 
• View testresults in real time. 
• View radiologyimages and exams. • Accessand pay your bills. • Communicate withyour care team in a securemessaging system. • Get Express CareOnline within an hour forcommon ailments that don't require anin-person visit (available inselect regions). 
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The easiest way to lookup drug information, identify pills,checkinteractions and set up your own personal medication records.Allmobile-optimized to speed up your browsing experience. KeyFeaturesMy Med List Add your medications to instantly assemblerelevantmedical information in a simple, easy to read personalizedformat.Access in-depth consumer information, FDA alerts,druginteractions, plus food, allergy and medicalconditioninteractions. An invaluable tool for medication managementandadherence. Now offers offline support. Complete Drugs A toZlistings Fast search, accurate suggestion engine and themostcomprehensive database of drug information available online.PillIdentifier Identify any meds simply by entering an imprint,shapeor color. Database updated daily. Interactions CheckerProvides alist of interactions that may occur when different drugsare takenat the same time. Also checks food interactionsautomatically. Q& A Ask a specific question about yourmedication. Search onthousands of questions and answers. HealthProfessionals Quickaccess to all the tools you know and trust. Manyhelpful tools. Trythe Symptom Checker. Lookup specialised databasesfor side effectsand dosage information. Not quite sure how to spella drug name?Use the phonetic search. Permissions The app requiresfull networkaccess to gain access to the drug informationdatabase.The app requires access to "Photos / Media / Files" toallow theapp to be installed on the SD Card. We do not read yourphotos,media or files. Important Notice: You must not rely onthisapplication alone to remember to take your prescriptions ortoreplace medical advice, diagnosis or treatment. Always consultwithyour healthcare professional. does not providemedical ortreatment advice. Always consult with a physician. Followus onTwitter @drugscom for tips and updates. About Drugs.comDrugs.comis the most popular, comprehensive and up-to-date sourceof druginformation online. Providing free, peer-reviewed, accurateandindependent data on more than 24,000 prescriptiondrugs,over-the-counter medicines & natural products. Drugs.comis amultiple Webby Award nominee and attracts more than 25 millionU.S.visitors per month (Comscore, June 2016). App Support If youhaveany feature requests, suggestions or you simply need help,pleasevisit and ourresponsivesupport team will prioritize your request.
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MedEx is a handy and useful tool to learn clinical examinationandskills on the go. Combined with easy to understand descriptionandhigh quality images, this is a perfect platform to improveyourclinical skills. It also includes pathological respiratoryandheart sounds to help you understand better. The wholedescriptionand images are based on the commonly practiced clinicalexaminationmethods all around the world. The app includes : HistorytakingExamination of vital signs General physical examinationExaminationof cardiovascular system Examination of respiratorysystemExamination of gastrointestinal system Examination ofnervoussystem Examination of motor system KEYWORDS : Clinicalexamination,physical examination, medical examination, clinicalskills,medical, physical, health, respiratory, history,cardiacexamination, abdomen examination, doctors, case, drugs,chestexamination,education, training, clinical procedures,nervoussystem, medicine, diagnosis, diagnose, healthy, medicalstudent,apps for doctors, medical books, medical students, nerve,medstudent, osce, medical training, first aid, medicaleducation,clinical case,medical case, ecg, blood pressure,temperature,blood, oxygen,medical college, medical apps fordoctors, medicalstudy, medical apps, medical apps for generalpractitioner, medicalstudents apps, apps for medical students,educational apps formedical students.
