Top 47 Games Similar to Crate Brothers

Castle Hero Fantasia
The world needs a true hero, a savior who will defeat those whohaverun havoc on our daily lives causing us suffering and pain.And thathero is you. Castle Hero Fantasia is your old-schoolclassic endlessrpg action game that lets you play as a hero sentfrom another worldto save the people in dire need. How far willyou go?Features:- 3main bosses to defeat each with their owndifficulty- Class changetwice to either a mage or a warrior- Over10 achievements to unlockin-game- Old-School music and gameplay-Leveling system thatincreases your player's hp, mp and attack asyou gain levels andexperience from monsters
Stuntman Climb 1.0.1
You've signed up to be the stuntman / body double for a ninjamovieand now its your turn to shine. As a stuntman it's your jobtododge and shoot your way through, while climbing thelongestbuilding. How long will you manage before your knockedout?Update:apk has been updated to v1.1 due to bugs when launchingapp An8-bit classic arcade game you don't want tomiss!Features:-8-bitclassic visuals-Retro music-Unlock-ablecharacters and power-upsusing in-game coins-Simple and easycontrolsAddicting andchallenging.How far will you climb?
Mallow Stabber
Everyone loves good old marshmallows! Take 'em to a picnic, abbq,camping, anywhere! Well if you're a mallow fan then this app isforyou. Poke some marshmallows and see how many you can grab onyourstick. Challenge your family and friends to see how many eachofyou can poke. How will you fare against others on ouronlineleaderboard? Find out!Features:-Achievements-Cartoonygraphics-Funfor all ages
Viral Attack
As a microscopic organism, you must venture forth and eatanythingsmaller then you to grow. Use your screen to maneuver youramoebaand dodge organisms bigger then you. Consume smaller amoebato growlarger. The larger you become, the more types of amoeba youcaneat. How much will you grow? How long will you last?Findout!Features:-Ever growing amoeba-Fun and entertaining-Greatforall ages
Chibi Girl Dress Up
A one of a kind dress up game that features popular animehairstyles and clothing, a variety of pets to choose from, and awriteyour own message feature with a built in keyboard. Newlyupdatedinterface for easier navigation of clothing, accessories,shoes,and more.Features:-Hundreds of customization's to choosefrom-HairStyles and clothing from various Animes-hats, accessories,pants,dresses and more!-Built in keyboard to write your ownmessage-5different pets ranging from a pony to a dragon-3 differentskincolors and eye styles-3 different backgroundsControls:Navigatethemenu by pressing on the icons to your top and bottom corners
Monster Jump
Jump! Jump! Jump! Monster Jump. Make your own monsters,collectcoins, and customize to your hearts content. Featuringcustomizablecharacters that can be purchased right off the storeusing coinscollected from in game.Controls: Tilt Controls: Chooseto enable ordisable tilt controls in the title screen by tappingthe tilt box(or touch the left and right side of your screen tocontrol youravatar without using tiltcontrols)Features:Customizable monstersmix and match from avarietyLocal high scoresAnimated monsterdesignsNew Additions:Powerup boosts (collect power ups whilejumping, tap the icon to usethem)addition of new enemies (can youdodge them?)Muscle-Man Unicornnow added to the coin shopTo removeads and more purchase our paidedition foronly$0.99:
Drunk Dodgeball
Party's started and you've drank a little bit too much,however....a friend of yours challenges you to a game of dodgeball. Will yoube able to keep up? Or get slammed down? Be carefulnot to get tootipsy and get hit. Impress your party go-ers and allyour buds.Read the random chat going on in front of you and see howothersfeel about your dodging skills.Features:-Player Status:Tipsy(Changes the way you control your player in threedifferentways)-Funny hand gestures-And much more7160a6b21f
Crazy Cakez
Are you crazy for cakes? If so... this game is for you. Dodgeavariety of flavored cakes and test your skills in this cakewittedgame. Your love for cakes shows no bounds. Will you be theultimatecake master?Features:- Take out all cakes by using the bigcakebuff- Earn as much score as you can by collecting the sameflavoras your cake- Charming and cute graphics
Go Ninja Go! 1.0.0
As a Ninja it is your job to defend peace from glidingninjasand..... huge missiles!?!?Peace must be maintained,preventmissiles from reaching the end of the screen and slash anyandevery missile that passes your way.A had yet addictiveside-scrollslasher is coming your way.Be rewarded for all yourhard-work bycollecting coins and purchasing buffs to furtheradvance into thegame via the in-game shop.Create a flaming trail,spawn cannons,summon a shuriken and more!More power-ups and levelscoming soon!
Carpet Bombing - Fighter Bomber Attack
Fun bomber game! Fly an aircraft andengageenemies!VARIED GAMEPLAYSeveral types of enemies to combat: soldiers, tanks,helicopters,airplanes and more!UPGRADES AND POWER-UPSCollect power-ups to boost your aircraft in game. Upgradetheaircraft between each level to increase its awesomeness!ENDLESS FUNRandomly generated maps tests your skill in more andmorechallenging levelsINTUITIVE TOUCH CONTROLSimply touch screen where to go. A joystick mode of controlisavailable in the settings.DESTRUCTABLE TERRAINLike worms and scorched earth. Boom!GOOD QUALITYCheck the reviews, most users give the game 5 starsNO INTERUPTING ADSNo ads will block your view or disturb your gameplay.NO INTERNET CONNECTION REQUIREDPlay whenever, wherever you like!
Battle Monsters Blocks
Battle it out with your friends or against an enemy npc in thenextbest thing: Battle Monster Blocks.BMB brings board-gamesandcard-games to another level. Use the new Haunt Deck againstotheropponents. Learn to use your blocks effectively againstenemyblocks. Control the field with a roll of a die. How manyblocks canyou knockout before the turns run out!Will you be thenext BMBChampion?Features: - 3 field changes- 6 BMB Starter Blocks-Playagainst a friend in player vs player mode (can only be playedontablets and mobile devices no need to use 2 devices!)- Choosehowlong you will play (10,20, or maybe 30 turns!)- Music beatsthatwill get you hookedWhat are you waiting for? Grab your BMBBlocksand get ready to play!
Blue Edge 1.0.1
In Blue Edge you'll guide your ball as far as you can go, butlookout for spikes, explosions and surprises at everycorner.Includes:◉Beautifully detailed graphics◉ Interesting physicsbased design◉Endless and leveled gameplay◉ Battle friends for highscore withgame center
Mind Construct 3.4.1
In Mind Construct, embark into a minimalist sci-fi world asyouattempt to collect memories and discover the fate of Earth--andyour own!Solve colorful levels with quick movements andthoughtfulgameplay, unlocking the secrets of the past everylevel!The gamefeatures:• Unique skill-based gameplay: Collectmemories and avoidthe barriers of your mind!• A rich sci-fi story:Discover who youare... and the fate of the Earth!• Mesmerizinglevels: Each levelis hand-crafted with beautiful colors andpatterns.• Instant-play:Incredibly easy to learn, with the firsttap of the screen the gamebegins!• Entrancing Music: Withtheatrical quality music, playingis a tranquil and relaxingexperience. Mind Construct is a casualgame built within a deepsci-fi world. The rules of the game aresimple-- but the secrets ofyour mind are not so easilyunlocked!For fans of Force Escape, learnthe backstory of yourfrenzied escape from Earth!