Cancer.Net Mobile 5.0
Get easy-to-use tools to help you plan and manage care –fromdiagnosis through treatment and beyond – provided byCancer.Net,including the latest oncologist-approved cancerinformation.Brought to you by the American Society of ClinicalOncology (ASCO).Intuitive, on-the-go tools keep track of questions,symptoms,medications, appointments, and health care providers,allowing youto: • Get Information – up-to-date guides on 120+ typesof cancer,including treatment, managing side effects, cost of care,andliving with cancer • Record Questions - easily jot downquestionsfor your doctors and record their answers • LogMedications - takephotos of medication labels and bottles. Inputdosage, frequency,and prescribing provider. Set reminders andrecord when medicationsare taken • Track Symptoms – note symptomsand side effects.Automatically plot severity, date, and time in aneasy-to-read linegraph • Appointments – enter appointments withhealth careproviders, view upcoming appointments, history, and syncwithdevice calendar • Providers – record health care providers'fullcontact information. Assign, questions, symptoms, andappointmentsto specific providers • Scheduling – add questions,symptoms, ormedications to your mobile device calendar • LinkQuestions - linkany questions to ask at your next appointment witha currentsymptom, medication, or provider Cancer.Net Mobile is acompanionto the Cancer.Net website, a service of ASCO, the world’sleadingprofessional organization representing physicians who careforpeople with cancer. All information on Cancer.Net was developedandapproved by oncologists who are members of ASCO. Cancer.Netissupported by the Conquer Cancer Foundation, whichfundsbreakthrough cancer research and supports the sharingofcutting-edge knowledge with patients and doctors worldwide.
Brexa - Breast cancer screening 2.0.2
Want to know the symptoms of breast cancer ? Want to do abreastcancer check, mammogram or schedule a breast cancerscreeningonline? Use the BREXA BREAST CANCER SCREEN app. It is acompleteapp for raising breast cancer awareness and offeringgreatsolutions for preventing breast cancer. Thus at its core BREXAis abreast cancer screening tool created and supported by doctorswhoare experts in breast cancer and its prevention. It containsaninteractive smart assistant called Vesna. Vesna guides the userbyvoice and text and makes the app intuitive and easy to use.•PERFORM SELF EXAMINATION, MAMMOGRAM & DIAGNOSIS VESNA helpsinearly detection of breast cancer by helping in regular breastselfexamination and mammogram. In those who identify a problem,VESNAhelps in guiding the user to the right specialist to avoiddelay indiagnosis. It can be the perfect help for breast cancerdiagnosis.• GET REMINDERS AND VIDEO INSTRUCTIONS Women can dobreastself-examination with the help of VESNA. The app reminds userofmonthly breast self-examination. Using voice instructionsandanimated video, VESNA helps you do breast self- examinationathome. BREXA BREAST CANCER SCREEN FEATURES: • BREXA reminds todomammograms every year after the age of 40. • It givesaccurateinformation about mammograms and other advanced breasttests. •BREXA helps you find the nearest mammography center andqualifiedbreast specialist doctor. • The App helps you in gettingexpertsecond opinion about your radiology images and biopsiesfromverified highly qualified doctors. • This free app empowerswomenby providing all the tools they need to be aware of breastcancerand effectively prevent it. • BREXA gives you authentic infoonbreast cancer treatment and diagnosis. • It is aimed atcreatingand continuing breast cancer awareness throughout life. •This apphelps in early detection of breast cancer even when thereare nobreast cancer signs or symptoms. • It also gives the useraccuratefacts about breast cancer and details about various aboutbreastcancer tests, their uses and expectedoutcomes.------------------------------------------------------------Don’tever ask how to check for breast cancer. Use BREXA andyou’llalways have relevant information! Download it for free! 4.0.21