Fight Kub: multiplayer PvP mmo 2.0.91
Honikou Games
Aim and shoot your enemy. In Fight Kub, you play your Kub in arealtime pvp game. Fun and Innovative gameplay.GEAR UP Withhundreds ofadditional items.SKILLS Play in practice matches toincrease yourskill. GLORY AWAITS Enter the arena and duel otherplayers for thechance to win awesome items !Features 🏹FREE AND NOLIMIT🏹Learn howto be the master of the arena🏹Collect new stuff🏹 Newmaps andstuffs every week🏹Enter in the arena and rank up to winfabulousprizes🏹Evolve and level up your Kub🏹PvP game🏹Onlineduel🏹Play withyour friends🏹Real time PvPFight Kub is a PvP game inreal time. Youneed to have a stable internet connexion toplay.Fight Kub :multiplayer pvp can be compare as an mmorpg onlinegame. This is a2 player game or a 4 player game. You can also playas solo againstbot. Also free multiplayer game online inrealtime.Reference :PvP :player versus player.mmorpg : MassivelyMultiplayer Online RolePlaying Game.real time : you play directlywith other player onthis free online game.Brawler : game where youfight each other.
Fabio's Adventures
Fabio's Adventures begins his journey and adventure throughanamazing worlds. You will enjoy a very entertaining gameplaywithone of the best 2D platformer games. Get ready for the varietyofenemies and obstacles. Challenging your skills by finishingalllevels and achieve the destination.FEATURES:- Nicegraphics.-Addictive gameplay.- Challenging level design.- Fun forallages.The game includes:- Control Fabio's Adventures smoothly intheway you like.- Stomp on enemies to get rid of them.- Get‘magicBall’ and throw the magic balls to enemies.- Collect 500coins toget 1 extra life.We hope all our players have a great timeplayingit, please rate and thanks a lot for playing!We will keepworkingand updating more levels!
Royal Blade 1.4.3
Kazillion Damage Blade!MAX Up Your WeaponsHow far can yougo?◆Collect SUPER legendary SWORDS !◆ Activate EPIC POWER SKILLS!!◆CUSTOMIZE your hero. 'Kawaii' or 'Hipster'. What's yourstyle?◆STRANGE BOSSES are waiting for U.◆ Explore the exotic worldskins.◆BE A RANKER on the leaderboard.111%'s long loved has comeback withmore fun.It's a simple, but addictive arcade game.Enjoy!Thanks!
Stack Jump 1.4.7
How high can you climb?Jump to stack blocks and build thebiggesttower imaginable!Improve your highscore in endless mode,completethe 36 challenges and unlock all 20 characters!
Dreaming Dash 1.1.61
Small animal speed and passion, stop the magic of the click,pointDash Dash, break through the obstacles farther, unlock moresmallpartners, create new records, you dare to challenge 1000M?
Rolly Vortex 1.7.0
Roll quickly, be alert, manage your way through the obstacles,scorehigh and challenge friends
Fit 1.1.0
Fit shapes by tapping at the right time!◉ Make shapes biggerandcollect characters.◉ Experience the beautiful gameworld.◉Challenge the world best score!
Spin To Fit 2.4
Easy to pick up but hard to put down!Tap to precisely fit yourshapethrough each obstacle.How far can you go?Original, funandchallenging!Try it!
Chilly Snow 1.3.3
Acid Cousins
Chill and slide as far as possible on this endless powder snow!
LAB Escape! 1.5
Welcome little specimen!You're the unstable... thingy capturedbyscientist. Consume meats, select random Mutations, and Devourallbad guys in your sight! Every time you gain meat, you canselectmutations to make your specimen stronger.Rogue-like stylerunninggame with dynamic mutation features.Every mutation cards canstackup to 3 times for better effects.Collect Set of hats toenhanceyour specimen.
Crashy Cats 1.066
Crash your way through rooms, making a mess and destroyingpricelesscollectibles and expensive electronics.Crashy Cats is acat rampagerunner where you run, jump, bounce and fly your waythrough endlesslevels, knocking over as much stuff as possible!***IMPORTANT NOTICETO PARENTSThis game may contain:- The abilityto purchase optionalcontent using real money. You can disablein-app purchases in thesettings menu of your device.- Links toexternal social networkingsites intended for users over the age of13.
Slide the Shakes 1.3.2
You have so many delicious milkshakes! Slide them along the bar,butdon't let them fall!- Over 125 sweet levels- Stunning shakestounlock- Delicious recipes- Interesting milkshake facts- Shakesareawesome!
Falling Ballz 1.1
Relax your brain with the champion of time killer!Swipe yourfingerto throw the balls and break the circles.Try to break asmanycircles as possible in one move before they move up to the top.Donot miss additional balls to collect and make your screen clear!
Balls Race 1.0
Roll as fast as you can! Avoid different obstacles and wintherace!Best and most addictive balls race!
Slav Tiles - HardBass Gopnik Edition 1.2.1
ARE YOU A REAL GOPNIK OR AMERIKANSKI SPI? THE CHERNOBYL REACTORISGOING CRITICAL NOW!If you ever wanted to know how it is to beslav,just play this game suka and rush B.After you learn how to beatrue slav by playing this game, gopniks won't stop you onthestreet anymore asking what are you wearing because you willhavetracksuit. What music to listen in your blyatmobil - HARDBASSIfyou want to infiltrate pindostan - make TRI POLOSKItatoo.Enjoy itwhile squatting with friends outside local shashlikplace. Thisgame is brought to you by the power of the mayonez. Staycheekibreeki.
Knife Hit 1.7.2
The ultimate knife challenge is here!Throw the knives into thelogsto break them. Slash the apples and unlock new knives. Each5thstage is defended by a boss - beat them to get exclusive knives!Becareful to not hit the knives or the spikes. Time youractions,target carefully and become the knife master!Can you beatall thebosses?
Stairs 1.1
Would YOU be brave enough to climb?Try to pass each stair inthiscrazy endless journey. Dodge spikes, collect rubies and makeinsaneperfect combos!Started from the bottom now we're here!
Tomb of the Mask
The original mobile hit with over 2,000,000 downloads hasfinallyarrived!"Tomb of the Mask instantly got me hooked withitsappealing combination of retro-style graphics, fast-pacedgameplay,and dead-simple controls. In fact, if I didn’t have towrite thispost, I probably wouldn’t have stopped from playing it"—AppAdvice"I'm very impressed with how much I'm enjoying Tomb oftheMask" — TouchArcade"This modern arcade title charms with retroFXand visual sensibilities that communicate personality morethanmerely nostalgia" — Kill Screen "A challenging endless arcadegamethrough trap-filled tombs" — Pocket GamerTomb of the Mask isanarcade game, which takes place in an infiniteprocedurallygenerated vertical labyrinth. Seeking for adventure youget into atomb, where you find a strange mask. You wear it andsuddenlyrealize that you can now climb walls - easily and promptly.Andthat's when all the fun begins.You'll face a variety oftraps,enemies, game mechanics and powerups. And as far as timedoesn'twait, get a grip and up you go!