CardioVisual was awarded “2018 Best App for HeartDisease”byHealthline Media. Clinicians & patients in more than130countries across the globe rely on our trustworthy, unbiased,andreliable content. Created by cardiologists, CardioVisual isamultimedia interactive educational heart health app.Itscomprehensive library of curated, shareable informationalvideos& interactive graphics provides efficient, clearinformationand explanations of all aspects of heart healthincluding riskfactors, prevention, conditions and treatments ofcardiovasculardiseases. It is designed to provide an educationalresource,simplify discussions to save clinicians time, and betterinformpatients. CardioVisual is regularly updated with videos ofexpertsdiscussing new treatments and procedures that allowclinician usersto learn, share and discuss with peers andcolleagues. Has over 200heart and circulation videos from reliablesources providingsimplified medical explanation of treatments ofconditions, suchas: • Atrial fibrillation (Afib) • Heart attack ormyocardialinfarction • Heart disease or coronary artery disease •Heartfailure • Angina • High cholesterol • High BloodPressure(hypertension) • Diabetes • Stroke and carotid arterydisease •Aortic & Mitral heart valve disease • Hole in theheart (PFO orASD) • Leg and lung clot (DVT and PE) ◦ Peripheralartery disease(PAD) ◦ Aortic aneurysm (AAA) • Heart rhythmdisturbances orarrhythmias ◦ Sudden cardiac death and Cardiacarrest • Hearthealthy diet & nutrition information forprevention of heartdisease Also provides simplified videoexplanations of complexprocedures & devices, such as: •Pacemaker &Defibrillator/ICD Placement • Heart Angiogram &Angioplastywith Stent • Heart bypass and valve surgery • Carotidand othervascular balloons, stents and devices • TAVR and catheterheartvalve replacement • Devices, such as ◦ Cardiomems ◦ ImpellaandHeartMate PHP, VAD devices ◦ Watchman left atrialappendageoccluder ◦ Amplatzer and Helex ASD and PFO device ◦Catheterablation techniques ◦ Laser and atherectomy devices ◦ Drugcoatedballoons and stents ◦ Transcatheter valve treatments suchasMitraClip, Sapien and CoreValve ◦ New procedure & devicevideosare regularly updated on the app. Benefits of the AppInclude: •Saves clinicians time • Provides comprehensivevideo-basedinformation to patients • Increases patientcomprehension • Trustedcontent curated by practicing cardiologists• Educational resourcefor clinicians with regularly updated videosof new procedures& devices • Digital video sharing • PaperlessAvailable forfree with an upgrade option via in-app purchase: Basic(free):Access to all content via video streaming, orientationplaylist,recommended videos, image markup & sharing of videosandimages. CardioVisual PRO (Auto Renewable Subscription):Monthly:$0.99 per month or Annual: $9.99 per year Trial period : 1week Allthe features of Basic, plus: download all videos forinstantoffline viewing; Autoplay and share customized playlists ofvideosand access to exclusive content. Disclaimer: If you havepurchasedfrom iTunes, payment will be charged to your iTunesAccount atconfirmation of purchase. Subscriptions automaticallyrenew unlessauto-renew is turned off at least 24-hours before theend of thecurrent period. Account will be charged for renewalwithin 24-hoursprior to the end of the current period, and identifythe cost ofthe renewal. Subscriptions may be managed by the userandauto-renewal may be turned off by going to the user’siTunesaccount after purchase. Any unused portion of a free trialperiod,if offered, will be forfeited when the user purchasesasubscription to that publication, where applicable. Seeprivacypolicy at &Terms to your use ofCardioVisual app. 6.1.1
Medscape is the leading online global destination for physiciansandhealthcare professionals worldwide, offering the latest medicalnewsand expert perspectives; point-of-care drug and diseaseinformation;and relevant professional education and CME/CE. TheMedscape app isdesigned to provide a personalized experience sothat you can easilyaccess what you need, when you need it. What’sNEW? * Discover thelatest clinical news and perspectives in yourspecialty with ourtailored newsfeed. Receive alerts about FDAapprovals, conferencenews, late-breaking clinical trial data, andmore. * AccessReference articles, News, and CME/CE courses withour moderntaskbar. * Customize your homescreen, save your favoriteclinicaltools, and bookmark articles you like or want to check outlater.Additional Key Features: * Look up the most currentprescribing andsafety information on 8500+ prescription and OTCdrugs, herbals, andsupplements. * Check out other usefulresources, including our druginteraction checker,specialty-specific calculators, pillidentifier, and more. * Findessential procedures in your field with6200+ Reference articles. *Earn free CME/CE credits and ABIM MOCpoints on-the-go, and monitoryour progress with our built-inActivity Tracker. * Access thelargest network for physicians andmedical students with Consult.Use your Medscape account to accessthe Medscape app. Don't have aMedscape account? You can sign up forfree when you download theapp—it takes only a few seconds. Do youhave feedback for theMedscape team? Email us