Flip : Surfing Colors 0.4.4
Let's get started skateboarding in the famous cities in theworld.The cities are beautifully colored and you can break thecolors ofobstacles with full of thrills!Compete your ultimate speedwithyour friends and, of course, win them over!Main Features:+Smoothand realistic skateboard-experienced based on physics of howactualskateboard works+ Rich, fantastic and dreamy themes with fullofcolors inspired by global cities+ Sophisticated challengeswithcolor blocks, so overcome yourself!+ Diverse skate-boardsandcharactersTips:+ Check the pose of diverse characters whentheyjump in the map+ Collect more coins with combos and boosts(Findout how to combos and boosts!)+ Collect the pieces ofmasterpiecesfrom every cities then make them all+ Complete themission thenreceive the rewards
One More Bounce
SMG Studio
Bounce your way to victory by simply drawing a line. Soundseasyright?From the creators of One More Line, One More Jump andThumbDrift.Features:- 100+ hand crafted levels (new levels addedeverymonth)- Daily endless mode : One new level every day!-Customizeyour character with unlockable themes and avatars- Sharegameplaymoments through animated gifs- Original music soundtrack byBigGiant CirclesHow to Play:- Drag to draw a line- Make therightangle to direct your avatar- Bounce your avatar through thelevel-Collect all three level diamonds to showyourmasteryPERMISSIONS:READ + WRITE external storage permissionsneededto save and share game-play gifs
Bricks Breaker Mission 1.0.15
Break all the bricks to clear the stages. Enjoy theunlimitedgameplay with tons of modes and stages. It is for freeanddownloads it now! [How to play] - Fires the ball with a touch.-Hit the bricks with balls and give damages to the bricks. -Whenthe durability reaches 0, the brick is destroyed. - When thebrickscome down to the bottom of the screen, the game is over.[Features]- Game with 15 horizontal blocks - Easy game controls -Tons ofstages - Unlimited modes - Mini-game modes - Use 50 ballsfrom thegame start! - Various shapes of balls such as stars,triangles,squares, and diamonds - Offline gameplay: Enjoy the gameevenwithout WiFi - Multiplayer supported - Achievements andleaderboardsupported - Tablet devices supported - Low-end devicessupportedHomepage: YouTube:
Raccoon - Retro Platformer 1.9.8
Fun and simple platformer with full of nostalgic charmof80's.Raccoon is a retro style platformer filled with cutepixelgraphics and sounds.You have to collect all the fruits in timetocomplete level.The game play is simple but will keepyouentertained.Try to complete as fast as possilbe to get bestscoreand compare your high score to that of other playersinleaderboard.Currently total 25 levels of increasing difficultyfromeasy to hardest level which needs your control skillthroughdangerous passages and spiky obstacles.This game do notinclude anyin app purchases.** how to play **- use direction padand jumpbutton- to jump long distance, press jump button whileholding adirection button down
The Spearman 1.1.5
The spear is a throwing, piercing or piercing-choppingpolearmweapon.With the help of a spear, a warrior will be abletoeffectively counter a lot of enemies.Control the Stickman tothrowspears at other stickmans. You will be confronted by manyenemies:archers, javelin throwers, armored swordsmen andevenmagicians.Simply drag and drop your finger for targetingandthrowing.The power of throwing a spear is always the same, soyouonly need to aim and specify the direction of the throw.Enemiesdiefrom one hit of a spear in the head and body or from two hitsofthe spear in the legs.In the game there is a store withhelmets,several defensive skills and an apple for healing.Write inthecomments of your impressions of the Spearman game.Have a goodgame!
Bounzy! 4.0.1
Looking for a way to enter the world of magic? Well then looknofurther than Bounzy! - the newest title by Gram Games. You’reamage, facing an onslaught of fantastic beasts. Using yourmysticpowers, fight them back, and protect your town. As yourspellsstrike the beasts, they will lose health - just make surethey’refully vanquished before they reach you. Each attack youstave offwill reward you with a chest. Destroy all enemies to findits keyand unlock valuable diamonds and gold, which you can use toimproveyour strength and skill.The more powerful your spells, andthestronger your defenses, the more likely you are to succeed.Visitthe laboratory to build the strength of your spells. Ventureintothe academy to learn special spells that will help you todefeatthe enemies. And make sure to maintain the strength of yourwall -these beasts have a knack for breaking throughfaultybarriers.Think you can protect your town? Try Bounzy! today.
Gibbets: Bow Master 1.0.18
Tired of always losing at Hangman? Now it's time to get back atthatnoose-wielding bully! Gibbets: Bow Master, the sequel to thesmashhit, gives you a chance to save the hangman's victims beforetheyrun out of breath! A truly innovative arcade puzzler whereyou'llhave to aim your bow and arrow carefully to cut thehangman's ropewithout hurting his victims! Use all manner ofbonuses and pick ups,warps and teleports, to help you on yourquest. Can you handle thefrantic pace and save the innocent beforethey take their finalbreath?
Bubblegum Hero 1.0.1
A hipster walking down the street chewing a gum is a rathernormalview, but a sumo fighter during the Olympics or a granny atthe gymchewing a Protein Gum? That's something new!The beginningisbasically 'How to blow a bubblegum balloon 101', in caseyousomehow never done that. It teaches where to tap the screenandwhen are you suppose to release your finger if you don't wantthegum to pop on your face. It's easy and fun, but you willadvancequickly to the next worlds and trust me, by the time youreach the4th world you will become a Bubble Gum Specialist. And ohboy,there will be a lot to discover yet!Your main goal is torelease afinger from the screen the moment it appears within thedashedcircle or it will blast on your face. If you release yourfingerthe moment your balloon hovers over the yellow circle, youwillscore a perfect bonus and get some coins. Also, if you do thisafew times in a row you get a combo multiplier. Beware though,thehigher combo you score, the more difficult the game willget.InBubbleGum Hero there's also a 'realistic mode'! The ‘normal’way ofplaying this game is by simply tapping the screen and tryingnot topop the balloon. In settings, you can change the mode andliterallyblow in the microphone. Guess what, you will blow theballoon fromwithin the game!There are over 20 heroes you can pickfrom. Eachhero is only a skin, they don't affect the gameplay, soyou don'tneed to buy them. Let's be honest though, playing with adifferenthero is where the joy comes from. Especially when you poptheballoon and a gum blasts on its face!As you may have expected,gumsare the most crucial items in this game. On each world, youdrawfrom a different gumball. Each of the gum has a differentname,flavor, and skin, but it's not something that affects yourgame.The gum properties that you need to focus on are: * points-multiplier for your score, you want it to be high if you wish tobeon top of the leaderboards * speed - which is (unsurprisingly)thespeed of how fast the bubble grows * perfect - how wide theperfectcircle is * range - how wide the normal circle is * cash-multiplier for the cash you earn from hitting theperfectcirclesThis game consists of many worlds, heroes withcustomsounds, colorful gums with many flavors and differentproperties.Work your way through the tasty balloons and become thehero.Nosweet without alittlesweat!-----------------------------NEWSLETTER problems? Contact our team and we will do our best tohelpyou!
Undersea 1.0.0
Race through the depths and experience the breathtakingatmosphereof the undersea.Let the pumping soundtrack, stylishvisuals andchallenging gameplay push to the top.Action Arcadegaming at itsbest!
Block Tank Wars 2 2.3
Cube Software
Block Tank Wars 2 is the sequel to the first successful part ofthegame Block Tank Wars. Integrated enhanced gameplay andcomputergraphics based on the previous part of the game.Not onlytanksupgrades are available now but also skills and bonuses whichwerenot accessible in the first part of the game. Each level isworkedout in detail and well-balanced. Old-version blurry tanksturnedinto high-end drawn action!Features:* 72 + singleplayermissionswith comprehensive levels* 7 different tank types for yourchoice*each tank can be upgraded and equipped with new work tools!*skillsystem and improvement!* no donations, the contentiswell-balanced* encompassing gameplay of the first part nowisimproved!The game is launched and will be constantly updated.Addyour ideas and corrections to our game community!