ICD10 2.1
The International Classification of Diseases (ICD) istheinternational "standard diagnostic tool for epidemiology,healthmanagement and clinical purposes". Its full official nameisInternational Statistical Classification of Diseases andRelatedHealth Problems. The ICD is maintained by the WorldHealthOrganization (WHO), the directing and coordinating authorityforhealth within the United Nations System. The ICD is designed asahealth care classification system, providing a system ofdiagnosticcodes for classifying diseases, including nuancedclassificationsof a wide variety of signs, symptoms, abnormalfindings,complaints, social circumstances, and external causes ofinjury ordisease. This system is designed to map health conditionstocorresponding generic categories together with specificvariations,assigning for these a designated code, up to sixcharacters long.Thus, major categories are designed to include aset of similardiseases. The ICD is published by the WHO and usedworldwide formorbidity and mortality statistics, reimbursementsystems, andautomated decision support in health care. This systemis designedto promote international comparability in thecollection,processing, classification, and presentation of thesestatistics.Like the analogous Diagnostic and Statistical Manual ofMentalDisorders (which is limited to psychiatric disorders), theICD is amajor project to statistically classify all healthdisorders, andprovide diagnostic assistance. The ICD is a corestatisticallybased classificatory diagnostic system for health carerelatedissues of the WHO Family of InternationalClassifications(WHO-FIC). This APP was built for students andhealthcareprofessionals. We are not responsible for the codesprovided. Thesecodes are for reference only.
Note: This trial version of TCM Clinic Aid allows the user tousethe app 20 times. TCM Clinic Aid is a reference guideforpractitioners and students of Traditional ChineseMedicine(Acupuncturist and Herbalist). It should not be used todiagnoseailments or diseases. Diagnosis should be done by alicensedAcupuncturist and Herbalist. KEY FEATURES: Search ourrelationaldatabase for: 1. Acupuncture and Auricular points, -Includesimages of Acupuncture points. - Includes Chinese charactersandpinyin with tonemarks for all Acupuncture points. - Includesimagesof Auricular points. 2. Individual Herbs and Herbal Formulas,-Includes images of individual herbs. - Includes Chinesecharactersand pinyin with tonemarks for all Herbs and HerbalFormulas. 3.Diagnosis Etiologies, 4. Search by symptoms andindications. 5. Youcan also search for a specific diagnosis,formulas, herbs, andpoints using the following: a. Diagnosisetiologies searched bypathology name, i.e., 'Liver Yang Rising',suggested points, orsuggested formulas, b. Formula names searchedby pinyin, englishname, ingredients, western uses (western ailmentsit can treat), c.Herb names searched by pinyin, english orbotanical (latin), d.Points searched by common name, i.e., 'LI4'.Browse or "drill down"through 1600+ points, herbs, formulas anddiagnosis etiology. Usermodification/editing of auricular,diagnosis, herbs, formulas andpoints. The following components arealso included: 1. Master TungPoints. 2. Wrist/Ankle Acupuncture. 3.Quiz Yourself. 4. PulseDiagnosis
Diseases and Disorders Guide 1.0.1
luminous apps
This free application provides an in-depth reference guide oftheDiseases and Disorders featuring over 3000 high qualitydetailedarticles and images in a well presented and easy tonavigateway.There are 12 categories of content included in thisapp.Thediseases topics covered include Cancer Types,Cutaneous/SkinConditions, Endocrine Diseases, Eye Diseases andInfectiousDiseases.The disorders covered include CommunicationDisorders,Genetic Disorders, Neurological Disorders, VoiceDisorders, LiverDisorders, Heart Disorders and Mental Illness.TheCancer Typesinclude: Appendix Cancer, Acute Leukemia, Brain Tumor,Eye Cancer,Gallbladder Cancer, Stomach Cancer and many more.Eacharticleincludes various images that when tapped on will show anenlargedversion of the image allowing you to take a closerlook.This appallows you to search for and save your selected topicfor quickeraccess helping you to study the various disease ordisorder in amore intuitive manner.If you feel there are anyomissions that youwould like to see added, or have any issues withthat app pleasesend us an Email.The source data used for thecategory informationis from Wikipedia.