Piggy Pile 1.3.1
Last one’s a rotten pig! It’s a pig eat pig world out there,sosometimes you’ve got to leave a friend behind to get ahead inlife.Make a high pig pile to keep running on this endless path.Collectpowerups along the way to unlock 100 unique characters in20awesomely designed worlds. Pile up! ABOUT US Crazy Labs is acasualgames brand, under which TabTale develops and publishes funandaddictive games. Crazy Labs partners with independentdevelopmentstudios across the globe to create engaging mobilecontent foraudiences of all ages. Likeus: Watchus: Visit us: GooglePlus: CONTACT US Let us knowwhatyou think! Questions? Suggestions? Technical Support? Contactus24/7 at [email protected] PRIVACY: This app mayincludeadvertising for TabTale and certain third parties whichwillredirect users to our sites, apps or third-party sites.TabTaleLtd. is committed to protect the privacy of its apps users.Thisapp may enable collection of data by TabTale or select thirdpartyproviders (e.g. advertising networks and web analytics) forlawfulpurposes (e.g. respond to support queries, maintain,analyze,provide and improve the app’s functionalities andperformance,personalize and enhance user experience includingtargetedadvertising). This app may contain links that permit userstoconnect to social networks for lawful purposes and as suchallowcommunication with others while playing, and the option toacceptpush notifications to inform of exciting news (e.g. appupdates).This app may include an age-gate to prevent access tocertainfeatures for protection of children (e.g. restrictbehavioraladvertising or information sharing by children). Bydownloading orusing this app you accept TabTale’s Privacy Policyat: and permit such uses forusersof your device. For more information please refer to ourPrivacyPolicy. We note that referred third parties are bound andsubjectto their own privacy policies.
Hyper Flex 1.1.1
Change gravity, dodge obstacles and reach 1000 meters on eachlevelto reveal The Mystery! You have to know what's hiding behindthosequestion marks, right? I'm sorry, Terry.
Horde 2.3
When everything around you wants to Kill you !Will you survivetheHorde ? Survive as long as possible.You are the last oneleft.Dodge thousands of zombies coming right towards you and facetheNecromancers.**********************************New featureshavearrived.- MULTIPLAYER MODE Yes , this is the hardestmultiplayerever. now experience the chaos of horde with yourfriends. competethem and try not to get eliminated in theelimination mode. Or trythe co-op mode , help each other in thesurvival, respawn yourfriends by picking up powerups. Settings upmultiplayer is verysimple , just create hotspot on one device andconnect the otherdevices with it. press host on one device and joinon otherdevices, yes it is that simple.- OPEN WORLD MODERoam in theopenworld of chaos. hide wherever you can Dodge enemies and Bossesinthe new Open world mode.- ACHIEVEMENTSUnlock playgamesachievements. remember they are not easy to be unlocked ; )-FREEMONEYnow you can watch ads to earnmoremoney.**********************************- Unlock Achievements.-Onetouch control.- Scores based on your survival time.- Postyourscores to Google Play Leaderboards.- The more you play thebetteryou become.
Roller Coaster 1.0
How long can you ride the Roller Coaster?Just touch the screentomove the ball left and right and try to avoid the blackobstaclesand crush the targets! Hit the targets in the middle toget aperfect hit bonus!
Granny 1.5
Welcome to Granny. Granny keeps you locked in her house.Nowyouhaveto try to get out of her house, but be careful andquiet.Shehearseverything. If you drop something on the floor, shehearsitandcomes running. You can hide in wardrobes or underbeds.Youhave 5days. Good luck! The game contains advertisement.
Ez Mirror Match 2.3
◆ Introduction ◆Compete with who is the best Ezreal player!◆A.IBattle ◆It's getting stronger and you can play against A.I whoisarmed with good items!Check the item on A.I and buy an itemthatcan counter itTest your limits with a godly control!◆ PVP ◆Findoutwho's better with your friends!Create a strategy for what itemtodeal withControl your opponent with your control!Make fun ofyourfriends after winning!◆ Skins ◆All Ezreal skins in LOLareavailable.Buy and use your favorite skin!◆ Rune upgrade ◆Ifthegame is difficult, upgrade your runes!It makes thegameeasier.◆Notice◆-----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------EzMirrorMatch is a fan made game.Ez Mirror Match isn’t endorsed byRiotGames and doesn’t reflect the views or opinions of Riot Gamesoranyone officially involved in producing or managing LeagueofLegends.League of Legends and Riot Games are trademarksorregistered trademarks of Riot Games, Inc.League of Legends ©RiotGames,Inc.------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------Ifyou delete this app, data will be delete.