com.insimu.patientapp 1.8.0
It might sound as a medical game but it’s much more seriousinreality! Ask for a virtual patient who may have any of thousandsofdiseases. Any information from the patient may be crucial tofindthe correct diagnosis. Just like in the USMLE, check thepresentingsymptoms and the medical history carefully whenconsidering youroptions. You will then have to select the mosthelpful diagnostictest from the hundreds available. It may soundeasy, but considerthe time and cost of the requested diagnostictests. Be careful,the clock is ticking. You have to diagnosequickly to improve theprognosis of your patient. Your patient mayhave an acute conditionthat needs a fast diagnosis, but youshouldn’t waste money on teststhat can be substituted with somewit. You can follow an infiniteamount of pathways to find thecorrect diagnosis. Receive theevaluation of your performance basedon the accuracy of yourdiagnosis, the cost and time you spent forthe investigation, andany missed tests obligatorily needed in thatsituation. Help usreinvent the medical education with this medicalapp. Collectexperience points, badges, and level up and prepare foryour exams!Playing with InSimu Patient is also a great and fun wayto preparefor the USMLE Step 1 and Step 2. Features: - Alldiagnostic testsavailable - Open choice diagnostic pathways -Measurement of timeand costs - Complete ICD-10 list of diagnoses -Exciting challenges- Measurement of individual development -Various MedicalSpecializations
Sexually Transmitted Disease 2.7
The app "Sexually Transmitted Diseases has been created forMedicalStudents, Doctors and Public who seeks knowledge aboutSexuallytransmitted diseases. Every effort has been made to provideyoucomplete information about STDs (Sexually transmitteddiseases).The app consists of common 17 Sexually transmitteddiseases andinfection and every disease and infection has beenexplained in thefollowing catogries:● Introduction of diseases●Sign and Symptomsof diseases● Diagnosis and Tests of diseases●Treatment ofdiseases● Complications of diseases● PreventionofdiseasesInformation has been collected for many source sotoprovide you people the very correct and useful information.Hopeso,this app will be more useful for you. If you like it pleaseshareit with your friends and rate us.If there is any errororsuggestion, kindly inform us which will behighlyappreciated.RegardsKMCpesh
Chest X-Ray And Pathology 2.0
Chest X–rays for Medical Students is a unique teaching andlearningresource that offers students, junior doctors,traineeradiologists, nurses, physiotherapists and nursepractitioners abasic understanding of the principles of chestradiology.Provides amemorable way to analyze and present chestradiographs system asdeveloped by the apk this APK Explains how torecognize basicradiological signs, pathology and patternsassociated with commonmedical conditions as seen on plain PA and APchestradiographsPresents each radiograph, ce as would be seen inaclinical and again with the pathology clearly highlightedIncludesasection of self–assessment and presentation exercises totestknowledge and presentation techniqueIdeal for study andclinicalreference, this apk will be the ideal companion for anymedicalstudent, junior doctor or trainee radiographer.Chest X-raysforMedical Students is a unique teaching and learning resourcethatoffers students, junior doctors, trainee radiologists,nurses,physiotherapists and nurse practitioners a basicunderstanding ofthe principles of chest radiology.Provides amemorable way toanalyze and present as chest radiographs systemdeveloped by theapkthis APK Explains how to Recognize basicradiological signs,pathology and patterns associated with commonmedical conditions asseen on plain radiographs chest PA andAPPresents each radiograph,ce as would be seen in a clinical andagain with the pathologyClearly HighlightingIncludes a section ofself-assessment andpresentation exercises to test knowledge andpresentationtechniqueIdeal for study and clinical reference, thisapk will bethe ideal companion for any medical student, a juniordoctor ortrainee radiographer.